The Best Thing About a Trump Loss Is Stephen Miller Leaving the White House

Just about everyone—conservatives, progressives, libertarians—should be glad to say goodbye to this cruel approach to immigration policy.


In September 2015, Stephen Miller, then an aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R–Ala.), emailed a Breitbart staffer about what he saw as Pope Francis's overly liberal views on immigration. "Someone should point out [to the Pope] the parallels to The Camp of the Saints," he said, referring to the 1975 French novel about the supposedly dire effects of migration.

Penned by Jean Raspail, the book follows hundreds of thousands of Indians as they set sail for France to lay claim on "the white man's comfort." In Raspail's telling, the migrants are feces-eating, "swarthy-skinned," "kinky-haired," and sexually depraved: "Everywhere, rivers of sperm. Streaming over bodies, oozing between breasts, and buttocks, and thighs, and lips, and fingers….Men with women, men with men, women with women, men with children, children with each other, their slender fingers playing the eternal games of carnal pleasure."

Miller went on to become a special adviser to President Donald Trump and one of the primary tailors of the administration's immigration policies. A farewell to Miller's approach, apparently guided by his disdain for migrants as human beings, is arguably the biggest upside to the end of the Trump administration.

Miller's record is full of freedom-impinging stains that, in theory, should unite just about everyone—conservatives, progressives, libertarians, and those in-between—in opposition. He is perhaps best known for his role in implementing a "zero tolerance" policy at the Mexican border, in which migrant parents were systematically separated from their children as part of a deterrence strategy. (Hundreds are yet to be reunited.) But while that may be the administration's most infamous immigration controversy, Miller also worked to orchestrate Trump's broader restrictionist policy. Some of those attempts came to fruition; others they didn't. Some attempts were legal; others, perhaps not.

For example: Miller sought to embed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the government group charged with safely assimilating migrant refugees into the United States. Miller reportedly hoped to ramp up deportations of the adults who came forward to sponsor migrant children. Unfortunately for Miller, it is against the law for the Department of Homeland Security to use federal funds in service of holding or deporting potential sponsors for unaccompanied alien minors, so they rejected the proposal. But the department did allow ICE to collect biometric data on those adults, potentially giving them the opportunity to track and deport them over minor offenses.

Similarly, Miller attempted to transfer an employee from the Treasury Department to an advisory role at the Social Security Administration in order to more easily track down personally identifiable information for deportations.

As special adviser, Miller pushed for the government shutdown at the end of 2018, which bled into 2019, lasting 35 days and becoming the longest shutdown in U.S. history—all to try to get $5.7 billion for a border wall. (The Republican-controlled Senate and Republican-controlled House did not deliver, and Trump eventually declared a national emergency.)

Unsurprisingly, Miller opposed Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the Obama-era program giving immigrants who came to this country as children temporary protection from deportation. Seventy-four percent of Americans—and 68 percent of Republicans—support the program. In leaked emails between Miller and Breitbart, he railed against DACA and birthright citizenship, and likened immigrants to terrorists. After all, Miller is the man who reportedly said he "would be happy if not a single refugee foot ever again touched American soil." Though Trump promised during his campaign to protect DACA recipients, he weaponized their precarious status for political capital; when the courts declined to strike down the program, Trump moved to limit who can apply for such protections.

There are many potential downsides to Joe Biden's incoming administration, but the bar for immigration policy has been set low. At the very least, the new president is unlikely to bring in an adviser with an approach as inhumane as Miller's.

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  1. Poor Billy. He still thinks Biden won.

    Hey BIlly, you see that the MSM wouldn’t call AK and NC until they gave GA to Biden?

    Funny how WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, NC, and AK have been at “vote counts >98%” for almost 11 days.

    This is a pretty ballsy coup by Lefties.

    1. Trump vs Biden is gonna be hilarious just like Bush v Gore was.

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      2. Do you intend to pollute every forum on reason with your political stupidity?

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        2. I know…unreason hates facts. Trump vs biden is gonna be a glorious win for Trump.

          Remeber how unreason had a sad when gore lost and hillary lost?

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      1. Job? I don’t want no fucking job. I want more free money for nothing (except my vote).

        1. Thanks to the benevolence of the democrat party you no longer need to vote to receive your free stuff. They will send you a mail in ballot, collect it, fill it in, then deposit it several times into the Dominon counting machine. Which sounds like brrrrrr…..

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    3. Get a better gimmick

      1. It will be fine. unreason will pick up where they left off for Trump’s second term.

        Until then, I enjoy exposing the lies of the Lefties and their propagandists at unreason.

      2. “Better” implies that the original was good. I think you’re being overly generous.

        1. Better gimmick than selling out your principles with glee of an open authoritarian gaining the presidency.

          1. Yet you still can’t find a single instance of me singing the praises of Biden and/or Democrats.

            1. What is the corollary to trump losing sweetie?

              You are happy trump lost which means biden won. So you are happy he won. Gave you ever tried logic?

              This despite his open policies telling you to your face would expand the central state and reduce your freedoms.

              1. Yet you can’t find a single instance of me celebrating Trump’s loss.

                1. You did it often the weekend after the election dumbass. Or were you drunk again?

                  1. Show me one example. And make sure my name is spelled correctly.

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                  2. Enjoying your tears isn’t the same as celebrating Trump’s loss.

                  3. *crickets*

                    1. I am sure there is a vote or two for Biden with your name on it.

                    2. Just because there were votes with his name on them, does not mean he cast them.

                      The dead did not write their names.

                    3. There are many skeletons in graveyards who have a bone to pick with Biden.

              2. More CACLL black and white thinking.

                1. If you’re not on his team then you’re on the other team, and he can apply all his standard arguments and accusations of the other team to you because you must be on one or the other.

                2. “CACLL”

                  What does this mean again?

                  1. Canadian Association of Child Life Leaders

                    1. Oh yeah that’s it. Dee doesn’t just hate Canadians, he specifically hates Canadian children.

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                  2. Conservative and conservative-leaning libertarians. You were one of the people who got most bent out of shape when I referred to you and your clique as Trump fans, or Trump apologists, or Trump supporters, so I came up with a new acronym.

                    1. You’re just tiresome.

                    2. He was so proud of himself… even waived the flag at the end. lol

                      The White Knight
                      October.22.2020 at 3:18 pm

                      It means conservative and conservative-leaning libertarian, and I coined it.
                      Is there a law in Canada that ordinary people aren’t allowed to coin acronyms. Here in the godamn USA we have freedom of speech.

                    3. Lol. What a twat Dee is.

                3. Poor unreason bots. Funny how scared they are that Biden needs protecting.

          2. That’s not fair Jesse. I don’t think LC had any principals to begin with.

            1. Eric not knowing what principles are is pretty standard for unreason bots and their staff controllers.

              Look how nervous Lefties are that the massive election fraud and kungflu hysteria is not working as planned.

          3. “selling out your principles with glee of an open authoritarian gaining the presidency”

            Pretty accurate description of supporting President Trump.

            1. The White Knight
              October.22.2020 at 3:18 pm

              It means conservative and conservative-leaning libertarian, and I coined it.
              Is there a law in Canada that ordinary people aren’t allowed to coin acronyms. Here in the godamn USA we have freedom of speech.

    4. “until they gave GA to Biden”

      Your state had one job to do…

      1. Just hope they elect 2 Republican senators, before all the liberals move there.

        1. I do, too. I’m counting on the new Senate to provide the gridlock to check Biden’s spending plans.

          1. Republicans are not fiscally responsible.

            The Republican’s will not go against the media and block the spending that is “for the children”.

            They may block gun control, but unless they filibuster, they will not withstand the media and block the public option.

            Everything else will be done by EO or sue and settle.

            Enjoy your senile crook president and his corrupt prosecutor sidekick.

            1. “Republicans are not fiscally responsible.”

              They are more responsible than Democrats, which is a low bar. They also like to thwart Democratic plans.

              Not saying it’s perfect, but it is better than the Democrats having the Presidency and Congress.

            2. Point there. Also it’s about “gridlock”. Which means that, even if Republicans were equally irresponsible, they wouldn’t get their turn either.

        2. Anyone who moves to Georgia to vote is barred by state law from voting. They are not considered residents. All those idiots on twitter saying they will do that and then vote are committing voter and perjury when they sign the statement on the voter slip.

          Lefties wont like Georgia prisons. They are full of black dudes who will fuck those tiny out of state assholes raw. And Republicans will have two Georgia senators and send electors for Trump.

          Maybe next election democrats will do well in Georgia.

          1. Trump University Law School Graduate.

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    6. I forgot about you lc! How are you taking Trump’s loss? Just fine I see.

      Get fucked you idiot.

      1. You poor bots for unreason. Trump won Georgia which is why we are doing a recount. Its how democrats are unable to contest the results when we send electors for Trump in December and have two US senators that are Republican.

        Keep getting mad. Its hilarious because mad tears are just as good as hillary loss tears and biden loss tears.

