Will Biden Repeal Trump's Destructive Food Tariffs?

American farmers and consumers deserve freer trade.


This week, the European Union (E.U.) announced a host of new retaliatory tariffs on nuts, fruit juices, seafood, and liquor from the United States. The tariffs, long expected, are intended to punish the U.S. for propping up flailing domestic airplane manufacturer Boeing, a practice the WTO deemed illegal.

These E.U. tariffs are the latest "tat" in a tedious, ongoing, international tit-for-tat game that has no winner. Last year, the Trump administration imposed billions of dollars in new tariffs, as I explained here, on a host of E.U. food imports, including Scotch, liqueurs, wines, pork products, cheeses, fruits, and seafood. Those tariffs, like this week's, came in the wake of a WTO ruling—the earlier one dinged the E.U. for doling out subsidies to Airbus, the E.U. plane manufacturer that is Boeing's chief competitor.

All these tariffs, just like earlier Trump administration tariffs targeting Chinese goods, have hurt consumers, farmers, and food producers of all sorts, at home and abroad. In the case of China, Trump's tariffs caused China to retaliate, I explained in a 2018 column. Those tariffs "cost jobs; hurt domestic and foreign producers, consumers, and taxpayers; put the petty interests of government over those of the public; and are prone to spinning out of control."

After President-elect Joe Biden's victory in last week's U.S. presidential election, farmers, consumers, and trade watchers are wondering about the likelihood Biden will improve our nation's food policies, in no small part by rolling back those Trump tariffs. Indeed, right before last week's election—which, like most everything in 2020, feels like it happened years ago—I outlined my hopes for a potential Biden administration's food policies.

"I wish Joe Biden would call out the folly of Trump's food protectionism and make the case for freer trade and the elimination of food tariffs and farm subsidies," I wrote.

Just where does Biden stand on freer trade? As with many politicians, it's complicated.

MarketWatch calls Biden "a longtime supporter of free trade." That's good. The Obama administration worked to reduce or eliminate some key trade barriers, which benefited U.S. farmers and consumers. But the administration also imposed some tariffs (such as on automobile tires made in China) that led to retaliatory tariffs, some of which targeted U.S. poultry producers.

Biden's campaign commitments around food policy were, unsurprisingly, vague on specifics.  For example, here the Biden campaign says his administration would "pursu[e] a trade policy that works for farmers."

Despite that vague language, Biden has taken several opportunities to speak out against tariffs. For example, his campaign noted the nation's "farmers and rural communities have paid a heavy price for President Trump's tariffs" and criticized the Trump administration for engaging in a "damaging and erratic trade war without any real strategy." In August, Biden said he'd work to eliminate U.S. tariffs on goods from China.

That's great. But doing so may be an uphill battle. Even if Biden wants to roll back Trump's tariffs, he'll likely face obstacles from GOP lawmakers, due to the fact "many Republicans are no longer the free-traders of years past," Fox Business notes.

Given that opposition, rather than work to repeal Trump's tariffs immediately, experts predict Biden may use the ongoing presence of the existing Trump tariffs to try to extract concessions from some countries, including China, before removing the tariffs. That means Biden is "unlikely to erase U.S. tariffs on $370 billion in Chinese goods early in his presidency, trade experts and international economists say," MarketWatch reports.

"The difference is that Biden is likely to build multinational coalitions and exert joint pressure in a multilateral framework rather than going it alone or threatening to pull out of international bodies, as Trump has done," Reuters posited this week.

I didn't like Trump's tariffs and said so on many occasions. I won't like those tariffs any more if Biden maintains them. And I'll say so.

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  2. Well until they drop the retaliatory tariffs, I see no reason. Find other markets with more rational people.

    1. until they drop the retailatory tariffs

      Translation: I’ll stop hitting you when you stop hitting me back.

      1. Better translation regarding tariffs: I’ll stop hitting me when you stop hitting you.

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        2. True, but I was trying to put it into language he would understand, since he believes that taxes on imports are paid by foreigners, not domestic consumers.

