Gavin Newsom's French Laundry Outing Crystallizes the Arrogance of COVID-19 Dictators

After violating his own rules, California's governor offers deceitful excuses and announces new restrictions for the little people.


On November 6, when California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) sat down for a fancy dinner party at the tony Napa Valley restaurant The French Laundry, the state was in the midst of a COVID-19 surge. Newsom and other state officials were emphasizing the importance of following social distancing rules and wearing face masks in public places, as mandated by an order that the governor issued in June. They were urging Californians to forgo Thanksgiving dinners and other private social gatherings, which they had identified as an important source of virus transmission.

Yet there was the politician behind those policies, sitting shoulder to shoulder with people outside his household, celebrating the 50th birthday of his friend Jason Kinney, a prominent political strategist. To Newsom's right was Dustin Corcoran, CEO of the California Medical Association (CMA). To the governor's left was CMA lobbyist Janus Norman. There was not a mask in sight, although state rules required diners to wear face coverings except when they were "actively eating or drinking."

After the dinner party came to light last Friday, Newsom apologized while suggesting there were extenuating circumstances. "It was in Napa, which was in the orange status, relatively loose compared to some other counties," he told reporters on Monday, and "it was to be an outdoor restaurant." But photos obtained this week by KTTV, the Fox station in Los Angeles, show that Newsom and company were in fact dining indoors, at a table near sliding glass doors the led to a courtyard. According to a witness, the doors were initially open but were closed because the birthday celebrators were making a lot of noise.

"As soon as I sat down at the larger table, I realized it was a little larger group than I had anticipated," Newsom said, "and I made a bad mistake. Instead of sitting down, I should have stood up and walked back, got in my car, and drove back to my house. Instead I chose to sit there with my wife and a number of other couples that were outside the household. We can quibble about the guidelines, etc., but the spirit of what I'm preaching all the time was contradicted, and I gotta own that. So I want to apologize to you, because I need to preach and practice, not just preach and not practice. And I've done my best to do that. We're all human. We all fall short sometimes."

Please be patient as I "quibble about the guidelines" a little bit. The actions that Newsom presented as violating "the spirit of what I'm preaching" actually violated the letter of the rules he imposed. According to the California Department of Public Health, restaurant patrons "must wear face coverings" unless "they are eating or drinking." Even then, they are allowed to remove their masks only if "they are able to maintain a distance of at least six feet away from persons who are not members of the same household or residence." Newsom broke both of those rules.

It's true that "we're all human." But few of us have the power to restrict other people's behavior in this way or the sense of entitlement that allows someone to flout the edicts that everyone else is required to follow. Newsom's "big mistake" was not just hypocritical; it was a challenge to the rule of law, which does not allow exemptions for the famous, wealthy, or politically powerful.

As J.D. Tuccille notes, this sort of double standard is par for the course during the COVID-19 epidemic, when politicians such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.), Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D), Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D), and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D–Calif.) have felt free to flout the disease control safeguards that mere mortals are told to observe. "We're expected to suffer discomfort, economic pain, and emotional distress or else pay fines and even serve jail time," Tuccille writes. "Government officials, meanwhile, take offense when called out for violating the standards they created."

While Newsom did not take offense, he did offer excuses, and he did not acknowledge that he was breaking the law he had laid down—not merely its "spirit," but its specific requirements. "We certainly hope Gov. Gavin Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, enjoyed their dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant," The Sacramento Bee editorialized. "Because it will end up costing a lot more than $700 in terms of damage to Newsom's credibility in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing will launder the stain of stupidity from his reputation after this ill-conceived outing."

The paper also noted that Newsom's children are attending private school while most public schools remain shuttered. "Newsom and the First Partner eschewed state public health guidelines to dine with friends at a time when the governor has asked families to scale back Thanksgiving plans," the Bee observed. "If the governor can eat out with friends—and if his children can attend their expensive school—why must everyone else sacrifice?"

Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court said he was "shocked" that the dinner also included top CMA officials. "The message is to forget the pandemic, sit as close as you can, no face coverings, no masks, no social distancing," he told KTTV. "This is the state's medical association. They speak for the doctors in the state, and their chief lobbyist and the president are sitting shoulder to shoulder with the governor as though it's any time in American history."

Since Newsom's dinner at The French Laundry, he has imposed additional restrictions on Californians, including a nearly complete ban on the sort of restaurant dining that he enjoyed two weeks ago. During the very same press conference at which Newsom copped to breaking his own rules, he said he is also considering a curfew, despite the weak logical and empirical basis for that increasingly popular policy.

Arbitrary, ill-conceived COVID-19 restrictions are bound to provoke resistance and resentment, compounding the fatigue that undermines compliance with more sensible safeguards. That problem can only be magnified when the people telling us what to do follow a different set of rules.

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  1. Kind of like how conservatives outlaw abortion and porn and then get caught buying a scrape for little Lulu and hanging out in porn shacks.

    1. Yawn. 1000 ways to approach this and you go with ‘both sides’. You bore me.

      1. His criticism of other people’s porn habits is a bit rich for my taste.

        1. You mean because of the time he got banned for posting kiddie porn, don’t you?

          1. That wasn’t him. The Russians hacked into his account, bro.

            1. Bullshit. The Russians were too busy making Trump steal the electin from “her”.
              It wasn’t the Ukrainians, either; they were all busy putting wrappers on all the Biden millions.
              Most likely a trial run by the Dominion programmers.

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    2. When and where have conservatives successfully outlawed abortions and porn?

