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Coronavirus Curfews Are Trending Again, Despite Total Lack of Evidence They Help

Plus: Against the conservative case for antitrust action, New York City shuts down schools again, and more...


Coronaviruses don't get more deadly or dangerous after dark. Yet across the country, leaders are imposing new curfews on their residents and businesses in the name of stopping COVID-19.

Those advocating for curfews argue that when it comes to places serving alcohol, earlier closures will mean fewer drunk patrons, better decisions, and better hygiene. ("Shenanigans happen at night," said one public health professor.) Others suggest that limiting the hours people can shop or leave their houses recreationally will decrease opportunities for the virus to spread overall. And some leaders have suggested they're doing it to send the right message about the pandemic.

But…there's no evidence that this is indeed the case. And it's just as likely that limited hours mean more people cramming their shopping, socializing, and errands into the same hours, making establishments more crowded and ensuring longer waits in transmission-friendly lines. Besides, not everyone has a job or home and family responsibilities that make state-approved socializing hours possible. Making residents stay in their homes after a certain hour eliminates people's ability to meet non-household members in safer ways—like taking walks together, meeting in yards or on porches, or patronizing places where the weather or heat lamps still permit—and it also invites selective and discriminatory enforcement.

Public health experts have criticized curfews, although some have done so on the grounds that they don't go far enough. The consensus seems to be that there's just little logic in them.

George Mason Univesity epidemiologist Saskia Popescu told that the challenge with imposing curfews is that "it not only is likely to condense patrons into a smaller window of time, but for things like an outdoor restaurant or even gym, that might be a time with slower business and fewer people, which would make it safer. A better course of action is to focus on those high-risk activities and either temporarily halt them or find ways to make them safer."

"It seems like it's spreading all over, but I've seen no evidence it helps anything," Kent State University public health professor Tara C. Smith told Vox's Dylan Scott. "I've not seen a single public health person recommend this as an intervention. I'm mystified at their popularity."

Despite the lack of evidence for their efficacy, New York, Ohio, and Oklahoma are among the states to bring curfews back. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week announced a curfew for alcohol-serving establishments. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt gave a new order on Monday that institutes an 11 p.m. curfew for bars and restaurants.

California is reportedly considering a statewide curfew, too, as counties like Los Angeles go ahead with them. On Friday, nonessential retail businesses in Los Angeles will have to start closing at 10 p.m.

Ohio's 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfewannounced by Gov. Mike DeWine on Tuesdaystarts tonight and lasts for three weeks. Restaurants are allowed to stay open for takeout and delivery but must close for on-premises dining during those hours. All retail businesses must also close. Curfew violators could be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor, which could come with up to 90 days in jail or a $750 fine.

"The governor did not say how the curfew will be enforced," notes Cincinnati's WLTW5. "He said cars on the roads will not be pulled over, but individuals seen congregating after curfew hours may be approached by law enforcement officers."

Media outlets across the state have reported on the havoc the curfew is expected to wreak on business owners, musicians, and others affected. Some business owners expressed relief at not being shut down entirely again, but others said that's no consolation. "Our business is a 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. business. To say what [DeWine's] doing is crushing us, is an understatement," Tom Zellner, co-owner of The Warehouse Tavern, told the Mansfield News Journal. Nick Tanchevski, owner of Uncle John's Place, told the paper: "No, I feel absolutely no relief. In fact, I feel more anxious."

It's not all the fault of government orders.

"Everybody is terrified so nobody is coming out anyway," said Tanchevski. "This is the worst week I've had since COVID started in March."

But the curfews are making a bad situation even worse, without any evidence that they'll reduce transmission of COVID-19.

"For weeks, Gov. Mike DeWine has told story after sad story of the coronavirus spreading because Ohioans let their guard down among family and friends at informal gatherings, weddings and funerals," writes columnist Laura Hancock."So it raised a big question when the governor, amid an alarming increase in virus cases and hospitalizations, announced […] Ohioans would be under a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. -- not the time of day when those types of gatherings commonly take place."

"This curfew is going to do nothing, absolutely nothing," said Sheriff Richard K. Jones of Butler County, Ohio. He told a local Fox affiliate that he's not the "mask police" or the "curfew police" and won't enforce the curfew.

I'm not going to have my employees go out and make arrests, or stop people. People are angry, and I don't care what the governor says, somebody will disobey or run. Bad things will happen from this curfew.

In New York, the editors of the Queens Gazette call for focusing on irresponsible venues rather than punishing all businesses:

We were told some restaurants turn into dance clubs after 10 pm, and if that is the problem, why not ban that? But legitimate restaurants serving food and wine, such as our wonderful Queens restaurants that are struggling to survive, don't deserve to be penalized. We understand the severity of coronavirus and efforts to stop the spread, but we cannot let our local businesses be assaulted by a misguided policy.

[…] Also included in this new policy are gyms. How busy are gyms after 10 pm? Don't most people go earlier? We believe it makes more sense to extend hours, much in the same way we have extended areas of restaurants by expanding into outdoor seating. If less people can go later, won't they be going earlier and limiting free space even more?

We understand the purpose and the necessity of limiting exposure, but this latest policy will cause unnecessary hardship.

The coronavirus curfews are basically hygiene theater, designed to give the appearance of strong action around the virus, even if they fail to actually cut COVID-19 spread and simply cause some categories of people more hardship instead.


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  1. Hello.

    1. Huh. Interesting links.

      It is true there is NO SCIENCE that support curfews. Yet, we never see this assertion about masks.

      The most anticipated RCT mask study (the largest of its kind yet) from Denmark was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and somehow it doesn’t get a mention?

      Long story short: It confirms 100 years of studies that masks offer marginal benefits and are largely useless.

      The end.

      1. Bailey reported on the study last night.

        1. But he twisted it out of shape.

          1. This, he handwaived it away and said “look over here at these studies based on modeling.”

            1. Lol, of course he did.

              What happened to Bailey? He used to be somewhat honest and rational. Did he get a blood transfusion from a gender studies professor?

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            2. Ok. If true, hand waiving an RCT study (THE GOLD STANDARD OF STUDIES) for that, then maybe it’s time for him to learn code.

              1. I didn’t get that from his article, maybe I missed it. He did defend the authors though and threw a little shade on the medical journals that refused to publish the study based on their political beliefs, instead of science. And he definitely did state a RCT study is the Gold Standard for studies.

              2. His writeup of the study was reasonable. But he had to stick in “but masks are still good for source control” even though the study didn’t address that one way or another.

        2. Didn’t stop her from linking to colleagues in the past.

          You would think they’d be happy. Instead, they nitpick the study for what it didn’t say. It was very well constructed and it’s certainly better than the observational crap supporting masks out there. So not sure what Bailey could possibly spin against it.

          It’s like how people go crazy whenever good news comes out questioning climate change nonsense. They want bad news. They don’t want things to get better.

          The obsession with Magic Hello Kitty masks is truly one of the great superstitions of our time.

          1. it’s certainly better than the observational crap supporting masks

            But… but… the hamsters got less COVID. They were not actually wearing masks, but THEY GOT LESS COVID. WEAR THE FUCKING MASK, HITLER!

            1. Kill yourself you cowardly fuck

              1. Flag. Refresh. No more SQIDSLY.

                1. Not Sqdsy or whoever you think I am.

                  Isn’t it funny that multiple people point out how stupid your is? Maybe it’s because your religion is really goddamn stupid? I know you’ll never admit it because you’re a stubborn hypocrite like all Mormons.

