Capitol Riot

Trump to Capitol Rioters: 'We Love You. You're Very Special…but Go Home.'

The president's weak pleading has done little to mollify demonstrators currently storming the Capitol.


President Donald Trump urged his supporters currently vandalizing the U.S. Capitol building to go home in a recorded video statement that also validated their reason for rioting.

"I know your pain. I know your hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us," said Trump in the brief minute-long video. "But you have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order."

"This was a fraudulent election but we can't play into the hands of these people. We have to have peace," he continued. "We love you. You're very special. You see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil but go home and go home in peace."

The president's claims of widespread election fraud had become increasingly meritless and conspiratorial in the days leading up to the Georgia runoff elections. They don't appear to be dying down anytime soon.

Per reporting from Maggie Haberman at The New York Times, Trump had to be cajoled by his staff into making even this rather weak plea, instead spending much of the day fuming over Vice President Mike Pence refusing to stop the tally of Electoral College votes that was supposed to be completed today.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters at the Capitol smashed up Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, and an explosive device was discovered at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed on Twitter that Trump had also called in the National Guard to help quell the rioting.

That version of events is being disputed by Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, who released a statement saying that he spoke with Vice President Mike Pence and congressional leadership before activating the guard.

Neither that action nor the president's statement appears to have mollified the crowd at the Capitol. Elected Republicans are demanding calm. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.) is drafting fresh articles of impeachment.

Thank God 2020 is over, right?

NEXT: Here Is What the President Told Pro-Trump Rioters Before They Stormed the Capitol

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  1. [Pans over to the teleprompter to find he’s reading it verbatim]

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    2. Most authoritarian president ever.

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    3. They probably made him read the teleprompter so he doesn’t say anything stupid like “stand down and stand by.”

      1. Or “57 states”

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  2. > You’re Very Special

    Special people, who wear special pants, and attend special classes, in special schools.

    1. Trump said you were evil. Did you steal the election?

      1. Why yes, yes I did. I have it right here in my pocket.

  3. Article 6 denouncing these protests. Weird difference in scope on this site as compared to the BLM backed riots.

    1. You’re the only one backing riots

      1. Lol. No I’m not fucking lying chicken little shit. I already denounced the violence sweetie.

        Unlike you and your lefty fucktards and BLM.

      2. It’s different when his team does it.

        1. Hey sarcasmic. I denounce the protestors for what they just did on the hill.

          Do you denounce BLM and Antifa for all the rioting they did for the DNC last summer?

          1. Unlike you, I don’t need to. If you need to denounce these people it’s probably because they are on your team. Gotta distance yourself or be guilty by association, right?

            I don’t have a team. It’s just Me, Myself and I.

            I don’t condone violence and property destruction by either team. That’s all I need to say.

            1. You still can’t denounce the blm violence you defended. Lol.

              1. I never defended anything, but whatever.

                1. I like how you and Jfree accused him of something, then you said he was defending himself because he thinks they’re on his side. Very clever. Very dishonest, but very clever.

            2. “I don’t condone violence and property destruction by either team.”

              Except when you do:

              How is that not saying “The rioters in Summer were more legitimate than the rioters today”?

              1. sarcasmic quite literally spends his days piss drunk by no later than 9 in the morning. He frequently blacks out and forgets what he’s said or done. And if he can’t drown his mind out that way, he just fucking lies, because he’s a fucking liar. That’s why he hasn’t got a job and is a homeless alcoholic welfare case BY HIS OWN FREE ADMISSION.

              2. Lol.

                Poor drunky.

                Almost feel bad for sarcasmic at this point.

            3. “Unlike you, I don’t need to”


            4. Sarcasdick literally won’t denounce one side’s violent proteters, and in the same breath denounces the other side’s violent protesters. He says this entitles him to a claim of neutrality.

              Which sock will you use to back yourself up today, bro? I think WK is probably your best iteration. He’s smug and beta, but also retarded and cringeworthy.

        2. Everyone here has already denounced the violence. You still can’t denounce BLMs sweetie.

          1. Portrait of delusion, delicious.

    2. Trumpbots and Tin JesseBahnFuhrer Soldiers will burn down the capitol building, but that’s OK! We’ll create jobs by rebuilding new, more energy efficient replacement buildings!

      1. Already denounced the violence shit eater. You never have for blm.

        1. No you didn’t. I didn’t read that comment which means it doesn’t exist, even if you provide a link which I will not follow. That means you endorse the violence! You’ve never condemned gang rape either, which means you’re a rapist!

          See? I can do it too. Ass.

            1. I haven’t denounced anyone anymore than I have declared support for anyone. That’s not my thing. And I’m not going to start now because you troll all my comments with this lie or that lie. Sorry bub, but I ain’t your puppet.

              1. You denounced trump and everyone that disagreed with you as a cultist for the last 4 years. So youre lying.

                Do you denounce the violence of the BLM protests? Why can’t you say yes.

                1. I observed how the cult of Trump turned people like you into maroons.

                  I don’t feel a need to denounce what I never endorsed.

                  1. Yet you insisted that Trump denounce white supremacism even after he did so over a dozen times and still to this day insist that his failure to do so, which is a blatant and easily disproven lie, is evidence of his racism and white supremacy.

                    Also, you lying cunt, you fully endorsed all of the violence over the last 12 months on the part of the radical left. Including calling it fascism for federal officers to become involved in the protection of a federal building from arson.

                    1. He said it was fascism to arrest those suspected of committing arson with delayed arrests… claiming officers were unmarked even though pictures clearly showed their department and bade number lol.

                  2. “…I observed how the cult of Trump turned people like you into maroons…”

                    Turns people like you and Sullum into raging maniacs.

                  3. The funny part is you can find shit ove said a decades old that agrees with my statements today. You can’t. You gave up on federalism because someone told you trump was mean. You’ve now said jeff and Tony are more libertarian than anyone who ever agreed with trump. God damn that was funny.

                  4. My hope for the new year is that lefty commentators read a book, or at least a long article, about cults.

                    It’s an interesting subject.

              2. “than I have declared support for anyone.”

                Problem for you is we see this for the cowardly tactic it is , chief.

          1. You know what’s really fucking hilarious? All summer you, chipper, reason, dol, sqrsly kept saying protesters weren’t rioters. That they were different. That you can’t blame BLM for their supporters that riot.

            Yet here you are fucking blaming Trump who isn’t even there and not participating in the riots and blaming the GOP for it.

            Grow the fuck up alcoholic.

            You literally dismiss BLM despite the rioters publicly stating they are rioting for BLM. And then condemn half of Americans by blaming today on trump and the GOP.

            God damn hypocrite.

            1. No, dolt, we objected to the assertion made by you and others that every single person out there was a violent rioter.

              But noooooooo. If we don’t declare them all to be rioters then we condone whatever they do!

              Now you’re saying “I condemn the bad ones, but the rest of them meant well!”

              Try being intellectually honest for once.

