How Biden Would Handle the COVID-19 Pandemic

Unfortunately, COVID, COVID, COVID this winter is unlikely to be Fake News.


President-elect Joe Biden, as one of the first official acts of his transition, appointed a COVID-19 Advisory Board to shape his incoming administration's efforts to handle the coronavirus pandemic. The board will be led by co-chairs former Food and Drug Administration commissioner David Kessler, former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, and Yale University public health professor Marcella Nunez-Smith. By choosing Kessler and Murthy, Biden is recycling a couple of enthusiastic over-regulators and drug warriors who have variously sought to outlaw nutritional supplementscigarettes, vaping, and guns, and to justify imposing taxes on sodas and fast food on public health grounds.

Beyond these inauspicious advisory board appointments, let take a look at Biden's broader plan to address the accelerating COVID-19 pandemic. The first and most important part of Biden's plan is to "fix Trump's test-and-tracing fiasco." Instead of complaining that more testing finds more cases, Biden wants to enable Americans to find those cases. To do so he promises to "invest in next-generation testing, including at home tests and instant tests, so we can scale up our testing capacity by orders of magnitude."

According to the COVID Tracking Project, coronavirus testing has now reached around 1.5 million per day. That's not nearly enough. Back in April, researchers at Harvard outlined a testing and tracing plan aiming at safely reopening the U.S. economy by revving up testing to 5–20 million people per day. The Harvard plan also recommended hiring and training 100,000 contact tracers, a recommendation Biden has said he would follow. (About half of Americans say they would be comfortable sharing information with COVID-19 tracers, according to a recent finding from the Pew Research Center.)

Economics Nobelist Paul Romer and his colleagues argued that "population-scale testing can suppress the spread of COVID-19" through providing 330 million Americans with at-home test kits costing $1 each for weekly use would cost $20 billion. Ultimately, rapid home COVID-19 tests are the best path to a new normal in which individual Americans can easily find out if they are infected and then voluntarily self-isolate so that they do not transmit the illness to their fellow citizens.

More worryingly, Biden would invoke the Defense Production Act to ramp up production of masks, face shields, and other personal protective equipment (PPE). It is true that some public health officials are already warning of possible PPE shortages as the number of COVID-19 cases increases this winter. However, the would-be pandemic central planners in a Biden administration should keep in mind missteps such as the Trump administration's use of the DPA to force manufacturers to produce ventilators, which has resulted in a glut of the machines.

Biden sensibly promises to make sure that public health authorities provide clear, consistent, evidence-based guidance on how communities can navigate the pandemic. Noting that social distancing functions more like a dial than a light switch, guidance on the extent of social distancing practices would be based on the risks and degree of viral spread in each community. Biden promises more federal spending to help schools, small businesses, and families make it through the pandemic. What's currently on the legislative table is a pandemic stimulus bill proposed by the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) for $2.2 trillion. In the heat of the presidential campaign, Trump declared that he wanted an even bigger stimulus than that.

Today, vaccine makers Pfizer and BioNTech announced the good news that the preliminary results of their clinical trial suggest that their vaccine is 90 percent effective in preventing coronavirus infections. Biden plans to spend $25 billion on a COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing and distribution plan that will guarantee it gets to every American, cost-free. The Trump administration deserves credit for launching Operation Warp Speed in May, which aimed to incentivize the development and subsequent production hundreds of millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines in under a year. But Trump's shenanigans have also alarmed a significant proportion of the American public about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. For his part, Biden aims to allay vaccine safety fears by making the vaccine approval process exceptionally transparent.

Today the president-elect urged his fellow Americans to wear masks as a way to help blunt the rise of COVID-19 cases this winter. On his website Biden points to studies that suggest near-universal masking could prevent millions of cases and tens of thousands of deaths in the U.S. through February. Another analysis in a July preprint reviewing the literature on the efficacy of facial coverings to prevent disease transmission notes that "the preponderance of evidence indicates that mask wearing reduces the transmissibility per contact by reducing transmission of infected droplets." They calculate that near-universal masking could spare as much as one trillion dollars in losses from the U.S. economy, if that masking is a partial substitute for lockdowns.

Donning masks in situations where social distancing is difficult is a good idea. Wearing masks is largely about "source control"—that is, preventing already infected people from transmitting their microbes to non-consenting others. It is now pretty well established that presymptomatic and asymptomatic individuals shed enough virus to infect other people. That is, they cannot know in advance that they are harming other people by transmitting the coronavirus to them.

Biden reluctantly recognizes that the president has no constitutional authority to impose a national mask mandate. Consequently, he plans to work with governors and mayors to implement essentially a nationwide face mask mandate. One tool Biden could use to force states to impose mask mandates would be the threat of withholding federal funds. Such mandates would entail more law enforcement which would understandably provoke a public backlash against over-policing. Ultimately, why does Biden think government-enforced mask mandates are even necessary since most data suggest that the vast majority of Americans have been wearing masks for months now?

Biden is correct that the previous administration made numerous fatal blunders in its handling of the pandemic, and that more clarity and transparency at all levels is an important step in rectifying those mistakes. That will be a welcome change from his predecessor's failure to roll out sufficient testing, devise an effective reopening strategy for the country, and his numerous inane assertions that the end of the pandemic was nigh, including claims like the virus will disappear "like a miracle" and "this is going to go away without a vaccine" and "the China plague will fade" and "we're rounding the corner and it's going away." Nevertheless the makeup of Biden's advisory board and his mixed messages on mask mandates give cause for concern, and will be worth keeping an eye on.

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  1. Seriously it is election interference to be spreading disinformation so cease calling Biden President elect, it is only the corrupt media cartel who said the election was won by Biden…Is Reason now part of the corrupt media cartel? No? then stop spreading disinfo the election is in dispute…

    Hate to break it to the minority ie Biden people. Their steal plan may have worked in years past, it was doomed in 2020. Why? It’s a Democrat thing, they cannot ever picture scenarios where their own bullshit doesn’t become reality. Their brains are limited in this regard it’s a lack of creativity and imagination an affliction that seems to exist in the left.

