California's Health Secretary Concedes There Is No Empirical Basis for the State's Ban on Outdoor Dining

The ban is "not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining," Mark Ghaly says, but part of the effort to keep people from leaving home.


This week a Los Angeles County judge ruled that a local ban on outdoor dining at restaurants, ostensibly aimed at reducing transmission of the COVID-19 virus, was "not grounded in science, evidence, or logic." Around the same time, California Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghaly admitted that the same thing is true of a state ban on outdoor dining that currently applies to all of Southern California, including Los Angeles County. Ghaly said that ban, which is one of many restrictions that are triggered when a region's available ICU capacity drops below 15 percent, is "not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining" but is instead aimed at discouraging Californians from leaving home.

"The decision to include, among other sectors, outdoor dining and limiting that, turning to restaurants to deliver and provide takeout options instead, really has to do with the goal of trying to keep people at home," Ghaly said during a briefing on Tuesday. He noted that "we have worked hard with that industry to create safer ways for outdoor dining to happen."

The precautions include "keeping tables farther apart," "ensuring masking happens as much as possible," and maximizing air circulation. "All of those factors make sectors like outdoor dining lower risk," Ghaly said. "But right now, with the levels of transmission that we're seeing, we advise against anything that you can do in another way, in a lower-risk way, that avoids you either leaving your home or…leaving your home in a way that…cause[s] you to mix with others."

Ghaly's premise that prohibiting outdoor dining will encourage Californians to eat "in a lower-risk way" seems pretty dubious. While that policy may cause some people to have food delivered and consume it at home with no one outside their households, others, deprived of a relatively safe dining option, may instead privately get together with friends and relatives indoors, a much higher-risk setting.

Ghaly was responding to a reporter who asked whether there are "any data" to support a ban on outdoor dining, such as evidence of outbreaks linked to that specific setting. His answer implicitly conceded that there are no such data. The ban, he said, is based not on a determination that outdoor dining is especially dangerous but on a desire to keep people from leaving their homes.

That high-handed rationale has to be galling for restaurateurs who have invested in expanding outdoor dining and complying with government guidelines. Many of these businesses are barely hanging on, and the ability to offer outdoor dining has been crucial to keeping them viable.

"I personally feel like we're being punished," Kat Turner, co-owner of the Highly Likely Café in L.A.'s West Adams neighborhood, recently told Reason's Zach Weissmueller, referring to the county ban on outdoor dining. "The data to support that COVID is being spread through outdoor dining, I think, is extremely flimsy. I just don't understand the agenda that's being pushed."

David Combes, CEO of Botanical Group, which owns two restaurants in West Hollywood, told Weissmueller the company had spent "hundreds of thousands of dollars" to shift its business to outdoor dining. The investment included "additional staffing required, security required to manage patrons and make sure that there's distancing applied, barriers, and sanitizers." During compliance checks by local health inspectors, Combes said, his restaurants "sailed through with flying colors," although the effort "certainly has made our life challenging and profitability an impossibility."

Restaurant owners like Turner and Combes jumped through all the hoops the government set up for them, and Ghaly concedes their safeguards created environments where the risk of virus transmission is low—so low that neither the county nor the state has been able to cite any evidence suggesting that outdoor dining poses a significant public health hazard. Yet now the government is telling them all the effort and expense was for naught, because Gov. Gavin Newsom—who a month ago was caught enjoying fine dining in a higher-risk indoor setting while flouting his own rules regarding masks and social distancing—has decided that Californians should not be eating out, period.

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  2. Yet somehow the media still blame Trump for the pandemic, the lockdowns, everything that is not a federal power, and let the governors and mayors off scot-free.

    1. And, let us not forget that the lockdowns affect the income of those instituting them not one bit!
      In fact:
      " Gov. Newsom’s companies got $3 million in relief loans
      Nine businesses tied to Newsom’s PlumpJack Group split the nearly $2.9 million in loans through the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program"

      1. This story is a distraction. NPR refers to cover more important things. And has it been fact checked? Facebook should ban it until someone has verified the story.

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      2. Those were loans. So I'm sure Gov. Newsome will pay them back with interest and the Federal Gov't will profit off the exchange. Right?

      3. It's okay if Democrats do it. I believe it's referred to as being 'acceptably corrupt'. Or was that 'predictably corrupt'?