                  1. Reflush!

      2. You forgot to mention that the study was finally published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, after every other major outlet refused to publish it. Which means either that the study was shit, or that nobody wants to go against the narrative. Wonder which is the case?

        1. I know. And they probably had to ‘dilute’ it for the ranting lunatic mask cultists. I bet you it’s even more clear cut than it read.

          1. They removed the planned section about adverse outcomes for mask wearing.

        2. “New research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine finds that masks don’t appear to protect the people wearing them, but are still likely to prevent sick people who wear them from spreading their illness.”
          File that under No shit, Sherlock

        3. And that journal wrapped the paper in caveats and CYA.

      3. Serious question. How do they define “mask”?

        I see a lot of people wearing chin diapers.

      4. Bailey wrote a whole blog post yesterday about the Danish study.

      5. you’re wrong, Rufus The Monocled! Masks (not the open chin bandanna kind) have been shown to at least help control and slow down the spread of Covid-19, because the, along with the social distancing, the spittle or whatever, does not travel nearly as far as it does when people don’t wear masks or social distance. Wearing masks and social distancing may not be the comfortable or the most pleasant, but it’s necessary during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    2. Goodbye.

    3. Joe Biden appeared to clinch a victory on Saturday morning to become 46th president of the United States, closing out an election cycle that was dominated in the final months by debates around COVID-19, the economy, and police reform………..VISIT HERE FOR FULL DETAIL .

      1. Proof China/Russia hacked the election.

      2. I can certify that yogoses851 convinced me to vote for Biden.

        1. You and entire cemeteries.

        2. I love yogoses shortened URL’s that I’ll never know what they point to.

    4. There’s a similar 10 p. m. to 5 a. m. curfew here in the Bay State, and it’s there for a legitimate reason: so that people won’t be able to gather in bars, restaurants or any other places, not wear masks, get totally drunk, and just do whatever they please, including refusing to wear masks and refusing to social distance, and therefore, put their families, neighbors, friends, and co-workers, themselves, each other, and other people who they may come in contact with, at risk for the Covid-19 virus.

  2. Georgia Republican Poll Watcher Discovered Recount Error Off By More Than 9,000 Votes For Biden

    Biden just lost the lead in Georgia. Let’s see how long it takes unreason traitors and Lefty media to report this “fake news”.

    COUNT EVERY BALLOT seemed to work better for Trump than Biden.

    1. You know, there was no doubt massive fraud. The things being reported – and ignored here – on the aggregate are pretty stunning really. But it doesn’t look good for Trump unless a bunch of things fall in his favour.

      Biden won jack shit. Alas, it seems TDS is so bad people would rather tolerate a tainted elected.

      1. I have been following this pretty closely and have seen nearly every example of “Massive fraud” fall completely to evidence. Even the one that LC mentioned above wasn’t fraud. It was a recount tabulation error that would have been caught on the comparison when they compared results. The other ones, including the Brenford distributions and Gateway Pundit’s “DNA Proof of Fraud” (Including Dr Shiva) did not stack up, and there are very good explanations by others as to why they are wrong.

        If the GOP doesn’t want to lose the rest of the country, they had better get past the denial stage and start reacting. Georgia is the perfect example. Not only did Biden flip the state, but two House Seats were also flipped, and there is a good chance they lose the senate there.

        Georgia is what happens when you move from “Get everyone to the polls on election day” to “Spend three weeks harvesting ballots”. I mean this in the legal sense. Georgia has huge populations of students and minorities that just don’t vote. If you can show up at their house and collect that ballot and mail it, you are going to win. All you need is to identify an extra 1 – 2% of people who wouldn’t have voted and you win the election. And you don’t even have to risk going to jail for conspiracy to commit fraud.

        1. It’s not what I read.

          But true. Time to put up or shut up.

          Those Georgia Senate seats are critical.

        2. Overt, explain how all of these errors always tend to fall in one direction.

        3. HAHA. Two election officials signed off on the count.

          Stop letting Democrats off the hook for election fraud. Some might be mistakes but some of these are clearly an attempt to commit election fraud by Democrats working as election workers.

          Funny how Perdue beat Jon Ossoff by 80,000 votes but Biden is beating Trump by 1million bazillion votes.

          The election fraud is being exposed because these retarded Democrats are sloppy.

        4. “Even the one that LC mentioned above wasn’t fraud. It was a recount tabulation error that would have been caught on the comparison when they compared results.”

          I know you’re arguing in good faith Overt, but I find it really hard to believe that those 9000 votes were initially assigned to Biden solely because of a tabulation error.

          1. This tabulation was on a recount- so these weren’t counts entered into the record. The person doing the count added a zero to Biden’s count, causing it to go from 1000 to 10,000. But this was the recount. So what would happen is that batch would get compared to the OFFICIAL count (i.e. the original read of the votes) and they’d have said “Oh shit, these don’t match, we need to verify the discrepancy.”

            1. Your citation fell off.

              Georgia just completed an audit and found thousands of uncounted ballots. Now Trump can request a hand recount.

      2. Even if it wasn’t massive enough to change the numbers… the fact that each one of these stories always seems to help Trump and not Biden means there is something going on. One would expect a coin flip for vote changes, but they are almost exclusively in one direction. Trump has now set the record for found votes in one state of over 1000 votes changed. He had 6000 changed in Michigan. This is unheard of (mostly because we have never looked at the issue).

        Jersey and NY through out almost 20% of their mail in ballots for the primaries… yet we are expected to believe the refusal rate of the election was historical lows?!? This makes no sense at all.

        1. 2.7 million in PA seems like a big enough number to me.

        2. “Even if it wasn’t massive enough to change the numbers… the fact that each one of these stories always seems to help Trump and not Biden means there is something going on.”

          It couldn’t possibly be the sources where you choose to get “informed”, could it?

          Nah, probably a massive conspiracy by thousands of people who are all keeping perfect secrecy.

          1. Stolen Valor, please show the citations of biden finding hundreds of new votes after recounts in democratic counties.

            You’re the one making the claim. Ga counties have reported +1000 so far for trump. Biden got votes as well, but the counties that are finding new votes are conservative counties, so Trump found way more. Again, you are ignoring issues because you are a partisan and are happy to live in a banana republic.

        3. “the fact that each one of these stories always seems to help Trump and not Biden means there is something going on. ”

          Not necessarily. This happened to Gore as well. He went to specifically Blue precincts and started going through the rejected ballots. Naturally, every rejected ballot that was instead accepted was likely to be a Gore vote. Viewed in aggregate, you could easily have come to the conclusion that somehow Florida must have been rejecting Gore at a higher rate- but it was because of sample bias.

          1. It wasn t sample bias. Democrats try to cheat at elections. Democrats therefore get more ballots tossed.

      3. And yet, none of the evidence for this “massive fraud” ever make their way into court. Funny that. Maybe if Trump files two dozen more lawsuits, we’ll get to see a smidge?

        1. Actually, they have made it to the courts many times dimwit. Heritage has a whole database on it.

          If we went by only numbers of those convicted of jaywalking you would be convinced almost nobody jaywalks.

          But that’s because you’re uneducated and ignorant.

          1. The unreason bots were not programmed to understand that lower courts are denying meaningful review of these lawsuits so they can be consolidated in the SCoTUS and trump vs Biden be heard.