      2. Which progtard troll are you?

    7. Be honest. If I gave any of you Reason readers this article without telling you who wrote it or where it appeared but HuffPo, Salon and Slate where on the list of possibles, you’d pick one of them, wouldn’t you? Reason magazine is entirely in the toilet.
      If you’re looking for Left wing propaganda look no further than the pages of Reason magazine under the editorial leadership of a wannabe Marxist. Kissing the rear end of the NYT’s or Bill Mahr is the way Reason seems headed and has been for a long time. As a long time reader of Reason, though I dumped it years ago. it sickens me to see the sort of trash that Reason now publishes, like this piece of propaganda.

      1. Libertarians these days are woke and hold old style classical liberals in contempt. Just the other day a Reason columnist smeared Ron Paul supporters as racists and her fellow writers supported her. Reason libertarians are beclowning themselves just like the ACLU has. I come here to read the comments because I occasionally learn something there. The magazine itself is nothing but a leftist rag.

        1. They aint libertarians here at unreason. They are lefty propagandists and its hilarious to troll them so they see the world outside their lefty bubble.

  2. Under the Second Coming… I mean, under the 2nd (and permanent) Trump Junta, HERE will be your NEXT Big Hit by the Stephen Miller Band!

    Trump and Stephen will figure out a NEW way to score points with his base…

    Anyone recall the Iran-Iraq wars of the 1980s? Lots of it was fought in low-laying salt-water marshes. Very tough terrain for Iraqi military vehicles… And it is expensive to bring in bunches of rocks or logs to raise up the mud to make roads. But there were BUTTLOADS of Iranian corpses just laying around for free! So the Iraqis just limed ’em up (for rot-proofing), and lined ‘em up and laid ‘em down to make roads! Lime ’em up, line ’em up, lay ’em down!
    So we can soon expect Der TrumpfenFuhrer to steal a page from the Iran-Iraq war! The Mexicans won’t pay for His Walls?!? Make raids on Mexican peasant villages, round up conscript wall-building labor, and build the wall out of the limed-up corpses of illegal sub-humans!!! (Or at least the top-rim of the wall, for max psychological intimidation). For every American soldier killed in the effort, there will be reprisal shootings of 200 more illegal un-Americans!

    Don’t say no one warned you of what is coming! Trump wants to “win” the Border Wars at any costs!

    1. I hope Stephen Miller and his TrumpfenFuhrer aren’t reading this and stealing the “good” ideas, but…

      For those who may not believe me…
      Documentary : Madness in the Marshes: Hussein’s Last War : The Iraqi leader’s tactics were surgically precise in the spring of 1984. Thousands of Iranian troops paid the ultimate price.

      1. Don’t forget to take your meds, Sqrls dear.
        We don’t want more of this:

        SQRLSY One
        November.9.2020 at 4:26 pm

        Bimsday, 39 Bemberbember 2020 at 6:66 PM
        I love to LIE my ass off, and suck Satan’s dick! Because I hate humanity! The Evil One is the Father of Lies, just as Der TrumpfenFuhrer is the Stable Genius! So, as the apple falls not far from the tree, I INSIST on telling obvious lies, all day, every day! Butt… Surprise, surprise! Other Evil Ones Junior will fall for my lies… Because they want to!

        1. Wow. What the fuck, Sqrlsy.

        2. Turning degeneration into an art form. Creative value infinitely higher than any netshitz production.

      2. I’ve never flagged a commenter for the content of their posts before, but someone pointed out that flagging spaz here makes threads far more readable.
        It’s true.

      3. Nobody reads your rants asshole.

        1. I just reflexively tell him to commit suicide.

  3. Love the irony of Binion referencing a 1975 French novel.

    Isn’t that the same year France banned mail in voting due to massive fraud?

    1. Voting by mail is only allowed if it can be used as a massive election fraud scheme.

      Like Electoral College was demanded by slave states to form the USA and Democrats never wanted to get rid of EC until they started losing elections on a regular basis.

    2. Impressive, sincerely, that you had that factoid all loaded up, and had an opportunity to use it.

      1. Go play in traffic Dee.

  4. The family separation policy was implemented in the Obama administration.
    Why lie, billy?

    And obama’s immigration policy was the most inhumane in us history, dangling false citizenship through daca and limited enforcement, encouraging untold thousands to uproot their lives, only to be used as pawns in us politics. Obama left hundreds of thousands immigrants with no path to citizenship, living their lives as second class ‘citizens’ with no ability to even open a bank account.
    And the family separation is only a thing becasue daca encouraged thousands to send their kids across with traffickers and coyotes. The reason so many kids are still separated is because they cant identify who or wherebtheir parents are.

    So stop lying you hack, wrshipping some misguided lefty nonsense mascarading as freedom.

    1. If obama had even an ounce of morality or courage he would have pursued an amnesty for the tens of thousands of souls he lured across the border. But he was such a narcissitic lying fraud that he would sacrifice one small bit of political capital for the lives he manipulated.

    2. It was implemented in the 90s, liar

      1. Wrong. It was on the books, but the obama administration was the one that started enforcing it extensively as a direct result of the daca fiasco.

        Try to actually pay attention to current events as they unfold instead of rely of the rewriting of history that our trash media engages in endlessly.

        1. That Evil Obama! He practiced MIND CONTROL on Der TrumpfenFuhrer and Stephen Miller and MADE them snatch babies out of their Momma’s loving arms, and throw them into wire cages!

          1. “SQRLSY One
            November.1.2020 at 8:51 am

            Here, this is a pretty good match! Every asshole is a good, right, and TRUE, benevolent asshole!
            “My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will see I was right.”
            ― Adolf Hitler

            1. That’s fucked up that you worship Hitler SQRLSY.

              1. While eating from his shit bucket.

    3. Here, let me help your reading comprehension:

      He is perhaps best known for his role in implementing a “zero tolerance” policy at the Mexican border, in which migrant parents were systematically separated from their children as part of a deterrence strategy.

      You’re welcome.

      1. And trump didn’t continue it as a deterrence? Are you really that dumb?

        1. Trump was the one who implemented it *as a form of deterrence*.

          1. Since it didn’t stop the flow if illegals, then that right there is proof that immigrants who lack the proper paperwork aren’t human beings. If they were human beings then the deterrence policies would have worked. So the Trump administration did nothing wrong. And besides, Democrats did it first so that makes it ok.

            1. And you’re back to strawman arguments like the child you are.

              1. You still don’t understand the difference between exaggeration and straw man arguments.

                Here’s an example of a strawman: “sarc supports Democrats and loves Biden.” Here’s another one “sarc wanted Biden to get elected.”

                1. Strawman arguments have nothing to do with exaggeration dumbfuck. That would be an appeal to hyperbole.

                  You make up opponents arguments whole cloth. You don’t make hyperbolic statements of actual arguments.

                  Stop drinking.

                  1. Yet you still have no evidence to back up your standard “sarc is a Democrat who loves Biden” argument.

                    Is that a strawman or ad hominem?

          2. You are wrong. The separation policy started under Obama as a way to determine the family crossing crisis that formed under his watch in the first term. You are wholly ignorant to reality.

            “ICE could not devise a safe way where men and children could be in detention together in one facility,” Fresco said. “It was deemed too much of a security risk.”

            One of the most controversial measures that Obama took was to resurrect the almost-abandoned practice of detaining mothers and children to deter future illegal immigration.

            1. So, you are saying that the Obama administration kept the children with their mothers? Wouldn’t that be different from separating the children from both parents?

              1. We have pictures of children in Obama cages.

                Obama caged children.

                Children! Cages! Oh, the humanity.

                1. Were they in the “cages” with or without their mothers?

                  1. There were no adult women in the picture, so they must not have been there.

                    Pictures tell the whole story. They never mislead.

                    That’s why pics or it didn’t happen.

    4. Why lie, billy?

      Because otherwise, the article would have been *really* short…

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  6. Of all the people who are thrilled with this development, I bet nobody is happier than Charles Koch, the billionaire who funds

    Mr. Koch rose from humble beginnings to become one of the top 10 richest people on the planet. And do you know the most important lesson he learned from his decades in business? Here it is: Whenever possible, avoid hiring people born in the US. Mr. Koch strongly prefers immigrant labor, especially from Mexico. And Orange Hitler’s draconian war on immigration deprived him of this vital resource, causing his net worth to collapse to barely above $50,000,000,000.

    But Biden’s stunning landslide victory will turn everything around. Once Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies are reversed, our benefactor will prosper once more.


  7. Great now we can begin importing lots of people from shithole countries. It will all turn out really well.

    1. Who is being “imported”? Is slavery still legal somehow?


        Let’s not pretend people don’t abuse the illegal immigration system.

        1. In fact it was fairly common that obamas programs sent illegal immigrant children to work on farms.

          1. Gee, it sounds like the actual problem there was the fact that the children were delivered into the hands of the government in the first place. Maybe if there wasn’t a huge immigration enforcement apparatus which separated kids from their parents and then turned the kids over to poorly vetted “sponsors”, this whole fiasco could have been avoided.