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      2. Don’t go getting all logical and factual now.

    3. Yes, all of them. Gavin Newsom is just as bad as all those people.

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    4. Sort of like the only time Baptists wear masks is to disguise themselves in a liquor store.

      1. Yes, except nothing like that at all.

    5. The hypocrisy level is similar but the malicious and vindictive lock-downs imposed by hypocrite Newsom are large-scale deadly.

    6. At most conservatives want to turn abortion law to the states. Any other thing they want to outlaw is nothing compared to the pain this crap show has cost us.

      1. Don’t get so mad just because your ho wouldn’t get one and now you got 18 years of child support to pay.

    7. You came out of the sewer to post THAT? Figures.

    8. Pretty sad whataboutism. And, Newsom is still an ass and broke the rules he set out, I will posit this is only the first time he was caught, not the first time.

    9. And they usually resign in disgrace after their hypocrisy is exposed (e.g. Larry Craig).

    10. Nope – not like that at all.

      Also, what country do you live in? Both porn and abortion are legal here.

    11. Whataboutism.

    12. Does that spread Covid 19 which kills people or have anything to do with the article? Apparently you approve of his behavior, will defend him and no doubt vote for him again regardless.

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  2. For. Thee. not me, der. Get on the trolley, California.

    1. Or high-speed bullet train to nowhere. Or the monorail.

      1. it has convenient stops in Merced and the middle of nowhere. if they ever finish that critical first link that is.

  3. Ask not for whom the chipper grinds. It grinds for thee.

    1. Worst thing about the pandemic is the shortage of toilet paper and wood chippers.

      1. There are still many French guillotines for sale. The shipping, however…

        1. Go for the chinese model. Much cheaper, and not nearly as sharp.

          1. I like it. Something we can agree on.

          2. This is why we need to drop Trump’s tariffs.

          3. Oh those inscrutable Chinese…

          4. Heck a good guillotine could have a 1/8″ radius on the blade’s “cutting edge” and still get the job done. Well, most of the time and there’s no rule you can’t just drop it twice.

            1. You called this a “fun fact”, but I’m concerned with how you came to posses this knowledge.

            2. Originally they were sharp to be merciful. If we don’t care about that……

            3. wouldn’t that be double jeopardy?

              1. or as the engineer said when the guillotine jammed right above his head: “I think I see the problem”

        2. Antifa will build you one for free. Right in front of your house, too.

      2. I FINALLY got a chest freezer! Delivered yesterday. Phew.

  4. “compliance with more sensible safeguards”

    None of these safeguards have had any effect on the spread of coronavirus, rates of hospitalization or mortality.

    1. Gavin Newsance blew up my county’s school reopening plans. These were careful plans made with diligent research and in close contact with the parents, students and staff. Not everyone got what they wanted, but the school districts worked really hard to give everyone something.

      Then Newsance blew it all up. A week before school was to open, he released his new “Blueprint” for a healthy California. He *insisted* that his BLUEPRINT was the best science that scientists could science. He *bragged* that it was “Deliberate, slow and safe”. It was the BLUEPRINT for reopening safely.

      And by his own measurements, it failed. The fact that he had to change the blueprint AGAIN, in the face of rising cases is proof that it could not stop cases. If he had one ounce of integrity, Newsom would realize that either his blueprint doesn’t work or that he cannot enforce his controls to the point that it will work. And that latter possibility should be ACHINGLY clear to him, since even he and his medical team cannot be trusted to follow their own fucking rules.

      1. If he had one ounce of integrity

        I think we found the unscalable problem.

      2. Same here. My school district was all set to open then they kept changing the 14-day window rule and the colored tier rules and the school district just decided it was too hard to coordinate re-opening with the constantly changing rules.

      3. “best science that scientists could science.”
        Folks that say they are following the science, are merely using a rhetorical flourish.
        What Gavin was doing was following his own vilition just as he did with partying at a restaurant that cost several hundred dollars a head.
        As for the OP writer, cut out the “tony” crap.” Post the minimum price for dinner (beverages and service) not included at the French Laundry.

        1. “Post the minimum price for dinner (beverages and service) not included at the French Laundry.”

          $350 for the prixe fix per person, and in the douchiest move ever, half the courses are “have our vegetable/chicken or pay an additional $50 – $150 for something with meat”. And another $150 – 200 if you want wine.

          I did not like French Laundry. They would rather push too much wine and these “extras” on you, than actually deliver a decent experience. We asked for wine pairings and they were giving us half bottles, such that we were nearly drunk by desert. At most high end restaurants, you can pay flat price, and add a wine pairing and you know what you are spending. Not here.

          There is another 3-star restaurant in Napa, The Restaurant at Meadowood. If you are going to drop a grand on dinner (this was my wife and my 10th anniversary gift to one another), they are far superior. And bonus, you won’t have to listen to Gavin’s “Birthday Party” with a bunch of fucking lobbyists.

          1. Also, I forgot, French Laundry spelled my name wrong on our menus, and kept calling me by that wrong name despite me correcting them. They and Newsance deserve each other.

      4. Our fuckhead Governor CLOSED private schools that have been open for 3+ months, and which have had ZERO community spread.

        My kid’s school has had 6 cases in 3 months, none of which were caught at school, and there hasn’t been a single instance of community spread. The school spent nearly a MILLION dollars in equipment, upgrades to things like filtration systems, PPE, plexiglass, new personnel, etc, and should be held up as a model for how to open successfully. Instead we were shut down because it’s too dangerous.

