Cancel Culture

A Composer Condemned Arson. Now No One Will Hire Him.

"I chose to be that guy who didn't issue the apology," says Daniel Elder. "Things went from there and it wasn't good."


Until last year, Daniel Elder—a 34-year-old musician who lives in Nashville, Tennessee—had a promising career ahead of him. The theme of the prize-winning composer's work, truth through emotion, is evident across his catalogue of choral music, including his debut commercial album, The Heart's Reflection.

Elder isn't composing very much these days. And even if he were, no one in the industry is willing to buy his work. His publisher has blackballed him. Local choral directors refuse to program his music for fear of provoking a backlash. They won't even let him sing in the choir.

"My artistic wellspring is capped," says Elder. "I think it will come back, but things have remained in quite a rough place after all this happened."

What happened? Elder made a short statement on Instagram that went viral during the George Floyd protests in the summer of 2020.

The young composer is hardly the first person to suffer significant professional consequences after causing a social media firestorm: Virtually every day brings more examples of people saying slightly offensive things that stoke the fury of some mob. The problem is now so exhaustively covered in the media that "cancel culture" has become a top issue for many Republican voters, even though conservatives engage in cancelation as well.

But even among those cancel-culture excesses, Elder's supposed transgression stands out as particularly absurd. Though he was tarred and feathered as a racist contrarian, the Instagram post that caused all the trouble was neither racist nor contrarian. An overwhelming majority of people likely agree with the sentiment behind it, which was basically this: Arson is bad.

Elder always considered himself a man of the center-left. He was not particularly political or outspoken, but he supported liberal causes, including police reform and opposition to racism. The fact that he was on the same side as the progressive activists "made this sort of a strange betrayal," he says.

Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police on May 25, 2020, caused widespread protests across the country. On May 30, around 1,000 peaceful protesters marched down the streets of Nashville as part of an "I Will Breathe" rally. But not everyone on the streets was peaceful: A group of activists joined the protest as it was drawing to a close and started smashing windows and spraying graffiti on the sides of buildings. They threw rocks at police cars, and eventually someone set the city's historic courthouse on fire.

"The courthouse windows were smashed, its walls were spray painted with graffiti and fires were started inside the building, damaging a portion of the mayor's office," noted the Nashville Tennessean. "A plaque commemorating the civil rights movement in Nashville was destroyed."

The destruction spooked Elder, who lived nearby and was thus under a city-wide curfew. He also found himself increasingly unnerved by the large number of emotional social media posts coming across his feeds that seemed to justify radicalism and groupthink.

"I saw a mob mentality around my own friends, and I worried that was what was happening on the outside, too," says Elder.

Dismayed, disenchanted, and unable to sleep, Elder decided to delete his Instagram account. He penned one last farewell message, which was cross-posted to his Twitter and professional Facebook page: "Enjoy burning it all down, you well-intentioned, blind people. I'm done."

The post was unambiguous: Elder was criticizing the activists who had set the courthouse on fire. He did not malign their cause or their ethnicity (and in fact, the perpetrator was white). He did not attack the Black Lives Matter movement or criminal justice reform. He implied that the militants had good motives ("well-intentioned") but were oblivious ("blind") when it came to the self-defeating nature of their tactics.

These sentiments are not racist; in fact, they are correct. Social science research and voter surveys show that violent and destructive protests tend to backfire, eroding support for the cause in question. While a small number of far-left agitators support these tactics, the overwhelming majority of people oppose looting, riots, and arson. That is especially true of those who live in communities of color.

One might not have expected Elder's mild declaration to attract much attention. But when he woke up the next morning, critics were spamming his Facebook and YouTube pages with comments accusing him of being a racist and a "white supremacist piece of garbage." He began to receive nasty emails as well. Some were anonymously authored, expletive-laden, and ugly from start to finish. Others confessed a previous appreciation for Elder's music but noted that they could never listen to him again.

"I've relatively recently become aware of your work and have enjoyed your compositions for their sensitivity and artistry," wrote one former fan. "However, after learning of your insensitive comments on social media, however perceived as misunderstood, I've decided to unsubscribe from your [YouTube] channel and will no longer recommend your compositions to colleagues."

"It's really a shame," wrote another. "Such beautiful music and I feel like I can't do any of it now."

"I am a choir director and department head for the music department for a private school in Ohio," declared another. "I want to inform you that your rhetoric surrounding the recent protests is unacceptable and my school will not be programming your music unless and until a public apology is issued."

Many former appreciators of Elder's music expressed regret that it had come to this. One recommended that he read Robin diAngelo's White Fragility. Another expressed "hope that you find a way to lose that hate in your heart."

Again, Elder's "hateful" rhetoric was a two-sentence objection to the fire at the courthouse. He had not condemned the broader movement at all. Yet the messages did not cease.

"Do some research and maybe some inner reflection and maybe figure out where your racist tendencies are coming from," wrote another critic. "You are canceled. Black lives matter!"

Within 24 hours, the controversy had garnered the attention of GIA Publications. In the world of choral music, GIA is not merely a publisher; it is the major publisher of religious content, thanks to its association with the post–Vatican II Roman Catholic Church. GIA was Elder's publisher, and an important source of his income. On the morning of June 1, GIA President Alec Harris and media editor Susan LaBarr contacted Elder about posting an apology.

This apology had already been written by GIA; all Elder had to do was post it. The remarks prepared on his behalf are as follows, and worth reading in full:

"Over the weekend I made a post on my social media accounts that was insensitive and wrongly-worded. I deeply apologize for the anger, offense, and harm that this post caused. While this offense was not intended, it is what was created. For this I am truly sorry.

"There is no justification that I can offer for my post. So, rather than try to offer an excuse for what was done, I offer a promise for what I will do going forward. I commit to making amends and to dialogue. I commit to continue educating myself about privilege and bias. I commit to continue seeking an understanding of the experience of others, especially the Black community. I know that working for justice requires that we each first act justly. My work begins now."

LaBarr added that while "we know that you write music that promotes social justice," this was not clear to people who had read the Instagram post.

"We're feeling time pressure on this as some people are calling for boycotts," added LaBarr. "It's all very heavy."

Elder wasn't inclined to make such a groveling apology, and was dismayed to see his colleagues siding with his critics.

"I chose to be that guy who didn't issue the apology," he says. "Things went from there and it wasn't good."

Within hours, GIA issued a denunciation of Elder.

"The views expressed in composer Daniel Elder's incendiary social media post on Sunday evening do not reflect the values of GIA or our employees," it read. "GIA opposes racism in all its forms and is committed to do what Michelle Obama called 'the honest, uncomfortable work of rooting it out.'"

Note this PR statement endorses the view that Elder had made an "incendiary" statement. Neither Harris nor LaBarr responded to a request for clarification as to which aspect of Elder's anti-arson agenda they oppose.

GIA also announced that the company would no longer publish Elder.

"We are grateful to those who brought this to our attention and to all who continue to hold individuals and organizations to account," the statement concluded.

GIA made this announcement on Facebook. Virtually all the comments were supportive, though one person asked why the company had not scrubbed all referenced to Elder on its website. ("What's the plan?" asked this individual. "Keep supporting a bigot?")

For Elder, the consequences were far-reaching. The coronavirus pandemic had already upended his business: In the era of COVID-19, few activities had become as verboten as choir singing. Without the support of a publisher and professional network, Elder's work was impossible. Moreover, local choral directors refuse to do business with him because of the controversy. They are afraid to associate with him, or to be seen as defending him in any way.

"It's a bad look for them," says Elder. "It's really quite extreme, the effect this has had."

The toll on Elder's mental well-being has been equally catastrophic: losing countless friends, colleagues, and fans is no small matter for an artist. He has seen a therapist and a psychiatrist, and he says he has needed to be "talked off the ledge" several times. Needless to say, he has struggled to compose new music since everything fell apart.

Over the past year, the saliency of the term cancel culture has risen dramatically. Partisans have appropriated the term; every time a political figure comes under attack, his or her allies whine about cancelation. This is true for both major parties. Republicans complain that legitimate criticisms of former President Donald Trump and QAnon-curious Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R–Ga.) are attempted cancelations; New York's embattled Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said the same about his own situation. None of those people were fit for office, and wanting them to face political consequences is democratic accountability, not cancel culture.

