Civil Liberties

Americans Shouldn't Be Treated Like ISIS Insurgents

Adopting "counterinsurgency" tactics for use against wide swaths of Americans can only make the situation worse.


Members of the political class are buying into burgeoning fantasies about a second civil war, indulging visions about sparring with parts of their own subject populations. In the wake of recent conflicts culminating in the Capitol riot, prominent figures have been extrapolating from our violent polarization to a dystopian future of insurgency within our borders. Officialdom seems dead set on fanning the sparks of existing political strife into something resembling a national house fire.

"The challenge facing us now is one of counterinsurgency," Robert Grenier, former CIA station chief for Pakistan and Afghanistan and later director of the CIA Counterterrorism Center, insists in The New York Times. "Though one may recoil at the thought, it provides the most useful template for action."

The danger, Grenier adds, lies in "a large, religiously conservative segment of the population, disproportionately (though not entirely) rural and culturally marginalized." He doesn't believe that the entire segment is violent, but it constitutes "a mass of citizens—sullen, angry and nursing their grudges—among whom the truly violent minority will be able to live undetectably, attracting new adherents to their cause."

In a subsequent NPR interview he elaborated, "I think what is most important is that we drive a wedge between those violent individuals and the people who may otherwise see them as reflecting their interests and fighting on their behalf."

Days earlier, former CIA director John Brennan had similarly claimed that the Biden administration is focusing on "what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we've seen overseas," consisting of "an unholy alliance" of "religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, Nativists, even libertarians."

Brennan added that officialdom is "doing everything possible to root out what seems to be a very, very serious and insidious threat to our democracy and our republic."

While neither Grenier nor Brennan are currently in government, both are well-connected and influential. Tellingly, the same day that Grenier's Times screed appeared, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a terrorism bulletin that read like a sales brochure for the former CIA officials' desired domestic policies.

"The Acting Secretary of Homeland Security has issued a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin due to a heightened threat environment across the United States, which DHS believes will persist in the weeks following the successful Presidential Inauguration," warned the bulletin. "Information suggests that some ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence."

As the DHS bulletin suggests, worries about violence and "insurgency" are rooted in reality. The Capitol really was stormed by Americans convinced, despite the evidence, that the presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump. People died in the violence. The Republican Party around which they've coalesced has largely become a cult of personality venerating the former chief executive.

But few members of the rural and conservative segment of the population that troubles insurgency war-gamers are QAnon devotees, and only a tiny sliver had anything to do with the Capitol riot. If they come to support "violent individuals" because they "see them as reflecting their interests and fighting on their behalf," it will be because of deeper divisions and resentments that brought them to that point.

And those resentments really are deep. According to January YouGov polling, 53 percent of Democrats, 56 percent of Republicans, and 57 percent of Independents "think that the biggest threat to their way of life comes from domestic enemies."

The best way to calcify those perceptions of "domestic enemies" is for a government in the hands of one political faction to start treating its opponents as insurgents. That will inevitably entail the excesses and abuses that come with turning the security services loose not just on those who have committed crimes against others, but on whole segments of society viewed as potential threats.

"Overreactions give people an incentive to become terrorists—not only by creating grievances but also by reducing the relative risks of turning to violence," Northeastern University's Max Abrahms, a professor of public policy, recently cautioned in Reason. "A standard assumption in political science is that terrorists are rational actors. Many people decide against becoming terrorists because they know that the costs to them will be severe. But if the government is going to treat innocent people like terrorists anyway, then no additional risk is incurred."

Writing before Grenier's call for counterinsurgency efforts, Abrahms pointed out that John Brennan "did not distinguish between those who use extreme tactics and those with whom he disagrees politically. For Brennan, both are enemies worthy not only of contempt, but action or at least government scrutiny."

Grenier, for his part, wants to adopt tactics used in Afghanistan and Iraq, but neither country is exactly doing spectacular 20 years after the U.S. invaded and began battling insurgents. Iraq's capital city recently suffered two suicide bombings and the Biden administration is poised to, again, delay the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan because of escalating fighting in the country. Do we really want to inflict comparable counterinsurgency campaigns on our own country and risk similar outcomes?

That doesn't mean that we're helpless against politically motivated violence. Grenier rightly suggests that we "investigate and bring to account those who commit crimes." It makes sense to target people for harming others rather than for belonging to suspect groups. If he'd stopped there without talking about counterinsurgency efforts against whole communities, his column would have been unobjectionable.

We also should do something about Americans' perception of each other as "domestic enemies." We can't make people like each other, but we can pry their hands from each other's throats by decentralizing governance so that decisions are made as close as possible to affected individuals. Then, hostile communities couldn't use the reins of power to torment each other and would have fewer grounds for conflict.

Giving Americans less reason to hate and battle each other sounds a lot more promising than deploying counterinsurgency tactics at home and risking making a bad situation much worse.

NEXT: Don't Let the Capitol Riot Become an Excuse for Expanding Government Power

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    2. Giving Americans less reason to hate and battle each other sounds a lot more promising than deploying counterinsurgency tactics at home and risking making a bad situation much worse.................CLICK HERE MORE DETAIL.

      1. Sean Insanity, (ph)uker KKKarlson and Schitler Stalinist Trump Nazi Propaganda as part of their plan of chaos to destroy democracy and replace it with KKKorporatocracy is not something I am willing to negotiate with any true conservative will agree.

        1. Not sure what you are getting at. Care to elaborate? Perhaps you can try with fewer Ks.

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        2. This is an example of the good Americans the authorities insist we should all adhere toward. The intellect and civility is truly astounding.
          We should all turnout over the summer and riot, loot and burn in mostly peaceful protests and earn the respect of our government instead of being religious, Conservative, rural citizens with values and ideals that differ from the baby killers and socialist.
          If they don't like citizens protesting stolen elections maybe the Democrats allowing forensic audits of the contested counties would also have been a way to prevent what happened.
          I am still suck on the idea Trump supporters attacked the Capitol 20 minutes before his speech concluded and perfectly timed to interrupt the proposal by Sen. Cruz for audits. It could not have been more perfect for Democrats if they had planned it. What ever chance we had of seeing inside the elections were immediately gone and the narrative changed to what we see in this article. Now to even mention audits is sedition and racist. The Trump supporters at his speech were watching Sen. Cruz waiting to see how the Senate responded. It would have been hard for Democrats to deny his proposal and look even more like they had something to hide.

