Michael Bloomberg

Boob Over Bottle: Mike Bloomberg's Latest Nanny State Dictate


New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a two-time Nanny of the Month and 2009's Nanny of the Year, is back to save us from ourselves yet again!

In order to promote breastfeeding, Bloomberg has ordered all public city hospitals to lock up free samples of baby formula. New mothers who are unable to breastfeed - or simply choose not to - can still get formula, but only after enduring a lecture from a hospital employee on the benefits of the boob over the bottle.

Reason TV's Kennedy spoke with Susan Burger, a certified lactation consultant, who supports the mayor's initiative on the grounds that "the real intent of that law is to protect breastfeeding mothers [and] their freedom of choice to breastfeed."

About 3 minutes.

Produced by Anthony L. Fisher. Camera by Jim Epstein. Voiceover written by Fisher.

Music: "Sweet Georgia Brown" by Latché Swing (Go here to listen.)

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