        1. Corrupt within the standard range...

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        2. "Mostly not corrupt"

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    2. Blaming Bush was in vogue for almost the entirety of the Obama years. Makes you wonder what the shelf life will be for Orange McBadman.

      It's amazing how being on the left means never taking responsibility. Cuomo gets an Emmy and other awards for literally killing grandmas.

      1. “But, Bush...!!!”

        1. Bush has been rehabilitated since he came out of the closet waving a Biden Flag.

          1. Of course Triffids don't worry about the effects of the vaccine.

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  3. Who need evidence when you have feels

  4. They won't stop until they've been removed from office.

    1. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Californians aren't one-issue voters. This is only one infinitesimally small thumb stuck in the social justice pie.

  5. Trump made the virus spread worse and now he's making the economic pain worse. Most other countries are supporting their citizens with monthly cash payments but not this shithole of a country.

    1. Gavin Newsom is a bright light in the #Resistance Movement. He won't let Trump destroy California's economy with his incompetence.

    2. "Trump made the virus spread worse and now he’s making the economic pain worse..."

      I don't know who's hiring, but I can tell you your stand-up act sucks.

    3. Too bad no one told Newsom or Cuomo that their states could make cash payments or UI supplements to their residents without the Federal government's involvement

      1. California and NY would have more money to do just that if they didn't have to support the deadbeat Republican run states.

        1. California and NY would have more money to do just that if they didn’t have to support the deadbeat Republican run states. bloated pension plans.

        2. That's a load of shit. That has nothing to do with state government budgets.

        3. oh my god, fuck off with that brain dead talking point. CA and NY have screwed themselves with draconian shutdowns while we hicks down here are working and going about our lives without perpetual panic. Those Repub-run states are chock full of Blue state refugees, some of whom even remember why they left.

        4. Yeah, can't imagine why New Yorkers and Californians have been high-tailing it out of there since the spring.

          1. Wasn’t Cuomo begging people this summer, who had already moved OUT of the city, to move back in and be taxed again?

            1. Yep.

        5. "California and NY would have more money to do just that if they didn’t have to support the deadbeat Republican run states."

          Your act ain't improving, lefty shit.

        6. Most of the tax money in California and NY goes to support government workers and their pensions.

        7. " California and NY would have more money to do just that if they didn’t have to support the deadbeat Republican run states."

          So is supporting deadbeats now something that blue states are against?
          Hope and change indeed!

        8. "California and NY would have more money to do just that if they didn’t have to support the deadbeat Republican run states."

          Great! Let's eliminate the federal income tax, wealth transfers, and federal welfare programs. All of them.

          Of course you wouldn't do that because even you know you're lying.

        9. California is one of those "deadbeat states" that you mention as states that receive more from the Federal government then they pay in. Yes, California is the ? "5th largest economy" in the world, and California has one of the highest rates of poverty in the USA as well. Also true: California gets more money from the feds than they pay in!

    4. These states don't have to lock down. They could follow the science and acknowledge that the virus poses a very low risk to young, healthy people. They could let those people continue working, studying and otherwise living like normal. Instead of encouraging irrational panic over the virus they could encourage rational calm. But they don't. Instead, they decide to destroy their own economies for no reason and then beg the rest of the country for a bailout.

      1. They shouldn't do the hybrid lock down I agree but that wouldn't be "following the science". They should make it clear what should be done and then make it clear Republicans don't care about protecting Americans from the virus or economic hardship and thus what should be done can't be done.

        1. These restrictions aren't "following the science" to begin with, so you're already begging the question.

          ""But right now, with the levels of transmission that we're seeing,"--rather telling statement considering he's not indicating where those outbreaks are actually taking place and in specific numbers.

        2. Democrats don't care either. Both parties passed the CARES Act nearly unanimously and Pelosi shut down relief deals for political reasons.

        3. If you were to "follow the science" you wouldn't do any lockdowns, nor any mask mandates, nor mandated social distancing. Democrats, though, being the party of science deniers implement draconian lockdowns, mandate masks, and mandate social distancing.

    5. Most other countries are supporting their citizens with monthly cash payments but not this shithole of a country.
      You should go to one of those places.