          1. American politics are like professional wrestling, orchestrated, choreographed theatrics for the gullible masses. Both parties make believe they are at odds, however, in reality they are a tag team. To introduce draconian laws, they have to create an incident to justify the robbing of Americans of what little freedoms they still have left. Local police have treated their own citizens as terrorist for decades, it is nothing new. The plan is not to identify extremists and lock them away, the plan is to identify Americans who are against globalism and empire building. It is to root out patriotic Americans who care more about America rather than an empire for the 1%, who seek to rule the world and enrich themselves by enslaving all those they rule. The 1% is neither nationalist or patriotic they are globalists, so naturally their enemies would be those who are nationalist and patriotic. You can't have patriotism without having nationalism. However, the globalist play on false sentiments of patriotism to convince you to go and bomb other countries they seek to invade and pilfer, yet they tell you it is evil to be an American nationalist?
            The Commintern (globalists) in the Soviet Union liquidated, starved or worked to death anyone who stood in their way of world domination, communism was just a vehicle for that end and there were plenty of henchmen (apparatchiks) willing to indulge in their dirty deeds, kill their own people, for the reward of a more luxurious life. It seems when the USSR collapsed, those globalist scoundrels have made their way here and have hijacked the US government in their continued goal of global domination which is not only totally anti American, it is unconstitutional and therefore illegal and they know it. So to keep anyone who does protest against the deeds of these scoundrels, they seek to create incidents, like the storming of the white house as a rationale to round up, KGB style, all those who stand in their way, falsely branding them as extremists and enemies of the state. The same excuse they have used, global terrorists, to wage belligerent wars and invade other defenseless countries. Enemies they are not. They are those who care more for America rather than the avaricious appetite of the 1% for wars of global empire. And as in the former Soviet Union, there will be gulags and internment camps here as well and Trump is just one willing actor in this scenario of global empire.

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        3. 1. remove foil hat
          2. go to Dr.
          3. check meds
          there is a reason the government establishment pushes gunophobic propaganda, no one wants weapons in the hands of people who have liberalism, a mental wind up with Kaczynskis, Harrises/Klebolds, Loughners.

          1. Biden says Trump should no longer receive classified intelligence briefings.President Joe Biden doesn't believe former President Donald Trump should receive classified intelligence briefings, as is tradition for past presidents, citing Trump's "erratic behavior unrelated to the insurrection.........READ MORE

            1. read more. fuck off.

      2. there's no money in that for the Pentagon & revolving door contractors. After the Cold war and World Wars there wasn't as much reason to have huge standing armies, was there. Why not look for the next boogeyman to gin up your taxpayer funded graft.

        1. The Democrats disqualification goes far beyond the psychiatric restrictions that federal law currently imposes on gun ownership, which are already overly broad but ADwr apply only to people who have undergone court-ordered treatment...READ MORE

          1. Trump Lawyers Argue,House Democrats are proposing to limit the next round of Covid-19 relief payments to households earning less than $200,000,EVau after criticism that President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package would benefit the rich......READ MORE COMMENT

    3. Wide swaths of Americans? What the hell? No, do treat murderous anti-American anti-democracy racist nativist white-nationalist Nazi followers of a wannabe dictator exactly as ISIS insurgents.

      1. "...followers of a wannabe dictator..."

        Let's not forget that this was an incumbent wannabe dictator. Trump led this terrorist act as a government official and used others to help him. This was the government's crime against citizens, not citizens' crime against government.

        “Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law breaker, it breeds contempt for the law.”
        ~ Justice Louis D. Brandeis

        1. "...Trump led this terrorist act as a government official and used others to help him..."
          TDS-addled imbecile.

          1. I think it's a pretty good argument that the platforms could be treated like the law treats shopping malls," Volokh says.This part of Section 230 is why it's absolutely inaccurate when politicians and critics insist that the provision's protections require a platform to have any sort of neutrality. They do not. They never did. And this is precisely why some people want to get rid of Section 230...........MORE READ

      2. "...No, do treat murderous anti-American anti-democracy racist nativist white-nationalist Nazi followers of a wannabe dictator exactly as ISIS insurgents..."

        Those voices in your head?
        They prove:

      3. but let non white Supremacists/Separatists gangs and their white anarchist buddies do the same without consequence, gotcha!

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  3. That can’t wait to jail the entire basket if deplorables.

    1. No, jail is for criminals. Insurrectionists get Gitmo.

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    2. the'll go after the leftist gangs once they're finished with the useful idiots...who haven't a clue what is coming.
      night of the long knives?

  4. Treating political dissidents as dangerous criminals and extremists to be purged is decidedly old hat. There is absolutely nothing new about such crude attempts to consolidate power and, despite the well documented horrors of the twentieth century, many Americans are absolutely blind to the reality of what is happening right in front of their eyes.

    Is it an ignorance of history? Denialism? Apathy? Hatred? Perhaps we truly live in a reality crisis. If so, the crisis is primarily one of arrogance.

    Solzhenitsyn wrote:

    "If it were possible for any nation to fathom another people's bitter experience through a book, how much easier its future fate would become and how many calamities and mistakes it could avoid. But it is very difficult.

    There always is this fallacious belief: 'It would not be the same here; here such things are impossible."

    He was right. If we continue on this course, we will soon reach a point of no return.

    1. Perfect quote for the moment.

    2. Sinclair Lewis wrote a book to that effect called "It Can't Happen Here." Ironically, the dictator in that book, Buzz Windrip, labled the opposing congress critters violent revolutionaries and had them arrested. Paving the way for one party rule.

      1. "The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagance, they have two of them" - Julius Nyerere, 1st president of Tanzania

        1. Heh! Wry observation.

      2. "Buzz Windrip."

        Wasn't he a cosmonaut?

    3. Was watching an episode of Band of Brothers last night. The episode where they were part of Operation Market-Garden. After jumping in to Holland they marched into Eindhoven, and the locals came out in force to celebrate their liberation.

      The locals were also administering reprisals - publicly stripping women and shaving their heads for having fraternized with the Nazis. Although unseen the GIs also were told that male collaborators were similarly being rounded up, but instead were getting shot.

      People could easily see this as rough justice, and sometimes it is. But only sometimes. Most all the times it is simply what the winners do to the losers.

      1. is that what we should do to the democrats when we finally win?

        1. It's a reminder of what is at stake once the balloon goes up.

          Say hi to TooSilly next time you are in the field!

      2. That whole operation was a travesty. One blunder after another. In the end it is what cost us Berlin and east Germany.

        1. Thank you Field Marshall Hindsight.

          1. I am an expert in that.

    4. "He was right. If we continue on this course, we will soon reach a point of no return."

      Unless of course the point of no return is already behind us.

    5. That's the feature of CRT. It was never about justice. it's about revenge. Except the actual perpetrators are not around to have vengeance foisted upon them. So the CRT ppl have to settle with venging on people who kinda, sorta look like the oppressors.

  5. These people don't actually believe this shit, they just see an opportunity to push it as a means of seizing control. They're projecting their own fantasies of what sort of dictators they'd like to be on everybody else. Most people just want to be left alone and these bastards are going to see to it that you're not going to be left alone.

    1. I have to disagree. This belief that the other side is full of liars is generally not true. For the most part, they believe what they say.

      They believed that Trump and the Russians stole the 2016 election. Now, they firmly, 100% believe that there was absolutely zero fraud in the 2020 election, that stealing a US election is absolutely impossible, and that everyone who believes it was stolen should be 'reprogrammed' away from their 'disinformation'.

      Likewise, they totally, 100% believe that Trump is a Putin loving white supremacist Nazi fascist who hates all immigrants and cares nothing about the US, and they firmly believe that everyone who supports Trump is a violent, uneducated, subhuman thug that needs to be handled and if possible 'shone the light' by reprogramming them.

      When former CIA director John Brennan claimed that Trump supporters are "an unholy alliance" of "religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, Nativists, even libertarians." he 100% believes every single word of it.

