Police Abuse

'Zero Accountability' for Cops Who Choked and Beat an Innocent Man

The federal government wants the Supreme Court to rule that the victim has no recourse.


On a sunny Friday afternoon in July 2014, James King, a 21-year-old college student, was walking to a summer job in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when he was accosted by two unshaven men wearing jeans and baseball caps who asked his name and grabbed his wallet. When King tried to flee, the men tackled him, choked him unconscious, and punched him in the face over and over again.

The men, it turned out, were cops, and for six years King has been trying to hold them accountable for their actions that day. Next Monday the U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether he should get that chance. If not, police officers will have another legal trick they can use to violate people's constitutional rights with impunity.

"Are you mugging me?" King asked before trying to get away. As he was being choked and beaten, he cried for help and asked bystanders to call the police, which several of them did.

The assailants, FBI agent Douglas Brownback and Grand Rapids detective Todd Allen, were looking for a 26-year-old man named Aaron Davison, who allegedly had stolen liquor and empty soda cans from his former employer's apartment. They had a driver's license photo of Davison, which looked nothing like King.

Aaron Davison (left) and James King

Brownback and Allen, who were members of a state-federal fugitive task force, nevertheless claimed they reasonably believed King was Davison, based on the suspect's general description and the fact that King was in the same neighborhood where Davison had a habit of buying soda. They also said they identified themselves as police officers, which seems highly doubtful given King's reaction.

"I thought they were trying to mug me," King told an officer who arrived in response to bystanders' 911 calls. Even at that point, he was asking whether the men were "real police."

Because a Grand Rapids officer ordered witnesses to delete their cellphone recordings of the beating (ostensibly "for the safety" of "undercover officers"), we have no video of the struggle. But witness accounts suggest that Allen—who choked King and, after the panicked college student responded by biting his arm, hit him in the face and head "as hard as I could, as fast as I could, and as many times as I could"—was out of control.

"They were pounding his head for no reason," a bystander says in a cellphone recording. "They're gonna kill this man," a 911 caller said.

King's first stop after this harrowing encounter was the hospital; his next stop was jail. He was charged with three felonies for assaulting Brownback and Allen, but a jury acquitted him.

After a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit that King filed in response to the incident, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit last year ruled that he could pursue his constitutional claims against Brownback and Allen. It said a jury could reasonably conclude that the cops violated the Fourth Amendment by detaining King without reasonable suspicion, taking his wallet, preventing him from leaving, and using excessive force against a man who thought he was being mugged.

In its appeal to the Supreme Court, the U.S. government argues that King should never get his day in court, because part of his lawsuit—claims against the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA)—was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. King's lawyers at the Institute for Justice, joined by members of Congress, civil liberties groups, and several FTCA experts, argue that the government's reading of that statute contradicts its plain language and intent.

According to the government, a law aimed at providing victims of official abuse with additional remedies leaves King worse off than he would have been if it had never been passed: He not only cannot use that statute; he has no recourse at all.

"These officers did something that was illegal and then charged me," King says. "The system closed around them and helped them get away with that. There is zero accountability."

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  2. Good timing on this story.

  3. Sure am glad we have the opportunity to vote for which fuckers get to beat us.

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  7. Uh….

    What the hell are undercover FBI agents doing looking for a suspect in a petty theft case?

    And why in the world would they attempt to make arrests without a uniform team in any event?

    1. They wanted to get their jollies kicking the crap out of someone.

    2. What the hell are undercover FBI agents doing looking for a suspect in a petty theft case?
      Michigan Bottle Deposit Scam, duh.

    3. They were behind on their monthly quota…

  8. When in MI you are stealing pop cans. Not soda cans.

  9. But they didn’t get his cookie.

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  11. A good case for Sotomayor.

  12. If only we had a President who didn’t cheer on police brutality.

    1. Yes, the FBI has no bigger cheerleader than Trump.

      1. Yeah, I’m sure Trump will do something about this ANY DAY NOW

        Nice sarcasm. Too bad Trump only gives a fuck about himself.

        Trump only cares

        LOL. If you think Trump actually gives a fuck about ANYTHING the FBI does to ANYONE other than him you’re a fucking moron.

        LOL! Fuck off with that bullshit. All that dumb bastard does is piss and moan like a bitch. He’s never actually *done* anything about his problems. Besides, he only cares about what they’ve done to HIM, not anybody else.

        1. Well, shit, fucked that up. Fuck Reason for not having an edit button. But you got my point. Anyways, like I said, I’m sure Trump will do something about this any day now. He’s only had four years to do something, but I’m sure it’s coming real, real soon! KEEP THE FAITH, BRAH!

      2. Oh, and before you bring up Barry as a foil to protect Trump because it happened on his watch- and I know you want to- and he didn’t do shit about it either- and he didn’t- fuck him too. He’s also a sniveling fucking hypocrite, so don’t even try that bullshit with me, got it?

  13. Ah yes, the old “we messed up at multiple levels so it’s no one’s fault” defense. Bureaucrats love that stuff.

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