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The Presidential Campaign Mercifully Heads Into the Homestretch

Plus: Biden should stop bragging about the Violence Against Women Act, Trump should stop bragging about tariffs, and more...


From the Allegheny Plateau to the Florida coast to the wide-open spaces of the Upper Midwest, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will spend the last weekend of the 2020 presidential campaign crisscrossing the country in search of the last remaining undecided voters.

Trump, who trails in the (meaningless) national polls but seems to have a narrow path to victory in the Electoral College, plans to hold 11 rallies between now and Election Day, according to NBC News. He'll spend Friday at rallies in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, then will hold a series of three events in different parts of Pennsylvania on Saturday. Stops in North Carolina and Florida on the final days of the campaign seem likely, though details remain sketchy for now.

Biden has run a low-key campaign in contrast to the president's high-profile public rallies—the challenger has left his home state of Delaware just three times in the past 10 days, The New York Times notes—but will make visits to Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin on Friday. He will spend Sunday in Pennsylvania.

The contrasting campaign styles match the tone of the two major candidates and reflect, to some extent, their closing messages to voters. That's especially true when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been the dominant story of the campaign and the year. As he has been for months, Trump is pushing the message that America is winning its battle against the disease, and that advances in treating COVID-19 mean precautions like social distancing and mask wearing are not necessary. Biden's more timid schedule recognizes the risks, particularly for individuals as old as the two candidates. "It's important to be responsible," Biden told The New York Times this week when asked about his slow campaign schedule.

This has really never been a campaign about policy—Trump has had a difficult time articulating a second-term agenda even when asked about it by friendly media, while Biden has luxuriated in simply being the anti-Trump.

Both men are likely to offload a significant portion of their agenda-setting to lieutenants, but that's not necessarily great news. Senior White House adviser Stephen Miller on Thursday outlined plans for even more restrictive immigration rules if Trump is reelected, including "limiting asylum grants, punishing and outlawing so-called sanctuary cities, expanding the so-called travel ban with tougher screening for visa applicants and slapping new limits on work visas," NBC News reported.

Meanwhile, Politico reported that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) is seeking to become Biden's Treasury secretary if he prevails. That would put her in a position to be one of the administration's leading voices for setting economic policy—but her ideas don't add up.

Unfortunately, those of us who believe in the unfettered movement of people and money don't have much to get excited about in these final days of the campaign.

Keep in mind that it's unlikely we'll know the outcome of the election on Tuesday night. In the key swing state of Pennsylvania, some counties won't even begin counting their piles of absentee ballots until Wednesday. The ultimate irony of the 2020 campaign is that a record number of votes have already been cast—more than 75 million—before the candidates hit the homestretch, but that all those early votes will translate into later-than-expected results.

Those early votes also change the dynamic of the campaign's final weekend. Instead of a last-minute appeal to would-be supporters (most of whom are already locked in), it's a battle for the souls of Pennsylvanians and Floridians who just now realized there's an election on Tuesday.


Don't buy Biden's message about the Violence Against Women Act, which he frequently brags about helping to write when he was a member of the Senate, writes Reason's Elizabeth Nolan Brown:

Biden's role in all of this may indeed reflect a genuine desire to help women. But it also reflects his longtime role as Democrats' for-better-or-worse standard-bearer—the party operator willing to go all-in on whatever centrist ideas have captured the zeitgeist and to give a folksy, do-gooder veneer to all sorts of ultimately ugly policies. In the years since, he has moved seamlessly from mischaracterizing fears about domestic violence to backing counterproductive and ineffective responses to more modern moral panics, like campus sexual assault. And he has continued to display a tendency for elevating faddish interpretations of progressive feminist advocacy that turn out to infantilize women, driving up their arrest rates and placing them in greater danger—all while portraying himself and the state as their saviors.


Don't buy Trump's message about tariffs and protectionism, because the "America First" agenda has failed on just about every possible front, writes the Cato Institute's Scott Lincicome.

Tariffs didn't revive America's steel industry, reports The Wall Street Journal.

And Trump's trade war didn't boost the American manufacturing sector, writes Brad Polumbo at the Foundation for Economic Education.


Final days of the campaign lightning round!

A federal appeals court has ruled that Minnesota can't accept absentee ballots that arrive after Election Day—even the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed, for now, post-election collection of mail-in ballots in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Read The Washington Examiner's Tim Carney on the political realignment in western Pennsylvania that has bridged a decades-old political divide between bosses and workers.

Four days before the election, turnout has already exceeded 2016 levels in Hawaii. Big turnout is being reported in the potential swing states of Georgia and Texas too.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–S.C.) has twisted himself into a hypocritical pretzel to defend Trump during the past four years. Now that Graham is in danger of losing his Senate race, Trump seems to be leaving him hung out to dry. You absolutely love to see it.

Graham's race is one of the most important Senate elections next week.

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen is unhappy about being left out (again) despite being on the ballot in all 50 states and being a potential spoiler in a few key places:

Finally, here's a sign that America's political state is perhaps a bit more fragile than it should be: Businesses in Washington, D.C., are already boarding up windows in advance of next week's election.


  • Civil libertarian journalist Glenn Greenwald resigned from The Intercept, which he founded in 2014, amid claims that he was being "censored" by the publication's editors, and it quickly turned into an ugly public feud.
  • New Yorkers are rediscovering the fact that cars are pretty great.

  • It's a metaphor for the election, I think?

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  1. …President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will spend the last weekend of the 2020 presidential campaign crisscrossing the country in search of the last remaining undecided voters.

    I would love to know who hasn’t yet made up their mind on these two.

    1. Hello.

      Re Greenwald.

      It always seems whenever these things happen and one of the founders leave, it’s never the bad person. It’s always the one who has principles.

      Gavin McInness helped found Vice and left as well.

      The media ignoring this crazy Biden story is all we need to know (as if we needed more) about how there is no ‘objective’ journalism or any interest at getting to the truth.

      Damn, just look at how this SCAMplancasedemic is being reported.

      Donald Trump is 100% correct. You don’t need social distancing or masks. It’s a SCAM. You heard me.

      1. But Gavin left and convinced hundreds of minorities to form the biggest white supremacy group since the KKK.

        1. That ole’ Gavin could sell ice to eskimos.

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        2. And by “white supremacy group” you mean a group that welcomes minorities and is headed by a black Cuban?

          You need to work on making your lies less transparent if you want your propaganda to work.

          1. And you need to tune your sarcasm detector.

            1. I doubt that was sarcasm; sarcasm takes a certain degree of intelligence and knowledge, both of which JesseAz is woefully deficient in.

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    2. “I would love to know who hasn’t yet made up their mind on these two.”

      Tens of thousands of voters in PA who previously leaned toward Biden, but now know Biden will destroy the growing natural gas fracking industry in western PA, and now know Biden supports BLM’s anti police riots and massive looting (that are disguised as anti racist social justice protests) in Philly.

      1. That’s also why Trump has scheduled three more rallies in PA in the next three days.

      2. Shale isn’t going to frack itself.

      3. and the Philadelphia city council is responding by trying to ban tear gas and rubber bullets

        1. What do they think those will be replaced with? Aromatherapy and hugs?

          1. They clearly believe they’ll be replaced by leftist civilian terror that will usher in leftist State terror

          2. Safe spaces with coloring books.

    3. She’s remaining anonymous and apparently on the run from Trump and Biden.

      1. Are you referring to Kamala Harris? Haven’t seen her since Pence and the fly beat her in the VP debate.

      2. She’s also an anonymous high level Trump administrator.

    4. I early voted in person for Donald Trump in Georgia.

      Super high turnout to make sure a Democrat is never President again.

    5. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will spend the last weekend of the 2020 presidential campaign crisscrossing the country in search of the last remaining undecided voters. visit here full detail

    6. Joe Biden is a crook
      Joe Biden killed the #MeToo movement
      Joe Biden made Delaware a haven for banks and credit card companies
      Joe Biden will kill fracking

  2. Biden’s more timid schedule recognizes the risks…


    1. Campaigning on fear only works if people actually think they have something to fear. Me, I have a dreadful fear of Joe Biden being elected and he’s not doing much to assuage that fear. I guess we’ll see how many other people are afraid.

    2. Do we want a timid president?

      PS Joe Biden is a crook.

      1. The left must be crushed

        1. You are talking about roughly 40% of the people with whom you share a nation-state. They are not going to go away, or be crushable, so you’ll have to find a way to live with them sooner or later.

          The Red vs. Blue Team partisan war is dragging down civil society and making us all collectively stupid.

          1. So no change for you then.

          2. There’s no such thing as a collective mind.

            Libertarians know this.

            1. Where did I say there is a collective mind?

              1. See? Stupidity is an individual trait.

                1. I’m not so sure after this year. Mass hysteria is a real phenomenon.

              2. “collectively”

                1. OK, now where did I use the word, mind?

                  I’ll clue you in. I was talking about collective things such as decision making and public discourse.

                  Of course, there isn’t such a thing as the collective mind. I never said there is.

                  1. RUFKM?

                    Ok you’re wrong so you’re being a pedantic douche.


                    Where did anyone say you said that?

                    And no it wasn’t implied so fuck off douche.

                    1. “No one implied…”:

                      “There’s no such thing as a collective mind.”

                  2. Hey Dee, did you know there are more civil wars throughout history than the one in the USA in the 1860’s?

                    So. Fucking. Dumb.

                    1. Relevance to this comment thread?

                    2. So. Fucking. Dumb.

          3. The White Knight speaks truth! Humility and cooperation is all too precious, and arrogance and power-greed rule the day! Work together for the common good? Nah! Punishing our enemies seems to be FAR more important to many of us!

            Point this out to all the stupid and greedy people, though, and all that they will do, is call you names!

            1. Hi sarc! Going full socialist retard again I see!

              1. Cue all the stupid and greedy people to come and call me names! How is your greed and power-hunger working for you? Are you going to be able to enslave, or mind-control, all the socialists any day now? Just a WEEE tad more coercion, force, and control, and THAT will do the trick, right?

                1. Hey ‘SQRLSY One’, I’ve seen your posts here. I honestly have a hard time understanding a lot of it but I’ve seen the way people treat you here and it’s truly sickening. These commenters are crazy animals sometimes, with a few exceptions. (The White Knight, Sarcasmic, Outlaw Josey Wales and Nardz have all been very kind to me).
                  Keep fighting the good fight. I got your back when the going gets tough.

                  1. Thanks “Liberals Are People Too”, Kind Sir, or Kind Ma’am, as the case may be!

                    I for one welcome diversity! Libertarians (let alone liberals) are all too rare around here!

                    1. Is there any way we could form some sort of liberal alliance here? Does this website have any sort of special badges or special characters that we could all use to identify that we are allied to one another? Just wondering. Just know that I have your back, SQRLSY One.

                    2. I think LAPT identifies as a woman. But that might be presumptuous of me.

                  2. Peace and love, LAPT! Peace and love!

                    1. Haha so stupid. Do you even understand half of what’s going on around here?

                    2. What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding’, R Mac?

              2. What is wrong with you? Leave The White Knight Alone. He never did anything to you.

                1. Would have been a bit funnier if you replied to a comment where someone was being mean to me, not SQRLSY.

                  1. Hey The White Knight. Meant to hit reply to your comment, but was so fired up in the heat of the moment. God these degenerate hillbillies have no decency. TGI 12 o’clock because daddy needs a glass of red.


                    Good news is only one more week of Drumpf. 🙂 I’m so happy I could almost cry. Good to hear from you.

                    1. Love you right back, comrade!

                    2. You’re not Canadian, are you? I just have to ask.

                    3. Lol. Seriously though, White Knight hates Canadians.

                    4. Is White Knight Kyle’s Mom?

                    5. She is a bitch, a big fat bitch, the biggest bitch in the whole wide world.

            2. Yes he really does.
              The White Knight has the most integrity of any commenter here. People here don’t seem to understand how hard it is to be a liberal and comment here. You get absolutely ravaged just for being a liberal or even just for being gay. The White Knight has bigger balls than any of the backwoods libertarian savages alive, and you can take that to the bank.

              1. People here don’t seem to understand how hard it is to be a *libertarian* and comment here.

                1. I think your phone auto-corrected to ‘libertarian’, but I understand what you were trying to say.

                  1. *deceased*

                    1. ^This. White Knight actually carries on unironic conversations with a Parody account.

                    2. White Knight is a parody, her mom just never told her.

                    3. I’m getting the distinct feeling that LiberalsArePoepleTo
                      is a parody account…

                    4. What keyed you in? The fact that it compliments squirrelly and WK and their egos seem to enjoy the flattery?

            3. I think the Girl Scout incident yesterday speaks volumes to this. The collective these days seems to be moving the bar to offense so it is so inclusive all things are offensive. Grievance is the actual power.

