Ron DeSantis Is Celebrating Twitter's Ban of Rebekah Jones. His Own Big Tech Law Could Force Them To Replatform Her.

Jones has been accused of fabricating her COVID-19 cover-up claims. Now she says she's running for Congress.


Rebekah Jones, the former Florida Department of Health web employee who has garnered lots of media attention and whistleblower status for alleging a conspiracy to cover up COVID-19 deaths, has been booted off Twitter, at least temporarily.

Jones told the Miami Herald that the reason she was blocked from Twitter was that she got a bit overenthusiastic sharing a recent Herald story about her alleged whistleblowing and tripped Twitter's rules against spamming.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the chief target of Jones' criticism, strongly opposes deplatforming. He recently signed into law a bill that mandates social media companies explain to users why they've been banned. The new law also requires that platforms like Twitter and Facebook carry messages from candidates for office no matter what those messages say (unless it's obscene). Platforms face massive fines of $250,000 per day for statewide offices if they refuse to comply with the law.

Given his contempt for the ability of private companies to boot users they don't like, you might think DeSantis would express some sort of principled concern about Jones' ban or care whether it was justified, even though new evidence strongly suggests the coverup she alleges didn't actually happen.

You'd be wrong.

After his office discovered Jones had been deplatformed by Twitter, his office released the following statement:

This decision was long overdue. Rebekah Jones is the Typhoid Mary of COVID-19 disinformation and has harmed many hardworking DOOH employees with her defamatory conspiracy theories.

I hope someone will ask Ms. Jones why she thinks she got suspended - will she allege that Governor DeSantis is somehow behind Twitter's decision? That would be deeply ironic if she tried to spin that falsehood into her conspiracy theory, given the Governor's stance on Big Tech.

The Jones ban is interesting for another reason: The bill DeSantis signed also forbids social media platforms from blocking the sharing of news stories from media outlets. This part of the bill was clearly intended to prevent social media platforms from claiming "disinformation" and stopping users from passing along, for example, a New York Post story about the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop in 2020. So it's a bit rich for DeSantis' office to support Twitter deplatforming Jones for "disinformation" after passing a law specifically prohibiting Twitter in other contexts from stopping the spread of what it considers "disinformation."

DeSantis' Press Secretary Christina Pushaw has responded to accusations of hypocrisy by insisting that Twitter isn't violating Jones' "First Amendment" rights (I used scare quotes because nobody has a First Amendment right to post on a private platform like Twitter) because she was blocked not for her speech, but for violating Twitter's "platform manipulation" rules. Pushaw believes Jones did a lot more than just spamming folks.

Whatever his office might claim, DeSantis' critics are absolutely right that his Big Tech deplatforming bill is not about protecting speech, it's about political control of what is and is not allowed on social media platforms. DeSantis can decide what is "misinformation," but Twitter cannot.

Jones believes that she'll be back on the platform soon. Based on the law DeSantis signed, Twitter might have to restore her platform. On Monday afternoon, I tweeted out this joke response:

On Monday evening, Jones announced that she's running for Congress in an attempt to unseat GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz. If she actually follows through and files papers as a candidate, then under DeSantis' law, Twitter will be obligated to host campaign messages from Jones. Because there's no exception in Florida's law for libel or defamation, Jones can then use this mandated platform to smear DeSantis as much as she wants.

Jones apparently even bragged about this in an Instagram post announcing the campaign, pointing out that Twitter will be fined daily under this law if they don't restore her account.

Jordan Kirkland at The Capitolist says Jones is misinterpreting the law because she's not a Florida resident. But Kirkland's wrong here. The part of the law that mandates that candidates be platformed does not require them to be Florida residents. The Constitution requires that Jones must live in Florida in order to represent the state in Congress, but that's it. All she needs to be covered by the antiplatform law is to be certified as a candidate. Read the bill for yourself here.

We knew all along that this bill was a complete mess, full of provisions that were bound to be used to try to force tech companies to serve as hosts for political bullying. If DeSantis ends up being its first victim, he'll have nobody to blame but himself.

