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Arizona's GOP Has Become a Trump Cult

The organization has devolved from skepticism toward government to veneration of politicians.


"He is with us," the speaker in the video urged viewers. "He loves the United States of America and he loves the American people. Have no doubt!" It was a performance worthy of an obscure religious TV channel stumbled upon during a late-night bout of insomnia, but it was actually a January 8 update from Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward. She spoke in what she obviously assumed were reassuring terms of her conversation with President Donald Trump after the January 6 storming of the Capitol. "What an amazing president we have," she added, in a demonstration of the sad decay of the state's Republican organization from a political party into a cult of personality.

Once upon a time, the Arizona GOP nursed a distinctly individualistic skepticism of government and politicians. Long-time U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater famously wrote, "my aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them." A hand-wringing September 2020 Kurt Anderson column in The New York Times held Goldwater responsible for introducing Milton Friedman's free-market economic ideas to a wide audience during events that "opened the door to libertarian economics."

Sam Steiger, a colorful five-term member of the House of Representatives, said there were some of his colleagues "you wouldn't hire to wheel a wheelbarrow." He ran for governor as a Libertarian in 1982, earning 5 percent of the vote. When he returned to the Republican fold to unsuccessfully seek the party's 1990 gubernatorial nomination, the Phoenix New Times noted that while he had backed off advocacy of drug legalization, Steiger "is an admitted 'Libertarian at heart.'"

Those were Republicans you couldn't really imagine assuring party faithful that a politician "loves" them. Grudging tolerance for an officeholder was more characteristic for their breed.

Since then, however, the Arizona GOP has undergone a strange transformation. It took a distinctly nativist and nationalist turn, best exemplified by Joe Arpaio, who held the office of Maricopa County sheriff for 24 years.

Where Goldwater promoted a Bracero-type temporary worker program to make illegal border crossings less tempting, and Steiger accused the Immigration and Naturalization Service of exaggerating illegal immigration in order to pad its budget requests, Arpaio made border enforcement the focus of his local law enforcement department. He went so far as to ignore a judge's order to stop detaining people his officers suspected of undocumented status—earning himself a conviction for contempt of court in the process. (Trump pardoned the former sheriff.)

Beyond Arpaio, the Arizona Republican Party tied itself to anti-immigrant sentiment, pushing through in 2010 a controversial law that allowed police to stop and question suspected migrants and requiring aliens to carry registration papers on them at all times. Much, though not all, of the law was declared unconstitutional, but the legislation still influences state political divisions and strongly colors perceptions of the GOP.

The anti-immigrant sentiments of SB 1070 were embodied on the national scene by Donald J. Trump's presidential campaign. "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best," he claimed. "They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

That was too much even for Arpaio, who responded, "I don't think the majority of people from Mexico are rapists and murderers." But it struck a chord with Arizona Republicans, who delivered the state to Trump in 2016. Subsequently, Goldwater-esque Republican Sen. Jeff Flake declined to run for reelection when support within the party eroded over his opposition to "the transformation of my party from a party of ideas to a party in thrall to a charismatic figure peddling empty populist slogans," as he put it in a Washington Post essay.

Since then, the Arizona GOP has doubled-down on its break with its past, becoming not even a nationalist-populist party, but a cult-like vehicle for one man: Donald J. Trump. Even before party chairwoman Ward assured the faithful of the love of their leader, the party called upon its devotees for sacrifice. "He is. Are you?" the party's official Twitter account chimed in on December 7 after a "Stop the Steal" activist boasted "I am willing to give my life for this fight" in efforts to overturn Trump's election loss.

The party isn't yet entirely consumed by Trumpism. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, has championed old-school issues such as school choice. He's been savaged by the usual suspects for his relatively light touch in terms of mandated restrictions and lockdowns in response to the pandemic. Ducey also appointed libertarian legal scholar Clint Bolick to serve on the Arizona Supreme Court.

But the governor's defense of the integrity of the state's voting process won him a juvenile slap from Kelli Ward, who tweeted #STHU (shut the hell up) at her party's own elected official. Ward had unsuccessfully challenged the vote tally after the presidential election.

The Arizona Republican Party's transformation into a Trumpist cult isn't just antagonizing a governor elected from its ranks, it's eroding the organization's support by alienating whole segments of the population. After Flake decided against running for reelection, his former seat went to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in 2018. Democrat Mark Kelly defeated incumbent Trumpist Republican Martha McSally (who was appointed) for the other seat in 2020. And, in a squeaker of a vote, the state's electoral votes went to Joe Biden in the latest presidential contest.

"A big factor in this slippage of political fault lines has been the mobilization of the state's growing Hispanic population and other communities of color by grassroots organizations, led by mostly young local organizers," notes IPS News. "Over the past decade, Hispanic groups have grown strong by pushing back against the free-range bigotry and nativism of the state's Republican establishment."

Libertarian Jo Jorgensen's vote total far exceeded the razor-thin margin between Biden and Trump in November—an election in which voters also overwhelmingly legalized recreational marijuana. That would seem to indicate a path for reviving the Goldwater/Steiger individualist tradition in state politics—except that Arizona Republicans already anticipated that threat. In a 2015 move overtly intended to keep Libertarians off the ballot, lawmakers hiked access hurdles for aspiring candidates from a couple of hundred signatures to several thousand.

"If we're not on the ballot, we're going to all vote Democrat," Libertarian activist Barry Hess snapped in response. "Screw them!"

Probably less from libertarian disgust than because they've wandered down the dead end of political cultism, Republicans in Arizona do look screwed. Whether they can unscrew themselves after the object of their veneration has been ejected from national politics is anybody's guess.

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  1. "The organization has devolved from skepticism toward government to veneration of politicians."

    True of the USA's entire GOP, pretty much! Veneration of "R" politicians to make it precisely accurate, though!

    1. this isn't the domain of a single party. See
      or see the countless obama and biden in halo photos the ap routinely puts out.

      1. That's different. The objects of their worship are worthy. They are the true messiahs come to rescue them from the evil Republicans.

        1. So, still morons.

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        2. Sqrlsy's pretty sure that the AP halos real.

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      2. Good fucking God. That might be one of the scariest twatter threads I've had the misfortune of stumbling on. I need eye bleach after seeing that shit.

        On a slightly more serious note, the tendency of both parties to build up cults of personality around favored politicians is probably one of the most frightening trends in modern politics. That's been the case for the last 2 presidents, first Obama and then Trump. Political cults never end well for anyone, not the people in the cult and not for people outside the cult. I suppose the good news is that I can't really see anyone developing a cult like devotion to Joe Biden. The man has the personality of a baked potato and the mental faculties of one to boot. In order to form a cult of personality around someone they have to first have a personality and he doesn't have one.