              You want humility and cooperation? A woman is confirmed to the SOC. The GIRL Scouts try to honor the moment as a moment of success for GIRL culture by showing her among the other female SOCs past and present. One being Sandra Day O, appointed by a republican. Nope, can’t have that honor. Cancel culture jumps right in to denounce the GIRL Scouts as if Amy Coney Barrett has already overturned Roe vs Wade and the Gary marriage decisions.

              Humble and lovable. Ohmeohmy, I’m LBGQ non-Gender Scout and can’t believe ACB is included alongside these wonderful woman. I am aggrieved and offended yet again.

              That kind of cooperative?

              1. I don’t think the ACB is really concerned with the number of Garys that marry.
                ‘Gay’ marriage

                1. Garys are People too

                  1. What if two or three Garys want to get married? Why does ACB hate these people?

            4. SQRLSY One:
              “The ‘common good’ of a collective—a race, a class, a state—was the claim and justification of every tyranny ever established over men. Every major horror of history was committed in the name of an altruistic motive. Has any act of selfishness ever equaled the carnage perpetrated by disciples of altruism? Does the fault lie in men’s hypocrisy or in the nature of the principle? The most dreadful butchers were the most sincere. They believed in the perfect society reached through the guillotine and the firing squad. Nobody questioned their right to murder since they were murdering for an altruistic purpose. It was accepted that man must be sacrificed for other men. Actors change, but the course of the tragedy remains the same. A humanitarian who starts with declarations of love for mankind and ends with an ocean of blood. It goes on and will go on so long as men believe that an action is good if it is unselfish. That permits the altruist to act and forces his victims to bear it. The leaders of collectivist movements ask nothing for themselves. But observe the results.” – The Fountainhead

          4. I’m fine with your 40% as long as they leave me alone. Don’t think that will happen.

        2. The left must be crushed

          Wait you are joking right Nardz? You have always been so kind to me here, I’m baffled to hear you say this… You realize I’m on the left right? Oh god… Please tell me you were always being genuine with me, and you weren’t just messing with my emotions.

          1. I’m a big fan of you.
            Still, the left must be crushed.
            It will be much better for people like you and Tony when the left is no longer the massive totalitarian threat that it is now.
            You’ll get to be unique and special.

            1. This is a very conflicting friendship. I still consider you to be a gentleman and a dear friend of mine on here, but in all honestly there are a few things I’m going to need to think about.
              Since coming to this website a few weeks ago, I’ve been more torn up inside than ever. I’ve had good days, bad days, ups and downs, high highs and VERY low lows. I’ve had to miss work, my sons have seen me at my worst and I’ve cried more tears than I ever have- all because of the comments here. I’m just not sure how to process all these new feelings. I’m not sure if it’s worth it for me to carry on here. I feel like I’m bringing it back into my home life and not sure if that’s healthy. Brian said he’s noticed a difference in me, and he’s not sure if he likes it.
              *heavy sigh* Oh Nardz, I appreciate your candor and overall gentle disposition in these threads, truly I do, but forgive me if I approach you with some wariness going forward.

              All the best,

              Stephen L.

                1. Awwwwwww.
                  Fun for its time.

              1. god damn it I am terrible at this

                1. It was a mediocre run.

                  1. Hilarious!

                2. Nail, if it’s any consolation: not sure what to make of what you just said, but we all fuck up sometimes, so it’s okay.

                3. Hey, it’s okay. You weren’t planning to keep it up forever, were you? I got some real joy out of watching SQRLSY and WK lap up the flattery and miss all the signs that you were fake.

                  1. Glad to hear someone else would get a kick out of it.

                  2. *Glad to hear someone else got a kick out of it…

                    -obligatory plea for edit button-

  3. …do-gooder veneer to all sorts of ultimately ugly policies.

    But at least he has the veneer, which is what we’re all voting for. No?

    1. The plastic surgeons have his veneer pulled tighter than a snare drum. If his veneer was any tighter, it would split down the middle, and each side would roll up like one of those old-timey window shades.

      1. … revealing his ugly policies.

        And he’s a crook.


    I wonder how many organizations are copying our universities in having to do layoffs due to Covid-19 and yet sparing no expenses on DEI initiatives. That this is happening at all should be alarming. That it may be happening widely should be a wake-up call.

    1. JL misspelled “DIE”

      1. Funny enough, DEI would also work.
        Diversity and Inclusion Education is a form of Diversity Exclusion Initiative, when diversity of thought rather than superficial characteristics is considered.

  5. Civil libertarian journalist Glenn Greenwald resigned from The Intercept, which he founded in 2014, amid claims that he was being “censored” by the publication’s editors, and it quickly turned into an ugly public feud.

    Editors at the publication being super woke? Greenwald attacking someone? I can’t believe it.

    1. I know you are being glib, but this has nothing to do with a newsroom being Woke. This is straight up partisan hackery. They were woke when they criticized Biden while Sanders was in the hunt. But as soon as Bernie left, they immediately circled the wagons around Uncle Joe.

    2. You would hope the conflict would help Reason discover their own slide into group think, but doubtful. These are the same editors who defended ENB calling a large portion of individualist libertarians racist.

      1. Speaking of which, had an interesting exchange with a Jo phone bank person. They asked who I was voting for and why. I actually responded and said I can not vote for someone who supports anti-racism and post modernism thoughrbbecausw the end of objectivity was the biggest threat to liberty. He responded that every candidate makes mistakes. I responded that she has had ample opportunity to learn what the anti racist movement was and make a response to it, and she hadn’t. He then responded with “well if you want to be racist that is up to you.”

        This is the ignorant shit happening with the libertarian party and it is embarrassing.

        1. LOL, really? That balloonhead is really going with the argument that not voting for JoJo is racist?

          The absolute state of the Libertarian party these days.

          1. It was more an ignorant as to what anti racism is. The type of person who would support the nazis if they changed their names to We Love Puppies party. Complete ignorance as to what the ideology is or the fact that the anti racist movement requires actual racism.

            1. They have done a great job with branding. The Communist Worker’s Party of America rebranded themselves as Black Lives Matter. The basic ideology of the eugenics movement or the blood libel becomes “Anti-Racism”.

              That is kind of a theme in America these days. Branding is everything. We have “Non-Partisan Fact Check” organizations that are simply partisan spin machines. I suppose it is to be expected in a world where every potential law has to have a name that completely contradicts what the actual law would do.

              1. Why didn’t Orwell warn us?

              2. “Will fascism ever come to America?”
                “Yes. But they’ll call it anti fascism.”
                Attributed to the Kingfish, Huey Long.

            2. The Nazi party successfully rebranded itself Antifa as far as I can tell.

              1. Wasn’t the original Antifa also just a bunch of violent commies starting fights in the streets? Only difference is that there were fascists to fight with in the 30s.

                1. Yes on both accounts. Antifa and Fascists fights in Germany was really just two gangs of authoritarians fighting over who would control taking over the corpse of the failed Weimar Republic (which was doomed to failure as a result of the stupidity of the Versailles Treaty).

                  1. One of the few things Wilson was right about (besides appointing Pershing commander of the AEF) was in opposing a punitive treaty. But then he caved in anyhow.

                    1. Yes, that was sad. I recently read some history that claimed that Wilson was debilitated by the “Spanish flu” of the day. Else, Wilson might have stood up for better things. Or so I am told…


                      Woodrow Wilson Got the Flu in a Pandemic During the World War I Peace Talks
                      Lingering effects of the ‘Spanish flu’ may have hindered Wilson’s ability to effectively advocate for his ’14 Points’ at the Paris Peace Conference.
                      DAVE ROOS

                      SQRLSY comments: Not a fan here, of Woodrow, in general! But I agree with SoldierMedic on this one, Wilson was advocating AGAINST the excessive punishment of Germany! And Wilson caved… And then we went straight on in to WW II, largely (or at least substantially) because Germany rose up against having been treated unfairly. Unfairness to others bites us in the behind eventually!

                2. The Nazi party merged with the commies to become the modern globalist left

                  1. Yup. America is fighting different kinds of socialists on all fronts.

                    Commies in china. Commies in NK. Socialists in japan. Socialists in the EU. Commies in England. Commies in Russia. Islam fascists in Iran. jewish communists in Israel. Commies in France. Socialists in Canada. Commies in cuba. Socialists in central and south America. Commies in australia and new zealand.

        2. LOL.

          And I thought their biggest issue was not shipping the yard signs I ordered 3 weeks ago.

          The good news is that a vote for Jo is a “directional signal.” There’s no risk of her actually winning.

          1. And she’d still be better than Biden.

        3. Jesse is anti anti racist, but that somehow doesn’t make him racist in his mind. He also thinks that being a Trump cultist while espousing the dangers of the death of objectivity is somehow coherent. You couldn’t make this stuff up, folks.

          1. Being opposed to the underpinnings and strategies of the anti-racist movement is not the same as being racist. Fuck you are simplistic and lack nuance.

          2. The “anti-racist” movement is profoundly racist. Anyone with half a brain can educate themselves on critical theory and see the truth plainly.

      2. “These are the same editors who defended ENB calling a large portion of individualist libertarians racist.”

        Then demoted her.

        1. Shes had other weeks off of the morning roundup. Usually coincides with a conference or one of her larger articles. See VAWA. She wasn’t demoted.

          1. It’s whoring season.

          2. JFC…

            1. I do like your name. It is both an homage and titillation (from what I’ve read) for the ‘SQRLSY One’

          3. Totally demoted.

        2. I’m not going anywhere you racist serfs.


  6. Don’t buy Trump’s message about tariffs and protectionism

    Message: “I care”. As long as the message gets out, nobody gives a fuck about the substance. They haven’t cared at least since FDR helped the little guy by massively exacerbating and prolonging the Great Depression, and there was much rejoicing.

    1. The sad thing for Trump is that he couldn’t out-tariff the democrats twice. Despite increasing the cost for me to buy appliances and a new grill with his steel tariffs, Trump couldn’t get the United Steel Workers Union to back him.

      It may very well be that Trump still pulls in a lot of workers, but ultimately those unions were infiltrated by socialists long ago, and his tariffs aren’t ever going to be enough to win them over.

      The funny thing is the same criticism holds true for the Never Trumpers who have been carrying water for your mainstream leftists. They think they are building an alliance that will survive the test of time, but they will be thrown under the bus just as quickly as the USW disavowed Trump when it is convenient.

      1. Most USW members will vote for Trump.

        1. It’s been this way for awhile. My Dad is USW (again). His plant just unionized a couple years ago, he had been USW when he worked for Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining Company.
          One of his biggest complaints about unions is that they endorse candidates that the members don’t support. But on the other hand having an union has made his current employer (WSU) take his plant more seriously. WSU ignored constant complaints about the former plant managers abusive behavior until the union stepped in. The hidden truth about universities is how bad they often treat their blue collar support staff.

      2. Leadership may support Biden. Poll the workers though, and I doubt that’s the case.

        No different than the Miners supporting Obama, after he revealed his tough on coal plans.

    2. The problem is boehms infantile description of the issue. China and others are not free and open partners. China especially prosecuted billions of dollars on corporate theft and anti market practices every year. Retaliating against these practices is not anti libertarian, doing them unprovoked is. Trump has many clear statements on ending tariffs if other actors ended their practices as well. At the eruopean summits he has offered every partner a zero tariff if they respond in kind. They don’t want to. Recognizing global trade is not an idealized market system is the first step in a rational policy, something Boehm refuses to do.


        Trump promised to win the trade war with China. He failed

        Surprise, surprise! When one practices endless pussy-grabbing, the grabbed can often figure out how to become grabbers! What comes around, goes around! Who knew?

        Of course, all news sources that disagree with JesseSPAZ are “Marxists” or some such, so I am wasting my time, trying to get JesseSPAZ to EVER change His Perfect Mind, about ANYTHING!

        Other readers may benefit… AT the VERY least, diligent readers will perceive that not ALL supposed libertarians lust after an endless Trumptatorshit, or endless pussy-grabbing! So, I will continue to afflict the intellectually WAAAAY over-comfortable!

        1. Wars don’t end in short time spans or single battles dipshit.

          Allowing tens of billions a year in theft for 3 decades is not winning the war either. Yet you seem to be okay with being a loser.

          1. Esimated costs of chinas theft alone are 1-3% of GDP.


            So let’s talk costs as taxes.