As of Tuesday morning, though, it's not clear whether this face off between Jones and Gaetz is going to happen. Jones has posted a follow-up message on Instagram backing off on her announcement that she's going to run:

Pushaw has also emailed Reason some additional comments in response to this post. She writes in part:

Governor DeSantis supports every Floridian's right to free speech. Even conspiracy grifters like Rebekah Jones have First Amendment rights, and their rights must be protected. However, she was not censored for anything she said. Jones wasn't suspended for posting left-wing conspiracy theories, COVID disinformation, or targeted harassment and defamation -- although she did all that. Jones was suspended for clear cut TOS violations like buying followers and using multiple accounts. (2 of her alt accounts, rebel_geo and taytaygreen5, have also been suspended in the last 24 hours).

She adds, "If you read the Florida legislation, you know there is nothing in it that says Big Tech platforms can't enforce any content moderation policies. On the contrary, the legislation merely requires social media platforms to communicate their policies clearly to their users—and to enforce those policies consistently, without regard to political or ideological leanings."

That's a true description of the part of the law that covers general users. But the law is explicitly different for candidates for office. The law is clear that candidates are exempt from a platform's own moderation policies.

This post has been updated to include a subsequent post from Jones and additional comments from Pushaw.

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  1. This seems to me to be the law working as intended, despite DeSantis' personal lack of consistency. It's a good thing when we behave as if we're a nation of laws, not men. DeSantis may be happy he doesn't have to deal with the Twitter feed of someone that was personally troublesome, but it wasn't him that kicked her off Twitter. Should she run for office, he apparently believes that she'd be entitled to social media participation to get her message out. That's to DeSantis' credit. He's expressed no regret for the law he passed.

    1. he apparently believes that she’d be entitled to social media participation to get her message out as a Republican

      there, fixed it for you

      1. So unpartisan. Much individualism.

        1. Do you deny that THE major rationale for this Florida law was Florida Republlicans' belief that Florida conservatives were being censored online? Assuming that this Florida law is motivated by just wanting neutral speech by all sides is just absurd. They are interested in protecting conservative speech online that they think is being censored.

          1. The didnt use the word Republican once in the bill. Are you an idiot?

            1. Spoiler Alert : YES

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          2. And yet they seem fine when this law protects even those they oppose.

          3. Seeing as how it benefits everyone running for office, including us pesky Libertarians, I’m not sure what your point is.

            Is it likely that is one of the motivators? Sure. Is the only or most influential one? We can’t read minds, so who knows.

            But, you know it could actually be about making sure Twitter or Facebook don’t try to have an undue influence on future elections by blocking politicians from disfavored parties (it’s bad enough that the Democrats got the Green Party booted off ballots to try to keep from those votes being peeled away last year. Can you imagine a world where they make it to where no one can get certain candidates information?)

      2. You've applauded deplatforming.

        Here you are failing to recognize she wasn't deplatformed due to speech.

        This is because you're dishonest.

      3. Your mind-reading powers are amazing, considering the law they passed doesn't favor any political party.

        1. chemtard radical deathfat gets triggered by anything against his lefty boos.

    2. This. The outcome here in no way shows the law in a bad light.

      1. She currently resides in Maryland to boot. I get Reason has to be outraged because blue check marks told them to be, but this is getting blatant.

        1. If she lives in Maryland how can she run for Congress in Florida?
          If she tries to run can someone sue because she's not qualified to run?

        2. Getting blatant?

          It's Scott Fucking Shackford!

          Lefty tool is as lefty tool does.

  2. NOPE! Because she apparently has moved out of the state. So this hit piece on DeSantis has failed again.

    "Rebekah Jones, the former Florida health department employee who filed a whistleblower lawsuit accusing political leaders of firing her in a dispute over the state’s pandemic numbers, has decided not to run for Congress next year, she said.

    Jones said in an interview she did not feel safe enough to run in Florida – where she faces an upcoming felony hacking trial – and did not feel prepared enough to run in Maryland, where she now lives with her family."

    1. You'd think you would have known that. Huh.

      1. you seem to believe investigative journalists should investigate prior to journaling.

        1. You mean by doing things like checking the dates on the stories to see that the story quoted above was published in May and her announcement that she was running for Congress after all happened last night from a post BY JONES?

          Seriously guys.

