Capitol Riot

Trump Tweets About Mike Pence's Betrayal While His Supporters Force the V.P. To Evacuate the Capitol

Pence had been presiding over the tally of Electoral College votes before rioters broke into the Capitol Building, forcing him to flee.


Currently, right-wing supporters of President Donald Trump are storming the U.S. capitol building in an effort to stop Congress tallying Electoral College votes that will deliver the presidency to Joe Biden. The ever-gracious Trump has decided to use this opportunity to attack Vice President Mike Pence for not doing that job for them.

"Mike Pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify," said Trump on Twitter. "USA demands the truth!"

That tweet came roughly 10 minutes after it was reported that Pence had been escorted off the Senate floor—where he was presiding of the electoral college tally—in response to aforementioned protesters breaking through police lines and entering the Capitol.

That tweet also comes a day after Pence told Trump, per reporting from The New York Times, that he did not have the power to unilaterally reject electoral votes for Joe Biden, even though the vice president did promise to keep studying the issue of voter fraud.

Pence's mealy-mouthed resistance to Trump's demands was always going to provoke condemnation from the president, as Reason's Jacob Sullum presciently noted yesterday.

"In the end, Pence will be forced to declare Biden the next president of the United States, at which point Trump, being Trump, might very well turn against him, as he has when other loyal allies dared to defy his whims," wrote Sullum.

Few could have predicted Trump's turn on Pence would come right as the vice president was fleeing from rioters who were more willing to do Trump's dirty work for him.

In a bit of surreal irony, one such rioter who'd made it into the Senate chamber took up Pence's seat and declared Trump to be the actual winner of the presidential election.

Pence supported Trump right until the very end. It appears that wasn't long enough.

NEXT: Congress Suspends Electoral College Certification as Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol

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  1. At what point does it become sedition?

    1. Several months ago.

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  2. Thought Pelosi would keep a M240 handy just in case…

    1. Mostly peaceful.

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    2. With the shoulder thing that goes up.

    3. She’s at her Salon appointment.

      1. The hair dresser or the publication that will no doubt be writing a fawning 4000 word piece on her completely devoid of a single criticism?

  3. Trump tweets as Rome burns

  4. That tweet came roughly 10 minutes after it was reported that Pence had been escorted off the Senate floor…

    Why was anyone there in the first place? We’re in the middle of a pandemic.

    I can’t believe that Trump is finally showing his true colors, after all is said and done and tweeted.

    1. True colors? How about the months of riots, looting, arson, and killings by Democrats? The Democrats openly stole the election, they bragged about their vote fraud programs. Pandemic? The Democrats claim that rioting during a pandemic is just fine, because of “social justice”. Well, I now support “social justice” against the neo-fascist scum who call themselves Democrats.

      1. Hey, look, no one is enjoying the overt, shameless hypocrisy of all fo this more than I am, believe me.

        1. Democrats have been at war with America for a long time. The American people are finally waking up to that.

          Soup’s on bitches!

  5. They’re in the chamber. One is up on the dais yelling “Trump won that election!”

    This guy should be officially recognized as Senate Majority Leader.

    1. McConnell pissed me off more than any of the Democrats during the “debate”

      “Every election has some fraud…..but eh, what are you going to do?”

      1. And then the part where he says that mail in voting can’t be the norm”

        WHY IS THAT MITCH?!? Is there something wrong with it that you refuse to say out loud, you cowardly POS?

      2. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said upholding the Electoral College outcome will be “the most important vote I’ve ever cast.” He said there is no evidence of fraud that would affect the results and that Congress must not intervene. “If this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side, our democracy would enter a death spiral.”

        1. Too late.

          1. …..and we are NKT a fucking democracy. We’re a goddamned constitutional republic.

    2. I wish he had said “this election” because now I don’t know if he’s saying the 2020 or 2016 election. This is a hard day for me.

  6. And the Democrats now reap what they have sown. Months of violent riots, arson, looting, assaulting, killing – all with the public support of Democrat mayors, governors, congressmen, and senators. After four years of hate, lies, slander, and a completely phony impeachment attempt against President Trump. And Bejing Biden didn’t even bother to hide that Democrats were going to steal the election. “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” – Joe Biden, Oct 25, 2020

    1. It was preventable. That is the saddest part of this story.

      This could have been prevented with the announcement by the incoming Congress that a commission would be appointed to study the 2020 election and perform a forensic analysis of the vote. Instead, they were treated with contempt and dismissed.

      Guess what? You don’t simply dismiss the concerns of 40% of the population. I think we just found that out. Let’s see if reason and logic break out in Congress.