            1. Correction, all theft. Doesn’t include costs to foreign tariffs.

            2. There are WTO remedies to this that don’t include taxing american citizens to support specific industries. And as I noted above, Trump isn’t winning a trade war, so much as losing a tariff war- that is, it is a battle between him and Biden to see who will support the biggest Restrictionist policies. So far, that is a war Trump has lost, as the USW and other manufacturers Unions are supporting Biden.

              1. There are WTO remedies to this that don’t include taxing american citizens

                Sometimes they do. The WTO has done it before.

                And I’m not sure I like how easily you delegate to a world spanning bureaucracy either. The WTO is no firend of Libertarians or free trade.

              2. Please give me examples of the WTO remedies that have been effective in the last 3 decades.

            3. China continues to obtain American IP from U.S. companies operating inside China, from entities elsewhere in the world, and of course from the United States directly through conventional
              as well as cyber means. These include coercive activities by the state designed to force outright IP transfer or give Chinese entities a better position from which to acquire or steal American IP.

              – IP Commision Report linked in NR article

              Unfortunately it appears they included the voluntary exchange of goods as theft (access for tech) to arrive at that number. If Big Tech is stupid enough to turn over their IP to Communist China, who am I or anyone else to say what they can and can’t do with with their own property. I was really hoping they wouldn’t too because I really would like to see that number.

              1. The problem is that Big Tech is working as an arm of the Democratic party now. If they were just screwing themselves over, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but they’re opening up the door for Chinese fuckery with our communications and political systems.

        2. Both sides LOSE in trade wars, just like in shooting wars, you bellicose trade-war-monger! Our per-capita GNP is SIX TIMES that of China! And we are “losing”? How greedy are you, JesseSPAZ? How much does that ratio have to be… Us 50 times richer? 100 times, or 1,000 times? They all need to be our slaves, or some such, before we “win”?

          Theft of American IP?
          Did you see Chinese Corporations putting guns to American heads here, to perform this theft?
          If Being and-or Ford Motors releases their IP to China (or a Chinese corporation) as part of a swap to get Chinese labor and materials, then it is Ford’s IP and Boeing’s IP. Not yours, not Trump’s, and it shouldn’t belong to the USA collective hive either! If YOU want to provide a better deal than the Chinese Corporations, and provide 10,000 laborers for Ford, WITHOUT demanding IP rights, AND you can give Ford a better “value proposition”, by all means, please do! That’s the free market at work!

          I cannot deny that Emperor Pooh-Bear treats the Islamic folks out in China’s western deserts (Uighurs) like shit, and is an otherwise repressive ogre. Not making excuses for the dude…
          However, more economic interdependence is more incentive against war! And war sucks! So what really pisses me off, is the American war-mongers who lust after trade wars, on the theory that it will fend off shooting wars! Bullshit, it will! Treating others suspiciously and badly, all them time, as potential enemies, is a quick way to MAKE enemies!
          For all of ye China trade-war-mongers… See below…

          So they don’t play by the exact rules that we’d like them to play by. When you are 15 and your little brother is 5, when you play chess with him, you give up your rook or queen (handicap yourself a wee tad) to let him catch up with your chess skills… If you treasure long-term peace in the family, that is… If you want little brother to get along with you when you are 30 and he is 20, and so on. Or, when you play golf with a business partner, and he sucks at golf, you cut him a few breaks. It’s called “getting along with others”. Do YOU want a shooting war with China? It’s where we’re headed, if The Donald doesn’t stop, and Congress doesn’t take back the powers that belong to Congress!
          Sometimes we need to have the humility to acknowledge that we cannot control others… We can only control ourselves!

          GDP per capita
          Increase $10,153 (nominal; 2019 est.)
          USA GDP per capita : 59,531.66 USD (2017)
          We are about 6 times as wealthy as they are!!! HOW MUCH MORE per-capita wealth do YOU want to have, compared to the Chinese, before you are willing to be a wee tad less greedy, nationalistic, and selfish? Maybe we should FIGHT a little less, and COOPERATE a wee tad more? And NOT try always to tell others what to do and not do? Be a little less Trump-ish, in other words? I think more cooperation and less competition would be in order here! Trump is flushing the world economy down the crapper, if there’s no stop to the trade wars!
          Really now… HOW MUCH more wealthy, per capita, are we going to have to be, before you’d consent to being more graceful, and not insisting that they play precisely by our rules?


            1. Not even close to sarcasmic’s writing style.

              1. Hi sarc defender!

                1. That’s why they call me the white knight.

                  1. You called yourself that actually.

                    1. After I was accused many times of being a white knight for Reason.

                    2. “After I was accused many times of being a”

                      Yet strangely you DIDN’T choose to call yourself “cunt” or “garbage human” or “troll” despite the same being true.

                    3. I call you “Squawking Bird named Dee.” Does that mean you’re gonna change your name to that?

                  2. “After I was accused many times of being a white knight for reason.”

                    What was your screen name before?

                2. You say that as if defending someone against ridiculous and mean-spirited attacks is a bad thing. Don’t be a dick.
                  Sarc and Squirrely have both been commenting here for many years and have quite distinct styles and personalities. This “everyone I don’t like is a sock” shtick is really dumb. Just stop it.

                  1. Sqrlsy literally shits on threads and does nothing but personally attack people.
                    Sarc does nothing but personally attack people.
                    Weird that you don’t object to that behavior.

                    1. Hey asshole! WHEN is the last time that I or sarcasmic urged people to commit suicide?

                      Hey Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI… You are a Holocaust denier just like Rob Misek! Two peas in a pod, you and Rob Misek are!
                      Do you deny what the NAZIs did? Perhaps not, I do not know HOW far your evil goes! You strut in front of a mirror wearing NAZI gear for all I know!

                      What I DO know is that you ignore the roots of NAZI, and other, evil, mass-murdering authoritarianism! You, like Hitler and the NAZIs and other evil authoritarians, start out by assuming that YOU know whose life is worthy, and whose is not! Then you move on to sterilization and killing! It all starts out by denying the value of other human lives! And if you can’t or won’t see and acknowledge that, you’re a deluded and EVIL Holocaust denier, same as Rob Misek!

                      You and and your fuckbuddy, Shitsy Shitler, also run around telling people to commit suicide! I have NEVER been THAT evil! Nor even THOUGHT about saying that to people! Take stock of your SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP SOUL, Evil One Junior! Start by reading this: M. Scott Peck, the Hope for Healing Human Evil,

          1. Both sides LOSE in trade wars, just like in shooting wars

            I see you’re an idiot.

          2. That’s a lot of words when “I eat shit” would have sufficed.

            1. I have noticed that ever since I un-personed SQRLSY and just flag all his posts and refresh the attacks from KillAllRednecks turned intensely personal and he stalks me through the threads.

              If it isn’t the same person, they are the same kind of super prejudiced crazy. The proverbial ‘mind closed to reason’.

              And open to eating poop.

              1. Why yes, SQRLSY does eat poop!

              2. “And open to eating poop.” Did your MAGA-magic underwear help you to write that piece of literary genius?

                What’s up-Chuck?!?! Ya gonna EAT that, up-Chuck, or can I bury it in my back yard? I’m a-lookin’ fer some fart-a-lizer!
                How much up-Chuck, could an up-Chuck, chuck up,
                If an up-Chuck could chuck up up-Chuck?

          3. We are about 6 times as wealthy as they are!!! HOW MUCH MORE per-capita wealth do YOU want to have, compared to the Chinese

            In this thread Sqrsly admits to being a socialist.

            1. In this thread JesseSPAZ will NOT answer the question of just HOW greedy JesseSPAZ is! JesseSPAZ is in the grips of unquenchable thirst, which will leave JesseSPAZ unhappy for eternity (till the end of time), or until JesseSPAZ casts out the evil GREED that has taken over JesseSPAZ’s soul, whichever comes first!

            2. “How much more……..”

              The fuck is wrong with that dude? Why would anyone ever set limits on their own growth?

              1. Free trade enhances the economic growth and standards of living for both sides! Trade wars HURT both sides! Trade wars are “cut off your nose to spite your face” contests! The only way to win such contests, is to NOT play the game!

                Honest and fact-based economists ALL know this! There ARE such things as win-win scenarios! Do you think that “the more that I can punish the other guy, the better I am off, always”? Would you rather live in a mud-thatched hut that is 5 square yards, but is twice as big as your neighbor’s… Or would you rather live in a 10,000 square-foot mansion that is “merely” 1.1 times as big as your neighbor’s? (Sad to say, buttloads of buttholes give an asshole answer to that, which demonstrates that they are… Buttholes who love pain, poverty, and suffering, so long as the OTHER guy suffers MORE!)

                WTF is wrong with YOU, if you think this way?

                1. What a ridiculous and totally expected reply.

                  Clearly you were moaning about greed, and “how much is enough?” I asked why anyone would limit their own growth.

                  And you respond with this? Goalpost move failed.

                2. “I asked why anyone would limit their own growth.”

                  In SOME cases, obviously, because they are SOOO hung up on exercising their “punishment boners” that they would rather suffer in horrible poverty, so long as their “enemies” suffer yet more! Sad to say, their is psychological data out there to demonstrate this! Is this a GOOD thing? Should we celebrate it? Is this a way to a better life?

                  While we are at it… EISTAU Gree-Vance… Do YOU favor trade wars? HOW LONG shall we wage trade wars against China? To satisfy YOUR trade-war boner? Till their GDP per capita is 1 in 12 of ours? 1 in 100 of ours? WHEN will your trade-war punishment boner be satisfied?

          4. Both sides lose in wars, but sometimes (often) you lose even more by not fighting defensive wars. Supporters of the tariffs believe that this is a defensive war. You and your compatriots haven’t adequately addressed why they are wrong to consider this a defensive trade war. You admit that China’s trade practices hurt American industry and workers but only answer that the get cheap products from China therefore everyone benefits. This may be true, but it is also seems to be inadequate to answering how cheap goods offsets China’s aggressiveness (funded and supported by their totalitarian government) or their history of him rights abuses (and plausible charges that many of those cheap goods are made via slave labor).

            1. The libertarian argument for free markets will never become mainstream if the answer to Chinese slave labor is “cheap goods and freedom of association”. This may be a principles argument but it is a losing one.

              1. Trade wars (recent ones) have done NOTHING for the Uighurs, Tibetans, or the people of Hong Kong, sad to say! It hasn’t worked, for that, or much of anything else!
                Also sad to say, you may be correct… The masses of the USA population fall for their “punishment boners”… They are SOOO addicted to “punishing the enemy” that they are totally willing to punish themselves, very heavily, in the bargain!

              2. I wish they taught the below to students in school!

                Clear-cut case below, showing the UTTER FAILURE of protectionism in general, and Trumpist protectionism specifically:

                Meanwhile in the real world…
                Trump’s Washing Machine Tariffs Cleaned Out Consumers
                A new report finds the tariffs raised $82 million for the U.S. Treasury but ended up increasing costs for consumers by about $1.2 billion.
                PROTECTIONISM DOESN’T WORK!!! DUH!!!
                Protect American washing-machine makers from Chinese competition? The FIRST thing that American washing-machine makers do, is jack UP their prices… AND the prices of dryers to boot, too! To SOAK the hell out of all of us consumers!!!
                From the above-linked Reason article about washing machines…
                “All told, those tariffs raised about $82 million for the U.S. Treasury but ended up increasing costs for consumers by about $1.2 billion during 2018 … (deleted). Although the trade policy did cause some manufacturers to shift production from overseas to the United States in an effort to avoid the new tariffs, the 1,800 jobs created by Trump’s washing machine tariffs cost consumers an estimated $820,000 per job.”
                Summary: Nickels and dimes to the USA treasury; boatloads of pain for consumers. USA jobs created? Yes, at GREAT expense! Putting these 1.8 K workers on a super-generous welfare program would have been WAY better for all the rest of us! Plus, you know the WORKERS don’t make super-huge bucks (no $820,000 per job for THEM); the goodies flow to the EXECUTIVES at the top of the washing-machine companies! The same ones who play golf with The Donald! Essentially at our expense!

                1. Again your argument is not persuasive to those who have been harmed by China, nor does it admit that China’s government has been aiding Chinese companies in unfair trade practices.
                  You also seem to believe wars are won easily. By your logic, the losses early in wars meant the US couldn’t win the war. Or that the Union couldn’t win the civil war or that the colonists couldn’t defeat the British. It’s a good thing you weren’t in charge.

                  1. You assume that all of these wars were good. As soon as Union soldiers withdrew from the South, blacks went right back to be treated utterly horribly, for many decades! Wow, guns and bombs aren’t good at changing hearts and minds after all!

                    Is it also a good thing that I wasn’t in charge of Germany in the 1930s? Had I been in charge of Germany, I wouldn’t have been an utter asshole like Hitler, and there would have BEEN NO WW II!