            Lefties are actually pushing the narrative that courts are denying Trump campaign cases because they have Zero evidence of election fraud.

            Lefties did the same thing to Bush when he sued to stop Democrats from recounting to find more ballots for Gore. Bush supposedly had no legal case until the ACOTUS sided with him in Bush v Gore.

      4. Awww…go on Rufus The Monocled! Biden won the 2020 Presidential Election fair and square–and legally, to boot. Donald Trump needs to be forced to concede the election and get the hell out of the way. Over a dozen lawsuits for fraudulence that Donald Trump filed were thrown the hell out of court for lack of evidence of fraud, and rightly so. Donald Trump is an overgrown combination of a spoiled brat and a schoolyard bully.

    2. Trump Pays $3 Million To Cover Wisconsin Recount

      Poor WI, PA, MI, NC, GA, AZ, and NV Democrats. They tried really hard to use election fraud to steal the election for Biden. If only Trump was the kind of guy that Hillary was and conceded early.

      1. Pa already violated election laws by destroying mail envelopes of ballots, which they are required to keep for 2 years after an election. They ignored court orders to segregate ballots. They kicked election watchers out of areas.

        Anyone saying this is a clean election is quite frankly an idiot.

        1. How dare you! I’ll remind you that Christopher Krebs declared that this was the most secure election in the history of the United States – and he was a member of the Trump Administration!

          1. I love how the MSM are so desperate in their propaganda game, they use ex-Trump administration staffers as sources of “fact” even after they talk about how the Trump administration is full of liars.

            1. You notice how Trump fires anyone who displays a shred of competency or integrity?

              Krebs rightly debunked Trump’s claims of massive fraud, for which we have still not seen one fucking piece of evidence. Debunking rumors about the election is part of his job.

              This is very similar to sharpie gate, Col. Vindman, and all the other honest people who Trump has had to can because they do not go along with the sing-a-long the cult loves.

              1. Stolen Valor over here refuses to admit there has been a concerted effort by career individuals to disrupt and impede the Trump administration. He calls this competence. Again, because he is ignorant.

              2. Agreeing with Vindman isn’t an indication of his honesty or integrity.

                1. Stolen valor really believes that cabinet members and appointed staffers should work in government forever.

      2. Seriously? You are bringing up things from 1994? Jeez.

        1. Precedent dumdum.

          Just like Bush vs Gore is precedent for this SCOTUS to throw out election results for massive Democrat election fraud.

    3. I will say finding thousands of ballots WEEKS after the election isn’t exactly inspiring any confidence in the result.

      1. That was an audit, not even a hand recount.

        Imagine what they will find when Trump requests a hand recount in Georgia.

  3. Coronaviruses don’t get more deadly or dangerous after dark.

    Just more sexy.

  4. New York City schools are shutting down in-person learning again.

    Go be indoctrinated somewhere else.

    1. NYC still has not provided the wifi they promised in homeless shelters so kids who are homeless can continue learning.

    2. I’m finding it really hard to be upset that public schools are being closed.
      Sure many parents are losing a babysitting service, but think about how many tender young minds are being released from prog inculcation.

      1. How about all of the teachers and administrators still get paid with your tax dollars

        1. I anxiously await the next ad campaign for a bond for increased education funding.

          “Cannot see why such non-essential personnel need more money. They are being overpaid if anything”

        2. It’s onerous for teachers to be on paid leave. Next bargaining session they will ask for a stress differential for not teaching.

  5. Tinfoil Hat: These curfews are not for Coronavirus. They are being put in place because many leaders are getting nervous about whether Trump is going to concede or not.

    1. I started to think the same thing about a week ago after the Chicago lockdown was announced. They are nervous about riots

      1. Because nobody would riot during a curfew?

        1. Of course they would, but these are the same people who think that restricting guns reduces crime

        2. No, they would have a mostly peaceful protest though.

      2. Here’s a good example of how it seems more based on the election: i was looking at Minnesota’s new COVID restrictions online because i was planning on visiting my parents at Christmas. The website copy made the generalization several times that they are trying to discourage people from having any holiday gatherings, but the timeframe for the restrictions only goes to Dec 18. Hmmmm, they don’t want holiday gatherings but they aren’t ruling out Christmas. Why? Is something unrelated going to happen in December that might change it? Gee, I wonder!

        1. Everything is an incoherent mess.

          Mostly because it’s about politics now.

          The virus isn’t going to kill us all. Move on.

        2. The Blue states are getting massive backlash because the death numbers dont scare many Americans anymore.

        3. the timeframe for the restrictions only goes to Dec 18. Hmmmm, they don’t want holiday gatherings but they aren’t ruling out Christmas. Why?

          “Chanukah begins Thursday evening, December 10, 2020 and continues through Friday, December 18, 2020”

          To fuck with the Jews? What is wrong with these people?

          1. I didn’t even think about that. Assholes

          2. I met so many antisemites in Utah. Calling someone a kike was given a shrug, but if someone said goddamn you’d get chewed out about “respecting others religion.”
            Goddamn bigoted hypocrites.

            Burn in hell you hypocritical coward!

            1. Flag. Refresh. No more SQIDSLY.

            2. It’s true. I couldn’t believe the rampant anti-Semitism and homophobia I heard from so many Mormons.

              One asshole told me he did a report on homosexuality for a class at BYU. “Did you know 95% of homosexuals aren’t actually attracted to the same sex, but have just been humiliated by the opposite sex?” I told him that was bigoted bullshit and he started arguing about what big a problem the “fags” were. He also claimed he did a paper at BYU about evolution and it’s holes. He then started talking about the big bang. When I pointed out that’s physics and has nothing to do with evolution he changed the subject. Either BYU is a shitty school or this Mormon was a huge liar.
              Both. There shouldn’t be a school named after a racist pervert like Brigham Young.

              1. Do I flag his replies to himself? Yes. Yes I do.

    2. Trump shouldn’t concede.

      Just that crap in Wayne County alone would strengthen my resolve.

      He’s doing the right thing getting rid of all these people. He should have done it when he got into power though.

      There is treason in the air!

      1. POTUS Trump should literally take Crooked Hillary’s advice: No concession, ever. If it was good enough for Brain-Damaged Biden, it is good enough for POTUS Trump.

        The old hag actually said something worthwhile when she said that.

        1. The “COUNT EVERY VOTE” demand by Democrats that suddenly ended when Biden was crowned by the MSM, is working better for Trump.

          I love to remind everyone that justice Clarence Thomas sided with Bush in Bush v. Gore and Democrats gave Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Gorsuch a glimpse into what Democrats will do to win.

      2. Rufus, I was on these boards right after the election saying there was lots of crazy shit being reported- a lot of smoke. Absent some actual pictures of fire or crazy judge, Trump is toast. Everybody sees this. I was listening to Fox last night and Tucker Carlson and Hannity didn’t mention fraud once during my half hour drive. They have moved on to complaining about Biden’s socialist agenda.

        You may be right that there was massive fraud, but there is zero hard evidence that will stand up in court at this time. So what is Trump going to do? If he “Holds Firm” the military is going to take him out of there and we get riots. That is what leaders are worried about.

        FWIW: I don’t think Trump would dare do this. He is beating his chest to get fundraising done- he has debt to retire, and a big post-campaign warchest is helpful for power brokering in the future. These curfews are leaders once again taking him literally, not seriously.