              1. No you lying shit. You said anyone who wasn’t a rioters wasn’t a part of blm. You claimed the crowd stopping the police from arresting agitators. Youre just a pathetic shit. And you know you are. You can denounce the gop but not your side. You are a lying pathetic shit.

                1. Signing off. As much as I would like to watch you have a stroke in your heightened emotional state, I don’t want to be blamed for your death. So I’m off until tomorrow. Take some nitroglycerine, or wait that’s for the heart. Whatever. Take your blood pressure. Night.

                  1. Awww, look, sarcasmic the piss-drunk-by-9-AM hopeless alcoholic is in such a stupor he needs to sleep one off by 5 PM. Another hard 8 hour day in the bag, eh?

              2. It is even worse than that. Jesse, Nardz, et al. also spent the whole summer trying to argue that EVEN IF all of the BLM protestors didn’t personally commit violent acts, that the non-violent ones were only there to provide cover for the violent ones, so they all should be regarded as violent rioters because they are all either personally guilty, or aiding and abetting the violent crime.

                By their own standards, every single Trump supporter at the Capitol today is a violent rioter guilty of the murder of the woman who was shot today.

                1. She was shot by the cops.
                  And believe whatever you want to believe, but doing so should make you very, very afraid.

                  1. Amazing watching those who attacked cops for shooting armed people under arrest now gloat about cops shooting an unarmed white woman.

                    1. Not a very big jump to see them gloating over the cops shooting you, is it?

                      So, we get to see “The Green Zone–D.C.” in the next few months, or will they need a few more excuses first? Because you know, and I know, that this protest was likely going to be harmless (except for the protester who got shot), but I guarantee you that the Congresscritters huddled in those two rooms didn’t know it. I bet they were scared, and people like that have paid a lot of money and effort to not ever again feel that way.

                      Cribbing this from elsewhere, but:

                      ‘If you lost your job, or shit got burned down? That’s unfortunate. If some strangers walk through their place of employment, that’s a national fucking tragedy.’

                2. Lol. We’ve been through this you obese fuck. Those BLM protesters stopping cops from arriving on the scene or letting rioters blend in are in fact rioters. They are abetting. Then you have shit like blm Chicago marching to release looters arrested.

                  God damn fatty.

                3. By their own standards, every single Trump supporter at the Capitol today is a violent rioter guilty of the murder of the woman who was shot today.

                  I’m actually finding it rather amusing that you and the other liberaltarians are whinging and ringing their hands that the politicians whom you all have cheerfully “both-side”ed in the past as bunch of corrupt hooligans, ended up cowering in the fetal position in the Congressional chambers because they thought they were about to get overrun.

                  1. Even though most politicians are craven corrupt cowards, having our country governed by elected politicians is generally preferable to having our country governed by mobs that execute politicians on the spot. Glad I could clear that up for you.

                    1. That you don’t see the utter hypocrisy in that statement is why you’re such a fat, pathetic sack of shit.

            2. Evidently, all summer you were sick with coronavirus because you don’t seem to remember accurately what was discussed at all.

              1. Weird that his version is accurate then while yours is just more you lying.

        2. I denounce ALL self-righteous, hypocritical violence, unneeded violence, by ALL parties, to include Antifa, BLM, Trumpbots, and JesseBahnFuhrer Tin Soldiers too! I ***ALSO*** denounce people who INSANELY REPEAT REFUTED LIES, such as “BLM is Marxist”, over and over and over again! Thereby inciting unneeded violence!

          How about YOU, JesseBahnFuhrer? Are YOU capable of taking back YOUR past lies?

          1. So you still don’t denounce BLM. JUST LIKE SARCASMIC.

            1. I never saw you denounce gang rape! That means you’re a rapist!

              1. Isn’t that what your ex told the court?

              2. Except I have multiple times sweetie. Every time you try this drunken logic. Lol.

            2. JesseBahnFuhrer Tin Soldier, totally stupid, because I just denounced… unneeded violence, by ALL parties, to include Antifa, BLM… Grade-school drop-out can not READ!!!!

      2. What’s the big deal? I’m sure it’s insured!

    3. If there were only other websites for you to read, Blue State Jesse.

      1. Don’t you have a Vox article to read WK?

        1. I do like how you run away every time I out your sock chipper.

          1. I am not White Knight, you idiot. This is the only username I use.

            1. Fuck off White Knight.

      1. “But that’s different because shut-up”

    4. Let’s see… This was terrible.
      Property damage – maybe $10,000. Inexcusable.
      Looting – $0
      Property burned – $0
      Dead – one middle aged unarmed white woman, shot by a policeman.
      Police injured – somewhere between 5 and 10, none enough to be sent to a hospital or to be removed from the line according to the Mayor’s news conference.
      What is seen as so terrible is that this appears to have been civil disobedience committed by middle class, middle aged, employed white people. They can’t do this. They are supposed to obey laws, shut up, and take it.

      1. Lefties are scared because non-lefties are not going down without a fight.

      2. But the gaslighting worked.

        A couple of people here who know better and usually have their heads on straight, fell for the emotional incitement narrative Sullum and Shackford tried to peddle.

        Of course DOL, Sqrlsy et al. were all over them on like a fat kid on a smartie.

    5. If you think it’s weird here, head on over to Free Republic. VERY different take on these 2 events

  4. How did democrats criticize blm…

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    Replying to @AOC
    The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable.

    Activists take that discomfort w/ the status quo & advocate for concrete policy changes. Popular support often starts small & grows.

    To folks who complain protest demands make others uncomfortable… that’s the point.

    1. Anything you can find a jr congresswoman doing makes that behavior (only several order of magnitude greater in effect) acceptable for the president?

      What do you call this new philosophy of morals? Toddlerism?

      1. The President is saying to end the violence dumbfuck.

        1. And DOL and the Reasonista are doing their damndest to misinterpret his statement.

          1. Oh, he sure took his time, didn’t he? Old “Sleepy” Joe beat him to the punch by quite some time. And he still has not gone on TV, as far as I know. Just a recorded tweet. What a leader!

            1. What 15, 20 minutes to film a video and upload it?
              You’re such a dishonest retard.

            2. You are hilarious. When he goes on tv, it will be “He didn’t do it from the oval office” or “He didn’t say it right or use the right language”.

              You are the boy who cried wolf. Everyone here knows that NOTHING Trump did would satisfy you. But even worse, you have the gaul to suggest that Biden is somehow in a better place because he “beat” Trump to criticizing people Biden hates. WOW. That is some serious shit. The fact that it took months for Biden to call for peace among people who support him? Well, let’s not talk about that.

              All you people are pathetic. This fucking country is done, and you don’t fucking care, as long as you can score points on the internet.

              In a month Trump is going to be gone, or on his way to jail, and you are going to shift to saying this is all Cruz’s fault, or Rand Pauls. You will do anything but approach the fact that 75 million people in this country have been watching a double standard unfold and are pretty close to breaking over it.