        I’m fucking livid.

        1. The problem is that is $1 Million of your school’s money at risk. Gavin (and your governor) has his own money at risk. Which is more important?

    2. That’s because they aren’t too strict enough! If we locked everyone (except government officials, naturally) into solitary confinement for a few months, we could stamp this thing out! And it’s worth it if it saves even one life! Anyone who doesn’t want to be shackled upside down in my basement… er… solitary “quarantine” hates their own grandma!

  5. Yeah, reminds me of the Republican governor of Indiana who put a bunch of restrictions on us, and then got caught at a restaurant in Southern Indiana without a mask and no social distancing. Oops, guess Republicans are guilty of being an idiot, too?

    1. your (R) v. (D) worldview is lacking.


      1. And YOU can’t post kiddie porn anymore either. What a world.

      2. You’re obviously not familiar with Gavin Newsom. This guy is the most arrogant self-righteous finger wagger about COVID rules in the entire country (with the possible exception of the MI gov).

        1. I’m gonna have to disagree.

          The biggest schoolmarm, finger wagging little pussy Governor has been Beshear in KY.

          1. ‘The biggest schoolmarm, finger wagging little pussy Governor has been Beshear in KY.’

            I would submit the one from PA, a guy by the name of name of Rachel Levine…

          2. Cuomo would like a word.

            1. A loud, angry word.

      3. Oh GOP leaders do lots of shitty things, no question. The problem is that in addition to democrat leaders being pure evil, their drones in the electorate are alternately morons, and/or evil themselves. For example. You are a pedophile that enthusiastically posted kiddie porn links in this very website. So of course you’re on their side.

        The democrat party has become an existential threat to our constitutional republic. You are the enemy within. You are also a pedophile.

        Kill yourself.

      4. Lock-downs destroy lives, livelihoods, and are deadly. The lock-down fascist governors and mayors know this. Malice drives lock-down fatwas.

        It’s the lock-downs, not the Party. Now enjoy Thanksgiving.

    3. yes they are. There should be a hague for all these people.

    4. It’s almost as if Rs and Ds are total hypocrite assholes, and giving them more power is a bad idea.

    5. But Rs have generally not gone out on a limb about wearing masks because SCIENCE and all

      1. Tell that to Lockdown Larry (Hogan).

        1. ‘Tell that to Lockdown Larry (Hogan).’

          or to Misery Mike DeWine…

    6. Except at that time Indiana had only recommendations on masks and social distancing, not requirements

      So, idiot? Perhaps. Illegal? No.

      1. Don’t let facts get in the way of left wing autistic screeching.

    7. Yes. Feel better now?

    8. Not quite as guilty as someone who can’t see the difference in the violation: rule, law. And someone who thinks that whataboutism is a winning argument at that.

    9. Smells like RINO shit? Then its a RINO.

    10. Here is the thing though, Newsome’s faux pas occurred in Yountville, while Holcomb’s occurred only in your own imagination.
      Admittedly, it can be frustrating when people don’t accept evidence you invent, but you are going to have to get used to it.

    11. Maybe the weakest straw man ever.

  6. Why did we ever stop tar and feathering people?

    1. price of tar as it was petroleum based went through the roof in the early aughts.

      1. But plummeted during covid

    2. When we became a police state.

    3. The tar is never hot enough.

      1. Why are we even bothering doing all this global warming then?

        Can’t fucking get anything right.

        1. To get women to wear skimpier clothing, of course.

          1. Can’t wait to see Hillary lose the pantsuits.

            1. Barf.

  7. If anyone else gives a shit I’m reaching out to see if John is ok. His absence is glaring.

    1. I’ve also noticed John’s absence. Seems to have coincided with the election. Could be that he’s just taking a break.

      1. Can’t blame him; but if just one [I hope two but let’s be realistic] Republican wins a GA senate seat, gridlock sets in, and there is a 2A case [or more]before the newly re-CONSTITUTIONALIZED SCOTUS, he’ll be back. Then there will be reason for living, and pushing it in the faces of the likes of Tony and Rev.

        At least that is what I plan to do.

        1. Just assume for a second that GA is nearly flipped based on Fraud or based on the Dems getting really good at (legal) ballot harvesting. If they can get a majority of people to pull the lever for Biden, how will they NOT win both senate seats in January?

          1. one, there’s no lever. levers went out about 30 years ago.

            two, there’s still time to move to Georgia and register to voter. they say you’ll be charged with fraud if you just moved their to vote, but how long after the election do you think they’ll be checking? a week or two? a month?

            1. There’s no way to effectively prove it’s fraud either.

              “Oh Mr. Investigator, I just moved to GA and, silly me, I forgot to get a job lined up first. And since I’m a winey liberal, nobody would hire me, so moved back to Cali right after the election.”

              “I followed my girlfriend out there and she dumped my ass for being a winey liberal, so I moved back to Cali.”

              It’s a gold mine for plausible deniability, and Andy Yang knows it since he’s openly encouraging the fraud.

    2. That’s nice of you. I figure he (like NoVA said) wanted to get away from the hot mess that is election coverage.

    3. My resources are limited

    4. C’mon, man, you’ve been around long enough to know he does these breaks every so often.

      1. If you’re so confident then I’ll call the dogs home.

        1. The only dog I know is a hamster of doom.

        2. Nah I appreciate you checking in, Sarc.

        3. Post a chubby chick link from Daily Mail, that might be enough to bring him out.

      2. Hiking the Appalachian Trail?

        1. the one in Argentina?