        1. You can add "W, the President" to that list. I agree, it's a shitty, scary trend.

          With that said, reading through the thread, I guess I'm supposed to no longer care about double standards or hypocrisy.... Jesus, what happened?

          1. Perhaps my memory is a little fuzzy, but I don't recall "W" having nearly as much of a devoted cult like following as Obama or Trump. Maybe there were some, but the intensity of the hero worship wasn't nearly as strong as with his successors. I definitely don't think it was at the level of that twatter thread where people were making devotional candles with his image on them like he was some kind of saint or messiah. That's just downright creepy.

            1. They did try to use W for branding purposes. I saw a bunch of stickers on cars, t-shirts, that sort of thing. Thought it was a bad trend then. Seemed different than things like I Like Ike.

              Agreed that it was nothing like Obamamania. "I'm in love with Obama!" Etc... Which in turn begat the GEOTUS bullshit, and no doubt we'll get to see some Terry Crews-esque clown shooting off a pulse rifle during the State Of The Union address.

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            2. More towards the beginning of his 1st term - 9/11 kind of thrusted that onto him. By the end he was an enemy of the people. But Twitter and Social Media weren't a thing back then. Christ, the big liberal idea was taking control of the AM dial with Air America Radio back then.

              1. I love the Dixie Chicks!

                1. Ditto! Observe that all the Boss trump catamites whining about the voters kicking sand in their faces never once mention women voters. Women voters with natural teeth and hair vote against girl-bullying popes, pederasts, Landover Baptists, mohammedan mutilators, rapists and and basically all coercive comers. Photos from Argentina just now and Ireland in 2018 are wall-to-wall grinning girls eager to rip the faces off of superstitious bullies. The 19th Amendment relishes the taste of girl-bulliers' blood.

      3. So basically, if the Left does it then it's okay for the Right to do it too?

        Republican: "We get to worship Trump because the Democrats worshiped Obama first!"
        God: "Uh, that's now how the First Commandment works."

        1. It seems to me that anyone who challenges the completely insane and unhinged hatred for Trump, constantly emanated by the establishment, is accused of being a cultist.

          This guy was a bigmouth New York real estate hustler, who governed as a standard Republican with a libertarian/antiwar twist. However, the establishment imbued him with the powers of the demiurge, and made him out to be the incarnation of Satan.

          I don't think that there's ever been so many unhinged, insane and clearly dishonest accusations, in the last 300 years, leveled by the Western clerisy against one person. It was like four solid years worth of the Two Minutes Hate, and it was grating.
          But anyone arguing against the stupider claims were called "cultists" by garrulous numpties. It was astonishing.

          If anyone would have told me 15 years ago that Donald Trump world be the new Oceania's Emmanuel Goldstein, I would have thought that they were insane. But here we are.

          1. "This guy was a bigmouth New York real estate hustler, who governed as a standard Republican with a libertarian/antiwar twist."

            I'll go even further. Instead of thinking of him as a standard Republican, I thought you could easily swap his views with someone like Dick Gephardt from the mid to late 80s, only Japan was the boogeyman then. It's not like Trump's ever been a budget hardliner, to pick one big difference between Republicans' public advocacy then and him now.

            It's just that out political culture has been so debased and degraded by naked greed that a MidWest Democrat from the 1980s, someone who had the gall to actually want to put America and Americans first, would be treated as a breath of fresh air for Middle America.

            1. "Dick Gephardt"

              That's actually pretty apt.

            2. The tear-streaked sobbing and prophesies of onrushing doom make me long for more frequent elections--just for the schadenfreude of watching girls stomp the crap out of wannabee rapists for Jesus. Please, keep it up. Add selfies for that extra-creepy touch. I'll gladly reblog y'all's whining screed.

              1. Are you insane?

                1. I think maybe so. So much incoherence. An occasional lucid episode

          2. I disagree. Insane and hinged hatred is simply the new normal for how political partisans view "the other." There was hatred of Obama, but I suspect it was kept a bit quieter because people were reluctant to be labeled a racist. Hillary Clinton is still reviled. There are the "yeah, but the policies" Trump supporters. And there are also stark raving lunatics and cult of personality supporters. The collectivist supporters of Obama and Clinton were at least somewhat consistent. They were collectivists who supported collectivist (and authoritarian) leaders. The Trump cultists completely abandoned anything resembling what was once Republican orthodoxy. Family values? Ah, no problem if you want to bang a porn star and "grab 'em by the pussies." Free trade? Fuck China! Small government? Record deficits. Thin blue line? Fuck the cops who are standing between us and storming the capitol. If HRC had stood up and said something anti-woke the mob would have canceled her. I differentiate between cult-like behavior around ideas (like intersectionalism) and cult-like behavior around a person (like Trump).

      4. Remember, whenever someone descends into whataboutism, it means they have conceded the argument.

        1. No; It's to show total hypocrisy..

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        3. Japanese in 1942: It's not nice of you to shoot at us.
          Americans in 1942: YOU BOMBED PEARL HARBOR!!!

          Japanese: Chill with the whataboutism.

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    2. Poor commies at unreason. They are the crazy side of Civil war 2.0

      1. Does that mean your gonna get your fat ass outa your chair and get this party started? Didn't think so

    3. God you idiots are all the same. Government is currently essentially run by Democrats. This includes the unelected members of the deep state. It has been that way for 2 decades at a minimum. The Arizona GOP isn't venerating Trump, they are recognizing that the media, deep state, and other institutions all acted in concert against him for 4 years. The calls for impeachment began before he was president. The IC worked against him for a year prior to his election.

      The handwaiving here done by Tucille is just more evidence that Reason has succumbed to the left narrative and bubble found in D.C. and N.Y.

      There is no actual objective thought in this article, just narrative pushing by Tuccille. It is embarrassing.

      1. Trump being the best President in US history, gave us many good things.

        One of the best is that Lefties hate Trump and his supporters because they tried to drain the swamp. Definitely the correct move.

        The Commies are literally trying to coup Trump two times and there is no historical record of a US President being couped by the Fifth Column.

        1. please... write down your emotional and niave opinion so in a few years, you can look at it with fresh eyes.

      2. Government is currently essentially run by Democrats. This includes the unelected members of the deep state. It has been that way for 2 decades at a minimum.