          1. The security costs, costs of stolen goods and IP, etc are all born by domestic citizens. Why do you two deny actual reality?

            1. How exactly does making domestic consumers pay more for imported goods solve this problem?

            2. And tariffs stop those?

              I have yet to see it happen.

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          3. We should stop buying or selling to Communist China. It’s not a free market and doing business with them is only supporting the system. Screw the snobby Europeans also. They take off half the summer and have tons of holidays while we are working our asses off. In turn they get cheaper goods and pharmaceuticals from the US. If they wanna retaliate I say bring it on.

        3. So still living on a world where China isn’t a bad trade partner and operates completely freely. Kudos. How many billions stolen the last few decades?

          It is sad watching libertarians deny reality because it would complicate the bumper sticker.

          1. Unilateral free trade is still better for the consumer than protectionism.

            1. “Unilateral free trade” is a delusion, unless your grand plan is to trade with yourself.

              1. Oh no! I might be allowed to buy from whom I please!!! Government Almighty PLEASE protect me from the HORROR of it all!!!!

      2. They are already hitting you drunkie.

      3. More like I’ll stop hitting me when you stop hitting yourself.

        1. Trading with China (or any commies) is not free trade.

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    3. Doesn’t matter. Biden hasn’t been elected to anything yet. He is a candidate in a contested race. Trump has not conceded, and the electoral college has not met yet.

  3. No. The Harris / Biden administration will impose new tariffs.

    100% tax on sugary beverages. Everyone knows that soda is the drink of choice for red state deplorables. Rich coastal elites prefer vitamin-enriched ‘organic’ bottled water at $4/liter, so they are already paying their fair share. It’s time the flyover rubes did too, whether they like it or not.

    $15 minimum wage for fast food workers. It doesn’t matter that these otherwise unemployable people can’t tell the difference between a chicken sandwich and a Big Mac. They are both going to cost you $15 going forward if you get them as a combo meal.

    1. To be fair, those are intra-state tariffs, imposed between citizens and the market place.

    2. Tax on sugary beverages and increased subsidies for American sugar producers.

      It’s only your money.

  4. Poor Baylen. He thinks Biden won too.

    It’s almost like everyone at unreason never accepted Trump beating Hillary but Biden’s crowning by the lying MSM is perfectly okay.

    Trump vs Biden victory for Trump will be funnier than Bush winning Bush vs Gore.

    1. Poor Baylen. He thinks that the Planet Earth is roughly spherical, too.

      1. Meanwhile, it’s as oblate as you are obtuse.

      2. Back to your shit bucket you dumb cunt.

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    2. Poor lovetrump1789, his own state betrayed him. Guess you can move to South Carolina.

      1. Are you just picking on lc1789, or are you really ok with the election irregularities?

        1. I’m mostly messing with lc1789.

          I’m not OK with election fraud. But I must ask what “election irregularities”?

          Georgia is doing an automatic recount because the results were so close. The Trump campaign rhetoric is that the Democrats committed enough fraud to come up with enough votes to steal the election, but in Georgia they apparently couldn’t be bothered to steal just a few more votes to avoid a recount.

          1. It’s not our fault you’re stupid Dee.

            1. True. You are only responsible for your own stupidity.

          2. The dead vote for one. Have you had your head under a rock?

              1. I thought that the proper response was that all of the many things that people find to be suspicious or weird about this latest election, might be weird or suspicious, but not proof.

              2. Georgia has tossed 2,389 absentee ballots and counting.

                Those must be democrats who made a mistake. Never mind that Georgia allows for absentee ballots to be amended for mistakes. Ballots tossed are 9/10 voter fraud.

              3. But unlike the liars and censors at Reason, AP, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NY Times, Washington Post, and other left wing media outlets, at least Tucker acknowledged the error on his next show.

      2. I had no idea Lefties would depend on election fraud to steal an election and they still barely beat Trump. Georgia was run by democrats before and that failed, just like this coup will fail.

        Georgia has thrown out 2,389 absentee ballots and counting.