    Exhibit 1. In 2016 Democrats and corrupt Government officials simply could not imagine Clinton losing the election. So they threw caution to the wind and broke every rule and every norm weaponizing the nations intel and law enforcement to spy on Trump and his campaign. They believed in all their damaged brains that Clinton’s win and the fake dossier would allow them to destroy their political opposition and clean up the illegality post election -FAIL They had to hurriedly concoct the Russian collusion lie (successful short term, devastating long term to media credibility which will in 2020 help disable the current election steal).

    Exhibit 2. Employing electronic means via ex CIA tools for election interference overseas. Battleground states where elections were managed by Democrat operatives had HAMMER & SCORECARD programs loaded onto tallying systems, these programs shave %’s off every Trump vote and add it to Biden’s vote. The amount is added via an algorithm that shapes the steal to certain parameters. Once again the Democrats determined that Trump would NEVER exceed Obama’s best election vote total and programmed using that in the algo. On election night around 10.30pm the top Democrat shat their pants realizing Trump was on track to exceed Obama’s best result. So they halted counting everywhere they could, kicked out GOP watchers, and manufactured the required vote. How? By taking legal Trump votes, transcribing them to a new ballot as Biden votes. Hence so many states had Biden votes with nothing marked for the down the list senate, congress etc races. At 4am they started adding in the stolen votes. When they had what they required, they collected the approximately 600,000 Trump votes transported them to the Crematoria opposite Four Seasons Landscaping where Rudy Guiliani held that Presser leftists are giggling about, and incinerated them. Don’t you think it’s hilarious we all know now and that Guiliani held his presser at the exact moment the media called the election for Biden. How many Democrats shat their pants when they learned where Guiliani was? It’s all coming out…be careful because it will be proven the wokerati who’ve been oppressing, screaming and threatening Trump voters represent 30something % vs Trumps now known 60something% of the legal vote. Consider yourselves warned…enjoy!

    1. Am I going to have to scroll past this word salad on every article?

      1. Just tell Q! at it periodically as you flag it.

        1. I’ve only ever flagged things by accident.

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    2. The crematorium bit was pretty good, not gonna lie. But seriously, everybody knows exhibits go alphabetically, not numerically. Get it together.

    3. This site doesn’t need another copypasta specialist, we’re full up.

    4. Someone claiming Biden raped his kittens. Sigh.

      How the fuck can we have a democracy when every election the losing side goes around will full diapers claiming the other side cheated?

      The president will be determined with the Electoral College meets. Until then it’s perfectly legal for the media to declare one person a winner based on the reported election results. Stuff may change, especially with an election this close, but that doesn’t give you the moral authority to behave like a toddler. Go clean out your shorts.

      1. The complaints are similar to the cencorship complaints. The Republicans are complaining they are getting cheated, the dems are complaining they aren’t cheating the Republicans enough

        1. So you are okay with the MSM picking a side and shilling exclusively for that side and completely ignoring any relevant that is contrary to their chosen candidate?
          Having a news channel that literally channels what they deem is the appropriate news to you is good. You don’t have a problem with that.

      2. We can’t, brandy.
        Which is why some of us have been screaming to make voting more secure for fucking years.
        But the idiots like you come along and talk some bullshit about “voter suppression” due to the fact that you think black people are incapable of doing things that they’re actually perfectly capable of doing. Then you added covid fear mongering this year to get mail in ballots. And then you spouted some more bullshit about how vote fraud is totes rare, because reasons.
        Truth is, brandy and its ilk, here don’t mind the left winning by fraud. They just want the right to shut up about it.
        But fuck you, and fuck the Maduro style democracy you plead for.

        1. Here, here. So sick of the illogical responses.
          Trump mails in his vote. Yes, the mail in ballot he requested. I do the same and yet received no less than five solicitations to sign up for a mail in ballot. Yes, there is a difference between requesting a ballot and having an unsolicited ballot sent to a voter.
          The case counts. Who cares. Talking point – Trump says we should stop counting. What he actually said – more counting will yield more cases. Not rocket science, but actual Science/Math nonetheless.

      3. How the fuck can we have a democracy when every election the losing side goes around will full diapers claiming the other side cheated?

        Welcome to the near end-game of ‘lesser evil’. The end game of course will be an election with the real Genghis Khan and WhoKnowWho with 99% of the population taking blood oaths in support of one against the other.

    5. Is Reason now part of the corrupt media cartel?
      You must be new here.

    6. Reason IS part of the corrupt media empire. That’s been clear for YEARS. We thought the media was running interference for the dems, but it turns out the dems are just frontmen for the media.

  2. Can we at least take an honest look at Sweden now and admit that they had the right idea? Look at Sweden compared to other places in Europe. They have no masks and no lockdowns and no real increase in hospitalization or death beyond what is expected at this time of year. The rest of Europe is not nearly as bad as it is made out to be, but is still seeing some real increases in illness and death from ‘Rona.

    1. Fauci: You can’t compare Sweden to the US.

      1. Like Tony always an excuse handy

      2. Then you can’t compare anywhere to the US, so you have no basis to claim that the US has done any worse or better than anywhere else.

        At this point, I don’t think a comparison is even necessary. Just look at Sweden. It worked. It’s no longer a question of whether the comparison is valid. They don’t have an epidemic anymore, even a little bit.

        1. Ah, yeah, they still do, a lot.

          I’m glad they tried the approach but given enough time, the outcome is about the same everywhere unless you completely isolate like New Zealand, or bring out the thumbscrews like China. Nothing else seems to work very well for very long, the virus finds a way.

          1. China got their result by lying about their numbers

            1. Not really. There was overt confusion and lying for a couple weeks in early February. And there is an undercount of covid deaths in Wuhan in the early days as ‘conducting an autopsy for everyone who died in Wuhan’ was priority #5123.