    5. He’s had long breaks from here before. But I’m also curious and hope he’s good.

  8. > We’re all human. We all fall short sometimes.

    But some people have to pay fines or go to jail when they fall short sometimes.

    The politician credo: Rules are for other people.

    1. Look at cunt Harris and her commiting perjury constantly and getting away with it

    2. “Rules are for other people” is the spirit of the law Sullum claims Newsom was breaking.

    3. “Falling short” is when you try to do the right thing but aren’t quite able to. This is just doing the wrong thing. Not that it’s really a wrong thing to have a high priced dinner with your lobbyist pals, but you just told everyone in the state it was the wrong thing.

  9. Gavin Newsom is the worst combination of politician: Evil and Stupid.

    1. is there any politician that isn’t? They are practically all villains.

      1. is there any politician that isn’t?
        The ones I voted for, of course.

        1. Did you vote?

        2. I suspect most Reason readers are properly suspicious of all politicians and vote for the least oppressive and evil choice available.

          1. I haven’t voted since 08.

            But I will absolutely vote in 2023 in my bid to send our fuckstick of a governor somewhere else.

            Fuck this asshole.

        3. Evil and Smart is the worst combination though.
          You want Good and Dumb, most definitely.

      2. Politicians are selfish, self-serving, dumb, ignorant, believe what they’re doing is right. But that dude is willfully evil. He knows what he’s doing is wrong, and he does it anyway.

        1. Because California is one big echo chamber, its leaders love nothing better to look at you and lie right to your face. Because you, they, everyone knows that they are pissing on your leg. And they know that everyone in the media and the state will insist it is raining.

          That’s why they smile all the time. There are no consequences to them being lying assholes. In fact if you call them on it hard enough, they know that there are millions of people willing to cancel your ass for the trouble.

        2. People forget about him screwing his campaign manager’s wife when he was mayor of SF. Top notch guy.

      3. Nobody that can shoulder the authority without abusing it wants to do what it takes to get the job.

        Except for Kristi Noem. She seems like a decent fellow, if you know what I mean.

        1. Power corrupts?

          Say it ain’t so.

    2. Want do you expect from a buddyfucker, Diane?

    1. That was way worse. Having an almost outdoor dinner with a few too many people is really no big deal. Jetting to Maui and ignoring the quarantine rules for the little people is laughably bad.

  10. Dear Newssolini, from us in El Dorado County – Go fuck yourself. And move out of our county back to the gay area where you came from with aunty Nancy. But good to know you wore the same mask she does.

    1. Homophobic slur was unnecessary. Other than that, I agree with your post.

  11. Stop voting for democrats.

  12. Well, at least he’s not a nasty thug like Sonny Cuomo

    1. But Fredo; wow

    2. Sonny Cuomo

      We can only hope he will die in a skiing accident.

      1. That sort of instance might traumatize too many others. Optimally, a union employee of NYDOT driving a snow removal vehicle overdue for maintenance would swerve uncontrollably into Cuomo’s vehicle, the plow slicing through the steel. Only the (D)-bag of wind being eviscerated, no other injuries. The driver’s potential TSD to be covered by health insurance. It’s a happy story.

  13. Pelosi at the hair dresser, idiot governor of MI’s husband dropping her name at a boat dock to goad the workers [into launching their vessel], and Newson at the French laundry.

    That is how this works; they get a pass, we pay fines and maybe go to jail.

    1. You will notice they don’t even go through the motions of pretending to be penitent. It’s just FYTW.

      1. It’s fascinating how you people think liberal hypocrisy is worse than Republicans actively flouting the right thing to do because they’re assholes.

        1. how you people think

          I tire of your racist aggression.

        2. It’s fascinating that you cannot bring yourself to ONE TIME condemn a shithead move by a guy who is literally shutting down businesses with rules that he won’t follow. Instead you need to make it about D vs R.

          1. Exhausting is a better word.

          2. I’m just going by biblical wisdom. Gavin Newsom having dinner = mote in the eye.

            Donald Trump turning millions of people into virus deniers because he’s too lazy to do his job = log in the eye.

            1. Typical progtard hypocrisy. You are part of the problem.

              1. You can’t even define the problem.

                1. The problem is you and everyone like you. Progressives are an existential threat to our constitutional republic.

                  1. Yet only Trump is the one committing a coup.

            2. Fuck off, no one is “denying” anything.

              Except the assholes who pretend that lockdowns are no big deal and ignore the disastrous consequences while they completely fail to stop anything.

        3. Republicans have NEVER banned as many things as Newsom.

          In CA
          Schools closed (despite NO evidence there is a significant risk)
          Most businesses closed (even with extreme precautions in place)
          Churches closed (despite that violating the 1st amendment)

          Yet Newsom goes out to have an INDOOR birthday party without masks or social distancing.

          1. With LOBBYISTS. This wasn’t even, “Oh I haven’t seen my godson in so many months. I slipped up.”

            No it was a fucking run of the mill, standard crony, grifter junket feast.

        4. Right. He’s not saying ‘Fuck you’ to his own constituency by eating at a ridiculously expensive restaurant, or choosing to not obey the rules he put into place. It’s clearly partisan politics that are the important thing here. Who’s the asshole? I know I frequently am, but in this case, it’s not me.

        5. Tony, once again you have confused your one-world watermelon delusions with the “right thing”.

          1. I just think the watermelon multiverse idea is a tad on the presumptive side.

        6. Tony, you’re far too stupid and small minded to understand the things discussed here. So run along, adults are talking. And you also have all that Drano to drink.

