Election 2024

A Special (Mostly) Kennedy Episode

Plus: Was RFK Jr. made in a lab in Wuhan?


In this week's The Reason Roundtable, editors Peter Suderman and Katherine Mangu-Ward host not one but two special guests! Reason's own Liz Wolfe and the one and only Kennedy. Buckle up and enjoy as they cover new reporting that lends legitimacy to the lab leak theory of COVID-19's origins, the candidacy of RFK Jr., and the Wagner Group's recent revolt in Russia. Huzzah!

2:20—New reporting supplies legitimacy to lab leak theory of COVID-19's origins

19:59—The candidacy of RFK Jr.

45:04—Weekly Listener Question

48:13—Wagner Group's armed revolt in Russia

57:09—This week's cultural recommendations

Mentioned in this podcast:

"COVID-19's 'Patients Zero' May Have Been Wuhan Lab Scientists, Report Finds" by Robby Soave

"Lab Leak Theory: 1, Misinformation Cops: 0" by Robby Soave

"The Very Strange New Respect for Authoritarian Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr." by Matt Welch

"Joe Biden More Vulnerable in 2024 Primary Than Donald Trump Ever Was in 2020" by Matt Welch

"Do Conservatives Actually Like RFK Jr., or Do They Just Think He'll Hurt Biden?" Joe Lancaster

"Taxing the Rich Will Have No Meaningful Effect on Our Sky-High National Debt" by Veronique De Rugy

"Anticlimactic End to Wagner Group's Armed Rebellion in Russia" by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

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Assistant production by Hunt Beaty

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