The Fallacy of Net Neutrality: Thomas Hazlett on the FCC & Consumer Protection


"I'm very confident a hundred years from now we won't have an FCC," says Thomas Hazlett, Reason contributor and George Mason economics professor.

Internet service providers are coming under scrutiny from both the FCC and net neutrality supporters who want to ensure unrestricted consumer access to the Web. However, Hazlett points out that the fear over ISPs limiting Web content is unfounded and government "has no idea what the optimal business model is" to effectively regulate.

Hazlett sat down with Reason TV's Nick Gillespie to discuss net neutrality, the Internet, and and his Encounters Broadside book "The Fallacy of Net Neutrality."

Camera by Meredith Bragg and Josh Swain. Edited by Swain. 

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About 6 minutes.

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