              1. Still waiting…

                1. For what, your Grindr date to arrive?

                2. Waiting for what? Another video statement? Three video statements? Six? A hundred?
                  What more do you want?

                  1. For Trump to have a (D) after his name. That’s the only thing that would appease DoL.

      2. What do you call this new philosophy of morals? Toddlerism?

        Applying standards you claim to support to your team is toddlerism? I liked the old days when left wingers tried to hide their double standards. It was more of a challenge.

    2. This action was transparently NOT about creating ‘discomfort’. It was about attempting to stop Congress from fulfilling a constitutional obligation – and succeeding in that attempt.

      Of course it doesn’t surprise me that you don’t remotely comprehend this. You also don’t understand the difference between insults and threats.

      1. It seems to have made you uncomfortable.

        1. Speaking of comfort. Cuomo on BLM riots…

          “Show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”
          -Chris Cuomo, CNN

      2. Okay DoL. Rationalize why BLM violence was okay. Lol.

      3. No, the only real difference here is that one movement has support of those in power and the other doesn’t. BLM and Antifa tried to storm the White House this summer and later assaulted the one Congressman that actually introduced a bill dedicated to what the “movement” supposedly wanted, specifically because he didn’t belong to their political party.

        And it didn’t succeed in the attempt, it only delayed it for a day or so.

        1. Virtually every gop person has condemned today’s riots. I can find dozens of tweets from democrats supporting and encouraging BLMs violence.

          1. Hey Jesse, I notice you stopped responding to all the threads today (several just today) where I correct your lies with primary sources. You also stopped responding to threads where I offered you money and freedom from me if you simply agree to put your money where your mouth is when you libel me.

            Example 1:

          2. Here I have made my airtight case that Jesse is a lying, libelous, coward.

            1. Airtight case?
              You just linked to some of your assumption filled rants. Who the hell planted the pipebomb at the RNC and how the hell do you assume that it was Republican supporters?

              1. You know why.

              2. You apparently glossed over the links to primary sources within.

                Not surprising, since you are a moron. Really. You and R Mac are two of the most obviously cognitively challenged around here. I’m not trying to be clever or insulting. I’m telling you why you fail to grasp things so often around here. I truly think you would be happier pursuing sports fandom than politics.

            2. “Here I have made my airtight case”

              This is verbatim the shit SQRLSY says.


  5. So much for “Trump 2024.”

    1. For him, any of his offspring, and anyone associated with his administration.

      1. I don’t know. The establishment and the media are guaranteed to overreach in response, and may inadvertently kick off a movement.

    2. Yeah murdering his supporters for innocuous actions after you spent 12 months allowing rape, arson, robbery, vandalism, assault and murder to go unprosecuted surely won’t create a martyr.

    3. “So much for “Trump 2024.”

      He might get paroled in 2024. MAGA!!

      1. Poor lefties still having fever dreams that things are not going their way,

  6. Let me see if I got this straight. You lambast Trump for lambasting Pence for not doing something Pence does not have the power to do.

    Then you lambast Trump for not doing something Pence did, presumably at Trump’s order.

    TDS is only three letters. I’m sure you can spell it.

    1. Yeah, the last tweet from the Secretary of Defense in no way contradicts the Trump administration. The fucking SecDef *is* the Trump administration. If he was talking to Pelosi about sending in the National Guard, it was at Trump’s order.

      I weep for the grand experiment.

    2. You’re obviously a Trump cultist!?!?!1!1

  7. Democrat writes up papers to expel any senator or rep who questioned the ection based on today’s violence. Difficulty… written yesterday.

    Not a banana republic.

    1. Trump caused this. Trump and trump alone. The fraud conspiracy has no basis in fact. It was manufactured completely by him and his sycophants.

      It’s time to put on your big boy pants and take the loss.

      1. And this type of bullshit is why today is happening you dishonest fuck. Fraud happens in every election. Full stop. This election was more susceptible then usual due toast minute changes and prevalence of mail voting. We ready know election officials changed how they handled cured ballots. Abnormally low ballot rejection rates on mail in. Etc etc. And you still refuse any and all audits.

        Half the fuckong country just wants an audit. One you protest against. The same type of shit Chavez refused in his elections.

        Grow the fuck up stolen Valor. 2 months to have an audit to calm half the country. Instead they got 2 months of ridicule.

        1. Fuck you and your demands for audits.
          First you said “just wait until all the votes are counted”.
          Then you said “let’s wait for the recounts”.
          Then you said “let’s wait for the hand recounts”.
          Then you said “let’s wait until the state courts have had their say”.
          Then you said “let’s wait until the federal courts have reviewed it”.
          Then you said “let’s wait until the Supreme Court has made its ruling”.
          And when ALL OF THAT FAILED, NOW you are saying “let’s just have an audit”.

          You don’t want an audit. You just want to continually move the goalposts for the standard for counting the ballots until either (1) you have personally hand-inspected every single ballot, or (2) Trump is declared the winner.

          And EVEN IF you really authentically do want an audit (you don’t, that is just where the goalposts have currently landed), the jurisdiction for running those audits is at the state and local level. NOT AT THE FUCKING US CONGRESS.

          So go fuck yourself with your whole “all I just want is an audit”. Fuck off Blue State Jesse.

          1. That is just not true.

            The only objection has ever been to the mail ballots.

            The Qanon stuff that catfished Lin Wood and company are not the real objections and never had any connection to reality.

            Why do you suppose that all of the questionable states had last minute changes to allow unverified mail ballots? Why do you suppose that, despite promises to the contrary, no state did a signature match audit? Why do you suppose that, despite dozens of nonsensical cases being heard and rejected, no cases about the controls and audits were heard … They were rejected for lack of standing. No standing before the election because no injury had occurred. No standing after the election because Latches applies.

            So all of the nonsense about Trump’s cases losing in court is lies. Lin Wood is not Trump. Trump’s cases about the legitimacy of mail ballots never got a hearing.

            And this is the result. You go around the legislature in the states with these consent decrees that alter election law, you go around the legislature with court orders that change election law “due to covid” … Then deny access to the courts….

            You wonder why people feel their only option is to take to the streets?

            The left could not have done a better job of calling the election into question if they tried.

        2. Elections were audited. They were recounted. They were litigated five dozen times.

          Same result every time: Trump takes the big L, and his loser supporters have to suck it up.

          Put on those big boy pants, and suck it up, loser.

          1. “Take off those big boy pants, and suck on it, loser”
            DOL fondly remembers his mom’s friend, “Uncle” Jim’s last words.

            Also, refusing to hear cases isn’t the judicial slam dunk you imagine.

          2. The scotus still has 3 election legal challenges pending.

            Democrats are liars. They lied before trump was elected and they lie now.

      2. DOL I think you make some points but what Jesse posts above isn’t Trump, Trump has faults. She (congress person) needs to stop that just as much as these protestors. She, not Donald trump on this individual piece is stoking a fire. Can’t it wait until they are gone if that’s what she wants?

