Election 2016

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds on his Twitter Suspension, Online Free Speech, & His Presidential Vote

Why cops get away with criminal behavior, how the Internet is getting boring, and why a Trump presidency isn't necessarily a bad thing.


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Last week, Glenn Reynolds—the founder and proprietor of Instapundit.comwas suspended from Twitter after posting "run them down" while referring to protestors blocking traffic and harrassing motorists on Interstate 277 in North Carolina. He was reinstated in short order after deleting the tweet but the responses (pro and con) ran hot and heavy. Originally, authorities at the University of Tennessee, where Reynolds teaches law, indicated they would launch an "investigation" into the matter before saying, no, his expression was fully protected by the First Amendment.

Reason's Nick Gillespie talked with Reynolds about the recent controversy, why cops get away with crimes that ordinary citizens don't, and his fears that Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other online platforms are approaching "monopoly" status. A self-described libertarian, Reynolds isn't calling for government intervention but he's worried that the wide-open ethos of unbridled speech and flame wars is giving way to an online world that is every bit as over-policed and regulated as meat space.

Reynolds also lays out his case for why a Donald Trump presidency would likely be less awful than a Hillary Clinton one. But…is he actually voting for Trump?

Produced by Jim Epstein, with Ian Keyser. About 30 minutes. Click below to play in Soundcloud.

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