        1. There are almost more examples of election fraud than you can count.

          Trump is asking for $5 and $10 to defend the election challenges. How does that support your claim.

          Biden just lost the lead in Georgia and they are not even done with the recount.

          Trump vs Biden is gonna be a glorious win for America and Trump.

          1. Who reported Biden lost the lead? Fox earlier had Biden’s narrow lead actually increasing.

            1. FOX that reported states for Biden before counts were done?

              The Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s Office

              1. Not seeing it in the link or Google search. Hope you’re right but I can’t find it.

                1. Switch to duck duck go

        2. I haven’t bought into the massive fraud thing, like there was some plan by DNC communicated to local election managers during this election, but, man, I don’t think they need any direct communication from above. I think it’s just become a normal procedure.

          There are just too many little things that add up to something. Ballot machines or tabulations that seem to only go one way. Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee being the only major metropolitan areas were Biden’s support was greater than Hillary’s in 2016. Increased numbers for Trump in every demo category but white men. Stories about vote counts being stopped, but suddenly Biden jumps ahead in the morning (Milwaukee). Poll watchers being kept away from overseeing tabulations. Counting in secret. That other link from the data scientist showing the abnormal jump in ballots that I had. Shit is all over the place.

          I don’t think this is the most important election of our lifetimes. We’ll survive Biden like we survived Trump, but we take another little step towards losing the legitimacy of our government and the elites. They deserve it because they of how they have acted, and I think this moves us closer to something dangerous. A crackdown on dissenters, an assassination, or an uprising (see BLM/Antifa) of some sort is probably on its way.

          I’m not sure when. It might be years and years from now, but the way the ruling class is acting, it’s definitely coming, and this election will just be another example of how trust in them had been chipped away.

          1. It’s a felony in many states to commit election fraud. So of course they dont openly talk about it.

            The same election workers “volunteer” election after election and they know who they can trust. Cops do the same thing. Dirty cops know who they can trust and who they cant.

            There is always government incompetence in the mix but these Democrat zealots are trying to coup Trump again. They are having a tough time because Trump didnt concede and Republicans control the state legislatures in key states.

          2. If there are no investigations into elections there will never be another legitimate election knowing there will be no consequences. You are correct there was no vast conspiracy but like mined people don’t need to conspire they just do.

            1. Good. Then we can all stop voting and carry on government the civilized way: by our leaders’ bodyguards stabbing them and leaving their bloody corpses on the street. It would just feel better, regardless of policy results.

          3. “Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee being the only major metropolitan areas were Biden’s support was greater than Hillary’s in 2016. ”

            I get what you are saying, and note that I would be happy if fraud is discovered, because the alternative is worse.

            Just consider that if you were to organize a massive, LEGAL, ballot harvesting initiative, this is exactly what you would expect to see. You would identify party strongholds in your state, and spend all your money there. If 90% of doors in Detroit have a Dem voter, send your harvesters there. Don’t send them to some county where 60% of voters will give you a Dem ballot.

            If I am right, then next election it gets worse. The ballot harvesters will be in Dallas and Houston. They will be in Phoenix and then Salt Lake and Las Vegas.

            1. mail-in ballots are nearly impossible to prove the legal registered voter was the person making their vote.

              It’s a dream of Democrats for generations. Democrats could no longer follow voters into the voting booth to secure Democrat votes.

              Absentee ballots were allowed because how else are military members supposed to vote from foreign nations while stationed.

            2. So your theory is they just harvested in Atlanta, Philly, Milwaukee, and Detroit this time, but nowhere else?

              1. California has a well funded, legal ballot harvesting program in place and they have nowhere near the numbers of the cities mentioned who for the most part did it for the first time this election cycle.

              2. “So your theory is they just harvested in Atlanta, Philly, Milwaukee, and Detroit this time, but nowhere else?”

                Yes, and liberal strongholds in North Carolina. I know because I know a bunch of the moon-eyed millenials and zoomers who literally pulled up stakes and moved to North Carolina and Georgia to do this. They are good kids. They are naive in their support of socialists, but they are not fraudsters. They spent the 3 weeks before the election knocking on doors and getting people to drop their ballot in the mail.

                They did “nowhere else” because even among liberals, resources are finite. They identified the states they could swing, and they spent massive amounts of money in those areas.

                Again- Nardz- there could have been fraud. I am not denying it, and if I see good evidence other than these “statistical anomalies”, I will be happy to admit it. But again, if there were a LEGAL ballot harvesting operation, this is exactly what you would expect to see- the Dems pick the strongholds and dedicate all their resources to boosting the ballot count in those specific strongholds.

          4. How dangerous is that? When everybody in this country was being assassinated in the 1960s, I was never in fear of being assassinated. And as far as I know, they never tried.

        3. I think this and what you said above hits it exactly on the head. Nobody is going to care about vote fraud until the Republicans get good at it: stop fighting the last war and get your ballot harvest game up. Huge tactical misstep by the Trump campaign there.

        4. I agree – even when we get shit like 128,000 random mail-in ballots being counted and every single one is for Biden and not one single one is for Trump, well, that’s not proof that there’s some funny business going on. And until you offer proof, well, it’s just an odd coincidence, nothing that needs investigating.

          What pisses me off is that the Dems announced months ago that they were planning on winning this election by hook or by crook and yet the GOP waited until after the election to challenge all the shit the Dems set up before the election. The Dems used the coronavirus excuse to change the election rules to benefit themselves and there was little fighting back on this – why didn’t the GOP argue that since everybody was going to be voting by mail and there was no way to make sure that these people were who they said they were, that voters should be required to include a xerox copy of their state-issued ID along with their ballot? I mean, the Democrats have been pushing for years that you shouldn’t have to show an ID to vote because it makes voter fraud so much easier – and a mail-in election gives them exactly what they’ve always wanted, nobody has to show an ID to vote!

          1. The courts said that there will be no intervention until after the election. Republicans tried to limit mail-in ballots because they knew mail-in ballots sent to everyone would be the lynchpin of a massive Democrat election fraud scheme.

            Plus, if we stick to December 14 as the day for electors to vote, this only gives Trump (who must lose) less than 6 weeks to contest the resulting stolen election.

        5. Plus if Trump decides to start running for office again the dems would have to not prosecute him since thats what they claim Trump tried to do to Biden and you can’t go after someone running for president even though thats what Obama and Biden did to trump already. In reality though i don’t even believe that the left only believes rules are for others .

        6. If he actually concedes at some point right before the day the Electoral College meets, I’ll be stunned. He knows he can take this down to the wire because that’s what Gore did in 2000.

          As stubborn as he’s being, and I predicted that he was going to exhaust literally every avenue he had if he thought it would flip states in his favor, I’m pretty sure he and Melania won’t vandalize the White House on the way out like the Clintons did.

          I’m pretty curious if he’s going to make any last-minute controversial pardons before he leaves.

          1. Trump doesn’t need to steal the plates like the Clintons did because he probably has better stuff at home already.

          2. Dec. 8, 2020: Deadline for Resolving Election Disputes.
            Dec. 14, 2020: Meeting of the Electors.
            Dec. 23, 2020: Deadline for Receipt of Ballots.
            Jan. 6, 2021: Counting of the Electoral Ballots. The U.S. Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral votes.
            Jan. 20, 2021: Inauguration Day.

            Fun fact: Chiafalo v. Washington, 591 U.S. ___ (2020) allows for states to punish or prevent faithless electors.

            State legislators pick the electors.