      3. No widespread corruption.

        1. No widespread corruption sufficient to change the results. That was timely objected to. By the right people. In the right court. On the right size of paper. Whatever, they will find an excuse to approve of the corruption.

      4. I blame FDR and, to a lesser extent, Woodrow Wilson. If you think this anger against Washington is all about Trump, you haven’t been paying attention. This shit’s been coming a long time. People are fed up, they’ve had enough. Well, some of them anyway. Others dutifully put on the mask, take off their shoes for the TSA, pay their taxes, get used to paper straws, use the correct gender-neutral terminology, watch CNN, tut-tut over how horribly under-paid teachers are, believe that their particular Congressman isn’t part of the problem, and a million other maddeningly sheep-like obeisances to our brave new world. Never wonder how average Germans failed to see what Hitler was, you’re seeing it in real time how people can ignore reality when reality becomes too awful to contemplate.

        1. An actual Pusch just came from the right wing, in the backdrop of the president himself insisting without evidence that the entire basis of our republic is fraudulent, and still, STILL you worry about the left and compare THEM to hitler. Was it left wing or the right wing that actually committed sedition today?

          Buddy, you are not seeing clearly.

        2. To add, I do not support any of the polcies or TSA or any of the shit you gave examples of. But there are issues we can disagree over and issues that we cannot disagree over, and having elections and respecting the outcome of them is not an issue we can disagree on.

        3. I think the major impetus for pushing this over the edge has been the 12 years of extreme propaganda from the media. First we had 8 plus years of hero worship from an unquestioning and fawning press. Then we’ve had four plus years of over the top and largely dishonest coverage of this administration, quite obviously and openly designed to undermine the president.

          When you can have major mainstream media organizations openly bragging that their mission statement is to get Trump out of power, trust in your major institutions is going to take a major hit.

          1. You don’t think a president who has a cult of personality around him bears any responsibility for inviting his cultists to the capitol and encouraging them to “be wild!”?

            And before we try to claim there is not a cult around the president, tell me what carrying flags, wearing hats, driving in convoys waving same flags, and believing things only because he said so is, if not a cult of personality.

            If you are going to claim that Obama’s sycophants, who were themselves sickening, make a personality cult, then you really have to give it to Trump and his fan club.

            1. Stop fucking lying. He didn’t say “Be wild”. He said it’s going to be wild.

              Trump certainly has a cult of personality. The problem with you is that you think it was the CULT that caused the problems. And you are just flatly wrong. Trump didn’t cause the tea party. He harnessed it for his own devices.

              And until you realize and cope with these grievances, you are just kicking the can down the road for another couple months until the next populist firebrand gets the reigns. But you don’t care, do you? You just want your blue-team points.

              1. What grievances? Fake conspiracy theories about the president’s birth certificate or fake conspiracies about the election which Trump lost badly?

                1. Yoy just got caught lying bro, stop trying to change the subject away from that.

            2. “You don’t think a president who has a cult of personality…”

              I’m sure you can define what that means.

            3. “and encouraging them to “be wild!”?”

              It always amazes me how you somehow imagine that you’re going to get away with lying and twisting words here.

            4. Non sequitur much?

              1. Not at all. You are attempting to blame “the media”. I’m responding with the appropriate placement of blame.

                1. No, you made a stupid statement and got evasive when you were called on it.

                  1. Where’s the evasiveness? I’m specifically responding to just about every scatter shot conspiracy gibberish and red herring you cultists (you can be an honorary, weird, canadian one) throw out there.

        4. ^THIS by JerrySkids — “Never wonder how average Germans failed to see what Hitler was, you’re seeing it in real time how people can ignore reality when reality becomes too awful to contemplate.”


      5. You’ll probably never see this, but I knew the democrats were going to steal the election, and I knew how, long before the election, because they told us (Covid as an excuse for massive mail in voting). I was warning of it long before it happened, and I recognized it the morning I woke up and Biden had won, after Trump was all but guaranteed to be the winner, at like midnight MST.
        I don’t need DJT to tell me that the Democrats stole the election.

        1. I told my wife that trying to switch to mass mail-in voting without any kind of authentication or id process was going to cause all kinds of problems.

          And I told her on election night after the country was told that voting was stopping in all of those swing states that Trump was going to win unless we woke up in the morning and found out that they didn’t in fact stop counting. And what do you know…

    2. “written yesterday”

      Either this was a false flag or Democrats knew what Pence was going to say. Or both

      1. I think just a false flag.

    3. Hey wow, there are nutbar Democrats with crazy nutjob ideas. You’re right! That totally excuses all nutbar Republicans with their own crazy nutjob ideas!

      Some Democrat said some stupid shit. Therefore DON’T CRITICIZE QANON

      1. “That totally excuses all nutbar Republicans”

        You sewm to continue to thonk people are saying “it excuses” when what they are actually saying is “you didn’t care when your guys did it”.

        Because you know they’re right about you.


        Yeah, they are insignificant now.

  8. This is nuts. The Acting Secretary of Defense acknowledging that he and the Joint Chiefs Chairman did not discuss deploying the National Guard with President Trump – but rather with VP Pence and Congressional leaders.

    So has Miller confirmed that the 25th Amendment has been invoked or is this just part of the ongoing coup where everybody just ignores the chain of command and does whatever the fuck they want to? And what does the National Guard think about being given an illegal order?

      1. Where was the, “Occupy Wall Street = Evict Obama” headlines?

    1. Nothing in Miller’s statement indicated who told him to activate the Guard.
      Britschigi read an idiotic Twitter post from Dupree and ran with it without thinking, because it fit his narrative.

  9. Louisiana’s U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins says he’d shoot armed protesters in Facebook post. In the post, which featured a picture of armed Black militia members from a Louisville protest, Higgins said if armed protesters showed up, they would be considered a “real threat” in Louisiana.

    “Me? I wouldn’t even spill my beer. I’d drop any 10 of you where you stand,’ Higgins wrote. “We don’t care what color you are. We don’t care if you’re left or right. If you show up like this, if we recognize threat…you won’t walk away.”

    1. We wouldn’t have so many protests if government was smaller and less powerful.

      1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

        And here’s something everyone in the world of reality should’ve grasped by now; voting [D] is the opposite of smaller, less powerful governing.

    2. Your point being what? A protester was shot today. Probably an unarmed one. She died.

      Guess we should suspect Rep Higgins, huh?

      1. If Antifa had pulled this shit to stop a Trump inauguration they would have been annihilated. Trump would have invoked martial law and probably started arresting political opponents. But when Trump supporters do it, Republicans and federal law enforcement do practically nothing in response. But it’s always been like this. Law and order was always just a scam and a cover for political violence against liberals and minorities.