      1. No you fucking moron. You don’t start an inquisition simply because 40% of the population wants that.

        1. We did about Russian collusion. Just sayin’

    2. It’s a matter of “cause” vs “fault”.  The immediate cause of the rioting is, well, the rioters. The next-to-immediate cause was Trump, and whatever else motivated them, whatever grievances they had.  And if you trace back causes before that, you can find, or imagine you find, a Democrat somewhere.  
      As for “fault”, that includes the idea that the person did something unethical.  And saying it’s the Democrats’ fault is saying that the violence was OK, as a reaction to whatever “the Democrats” did.  That’s part of what ethics are for, after all – to interrupt the chain of grievance and reaction to grievance …

  7. Trump- and most of the GOP leadership- has also tweeted that the violence needs to stop. Very unlike the Dems who silently or actively goosed these riots.

    Trump should make an address right now, calling on supporters to stand down. That said, the difference in tone between the Dem support of riots this summer and the GOP rejection of today’s riot is pretty stark.

    1. They aren’t doing it for Trump, they are doing it because they don’t see how we can come back from this as a country.

      People need to stop pretending this is about Trump. Good lord

      1. This. I know the Left has vastly enjoyed crowing about how they’re going to change the country, but they may have overdone it.

      2. Yeah, that’s a good point. One of the more unhealthy trends I’ve seen is the tendency to treat Trump as a cause rather than a symptom.

        I think this is actually a dangerous issue with the really heavy concentration of journalists in a few places, it tends to create this mentality that influencers or politicians really do just command the rabble. Rather, it’s a complex system of many pre-existing and evolving trends that certain folks are able to rise and take advantage of.

  8. They were mostly peaceful protests, Britschgi.

    I didn’t hearing you crying about the riots 6 months ago. Fuck you.

    1. Six months ago people were rioting over unaccountable police murdering people.

      Today we’ve got delusional Trump supporters assembling in a less-than-peaceful manner over conspiracy theories put forth by sore losers.

      But yeah, there’s no difference. No difference at all.

      1. No, these are mostly peaceful protests sarcasmic. Enjoy it. You helped make it.

        1. You helped make it.

          Wow. Didn’t know I was so influential. I’m flattered and disturbed at the same time.

          1. “Wow. Didn’t know I was so influential.”

            You’re not. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t contribute.

            Try reading every once in a while.

      2. I’m just happy to see someone finally agree to moving the needle into the ‘rioting’ column.

        1. I never said otherwise. People just took my silence as an opportunity to create strawmen and set them on fire.

          1. The setting of strawmen on fire is… fiery, but peaceful.

      3. Or riots using a man massively overdosing on drugs while interacting with police who handled the situation poorly as an excuse.

      4. Sarc, you are actually saying that the ends justify the means? Really? It is ok to burn down private businesses in protest of abusive police, but it is not ok if it is in support of Trump or rejection of the Democrats?

        Let’s do first ammendment activities too, shall we? “It’s ok to gather to protest abusive cops but it is not ok to gather to worship your crazy sky god. Those are totally different!”

        Am I doing it right?

      5. I think there is less difference then you imply. At it’s core, riots are almost never about the stated reason. The stated reason tends to be cover for primordial urges. People like rioting, and protests are a possible means to raise the pressure on those with that inclination anyway.

      6. These are specifically targeted and peaceful.

        BLM was dedidedly not.

      7. Really? So why are people come into Spokane, WA from out of state to start riots in a city over 1,500 miles from the one where the ‘murder by unaccountable police’ took place? Were those ‘unaccountable police’ from Minneapolis hiding in the downtown Spokane Nike store? The Apple store? Nordstrom? Or perhaps one of the several local businesses that also got busted in?

        Fuck you, and your false equivalence, and your asslicking support of antifa and BLM.

  9. This seems like Trump’s attempt at making sure we all remember how powerful he is, even without the presidency. In his mind, this is his army, he can shut down the government whenever he likes, and you better remember that. I’m sure he’ll call them off so he can claim he saved the day, but he needs to make his point first.

    1. Next time the capitol police will have the right arms and nobody will be running up more than a step or two

  10. All I can say is, if one Federal thug lays a hand one a single protester, this is a tragedy for free speech.

    1. Free speech was when they were out in the street dipshit.

      1. Nope. Free speech is everywhere. No illegal speech in government buildings.

      2. This is easier than I thought!

  11. ENB’s gone full jackboot on the tweeters.

    1. Her twitter feed is pretty hilarious. She is insisting that the response to this summer’s riots was 10x worse than this riot. Like, no awareness of the fact that the response to rioting in the first few hours was to evacuate the local police precincts and let the rioters run loose for a whole weekend.

