Abuse of Power in Virginia


Last February, I posted on The Agitator surveillance video of a a 70+ member police raid on a pool hall in Manassas Park, Virginia. The raid turned up nothing, but that hasn't stopped local officials from attempting to close down the bar. Over the last ten months, I've been digging a bit to find out exactly why that raid happened, and why the owner of this bar has been continually harassed by local police and public officials, to the point where he has had to sell his home, has now had his liquor license revoked, and is operating the bar at a loss. It's a crazy story, heavy with detail and anecdotes that are at times downright bizarre.

Last night, I began posting what I've found . There's much more to come. Unfortunately, it may be too late for David Ruttenberg. Last week, a judge granted a motion to dismiss the civil rights suit he filed against the town and its public officials. Ruttenberg's only real hope now at recovering the damages done to his business and his reputation lies with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, a pretty conservative court whose track record offers little reason for hope in a civil rights suit.