Mask Mandates

Where Do We Go To Get Our Mask Apology?

Plus: The editors reveal their favorite issues and articles from the Reason magazine catalog.


In this week's The Reason Roundtable, editors Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, and special guest Emma Camp look at the Cochrane Library's new study which concluded masks had "little or no difference" on COVID-19 and ponder a new Florida bill that proposes to remove legal protections against defamation lawsuits.

0:26: The Cochrane Library's review of masking trials

19:46: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the bill to remove legal protections against defamation lawsuits

39:46: Weekly Listener Question

52:31: This week's cultural recommendations

Mentioned in this podcast:

"Masks Make 'Little or No Difference' on COVID-19, Flu Rates: New Study," by Robby Soave

"A Scientific Review Shows the CDC Grossly Exaggerated the Evidence Supporting Mask Mandates," by Jacob Sullum

"The Real Science on Masks: They Make No Difference," by John Tierney

"The Perils of Trying To Curtail Hazily Defined 'Disinformation'," by Jacob Sullum

"U.S. State Department Funds a Disinformation Index That Warns Advertisers To Avoid Reason," by Robby Soave

"Ron DeSantis Wants To Rewrite Defamation Law," by Emma Camp

"Database Nation," by Declan McCullagh

"The Media Wildly Mischaracterized That Video of Covington Catholic Students Confronting a Native American Veteran," by Robby Soave

"In Praise of Vulgarity," Charles Paul Freund

"Both Left and Right Are Converging on Authoritarianism," by Stephanie Slade

October 2018: The Debate Issue

October 2022: The Authoritarian Convergence

August/September 2019 issue

July 2011: Criminal Injustice

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