        1. If Antifa had pulled this shit to stop a Trump inauguration they would have been annihilated.

          They beat and assaulted several dozen people, burned an immigrant limo driver’s livelihood in front of him, and caused about 20 million dollars worth of property damage. I guess Trump will get around to annihilating them some time in the next couple weeks, eh? Maybe after they get done washing the blood of unarmed Trump supporters off the street.

        2. Given that we had 6 fucking months of riots, and Trump did exactly none of those things and exactly nothing close to those things, I’d say you are full of shit.

        3. Um….Ok, Pod.

        4. Antifa lit fires and had a riot on his inauguration sweetie.

  10. “That version of events is being disputed by Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, who released a statement saying that he spoke with Vice President Mike Pence and congressional leadership before activating the guard.”

    Nobody’s disputing anything Britschigi you lying little weasel. It’s entirely possible that Trump gave the order.
    Nothing in Miller’s statement indicates that it was Mike Pence and congressional leadership who told him to activate the National Guard.

    What a dishonest little shit you are.

  11. The only thing that happened today with these rioters was they ruined it for the real revolutionaries of this country. Don’t drop the soap bitches!

  12. And tinder on the fire. Lol.

    Ilhan Omar
    I am drawing up Articles of Impeachment.

    Donald J. Trump should be impeached by the House of Representatives & removed from office by the United States Senate.

    We can’t allow him to remain in office, it’s a matter of preserving our Republic and we need to fulfill our oath.

    1. Like it’s gonna get done in 2 weeks.

      1. It could be done today. Republicans should never hold power again because they’re held hostage and/or completely aligned with fascists who would destroy our country.

        1. Communists destroying the country is A-OK, though.

          1. BS. All BLM demanded were common sense reforms to the nuclear family, the founding of the nation and the system of American Capitalism, and the ushering in of a racialist system of categorizing all of public life. That’s hardly the same as what we’re seeing here.

        2. Operation choke point was about as fascist as you can get.

          1. Thanks for all the fascism, Obama!

            That particular fascism followed the fascism of using the IRS to harass and spy on political opponents for very political reasons, but preceded the fascism of putting migrant children in cages. It’s hard to choose just one high-water mark of fascism under the Obama administration.

        3. “…Republicans should never hold power again because they’re held hostage and/or completely aligned with fascists who would destroy our country.”

          You misspelled DEMOCRAT, lefty shit.

        4. “We should have One Party Rule because their opponents are tyrants!”

  13. I just read this post to see how Blue Checkmarks characterized these peaceful protests.

    1. Let’s think about what happened today:

      A mob of protesters broke into the US Capitol building, seat of the central government, and ran around for a couple hours. One unarmed woman was shot and killed by capitol police. Nothing was burned, nobody was beaten, a few windows were damaged, congressional reps and staffers went to their panic rooms, and the media was apoplectic.

      In comparison, for months blmantifa destroyed private businesses, killed a couple dozen people, looted stores, burned buildings, smashed statues, beat countless individuals, and the media called it mostly peaceful.

      1. Reasons matter too. Protesters at the capitol were there on the day democrats are trying to use the constitution against america.

        Lefty riots were for violence, social justice, and just intimidation.

  14. TDS. You can’t criticize Trump for not telling people to end the violence and stop protesting since he did that. So you have say, “Well he did it very weakly,” which is entirely subjective. That’s entirely an opinion

    “”But you have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order.”

    I dislike the man, but at least he’s fucking consistent. He wants law and order and is appealing to it when protests are getting out of hand.

    1. As mentioned above, i can show reason dozens of known democrats encouraging or defending the riots. What I won’t find is reason condemning those words.

  15. Like almost everything written at reason about this particular president, this is stupid at a metaphysical level.

    I want you to stop and think for a moment about a mass of thousands of protesters. They are, as you can tell, at a protest. The ones occupying the capital are in the middle of dealing with, well I don’t even know what to describe it as. They are idiots, but they are also dealing with police and all sorts of other stupid things.

    But your complaint is that something the president said didn’t mollify them. What possible logic are you using to arrive at this conclusion? How in the world are they supposed to be listening to is every word at this moment? What could he possibly say that would mollify them? Is there anything he could say that they would hear within 10 minutes? I doubt it.

    But his take is certainly more on point and mature than the wailing and gnashing of teeth that this is the death of democracy. Holy crap, that’s a stupid take. It’s a group of protesters for crying out loud. we had entire downtown areas taken over for months at time this year and most of you cheered it on as a victory of democracy. I think we can withstand a couple of hours of a bunch of idiots chanting and breaking a couple of windows.

    1. I mean, we’ve reached the point where this protest has a deathcount, since police shot and killed a woman. But Trump has consistently said he’s in favor of law and order and is encouraging these people to go home.

      But this has been a theme of the past few years-Trump’s exact words, saying exactly what they say he should say, aren’t good enough. It’s the most fucking disingenuous thing.

      Just admit, Christian, that you’ve made up your mind about how you’re going to feel, and nothing Trump says will be enough for you. And then maybe you’ll realize that could be true of some people in the crowd as well.

    2. It’s very easy. Trump should have denounced the violence and told them to go home without, at the same time, inciting them with made up claims about election fraud and how the election was supposedly stolen from him (it clearly wasn’t).

      1. EXACTLY. He didn’t just say “go home”. He said “this election was stolen, but you should go home anyway”.

        1. Can you cite your calls for Democrats to denounce BLM violence this summer?

          1. watabout watabout watabout

            Hmm? did you hear that?

            watabout watabout watabout

            It’s a brain dead cultist trying to argue.

            1. See and you said you weren’t being evasive.
              Answer his fucking question White Knight.

            2. “It’s a brain dead cultist trying to argue.”

              Hey um… you’re saying it. You right rhere

          2. Some Democrats said some stupid stuff. Therefore TRUMP’S WORDS ARE ALWAYS OKAY

            1. It’s more that your outrage is fake.

        2. So he’s telling them to go home. It doesnt matter what he thinks about the election. He is verbatim telling them to go home.

        3. The election was stolen. Demanding people not say it does not change it.

      2. Why WK? You’ve never denounced the blm riots nor the democrats who defended and encouraged them. What moral high ground do you think you have.

        I mean fuck, you literally say we can’t blame BLM for turning into violent riots… yet here you are blaming trump for a violent riot he said not to have.

  16. Remember when destroying property wasn’t violence? Sarcsmic and sqrsly do.

    1. Hey look, some moron wants to say that destroying property isn’t violence.

      And Jesse, paragon of virtue that he is, wants to take the words of a moron to justify his hatred of the left and instigate some violence of his own.

      Encapsulates Trumpism in a nutshell: The morons leading the morons.

      1. Youre mighty defensive when your fat filled hypocrisy is exposed. More embarrassing than your exposed deformed fat belly button probably.

        1. Me defensive? You are the one spamming this entire discussion by spewing whataboutisms left and right.

          “Trump should have denounced the violence more forcefully.”

          1. “Me defensive?”



            Wow you ARE defensive. You didn’t say shit then, you can shut the fuck up now with your fake outrage.

