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Inside the NYPD's Biased Prostitution Policing

Plus: White women and Trump votes, Biden taps California AG as HHS Secretary, and more...


Eager to drive up prostitution arrests in the name of doing something about "human trafficking," the New York City Police Department (NYPD) doesn't much care whether any actual violent crime—or even actual prostitution—is taking place. A new investigation by ProPublica examines how the city's zeal to look tough on trafficking has created yet another avenue for biased law enforcement and means for police to harass nonwhite residents and communities.

In the past four years, only seven percent of New Yorkers arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution and only 11 percent of those charged with prostitution were white, according to ProPublica.

"Teams of NYPD officers have descended on minority neighborhoods, leaning into car windows and knocking on apartment doors, trying to get men and women to say the magic words: agreeing to exchange sex for money," write Joshua Kaplan and Joaquin Sapien:

These arrests are based almost entirely on the word of cops, who say they are incentivized to round up as many 'bodies' as they can.

Some of their targets were selling sex to survive; others were minding their own business. Almost everyone arrested for these crimes in the last four years is nonwhite, a ProPublica data analysis shows: 89% of the 1,800 charged with prostitution; 93% of the 3,000 accused of trying to buy sex.

Of the dozens of cops, lawyers and other experts ProPublica interviewed for this story, not a single one believes arrest figures for patronizing a prostitute accurately reflect the racial makeup of those who buy sex in New York City.

ProPublica talked to 36 current and former NYPD officers, in addition to "dozens" of people arrested on prostitution charges, and reviewed "hundreds of pages of sealed court records." They found that—as is typical in these cases, no matter where they take place—defendants were often coerced into pleading guilty to avoid dragging out court dates, legal fees, etc. In cases where defendants did push back, the city often settled.

"Since 2014, the city has paid more than a million in taxpayer dollars to at least 20 people who claimed they were falsely arrested in prostitution or 'john' stings," note Kaplan and Sapien:

Last year, it paid $150,000 to five young Latino men who said they were laughing off a proposition when they were arrested and $20,000 to a West African taxi driver who said in a sworn deposition that he was walking home when a woman asked if he'd walk down the block with her. He told ProPublica he thought she was afraid of walking alone, so he agreed. He was then arrested.

The undercover officer in his case netted 10 arrests in three and a half hours the night she encountered him, earning her four hours of overtime pay.

Eighteen current and former officers who policed the sale of sex in New York City said overtime has motivated them for years. The hours add up over the drive to the precinct, the questioning, the paperwork. "You arrest 10 girls, now the whole team's making eight hours of overtime," retired Sgt. Stephen Antiuk said.

Read the whole thing (it gets worse, incredibly) here.


On white women and Trump, the media has long been getting it wrong. After the 2016 election, we got an earful about how more than half of white women in America voted for President Donald Trump and what that said about our white women and our society as a whole. Never mind that "white women who voted in 2016″ is not the same as "all white women in America," nor the fact that early exit polls showing that 53 percent of white women who did vote were Trump supporters turned out to be wrong. People have been reviving this fake news in 2020, too.

"The 53 percent figure turned out to be erroneous, and corrected analyses eventually pegged Trump's share of the white female electorate closer to 47 percent," noted Jonathan Chait at New York magazine last week.

Nonetheless, the impulse that propelled so many writers to blame white women for electing Trump proved strong enough to survive even after the factual basis was undercut. Indeed, left-wing opinion writers continued churning out polemics based on the erroneous 53 percent figure for years. The production line has kept running right through the 2020 elections, which have yielded more shaky early-exit-poll data that has been turned into another round of flagellation of white women for their alleged collective sin.

A Washington Post op-ed by Lyz Lenz, headlined "White Women Vote Republican. Get Used to It, Democrats.," uses white women's alleged support for Trump to urge Democrats to stop focusing on winning them. Lenz bemoans "the amount of money and effort that went to flip suburban women, who had no intention of voting Democratic at all, while other groups of voters were taken for granted."

Lenz's argument strings together a series of factual and logical missteps, each compounding the last. First, even after acknowledging that the 2016 exit polls showing Trump won white female voters were wrong, she uses the 2020 exit polls anyway. ("Exit polling indicates that Trump's support had increased among White women.") Lenz then concedes the figure could, at some point, be "adjusted," without considering the high probability that the adjustment will in fact negate her premise.