        It is clear that the entrenched bureaucracy at the FBI and the Justice Department continued to work for the interest of the Ds even after Trump was elected. They lied and fabricated evidence without reprisals knowing that anybody who suffered backlash would immediately have a job as a media consultant. The bureaucracy no longer have any fear of being outed and fired for taking a side and they take the side of the faction that they know will continue to feed the bureaucracy.

        The State has proven it is an organism. It feeds on the sweat and blood of citizens and it grows to fit the space it is allowed. The Constitution was created to limit it, but those principles have crumbled due to the legislative ceding of authority to the bureaucrats with the permission of the judiciary. It could be constrained if there was political will to starve it, but it may have to be put down.

      3. Government isnt run by democrats.

        Duch idiotic statements. Folks like delusional and bitter.

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    6. Absolutely. There's a huge reckoning due in states with GOP legislatures across the country. They've sold out whatever principles they might have had and are full-on Trumpist national socialists now masquerading as "conservatives." It's a big problem when your Dear Leader is a losing loser who lost an election to Sleepy Joe! and couldn't strong-arm his way to a second term.

      1. And some people question whether TDS is real...

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  3. Meanwhile, Dems are itching to impose a Socialist system despite the fact that Socialism killed 100 million in the last century.....

    1. Shorter Ra's al Gore: whatabout?!?!?!

      1. How does one show contrasts, double standards, or hypocrisy without resorting to "whataboutism?"

        1. Good whataboutism that can stand on its own: What about what you SAID yesterday, v/s what you are DOING now? What about what you make OTHERS do, but will NOT do, yourself?

          Bottomless, worthless whataboutism: Well, what about Idi Amin? He did it, and no one stopped him! So don't be picking on MEEEE when I do these kinds of things!

        2. Why do double standards or hypocrisy matter except to smear the people while ignoring the issues and ideas?

          1. "Why do double standards or hypocrisy matter..."

            They show the poor character of the hypocrite. They show that we follow them at our own peril! See Bill Clinton, see Donald Trump. Character matters! Do as I say, not as I do!

            1. It's a given that politicians are douches. I mean in general conversation.

              1. "I mean in general conversation."

                Ya got a point there, Bud. Such conversations typically don't change their minds anyway. Pointing out their hypocrisy usually pisses them off, and they will NOT change, most likely!

                Now if you are looking for a hubby, wife, doctor, therapist, business partner, very close friend, yadda yadda... There, just as in politicians, it behooves us to pay close attention to these kinds of things! Beware of the wolves in sheep's clothing!

          2. Ignoring the issues. like refusing to condemn the BLM riots and only focusing on the Jan 6th incident despite the magnitudes of each being vastly different? Like catching you lying about how you don't condemn/support these things in a very thread you condemned only one?

            You're a hypocrite Jeff Jr. Deal with it. You're also a Biden cultist at this point as you continue to defend each narrative he and the left push out without any objective thought.

            1. What is the point of comments like these? You want me to defend things I never said? You want me to say I never said those lies you're telling about me? I'm not going to do either. Why don't you grow the fuck up and argue against what people actually say instead of some caricature in your mind.

      2. I like how whatabout to you is just you screaming not to point out your hypocrisy or new found cult like devotion to the left.

      3. Isn't that how we use legal precedent?

    2. They may be itching, but it ain't happening because ... Joe Manchin and a few others though.

    3. Dictators killed 100 million you mean. Some communist, some fascist, some totalitarian. But nice try.

      1. The statement was specific and true; your reading skills suck.

  4. Arizona's GOP Has Become a Trump Cult

    and you pair it with a photo of Christians who are praying.

    I'm finished with this trash site.

    1. You won't be missed. Seriously.

      1. Trump cult is no more or less than the Obama cult.

        1. I disagree. The Obama cult was based upon race more than anything else. Can't criticize the guy without being racist, right? The Trump cult is based upon.... I don't know. I don't get it. To me he's a bombastic buffoon who hosted a game show and was elected president. I have never understood his appeal.

          1. That's because you chose to intentionally ignore the fact that he acted more libertarian in policy than any president in the last 30 years because you had preconditioned thoughts on him going in. You let your bias control you so much that you now support Biden and the left.

            1. I mean hell, you say "I don't understand his appeal" when most of us point out to you that we dont' care about his personality, we care about the things that affect us like his policies. You can't separate actions from feelings. Your emotions control you like they do most alcoholics.

        2. Yeah I forgot all those times we had idiots in boats and cars with Obama flags going around like idiots.

          1. Only a response to your comment not related to Trump but I could actually get you some pictures of all the Obama stuff that is still on display in my town. There's actually quite a lot I pass by everyday.

        3. The trump cult is much less than the Obama cult. At least the trump cult people will say he's crass. Obama Lita rally called for political violance and proggi scum cheered him on

        4. Nah thats bullshit. Folks have moved on from Obama.

          He doesn’t command people to attack other people too.

          Folks who equate the 2 are delusional.

          The people who mention Obama the most are republicans, same with Hillary.

      2. Nor you skreech. Get out.

        1. Hold your breath and I'll tell you when your opinion matters to me!

          Keep holding!

          Any minute now!

        2. unreason really believe that freedom loving people listen to commies lies and coverups.

      3. LOL. All the Biden cultists are eagerly trying to push out anyone who disagrees with them.

      4. You won’t be missed. Seriously.

        Fuck off, sarc. The fact that you can't tell the difference between a troll and someone who contributes comments worthy of consideration says a lot more about you than it does about lap83.

        You are a worthless attention whore, who posts nothing but fallacies and mockery. Go back to your chatting with the brain damaged SQRLFCKR. That is much more your speed.

        1. He has become Jeff Jr who he has actually said is one of the only true libertarians in here now.

          1. "Jeff Jr who he has actually said is one of the only true libertarians in here now."

            Wait, what? I, I don't know what to say to that.

            If that's 'true Libertarianism', you can have it.

            1. Yeah, I was witness when sarc called Jeffy the most libertarian voice in the comments. Neither of them seem to understand that 'radical individualist' is an oxymoron, but I have to admit, that contradiction describes Jeffy to a T.

              Sarc is just fucking with people because he enjoys it.

              1. No, I'm not. I didn't say jeff was "the" most libertarian. At least I don't think I did. He is definitely one of the few libertarian voices on this forum who have yet to be run off. And he is a heck of a lot more libertarian than those who shit on him all day long.

                1. Right back at you, buddy.

                  1. Now I'm really confused. I didn't at you so how can you right back at me?

                    1. I can't exactly wink at you to let you know when I realize you are pulling our leg. Unless you seriously think Jeffy's continual apologies for Marxism is remotely libertarian.