  17. Remember “the Battle of Athens” of course those people brought guns you can’t bring guns to DC. i wonder why are our elected leaders scared of something.

    if nothing else happens hopefully this will put real fear back into politicians. of course they will probably just clamp down with more laws. wouldn’t be surprised if Biden puts up a real walls around the Capital, not just a little fence.

    1. Green. Zone.

      These people did not enjoy being afraid, even if only for a few minutes, and will have zero scruples about grinding you into dust for the promise of never being that afraid again.

  18. It looks like we may end up with an Enlightened™ corpse swinging from every lamppost. Ok, so Christmas came a bit late this year. Think I’m complaining?

  19. “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules. Learn more”

    Well that didn’t take long.

    1. Trump telling protestors to go home was deleted? It’s like they’re not even hiding their attempts to gaslight anymore.

      1. He wasn’t holding his mouth the right way.

      2. Wrongthink will be erased. Minitrue relates goodthink.

      3. Seems CNN is reporting that Twitter has locked his account for 12 hours and may permanently suspend his account.

      4. “It’s like they’re not even hiding their attempts to gaslight anymore.”

        Does that matter? So what if they don’t hide it? Is anything going to be done about it?

        It is another indicator though, that the burner under the big stockpot full of frogs and water just got turned to ‘High.’

        1. Yeah, Twitter account suspension is the omen of tyranny.

          Do you people hear yourselves?

          1. Yes, companies working with the government to shut down dissidents is a great idea.

  20. Did the protesters who break in to the capitol have official ID proving they were Trump supporters?

  21. Someone should tell these protesters that Joe Biden has a mandate.

  22. Trump is 100% white trash and is showing the world how white trash reacts to losing.

    1. By telling supporters not to be violent?

      1. The rioters were egged on by Trump, who has spent weeks falsely attacking the integrity of the election and had urged his supporters to descend on Washington Wednesday to protest Congress’ formal approval of Biden’s victory. Some Republican lawmakers were in the midst of raising objections to the results on his behalf when the proceedings were abruptly halted by the mob.

        The president gave his supporters an added boost Wednesday morning during an appearance at a rally outside the White House, where he urged them to march to the Capitol. He spent much of the afternoon in his private dining room off the Oval Office watching scenes of the violence on television. At the urging of his staff, he reluctantly issued a pair of tweets and a taped video telling his supporters it was time to “go home in peace” — yet he still said he backed their cause.

        1. Marching in protest is violence now. Good condemn BLM.

        2. Weren’t you just telling us how marching wasn’t rioting a couple of months ago?

        3. His actual words though.

    2. Were BLM rioters black trash?

      1. Some Democrats did some violent things. Therefore RIGHT-WING VIOLENCE IS TOTALLY OKAY

        1. Self defense.

          When democrats try to kill you, you can defend yourself by shooting before they shoot you.

        2. That doesn’t even approach relating to his question. You are super desperate. The pedo SPB made it racial. Try to keep up.

        3. Except the only right-wing violence was a broken window, while you guys killed a female veteran who wasn’t doing anything but wearing a Maga hat.

        4. Yes, it is. Especially since there was ZERO right wing violence. Cops killed a woman.

          If it is OK for BLM to riot for months, fuck you on demanding the Right criticize itself.

          I’m only annoyed that nobody got a chance to punch Cheney or Romney.

  23. What does media bias look like?

    It looks like Lester Holt sitting at his desk reporting the day’s news with a banner that reads “Pro Trump rioters storm the Capital”

    Compare and contrast with coverage of teachers union members occupying state houses. Compare and contrast with coverage of BLM/antifa attacking federal buildings. Compare and contrast with BLM burning dozens of police vehicles in atlanta.

    NBC studiously avoided using the word Riot. At all. They studiously avoided calling things violent, unless it was violence against mostly peaceful protests.

    This is how you tell the difference between legitimate news organizations and propaganda outlets.

    1. So show us all a better media outlet. Breitbart? OANN? Newsmax? They are garbage. Complain all you want about Lester Holt and media bias at his network – and of course it exists – but it is better than the garbage blatant propaganda that constitutes the right-wing media sphere. OR the garbage blatant propaganda that constitutes the left-wing media sphere as well, like Slate, Democracy Now, Young Turks, etc. The mainstream media isn’t great but it is like democracy – it’s terrible, but it’s better than all the other alternatives.

      1. Not bias. Bias left town 30 years ago.

        And no… This other outlets you mention are not “better”. They are less objectionable… Because they have no pretext to being the unbiased and unvarnished truth.

        We do need a real 4th estate. I believe in the civics classes of my youth where the virtues of an independent press were extolled.

        1. The problem is, if one ONLY read Breitbart, or watched Fox News/OANN, or listened to Rush Limbaugh, one would have no idea that what these outlets presented WASN’T the truth. If Breitbart says MASSIVE FRAUD, and if Fox News says MASSIVE FRAUD, and if Rush Limbaugh says MASSIVE FRAUD, what would be the basis to question the claim? Furthermore, all your friends are repeating the same stories, friends that you trust (and who inhabit the same media bubble). They can’t all be wrong, can they?

          That’s the bigger problem here. It is partly due to propaganda outlets that disguise themselves as “news”. But it is also due to the choices of individuals to only consume news that makes them feel good, rather than news that might make them sometimes upset but is overall more informative. This is a type of market failure IMO, that the consumer’s market preference for news does not align with what is necessary to be a well-informed citizen or voter. It is not entirely the fault of Fox News/MSNBC/et al., but they aren’t helping matters either.

          1. “, one would have no idea that what these outlets presented WASN’T the truth”

            Only if one were an idiot . YOU slurp the media and think yours are telling you the truth. Because you are an idiot.

      2. I like how you defendobwral narrative. Lol. You don’t even say it is wrong. Hilarious.

        1. Defend liberal narrative*

        2. I like how you cannot argue in good faith and result to whataboutisms and childish insults. Demonstrates a great deal about you.

          1. “I like how you cannot argue in good faith”

            I like how you tar people with the things you do.

        3. defendobwral? Drinking your life away won’t bring back your orange hero. Sorry Jesse.

          1. Aww you’re mad!

            Fuck off Tulpa

      3. The mainstream media isn’t great but it is like democracy – it’s terrible, but it’s better than all the other alternatives.

        What have we told you about full retard?

        1. Fine then tell me a media outlet that is better. I’m not saying CBS News is the paragon of excellence. I’m saying that if I want to be well informed and I have to choose between CBS News and, say, Breitbart or Salon, I’m going to go with CBS News.

          1. The CBS News division is the best of corporate media. The TV programs that deliver it to 99% are just as bad as everywhere else though.

            Tons of better alternatives: Real Clear, Grayzone, Scotus Blog etc.

          2. Salon was an odd choice. They’ve been a pipeline to corporate media: Jake Tapper and Joan Walsh off the top of my head.

          3. NONE are any good. There is nary a difference between Breitbart and CBS.

            That is the entire point.