    2. You know, I’m getting awfully close to thinking that these government officials aren’t that worried about COVID really.

  14. California doctors’ top brass attended French Laundry dinner with Newsom

    OAKLAND — California Medical Association officials were among the guests seated next to Gov. Gavin Newsom at a top California political operative’s opulent birthday dinner at the French Laundry restaurant this month.

    The presence of CMA brass could amplify criticisms of the dinner occurring despite coronavirus restrictions that have limited Californians’ movements and constrained businesses. While Newsom and Kinney’s lobbying firm have said the meal abided by public health rules, it has struck a chord with Californians who have assailed the upscale soiree as hypocritical as coronavirus cases surge.

    1. The presence of CMA brass could amplify criticisms of the dinner

      Well, obviously the CMA brass being there means that all proper safety measures were being taken. Duh.

      1. Hopefully Newsom told the top medical brass of his plan to nix any vaccine that might save Californians’ lives until it is independently verified.

    2. it has struck a chord with Californians who have assailed the upscale soiree as hypocritical as coronavirus cases surge.

      Californians who will resoundingly re-elect Newsom in a landslide. California is a state I don’t feel sorry for. If you live there, get out. Voting with your feet is the only way forward. The ballot box is a corrupt cesspool.

      1. No, get out ONLY if you change your voting habits. CA has already fucked up states like CO.

        1. Tell me about it.

          Perhaps immigrants, between states and countries, need a waiting period before they can vote.

          Now where have I heard demands for waiting periods before?

      2. Californians moving out of their state is an instance of a disease spreading. Not COVID, of course, but rather voting people into power that believe they can legislate things like atmospheric CO2 and the level of the oceans.

        We’re giving ancient god-emperors a run for their money on what political power can theoretically accomplish.

      3. Don’t be so sure about that. Newsom is the second most hated man in California. Probably first now that Trump has lost.

    3. At least they’re reporting this stuff more broadly now.

  15. So their rules require taking the mask off to eat and drink, and then put the mask back on when not eating, and then taking it off to actively eat again, and then putting it back on?

    They’re actively encouraging people to constantly touch and readjust their masks and spread contaminants onto it with those rules. Those rules seem designed to make people get sick. If that’s the goal, then fine, but it contradicts their stated purposes.

    1. Science!

    2. Don’t bring these points up. It… muddies the scientism.

      1. Scientism is akin to truthiness. I’m going to borrow the word, if you don’t mind.

      2. Maybe the idea is that you have like 12 masks, and every time you take one off you just toss it into the biohazard bag, and then put on fresh ones. But if you have any cold beverage, touching the glass is transferring moisture onto your hands, making it easier to spread droplets all over your entire meal, so your hands are coated in it every time you grab a fresh mask.

        Maybe you’re also meant to have fresh latex gloves you’re putting on and off.

  16. Yeah but imagine having to cancel your reservation at French Laundry.

    1. Just call Antifa. They’ve cancelled a few dining plans.

      1. Yeah well the Freedom Fighters for Bare Faces have canceled all our dining plans.

        1. Flatten the curr…. never mind.

        2. “Yeah well the Freedom Fighters for Bare Faces have canceled all our dining plans.”

          Oh please. California is re-locking down and it has NOTHING to do with “Freedom Fighters for Bare Faces”. The people of this state have complied mekely while Newsom and Pelosi go on getting their hair cut, and their 3 Michelin Star dinners.

          If anyone has “canceled” dining plans in this state, it is the Governor and his cronies. Either through them refusing to follow their own rules or (more likely) by closing us down regardless of whether it sill stop the spread.

          1. It’s pretty sickening that he eats at that restaurant in the company of wealthy lobbyists and political operatives while being governor. If he just went their with his wife (or mistress) it would only be 3 star retarded. But he makes it 5 star retarded by being caught in the company of wealthy benefactors.

            1. California won’t settle for a mediocre retard, they want the best of the bunch.

        3. I wear glasses, so they denied my membership application. I’m really bummed about it. I was looking forward to canceling your dinner plans in particular.

          1. Find out what mask he’s wearing so you can get the same one, assume his identity, and steal the reservation. I think that would embarrass him even more.

        4. “Yeah well the Freedom Fighters for Bare Faces have canceled all our dining plans.”

          Your health is your concern, not mine.
          Cowardly pieces of lefty shit are welcome to crawl in a hole and stay there.

          1. How about I cough on you and make it your problem.

            1. I’m sure Sevo would stand his ground.

            2. Tony, please do give your conservative/libertarian betters a legal pretext to put an end to you. That would be good.

    2. Yeah but imagine having to cancel your reservation at French Laundry.
      I’m sure that sentiment will go over big at all the funerals he caused.

      1. I’m trying to figure out what’s worse:

        The MAGA hat wearing guy who refuses to wear a mask, or a wealthy, powerful politician who locks down his whole state, virtue signals about a masks, publicly states he won’t open up his state until Social Justice has been achieved and then secretly refuses to wear one while dining at $250 a plate restaurants.

        1. I’m going with number 2.

        2. Diane,
          The FI will cost you a lot more than $250 a plate.

          1. FL that is.

  17. tonight @11: French Laundry fined for serving diners w/o masks.

  18. We’re all human. Some humans make laws decrees. Some humans are punished for not following them. Some humans are not.

