Biden Is Deporting Venezuelans Fleeing Socialism, Despite Condemning Trump for the Same Practice

"It's abundantly clear he has no regard for the suffering of the Venezuelan people," then–presidential candidate Biden said of Trump's deportation flights.


Over the past several months, record numbers of Venezuelans have crossed into the United States from Mexico. The Biden administration is turning them away and has quietly resumed a practice utilized by the Trump administration that involves third countries in the expulsion of Venezuelans. Venezuelans who previously resided in Colombia will now be returned there.

This week, CNN noted that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered 24,819 Venezuelans at the border in December 2021, "up from the previous month and continuing an increasing trend." Just over one year ago, "in December 2020, CBP encountered only around 200 Venezuelan migrants." But for these and many other hopeful asylum seekers, it's proving impossible to stay in the U.S.

Under a public health measure called Title 42, the Biden administration has expelled over 1 million migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) enforcement of the policy has severely hobbled the American asylum process in the name of containing COVID-19. "As part of the United States COVID-19 mitigation efforts, DHS continues to enforce CDC's Title 42 public health authority with all individuals encountered at the Southwest border," DHS told CNN.

The political and economic climate in Venezuela has deteriorated significantly in recent years, causing a mass exodus. Corruption is rampant, elections are rigged, and the oppressive regime of President Nicolás Maduro brutally (and sometimes violently) shuts down dissent. An estimated 76.6 percent of Venezuelans live on less than $1.90 per day. Hyperinflation has rendered their money worthless—in October, Venezuela announced it would cut six zeroes from its currency. Over 5.4 million Venezuelans have left their country since 2014, amounting to the second-worst refugee crisis in the world after Syria.

American politicians have long recognized that the U.S. can provide refuge to fleeing Venezuelans. In 2019, the House passed bipartisan legislation that would have granted them a reprieve from deportation (though it later stalled in the Senate). Former President Donald Trump, no great friend of immigrants, offered Venezuelan nationals protection from deportation in one of the final moves of his presidency.

That said, Trump also "stealthily deported an unknown number of Venezuelans through a third country, possibly violating U.S. laws and undermining U.S. warnings about the socialist government's human rights record," the Associated Press reported in October 2020. Then–presidential candidate Joe Biden blasted the policy: "It's abundantly clear he has no regard for the suffering of the Venezuelan people."

Trump's deportation flights differed from Biden's in that they involved Trinidad and Tobago. Media outlets and politicians did not indicate whether Trump-era deportees had lived there previously, whereas Biden's DHS says it's sending Venezuelans to Colombia if they were resettled there at some point. Still, with Biden conducting deportation flights for Venezuelans and decrying Trump for similar conduct, the contradiction should be clear. And beyond this inconsistency lies an even more nonsensical one.

Despite carrying out third-country deportations, the Biden administration has taken steps to protect Venezuelans already present in the U.S. from expulsion. In March 2021, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced an 18-month temporary protected status (TPS) for Venezuelans. TPS is a Homeland Security designation reserved for people fleeing an "ongoing armed conflict," "an environmental disaster, or an epidemic," or "other extraordinary and temporary conditions." Those benefitting from or deemed eligible for TPS are not removable from the U.S. and can acquire work authorizations. Venezuela joins countries like Yemen, Haiti, and Syria on the current list of TPS-designated countries.

"The living conditions in Venezuela reveal a country in turmoil, unable to protect its own citizens," Mayorkas said. "It is in times of extraordinary and temporary circumstances like these that the United States steps forward to support eligible Venezuelan nationals already present here, while their home country seeks to right itself out of the current crises."

This applies to 320,000 Venezuelans already living in the U.S., with newcomers being excluded despite the administration's explicit recognition that the U.S. can and should be a safe haven. Expulsion to Venezuela is obviously far worse than expulsion to Colombia, which has long been open to its neighbor's refugees and has even laid out a path to citizenship for its Venezuelan migrant population. But the U.S. has plenty of resources to process, naturalize, and host Venezuelans, and shouldn't push more refugees on Colombia.

It's critical for the U.S. to welcome people fleeing one of the world's worst humanitarian crises, and it's absurd that the Biden administration is leaning into a pandemic border measure with questionable legal and medical validity to send them away. That approach shows little more "regard for the suffering of the Venezuelan people" than Trump's did.

