Joe Biden

Joe Biden's 'Bold' Thinking Shredded Civil Liberties and Destroyed Lives

On crime, drugs, immigration, and foreign policy, his 44-year policy record is a cautionary tale of bipartisanship in response to perceived crises.


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Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic nominee in the 2020 election by running as a moderate unifier, hoping to win over voters with the promise of business-as-usual politics from the pre-Trump era.

Now the COVID-19 pandemic has led him to rethink his platform of a return to the days of bipartisan consensus, and his campaign is seizing the opportunity to offer what the Los Angeles Times described as "bold change" on such issues as climate change, health care, social welfare, and infrastructure.

But it's worth remembering that in his 44 years in the Senate and then as vice president, Biden repeatedly took advantage of moments of crisis to push through policies that have exacerbated some of the most critical problems afflicting American society.

Biden has been a prominent figure in the bipartisan War on Drugs for decades, he helped the Clinton administration pass disastrous crime and immigration bills, he laid the foundation for the PATRIOT Act, he assisted the George W. Bush administration in making the case for the war in Iraq, and then as vice president he oversaw the deportation of a record number of people.

Aside from his policy record, several women have accused Biden of inappropriately touching them in public, and now his campaign is in crisis because of a sexual assault allegation by a former staffer.

But the terrible choice put forth by the two major parties in 2020 isn't just about sexual misconduct or character. Joe Biden's greatest political liability is his legacy as a lawmaker and vice president—a legacy that laid the groundwork for the Trump administration's most draconian policies.

On crime, drugs, civil liberties, surveillance, immigration, and foreign policy, Biden's record serves as a cautionary tale about bipartisanship and "bold" thinking in response to perceived crises going all the way back to the '70s.

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  1. And if you don’t vote for him, you ain’t black.

    1. As a Jew, it is my duty to fight injustice anywhere. That is why I support the Justice Democrats, including Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks.

      1. The bestiality fan?

        1. No the genocide denier

          1. Can’t it be both?

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  2. “Joe Biden’s ‘Bold’ Thinking Shredded Civil Liberties and Destroyed Lives”

    But that was back then. This is now. Totes different

    1. America needs a Law and Order Democrat in office. #LockTrumpUp

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  3. OT: This whole “Wear your mask, Reeee!” thing has been super interesting to me. Point blank, there is very little reason to wear masks. I think they marginally help if you are sick, but overall they are nothing.

    Instead, Masks are really a way to save face for the Karens. I’m reminded of the Seinfeld episode where (and I may be misremembering) Kramer and some rando get in a car altercation, and lock down the entire intersection while they fight about who is going to backup and who was in the wrong. All episode there is a negotiation, until it ends with one of them agreeing to back up, while the other one will hold up their hand in a non-committal gesture that recognizes the other person’s frustration, without admitting fault.

    That is what these masks are. The Lockdown Nation knows in their heart of hearts that they over reacted big time. And if they let everyone go back to normal, it just makes that fact more obvious. By requiring us to wear a mask outside, it is like us holding up our hand and saying, “Sure pal everyone is taking this serious like you wanted”.

    So I understand that on principle this whole thing is a bunch of bullshit. And yet, I am still inclined to wear the mask for now. This intersection needs to be cleared. I don’t want my kids hassled by their friends and old people. I don’t want to give some minimum wage worker a shit time because his bosses have a mask policy (which they likely only have because the government mandates it).

    I know I should take a stand here, but frankly I am broken. I want to get back out into the streets and if this will give Karen a slice of pride to cling to, fine.

    I ordered a dozen white reusable masks, and I was thinking of using the Sharpie to write things like:
    “This is a Placebo”
    “Bah, bah, Mask Sheep”
    ” Happy now, Karen?!”

    1. //And yet, I am still inclined to wear the mask for now.//

      I think most people are in this position. Yet, if the mandates do not let up — and we all know the Karens won’t surrender either — what then? At some point, you will have to just say “fuck it,” no matter how uncomfortable it gets.