                      If that is the case, you can go back to fucking off.

        2. You are a worthless attention whore, who posts nothing but fallacies and mockery.

          That's not fair. I point out fallacies while mocking people. I don't post fallacies, at least not intentionally. And check this out... a guy with the name "sarcasmic" isn't serious all the time! Go figure!

          As for telling the difference between a troll and someone who is serious goes, well if you can't tell the difference between me being serious and me being sarcasmic, that says more about you than me.

          1. Half the time you don't even know what the named fallacy is. You've got tu quoque all wrong just above, and you didn't even know what a "strawman" argument actually was the other day.
            So you're not actually pointing out fallacies, and the only person you're making a mockery of is yourself.

          2. There is a difference between sarcastic and vicious that you have failed to master and mockery is by its very nature fallacious which is why it is such poor response to any genuine argument. You promote yourself as non-partisan, but continuously defend one side, even if the dreck you typically fling could be interpreted to mock both. You don't engage is honest discourse. You are the one that doesn't belong here.

            Telling someone they won't be missed is a dick move. You outed yourself, bro.

            1. Some of your criticism is valid, but much of it is based upon the dozens of comments made about me before I have a chance to say a word.

              I rarely intend to be vicious, so if my comments are interpreted that way then I indeed need to think a bit more before hitting Submit.

              As far as one comment "outing" someone, that's lame. People say shit.

              And as far as belonging goes, I will let you know when your judgment matters to me. Hold your breath... It's coming any moment...

              1. As far as one comment “outing” someone, that’s lame. People say shit.

                I am one of those apparently rare individuals who actually judge people by the content of their character.

                1. What does that mean? One comment or action defines a person, regardless of everything else they've said or done? Seems like an easy way to write someone off rather than consider the "totality" or however you put it.

                  1. The gears disengage when you pedal backwards. You don't get anywhere.

                    1. That doesn't answer my question.

                    2. sarcasmic
                      January.13.2021 at 11:50 am
                      I will let you know when your judgment matters to me. Hold your breath… It’s coming any moment…

        3. Must I use tags on my comments? You know, like sarc ...blah blah... /sarc, or serious ... blah blah... /serious?

      5. You know who really wouldn't be missed here sarcasmic?


        1. Remind me why I care about anything you say.

    2. Show-off "Christians" who can NOT be bothered to study up on what Jesus actually said!

      "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. ... But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."

      1. Jesus, the bastard son of a whore, is a false prophet!

        1. Time is NOW for some whataboutism!

          Well, what about L. Ron Hubba-Bubba, the founder of $cientology?!?!

          1. I don't about L. Ron Hubbard being a bastard son of a whore, but he (probably) was a pedophile, which is even worse.

        2. Wrong Mary, dude. His best buddy was a whore, never heard that about his mom.

          1. I've heard some non-Christians claim that Mary was in all likelihood just knocked up by someone else or possibly raped and she made up the angel story and Joseph went along with it because they didn't want anyone to know that she was knocked up since back then being pregnant out of wedlock, even in cases of rape, was severely looked down on, to say the least. Of course, there's no evidence of that being the case so it's all just speculation, but I suppose it's probably easier for non-believers to buy that theory than the idea that Christ was the son of God.

            1. I don't really care. The guy had some good ideas. I'm not religious, but I try to practice Christian morality as much as I can.

              *cue JesseAz, Mother's Lament and others to tell me what I really think and do*

              1. Well, if you're following a moral system at least you're not Tony.

                1. His morality consists of "might makes right" and "I'm gonna side with might." That's about it.

            2. There was a Greek pagan named Celsus in the 3rd century that mocked Christians by saying that Mary was convicted of adultery and had a child by a certain Roman soldier named Pantera.
              Pantera was a stereotypical soldier's name back then, kind of like G.I. Joe almost.

              We don't actually have anything written by Celsus, but a Christian writer named Origen called him out on it and wrote a refutation. Ironically Origen's smackdown that is the only reason Celsus's story survives.

              Medieval Jews read the story in Origen, liked it a lot as it made Jesus half gentile and the son of illicit sex, and reinforced this tale, referring to Jesus as "Yeshu ben Pantera" (Jesus son of Pantera) in their writings.

              From there anti-theist atheists' picked it up because it was great for insulting Christians, and here we are.

              1. OT: I saw Pantera when White Zombie opened up for them at Red Rocks in '96.

                Awesome show....

                1. I think that story's where the band took their name from.

                  1. This exchange is the very first time I can recall you saying something of interest instead of "sarc is a poopy-head!" Keep it up. It's kinda cool.

                    I'm not into the band. I went to see Zombie. But it's an interesting tidbit. Thanks.

            3. Mary said it was a virgin birth

      2. Ahh... the pride of atheist telling the religious what they should believe. Totally not authoritarian Sarcasmic. Not at all.

        1. Your tinfoil hat is WAY off kilter! I'm neither Sarcasmic nor atheist. I'm "merely" pointing out that all of this public praying by "Christians" is hypocrisy! They pick and chose which words of Jesus that they will follow... And, surprise surprise, they chose to follow ONLY the ones that THEY think will make them look good! SOME of us are smart enough to recognize wolves in sheep's clothing when we see one!

          1. They pick and chose which words of Jesus that they will follow… And, surprise surprise, they chose to follow ONLY the ones that THEY think will make them look good!

            That's not unique to Christians. Everyone does it to an extent. As far as JesseAz and his crew goes, please start ignoring them. Their shtick is to say things they know are false to get you to respond and defend yourself from those lies. Then they respond with more intentional lies, and masturbate while they watch you dance. Don't give them the pleasure.

      3. Of course, that couldn't possibly apply when praying as a group, but you didn't intend to be genuine in your criticism, did you?

        I should know better than to pause on your comments. Flag, refresh, move on,

        1. Spinning away the words of Jesus now, Oh Wise One? Wise Follower of the Angel Moronic knows EXACTLY how to ignore Jesus, right? You know, your MAGA-magic underwear is NOT going to protect you from the results of your hypocrisy!

          Whoa! PhD Computer Scientist here has figured out how to move the mouse-cursor, and click on the flag icon! Congratulations, Stable Genius Junior! Maybe You could write Your NEXT Computer Science PhD thesis on HOW You do that? And thread-clutter-post it EVERY FUCKIN’ TIME that you see a post that you disagree with? And expect all the OTHER marching morons to THANK you profusely?