              But the reason China eliminated the first wave was because of their internal China-wide lockdown (mostly for the purpose of freeing up 75,000+ medical workers who were sent to Wuhan) and the Wuhan lockdown itself (which is nothing like the lockdowns anywhere else except maybe Lombardy too-late).

              There are videos of the latter online even if you have to wade through the usual propaganda-type shit. But one thing is for certain, commenters here are incapable of anything other than reciting a political narrative. Quite similar to party flunkies in China too.

              1. As an aside, the number I have seen as the best estimate for excess deaths in Wuhan (based on the number of cremation urns compared to ‘normal’) is about 26,000. Add maybe another 15,000 for the rest of China. In most countries, the excess deaths tracks pretty closely with covid.

                That 40,000 may be 10x times that the official number but its not really a lie. More like – when systems are truly overwhelmed, data collection becomes a low priority.

          2. I don’t mean that the virus has disappeared in Sweden. But it is not epidemic anymore by any reasonable definition. It’s an endemic seasonal virus and that’s how it is behaving.

            1. It has not done anything of the sort. Cases have grown by 2-3% per day this month. So a 50% increase in caseload over the last two or three weeks. Sweden doesn’t test so this means only the serious stuff requiring hospitalization. Deaths will lag. But they – like every cold weather country – is about to enter their second wave.

              The only reason you R hand-wavers ignore everything that is actually happening is because that is what you do. Wave your hands around to distract attention so you can ignore everything and therefore it doesn’t exist. Move along now.

          3. No they don’t, even a little. ICUs and deaths are nearly flat. The system is in no danger. That’s all we can do and we did it months ago.

        2. Tell that to The Party, zeb.
          Maybe they’ll be less enthusiastic about lockdowns (though they’re still all in on mask mandates) now that they’ve used them to pull off a couple and seize power, but then again they love nothing more than the world lockdowns created, controlling others and destroying tens of millions of lives.

      3. Nope. They’re thin and much better looking those Swedes.

      4. It’s true. The main reason is that Sweden is a highly homogeneous culture that really into conformity and obeying rules. The literal opposite of the US. Look up “tall poppy syndrome”.

        Not disagreeing with Sweden, not bashing them either. They’re just different. Trying to import their pandemic policy is as silly as us trying to import Finland’s school system. Won’t work for us no matter how well it works for them.

        1. This is a great point.

        2. How about their democratic socialism?

        3. Finland’s school system would be a big improvement in the USA.
          Once we adopt it, everyone will Finnish school.

          1. And go on to Finnishing school?

      5. You can’t.

        One of the first things Sweden did was eliminate the short waiting period before sick leave becomes mandatory paid sick leave. So people could take time off and isolate a bit when they became symptomatic.

        Contrast that with the US eliminating paid sick leave and medical coverage itself for tens of millions of people.

        Yeesh. The notion that context doesn’t matter at all. Sweden is now the model for ‘libertarian’ R’s apparently. Because – oooh – the word lockdown.

    2. Why not more talk about Japan? It seems to me that they did very little, and almost no deaths. Why does the rona hate Japanese people so much.

      1. Fukushima radiation kept it at bay?

      2. I suspect they have had more exposure to similar viruses. Just a guess.

      3. Mainly because most people in Japan were masks anyway. So other than the social distancing in Tokyo, they were mostly set.

        United States, November 2020, I still see people who can’t wear a mask right.

        1. Fuck off, slaver

      4. The Japanese are not a touchy feely culture either. They naturally socially distance, rarely touch. And mask up if they are sick. Wash alot too.

        1. All good points. Japan was also quick to take action lowering initial exposures and allow a quicker although more limited return to normal.

  3. Since the comments have already been high jacked…..I will join in too. Apparently, an election worker in Michigan signed an affidavit saying they witnessed that the election systems there had an internet connection. So the poll workers could check Twitter more easily? Nothing to see here…

  4. It must have been a fair election, having met all the criteria for openness and fair outcome – the Democrats appear to have won. Otherwise, there would have been voter suppression.
    If it turns out the recount results in a Trump victory, the Russians must have been at it again.
    Democrats are morally superior to those who might argue ‘it just doesn’t work, and your efforts seem to be making it worse’ because they know they are working from the Truth and Science. As President-elect (maybe) Biden so clearly put it “we believe in Truth, not just facts.”

    1. Truth Trumps Facts.

      Every time!

  5. “Biden plans to spend $25 billion on a COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing and distribution plan that will guarantee it gets to every American, cost-free.”

    New Math.

    1. Government Math.

      1. As good as government cheese.

    2. lmao… Best comment in a long time!!! 🙂

    3. I knew someone had to have beaten me to that. You’d think that a libertarian publication might point out that self-contradictory sentiment.

  6. Or we just get over ourselves act like adults and go back to work and school. Isolate if you choose to. Otherwise the government can leave us the fuck alone. Somehow we made it through the Hong Kong flu 1968 and 1969. 100K Americans died, when the population was a little more than half of what it is today. No internet and no social media for the scare tactics. News orgs were more responsible. Oh and Americans still managed to execute the Apollo moon missions. Those days are long gone.

    1. That would be nice.
      It really is disgusting. We don’t need a national plan to deal with a somewhat worse than usual cold/flu thingy. We need to stop deliberately fucking up the economy and people’s lives.

      1. It’s the Democratic plan to deal with illegals.

        In CA, by putting the hospitality business out of work, they’re putting the “undocumented” workers out of work.

        Also in CA, the COVID rate is considerably higher among the LatinX community because they “huddle” together.

        It’s a long way back to where they came from. The Dems hope they make it.

    2. Well from reading the article the Biden Admin (linked in this article above) is basing his plan on we should expect 1 million deaths by February 28th. I think we’ll get a good chance to see if the Scientists and modelers he’s following are even close since he’ll take over (*you can retract that part if it’s not true later on) mid January and he edicts won’t probably go until Feb 1 so if that’s the case we’ll have 1 month to see his reduction so what like 750k dead is what he’s banking on? If that doesn’t happen that number isn’t close then what?

