Election 2020

Conservative Lawmakers and Legal Scholars Denounce Texas Election Suit as 'a Mockery of Federalism and Separation of Powers'

The Constitution “plainly makes the appointment of electors a state-by-state matter.”


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday to directly intervene in the 2020 presidential election by overturning the results in four states—Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin—that went for President-elect Joe Biden.

In a new legal filing that arrived at SCOTUS yesterday, a prominent group of conservative lawmakers and legal scholars have denounced the Texas lawsuit as "a mockery of federalism and separation of powers." Among its signatories are former Sen. John Danforth (R–Mo.), University of St. Thomas law professor Michael Stokes Paulsen, former Department of Homeland Security official Paul Rosenzweig, and Princeton University legal scholar Keith E. Whittington. Those names are all known and respected among the justices of the Supreme Court.

The case is Texas v. Pennsylvania. Under Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has "original Jurisdiction" in certain types of cases, including "Controversies between two or more States." Most of the time, the Supreme Court exercises "appellate jurisdiction," which means that it reviews the actions of lower courts. As I noted yesterday, "no state has ever pulled off a stunt even remotely like overturning the results of a presidential election by going straight to SCOTUS to challenge the results in another state."

The conservative lawmaker/scholar filing argues that if Texas succeeds the result "would violate the most basic constitutional principles." That is because the Constitution "plainly makes the appointment of electors a state-by-state matter….That is the opposite of a controversy between two or more states."

The Constitution does say exactly that. Consider the relevant language from Article II, Section 1: "Each State shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors….The Electors shall meet in their respective States." (Emphasis added.)

To be sure, the Electors Clause is not a blank check. As the filing also points out, citing Bush v. Gore (2000), the Supreme Court "can exercise discretionary appellate review if state election law, or any remedial issue thereunder, as interpreted by a state supreme court, violates 'some other constitutional constraint." But "that is not remotely this case."

It sure isn't. The presidential election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin have all been adjudicated by the courts in each of those states and the respective challenges to Biden's wins have failed. The losing sides in those cases—meaning President Trump and his allies—are certainly entitled to ask SCOTUS to hear their appeals. But Texas has no such standing to sue those four states directly at SCOTUS over their election results.

The conservative lawmakers and legal scholars end their filing by urging the Supreme Court to reject Texas' "request to transfer the powers of 50 state court systems to this Court." What Texas seeks is "an unprecedented expansion of [federal] judicial power," the filing states, quoting from Rucho v. Common Cause (2019). "The expansion of judicial authority would not be into just any area of controversy, but into one of the most intensely partisan aspects of American political life. That intervention would be unlimited in scope and duration—it would recur over and over again around the country with each" presidential election.

The filing is available here.

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  1. Enough with the anti Trump propaganda.

    Reason used to be libertarian, and advocate for free markets and free minds.

    But in the past four years (and especially the past eight months), Reason has become little more than another partisan anti-Trump pro-Biden propaganda outlet.

    1. Calling these suits meritless is not anti-Trump nor pro-Biden, it is an honest assessment of the legalities.

      1. “an honest assessment”

        *ctrl+f “18 states”*


        Lol, okay Jeff.

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        2. Six states have asked to join the lawsuit. Twelve that signed the amicus brief have not.


          “First and foremost, it is notable than only six of the states that joined yesterday’s amicus brief (Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Utah) were willing to join today’s motion to intervene and join the Texas Bill of Complaint.”

        3. How is counting the number of amicus briefs from other states a measure of the legal merits? Are you aware that the amicus briefs filed don’t support all of Texas’ claims?

          1. Look at unreason go.

            1. Cry more little bitch. Will you finally shut the fuck up when SCOTUS dismisses this with prejudice? Hopefully you’ll just go postal and get wasted before you hurt anyone.

              1. Try truth and reality instead of the corrupt, lying Biden cult for a change: The Epoch Times and Hereistheevidence.com

                1. Yes, a news organization that is the extension of a religious movement that believes aliens started invading human minds in the beginning of the 20th century, leading to mass corruption and the invention of computers; as well as a site that pretends to be a legitimate database of election but uses Twitter as a source, are the purveyors of truth.

                  Jesus Christ.

      2. True…but trying to use logic and reason with the Trump cult is no different than trying to use logic and reason with any other cult – you’re wasting your time…

        1. False. Try truth and reality instead of the corrupt, lying Biden cult for a change: The Epoch Times and Hereistheevidence.com

          1. Brilliant. The Epoch Times is an extension of a religious group that believes aliens started invading human minds in the beginning of the 20th century, leading to mass corruption and the invention of computers.


        2. If they disagree with the left’s ally the fake news media just ignore them. You still believe in Russian collusion and all the other fake news the left’s ally the fake news media manipulates the thinking of the uninformed and easily influenced with. Don’t allow anyone to tell you the truth and reject any facts that don’t align. It will simply confuse and cause dispute and just believing is so much easier.

      3. Except that now 18+ states have said there is merit.

        Lefties really believe that Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Barrett are going to side with Democrats with their massive election fraud scheme.

        1. And when they don’t I’m sure you be here yelling about how the left paid them off or something.

      4. So let the court decide.

      5. Nonsense. It’s a dishonest perversion of the actual lawsuit by a mindless gang of lying Biden sycophants who will live in infamy when the truth finally comes out.

    2. Only real libertarians understand that you have to unquestionably worship the most ridiculous head of government in history.

      1. Hillary wasn’t head of government, Tony.

        1. I forget, in the land of the cousinfucker, used-car salesmen are king and women are there to give floppy unsatisfying handjobs and not speak.

          1. Stop trying to be Kirkland. You’re better than that.

            1. Who wins the war of Bot vs. Sock?

            2. Lol, no he isn’t.

          2. You mean like Bill and his sidepieces?

          3. You’d know.

          4. “land of the cousinfucker, used-car salesmen are king and women are there to give floppy unsatisfying handjobs and not speak”

            I know I made you supermad, but what the hell does that even mean?

    3. What propaganda is in this article? It mostly quotes from a filing that a group opposed to the Texas filing themselves filed with the SC.

      Obviously you’re not gonna agree with it, but it’s hardly propaganda.

      1. Of course it’s propaganda that doesn’t even begin seriously to address the actual lawsuit; they wouldn’t dare and get destroyed. Try truth and reality instead of the corrupt, lying Biden cult for a change: The Epoch Times and Hereistheevidence.com

        1. The lawsuit is Ken Paxton’s hail mary to get out of his impending federal prison sentence for being a corrupt piece of shit. Between your mind invading aliens and the fact that you think the lawsuit has a snowball’s chance in hell, your basis in reality in somewhere between schizophrenia and LSD.

    4. Heaven forbid someone speaks truth to the fascist.

      Fuck off- it’s not anti-Trump- it’s fucking calling a spade a spade. The man is a danger to democracy so you can take your so called objections and shove them up your ass you snowflake fuck.

      1. Let’s call a spade a spade then: Democrats can’t be trusted. Democrats have always been a danger to democracy.

        1. Democrats are, what, about 40% of the people in this country. Your neighbors, friends, probably members of your own family.

          1. He is talking about Democratic operatives. You know, the ones that have been running corrupt cities for decades.

            1. So, you’re gonna have to find a way to get along with them at some point.

      2. Trumpites don’t want truth…

        1. Good thing this is a libertarian site.

        2. They certainly want the truth more than anyone else. . .

          1. They certainly want the truth to be whatever pile of steatorrhea Trump ejects from his mouth.

      3. Poor Lefties. I warned you what was coming when Trump won the legal votes in states that matter.

        1. On Monday you will know what bipolar disorder feels like, when this manic high is suddenly replaced by a morose depression. Man it’s gonna be one big ass mood swing.

          You should probably stock up on some whiskey.

      4. A potty mouth is proof positive of incompetent corruption, not rational argument. Try truth and reality instead of the corrupt, lying Biden cult for a change: The Epoch Times and Hereistheevidence.com

        1. Right, you say “rational argument”, “truth”, and “reality” but link to a news site that is an extension of a religious movement that believes aliens started invading human minds in the beginning of the 20th century, leading to mass corruption and the invention of computers.