      You give them too much credit when you assume they are spouting endless lies. It's actually worse that they believe every word of what they say, and scary that they will take strong actions based on it.

      This is nothing new in history. Look at the Salem witch trials. Those people were absolutely convinced that they were taking legitimate and appropriate actions against real witches. Nothing has changed.

      1. " that stealing a US election is absolutely impossible"
        Funny, because they have been claiming Bush stole the election from Gore for 20 years.

        1. Big difference between 537 votes in one state & over 80k votes in 3 states

          1. No difference. A stolen election, whether one state or more, is still stolen.

            1. That one was more like too close to call with certainty so the umpires called it. Was he safe or out? They ruled it out so game is over.

              Nothing like the wild claims being made this time when the results are clear.

              Once an idea becomes a fixed belief there is no point in arguing about it however. Things will just move on in the usual dysfunctional way.

              1. Ok goebbels.

      2. Seriously? & yet you are convinced that they are 100% wrong & you are 100% (well, no doubt you are a reasonable person > 90%) right?

        I recognize that most Trump supporters were just fed up with the status quo & wanted someone from outside of the beltway running things. Pretty much the same reason that many of the same people voted for Obama in 2008. That being said, the GOP controlled senate finished their investigation of the "Russian hoax" last September & determined that indeed, the people in the Trump campaign actually were working with the Russians leading up to the 2016 election. In particular, Paul Manafort was actively working with a known agent of Russian intelligence. (references available on request)

        What you & everyone else need to recognize is twofold. 1st; you are far more likely to get killed in the USA by a white nationalist radical than you are by an Arab terrorist or a left wing radical. 2nd; so long as we keep pointing fingers at the other side & claiming that the problem lies entirely with them, we will not find a solution. The solution lies in acknowledging that we are all contributing to the problem when we uncritically repeat media stories that amplify our emotional position w/o doing rigorous fact checking & getting perspectives from both sides.

        The political class has come to understand (as exemplified by Kevin McCarthy going to Mar-A-Lago to kiss the ring of his dear leader) (& apparently foot the rather large bill for lunch) that you are more at risk of being primaried for not being sufficiently radical than you are of losing to a member of the other party.

        The founding fathers designed this country around the premise that people with different opinions can get together to find sufficient common ground to deal with our nation's challenges. The current political climate is exacerbated by social media & a news media which fosters an attitude that those who listen to "unworthy" sources are victims of "fake news." This country will be doomed, not because of the radical left or the radical right, but because we are no longer willing to give any respect to those who do not goose step alongside of our own opinions.

        1. "1st; you are far more likely to get killed in the USA by a white nationalist radical than you are by an Arab terrorist or a left wing radical."

          Antifa and BLM have killed many people in the last year. Please give the names of self proclaimed white supremacists, and their victim's names who were killed in the last year. (Claims that they were white supremacists by the MSM are not acceptable, since they basically call every trump voter a white supremacist.)

          The risk of being killed by leftists is much greater than of being killed by white supremacists.

          1. Don't confuse him with the facts.

            Remember, truth over facts!

          2. “2nd; so long as we keep pointing fingers at the other side......”


      3. Former director John Brennan is an idiot. If he learned English as a second language, I’d give him the benefit of the doubt and just say he’s confused about the meaning of words, but from his name, I’m guessing English is his mother tongue.

        If he thinks libertarians are akin to authoritarians, fascists, religious extremists, etc., he has zero clue as to what one or more of those words mean. He is way out of his depth and should stick to using vocabulary he understands. Maybe colors, shapes, and counting to ten with his fingers would be closer to his comfort level.

      4. Some are lying, all are psychotic.

      5. They believed that Bill & Hillary Clinton were clean as the driven snow, there was no White Water, Cattle Futures, Sex Harassment, Drug Smuggling & Gun Running for Iran-Contra, and that 300+ friends & "acquaintances" didn't really die under suspicious circumstances during & after their Arkansas reign. As long as they got their government checks & bennies with a sprinkling of leftist policy, they BELIEVED.
        Notice most of these Uncle Sam lifers served under Bush & Clinton, so whichever side you H8T, they know they have the dirt on them and probably vice versa.

  6. The contempt with which even average progressives have for average Americans has been one of the primary drivers of politics since long before Hillary Clinton referred to Trump supporters as "deplorables".

    From 2016 through today, when I ask average progressives why the white, blue collar middle class thinks that progressives hate them so much, the answer invariably morphs into why the white, blue collar, middle class should be hated.

    We can't have a serious conversation about why so many progressives regard average Americans like homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic racists until we come to terms with the fact that so many progressives really do treat average Americans that way.

    1. ... The 'enemy' is the 'enemy' no matter what they do.

    2. They can't hear us, but they make the mistake that the proles can't hear them.

      1. "Average American" "They can't here us"

        Omfg you're not even an American let alone an average one.

      2. Wait, holy shit, I just realized, bro, if they catch you, you're going to GITMO!!!! Because you have zero constitutional rights being as you're a foreign combatant. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Did you stop to think about what happens to you in the next 12 months?
          Hint: the state won't protect you.

  7. Staater's Photo-Caption Contest

    First Entry:
    "Hey, you guys seen any of those 'Baskets of Deplorables' 'round here?"

  8. Giving Americans less reason to hate and battle each other sounds a lot more promising

    Not for an expanding federal government it doesn't.


    They described the actions against Trump to protect democracy as a conspiracy (defined as a crime).

    1. They are so arrogant that people won't do shit about it that they will readily admit to the conspiracy all the while calling you a deranged conspiracy theorist for believing it. Orwellian to the extreme.

    2. they really want to protect democracy in 2024, by barring a leading opposition candidate from running.

  10. CCP Biden claimed during a presidential debate in 2007 that he was shot at in Baghdad’s “Green Zone.”

    CCP Biden later walked back his claim and said, “I was near where a shot landed.”

    CCP Biden on Thursday revived his old, dubious claim he was “shot at” overseas during a foreign policy speech at the State Department.

    I feel sorry for this clown. READ More

  11. Reason kicked and screamed for four years about everything Trump did. And here we are, calmly talking about the american government jailing dissidents.

    Enjoy it Reason, you helped elect this.

    1. And they clearly aren't too worked up over it.

      1. Which means that useless fuckwit Koch isn't worked up over it, too.

      2. Remember how upset they were when Obama went after reporters?

        Yeah, me neither.

  12. This column is much more mild then the post and commentators would lead you to believe. He has three actions to take: 1. Prosecute those who commit crimes, 2. Correct the disinformation and not push back against lies, 3. Convict Trump in the impeachment.

    1. Not surprising you would have this POV.

    2. "2. Correct the disinformation and not push back against lies,"

      I'm sure you're referring to the lies regarding Trump and Russia, right, you steaming pile of lefty shit?

    3. I like that John Brennan is quoted so heavily here after he both spied on Americans and lied to Congress about it.

      Reason is OK with that now.

      1. John Brennan deserves to be in jail far more than even Chuck Colson or G. Gordon Liddy did.

      2. Reason was OK with it then as well.

    4. Define "crime."

      1. "Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime."

        Lavrentiy Beria... or John Brennan. I forget which.

    5. But of course MollyGodiva and his pals decide (1) what are "crimes" and (2) who committed them, and (3) what is "truth" and what are "lies" and "disinformation".

