Balance Sheet


Lap Land

Clark County, Nevada, has decided not to outlaw lap dances at local strip clubs. Local officials started with a rule that dancers could get no closer than six feet to their fans. But they reversed their position after hearing that such sedate offerings would drive business to nearby, lap-dance- friendly Las Vegas.

British Deal

Great Britain essentially decriminalizes pot use and sees a minor national drop in crime. In South London, robberies and muggings are down 50 percent.

Reparation Legislation

The Houston City Council votes 8-7 against legislation calling for a national commission on slave reparations. Meanwhile, in cities that have passed such legislation, anti-reparations activists are taking to the streets in protest.

Musical Hacks

After the Recording Industry Association of America backs a bill that would, in effect, legalize the hacking of file trading networks, the RIAA's own Web site gets the same treatment and goes down for a few days. Even Hollywood is afraid the pro-hack bill goes too far and pulls its support.

Band Ban

Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.) wants the Federal Communications Commission to make sure the Pentagon isn't just making up concerns that new ultra-wideband devices will intrude on military frequencies. These devices could make small wireless networks very fast and easy to set up.

San Francisco Treat

San Francisco may get into the pot growing business as frustration grows with the federal crackdown on medicinal marijuana co-ops. A ballot measure, if passed, would give the city the power to grow weed.


Bladder Control

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