        You Lefties left Republicans with no choice but to fight you since there is no more compromise. Democrats dont have a good track record with recounts in Georgia.

        1. Biden is garbage and the de of rats have nothing to run on but their Marxism and their racism.

  5. Strange how you fail to mention the EU’s tariffs are for a state subsidy that was already removed….as mentioned in the US News Article you linked to. Did you even read past the headline?

    As for China, perhaps you should consider the reason for the Tariffs? Theft of intellectual property, espionage, not funding them as we are in a great power competition….. Pain now or more pain later. The Chinese Government is not our friend. Why should we help them?

    Disinformation rating: 80%

    1. You don’t know squat about tariffs. They hurt consumers more than producers; they are paid by consumers, for starters!

      I’m sure you’ve heard and ignored it all before. You just choose to ignore reality.

      1. “They hurt consumers more than producers”
        Now; lets not ignore the obvious — Only the consumers who CHOSE to buy in lawless (generally even subsidized) markets..

        1. So buying shoes at the shoe store, and paying a hefty tariff to keep New Balance artificially competitive, is a lawless market?

          1. So buying shoes at the shoe store, and paying ZERO import taxes while getting taxpayer-subsidies to keep ‘China Shoes’ artificially competitive even though it’s a stolen U.S. design and would violate U.S. law if made in the U.S., isn’t a lawless market?

  6. Everyone knows that the purpose of economic activity is production and jobs, not consumption. So economic policy must be from the point of view of producers and of jobs. Tariffs protect producers and jobs by making imports more expensive. This makes consumers richer because they are the same workers who are being protected. Ultimately we can become self sufficient like North Korea and we’ll all be rich!

    1. Ignoring the obvious faulty claim that N. Korea is self-sufficient the premise of being able to be self-sufficient is a good thing. Dependency is nothing to be proud of. The rest is exactly well said.

      1. The entire post was sarcasm.

        1. That first sentence is amazingly accurate and enlightening….

          ‘Economic Activity (status) isn’t about the taking (consuming) but the producing (creating).” —– Should be highlighted!!

  7. “The difference is that Biden is likely to build multinational coalitions and exert joint pressure in a multilateral framework rather than going it alone or threatening to pull out of international bodies, as Trump has done,” Reuters posited this week.

    OOOHH! Multilateral frameworks! Multinational coalitions! International cooperatives! Diplomatic initiatives! Talking points! Negotiating structures! Stop! Stop! I can only get so erect!

    1. I swear to God I’m going to nut right in my pants if you tell me Biden is going to appoint John Kerry to head his negotiating team, and don’t even think of hinting that Biden may be thinking of pulling Henry Kissinger out of retirement to act as an advisor or I’m going to pass right the fuck out.

      1. But what about Hunter?

        1. Hunter will be the Supply Commander.

          1. Unfortunately, Hunter gets high on his own supply.

        2. He’s passed out and high.

      2. Kissinger is still alive?! WTF, is he drinking the blood of Cambodian children to stave off death?

        1. blood libel racism from mr both sides now.

          1. I’ve looked at Kissinger from both sides now
            From win and lose but still somehow
            It’s Kissinger’s illusion I recall
            I really don’t know Kissinger at all

    2. “Biden is likely to build multinational coalitions” — One of the biggest curses of the left. Other nations enslave their citizens with communism; so the U.S. should join them and become the USSA…

      ‘Climate Change Hoax’ is exactly the alarm they needed to push their U.N. global dictation ‘go’ button. The problem is the USA isn’t designed to be a communist dictatorship so it runs a foul of U.N. agenda’s.

      In Summary; The demands of multinational coalitions (global police) isn’t compatible with the USA so the left will just attempt to utterly destroy the USA.

      1. Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He “Make America Woke”! MAW! All who are against Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad, are into MAWlessness, chaos, badness, and MAW-breaking! They are out-MAWs! MAKE AMERICA WOKE, I say!!!

        We KNOW He can Make America Woke again, because, as a bad-ass politician, He PUNISHED all of the MAW-breakers! He Hair Smeller-Feller in Chief!