      These fifty-center's are literally promoting a Soviet agenda on a libertarian website, but in 2021 it hardly seems weird.

  13. "In the wake of "recent conflicts" culminating in the Capitol riot,..."

    Nice...I see what you did there @Mr. J.D. Tuccille...

    Can ya throw us a bone and list those "recent conflicts" that The Deplorables inflicted on the rest of our society? google fu is strong....

  14. "a mass of citizens—sullen, angry and nursing their grudges—among whom the truly violent minority will be able to live undetectably, attracting new adherents to their cause."

    Hmm. It seems to me like this could easily be applied to the BLM violence we had last summer. Instead, my progressive colleagues defended the burning and looting crowds because "their anger was understandable".

    1. They need to make reporting others beneficial to doing nothing.

      If I hear somebody say they want to shoot up Congress --- what is in it for ME to do anything to stop it? I do not care if they live or die.

    2. just too damn bad the lefty extremists didn't take it to the elites. I'd like to see the take then.

  15. "The best way to calcify those perceptions of "domestic enemies" is for a government in the hands of one political faction to start treating its opponents as insurgents. That will inevitably entail the excesses and abuses that come with turning the security services loose not just on those who have committed crimes against others, but on whole segments of society viewed as potential threats."

    Feature, not bug. This is exactly what they want to do; alienate and to the extent possible disenfranchise all of the "hold outs" to a progressive society. Of course the road to hell that is supposedly paved with these [not so good intentions] will be the radicalization of the people who are being targeted. In other words, they will reap what they sow.

    And I am no so certain that is not deliberate and calculated.

  16. "Americans Shouldn't Be Treated Like ISIS Insurgents"

    If anyone at Reason actually believed that headline, they wouldn't have defamed Trump and his supporters for the past four years, and wouldn't have campaigned daily during the past nine months for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to impose their totalitarian policies on conservatives, libertarians and anyone else who opposes left wing socialism.

  17. "The danger, Grenier adds, lies in "a large, religiously conservative segment of the population, disproportionately (though not entirely) rural and culturally marginalized."

    It's always the conservatives who live in the country that are the problem. The fact that they, as a group, are largely marginalized and ostracized by urban aristocrats is clearly not the problem at all.

    1. "The problem is the slaves, not the fact that we're slavers. Don't they understand that our enormous grift is in their best interests?"

    2. This.

  18. It's cute you think America is still a republic or democracy.

    1. 2018 was probably the last genuine election that the US will ever see.

      1. I pray you aren't right, but sometimes I wonder if you may not be.

        1. Oh our electoral process has been in the tank for decades - it's a damn reality TV show designed to delude the masses and pit one side against the other so the grift can continue unabated.

          1. That Time Magazine article this week basically confirmed that our political system is professional wrestling.

            The degree to which they admitted how far the Optimates went to rig the election made it pretty obvious why the Democrats and the NeverTrumper Republicans and neocons flipped their shit so bad when Trump got elected--the Republican establishment had enough by then of the populist revolt within its ranks and they figured Trump was a sure loser against Hillary. So they decided to let him be the nominee in order to bring the base back into the neocon fold after he got whipped.

            This isn't conjecture or mind-reading--these pundits and politicians were quite open about their expectation that Trump was a hiccup and they fully expected to bring the base to heel after Hillary slaughtered him.

            Trump winning wasn't just a rebuke to the Democrats; it was a punch right into the solar plexus of the Bush wing of the party. So other than filling judgeships, they and the Democrats spent four years working together to ignore and marginalize Trump, to the point of continuing combat ops in Syria after he told them to pull out, and preventing a pull-out from Afghanistan. They followed this by working together to rig the election and make sure that he didn't get back into office, and are now trying to impeach him to make sure he can't keep acting as an upstart against their globohomo dreams.

  19. Well if we withdraw from Iraq and/or Afghanistan, where will all our highly trained counterinsurgents find work?
    Grenier and Brennan are outlining policies that will promote a domestic insurgency that will provide steady employment where the policies and tactics that worked so well there can be applied here.

    1. Brennan spied on Americans and lied to Congress. Nothing the Capito; Hill folks did touch what he has done.

      And Reason looks to him as a fucking source of ideas and information?

  20. Patriots are Nazi (i.e. Democratic National Socialist) insurgents.
    Nazi's are USA insurgents.

    The USA should be fighting the Nazi's NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

    And how do we determine the difference? The very definition of the USA and what made it great. The U.S. Constitution. Federal bills of minimum wage, "chicken-little's sky is falling down" regulation, Political influence on private companies (Big Tech), Gov ran healthcare, Gov ran censorship.................... I mean the list of infractions is endless...

    The federal government JOB is to defend the USA against foreign invasion --- THAT'S IT! Progressives have slowly but surely turned the US Government into a Nazi Regime; THAT IS the only battle going on here.

  21. The left wing media salivates over the very thought of 'far right violence.' The New York Times has published about a hundred articles on capital riot even down to examining the individuals involved.
    Those idiots who participated in this disgusting act probably have no idea what they've triggered.

    1. One of the reasons I condemned it so much and condemned Trump's actions for three months after the election, because I knew it would only make things worse. It gave them an excuse to finally get their wish to crush the conservative movement with the force of government. They've been only calling for it for two decades, but needed an excuse. The right gave it to them. I suspect libertarians will be next.

      1. It wouldn't have mattered.
        Totalitarians will justify their totalitarianism no matter what.
        The capitol riot was dumb, but it changed nothing.
        Let me repeat: it changed nothing.
        Did I predict the capitol riot?
        Because I predicted everything the left is doing...

        1. nardztradamas

        2. To be clearer, my point is that I did not predict the capitol riot or anything specifically like it - yet what the left is doing is exactly what I, and others, said they would do.
          They are using it as their predecessors, the Nazis, used the Reichstag fire - but they would have manufactured something either way. The riot made no realistic difference.

      2. They didn't need an excuse. This was going to happen regardless. It's about revenge and consolidation of power. It's the same old story of how the left tears apart a republic, only we happen to live here. Propaganda notwithstanding.

  22. Well, the good news is despite decades of trying, in multiple settings, the US government has never successfully squashed an insurgency.

    1. Yeah, but they did a lot of field trials so they're better prepared now.

    2. You squash insurgencies when you get the people to buy into it. We actually did almost eliminate the VC by 1967, and it stopped being an effective fighting force completely after Tet. We did almost eliminate the Iraqi insurgency after the surge. In Vietnam after 67 we mainly fought the NVA, and in Iraq after 07 it was mainly foreign fighters and even that was far less effective. The chances of the progressives winning buy in from the right seems less likely.

      1. My understanding is that after Tet the VC were no longer effective as a conventional force but remained quite effective as a guerrilla force. That is the conventional thinking anyway.

        In Iraq ISIS made the mistake of thinking they could capture and hold ground. They also made the mistake of thinking they could govern and ended up brutalizing the population many of which initially welcomed them.

        The Taliban were just fine when they were fighting Russians but turned into cruel despots as rulers. If they have changed their ways we shall soon find out.

        I think Ghengis Khan said something like ‘fighting and conquering your enemy on horseback is easy. It is dismounting and governing which is difficult.’