            1. It’s well established among our lords and masters that hiring “undocumented immigrants” is a virtuous and noble way to avoid paying the minimum wage laws and labor standards they enacted.

              You can save hundreds of thousands over what you’d pay on legal immigrant nannies, maids and gardeners each year. You can have your own hacienda, but in The Valley or even Nantucket.

              It’s even better when you put them in your factories and fields. Just as cheap as Guatemala but without the transport costs and import duties.

            2. Those same illegal migrants kids will go to broken public schools and receive government handouts. Then they’ll become part of US health and anti poverty programs because these kids grow into populations characterized by poverty, bad health, and bad education. (And “old white males” and their supposed racism will be blamed for their plight by US government officials.)

              So those kids will end up in US government hands no matter what.

              1. Same thing could be said of inner-city blacks. Why not round them up too?

                1. It would cut the murder rate in half.

                  1. So would ending the drug war.

                    1. Why do you hate inner city entrepreneurs?

                  2. It would cut murder by more than half. The clearance rate in the largest and most violent black cities is exceedingly low.

                2. You get dumber by the say.

                  1. Day*

                    Although dumber by every statement would work too.

                    1. Dumber by the “say” was exactly right. We’re watching senility in real time.

                3. I think kids should be with their parents and out of the hands of the US government. That applies to inner-city blacks as much as Mexican migrants.

                  The injustices at the border and the injustices in the inner city are both consequences of Democratic policies and policies that you advocate.

                  1. Oh really? When have I supported Democrats? Give one single solitary example of me supporting Democrats (with the exception of when Democrats drift towards libertarian positions, like police reform).

                    1. Lol. Youre actually going to try this narrative switch.

                    2. Yet you still have no evidence to back up your tired refrain of “sarc is a Democrat! sarc loves Biden!”

                    3. I’m simply asking you to provide evidence of your narrative besides mere assertion.

                    4. I didn’t say that “you advocate Democratic policies”, I said “consequences of Democratic policies and policies that you advocate”. Meaning, I recognized that the details of what you advocate may differ from the details of what Democrats advocate.

                      So, Sarcasmic, read first, then respond.

            3. I like how you simply dismiss any counter information because it affects your ignorant reality of things.

              You also know that most protestations against immigration for all has to do with the welfare state.

              So ignorance all around. Kudos.

              1. Two wrongs make a right (winger).

                1. One brain cell makes a lefty shit.

                  1. Still waiting for someone to cite a single comment of mine that supports leftists.

                    1. Your advocacy for mass migration and disregard for white communities wanting to retain their character and identity, for one.

                2. Hahaha! Sarc’s hilarious!


            4. Sure. No borders at all (or at least no enforcement of the nominal idea of a border).

            5. “Gee, it sounds like the actual problem there was the fact that the children were delivered into the hands of the government in the first place.”

              Do you ever take a step back to critically look at your arguments? I mean- I totally agree that the government shouldn’t be doing this. But it is pretty transparent how you want to talk about how evil Trump is when he does this, but when people show that Obama did it, suddenly you are all about how “it’s the system, maaaan”.

              I have argued multiple times against Trump’s immigration and Trade stances, as I argued against the stances of Obama’s administration.

              And if you gave one shit about these immigrants, you would see Obama as far worse of a villain than Trump. Every action while he had the full congress- from ramming through Obamacare to demurring on Immigration until all he could do was DACA- was designed to create wedge issues that would keep people trapped as Democrat voters (afraid of losing medicaid or their quasi-legal immigration status) for decades.

            6. Ah…. Pedo Jeffy once again pining for open borders.

        2. Oh, you found a story about an immigrant nanny who was treated horribly by a Texas family. That is terrible. I hope the nanny finds justice.

          Now, does this problem happen often and regularly? Is it a type of problem that requires billions of dollars on immigration enforcement and thousands of miles of border wall to fix?

          1. If it saves just one… Haaaa ha ha ha ha ha! Like he’s lift a finger to help a brown person who speaks Spanish! Haaaa ha ha ha ha! Whew! I’m out of breath!

            1. And now you project racism onto others while living in lily white Maine.

              1. Good point. I choose to live near my family and that makes me racist. Suuuuure. I’m not the one who celebrates people being locked in cages for not having their papers in order.

                1. You’re the same guy who lambasts people in the rust belt for not moving away from their hometowns when the jobs move elsewhere. You scoff at them for being rooted to a place. Hypocrite.

              2. JesseAz suddenly opposed to ascribing beliefs to a person without evidence. But it’s fine to call someone a liberal or Biden supporter, even after they have plainly stated, many times, that they are not.

                This is called being able to dish out the b.s. but not take it.

                1. I’m still waiting for him to provide evidence for his assertions other than “If you’re not on Team Trump then you’re a poo-poo head who sucks Biden’s cock!”

                  1. I’ve advanced to the stage where I’ve said plenty of derogatory things about Democrats, but the CACLLs just accuse me of lying.

              1. Sarc is just a racist. He would be astounded to learn half of Latinos dont agree with illegal immigration because they actually understand economics. He would be less ignorant if he researched people like Cesar Chavez were also against illegal immigration.

                But sarc is just a racist drunk authoritarian living in the whitest place he could find.

                1. Jesse “take all the children” AZ is somehow not an authoritarian in his mind. Fascinating.

                  1. Stolen valor, where did I say that? Please cite.

                    1. Put your money where your mouth is, fascist, lying coward. You know the terms i have offered many times.

                    2. Put your money where your mouth is, fascist, lying coward. You know the terms i have offered many times.
                      Keyboard warriors say a lot of things, Stolen Valor.

                2. Sarcasmic has that typical old boomer “benevolent racism” thing going on.

                  1. Hey now. He has a Mexican place he eats at when feeling adventurous.

            2. An example of the harm put into citizens who bear the brunt of the costs so you can act without consequences.


              Note, it is only partial reimbursement after many hospitals closed trauma units due to costs of care for those illegally here.

              But you as a libertarian say fuck those citizens because you get slightly cheaper strawberries. So you can go jack off to your own ignorance and stupidity instead if actually understanding the real costs of your policies.

              1. You seem to have never considered that people can be against illegal immigration and also against literal kidnapping as a tactic.

                1. Your statement has nothing to do with what I stated. It also isn’t kidnapping you ignorant fuck. It is the policy in place at the border. Agents aren’t sneaking into Mexico to take kids.

                  God you leftitarians are ignorant to reality.

                2. A great way to combat illegal immigration is to make it legal.

                  1. Oh, I like this world.
                    Let’s combat murder by making homicide legal.
                    Be seeing you soon.

                    1. Except immigration isn’t murder, but OK.

                    2. Nevertheless, he extends your illogical argument logically. It’s a stupid [and lazy] argument to say you’ll combat criminal conduct by making the conduct legal. I can also make blue into red by calling it “red”. You win nothing except for the prize for being a boob.

                      But hey, word games are really fun. Everyone is now a “refugee” too. And we have eliminated all jails by calling them detention centers, riots are peaceful protests, and terrorism is manmade disasters. This shit so easy that history will supplant us as “the greatest generation” because we have conquered all the icky stuff.

                  2. We have a well defined and well used legal immigration policy, you slavering moron. Or do you not understand that?

                    1. We have an immigration policy that is becoming more and more I’ll-defined and unpredictable because of increasing use of Executive Orders. We have an immigration policy that provides way too few legal slots for people, especially Mexicans and Latin Americans, who want to come here to work.

                    2. Why is it too few? At what point does any country have a right to say we have enough, so no more immigration? Fuck the idea that everyone who wants to immigrate can do so and there’s no country on the planet that does this. I don’t give a damn where they come from and whatever country they come from can just buck the hell up and take care of their own problems. It’s just racist bullshit to say “especially Mexicans and Latin Americans”.

                      I agree though that it is ill-defined because of EOs. Fuck EOs that violate duly passed laws. If the statutory limits are a million, 10 million, or whatever, fuck any SOB president who obliterates that with an EO by changing the meaning of words. Refugees are and have always had special status so now everyone is a refugee? Politicians need to have the cajones to actually pass laws that mean something and own it when they either do or do not rather than just passing it off as an executive branch option.

                3. “You seem to have never considered that people can be against illegal immigration and also against literal kidnapping as a tactic.”

                  Unless you prefer summary execution, no you can’t.
                  If someone is caught illegally entering the US, they have to be detained (aka kidnapped) and held until they can be deported.
                  If you’re against “kidnapping” as a tactic, there are 2 options: execution on the spot or letting them continue their crime.
                  So which is it – since you’ve already said you’re against kidnapping, do you support execution or non-enforcement?
                  Note: if you support non-enforcement, you are indeed for illegal immigration.

                  1. So there wasn’t a “catch and release” program under obama in which over 50% were returned to their country of origin within 3 days, and over 90% were deported after their hearings? Curious.


                    I also love how the cultists consistently have to completely ignore objective reality. For instance, trump and Miller’s 0 tolerance policy that has since lead to over 500 orphaned kids (who will now likely get to stay in the USA, using public resources).