  19. I love his initial excuse that it’s ok for a bunch of people from a Red county to go have dinner in an Orange one.

    Because they will be less contagious if they drive a long way to dinner?

    It’s as if he can’t figure out that HE AND HIS FREINDS are the ones who are potentially contagious.

    1. Good point. This actually makes it WORSE, if anything, because now the servers who are in a slightly less severe area are being exposed to people without masks from a more severe area.

  20. Gavin Newsom: This virus doesn’t recognize state boundaries… but it does recognize good table manners!


    I’m here all ze veek!

    1. This virus doesn’t recognize state boundaries

      Like CA’s would-be tax code!

  21. Let’s not overlook Cuomo’s behavior yesterday when asked if the schools were going to be closed.

    Cuomo slams reporter as “OBNOXIOUS and OFFENSIVE”, and then behaves like a total asshole.

    1. What do you mean, LIKE a “total asshole”! He was being HIMSELF!

      1. He looked like he was trying to pull off a bad Al Pacino impersonation.

  22. I’m starting to think that Dems aren’t actually that outraged by Trump’s behavior!

    1. They’re not. They just want to win and will do literally anything to reach that goal, including destroy their own constituents.

  23. Voting for leftists then crying when you get it good and hard… imagine that.

  24. Fvck the petty tyrant and rank HYPOCRITE Gavin Newsom, his gaggle of toadies, and those that support him. Just like his demented Auntie there in “Baghdad by the Bay”, he’s a clueless, haughty, rich little mama’s boy that’s clearly unqualified to be a dog catcher, let alone Governor of the most populous state in the Union.

    Because of his “Rules for Thee, but not for ME” stance, I consider myself and everyone else not bound to obey his “fatwas”, and will NOT. Fvck them all! Time to RECALL this phony POS, and if it takes the recall of “last resort”, though for now I’d rather the legal and political process be allowed to work, so be it…MINE is chambered in .40 S&W.

  25. There was outrage earlier when it was found that gyms inside Government owned facilities remained in use, while privately owned ones were closed down. It’s good he got caught red-handed.

  26. Newsom and Pelosi both fucked up and deserve the criticism. But I don’t know why a publisher named “Reason” would focus on personality rather than science. Does the virus spread more easily indoors? In larger groups of people? We know politicians are hypocritical garbage. That really doesn’t effect whether we should have the regulations. The regulations should be judged on their own merits or demerits.

    1. That really doesn’t effect whether we should have the regulations. The regulations should be judged on their own merits or demerits.

      Including their infringement on Constitutional rights, which, last time I checked, don’t depend on science.

    2. >>The regulations should be judged on their own merits or demerits.

      they suck balls.

      1. Suck donkey balls would be the appropriate epithet.

    3. That’s ridiculous. If the regulations were so clearly effective, why would the CMA and governor ignore them?

      Deciding that the hoi polloi cannot have Thanksgiving dinner while eating at an absurdly posh restaurant, indoors, without masks, is about the rule of law, not personalities.


  27. It’s worse than just not playing by the rules they’re enforcing on everyone else. It also reveals that the governor and leadership of the medical association DON’T BELIEVE IN THE UTILITY OF the rules they’re imposing on everyone else.

    Surely one could understand their wanting to exempt themselves from following their rules. However, if they really believed the rules were for their safety, would they not have followed them? Would they not have refrained from endangering each other, if they actually believed their safety was at stake?

    So this just says the governmental and medical authorities are simply fucking with people for its own sake. Like either they get their jollies that way or they think there’s some advantage to them to get people believing in the utility of these practices.

    1. For six months I had what I thought was cynical reassurance that this bullshit would magically disappear after the election.

      Now it appears I wasn’t cynical enough and what they are really doing is it tormenting people because they can. They don’t care about “safety” and they don’t really care about “saving lives” or any of that bullshit.

      They’re sadists.

      And I’ve lost faith in the American people for not pushing back. We’re all fat and happy and recent biased and we’ll apparently put up with a lot of bullshit as long as the bachelor is on TV and the McDonald’s drive through is open and still taking EBT cards.

      1. After seeing anti-CV-restriction riots throughout Europe and in Canada, yet we have none here, leads me to a similar conclusion.

        We’ve given up.

  28. They cannot rule if no one obeys.

  29. It should be universally accepted, should be law, that unless one who dictates to another – in this case a governor who destroys incomes, families, lives – can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that he/she is actually The God, then that dictator must abide by the same dictate. In this case, in particular, a govern-tator should receive absolutely NO PAY while he/she has removed it from others. If he/she is said to be our “boss”, then we, the taxpayers are his/her boss, so we don’t pay them while dictation is in effect. Point: liberty and … public harmony … suggest that solutions are up from the grassroots, not down from ignorant dictators too lazy or stupid to do anything but put down “one size fits all” rules.

  30. Data and science show that Governor Newsom is exempt from the rules.

  31. I, for one, am glad that Mr. Newsom had what sounds like a lovely evening with friends. The lesson here isn’t that Newsom was bad for not following the stupid rules he implemented. The lesson is that the rules are stupid and ought not be implemented, much less followed.

  32. Interesting article, that left a number of questions sort of hanging. Possibly the following question and the answer to it might prove of interest.

    Given the antics of California’s governor, were elections held say on Monday, this coming Monday, think he’d remain in office? This question brings an old saw to mind, the old saw being as follows: People will usually get the kind of government they didn’t vote against.