          1. Oh snap!

          2. Half of the commenters here are not interested in factual accuracy, only in pushing narratives. Not surprising.

            1. Though, hilariously, buckleup is turning out to be right after the fact. I'll have to update this post, but since I wrote it, she has, in fact, posted on Instagram walking this announcement back.

              So, LOL. We're BOTH right!

              1. No, you're wrong. Running for office takes more than an Instagram post. Thats a failure on your part.

              2. And to clarify. Youre attempting to make DeSantis look hypocritical when he never stated his ban would not cover her if she ran, but that is the only implication that makes sense to defend this article. Otherwise the entire of your premise is just being juvenile in a failed attack against DeSantis. There would be no other reason for the article.

                This narrative you are openly pushing is nothing more than a demonstration of your bias.

              3. Always glad to see you guys stop by for the sane discussions. Keep up the good work, the other 50% you can just stop writing. 🙂

              4. I appreciate that you updated your post instead of just letting it lie there, but I’m not sure why her getting banned for violating the TOS is being equivocated with them just passing out bans on some conservatives/non-wokeratti all willie nillie for wrong think.

              5. So, LOL. We’re BOTH right!

                That's a pretty funny way of saying "I was completely and totally wrong and got blown the fuck out by one of my readers after I tried to snark at him like the bitchy little faggot that I am".

            2. The irony of you stating this and then having scottie comment in it when his entire article is pushing a narrative is hilarious.

            3. You, White Mike, SQRLSY, and your socks don't quite represent half

          3. Running for federal office takes more than an Instagram post Scottie.

            1. Gosh, you don't fucking say.

              1. ....that seemed to be enough for you to run with, though.

              2. Awww look, the bitchy little faggot goes right back to being a bitchy little faggot after having to grudgingly admit he fucked up and wrote a gigantic pile of lying bullshit. Let us all point and laugh at the bitchy little faggot just like everyone did back in high school.

          4. >>Seriously guys.

            fwiw I was generalizing.

        2. The only thing that matters here is DESANTIS POUNCED

        3. " investigative journalists should investigate prior to journaling."

          Shackford isn't a journalist, none of the writers at Reason are, they are press release stenographers.

          1. You misspelled DNC propagandist

  3. In the future, everyone will be deplatformed for 15 minutes.

    1. And they'll be famous for that 15 minutes. And immediately forgotten.

    2. I saw this coming long ago and already de-platformed myself 30 years ago.

    3. 15 minutes of infamy?

  4. I hope she runs just to watch the ads referring to her now very public affair with her student. I'd also love to watch the #metoo crowd fall all over themselves to defend her behavior in the situation.

    1. Like those causing Cuomo no problem at all?

      1. Just like most of New York, they'll spend the spring and summer ignoring sexual misconduct in NY and the winter ignoring it in FL.

    2. I think that #metoo has gone out of fashion like so much parachute pants.

      1. I had happily forgot about parachute pants.

        1. And Hammer Time.

  5. Twitter has proven itself to be very bad at identifying misinformation if Jones got suspended over a procedural practice rather than her lies.

    1. Twitter has proven itself to be very bad at identifying misinformation if Jones got suspended over a procedural practice rather than her lies. Fixed.

  6. So she's not running for office, presumably as a D; too bad, she could have been the new pasty white face of "the squad." She already has the crazy part down pat.

    1. Crazy is necessary but not sufficient to be a part of "the squad". What's missing is a hat of the right color.

  7. DeSantis indulging in schadenfreude over the suspension of someone who has apparently slandered and libeled him is a weak example of hypocrisy.

  8. I'm certainly guilty of pointing and laughing when someone engaged in twitter mobs gets the mob unleashed on them, but it doesn't mean I think it should happen. Perhaps under DeSantis' proposed law, she WOULD be reinstated. What a blow to free speech when even assholes can talk.

    1. What a blow to free speech when even assholes can talk.

      This is the result of several years of hand-wringing about "cyber-bullying" finally coming home to roost. Like I posted the other day, this wasn't as much of an issue before smartphones because people could just log off and walk away from the computer. The use of smartphones essentially amplified the distribution and access to Mean Words. Coupled with a generation that sees any form of criticism or negative feelings as oppression, and thus we have a public "crisis" that needed to be addressed.

