Oliver Stone, Ayn Rand Pop Art, and "Second-Wave Libertarianism"

What We Saw at ISFLC 2014


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Left-wing moviemaker Oliver Stone talking about his support for Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul. Student for Liberty's Alexander McCobin laying out the basics of "second-wave libertarianism." Pop Art-style portraits of Ayn Rand that the novelist would likely have condemned.

There was all that and more at the seventh annual International Students For Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C. Held February 14 to February 17, the event brought together thousands of interested students, activists, vendors, and others to talk about what libertarianism means for Millennials.

"I think the Barry Goldwater generation relied on a level of conservatism that still trusted the state…to enforce and give their ideas legitimacy," Leah Hughey of the Charles Koch Institute told Reason TV. "Millennials are independent thinkers and willing to think for themselves and to see that, 'I actually don't need the state to enforce my ideas for them to be true."

Reason TV's Swain talked with Stone, Hughey, McCobin, and others.

About 2 minutes long.

Shot by Amanda Winkler and edited by Joshua Swain. Interviews by Swain.

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