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Manassas Park Saga Continues


Over at The Agitator , I've posted lots more information on the Virginia city of Manassas Park's apparent efforts to run a local businessman out of town, including harassment of the man's customers that I witnessed firsthand.

Original post here .

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  1. So what is the deal with the town and pool hall? Is the guy from the Music Man mayor or something? Is the city just trying run the hispanics out of town? It is not clear from the articles how this poor guy managed to get on the wrong side of the town.

  2. John, this post should shed some light on your questions.

  3. Thanks bagger. They want it for an off track betting facility. Lovely.,

  4. It sounds like the perfect place for a Reason gathering. While I am some distance away, I’d make the trip. I guess I should bring my attorney as well.

  5. I lived in Manassas for about a year. This kind of thing doesn’t surprise me. That area is like a police state.

  6. I too vote for a Reason gathering. I’m nearby in Fairfax County.

    I’d like to see first hand what the fuzz is doing.

  7. A reason is a great idea. Unfortunately, as I noted in the post, Ruttenberg no longer has alcohol permits.

  8. A reason “gathering.”


  9. I’d try to make it to a Reason gathering there. I live a few miles on the other side of Bull Run.

    It’d be easier than trying to get into DC at 7:30.

  10. Hell, I wouldn’t dare drink at the place knowing that I’m gonna get breathalized on my way home. I’d show up to pay to play pool and maybe to irritate some of Manassas Park’s finest at the inevitable stop.

  11. Radley,

    If some consensus forms for a Reason outing at Rack ‘N Roll, would you post it as an new post?

  12. A gathering is a fine idea. Anyone within driving distance might consider making the trip solo, and often.

  13. I’m down for a sober night of irritating MP’s finest too, tho’ it’s a bit of haul for me. Playing pool is one of the greatest excuses in the world to smoke cigars and tell dirty lies.

  14. Smappy | January 3, 2007, 2:03pm | #

    “I lived in Manassas for about a year. This kind of thing doesn’t surprise me. That area is like a police state.”

    I grew up in Manassas (Yorkshire Acres for the locals) and don’t have any recollection of a police state.

    BTW Manassas Park is an independent city.

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