        See https://reason.com/2020/10/16/biden-tries-to-gloss-over-his-long-history-of-supporting-the-drug-war-and-draconian-criminal-penalties/

        All Hail to THE Hair Smeller in Chief!!! His Punishment Boner is BIGGER than ALL the rest of ours, put together!

        Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! We CAN small ALL of THEIR hair, and they will NEVER think of smelling OUR hair, right back!

        Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad-Ass Hair-Smeller all right!

        We CAN smell all the hair, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER grab smell our hair right back!

        These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can hair-smell all of the people some of the time, and you can hair-smell some of the people all of the time, but you cannot hair-smell all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will hair-smell you right back!

        1. Don’t forget to take your Ritalin, Sqrls.

          1. The only way the nurses can get him to take his meds is if they hide it in a piece of poo. Like you do with a dog and peanut butter.

  8. Seems like Koch, Reason and everyone who opposes Trump’s tariffs on other countries (by claiming to support free trade) never complained when other countries imposed huge tariffs on US products and services, stole technology from US companies, and relocated US jobs abroad.

    1. It depends on the point of view.

      From the point of view of producers tariffs are great. They nudge consumers into buying domestic by punishing them with punitive taxes if they choose to buy imports.

      From the point of view of consumers tariffs suck. They make limit choice by making imported goods more expensive, in addition to making a poor person’s paycheck less valuable.

      From a moral standpoint, using taxes to influence consumer behavior is arrogant, condescending, contemptuous, and totally to be expected from Trump and his followers.

      1. Fix — From a moral standpoint, using domestic taxes to influence consumer behavior is arrogant, condescending, contemptuous, and totally to be expected from Biden and his followers.

        As was the subsidizing of imported purchases.

        1. Trump starts a trade war and somehow that’s Biden’s fault? You’re making my head hurt.

          1. Every-time the Left starts talking about ‘Taxing’ more or Subsidizing more is that a ‘Trade War’ too??

    2. https://reason.com/2019/04/22/trumps-washing-machine-tariffs-cleaned-out-consumers/
      Trump’s Washing Machine Tariffs Cleaned Out Consumers
      A new report finds the tariffs raised $82 million for the U.S. Treasury but ended up increasing costs for consumers by about $1.2 billion.

      Protect American washing-machine makers from Chinese competition? The FIRST thing that American washing-machine makers do, is jack UP their prices… AND the prices of dryers to boot, too! To SOAK the hell out of all of us consumers!!!
      From the above-linked Reason article about washing machines…
      “All told, those tariffs raised about $82 million for the U.S. Treasury but ended up increasing costs for consumers by about $1.2 billion during 2018 … (deleted). Although the trade policy did cause some manufacturers to shift production from overseas to the United States in an effort to avoid the new tariffs, the 1,800 jobs created by Trump’s washing machine tariffs cost consumers an estimated $820,000 per job.”

      Summary: Nickels and dimes to the USA treasury; boatloads of pain for consumers. USA jobs created? Yes, at GREAT expense! Putting these 1.8 K workers on a super-generous welfare program would have been WAY better for all the rest of us! Plus, you know the WORKERS don’t make super-huge bucks (no $820,000 per job for THEM); the goodies flow to the EXECUTIVES at the top of the washing-machine companies! The same ones who play golf with The Donald, and join him for gang-banging Stormy Daniels! Essentially at our expense!

      1. PROTECTIONISM DOESN’T WORK!!! DUH!!! — And in yesterday’s Reason article we hear Trump has repealed the curs-id Obama restrictions on Washing Machines.

        1. Government Almighty giveth,
          and Government Almighty taketh away,
          Blessed Be the Name of Government Almighty!!!

          I wish that Government Almighty could perform a MIRACLE
          (actually, it would violate NO laws of physics, chemistry, etc.),
          And DEREGULATE and DE-TAX (undo tariffs) at the same time!

          The ONLY thing that stands in the way of DOING BOTH is the utter power-hunger of Government Almighty!!!! (And stupid partisans that constantly reinforce the Party of Stupid, or the Party of Evil, depending on the issues of the day, and whether the partisan is stupid, or evil, or both).