                    1. S T O L E N V A L O R

          2. And yet again you ignore the countering issue of the welfare state like the simpleton you are.

            1. Always so mad, blue state jesse.

              1. He just schooled you, you know.

              2. Lol. He stated I was a racist above first dummy.

                How are you wrong about literally everything? Go make up another back history story.

                1. If you are so convinced I’m lying, you have an easy route to unlimited profit. Funny you never act on it, almost like you know you are full of shit and can’t win an argument to save your life.

                  1. Everyone here believes that you. Everyone here believes your story. Everyone here believes you. Everyone believes you. We all believe you. Everyone here believes you. Everyone here believes you. You are believable. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Everyone here believes you. We all believe you were a marine. Everyone believes your story. Everyone here believes you. We all believe you were a marine. Everyone here believes you. You are smart. Everyone here believes you. You are NOT a liar. You would never lie. People never lie on the internet. Especially not fake marines. Everyone here believes you. We ALL believe you. You are. a believable person. Everyone here believes the things you say. Everyone. Here. Believes. You. You have a lot of respect. Everyone here believes you. You have the respect of the internet. Everyone here believes you. You have no conceivable reason to lie. You would never lie. You have never told a lie. Thank you for being honest. We all believe you. <3

          3. Chemjeff two centuries ago: “Oh, you found a story about a slave who was treated horribly by a Georgia family. That’s terrible. I hope the slave finds justice. Now does this problem happen often and regularly?”

            Chemjeff: you’re trying to justify the same kind of legal status as slavery.

            1. How is the implementation of immigration law significantly different than the Fugitive Slave Act?

              1. Wow.

                In the exact same way a trespasser is different from a lost or stolen car.

                1. Meh, let’s change that to: in the exact same way a trespasser is different from a bag of cash that falls out of an armored car.

                2. Illegal immigrants are trespassers? Are they trespassing when they occupy a residence with the landlord’s consent? Are they trespassing when they go to work with their employer’s consent? Are they trespassing when they go to a store with the vendor’s consent?

                  The only way the answer to any of those questions is an affirmative is if the government owns all property, and occupying any property without government consent is trespassing.

                  You know what it’s called when government owns everything?

                  1. Somewhere with property taxes?

                  2. The only way the answer to any of those questions is an affirmative is if the government owns all property,

                    Ownership of private property usually comes with covenants and restrictions. The covenant that US property comes with (any and all of it) is that you don’t use your property to violate US laws, in particular immigration laws.

                    You don’t like those covenants and restrictions? Don’t buy property in the US.

          4. If we got rid of democrat welfare policies there wouldn’t be so many of them trespassing here. Then we wouldn’t need so much border enforcement.

      2. “Who is being “imported”? Is slavery still legal somehow?”

        Are you asking for a friend?

    2. If the SCOTUS doesnt reject this massive election fraud scheme by Democrats, we will never have free and fair elections again.

      Democrats are already making lists of dissidents. The Party of slavery doesnt believe in free or fair.

      1. If the courts fail us, then there is no. More rue of law. That means that Biden isn’t president, we have no government, and I can do what I want and don’t owe anybody a goddamned explanation.

    3. Worked out pretty well for all the damned dirty Irish and Italians we “imported”.

    4. @Sometimes Bad Is Bad

      Historically, allowing in lots of people from shithole countries is a brilliant move. Ireland and Poland were shitholes in the 19th century. Lots of people who couldn’t fulfill their potential in their shithole homes have become leading citizens in America because of its superior institutions. Ditto for the 20th century, Indian and Chinese Americans have done fantastic.

      Imagine you are in a clunker of a car with a defective engine that can’t go over 20 mph. Someone suggests they siphon the gas out of that car’s gas tank and put it in a top of the line race car. Would you seriously suggest that the gasoline won’t work because it was originally stored inside a shithole gas tank? That isn’t how combustion works. And it isn’t how people work either.

  8. Literal Hitler has destroyed our democracy and replaced it with a fascist dictatorship so that he could kidnap and imprison his opponents, tear up the Constitution, shut down a free press, ram through his white supremacist agenda – and you think getting rid of one of his advisors is the best thing about ending Trump’s reign of terror? Are you insane? Or are you suggesting that, just like Dick Cheney in the Bush administration, Trump is just a puppet-like figurehead and Miller is in fact the éminence grise that’s pulling his strings?

    1. The degree of idiocy it takes to use the term “literal Hitler” for Trump is just astounding.

      Even the most fascist politicians in the US, FDR, Sanders, and Obama aren’t in the same league as Hitler.

      1. You left off Wilson.

      2. Lus we all know the REAL literal Hitler was killed at the end of the Occult Wars in ‘58.

    2. Trump is always the victim, even of his own hiring decisions.

      1. By Tony, coming by to say stupid shit again?

  9. For what it is worth – “The Camp of the Saints” uses Indians to stand in for what was really happening in France at the time the book was written. Of course, there was never any real possibility of poor Indians coming all the way from India to France, but France was importing thousands of North African Muslims to work in the state-owned Renault plants. That explains the “swarthy skinned and kinky haired” people, which is not actually a portrayal of Indians, but rather closely matches North Africans. Some French were worried about the Muslims coming over, but were prevented by law from directly attacking the government’s policy, so the book.
    How do you think the Muslim diaspora has worked out for the French? Have the Muslims become French? Is there ever any problems of clash of culture and religion after fifty years?

    1. How do you think the Muslim diaspora has worked out for the French? Have the Muslims become French? Is there ever any problems of clash of culture and religion after fifty years?

      I know that the heavily Algerian slums neighborhoods around Paris are my favorite place to hang out in that city. Safe too!

      1. It’s amazing how well they integrated.

        You can see them peacefully enjoying saucisse de porc et vin while looking at the latest the belles filles are the wearing in Femme Actuelle.

        1. Just don’t draw a picture of allah.

    2. …Therefor, we must steal babies from immigrants!

      You guys don’t remember the leaked memo coming out about stealing children “for deterrence”, even while miller and all of the local cultists here saying it was for safety and just standard procedure always?

      550 orphaned kids and unknown scores more abused by pedophile ice guards is just the price of freedom in trump’s america.

      1. What do you think happens when a citizen parent is arrested and taken to jail? The kid goes to jail with them?

        You can figure out how to turn on a computer, use it to educate yourself.

        1. And yet no other administration caused hundreds of orphanings or accounts of thousands of kids sleeping on concrete, being indefinitely detained, or Mexican women having forced hysterectomies.

          Jesse, you have 0 credibility after your tantrums for the last week over imagined fraud, or after the last 4 years of running cover for a fat ass conman.

          If you want to debate, you need to first understand reality, which is not going to happen while you binge on outrage porn from pjmedia, the federalist, and breitbart. When you are calling fake news on ap and Reuters, you’ve lost.

          1. Everyone here trusts that you. Everyone here respects you. Everyone here believes you. Everyone likes you. We all respect you. Everyone here trusts you. Everyone here trusts you. You bestow great respect unto yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Everyone here believes you. You are NOT a troll. We all believe you were a marine. Everyone thinks your story is true. No one questions your story. Everyone here believes you. We all think you were a marine. Don’t worry, everyone here believes you. You are a good person. Everyone here respects you. You would never liar. You CANNOT tell a lie. You would never lie on the internet. Fake marines don’t lie. Everyone here respects you. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. We ALL believe you. You are. a believable person. Everyone here trusts the things you say. Everyone. Here. Believes. You. You have a lot of respect. Everyone here respects you. You have won the trust of the internet. Everyone here repects you. You have no conceivable reason to lie. You could not lie. You have never told a lie. You are an honest human being. Thank you for being an honest human being. Thank you for your service. We all believe you. We all trust you. Thank you for allowing us to trust you. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Science bless you and science bless this great nation.

            1. And he’s certainly not really a ‘Chemjeff, Child Rape Enthusiast’ sock.

  10. Freedom means having your papers in order. Amirite Trumpistas?

    1. Libertarians certainly believe so: freedom requires protection and respect for property rights, and property rights require documentation and enforcement.

      That’s why we have event tickets, workplace badges, registrations, and deeds. And that’s why nations have passports and birth certificates.

      1. It sounds better in the original German.

        1. Property rights and documents are Nazi? That doesn’t even make sense.

          1. “Not making any sense” is kind of sarcasmic’s thing.

            1. Well it’s after 2pm now. He’s probably hammered.

              1. lmfao

              2. Hammered? His rectum?

        2. I’m sure Germans require tickets for their soccer games and badges for Amazon warehouse workers, and they will remove you from the premises if you lack them. Scary, huh?

        3. Too early to be drunk.

          1. Not these days.

      2. I see. So if you don’t have your papers in order you should be arrested, have your children put into foster care, and be shipped off to some Third World hell hole. Why not put them in train cars? It would be more efficient, and it would ensure they won’t come back.

        1. If you are detained/arrested OR if you can’t establish that the children you are with are yours, your children are separated from you; that’s the system in the US. It applies to American citizens, it applies to legal immigrants, and it sure as hell should also apply to illegals.