This partisan corruption of the term is a shame, because the phenomenon is real. What happened to Elder has happened to countless others. And as with so many of those others, Elder's story doesn't have a happy ending. He has survived his ordeal only in the most literal sense: His career is in shambles, and recovering will be extremely difficult. Social media has a long memory.

Nevertheless, the experience has positively impacted Elder in one way, he tells me: It has made him less ideologically narrow-minded.

"Because I was exiled, I started listening to voices on the right and the center, especially these classical liberals who have been exiled from the leftist movement," he says. "The strange silver lining is this shook me out of my prejudices a little bit."

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  1. If he wanted to be sheiled from the progressive scumbags he should have been Biden son

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    3. Sorry, Rev, but I’m replying to you because it seems to be the only way to get a message to the author: Hey, Mr. Soave! “Activists” don’t burn things down. Arsonists do, and arsonists are sometimes agents provocateurs – or at least that’s what some people say. To be active is not to be destructive. Take a long hard look at your choice of words. If that choice was deliberate, you’re no journalist, you’re a propagandist. (Yeah, yeah, I know: What’s the difference?)

  2. Who does Reason find “fit for office” in the current administration?

    1. Every single one of them because no mean tweets

    2. Biden and Harris, who 50% of the staff endorsed?

    3. Not many from either party in any level of government, I would hope.

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      2. No one who actually wants political office is fit to hold it. The desire for the power of political office is by itself disqualifying.

        1. Your thinking is a bit short sighted. There are people who seek office because they don’t like what government is doing, and want their freedom back. But I’ll agree with you regarding most of them.

          1. I would agree. The libertarian candidates who want to be the architects of the dismantling of government are the exception to the rule of disqualification of the statist buttholes who generally run for office.

        2. An ambitious person with a low IQ has only two paths to affluence: political office or organized crime. Of course, many combine the two.

          1. And 0rganized crime tends to weed out the ambitious idiots more exactingly than politics does.

          2. If anyone as stupid as AOC went into organized crime, she’d be dead in a week. Not all mobsters are geniuses, but they can’t survive without knowing when to shut the fuck up.


            1. I may quote you on that.

              It’s perfect.

          3. Or they need to be good at sports, or be physically attractive.

        3. Brilliant! I have been saying this for years, but few except libertarians get it.

        4. I’m gonna say Caesar. But maybe that’s the exception that proves the rule.

    4. Reason has dozens of writers, allowed to think independently. They each have their thoughts about who is fit or not fit for office.

      1. Yes but Robby did say that “in his opinion” they were unfit, or that “voters judged them unfit.” He just laid it out there like he has some divine revelation proclaiming them officially unfit.
        Barring a judicial order excluding them from holding office, they are exactly as fit as the voters deem them to be, for good or ill.

        1. I’ll step back and let you and RandomQuestions debate who is fit or unfit for office. I suspect what RandomQuestions was hinting at was the usual complaint from conservatives and conservative-leaning libertarians who hang out here that Reason has foresaken libertarianism and turned into an organ of progressivism that only criticizes conservative politicians.

          1. How am I debating anything…I just asked a question. Three politicians were summarily declared unfit for office…I just wonder what the standard is.

      2. I wish 50% of Reason’s “independent” writers weren’t marxist anarchists.

        This was a perfect article until they started declaring that the only heroes in politics right now are “unfit”.

      3. “Republicans complain that legitimate criticisms of former President Donald Trump … are attempted cancelations;”

        Dumping the social media account of a sitting President with more than 50,000 followers is a bit more than “legitimate criticism.”

        1. Dumping the social media account of a sitting President with more than 50,000 followers is a bit more than “legitimate criticism.”

          After declaring his account to be a public forum no less.

        2. The hysteria of TDS is so powerful even those who really care nothing about Trump or who secretly approve of his accomplishments in office will declare their hatred for the man and preface any comment on his presidency with idiotic disclaimers like the one you quote here.

          Any “legitimate criticisms” were and are drowned out by the hysterical screeching of asshats who’ve had their brains broken by a bombastic goofball who happened to shove a decent agenda through that stable of venal retards we call “congress.”

          Having revealed the industry as the gaggle of sycophants, whores, and lickspittle social climbers it has always been, and thereby having empowered a growing number of ethical independent Internet journos, Trump is the best thing to happen to journalism in the history of the republic.

    5. Or, for that matter, in any administration?

    6. Yeah, my sympathy meter for “liberaltarian” outfits who were fine with ginning up hate against Trump supporters and are getting bitten by the monster they created and LOVED remains right against the zero peg.

  3. What arson? Couldn’t have been at one of the “mostly peaceful” protests as I was often informed here that that wasn’t happening.

    Sorry Robby, you and the rest of the Reason staff stood with the rioters then so this is you pretending to care now that the heat has died down.

    1. Mostly peaceful does imply partly violent.

      1. So something that contains a little plutonium is mostly safe, right?

        1. Depends on your definition of little? Not sure what level plutonium is dangerous for consumption but Galen Winsor, a nuclear scientist, once swam and drank in a cooling pool and licked uranium to show its safety – he lived to the age of 85, death of natural causes.

          1. Plutonium is not the same as uranium. Inhaling as little as .004 oz can be fatal.

        2. Like being mostly unmurdered?

    2. I think I know why Daniel Elder’s Instagram post struck a nerve with GIA Publications.

      Since GIA Publications publishes for The Roman Catholic Church, a notorious burner of unbelievers, heretics, witches, and “demon-possessed,” they probably thought Elder’s work was about them. As Carly Simon would put it, “They’re So Vain.”

      If I were Daniel Elder, I not only would have refused to apologize, but I would have fired a counter-salvo and said: “Arson isn’t right in the name of God, either. Fuck you, Big Papa and Gang, and the Popemobile you rode in on!”

      1. GIA appears to condone arson. This might be a bad stance to take.

      2. It is simply contemporary public relations (that cynical third-oldest profession behind prostitution and journalism begun by the twisted, evil Ivy Lee). Wokeness and its Stalinist-like denunciations will continue and grow as long as the cynical shits in PR departments everywhere keep glomming onto the practice while a few principled holdouts stand out as comparative champions of liberty.

      3. Well, bless your heart!

        1. Hey, I’m from the South, so I know what that’s code for! Don’t you think it’s GIA Publications and The Vatican who needs the “blessing?

          I know that Daniel Elder needs to put his works on alternate platforms so that his work may remain intact and marketable even without the support of fair-weather “friends” in his industry.

    3. Where did they stand with the rioters? Or do you mean they supported peaceful demonstration and you don’t care about the difference since you don’t actually care about police brutality?

    4. Let’s call it what it was–insurrection, particularly in Seattle and Portland.

  4. “The fact that he was on the same side as the progressive activists “made this sort of a strange betrayal,” he says.”

    To paraphrase Thatcher, the problem with social justice warriors is that they eventually run out of other people to ruin.

    1. He may be a talented composer, but he seems to lack any historical perspective. Dissident leftists have always been treated harshly. Just ask Leon Trotsky.

      1. But his crime is obvious. The face value of his tweet was irrelevant — it gave aid and comfort to critics of the party as any comrade should have realized. Therefore it was objectively pro-racist. We understand that he did not mean harm, but he did so anyway. Therefore an abject apology was required, and his refusal to place the good of the party over his own inflated sense of individual dignity greatly compounded his crime and confirmed him as a class-enemy. Clearly an example must be made.

        1. This guy needs to take a page from Shostakovich and write up his own “Soviet composer’s creative response to just criticism” ASAP.

      2. Trotsky was no damn martyr either. Trotsky ordered and oversaw the violent suppression of an organic, spontaneous, Anarchist uprising of sailors and workers in the port city of Kronstadt.

        When Stalin ordered the execution of Trotsky in Mexico, it wasn’t martyrdom, just the Communist version of Chi-Town’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

        1. It gave communists another excuse, though. You know, communism has never really been tried! Lenin screwed it up with the NEP, and then there was Trotsky. If only he’d triumphed, communism could have worked. We just know it could!