  23. So the blm didn’t work in their color revolution, which means the cia will finish the job themselves.

    Why can’t these agencies have oversight?

    1. Because when you run things you have no oversight - just ask Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc., etc.

    2. Oh, they do. But the NewSpeak switcheroo definition for oversight is overlook.

  24. Anti-White thugs attack White people that peacefully protest against the genocidal policy of mass third-world immigration and FORCED assimilation for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries. If anti-White ideas are so good, why do they require street violence to make sure nobody will object? It’s obvious that Antifa really only wants White Genocide.

    1. I think BLM wants white enslavement and if my guess on Antifa is correct, they want white genocide.

      1. Anti-fa is young white guys basement-dweller guys in black hoodies and black backpacks. I guess they are suicidal.

        1. Yes, they are.
          Leftism is driven by the will to death.
          It's why they won't accept "live and let live" as an option.

        2. Self loathing is essential to the religion of Woke-ism.

          1. Ok I’m Woke

            Can I go back to bed now?

            1. No. Now you must ritually apologize, and after your public humiliation, you must burn yourself alive in atonement.

              Your family, at least the few who are allowed to continue living, will be billed for the carbon offset to cover the emissions of your funeral pyre.

              1. It'd be nice if he had the integrity to just kill himself, but that wouldn't satisfy his overwhelming resentment.

  25. '"According to January YouGov polling, 53 percent of Democrats, 56 percent of Republicans, and 57 percent of Independents "think that the biggest threat to their way of life comes from domestic enemies."'

    I guess I can be counted among those, as well, as long as the "domestic enemies" are defined as belonging to that group who identify as "politicians."

  26. The Who

    We’ll be fighting in the streets
    With our children at our feet
    And the morals that they worship will be gone
    And the men who spurred us on
    Sit in judgment of all wrong
    They decide and the shotgun sings the song

    I’ll move myself and my family aside
    If we happen to be left half alive
    Cause ya know the hypnotized never lie

    I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around me
    Pick up my Guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    And I get on my knees and pray
    We don’t get fooled again

    1. I like the part of this song that goes, "And the parting on the left is now the parting on the right".

      Hmmm. Whatever did Pete Townshend intend to say there?

      1. It’s my hair now after covid. Going for that aging hippie look.

        Cool song. Townsend fooling around with this new thing they called a synthesizer.

    2. Meet the New Boss

      Same as the Old Boss

  27. Biden's SecDef has stood down the military for 60 days to root out extremism. If I were a conspiracy but I'd be screaming about Biden creating a military that is ideologically allied to him. This could further be supported by how Obama fired any flag officer who disagrees with him.
    This kind of shit is why we have people increasingly believing in conspiracies. And why they believe the election was stolen and there won't ever be a fair election again. Also, see what happened to Greene last night, despite her apologizing for protected speech. And yet Waters and Schiff remain in leadership positions. The double standard is why we may not avoid a civil war at this point. We are definitely on the brink, and the Democrats seem hell bent on pushing us over the brink. See MollyGodiva above for an example of the stupidity and double standards that have brought us to this point. Fuck Trump, Fuck Biden, Fuck Pelosi and Schumer.

    1. BTW, this is looking more and more like the left is following a certain playbook from a certain European 1930s political movement. First with Antifa violence against the right and anyone perceived to be in opposition to their movement. Then with their demonizing political opponents and blaming the foes with the violence they actually started and now using a certain violent act by their supposed foes to further marginalize and legislate their political foes out of existence or punish them out of existence. We also seem to be on a road towards military and political representatives being required to give loyalty oaths.

      1. You're trying real hard to not believe what you know to be true.

      2. Another thing that hasn't been mentioned nearly enough since the election results were in favor of Biden is how the Left plotted on line violence, riots and even to burn everything down if Trump was re-elected.
        Nothing to see there.

    2. What exactly does it mean to "stand down" the military, anyway? Are they all on vacation, or something? Or are they just being vetted to determine who would make reliable "political officers"?

      1. No training, no leave, investigations and training on how to spot (right wing) extremism and report it. They specifically mentioned right wing extremism but not left wing. And part of their reasoning was because a few dumbasses at the riots were veterans and active duty members. Hell, they don't do that for any other crime committed by veterans or active duty. I never experienced anything like it during my 10 years of service.
        If they continue, some of the military may interpret these actions as triggering the domestic portion of the foreign or domestic line from their oath.

      2. Also no deployments, so the troops due to rotate out of an area just got fucked as their orders just got extended 60 days.

    3. "Fuck Trump, Fuck Biden, Fuck Pelosi and Schumer."

      Which one doesn't belong?

      1. They all do, because they all have contributed to today's environment. Trump may be less guilty but still bears some guilt. And also if you don't condemn Trump a lot of people just tune you out as a Trumper. So, including him is both factually accurate (albeit I totally admit many of his actions were defensive, but he never learned how to act strategically) and defensive.

        1. Since you can cop out so easily, Reason might be interested in hiring you. Try to work these phrases into your next post:

          "Both sides..."
          "To be sure..."

          1. What ever!

            1. Good one! You should submit it for the Style Manual.

        2. Appeasement doesn't get the results you want.

      2. "Which one doesn’t belong?"

        Which begs the question; "Which others belong?"

        Yeah, I know -- a LONG list.

        1. Fuck most all of them. There's a few I like but very few.

          1. And yes at least two have D's after their names, Manchin and Gabbard. Don't agree with them but believe they are mostly fair and principled. Mostly.

    4. Well, just cause one is paranoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get you.

    5. When Time Magazine openly admits that they and their fellow elites did, in fact, rig the election, it's not a conspiracy anymore.

      It's public record.

  28. "People died in the violence."

    One heart attack. Could have happened anywhere, didn't happen inside the Capitol building, but rather in the peaceful protest.

    One stroke. Could have happened anywhere, didn't happen inside the Capitol building, but rather in the peaceful protest.

    One person was trampled by the crowd. Happens at rock concerts, too.

    One person was shot by police while acting stupidly enough I'm putting it down as suicide by cop.

    And... One cop was alleged to have been beaten to death with a fire extinguisher, but they've finally back tracked on that and admitted that the autopsy showed no sign of blunt force trauma at all, so it was probably another heart attack or stroke.

    1. Not a cop, private security for one of the rulers

      1. That is rapidly becoming a distinction without difference.

    2. So, are you suggesting the story is conflating those who died from the violence and those who died with the violence?

      1. A recently tested and proven technique!

        Wear Your Mask, citizen!... See Something, Say Something, citizen!

  29. It's only fitting that the Senator that drafted the 1994 crime bill would be President when US Citizens are treated like ISIS Insurgents.

    Biden/Harris make the perfect authoritarian pair based on their past.

    1. And ironically they are unironically going after "authoritarians" meaning people who mostly support individual rights as lined out in the constitution. Believing in individual rights as lined out in the constitution in newspeak is now authoritarian and fascist.

      1. And racist. Mustn't leave that one out.

  30. What's the name of the group of fruitcakes who think government is "oppressive"?

    Oh right. The libertarians.

