America's Future Foundation: Roger Custer on Millennial and the Liberty Movement


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"People generally just want to be left alone and they want to make their own decisions," says Roger Custer, the executive director of America's Future Foundation (AFF). AFF bills itself as the "premiere network of liberty-minded young professional leaders," with an emphasis on targeting millennials. 

"[Millennials] are still looking for ideas and solutions, especially as they become taxpayers and fully functioning citizens independent of their parents and no longer students. We are the group they can come to." 

Custer recently sat down with Reason TV's Nick Gillespie to discuss AFF, what issues are most important to millennials, the points of friction between conservatives and libertarians, and why he remains optimistic. 

About 5 minutes.

Camera by Amanda Winkler and Joshua Swain. Edited by Winkler.

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