Jury Duty Avoidance Success!


The august members of our judicial system (and, as Jeff Winkler blogged earlier today, government entities in general) have long been sensitive to insults, slights, and snippy remarks from the rabble. Unlike the rest of us, court officials enjoy the privilege of being about to jail you for being rude to them. So you can imagine how well the District Court of Gallatin County, Montana, took to this response to a summons (click to enlarge):


The Smoking Gun reports: "The document, of course, did not sit well with court officials and led a judge to threaten to jail Slye. But after being summoned to court, Slye apologized for the affidavit and avoided being cited on a criminal failure to appear rap. And he also was excused from serving on a jury."

All's well that ends well.

And remember should you get placed on a jury despite your pleas, no Twittering during the proceedings. Plus, as Drew Carey's predecessor would remind us, don't forget to get your dog neutered or spayed.