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  1. Reason Commentariat: But it's okay when Trump does it!

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    1. Except Trump didn't actually do it. As usual a lefty failed to read beyond the orangemanbad in the headline.

      "Trump's deportation flights differed from Biden's in that they involved Trinidad and Tobago."

      Explain to me how skipping the que from peaceful and solvent Trinidad and Tobago, is the exact same as fleeing the human rights disaster called the Maduro regime, Brandybuck.

      1. Here's Harrigans link about the 180 Trump Venezuelan "deportees".
        Since last October, at least 180 Venezuelans have been removed from the U.S., according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE provided no breakdown but removals to third countries include Venezuelans who self-deported"

        "From Oct. 1, 2020, to Sept. 31, 2021 — eight months of which fell under the Biden administration — ICE deported 176 Venezuelans, agency data obtained by Noticias Telemundo Investiga showed."

        1. So of the 180 Venezuelan deportations assigned to Trump, most occurred under Biden and include claimants who left the country themselves.

        2. 180???? Almost counters the 200k that crossed just last month.

    2. Why do all the left leaning idiots use the same strawman?

      1. 'Left leaning idiots,' you answered your question, I suspect.

    3. Reason is pointing out the hypocrisy of Biden, and you one of his supporters. That does not mean they are excusing Trump.
      Are you stupid?

      1. He can't be stupid. Anyone publicly opposing Trump demonstrates their superior intelligence (and morality). And their social status score gets doubled if they denounce Trump while wearing a mask.

    4. Brandybuck: Apparently no big deal when Biden does it since I'll complain about Trump regardless.

      1. Brandyshit is truly a sli9mebag; purely partisan, doesn't care at all regarding actual policies.
        If the name isn't followed by an L, that person could close the IRS and Brandyshit would whine about it.

    5. Just further proof that voting is a waste of time.

      1. Well, no. We had a POTUS who was quite good and TDS-addled assholes like Brandyshit did their damndest to give us what we have now.

    6. Eat shit.

      1. For brandyfuck

    7. Trumpanzees™: Whutabout ismz? Tu quoque! I'm rubber, you're glue! We wuz robbed! Waaaah!

      1. Who are you talking to? The progs here don’t like you, and neither do the libertarians/conservatives. You’re just a gibbering senile idiot.

    8. Reason Commentariat: Something Something Koch

  2. Biden Is Deporting Venezuelans Fleeing Socialism

    To be fair, it is who the Democrats are. Ask the Cubans.

  3. This is the only criticism of Biden I want to see in — when he falls short of the 100% open borders policy demanded by our billionaire benefactor Charles Koch.

    Any other criticism (cognitive decline, humiliating Afghanistan exit, inflation, similar covid fatalities compared to the Drumpf Era) is disinformation.


    1. similar worse covid fatalities compared to the Drumpf Era..

  4. Fuck Trump and fuck Biden! Fix illegal migration by ending the "war on drugs". Ok, maybe fuck Biden a little less than Trump.

    1. Why?
      Contrary to the inference in the headline, the above article's links make it clear that it wasn't Trump who deported Venezuelans.

      "Since last October, at least 180 Venezuelans have been removed from the U.S., according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE provided no breakdown but removals to third countries include Venezuelans who self-deported"

      Always read the links.

    2. The war on drugs caused Maduro policies?

    3. Both halves of the Nixon-funded Kleptocracy are identical. They have to be because they try to gull the same bell curve of suckers to submit to robbery and murder. How else would they rig elections and get gubmint jobs? Ask yourself this: "How much would I be willing to pay any of these superstitious republicans or communistic democrats to work for me?" Now, remember what they say about each other, and vote libertarian in the midterms--if you can find a Libertarian on the ballot!

      1. Did you say something?

  5. How desperate are you really if you're passing up other perfectly fine countries to get into America? If you were actually dead broke and had an empty stomach you'd be in Columbia. It looks like these people are using this terrible situation as an opportunity to level up their destination so I'm not entirely sympathetic. We don't need any more latin fascists setting up shop here either.

    1. Psst: Columbia doesn’t want them either.

    2. Translation: these people actually know what progressive policies leads to, how it leads to tyranny and fascism and the vote against those things. Therefore, people like Lord of Strazzle, who want to implement these authoritarian policies here in the US don't want them here. So, like progressives have always done he self projects his own agenda and shortcomings unto them. Whenever a progressive labels someone a fascists, it is because it's really them that are the fascists.