      1. Is it cool with you that Trump and his friends get access to the cutting edge medical care while the rest of us watch our loved ones die. Trump spreads the virus lies about the danger of virus but when he gets it he flys to hospital for the care that not available to other Americans. Then Trump delusionally claims we can all get acces to this level care. His reckless friends get the special medical treatment. His friends get the insider information to cheat the stock market. Y'all are so fucking blind. Like they did to the Germans after WW2 I would make Trump and his friends bury the bodies of the Covid patients. I would make these mfer smell the dead flesh. I.would rub their faces in it.

        1. Yeah, no one is dying in the countries that you think are doing better. It's all Trump's fault.

        2. Seethe more.

        3. Trump got the same things you or I would get at any hospital, with the exception of Remdesivir which is ineffective, dangerous and shouldn't have been used at all.

          Try again.

        4. "...I.would rub their faces in it..."

          There's the problem with your act: TDS isn't funny, it's pathetic.

        5. Now do Cuomo.

        6. "Is it cool with you that Trump and his friends get access to the cutting edge medical care while the rest of us watch our loved ones die."

          None of my loved ones died. The Wuhan virus is a mild flu. Further, if you or your family members worked and financially planned, you could buy whatever you wanted including cutting edge medical care. You should try it.

    6. The federal government didn't cause the economic pain. The states who did it bear all of the responsibility. Lockdowns were a terrible idea from the beginning and now it is clear that they are not in any way worth the costs. Any state government still doing that shit needs to clean up its own mess.

    7. How did Trump make the virus do anything? I may need rethink my disrespect for the man; I mean if he has that kind of power, its not a good idea to poke that bear.

      And how about in our country people have to work for a living. Fuck you and anyone else on the dole; get a job or fight against businesses being shuttered - those are your options. You don't get to take my money because unlike say the hero teachers I have gone into work every day during the covid "crisis" and plan on keeping the fruits of my labor.

      1. This idea that everyone can stop working indefinitely because someone might get sick is dangerous and needs to die. How the hell did we get to a point where that seems the least bit sane to most people? We have to work, we have to be productive and have an economy that functions or there is no society to save from a virus. There are a lot of things worse than a bunch of old and sick people dying from a virus. Many of those things are already happening.

        1. It is staggering how many young and presumably healthy people buy into the panic porn. Maybe it's the ones whose own jobs haven't been affected. It's easy to go along with ideas when there are personal consequences.

          I'm seeing this with relatives. I shudder to think what lasting impact this will have on two little girls, one of whom is old to remember when human contact with friends and assorted others was not treated as an existential threat.

    8. Then you should move. America is fr Americans, not progressives. You don’t belong in a free county.

      Or you could kill yourself. That would be good too.

    9. Do you always get this pissy when you can’t automatically get your hands on somebody else’s money? Didn’t your parents teach you not to take stuff that isn’t yours?

    10. Trump doesn't make payments, Congress does. Take your gripe to Pelosi

    11. "Trump made the virus spread worse"


      "now he’s making the economic pain worse"


      "Most other countries are supporting their citizens with monthly cash payments"

      This is what true stupidity looks like.

  6. It is disgusting how awful democrats and their bureaucracy have become. Media bootlickers never question them just become mouthpieces for the party.

    It is amazing how prophetic Rand and Orwell were.

  7. "...The ban is "not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining," Mark Ghaly says, but part of the effort to keep people from leaving home..."

    The wu-flu beasies won't infect you if you're just going for take-out? I guess Newsom and this bureaucrat have some inside information.

    1. Right. And if some line cook is infected but doesn’t know it, the virus knows not to contaminate the food he is preparing.

      1. Restaurants and bars have been not a significant vector for outbreaks. Find me the data that shows otherwise from any state in the US, and then you can make that argument.

        1. You are correct.

        2. I’m with you, but perhaps my sarcasm wasn’t obvious enough (sorry). I’m just saying it’s probably more likely that someone would get infected from contaminated food than from sitting outside breathing the same air as others. Eliminating dining but still allowing other people to prepare your food doesn’t make things more safe. In other words, our betters need to shut down the entire food service industry, if it saves just one life.

          1. Ah, I see where you're coming from.

            Yeah, I've heard of people who haven't been out of their house in months getting the coof from a food or grocery delivery. It's like there's a mass hysteria that forgot there isn't a lot that can be done to stop a virus once it gets into the wild.

            Everyone brags about Australia, New Zealand, and the Asian countries, but they're going to get fucked as soon as they allow large-scale international travel again.