      1. It's been kind of amazing the last six months working as a truck driver. I'm basically legally required to have my phone on silent mode for 11 to 14 hours a day, and usually have it on silent mode when I sleep... No little dopamine hits all the time.

        1. I'd give anything to Make Truckstops Great Again. Love's and Flying J are all right and at least pretty clean, but they just don't have the same homey atmosphere as those old diner-type places with the beat-up pinball machines, 60s-era upholstery, and super-greasy food that will give you a heart attack in ten years.

  9. Meanwhile, let's do everything we can to NOT talk about a top government official, coordinating with tech companies and the establishment press to suppress any story that might have uncovered malfeasance by said government official.

    1. Fauci is guilty as sin.

    2. How is that more important than a failed attempt at making a conservative look bad?

      1. Desantis Bad! He bungle COVID! Orange Man voters like Tan Man. Very BAD!

  10. Have I mentioned that DeSantis had the worst pandemic performance in the entire country? Or that Andrew Cuomo had the best? Because I learned in college how to analyze data and those are the conclusions I reached.


    1. When can I preorder your book?

      1. I've already subscribed to his newsletter and it changed my whole world view. It's a little pricey but worth every penny.

    2. I'm surprised you haven't condemned Kamala on her threats to incoming migrants that the borders would be strenuously enforced. I expect more from you.

      1. OBL points out on a daily basis that the liberaltarian agenda currently being enforced by the Democratic party is not actually related to statements made by party officials. Last I heard the minimum wage under the Biden administration has risen by $0.00 while the net worth of liberaltarian benefactor Charles Koch has risen by some 7 billion dollars. Rest assured. The border is wide open to all. Notwithstanding the vice president's off hand comments.

  11. She's hot and crazy, and a known liar. Not a good combination.

    1. >>hot and crazy, and a known liar.

      so, girl?

    2. Depends on what you are looking for.

    3. I was disappointed to discover she's only hot from the chest up. I saw photos of her arrest and she has a flabby stomach and thighs.

    4. And she's been fired from every job she ever had, usually with some ethical/criminal issue attached.

      1. Kinda makes you wonder about the report of her grandfather to the FBI. Serious, or more tendentious insanity?

  12. She was banned for spamming, buying followers, and paying a group to have people sign up to follow her without notice.

    She wasn't banned for her message.

    Disagree with any censorship, but this one is due to actions not message. And it doesn't violate what DeSantis actually ordered.

  13. A person getting auto-suspended by a piece of software for spamming is now news? People really, really need to take social media off this pedestal. It doesn't matter as much as you think it does.

    1. It's news when the govt of Florida gets involved. This women is being harrassed by these creeps. I've seen enough.

      1. "The Government" isnt involved, you dishonest hack

      2. Hahahahahahahahaha

      3. Shush, Jake.

      4. Daily reminder that this account is a sockpuppet operated by Jacob Sullum and the retard outed himself.

        1. Really?

          Not that I'm surprised. Just that, although Sullum is an asshole, I did not think he was that stupid.


  14. "I hope someone will ask Ms. Jones why she thinks she got suspended—will she allege that Governor DeSantis is somehow behind Twitter's decision? That would be deeply ironic if she tried to spin that falsehood into her conspiracy theory, given the Governor's stance on Big Tech."

    Jesus dude. This is the govt of Florida talking about an American citizen. What a piece of shit state.

    1. Better to be locked down with a muzzle on your mouth than to live in Florida.

  15. Liberaltarians are so fvcking consistent. Where is the Muh Private Companeez celebration of Twitter removing an honest to goodness bad actor? No, Desantis pounced.

    No examination of the paid coordinated effort of the Left to deplatform any dissent from their orthodoxy (see: Greenwald), no matter how benign.

    Also, dont you remember how Liberals and Liberaltarians celebrated the coordinated effort of 5 giant oligarchs to deplatform content providers in the 1950s? They didnt worry about that at all, they havent fixated on it as the worst moment in our culture for the last 70 years. They didnt use the name of a US Senator as a smear for questioning those content providers and oligarchs in Congress. But, hey, he didnt lock them uo! So Muh Private Companeez! Those commies should have just built their own studios, as well as the theaters, and the cameras, editing equipment, and projectors.