      1. Never apologize, Mister. It’s a sign of weakness.

    2. It’s George and Kramer’s friend Mike. They’re going to Jerry’s to watch a big fight.
      George is bragging on what an awesome parker he is when Mike swoops in head first as George backs in.
      Theyre both roughly half in and the debate becomes about the legitimacy of going in head first. Then, of course, various personal agendas get involved and sway different people to taking one side or the other.
      When an ice cream truck is blocked, they come up with the solution of having neutral parties move both cars to let the truck pass, then move them back to their original positions. Predictably, there is then controversy about the accuracy of those reassumed positions.
      As the standoff stretches into the night, Jerry finally runs back upstairs to catch the fight, only to turn it on as the referee is counting down the knock out.
      Thats where the episode ends. Everybody missed the fight, and the parking standoff was never resolved.

    3. Yeah I wear a mask in stores not because of an order by my governor or to protect myself and others but because others in the community are panicking. If by wearing a mask, I help reduce theirs fears and in doing so help them to think more rationally; I think it is worth it.

      I like your idea of using it to slogan.

      1. //If by wearing a mask, I help reduce theirs fears and in doing so help them to think more rationally; I think it is worth it.//

        I think you should reexamine the premise of doing something palpably irrational in order to help other think more rationally. It’s like lying to children about Santa Claus … yea, you’ll probably give them what they want and assuage their childish tantrums and fears, but you are not helping them think rationally.

        1. Yep.
          Wearing the mask is only reinforcing/stoking those irrational fears

        2. Maybe but definitely not on the Santa Claus; you monster.

          But yes may its not be the best strategy but if that minor inconvenience helps get people who have lost their jobs get back to work one day sooner, it was worth it to me. I just try to count my blessing ever day that I don’t need to worry how I will put food on the table and keep the lights on. That is the thing that pisses me off the most in all of this; people’s livelihoods being destroyed and then to heap insult onto injury, people’s moral indignation towards those who want and need to get back to work.

          1. Submitting to the bullshit will delay people getting back to work, not accelerate it.
            I get where you’re coming from, but you’re far to credulous as to the “good” intentions of these Karens.
            They get off on exercising power, and wearing the masks only makes them want more

      2. I’m considering wearing a Halloween mask when I go to the store.

    4. I vote for “Happy now, Karen?!”

      I’m not wearing one, and I’ve been confronted several times. At first I just laughed. Now I look at them with the condescending empathy one might use when speaking to an irrationally frightened child: “I know. It’s scary isn’t it? Don’t let it turn you into an authoritarian, m’kay?”

      This does not go over well. Haha.

    5. I am reminded of the AIDs walk episode…

      Bob : He’s wearing the ribbon. We are all wearing the ribbon! So why aren’t *you* going to wear the ribbon?

      Kramer: This is America! I don’t have to wear anything I don’t wanna wear!

      Cedric : What are we going to do with him?

      Bob : I guess we will just have to teach him to wear the ribbon!

      1. Also, the mask is actually harmful if worn everywhere. So I only wear it when I have to. (doctor’s office, airport this weekend, etc) Luckily my state hasn’t mandated it…yet

      2. New Yorkers are pure garbage.

    6. I see your point, and there’s something to be said for an act of courtesy to lower the stress level of others, but then some cities go out and mandate that masks must be worn inside all buildings.

      It would be laughable, but there’s nothing funny about the destruction that is being deliberately inflicted by governments at all levels. I get the initial “oh shit” reaction, but when the facts become clear shouldn’t policy fall in line behind them?

      1. when the facts become clear shouldn’t policy fall in line behind them?

        BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!1!!!!!!! Now THAT’S some funny shit right there!

      2. //[T]here’s something to be said for an act of courtesy to lower the stress level of others.//

        What is that something?

        In my view, the “act of courtesy” of wearing a mask actually raises everybody’s stress level and perpetuates a mass delusion. People see others wearing masks and they start to believe that we are besieged by an omnipresent virus that will kill them.

        I just don’t understand how engaging in concerted acts of paranoia, on a mass scale, is helping anyone.

      3. “there’s something to be said for an act of courtesy to lower the stress level of others”

        This is why I insist attract young women I meet in public give me handjobs, the same principle applies

    7. I won’t. I’ll wear a mask because my employer requires it. Or at a hospital or someone’s home or business that I want to visit enough to bother. But unless it comes to the point where you’ll actually be arrested without one, which I think is unlikely where I live, I will not be doing so. Allowing this to be accepted and seen as normal is right out.