        2. PROTECTIONISM DOES WORK (but only when Democrats do it).

    3. Tariffs are not “on other countries”, they are on Americans who buy from other countries.

      1. willfully… There’s a choice there.

      2. If it means we have employed, American workers, instead of people on the dole and on drugs, the trade off is pretty simple. I’ll gladly pay another 15% for a washer/dryer combo. You, like most other libertarians, are forgetting the other part of the cost.

        1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2018/09/24/tariffs-are-costing-jobs-a-look-at-how-many/?sh=6f7db49a7b26

          Tariffs Are Costing Jobs: A Look At How Many

          If my family and I traded with NO ONE, we’d have plenty of jobs left, just for us, building things for ourselves, as long as we used very, very little for tools and materials, other than our hands, teeth, mud, rocks, dead plants and animals, and sticks!

          1. lol… If your family is so STUPID they cannot create or innovate anything better than hands, teeth, mud, rocks, dead plants, animals and sticks then they DESERVE to work twice as hard to survive.

            Stupid never was a very big reward until welfare (THEFT) came along….

            1. TJJ2000, YOU try living by using NOTHING that comes from the labor of other humans, other than YOUR family… No discarded beer cans, no road-killed animals killed by cars built by others… And you see what YOUR standard of living is!

              And you can justify your authoritarian urge to punish others, who wish to trade with people who live in ways that you disapprove of… By accusing ALL others, outside of YOUR family, of being “slave labor” and “IP thieves”!

              1. If/When your family consists of an entire nation of people your pathetic argument falls flat on it’s face for any and every nation except 3rd world nations. Is that the goal-post of the USA is to become a 3rd world nation that struggles to take out the trash without China coming over and mopping up for us??????

                After the recent election I’m just about on-board with the USA is but a nation full of incompetent welfare queens – but lets hold off on accepting that title of incompetency as long as we can shall we???

                There’s really nothing inherently wrong with foreign trade; but it needs a lawful over-sight. Since we cannot enforce law in foreign countries by either treaty cooperation, tariff (think of it a restitution) or war; then who in their right mind is going to choose war for justice???

                And as I keep saying over-and-over; Since the real purpose of the federal government is not regulation nation-to-nation affairs why is it such a hard concept to be taxing nation-to-nation merchandise for said government?

                You want ‘free trade’ lets start right here at home FIRST not LAST!!

                1. “If/When your family consists of an entire nation of people…”

                  Written like a collectivist authoritarian!

                  1. Ya; your grasping at pointless and useless straws here – Recognizing the competency level of a collective has absolutely nothing to do with “authoritarian”… What’s next? It’s racist too?? Written like a collectivist racist? lmao…. Gimme a break with this idiocy…

                    1. “Recognizing the competency level of a collective has absolutely nothing to do with “authoritarian”… ”

                      Kim Ill (sick) Dung-Breath needs some useful idiots… North Korea would welcome you with open arms! All is for The Hive! Hail the Hive!

                    2. Speaking of dung-breath, how long do you have to brush your teeth to get the shit smell out of your mouth?

                    3. Wow, what clever wit! Did your mommy help you write that?

                    4. It’s a serious question. Now answer it.

                    5. Question for you: Are all right-wing nut-jobs liars, or only the stupidest ones?

                    6. He can’t get the taste out. He also brushes his teeth with shit.

            2. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/colored-pigments-and-complex-tools-suggest-human-trade-100000-years-earlier-previously-believed-180968499/

              Colored Pigments and Complex Tools Suggest Humans Were Trading 100,000 Years Earlier Than Previously Believed
              Transformations in climate and landscape may have spurred these key technological innovations

              Troglodytes wishing to exercise their “punishment boners” and waging universal trade wars against everyone who is not quite Perfectly Holy Like THEY Are? Punishing ALL of the “IP thieves” and “slave workers”? Ultimately Holy-Rolling anti-trade authoritarians will NOT be happy, till we are back to the chimpanzee era, and maybe not even then!