    Now they've got a new name: VANILLA ISIS

    1. and every drug damaged dirty hippie, and dna damaged occupy anarchist/antifa spawn except when under a Democrat regime like Clinton or Obama.

      1. These idiots are occasionally useful to the powers-that-be.

        Small "L" libertarians, not so much. We're just afterthoughts crammed into their Big Basket of Deplorables.

  31. Reason writes like this is an accidental overreach or unintended consequences - nothing could be further from reality, and BOTH parties are on board with the power grab. Articles like this are just blathering into the void while the politicians and their corporate sponsors/cronies know exactly what they are doing. They despise and loathe us and think they are better than we plebians, viewing us as animals to either be tamed to perform for them or caged (either metaphorically or literally).

  32. The murdered a cop and injured dozens more. They should be treated as murders.

    1. And there are already laws on the books to address every one of those crimes - don't need more.

      But I am guessing you were cool with burning innocent peoples' businesses and killing people in "mostly peaceful protests" over the summer.

      That sword cuts both ways.

    2. "The murdered a cop and injured dozens more..."

      There is no murdered cop. TDS-addled shit. He died of a stroke.
      And how about a cite for those 'injured dozens', TDS-addled shit?

    3. And all murders require 25,000 troops to secure the crime scene.

      To see New Caesar safely through the Ides of March. At least.

      1. Would not surprise me if they had a permanent force there from now on. Maybe rotate national guards on a continuing basis.

        1. Me either.

          Welcome to the Republic. Now have a banana, and watch what you say.

    4. Hey Larry, does that apply to the people killed in the BLM/Antifa riots too?

  33. I think what is most important is that we drive a wedge between those"

    YES the CIA does this so well in so many countries that then end up in all out civil war. i think they actually want that. it is the only way to know for sure whose with us or against us.

  34. Me to everybody suffering buyers-remorse right now.

  35. Don’t want to be treated like a member of Isis? Then don’t join an insurrection against the democratically elected government

    1. A bunch of morons with zero plan, and less of a clue isn't an "insurrection" - but to pander to your idiotic point, let's pretend for a second that it was their plan; 10 cops with body armor and automatic weapons would have had that building empty in less than 15 minutes - those idiots would have been scrambling like ants from a stepped-on ant hill. You need to go to a real insurrection to see what that looks like. You're as dumb as the people who did it.

      But I am sure Mr. Schumer appreciates you carrying his water.

    2. I am curious: how do you define that? Which of the following are included in your definition?
      - assaulting someone at the Capitol
      - walking into the Capitol
      - being at the 1/6 D.C. rally
      - saying/writing something Biden & Co. don't like
      It seems a large number of Democrats want to go with "all of the above."

    3. like minority Separatist/Supremacist gangs, street gangs, white leftist groups like Eco-Terrorists, Occupy Anarchists, and so on? bust all of em, no?

  36. The problem starts with seeing the world as "them vs us". It's so simple, and so clear, and makes it so easy to hate / cancel / proscribe "them".

    Just wish I had a solution in this political climate. Unfortunately, what it takes is someone with power to take the other side seriously and accept that their point of view may have some merit. But Washington is dead and buried 220 years at this point.

    1. What you say is true, and the political class doesn't want it to change; it is the very lifeblood of their corruption, thievery, and murder. They rely on it because without it they might actually be held accountable. And the media stokes it because they're in on the scam as useful idiots, while Boobus Americanus plays politics.

      Our elections are nothing but a contest to see who gets to shit on us, and choosing one over the other is a fool's errand.

  37. But if the government is going to treat innocent people like terrorists..."

    The terrorists are not the people, but the government and those of it. Yes, the attack on the capitol was terrorism - state terrorism. An incumbent POTUS was the terrorist leader and police and assorted other government employees were the key terrorist operatives. Any action not aimed at government and those of it is aimed at the wrong target.

    “After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.”
    ~ William S. Burroughs

    1. "...Yes, the attack on the capitol was terrorism – state terrorism. An incumbent POTUS was the terrorist leader and police and assorted other government employees were the key terrorist operatives. Any action not aimed at government and those of it is aimed at the wrong target..."
      TDS-addled imbecile.

    2. And it was government that stopped them. In fact, it was the idea of government. Trump couldn't take power because, at least in this regard, government was strong. That's what rule of law is, and nobody's ever explained why it should be deliberately weak when they're talking about their pet government tasks. Or should we only enforce property rights some of the time and half-assedly?

      The problem is a malfunctioning government, and we can pat ourselves on the back at least for the fact that it's malfunctioning in the direction opposite to democracy. Meaning more democracy, better government, less terrorism. That's just luck. We should take advantage of luck when it comes our way.

      And the problem is what resulted in part as a consequence of that. A political faction that seeks to do foundational harm to the country we pay taxes in. I don't know why it has to be more complicated. Any time we equivocate on that point, we're doing their job.

      Because see what you just did? A political faction that is radically different from its opponent political faction committed a grievous crime against democracy. And you're here blaming both sides and abstract institutions.

      Hm, Democrats are the power of activist government. The problem is government. Democrats, if anything, are more responsible for what the Republicans did, if you think about it.

  38. Americans Shouldn't Be Treated Like ISIS Insurgents

    Stunning and brave.

    1. The headline was going to framed as another, "Don't Let Biden..." construction, but in light of New Caesar's steadfast commitment to Unity and Truth, Reason didn't want to be seen as promoting Sedition. Or Insurrection, even!

      1. That sort of verbiage is only employed here against Presidents not acceptable to the ruling class.

  39. I dunno, maybe it will prove once and for all that the US government isn't doing this in the Middle East because we are racist, just because we are tyrannical. See? We do it to white Americans, too!

  40. US armed forces and reserves- 2,100,000.
    Of course, less than 20% of are "combat" troops. Sure, the cooks plumbers and truck drivers have been to basic training, but it is not reasonable to expect them to arm up and start using small unit tactics. So less than 500K combat troops. But lets double that, because why not.
    There are 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers in the US.
    So, rounding up, we might have 2 million people equipped to take up arms against their families and fellow Americans.
    Equipped. But willing?
    Lets look at the people they might be expected to treat like ISIS. Not the actual KKK or skinheads or whatever. They are insignificant.
    Lets say we decide that gun owners are the problem. It would be a pretty big problem, since there are 140 million of them. It would be generous to assume that 50% would turn in their guns. Certainly a smaller percentage have in New Zealand, and Texas is not New Zealand.
    Control of information, like shutting down cell networks and scrambling CB frequencies might work to shut down any organized resistance, although that has not worked anywhere else.
    But being generous, lets say 95% of gun owners are disarmed and pacified. That still leaves 7 million armed folks, who just wanted to be left alone.
    This would be complicated by the fact that gun owners, rural conservatives, combat troops, and police officers are largely overlapping sets, and also overlap with the set of combat veterans.
    If there was even minor organization, it gets more complicated. That 5% are not going to attack military troops or storm the cities. The might just defend their homes and families. Think Solzhenitsyn.
    If they did engage in non-defensive acts, it would probably be against infrastructure. Most of the the pipelines, power transmission, as well as transport infrastructure, run through long stretches of "red" areas. The logistics of guarding all of that, while trying to simultaneously conduct raids on 7 million people, is pretty intimidating.