    8. I ordered a dozen white reusable masks, and I was thinking of using the Sharpie to write things like:
      “This is a Placebo”
      “Bah, bah, Mask Sheep”
      ” Happy now, Karen?!”

      I wonder if there’s some company out there that would have the stones to sell them with such slogans already printed on them. Seems like it could be a big money maker.

    9. Never pay the Danegeld.

  4. No one cares. He’s still better than the turd occupying the office now.

    1. Absolutely! Biden may be suffering from early dementia but the DNC apparatchiks will provide the necessary support to expand healthcare to the poor and undocumented Americans, end for profit charter schools, and make the rich pay their fair share of taxes.

      1. Yep. We just haven’t taxed and spent enough. A $30 trillion budget might get it all done though.

  5. Do civil liberties really matter when your child dies from a marijuana overdose?

  6. I’d never actually seen the clips of Biden’s handsy hair-sniffing. Good Lord, that was cringy.

    Is this seriously the best the D’s had to offer?

    1. To be fair, No More Tears baby shampoo is known as an aphrodisiac in the state of Delaware.

  7. Biden makes blatant racist statement. Have the usual suspects hand-waved it away yet?

    1. His last name is (D); that’s different.

      1. Actually, (D)’s more like the same thing as (R). Pussy grabbing, check; race-baiting, check; tax raising, check; bombing primitives abroad, check; shooting and jailing over plant leaves, check; lying, check…

    2. He was just joking! And, it was a funny joke. And, besides, he is dutifully considering a black woman for the VP spot. He is thinking about it real hard, and that has to count for something.

    3. Have the usual suspects hand-waved it away yet?

      Their policy is not to comment on Biden’s racism until they can interview Corn Pop.

  8. Yeah, Joe Biden is terrible. Still better than the alternative— a lying, narcissistic piece of crap with a history of attacking and assaulting women.

    1. Joe Biden is still better than Joe Biden?

      1. Technically, ‘now’ Joe Biden is better than ‘then’ Joe Biden.
        The last time he was “bold” he had his hand up an employee’s skirt.
        Why do you think women went to wearing trousers at work?

        1. President Harding questioned women’s rights to wear pants and make the sidewalks hideous.

        2. It is too bad handy men killed the breezy skirt. There is no single article more feminine, and now almost nonexistent on the ground.

      2. No, he’s referring to Bill Clinton and his pimp Hillary.

    2. Leave Hillary and Bill Clinton out of this!

    3. I see that dick sucker AmSoc is still polluting the forum with his nonsense. You didn’t quite get your choice for president so you’re going with the dementia patient and serial sex abuser Joe Biden. I guess you’re probably hoping he’ll pick some fucking socialist piece of shit as VP and then leave office. Of course he’ll actually have to be elected first. And Biden absolutely sucks at debating and campaigning. He is by far the worst choice the democrats could have picked. And he’s going up against an incumbent during a year when democrat governors are acting like North Korean tyrants and destroying the lives of the citizens to save 0.5% of their population. I think Trump could actually top 400 electoral votes this time. We’ll see.

    4. Do you say blatantly stupid shit for kicks or are you really that partisan? I mean have you not been watching the news about the allegations of Biden assaulting women?

      1. To be fair, assuming he is a rabid partisan, saying “blatantly stupid shit for kicks” would still be within the range of expected conduct. Partisans do it all the time.

      2. Yes. This is a libertarian website so don’t take things too seriously. Vote Vermin Supreme 2020!

        1. Notice the looter sockpuppets never say to compare our PLATFORM with theirs. Even with all the internal damage and sabotage since 2016, the LP platform remains better point-for-point than the opposition crap that would take three hours just to read. Platforms are what matter.

    5. Serious question. I keep hearing of Trump attacking women yet I know no name associated with this claim aside from Stormy Daniels. Who has levied a serious claim of rape or sexual assault against Trump even as a private citizen?

      1. Yeah, I’ve noticed it too. I know one of the claims was from Ivana Trump right before they got divorced in the early 90s, she refuted it afterwards and said it never happened. We both know that if any of these had merit, the media would have been all over them from day one.

    6. Like the Soviet Socialists entering Berlin in May, 1945?

    7. AmSoc, Bill Clinton hasn’t been present for 19 years. Stop living in the past and rejoice. We finally have a good president.