Second, she treats the supposed failure of white women to turn against Trump as a reason Democrats should do less to try to win their votes, while proceeding to treat Trump's gains among nonwhite voters as a reason Democrats should do more to win their votes. Of course, the whole idea that political parties should ignore constituencies they don't win is quite odd, but Lenz doesn't even apply an internally consistent standard to her self-defeating principle.

More here.

In other election follow-up news…


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• President-elect Joe Biden has asked California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to be secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, in a move that bodes well for big government.

• Rudy Giuliani has COVID-19.

• Coming up this week in Congress:

• Even with Trump on his way out, Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) continues to spread fake news on behalf of the Trump administration:

• It's 2020, and politicians are still fighting against food trucks?!

• What does it mean to say "libertarianism is consent culture"?

NEXT: After Condemning Georgia's Election System As Untrustworthy, Trump Urges Republicans There to Vote in Senate Runoffs

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  1. Is it me, or is news just more discouraging every day?

    1. It’s just you.
      Since the American people came to their senses (with a little help) and voted in a democratic sweep of historic proportions, the country, and even the entire world is now once again on the road to economic recovery and expanding freedom.
      All the headlines show again and again how, before even being actually elected by the electoral college, basement bunker Biden has already started the USA on the road to science driven fascism. Everyone will be safe in their homes; no need for anyone to actually work, or produce anything, all the right people will assemble in his cabinet and tell us all how to fulfill our assigned roles.

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    3. Hello.

      Yes. By design.

      I officially declare masks to be a cult.

    4. A Sampling of Recent Election Fraud Cases from Across the United States

      Sometimes facts just obliterate the MSM propaganda that is trying to demoralize any American opposition to Communism.

      1. I guess it’s not gullibility if you enthusiastically embrace fake news.

        1. Please tell me you are not contributing any of your cash to any of the election challenge funds. It’s clear it is a grift.

          1. Cite?

        2. You are saying that Heritage Foundation is Fake News? Really?

  2. You’re late.

    1. NYPD had some questions they need cleared up.

    2. Cincinnati is a slower town.

    3. You would think that on fundraising week, they’d try harder.

  3. The illegal lottery operations — which authorities said included managers, runners and agents with working offices where bets were placed — were located in Queens and Brooklyn.

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  4. It’s 2020, and politicians are still fighting against food trucks?!

    Brick and mortar $$$ don’t go away.

  5. The #BidenBoom continues to help’s benefactor.

    Charles Koch earned $625,000,000 on the most recent business day.

    That’s a pretty good figure for December. But in January things will get even better when President Biden does exactly what his Wall Street and billionaire donors want him to do — reverse Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies.


    1. You used to be funny. Now you’re predictable and boring.

      1. That’s not true. He was never funny.

  6. President-elect Joe Biden has asked California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to be secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, in a move that bodes well for big government.

    If there’s one person who should be in charge of a department that’s seeking to get everyone’s personal health information online and accessible to the government, it’s a guy who allowed Pakistani spies to steal documents from the House Democratic Caucus server.

    1. I’m certainly happy to see that media whore gone from CA.
      If your kid fell down and there was a Nike ad on TV at the time, there’d be a presser with him suing Nike FOR THE PEOPLE!

      1. on the other hand his replacement will obviously be worse for us californians.

      2. Two totalitarian fucktards from California in the incoming admin, and both former self-serving AG’s. Doesn’t bode well for the nation.

  7. Today is December 7, 2020: Pearl Harbor Day.

    Spare a moment and remember the ~3K soldiers and sailors who died today. They merit our memory and prayers.

    1. As they say in Obama’s homeland (i.e. Hawaii), “Hakuna Matata”.

    2. Spare a moment and remember the ~3K soldiers and sailors who died today.

      I would have thought that an attack on Pearl Harbor today would have been more prominent in the news.

      1. Not unless there is a way to blame it on Trump – – – – – – – –

  8. “…”The 53 percent figure turned out to be erroneous, and corrected analyses eventually pegged Trump’s share of the white female electorate closer to 47 percent,” noted Jonathan Chait at New York magazine last week…”

    Hey, if you’re picking cherries, it pays more if they feed those infected with TDS, right?

  9. The rise of questionably ‘nonpartisan’ spending

    The state of California owes more than $34 million to a public relations and political consulting firm run by a top adviser to the Joe Biden campaign. The expense was incurred by Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who quietly invited a few firms to submit proposals for a voter information and outreach campaign called Vote Safe California.