    It is just a terrible idea, in so many ways.

    1. I think we shouldn't underestimate the ability of even Americans to become radicalized like ISIS. It's not a wealth thing, it's an ideology thing. And we are all the same kind of human.

      But the one major and decisive variable in America is the overwhelming power of its Armed Forces. If they aren't on your side, like officially, then you are going to lose. We don't even have to make any assumptions about the cowardly nature of the radicals. The bigger army usually wins if it wants to, and only one side even has one. How would the radicals ever be permitted to get to the point where they're wearing uniforms?

      If we've fallen down on the job, it's not because we've created a homegrown threat to the republic, as much as it may really want to be, it's that we've created so many future victims of a war started by stupid people who can't count.

      1. Absolutely! It would be a walk in the park. New Caesar should strike while the enemy is still disorganized and not expecting anything malevolent. Only then will we have Unity!

      2. “The bigger army usually wins if it wants to.”

        Nope. You don’t even need to go back in history for that one.


        Anyway we already live in a police and surveillance state.

        “Okay, folks, show’s over. Nothing to see here, show’s… Oh my God! A horrible plane crash! Hey, everybody, get a load of this flaming wreckage! Come on, crowd around, crowd around! Don’t be shy, crowd around!”

      3. Wolverines!!

        1. I think Jennifer Grey was the cutest Wolverine.

      4. North Vietnam never stood a chance.

    2. "If they did engage in non-defensive acts, it would probably be against infrastructure."

      Communications would be an early an key target. Not just the actual broadcast facilities, but also the elimination of the faces and names known to be supportive of the progressive statists and their agenda.

      Really would not want to be the local publisher, editor, or reporter at whatever proggy fishwrap is in your area when things go hot.

      1. Because, while some people will get a modicum of protection - mostly people operating on the Federal level - everyone else will pretty much be on their own.

  41. I've been reading and watching a lot of stuff on what the Republican party should do to save itself. Lots of opinions on how to separate out the kooks from the so-called traditional conservatives. As if the obviously correct principle that you shouldn't let violent radical cultists join your coalition doesn't sometimes conflict with basic electoral math.

    People need to make room in their heads more for the real path forward. The Republican party is a toxic cause, a toxic brand to everyone on earth except an occasional plurality of Americans, and it's leader just tried to overthrow the government stupidly.

    What are we trying to save here? Just let it die. There can be two parties. Maybe one can even be called Republican. But it has to earn it's place back into acceptability for God's sake. How many more decades are we going to defer to their claims about reality just because they are a major institution? Lots of major institutions are terrible and believe stupid shit. They are only a factor as a vessel of power, and that's what needs to be denied them until they clean house.

    Then when they're done fixing their problems, they can come back up to baseline democratic values and compete against Democrats. They could probably do pretty well offering an alternative to the non-crazy center of all races. It's not like it's hard to run against Democrats.

    The problem isn't mislabeling right-wing insurgents. People are what they do. It's that there are so many of them, created as if in a factory by a political force that figured out that the only way it could go on winning was to create a horde of zombies.

    1. It's not Red vs. Blue - it's them vs. us.

      The politician assholes in both parties promote this bullshit divide while accepting as much largesse as they can from corporate America. The notion that democrats have a shred of credibility more than republicans is complete bullshit. The biggest difference between the two is the spelling.

      It's all about more war, kiss Wall St.'s ass, the surveillance state, and accepting bribes from the powerful and wealthy...oh, and blame only the other party.

      Anyone who can't see that simply doesn't want to see it - it's all happening right out in the open.

      1. Ironically; Corporate America didn't show up at my door with Gov-Guns insisting I purchase corporate product x,y,z or insisting I work for them. That was all done by the party that pretends to hate capitalism and corporate America.

        1. You are missing the point about the dog and the tail. The corrupt do not really care which party is in power. They are happy to fund both sides and both are happy to take it.

          Libertarians know this which is why we advocate for limited government. It is also why we don’t win elections. Not enough $$ to match the big players.

          1. Plus, libertarianism requires personal responsibility. And if there's anything Americans hate, it's personal responsibility. If the Kochs are "libertarians" (and they aren't - "I got mine so fuck you"), then I can see the appeal of socialism to many people.

            So it is a non-starter, especially as more wet-nursed, entitled fools comprise a greater percentage of our society. Throw the wealth gap fostered by cronyism (see Kochs above) on top of that, and things are not looking good for improvement in any area.

            The tinder for social unrest is all there...just need the right spark. I am working feverishly to get the hell out of here - I'd rather watch the empire implode on TV than out my front window...especially as I am a white man living in a predominantly black neighborhood. Has never been a problem, but mob mentality changes a lot of things.

            1. I am more worried about the effects of covid and the lockdowns. Which also contributes to the unrest. So we just moved to be closer to the rest of the family and it is much better now. Circle the wagons. It is going to be more of a life formed as smaller tight knit communities within larger areas.

          2. And you're chasing the tail not the dog. A functional USA (by the USA Constitution) wouldn't allow "crony socialism".

            And P.S. Ya'll just had a President who had an entire commission working on, "limited government" but instead of cheering on LIMITED Gov; Reason at least caught the TDS pandemic and decided to blame Trump for everything under the Sun.

      2. It is a shell game. Dems and republicans switch hats every now and then and that is pretty much it. They have the people including many here who call themselves libertarian convinced they have to support one of them.

        The one thing they fear is a third party alternative to upset the apple cart so they make sure to shut us down and marginalize us at every turn.

        1. As much as they pretend to hate each other, they saw Perot get 19% of the vote back in the 90s and agreed to work together to insure nothing of the sort would ever happen again. Despite the titanic egos on both sides of the aisle, they know how to keep the grift going, and it is all Kabuki theater as they enrich themselves by pandering to their donors, while ignoring (and even actively destroying) their constituents, keeping them in a constant state of fear and adversary against the "other side."

          In some senses, it is the most corrupt governance on the planet - at least in Banana Republics, everyone knows what is going on, while here, imbecilic citizens convince themselves that we are "free" and that the USA is a "force for good" in the world, as we "spread democracy" one bomb/drone at a time.

          The mental and psycho-social gymnastics it takes to believe in what is happening could fuel psychological and sociological study for decades.

    2. Meanwhile, the lefturd faction of the Ruling Party continues to pretend that about 100 days of Kristallnacht didn't happen. Get back to us when the Democrats have cleaned their own act up.


    3. "I’ve been reading and watching a lot of stuff on what the Republican party should do to save itself...."

      This from a TDS-addled lefty shit too stupid to recognize his fantasies from reality.

  42. The Grenier letter reads like a crazy man’s manifesto. These people don’t think the point of elections is choosing good government. They think the point of elections is controlling the government for the purpose of wags in a war with an internal enemy. He sounds completely xenophobic. This is what Nazis sound like: crazy people who want to go to war with some boogie man they want to project on. It’s scary that people consider that serious policy talk.

    1. The Nazis recruited in occupied countries by convincing people they had to fight the communists. They raised up whole divisions in occupied territories. The communists recruited by convincing people they had to fight the Nazis. They were the most active partisans in the war. It was very effective. Eastern Europe went from Nazi occupation to communist occupation.