          The failures always seem an example of communism gone awry rather than a consequence of communism. And the “martyrs” are always an example of what could have been if only Trotsky, Che, et. al. hadn’t been martyred.

          1. Yes, And didn’t Einstein or somebody have a term for doing the same thing and expecting different results?

        2. Trotsky also came up with the plan to send returning WW2 POWs to the gulags because they were politically unreliable.

          People who cite their support for him because they think it protects them from supporting mass murder are completely ignorant of reality.

          1. “People who cite their support for him because they think it protects them from supporting mass murder are completely ignorant of reality.”
            Sort of like people expressing support for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden…

          2. But he was assassinated in June 1940. The Soviet Union wasn’t attacked untJune 1941.

            1. He hit an extra “I”, I think.

  5. Both sides!

    1. heh, yeah. “Conservatives do it too!”

      I imagine a group called the Anti Ballkicking League that talks about how terrible it is that young men get kicked in the balls.

      If you don’t agree with ABKL’s current agenda, they kick you in the balls. Over and over, while always saying you’re supporting testicular destruction. Eventually you punch them in the nose and say “Stop, goddammit!”

      Now it’s “both sides” involved in violence.

      1. It took Daniel Elder over a year to find a mouthpiece to make it seem like he is the victim. His blogs are evidence enough that his twisted ideals meant a far more sinister interpretation of his remarks. The choral community doesn’t need another cis white composer anyway- much less one with his opinions. Pass.

        1. Hmmm, “doesn’t need another cis white….” pretty much demonstrates that you are just another bigot. Pass.

        2. “…The choral community doesn’t need another cis white composer…”

          Probably more than a brain-dead piece of shit like you.

        3. Got any evidence?
          I suspect that you are actually a lying piece of shit and a vile human being, ill-suited to interpret (“lie about”) anyone’s remarks. Go to hell.

        4. So if he decides one day he is trans or non-binary but still condemns arson and other violence carried out by antifa, you’ll welcome him back to your choral community, right?

        5. What blogs are you referring to? I found one on his website but can’t see anything “twisted”.

        6. Racist!

      2. It’s telling that the example they choose to cite of ‘conservatives cancelling people, too!’ is Liz Cheney being denied a leadership position.

        If the right were like the left, she would have been hounded until she resigned from Congress. Mobs would show up every time she showed her face in public. Protesters would camp outside her house. And the media would make excuses (when they weren’t actively cheering it on) every step of the way.

  6. conservatives engage in cancelation as well.

    Removing a politician from a leadership position when they openly and contemptuously insult their constituents and obsessively focus on denigrating the previous administration from her own party who is no longer in power instead of serving as opposition to the party in power is not “cancelation” no matter how hard you try you pathetic, simpering little bitch. I’ll bet you that fucking box eater can at least change her own tire.

    1. Poor Liz Cheney. Blackballed from her chosen profession and out of work for expressing an opinion on something outside of her job description…oh, wait she is still the Representative for Wyoming, so it does not really compare to what happened to this guy.

    2. Nonsense she did not say a single word about her constituents, insulting or otherwise.

      1. Her constituents voted overwhelmingly for Trump. She labeled those voters, then voted to impeach him in defiance of those voters.

        You couldn’t be more incorrect if you tried.

      2. Her constituents largely support her loss of leadership positions. It remains to be seen whether she’ll be Primaried (it always amazes me how often someone even worse tries to take advantage of something like this, making someone like Liz the lesser of two evils) but the fact is, her constituents aren’t happy with how she is representing them.

        And that’s what the constituents find insulting.

  7. Well jeez, too bad, Post a political comment, get backlash. Quelle surprize!

    Guess he’ll have to do like the blackballed Hollywood writers and work under a pseudonym.

    I’d call it a first world problem, but proggies are in a class by themselves as far as eating their own. Call it a zero world problem.

    1. Guess he’ll have to do like the blackballed Hollywood writers and work under a pseudonym.

      I’m so old, I remember when the Hollywood blacklist was thought of as a bad thing.

      1. I see I made the same mistake as noted elsewhere blackball / blacklist.

  8. “Enjoy burning it all down, you well-intentioned, blind people. I’m done.”

    If it isn’t possible to criticize arson without being racist, is it possible for Asian-Americans to oppose affirmative action without being racist?

    Is it still possible to oppose Israel’s policies without being antisemitic? Is it possible for nuns to oppose abortion without being misogynistic? Is it possible to have a debate about immigration without it being xenophobic? Is it possible for a Baptist minister to refuse to perform gay marriages without it being homophobic?

    1. “I am an arms dealer,
      In a war of words.”

    2. The real question is what if you do all of those things at once? It’s some sort of intersectional bingo. CRT must be the free square in center.

    3. Is it possible for nuns to oppose abortion without being misogynistic?

      Depends on the manner of their opposition. Advocating for the outlawing of abortion is misogynistic.

      1. What if they only outlaw the abortion of female fetuses?

      2. Just so you know, I don’t think that necessarily makes you a baby-hater. But even if it did, I’d defend your right to say it online anyway.

    4. No, to all those questions, Ken. It is not possible.

      1. Well, maybe the one about Israel.

  9. Inclusive? Isnt that the new crypto- homo term for ” why cant we just get along?”

    Because some if us dont want to. They want destruction, not change.

    The Nashville Machine also blackballed Roy Drusky. Roy was one of the FOUNDERS if the Grand ol Oprey but they threw him under the bus for taking religion and refusing to do his old Honky -Tonk era music. He told me this personally, thats not Media rumour.

    1. Curious to how Roy was blackballed. He continued to perform at the Opry & on the Opry’s radio shows until the year he died, so I’m wondering what steps were included in his blackballing.
      The story about Elder & the Nashville music scene he is involved in is a very different thing than the Nashville Machine of the country/pop world in Nashville. no real comparison.

      1. He said they wouldnt publish his music IIRC.

    2. I find it hard to believe that “The Nashville Machine,” The Grand Ole Opry, or any higher-ups in Country Music would ban a man for getting religion after The Grand Ole Opry kicked out the comedy duet Pinkard and Bowden for their nasty, bawdy, socially-unacceptable, Politically-Incorrect Country ditties.

      Also, a Grand Ole Opry Subsidiary, Opry Entertainment Group, Ltd., owns the Circle TV HD channel. The name “Circle” referrs to the Christian Gospel song “Will The Circle Be Unbroken?”, so I seriously doubt that The Grand Ole Opry has gone baby-eating Atheist and started promting “Devil Music.”

      And ever since Hayseed Dixie came out in 2000, with their philosophy that Country Music is about “drinking, cheating, killing, and going to Hell, and preferably all four at the same time” I don’t see how any “Machine” can “blackball” anybody from music anymore. Even Pinkard and Bowden still had a following and album sales after getting kicked out of The Grand Ole Opry.

      Really, when you think about it, as long as no government or criminal coercion is involved, what people call “cancel culture” is just mismatches of people and their ideas.

      1. its not relevant what you find hard to believe, Troll.

        1. Well, I see how you’d get kicked out of the Grand Ole Opry. Not for music or songs or religion, but for being thick-headed.

  10. And now Robby is defending this racist piece of shit who refused to support a militant uprising.

  11. Also …. “Enjoy burning it all down, you well-intentioned, blind people. I’m done.” is not a straight-up condemnation of arson, as implied throughout the article. It explicitly calls out everyone who supported the protest (the “well-intentioned”) as “blind”. Even the “well-intentioned” is not content-free; it calls everyone who participated, even the peaceful ones, as deluded and mistaken.

    Then there’s “I’m done.” which certainly implies he’s breaking with them, he’s leaving their cause.

    An overwhelming majority of people likely agree with the sentiment behind it, which was basically this: Arson is bad.

    Nope, that is the kind of interpretation which only a well-intentioned apologist could make.

    And frankly, considering what happened all spring and summer, and how many Democrat “leaders” refused to condemn all the arson, and how many actually applauded it, it isn’t even correct.