  33. This is hardly news. It was always true in the past, is true in the present, and will always be true in the future: There is one set of rules for the ruling class and another for the “little people”. That applies whether there’s a “D” or an “R” after your name. Maybe to a lesser extent in some places, some times, or with some specific people, but always true and always will be. Not saying it’s right, but it’s reality.

    1. I refuse to believe we have to just accept it. There should be political consequences. There can be political consequences. Not only do they exempt themselves from their decrees (none of this stuff has been passed by a legislature), they talk to us like we’re stupid. Newsom simply made a human error. Nancy Pelosi’s hair appointment was a set-up. She said that shit with a straight face.

      Next time I get pulled over for speeding, I am going to say I was merely violating the spirit of the speed limit, and I probably could have made a different choice, but we’re all human. Also I think it was a set up. I think the car manufacturer didn’t disclose speed limits.

      1. Lady D,
        There should be, but in a one-party state there won’t be any.

  34. WOW, the issue is nor so much that he ignores his own rules….the issue is that he will brazenly lie to everyone to avoid embarrassment.
    Claiming they were outside, wearing masks and observing social distance when they were doing none of these things is bad enough , but……….
    If he will lie ,straight faced with fake sincerity, just to avoid embarrassment, how much will he lie on issues important to him?
    UNFIT to serve, dishonest to the core…….people who vote for him would have voted for Stalin or the H guy because of the team they think they are on.
    Lying scumbag.

    1. Those are all reasons the left approves of him and why lefty’s will vote for him. Corruption, dishonesty and perversion is a requisite to become a lefty.

  35. Tom McClintock said it best:

  36. Jacob Sullum needs to wake up. People don’t just resent hypocrisy from the tyrants that rule them. They resent the rules that restrict liberty. Covid restrictions are simply un-American. Schools and businesses and restaurants should be open, in a free country. Petty tyrants – whether mayors, governors, or presidents – should be run out of town, at the least.

  37. “The message is to forget the pandemic, sit as close as you can, no face coverings, no masks, no social distancing,” he told KTTV. “This is the state’s medical association. They speak for the doctors in the state, and their chief lobbyist and the president are sitting shoulder to shoulder with the governor as though it’s any time in American history.”

    Perhaps we should heed their message.

    1. President Trump should wear a mask just to encourage others to do so also. Democrats however should just do as they please in private and simply lie when in public. It is possible these Democrat political elite which have withheld a vaccine and monoclonal antibodies from the public to prevent President Trump from taking credit for the incredible job of developing them this fast have already been inoculated or have access to the monoclonal antibodies and are not at risk. The end justifies the means. What is the death of thousands if it means political power for the left?

  38. Do we know that Gavin paid the tab for himself, his wife and any relatives?
    that no appointees or government employees had their meals or drinks paid for?
    Can he show us the charge on his credit card?

    1. Hey, if the Gov can’t get a “free” meal, who can?

    2. LOL @ paying for a meal.

      1. Exactly, accepting that meal would be a gross violation of ethics rules that every state employee must abide by.

  39. What no one seems to even realize is these wealthy and politically elite have no fear of Covid because they have access to the drugs they denied us to keep from making it look as if President Trump did something good. Now that the election is over the monoclonal antibodies treatments that we saw President Trump and others take which seems to stop Covid 19 are now being administered in hospitals. A hospital in Tampa is reported to be treating covid patients after the FDA approved it a week or so ago. In early stages of covid it makes your body immune to the virus. Why would Newsome or others like him worry? Is it a coincident vaccines were reported successful and now these monoclonal antibodies are approved within a week after the election? The left will do anything for political power including allow people to die needlessly. Cuomo proved that when he put covid patients in nursing homes to keep from using the resources President Trump made available and he did it purely for political purposes. The suckers that voted for Biden who is part of this crowd are hopeless. Even worse is they most likely approve of it. The end justifies the means.

  40. Yep, Gavin the Lying Cunt is sorry–sorry he got caught.

  41. A restaurant near me got some national attention for flouting the state mask mandate because the owner says he doesn’t think they are effective. They are far from French Laundry status but I’m looking forward to giving them my business soon.

  42. I have found some places in my state where they don’t require a mask to go inside and they are not restaurants. Our dictator governor know no bounds and unleashes constant orders that us peons must live by. The dictators always do whatever they want while taking away the freedoms of the slaves they command. That is why they are power hungry dictators who are so lacking in confidence and security that they pretend to be human.

  43. The citizens should feel free to ignore Newsome’s edicts. If the police say anything, just cite the governor’s blatant disregard of his own edicts. If they fine or arrest you, sue for the violation of your constitutional rights under the ‘equal protection’ clause. Screw these hypocrites.

  44. Newsom is the worst, except for Whitmer. She told no one to go upstate to the lake to get out of the city. Then her husband not only went to their lake house, he asked the harbor captain for priority in launching since he was the governor’s wife.

    1. At least in Ohio, our governor has settled for just being a moron. He claims that gatherings such as funerals have been super spreading events and then plans to combat that with a 10pm curfew… you know, because late-night, formal grieving is a problem that all of us have witnessed at some point.

  45. Just to sum up, you’re all criticizing Newsom for doing what you think everyone should have the freedom to do. Your concern is not public health, but hypocrisy. *Jots that down*

    What are your thoughts on people who claim to care about not injuring others who proceed to advocate for wanton mass infection?

    Is the problem that you can’t conceptualize harm that doesn’t take the form of a fist or bullet? Is that what all of this is about? Natural disasters don’t really fit into the libertarian equations of society do they?