          Well now… Have You and any of the other marching morons ever heard of “The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’?” Has it ever occurred to You, that the moderators will immediately ignore You and Yours? Now, when the time comes that gets hacked, and some hacker posts a child-porn link to video of YOUR kid or relative’s kids… Or YOU abusing YOUR kid, or “doxes” You and Your SSN, real name, home address, and photo… OR, they post the IP address and WIP security key, access codes, etc., to the self-destruct mechanism in your battery-driven “IP of All Things” MAGA-magic underwear… And You (“The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf'”) will FLAG the post that unveils all such things… You will be IGNORED, asshole!

          You ever think of THAT, asshole who cried wolf? I, for one, will NOT flag it when they “dox” you!!! Learn your lessons by SUFFERING, ye who will NOT learn otherwise!

          1. Nice. Copypasta retort for calling out your bullshit. Like I said, I know better. Your damaged brain is incapable of behavior correction, and the pant-shitters veto is your standard response.

            Luckily there is a way to clean up the shit that you took in the middle of the conversation and that is, of course, to flag and refresh.

            1. "Like I said, I know better."

              You know better than to believe ANY criticism of YOU and Your Dear Leader! Be warned, it isn't going to work for either one of you, in the long term...

              1. I take criticism seriously. Just not from fucking crazies. The Trumptator fan-fiction you dribbled all over the comments for the last few years didn't come true and I take your warning about as seriously as the rest of your mental diarrhea.

                1. "I take criticism seriously."

                  You may want to reconsider that. I've found that most criticism outside work and family isn't honest.

                  1. I do have respect for the fact that you don't make use of the pant shitter's veto.

                2. All who criticize Chuckles the Liar, and-or "Dear Leader", are "fucking crazies". Self-deception, confirmation bias, ideological blindness, and rationalization are easy games to play! They do NOT lead to your Happy Place!

                  1. If you are not completely lost, you might pause to notice that I never refer to anyone else as crazy. I vociferously object to gaslighting. It's your delivery and the schizophrenic logic that elicit such a response.

                    I already said I don't object to criticism. Go project your Trumphilia and mormon-hating on someone else.

                    1. If you are not completely lost, you might notice that your grade-school-level name-calling is NOT making me go away! Your endless Trump admiration does NOT turn Him into a miraculous Savior! I will not stop telling the truth to all who will read, with an open mind! Your lies are a waste of time! Those who ALREADY want to believe Your lies, are going to believe them already, anyway!

                    2. your grade-school-level name-calling is NOT making me go away

                      I would contend that any objective 3rd party would place my name-calling at the high school level, dare I say it, perhaps even collegiate level. After all, I have created a specific descriptor of a logical fallacy based on your preferred form of argumentation and called you out for displaying abnormal psychology. That is some seriously academically advanced insulting.

                      As always, I am open to consideration of better ways to describe your mental acuity and rhetorical style.

    3. Yes, quite sad that Christians are now praying to Trump. It's called idolatry. They are literally praying for Trump's will to be done.

      That Trump is seen as their Temporal Savior is heretical and blasphemous.

      1. Lol. Oh Brandybuck.

    4. how do you know they are Christians praying? I only see Trump flags?

    5. Aww. Where ya gonna go now? The Trumpista tide has turned. Hop on over to NR? You won't like it. Or stick with the "Federalist" and the "very fine" journalists at NewsMax because you're a snowflake who can't stand anti-Trumpist views you dislike?

      1. He'll head to the echo chambers at Newsmax and Breitbart. Hell foxnews is probably too left wing for him.

    6. Pretty sure they were bending the knee to Trump, like most Trumpers are willing to do.

  5. Here's a tune for the Trumpsters.

    1. Here's a tune for unreason commies and their bots.


      Yup. no tune because what unreason commies do and say is retarded.

    2. You truly are a cultist of Biden at this point. Sad to see. You completely broke.

    3. Oh come on! The Donald by Tribe Called Quest? Good tune!

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  7. You can soon add VA GOP to the Trump cult.

    1. Someone has to save America from the commies who are Democrats, MSM, and unreason staffers.

      1. I am not disagreeing that the dems have some awful as fuck ideas like the GND that could be very damaging, but the answer to that isn’t a loud mouth clown who takes pleasure in insulting anyone who disagrees with him for ANY reason and jumps in bed with conspiracy theorists to the point where he actually believes the BS himself. This was Trump’s election to lose and he lost it period. If the GOP follows him off a cliff and nobody is left to oppose the progtards, whose fault is it?

        1. Sorry you dont think it was stolen election.

          Trump won more votes than he did in 2016. Hes more popular. Trump won the plurality of legal votes in states that matter.

          As for the loud mouth part. Do you watch the politicians talk? They are ALL loud mouth clowns who take pleasure in insulting dissenters.

          Trump is the best president in US History. Lefties flipping out and trying to coup him twice means that he was doing great.

          Going over a cliff? HAHAHA. You can thank Trump and patriots standing up to the commies for saving America.

          RINOs dont fight the Commies. Thats the point.

          1. "Trump won the plurality of legal votes in states that matter"
            what the hell does this even mean? It is nonsensical and not backed by any evidence.

          2. Trump fucking lost, get over it. "States that matter" ? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. All 50 states get electoral votes so fuck off. What a bunch of fucking whiny ass bitches. Cool with Russians fucking around in 2016 and Hillary even accepted it. But y'all pussies can't handle Biden winning in 2020. What a bunch of melty cry baby snowflakes.

      2. Folks who equate democrats with commies are idiots or fascist who support Trumps dictator loves.

        You folks are quickly becoming anti democratic..

  8. Jerry, you need to learn the lesson of elections, which is that you can't beat somebody with nobody.

  9. I mean, the guy pulled off what most observers considered a great upset in winning the presidency in 2016, you think he's not going to be venerated as hero and savior?

    1. Trump said on camera he likes Libertarianism. Then, with Judge Ginsburg still warm, huddled with Lyin' Ted, Linseed Green Teeth Graham and other girl bulliers to appoint a mystic to the Supreme Court to force women into involuntary servitude or coathanger clinics by pointing guns at doctors. This was a brilliant sacrifice play to again paint Libertarians as anarchistic allies of superstitious cowards urging cops and cretins to do their violence for them--screw 9A, 13A, 14A... Ah, but 19A screwed them royally, as in 1932! The LP owes women voters thanks and apologies.