    1. Yes, it’s not straightforward but sarcastic. Regardless of the interpretation, there is nothing in the words warranting condemnation let alone the backlash he received.

  12. pRivATe cOMpAnIEs!!!!!!

    What is it that you object to here you inconsistent pieces of shit? You’ve been lauding all of this from day one as the perfectly legitimate exercise of market power in the glorious free market. What makes this guy more special than all of the Christians, Republicans, conservatives, capitalists, and sundry other deplorables you’ve been happy to throw under the bus?

    1. Robby’s been pretty consistent at knocking cancel culture. Are you lumping all Reason writers together? Bad mistake. Shows poor reading comprehension.

      1. Robby has evolved.

      2. Reading comprehension, you say?

        What makes you think this comment is directed specifically at Rico? Maybe the author is speaking to the other writers and the editors here.

        Viewed as commentary on the overarching slant of this publication it is spot on.

        1. …overarching editorial slant…

        2. Maybe the author is speaking to the other writers and the editors here.

          Hence the plural use, pieces of shit.

          1. I see I did miss that plural. I wasn’t expecting a general rant against the general slant on an article showing the opposite slant.

            1. It’s an easy confusion. Especially when one considering that the ‘editors’ here exert editorial control in about the same manner and to the same extent that bank tellers with ‘manager’ titles manage a bank.

            2. That’s way too many uses of the word ‘slant’, consider yourself cancelled.


    2. Christians, Republicans, conservatives, and sundry other deplorables are hypocritical pieces of trash.

      That’s why

      1. And you’re a self-confessed alcoholic, drug addict homeless welfare queen who fucks your own child sarcasmic.

        1. I’m none of those. I’m not sarc you moron.

          1. Sarc doesn’t have a secret fantasy about being spit roasted by Mormons. Not like you.

            1. I fantasize about Mormons bbqing me?

              Goddamn how’d an anti-American moron like you ever get in our military?

              I really hope the Biden administration can weed the anti-American extremists like you out of the military.

              1. asshole’s getting flagged 3 times

      2. Bigots, too, amiright?

    3. I agree private companies should be free to decide with whom they do business, for any reason good or bad (including private companies violating the Civil Rights Amendment regarding discrimination, because I believe in freedom).

      I disagree with them doing it though, and generally boycott any that do. After all, I’m following the corollary to the Golden Rule where I assume the best of them and that they are following the Golden Rule, so I know they want me to cancel them if I don’t like their politics, because they are treating people exactly how they want to be treated. Further, liberals who say they’ve a right to defend themselves with violence from speech that they don’t like, are telling me to attack them when they say things I don’t like.

      While I’d be following the corollary to the Golden Rule (and obviously not treating them as I’d like to be treated) I won’t be following the Golden Rule myself. You see, their position is simply a declaration of war, on us. Any reader here should know the immorality, of initiating violence on others, and it’s long past time to tell liberals their intolerance of mere speech and desire to harm others for speech, isn’t kosher in the USA. And prosecutors need to prosecute those who bring violence because of speech.

  13. His publisher has blackballed blacklisted him.
    I think my father was the first to confuse these. Blackballing is vetoing. Blacklisting is boycotting.

  14. Thanks for the article. It gave me opportunity to check out some of Daniel Elder’s work on YT. beautiful stuff. hope he keeps at it and keeps high spirits. Good on him for not groveling.

    1. It’s certainly got me curious about his music. I go to sleep to Classical Music and I am learning more about the artists and composers, so Daniel Elder is now in my shuffle of Classical people to hear and maybe appreciate.

      The Woke “cancel culture” just screwed up here.

      1. I listened to some of his pieces on YouTube. Very soothing! I noticed, though, he had no comments, pro or con, so really, how much has he been cancelled? If GIA won’t publish him, he can still have a following on the paid platforms just like contrroversial journalists and he could still have reward for his work.

  15. Mob mentality, pile on; you’ll feel empowered for doing your part.

    Pretty much the same mentality as lynch mobs and stoning; get that guy, not me, I’ll help.

    1. Same lesson taught by schoolyard bullying: stand up for the designated victim, and you’re next.

  16. Maybe he could start a new career as the musical voice of the pro-White majority. Even get a White And Proud label going. When life brings you lemons, make lemonade, huh?

    1. worse yet…he’s a male!

      1. These days, that can be fixed.

    2. Given that he identifies as “liberal” and has supported left-leaning causes, I doubt he would do that, nor should he.

      Good music is good music, regardless of the artist’s “race,” nationality, sex, sexual orientation, or condition of birth. That should be the message of any good music company or venue.

  17. …the overwhelming majority of people oppose looting, riots, and arson. That is especially true of those who live in communities of color.

    Pshaw. Those imported, pasty, tattooed, black-clad, trust fund agents of change are wrecking those communities for the communities’ own good.

    1. Hope your talking points make you feel better



          1. Au contraire! HEY HEY! HO HO! RHYMING SLOGANS HAVE TO GO!

        2. We don’t need any of it, Fist. We need individual thoughts and deeds to prevent and undo damage when we can and learn from it when we can’t.

        3. Not a grateful person, hmm?

      2. “Hope your talking points make you feel better”

        I’m sure your stoooopid doesn’t help you.

    2. “ turn right around..”
      “..playing right into their hands..”
      “..and set your own neighborhood..”
      “..burning to the ground instead!”

      -jello Biafra. Noted right wing clinger, musician and arson critic. What a dick.

      1. What shithole suburb do you live in?

        1. asshole flag

        2. If you’re too stupid to understand the reference, don’t reply, bigot.

      2. And one of the better Libertarian Party candidates. And he didn’t get elected because…(your cue.)

  18. No one hates as well as Liberals.

    1. Have you encountered a commenter here named Sevo?

      1. Sevo just wants your kind to leave everyone alone. So just stop being being a leftist and Sevo stops treating you the way you deserve to be treated.

        1. Sevo’s a senile old rummy who goes to loser 12 step meetings.

          1. asshole flag

            1. Speak of the devil!

              You can mute me ya know?

              1. Asshole flag

              2. I think he’s implying some kind of action, pole included, to be taken in your case.

                1. Haha! If that’s the case he’s even more senile than I thought.

                  1. “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.” – Matthew 7:12

                    You reap what you sow, hence, Sevo’s reactions.

      2. “Have you encountered a commenter here named Sevo?”

        Has anyone encountered a lying lefty asshole named Mike Laursen here who deserves all the shit which is tossed his way?

  19. Notice too, that all the arson is in Democrat run cities.
    If they tried that in Miami, a shit storm would come down on them.
    Gov. De Santis has made it perfectly clear that if you want to protest peacefully, that’s fine but….if you believe you can get away with torching and looting businesses or other acts of violence, then be prepared to pay a price.
    Too bad the governor of Oregon hasn’t gotten the message. Maybe when her mansion is torched, she might come around.
    When someone is condemned for condemning such acts as arson, then you know that things are completely out of whack.
    Totally. It’s as if people have lost their minds and unable to reason.
    It’s not ok to burn down people’s businesses or set fire to public property.
    And by the way, many of the businesses that were looted and burned belong to minorities. So who’s the racist here.
    The time has come to stop coddling these black hooded, Molotov cocktail wielding ANTIFA terrorists and treat them as any other terrorist would be treated….with a gunshot.
    There should be no tolerance at all for those who commit these acts.
    None. Arrest, jail, trial and prison.

    1. These are just the warmups. Make no mistake that they have every intention of moving to every state and every city once they acquire enough momentum.

      1. This is why we should be disposing of our leftists now. Before they become an even larger problem.

      2. They still need friends in high places to:

        1. Order the police to stand back.
        2. Bail them out of jail.
        3. Drop their charges.
        4. Drop off pallets of bricks in the middle of the night along the protest routes so they have something to throw.
        5. Pay to room and board them on the taxpayer’s dime. ( )

    2. Maybe when her mansion is torched, she might come around.

      No, she would just apologize.

      1. They never apologize.

        When the rioters get too close to the mayor/governor/etc’s mansion, the police suddenly crack down on them.

        They’re allowed to riot to their heart’s content if they do it where the leftist politicians designated for them to riot.