    5. Could it be that tRump sucks?
      Between the lying, the tweeting, the botched foreign policy, the tacit support for fringe right wing groups, the indifference to minorities, the lying, the infantile behavior, the fear mongering, the hate speech, the lying, tRump has developed quite a group that flat out, does not like him.
      I’m not saying that certain groups even gave tRump a chance, but I am saying that tRump has shrunk his base as members of the base realize what an azz he is. Have you read the Drudge report lately?

      By every measure he is a bad leader, unless your goal is a totalitarian state, then he is a great leader. He singles out someone/something and gets everyone to rally around to threaten or otherwise go after that one thing. And I’m sorry for the analogy, like Hitler blaming everything on the Jews.
      SNL had a list at one point of all the things tRump wants us to fear, and trust that he will set it straight. Can’t find it anymore.

      1. What’s funny about all you lefty-twits is you cannot even see the irony of it all being unquestionably your OWN STUPID FAULT.

        ‘a Mockery of Federalism and Separation of Powers’

        The Constitution “plainly makes the delegation of power for A,B,C,D,E………X,Y,Z a state-by-state matter.”


        Racist, Sexist and Wealth entitlements
        ^^^ ALL LEFTY POLICY ^^^

        Take your hypocrisy and stick it up your commie-*ss.

        1. Trump’s failings are his enemies’ fault. Got it. On a totally unrelated note, you might find this interesting:


          1. What did trump fail at?

            Wages and employment rose for minorities and low income, at an even faster rate than the wealthy.

            Lower taxes for all. Even the nyt finally admitted the average middle income household saw a tax cut of nearly 4k under trumps cuts.

            No new wars.

            Pressured Mexico into stopping the caravans at their border.

            Brought us to energy independence in 3 years.

            I’m sorry but tweets that get you butt hurt aren’t the same as policy failures.

            1. What did trump fail at? Leaving behind a BIGGER FATTER Government…. 🙂

              1. Really? He cut taxes a turfed more regulations than the last eight presidents combined. This is the first time in American history that a president left office with less regulations than when he started.

                What he did with Title IX alone is worth celebrating.

                1. ^Well explained – was my point 🙂 He failed to leave behind a bigger fatter government.

      2. Do you not remember the Russia hoax and impeachment? You’ve literally accused him of everything the Dems did to him. I mean seriously don’t you guys have any other ploys?

      3. Lefty commie cultist traitor sellouts are to blame, not Trump. The irony of the perversion is that if Biden HAD won (he didn’t, and Trump will be inaugurated 1/20) Red China would be marching those fools into concentration camps. The same thing happened to the fools who helped Hitler get into power: many of them were some of the first to try out his concentration camps. Contrary to the Trump Derangement Syndrome lies and fraud humanly speaking he’s nearly all that stands between you and Beijing slitting your throat and gleefully watching you bleed to death.

        1. Aw, you didn’t talk about Epoch Times. I really like it when you accuse people of being in a cult and then mention that news org, really gives your argument more oomph with the whole religious movement, aliens and the brainwashing thing they’re associated with.

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    7. “…anti Trump propaganda.

      Reason used to be libertarian, and advocate for free markets and free minds.”

      Uh, being anti-trump is absolutely a valid position for an entity that supports free markets and free minds.

      1. Being anti-the-guy who supports markets and minds somehow equates to being supportive of markets and minds. . .

        Do you even listen to your own drivel?

      2. Being anti-Trump has nothing to do with a free mind, just Trump Derangement Syndrome delusions of godhood of the godless; corrupt fascist bigotry.

    8. Sadly your point seems to be valid. So some establishment elite (all essentially existing/former government employees) submit a legal filing opposed to Paxton’s lawsuit. Root ignores that Ted Cruz wants to argue the case, who has a record of success at the SCOTUS. Further, while state legislatures do have the right to just pick electors, their law stipulates certain voting procedures to obtain the outcome. Root ignores the argument the state laws created by the legislature in the defendant states weren’t followed, making the elections invalid. My personal opinion is the constitution obliges the people running elections to do so honestly and lacking buy in during it from the opposition makes those votes suspect and probably should be thrown out.

      1. Ken Paxton is a corrupt piece of shit trying to keep his ass out of prison with one last hail mary. If you want to suck Trump’s dick for a pardon during his last few weeks as President, go big or go home.

    9. True. Trump Derangement Syndrome to the max, and the clowns conveniently utterly lGNORED the actual point of TX’s lawsuit to pontificate their own ludicrous delusions. They want their massive fraud corruption their buddies in Red China and the DNC (with RINO help, e.g. Kemp) cooked up to drag the Biden corpse across the finish line to succeed to get Beijing favors.

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  3. But the point of the suit is that those states DIDN’T follow the laws set by the legislatures.

    1. Not all, there is on in PA where they say the legislature violated the state constitution. That one was tossed also.

      1. Uh I’m talking about the Texas suit. Try to keep up.

      2. no, it was not tossed. the emergency injunction was denied. The suit is still proceeding.

        But I guess those kinds of facts go over your head if you get all your knowledge from propaganda on facebook. good luck with that.

        1. It was tossed. There was no other filing than the emergency injunction. This is why you should not trust the conservative twitter-verse.

          1. Another unreason bot citation fall off.

    2. Trey, the courts in those states say they did follow the legislature’s rules. Texas gets no say.

      1. The courts in those states did as they pleased, the rules set by the legislatures be damned.

      2. Luckily, the SCOTUS will rule against Biden and the Democrats.

      3. No, the courts in those states overruled the legislature by approving changes to the law by the executive branch of those states, even though the constitution, and at least in PA also the state constitution, state that is solely the power of the legislature.

        In PA act 77 maybe be found constitutional because it was passed by the legislature. But act 77 requires signature verification, postmark verification, and that the mail in absentee ballots be received and mailed by certain dates. Those chain of custody requirements were illegally removed by a motion port forth by our secretary of state 7 weeks before the election and illegally upheld by our partisan state Supreme Court. Those changes were addressed prior to the election at the SC, which was when roberts flip flopped to deadlock the court at 4-4 and they issued orders to segregate all mail in ballots that didn’t meet the requirements under the previous law. That challenge is still alive and well, as noted in Mike Kelly’s case.

    3. As it stands right now, the courts have ruled they did follow the state laws (at least close enough).

      1. What they and what they did may be completely different things. We have seen of late rather incomprehensible decisions by state courts that usurped legislative authority.

      2. Your citations always fall off.

    4. Where is the injury in fact to the State of Texas from the other states´ conduct?

      1. Biden – Duh….

      2. Texas was deprived of its choice of president because of the unconstitutional manner these four states conducted their elections.
        If they had done their election according to the Constitution, Texas would have no injury to be able to claim, but these states’ combined, awarded electors have turned the decision against what would have been the case.
        States are bound by their participation as part of the United States to follow the Constitution. It must not be allowed when they don’t, and it affects other states.

    5. https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/governor-abbott-extends-early-voting-period-for-november-3rd-election

      Governor Greg Abbott today issued a Proclamation extending the early voting period for the November 3rd Election by nearly a week. Under this proclamation, early voting by personal appearance will begin on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, and continue through Friday, October 30, 2020. The proclamation also expands the period in which marked mail-in ballots may be delivered in person to the early voting clerk’s office, allowing such delivery prior to as well as on Election Day.

      “As we respond to COVID-19, the State of Texas is focused on strategies that preserve Texans’ ability to vote in a way that also mitigates the spread of the virus,” said Governor Abbott. “By extending the early voting period and expanding the period in which mail-in ballots can be hand-delivered, Texans will have greater flexibility to cast their ballots, while at the same time protecting themselves and others from COVID-19.”

    6. https://twitter.com/bradheath/status/1336767769124155394?s=21

      “The brief also argues that executive officials shouldn’t be able to mess with voting rules. But Texas — the plaintiff in this case, the state they’re supporting — did that very thing. The governor used executive power to extend the early voting period, among other things.”

      1. Democrats can sue Texas. I dare you fucking Lefty retards to make a claim to the SCOTUS that Democrats agree with Trump that there was massive election fraud.