              1. Kill yourself.

                1. Shitsy Shitler, drinking Shitsy Kool-Aid in a spiraling vortex of darkness, cannot or will not see the Light… It’s a VERY sad song! Kinda like this…

                  He’s a real Kool-Aid Man,
                  Sitting in his Kool-Aid Land,
                  Playing with his Kool-Aid Gland,
                  Has no thoughts that help the people,
                  He wants to turn them all to sheeple!
                  On the sheeple, his Master would feast,
                  Master? A disaster! Just the nastiest Beast!
                  Kool-Aid man, please listen,
                  You don’t know, what you’re missin’,
                  Kool-Aid man, better thoughts are at hand,
                  The Beast, to LEAVE, you must COMMAND!

                  A helpful book is to be found here: M. Scott Peck, Glimpses of the Devil

                  Hey Shitsy Shitler…
                  If EVERYONE who makes you look bad, by being smarter and better-looking than you, killed themselves, per your wishes, then there would be NO ONE left!
                  Who would feed you? Who’s tits would you suck at, to make a living? WHO would change your perpetually-smelly DIAPERS?!!?
                  You’d better come up with a better plan, Stan!

                  1. He might drink Kool-Aid, but you drink me you sick fuck.

        2. “forgetting the other part of the cost” — hidden behind that horrid domestic tax bill that’s subsidizing importing, U.S. design company bailouts (that china stole from), and the Welfare needed to keep American’s from creating the same thing (as you pointed out so well)…

          So really; We’re already “paying” more for our own destruction – it’s the hidden cost of communist markets.

          We’ll talk about ‘Tariff-Free’ markets after welfare is repealed, shipping subsidies is history and IP is protected but even then taxing the foreign market for nation-to-nation security isn’t actually a bad place to fund a nation-to-nation government.

        3. I’ll gladly pay another 15% for a washer/dryer combo.

          So you are in favor of higher taxes to support the poor? How progressive!

          1. Choosing to pay more for something is not the same as being forced to pay more if your income increases.

            Jesus Christ that was a stupid hot take.

  9. If Biden cuts tariffs, it will only be to rub it in Trump’s face.

    Framer-friendly tariffs are as bad as all other tariffs, benefiting a small class at the expense of everybody else.

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  11. Come on! If we can’t trade jobs for votes and tariffs for corporate donations, why even bother with democracy?

  12. I’m glad Trump will soon be gone. His invention of tariffs was the most egregious attack on free markets in the history of humanity.

    When he is out of office, all those tariffs will be removed. Prosperity and freedom will once again grace our bounteous land.

    1. Wow, that’s lc “logic” right there. Like “all tariffs are trade war so we’ve always been in a trade war and jacking tariffs by double digit percentages is just the same as any old tariff!”


      1. Woosh.

        1. Sarcasmic is a drunk who was brought back with promises of alcohol and a cardboard box to live it. All he has to do is protect unreason and say stupid shit like Boehm does.

      2. He out sarcasmed you man. It happens to the best of us.

    2. lol – His [Trump’s] invention of tariffs

      His invention….

    3. If you stopped eating Biden’s ass for 2 seconds you might realize Democrats are always worse for free markets.

  13. The concept of ‘Free Trade’ markets is so AWESOME…..

    I’m just not sure why everyone else deserves one EXCEPT for ourselves (domestic). America LAST band-wagon or what???? And lets be a little bit honest here; If the federal government was put in charge of dealing with nation-to-nation security that wouldn’t the fairest tax be tariff’s to fund it????? After all; that’s the nation-to-nation market that is closest to the “suppose” to be services of nation-to-nation security…

    Don’t import from other nations; don’t pay for nation-to-nation government services… Makes sense to me.

  14. I’m fine with free trade. Within our own borders. That way, we’re all playing by the same rules.

    1. Aren’t there like 50 states, plus territories, and special Federal districts, all with varying rules.

      1. Aren’t there like 196 countries in the world with varying market rules?? Oh yep; there sure is… Each-one that probably needs some kind of purposeful justice keepers with their dealings.