      2. I think you are missing the point: A true liberal grants other individuals the choice to go out and eat with yes a chance to be infected by others if they so choose.

        What shouldnt happen is for an authoritarian government to make that choice illegal without a far more serious threat than the flu we face today. It might seem like a good thing to do now, but just like everything the government touches, it wont be when a precedence is set.

    2. People will just have friends and relatives over for dinner, cramming people indoors to spread the virus, rather than meeting somewhere and eating outside in the fresh air. It's literally trading "doing something" for saving lives.

  8. Better stick a cancer warning label on it, whatever it is.

  9. shorter Gov. Gavin Newsom: "Fuck you, that's why."

  10. According to the state of California.

  11. Having any sex at all increases risk of contracting an STD, this health official better stay abstinent just to avoid as much risk as possible.

    Eating food is known to cause cardiovascular disease and diabetes, this health official better refrain from eating just to avoid as much risk as possible.

    Breathing accelerates the oxidation process which causes aging and cancer, this health official better stop breathing just to avoid as much risk as possible.

    1. That dude doesn't look like he eats much or gets laid much. So he may be safe. Better cut his dick off just to be sure.

  12. Science!

  13. None of these measures have an empirical basis.

  14. Wasn't there at least one study that said receiving food deliveries at your home carried significant risk of virus transmission?

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    2. None of the state's data where they've bothered to break down the outbreak numbers indicates that to be the case. The vast majority of spread is taking place in prisons and nursing homes.

      You're better off ignoring any "studies" that are released on this over the last few months, because they're almost certain to have poor data collection, worse methodology, and begin with the conclusion in mind.

      1. Nursing homes and prisons are no surprise, but I suspect the other real vectors in the cities are more like crowded mass transportation and bad distancing habits.

    3. It was something out of Spain (I think). IIRC, the study also indicated dog owners were at higher risk because they are more likely to talk to people.

  15. Ghaly was responding to a reporter who asked whether there are "any data" to support a ban on outdoor dining...

    What crazy rightwing militia newsletter did that journalist work for?

  16. crap like this is the reason there are so many idiots out here refusing to wear masks....... you do this kind of stupid shit that makes no sense, and you give them easy fodder to ignore everything. the predictable response and viral spread of this is one of the reasons government overreach was a bad idea from the beginning.

    1. >>idiots out here refusing to wear masks

      can't tell if real or OBL

      1. He's for real. If he'd stop calling people idiots I might pay more attention to what he has to say. I don't mind having people question my conclusions about things.

        1. i respond how i am spoken to..... if i have spoken to you in a tone you don't like, you might need to check your own.

      2. i think the people who refuse to wear masks are dumb. i think the people who actively spread lies and false statements about wearing them are dangerous idiots. and part of what i do not like about the government overreach is the way it has emboldened those idiots with purpose to spread their misinformation. when this all started march madness was canceled, concerts were canceled, every business that could sent people to work from home, businesses that stayed open began very aggressively cleaning the heck out of everything..... and nobody had any problem with any of it..... everybody saw there was a problem and started looking for what they could do to reduce their risk.......

        and then the government started trying to force people to do things...... and if you did ANYTHING suddenly became a political question..... we were responding most effectively to the pandemic when the government was doing nothing.

        believing the mandates and lock downs and every other restriction this pandemic is being used to put in place is wrong..... does not mean you must instead do stupid things.

        1. You are nothing but a troll. You never consider anything anyone else says you fucking liar.

          1. make an actual argument or fuck off.

      3. I thought the main benefit of mask-wearing was to reduce droplet spread by infected folks who haven't felt any symptoms yet. Protecting the non-infected from droplets generated by those infected people was a secondary benefit. The hostility shown to non-wearers of the mask makes sense if you assume everybody else has COVID-19 in their systems. Trump screwed up by holding events like his rallies, which collected many people who don't normally interact, so they can swap micro-organisms. OTOH, we had the Pelosis of the world, encouraging people to dine in Chinatown. People suck, or at least many of them do.

    2. Ah, yes, the annoying nanny returns.

    3. Masks have become a religious exercise. Whenever I am in a conversation, and the topic of someone getting COVID comes up, there is a moron there who asks, "Well were they wearing masks?" Every. Single. Time.