    1. Watch this video, it's only 16 minutes long. But thankfully, the cracks are starting to form and people are coming out of the goddamned woodwork to discuss the medical censorship that was pushed by some social-justice spewing guys with unkempt beards in Silicon Valley.

    2. More.

      Facebook Censored Our Posts. And That Just Might Cost Many People Their Lives.

      On Tuesday, November 17, Sunday, November 22, 2020, and Thursday, November 26, Facebook removed posts I made on behalf of the Frontline Covid19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). (I am the co-coordinator of the FLCCC’s Communications and Education team—though I am writing this essay as a private individual.)
      The posts that were removed contained urgent, potentially lifesaving information about a protocol developed by the FLCCC that was both a prophylaxis and an early at-home treatment therapeutic. As an unprecedented surge in infections raged across the nation, Facebook decided that it knew better what was good for us than the peerless academic medical scholars of the FLCCC.

    3. Shackford isn't paid to criticize out Tech Overlords. So this will be studiously ignored. Also it might require some actual effort on his part.

      Nope, he's messenger boy for the oligarchy.

  16. " So it's a bit rich for DeSantis' office to support Twitter deplatforming Jones for "disinformation" after passing a law specifically prohibiting Twitter in other contexts from stopping the spread of what it considers "disinformation."
    Well as others have pointed out she wasn't deplatformed for disinformation. She was deplatformed for grifting. And none of the statements made by Disantis or anyone else in state government suggest that she would not enjoy the same protections as anyone else if that were the case. It baffles me that Reason seems compelled to beclown itself every single day with this crap. I get it that Disantis is a threat to one party rule in 2024. If you want to schill for the most anti liberty federal government in my lifetime have at it. But please stop pretending to be "libertarian".

    1. Seriously.

      Reason has been like someone witnessing an arsonist with a flamethrower walking through their house torching everything in sight being battled by an old man with a bucket of water trying to douse the flames, crying out for help.

      Instead of fetching water or stopping the arsonist, Reason is passionately trying to stop the guy with the bucket of water because he might ruin the hardwood floors with all that water.

      1. Don't expect to hear anything about how it was the mayor of DC who ordered the year gassing in Lafayette Park.

        Military grade, to be sure.

        1. Tear gassing

    2. It baffles me that Reason seems compelled to beclown itself every single day with this crap.

      Wen you realize what a bunch of inept and dishonest assholes are writing for Reason these days that shouldn't baffle you at all.

  17. "The new law also requires that platforms like Twitter and Facebook carry messages from candidates for office no matter what those messages say (unless it's obscene)."

    Pointing out the hypocrisy of a law for being championed by a Republican is bullshit--when the supposedly free speech law under consideration already fails to protect obscenity.

    Here's a love song about necrophilia:


    Free speech necessitates the tolerance of obscenity, and if TSOL's Code Blue isn't obscene, it sure isn't for lack of trying. Free speech necessitates the tolerance of more than just obscenity, too. Any speech that doesn't violate someone's rights should be tolerated by the law, and if this law fails to do that, the hypocrisy of Republicans doesn't make it any more interesting.

    P.S. If you want to see something hypocritical, look at the stuff that's available on YouTube vs. the stuff that isn't. 45 Grave's "Party Time" is probably the most obscene/offensive thing on YouTube--once you understand what it's about. It's been up there for 9 years and watched 200,000 times.

    You can't find The Vapors original video for "Turning Japanese" anywhere on YouTube anymore, presumably, because the singer pulls his eyes around with his fingers while he's singing the song, and that offends progressive sensibilities. No question, both videos are offensive, but how can "Turning Japanese" be worthy of censorship if "Party Time" isn't?

    1. Better yet, Lil' Nas X getting sodomized by the devil is kid friendly on YouTube, while accurately quoting the CDC is banned - as documented by the Louder With Crowder show.

      Stossel just put up a video that documents a fact-check organization that Facebook relies upon to ban content labelling completely factual content as a lie because they disagree with the opinions of the speaker. Yet Facebook continues to rely upon political organizations as the arbiters of "fact".