                    Wars are SOMETIMES of SOME “good”, but only from the perspective of one side being vastly more ethical and moral than the other! The majority of the time, BOTH sides are to be blamed! To always assume WE are RIGHT in starting a war… Like the trade war with China… Can be dangerous and senseless!

                    1. You just made no fucking sense.

                    2. And despite Jim Crow blacks did have it better. Many we free to move to other cities and the west and millions did. If the Union hadn’t won or the war would never have happened they wouldn’t have had that opportunity (see fugitive slave act). Thousands more loved to Liberia. You are a historical ignorant.
                      And you just admitted you would have been a bigger asshole than Hitler, which implies you would have doubled down on totalitarianism and genocide. Even without the war, that seems hardly better. Fuck off.

                    3. And when did I assume we are always right to start wars? Big fucking straw man there. Fuck you can’t even argue what was said.

                    4. “And you just admitted you would have been a bigger asshole than Hitler…”

                      THIS, you say after I wrote… “Had I been in charge of Germany, I wouldn’t have been an utter asshole like Hitler, and there would have BEEN NO WW II!”

                      Jesus Christ Almighty, have you ZERO conscience? You know lying is EVIL, right? Are you PROUD of being a Disciple of the Evil One, who is known as the Father of Lies? Do you think people will NOT notice your lies? Do you not know that as you sew, so will you reap?

                      Read and heed! M. Scott Peck, The People of the Lie, … What you have let into your head? It will NOT leave easily, but you have to WORK on it! Constant lying does NOT help!

                    5. So I misread, I will admit I made a mistake but the rest of your rant is simply unhinged. Disciple of evil, lord of lies? Really? Are you going to cast out demons next? Fuck.
                      I have one better. Let those among you who have not sinned be the first to cast stones.
                      Remove the plank from thy own eye before worrying about the speck in your neighbors eyes. You misrepresented what I said on multiple occasions and what anyone else has said who disagrees with you. Yet you have the nerve to accuse others of being liars and evil? Fuck are you proud of your hypocrisy?

                    6. Also, I am not certain why you mentioned how you would run Germany when we were discussing how the US faired during the first part of World War II. How anyone would run Germany isn’t really pertinent other than possibly removing the European theater. Since the US did little military action in the European theater until the end of 1942, and most military action (and defeats) where in the Pacific theater it isnt really a pertinent point.

                  2. The libertarian argument here contra tariffs is composed of nothing but trite dogma applied in a vacuum.
                    You are correct: it isn’t persuasive.

        3. SQRLSY, you don’t understand. If you love Trump, you give him credit for achievements half done. You give him an A for effort.

          1. And, apparently if you hate trump and you are schizophrenic like sqrlsy, you bitch and moan about “greed” and ask “how much is enough?” before changing course and saying “tariffs are bad for our country!”

            Maybe he’s just greedy. Haha.


    You got a smaller refund because the government let you keep more of your own money in your paychecks. Refunds are not bonus checks. It’s your own money. A smaller refund is GOOD, you absolute damned morons. I weep for this country’s collective IQ which plummets by the day.

    1. A big refund means you fucked up on your withholding. Be better.

      1. Americans should pay every tax season. Why would anyone five the government an interest free loan?

    2. LOL! This is freakin hilarious! Clueless people bitching because they are too stupid to look at their own paychecks…

    3. From the tax news at the time withholding was updated:

      Unfortunately, these tools are not always used or used correctly. The GAO report notes that recent simulations by the Treasury Department found that:

      Employers are withholding too little from about 21 percent of taxpayers’ checks, meaning these workers will owe money to the IRS when filing their taxes next April.
      73 percent of taxpayers have too much withheld from their checks and should receive an IRS refund.

      Don’t put all the blame on the tax bill, however. When the simulation was run as if there had been no tax changes this year, it showed that 18 percent of taxpayers still would have had too little withheld, and 76 percent would have had too much withheld.

      1. I do taxes. The fact that in many states federal income isn’t withheld from unemployment is also going to mess people up. They will not get a refund or end up owing.

  8. Hey Peanuts, the real media is finally covering the Hunter Biden controversy:

    <How a fake persona laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy deluge
    A 64-page document that was later disseminated by close associates of President Donald Trump appears to be the work of a fake "intelligence firm."

    One month before a purported leak of files from Hunter Biden's laptop, a fake "intelligence" document about him went viral on the right-wing internet, asserting an elaborate conspiracy theory involving former Vice President Joe Biden's son and business in China.

    The document, a 64-page composition that was later disseminated by close associates of President Donald Trump, appears to be the work of a fake "intelligence firm" called Typhoon Investigations, according to researchers and public documents.

    The author of the document, a self-identified Swiss security analyst named Martin Aspen, is a fabricated identity, according to analysis by disinformation researchers, who also concluded that Aspen's profile picture was created with an artificial intelligence face generator. The intelligence firm that Aspen lists as his previous employer said that no one by that name had ever worked for the company and that no one by that name lives in Switzerland, according to public records and social media searches.

    It’s all fucking made up! Fake faces, fake firms, fake authors!

    You fucking idiots were duped again!

    HILARIOUS! Trump Trash fooled again!

    1. Fake news.

      1. A Tucker Carlson “backed off” this fake scandal last night out of concern for Hunter Biden’s mental health.

        Ratfuckers just aren’t as good as they used to be.

        1. You appear to know this is going to end Biden.

        2. That’s not what happened. But you’re a liar, so go with it.

        3. Ratfuckers just aren’t as good as they used to be

          Talking about your dad again, huh. Yeah, he was one in a million.

    2. Peanuts? Is that supposed to reference the peanut gallery? You know, that racist term used to denigrate blacks due to their seating section in theatres?

      Fucking racist pedophile.

      1. Its what pedos call each other on the forums.

        1. Ahhh…pedo-code.

      2. It’s a term for children. It makes him horny.

    3. Youre just sad at this point. Even worse than jeff.

    4. So it’s real and Hiunter sold access and favors, but some other guy wrote something which upset you, got it.

    5. “Fake faces, fake firms, fake authors!”

      Conspicuously absent in that list, emails and hard drives.


        “Salacious documents supposedly belonging to Hunter Biden were circulating in Ukraine in May 2019, Lev Parnas says.”

        If it is true that Giuliani was being offered this information in the Ukraine back in May 2019, then the laptop story is made up.

        1. “If it is true”

          Fuck off. Take your damage conrol bullshit back to Quora you loser bitch.

        2. Story?

          Get a clue troll.

        3. That in no way proves the labtop story is made up. Especially as we know the fucking labtop is real, the FBI has had it since 2019, and their is a signed receipt for it, with what appears to be Hunter Biden’s signature and Hunter’s lawyers sued to regain possession of the labtop after the story broke. Your logic that information being shipped on Hunter Biden’s personal life, not information from the labtop on his business, somehow disproves the authenticity of the information from the labtop is simply grasping at straws.

          1. There is absolutely evidence that the story is true, and I don’t discount any of it. I don’t have any vested interest in Biden’s innocence. I am a libertarian who voted for Jo Jorgensen.

            But I am interested in the WHOLE truth, and I am interested in busting conservative narratives put forth by the conservative commenting club here.

            Do you give any weight to the following elements of the story?

            – The laptop just happened to show up in the shop of a Trump supporter. Hunter Biden lived in Los Angeles at the time.
            – Rudy Giuliani has been known to be looking for dirt on Hunter Biden in the Ukraine. According to Lev Parnas, he was being offered information on Hunter Biden in the Ukraine long before the laptop appeared. Giuliani is known to have associated with a Russian agent. Giuliani tried to get the Wall Street Journal to run the story and they decided it was too shaky to publish.
            – Bannon was also farming the story around.
            – The FBI has not confirmed nor denied anything. That the FBI has the laptop is information that came from Ratcliffe, a Trump partisan.
            – The person who wrote most of the NY Post story refused to put his name on it, and the byline was given to an ex-Hannity staffer who had never had a story printed in the Post.
            – Tony Bobulinski claims “the big guy” in the China deal is Joe Biden. Another partner in the same venture, James Gilliar, says he wasn’t and no records show his involvement. Bobulinksi showed up as Trump’s guest in the audience of the final debate.
            – It just came out that information about Hunter Biden was being published on the Internet credited to a non-existent person with co computer-generated bio photo.

            1. Yes you only bust conservative narratives. Or try to at least. I never saw you give anything even close to the same effort to contradict the Russia Hoax and Impeachment, both of which have had less evidence. In fact you referenced the highly edited transcripts just last week to bolster the questionable quid pro quo charges.
              Yeah you have no vested interest in this. That is why you tend to be one of the most prolific posters whenever anyone comments on this story.
              Your defenses read like grasping at straws. Basically character assassination to discredit those reporting on it. It is telling that when others did the same tactic during the impeachment you called them out for it but now use the same tactic for a story you claim not to care about.

              1. The impeachment had more evidence, not less.

                1. Only in your opinion. And only if you discount all the counter evidence.

                2. patently untrue

            2. WK: Do you give any weight to the following elements of the story?

              – The laptop just happened to show up in the shop of a Trump supporter. (50-50 chance)

              – Rudy Giuliani has been known to be looking for dirt on Hunter Biden in the Ukraine. (apparently dirt was available a year ago. this lends credence to the laptop story, not doubt.)

              – Bannon was also farming the story around. (no surprise, true or false)

              – The FBI has not confirmed nor denied anything. (no surprise, it’s an active investigation. they can’t.)

              – The person who wrote most of the NY Post story refused to put his name on it (self-preservation from the Twitter and real-life mob)

              – Tony Bobulinski claims “the big guy” in the China deal is Joe Biden. (a logical guess)

              – It just came out that information about Hunter Biden was being published on the Internet credited to a non-existent person with co computer-generated bio photo (If I had dirt on a powerful and connected national politician I wouldn’t use my real name either)

              1. Really sad apologism.

                1. Only because you don’t want want to believe the story. You say you are not interested in this story but you seem to do everything to disproven the story.

                  1. I admit I give the evidence more credencd because I don’t trust Biden and I see a history of such behavior. Also because I truly believe if this had been Trump accused of it the media would be running this non stop. That doesn’t mean I don’t evaluate the evidence it just means I am less likely to dismiss it out of hands like you seem intent on doing.

                  2. And I am honest enough with myself to realize my bias. You seem to be in denial of yours.

                    1. no… it is conscious dishonest evaluation of the facts presented

                    2. (whiteknight’s)

            3. I have to agree that the whole story smells fishy.

              For one thing how many wealthy people fix laptops? You just get a new one.

              If the hard drive had important confidential information Hunter wanted back dropping it off at some random little computer repair and then forgetting about it seems amazingly stupid even for Hunter Biden. He could have hired some private security computer firm. He is a venture capitalist making all kinds of big confidential deals. At least he would understand about security.

              Then why did the (conveniently) legally blind shop guy copy and read the contents? Do they routinely snoop on customers?

              “Just one more thing…are you sure it was Hunter Biden who dropped off the computer?
              -Yes it was him I am sure.
              Do you remember what he was wearing when he came in?
              -Well no. You see I have very poor vision. I am legally blind.
              I see sir. Thank you very much. You have been very helpful.”

              There are other questions.

              I have no idea but am highly skeptical. Just doesn’t seem kosher to me. In any case I don’t have a dog in this fight but I don’t think it will make any difference in the election.

    6. The lamest misdirection ever.

      1. Sorry, this will be pay-walled for many of you…

        Trump Had One Last Story to Sell. The Wall Street Journal Wouldn’t Buy It.
        Inside the White House’s secret, last-ditch effort to change the narrative, and the election — and the return of the media gatekeepers.

        By early October, even people inside the White House believed President Trump’s re-election campaign needed a desperate rescue mission. So three men allied with the president gathered at a house in McLean, Va., to launch one.

        The host was Arthur Schwartz, a New York public relations man close to President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr. The guests were a White House lawyer, Eric Herschmann, and a former deputy White House counsel, Stefan Passantino, according to two people familiar with the meeting.

        Mr. Herschmann knew the subject matter they were there to discuss. He had represented Mr. Trump during the impeachment trial early this year, and he tried to deflect allegations against the president in part by pointing to Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine. More recently, he has been working on the White House payroll with a hazy portfolio, listed as “a senior adviser to the president,” and remains close to Jared Kushner.

        The three had pinned their hopes for re-electing the president on a fourth guest, a straight-shooting Wall Street Journal White House reporter named Michael Bender. They delivered the goods to him there: a cache of emails detailing Hunter Biden’s business activities, and, on speaker phone, a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s named Tony Bobulinski. Mr. Bobulinski was willing to go on the record in The Journal with an explosive claim: that Joe Biden, the former vice president, had been aware of, and profited from, his son’s activities. The Trump team left believing that The Journal would blow the thing open and their excitement was conveyed to the president.