    It’s a requirement, of course, for such a campaign to be non-partisan.

    So it’s interesting that the SKDKnickerbocker firm, which was awarded the $35 million contract under an expedited emergency process, proudly lists the Biden presidential campaign at the top of the client list on its website. And it’s interesting that the firm brags that it “developed the Biden campaign’s vote-by-mail program in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona,” according to a company statement cited by the publication PR Week.

    By coincidence, the purpose of the California contract was to “inform” California voters about the state’s new vote-by-mail program.

    Nothing to see here. Nothing except the articles on the website celebrating the firm’s Anita Dunn — the “D” in SKDKnickerbocker — as the “mastermind” of the Biden campaign.

    …In the 2020 campaign, “non-partisan” spending reached epic levels. Consider the story of a nonprofit organization called the Center for Technology and Civic Life. Founded in 2012 and based in Chicago, the CTCL says its mission is to “increase civic participation by modernizing engagement between local government and the people they serve.”

    The organization’s Form 990 tax return filed in 2019 reports gross receipts of $1,414,981. That’s a little better than the prior year, when it took in $1,044,134.

    But this year, the group received mind-boggling donations from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. They give away a lot of money. Their foundation, the Palo-Alto based Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, reported assets of $4.65 billion on its 2018 tax return, and they also have a second organization, called Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Advocacy, which reported gross receipts in 2018 of $126,461,045.

    …On September 1, 2020, Zuckerberg and Chan announced that they were donating $300 million for election assistance, including $250 million to the Center for Technology and Civic Life.

    Four federal lawsuits were filed in late September by the Election Integrity Fund in Michigan, the Wisconsin Voters’ Alliance, the Minnesota Voters’ Alliance and by a group of candidates and office-holders in Pennsylvania. The lawsuits argued that local governments are prohibited by federal law from accepting private federal election grants.

    Zuckerberg pushed back against claims that the organizations receiving the donations have a partisan agenda, writing in a Facebook post, “These funds will serve communities throughout the country … and are being allocated by non-partisan organizations.” In mid-October, Zuckerberg and Chan donated an additional $100 million for election assistance grants.

    The CTCL website currently lists 24 grants to jurisdictions in Pennsylvania, 43 grants to counties in Georgia, 217 grants to local governments in Wisconsin and 474 grants to election offices in Michigan, from Ada Township to the city of Zeeland.

    The money was meant to be used, according to the CTCL, to “encourage and increase absentee voting,” “dramatically expand strategic voter education and outreach,” to recruit and train poll workers and to ensure “efficient Election Day administration.”

    The lawsuits contend that CTCL money was directed to heavily Democratic areas, including $26 million in grants spread across 12 cities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Wisconsin that together cast more than 75 percent of their 2 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016.


      Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg spent an unprecedented $300 million to pay salaries for the *entire* election apparatus across multiple states, and
      when lawsuits were filed challenging its legality, he spent $100 million *more* to pay defense lawyers?

      1. His wife made him do it.

        1. I guess Mark’s dick won’t suck itself. (Though for $300 million, I might.)

  10. Why am I not surprised Elizabeth Nolan Brown would overlook the fact that today is Pearl Harbor Day. But I guess yammering about busted sex workers is more meritorious in her progtard mind.

    1. I’m sure in her mind America asked for it.

    2. I guess infamy has a shelf life.

      1. The only good Mormon is a dead mormon

        1. The only good KillAllRednecks is a dead KillAllRednecks.

          1. At least I don’t stick up for con artist pedo worshippers who scriptures have been disproven yet they still try to force their horseshit beliefs on mormons.

            Kill all the mormons and their enablers.

            Fuck off you cousin fucking hick

            1. *on everyone

            2. No, you’re just a self-loathing hicklib trying to make up for being a white trash piece of shit.

              Kill KillAllRednecks.

    3. Hey now! As a worker, I deserve access to the means of reproduction. Helps improve morale!

    4. How long are we supposed to do this?

      I spent 21 years in the Navy, two wars. I did not know it was Pearl Harbor Day.

      The living can’t spend their whole lives grieving. I think it’s time to move on.

      1. Or is the next complaint that she doesn’t wear an American flag lapel pin?

    5. Wow, seriously? You need ENB to remind you of Pearl Harbor Day? Not exactly breaking news.

      This is the most ridiculous “why didn’t ENB blog about my pet issue” ever.