        Let’s say you sent country #10 a million dollars for a Lamborghini and they shipped you a kernel of corn instead. What are you going to do about it?? What’s your local law enforcement going to do about it? There is only one entity that is put in charge to do anything about it – that’s right the federal government; as it is even a delegated Constitutional power for it to be doing.

        Oh yep; there’s even a “commerce clause” although liberals have turned it into the “federal dictation” anywhere clause.

        1. So you are advocating for no international trade because there may be problems with a contract once in a while.

          1. No, I’m advocating international trade with a path for Individual Justice in it and I think choosing Tariff’s is a better route than war.

            But MOSTLY I’m advocating that the U.S. Federal Government was granted/delegated the powers of national treaties and security in the U.S. Constitution and for good reason.

    2. I’m fine with free trade. Within our own borders. That way, we’re all playing by the same rules.

      Not a fan of federalism and local solutions?

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  16. Yes. Yes he will.

    Because if there’s one thing Americans of all stripes can agree on – it’s that we can’t let other people buy from whoever they want.

    It’s the same if you’re a hipster soy-sucking fuckboi or a redneck Kansas farmhand, an ivory tower liberal arts professor or a roughneck. Can’t let other people make the wrong choice.

    1. Some people even “buy” 3rd party gov-guns to STEAL from “those” people in order to credit their own account.. Yes, it’s wrong no matter how they pretend it isn’t.

  17. Will Reason stop pretending that tariffs are a huge problem instead of a minor issue?

    Tailwind from end of tariffs will be swamped by headwinds from Covid panic and destructive regulations and the wars Biden will start.

    1. Big brain Ben- what “wars” will Biden start pray tell?

      You might actually have to come up with something instead of spouting complete bullshit for once.

      1. Well let’s see prior to this Biden publicly supported his president Obama who was engaged in wars in Libya and Syria, continued the Afghan/Iraq occupations, and droned civilians in Pakistan and Yemen. Before that Biden supported the AUMF for Afgan/Iraq wars which is still in force. Prior to that Biden supported Clinton’s war in Serbia. Prior to that Biden said he wanted Saddam Hussein taken out. I can go back further. It’s all on the record which you can locate easily. The point is there is every evidence he would send US forces overseas to fight for foreign governments. Whether that will happen is in the future.

        1. Biden as been on the wrong side of every foreign policy decision for the last half century.

      2. Biden voted for more-or-less every war in his 47 years in Washington. So it’s a good guess that he will involve the US in a new war. US presidents tend to get the opportunity to involve the US in at least one new war during a presidential term.

        1. But my left-wing rag doesn’t bring up these things so obviously they aren’t “real science”! /s lol… 🙂

        2. And yet we have Trump, who had many such opportunities in North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and he passed on all of them.

    2. Where did Reason make a statement about how big of a problem/issue tariffs are?

      1. The amount of space devoted to writings about them.

        1. Non-zero.

  18. A little rewording of sarcasmic, “Economic Health isn’t about the taking / consuming / buying but about the producing / creating.”

    This point really needs more sunlight… American’s jobless consumerism will be the death of this nation someday. Liberals and their communistic laws have washed out ALL motivation for this country to succeed and has instead rewarded FAILURE with the ability to steal by 3rd party gov-guns.

    Fixing that mistake would fix a lot of side-effects like the ever-growing need for MORE taxation, debt as well as most tariff’s. There’s something seriously wrong when more people are voting than have any job; throw in gov-gun enforce (undesired) paid gov-employee’s the problem is 10-fold leaving only about 10% of the people in this nation making ANYTHING at all.

    1. Which humorously; Is about the numbers used by lefties when they talk about taxing 90% (useless) from 10%(productive) – they just have a gigantic blind-spot about the fact that the 90% that quite producing was generally because of either a 90% tax or regulation taking ALL motivation at laboring to produce something of value. Hence how we got here to begin with. The LEFT just wants to make it WORSE as they always do by ‘fixing’ it over and over and over again while ignoring the fact that its get more BROKEN over and over and over again.