        1. In fact, tell your Lefty handlers that if unreason holds a fundraising effort for Democrat “Defend Election 2020 Fraud”, I will contribute.

          The cash would have to absorb all my tears from laughing so hard.

  4. So wait we should just do nothing and let the left overrun all our institutions. We should just lie back while they destroy capitalism and our economy. We should let them turn America into a one party communist state. If you think that is not their end goal you really have not been paying attention.

    But yeah a lawsuit is gonna destroy democracy. Wake the fuck up.

    1. No, you should run good candidates with popular policies and win elections.

      1. Trump got 12 million more votes this time than last. He got the most votes for a sitting President ever. He won 83% of all counties. Seems he was pretty popular.

        1. But 2+2=5 now, and you have to believe that to believe the presidential results are legitimate

        2. Cry more bitch.

          Your president did nothing but get hundreds of thousands of people killed and turn the US into a laughingstock for a generation.

          You people with your endless cultural anxieties… and somehow you never noticed just how humiliated you ought to be by this ridiculous incompetent nut job.

          Does having a redneck’s idea of a rich man in power somehow reduce your fear that you are culture’s losers? Did he validate your poor education and stunted social lives?

          “He’s fat, he’s stupid, he has no manners, and he’s president! I must be doing something right!”

          1. Nice rant Tony. Did you weep a little while writing that? Scream into the mirror?

            and I love this part ““He’s fat, he’s stupid, he has no manners…” so basically its all about image to you. your sensibilities are ‘offended’ by Trump. That’s kinda sad.

            1. Being a presentable human being is hardly sufficient to be a good president, but he can’t even clear that bar. In his defense, he’s probably well into dementia.

              I’m wondering if his ridiculousness is the point. Does he make you feel like you too could have a porn star wife and gold toilets when you finally win the lottery? Maybe even a cement pond?

              1. Dude(?), I already do. well, except for the lottery part.

                1. I don’t understand why I’m supposed to not give a shit that the president has diminished the image of my country, possibly irreparably.

                  I mean in addition to all the death and economic destruction.

                  1. Your image on here is worse than Trump’s are anywhere. You are the most rude, arrogant piece of shit that we see here.

                    1. Trump is welcome to go back to being an internet personality only. He was welcome to stay that way four years ago. I may be arrogant but I don’t have hundreds of thousands of deaths on my hands.

                2. have a porn star wife

                  I already do

                  pics or gtfo

                3. Lol your wife’s a slut

          2. Tony, stop the bullshit above Trump getting a bazillion people killed. It’s a fucking pandemic and there’s not a lot anybody could do. Could Trump have done a few things differently? Sure. Would it have made much difference? Nope.

            You’re just making yourself look like a zealous blowhard by continually bleating that crap.

            The goddamn media did as much harm as Trump, arguably more.

            1. If by FOX News and the rightwing propaganda network, I totally agree.

              You don’t get to say “it will go away by miracle” and “I’m bored of the national crisis, let’s steal an election” and “masks make you effeminate” and get a pass on your pandemic response. Sorry if I’m not feeling that charitable.

              People who can barely even a acknowledge 300,000 dead Americans don’t get to be president anymore.

              1. How much do you think China bears responsibility vs. Trump? How much blame to you place on governors like Cuomo?

                No, Tony thinks orange man bad, therefore he’s responsible for ALL of the world’s problems.

                1. I blame people for their actions. Cuomo, who you people are still blaming for the entire crisis, never downplayed the seriousness of the crisis, never fueled denier propaganda, never advocated “herd mentality” strategy, which when translated to English means “let the most people die possible.”

                  Did you think Donald fucking Trump, who turned hundreds of millions of dollars of inheritance into the biggest bankruptcy in the history of the world, would automatically be good at this? Why don’t you think he deserves any blame for how the country he is president of responded to a pandemic? He’s been out there taking action—downplaying preventative measures and getting the executive branch and his family infected. Would you have given Obama this much of a pass, or did you blame him for everything from overseas terrorist attacks to your fucking hangnail?

                  1. Poor Tony. Does this remind you Lefties of how trump beat y’all in election 2016, Mueller, Impeachment…?

                    Your lefty media tries to control the false narrative and then just enough Republicans stop you Lefties in your tracks.

                    1. Yes LC, it’s just a conspiracy theory that Trump is a retard.

                      He also has fantastic hair.

                    2. Tony has lost all his flair now that Biden lost this fight.

                  2. Downplaying preventative measures? Even Fauci was out there saying “don’t wear masks, they don’t do shit” last spring.

                    And Trump is the one who got a military medical ship into NY harbor (that barely got used)…Trump is the one that setup military field hospitals everywhere (that never got used)…Trump is the one who got ventilator and PPE manufacturing ramped up…Trump is the one that got THREE VACCINES in < 1 year when most other countries have zero or maybe one vaccine.

                    Typical willful ignorance of the liberal mind. Do you "honestly" believe Sleepy Joe or even Obama could have done that?

                    1. So you believed Fauci then but you don’t believe him now?

                      Trump said no to buying extra vaccine. Notice how we’re not getting them yet while other countries are. He literally cares only about the PR, and he’s lazy at that. He didn’t do shit to expedite vaccine production by a German company. He just took the credit. And you fell for it. Don’t you feel stupid for supporting such an obvious charlatan?

              2. There will not be an increase in total dead for 2020 over 2019, 2018, or 2017! 82% of those 200,000 dead were going to die this year anyway! The average age of a COVID death is above the average age of mortality. No additional people died this year over any other year. You’re a low IQ moron fully swept up in the propaganda. Your opinions are not even your own, but were planted there by the media.

                1. You’d be right except for your lies.

                  There will be 400,000 excess deaths in the US in 2020.

                  You are saying that death doesn’t matter because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to claim that Donald Trump is Jesus.

                  You people are fucked up.

            2. We are not much worse than the UK or some other European countries in mortality per million citizens. Tony does not care about facts. He is a liberal idiot that cannot see all the good things that care from Trump. He was rude to liberals, oh the horror.

              1. So the lesson you draw from the clear evidence that more lockdowns means less death is that hey we’re only somewhat worse than the other less restrictive countries out there. Ones with more densely living populations compared to our vast country of rural areas now getting decimated.

                Good things Trump has done. Jesus Christ. You are apparently aware that other countries exist. Who on planet earth other than Trump cultists and Vladimir Putin thinks Trump is anything but an existential catastrophe and an unfunny joke?

          3. endless cultural anxieties


            diminished the image

            Oh, tell me more.

            Tony is living proof that democratic (small d!) politics is all social signaling and emotion.

            I mean, if you think the COVID response wasn’t restrictive enough then that’s your right, but you don’t get to immediately turn around and bitch about the economic destruction that occurred as a direct result of those restrictions.

            1. This country had one of the least restrictive responses in the world. The economic problems are a result of there being a pandemic. You may want to run free and infect yourself and your loved ones for the sake of GDP, but not everyone is as fundamentally irrational as Trumptards.

              1. Uh huh. Tell that to the folks that actually track it.

                Maybe if we weren’t so needlessly restrictive in the spring there would be more of an appetite for them now that the problem is acute beyond the Northeast.

                The economic problems are a result of there being a pandemic.

                Partially. They’re also partially caused by restrictions, and by the responses to attempt to counteract those dislocations.

                Funny thing about econ is that there’s never one reason. But it’s irrational to compare what happened to unemployment/growth in Q2 compared to Q3 (when prevalence was increasing across several economically vital areas) and to assert that the pandemic itself is the overriding element.

                1. It’s irrational to ignore the 300,000 dead people. Or maybe not. Maybe caring about people not dying is irrational, in a rational market theory, at least beyond them being grist for the funeral industry.

                  The Democratic plan is to supply the economy with emergency money until the crisis is handled.

                  The Republican plan is to hope the maximum number of people die willingly.

              2. Go to the UK Tony, they have very restrictive Covid rules. Of course they also have about the same death toll per million.

          4. And yet, we hold great power and influence over you, Tony. We are half the voters in the country. Does that fill you with leftist, ass eating rage, Tony? Does it make you think it’s OK to resort to fraud to get your way?