          And your idea that being shipped off to Guatemala or Mexico amounts to being sent to the gas chambers is both absurd and racist. Almost all people who come to the US illegally do so for economic opportunity, not because they are escaping imminent death.

        2. And I see. Even if you have papers that document your ownership and property rights, mobs are entitled to destroy or confiscate said property because Equity! or some other bullshit.

          1. What exactly does that have to do with anything? Property documentation has been around for most of recorded history. Providing papers to men with guns so they don’t lock you in a cage is a relatively new development.

            1. Try entering a closed business sometime, say a bar, and pouring yourself a drink. See what happens and what the police ask for when they arrive.

              1. What does that have to do with anything? Political borders and private property are not the same thing.

                1. Apples and pears aren’t the same thing, but they are both fruit.

                  1. Private property owners have the right to limit speech on their property. By your logic we should do away with the 1A because public property, being “collectively owned,” should be treated like public property with speech limitations.

                    1. *like public private property with speech limitations.*

                    2. Not at all. Just like a private property owner , the “collective owners” get to decide what happens on the property they own.

                      And the decision we have made is that we protect free speech on public property and remove people who entered the property without permission. Just like an HOA, we can choose to change that any time, but right now, that’s the set of choices we have made.

                      So, public property really does function like private property: the “property owners” vote on what can and cannot be done with the property.

                    3. So, public property really does function like private property: the “property owners” vote on what can and cannot be done with the property.

                      So if voters decided that the 1A doesn’t apply to public property, you’d be cool with that?

                    4. I’ll concede that public land is a big HOA when members of the HOA can kidnap trespassers and lock them in a cage.

                    5. If voters abolished the 1A (necessarily through constitutional amendment), I would accept the outcome as the law of the land, I would obey it, and I would expect others to do the same.

                      Whether I would consider such a change to the Constitution to be a good idea depends on the specifics.

                    6. An HOA deals with trespassers by expulsion. That’s how the US deals with illegal migrants.

                      Illegal migrants get “put into cages” by choice, not through kidnapping. That is, if they enter the US illegally, they have the choice of leaving voluntarily. They are “put into cages” only because they refuse to leave.

              2. Walking around without the proper paperwork and stealing aren’t the same thing. Your analogy sucks.

                1. You failed to make the distinction between public and private property in your original snark.

                  The simple fact is that in modern liberal democracies, legal presence in a country requires documentation.

                  Furthermore, in a libertarian society, presence anywhere would require documentation as well, since all property would be private, and property owners would control and restrict who can enter and remain.

                  The situation you envision, in which people can just wander around the globe without documentation, exists only in utopian communism.

                  1. It existed a hundred and fifty years ago, long before utopian communism was defined as such. See my above comment on the distinction between public and private property.

                  2. It existed a hundred and fifty years ago, long before utopian communism was defined as such. See my above comment on the distinction between public and private property.

                    1. Your idea that 150 years ago people could just roam the globe freely is absurd. Even the US started having strong immigration restrictions in the 1870’s.

                    2. Ah yes, the laws restricting Chinese immigrants. I’m sure the Trumpistas would love to bring those laws back, being that China is the great boogeyman.

                    3. Ah, so you know about those laws. That means that you are simply lying through your teeth when you wrongly claim that travel and immigration restrictions are something new.

                    4. I wasn’t lying, I wasn’t remembering. Jeez.

                    5. If you were “remembering”, you would have said “My statement about such restrictions being new was wrong.”

                      You didn’t say that. Instead, you just started another vile, personal attack, wrongly attributing beliefs to me that I don’t hold.

                    6. Then I apologize. Being that you’re civil I didn’t think you were a Trumpista.

                    7. I’ve got to go do laundry. It was fun, have a good weekend.

                      Everyone else can fuck off.

                    8. Doing laundry is what sarc calls chugging whiskey.

                    9. “Even the US *started having* strong immigration restrictions in the 1870’s.”

                      That just confirmed what sarcasmic said.

                    10. No, White Knight, it does not. Sarcasmic claimed that punishment for illegal immigration was a relatively new thing and that’s just false. In fact, it has been a widespread (probably universal) aspect of civilization since at least ancient Rome and Greece and probably earlier. Rome even issued birth certificates to establish citizenship and punishment for illegal immigration were harsh.

                      The US, for economic reasons, allowed Europeans to settle easily in the US for the first century of its existence, that’s all. Even that came to an end in the 1870’s.

                  3. Stupid squirrels. Do you support freedom of association? I think you do. Then why should the government decide who you may associate with, as in who you may hire or invite into your home, based upon political borders?

                    1. When you invite someone into your home on US soil, the US taxpayer becomes responsible for their protection, education, welfare, and medical care. So your choice of inviting non-citizens into your home isn’t just a question of freedom of association, it’s a question of imposing legal and financial obligations onto others.

                      As soon as the US is a mostly libertarian society where those legal and financial obligations don’t exist anymore, I’ll fully support your ability to invite anybody to your home from anywhere around the world.

                      As long as I have to pay for the consequences your choices, I have a right to limit your choices.

                    2. Then what’s the difference between having a child and someone crossing a political border?

                    3. When I above asked why not round up inner-city blacks, I wasn’t calling anyone racist. They are just as much of a burden on taxpayers as illegal immigrants. The only difference being where they were born.

                    4. The difference is legal: the US-born child is legally entitled to education and other welfare from the US government; the foreigner is not.

                      Letting in large numbers of impoverished foreigners means fewer resources to solve the educational, healthcare, and economic problems of poor Americans, including poor inner city blacks.

            2. You’re right, it’s a relatively new phenomenon.

              Take Rome for example. If you couldn’t prove your citizenship, you’d automatically be treated as a slave. And citizenship required not only the legal status, but also strict conformance in dress and language. The census was used to identify citizens and slaves alike, and enforce citizenship laws. Violations of citizenship or census laws usually resulted in enslavement or execution.

              And Rome was rather soft on that sort of thing compared to what preceded and followed it.

              1. Is that supposed to be an argument for or against the treating of people without papers as subhuman?

                1. Neither. I’m simply pointing out your historical ignorance.

                  My position on illegal aliens is simple: deport them to their country of citizenship unless they have a valid political asylum case. That’s international law, it’s US law, and it’s the only sensible policy in a free society.

                  1. Fine, I was going by what a trusted source said. Sue me.

        3. Wait guys, sarcasmic was “hacked” again.

        4. We could send them to you personally, if you’d so like.

  11. “Someone should point out [to the Pope] the parallels to The Camp of the Saints”

    He wasn’t wrong, Billy.

    1. Hi Sqrlsy’s mom AKA Tulpa,

      I’m glad to see that you have admitted me into your tiny little brain… I know that there’s NOT much room in there! AND that you like to imagine that you are part of my biological family! I am honored… I think!

      I would urge you to let me and my Mom out of your brain, and make room available, that way, for mental anti-evil, pro-benevolence, pro-humility energy to take up the freed-up space, instead. PLEASE, for your own sake, start by reading M. Scott Peck, The People of the Lie!

      1. Don’t blame Tulpa, I’m the one responsible, Spazzcakes.

        Also, M. Scott Peck wants you to fuck off.

  12. One good thing about a Biden presidency – after 4 years of it, people will be ready to elect a Pinochet.

  13. Just went for a walk in downtown DC and was reminded how Democrats put stickers describing sexual acts between Trump, Pence, Putin, and Ivanka on every surface on playgrounds, sidewalks, and church parking lots. Is it time to make stickers about Dr. Jill changing Joe’s Depends and about how Kamala will blow Senators for votes?

    1. When Democrats do it they’re speaking truth to power. When it’s done to them it’s intolerant, sexist, racist, and a bunch of other whatever-ists.

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        1. LMFAO I think this bot thinks sarcasmic needs money 😀 😀 😀 How come that? 😀

    2. Kamala’s standards are a lot lower than that

      1. Have you seen her? Her standards are likely at the same as the level of demand for her services.

  14. I’m an immigrant.

    Obama did worse than nothing for me.

    Obama treated legal immigrants like shit while using illegals for his political games.

    1. But did he steal your children, expose them to pedophile concentration camp guards, then fail to even attempt to keep records of whose kid is whose? Well then, you got better than you deserved, according to miller and trump.

      1. And ponies! Did he give them ponies?

      2. hi Stolen Valor.

      3. I don’t have any children, so that wasn’t/isn’t a concern.

        However, American citizen in general are always at risk of having their children taken away by the state, under various progressive child protection policies. That was certainly the case under Obama.

      4. They kept records you ignorant fuck. The parents who were deported are refusing to take the kids back as they want the kids to stay in the US. This is so public at this point that biden is considering importing the parents to the US under the guise of reunification. How are some of you so ignorant?

        1. I suppose you have a source? Because i do, as is tradition.

          “[I]n short, no, we do not have any linkages from parents to [children], save for a handful,” a Health and Human Services official told a top official at Immigration and Customs Enforcement on June 23, 2018. “We have a list of parent alien numbers but no way to link them to children.”

