On November 9, 1989, an exhausted East German bureaucrat misread a memo regarding the loosening of travel restrictions, prompting thousands of East Berliners to checkpoints at the Berlin Wall, a monstrous cement barrier which had kept them locked in for 28 years. Germans call that moment "Mauerfall" and "the peaceful revolution." 

Today marks 25 years since that watershed moment heralding the end of the Cold War and the demise of Stalinist communism in Europe. 

Reason TV went to East Berlin's Mauerpark, once the site of the No Man's Land or "death strip," between the Berlin Wall and another inner wall, where Berliners gathered to watch films depicting the life and death of what the East German government called "the anti-fascist barrier."

Produced by Anthony L. Fisher

About one and half minutes.

Music: "Berlin" by LASERS (https://www.facebook.com/lasersounds) 

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