            1. You’re not making a great case for letting you make your own lives.

              You took that freedom and decided to get all your ideas from rightwing radio shock jocks and internet propaganda. You are bad at civilization. Democracy depends on educated citizens. You chose not to be educated. You chose laziness and grievance. You don’t get to escape the consequences of your actions.

              1. Note the liberal authoritarianism in your post: “letting you make your own lives.”

                Proof that liberals hate freedom and liberty. If I live my life differently than Tony, I must be uneducated and Tony and his liberal swamp creatures must come in and make those life decisions for me. Your viewpoint is very typical of Democrat policy in general.

                1. I don’t give a fuck which blood relatives you have carnal relations with, which mud sports you enjoy, or which snake-handling backwoods church you go to.

                  I care about the public policy you support when it affects me and millions of other people and gets hundreds of thousands killed.

                  You can say you wash your hands of all responsibility if you want, but I don’t buy it, not from the people who claim to believe in personal responsibility. If you want to sell me on the idea, practice some. Start figuring out how to get access to facts. It’s not actually all that hard. And this subject has a lot to do with science, where verifiable facts are easiest to come by because there’s a whole process in place to reduce bias and error. How rigorous is whichever alt-right youtube personality you get your thoughts from?

          5. Tony bowing down and worshiping his Gov-Gods. You might not be so wound-up if you didn’t worship government as-if they were your own person God.

            1. You do know that Trump is a government employee, right?

              1. And Trump isn’t going to erase COVID form the earth like the God you think he “should” be and neither will Biden no matter how much worshiping you do.

                1. Trump is golfing and brooding over Newsmax conspiracy theories all his waking hours.

                  Next time you fucking assholes try to steal an election, try putting up someone halfway competent.

                  I realize getting you to recognize the absurdity of criticizing government worship while doing nothing but blindly worshiping a politician is too much to ask. Projection is your playbook.

                  1. Trump is also preparing for his second term as President.

                    Troop withdrawals, indictments for Democrats, and overseeing the strongest US economy in human history.

                    1. If only I believed that you actually cared. I don’t want people to suffer a mental health crisis, but sometimes that’s what it takes to break a cult.

                      Of course you’ll be perfectly fine either way considering you’re a Russian troll.

                    2. So Lefties are going to have a mental breakdown during Trump’s second term?

                      Maybe they should seek mental health help in Communist China. They have free medical there.

          6. I didn’t vote for Trump. I bet you voted for Biden though. The next 4 years are on YOUR head. LOL.

        3. We don’t elect by counties or by popular vote. We use the EC and Biden has enough in votes to claim victory.

          1. He has 0 at the moment

            1. Trump also has 0 at the moment.

              1. You’re pathetic

          2. That’s actually incorrect, we don’t use the EC anymore. We switched to a fraud-based voting system from now on.

            1. “We switched to a fraud-based voting” — Say; I’d place bets you live in a little-d (lol.. Claptrap) city…

          3. Biden has 0 Electoral college votes.

            Those votes are not counted and officially recorded until January 6, 2021.

            Members of Congress can object to any state’s vote count, provided objection is presented in writing and is signed by at least one member of each house of Congress. An objection supported by at least one senator and one representative will be followed by the suspension of the joint session and by separate debates and votes in each House of Congress; after both Houses deliberate on the objection, the joint session is resumed.

            A state’s certificate of vote can be rejected only if both Houses of Congress vote to accept the objection, meaning the votes from the State in question are not counted. Individual votes can also be rejected, and are also not counted.

            In 1864, all of the votes from Louisiana and Tennessee were rejected, and in 1872, all of the votes from Arkansas and Louisiana plus three of the eleven electoral votes from Georgia were rejected

          4. We elect by what the dnc says is legal

        4. Not popular enough snowflake.

        5. And yet he did not meet the bar for actually winning an election: A majority of electors. Same dumbass mistake Hillary made.

          He got the most votes because it was one of the closest popular votes ever, at a time when the voting population was the largest ever, and also one of the highest turnouts ever. Does NOT mean he got the majority of either the popular vote of the electoral vote.

          This isn’t Calvinball. You don’t get to make up the rules as you go along.

          Yes it’s bad that the Leftists get to be in power for four years. But not nearly as bad as throwing away the Constitution, conducting a coup, and staying in office after you lost an election. That would damage our nation forever.

          1. “This isn’t Calvinball. You don’t get to make up the rules as you go along.”

            Holy shit, you actually think you’re making an anti Trump point here…

            1. He is, Nardz.

              Dude, 50 cases lost.


              This is a farce to get your money. Stop it.

              1. Poor Lefties. Their guts are wrenching at the Constitution striking again.

          2. Actually this was the 3rd biggest popular vote blowout, by proportion. Biggest since FDR.

            1. Trump did great, I agree.

              Biden might break 40 millions votes after all the illegal ballots are tossed.

        6. He’d win 83% of the entire USA by county. And let’s get real here; The USA isn’t defined by a ‘club membership’ – it’s defined by it’s LAND borders.

          1. …Oh yeah; and even on the E.C. for voters who showed up to show their ID he would’ve won by a good 65%…

        7. “Trump got 12 million more votes this time than last. He got the most votes for a sitting President ever. He won 83% of all counties. Seems he was pretty popular.”

          lmao all of that matters as much as Hillary winning the popular vote in 2016: not at all. Your shitty big government candidate lost to the other shitty big government candidate. No amount of whining will change it.

          1. I was really just commenting on his popularity but it’s interesting you think it’s whining. Project much?

      2. No, you should run good candidates with popular policies and win elections.
        How does Sleepy Joe fit into this?

        1. The least bad candidate sometimes wins.

    2. I agree. Here’s he sad truth. The constitution’s prohibition on what the federal government isn’t allowed to do no longer exists. There isn’t a single thing in the democrat agenda that is remotely constitutional as a power of the federal government. The left have 0 ethics and principles and truly are hell bent on destroying capitalism and freedom. It would be nice if this could be settled in a civil manner such as courts enforcing the 10th amendment, but the truth is it can’t. At this point absolutely anything is on the table to save our country, legal challenges least of all. I’m personally even 100% willing to fight in a civil war or state by state war if it means stopping the US from becoming a totalitarian communist shithole.

      1. You just demonstrated how delusional you guys are.

        Joe Biden has a long record in government. He is not even remotely a communist. If you want to die for your preference of a slightly more authoritarian and infinitely dumber president, then that’s on you.

        And what a coincidence that when you guys all make your little civil war screed, you sound just like big fat Rush.

        1. Biden wanted to mandate masks which violates the enumeration of powers. Luckily, Biden will never get the chance.

        2. De Oppresso Liber, The current democrat platform is the hardest left, pro massive government America has ever seen. And at a time when state/local governments have gone completely totalitarian and proven governments can’t be trusted with power and how dangerous a century of slowly letting government get bigger inch by inch is.
          Restructure the economy completely for the global warming boogeyman? Forgive student loans? Nationwide mask mandates? Reparations to blacks, none of which have ever been slaves? Make one of the most progressive tax brackets in the world more progressive? Subsidized, money losing public option healthcare to effectively bankrupt private insurance and become outright socialized medicine. Free (aka socialized) college?
          And besides, Joe Biden is a facade. The dude won’t last halfway through his term before he starts shtting himself and can’t remember where he is or remember his own name. The real president is Kamala Harris who is a San Francisco lawyer who slept her way to the top and has one of the hardest left voting records out there.
          I stand by my statement. This isn’t JFK or even Bill Clinton’s democrat party. Modern democrats are outright communists who are anti capitalist, anti freedom, anti constitution, anti private property, anti responsibility, anti free speech reverse racists.

    3. First, its the Republicans that seem to be trying to do an end-around the constitution. There is zero evidence that the states have fraudulently picked Joe Bidden for President.
      Second, the tRumpians are no longer free trade capitalist. They are at best protectionists (where the government decides what should be protected and what shouldn’t).
      Then there’s the unprecedented rise in the national debt. Definitely not conservative money policy.
      Don’t even want to get into the leadership failures of tRump.
      Botton line, tRump has already hurt capitalism and our economy.