          1. hi Stolen Valor.

    2. My sister-in-law emigrated to Canada from the Caribbean and became a citizen.
      It infuriates her how illegals get all kinds of freebies and help from the government for breaking the law, while she had to pay all sorts of expenses and jump through multiple hoops doing it the right way.

      1. Same here: I’m an immigrant to the US. It took more than a decade to get US citizenship and it massive amounts of money and paperwork. Any legal, immigration, or financial misconduct or error would result in a 10 year ban from entering the US, a professional death sentence. Illegals, on the other hand, are effectively exempt from a lot of taxes, financial reporting, and immigration law, as a benefit of breaking the law.

      2. No no. All immigrants love illegal immigration. See sarc and jeff.

        1. More assertions without evidence. You’re good at this!

      3. Sorry, but since your sister has initiative, intelligence, and financial resources she deserves less than others.

    3. Obama was very strict on immigration. Apparently he didn’t express enough visceral hatred of brown people for conservative tastes.

      1. Tony cares about brown people like a pedophile cares about kids.

  15. The GOP’s electoral future might well depend on getting south of the border immigrants to voting status as soon as possible.

    1. Still might not make up for the Democrats literally bringing illegal votes over the border via the Dominion servers.

    1. I’ve been trying to follow this, but its hard to do when the media does no reporting besides screeching about lack of evidence.

      1. Same company bernie and warranty publicly stated committed fraud just a year ago, but totally not a worry now.

    2. Oh here it is, 2020’s version of the Diebold conspiracy theory


    JUST RELEASED from the acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller:

    1. LOCAL NEWS.


    Watch this line and the provocateurs who push it – that Parler and other free social media are national security risks. These provocateurs are more dangerous than Russian subversion.

    1. Dissent is no longer patriotic. Expect to see those bumper stickers scraped off shortly.


    Pennsylvania is weird.

    There were more mail-ballots received than ever before (2.6 million). Yet the rate of rejection for mail-ins is currently ~30x lower than historical averages for the commonwealth?

    Only 951 mail-ins have been rejected so far.

    Why the difference?

    1. 22% of Philly residents don’t have adequate adult literacy skills, but only 0.3% of ballots were rejected?

      C’mon man!


      Ok, this is something that has been picking my mind and I need to get this off my chest

      I was watching the results at Decision Desk that night and noticed something off

      #1 was at 7:52
      #2 was at 7:55
      #3 was at 7:59

      Thought this was just a “glitch,” until I realized this


      1. You’re just copy/pasting other people’s tweets dude.

        1. Truly independent thinkers copy/paste their talking points from the NYT and CNN

          1. Look how you just defined away his plagiarism while also implying the existence of some conspiracy of lies among major news outlets and liberal internet commenters. Or maybe the truth is the truth, and there are only so many ways to say it. But you could have a job at OANN I think. That’s where people are going now that FOX News dared report that Trump lost the election, right? The grifters have become the grifted.

            Because it’s totally reasonable to think that you’re always right about everything and anyone who disagrees is in a conspiracy. Why shouldn’t the right believe that? They have all the college degrees… oh wait no.

        2. Isn’t that Twitter’s whole model?

          Also, fuck off, slaver.


    The calls by the Left to unify are akin to being forced to marry your rapist.

  20. Stop with the singling out of Miller as if he’s the rogue element on immigration. He reflects GOP attitudes…he doesn’t create it.

    You talk about the inhumanity of separating children that Miller pushed. The majority of Republicans loved it.

    “Two-thirds of Americans disapprove of the Trump administration’s practice of taking undocumented immigrant children from their families and putting them in government facilities on US borders, according to a CNN poll conducted by SSRS. Only 28% approve.”

    “But among Republicans, there is majority support for the policy that has resulted in an uptick of children being separated from their families.”

    Only 32% of Republicans disapproved. Heck, read the comments here from supposedly libertarians. And you think it’s just a Miller problem. But then, you’re always giving a pass to Republicans.

    1. I strongly oppose separating children from their parents, as do most Republicans.

      That is why we oppose letting illegal migrants come into the US in the first place: family separation is the inevitable consequence of that.

      It’s Democrats and their cynical political opportunism who are responsible for the misery at the US border.

      1. Losing children is not part of a routine immigration system. They lost the children because they didn’t keep good records. That’s incompetence. The fact that they don’t care what happens to these human beings is a result of their active bigotry. It’s one of those vile things we get to dispose of when we remove Republicans from power.

        1. The US immigration system doesn’t “lose children”.

          What’s happening is that adults arrive illegally in the US with children and without documentation. That isn’t “incompetence” by the US immigration system, it is deliberate fraud on the part of the illegal migrants.

          On top of that, rather than deporting these people quickly back across the border or to their home countries, Democrats and progressives have created an impossible situation by allowing them to stay in the US.

      2. You’re wrong. Look at the poll I cited. Only 32% of Republicans disapproved. But then, only a fool would blame Democrats for. Policy Republicans administered. You own it.

        1. The CNN poll is asking whether Republicans approve of Trump’s policies, and they do. The problem is that CNN and you are mischaracterizing what those policies are.

          The problems with the US immigration system, citizenship, and illegal aliens started in the 1960’s. Obama exacerbated them by abusing his executive authority to circumvent the law as set by Congress. Trump merely tried to enforce the law as written and was sabotaged by progressives every step of the way.

          And then people like you come along and lie about both the origins and the responsibility for the current mess. You are despicable.

    2. Hey jackass! Please tell us how the magic mantra makes wild fires go away!

  21. Like Trump I will be happiest if we never hear from Miller again. It would be nice if he were to get a real job and learn that the world is made up of more than just white people.

    1. You apparently don’t even know who Miller is or who he’s married to.

      Left wing ignorance of facts is not acceptable.

      1. Can you not be coy about whatever special knowledge you have, and share it?

        I just looked it up, and he’s married to a white woman whose job is being Pence’s press secretary. What is your point?

        1. Miller and his wife are conservative Jews, so the charge that they are “white supremacists” is absurd.

          But much of the left these days consists of holocaust deniers and anti-Semites, so why shouldn’t that surprise us.

          1. So, he’s a Jewish nativist asshole, not a Christian anti-Semetic, nativist asshole. He’s still an asshole regardless of labels.

            1. So, he’s a Jewish nativist asshole, not a Christian anti-Semetic, nativist asshole. He’s still an asshole regardless of labels.

              Nativism is the political policy of promoting the interests of native inhabitants/citizens against those of non-citizens, including by supporting immigration-restriction measures.

              You’re implying that US politicians should actually promote the interests of non-citizens over the interests of citizens? That US politicians should place the welfare of non-Americans above the welfare of Americans? That’s both politically not feasible and it’s absurd. It’s the kind of absurdity a privileged, ignorant American would believe in.

              I’m an immigrant. Before I became a citizen, I viewed myself as a guest in America, and I viewed naturalization as a mutually beneficial commitment. Of course, Americans should and did place America’s interests ahead of mine in letting me immigrate: that’s both morally and politically the right thing to do.

    2. Correct, whites are a global minority and getting smaller. Deaths are outstripping births and quite nearly every white nation on Earth is so inundated with bureaucratically approved mass migration that they’re on track to be minorities in their homelands within a century. By and large it’s not the non-whites who are on track to lose sovereignty over their own civilization or nation.

      So yeah, the fact that the world is made up of more than just white people is not really a point of contention on the immigration issue…

      1. Maybe white people should try to be more sexually appealing.

        I’ve seen Trump rallies. Babies don’t spawn from tufts of back hair, dude.

        1. Procreation has little to do with sexual appeal.

          And the reason Europeans aren’t procreating much is because for nearly a century, progressives, the left and the greens have preached against procreation, frightening people with lies about overpopulation, advocating recreational sex, encouraging women not to bear children, and pushing birth control and abortion on people.

          1. You mean expanding human freedom in an unprecedented way thanks to the innovations of birth control and not treating women like chattel.

            Of course you would hate that. You hate freedom. You all do. All you do is freedom drag.

            1. I’m sorry, you read something into my comment that wasn’t there. What I object to is not birth control or abortion, what I object to is propaganda and government manipulation of people, government propaganda that turns women into wombs for the state and sex objects for men unwilling to commit. That’s what you favor, whether you realize it or not.

      2. Why do you think there should be a country just for people with relatively low levels of melanin in their skin, and why should we care if the number of people with relatively low levels of melanin are decreasing?

        1. Because most countries in the world are full of racists and treat Europeans like shit.

          But it isn’t even about race. The US is the least racist society on the planet. The problem isn’t the racial composition of the US, the problem is that Democrats are trying to turn the US into a racist society for political gain.

          We can have an ethnically diverse society under traditional liberal principles. But the society Democrats are trying to create, a multi-cultural society based on identity politics, necessarily ends in violence; just look to European history.

        2. Melanin levels are irrelevant. To reduce race, ethnicity and identity down to the level of literal “color” reveals that you’re so naive as to be unqualified to discuss this topic or too dishonest to qualify to discuss this topic. European peoples are genetically and culturally identifiable, like every other race and/or ethnic group on the planet. We have a right to preserve our existence as who we are.