      Granted, as you are a lying, deadbeat Marxist, you probably don’t appreciate him.

    8. “ Yeah, Joe Biden is terrible. Still better than the alternative—”.

      There it is. You finally shoved Biden’s racist dick into that cock holster you call your mouth. Now explain away Bizzaro Democrat Trump’s behavior while you suck away.

  9. Biden, as the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, presided over The Borking thirty-three years ago.

    All the ugliness with SCOTUS nominations started with that travesty.

  10. Now the COVID-19 pandemic has led him to rethink his platform of a return to the days of bipartisan consensus, and his campaign is seizing the opportunity to offer what the Los Angeles Times described as “bold change” on such issues as climate change, health care, social welfare, and infrastructure.

    This is such nonsense I can’t believe anyone not on the DNC payroll would assert it. What does the pandemic have to do with global warming? None of this is triggered by anything external.
    Biden is revealing (1) he was never interested in bipartisanship [which anyone of sense knew already from his decades of hyper partisanship] and (2) he is far more extreme than his branding, he just believes it’s easier to get elected by hiding his plans.

    1. “What does the pandemic have to do with global warming?”
      Led some people to realize that perhaps the science of models isn’t necessarily settled

      1. How dare you question ‘the Science™’

      2. It has this to do with global climate warming change; we have proved by actual real world and world wide destruction of economies, that the level of “change” needed is in fact world wide economic destruction.
        No “green new deal” advocate can pretend anymore that the policies they advocate are in any way realistic.

    2. Environmentalists are arguing the lockdown reduced carbon emissions by something like 11%.

      I’d expect arguments for annual lockdown holidays from the crazy greens.

  11. Damn. They need to show this video at the Republican convention. Or, even better, someone needs to hack the system so it gets broadcast at the Democratic convention.

      1. Russia rejected communism in 1991. Those people remember what it was like, and communist vote share falls lower every election.

        1. Russia rejected communism in 1991.

          They did no such thing. They entered a time of re-arming.

  12. Did anyone see that painfully uncomfortable video of Biden on MSNPC diss Stacy Abrams? It was… kind of awful.

    1. The fun is just getting started.

  13. Bipartisan consensus
    Dems “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs , for us and our pals a big cut of the loot”
    Reps “Yes dear”

    1. Reps “Yes dear”

      Or perhaps
      “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

  14. Blogging this link for a Brazilian audience, thanks. A lot of Brazilian immigrants are glad to have the opportunity to vote libertarian.

  15. Biden is a bozo, for sure. And his support for imprisoning people for victimless crimes is inexcusable. But I’m with him on long sentences and zero forgiveness for violent crimes. Going light on real crimes with real victims is a feature of the Nanny State.

  16. “But the terrible choice put forth by the two major parties in 2020 …”

    … is still vastly superior that conspiratard liar Hubert Horatio Hornberger about to be put forth by the Libertarian Party.

  17. A “cautionary tale”?? Is that what you call a life-long gangster bathing in over four decades in self-serving corruption, exploiting favors to himself and criminal family as a result of nothing more than political office enabling manipulation for personal gain? Does a “cautionary tale” also apply to a lifelong fraud and pathological liar who is obviously demented with early-onset cognitive failure, nothing more than a vessel figure-head for the Democratic plantation party of slavery, the KKK, “Jim Crow”, lynching, segregation, cultural Marxism, and now manifesting any fascistic impulse a pretext allows them to get away with, etc? What about “several women have accused Biden of inappropriately touching them in public”?? What do you mean by “accused”? You can see this consummate creep PUBLICLY getting away with groping or trying to steal a kiss from little girls and women over many years who are clearly uncomfortable with being pawed over, ON COUNTLESS VIDEOS, not to mention likely a rapist who should be in prison!!! Just asking…


  19. Biden says if you don’t vote for him, you’re not black.

    So if I’m not black, I can’t vote for Biden.

    It doesn’t sound racist to me.

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  21. This video alone is a goldmine for a Joe Biden quotes Twitter page.

  22. The only reason Trump’s policies seem draconian is because he’s trying to make up for what has left rotting. While watching the documentary “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words | PBS” there was a part where Biden is questioning Thomas. You have got to see it. No words can explain his absolute ignorance.

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