    3. You tell 'em Strudel. No filthy brown proletariat will rise to the level of sophistocrats on your appletini-sipping watch.

      Especially not when they might spread misinformation like personal anecdotes of how fucking bad communism is for those surviving in it.

    4. So you’re on,y gains illegals that don’t like Marxism? Got it.

  6. LOL - Of course Biden is keeping out the Venezuelans, they've got first-hand knowledge of how socialism works and they sure as hell ain't supporting that shit here. Same as the Cubans, and ask Haitians about their experiences with corrupt government. Those people all have their eyes open and Biden don't want none of that.

    1. I thought the narrative was that immigrants from socialist hell-holes needed to be kept out because they'll all vote for Democrats and turn this country into a socialist hell-hole.

      1. Most of what you claim to think is vapid strawman arguments. So this fits the general statement from you.

      2. That's not what most of the illegals under trump and Biden have been though. They're mostly part of "caravans" organized by socialist, globalist, open border NGOs intended to disrupt and overwhelm national borders and immigration procedures, as well as disrupt national culture and identity. That's why they're doing the exact same thing with Africans and Middle Easterners in Europe. And this born out in the massive transition in the last 4 years of the ratio of Mexican immigrants to other nations at the border being 70/30 4 years ago to now completely flipping to only 30% Mexicans and 70% other nations now.

        1. I should add I have family from both Argentina and Venezuela that live in America now. I've mentioned this before. They came here to escape those socialist hell holes for sure, but they did it the proper way.

          Many started by acquiring student visas to come to college in America. Then, some had to go back, but some were able to get jobs and work visas in America upon graduation. Even the ones who didn't would continue to apply for work visas while in south America. Eventually after working here for a long time on visas they had to continously deal with renewing and proving employment and income, I think 10 years except for the ones who got married to an American citizen before that, they were able to apply for naturalization and then citizenship. And all received it because they worked hard and had a long paper trail to prove their character. Unlike the randos appearing at the border with ngo and drug cartel help now.

          There were even times where one of their visas would get screwed over and they'd have to return to South America for several months. But they always worked hard to get back here. And then eventually they were able to bring their parent's so that now more of my Argentinian and Venezuelan relatives live here than back there, which is great.

          But there's no way to instantly judge randos at the border. And the people like my cousins and aunts and uncles from South America following the visa process properly and proving their character shouldn't have their place in the immigration line jumped because they chose to do things correctly.

    2. Democrats aren't socialists old man. You're just trained up like an old dog. Yeah we spend a little money and tax the rich just barely more than Republicans but that doesn't make us socialists.

      1. LOL

        1. No, you are fascists. You believe in total Government control of businesses and the means of production, silence those who disagree with you, separate people by race, use threats of force to make people comply with your political ambitions, cancel political opponents, change elections laws to make accountability harder, and tracing the vote harder, etc. These are all things the Nazis did as they were gaining power. In fact almost everything the current progressives stand for is what actual fascists did while they took over.

          1. Sorry meant for Strazzle.

      2. "Yeah we spend a little money and tax the rich..."


      3. Such brazen bullshit. You probably are delusional enough to believe it.

    3. Biden's 1986 Anti-Drug-Abuse-Law signed by Ronald Reagan sent swarms of asset-forfeiture narcs to invade their countries, rob their property, shoot and kidnap their citizens and wreck their economies. It is what Herbert Hoover Republicans did in these Sovereign States until March 1933. Violent laws that make a crime of production and trade create caudillo fascism and a backlash of communism. This has always been true. It has always led to crashes, slums, Hoovervilles!

  7. So this confirms it? Venezuelan refugees vote Republican?

    1. If they match general South American voting patterns, they will suffer from socialism, elect more right-wing governments to fix things, the situation will get considerably better, then in about a decade or so, they'll vote the socialists back in. Lather, rinse, repeat.

      1. But Democracy!, right?

    2. Making themselves as unwelcome as the Cubans.

  8. "Biden Is Deporting Venezuelans Fleeing Socialism, Despite Condemning Trump for the Same Practice"

    The greater crime may be that Biden is pushing socialism despite all the Venezuelans fleeing it.

  9. "Venezuelans Fleeing Socialism"

    What are they doing in Norway?