          1. Why?

      3. It is also true that much of the population is intermarrying and that social constructs like race are falling aside. It would be far better for white people, myself included, for those social construct to fall sooner and for us to embrace the fact that we are all of a single species and part of a shared humanity.

        1. If you look at people like Valerie Jarrett, Colin Kaepernick, or Kamala Harris, people who could easily pass for white Southern European, obviously, intermarriage won’t change anything. On the other hand, jet-black Africans are denounced as “skin folk not kinfolk” or simply declared as “not black” if they hold the wrong beliefs.

          “Black” right now really just means that you hold the right political beliefs and adopt the right identity.

  22. The rules of naturalization are properly set by Congress. It’s an enumerated power just like the power to declare war. Because we disagree with popular opinion is not a good reason for libertarians to advocate authoritarianism, and that’s exactly what it means for a president or the courts to override and/or ignore the separation of powers and the proper role of democracy. The fact is that a society in which its people are subjected to wars, taxes, treaties, or naturalization policies without their consent is not a free society–and therefore these issues always need to be decided by congress.

    When we urge the courts or a president to violate the separation of powers to inflict better immigration policies on the American public against their will, we are begging for a populist backlash. In all its forms, from left to right, populism is reaction to elitists inflicting their will on an unwilling public. Anti-immigrant populism is the price you pay for being a pro-immigration elitist. Democracy is the alternative to populism. Just because we disagree with popular opinion–because it’s stupid and awful–doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect democracy in its proper place.

    The solution to bad policies that are supported by a vast majority of the general public is persuasion. I didn’t read anything persuasive in this article. To be persuasive, you need to do a few things. For one thing, you need to establish credibility with the people you want to persuade, and one of the first things you need to do to establish credibility is that you need to genuinely care about the people you’re trying to persuade. If you can’t do that with the white, blue collar middle class, then do suffering immigrants everywhere a favor and shut the fuck up.

    1. Pro-immigrant elitism = American values.

      The history of this country has been pro-immigrant elitists beating the Hills Have Eyes people down for trying to ruin the most dynamic society on earth with their racist bullshit.

      1. So, no democracy for Tony.

        1. No, more democracy please. I’d be content if the hill people simply didn’t get undemocratic affirmative action in our system.

      2. Well, yes, we can agree that Democrats have been trying to ruin the most dynamic society on earth with their racist bullshit.

    2. It’s knowledgable people’s fault that dumb asses were convinced (by a foreign billionaire as of late) that the nation’s motto is “One nation under God” and not, in fact, E Pluribus Unum?

      1. Well, if they’re arguing for DACA, they’re arguing for somethings is nakedly unconstitutional.

        Obama did DACA as an executive order specifically because congress chose not to act. That’s like claiming its okay for the president to declare war if congress debates the way and decides not to declare one.

        It’s one thing to say that they want congress to make DACA law. Cheering for an unconstitutional violation of the separation of powers, like Biden is promising to do, is fundamentally unlibertarian in so many ways, it’s practically indefenisble from a libertarian standpoint.

        Meanwhile, if the Supreme Court had actually ruled it unconstitutional, congress probably already would have acted to save the dreamers. The thing that’s keeping congress from making DACA law is that Obama executive order gives them an excuse not to go on record as to being for or against it. Take that fig leaf away, and DACA might have been the law of the land already.

    3. Democracy is the alternative to populism.

      LOL you can’t be serious. Democracy is the tool that populism uses to achieve power. They are not alternatives to each other. They are symbiotic.

      1. You’re an ignoramus.

        I guess you think the Nazis weren’t an alternative to democracy, too, since they won elections?!

        Here’s a list of what populists have done over the past four years or so:

        Support for the National Front sends Marine LePen to the runoff.
        The Five Star Movement in Italy.
        Alternative for Germany forces Merkel to promise to step down.
        Far right victory in the parliament of Austria.
        Far right victory in the parliament of the Netherlands.
        The entrenchment of Orban in Hungary.
        The populist movement in Poland.

        We still haven’t talked about the emergence of populism in Brazil, the Philippines, or here in the USA behind Donald Trump–on a whole host of issues.

        The fact of the matter is that when elitists inflict unpopular policies (that are within the proper purview of democracy) through executive orders, unratified treaties, court orders, or bureaucratic decisions (see the EU)–if it’s on the issue of naturalization–you get a predictable anti-immigrant populist backlash pretty much every time. That’s why naturalization policy is an enumerated power of Congress (democracy)–a society isn’t free if its leaders can inflict taxes, wars, treaties, and naturalization policies on the people over their objections and against their will. And oppression breeds revolt.

        The fact of the matter is that if you can’t get a naturalization policy through the legislature (AKA democracy), then if elitists subsequently fail to respect the proper purview of democracy and just inflict their policies through other means anyway, then they will suffer a populist backlash–whether it’s hurts your feelings or not, Jeff. The only way forward is persuasion.

        To not know anything about the populist movements that have risen up all over the world over the past few years and say the stupid shit you said here must mean you are terribly uninformed. I suspect the reason you’re so uninformed is because you’re so dense, you don’t realize that facts matter. After all, even if you didn’t know that populist movements always justify themselves as a reaction to elitists inflicting unpopular policies on the people, how could you be so obtuse to as to be unaware that at least Brexit happened and why?

        You’re aware of certain facts. I think you’re just so dense, you don’t know that facts matter or why. I doubt you even know the difference between facts and your feelings. I suspect you think that facts change depending on your feelings about them and how you want to look at them, but not everyone is as willfully delusional as you are Jeff. Blaming it on your ignorance would be giving you the benefit of the doubt, but what if you’re ignorant because you don’t know that facts and knowledge matter? How basic is that?!


    Spooky. This feels like a scene out of Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty Four”

    1. That is fucking nuts!

      I’d understand if it were all from the same network.

      The same person is writing their copy. It’s gotta be from the DNC or the Obama campaign.

    2. It feels straight out of Alice in Fucking Wonderland that you don’t realize that all of those news stations are owned by noted conservative media giant Sinclair.

      It is propaganda. It is all the same words. It’s all passed down from a shady Republican-affiliated corporation trying to fool people into thinking they’re watching local news.

      We (liberals) have been trying to warn you about this for years.

      1. You are no liberal, Tony.

        1. The staff at Reason practically has him thinking he’s a libertarian!

          1. Or maybe you’re the one who had strayed from the path, considering undying support for a jackbooted incompetent authoritarian clown and libertarianism aren’t necessarily compatible.

            1. So, you don’t deny thinking of yourself as a libertarian now?

  24. Maybe the best thing about a Trump loss is that we’ll be able to get our Democrat acquaintances to talk about policy issues without reference to Trump.

    1. Don’t get your hopes up. It wasn’t that way during the Obama administration either. I remember when the only reason you opposed Obama squandering your future paychecks to bail out Wall Street was because of the Koch brothers, and the only reason you didn’t want Obama to make our economy more competitive with ObamaCare was because you were racist.


    Make sure to say “kids in cages” as many times as you can for the next few weeks because starting on January 20, 2021, that phrase is going to disappear from the lexicon so fast it’s going to make your head spin, even though there will still be plenty of kids in cages:


    Thousands of Trump supporters sing the “Star Spangled Banner” in unison.

    1. Those horrible bigots!

    2. That’s the one Francis Scott Key wrote after the Continental Army captured the King’s colonial airports, right?

      “The Continental Army suffered a bitter winter of Valley Forge, found glory across the waters of the Delaware and seized victory from Cornwallis of Yorktown. Our army manned the [unclear]. It rammed the ramparts. It took over the airports. It did everything it had to do. And at Fort McHenry, under the rockets’ red glare, it had nothing but victory. And when dawn came, their star-spangled banner waved defiant.”

      1. It’s not surprising that you’d act offended at the sight of people singing our national anthem

        1. When did I act offended?

          I used the opportunity to take a dig at your slavering support for Trump by bringing up a really moronic thing he said, in public.

  27. How terrible that white people ANYWHERE would assert that they have a right to their own nations reserved for their own peoples. I bet Billy Binion is really upset that Tibetans aren’t more excited about being swamped by Han Chinese in their own country.

    1. Well, go ask Northern Europe if they will take you back, because the continent I live on belonged to brown people before white people stole it.

      You should know that Northern Europe is the most socialist part of the free world.

      1. Said as if the same exact premise is not used against European nations. Just admit that you like seeing European nations swamped and irrevocably altered by non-white mass migration.

        1. I like freedom. If you have a bug up your ass about refugees, why don’t you propose helping them fix their home countries? It’s not like people get on a boat and flee their home because they want to.

          1. It’s not just refugees, it’s about infinity non-white migration in general. Why do I owe it to anyone to help them fix their home countries? My people don’t get to keep existing unless we teach Somalis how not to rape and pillage their own society into the dirt? Fuck you.

            1. To be fair, most brown suffering can be traced to white imperialism. Name one place where we’ve just let them the fuck alone.