      To be clear, while masks might play a small role in reducing infections, the likelihood of people contracting the disease changes very little based on whether or not they wear the mask. And yet, I have seen religious zealot after zealot insist that if someone got COVID, it *had* to be because they didn't wear the mask, or wear it properly. Or they must have been around someone who wasn't wearing theirs properly.

      So yes, when assholes turn a potential precaution into a religious ritual, people are going to resist it.

      1. And if it becomes a mandate from the state, I, at least, will resist it even harder.

        1. that was kind of my point..... if it were not for the mandates and other government overreach, the resistance to common sense would not be so strong.

          1. "that was kind of my point….. if it were not for the mandates and other government overreach, the resistance to common sense would not be so strong."

            The nanny isn't FOR mandates, until ....

            1. i know you are not too bright, but this shtick is getting old.

              1. Yet he is vastly more intelligent than you. As are the rest of us.

              2. Being a nanny is tiresome to those around you.
                And, given that you're a self-appointed arbiter of human activity, I'm sure your IQ is not going to warm the house.

          2. Some things are more important than minimizing infections from one particular virus. Your judgement of what constitutes common sense may not align with everyone else's.

            1. yes.... common sense is not so common these days. doing something as simple as covering your mouth and nose when there is a pandemic threatening our healthcare capacity should be common sense. you can get the masks for free, so it does not cost you anything. it does not keep you from making a living. it does not keep you from having a social life. it does not isolate you in depression. it does not close businesses. (if anything, it allows businesses to attract more customers in the current climate.) other than comfort, it has no impact on your life in any way.

          3. The virus got through all of the protections of a Level IV biological research facility.

            Please explain what part of "common sense" includes a belief that a face mask will prevent it from spreading.

            1. This sockie assumes the release was not deliberate. Recommended reading is "The Unparalelled Invasion" circa 1910 by communist American author Jack London. Viruses travel stuck to things that are usually large enough to get caught in filters. Masks work well against pollen, which is small enough for a virus to stick to in comfort.

      2. i have never asked if a person who caught covid was wearing a mask...... i have noted that those i personally know who have caught it have either been nurses or habitual mask deniers.... but i have never asked if they were wearing a mask. what would be the point? it is clearly too late to have that conversation with them, one way or the other.

        i have never pretended the impact of masks was all powerful or complete in stopping the virus. yes, you can catch covid with a mask on...... it is giving it to others that is most impacted by wearing a mask. the mask is less about protecting you, and more about protecting others if you don't currently have symptoms. (even the flu is contagious for a few days before you have symptoms.)

        the reason it gets talked about so much is not because it is a religion, it is because it is the one thing that resistance to seems so absurd for. it is such a nothing thing to refuse to do. failing businesses, lack of social interaction, increased depression, need to earn a living...... all the other ways people can try to respond to reduce the spread do have legitimate hardships associated with them. nothing about this whole situation has been easy for any of us, and some feel that pain more than others and are not able to avoid all risk while living their lives. but, other than being a pain in he butt, masks really do not. you might have issues with glasses fogging up, or find them irritating..... but they are not really impacting your quality of life. when most people are willing to do this, but you are not, it sends the message that there is literally nothing you are ever willing to do to prevent the potential death of others...... it does not keep food off your table, it does not ruin your mental health, you just don't like it. we keep talking about it because if we can't get you to accept this small simple act of personal responsibility we know anything more would be a waste of breath.

        1. dude March called with your mask bullshit. she said "tell fooooood it was bullshit when me and hasn't changed since."

        2. "i have never asked if a person who caught covid was wearing a mask……"

          Pretty sure no one here gives a shit.
          Fuck off.

          1. positive that the person i was actually responding to mentioned it.... A B C motherfucker.

        3. ". . . they are not really impacting your quality of life . . ."

          Anything that impairs my breathing impairs my health, my comfort, and my quality of life. And they don't stop the spread of any virus. Even Fraudci was right about that in March, along with the rest of the medical establishment. The only thing that has changed since then is the politics, not the science. The medical establishment, media, and corporate America are afraid to go against the narrative established by the left-wing tyrants who call themselves governors.