      1. Well if they count covid deaths like they count votes I’m sure it will surpass a million deaths by then.

        1. just hope they don’t do it like Wisconsin

    3. We also ate lots of pop corn and watched the Democrat National convention in black and white on 19″ CRTs and serendipitously rid ourselves of another Kennedy. Ah. Good times.

    4. Biden went full doomer today, saying that we’re looking at months of wearing masks and because we don’t know when a vaccine will actually be ready.

      Broke: “Two weeks to flatten the curve.”
      Woke: “Dark Winter, wear masks indefinitely.”

      1. people have been wearing masks since March.
        it didn’t work.

        1. It just wasn’t mandated hard enough.

          Even the studies that purport to support mask use don’t claim that cloth face coverings are particularly effective, just that they probably do something. Pushing a few more people to wear masks isn’t going to do anything.

  7. “Ultimately, why does Biden think government-enforced mask mandates are even necessary since most data suggest that the vast majority of Americans have been wearing masks for months now?”

    Because *some* people are choosing to not wear a mask and they must be forced to OBEY.

    1. “forced to OBEY” — [WE] mob rules… No, not [WE] neighborhood, not [WE] county, not [WE] city, not [WE] state….

      It MUST be forced from the highest levels of dictatorship we can FIND!!! Yes, they even lobby the U.N. where do you think the ‘climate hoax’ came from.

  8. “Americans can easily find out if they are infected and then voluntarily self-isolate so that they do not transmit the illness to their fellow citizens.”

    Anecdotal evidence among my neighbors is that they won’t test themselves because they don’t want to be quarantined.

    Instead you’re going to get a lot of pre-symptomatic people testing themselves the day before they go to Grandma’s for thanksgiving.

    Testing is of no use until there is a benefit to the person taking the test. Like a treatment.

    1. I wouldn’t. I’d just stay home and wait it out, considering the vast majority of cases are mild anyway.

  9. Why did you skip over Zeke Emanuel’s selection to the covid advisory board?

    Is it because he doesn’t think old people should be given vaccines or antibiotics?

  10. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel
    Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD, is an oncologist and Vice Provost for Global Initiatives and chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania. From January 2009 to January 2011, he served as special advisor for health policy to the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. Since 1997, he has served as chair of the Department of Bioethics at The Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

    What about simple stuff? Flu shots are out. Certainly if there were to be a flu pandemic, a younger person who has yet to live a complete life ought to get the vaccine or any antiviral drugs. A big challenge is antibiotics for pneumonia or skin and urinary infections. Antibiotics are cheap and largely effective in curing infections. It is really hard for us to say no. Indeed, even people who are sure they don’t want life-extending treatments find it hard to refuse antibiotics. But, as Osler reminds us, unlike the decays associated with chronic conditions, death from these infections is quick and relatively painless. So, no to antibiotics.

  11. Love how a ‘libertarian’ is barely raising a complaint about the coming state takeover of various healthcare industries and unconstitutional federate mandates on behavior.

    1. And cheering for “contact tracing”, which sounds more threatening in the original East German accent.

      1. Kontaktverfolgung

  12. Once again, both sides are wrong. The Right is wrong when they continue asserting that the pandemic is all a conspiracy to deny Trump his rightful throne. The Left is wrong that we’re being punished for not genuflecting at the governors hard enough.

    The truth is that we’re entering flu season. The season when all people are most susceptible respiratory viruses. Flu, colds, COVID-19, etc. That does NOT mean this virus is just the flu (shut up team red), and it does NOT mean we’re surging because deplorables won’t stay indoors (shut up team blue). This new giant bump on the curve was predicted back in March. Without a vaccine we’ll see it again next year too.

    1. “Once again, both sides are wrong. The Right is wrong when they continue asserting that the pandemic is all a conspiracy to deny Trump his rightful throne.”

      You either need to stop listening to the voices in your head or try to stay away from social media.

      Your bothsideism is way off. I haven’t talked to anyone on this site or in the real world who thinks that the pandemic itself is a conspiracy.

      Jesus Christ.

      1. P.S. Trump’s response to the pandemic is light years better than what Biden is calling for.

        Both sides?!

        Read it yourself:

        It’s a shit show all the way down the list.

      2. Yep. This is a recurrent pattern and why no one of good faith engages with lefties any more.

        They believe that if you don’t agree with them on how to solve the problem, its clear that you don’t agree that the problem exists.

        – You don’t think that wind and solar are the solution to climate change? Well, it’s because you’re a science denying bigot who denies any climatic changes are possible and wants the whole world to be just like Chernobyl.

        – You think that governors and mayors are taking advantage of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic to establish draconian executive powers and purposely destroy the economy to hurt Trump’s election? You’re a science denying bigot who doesn’t even think that SARS-CoV2 exists.

        – You don’t think that outlawing “assault weapons” and magazines larger than 5 rounds will solve violence forever? You’re a science denying bigot who wants kids to be slaughtered in their schools.

        The pattern is painfully obvious to see. Leftists are strategically disingenuous to get their way by claiming that there is no other way…

        1. Screwed the pooch on the html formatting…

    2. On the one hand, Trump didn’t always wear a mask.

      On the other hand, Biden wants to wring what’s left of market capitalism out of the healthcare system by way of a public option.

      So, both sides are wrong?!

      Am I getting the hang of this yet?

    3. cold and flu season is in the winter because that’s when people do stay indoors. so staying indoors isn’t the solution, it’s part of the problem.

    4. Dude, you have been eating too much ass to know what’s going on. Your “splitting the difference” approach isn’t going to please anyone.

  13. Anybody who wants to see the Biden transition team’s designs on COVID and the economy, here’s the link where Biden spells it out:

    The first thing that stands out to me is the national mandatory mask rule.