    2. By stupid people who do such things.

      1. Yes, you and your friends are very stupid. You do nothing but stupid things.

  10. Arizona GOP was never libertarian. Even Goldwater advocated using nuclear weapons in Vietnam. So no your whole thesis is completely flawed.

    Unfortunately many faux libertarian ideas infected the GOP to a degree that the stain of it needs to be removed before republicans can claim to be conservatives.

    1. The point wasn't that the GOP was libertarian, but that it contained people with libertarian ideas. Not the same thing.

      As far as your second sentence goes, you wouldn't know a libertarian idea if it bit you in the nuts.

      1. LOL. Say the guy who has been supporting censorship since the media told him it was cool to do so now. The guy who went from NO QUALIFIED IMMUNITY to defending cops shooting an unarmed woman because she was white and conservative.


    2. Republicans are NOT conservative if they advocate and allow massive indebtedness for America.

      The problem are Lefties hiding in the GOP and LP to sabotage any political groups but the commie ones.

      We have Communists in China, Cuba, and the EU funding commies in America just like America funded freedom groups in the USSR, Commie China, and Cuba.

      1. This is some paranoid thinking.

    3. I don’t know, would the threat of nukes maybe brought the Vietnam war to an end earlier, saving tens of thousands of lives?

      1. The problem is that China had them too. Goldwater still had the right of it, but 'Korean War, Round 2,' likely would have turned profoundly ugly.

        I don't think the Soviets would have jumped in, but you'd like to be a lot more sure than, "I don't think they'll get involved," if nukes are potentially going to be flying around.

  11. "Arizona's GOP Has Become a Trump Cult"

    Reason Has Become a TDS Cult

    1. unreason staffers have outed themselves as commies and they know it hurts them.

      All they can do now is double down on exterminating dissenters.

      1. Reason hate the AZ GOP because they are against open borders and a massive influx of illegals. They also hate Trump and constantly attack anything Trump related.

    2. Trump is a moron and a horrible businessman who is a cowardly selfish liar... those are just facts. Just because entrenched politicians and the corrupt DC power structure hate him...does not mean he has anything of quality to provide.

      1. You’re a progtard and a fool. Just because you can type on a keyboard doesn’t mean you have anything of substance to contribute here.

    3. Folks who whine about TDS are bitter.

      Enjoy your ex president.

  12. Enlightenment libertarian, to a crowd of average people: "You have the freedom to choose your own path and enjoy your own efforts, but you also have responsibility for yourself."

    People: "Fuck freedom, effort, and responsibility. We want a messiah to give us stuff, and tell us what to do and who to hate."

    1. Sadly, this. Freedom and responsibility are scary. If you fail, you have only yourself to blame. It's much easier to just follow some "daddy/ mommy" figure who will do everything for you and provide you with someone else to blame for your fuckups.

  13. The Cult of the Personality is a cult. And there is no understanding of cults. Half the people I sat with at a state Libertarian Party Executive Committee are now rabid Trumpers championing an authoritarian brand of big government. Why? Because it's a different brand of big government. The enemy of my enemy and all that. No principles. Sigh.

    1. Unlike you they aren't idiots and can see the open plans of the left and their authoritarian impulses. You don't mind that though as it gets rid of the people you already dislike thinking it will never turn against you. You're just a cosplay libertarian. You don't defend any of the liberties of your enemy.

      1. Both sides are authoritarian. Your idea that we fight the Authoritarian Left with the Authoritarian Right is stupid. It's not libertarian under any definition. Hitler as bad as Stalin, Pinoche was as bad as Allende. Not that Trump is either of those four. He's more like Franco. No that's wrong too. Trump is not a fascist, as he lacks the military styling that characterizes fascists. So call him "fascist-lite".

        He's all in favor of Mussolini style corporatism, where the government controls the direction of privately owned production. The Right calls it crony-capitalism, the Left calls it Corporatism, but it's the same thing. Practiced by both Obama and Trump. Two major corporatists. He's also a major mercantilist with his whim-of-the-moment tariffs and protectionism.

        His only redeeming features is that some people gave him a short list of cabinet and court appointees. And SOME of those picks were good. I quite liked DeVos, but it's clear that Trump picked her because she was controversial. I like Pai better, but he was aggravating Trump by dragging his heels in rescinding Section 230 (which allows us to talk about woodchippers in the Reason comment section).

        To think that Trump was the Great White Libertarian Hope is beyond bizarre. The most libertarian thing about him is that he wasn't a rabid drug warrior. Not that he was against the drug war, he just wasn't interested in the issue. Makes him better than Biden, but not enough to declare him libertarian.

        Okay, he's all for prostitution and stuff, but that's because he's a libertine not a libertarian. He also brags about violating individual personal rights by pussy grabbing. Not libertarian.

        Trump is not libertarian. The GOP has purged its ranks of libertarians. Some still call themselves such, but only after shitting on the definition of the ideology. It's become a cheap label, and the Right stole it just like the Left stole the word "liberal" and redefined it.

        In a few decades people will see "libertarian" as synonymous with authoritarian. So I guess I may have to start using the term "classic libertarian" instead, just like I use "classic liberal". Hell, I'm even starting to see the term "classic conservative" to refer to Goldwater/Reagan style conservativism that is noticeably missing from the modern GOP.

        1. ‘Trump is not libertarian’

          Trump is not an ideologue of any kind. He’s a pragmatist, and a businessman. He does have a number of libertarian or libertarian leaning policies based on his pragmatism. This makes him useful and a better alternative to both the Marxist democrats and the establishment GOP.

    2. And there is no understanding of cults.

      If that were the slightest bit true, then labeling a group a cult is meaningless. Your intentional misinterpretation of simple language is yet another indicator of your unwillingness to engage in honest dialogue.

      1. In the face of the below, Chuckles the Liar denies that there is a Trump cult!

        WORLD NEWS
        Donald Trump: ‘I am the chosen one’

        1. Dear Fucking Crazy Person,

          Thank you for once again preventing me from engaging in dialogue with a fool. After all, that old adage about people not being able to tell the difference still holds today. You are clearly looking out for me and have my best interests at heart.

          To reciprocate, you should note that I never mentioned Trump or denied a Trump cult, but was actually implying the opposite, that what constitutes a cult is fairly well defined. In fact, there are whole books dedicated to this exact topic. You would actually have been able to make a cogent point if you had agreed with me in posting your link instead of trying to surprise me with your silly 'gotcha'. Not that I don't appreciate the effort!

          Now you can't say that I am not looking out for you as well, buddy.