        (skip some stuff)

        While the Trump team was clearly jumpy, editors in The Journal’s Washington bureau were wrestling with a central question: Could the documents, or Mr. Bobulinski, prove that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s lobbying? Or was this yet another story of the younger Mr. Biden trading on his family’s name — a perfectly good theme, but not a new one or one that needed urgently to be revealed before the election.

        Mr. Trump and his allies expected the Journal story to appear Monday, Oct. 19, according to Mr. Bannon. That would be late in the campaign, but not too late — and could shape that week’s news cycle heading into the crucial final debate last Thursday. An “important piece” in The Journal would be coming soon, Mr. Trump told aides on a conference call that day.

        His comment was not appreciated inside The Journal.

        “The editors didn’t like Trump’s insinuation that we were being teed up to do this hit job,” a Journal reporter who wasn’t directly involved in the story told me. But the reporters continued to work on the draft as the Thursday debate approached, indifferent to the White House’s frantic timeline.

        (skip some stuff)

        As the debate ended, The Wall Street Journal published a brief item, just the stub of Mr. Areddy and Mr. Duehren’s reporting. The core of it was that Mr. Bobulinski had failed to prove the central claim. “Corporate records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show no role for Joe Biden,” The Journal reported.

        Asked about The Journal’s handling of the story, the editor in chief, Matt Murray, said the paper did not discuss its newsgathering. “Our rigorous and trusted journalism speaks for itself,” Mr. Murray said in an emailed statement.

        SQRSY summary: Wall St. Jrnl is a reputable outfit. They did NOT fall for the Trump spin! They are NOT lap-dogs for Trump!

        1. “Corporate records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show no role for Joe Biden,”

          This was where the WSJ told a big lie by omission.

          1. I’ve also read several accounts that Joe Biden’s tax returns do not list any illegal income.

            QED, bitches.

            1. To be fair, TurboTax never specifically asked him if he had received millions in bribe money in exchange for political influence, and it sorta slipped his mind, as so many things do these days.

            2. that makes two crimes then

          2. Joe is old and dying and cares far more about power than money. Who cares if he got paid, he certainly set up his family?

          3. “…WSJ told a big lie by omission.” Are you an insider, who somehow knows the “secret truth”?

            WSJ has a LONG reputation of being solid! NO “yellow journalism” for them!

            I think of Simon and Garfunkle lyrics, “Still the man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest.” Confirmation bias all the way down!

            1. The lie by omission was the WSJ pretending that if Biden was part of this corruption, he would actually be listed as a legal partner.

              1. No, the Wall Street Journal didn’t tell a lie. They held to journalistic standards, refraining from running a story that came to them from dubious sources where they didn’t have sufficient independent verification the story is true.

                1. It’s like you intentionally don’t read what you’re replying to.

                  1. Ok, first off, why don’t you refute what he’s saying? You want to know why? Because The White Knight is 100% correct and you are 100% wrong.
                    Hint: Stop attacking us just because we’re liberals. We are allowed to be here. We will continue to endure your disgusting attacks. And we will resist you as best we can and not give up. It’s sad that you Republicans feel you can be so blatantly hateful and face no repercussions.

                    1. Close, but not “films self melting down and posts it” enough.

                    2. LAPT is almost certainly LARPing, but he makes me chuckle…

                    3. WK claims to not be liberal. I can’t believe you would label someone like that! You should know better.

                      Oh, and you’re clearly a parody. Haha.

                2. Don’t listen to them The White Knight. I got your back. If you need to talk I’m here.

                  1. Thanks, bro!

                3. unlike the Atlantic

        2. I notice they don’t actually deny the veracity of anything.

          1. Plus this. According to media, Trump has to constantly deny being a white supremacist or his is one. Yet Joe doesn’t have to deny he is a crook who set up his kids?

            Fuck all of them with a flaming torch and/or the business end of a pitchfork.

          2. “I notice they don’t actually deny the veracity of anything.”

            There ***IS*** such a thing as NOT knowing, as NOT having solid proof of anything! If I go to the WSJ and allege that I have evidence that space aliens killed Hitler, and they won’t publish my story, ’cause I have ZERO proof… Would you fault the WSJ for NOT denying the veracity of my story?

            It takes humility to admit that some things are unknown. Arrogant posters here have ZERO humility, much of the time!

            1. You sound supermad.

              Try this Sqrls: Orangemanbad

              1. Why do you poke him with the Orange Mad Bad stick like this. You enjoy his Orange Man Bad rant? You haven’t seen it enough?

                1. But your constant whining is so constructive.

              2. Ask, and ye shall receive wisdom! Knock, and the doors will be opened wide for ye! The pearls will yea verily be cast even unto the swine! Now it is up to YE, having been led to the water, whether ye will DRINK deeply, or if ye will just horse around!

                Orange Man bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He Make America Great Again!

                We KNOW He can Make America Great Again, because, as a bad-ass businessman, He Made Himself and His Family Great Again! He Pussy Grabber in Chief!

                See The Atlantic article by using the below search-string in quotes:
                “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” or this one…


                He pussy-grab His creditors in 7 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me realty schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

                All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

                Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

                Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

                We CAN grab all the pussy, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER grab our pussies right back!

                These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can pussy-grab all of the people some of the time, and you can pussy-grab some of the people all of the time, but you cannot pussy-grab all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will pussy-grab you right back!

                1. Thanks a lot, Mother’s.

                  1. The un-person’s crazy is not anyone else’s responsibility. Just like your fallacies belong to you.

                  2. No probs.

                  3. Uh oh, SQRLSY is gonna realize white knight thinks he’s as retarded as the rest of us, and stop defending him!

                    You’re gonna be down to the Lying Jeffy’s Dee.

                    1. First of all, I’m never going to call anyone “retarded”. I have had a cousin with Down’s Syndrome my whole life, and would never use “retarded” as an insult.

                      Second, I like SQRSLY in general since he is one of the few libertarians that still hangs out in the Reason commentariat. Having said that, I am tired of his copy-and-paste shtick.

                      It’s odd that you think SQRLSY is “retarded” for having a copy-and-paste schtick, since you are one of the worst perpetrators of repetitive comments.

                    2. “True libertarians”… That analysis wraps up people’s problem with you in a nutshell. You seem to think you can decide who is and isn’t a true libertarian and seem to reserve judgement solely based upon how much they agree or don’t with you.

                    3. You seem to think you can decide who is and isn’t a true libertarian and seem to reserve judgement solely based upon how much they agree or don’t with you.

                      In White Knight’s defense, that is the most libertarian thing anyone can do.

            2. “There ***IS*** such a thing as NOT knowing, as NOT having solid proof of anything! ”

              Spin harder cretin.

              1. We have plenty of solid proof on the very real hard drive.

                SQRLSY is desperate and it shows.

                1. What is that solid proof?

                  1. You could try reading, troll.

                    1. Ha! No he’ll demand you do all his work, then ignore it and say you’re wrong.

                    2. So, you don’t know.

            3. It takes humility to admit that some things are unknown

              You’re sucking their dicks, and you tell us now it’s because they don’t know anything.


        3. Why bother paying for the New York Times when you can get all their political articles earlier, and for free, by subscribing to the DNC mailing list?

        4. Credibility shot at NYT…

    7. now do the Steele “dossier”

    8. I wasn’t aware of this document and I follow this stuff pretty closely so viral may be an overstatement. In any case it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the Hunter Biden had drives that no one including the Biden campaign claim are not authentic. Not sure why you think this story is particularly relevant.

  9. …Trump reportedly squashed a Justice Department investigation into a Turkish bank.

    Trump is so unsophisticated that he doesn’t know the word quash.

    Also, let’s hope that there are emails showing Erdogan went through Barron to get to the president.

    1. Turkish bank.

      Who’s unsophisticated?

      1. Okay, okay let me try.

        Turkish Bank.
        Turkey bacon.
        Regular bacon.
        Kevin Bacon.

        Damnit! That’s harder than it looks. Once more:

        Turkish Bank.
        Turkish Prison.
        Regular Prison.
        Joe Biden belongs in prison.

        There we go!

        1. Turkish bank,
          Turkish Prison
          Midnight Express with Randy Quaid,
          who was in Kingpin with Bill Murray,
          who was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon

      2. just remember to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner outside (like the Pilgrims), at least 6 feet apart, and with absolutely no singing, per California Governor Karen Newsom.

  10. Chinese authorities arrested a man for reading Wikipedia.

    He was supposed to stick to editing it.

    1. I love the edits. My favorite are calls for citations of common knowledge statement’s.
      The painter used a lot of blue to represent the sky. The sky is blue (citation needed).

      1. In China, it likely isn’t. Have you seen the smog there?

      2. Hey! Blind people edit Wikipedia too, you know!

  11. Can companies lure workers back to offices with free lunches and other goodies?

    Businesses love paying office rent so much they’re willing to spend extra on filling them?

    1. Exactly. This seems to be a huge side effect of the virus that no one wants to talk about.

      How’s commercial real estate going to do when all of these businesses refuse to renew?

      How much fuel are we saving?

      How much more efficient is it to not collectively move millions of people, millions of miles, to sit at computers they have in their homes?

      How can people get sexually harassed at an office they never visit?

      How can you have an on the job injury or an office you never visit?

      How much are companies saving on insurance policies they no longer need to carry for offices they no longer need to rent?

      1. Some jobs need face time in the office. Not all the jobs, and not all the time, but office buildings are still required.

        Just not as many of them.

        My own job site was already half empty before the pandemic. Room to grow. We’re starting to move back in (I’ve been going back one once or twice a week as I need to access equipment) next week at 50% capacity. Which means 75% empty building. (I think we own the building, not sure).

        The idea is that we will eventually all go back to our workplaces. But if the lockdown lasts too much longer, we’ll see that it’s not necessary. And then everything changes.

        A prior job was nearly all work from home anyway. Because we were always traveling to clients sites. So we knew how to do the remote thing. We had rather small office space in the main headquarters, and locally we rented a tiny space for actual equipment. I worked from home or on the road for ten years. I can that vantage point I can see what’s needed and what’s not. And the technology to work remotely has improved greatly since then.

        The modern office building is no longer needed, even without the pandemic. At the minimum we’re going to see “Remote Fridays” and stuff like that. Cisco does a lot of “cubicle sharing” and we’ll see a lot more of that. You want’ have your own office cubicle anymore, but share it with someone who comes in on alternate days. Stuff like that. So yeah, office space will shrink. It will be interesting.

        1. I can’t imagine any company being so idiotic as to hire you.
          If you are really employed, that’s a big problem with this country.

          1. Completely disagree.

            I disagree with Brandy’s opinions on issues—at times vehemently—but I would never call Brandybuck an idiot in general, or suggest they were unemployable.

            1. Yeah but you’re wrong constantly so I can’t imagine why you think anyone would care.

            2. I fail to see how someone who so consistently misinterprets information to the extent that his conclusions are not just wrong but the complete opposite of correct could be reliably employed.
              Then again, our most successful companies seem to get by on simple inertia and Daddy Gov dictat, thus conformity and incompetence are of the highest value in choosing their drones.

            3. judging from his writing skills and even-handed (though not always critical enough) analysis, I’d say he’s in the top 10 or 15 percent.

        2. Most companies will go back to a 50% work from home model. California is going to legislate that to 60% work from home.

          Big software companies are already competing with each other to offer remote work permanently, albeit at geographically adjusted pay rates. I don’t see Apple and Google doing away with their lavish offices and perqs though. They want too much to control every aspect of their employees days.

        3. No we will not all go back. A lot of this is permanent and was happening before all of this. This just accelerated the process.

      2. Our company is remote until August 2021. Google is remote about the same amount of time. The amount of money we are saving on Real Estate Services, free lunch, and other OpEx has essentially allowed us to avoid laying off 10 – 20% of our staff. (Of course, this means we haven’t been paying our contractor companies that provide the real estate and food services, so those people are being laid off instead.)

        However we have had a discernable hit to productivity. We see a lot of bugs and small items fall off the radar because they aren’t big enough to warrant the friction of setting up a meeting to talk about. In the past, it would have been a drive-by someone’s desk or a talk in the cafeteria. Now it just never gets addressed.

        The productivity hit alone would be fixable with adapting tools and process, but there is definitely something else missing. We can’t always show up to a meeting ready to be creative- sometimes it happens organically while you are grabbing coffee, or talking at your desk. And people are really getting depressed- I am not one of these, being an introvert, but half my employees thrive sitting in the office hanging out with their colleagues, and this is killing them.