      1. Yes….seriously. I frankly expect a better appreciation of history from a self-described libertarian journalist.

        1. On a current events blog?


    It’s exactly like the divide between “free trade” winners and losers, people living in comfortable financial and media bubbles vs. people living in hollowed-out ghost towns with skyrocketing mortality rates. The Wuhan virus gave us a new, even bigger class of Designated Losers.

    The new class divide cracked open along some economic and social fault lines that were already present and deepening, such as the growing number of people who preferred minimizing human contact while socializing online. It really is the social schism of the new century.


      Millionaires being paid to make fun of people that want to feed their families is peak 2020
      Quote Tweet
      New York Post
      · Dec 6
      Pete Davidson rips Staten Island’s anti-COVID-19 lockdown ‘babies’ on ‘SNL’

    2. The new class divide cracked open along some economic and social fault lines that were already present and deepening, such as the growing number of people who preferred minimizing human contact while socializing online

      I was watching an episode of “Yellowstone” yesterday, where the ultra-woke idpol Native chick excoriates her class of college students for mindlessly consoooooooooming social media and enabling these tech and marketing corporations to destroy them (meaning ordinary people, not just Natives) and their way of life, just so they can chase asspats on social media. It was a total projection on her part, but it’s not like she didn’t have a point.

      No way would something like that get into the episode now.


    I’m not even sure where to begin with this video.
    defunding the LAPD by 150 million dollars and forcing them to protect his house from Protesters.
    The wildly untrained officer with the baton.


      Just walked by a family of 6 (with all young kids) at a restaurant in Las Vegas that had to be seated at 2 different tables because there can’t be more than 4 people at a table in Nevada.

      Show me the science as to why families are being separated over this nonsense.


    “He’s just like us,” said the writers from the NYT, WaPo, WSJ, Economist & New Yorker.
    Quote Tweet
    Michael Kruse
    · 4h
    Biden’s “media diet is what we would call the classics,” says @eosnos. “He relies on things like The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal. He reads some of The Economist and The New Yorker. A lot of it in print.”


    CNN, Dec 2016: “9 last-minute Obama moves to stymie Trump’s agenda”

    WaPo, Dec 2020: Trump “whirlwind of activities has bucked tradition of past presidents who deferred during lame duck, could make it challenging for Biden to fulfill pledges”

    Three (3) journos on that WaPo story


    Unrelated but did you know that Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal invested at least $540 million in CNN’s parent company?
    Quote Tweet
    · Dec 6
    Five years of social reform driven by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman have drastically loosened the conservative grip on Saudi society. CNN’s Nic Robertson says it could yet prove to be a magnet for tourism.


    The New Yorker’s
    suggests Mark Zuckerberg’s “profound” support of free speech is problematic: “Those of us in journalism have to come to terms with the fact that free speech, a principle that we hold sacred, is being weaponized against the principles of journalism.”

    1. It’s fucking Bizarro World.

    2. what planet is this person on?

      Zuck and rest of them absolutely despise free speech. Every liberal I know despises free speech. And I mean it’s literally one of their top concerns is that some people are allowed to say anything they want. This must be stopped according to them.

      This is every liberal i know. Zuck? Dedicated to free speech? This person is delusional.

      1. Like the Democratic mayors, governors, public health officials, and various state politicians telling people to stay home while they vacation in Mexico and Hawaii, you don’t pay attention to what they say. You watch what they actually do.


    SCOOP: San Diego Unified School District is forcing teachers to attend “white privilege” training, in which teachers are told “you are racist” and “you are upholding racist ideas, structures, and policies.”

    The leaked documents from the training session will shock you.Down pointing backhand index


      Insanity from The Chicago Teachers Union.

      They deleted this tweet:

  18. It’s Monday, a day that will live in infamy!

    1. I don’t like Mondays. I want to shoot the whole day down.

    2. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!

    3. Don’t worry. I plan to get bombed myself tonight.

  19. Trump called the governor of Georgia to pressure him to subvert the election in his state.

    And yet Jimmy Carter gets praised for pressuring various African and South American countries to subvert the elections in their countries.

    1. Let it go, man.

      1. RESIST!
        Not my president.

    2. Looks like vote counters have already done plenty of subverting.

  20. 1.few points maybe only 11% of prostitutes are white
    2. Rand Paul said bringing troops home he did not say all, some are so he is correct
    3. number of female voters only matters if your goal is to shun them which the left loves to do

    that is all for now

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    2. One point. If your supporters need to parse your statements for loopholes them no, you are not correct.