            1. Democrats are scared that Republicans will agree with the evidence that is presented about Democrat election fraud and pick Trump electors even in WI, MI, PA, GA and the electors must vote for Trump.

        7. If he “Holds Firm” the military is going to take him out of there and we get riots.

          If the electoral college votes in his favor, on January 20th, the Secret Service takes orders from Biden. I am sure they are the agency tasked with making sure the White House is clear for the new president. I bet Biden’s detail has already picked out the taser/cattle prod they are going to goose Trump with. And that Trump’s future detail will be more Goofus than Gallant.

          1. Die you fucking Mormon piece of shit!

            When I lived in Utah I knew plenty of Mormons. They were all the same. I guess believing the crock of shit they believe encourages them to never admit they’re wrong. Most stubborn people ever. I know how they work. They will force their beliefs on everyone if given the chance. Since they can never be wrong in their eyes they’ll be right when they force their horseshit on everyone. It’s scary as shit.

            Anyone dumb enough to believe the bullshit they believe shouldn’t have kids, but they have as many as possible. They’re trying to outnumber everyone and take over.

            They must be stopped!

            1. Flag. Refresh. No more SQIDSLY.

              1. Because your trash religion is indefensible.

                Stick up for yourself!

                1. Flag. Refresh. No more KillMyselfSQIDSLY.

    3. I honestly don’t think that’s the case. It’s just reactionary, hive-mind thinking among the elites.

      South Australia just imposed a six-day, full lockdown because they had two new cases that they supposedly traced to a pizza box. The ludicrousness of that claim aside, a more tinfoil explanation of these kinds of actions–imposing random lockdowns, curfews, declaring businesses non-essential, etc.–is that they want to get people used to being randomly, arbitrarily inconvenienced because they think everyone will just get used to it, like we did with the TSA checks.

      1. It’s just reactionary, hive-mind thinking among the elites.

        I’ve worked with executive leadership in several different industries and seen the consultant-driven groupthink at play in all of them. The same dynamic is at work here with COVID: all the decision makers and their advisors read the same advice from the same sources and shockingly come to the same conclusions.

        Honestly, it’s mostly one big effort to avoid taking any kind of responsibility for one’s own actions should that decision turn out poorly. Our leaders are basically allergic to leadership.

        1. Most of it is really coping mechanisms by these classes. Nearly all of them are gross, post-religious materialists who think their degrees and expertise give them a type of sacred authority equivalent to prophets. It’s why the mainstream media is constantly sucking the dicks of people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, and glorify Hollywood celebrities as a modern aristocracy. It’s also why someone like Trump drives them so bonkers, because the presence of any type of chaotic element in their ordered, curated, predictable system is the equivalent of throwing a grenade into an afternoon bridge club.

          This same Orwellian/Huxlian dynamic is at play here with all these world leaders parroting their peurile slogans about “Build Back Better” and the Great Reset, the latter of which the media is promoting out of one side of their mouth while gaslighting it as a “conspiracy theory” from the other when people dare to criticize it.

          1. A+ comment, nails it on every point.

        2. “Honestly, it’s mostly one big effort to avoid taking any kind of responsibility for one’s own actions should that decision turn out poorly.”

          Yes! This. If there is a potentially more drastic VISIBLE action you could take, the press will skewer you for not taking it.

          1. Yeah, if it’s one thing that marks the late-stage Boomer and Gen-Xer politicians that are largely running things right now, it’s this almost pathological aversion to any kind of risk, and the inability to admit that some things may be beyond their control. It’s why they’re constantly appealing to authority–“these experts say this,” “we have to listen to these people because they know what they’re doing,” “taking this action against the advice of so-and-so is asking for trouble,” etc. Everything is said as a hedge in case things go pear-shaped.

            1. What’s wrong with the shape of pears? Where does that metaphor come from?

              1. Supposedly, it comes from flying training in World War II, with pilots practicing loop-de-loops and they weren’t able to round them off perfectly. It basically just means when the best-laid plans go awry due to the inability to adapt to existing or changing circumstances.

      2. Did the pizza box have a mysterious hole in it? That would explain the ‘transfer’, if you know what I mean.

        1. Fuck you Chuck you Nazi piece of shit!

          1. Flag. Refresh. No more SQIDSLY.

            1. Not Sqrlsy, but I shouldn’t expect you to be able to tell.
              Were you raised LDS or convert latter in life? The people raised LDS at least have the excuse of being brainwashed. Folks who convert when they get older are just the dumbest of the dumb.
              How a grown person reads the book of Mormon and says anything but “this is goddamn stupid,” is scary. There’s really people that dumb out there, and they’re trying to turn our country into a theocracy.

              1. *later

                1. Flag. Flag. Refresh. Flush goes the poo!

    4. You mean whether Biden will concede or not. Hillary told Biden not to concede.

      Once Trump v. Biden results in hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots to be tossed, even election fraud cant keep Trump from being the winner.

      1. This is how I know you are straight up delusional, and why no one should take the cult seriously.

        Garbage in, garbage out. If Trumpies would just live in fucking reality, we would have a lot less to disagree on.

        1. poor unreason bots. Delusional that Americans are going to let Democrats get away with trying to attack our Republic and its defenders.

          1. Must suck that your state is going purple. Guess you can always move to South Carolina.

            1. Your sarcasm is noted lefty.

            2. Purple. Thats funny.

              Georgia has a republican governor, secretary of state, state house, state senate, two US Senators, majority republican house members, and republicans in most state agencies and local positions.

              Senator Perdue beat ossoff by 80,000 votes.

              Trump beat Biden but we have election fraud by democrats to straighten out. Georgia used to be run by democrats, so there are still those that know how to try to steal an election.

    5. But that still isn’t Trump’s fault somehow, right?

      1. poor unreason bots. They have been trying to convince America that something is Trump’s fault and failed.

  6. It’s not all the fault of government orders.

    “Everybody is terrified so nobody is coming out anyway,” said Tanchevski. “This is the worst week I’ve had since COVID started in March.”

    The government’s sycophantic press pushing it hard and eschewing context gets some of the credit.

  7. Coronavirus Curfews Are Trending Again, Despite Total Lack of Evidence They Help

    Don’t be silly, the FDA and the CDC would never allow such widespread clinical trials on human subjects if there were no evidence they worked. Have you heard the FDA and the CDC decrying the shutdowns? No you have not. And such a thing would be a gross violation of medical ethics to not speak out against. I mean Dr. Fauci supports the shutdowns, what more evidence do you need that they must work?

  8. “Coronaviruses don’t get more deadly or dangerous after dark. Yet across the country, leaders are imposing new curfews”

    Duh, they need to empty the streets so that the sanitation crews can more easily clear all the virus-laden dead bodies.

    1. “Bring out your dead”

      1. “I’m getting better!”

        1. I feel happy!

    2. It’s pretty obviously a compromise between closing bars completely and taking no precaution. The rational is probably that people get drunker as it gets later, and drunk people are less cautious.

      Not saying this is a good compromise, but let’s address it honestly.

      1. “but let’s address it honestly.”

        And without a sense of humor apparently.

      2. “…The rational is probably that people get drunker as it gets later, and drunk people are less cautious…”

        Fuck off, slaver.

      3. “but let’s address it honestly.”

        No one except Dee believes you are capable of this.

        1. R Mac, so confident that the Trump mean girls clique has so completely taken over the Reason commentariat that he can speak for everyone.