      1. That and killed Jews.

        1. They could all agree on that.

    2. Poland was the exception and resisted both of them.

    3. The Establishment is rapidly turning into an Intersectional Fascist state.

  43. Brennan and Grenier ARE "a very, very serious and insidious threat to our democracy and our republic". Just as the Roman Republic devolved into the Roman Empire when Julius Caesar brought the techniques he learned leading Legions outside the Republic's borders back home with him to Rome (the famous "crossing of the Rubicon"), our republic will be in grave danger if these men are allowed to bring their "counterinsurgency" techniques home.

    1. But these are Top Men!

      And the Party doesn't make mistakes, comrade.

    2. You really need to read up on Roman history. The "cabal" that lost its shit and just admitted to rigging the election in their favor aren't the Caesar faction--they're the Optimates, trying to keep a corrupt system intact because a strongman might come along and break up their grift. Trump wasn't Caesar; as one of our commenters has pointed out, he's more like the Gracchi brothers.

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  46. This is really fucked up. Driving a wedge between people who are hundreds of miles away from you because you think theyre dangerous. This is some gestapo stuff.

    Rural America better get their ID papers in order.

    What has happened to this country?

    1. It is simply following the exact script of all crumbling empires - Americans delude themselves that this is only stuff for the history books...forgetting that history repeats, and is never denied.

      I only hope that these deranged sociopath assholes who run the show here won't nuke the world in a last-ditch effort to save their grip on control...but I am not hopeful because they are so out of touch with normal people and reality that it is truly mind-boggling. The worst form of human this planet has to offer, and the moral/ethical superior of no one.

      1. How else will we get to the mother's milk of human kindness that is 'Mad Max - Fury Road'

        1. Or the insanity that is Mel Gibson himself.

    2. Rural America better get their ID papers in order.

      No, rural America needs to start closing ranks and figure out how to hide their firearms.

      It's ironic that these leftists haven't read enough of their own history to understand why their ideological forebears cultivated support in the hinterlands rather than trying to marginalize and oppress the people who live there.

  47. Historical note: Virginia didn't secede until Lincoln tried to force them to provide troops to invade North Carolina. That's also when Lee decided that his duty to Virginia was paramount, and resigned from the US Army.


  48. ...the excesses and abuses that come with turning the security services loose not just on those who have committed crimes against others, but on whole segments of society viewed as potential threats...

    In USSR, speaking out against the regime was a crime.
    I am pretty sure there are one or more bills along the same lines pending in Congress right now.

    1. My wife grew up in the USSR - she says the parallels are chilling with what is morphing into being right in front of everyone's eyes...and yet so few claim to see it.

      1. Friend from former Easter block country said this during the Clinton regime in the 1990's.
        Remember he was behind "Operation Urban Warrior" where the military practiced invading cities after a mock terrorist attack, not to protect Americans from the bad guys or even simply help the victims, but to control them with guns & razor wire. They hired locals to play victims or "protestors". Now the domestic war games are in the news so often people don't pay much attention. Notice that presidents after WWII who didn't start new wars were one termed, except for Bush Sr. who practically layed down for Bill.

  49. The veil has been pulled back, between the election, and the Gamestop Rebellion, it's very clear who the real Nazis are. We are seeing the rise of Intersectional Fascism.

  50. Give it a look.

    Mike Lindell of the MyPillow company has released his long-awaited video documenting the voter fraud of the 2020 election.

  51. Biden supporters rioted, looted and burned and even attempted to block the entrances of a federal courthouse and burn it down with all inside all summer long and one riot by Trump supporters leads to this? Washington DC was being burned and pillaged all summer and no militarization at all. What am I not getting here?

    1. "There's a club...and you ain't in it." - George Carlin

      1. “I would never belong to a club that would have me for a member” Groucho Marx

    2. How many people that you know are willing to connect the dots as you have?

      The enemy is controlling the narrative through mainstream media propaganda and social media censorship and deplatforming.

      Hell, they censored the fucking president.

      It doesn’t get more real. Fight for 1a now, or lose it.

  52. This just in: a snotty overpaid apparatchik in taxachussetts thinks his job is to "break our will" w/r/t complying with whatever bullshit the global warming alarmists can come up with.


  53. Really??? Do democrats really want to treat us as WELL and as gently as they did ISIS? Under Obama, they took over most of the middle east.

  54. Okay, I get it that even Tuccille can have a bad headline day. But recal that Kurt Russell, modest actor-not-pundit, did point out that you don't find many living examples of people who never had to fight "their own" government. What we see a LOT in History are weird, pissed-off death camp dictatorships with no Second Amendment and no Libertarian Party.

  55. The comments have really become funny. The Trump bots, money making spam bots, and apparently some Russkie bots are all competing to reply to each other.

    1. not nearly as amusing as the Dixiecrat boot licking never Trump bots

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  57. You looked the other way while the Democrats stole the election. Now we're all going to get Bidened, good and hard.

    1. do u know about this post it post and against the community guideline but...READ MORE

    2. It is not the fault of the democrats if the republicans bet on the wrong horse. Yup now we gotta deal with them and probably more to come in a few years.

      Trump screwed up royally. Aside from his loyal base the only votes that matter, independent swing voters, had enough of “despite all his faults”.

      1. Lick them boots, nazisoviet.
        Your narrative doesn't match the data.

  58. The propaganda has equated militias with racism right when we need them.

    Get over the brainwashing, join a militia.

    Communist America would be a good B movie if it wasn’t really happening.


    Anti-police, BLM activists marched through the streets of Washington DC Saturday night, where they yelled at police and harassed outdoor diners while chanting various slogans such as "Black lives, they matter here," and "if we don't get it, burn it down."

    Participants shined flashlights in the windows of local businesses and residences. Meanwhile, DC police did virtually nothing to control or stop the march as the group confronted locals.

  60. "The overwhelming reason for action, cited again and again in court documents, was that arrestees were following Trump’s orders to keep Congress from certifying Joe Biden as the presidential-election winner."

    That this attack was committed, essentially, on the orders of Trump, an incumbent POTUS, for the purpose of illegally and violently retaining and expanding his power, after a clear election loss; places it in an entirely new, distinct, and worse category than any previous political violence in these United States. This, however, and the fact that Trumps co-conspirators were also in government from the start or became so by "following Trump’s orders to keep Congress from certifying Joe Biden as the presidential-election winner" provides a route for their proper investigation and prosecution that can insulate any actual private citizens from improperly being caught up in these investigations and prosecutions. Trump's attack was and should be prosecuted as the violation of civil rights under the color of law, of which only those in government at the time of their crimes can be guilty.

    1. "worse category than any previous political violence in these United States."

      lol these kids think US history starts with Bush

      Wilson? Never heard of him.

  61. It's already worse than that. You think the courts don't follow the press? Somehow Clinesmith and Strzok escaped being called "insurrectionists" in straight news pieces despite forging FISA warrants in an attempted coup, somehow Clinton and Biden escaped jail, somehow the same high-profile law firms with a giant hard-on for pro bono Gitmo won't give the time of day to peaceful protesters not even accused of an actual crime because of "optics."

    "Treason doth never prosper. What's the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

  62. If you think you have problems, just travel a bit you will see some places out there that wont be your fave

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