The Trial of the Chicago 7

Aaron Sorkin takes on the famous trial of activists who organized an anti-war protest during the 1968 Democratic convention.


Aaron Sorkin, most known for portraying a strainingly idealistic vision of American politics in The West Wing, takes on a story from American history, the famous trial of activists who organized an anti-war protest during the 1968 Democratic convention. In The Trial of the Chicago 7, politics, politicians, the judiciary, the police, and the military all inspire righteous contempt from young people outraged that the government is shipping many of them overseas by force to kill and be killed. Sorkin being Sorkin, he still manages to dredge from it a lesson about the importance of voting.

If you need your history-based storytelling to be true to the complexities of the real events and characters, this will disappoint. But Sorkin wanted the movie to illuminate the current moment, and it does so. Black radical Bobby Seale points out that white kids' reasons for rebellion are less deeply rooted than his, and a villainous government meets peaceful protest with maiming force. Piles of named war victims here make the cause difficult to gainsay; those seeking sympathy for protesters are smart to focus on the evils they want to overturn rather than the desire for more government control of the economy and the culture that drives many rebels, yesterday and today.

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  3. Why review this movie two months after it was released?

    1. You mean why wait until after the election to review a piece of propaganda about mostly peaceful protests that was released before the election? Perhaps because Doherty has some scruples.

      1. The movie actually shows how big of Commies they were and skirted making them heroes.

        The movie makes the judge out to be a corrupt piece of shit, which many judges are.

        You cant expect Hollywood to tell the truth but the Boomer nostalgia nonsense is hilarious since Boomers LITERALLY became the MAN.

        Nixon ended the Vietnam War NOT some Democrat hopeful.

        1. I remembered thinking during the movie how this was Democrat on Democrat violence and that was downplayed in this movie.

          Young people are too stupid about history to know the difference and probably wont watch this movie anyway.

  4. Pffffft….this movie is a stream of consciousness crap from an uber-lib who glorifies violence for the ‘correct’ reasons. Mayor Dailey was right about those assholes.

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  9. There was actually a decent movie about Abbie Hoffman somewhere around 15 years ago that starred Vincent D’Onofrio and Janeane Garofalo that did a pretty good ‘warts-and-all’ look at him and his motivations. Highly recommended. This movie sounds like garbage.

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