          Your friend, CTSP

          P.S. I have been preoccupied lately watching The Stand with that dastardly villain Randall Flagg. You may have to Refresh my memory of our conversation when you get the chance to respond. BEST PALS FOR LIFE!

          1. The below brought a vehement response from you:

            January.13.2021 at 10:17 am
            The Cult of the Personality is a cult. And there is no understanding of cults. Half the people I sat with at a state Libertarian Party Executive Committee are now rabid Trumpers championing an authoritarian brand of big government. Why? Because it’s a different brand of big government. The enemy of my enemy and all that. No principles. Sigh.

            You said: "Your intentional misinterpretation of simple language is yet another indicator of your unwillingness to engage in honest dialogue."

            You got pissed off because "...rabid Trumpers championing an authoritarian brand of big government..." spat in the face of YOUR Trumpian cultism, is a logical conclusion! You didn't show evidence to dispute what Brandbuck said... You just called names!

            I'll believe you when you start criticizing the cult of Trump! Criticize Biden etc. is fine by me... I do that as well. But WHERE is your criticism of Trump? I must have missed it... Perhaps you could refresh our memories?

            1. It is impossible to dispute what the author himself described as unable to be understood. That is why he wrote it. It is not honest argument.

              The only reason you can't find criticism of Trump from me is because you and BB and a bunch of others go so far with the hyperbole and fearmongering that there is no way to approach any discussion with you from a standpoint that can't be read as a defense of Trump and/or the Republican party. I didn't vote for the guy. I don't like him as a man or as a president. But based on what I know about the Democrat agenda, he was better than the alternative. After 4 years, and all the bullshit and lies I still believe that.

              The people voted a narcissist and compulsive liar in as POTUS. They should not have been shocked when he compulsively lied and made it all about himself. He acted exactly as I expected him to act. If you didn't expect it, it was only because you were not paying attention. And at the end of term, based on our collective experience with him as the executive, I still believe he was a better alternative than Biden.

              All of that is a criticism of Trump and I have been honest about it all along.

              And all that is now moot. There is no reason to criticize him any more. He is done. If Trump can somehow exert some mysterious sway over a significant portion of the Republican party, then I believe the Republican party is done. I don't think he can because I don't believe there is a 'cult of Trump' of any size. He obviously has some fanboys. People who have jobs and work hard dislike the grift of socialism and the competition of immigration, which Trump rode hard and put away wet. But most Trump voters are just scared of the alternative. What we saw last week resulted from fear of socialism, not love of Trump.

              I may be reading it wrong. I am not a Republican and don't consume right wing media. Quit projecting your fear into my comments and we might be able to have a conversation.

              1. "The people voted a narcissist and compulsive liar in as POTUS. "

                Well said, Bro! I will try to recall to back off of your case...

                My bad! So many Trumpistas around here, I can't keep them all straight in my head!

                1. You eat your own shit. You’re this guy.....


                  You have no credibility. You eat your shit and shitpost here.

              2. Every spy and infiltrator on all sides of the hot and cold wars took protective coloration and sought to blend in. I'm collecting declarations of libertarianism from all manner of girl-bullying champions of initiation of deadly force. Imitation isn't always flattery.

              3. Yup. If the left weren’t so batshit insane there would be no “cult” to whine about.

                As Tyler durden said to his alter ego toward the end of fight club: “Take some responsibility!”


          2. Google phrases "cult following", "cult of personality", and "cult leader", and perhaps more, and you'll see what Brandybuck was referring to.

            I have been a "chosen one" in my household for doing the dishes, taking out the trash, fixing the toilet, and refreshing the kitty litter. Etc. OTHER references to "Chosen One" (as Dear Leader has done) as being Oneself, should raise red flags!

  14. Shorter Tuccile: If you don't blindly accept the current media and democrat narrative, you are a trump cultist.

    1. Its the same commies bullshit unreason staffers and the MSM have been spouting for 4+ years.

      Lefties are taking more and more rope to hang themselves.

      As I said, Democrats are desperate. This is supported by election fraud, Kungflu hysteria authoritarianism, and trying to coup Trump again.

      True winners who are secure in a win act like this.

      1. Translation: What Constitutionrape means is that Jim Jones, Goebbels, Goering and Hitler were true winners, and acted securely in Christ when the circle closed in on their bunkers. The ones hanged by U.S. judges at Nuremberg strove to convince "us" to join "them" as the only possible socialism able to resist communism. "Our" reply was "pull the lever."

        1. You say bizarre moronic things in bizarre moronic ways.


    2. talk about being blind.

  15. Martha McSally managed to lose both Senate seats within two years. Clearly she should run for governor.

    1. Lot of liberal Californians moved there to escape the liberal hell of California and will end up with the same in Arizona.

  16. "He is with us," the speaker in the video urged viewers. "He loves the United States of America and he loves the American people. Have no doubt!"

    How many people still have a picture of Black Jesus in their front foyer?

    1. Not as many as have a picture of Orange Jesus.

      1. Orange Jesus
        Orange Julius
        Julius Caesar
        Donald Trump

        Checks out

  17. The whole party is a cult. Anyone sane should leave and join libertarians, you know, an actual conservative party.

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    2. The only reason conservatives in the USA are libertarian is because the country was founded by libertarians. Conservatives revere the past and are natural authoritarians.

      1. Conservatives are also National Socialists. Teedy Rosenfeld began their "race suicide" eugenics cult to force women into involuntary servitude of child-rearing. Prohibition was additional eugenics-at-gunpoint admired if not entirely copied by Europe and Latin America. Curtis LeMay ran with George Wallace to enforce racial collectivism and the Nixon anti-Libertarian law brought the latest election results. The Hitler platform and Enabling act speech drip Positive Christianity and Moral Majority condescension.

    3. The GOP cyanide cult is already striving to infiltrate the LP. The communist anarchist with the Uncle Sam beard wrecked the platform, and the harridan with the Tokyo Rose hair wants men with guns to ban abortion. From Roe v Wade, the LP began bootlicking Army of God Republicans even before they'd piled up dozens of doctor-killing, arson, bombing, vandalism, girl-bullying, intimidation and menacing crimes at clinics. Compare the 1972 and 1976 platforms with today and see why women already cross the street to avoid the LP.

  18. I never thought Flake would be mentioned in the same sentence as Goldwater, unless the sentence was "he's no Goldwater". But Reason still loves Flake for some reason.

  19. The organization has devolved from skepticism toward government to veneration of politicians.

    Those are not necessarily mutually exclusive, Tuccille.