    1. Thanks for more evidence of your ignorance Sullum.

      1. Strudel is incensed. How dare the proleriat flee the yoke of their betters?

        It makes one's appletini bitter, tobecertain.

    2. Norway is 28th on Heritages Economic Freedom Index. They aren't socialist. (Venezuela is 177th, just ahead of North Korea)

      1. To make it better, woke fucktards mistake the Norge flag for the US Confederate flag and throw hissy fits fairly frequently. Education truly has little to do with intelligence.

  10. The Biden administration is turning them away

    This can't be true because, Hamhead Hannity, and Ken Shultz all claim that Biden is "open borders" and the economy is in shambles with all oil/gas production halted.

    1. Turn yourself in for your crimes.

    2. .. all oil/gas production halted.

      Explain the $92 oil today.

    3. Weird. Thought Rachel Maddow was taking a sabbatical to produce a Ben Stiller movie. But here she is, posting on Reason. And, apparently, outing herself as a pedophile to boot.

    4. See? Kleptocracy factions are not fussy about what lies they invent to besmirch competing looters. What they agree on is that Libertarian spoiler votes are the worst thing that can show up in election outcomes. To foil those they will pay any price (with your money), make you bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any fiend, oppose any honest candidate, always to preserve The Looter Kleptocracy against Free Enterprise and democratic elections.

    5. Get Rittenhoused, paedophile.

    6. turd lies; it’s all he ever does. turd is a pathological liar, a trafficker in kiddie porn and a TDS-addled asshole, entirely too stupid to remember which lies he posted even minutes ago, and also too stupid to understand we all know he’s a liar.
      If anything he posts isn’t a lie, it’s totally accidental.
      turd lies; it’s what he does. turd is a lying pile of lefty shit.

  11. Over the past several months, record numbers of Venezuelans have crossed into the United States from Mexico. The Biden administration is turning them away


  12. At this point, Biden is deporting Venezuelans running TO socialism, and socialism doesn't like open borders. Try running up to Canada for some free healthcare some time. Trust me, I tried once.

    1. Socialism likes open borders in two situations: (1) to destroy free nations, and (2) for members of the intelligentsia.

      1. Well, to be fair, the intelligentsia has to be able to flee once they get their way. See: 1978 Iran.

        1. I prefer the French 1789 option.

  13. Many idiots at Reason remain in denial of their severe mental illness commonly called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    1. Pray for a vaccine!

      (And mostly because it would be hilarious to see which party rejects a TDS vaccine.)

      1. Will it be a large injection of pentobarbital?

    2. No clearer self-indictment has yet been recited by a girl-bullying, trade banning, Orange Hitler, Fuhrerprinzip National Socialist brainwashee committed above all to the initiation of deadly force against Judeo-bolshevist liberals--at least not since the Nuremberg trials.

  14. The Trumpbiden admin sucks.

  15. Fuck off, we're full.

  16. Wasn't Adolf Hitler a congregant of the same mystical sect as Josef Biden?

  17. Have in-laws from Columbia who laid marriage anchors (but are nonetheless good, industrious people) to escape to the US.

    I work regularly with green cards; they blow union boys out of the water and catch them on the way down.

    In the land of the free, the brave and the inported, immigration is fucked and I don't have a perfect solution to pull out of my ass, but Brandon is a goddamned monster magnitudes worse than Trump was ever imagined to be.

    And progshits persist in carrying water for him. I hope you all drown in it.

  18. What, Biden is a lying hypocrite? The 4-plus decades of lying hypocrisy weren't a dead giveaway?

  19. Sounds right; discriminate again people from a country that knows Socialism cannot work - God forbid we let in SOME of the millions coming through our open border that will not vote for a demented, puppeted, leftist regime.

  20. This is just like how the Democrats fight letting any Cubans fleeing communism into the US. They know that people fleeing communism are unlikely to vote for big government, because they've seen it firsthand. And, they're especially worried that those people will end up in Florida, a swing state.

    Ironic isn't it? The very a-holes who claim they're opening the borders to help people (sure they are), always reject people fleeting leftist regimes. I've said it many times, if Central Americans voted Republican, the wall would be built up to the stratosphere. Unfortunately for hapless Democrats, people from Honduras, Mexico, etc. only vote for big government for one generation. Then they tend to oppose things like open borders and redistribution of wealth.

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