Libertarianism and Civil Disobedience


Arnold Kling at TechCentralStation thinks libertarians should give civil disobedience a chance:

I am thinking more like open, nonviolent defiance of laws that require licenses, paying onerous taxes, and so on….like Gandhi in the sense that we would be counting on a civilized society not to engage in severe repression. We would have the same idea. Millions of ordinary, decent Americans engaging in peaceful disobedience, making it awkward for the government to engage in repression…..Run a small school without a license. Do some health care services without a license. Run a small part-time business without complying with the payroll tax.

Kenneth Silber thinks that's nuts. Kling begs to differ, natch. Kling's blogging partner Bryan Caplan weighs in.

reason contributions from Silber and Caplan.