        1. Indeed. As the DA in Salt Lake City demonstrated, “It’s all fun and games until you vandalize the District Attorney’s Office!”

    3. Arrest, jail, trial and prison.

      Better yet, shoot them in the act. Much less expensive.

    4. Too bad the governor of Oregon hasn’t gotten the message. Maybe when her mansion is torched, she might come around.

      Portland is coming around.

      The three were indicted over accusations they were part of a black-clad mob that broke most of the windows on the Multnomah County Democrats’ headquarters on Nov. 8, 2020. At the time, Antifa accounts on social media promoted the “direct action” to oppose the presidential election.

      In a separate indictment, six other suspects were charged with felony crimes for their alleged roles in the Antifa Inauguration Day riot on Jan. 20. Holding a banner featuring a Kalashnikov rifle that read, “We don’t want Biden — We want revenge,” the group of Antifa marched to the Democratic Party of Oregon building where they started a fire on the street and smashed the building’s windows. Arrestees were found carrying knives, batons and crowbars.

      Jan 6 was like 9/11, except worse.

    5. Whatcha gonna do when every employee of every media outlet can’t get enough of that “second hand revolutionary cool”, and provides constant cover for them?

    6. BLM/Antifa largely avoided causing trouble in Chicago and other areas with significant ARMED street gangs.

      Even Kenosha, after that kid defended himself with a rifle, the troublemakers left.

      So while it’s true that trouble was almost exclusively in Democrat areas, not all Democrat areas saw trouble.

  20. Just private companies doing their thing. Nothing to see here.

    Anyway I have more respect for the lack of apology than I would for the typical leftie obsequiousness that is expected. Punch back.

    1. Agreed. The most notable part of this is the lack of apology. Good on him.

    2. Oh, and yes, this episode is absurd, but it’s not particularly absurd. It’s another absurdity in a long string of absurdity.

  21. In the new world order, free speech is a crime.

    1. Lying, too. Don’t forget lying, stormfag.

    2. Noahide laws further subdivided. Following is a partial listing of those laws as derived from the seven Noahide Laws.

      They were passed into law by GB in 1991 and resigned by every president since.

      Key here, the “god” being referred to is Satan.

      Must worship God alone
      Jesus cannot be worshiped since it is considered blasphemy2
      No idols or statues
      Do not bow before any statues or idols
      Do not offer sacrifices before any statues or idols
      Do not curse God
      Worship and pray to the true God alone
      Do not use God’s name in vain
      Against murdering anyone
      Self-defense is permitted
      Theft – Do Not
      move a landmark
      use false weights and measurements
      Do not covet
      Sexual Immorality – No
      Eating flesh of living animals
      Prevention of animal cruelty
      Do not eat an animal while it is alive
      Do not eat the flesh of an animal torn by a wild animal
      Justice Laws – Against
      condemning the innocent
      Justice Laws – Must
      Administer the death penalty
      Treat people equally before the law

      1. I didn’t see lying.

        1. I see you’ve decided to go full zog.

          1. You are a humiliated liar who can’t refute what you deny.

            1. My reference was to your claim that lying isn’t protected speech. But you knew that.

              Now, if you’ll be so kind to where I can find your “law” in the CFR, I’ll provide a response. Dumb fuck.

              1. It’s not in the centre for feminist research fuckwit.

                1. Pussy.

      2. Just when I thought Misek couldn’t go any further insane…

        1. You’ve never refuted anything I’ve said.

          How does that make you feel?

          1. So where is it in the Code of Federal Regulations? Who sponsored the bill? Who voted for it?

            Dumb fuck.

            1. Providing evidence of a possible One World Religion, on March 26, 1991, U.S. President George Bush signed Public Law 102-14, a congressional resolution on the Seven Noahide Laws

            2. Reason isn’t allowing the posting of links today.

          2. “You’ve never refuted anything I’ve said.”

            Nazi scumbag here never posted anything worth ‘refuting’; his inferences, suggestions and insinuations are what a scumbag Nazi would see as ‘facts’.
            Stick your head in a gas oven and turn it on.

            1. We can all see your admission that you’ve never refuted anything, while making the effort to troll reply most of my statements.

              Only you can truly appreciate the feeble mental gymnastics required to believe that refuting my statements would be wasting your time.


          3. You’ve never refuted anything I’ve said.

            How does that make you feel?

            It’s makes me glad that I’m not the kind of guy who wastes his time arguing with an idiot.

            Matthew 7:6

            1. We can all see your admission that you’ve never refuted anything, while making the effort to troll reply most of my statements.

              Only you can truly appreciate the feeble mental gymnastics required to believe that refuting my statements would be wasting your time.


  22. Robby, you unwoke bastard. You’re talking about a canceled white guy while Crissy Teigen is apologizing for her sociopathic levels of cyberbullying? She’s been through therapy. THERAPY!!!!!!!!!!

    And her shrink may want to have a discussion with her about using therapy as a shield.

    1. Tiegen didn’t apologize. She made it about her, not her victims.

  23. Now show that sympathy to workers.

    1. you mistyped wokers

      1. Lol such ignorance

        1. At least you admit it. Now since you haven’t the intellect to correct your ignorance best thing for you is to let go. Perhaps by chugging a bottle of drain cleaner.

        2. Not nearly as much as your stoooopid.

  24. >>The fact that he was on the same side as the progressive activists “made this sort of a strange betrayal,” he says.

    it’s a little delicious when they don’t even know who they’re hanging with.

  25. “The views expressed in composer Daniel Elder’s incendiary social media post on Sunday evening do not reflect the values of GIA or our employees,”

    Calling an anti-arson post “incendiary”?

    That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

  26. I’m a freedom of speech, freedom of association guy, so I’m not opposed to cancel culture in theory.

    However, I am opposed to cancelling people for the crime of being right.

    Really, society just needs to grow up and accept reality. I won’t be holding my breath.

    1. “Really, society just needs to grow up and accept reality. I won’t be holding my breath.”

      Kudos, agreed!

      You are, however, an insensitive racist, for saying such SICK things! Now KEEP your anonymity! Do NOT attach your REAL last name to your posts (assuming you really are “Brian”). And keep ON “not holding your breath”!

      (Else if you violate my advice, with the “woke” mobs run amok these days, I am afraid that “The Life of Brian” might soon be over!)

      1. I assume it’s only a matter of time before they come for me with pitchforks, proving me right.

        1. But if or when that day comes, as you approach the end, will your and your companions cheerfully sing and whistle “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”?

        2. SQRLSY was probably out committing arson before all this. He is a dangerous idiot lunatic.

  27. BTW, “blackballed/blacklisted” is racist.

    Now, hand over your career.

    1. If you want to punish him you really should demand he surrender something of, you know, value.

    2. But, I thought the lefties all adored black balls.

  28. I know people in academia who continue to insist the “cancel culture” is something the Right just made up. I guess if you always say what you are told to say then there is nothing to worry about.

    “There are no poor people in my soiree, thus there is not such thing as poor people”.

  29. Catholics for bigotry and terror? Can we get a good abbreviation that pairs nicely with BLM?

    Good on him for not backing down. It sucks, but he’s a hero.

  30. We here at H&R have noticed and commented on how intolerant the Left is of any kind of dissent, especially from within their own ranks.

    I, for one, will enjoy watching the Wokesters devour their own. I’ve just made a fresh batch of popcorn.

    You reap what you sow, bitches.

    1. Then we can get rid of who ever is left.

  31. Smart move to not apologize. Leftists don’t do redemption. All apologizing accomplishes is to make it more difficult to make new friends and business relationships outside the Woke cult after the Left has dumped you.

  32. This type of cancellation is also a by product of today’s social media environment.
    Reason has spoken very well about the need to allow free exchanges on social media. Reason has pointed out that need for freedom of speech even if that speech is blatantly wrong. But here we see that an individual Daniel Elder is harmed by a response that accused him of racism and then a piling on by other. This is not some politician or corporation but just and average Joe whose life has been turned upside down. We need to have social media be a free as possible and also need to means to shut down misinformation before it snowballs out of control.

