The Problem with E-Verify: ACLU's Chris Calabrese on Immigration Reform


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"If E-Verify becomes mandatory, the result will be that you will essentially have to get cleared with a government right-to-work list before you can start a job. And that's a huge change," argues Chris Calabrese, legislative counsel for privacy issues at the American Civil Liberties Union. 

E-Verify, a government-operated database of everyone legally permitted to work in the United States, is currently used by hundreds of thousands of employers to check the status of their workers. Yet a national identification system has no precedent in the United States. Can E-Verify certify work status for immigrants and native-born workers alike without trampling on our civil liberties?

Chris Calabrese sat down with Todd Krainin of ReasonTV to discuss the problems with national identification cards, new proposals for immigration reform, and how social networking has changed our expectations of personal privacy.

Camera by Josh Swain. Edited by Todd Krainin. 

Time: 7:25.

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