      4. And in true leftist fashion, automatically accuse anyone who doesn’t view the mainstream outlets as vaunted and heroic purveyors of truth of being ignorant and only listening to fringe conservative media.

        Never change.



      1. Hating Jews is the blm beat. Try harder.

      2. Democrats just elected an open anti smite to the senate. Hilarious you went with this.

        1. I blame the coke. I guess enforcement’s gone down enough to where he can afford it again.

          1. To be fair Buttplug hasn’t left the basement in a decade, so his awareness on DNC Jew hate is low.

  24. Bah. Many of the people going on about how appalling this is are really thinking “Shit…why didn’t we do this four years ago?”

  25. You reap what you sow.

  26. Pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol in bid to overturn election

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A violent mob loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and forced lawmakers into hiding, in a stunning attempt to overturn America’s presidential election, undercut the nation’s democracy and keep Democrat Joe Biden from replacing Trump in the White House.

    The nation’s elected representatives scrambled to crouch under desks and don gas marks, while police futilely tried to barricade the building, one of the most jarring scenes ever to unfold in a seat of American political power. A woman was shot and killed inside the Capitol, and Washington’s mayor instituted an evening curfew in an attempt to contain the violence.
    The rioters were egged on by Trump, who has spent weeks falsely attacking the integrity of the election and had urged his supporters to descend on Washington Wednesday to protest Congress’ formal approval of Biden’s victory. Some Republican lawmakers were in the midst of raising objections to the results on his behalf when the proceedings were abruptly halted by the mob.

    Good journalism, Associate Press.

    1. Imagine for a moment that one of the Democrat occupations of state houses in recent years had seen an unarmed woman shot and killed by police.

      Would the lede really be “violent mob takes state house”?

      Or would it be about police murdering peaceful protesters?

      1. “Mostly” peaceful protesters.
        Someone broke a window and another guy put his feet up on Pelosi’s desk… plus an American flag was hugged.

      1. I think the police got the fun removed this spring. Basically since the Atlanta Wendy’s thing.

    2. When I took journalism classes in my youth, this article would have earned an F.

      Count the opinions and opinion words offered up…

      In a news article those used to be verboten.

      This short snippet is majority opinion. What happened to journalism? Where are the editors?

      1. “What happened to journalism? Where are the editors?”

        Journolist happened. Instead of getting fired, and blackballed, they all got promotions. Like David Weigel, remember him? Did anything he wrote here make you think, “This is a guy who should be writing for the Washington Post.”

        You’re right about needing a free press, a true Fourth Estate. We’re not going to get one, whatever happens.

      2. They morphed into presstitutes = Where are the editors?

      3. I remember a hilarious article in Salon where some POC complained about her editor when she interned at NYT. She had written an editorial advocating for open borders from Columbia to the US. The old white guy editor had some obvious questions like “Are you advocating open borders generally or just from Columbia? If the latter, why?” White patriarchy yada yada.

        Those old white guys were replaced by retarded women.

        1. As an older white guy, I am in favor of open borders for hot, Columbian women. (Venezuelan too.)

          Though jeez, how’re they getting here? Swimming?

          1. Goddamnit, I still misspelled it. “Colombian” not “Columbian.” Latinas, not people from South Carolina. (Though hot blondes in pearls and twin sets are always welcome. Does the SEC grow them in clone tanks or something?)

            1. White women just look much better with tans. Same phenomenon in Southwest and Europe.

  27. You lost the House, you lost the Senate and you lost the Presidency. Nice going you so call Republicans, nice going!

    1. Is it really “losing” when the fraud is so blatant?

      1. The democrat election fraud is just the icing.

        Democrat state executive officials violated the constitution to adopt elections rules without the consent of their state legislatures.

        Every state that did that has illegitimate election results. Its probably 50 states.

        The remedy is the 12th amendment vote.democrats hate the constitution, so civil war 2.0 it is.

      2. Does voter fraud happen? Of course, no one here is saying that it doesn’t. But, if you think all of a sudden it is happening on a biggly scale then look at what is happening in Georgia. The exact same thing that happened to Trump just happened to those two Trumpian candidates. You think that after all the crying and whining Trumpians did before and during the presidential election that Georgia would give them more to whine about. Maybe just enough, just enough, Americans were done with the shit slinging of the last four years that they said ok we’re done here!

        1. “Of course, no one here is saying that it doesn’t.”

          Democrats are. Try and keep up. Lefties here clearly are.

    2. It’s worse than that cuck. You are going to lose your remaining freedoms. They will use this riot as an excuse to clamp down hard.

      Sorry but this site and libertarians and democrats ignored the events preceding this for months and then pretend to be aghast when the same riot tactics get used in frustration.

      Anyway the right shot its wad and lost. The left is going to squeeze this country like it’s never been squeezed before.

      1. Sometimes Bad, they were going to do it anyway.

        This certainly gave them motivation and resolve though, if they were lacking those before. Again, these are people who don’t want to feel fear. Real fear. That’s for lesser people to be subjected to, not them.

      2. You are one ignorant motherfucker if you think you had any rights to begin with!

        1. Or freedoms!

      3. What will you do when 2024 rolls around and we are NOT living in a communist dystopioa?

        1. We are in a commie dystopia. They are arresting americans for not wearing masks.

        2. Oh? So banning Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years parties wasn’t communism?

        3. I for one will say a soft thank you if none of the retarded bullshit the Democrats are itching to push gets through.

          But hey, at least that Almost Hitler won’t be president anymore, so yay.

        4. Look at all the moves toward one that were begin and laugh and how naive you are.

    3. Poor democrats. They are delusional thinking that violating constitutional rules for voting and election fraud will be tolerated.

      The constitution protected you lefties. Since you dont want the constitution, you wont enjoy the protections it affords.

    4. Sir, this is a Denny’s.

  28. I can say one thing with a song in my heart, the next four years is going to be a Target rich trolling environment.

  29. These protests make much more sense than BLM.

  30. Sometimes Bad, they were going to do it anyway.

    This certainly gave them motivation and resolve though, if they were lacking those before. Again, these are people who don’t want to feel fear. Real fear. That’s for lesser people to be subjected to, not them.

    1. Well that was weird.

    2. Imagine explaining to your 2004 self that the Bill O’Reilly watching boomers, in 2020, would hate W, Fox News, the CIA and DOJ far more than the anti-war left.

      There’s a lot of white pills for the right right now.

      1. Ain’t that the truth, though I suspect my 2004 self would be more stunned at how OEF and OIF turned out.

  31. This is Trump’s 9/11 attack on America.

    1. some orange man did something

  32. Couldn’t be more perfect, just congrats all around you fucking retards.

    Hundreds of incels with their delusional grievance of an election they lost by backing a delusional wanna be dictator, due to their feelings of inadequacy they channel from their leader.

    And they just gave the dems literally everything they could possibly want, in one fell swoop. Do you not understand they are DROOLING about this?