  12. Hopefully any arrested will be release without charge.

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  14. Our country can’t come back from a majority of people believing that rigged elections aren’t persecuted. But it would be better than nothing if Trump declassified everything they know about the foreign interference. That’s the only thing I’m hoping for now

  15. Biden should get in front of a microphone, Haig-like, and assure the nation he’s in Control.

    1. BTW, I don’t like to toot my own horn, but for anyone Gen-X and older, this comment was fucking awesome and should be the threadwinner.

      1. This isn’t like Jody Foster’s boyfriend. No one’s been shot to the best of my knowledge.

        And since we aren’t about to have any voice that matters in policy anymore, I’m kinda rooting for the disrupters.

        They need a little preview of what the reaction to their agenda will look like. Our only hope may be this kind of disruption.

        Biden’s agenda will be voted on in his first 100 days. The rest of the time, between then and November of 2022 will be arguing about Biden’s laws after the fact. We need to reverse that equation–so that the disruption and dissent happens before and during Biden’s first 100 days. 120 days from now, the damage will already be done.

        Protesting after the fact is too late.

        1. A woman reportedly HAS been shot.

        2. Ken – please go to the capitol and start rioting. If we are lucky one of the police will do the appropriate thing so the comments here are spared your bs once and for all

  16. blame the victim! hilarious.

  17. CNN Suddenly finds it appropriate to use the word “riot” again.

    “Rioters breach Capitol as Congress certifies Biden’s win

  18. This is f’ing hilarious. First Donald Trump catches COVID, and now he is clearly suffering from “TDS.”

  19. I guarantee you if they were BLM protesters they would have been dispersed “with extreme prejudice” immediately. Where is the tear gas? Where are the non lethal rounds? Where are the tasers? And stop calling them protesters or “supporters.” THEY ARE TERRORISTS!

    1. Can’t tell if serious.

      Probably sarcasm.

    2. Yikes.

      But honestly, I though the National Guard was going to be on the scene today. Now they’re saying they’re just starting to mobilize? Why the delay?

    3. I agree. Mow them all down! I think I see a peaceful protesters wandering around in the background, preparing a pipe bomb.

    4. Haha, they did tear gas already and folks have been shot. Though your disgusting push towards escalation is noted.

  20. Who else thinks that Britschgi’s opinion of Trump’s tweets is a topic worthy of our attention?

    1. Without Titter, what material would the modern journalist have? Leave their desk? Call a source? Get the fuck outta here…

  21. How did the good Christian solider Pence miss the Mark of the Devil on Trump?

  22. You can’t fight in here, this is the War Room !

    1. lol… I hope the rioters didn’t get to see the big board!

  23. The trump regime is over. History books will call it the darkest time in the country’s history.

    1. That’s pretty optimistic. Most countries that suffer these types of stupid coups don’t recover quickly.

      The saddest part is that the incoming president is far from the right person to reunite the country.

      1. The incoming president is a sad dementia patient and his VP is a pathological liar and suspected sociopath.

        So this is a least worst problem. Trump was least worst. His supporters are nuts though. Fuck the rioters.

        Anyway the left is going to use this event today and weak Biteme to push for hard core laws tamping down hard on libertarians and the right. Watch it happen.

    2. Only in the sense of democrat activities during this period, including their massive planned overreaction to KungFlu. Trump actually did a decent job as president.

  24. Trump continues to fan the flames upon which our country will burn.

  25. Toomey just said live on TV that the contested, late arriving votes in PA were excluded anyway so basically, “wtf objectors.”. Lindsey Graham already said “It’s over.” Sasse abso;utely excoriated the whole sham and Trump along with it.

    etc. etc.

    But lemme guess they’re all just RINOs right? Pence is just a RINO, right?

    1. ..and to think all of this going down over a government who isn’t suppose to do anything much beyond protecting individual liberty against bad-state law and national defense…

      Oh yeah; it is about national defense of National Socialists taking over our national defense government. And that fact is undeniable by how many times we’ve heard ‘limited government’ come out of the mouths of [D] politicians instead of ‘join the global communists’ targeted legislation pitches.

  26. “Trump Tweets About Mike Pence’s Betrayal While His Supporters Force the V.P. To Evacuate the Capitol”

    I’m sure someone, somewhere, assumed that headline made sense.
    Who “forced” the VP to do anything, and if you can answer that question, please tell us why.

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