      Even pretending that this "community standards" argument is real is to fall into the trap. It is a lie wrapped in a lie. They openly talked about supressing political opinion for years... Then they hit upon "offensive" and "disinformation" as labels. But it is the same people attacking the same content on the same platforms. It seems kind of silly to pretend that we don't already know the motivation.

  18. Also, I guess it needs to be said in every thread about this sort of thing, these days, but it really shouldn't necessary.

    We are living under a one party government--where the Democratic Party and the federal government are one in the same thing. The Democratic party used rank intimidation to force companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google to deplatform an entire social media network--because they tolerated speech. The Democratic party, in the House, released a plan in October of 2020 to break up social media companies into little pieces and restrict their ability to make future acquisitions--specifically because they tolerated "misinformation" on their platform, among other reasons.

    Some of the "misinformation" they were referring to included valid criticism of progressive sweethearts (Fauci) in our bureaucracy and evidence of President Biden's son peddling influence of Joe Biden's behalf--both of which turned out to be legitimate concerns rather than "misinformation". Seeing a one party federal government use rank intimidation to force social media companies to self-censor news and discussion that is bad for the Democratic party is simply not an excellent example of private parties exercising their right to freedom of speech.

    And expecting Republicans to just roll over and accept that the speech of their constituents will be relegated to the trash bin on social media during the upcoming and all future elections is unreasonable. At some point, if you're making excuses for a one party government, you start carrying water for political censorship.

    If roving bands of racist skinheads were descending on gay communities all over America, with the intention of beating the shit out of them for fun, someone might claim that non-violence was the best response. One the other hand, fighting back might make a lot sense, too--even if that involves punching someone in the face, right? I mean, even IF IF IF violence isn't ultimately the answer, it's an understandable response. It's better if racist skinheads don't go around attacking innocent gays who've never hurt anybody, but I'm certainly not about to fault gay people for fighting back under those circumstances.

    Likewise, the Democrats at the federal level came after the speech of Republicans, and they're still coming for the Republicans' speech by way of the antitrust suits--and the practically inevitable consent decrees with speech codes that will result from that. Because it's better if no one forces anyone to tolerate speech on a private platform isn't a good thing, doesn't mean requiring platforms to tolerate speech isn't better than censorship of one party's views. Under these circumstances, calling the Republicans out as hypocrites for fighting back simply isn't a valid response.

    1. There's been a lot of angst for the last 60 years about Republicans who make any sort of movement towards being proactive about the issues they run on or promote. Maybe it goes back to genetic trauma over HUAC and Hollywood in particular playing footsie with CPUSA during the 40s and 50s, but notice how every time a Republican presents a face of actually trying to do what he says he wants to do, the media hysteria ramps up to 11.

      The Democrats, media, Big Tech, academia, and the bureaucracy absolutely do not want a Republican around who isn't controlled opposition. Just take a look at California, Oregon, Illinois, Washington, or Colorado if you want to see what the ideal Democratic socio-political environment is like--a neo-feudal state dominated by a Megacity-type urban behavior sink.

      That's why you always get these disingenuous complaints about "divisiveness" or "extremism" when one actually manages to tap in to the esprit of Republican voters or might even have crossover appeal, whether it's Goldwater, Reagan, Nixon, or Trump. Nothing terrifies these people more than someone who might actually be serious about standing up to them, as opposed to neutered sacks of shit like McCain or Romney.

    2. And they all know this. I have written similar things here regularly since long before Alex Jones got banned to the cheers of the Cosmo libertarian crowd. So have you. So have several here in the comments.

      A decade ago guys like Milo and Shapiro doing performance art to demonstrate the intolerance of the left was dismissed by most of the established voices here... Leaving the newcomer to cover the issue with all of the throat-clearing he could muster.

      FlIRE apparently no longer has most favored nation status here. When was the last time their actions even got a mention? 20 years ago, they were regulars.

      It really is bizzaro world. Journalsm as an institution no longer stands for free speech. Academia no longer stands for academic freedom. The civil rights movement no longer stands for a colorblind society, nor for judging people by the content of their character. And libertarians no longer stands for free speech, a free press, free elections, government accountability....