          1. let us be honest..... the only thing you listed that is in any way valid is "comfort." because that is what this is all about for you guys. if a mask has any notable impact on your breathing or health..... you have a serious underlying condition and should be scared as fuck of this disease.... because it will kill you... if you do not actually have any said underlying condition, you are full of shit. you only care about your comfort. your quality of life would not change if you wore a mask. you just would not be perfectly comfortable......

            man the fuck up and act like adults. going to work isn't fun. paying your bills isn't fun. taking responsibility for your actions isn't fun.... there are things you do because that is what responsible adults do. or am i to believe that you are all now going to jump on the basic income and free college tuition bandwagons?

      3. Im currently on vacation down in Mexico and the government and people have a far more rational approach here.

        Most everyone in the tourist districts are wearing masks in establishments and when in close proximity to each other, but almost no one is wearing them outside of this, on the street, walking around, running etc. Businesses, schools, churches, crowded marketplaces and beaches are ALL OPEN and most everyone is just using common sense is my point. While Im not going push my luck by using these free Cirque de Solei tickets I have, Mexico handled this far better than the US by keeping EVERYTHING OPEN and allowing freedom, choice and common sense to reign.

        Im deeply concerned about the left in America today. Not only are they no longer truly liberal anymore, they are far too quick to engage the heavy hand of government.

  17. >>the effort to keep people from leaving home

    nobody lives in California to be inside, asshole.

    1. It's hilarious because at this point we have SO MUCH DATA that we can see clearly -- the virus spreads best when people are indoors. When the weather is great for outdoor activities, spread drops.

      Solution: Force everybody inside.

  18. But they totes would never lie about election results worth trillions of dollars and absolute power...

    1. 11 year-old girls, p0rnhub, and Death Row Records entirely more important.

  19. When our elected officials defy their own lock down orders, they lose all credibility.

  20. This is simply evil. We should not have to endure stuff like this. This man should be pilloried.

    1. I don't have an issue with people thinking that it's economic and social terrorism, but ultimately it boils down to the fact that these schmucks are not nearly as smart as they think they are, and are utterly clueless when it comes to dealing with a problem that's completely out of their wheelhouse. The most these public health officials ever do is cite places for having too many roaches or water stains on the walls. They've never been responsible for trying to manage millions of people in a pandemic, so they keep going back to these same useless sledgehammer tactics, despite all evidence to the contrary that they don't fucking work, and that their own outbreak reports show that the places they're shutting down aren't even responsible for the spikes that take place. It's the bureaucratic equivalent of an army getting flanked in battle and the entire force getting rolled up and crushed.

      These fuckheads think they're Alexander the Great when it comes to running shit, but they're really more like Ambrose Burnside.

  21. Sullum is again talking sense to Prohibitionists and National Socialists. Prohibitionists are convinced by televangelists arguing from Revelation that The Demon Rum and The Killer Weed are scourges of Humanity. National Socialists are convinced that Jewish selfishness is the scourge of humanity. Reading just a little William Jennings Bryan, William J. Bennett, Martin Luther, Henry Ford or Adolf Hitler disabuses anyone conversant with rules of inference or all hope of getting through to fanatics with rational arguments and evidence. In fact, fanatics are the reason we funded the Manhattan Project under the Second Amendment.

  22. so Californians can leave home to go to that restaurant for takeout, to shop atWalMart and Home Depot, order coffee for window takeout, sit on a park bench and drink it wiht n one within five hudnred feet, or in their own backyard, but thaey can't step round to the outdoor dining area of the same place where theyjust bought their food?

    What do these clowns haev for brains?

  23. You don't understand. The ban on outdoor dining is not in spite of Gavin Newsom's behavior. It is expressly to reassert any dissipation in political power resulting from the Governor getting caught. Had their been no story about the French Laundry, we would still be open because Gavin Newsom would not have had to knife his own state in the book to change the narrative back.

    1. I leave the editing of this comment as an exercise for the reader.

  24. hey thanks for sharing valuable information to us,
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  25. The fact is that the health concerns were not of primary importance. What is being established 'command and control' over a body of people, the reason given is just the vehicle used to exercise that power.

    Because even if the reasoning was valid, no valid reason exists to prevent people from assembling - even the rowdy ones. Have you ever heard of the Boston Massacre?

  26. Sure there is, be a well off donor and get a waiver. Just like the Napa Valley restaurant the Governor dines. Or the movie studio that set up outdoor table seating for meals right across the street from the closed down outside dining at a small independent restaurant.

    The Mafia would be envious of this extortion racket.

  27. But that autistic psychopath Gates wants bars and restos closed until 2022.

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