  19. This is another example of how, when a headline is in the form of a question, the answer is almost always no.

    Biden is no more a proponent of free trade than Trump is.

    1. Don’t sell the left short there; I’m sure the left’s multinational coalition (i.e. NAFTA, Paris Accord) will include some sort of UN-Constitutional “Climate Hoax” sell-out to U.N. dictation along with it.

  20. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/15/politics/trump-biden-election/index.html

    Trump says for the first time Biden won the election but later insists he’s not conceding

    HERE, below, for your reading pleasure, is the current state of Trump’s concession speech, to be delivered soon!

    Friends, non-foreigner-type True Americans, and all who Make America Great Again, lend me your ears! I come to bury Biden, not to praise him. Biden and his minions stole the elections, and we must dishonor that! To Make America Great Again, we must invent the most fantastic, fabulous, YUUUGEST BIGNESS EVAH SEEN, in the ways of truly factually fictitious, but Spiritually and Metaphorically True, NEW Republican ballots! Because I have directed My Generals and My Scientists to research the current and past performance, efficacy, and patriotism of one-party states, versus multi-party states. As I have directed them to, My impartial, unbiased, data-driven council of My Generals and My Scientists have determined that yea verily, one-party states work better! Therefore, we must all strive for the Glorious Day, when America becomes a one-party state, under the One True Party, the Republican Party! (Pause for applause, to be continued).

    But for now, the courts have sided with Biden and his camel-toe, and Antifa, BLM, and all the Marxist terrorists. We must let the courts have it their way, with mayo on the side. I mean, with Mao Tse Tung on the side, but without the Proud Boys standing back and standing by. Thank you, Proud Boys, for having stood by me. Also, thank you, Steve Bannon, Vladimir Putin, Kim Ill Dung, and Pepe the Stolen-Intellectual-Property Frog. Pepe, watch out for Miss Piggy, she and her “pre-nuptial contracts” will clean your clock, just like Melania is set to clean mine soon! But I digest.

    So we can’t disrepute what the nasty courts have said, or there might be civil war. Sad! The courts aren’t very American these days! And if you don’t like what I just said? Well, I’m sorry that you feel that way!

    So congratulations to Biden for having stolen the elections! This is America, so we must properly honor the decisions of the courts, in a dishonorable way! Biden can come and live with us in the White House, per the wishes of the courts. He can pour our covfefe for us, for Steve Bannon, Pepe the Frog, and I, and Jill can make sandwiches for us. We promise to call him POTUS, and her, First Lady! POTUS of covfefe, and First Lady of sandwiches, that is! Hey Biden! Get yer butt over here! Pepe needs some covfefe!

    That setup will get us by for a little while! Meanwhile, we can schedule the NEW run-off elections, this time without any fraudulent so-called “Democratic” votes being allowed, and we can do this RIGHT the next time!

    Meanwhile, congratulations to Joe Stalin-Biden, on being elected POTUS of pouring covfefe for Pepe!

    1. It will be good when you are dead. Kill yourself.

      1. You have drunken entirely tooooo deeply of the Kool-Aid of the Evil One, Evil One Junior!

  21. Have any of the anti-tariff people bothered to ask consumers if they’ve noticed any difference in prices? Well, pre-government shut down of the economy and widespread panic.

    I’ve noticed in some construction materials, namely steel, but none of my admittedly anecdotal information shows that people had noticed on basic consumer goods.

    While I would love for tariffs to be zero, I’m not sure that is realistic, especially the libertarian goal of eliminating income taxes.

  22. So we can’t notoriety what the frightful courts have stated, or there may be thoughtful war. Dismal! The courts aren’t American nowadays! Also, on the off chance that you don’t care for what I just said? Indeed, I’m grieved that you feel that way!

    So congrats to Biden for having taken the decisions! This is America, so we should appropriately respect the choices of the courts, in a shocking way! Biden can come and live with us in the White House, per the desires of the courts. He can pour our espresso for us, for Steve Bannon, Pepe the Frog, and I and Jill can make sandwiches for us.


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