Medical Marijuana Good News from New Hampshire


The live free or die, Free State Project state of New Hampshire's Senate passes a decent medical marijuana bill. Details from the Marijuana Policy Project:

Critically and terminally ill patients would be able to use marijuana to ease their pain under a bill the Senate passed today.

By a 14-10 vote, the Senate approved House Bill 648, which allows patients with approval from both their doctors and the state to have up to two ounces and six plants of marijuana. The law allows a patient to designate one caregiver to grow or possess marijuana for them. They can also obtain the drug from another certified patient.

The bill also sets up a commission to study whether the state should create a system for distributing medicinal marijuana, and the issues that state involvement would raise….

If the bill becomes law, New Hampshire would become the 14th state to legalize medicinal use of marijuana, joining Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont among others.

Still, our president, no stranger to the bong, remains dismissive of the natural next step: full legalization.