    “Implement mask mandates nationwide . . .

    Every American to wear a mask when they are around people outside their household.

    Every Governor to make that mandatory in their state.

    Local authorities to also make it mandatory to buttress their state orders.

    Directly under that, Biden says this:

    “The Biden-Harris Administration will work to ensure that the protections for those with pre-existing conditions that were won with Obamacare are protected. And, they will work to lower health care costs and expand access to quality, affordable health care through a Medicare-like public option.”

    —-Biden’s Transition Site

    If you guys think ObamaCare was bad, the public option makes ObamaCare look desirable by comparison.

    Oh, and he’s justifying this as a reaction to COVID!

    So much for unity. Resist Biden. I can’t find anything passively acceptable as policy on that page anywhere. I defy anyone to find something libertarian or capitalist on that page.

    1. That was a depressing read…

    2. You must have missed something. Why just today I read a headline in a libertarian magazine insisting that a Biden election is Kinda Good for libertarians.

      1. There’s still a libertarian magazine out there? What is it?

  14. Poorly an with great evil

  15. On his website Biden points to studies that suggest near-universal masking could prevent millions of cases and tens of thousands of deaths in the U.S. through February.

    The word ‘suggest’ is carrying a a lot of weight in that sentence.

    Personally, I think Biden could task the Space Force with getting us all space helmets before he disbands it.

    1. I don’t need no stinking space helmet. I’ve got tin foil!

  16. Poorly. Ron do you have hobbies?

  17. Plan A: Just say the pandemic is over, have the media elite repeat that for a few days, and get on with life.
    Plan B: Shoot everyone diagnosed with the Communist Chinese Virus. Report the “facts” that no one is dying from the Communist Chinese Virus, but there is a spike in gun violence requiring common sense confiscation. Win-Win.

    1. They’ll go with plan A. That’s why the Democrat governors killed all their folks early in the summer: they wanted to ensure as many deaths would occur during Trump’s presidency so they could claim Biden “cured” everyone after January 2021…

    2. You are an evil genius.

  18. How Biden Would Mishandle the COVID-19 Pandemic


  19. Here is a radial suggestion: Just cooperate with the basic public health measures! Listen to the doctors who have observed this virus since the beginning. We have plenty of data on different approaches across the world. All Biden wants to do is implement what is known to work. If we all suck it up then this will be over faster. We are in this boat because so many people just won’t do anything to help stop the spread.

    1. Tell me, do you know what endemic means?

      1. knows what radial means.

    2. Listen to the doctors who have observed this virus since the beginning.

      I have been, and those doctors have claimed the lockdown was overwrought and counterproductive. Which doctors are you listening to?

      1. The ones that say 1. wash hands, 2. wear masks, 3. social distance.

        1. So to you, science is a conclusion, not a process.

          1. No, but it can give conclusions, and in this case it has, clearly.

            1. So clearly that your conclusions should never be questioned.

        2. Science!!11!!

          Doctors at Stanford University are at the forefront of a global movement of health experts who are criticizing lockdowns to control COVID-19 and say schools and businesses should reopen, but with a focus on protecting the elderly and infirm who are most vulnerable to the virus.

          Called the Great Barrington Declaration after the western Massachusetts town where it was hatched this month at an economic policy think tank, their statement of purpose is the handiwork of three principal drafters who include Stanford medical professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya.

          “As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists, we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies,” the declaration states. “The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk.”

          If all you did was decide that 1. Handwashing, 2. Wearing masks and 3. Social Distancing were the prerequisites to decide on what doctors to listen to, you’re going to be led down some very interesting garden paths.

          If only 1, 2, and 3 were all that were being asked of us, perhaps we wouldn’t be facing perma-lockdowns until Social Justice and Equity Metrics are achieved.

          Science is a process of evaluation and is in constant contention and debate. When you politically decide that you want to Wash Hands, Wear Masks, and Social Distance, and from that extrapolate a totalitarian lockdown for 80% of the world’s population, you’ve already lost.

          1. If we did 1. Handwashing, 2. Wearing masks and 3. Social Distancing from the start, then we would not be in the postilion were schools would be closed. I don’t want a lock down, and this is not politically based. This is not complicated, but there are many in our country that will not do anything at all. They yell and scream about lockdowns and closed schools, but won’t do the basics to help, so we kinda wonder if their real issue is not the lockdowns or schools, but that they just don’t care at all about other people.

            1. Well said.

              1. You fuckheads were chanting “Two weeks to flatten the curve” like a religious mantra this spring because you thought “Science!” was infallible in its pronouncements. When that didn’t work, “Science!” demanded two-four week lockdowns, until it became obvious that state and local budgets were getting cornholed due to the drop in tax revenue. Now “1. Handwashing, 2. Wearing masks and 3. Social Distancing” is the new religous mantra, despite the fact that there are no clinical studies that prove any of it, other than, maybe handwashing, prevents community spread of a virus.

                It’s got to be tiring for you Science! experts to keep moving the goalposts around constantly.

                1. Yes, our early understanding of the virus was not entirely accurate. But we have much better data now.

                  1. Handwashing, 2. Wearing masks and 3. Social Distancing

                  Those all have solid data showing they work.

                  1. Those all have solid data showing they work.

                    Feel free to cite studies prior to March 2020 that show masks prevent community spread of viruses.

                    Right now, you’re just providing assertions with no proof other than appeals to authority.

                  2. Why the fuck is it OK to avoid 2 & 3 if you’re at a BLM riot or a Biden rally? Why does Fauci deliberately sidestep whenever questioned about violations at those two types of political events? But is quick to condemn rallies protesting the lockdowns?

                    This is why you people are so full of shit. I’d be more willing to listen & wear a mask if you corrupt shitheads were actually consistent in your messaging.

                2. It’s alright. They have the goalposts mounted on well-greased wheels.

            2. we kinda wonder if their real issue is not the lockdowns or schools, but that they just don’t care at all about other people.