    1. Given that the “experts” of public health were at that table, perhaps the concern is that wild shrieks regarding public health are just that.

      1. So experts can’t be trusted, only Republican politicians and their media mouthpieces. Seems legit.

        1. When experts don’t follow their own advice, they cannot be trusted, that’s correct.

    2. FFS you’re dense. Your conception of the KungFlu threat is flawed. As usual, you throw out some ridiculous strawman. Newsom claims it’s necessary to impose aggressive restrictions on the masses, yet immediately turns around and ignores his own directives.

      Clearly he doesn’t see KungFlu as the threat he claims it to be, or he would have followed his own orders. You’re such an idiot that you are unable to grasp that

    3. Shitstain arrives to prove his idiocy but one more time:
      November.19.2020 at 11:14 pm
      “Just to sum up, you’re all criticizing Newsom for doing what you think everyone should have the freedom to do. Your concern is not public health, but hypocrisy. *Jots that down*”
      Yes, I for one do not see a major health issue but am more than happy to point out the hypocrisy of the left

      “What are your thoughts on people who claim to care about not injuring others who proceed to advocate for wanton mass infection?”
      I have never met anyone advocating wanton mass infection; I’ve heard from many cowardly lefty shits who hope they can tell me what to do because they are terrified of catching something, cowardly lefty shit.

      “Is the problem that you can’t conceptualize harm that doesn’t take the form of a fist or bullet? Is that what all of this is about? Natural disasters don’t really fit into the libertarian equations of society do they?”
      No, shitstain, the problem is your inability to sell your strawman as something which concerns me.
      Fuck off and die.

    4. The very idea of public health is a scam and a fraud!

      It is as scientific as creationism, Lysenkoism, and Nazi racial “science”.

    5. Tony, I hope you get COVID. I don’t want you to die of it, I just want you to be too sick to comment for a while.

      1. Dude Tony is the comic relief around here. This place would be a lot less amusing without his wise words educating the rest of us.

    6. “”Just to sum up, you’re all criticizing Newsom for doing what you think everyone should have the freedom to do””

      Which Newsom does not allow others to do. That’s the point.

      Newsom is not allowing the citizens to have the freedom he himself is exercising. Yet, you want to complain about those calling him on it.

      1. I’m complaining about people who spend all of their political brainpower pointing out hypocrisies, and when they deign to have actual ideas, those ideas are to advocate for mass death and misery if it means they don’t have to take any personal responsibility during a pandemic.

        1. Death and misery is what is happening under the orders of people like Newsome. You are assuming without evidence, that the results of those policies would be exactly what the stated intentions are if people would just cooperate enough. That is not a reasonable assumption.
          You are ignoring the widespread misery created by such policies. You have no place calling anyone a “Denier”.

        2. Thanks for admitting that your fellow Democrats don’t take any responsibility during a pandemic, therefore their rules are useless.

  46. Just to sum up, you’re all criticizing Newsom for doing what you think everyone should have the freedom to do. Your concern is not public health, but hypocrisy. *Jots that down*

    Good, you’re admitting the masks and restrictions are useless. That’s a start, at least.

  47. If only Newsom’s best friend had been man enough to strangle the son of a bitch when he found out about his wife banging him…


    1. As a bonus, none of the progressive family members will show up to Thanksgiving this year

      (Joking of course, family is more important than politics..even with family members who don’t agree)

    2. I’m gonna need Snopes to fact check that.

  48. “Nothing will launder the stain of stupidity from his reputation after this ill-conceived outing.”

    Governor Navin Gruesome is OFTEN stupid like that; more often than not, Gruesome is photographed wearing his mask NOT covering his nose. A mask that fails to cover your nose is like a pair of pants that doesn’t cover your butt. It’s “mask theater”, sort of like the “security theater” that is so prevalent at airports. Showy and inconvenient, but completely pointless.

    Sort of the way Tony Fauci wore his mask below his chin at the baseball game, having decreed that nobody ELSE could come to the game.

  49. Newsom is a cretin, first class and a world class jerk.
    If he got rich while in public office then he is also a crook.

  50. By the way, the bill for just the wine was $!2,000 accrding to the Sunday SF Chronicle

  51. Everyone loves calling out hypocrisy, and I agree, but the entire situation is just so vexing, because there is stupidity at all levels. The curfew is stupid, and I live in California so it affects me directly. The local DriveIn Theatre can’t run after 10, even though it is perfectly safe. That kind of crap is completely unhelpful and as the article says it makes everything worse not better. The small businesses have gotten hammered and need help, not more restrictions. Meanwhile my neighbors, who are not rich, have parties, with 30+ people, every few weeks. The fact that everyday people are having parties all the time is not in the news, and I believe this is currently the most significant driver of infection. Newsom’s party sounds pretty stupid too, like the California legislature party in Hawaii. The schools are mostly closed and most everyone is wearing masks in stores. But it keeps spreading… People are stupid and want to have their cake and eat it too. Changes in behavior, not laws, are what we need, and that is why it is great to point out hypocrisy at all levels.

  52. Gavin Newsom may be an arrogant schmuck, but he’s also an idiot. This is where Darwin steps in. If you think it’s a good idea to eat indoors at a restaurant without wearing masks when you’re not eating, you may not last very long. Stupid has an inherently short life span. However, the real scandal here is that by coming from a “red zone” to an “orange” one, he and his buddies put the staff at risk. They, the staff, were at slightly less risk before the Newsome party showed up. And of course it had to be at one of the most expensive restaurants in the country.

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