      1. thats not parsing when its still a fact

      2. lol the one saying it’s fake because there’s still X people there are the ones picking the statement apart

  21. “Style Editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown”

    Has a nice ring to it. Sounds more progressive than “women’s pade editor”

    1. Way to distance yourselves from her BS. ‘Style editor’ = fluff editor.

    2. Most modern journalism is just copying Twitter screenshots and generating some clickbait title.

  22. So now that it involves hookes and not locking people up for being outside, shuttering business, arresting people for not following illegal dictorial mandates, ENB now realizes new york is a garbage city run by scumbag totalitarian.

  23. Back to drugs pimps and hookers it’s what you’re best at.

    1. legalisation and government regulation for drugs and prostitution is the way to solve this ????

  24. Somewhere in NYC’s bureaucracy, someone is writing something along the lines of, “We had to arrest people of color who might be engaged in prostitution, before we could help them fight White Privilege.”

  25. The undercover officer in his case netted 10 arrests in three and a half hours the night she encountered him, earning her four hours of overtime pay.

    But call *her* a streetwalker and see how she reacts.

    1. If you’re not armed they ignore you because you’re weak and ineffectual.

      If the jihadis have taught us anything it’s that if you bring a gun everyone pays attention to you.

    2. If only they’d have smashed a few windows and set a few businesses on fire, they could have been as classy as Team Blue.

      1. Here’s an idea for you: maybe both Teams Red and Blue should lay off this crap.

        1. Here’s an idea for you – team blue set businesses on fire and everyone is now trying to kiss their asses.

          Maybe team red picked up a few pointers from them

          “I learned it from*you* dad! I learned it from you.”

    3. So should they have tried to set the house in fire so you could defend them as “peaceful protesters” or does that only apply to leftists?

      1. Your cite where chemjeff said anything like that fell off.

    4. So….what’s the problem, chemjeff? Team D normalized this behavior…..and much more.

      Now the shoe is on the other foot. Now you have a problem. Okaaaay.

    5. Looks like a non-violent protest. What is the concern?

      1. Right. Freedom to assemble in a state with open carry. What’s the issue? That it happened in front of an elected official’s house?

        1. Apparently, some are more equal than others.

  26. “The 53 percent figure turned out to be erroneous, and corrected analyses eventually pegged Trump’s share of the white female electorate closer to 47 percent,” noted Jonathan Chait at New York magazine last week.

    Does . . . do you really think ‘slightly more than half’ is significantly different from ‘slightly less than half’ and that that changes things?

    Around half of white women voted for Trump

    Look to your left. Now look to your right. Now talk shit about the skinny, ratchet bitch that didn’t make it to brunch.

  27. Joe Biden takes notes.

    Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Canada, suggests that better off people have savings that the Canadian government needs to figure out how to access since it represents “pre-paid stimulus spending”. I wonder how she thinks government can access private savings?

    I seem to recall a particular shitweasel making the suggestion that all those IRA’s and 401-K’s just floating around out there might be better off “tax equalized”, and no reporters seemed to be interested in following up on what exactly this would mean for retirement savings accounts. Maybe these savings accounts need to be limited to investing only in tax-free accounts – i.e., government bonds? Lord knows the government needs the money.

  28. What happened to John?

    1. I suspect he’s tired of banging his head against Reason’s wall.

      He’s disappeared before for a while and come back.

  29. Rudy Giuliani has COVID-19.

    New symptom: bleeding hair.

    1. And flatulence.

  30. >>the supposed failure of white women to turn against Trump

    too many things wrong with this to even make fun of it.

    1. Sounds racist.

  31. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (Republican) won a seat representing the Second District in Iowa–turning a formerly blue district red, but the Democrat who lost is contesting the results.

    Nothing too interesting there. The interesting thing is that instead of challenging the results in Iowa’s courts, the Democrat is taking her case to the House of Representatives.

    “Instead of going through the state process, Hart is taking her appeal directly to the House, which has the power to judge its own member’s elections, but has rarely used it.

    “For her to jump past the courts in Iowa and go directly to the House Administration Committee shows that this is a political, partisan process where they’re trying to get votes any way they can get votes whether or not an Iowan cast that ballot,” Miller-Meeks said.

    Both Miller-Meeks and Hart have attended new member orientation in Washington, while the dispute’s sorted out.