              Spoken like someone who didn’t lose their job this spring and doesn’t have to worry about childcare.

              1. This is exactly right.

                Either Karen is sitting on her ass eating bon bons while pretending to work while still getting a paycheck, or she’s a stay-at-home wife sitting on her ass just so very happy about how much extra time she’s afforded with Dear Hubby who stays at home with no danger to his paycheck, and she can fuck during lunch instead of having to use her vibrator.

                These people should shut the fuck up, because their happy time is ruining people’s lives.

                1. Yeah, notice she did her 1. 2. 3. copypasta to my first remark but not that one.

                  It’s easy to mouth off about Science! when you don’t have to worry about making ends meet.

            3. Your “caring” pandemic plan involves harming thousands of lives to save one hypothetical life, that to all evidence appears to be lost anyway. The lockdowns caused deteriorating mental health, record unemployment, increased domestic abuse, missed early screenings for cancer, and on and on. You should be ashamed of yourself for even pretending to care about other people while advocating for more ways to cause them serious harm.

              1. 1. Handwashing, 2. Wearing masks and 3. Social Distancing. How does that harm thousands of lives?

                Let’s not the it is the right that is talking about lock downs, not the left. It is not part at all of Biden’s plan.

                1. Holy shit you’re ignorant.

                  1. She’s not so much ignorant, as she’s a party automaton.
                    This is how you get guards for auschwitz and tax collectors in the holodomor.

                2. Visit California for a glimpse of what’s next.

                3. Lockdowns aren’t part of Biden’s plan?!? PLEASE stop eating Biden’s ass for two seconds and pay attention.

          2. I’d go farther and say that hand washing is the only one of the three that is unequivocally good. Masks are, at best, a placebo the way most people wear them and, at worst, they can be damaging to health and give false hope. Social distancing is just bad bad bad for mental health. People are abandoning their elderly relatives against their will because its for their own good. So fucked up

            1. The NEJM called it in June: masks are fucking talismans no better than rosaries.

              1. June? Shit, that was April, and they hilariously tried to walk it back later on when that dumbshit Fauci claimed that masks slow community spread of virus, despite NO clinical studies over the previous several DECADES showing that they actually work.

              2. Masks are vital so that people don’t forget that there’s some vague threat out there that they must utterly submit to.

        3. Feel free to cite a clinical study prior to March of this year showing that wearing masks, including a piece of cloth, prevents community spread of a virus.

    3. Agreed.

    4. If we do nothing except suck it up and let the virus burn through the population it will be over faster. Patriots are willing to die for their country. Are you a patriot or not?

    5. the only approach across the world that worked was shutting everyone out like New Zealand did. and now they have no population immunity, no tourism industry, and are sitting ducks for the next outbreak.

      1. Also alive and not dead.

        1. Right. No one dies from anything other than Rona.

        2. Step 1. Lockdown, close borders
          Step 2. Continue to keep borders closed indefinitely because the virus isn’t going away.
          Step 3. ???
          Step 4. Profit (nobody dies!)

    6. Given the current state of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, its clear that the only thing that actually works is being a tiny island nation that can (and does) shut down ALL travel.

      Everything else simply “time-shifts” the worst of the effects.
      See: NY state in and SD and most of Europe in April-ish to NY state and SD and most of Europe now. While SD hasn’t come close to catching up with NY’s death rate, its clear there isn’t really a consistent way to protect yourself. Europe confirms this.

  20. “To do so he promises to “invest in next-generation testing, including at home tests and instant tests, so we can scale up our testing capacity by orders of magnitude.”

    The government should not INVEST, but rather GET OUT OF THE WAY (you can insert an expletive if you would like) . Allow companies to sell home test and instant test without the requirement to send the data to the government. The government needs to get out of everybody’s business.

    The government got in the way of testing right out of the gate. The government still is standing in the way. Now Biden wants to save the day by doing the same stuff that Trump did except to give even more power and control to the government.

    One thing for sure is the path to move past the pandemic is not because of the government helped to resolve anything. We will get past the pandemic in spite of the government interference.

  21. Unfortunately, COVID, COVID, COVID this winter is unlikely to be Fake News.
    So people will contract a virus and a tiny percentage will need medical care and an even tinier percentage will die with it if they have co morbidities. Definitely not Fake News.

  22. With a virus like Covid19 there is no guarantee. What you have with Joe Biden is a priority and a plan. Trump had neither. I suspect you will also have message discipline and so you will get a consistent message.
    Joe Biden will not be saying one thing and his panel saying something different. Also watch to see who is doing the talking, as I am guessing Joe will step back and let the professional talk.
    Joe Biden will work with people, especially governors. He will not be calling them names or refusing to talk to them if they offend him.
    Joe Biden will work with international groups to address the virus worldwide.
    Finally Joe Biden will move the vaccines out in the most reasonably efficient manner possible. There is no doubt that the vaccine distribution will need a lot of government support. Just like any disaster relief and Joe Biden is far likelier to be better at this.

    1. ” Joe Biden is far likelier to be better at this.”

      Assuming facts not in evidence.

      1. Facts here are that the current President is incompetent. Not a high standard for Joe Biden to beat. That said, Joe Biden knows enough to stand out of the way and let the professional do their work. He understands their role in the process and his own.

        1. That fucking doomer is claiming that we’ll have to wear masks for months on end, with no real hope of when a vaccine will be ready. Spare us the propaganda that the “professionals” know what they’re doing, let alone Biden.

        2. I was going more along the lines that I wonder if Joe will live long enough to get sworn in, or if he does live that he even knows who he is.

          Also truth be told, Trump managed to beat Hillary Clinton…a political rookie ran for the highest office in the land, Trump strategically and tactically outplayed the veteran–her, the master politician and “most qualified person to ever run for the office” (so said Obama)?!

          And he is perhaps the most vilified person (and not without cause) ever to run for the office and before the election Mr. Obama had campaigned more for Democrat Hillary Clinton than any modern sitting president had for his party’s nominee.