      It really seems impossible that so many groups would completely turn against their core principles in such a short time.

      In just a few months, every major university abandoned academic excellence as a criterion to be sacrificed on the altar of "diversity", where "diversity" is defined as "at least 60% women" and a concerted effort is made to exclude Asians, Jews and white dudes.

      It has me flummoxed. The ACLU has *officially* abandoned civil rights as a guiding principle or goal, in favor of "equity". They treat their own heroes with scorn. LGBTQ+ heroes like Martina Navratilova are derided as somehow anti-LGBTQ. Even the most untouchable person of modern American history, MLK himself is now dismissed by the civil rights movement.

      If you wrote this kind of a turn into a novel, nobody would believe it. It is too stupid, too much against core principles, too sudden.

      Yet here we are, living in a reality that seems like a bad made for TV movie, poised to make a giant leap into a self-destructive future like 1930's Germany, 1950's China, 19-teens Russia..... It really is insane.

      When Donald Trump was simply included in Republican primary polls, I called it out as a farce. The idea that anyone would take that guy seriously was unthinkable. But what is truly insane is that Trump as president isn't even one of the craziest things of the last decade.

      And aside from Soave and the Jacket, our flagship libertarian publication hasn't even noticed. Well, Stossel over at Reason TV seems to have picked up on it a bit. But that is about it. Everyone else seems to be able to see five lights and knows that we have always been at war with Eurasia and the rules always said two legs better....

    3. "Some of the “misinformation” they were referring to included valid criticism of progressive sweethearts (Fauci) in our bureaucracy and evidence of President Biden’s son peddling influence of Joe Biden’s behalf–both of which turned out to be legitimate concerns rather than “misinformation”.

      Both are by now well established fact.

      Yet Shackford says nothing.

      Libertarian my ass.

  19. I'm waiting for her onlyfans page to fire up.

  20. Does reason even have writers who bother to read reason?

    "Jones has been accused..."


    When it is conclusively proven, and documented here at Reason as a story that should have been ferreted out immediately... Yet you still go with the "Republicans Pounce" version of the subhead.... Wow.

    And with Stossel just having published his piece about getting censored for being entirely factual but having a fake fact check group call it disinformation....

    How the hell is a libertarian magazine spending this much time on the wrong side of an important issue like this?

    1. They live on the wrong side of most political arguments lately. Quite dismaying

    2. Trumps presidency seems to have broken a lot of people, sadly.

      1. Trumps presidency seems to have broken a lot of people, sadly.

        It didn't break anyone. It did cause a lot of them to remove their masks and reveal who/what they really were all along though.

  21. Reason koch and lincoln project asswipes are going for others who don't bend the knee to some vague liberaltarianism that doesn't exist, never has, and never will. The perfect is the enemy of the good. You could accept DeSantis or Abbott as your president knowing they are not perfect but instead your magazine attempts to undermine absolutely everything in pursuit of anarcho capitalism that can never exist outside of Somalia. If Jones is your kind of person, you will never achieve even getting elected to city council much less anything else.

    1. Reason, Cato and the rest of the Koch-sucking libertarian industry in the USA is about as far from advocating anarcho capitalism as I am from the moon. What they advocate for in the economic sense is fascism, and what they advocate for in the social and political sense is Marxism.

      1. +1

        The idea that they undermine "absolutely everything" is laughable. The "both sides" articles alone tell you exactly what they will not undermine.

        They are bought and paid for shills.

  22. Basic Economics says that if the system rewards "bad actors" we will get more of them both in and out of government. Rebekah Jones was clearly a bad actor operating with malicious intent. If she is rewarded with a seat in Congress, we only have ourselves to blame.

  23. I don't even see that as particularly hypocritical. I think it's perfectly rational to say:

    1) Big Tech should stop censoring communications, but

    2) Until they stop, they should at least do so evenhandedly.

  24. DeSantis is that dumb pit bull that caught the car, bit its tire, got flipped through air, and is on the side of the road shaking his empty head trying to figure out what went wrong, but he's to damned dumb to not keep chasing cars, thinking that they are all part of Trump's faux presidential motorcade.

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