      1. “Then there’s the unprecedented rise in the national debt. Definitely not conservative money policy.”
        87% Written, Pitched and PUSHED by Democrats..

        Trump did hurt this country by NOT VETOING the bill – but to pretend he’s the lesser of evils is ignorance at it’s finest.

      2. You’re right that republicans and Trump aren’t remotely free market anymore (which is why I wasted my vote on Jorgensen despite how much I hate the communist/democrat party).
        Regarding no election fraud, are you joking? There is videos all over of poll counters throwing away and modifying ballots. There are videos of late night, after counting is over ballot deliveries. There are videos of ballot harvesting. The fact that poll watchers were illegally kept out is not even a debate. Poll certifiers were bullied and threatened into certifying vote tallies that didn’t match up.
        As far as reason for suspicion, it’s everywhere. Mail in ballots were used in numbers like never before despite the fact everyone knows how easy it is to defraud an election with this method. There are statistical voting anomalies everywhere, especially focused on the important swing states. Tech security experts everywhere are attesting to how hackable the voting machines are. The democrats have financial stakes in Dominion voting systems which obviously means they aren’t impartial. They are built on software invested by Hugo Chavez.
        On a personal, anecdotal side, if I was an asshole I could have voted 3 times as I received mail in ballots I didn’t ask for from 2 different states (I moved in June, yet informed my old state to cancel my voter registration). When I voted in person they didn’t check ID, social security number, voter registration paperwork, actually nothing short of asking my name and address. Quite likely it’s similar everywhere.
        Are you actually saying that despite plenty of hard evidence and tons of evidence on how easy it is to commit fraud with the 2020 election mechanisms that this vote was 100% legit or even close to it? All we’re arguing over is how widespread voter fraud is and whether it’s enough to overturn the election (considering how many useful idiots inhabit the US these days, I’m not sure).

    4. How is Biden going to establish a one-party state, and why didn’t Obama do that when he had the chance?

      1. No COVID.

        1. But he had Jade Helm, the perfect opportunity.

  5. “But Texas has no such standing to sue those four states directly at SCOTUS over their election results.”

    The suit is over the constitutionality of the process. Texas isn’t suing the states over their results, but that the election process they implemented is unconstitutional. We can certainly argue the true intent is otherwise, but to claim they don’t have standing to sue over a constitutional question relative to a shared federal responsibility is just flat out ridiculous gaslighting.

    1. Note though that Texas is ONLY suing those states Trump lost. They aren’t exactly suing other states who did the same thing where he won.


      1. Which states changed their election rules illegally that Trump won?

        1. I don’t know of any states that changed their election rules illegally. The rules were well established prior to election day and the gray areas turned out to be inconsequential (PA only 10,000 or so ballots even arrived after election day – never mind postage stamp).

          1. Not by legislation — IT WAS ILLEGALLY changed.

          2. PA did, in a handful of different ways.
            WI did, by establishing vote-drop-boxes that are not permitted under the state’s constitution.
            MI did, by voiding voter identification requirements in select counties.
            This is all documented in the suit.

            1. Yes, courts and election officials (who are empowered by legislation) made changes to account for DeJoy’s purposeful sabotage of the USPS delivery of ballots. That is the real election fraud.

              DeJoy for prison.

              1. Poor Lefties. The tears are flowing all over the unblocked media.

                Is Youtube gonna censor Lefty videos contesting Trump’s second term?

      2. Democrats can sue in those states Lefty.

        Oh wait, its too late to sue. December 8, the Safe harbor date passed.

        It’s almost like Trump was running out the clock for challenging what was coming to strip Biden of his fraudulent “victory”.

      3. Including Texas. The governor issued a proclamation extending early voting. By the Texas’ lawsuit’s logic, Texas’ electors should not be counted.

        1. Democrats can sue. I would give money if the Democrats sued for election fraud.

          That would guarantee Trump wins Trump v Biden in the SCOTUS. The 5-4 majority would say that even Democrats admit there was election fraud, so we send election 2020 to Congress via the 12th Amendment.

          1. That isn’t the “Prayer” the Texas lawsuit asks for.

    2. To be clear, everyone knows that Texas is exactly suing other states over their results. They are just trying to wrap the turd of an idea in a more palatable blanket.

      1. The turd is Democrats trying to commit massive election fraud.

        SCOTUS is ruling against Biden. Just like the SCOTUS rules against Gore.

    3. Standing requires (1) a particularized injury in fact (not common to the public at large), (2) which is attributable to the conduct of the defendants, and (3) which is redressable by a remedy the court can grant.

      Texas fails the injury in fact criterion. There is no standing here.

      1. lawyers disagree with your assessment. As detailed in other places as well as the suit itself:
        1) The injury is the election of the VP, who oversees ties in the Senate….the representative body of the States. current makeup of the senate is a near tie, so the specific VP will be consequential and of significant impact to the States.
        2) The unconstitutional actions of the sued states is the cause of the injury
        3) The court can grant the remedy of voiding electors from those states, requiring a revote, or requiring the states legislatures to pick their electors directly in lieu of a valid vote.

        SCOTUS isn’t going to punt on this one. They will hear it and rule, if for no other reason then their own pride and reputation. I don’t presume to know how that will go, but arguing that TX and the others states don’t have standing is kinda silly.

        1. Or the SCOTUS will punt this to Congress under the 12th Amendment. Either way, Biden didnt win the legal vote count.

      2. unreason bots always have their citations fall off.

  6. In 2016 Trump sued ti stop a recount in Michigan. In 2020 he sued to recount multiplex times in multiple states. DNC=zero recounts allowed. RNC=what’s the total today? Is DNC is treated like an infamous 6 letter word.

  7. Thank God for Responsible Conservatives like these guys, Romney, the former Weekly Standard people, etc. Without them, conservatives face electoral defeat and irrelevancy.

    1. The conservatives regulatory face electoral defeat. It is only due to gerrymandering that they stay in power at all.

      1. *regularly

      2. Trump won 83% of the counties in the US

        1. Not in the slightest a relevant statistic.

          1. PoPuLaR VoTe

          2. You mentioned gerrymandering.
            Are you aware what that is?

            1. Over that last 30 years or so, there has been a large effort to gerrymander state voting boundaries – which some have said is why their are so many Republican governess in otherwise blue states. I live in Maryland and we have some of the worst gerrymandering – leaning to Democrats.

            2. “In North Carolina, where I live, only three of the state’s 13 representatives in the House were Democrats after the 2014 congressional election, despite Democrats getting 44 percent of the vote. In 2016, the Democratic Party’s vote share in the state increased to 47 percent, but still only three representatives were Democrats. In 2018, Democrats won an even larger share of the vote—48.3 percent—but still had only three representatives. In 2019, North Carolina’s blatantly gerrymandered district maps were finally struck down by the Supreme Court. And so, this year, the Democrats managed a meager increase in representation—five representatives out of 13—despite again receiving 48 percent of the vote.”


        2. Is the number of counties won the best you guys can do? Brains and Beauty…lol!

          1. Poor unreason.

      3. Wah wah wah. Gerrymandering. Wah wah.

        Y’all and your ridiculous excuses. As if Democrats don’t gerrymander every chance they get.

        1. Government representatives are supposed to in theory be somewhat representative of the voters.

          Republicans have not made a case for why they should get so much electoral affirmative action. They don’t even have any ideas anymore. Just tax cuts and whatever the insane clown says that day. The fact that they are actively hostile to democracy isn’t a point in their favor either.

          1. Thanks. I’m going to start calling it “Electoral Affirmative Action”.

            1. Poor Lefties.

        2. It’s another one of those things that didn’t become a problem until Republicans got good at it.

          1. I guarantee that if Republicans were accused of massive election fraud and the Democrats controlled most of the state legislatures, the Democrats would be telling Republicans this is how the Constitution works.

            Republicans have the Constitution on their side and that is why unreason is always full of shit when they try to say Democrats and Republicans are the same. Democrats DONT have the constitution on their side.