    —-KCCI, Des Moines

    Bold added.

    For the Democrats in the House overturn an election result in this environment, would be devastating to their legitimacy. Yeah, I know their credibility is already shot with more than half of the American people, but every thing always looks darkest just before it turns pitch black.

    1. No it won’t. There won’t be much reporting on it, and most of the reporting will be favorable to the democrats. 90% of the people won’t even understand what happened, the same thing that happened with the dnc kicking the green party off of ballots

      1. I listened to a story on This American Life about them kicking the Green Party off the ballot in Wisconsin, and the reporter covering the story (at best) didn’t understand why that was favorable to Joe Biden. He kept covering the story as if kicking the Greens off the ballot were somehow good for President Trump! People tend to assume that whomever is writing a story knows more about it than we do, but that often isn’t the case.

        When I was in eighth grade, I wanted to be class president. The girls outnumbered boys in our class by a sizable margin. I got the guys to nominate girls from each of the two girls’ cliques we identified in the class to run against us. The girls never had a chance . . . we took every office.

        Of course the Democrats didn’t want the Greens on the ballot. If you wanted to vote against Trump, they wanted to force you to vote for Biden.

        1. That’s my point. The people writing the stories will make anything the (D) do as legitimate regardless of if it is or not. The house calling an election isn’t less legitimate than what they have done in the past, it’s that most people won’t know, and the people reporting on it with eighter lie or believe that it is legitimate solely because (D) is attached to it

    2. Meanwhile, the last outstanding race in the House looks like it may go Republican as well–although the court overseen recount is plagued with problems, including ballots being counted twice because they failed to differentiate between boxes that had already been counted and those with objections.

      The Republican is still in the lead. If the Republican prevails, the Democrats will only have a five member majority in the House. One side of that coin says this will make the Democrats more moderate by giving them a slimmer majority. The other side of that coin says it will make them more radical.

      The reason this may moderate the Democrats is because it will be harder for them to maintain a majority on controversial legislation. The reason it may radicalize them is because the districts the Democrats lost were in moderate districts like Iowa and Upstate New York. That means Pelosi may lose her chair as Speaker. As radical as we see Pelosi from a libertarian capitalist perspective, the Democrats have moved so far to the left, that Pelosi is actually a moderate now, relatively speaking. Without the support of House moderates, the Democrats may choose someone further to the left.

      The best outcome for libertarian capitalists is that the Democrats only retain a 5 seat majority in the House and Pelosi hangs onto the Speaker’s chair for two more years. The chances of the Democrats choosing a Speaker further to the right than Pelosi are virtually zero.

      1. As radical as we see Pelosi from a libertarian capitalist perspective, the Democrats have moved so far to the left, that Pelosi is actually a moderate now, relatively speaking. Without the support of House moderates, the Democrats may choose someone further to the left.

        The irony is that the foundation of this radical shift to the left was put in place when she became Speaker. I knew even back then that her being in charge was a harbinger of where the party was headed. If it had been a more moderate Democrat similar to Dick Gephardt, that wouldn’t have been the case.

        1. Or rather, I should say when she was named House minority leader after Gephardt retired in 2005.

  32. New York New York, the city where the Mayor’s policing priorities include the beating and strangling to death sidewalk cigarette vendors and the persecution of sex workers — and turning a blind eye to armed robbers assaulting tourists a few blocks away and the rewarding of Antifa & Subsidiaries Inc for their unchecked looting, arson, raping, and mayhem.

  33. Here is my current understanding of the situation surrounding the surveillance video from State Farm Arena. It’s a developing story, so details and my opinion of it may change.

    Disclosure: I have not watched all 14 hours of video footage. I watched clips presented by an attorney who was casting a suspicious eye on the video. The part of the presentation I saw lasted about 12 minutes, I think. So I am relying on reports by those who say they did watch the whole video.

    This report says that the claimed “suitcases” of ballots that were hidden under a table were actually ballots that had been opened and sorted in full view of observers earlier in the day, and then placed in standard black bins used to store ballots, and then placed under the table, all in view of observers. This should be verifiable by those with access to the full video. If this is accurate, then there doesn’t seem to be a reason to doubt the validity of these ballots, at least no more so than anyone would doubt the validity of other ballots.

    (Cont. in next post)

    1. What still seems unclear is whether observers from both parties and the press were explicitly told that counting had stopped for the night (which was obviously incorrect), or whether they inferred as much because activity seemed to have ceased.