        1. However we have had a discernable hit to productivity. We see a lot of bugs and small items fall off the radar because they aren’t big enough to warrant the friction of setting up a meeting to talk about. In the past, it would have been a drive-by someone’s desk or a talk in the cafeteria. Now it just never gets addressed.

          Don’t you people send emails? Maybe it is the work I do, but I find emails to be much more effective than meetings or phone calls. I find there is something about putting something in writing, even in an email, that causes people to follow through on things and pay attention where they will not if you just tell them even to their face. Talk really is cheap. Until something is put down in writing, it never seems to matter very much.

        2. We just had our annual work conference via web ex. Presentations were flat, no discussion, I played solitaire or pinochle and posted on Reason and only half listened. I am growing more convinced that web meetings are only about half as productive as face to face meetings.

          1. And face to face meetings are usually worthless, so…. there you go.

          2. better to still be able to work on important stuff than to be dragged into an in-person meeting where you have to pretend to be paying attention and lose the whole amount of time

          3. Same with wife’s company.

            At the start of the Casedemic CEOs were thrilled at the prospect of saving shitloads and proclaimed working from home a panacea. It worked great, and everything was going swell.

            Until it wasn’t. Now CEOs are seeing the various drawbacks that only time can illuminate, with many of them walking back their “we don’t ever have to return” narrative that was popular in April and May.

        3. Maybe what you need is a good comments section. Lots of ideas, good, bad and crazy seem to originate when people can free flow their thoughts into writing.

          More introverted too so this doesn’t bother me as much. But do miss the back and forth sometimes.

    2. Software development can be done completely online. But it goes much better when people are talking to each other in hallways and gathering around whiteboards.

      The ideal would be to have all the developers together in person, and make all the executives, marketing people, and program directors work remotely.

      1. No it can’t. See embedded software as an example.

        Not everything is web based dummy.

        1. You do realize you are essentially agreeing with my point.

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  13. Businesses in Washington, D.C., are already boarding up windows in advance of next week’s election.
    So racist.

    1. Why? I’ve been assured all the rioting and looting has been done by white nationalists.

  14. New Yorkers remembering that the reason we have cars is because we love freedom and the car is the greatest symbol of freedom imaginable is the most New Yorker thing I can imagine.

    Yeah, freedom to kill the environment.

    1. The reason we have cars is so that we can run over mostly peaceful protestors when they threaten to kill us.

      1. I just gently nudge the 60 something guys wearing spandex on bicycles into the ditch.

        We don’t get many peaceful protesters round these here parts. Gotta have fun somehow.

    2. Because says clean environment like a dirty subway car.

    3. New Yorkers remembering that the reason we have cars is because we love freedom and the car is the greatest symbol of freedom imaginable is the most New Yorker thing I can imagine.

      Cuts to publishing offices at The New Yorker…

    4. Cars are great when 15% of the people are going to work. Less traffic, easy parking. There’s a reason New Yorkers didn’t want cars before.

  15. A New York City man recently fell about 15 feet into a pit of rats when a sidewalk sinkhole opened under his feet

    “That’s disgusting!” cried the rats.

    1. Were the rats having a pizza party at the time?

      1. Wasn’t there something Q about Democrats fucking pizza rats?

    2. The sequels to Indiana Jones keep getting worse.

    3. sounds fortuitous. just think if the rats weren’t there, he would have hit concrete

    4. Cuomo sends the CoVid task force to break up the large gathering of rats and cites them for unlawful congregation even though the rats were serving some type of food.

  16. New York = Rat Pit

    Sounds about right.

  17. A federal appeals court has ruled that Minnesota can’t accept absentee ballots that arrive after Election Day—even the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed, for now, post-election collection of mail-in ballots in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

    Rules are meant to be broken when procrastinated votes are at stake.

    1. The Supreme Court allowed the laws in those states to be followed. The law in Minnesota is different. Both decisions are just enforcing state law as written. I am unsure why that is such a hard concept for ENB to grasp.

      1. Boehm, this week.

      2. yeah, it would make sense to allow ballots as long as they are postmarked by election day, and received within the normal mail delivery time (3 or 4 days) after that. But if that’s the not the law the state legislature passed, you can’t change it now one week before the election by judicial fiat.

        1. But you don’t understand any rules is voter suppression. And we can’t have that.

  18. “Civil libertarian journalist Glenn Greenwald resigned from The Intercept, which he founded in 2014, amid claims that he was being “censored” by the publication’s editors, and it quickly turned into an ugly public feud.”

    Nothing to see here. Move along. Just some ugly feuding. No deeper meaning to be examined.

    1. And there wasn’t even “feuding” in Robby’s article that Boehm was referencing. Just Greenwald reading his former staff the riot act over political censorship.

      Of course as far as Boehm is concerned just what they were censoring is a mystery, and probably doesn’t matter much, and even if it did it’s old news.

  19. No mention of MN Team D political leaders suppressing the 1-A right of free assembly in MN by Birdbrain Boehm. Only n=250 people allowed at the Trump campaign rally. Total bullshit.

    I thought this was a libertarian oriented publication. They should be protesting this violation of 1-A.

    1. Local news.

    2. PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF!

    3. Open wider, Commenter_XY.

      The reckoning — for bigoted, half-educated, superstitious and gullible clingers — begins next week.

      1. If you’re just going to mail it in why bother.

      2. You need to win the election first, Arthur. I see a some ‘pucker factor’ is settling in for you. Yeah, I’d start getting nervous right about now, too. You seem a little testy these days. Can’t imagine why.

        I mean, the floodgates are opening on Quid Pro Joe’s family business deals, and the electorate is asking questions, even if CNN/MSDNC/Etc will not.

        Besides, Brain-Dead Biden is up 10 points in the polls! Don’t you believe them? 🙂

      3. Wait, what? The reckoning “begins” next week?

        And here I thought you were on the cusp of victory after all these years.

        Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, eh rev?

    4. My hobby horse issue wasn’t mentioned in the morning links. Reason are a bunch of liberal shillls!

      1. No they covered for the D’s, it was mentioned.

        1. “He’ll spend Friday at rallies in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota” <– This is covering for the Democrats? It's a prosaic factual statement.

          1. Did you miss the part where they were pointing out this isn’t a full analysis because the Governor of Minnesota is restricting the crowd size? That was their entire fucking point. Referring to that line doesn’t disprove their point. In fact it reinforces how Reason isn’t reporting on it and that their reporting is this incomplete, possibly biased.

    5. Minnesota is pro-equality. If Biden can only draw a crowd of 250 supporters, why should Trump get to hold an even with more than that?

      1. I don’t really understand political rallies. They only attract the true believers. Just preaching to the choir.

    1. Fucking hilarious….Hopefully that will be the look on November 6th when we pretty much will know who won.

    2. Honestly, this is my primary reason to hope for a Trump victory. The amount of childish, liberal tears will be pathetic and delicious at the same time.

      My niece was attending University of Michigan in 2016 when Hilldog lost. They had to cancel classes for the following day. Sadly, she still leans left…

  20. “That’s especially true when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been the dominant story of the campaign and the year. ”

    Trump was impeached. Biden has been shown to be as corrupt as they come.

    And the top story is a flu virus.

  21. Hunter Biden Email 100% Authentic, Forensic Analysis Concludes

    1. Wait… but spb used a fake document only the left has apparently seen to prove other items are fake or something. Ignore the public witnesses, corroborated emails, wire transfers in the senate report, agreement with secret service flight logs. Etc

      1. Didn’t someone predict the left would try this a day or so ago?

    2. “Joe Biden’s presidential campaign said in a statement that his schedule indicates that no such meeting as alleged in the email took place. However, the campaign later told Politico that they could not rule out the possibility he had a cursory encounter with the Burisma executive.”

      If the right wants to nail Biden, they need to come up with more evidence of wrongdoing. The email isn’t enough to hang a whole scandal on.

      1. His grandmother is dead.

      2. It is quite funny watching you day in and day out defend the left. Yet then have the balls to claim no sides.

        1. Come back when you understand Venn Diagrams. Poking holes in right wing talking points does not equate to being a leftist. It is perfectly in line with being a libertarian.

          1. If and a big if in your case, you ever spent any time poking holes in left wing narratives. Instead you tend to repeat them.

            1. Why do you need me to do that, when the conservative commenters spend all their time bashing liberals all day long every day?

              Is there a particular left-wing narrative do want me to poke holes in? I ask the same thing I asked of JesseAz the other day (and he chickened out on taking me up on it): give me a left-wing narrative you want me to comment on, promise to acknowledge that I expressed anti-left-wing sentiments, and I’ll go ahead and make some anti-left-wing comments. I won’t do it, though, unless you promise to acknowledge and give me credit for it.

              1. You not only don’t poke holes but the Conservatives arguments you attack.

            2. Here. I’ll throw in a criticism of a left-wing narrative for free:

              I have seen many times in left-leaning media the statement that “the Bidens have been cleared of any wrongdoing”. What Joe and Hunter have been cleared of (so far) is breaking any laws. It is spin to try to equate not breaking any laws with not doing anything unethical.

              Hunter has clearly, at minimum, been out their trading on his last name, landing positions that he has no qualification for. That is unethical, and Joe Biden should have quashed such activities.

              Waiting for all the comments in reply to this saying I don’t really mean what I say.

              1. By the way, this is not something new that I am saying. I have on many occasions posted comments with the same opinion about the Bidens and “wrongdoing”. I post derogatory comments about Democrats almost every day.

                1. Should we compare the ratio? And yes I don’t ridicule conservative arguments nearly as much as progressive ones because I admit I am conservative leaning. Unlike you who play at being middle of the road libertarian.

                  1. Why does the ratio matter? If I were a loyal liberal, I wouldn’t be criticizing liberal narratives at all.

                    I am not going to spend as much time criticizing liberals when (a) Republicans are currently in power; (b) the comments section is flooded with (quite assholish) conservatives who do nothing but repeat conservative narratives and whine about Reason’s liberal bias.

                    1. Yeah. Keep selling it that way.

                    2. If you don’t understand how the ratio matters when trying to assert you are neither right not left I can’t help you. You obviously don’t care.

                    3. What an extremely weak criticism.
                      But at least you tried.

                    4. Have you thought that part of their asshole behavior is because you come across as a snobbish, condescending asshats at times? And biased at that?

      3. “The email isn’t enough to hang a whole scandal on.”

        Hunter gets paid millions of dollars by people who have no need for Hunter, but would benefit from connection with Joe. Then the question becomes to what extent have US national interests been undermined by payments to the Biden family.

        I think burden of proof lies with Joe in a political argument. Burden shifts only in the context of a criminal trial.

        Likewise, when I see outrage over government spending at Trump hotels, it reminds me that this self-dealing would be a violation of my employer’s policies.

        That said, the harm is the delta between what was spent at Trump, versus what would be spent elsewhere. The joke is that no one believes the government would really have spent less elsewhere. At least in this case, there’s no conflict with national interests. For that we’d need to look into foreign payments to Trump properties. Which I’m sure exist.

        1. My comment was in the criminal context. Politically, I agree with you that it is enough to not support Biden.

          I don’t support Biden. I voted for Jo Jorgensen.

  22. I wouldn’t get too excited about the election drawing to a close, that’s just Act I of the drama. Act II is the legal wrangling over which invalid votes should be counted, Act III is the big shootout. Act IV sets the stage for the endless sequels that re-hash the same storyline, much like the Halloween franchise.

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    2. I am increasingly convinced that Biden is going to lose by beyond the margin of fraud and knows it. Thus everything from the polls to the media claiming the Hunter Biden emails are an evil Russian plot is just to create a myth that the election was stolen to tell the faithful.

      1. Him running to a stop in Minnesota is very revealing.

        1. The early results showing him running behind in Philadelphia and the Rasmussen poll that shows Trump at 30% among black voters is as well. Yes, 30% seems insanely high, but even if it is off by a third, that means Trump gets 20% of the black vote and Biden is doomed. I mean how wrong could it be?

          1. 30% agrees with at least 2 other polls.

          2. At this point, I can’t trust any of the polls that come out. 30% black vote for Trump? Biden up by 17% in Wisconsin? A few point-advantage I could buy, but these guys’ methodologies seem to be completely out of whack.

            1. As Jesse points out, that isn’t the first poll that has shown 30% black support for Trump. I don’t trust that number either. Again, it is a question of degrees. While I don’t trust the 30% number, I have a hard time believing it is off by orders of magnitude either. Something is clearly going on among black voters for so many polls to show Trump’s support being that high. I think it is a very good bet Trump is getting significantly more than the usual 9% a Republican gets. The only question is how much more.