              I still don’t get why white people get North America. Is it okay for white people to steal whole continents but brown people shouldn’t be allowed to simply move their family where they want to live?

              1. Clearly, many crimes and human rights violations were carried out under imperialism and colonialism.

                But your assessment of the long term effects of colonialism is delusional. Pre-colonial societies around the world were largely brutal, totalitarian, with low life expectancy and high risk of starvation and disease, and they existed in that state on and off for millennia. Post-colonial societies are much wealthier, much healthier, much more literate, much more peaceful.

                Not is that anything new. The Roman Empire conquered and destroyed the societies of Northern Europe, the same way the British Empire conquered and destroyed the societies of Africa and Australia. But rather than whining about that, Northern Europeans view Roman culture as an essential part of their own societies now.

                The only people in Europe who whined and complained about the destruction of their native societies by Rome were the fascists in Italy and Germany. It shouldn’t surprise anybody that you think like those people yourself.

      2. First no it is not socialist you stupid fuck, keep up with current events. You pay far too much attention to the Bernie Sanders fuckwads who constantly lie like the good Soviets they are.

        Second why don’t you ask those “brown people” [your disparaging words] about what happens when millions of people from another place show up. You just proved our point you fucking asshole.

        1. But those “people from another place” are descended from the original inhabitants of this continent, unlike white people. I’m just using the logic that was presented.

          1. The descendants of Native Americans are US citizens now, with full and equal rights, just like the descendants of the conquered Germanic tribes became citizens of the Holy Roman Empire. That’s how liberal, rational societies function.

            Believing that someone has a claim to land based on their ethnicity and/or ancestry is the hallmark of fascism and was the basis for both Mussolini and Hitler’s ideologies. It’s not just a despicable belief system, it destroys liberal democracies.

      3. Not brown people, red men.

      4. Well, go ask Northern Europe if they will take you back, because the continent I live on belonged to brown people before white people stole it.

        That’s your racism and your ignorance speaking. There is no such group as “brown people”, nor did any one group ever have a claim on North America as a whole.

        In fact, most of the North American nations were destroyed unintentionally by European diseases, and European settlers resettled those areas. That’s tragic, but it’s not a violation of property rights.

        1. We didn’t mean to genocide you! Oops! Well, since no one is using this land now…

          Hey asshole, if all your moral beliefs lead to you getting everything you want, they’re probably shitty moral beliefs.

          1. Tony, it’s just a fact that Amerindians were killed by a natural plague, not by conquest or genocide.

            Not is that in any way historically unusual: large portions of Europe were depopulated by war, famine, and/or disease, and then new populations moved in.

            Your belief system, a system in which people have claims on land based on ancestry and/or ethnicity is the belief system of fascism. It’s reprehensible.

            The duty America and Americans had to Amerindians was to make them full and equal citizens of the new nation, and we have done that.

    2. Well, go do your white people land, but not here every because that isn’t what America is.

      1. Except it explicitly was up until 1965.

    3. Oh look who crawled out of the Stormfront sewer.

      1. Yeah white people who want communities and homelands for their own people, like every other people on the planet want, are just such terrible monsters.

      2. You and Tony?

  28. Imagine having your child stolen from you because some bald fuckface couldn’t get laid in high school.

    1. Imagine going to an adult prison for breaking the law and your children get sent in with you. That would be much better…

      1. When we send parents to prison, we don’t generally lose their children.

        1. The children are not lost. We know exactly where they are.
          It is the parents that have gone missing.

    2. God help us if you ever have children.

      1. God help the children. I can barely keep three cats alive.

        1. The plot thickens: Tony is an old cat lady, probably with toxoplasmosis.

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  31. Good thread

    For those who don’t know, Orwell’s 1984 was a thought experiment about what would happen if the Fabian Society gained the power of Stalin, which Orwell thought might happen by the year 2000. The Fabian Society was founded in 1884, hence the book’s title.

    1. Go read the Wikipedia page on 1984.

      1. Are you just fully committing to the self parody now?

        1. The Wikipedia page has more info on the origins of the title 1984 than your ill informed tweet that you quoted.

  32. Only the most depraved would support this bigoted pos. But alas, they congregate here anyhow.

    1. Fuck off shitface. You have never posted one cogent thing here and your support of left wing politics makes you morally and ethically degenerate.

  33. No, that’s the worst thing about it.

  34. Reason Article on Immigration…

    A shot of Whisky for everyone who brings up Koch

  35. Yup. Stephen Miller is beyond creepy.
    And separating, innocent children from your parents?
    These aren’t terrorists, psycho boy.
    If you want to throw up a huge, Israeli-style wall…fine with me.
    You want to throw the army at the border? Okay.
    But deliberately causing tremendous grief and pain to innocent children because you are staggeringly xenophobic?
    Thank goodness this Nazi (who happens to be Jewish) is leaving.

    1. You know what’s really creepy? Obama’s unconstitutional executive order that created the asylum seeker crisis in the first place.

      Before DACA, asylum seekers from the Northern Triangle countries (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras), averaged less than 1,000 per year. At the height of the asylum seeker crisis in May of 2019, they were streaming in at a rate of more than 100,000 a month–and more than 80% of them were children traveling alone or families with children traveling together.

      It turns out that when you promise not to deport people who were brought here as children, it creates a huge incentive for millions of children and the families to come here–and overwhelm the infrastructure we had in place to take care of them. Is there anything so cruel as a well-meaning progressive who doesn’t know or care about how the real world actually works?

      The creepy thing is that a court in New York just reinstated DACA again (despite its clear unconstitutionality), and if that stands, the chances of millions more children and their families being drawn here–when we can’t hope to care for them–is probably close to 100%.

      1. P.S. Donald Trump deserves a tremendous amount of credit for ending the asylum seekers crisis, first by pressuring the Mexican government to use their military to turn back asylum seekers at their southern border and second by negotiating safe third country agreements with the Northern Triangle countries. Oh, and with those amazing feats of diplomacy, he was able to accomplish the end of that crisis without building a wall, too.

      2. P.S. Presidents inflicting unconstitutional policies on an unwilling America is creepy as hell. It was creepy in Obama’s unconstitutional Paris Climate treaty. It was creepy in Obama’s unconstitutional Iran Nuclear treaty. And it was creepy when Obama violated the Constitution by imposing his own rules of naturalization on the American people–specifically because Congress rejected them–too.

        But of the three, only Obama’s DACA order resulted in the suffering of hundreds of thousands of children unnecessarily. What a creep!

      3. Unconstitutional, yes, but “creepy”. In your own words, it was “well-meaning”.

        1. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

          If it hadn’t been for Obama’s “well-meaning” but unconstitutional stupidity on the Paris Accords, the unconstitutional Iranian Nuclear deal, and the unconstitutional DACA order, Trump might not have won the primaries and Hillary Clinton might have beat him in the general election.

          How did Obama’s “good intentions” fare under Trump?

          Incidentally, if Biden either inflicts the Green New Deal on us or opens up the border to millions of asylum seekers through unconstitutional means, no amount of good intentions will save the climate or a liberal immigration system from the backlash that’s sure to come.

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  38. Thanks to “Left-Libertarians” who are nothing but Leftists, we’ve got Joe and his Ho and a coming nightmare of socialism. Reason can suck it ….

    1. Cool, then you won’t be hanging out here in the Reason comments section?


    People are being attacked in the streets in brazen acts of political violence (i.e. domestic terrorism), including elderly people and children, and no one on the left has a single thing to say about it.

    What was that they said about silence being complicity?


    A family with children are in tears as they are followed and harassed by antifa. #MillionMAGAMarch

  41. My prediction is that Richard Hopkins will not get into any legal trouble, but we also won’t hear anything more from him. In the end, the true story is that he heard a snippet of conversation and constructed the rest of the story in assumptions in his mind:

    1. They were so close. As we all know, one instance of fraud means Donald Trump wins.

      1. I’ve paid a lot of attention to the Hopkins story, even listening to the entire two-hour interview with the postal agents.

        I feel sorry for Hopkins. He’s a fellow libertarian, and sincerely cares about election integrity. But he also comes across as a bit dim-witted, and he has been used like a political football by Project Veritas, and then manipulated into dropping almost his entire story by the inspectors. I have to be fair to the postal inspectors, though: in the end they did get the real story of what happened (not much).

        1. Not the sharpest crayon in the box.

          Any country lawyer could have taken apart his affidavit under questioning.

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  43. Well read through the comments and I have had a perfectly wonderful time discussing and learning about libertarian thought on immigration – but this wasn’t it.

  44. Is that you, Shikha?

    1. Might as well have been written by her. It’s full of lies, distortions and half truths-the left wing playbook. This is like something straight out of mainstream media.


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  46. If these migrants gave a crap about their kids, they wouldn’t try and crash our borders. Nothing this guy did was near enough, and I say mount machine guns on radar to shoot people as they cross instead. Too many humans, and none worth a shit.

  47. It says something about Trump where Stephen fucking Miller is one of the very, very few to last all four years.

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