    1. I wonder if GIA’s statement calling the post “incendiary” would be considered to be an assertion of fact or an opinion. I wonder if all the folks calling him a white supremacist are expressing an opinion or are asserting a fact.

      Depending on how those questions are answered, libel laws may already be perfectly adequate for prevention of this behavior.

    2. “…We need to have social media be a free as possible and also need to means to shut down misinformation before it snowballs out of control…”

      So we need regulated freedom?
      Do you read what you post, or is that the cat on the keyboard?

    3. As long as Omniscience is contradictory of both itself and reality and thus impossible, every one of us are at risk of both encountering and believing misinformation. The best weapon against misinformation is objective truth, which we discover by constant and consistent acquisition and verification of knowledge.

    4. “”We need to have social media be a free as possible and also need to means to shut down misinformation before it snowballs out of control.””

      When people’s opinions are being labeled as misinformation, free is being tossed out the window.

  33. Social media empowers the lowliest scum of society who bully and destroy others. It’s effectively a lynch mob which strings up jaywalkers or anybody who simply disagrees with them. What kind of a society gives into the demands of such scumbags?

    1. Sadly, yes, this is true. As for what kind of society gives in to this, it is a society of cowards. Giving in to a real lynch mob is cowardly enough. But this is a virtual lynch mob, without the ability to directly cause any harm, and one that will move on to the next ‘outrage’ in a few minutes. Giving in to this type mob is a whole new level of cowardice.

  34. I wonder what would have happened had he issued his tweet, but the mob didn’t pile on with their ‘righteous outrage’ and instead just let it go and went on with their lives as most mature adults would do. Would he still have been cancelled? If not, then he was not cancelled due to his tweet, or due to principles, but rather due to the opinions of some of the smallest and petty minds in society. What if everyone (or a random sample) who read it had responded, and the vast majority agreed that arson is bad and only a small minority piled on with their ‘righteous outrage’? Would he still have been cancelled? If not, then he was not cancelled due to his tweet, or due to principles, but rather due to the opinions of some of the smallest and petty minds in society who are known to represent a fringe opinion. The problem with rabid social media response is that it largely represents the view of small, petty, radicals with nothing better to do then to explode on social media. What a cowardly way to make decisions. It is even worse than basing decisions on an opinion poll. It is basing decisions on an opinion poll of freaks.

    1. Sounds like the main culprits in his cancelation were the cowardly folks at GIA, President Alec Harris and media editor Susan LaBarr.

      1. It was progs, all the way down.

  35. He is being shunned for words echoing the sentiments of another great composer.

    “You say you want a revolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
    You tell me that it’s evolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world

    But when you talk about destruction
    Don’t you know that you can count me out
    Don’t you know it’s gonna be
    All right, all right, all right”

    What would John Lennon have said about this sorry state of affairs? He already said it some years ago. That is enough for one life.

    1. But then Lennon also equivocated by singing the lyrics as: “Don’t you know that you can count me out … in”.

      1. Or more to the point: “we’d all like to see the plan.”

    2. Meh. My dead Kennedy’s reference was way better.

      P.S. the Beatles sucked.

      1. I like both!

        Maybe we can “jam out” as you younguns say!

        What asshole Subaru of Portland do you live in?

        1. Autocorrect keeps turning suburb into Subaru for some reason

          1. asshole gets on more flag

            1. Rummy gets one more step at his loser 12 step meeting

              1. asshole flag

      2. “…P.S. the Beatles sucked…”

        Like Abba; riding a pop wave, making some money for that socialist hell-hole England.
        Unlike Abba; assuming the world should take their lyrics SERIOUSLY (‘deep, man….’).

        1. Yeah, the Beatles suck cuz they’re boring hippies not cuz they’re British.

          Love the Sex Pistols.

          1. I like the Sex Pistols but there are countless better British punk bands.

            The fact you referenced the Sex Pistols shows what a naive rube you are.

            Check mate!

            Ps what shithole suburb do you call home?

            1. asshole flag

          2. It looks like my buddy muted me.

            I’ll give home time to cool off.

            Maybe I should tone down the hockey and simpsons talk since he doesn’t like them.

            If only he told me what he did like(other than DK and Sex Pistols) I bet we could really hit it off!

            1. Asshole flag

              1. Are you “addled” on blow again?

                You certainly are focused on flagging me.

                1. asshole flag

          3. I left you far behind
            The ruins of the life that you had in mind
            And though you still can’t see
            I know your mind’s made up
            You’re gonna cause more misery.

            Do what you want to do
            And go where you’re going to
            Think for yourself
            ‘Cause I won’t be there with you.

      3. Lot of bands wished to suck as badly as the Beatles.

        Few hoped for the career of the Sex Pistols.

      4. Lot of bands wish they could suck as successfully as the Beatles. In my garage band days we learned “Ticket to Ride” only because it is a simple easy to learn song as we were learning how to play together. A lot of Beatles songs are that way.

      5. Music Snob Alert!

  36. “Because I was exiled, I started listening to voices on the right and the center, especially these classical liberals who have been exiled from the leftist movement,” he says.

    Classical liberals are not exiles from the left. Are left leaning people now trying to appropriate “classical liberal” to describe “non-woke liberals”?

    1. Yes, yes they are. Calling themselves Liberal no longer provides the cover they need.

  37. Reason: You excluded someone? How dare you! That’s Cancellation!

    Person: He was a militant communist and who advocated genocide.


    1. What are you referring to?

      1. There is a fine line between clever and stupid…

        1. “What are you referring to?”

          No use explaining it to you.

  38. Out of context, that post looks like an attack on BLM with the use of the black background.

    The idea of a musician complaining that someone had an emotional reaction to his work, rather than a literal, logical one is ironic.

  39. Over the past year, the saliency of the term cancel culture has risen dramatically. Partisans have appropriated the term; every time a political figure comes under attack, his or her allies whine about cancelation. This is true for both major parties. Republicans complain that legitimate criticisms of former President Donald Trump and QAnon-curious Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R–Ga.) are attempted cancelations;

    Is anyone else laughing because in the very article Robby wrote this his “example” of conservative canceling is…Liz Cheney.

    1. Not laughing, but only because the joke is getting old and tired.

      1. Not to Robbie…

  40. My heart goes out to a talented musician who was black balled by Leftism. I wish I could suggest an alternative for him.

    My suggestion would be for him to compose an opera using Trump as the central protagonist. He could “paint an image of Trump as the descendant of Abraham Lincoln.”

    I’m sure he could get this produced. It would be enormous fun, and hit the Media like a catastrophe against them.

    I hope he reads this

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    1. There are certain websites where videos of people being black balled are quite popular.

      1. Blacks on blondes dot com?

  41. If the story is as Robby presents it, well, that sucks.

    However, I’m not sure I buy that what he said amounts to “arson is bad”, particularly as a reaction to one fire being set… He says “burn it all down”, which has a much larger connotation. If he had wanted to say “Arson is bad”, he could have said *that*, or “Look, I get the general gist of the movement, but burning down buildings is a mistake and is bad/wrong.”

    I’m not jumping on to his side based only on this because I just don’t find Robby’s interpretation convincing.

  42. The USA continues to lead the entire world in imprisonment, driven by brutal surveillance policing of black Americans. The overwhelming majority of rioting last year was by cops, with most of the rest by white supremacists like the ones who overthrew Congress Jan 6th. It’s very possible that the arsonist this composer condemned is a white supremacist working to discredit BLM. This article doesn’t mention that at all. That oppressed composer doesn’t mention that at all.

    1. Are you a parody account? It’s hard to tell anymore, because there are a lot of stupid, leftist traitors who seriously say idiotic things like that.

      1. Are you a parody account? The idea that anyone so treasonous could have ever been in the military is absurd.


        1. asshole flag

    2. So, all those creepy idiots wearing all black and/or BLM paraphernalia while throwing rocks and frozen water bottles at police and burning or trying to burn police stations and courthouses were cops and white supremacists.

      If your post is not parody, can you tell us where you are purchasing your cannabis? That shit must be serious.