    1. Pick up on the superstitious mystic lecturing Tucille on formal reasoning!

  20. Once upon a time, the Arizona GOP nursed a distinctly individualistic skepticism of government and politicians.

    Uh, we elected McCain - a carpetbagger - and Flake. So that 'distinctly individualistic skepticism of government and politicians' hasn't been a characteristic of the Arizona GOP for a long, long time.

    And I would like to point out that the AZ GOP is currently individualistic enough that our governor learned quite directly that we don't take direction at the state level very well and so has governed through this pandemic with a light hand - and that we're doing pretty well, overall, because of it.

    1. We have 2.8% of the Covid deaths, about 40% more than our expected 2% share as one of 50 states. However, I agree that Ducey has done well at balancing the competing concerns.

  21. This is good news. God's Own Prohibitionists consistently ban trade and production, then gasp in disbelief as the economy crashes. They burned books and banned birth control in 1873, attacked the beer, liquor and drug industries in before every major Crash, so are even more economically dangerous than the commie Dems. By rabidly attacking the LP-written Roe v Wade decision they confess hatred of individual rights and superstitious determination to torch the 9th, 13th and 14th Amendments. But the 19th just torched them as in 1932. We can soon be rid of them forever.

  22. I submit that the Never Trump crowd and Reason writers have the same problem.

    It's not about Trump derangement.

    It's about an utter unwillingness to mentally leave the GOP. To pretend that more can be accomplished inside a tent that is mangy, moth-ridden, and where everyone else is shooting at you they think you're the problem.

    I saw the same problem with the Ron Paul crowd in 2008. I was doing all the leg work necessary to win precincts, and go to county/state, and basically take over the party/tent from the bottom up. The stuff of actual electioneering and building actual bottom-up political parties. A lot of folks saw that this was very possible to do - and that one election inside the R provided good experience for how to replicate.

    But EVERYONE else inside the GOP was sniping and throwing bombs and defining 'libertarian' as drug-smoking kiddie-diddling surrender-monkeys and anarchists. IOW - there was no available market share inside the tent. And outside the R tent, there was nothing else available to be defined - because R's have a ton of baggage and all R's must loyally defend all their baggage to anyone outside the tent or they are drug-smoking kiddie-diddling surrender-monkey anarchists who aren't even American either.

    And yet the Ron Paul crowd was perfectly happy remaining in that tent of stupid people. Which is why I left that party. And that tent has now proven they don't want ideas either. They want to find a leader to follow.

    Leave the tent. Free your mind. It changes everything.

    1. A lot of truth in this, dispiriting truth but truth.

    2. Leave the tent. Free your mind. It changes everything. --
      Until you find out you cannot even buy a vehicle anymore than runs.
      Until you find out you pay more in taxes than you make.
      Until you find out your right to your own land has been revoked.
      Until you find out you cannot even build a building.
      Until you find out the police will lock you up if you put your own kids to work too long instead of sending them to commie-school.
      Until you find out commie-school has made your kids so "woke" they think creating anything is satanistic.
      Until you find out your qualifications for a job doesn't matter; only the color of your skin or your sex really mattered.
      Until you find out you cannot hire anyone without first asking the almighty Gov-Gods.
      Until you find out the light-bulb you're trying to replace has been deemed illegal by environmentalist freak jobs.

      The list is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo endless...

      If you do ABSOLUTELY nothing with your LIFE but sit in mommies basement playing video games; you might be able to ignore the dictation -- otherwise; good luck.

      1. The real question; What has the federal government done to put everyone in that Tent????

  23. Just checking the score:

    Trump Cult: 1
    Marxist Cults: 2,377

  24. Yes, this worship of America's first African president His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hajj Doctor Donald John Baron Trump Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of all the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea and Conqueror of the American Republic in North America in General and these United States in Particular is the worst possible specific example; but the hugely servile deference that most show the Presidents in general is profoundly un-American. The incumbent American President is meant to be but a bureaucrat. Yes, the top bureaucrat but just a bureaucrat; and we should keep front of mind what Cicero said of bureaucrats.

    "A bureaucrat is the most despicable of men. I have yet to meet a bureaucrat who was not petty, dull, almost witless, crafty or stupid, an oppressor or a thief . Who can trust such creatures?" ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

    1. "Who can trust such creatures?" the left. They've thrown their own Individual Rights at the mercy of such creatures.

      1. So you don't actually KNOW any members of the left. You just paint them all with the tar brush you acquired from fringe media.

        1. B.S. All but ONE of the women in my family is a lefty. And they're all politically *emotional* creatures without a spec of political sense.

          1. i.e. They'd vote for Hitler as long it was on a good hair-day. And they do. And they hate Trump because you speaks logic instead of butterflies.

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  26. Tucille appears to be a ‘never Trumper’ and he is entitled to his opinion - as are the Trump supporters. What is irritating is the belittling of people who hold opinions contrary to your own. It is easier to dismiss them as a ‘cult’ than proffer logical reasons why they are wrong. I was never a Trump fan and did not vote for him in the 2016 primary but given a choice between Trump and Hillary, I chose Trump. Likewise, in 2020, when given a choice between an aging and clearly demented Biden and Trump, I again chose Trump. Not because he was some messiah but because he is a capitalist, supports the Constitution, and puts America’s interests first - as he should. What has happened in the last couple of weeks - another doomed impeachment, censorship, deplatforming, progressive witch-hunts, and ceding our rights to the minions of Silicon Valley elites tells me I made the right choice. I just wish enough others had done the same.

    1. You are making a mistake. You list Trump's qualities -- capitalist, supports the Constitution puts America's interests first -- but the article was about how the Arizona GOP and others have essentially elevated him to the level of Messiah. Did you see the photo of the guy with the huge wooden cross at the Capitol, as if saying "Trump is the 2nd coming of Jesus"?

      1. Did you see the photo of the guy with the huge wooden cross at the Capitol, as if saying “Trump is the 2nd coming of Jesus”?

        Alternatively, as if saying "Christianity is important to me." Which is far more plausible.

        Don't be like the Democrats who carry swastikas to protests as a way of asserting that the targets of their protests are Nazis and then declare that any time someone on the Right does the same, that it's actually an endorsement of Nazism.

  27. The republican party will split. The old true conservative part and the new party of Trump cultists. It actually might be good for the party and add a viable third party for once. Trump won't be around forever and we could use a third party of significant size .

  28. Article TLDR: Arizona's GOP is a "Trump cult" because it is extremely concerned about illegal immigration.

    *looks at map*

    There might be another reason Arizona's GOP is so uniquely concerned about illegal immigration...

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