      What seems very clear is there was a miscommunication, and whether it was an honest mistake or intentional, I don’t think this situation was handled well. Representatives from both campaigns should have been contacted when the decision was made to resume counting and told when the counting would resume, so that they had an opportunity to return. It should still be investigated in full, but if no major new details are forthcoming, then it seems like some sort of disciplinary action is probably appropriate for the officials who made these decisions.

      Having said that, the entire process was captured on video, and if the ballots in question have a clear chain of custody leading up to when they appear on video, then I don’t think this constitutes evidence of fraud. Also, the second link I posted above claims that the number of ballots actually processed when observers were not present was well below the margin of victory for Biden. This is beside the point when considering whether proper procedures were followed, but if an investigation confirms that this is the case, then it does weaken the claim that this incidence swayed the results of the election, even assuming nefarious intent.

      I’m upset at the apparent breakdown in communication and procedure, whatever the reason. This should continue to be investigated, proper disciplinary action should be taken if warranted, and any legal claims should be fully adjudicated. But if the claims made by election officials in Georgia hold up, then this doesn’t seem to be evidence of fraud. I hope we get a transparent investigation so we can answer these questions definitively.

      1. Placing boxes of ballots, (hiding), under cloth draped tables hardly seems like standard operating procedure.

        1. Hiding implies that they were not meant to be found, at least be some people. If they were placed there in full view of the press and observers from both parties, as is claimed, then I don’t think the term “hiding” applies. Or, someone is really, really bad a hiding things.

      2. Um, there were reports that night that counting was stopped election night. ABC news, etc. There are affidavits by the Republican poll watchers that they were sent home. Why would they lie about this and then keep counting. You are suspiciously covering for one side it seems. There is a lot of shady Republican election crackpot/clickbait items out there. This does not appear to have too many cracks in it.

        1. As far as I can see, election officials do not dispute that counting was going to wrap up for the night, until some manager heard and told people to continue working. The dispute seems to be whether observers and the press were explicitly told counting had ended, or whether it was just implicit from the activities of election workers.

          If the election officials are to be believed, no one lied — counting was going to stop, but then a manager higher up told people to continue.

          Why would they reverse course? I haven’t seen a statement about that explicitly, but since it was election night, and votes remained to be counted, it seems reasonable to believe that they wanted to continue counting votes a bit longer. They may also have been trying to surreptitiously count invalid ballots. The full video *might* be able to shed some light on this, because if the ballots in question really were properly opened, sorted, and delivered to the room with the camera, all under the eyes of observers, then we should be able to see if anything fishy happens on video once people leave.

    2. Thanks for all the time you have spent following up on various election fraud claims.

    3. What about the part where Ruby puts the same stack of ballots through the counter three times? Standard procedure?

      1. I don’t know, I haven’t seen any reporting about that one way or the other. Can you provide more details?

        1. In NY the ballots have scannable serial numbers, so it would be known if a ballot was counted twice.

      2. It does seem like that is the kind of thing the two recounts that were already carried out in GA would identify, though. Even if the recounts were just feeding ballots through the machines again, presumably doing so would show a discrepancy if some ballots were counted multiple times. Do you know if that was the case?

        Or am I misunderstanding something?

  34. Trump called the governor of Georgia to pressure him to subvert the election in his state. Kemp declined, per the Post.

    That’s exactly what a victim of election fraud might do!

  35. Trump threatening to veto NDAA over confederate bases, Section 230 (Congress has not yet overriden a veto)

    oh no! What will happen?

    Narrator: it would make no difference either way if the bill was passed. The US military was going nowhere.

  36. how libertarianism can benefit from conversations around consent

    I know this one! Is this the one where colleges have the students signs a contract with each other before they can fondle each other? Yeah that sounds like Moar Liberty to me.

  37. President-elect Joe Biden has …

    Intentionally triggering the commentariat now are we?

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  39. We’re in the Reason Webathon home stretch, and today would be an especially awesome time to give, since we have a matching grant that doubles any donation you make!

    Um….only if I could be assured the money would go toward keeping the website up and running reliably, knocking out the google spambots, and a significantly improved comment function.

    1. if only i could be assured the money would go towards producing libertarian content…

  40. What does it mean to say “libertarianism is consent culture”?

    This framing might just work!

  41. I can see how cracking down on prostitution and pimping would seriously hinder the libertarian lifestyle.

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