              1. So John…Candidate Trump got 8% of the black vote in 2016. We are talking about roughly 10MM votes, out of 165MM votes cast. Just a 1% swing to 9% adds 1.2MM votes in the Trump column.

                That 1% increase in the black vote can be decisive in MI, PA, WI or MN.

                Personally, I see POTUS Trump coming in around 10%, maybe 12% max. Could be enough, depending on where those votes are cast.

                1. Look at the public endorsements Trump is getting from some very famous black celebrities. I have him at around 15-20%. Not 30. But he has made inroads. His approval among black men is over 50% in quite a few polls.

                  His prison reforms and his reaching out to those communities is real. The democrats pandering being exposed is real.

                  1. Lil Wayne has 35 million Twitter followers.
                    People like he and Ice Cube are noticing that Trump actually gives them an audience and listens.
                    There are not hordes of white supremacists running around lynching black people, and those who have come over to Trump have been greeted with open arms and accolades from his supporters.
                    But these are just the celebrities who PUBLICLY come out to buck the peer pressure and endorse Trump, knowing they will be viciously attacked for it.
                    They are just the tip of the iceberg.

                2. Assuming black turnout of 10 million votes, if Trump doubled his share to 16%, that would mean his vote total would go from 800,000 in 16 to 1.6 million in 20. More importantly, those votes would come at the expense of Biden. Trump’s vote total would go up by 800,000 and Biden’s total would go down by 800,000 compared to Hillary’s total in 16. That is a 1.6 million vote swing. That would be a very big deal and would make it pretty damned hard for Biden to win PA, Michigan or North Carolina and likely put Virginia in play even though it is thought to be in the bag for Biden.

                  1. No way POTUS Trump doubles his share from 8% to 16%. That is a 100% increase. I could see 10%, maybe 12% max for POTUS Trump.

                    BTW, 12% is enough to sink Quid Pro Joe, particularly if POTUS Trump does just a little better with Hispanics.

                    1. The polls keep saying he is at 30%. I think that is high but it does make 16% a reasonable possibility.

                    2. A number of polls shoe Trump at 40% with Hispanics. This is near Republican levels in the past. South American and Cuban Hispanics especially seem to like Trump. Maybe the Democrats constant appeal to Hispanics on immigration alone, and their embrace of political movements many South American Hispanics and Cuban Hispanics fled hasn’t helped them with this group?

                    3. Would you say the same “impossible” if a stock doubled in 4 years? Especially if it started so low.

                      Your handicapped idea of what is or is not possible is irrelevant.

              2. If Trump gets credit for prison reform, and BLM is seen as a tool of white liberals, then 30% makes sense.

                1. I don’t know if you noticed above but Commenter_XY said “No Way” he gets to 16%.

                  IF Commenter_XY says “No Way”, goddamit, No Way!

            2. And you called what is going on with the polls yesterday. We are seeing a major realignment among the two major parties and that is making the polls’ turnout models obsolete and useless.

            3. Red, what they never show us is their weighting, or screening. That is why you see such huge swings in the numbers.

          3. I saw one article expressing surprise that so many rappers were supporting Trump. But they make a lot of money and they like guns, why wouldn’t they vote Republican?

            1. So they like economic freedom and personal liberty those fiends.

        2. He’s hoping to at least match Mondale.

      2. May it be as you say = Biden is going to lose by beyond the margin of fraud

        But I am not holding my breath on this. The bottom line is that Team R has to turn out voters like mad. That way, the mail ballots are irrelevant. They have to show up and vote.

        I see the crowds and it is really amazing. But I also see the polls, and the efforts of Team D with mail ballots and subverting election law.

        My gut tells me this will be agonizingly close. Watch PA.

        1. The only way Biden wins is through cheating, which is very possible.

        2. Crowds in red state. No crowds in blue states. What matters are the swing states. And some crowds there. But crowds aren’t votes. We need to actually count the votes.

          Don’t let your bubble fool you. Everyone is in a bubble and only sees what they want to see. Trump supporters may be more vocal, but that does mean the Trump is a shoe-in.

          The best indicator are the congressional races. Ignore the honking horns and signs, does it look like the GOP will take back the House and keep the Senate? Or not? I think they will keep the Senate, but I can’t see them taking back the House. In our new manichean world, how the House goes is how the Presidency will go.

          1. It looks very good for the Senate. I would be shocked if the GOP lost the Senate. As far as the House goes, there is no way to tell. The House is a collection of 535 local races of which there is almost no accurate public polling. Yes, probably 400 of those races are locked in one way or another. But there is almost no reliable data on the races that will swing control of the House one way or the other. So, I don’t think anyone can make an intelligent prediction about the House one way or another.

            1. To me, the Senate is even more important than POTUS Trump. That is literally the last bulwark against majoritarian government.

              1. The Senate and SCOTUS as it now stands.

                If I had the power to call down deus ex machina I would choose a certainty of keeping the senate over 50/50 chance for Republican POTUS.

          2. Brandy, now that is where you are not quite correct = No crowds in blue states.

            POTUS Trump turned out over 20K in the People’s Republic of NJ, in Wildwood, NJ. That doesn’t count the thousands lining the streets. Now I live in an affluent town in South Jersey. In this now liberal town (used to be staunchly conservative), there was a ‘Trump Convoy’ going right down Main Street. And not a little one.

            At the shore, there are Boat Parades.

            Regarding House races in NJ, I see a clean sweep by Team D. Why? Because we are about to witness the greatest religious event of our lifetime. How, you ask? Well on November 3, we will have tens of thousands of dead zombie voters suddenly resurrect for one day – election day – and then return to their eternal sleep here in the People’s Republic of NJ. Just watch.

            PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF!

            1. Yeah, Trump draws huge crowds in blue states. His ability to draw a crowd in places like New Jersey and California is one of the more remarkable things about Trump’s campaign.

              1. He’s not your typical Republican in many ways, and a lot of people in blue states are starting to realize that Democrat rule hasn’t exactly worked out swimmingly for them.

                He’s not a Bible thumper and has shown a willingness to spend a lot of money, so if you’re going for “we need something different” I can see how Trump would appeal to them in a way that a lot of Republicans don’t.

                1. The biggest thing is that he doesn’t hate most of the country. He isn’t a bible thumper but he doesn’t hate people who are or act embarrassed to have their support. He isn’t black but he actually talks to black people and tries to do something to help their communities. He was born a millionaire but he doesn’t treat people who work for a living with contempt.

                  Before Trump, a lot of Republicans acted embarrassed to be associated with average Americans of any sort. Democrats have hated average Americans for decades and now pretty much base their entire political brand on being associated with something superior than the awful middle class whites. So, yeah, it is no surprise a lot of people like Trump. He is about the only politician in either party that doesn’t hate them or at best tolerate their support.

                  1. And he never, ever maligns voters. The guy is a businessman. He sees every single voter as an opportunity. Unlike others who call voters deplorable, or irredeemable, or Trumkins, or Trumptards. You will never hear POTUS Trump speaking badly of a voter.

                    That is what makes him more likely to win.

                    1. If you pay attention, Trump is a total asshole to celebrities and journalists and politicians. But he never says a single word against voters or anyone who doesn’t have a platform to fight back. This is in sharp contrast to Biden who is constantly referring to Trump voters as chumps and racists and such.

                    2. Trumps habit of linking random YouTube support videos is genius on his part. He doesn’t rely on elite people to get a message across.

                  2. Dems are always bragging about how they lead polls among the most educated and least white.

                2. Justine Bateman, hardly a conservative, attacked Gavin Newsom’s imperialistic Thanksgiving order yesterday on Twitter.

                  1. Who? Nevermind, I don’t care.

                    1. A has-been actress who was kind of hot, in a best pick to take home at closing time way.

          3. “Everyone is in a bubble”

            No that’s just what bubble people like you believe.

          4. No crowds in blue states.

            Do you just say crap out of pure ignorance?


            That’s california. I can show you huge crowds in almost every blue state.

          5. If the GOP keeps the Senate, then I am totes cool with Biden winning.

            1. That and the SCOTUS as it stands [without being remade in their image] would certainly go a long way toward containing a progressive executive branch.

              1. If the Republicans keep the Senate, court packing is off the table (probably off if it is 50-50 as a number of democratic senators will be up for election in 2022 but that isn’t a given).

                1. Elections in purple or red states I should say.

                2. Actually looking at the races, short of a major sweep, there aren’t a lot of seats available for the Republican to pick up in 2022, depending on the outcome in Arizona and Georgia, Nevada and Colorado are the only two that look even contestable and I wouldn’t bet on Colorado. In a wave election Washington and Oregon also have an outside chance of flipping. And if the Democrats win Arizona or Georgia, those two seats would be contestable.

            2. You… really don’t get what Trump represents then.

        3. The problem with the polls is they are too good for Biden. You can’t square the claims of Biden having a lead with the underlying numbers. The same polls that show Biden ahead will show Trump getting 20% of the black vote and 35% or more of the Hispanic vote. Both of those things cannot be true. There is no way Trump loses while getting those percentages of blacks and Hispanics.

          The other thing is that the polls are based on whatever turnout model the pollster guesses is correct. Red Rocks Rockin made a very interesting point on here yesterday. We are in the process of a political realignment whereby the Republicans are now a populist nationalist party and the Democrats are an elite internationalist party. That is doing all sorts of things to the electorate and making the existing turnout models useless. I think that has made it impossible for the polls to figure out what is going on and adjust the polls to being more accurate before the election after the usual 8 months of gaslighting the public that the Democrat is so far ahead they can’t lose.

        4. Republican voters tend to have their lives together a lot better than Dem voters. In a normal election, they show up at the polls in much higher proportion. In this election, they mail in their ballots early and sign them properly, while Dems wait to the last minute.

    3. Yes. The next three months (years?) are going to make the 2000 election results seem like a dress rehearsal. I expect some actual violence to erupt on occasion.

      Remember that photo of the bawling college chick back in 2016? Yeah, magnify that by a couple of factors, and apply it to whichever side loses. Whichever side.

      1. I expect some actual violence to erupt on occasion.

        Just call it peaceful protesting as you’ve been doing all year.

        1. So, you still have a problem with treating people as individuals, and can only think in terms of groups and guilt by association. And you have a problem with the Constitutional right of peaceful protest. Got it.

          1. You still have a problem with reality. It is what it is.

          2. You also have a strawman since I’ve never said all protests are violent. But those protesters who wear black, impede the police, and offer to hide those who commit assaults or arson are complicit. You call them peaceful because you’re a partisan.

            1. It’s like he didn’t even read Rommelmann’s posts.

              What a maroon!

            2. But you have no problem advancing the straw man that Brandybuck has been claiming “all year” that rioting and violence is peaceful protesting.

          3. Peaceful protesting is fine (albeit still a COVID-19 super spreader event). “Mostly peaceful protesting” is a threat to order and commerce.

      2. Now you’re saying you’ll get violent when you lose?

  23. “Civil libertarian journalist Glenn Greenwald resigned from The Intercept, which he founded in 2014, amid claims that he was being “censored” by the publication’s editors, and it quickly turned into an ugly public feud.”

    From the little I’ve read, this feud sounds mostly like they agree on the facts:

    Greenwald says the editors want to censor him.

    The editors say Greenwald thinks he’s too VIP to be censored.

  24. Trump is crushing it! The anarchists, communists and neo-federal fascists will stay on their heels another 4 years! Biden is cooked and I can only hope that his family sees actual jail time for their crimes.

    1. Wray needs to be summarily dismissed
      The FBI needs to be downsized
      There are a lot of bad actors at DOJ and State that need to leave
      The Federal bureaucracy in DC needs to be downsized
      Gina Haspel…well, she needs to be more forthcoming…or leave

      A lot of fucking people belong in jail.

    2. “The anarchists, communists and neo-federal fascists ”

      Oh, he’s very popular Ed. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads – they all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude.

      1. 9 times….


    Pretty happy to have a GOP that can contain Lil’ Wayne.


      If Brett Favre, Jack Nicklaus, Lil Wayne, and Lil Pump all support Trump, imagine what kind of broad coalition exists out there in the electorate.

      1. No way, Biden is obviously ahead by 15 points in every state.

      2. I really hope we don’t see the “big tent” nonsense emerge again. That’s hands-down the most cringe-worthy meme of the last 20 years.

        A large political party has a “big tent” by the very nature of its scale. You have people who vote R or D for a variety of different reasons, either because they broadly support the platform, or they are one-issue voters who might otherwise support the opposing party but can’t get past that one issue (abortion and gun control, for example). Pundits only bring up that term because they’re deluding themselves into thinking that their side is about to gain long-term political power.