          It took a solid 4 year campaign by the media and still Joe Biden had to have some shenanigans to (most likely) win, with COVID certainly playing a role in that it gave Biden the mail-in voting channels to cover a multitude of irregularities that could all be blamed (as they all were) on the “fact” that Democrats preferred to cower in their bunkers and mail their votes while Republicans made their way to the polls to vote in person.

          So Trump may be incompetent, but it does not reflect well on Biden or Clinton that they barely beat him or even lost to him.

          Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard. H.L. Mencken

        3. So the lawyer from Delaware has a better sense of letting professionals do their work than the real estate developer from New York?

          I guarantee you Trump has not been meddling in medicine, but listens to doctors he asks for advice. Don’t judge from these people’s public statements; they’re attention hounds, repeating something that sounded attractive they’d been told recently.

    2. Right because Biden did nothing for 47 years but now as he fades away into dementia he’s going to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

    3. as with most things in life, we’re far better off when the government doesn’t have a plan

  23. I’ll repeat this story. My 87 year old uncle caught COVID recently. He’s been alone since his wife of 60+ years died earlier this year, and he took a nasty fall at home. He’s not in great health, he has almost no teeth left. When he made it to the hospital he was diagnosed with pneumonia and then tested positive for COVID.

    He survived. He’s about as vulnerable as the population gets, and he recovered and was released from the hospital on Thursday.

    This is of course a single anecdote and not large-scale analysis but still. This is the virus we closed down the whole country for? Something that doesn’t necessarily kill 80 year olds who already have pneumonia?

    I have to believe the panic over this disease has been largely manufactured. Lots of people listed as dead from COVID when it was a tertiary cause of death instead of being primary or secondary, and plenty of people who just happened to die with COVID. The sad thing is that I don’t expect that we’ll learn the extent of this charade any time soon. Nobody wants to ask hard questions because they don’t want to be accused of wanting to kill grandma. The social stigma from fighting the narrative is harsh, and of course those people don’t want dead grandparents, so they bend the knee.

    False narratives and questionable interpretations can survive a VERY long time when there’s no immediate challenge. Schools are still teaching about how the New Deal defeated the Great Depression because people don’t understand economics. And the people who doubt the efficacy of the New Deal often are idiots who credit war mobilization. It’s been 87 years since FDR took office and his failed policies prolonged the depression (on top of Hoover’s failed policies) and the narrative persists.

    1. First it is good to hear your uncle survived and is doing well. That a person as vulnerable survived may speak to many things. Most of all the unpredictability of viral infection that does not kill a 80 year old man, but which may kill a 50 year old. I would also add that getting it later means that doctors have a better idea on treating the condition. He might not have survived if he caught in earlier in the pandemic.

      1. He might not have survived if he caught in earlier in the pandemic.

        Resorting to begging the question, are we?

    2. Surely you have reliable academic sources to back up what you must admit is an unorthodox reading of history and, you know, the way this disease works. I’ll wait.

      1. You are a Borg.

    3. An engineered solution. Take everyone over 45-55 and separate them for three weeks. complete isolation. Those under 45-55 will be isolated from the previous group for the three weeks. Those 45-55 may choose which group to go with. Those with other exacerbating conditions will also be isolated with those over 55. The first week, The 55+ group makes sure they have food and everything is fine amongst themselves. The Group under 45 then breathes on each other and knowing spreads the disease amongst themselves. Three weeks later, herd immunity is achieved. There will be lives lost in the under 45 group, but very few relatively. Sweden should be a model.

  24. 1) Stop testing the healthy
    2) Drop testing cycles to 30
    3) Start counting deaths ‘of covid’ rather than ‘with covid’.

    If we do that it stops today. All the chaos is based around the shitty PCR testing that even the leaders know is too sensitive.

    1. Solving a pandemic with arithmetic!

      1. Thresholds matter.

        If you insist on increasing sensitivity in your instruments and record keeping, you see false positives everywhere.

      2. No, just solving the problem with “doctors” mis-attributing the cause of death…

        Or do you really believe that flu saw a 98% decrease because of SARS-CoV-2 mitigation practices which your kind claim have been insufficient?

        1. I know how science works, and going to page 12 on google to find something that confirms how tasty Trump’s cock is, that’s not science.

          1. Soooo, you won’t actually engage because you know you’re wrong. Got it.

            You prove, again, to be a mendacious, bad faith idiot.

          2. Also, if you had taken the 30 seconds to even look at the article, you would have seen that the original data is from the CDC.


            But you “kNOw hOw scIeNCe WoRKs”

            You fucking bafoon.

            1. *buffoon, fucking autocorrect.

  25. his numerous inane assertions that the end of the pandemic was nigh, including claims like the virus will disappear “like a miracle” and “this is going to go away without a vaccine” and “the China plague will fade” and “we’re rounding the corner and it’s going away”

    Oh, ye of little faith. Don’t you know Joe Biden has been elected President and now all these things shall come to pass? Watch, you’ll see. There will very shortly be nothing but good news on the pandemic front!

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  27. If Trump had ordered a mask mandate, the same people demanding masks now would be leading the protests against them. If Trump stood at the podium and said “Wear a mask, wash your hand, social distance” every week for the last 6 months, Democrats would be in the streets rioting weekly…oh, nevermind…

    1. No they wouldn’t. Stop excusing your own cultlike worship of a politician by pretending that everyone else is as psychotic as you are.

  28. The official numbers for my state puts the death rate right at 1%. Assuming there are multiple times the cases lowering it even further it’s time to reopen.

    1. it was time to reopen in April

  29. “population scale” testing and tracing with a million contact tracers won’t stop anything. it’ll just give us a better estimate of the extent of the problem, and how low the fatality rate really is.

    testing is pointless unless the results are instant and everyone is testing every day. contact tracing has been pointless since about last March, since so many million people have been exposed and no one was ever really locked down.