      4. Should the Democrats be allowed to gerrymander their states?

        1. No, they should not. Gerrymandering should be illegal for all.

          1. But its not and the SCOTUS just gave Republicans a huge boost when Census takes House seats from Blue states and gives them to Red states.

            Democrats in Red states will be isolated to one House seat in a city.

            1. Yes, and that is very wrong. The seat distribution of each party in legislators should reflect the vote distribution for those parties.

              1. But it doesnt. You know who wanted that? Democrats.

                Maybe someday we might have geometric boundaries of House districts but I doubt it. Commifornia Democrats would not want to give up their power.

                1. It is the Republicans who benefit most and are the most aggressive with gerrymandering. If the Rs would support ending it, the Ds would happily jump on also.

              2. Kind of sounds like you just want to bully the little guy.

                Thank God for the redistricting process, and the EC, designed to protect minorities from being overrun by the mob.

                Redistricting and the EC protect people in low population, rural areas (minority) from being bullied and overrun by high population, urban areas (majority).

  8. “But Texas has no such standing to sue those four states directly at SCOTUS over their election results.”

    Its not over the election results, its over the fact that these states ignored their own laws…which does happen to effect every states who is backing the case because it was a part of the national election.

    Your writing on these challenges has been abysmal, you can’t even get basic facts right.

    1. *every state

    2. Stop trying to steal my vote from me you goddamn fascists.

      What are we going to have to do with you? If you were brown we’d simply throw you all in a supermax with the other terrorists.

      1. Take it up with the sleazebag politicians and election workers in those swing states who seem to believe the only rule for elections is “if we don’t get caught it doesn’t count as cheating”

        1. Well, that is how law in a civilized country works actually. But we’re not even at the burden requires for criminal or civil court. You don’t have any evidence at all. You just want to steal an election.

          This is America. We kill fascists.

          1. Step 1: label everyone you disagree with as a “fascist.”
            Step 2: scream “This is America. We kill fascists.”
            Step 3: Engage in political violence against any white person or anybody with a MAGA hat (make sure to declare they were fascist first)

            See? Liberals have no moral integrity and they are violent, out of control people.

            1. Stop acting like a fucking fascist and I won’t call you that. I don’t like this one bit.

              But when you have a ridiculous looking wannabe tinpot dictator (he has refused to acknowledge the outcome of the election), rightwing mobs who’ve completely given up on democratic norms, and a propaganda machine that makes Rwanda’s look like child’s play, it pays to worry that you guys probably want to start killing leftists like the Nazis, since you talk exactly like them, almost verbatim.

              You can’t even explain how leftists are ruining your culture. You just have blind hatred fueled by talk show hosts and rightwing politicians. You’re a menace.

              All you’re being asked to do is accept the outcome of an election, just like we had to do in 2016, even know we knew how bad it would be. And if anything it was worse than we thought. We still accepted the election as legitimate. Like adults.

              1. Poor Tony. We all know Lefties would have been screaming if Democrats had not been able to pull off election fraud and the legal vote counts truly reflected Trump winning majority of legal votes.

                I warned you Lefties.

              2. How many people got assaulted for wearing Biden shirts? (probably close to zero)
                How many people got assaulted for wearing MAGA hats? (a lot)

                “We still accepted the election as legitimate.”
                LOL, now Tony’s even gaslighting HIMSELF!! I’ll answer that with: Russia, Russia, Russia.

                “like the Nazis, since you talk exactly like them, almost verbatim.”
                Trump has a JEWISH daughter and son-in-law, and when you add the fact that Nazis were a bunch of socialists, I don’t know HOW you make that accusation.

                By the way Tony, where is the US embassy in Israel these days? I wouldn’t think “Nazi’s” would be interested in making that kind of change…

                1. You can’t even form thoughts without using the Dear Leader’s own infantile language.

        2. I thought you said it was about states not following laws. Now its about cheating? Please get your argument straight.

          1. It’s both.

            1. lol

              1. Poor lefties. I warned you dummies.

      2. So its okay to violate constitutional law as long as your guy won

        1. You seemed content to let Trump wipe his ass with the constitution for 4 years but now it’s important to you?

          1. To be fair, the thing was already in pretty rough shape after the preceding 16 years…

          2. Exactly; What did President Trump do that was UN-Constitutional?

          3. Democrats gave up on exposing Democrat election fraud in 2016 for some reason.

        2. No, I believe I am arguing specifically against that notion.

          1. You’re not Tony and you dont like America or the Constitution.

            1. You like America and the constitution like Trump “likes” underage beauty pageant contestants.

    3. Where is the particularized injury in fact to the State of Texas from the other states conduct?

      1. It’s stated in the Texas motion.

  9. To be fair, Texas is claiming that PA, MI, WI, and GA violated this part

    in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct

    I guess the counter argument is that it’s up to the legislators of those states to challenge in state courts, not Texas. I don’t know enough to make a judgement about that one.

    I would still like to know if any other states made changes to election law that would be unconstitutional according to the Texas AG’s logic, and if so, why they aren’t included in the suit? Maybe it really was just these four. I don’t know.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Texas AG doesn’t *have* to list all known exceptions. I haven’t read it but boilerplate could/does allow for the other transgressions to be corrected in their own course along the lines of this decision. The idea isn’t necessarily to compel PA, MI, WI, and GA to prevent every incidence of legislative electoral fraud, just the ones that will put an oppositional President in charge of TX against TX voters’ wishes.

      1. In another piece on Reason or Volokh (don’t remember which) there was something about the suit saying that these four states were chosen because their EC votes could determine the outcome of the election. But that is true of CA on it’s own, or NY combined with MN, or many other combinations.

        Maybe this isn’t relevant, I dunno.

        But, for example if a state that Trump won also changed it’s election procedures in a way that would be covered by TX claim, then it seems like they should also be included. Otherwise, it seems like this is less about the Constitution and more about the election results.

        But I honestly don’t know how all states were modifying election procedures in response to COVID. That’s what I’m asking about. Maybe it was just these four, or just states that went for Biden.

        1. Since Root is citing “conservative legal scholars”, this alternative viewpoint may shed some light on the questions. It’s a good read.


          1. Thanks

        2. We are probably having a 12th Amendment Congressional vote for president when this is all over.

    2. What about the 17 other states?

      1. Yeah, I was just calling referring to it as Texas’ lawsuit for shorthand.

      2. Unclear on the distinction between a party litigant and an amicus curiae?

        1. Its a friend of the court brief. For non-parties to give input to the court since the SCOTUS doesnt really hold trials.

    3. There is also the question of the relief being sought. My understanding is that courts are loathe to toss out otherwise valid ballots that voters cast in good faith, in accordance with the rules that were communicated to them.

      If the suit proceeds, could the Supreme Court agree with Texas’ claims but reject the proposed remedy? Or is there a remedy that would punish the relevant states or state officials only?

      1. But preserve the illegitimate election?

        1. It’s only illegitimate in your pea-brained minds.

          He lost- get the fuck over it you snowflakes.

          1. Sorry bitch it’s not so simple. At some level Democrats will need to work with Republicans to get anything done. And working together requires at least a minimal level of trust.

            Since you Democrats have morally debased yourselves, we have lost that even basic trust in you. You will need to earn our trust back if you ever want to move past this election. And telling us to “get the fuck over it” will not help you.

        2. Or disenfranchise millions of voters?

          Let’s not pretend like that wouldn’t be a really, really, really awful outcome.

          1. Of course, the legislators in those states could select electors for Biden. If it gets to that point, I hope to God they would, not because I like Biden, but because it respects the will of the voters in those states.

            1. But it’s ok to shit on Trump voters and disenfranchise them.
              Eat a bullet

              1. It definitely it is not OK to disenfranchise Trump voters. Their votes must also be counted.

                I do my best to be civil, even though we disagree. Please consider reciprocating by refraining from telling me to commit suicide.

              2. Nardz – DC has been fairly considerate and fair in his discussion on the boards. He’s not one of the Reason writers, I mean trolls, that spam TDS non-sense. Even if he was, eat a bullet is a bit extreme man. I think “Fuck off slaver” is more appropriate. Not for DC, but the slavers.