            1. R Mac — “my R sounds for Repetitive!”

              1. Another terrible joke from the squawking bird. I’ve got bad news Dee, it’s not just pro-Trump posters that find you to be an annoying twat.

  9. California really really needs to look itself in the mirror and decide if it has any dignity left.

    If this putz-douche Gavin imposes a curfew after the stunt he just pulled, and people take it, then they deserve to be treated like they’re insignificant and lowly commoners.

    This guy is such a criminal – as they all are on the continent.

    Go back to the French Laundry you sack of shit. Take those medical officials with you and hopefully all get the fate you deserve.

    1. I’m normally in bed by 9:30 but if that shithead imposes curfews i may start going out as protest

    2. People are going to passive-aggressively resist some of these measures, but they’ll still vote for the politicians that imposed them. The Party maintains its power through social coercion, not through successful policy.

  10. Coronavirus Curfews Are Trending Again, Despite Total Lack of Evidence They Help

    Georgia has NOT been locked down. We dont have unconstitutional mask mandates nor social distancing nonsense. Businesses and schools are open.

    Georgia has had 9,000 deaths while infected in 9 months.

    650,000 Americans die from heart disease every year.

  11. State Legislatures Must Investigate Fraud And Choose Electors Accordingly

    Democrats know this is coming. THE CONSTITUTION STRIKES AGAIN

    1. 12th Amendment:
      The Electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves; they shall name in their ballots the person voted for as President, and in distinct ballots the person voted for as Vice-President, and they shall make distinct lists of all persons voted for as President, and of all persons voted for as Vice-President, and of the number of votes for each, which lists they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate;-The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted;-The person having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice. And if the House of Representatives shall not choose a President whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then the Vice-President shall act as President, as in the case of the death or other constitutional disability of the President-The person having the greatest number of votes as Vice-President, shall be the Vice-President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed, and if no person have a majority, then from the two highest numbers on the list, the Senate shall choose the Vice-President; a quorum for the purpose shall consist of two-thirds of the whole number of Senators, and a majority of the whole number shall be necessary to a choice. But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.

      Also Article I and II apply in this situation.

      1. But you’re a proven idiot who is always wrong.

        1. Ah…poor pedo SPB. His bot controllers are voicing concerns of unreason hacks.

          Democrats and their traitor propagandists went all in against Trump and failed time and time again.

          Now this election fraud scheme by Democrats is blowing up in their face.

        2. “But you’re a proven idiot who is always wrong.”

          But you’re a proven asshole and idiot who is always wrong.

        3. Great rebuttal of Lovecon’s post, Buttplug. More thought than I’ve come to expect from your ilk.
          You definitely earned your fifty-cents.

          1. I wonder if instead of giving him 50 cents, he just earns credit towards some commie kiddie porn?

    2. If Republican legislatures override the democratically-chosen electors in their states, and send their own slate, you will see a massive anti-Republican backlash in the next election.

      Of course, you’ll just interpret any swing away from Republicanism as evidence of fraud.

      1. There already is a massive republican backlash you dummy. Its why the SCOTUS is gonna find for Trump in Trump vs Biden.

        Republicans have the constitution on their side with this massive democrat election fraud.

        Less and less Americans are scared of you lefties.

  12. A better course of action is to focus on those high-risk activities and either temporarily halt them or find ways to make them safer.

    They found a way. It’s called arbitrary rules.

  13. Biden will be on “extreme center” of political spectrum.

    Joe Biden Is Freezing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Out of His Cabinet
    Joe Biden is signaling he has no intention of offering cabinet slots to Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Despite spin to the contrary, it’s the latest sign that the Biden team is planning to govern from the extreme center — and that we’ll have to push him to win any progressive gains.

    far left dissappointed that Ken lied

    1. You are literally quoting Jacobin magazine for their perspective…

      1. Yes, I enjoy their whining that NONE of their policy will happen.

        Gridlock is the most libertarian state we can be in.

        1. For some reason these LINOs always want democrats in charge when there is to be “gridlock”.

          1. Which party started two twenty year long wars? Which party ran up the debt record levels each year they were in power? Which party adopted a policy of purposeful cruelty as a deterrent against people seeking asylum? Which party has had a record number of executive and campaign staff get convicted on various corruption related charges? Which party tolerates a president who puts his kids into government positions of power and authority? Which party tolerates a president who openly lobbied our cold war enemy for illegal campaign assistance?

            At this point, there is a party that has terrible policy but is at least on team America, and there is a party of literal traitors who also push terrible policy.

            Gridlock is great, but I prefer executives who we don’t have to worry about having full blown megalomania and not ceding power, for instance.

            1. Democrat Party is the Party of slavery, KKK, and segregation.

              Democrats started more wars than any other political party.

              Democrats engage in election fraud every election and get caught nearly every election.

              1. Wrong, loveconstitutional1798! The Republicans have engaged in election fraud, not the democrats.

            2. Almost every major war was started by a Democrat dummy.

    2. Haha, “extreme center”.

      What does that even mean?

      1. What does that even mean?

        Obviously it means from inside a black hole. There will be one of those in the White House come January.

        1. Burn in hell asshole

          1. Flag. Refresh. No more SQIDSLY.

            1. Not Sqrlsy or whoever you think I am.
              Chuck the big Mormon pussy. That’s redundant because all Mormons are pussies.

              Why not mention the abundance of archeological evidence that supports the book of Mormon?
              Or point out how the book of Mormon isn’t anachronistic at all?
              Or how it doesn’t have any words, phrases, idiosyncrasies in common with the King James Bible because it was written/compiled centuries earlier than the KJB was translated?

              Why not try and converte Chuck?

              1. *CONVERT ME Chuck

                1. Flag. Flag. Reflush!

      2. It means the evil retards at jacobian don’t know anything.

      3. As close to moderate as left leaningly possible while dipping a toe in the radical pool with one pant leg rolled up for appearances …

    3. “Biden will be on “extreme center” of political spectrum.”

      turd is the “extreme lefty pile of shit”

    4. Sanders, Warren and many other Democrats have almost certainly told Biden they don’t want to be on his cabinet because that would allow Republican governors (in MA and VT) to appoint Republicans to replace Sanders and Warren in the US Senate, which would give Republicans a larger majority.

      1. Actually saw a clip of Bernie saying the Governor of Vermont promised him he would replace him with someone that would caucus with Dems, and he wants to be secretary of labor.

  14. Interesting developments out of GA, MI, and WI. We’ll see what happens.

  15. After threatening GOP election board members by mentioning their kids and schools, and berating them for hours, the Democrats succeeded in getting a certification vote. Those GOP members are now suing to stop the certification stating they voted under duress and threats. 71% of the centers had discrepancies in vote counts vs signature books.

    On top of that the Michigan SoS stated they will not audit the vote even after that was the agreement purported to get the GOP board members to sign.

    1. Nothing to see here.

      I heard that earlier. Made my blood boil.

      But seriously, as you listen to these BLM degenerate scum you should be laughing inside. It’s all just emotional psyche terror. Just hold your damn ground.

      If anything, that’s the biggest lesson Trump has taught. Tell them to fuck off.

      1. Democrats are gonna be real sorry when all these terror tactics are used to support Trump campaign legal claim that election 2020 was a massive election fraud scheme.

        The SCOTUS will just tell Democrats to fuck off- you lose.