    1. I disagree, rapid wide scale testing with follow-up would isolate problem area and allow for remediation. We hear about the idea of protecting the vulnerable, but we can’t do this if we don’t know who maybe exposing them. Same with idea or using different levels of protection. If we can measure exposure in a community and estimate future exposure we can develop appropriate containment levels. The lack of good testing and contract tracing is the biggest driver of need for broadest application of the most restrictive measures.

  30. There are no more intensive care beds in my hometown, You incomprehensible babies are going to worship Trump until it literally kills you.

    Let me get this straight. Trump is the bestest daddy that ever fingerbanged you, and therefore a global pandemic and all its accompanying death and disability is actually no big deal, because otherwise you might have to acknowledge that your man crush was fallible, even perhaps incompetent and maliciously sociopathic. And we can’t have that. That would be ridiculous. I mean look at the man. His uncle went to MIT for God’s sake!

    Just… My God.

    1. Seriously you only think in binary terms that you have to love trump if you don’t believe in their methods and secondly you and 40% of America could just lose weight and open up hospital space and thirdly we know people die it’s just not apocalyptic level you keep crying about. At least be a crybaby in good faith.

      1. A quarter million dead Americans in less than a year.

        That’s 83 9/11s.

    2. Do you want to clarify that comment or just use it as an incendiary doom projection?
      How many beds? How many are reserved for the Rona? How many occupied by the Rona victims? (yes, clearly we need to promote the victim hood angle here too).
      How many were mask wearers, hand washers and social distancers? Should we not excuse those who were not the above for catching the Rona in the first place? Should we blame them exclusively for taking up bed space that should be reserved for the Skeetches with Starz on Tharz – e.g. the masked, distancers.
      How long before all of the beds are empty because the Rona’s have all perished?
      Some truthyfacts please.

      1. Could you rephrase your question in the traditional form of language that adult English speakers use?

        1. Sorry, let me dumb it down for you.
          How many beds do you have in your hometown’s intensive care unit, Tony?
          How many of those beds are overrun with Covid victims and how many are actually just intensive care patients?
          Do the people who do not mask, wash or distance deserve a bed? Should they be shunned from the overrun hospital now that it is full because they do not think like you?
          How long before all of the Corona virus victims occupying your overrun intensive care unit succumb to death and free up those beds?
          What, exactly, was that gibberish you wrote in the second para supposed to convey?
          What does someone’s uncle going to MIT have to do with anything?

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  32. As far as issuing a mask mandate, or something to that effect, maybe you should ask Republican Governor of Utah about all that:

    “Faced with more than 2,000 new daily COVID-19 cases in his state and hospitals at capacity, Utah’s outgoing Gov. Gary Herbert has declared a state of emergency and issued a mandate for all residents to wear masks in public until further notice…. Under the new orders, businesses will be required to make their employees wear masks and encourage patrons to do the same. Those that don’t comply will be subject to fines from the state’s labor commission.”

    “Masks do not negatively affect our economy, and wearing them is the easiest way to slow the spread of the virus,” said Herbert…Herbert also warned that anyone caught sponsoring or organizing events in violation of his social distancing orders will be prosecuted and could be subjected to fines of up to $10,000 per occurrence.”

    And you know why? When your hospitals are at overflowing and it’s only the beginning of November, and you recognize that not enough of your citizens are doing the simple things like wear masks, you turn to regulations. Even when you’re a Republican.

  33. Test-and-trace is based on wishful thinking — on a fantasy that the presence of SARS-CoV2 RNA sequences says more of practical import than we know it really does, and that transmission can be prevented by means that people would willingly subject themselves to.

    1. I can present the problem in more detail.

      By the time someone’s test result is positive — even if you were testing the person continuously, i.e. like every hour — that person has already had many contacts, unless social distancing is ALREADY considerable, which is the problem test-and-trace was supposed to avoid. This results in a need to quarantine so many people that you might as well have been practicing it universally anyway, saving the bother of testing.

      You could try to improve the mathematics of the situation by increasing the sensitivity of the tests so the positives turn up earlier, but then the number of positives which are either totally false or practically insignificant is such that you wind up quarantining the population anyway. Or you could decrease the test’s sensitivity, and then you wind up with so many undetected positives that the choice of who’s quarantined is arbitrary.

      And even with severe quarantine, there is some experience that says crypto-colonization serves as a reservoir of infection practically forever. We have no evidence SARS-CoV2 acts like that, but I seem to recall some about coronaviruses generally.

  34. “former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy”

    Isn’t this the guy who wrote that there needed to be more law enforcement by the DEA to defeat the opioid crisis? I’m sure the drug warriors are happy to see him in Biden’s medical brain trust.

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  36. As of tonight, tens of millions of Americans suspect this election was stolen from them. That means we now live in a country where a large percentage of our population no longer believes that our democracy is real. That is sad.
    It isn’t sad, it is standard operating procedure for the sycophants of TrumpWorld. Trump said he’d call it fraud if he lost months ago, so you’re simply carrying out the plan he laid out. CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAIL

  37. How Biden Would Handle the COVID-19 Pandemic

    1. Appoint Top Men
    2. Drool in pudding
    3. Nappy time

    Joking aside, sub-$5 saliva self-testing is the win of all wins. It is an absolute disgrace that this capability isn’t in the hands of every single American right now.

  38. The question is not about how B would handle Covid, but how B
    WILL handle Covid. Lockdowns, lockdowns, and more lockdowns, lifelong masking, shutting small business down, total isolation, the express murder of millions, and the destruction of anything capitalistic or free, except where it benefits the Marxists, as usual. The fake pandemic is being used as the reason to create fake vaccines, not to save the populace from a fake virus, but to alter RNA and implant nano-particles for specific purposes of which we will never be told. Having a vaccine will not change anything, things will not go back to pre-2020 and lockdowns will not stop until the US has been transformed into a gulag and all non-complients either murdered or enslaved.

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