    This will almost certainly cement Trump and the GOP together, and pair them with the notion of delusional faux patriotic protest, fake conspiracies, and right wing terrorism. Nothing says “patriot” like breaking in the window after losing an election, with a confederate flag (former losers as well) and leaving a maybe-bomb behind, right?

    Enjoy reaping what you sow. Dont be surprised when they pack the court, eliminate the filibuster completely, and have their way with you. You honestly asked them for it, and you will get it now.

    You just lit the reichstag fire yourselves, hopefully the flames are warm and cozy tonight. For years, they will rally the country around “you cant trust these people to govern ever again…remember what happened LAST TIME you let them have some power?!?!” Everything you have coming to you, you have bought and paid for many times over. Enjoy

    1. Dummy you couldn’t even get the whole reichstag fire metaphor right. I generally assume when someone like you uses the word “incel” as some lame attack, it’s generally assumed that you are unable to copulate with women or you’re a faggot. In either case you can go back to jacking off while watching replays of the riot on CNN.

    2. Poor unreason commies. I told ya that democrat election fraud would e challenged.

  33. You know what would be ‘finger-kiss’ manifique right now? A while white girl standing in front of a burned out building saying, “these people don’t represent our movement”

    I guess we just need a burning building. Someone check the BLM playbook and get on it!

  34. Very convenient that they are reconvening the session now right when everyone wants to go to sleep. Is it just me or do these people like to get their most important work done around 3am?

    1. Oh, this should be good. I wonder if they’ll limit themselves to Electoral College business?

  35. Now is the time for Joe Biden’s Abraham Lincoln.

    1. Who’s he going to free? The tech billionaires?

      1. The 15 to 30 million people currently desiring ‘a roadmap to citizenship.’

        LOL that a decent chunk of the guys that breached the Capitol barriers were actually Antifa. As in, they were photographed at Antifa rallies with their distinctive tattoos—one a black Hammer & Sickle—and features.

        The fucking Right can’t even riot properly without help.

        1. LOL that a decent chunk of the guys that breached the Capitol barriers were actually Antifa. As in, they were photographed at Antifa rallies with their distinctive tattoos—one a black Hammer & Sickle—and features.

          Fuckin’ LOL, seriously?

          1. Yeah, I’ve also seen messages and notices from Antifa saying they were going to the rally disguised as Trump supporters and, to me was the most damning, video of cops letting them through the barrier.

          2. The hammer and sickle one I saw was actually a copy of a tattoo from some video game.

        2. LOL that a decent chunk of the guys that breached the Capitol barriers were actually Antifa.

          Where does shit like this get started, and why do you all accept it so uncritically?

          1. It wasn’t a lot. As far as I know, only the tall guy with the buffalo horns and tattoos did a lot of Antifa protests, and maybe the fat guy in the speakers chair.

          2. If you watched anything but MSNBC you might know.

    2. Calling out 75,000 troops to quell the rebellion?

    3. I’m sure they will sneak him into DC as well, then keep him locked away for the duration of his 2 year term.

    4. the part at the theater?

      1. “On the other hand, how did you enjoy the play Doctor Biden?”

  36. I’m laughing at all the libertarian* mock vapors over this. They ignored more substantial riots this year and now cannot get enough.

    Funny how a show of force by the people would cause so called libertarians to run and hide. I thought they wanted government afraid of the people? Meanwhile I see no condemnation of use of force (DC, Capitol, Virginia, FBI, ATF, and then national guard). Remember when Trump asked federal police to guard a federal courthouse and how so called libertarians almost collapsed in fear? Or when Barr cleared the area around the White House and reason writers had apoplexy?

    * I assume most people pretending to be libertarians are play acting and are actually democrats.

    1. * I assume most people pretending to be libertarians are play acting and are actually democrats.

      Libertarians aren’t special. They’re all on the left or right just like everyone else.

      1. That’s amusing. I am assuming that what you mean by “left” or “right” is a cultural distinction, not an ideological one. Because it’s pretty hard to classify someone who supports gun rights, supports abortion rights, supports low taxes, supports privatized education and health care, supports open borders, and supports reducing government as either “left” or “right” in an ideological sense.

        1. Would you say Emma Goldman was of the left?

        2. supports abortion rights

          Killing people isn’t a right you bloodthirsty ghoul.

  37. Had enough lulz yet, kids?

  38. Leftists are calling for the 25th amendment to be used by Pence on Donald Trump. I assume so he can’t use the Insurrection act.

    1. Yup.

      Constitutional order needs to be restored. The politicians and bureaucrats are the problem not American civilians demanding the constitution rules be enforced.

    1. “Storming the Rotunda and staying inside the ropes”

      Ow, my sides.

  39. This is what happens when politicians, scotus and voters go [WE] power-mad and FORGET the historical foundation of the USA. I’m proud to see so many patriots putting up a fight this communist track we seem locked onto. We are NOT a national socialist (Nazi) democracy but a Republic.

    Do I think the election was stolen; Yes. Do I know; No. But I do know the ‘system’ is giving any fraud claim the run-around and there are plenty of them that have enough weight to be reasonably suspicious – the very numbers (90%) are reasonably suspicious. But these are just ‘democracy’ battle games — The REAL threat isn’t a [D] label or an [R] label but the very principle or very LACK of principle’s said politician pushes for.

    And I can honestly say 98% of [D] politicians are pushing for a communist society and 20% of [R] politicians are trying to save the USA. No matter what the ‘vote’ says – the very foundation of the USA isn’t up for vote unless it’s going through the amendment process.

    1. … and that’s the very foundation of the party platforms. Democracy [D] party insists everything is mob-rules by popular vote. Republican’s (not all of them by any means) platform acknowledges that you cannot majority ‘vote’ away the USA.

      1. Democrats only use the constitution when it helps them gain power. Democrats in the south used to love the electoral college because without it, the North more populations would have stripped democrat political power.

        The democrat commies are using the constitution against America. They want slaves.

    2. Even mcconnell admitted on tv that election fraud happens…and oh well.

      The most important thing is to give in to lunatic commies who run the democrat party.

      Trump was really the only president slowing the end of this republic. Hes only one guy and can only do so much.

      1. ^Well said!

  40. I recall a series of articles by Reason criticizing federal agents for the mere “crime” of defending a federal courthouse.

    1. I remember a whole lot of the Reason commentariat saying the same thing. I’m sure if Reason hasn’t wiped the comments yet we can all go and see them.

      But we’ve always been at war with East Asia here at Reason, so I’m sure all those comments were False Flags posted by Antifa…

  41. Why would trump pay rioters to make chaos and disrupt everything in the US he loves?

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  43. Poor unreason commies.

    Trump is still the best President in US history. He was such a threat to Commies destroying the USA, that the Commies exposed that Communism is still alive in the USA.

    1. You’re such an entertaining character! You still up for those beers? Bring Jesse along, we’ll put him in the corner for a bit.

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