          2. A 12th Amendment outcome is what the Founders gave us to resolve dispute over elections.

            Not only is it Constitutional but will send Lefties into a rage which further exposes that they actually hate America and the Constitution.

      2. There are millions of ILLEGAL BALLOTS that the SCOTUS can toss.

    4. In only one of the four states – Pennsylvania – has the legislature claimed that their laws weren’t followed.

      1. Thanks, I didn’t know that. That would seem to work against Texas and the other states that joined the suit.

      2. bevis always has citations fall off.

        1. Plus, it is not required for the 4 states to agree that their election laws were not followed.

  10. The lawsuit is a mockery of Federalism, Judicialism, and the Separation of Powers, but the Voting Rights Act, ~1/4 of which was struck down by SCOTUS after almost 50 yrs., is just how voting gets done.

  11. The speed, frequency, and one-sidedness of the multiple articles a day from Root and Sullum is bizarre.

    It’s frantic.

    1. I warned them and they are rushing to counter the Biden loss in any propaganda way they can.

      Commies in the media hoped a media blackout would work to give Biden the White House but that plan failed.

  12. I’m just here for the schadenfreude.

  13. The “facts don’t care about your feelings” crowd is suing to overturn an election because it would be too traumatic to acknowledge that their guy lost.

    Biden voters of course wouldn’t be injured by having the election stolen from them. And if they do, fuck them, they’re evil money changing globalists who rape children and eat monkeys! Put them in camps!

    1. Many of them are dead.

      1. Many people who voted in November are dead. Maybe Trump should have stopped killing so many people and they might have reelected him.

    2. Well…you guys DO steal elections, burn down police stations, riot, and assault people wearing MAGA hats. Why should we call you anything but evil?

      You guys really need to work on your morals and try to earn back the trust of half the country.

      1. There’s nothing wrong with my morals. Try to steal from me and I shoot you. That’s how it work. Even you believe that.

        1. Tony advocating violence when his team got caught stealing.

          1. You need to figure out your game plan for when Putin has his crisis moment. He’s basically in the same place Trump is right now, in a bunker, going insane.

        2. You think voter fraud is OK if it just makes the mean tweets stop. Of course there’s something wrong with your morals.

          Far too often I have observed Democrats arguing “the end justifies the means” for all kinds of kooky initiatives. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! Get back to honest tactics, and work to rebuild our shattered trust in you Democrats.

          1. Okay sure you’ll start trusting us as soon as we let you steal the election.

  14. >Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday to directly intervene in the 2020 presidential election by overturning the results in four states—Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin—that went for President-elect Joe Biden.

    A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win. Trump does not have 270 electoral votes. Invalidating those states means that the election goes to the House of Representatives. Which currently has a Democrat majority. Meaning Biden still wins.

    So what is the point of this lawsuit again? Other than tilting at imaginary windmills?

    Remember, invalidating those states does NOT flip the results, it just invalidates those results.

    1. I don’t think this is quite right.

      First, the lawsuit seems to be requesting that the state legislators choose electors. That could give Trump 270 depending on how those legislators voted.

      Second, if it did go to the House for some reason, state delegations each get one vote, and Republicans control more state delegations. So Trump could win in that case, too.

      1. Any road through the House leads to President Biden or Acting President Pelosi. Who has the most delegations doesn’t matter if the majority won’t accept the claim that there is a legitimate challenge.

        1. The above scenario assumed no one would get 270 EC votes. I think the process is laid out pretty clearly if that happens, and it involves state delegations each getting one vote, and with a majority required to win.

          1. Yes but that vote doesn’t happen automatically. The majority has to agree that there’s a legitimate dispute over the election. As of now there is no controversy because the election was clearly decided.

            1. Poor Tony. Clinging to the Democrat lies…always.

        2. 12th Amendment. Each states gets 1 vote and Trump wins that count.

          Biden lost Democrats. I warned you.

          Additionally, Republicans kept the US Senate and gained seats in the House. Census 2020 will take House seats from Blue states and give them to red states, possibly giving the GOP the House majority.

      2. Right. The goal is to have the defendant state legislatures certify the election. Not “overturn” the election. If Biden still wins the remedy is satisfied. I don’t see how this could end up in the house.

    2. Your ignorance is impressive

      1. Not as impressive as your ignorance of reality.

        1. So clever.
          Truly stunning and brave.

          1. Nardz, Lefties are super mad because their stupid plan to use election fraud to win election 2020 failed.

            The ironic thing its that had Democrats had a message Americans want and changed the voting rules constitutionally in 2020, they might have beat Trump. It’s possible in theory.

            I have warned unreason that Trump is more popular than 2016 and they love to ignore the truth.

    3. Invalidating those states means that the election goes to the House of Representatives.

      Not a problem:

      But in chusing [sic] the President, the Votes shall be taken by States, the Representation from each State having one Vote; A quorum for this Purpose shall consist of a Member or Members from two thirds of the States, and a Majority of all the States shall be necessary to a Choice.

    4. FFS, educate yourself.

      1) A candidate does not need 270 to win. They need a majority of the Electors. Right now that is 270, but if electors are invalidates, that number drops to a majority of the remaining total.
      2) If it goes to the House, it isn’t a vote for each representative. It’s one vote per state delegation. Right now, that is clear majority Republican.

      1. I realize you guys spend most of your time dehumanizing liberals and Democrats, but do you seriously expect all the Biden voters to just roll over and accept Donald fucking Trump stealing an election he clearly lost?

        1. Democrats will rollover for the Constitution. They are pussies. Just like Democrats did in 2000 and all the other times that Democrats tried to cheat and lost to the Constitution.

          1. Republicans are real manly men who won’t let a little thing like the constitution stop them.

            “When you’re famous, they just let you grab the election.”

            1. Constitution strikes again to prevent Democrats from stealing an election.

              I thought you Lefties saw this coming when RBG died and Trump replaced the seat with Barrett. She is the vote that prevents Roberts from fucking America over more than cheating Democrats already have.

        2. Well, Tony. At this point, with your constant whining and mocking of anyone who disagrees with you, I honestly no longer care what you and Biden voters care about. I have yet to hear a Biden spokeperson, let alone the candidate himself, work to explain the dynamics of how they achieved an epic GOTV result that blew all indicators/bellweathers/trends out of the water. Ya’ know….like realizing that things would seem odd and working to reassure the country that they were the ‘adults in the room’ they were claiming to be. It’s almost like they don’t give a shit. Well guess what? Neither do I.

          1. The polls said Biden would win and he did. If anything they overestimated his performance. What do you want? Both candidates got a lot of votes. Biden just got more. It is unfathomable that this is surprising to you considering the sheer number of people Trump personally insulted. And considering the widespread feeling that he fucked up the one thing he was supposed to step up and do: governing during a crisis.

            If you’re surprised that he lost, you are not living in the universe the rest of us are. You should be surprised he had any support at all.

      2. If that is the outcome of this suit, I think Biden still wins.

        There are 538 EC votes.

        If PA, MI, WI, and GA EC votes were invalidated, that would leave 476 EC votes. A majority of 476 is 239.

        Biden’s tally with PA, MI, WI, and GA is 306 (Trump has 232). Without PA, MI, WI, and GA, Biden would have 244. That would be more than 239, and Biden would therefore win.

        I think the only way this would change the outcome of the election in favor of Trump is if the legislators in PA, MI, WI, and GA chose electors directly, AND if 3 out of 4 chose Trump electors. If any two of them selected Biden electors, he would still win. But Republicans have majorities in all those legislatures.

        1. The SCOTUS will toss millions of mailin ballots so Trump wins the legal vote count in MI, WI, PA, and GA or this goes 12th Amendment.

          Trump wins when the House gets 1 vote per state.

          1. I have a wager for you. If trump is president on Jan 21, you win, and I go away forever. If not, you go away forever.


            1. I want all unreason staff to quit when Trump gets his second term as President.

              1. unreason will just send in new bots even if you “leave”.

                1. You remind me of the little monkeys in the zoo. Flinging sht everywhere and screaming at everyone. You really are triggered over politics, aren’t you. Maybe politics just aint yer thing.