    3. Lying is not a comment, Troll

    4. Better than some recent OBL posts.

  43. And the best you could come up with for conservative Cancel Culture was Liz Cheney???? In any political party if someone becomes a political liability the party will remove them from leadership. Tell me, what equivalency is there between Liz Cheney — a political actor in a political context — and Daniel Elder — a man speaking a truism that is not only true, but Legally encoded. This is pathetic. The caucus held an election and removed her. This wasn’t some random crowd of uninformed Twitterheads.

    Next you will be explaining that any RINO not re-elected is a victim of cancel culture.

    1. Key quote from the article:

      “Partisans have appropriated the term; every time a political figure comes under attack, his or her allies whine about cancelation.”

      Looked in the mirror lately?

    2. The Reason Stylebook only permits two sorts of articles.

      1. Republicans are evil not just evil, but wrong.

      2. Both sides.

      Rico is just painting within the lines he’s been given.

  44. Somebody forgot to tell him that looting is Reparations. Lives are more important than buildings.

  45. Coming up in the 80s and 90s I’ve found musicians/artists are some of the most intolerant closed-minded people. Fake hippies trying to shove their Utopian BS at you; 80% are phony posers.

    Cake asked the right question: “How Do you Afford Your Rock and Roll Lifestyle?” not to mention Tower of Power asking “What is Hip?”

    1. The million dollar
      happiness is dead, we watched it bleed.
      Some say it died from hate,
      Some say from bleeding heart disease

    2. Ever seen a cake show? Phony posers proselytizing wokeness and victim hood.

      I do kinda like some of their songs tho. And good point about musicians in general.

      1. What asshole suburb of Portland do you call home friend?

        Or do you prefer buddy?

        1. asshole flag

          1. Senile rummy flag

            1. asshole flag

  46. The fact that he was on the same side as the progressive activists “made this sort of a strange betrayal,” he says.

    Social science research and voter surveys show that violent and destructive protests tend to backfire, eroding support for the cause in question.

    Both these supposed contradictions are reconciled by accepting that progressives’ “cause” is not their stated cause.

    1. When we say defund the police we don’t mean defund the police.

      When we say Medicare for all we don’t really mean Medicare.

  47. A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.

    1. By a “Progressive” government.

  48. I am a musician, and have in the past been a choral director. Even if I believed this story at face value — and I don’t — I would point out that decisions about what music to perform, and by which composer, are highly subjective judgment calls (as are decisions as to who will be admitted to a choir), and there is a vast literature of music from which to make a selection.

    Maybe, just maybe, people are not as enamored of this guy’s music as he is? Or maybe, for whatever reason, they have been making other program choices of late. This is possibly the most absurd evidence of “cancel culture” I’ve seen to date!

    1. So, he’s the Colin Kaepernick of music?

    2. Typical self absorbed liar… you dont believe it bc you claim identity….everyones wrong but you..oldest Troll meme in the book

  49. Cancel Culture?
    Here’s some funny shit.

    “”The Auckland, New Zealand, chapter of a climate organization inspired by activist Greta Thunberg disbanded itself on Saturday because it was a “racist,” “white-dominated space,” the group announced in a Facebook post on Saturday.””

    1. “”The organization apologized “for the hurt, burnout, and trauma caused to many BIPOC individuals” as well as “for the further trauma caused by our slow action to take responsibility. We recognise that this apology can never be enough to make up for our actions on top of years of systemic and systematic oppression.”””

    2. They couldn’t still do climate activity stuff? To make up for their horrible sin of being light skinned?

  50. “He was not particularly political or outspoken, but he supported liberal causes, including police reform and opposition to racism.”

    Hmmm, I guess I’m a liberal now cause I’m opposed to racism too.

    1. #metoo. And I’d like to see some police reforms.

  51. He’s white and male, we are the Jews of Nazi Germany a few years before the concentration camps. Go to Apple’s website and look through the product pages. You won’t find hardly any white males and yet we are 30% of the population and 80% of the engineers designing their stuff. Apple is probably the biggest offender but we all see we have been ostracized. It started 50 years ago when they started refusing us employment because of our race and sex. They will never stop until we’ve been bred out of existence and they’ve rewritten our contributions out of the history books.

  52. “…even though conservatives engage in cancelation as well…”

    Robbie is hoping that picking cherries pays well.

  53. To gain readers’ sympathy, the article begins by misleadingly telling them what to think: “‘which was basically this: Arson is bad’.” Halfway into the article what Mr. Elder actually wrote appears: “Enjoy burning it all down, you well-intentioned, blind people. I’m done.” He’s criticizing the protesters by calling them blind. No wonder many took umbrage. If he had just denounced the arson, not the protesters, he might have been fine.

    1. “…No wonder many took umbrage. If he had just denounced the arson, not the protesters, he might have been fine…”

      Sarc or stupidity?

    2. Fuckin’ bigoted ableist shitlord, he was.

  54. They say, “Read the room.” They mean: join the mob, or be excommunicated.

    1. They mean read the room, but they’re not in a room, and it’s rude to tell someone to read the room.

      If they want to treat Twitter as if it’s some guy’s living room, then they need to act with manners. That’s what I think.

      But it’s not what I do or anyone else, because it’s the internet and we don’t have to look people in the face or hear their voice when we speak at them.

  55. Yeong Park, a well known North Korean Defector is going to Colombia University; she says certain aspects of our cancel culture remind her of N. Korea. Of course, there are huge differences. This guy has been ostracized, but not arrested or imprisoned.

    1. Is the university in Bogota, or Medellin? Didn’t notice it in Barranquilla. Maybe it’s in British Colombia.

    2. Not yet anyway.

  56. “…Floyd’s death AT the hands of Minneapolis police”?
    Mind your prepositions, there. You might do better to say “Floyd’s death IN the hands of the Minneapolis police.”
    Even better, “Floyd’s death while in the custody of the Minneapolis police.”
    Which did you really mean, anyway? Were you thinking about that while writing? Two-letter words can be VERY important.

    1. I can’t breve!

  57. “The views expressed in composer Daniel Elder’s incendiary social media post on Sunday evening do not reflect the values of GIA or our employees,”

    He should have responded, “So, incendiary is bad? Just checking.”

    1. I do feel very bad for Elder, but he should really have known that the SJWs swim in social media like a school of piranhas waiting for someone like him to fall in. This is why I do not ever post anything remotely political there.

      1. Anybody to the right of ANTIFA and BLM is, of course, a right wing extremist, racist, MAGA hat wearing Proud Boy and domestic terrorist threat.

  58. Time to start offering “Canceled” Insurance policies.

  59. Okay, so. The problem is not progressivism per se, as much as you people want it to be. It’s not black people and their shenanigans. It’s actually social media—combined with the fact that progressivism is the dominant culture in this part of the world.

    Rightwing culture has canceling. Oh but it does. It has most of the canceling. Forget canceling gays and other religions and women through anthropologic time, right now you can’t even say a bad word about Donald fucking Orange Tits without being “canceled” (used to be known as criticized or ostracized). They have the bigger problem, if we’re measuring ideological dicks.

    But social media is a cancer on humanity, and I will carry the flag for burning that stable of crap to the ground. We’re not ready for Twatter. We’re not ready to make our community the entire world all at once. We haven’t figured out how to modulate our brains to translate our tribal ape assumptions into an environment in which any person can criticize you for anything you do immediately.

    When that happens, we do our tribal ape thing and jump on the apewagon. Someone I perceive as an authority criticized this ape for flinging poo with limp wrists, and now I have to join in. Meanwhile billions of people don’t give a crap, because they’re doing things with their lives.

    1. No, the problem is shitstains, as in evidence here.
      Fuck off and die; your family will be proud and your dog will have a place to shit.

    2. BTW, just in case it is not obvious, this pathetic piece of lefty shit tends to be prolix once s/he’s drunk enough to avoid any connection between the posted comments and reality.
      Fuck off and die, shitstain.

        1. How…………..

    3. “”combined with the fact that progressivism is the dominant culture in this part of the world.””

      Yeah, progressivism lost the dems seat in the house.
      Anti-progressivism gave Trump Florida in the 2020 election and gave a republican victory in a TX border town that is 85% latino.

      1. …some seats in the house.