        1. Oh, come off of it, loveconstitution1798! Donald Trump is a huge meglomaniac, an overgrown spoiled brat, and an overgrown schoolyard bully who screws other people over when he doesn’t get his way. Although you and Trump’s other supporters don’t realize this, Donald Trump is screwing YOU, as well as many other people here in the United States over….big time! You’re too willfully ignorant to realize that.

        2. I’ll also add that it’s rather obvious that Donald Trump confirmed that bitch, Amy Coney Barrett, to the SCOTUS for a reason: He wanted her to hand him the 2020 Presidential Election on a silver platter, like he’s had everything else handed to him, obviously.

    2. Where’s Dee to apologize for being wrong about this again? He’s not a lefty, he just defends lefties threatening people’s children to get them to behave.

  16. Major Study Finds Masks Don’t Reduce COVID-19 Infection Rates

    A high-quality, large-scale Danish study finds no evidence that wearing a face mask significantly minimizes people’s risk of contracting COVID-19. The randomized-control trial found no statistically significant difference in coronavirus infection rates between mask-wearers and non-mask-wearers. In fact, according to the data, mask usage may actually increase the likelihood of infection.

    1. Damn, dude, this really needs a “Late” rating.

    1. Dude’s angling hard to get his TS clearance restored.

    2. This is what the Reasonistas and our resident lefty’s have been fighting Trump for.
      The perpetual war machine can gear up again once ‘practically Hitler’ is no longer around to stop them.

      1. Yep. You would have thought a “libertarian” publication would have been praising the peace progress in the Middle East.

  17. New York City schools are shutting down in-person learning again.

    The news conference with Cuomo getting pissed at the reporter asking him whether or not the schools were being shut down was hilarious once you know the story behind it. Notice that Cuomo never answered the question but instead called the reporter an idiot for not knowing the law, and the law was plain about whether or not the schools would be shut down. This was because Cuomo didn’t know whether or not the schools were shut down. Just before the press conference Cuomo had been informed that De Blasio and the Chancellor of the NYC Schools had announced that schools had been shut down and Cuomo was pissed that they had usurped his authority to decide whether or not the schools would be closed, who the hell are the mayor of NYC and the chancellor of the NYC schools to decide such a thing? He’s the governor of NY State, goddammit, he’s in charge of NY City! So Cuomo hadn’t yet had a chance to look at the numbers and either affirm or deny De Blasio and the chancellor’s decision, he didn’t know yet whether he was going to shut down the NYC schools. That’s what he was so pissed about – his underlings were making decisions without his permission.

    1. I have to wonder how long Cuomo is going to stand for that sort of insubordination, making him look stupid because he didn’t know whether or not the schools were closed, before he announces that he’s fired De Blasio? I’m sure he’s at least called De Blasio on the carpet on read him the Riot Act, if De Blasio doesn’t know who’s in charge of NYC, he’s on thin ice with the governor.

      1. Meh. In a day or two the media will pretend this never happened.

  18. 50k Doctors and scientists are over Lockdowns.

    So should libertarians. This includes masks that have no statistical effect on the spread of Covid. Time to stop the charades.

  19. More evidence of the Biden’s forays into both China and Russia as a means to fund his family.

  20. Hey Wingnuts – what happened to the Durham investigation?

    Haven’t heard a peep on it for weeks. Are they covering it on

    1. You can’t hear because your head is up your smelly ass. Put the buttplug back in and clean the shit out of your ears.

      1. I’m just asking, dude. Every wingnut I know of was jacked up like a coke-addled monkey about the Durham investigation.

        Where it is?

        1. You can’t hear because your head is up your smelly ass. Put the buttplug back in and clean the shit out of your ears.

        2. >>jacked up like a coke-addled monkey

          the 90s were awesome.

  21. I hardly look at the links anymore but did she say anything today or yesterday about the two convicted of voter fraud in CA? Using homeless people, of course.

    It makes one wonder if CA is as solidly blue as they would have us believe.

    1. Local story. Also ignore the indictments in Texas. And the ones in New Jersey.

    2. As it stands today for election 2020:
      Biden 79,463,181 votes
      Trump 73,556,277 votes

      Biden 10,950,161
      Trump 5,883,885

      Nearly all the difference in national popular vote of 5.9M votes comes from Commifornia. Trump still had 5.8M Californians vote for him.

      1. Considering it’s the most populus state that’s not suprising.
        When Biden’s sworn in will you admit you were wrong?

        1. Poor lefties. If only welch would quit unreason when Trump wins Trump vs biden.

  22. The University of Wisconsin plans to remove the Chamberlin Rock because someone found a reference to it in a 1920s newspaper article that called it Niggerhead.

    1. Isn’t that where Rick Perry lived?

    2. JFC what a waste of resources.

  23. Democrats And Media Are Reaping Fruit Of 4 Years Of Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories

    Remember when unreason staffers spent 4 years on TIN FOIL HAT conspiracy theories against Trump? #Memoryholed

  24. “United States surpasses 250,000 Covid-related deaths as case counts continue to rise”

    We can safely assume this includes the multitude who died of strangulation while trying to adjust their face-diapers.

  25. From Madison:

    “Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway noted that residents are going to have to find a safer way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday this year in order to keep family members and the public safe.”

    No gathering of separate households allowed, according to the story and the quote from the mayor. Sorry relatives, local government is just protecting you from your family. It’s for your own good.

    1. If it saves just one life…..


    3. Perhaps Madison’s mayor is trying to prevent a recount of votes.

  26. The city next to me has a thriving nightlife culture I never knew about. Not talking about Newsome’s home town of San Fransisco. Just normal podunk Silicion Valley town. But it turns out there are a lot of nighclubs and raves going on. A few years ago I was once taking a 2:00 AM drive due to sleeplessness and discovered the main city street was packed with teenagers, and various club lights where on.

    So I wonder if that secret socially undistanced nightlife that none of use old farts are aware of is what the curfews are all about.

    On the other hand, having spent a tiny amount of time in Oklahoma, unless there’s a Sooners game on, there’s literally no evening life, let alone night life. Curfew there makes no sense whatsoever. (Not that curfews ever make sense).

    1. When you say you spent a tiny amount of time in Oklahoma, do you mean that you watched the opening scene of “The Beverly Hillbillies” theme song? Tulsa, OKC, Norman, Stillwater, Broken Arrow, etc. all have pretty vibrant nightlife scenes. (At least by the standards of us Great Plains hayseeds).

      But yeah, I agree with you that this probably is the main objective of the curfews. Not only are people being defiant, they are also having a good time. We are all in this together, damnit! Stop enjoying yourselves!

      1. Enid has 24 hours strip clubs.

      2. I was in OKC and Norman, on a meteorology gig. I remember because I had bad Thai food and was expelling out of both ends for a few days. Oklahoma, not the place for Thai food.

        1. So you know they have no nightlife because you spent the night on the toilet?

        2. “I was in OKC and Norman”

          Your view of Oklahoma as a forgettable backwater is excusable, given that you were in the very heart of Sooner country.

          (Go Cats!)

          1. go Cats! my mother tested positive 2 weeks ago so I had to cancel my trip to Iowa to take her to the game this Saturday.

            1. Damn! Prayers she’s alright.

              Might be a tough outing anyway. KSU getting pretty threadbare at some position groups for Covid protocol. In his press conference, Klieman said they might have to postpone depending on how testing goes this week.