    5. Trump has already won the legal vote counts in all the states required for him to have over 300 EC votes.

      Democrats, RINOs, and their commie media hacks are trying to count illegal votes to say that Biden won.

      12th Amendment. Election 2020 is going to Congress to get 1 vote per state.

  15. Conservative Lawmakers and Legal Scholars Denounce Texas Election Suit as ‘a Mockery of Federalism and Separation of Powers’

    Is Texas planning on filing this piece of shit with the Supreme Court? I can’t imagine any circumstances under which the Supreme Court would agree to hear such a ridiculous plea. I’m sure if Texas were stupid enough to file the case it would take the Supreme Court about 5 minutes to issue a per curiam decision essentially telling them “Get out of here with that shit.” I agree that this is a mockery of a case and there’s no way the Supreme Court would even agree to hear the case it’s so ridiculous.

    1. It is not a mockery. What better way to help put the brakes on the left’s vote fraud machine and reaffirm what was decided in Bush v Gore than this? It just so happens Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Barrett were on Bush’s legal team for the lawsuits regarding the 2000 election controversies.

      In disputes between states the Supreme Court has jurisdiction and the Constitution is clear as to how electors are to be appointed. If this suit fails, the Constitution and what few protections we have left to protect us from scum like Biden or AOC is no longer worth the paper its printed on.

  16. And to the bigger picture..
    Texas wouldn’t care at all if Democrats hadn’t turned this country into the Communist Nightmare it is today. Yes, Many RINO’S helped along the way too. All you people who worship Gov-Gods as your own personal savior (that will enslave others for you benefit) need to grow the F’up and learn a little Individual responsible.

    1. Please explain how our country is a communist nightmare, keeping in mind what social policies all of Europe has and the actual definition of communism.

      1. Commies tried to steal an American election using illegal ballots.

      2. “communist nightmare” — *Nationally*
        “Commie-Land” ( federal land hoardings )
        “Commie-Money” ( 1/3 taxes going to ‘bailouts’ )
        “Commie-Environment” ( Gov doesn’t OWN the air on your property )
        “Commie-Healthcare” (Gov well established monopoly policy)

        Anything the federal government is doing that ISN’T delegated to it by the U.S. Constitution…

        1. and definition as requested —
          Communism, political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production (e.g., mines, mills, and factories) and the natural resources of a society.

  17. “oh no! they’re trying everything possible to win just like *we* do. mock them.”

    1. No Democrat has ever done what Trump is doing now. Your false equivalences would be weak arguments even if they were true.

      1. You’re right that no Democrat has done ‘exactly’ what Trump is doing.

        But if we want to start comparing parties, I wonder which party
        embraced eugenics, interned Japanese-americans, seceded for slavery, almost started WWIII while stoned on painkillers….and so on and so on.
        And what did Trump do that is so bad again?

        1. He’s ORANGE, man! Don’t you UNDERSTAND? ORANGE!

        2. Refused to engage in any of the political norms that are holding this country together. Try to steal an election. Engage in treason.

        3. Yeah, your history is not so good when it comes to slavery. I am sure someone else on the internet has already educated you as to why, which means you are just deliberately being obtuse.

          1. “Yeah, your history is not so good when it comes to slavery.”

            Jefferson Davis, the president of the confederacy was a Democrat as was most of his cabinet.
            Are you referring to the myth of dixiecrat switch to republican? That thing that didn’t happen, because the vast majority if dixiecrats returned to the democrat party after the collapse of their efforts. That myth has been circulated as a propaganda tool by the Democrats to hide their involvement in everything from southern slavery, through the KKK, anti-civil rights movements, abortion-driven eugenics, and currently the racialist victim-cult that has been destroying african-american communities. That thing that Trump was working against which drove up his approvals with black men who are realizing how much the democrats are playing them.

            Maybe its you who needs to up your history game.

            1. Democritus invented the atomic theory. Thus Democrats don’t believe in protons.

              North Korea is a Democratic Republic. I guess Democrats and Republicans are equally into famine and goosestepping?

              Do you get this inane repetitive garbage actually at KKK meetings?

  18. I’m certain SCOTUS won’t invalidate any given state election. That’s just a bridge too far and I don’t think they could stomach disenfranchising millions of otherwise legal votes.

    In my non-legal opinion, if they take it up, and if they rule on the Constitution, they’re likely to agree those states violated their own laws and, as such, will leave it to the state legislatures to resolve.

    1. Likely.

  19. Well we have had a mockery of an election, why not a mockery of
    “Federalism and Separation of Powers”?
    Our government is so corrupt, it is hard to really pick sides, yet Reason keeps being unreasonable and trying!

  20. I disagree that Texas does not have standing. First of all each of these states that Texas is suing had changed their voting rules not by the legislator passing a new bill and that bill being signed into law before the elections occurred but were changed by feat by various state officials or judges which did not have the authority to do so. These changes were contrary of the state’s own laws. So if these changes allowed votes that would have been illegal under the states voting laws to become legal or to be counted and change the outcome of the elections. This deprives the voters of the state of Texas and the states that joined then in the suit of their constitutional rights in the votes. Laws have reasons to be enacted and if the law that has been enacted and has been proven to be a bad law there are legal ways to get that law repealed or changed but it is not by single state officials declaring the law changed as has happened. This suit is just to keep the elections all legal and on above board which it appears this election has not been above board.

  21. Unfortunately, when it comes to Trump, Reason blurs the lines between news and opinion. When it comes to the critics of Texas’ lawsuit, grifters gonna grift.

  22. If “conservative lawmakers and legal scholars” were going to make the call, then their opinion matters.
    But they aren’t, so it doesn’t.
    What matters is the opinions of a majority of SCOTUS justices and we’ll have to wait to hear from them to know the outcome.

  23. I guess it depends on how widely you interpret the word “conservative.”

  24. Although I cannot wait until the reality show president is finally nothing but a ugly little memory (and we are left with the job of dealing with a Dem president at least partly in thrall to his left), a part of me would love to see the alternate universe where all the Trumpian’s wet dreams come true and the USSC overturns the election and appoints Trump president. I somehow doubt if all the respondents bemoaning his losses on these pages would meet the likely civil meltdown with anything other than hiding under their bed in their parent’s basements

    1. Lets be fair, if the USSC overturns the election it would be considered installing a dictatorship. We would cease to be a representative democracy entirely.

      1. “installing a dictatorship”???? lol… You mean being dictated by the U.S. Constitution — the VERY FOUNDATION of the USA??? Heaven forbid!!! We AREN’T a Representative Democracy either — We are a Republic ( EXACT WORD used the U.S. CONSTITUTION ) of which the U.S. Constitution is suppose to “dictate” in order to ensure Individual Liberty and Justice against [WE] mob rules..

        What the heck are they teaching kids in “commie-education” these days?

        1. “What the heck are they teaching kids in “commie-education” these days?”

          whiny victimhood and tantrums when they don’t get their way.

          It’s the only way to rationalize the overwrought criticisms of Trump simply exercising his rights under the law and constitution.

          1. Lol dear god you’re a joke. A funny joke.

            Victim culture and tantrums. Unlike stern and steady Donald Trump and his steely spined followers.

            We’re just doing normal election stuff! Just dotting some i’s and crossing t’s! And trying to get judges we appointed to steal the election! Like good losers.

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  26. So let’s just say the blue states decided they’d just skip the whole voting part and have a few judges decide their electoral vote allocation. That’s ok because Federalism?

  27. Well it appears the Supreme Court agrees. I wonder what it takes to convince all these fascist Trump supporting commenters that they are disconnected from reality.

    Honestly, considering how much cognitive dissonance people are capable of just to avoid the indignity of being incorrect, I don’t think anything will.

  28. Welp, looks like Paxton’s performance art aimed at a getting a pardon failed. SCOTUS just dismissed the Texas case. See ya.

  29. He’ll probably still get the pardon though.

  30. It’s done, it’s over, Trumps own supreme court told him to take a hike. What a stunning blow to those who thought he was the second coming of Christ.

  31. Wow, trump actually spoke the truth for once. SCOTUS Did the right thing.

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