  60. So, this GIA organization is why post-Vatican II Roman Catholic hymns are so bad. Good grief, they’re worse than the Presbyterian hymns that were written to be dismal and austere.

  61. Yeah, sorry. Consequences of living in a free market capitalist society. Darn it, when people face consequences.

    I am sorry but that post of his had no reference to the arson. When you don’t make specific references to something, people can interpret it in any number of ways. Thats his fault for not doing that. Maybe he should have taken a writing composition class in addition to his musical composition classes.

    1. Spot on. Why didn’t he simply write “setting the courthouse on fire was bad” if that’s what he meant?

      1. You are correct. He absolutely could have written that, and the headline from Reason would be correct. I have now lost confidence in Reason to write unbiased headlines and articles. That post in no way was a condemnation of arson.

  62. Arson is always wrong. A respect for private property is one of the cardinal virtues of the founding of America. If you do not respect private property you are not fit for your citizenship as an American.

    There are real issues of bias in this country. And America has a rich and valuable history of individuals speaking out against injustice. Our right to assemble and to speak out against our government is protected by the First Amendment, one of the most precious pieces of legislation ever written. However, there are no special circumstance where speaking out against injustice justifies the initiation of violence or the unprovoked destruction of private or public property.

    Those who protest injustice do noble work to make the world more equitable for us all. Those who hijack protests to lash out destructively serve to reinforce the stigmas of bias, and as such they are the enemies of progress. To condemn someone for speaking out against wanton destruction is to justify the bias that it reinforces.

    But not everybody is a writer, and not everybody has honed the skills necessary to fully articulate their objections to the actions which distress them. It is often up to the reader to place the words into the context of the person who has expressed them.

    When organizations pander to the enemies of liberty, they become enemies of liberty. To issue an apology for speaking out against the destruction of private property is to justify the destruction of private property. To pander to those who destructively reinforce the stigmas of bias, is to support the stigmas of bias. When GIA pandered to the woke mob, they made themselves instruments of bias. Their presumption to write an unsolicited apology on his behalf was insulting, ignorant, and biased as well.

    The intentions of GIA, and of the destructive individuals among the protestors, may have been to help stand against injustice, but they did so with blinders on. How the way they went about it committed injustice. Daniel Elder got it right, but his observations of the outside world became a self-fulfilling prophecy for his own life.

    Sometimes when we make a mistake in life, we are tempted to compensate by making an overcorrection. Often the overcorrection outstrips the original error by degrees of destruction. At some point you must own up to what you have done and correct it, or suffer the legacy of mistrust you have planted. Daniel Elder deserves an apology from GIA, and from all the shortsighted, dimwitted fools who failed to place his words in the context of the man they knew.

    1. Do you think Elder should file a lawsuit?

      1. If I were him I would move to L.A. and write songs for female pop stars like PInk and Lady Gagme who dress like south side prostitutes and alt rock bands whose music sounds like four or five chainsaws run amok. Really easy, no need for anything more than basic melody and rhythm along with lyrics that appeal to the lowest common denominator.
        Or he could write gangsta rap.
        He could retire in a few years from all the royalty money

  63. I guess I need to start listening to Mr. Elder’s music.

  64. ROBBY SOAVE, I clicked on the link you provided in the article as example of “conservatives engaging in cancellation as well” and it lead to an opinion piece in the Washington post about Liz Cheney voted out of her position in the leadership of Republicans in congress.
    are you seriously equating a private citizen losing his job and blacklisted by the woke mob with a powerful establishment politician, “the heir of the Cheney family”, and the new beloved sweatheart of mainstream media being VOTED out of her leadership position?
    is Cheney entitled to the votes? entitled to be in the leadership “forever”?
    is voting a politician out of office equal to cancellation now?
    I am sure conservatives cancelled somebody somewhere but it is not Liz Cheney.
    I would suggest to remove this sentence because it is ridiculous and false comparison or search for a real example of a regular citizen who was cancelled and lost his livelihood due to cancellation by conservatives. you don’t need to put such ridiculous argument to prove you are balanced and non-partisan, we know.

  65. So liberals are the only group that opposes racism? Everyone else must be a racist..

  66. Why Elder was wrong and what he was wrong about in my view:

    It’s not that his comments were wrong nor incorrect but that he was only adding more words.

    Clearly the time for words had past. However, there is no sign that his post took any sides. He was simply correct.

    I’ll try to compare this ‘effect’ to the number that the British armada did on the Star-Spangled Banner. And then a fellow shows up with the same message carried through the public square after the fact.

    Deflation appears to be the matter that has people looking at a roadblock that really, really should exist … But come on, the will of the people has clearly manifested after the fact like the previous Presidential vote. We see this in cases where people had had enough such as at the Boston Tea Party. But that wasn’t by fire but by tea.

    To try to portray matters: Who was Nathaniel Bacon, and why did he burn down Jamestown in 1676? History does not always make sense, but a losing battle does make people see that things were not wont to had turned out differently even if there was a right & best way. Thus history does not always make sense.

    Secondly, when he says, “I’m done,” consumers tend to see that as a professional statement rather than an off-the-wall counterpoint, IMO. It reflects on his work and doubtless gets people wondering about his work.

    Good for Elder if people read his statement, agree, and then decide to give his compositions a listen. Bluff has been made on top of a few, listed second thoughts. Maybe he can win this yet.

  67. GIA publications are still selling Daniel Elder’s work on their website, including Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace). What is your source for them banning Elder? It would be rather hypocritical of them to stop selling his work calling for peace and then criticise or drop him him for saying the same thing on social media.

  68. Mobs don’t reason.

  69. “I chose to be that guy who didn’t issue the apology.”

    Sometimes one finds a pearl in an oyster.

  70. No doubt Mr. Elder is now on the FBI’s domestic terrorist watch list
    His family may have already been contacted by the OBiden administration for any remarks he may have said that could be construed as white supremacist , anti LGBTQ or critical of diversity and CRT.
    I’m surprised his address wasn’t doxxed and a hundred angry BLM protestors and ANTIFA didn’t show up at his home, smash all the windows and set fire to the house.(mostly peaceful protest)

  71. So, this GIA organization is why post-Vatican II Roman Catholic hymns are so bad. Good grief, they’re worse than the Presbyterian hymns that were written to be dismal and austere.

    1. Apparently you’ve never heard Baptist hymns.
      Not just dismal and austere but meant to provoke massive amounts of guilt and fear.

  72. I’m listening to Elder’s music now. It is truly beautiful.
    If you want to support this guy who’s been canceled, stream or buy his music!

  73. It wasn’t the two sentence tweet that set all of this in motion. It was his Sep 21, 2020 blog post titled “Equity Silences the Muse” ( where he wrote, among other things, “… today’s musical society is, regardless of the individual in question, much more hopeful of seeing a white man fail than seeing him succeed.” He was complaining that his music was getting less and less attention because he is a white male. Agree or disagree with cancel culture, but what upset so many people has NOTHING to do with a two sentence post as this article suggests. Tell his story, but be honest about the details.

    1. So EVERYBODY ELSE in in vogue to complain that they are discriminated against but should a white man do it, he deserves to be canceled.

      That pretty much proves his point.

  74. Thank you, cancel culture! Youze nutz took a guy who called himself “center left” and have him looking into “classical liberalism”.

  75. Being skewered while on the Facebook stake isn’t all that bad. Just change to another stake.

  76. Most lefties begin on a path to recovery when the truth is shoved down their throats.
    The path to mediocracy is lined with diversity and equity. Lockheed Martin send executives to inclusion and diversity training so they will find the shortest path to mediocracy. One of the tenets they are taught “roots of white male culture” include traits such as “rugged individualism,” “a can-do attitude,” “hard work,” “operating from principles,” and “striving towards success”—which are “devastating” to women and minorities. You can not attain mediocracy without doing away with those traits.
    It seemed a bit humorous to compare Cuomo who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Nanas and Papas with President Trump who was lied about to oblivion. President Trump saved thousands of lives by developing a vaccine in the shortest time in history, raised millions out of poverty, put more minority into the middle class and is unfit to serve because of mean tweets.

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