              1. She’s fine thanks. I’d go up for 12/15 hoops but it’ll be the same game-time decision thing and they probably won’t let fans into Hilton

            2. OKAY THAT’S FUNNY!

  27. Gov. Mike DeWine has told story after sad story of the coronavirus spreading because Ohioans let their guard down among family and friends at informal gatherings, weddings and funerals

    Heaven forbid people should “let their guard down” at events that are for many of us the utmost expression of human love.

    Fuck that guy with a steel spiked dildo soaked in coronavirus.

    1. It’s your fault people. It’s certainly not my fault. I’m giving orders. I’m doing my job.

    2. Are you “sealed” Chuck or whatever bs you believe? Are you gonna get your own planet? Will you have fuck parties with your spirit wives?

      1. Flag. Refresh. No more KillAllSQRSLY.

        1. If you’re flagging me it just proves my point about unwilling to admit you’re wrong or accept any criticism.

          Please kill yourself

          1. Ad hominem attacks are not criticism. Flag. Flush!

  28. The coronavirus curfews All these actions by government regarding the virus are basically hygiene theater, designed to give the appearance of strong action around the virus, even if they fail to actually cut COVID-19 spread and simply cause some categories of people more hardship instead.

  29. Nearly all the difference in national popular vote of 5.9M votes comes from Commifornia. Trump still had 5.8M Californians vote for him Read More.

  30. you. supported. the. lockdown. candidate.

  31. “Coronavirus Curfews Are Trending Again, Despite Total Lack of Evidence They Help”

    This is the most accurate headline of any ENB (and perhaps Reason) article this year.

    So why did ENB and Reason wait until after the election to acknowledge this fact?

    The correct answer is that ENB and Reason were so busy demonizing Trump and campaigning for Biden, and they knew that telling the truth about the disastrous lockdowns (i.e. they didn’t prevent covid transmissions but instead destroyed our economy and tens of thousands of businesses) would help Trump get reelected.

    Shame on Reason for lying about and distorting so many facts in an effort to get Biden elected.

    1. Because the curfews weren’t trending until after the election? Gosh. Show us on this anatomically correct doll exactly where Reason touched you.

      1. You cannit be that stupid.
        Dishonest, maybe?

    2. Still waiting on them to cover the coup launched 4 years ago with the illegal spying and perjury traps

  32. >>>story after sad story of the coronavirus spreading because Ohioans let their guard down among family and friends at informal gatherings

    people in Cleveland want to make out with their sisters it’s none of my business

  33. once you cross the line from what you should do to what you use government to force people to do….. i am forced to stand with the fucktards…. not with the denial of reality or deliberate desire to be irresponsible, but with saying the government has no right to do this.

    i will call the stupid stupid, but they have a right to be stupid.

    1. Nice of you to give yourself permission.

  34. The popup vid in the lower right of my screen has emperor Newsom bloviating about a CA curfew, which I can ignore along with his mask mandate.

    1. mine used to have Kate Hudson prancing around in workout gear which was better than the nerdwallet thing they have on now

      1. (Duckduckgo’s “Kate Hudson workout video”)


        1. was angry for years because she Yoko’d the Black Crowes but they moved on and she’s aging well, so …


    A Democrat Party official in California is calling for national re-education camps for families who voted for Trump.

    This is not ok.


      I know conservatives are upset by some of the responses here. And yeah, many are out of line.

      But what do you expect people to do in self-preservation? The Right has been running 4 years on “fuck your feelings, my conspiracy theories are valid opinions, and we have more guns.”


    I can confirm from texts shown to me that Wayne County Republican canvasser says she‘s received threats post-meeting.

    She says they’ve come from both sides, the right & the left, specifically Antifa from Grosse Pointe.

    Yes, Michiganders, you read that last part correctly


      NEW: Wayne County Commission Chair Alisha Bell confirms that county lawyers are researching whether Monica Palmer and William Hartmann can be removed from their positions on the canvassing board.


        BREAKING: Wayne County MI election board Republicans rescind votes to certify, file affidavits that their families were threatened


          One of President Trump’s campaign lawyers in Philadelphia, Linda Kerns, “has been the subject of threats of harm, to the point at which the involvement of police and US Marshals has been necessary to provide for her safety.”


    You mean to tell me that the party that had no problem baselessly accusing Brett Kavanaugh of being a gang rapist in front of his children would be above orchestrating voter fraud to grab power from Trump?


    we have a report on a widespread cash-for-votes scheme in Nevada, where Native American voter advocacy groups broke federal election laws by giving away gift cards, electronics and other “prizes” in exchange for Democratic votes.


    …Some went further to threaten the officials and their families, a growing pattern. Yesterday, I spoke to Republican lawyers who recounted violent threats directed at them and their families. The Lincoln Project and various lawyers have led efforts to intimidate lawyers.


    Hi Andrea, You cannot leave the house to walk the dog or to exercise.


    No seriously…how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook?

    We have to start thinking in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan. Or the failures of Reconstruction in the South.


    Sometimes something is true even though President Trump asserts it, and the paramount importance of reopening schools is a rare area where Trump was right and many Democrats were wrong,


    Wait until they find out about Joe Biden’s brother.
    Quote Tweet
    Brian Schwartz
    · Nov 18
    NEW: Joe Biden’s counselor Steve Ricchetti is already being looked at by watchdogs as having ethics hurdles due to his brother, Jeff, lobbying for pharmaceutical companies. The Biden camp pledged that they will try to lower prescription drug prices.

    1. Biden is everything they accused the Trump’s family of being.

      1. And vice versa.

        1. Wrong.
          But desperate and resentful you are.

  44. The left and media have done nothing but lie and fabricate “evidence” for the last 4 years (at least), but there’s totes not significant vote fraud…

    1. Trump has lied constantly for 4 years, but the media and anyone with a brain should believe him now why?
      Especially since he has no Evidence?

  45. Let me offer up a new phrase to help with the argument against curfews:

    Chronological Distancing

  46. “longer waits in transmission-friendly lines”

    Yes. I thought I was the only person on the planet who thought that COVID-induced lines were insanely counterproductive. I’ve yet to see a public health Q&A session where anybody brings this up. And my locale has 5 sessions per week!


  48. Pretty clear that I pissed off the mental patient. Sorry for running dialogue. We’ll have to wait until he gets bored and wanders off to play with himself, I guess.


    Biden: “I’m going to — we’re going to impose the — we’re going to enforce the — excuse me, employ the defense, reconstruct the act, to be able to go out there and dictate companies build and do following things.”

  50. “It seems like it’s spreading all over, but I’ve seen no evidence it helps anything,” Kent State University public health professor Tara C. Smith told Vox’s Dylan Scott. “I’ve not seen a single public health person recommend this as an intervention. I’m mystified at their popularity.”

    it’s only mystifying if you think the purpose is to control the virus. this is about controlling the people.

  51. Twitter now editorializing opinion poll citations…

    Nolte: Top Pollster Finds 47% Say ‘Likely‘ Democrats Stole Election @BreitbartNews Rigged Election!


  52. Given the total lack of evidence that curfews help, we can expect that in Reason will soon be endlessly insisting that curfews are effective, should be adhered to, and any dissent is purely for partisan political reasons. Just like they do with “social distancing” and mask wearing.

  53. Ignore the curfews. Resist the undermining of your civil rights. The virus does not wake up at 10 pm and go back to sleep at 2 am. This is a gross power grab. There is NO science to support curfews fighting the virus.

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