        1. Agreed. Pandering is lame, phony, and the opposite of color blind.

      3. And Ice-Cube at least willing to work with Trump and doesn’t back down when attacked. Also, Kanye. And don’t forget 50 cents who didn’t exactly fully retreat from his earlier endorsement. Lots of Trump supporters I know say “fuck Trump, but I support what he actually has done and will do”.

        1. “Look at my African-American over there”
          D. Trump June 3,2016

  26. To Ken Shultz: I voted for Trump, and comments you’ve written here significantly influenced my decision. One of my largest factors was the information you provided about middle east peace deals the Trump administration has negotiated. I was a Gary Johnson voter in 2016 & 2012, and didn’t vote in 2008. I live in Washington state so it’s largely symbolic, but I thought you’d like to know you’ve influenced someone.

    1. I have a lot of friends and family in Washington state. I was born their. I think there’s a good chance it may go purple and a slight chance it goes red this election. Chaz may already be out of the news cycle, but it rocked the very foundations of the nearby populace. There was looting a stones throw from Medina. It didn’t go unnoticed.

      1. I’m setting my expectations low because in the past people’s ability to cling to blue orthodoxy has continually shocked me. I have seen this year people seem a bit more willing to speak heresies in public.

        I talked to a guy who worked at Asado, a prominent steakhouse in Tacoma, a day before they closed down for now 3 months. Always 100% booked, can’t eat there without a reservation. The type of restaurant that should be able to survive the COVID restrictions. Their web announcement said they were closing for “employee and customer safety” but the guy told me the real reason is they can’t break even with Inslee’s constantly changing rules. He was pissed. I said and he agreed that in a strongly democrat state you would expect the governor would not be screwing small businesses but helping megacorps, but Home Depot and Walmart haven’t closed one day since lockdowns started.

        1. The hardest job for a politician this year is figuring which businesses are essential to still get re-elected.

          1. HAHAHAHA! This comment is the thread winner!

          2. ya funny.

          3. Bonus points awarded for this post.

          4. +1,000,000 internets

      2. I’m in WA now. No way it does that. Not yet anyway. It’s pretty insane here.

        Now, after a few years of a Biden/Harris disaster where there’s no one to blame but dems…..

        Never mind. They never blame themselves. It’ll never change here.

    2. +1 – Ken, I really appreciate your posts on the failed stimulus packages. It’s unbelievable that a Libertarian magazine/website wouldn’t be talking about it. Thanks for your contributions brother.

  27. “It’s a metaphor for the election, I think?”

    Meh, but it is literally NYC.

    1. What is NYC built on? Mostly NYC and fill.

      1. What is Ankh-Morpork built on? Ankh-Morpork. I just realized that this was an opportunity for shout out to Sir Terry, may he RIP.


    Lil Wayne endorses Trump. Every “smart” white person informs me Trump is a racist. They only way I can square those two facts is that it must be that white liberals really do think black people need smart white people to do their thinking for them. Of course, it is everyone but liberals who is racist.

    1. All these Black dudes from the ghetto are clearly unqualified to identify racists.

      1. Jussie smollett knows one when he sees one. Or two.

    2. liberals really do think black people need smart white people to do their thinking for them

      Biden literally said, to a black interviewer:

      “Well I tell you what, If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”.

      The media may have given him a pass, but maybe the black community heard him and understood he was just being honest. People are far smarter than politicians would like when they are not scared. Young minorities are beginning to understand that COVID is a cover for unbridled totalitarianism.

    3. Trump is anti-Chinese bad trade deal anti-illegal immigration and anti-terrorist immigration, but there is nothing in his personal, business or political history to show those stands are racially motivated. He seems to genuinely want all Americans to succeed, regardless of race. The Left doesn’t want to be honest about that.

      1. The left is reliant on division, hatred, and fear to gain totalitarian power.

        1. Ignorance as well

        2. Exploiting guilt and grievance to get there.

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    ALERT: “Pennsylvania’s voting rolls are such a mess that even PA can’t tell court details of how dirty or clean they are!” 800,000 inactive names on the rolls! Chief Justice Roberts decision is helping create perfect storm of #VoterFraud.

    1. They might have followed up on the accuracy when Obama got 105% of the vote in Philadelphia last time….

  31. This fact-check is seriously “Robert Byrd was actually an Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, not a Grand Wizard”

    1. Why are people still discussing Robert Byrd?

      1. Biden’s mentor, and Biden spoke glowingly about him at his funeral. Disqualifying behavior for a Republican.

        1. Ah. It’s pretty absurd and a double standard to see Democrats still making excuses for his KKK-ness. I’m willing to accept that people can change and forgive past nastiness. But today’s left doesn’t seem to when it comes to racism in a person’s past. I don’t know why they don’t just leave him in the bin of the bad, old racist Democratic party (though you have partially answered that for me).

      2. “Why are people still discussing Robert Byrd?”

        Because he raped Brett Kavanaugh with Chelsea Handler’s dick.

  32. This is outstanding. NBC News dug up some weird Hunter Biden decoy story that nobody has ever heard of and is pretending that it’s the real Hunter Biden story and they’ve debunked it. Wow. This is a brand new low for a terrible outlet.


      President Trump has never even mentioned the document
      writes about here, and they’re forced to admit that fact in their attempt to connect it to him:


        In order to avoid scrutinizing the real story, NBC is busy debunking a fake story about Hunter Biden that was shared a grand total of 5,000 times across Facebook and Twitter

    2. Yeah Palin’s Buttplug was trying to distract with it upthread.

      1. Go out and find something fake, pretend it matters, and then use the fake document to discredit the real ones by a completely fabricated guilt by association. Fake documents exist, therefore these documents must be fake is the logic.

        Of course the irony of the very same media who spent four years treating the Steele dossier as gospel truth not complaining about a document created by a private intelligence firm is something so large only the major media is capable of creating it.

        1. I don’t believe “go find”.

          Clearly a psy-ops response. The tell is that they had to create a fake persona for the “man behind the scenes”, including a fake photograph of a character generated by CGI.

          It only requires a moment’s pause to think it through. Why would some Trump operation require fake people and fake companies to drop documents? What would the point be?

          They already went with “Here is Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon dropping off a hard drive from Hunter Biden’s computer at the New York Post.” Why in the world would they suddenly decide that they need to use a secret fake person?

          It makes no sense.

          And it is covered by NBC news. NBC news works closely with team D, the Clintons and particularly Chuck Schumer.

          My money is on Schumer and some back-channel type organizations putting this together for team Biden.

          1. I am sure they did. The fact that this is all they could come up with shows how damning the evidence against Biden is. They have yet to make any real argument defending Biden or in anyway questioning the truthfulness of the information.

          2. It makes no sense.

            It no longer has to. I had to listen to my own father tell me that we would better off with Biden as president just 2 days ago. The man fought actual communists and the media has him convinced that the Democrats are not totalitarians bent on single party rule.

            1. This is the truth of the matter, and why I worry so much. Most people are not like us. They don’t root around looking for the original sources and for contrary opinions. They don’t hold to any deep-seated benchmarks by which they measure all issues.

              If you watch the big 3 (forget CNN or MSNBC), you will see a really sophisticated bit of manipulation. They have been biased for all of my lifetime, but things really changed in the last 12+ years.

              I watch Today on NBC. They clearly coordinate their political coverage with the DNC. Today, they had a full segment, commercial to commercial, about how dangerous trick or treating is this year. They brought in various “experts” to talk about how dangerous it is. Said experts offered up “scientific advice” for what to do – advice that was often contradictory and clearly completely made up and without any truly scientific basis beyond some lightly informed guesswork. They bracketed this coverage on both sides with political stories about Biden pushing Covid and blaming Trump for murdering everyone. There was a well laid-out theme.

              1. You would think their leaving half of the marketplace of ideas, so they can peddle propaganda to the Left, would leave an opening for someone to make money. Pre-Roger Ailes getting the boot, maybe Fox would have done that? But why is no one else trying to?

                1. Well, that is precisely what Fox did, of course.

                  But the other answer is that the Big 3 have gotten much more sophisticated over the last 12 or 14 years. “Hard News” is kind of dead. Lester Holt is an evening anchor. He sounds like he’s talking to kindergartners. And he’s the grownup in the room.

                  They do a much lighter version of news than the old days of Walter Cronkite or even Dan Rather. Now, there are just as many “feature stories” as there are hard news stories. Most of the time on the evening news is devoted to “soft news”. It is USA Today all day, everywhere.

                  So they package their propaganda in a bunch of fluff where there is little time for detailed reporting. And with all 3 networks, plus CNN and MSNBC singing from the same song book, the average TV consumer who really doesn’t dig in to the news can’t tell the difference.

                  Fox “leans right” …. or more appropriately “shills republican”…. but they don’t do “hard reporting” that might distinguish them as being different.

                  And that is the other thing that is missing… .the deep dive reporting that we used to have in places like the NYT and at the big networks.

                  But the masses are happy… they get news that superficially looks like real news. The world around them is steeped in it. So they don’t know what they are missing.

                2. Because 95% of the journalism majors see themselves as social justice warriors fighting for equality and inclusion.

        2. It’s what they were trying to do with some of those alleged photos, too.

          Stick to the emails that show Biden was bought by foreign powers.

    3. See the pedo above.

    4. If an 8 year-old came up with a strawman misdirection story like that, I’d give him a D-. Beyond lame.

      1. And the worst part is not that NBC news is that stupid.

        It’s that NBC news thinks ‘we’ are that stupid. I daresay I’m a bit offended.

        1. NBC had Savannah Guthrie in the room at Chuck Schumer’s penthouse in NYC at 1am as they plotted the strategy for leaking the letter about Kavanaugh accuser Blasey-Ford. Remember how much coverage there was of “who dared to leak this confidential letter!?!?!” NBC’s morning anchor was in the room as they decided how to handle the leak.

          NBC is not covering the race – they are part of the team running the race.

          1. The “Dance of the Vermin” alone is more than enough reason to elect Trump to 4-5 consecutive terms.

        2. TBF, the people that watch NBC news are that stupid.

        3. To be fair, people like brandy, wk, sqrsly, chipper, jeff….

          Are that stupid.

        4. I haven’t watched network news in about 20 years. Don’t miss it.

          CNN used to be somewhat objective, but Trump’s election pulled the mask off. They were stone faced and stunned for the past 4 years.

    5. it has all the hallmarks of a counter-disinformation campaign…


    NEW: Forensic analysis of the metadata of the Hunter Biden email at the center of the NYPost expose shows it’s 100% authentic,


    NBC will do this

    NYT will give some mid-level bureaucrat anonymity and lie about him being a senior aide to Trump

    Twitter and Facebook will literally ban negative info about Biden

    And they call you a conspiracy theorist if you think they’re not above tinkering with the polls


    NBC is trying to dupe you into thinking the Biden pay-to-play scandal has been debunked. It has not.

    This NBC tweet is about a random document almost no one has seen. It’s not connected to what Bobulinski is accusing Joe Biden of.

    NBC is actively running interference for Biden.

    1. This is even dumber than the “media insider” take that Hunter Biden was just “trading on his family name”, which is saying something – because that is stupid raised to the power of infinity.

      (our Reason insiders are among those who think that all these companies like Barisma are handing millions to Hunter Biden because they just really like the name Biden. You know…. he’s famous and stuff. So here’s $4 million. Enjoy! Nobody pays millions of dollars and expects no return on that investment. The only possible return is buying influence with a powerful politician.)

    1. Thank goodness McCain died in time for him to find his balls again and remember which party he belonged to.

    2. I’m not a fan of his politics, but he’s got a pretty good sense of humor for a politician. That video he made smashing his phone after Trump gave out his phone number during the primary was hilarious.

      1. Yea, he’s a good sport.
        Unfortunately, he’s also a pansy.


    official confirms that in 2019, the
    opened up a criminal investigation into “Hunter Biden and his associates,” focused on allegations of money-laundering, and that it remains open and active today. More very soon on your


    So concerned about disinformation is
    that is digs up a phony document no one has ever heard of, pretends everyone was talking about it, mixes in references to a real scandal in order to make readers conflate the two…sounds like…disi…nform…ation…

    1. Would you even say it bears the “hallmarks” of disinformation?

    2. NBC really just needs to give up the pretense of being a news organization at this point and rebrand themselves as the Democratic party’s public relations office. Because that’s exactly what they are.


    Story designed to confuse the public and willingly gullible reporters into thinking that the actual Hunter Biden emails are part of this fake thing. You don’t have to think the Hunter story is very important to realize what’s going on here.


    I can say i have never seen this document, nor have i read anything quoting it.
    I can also say it therefore bears zero relevance on the legitimate evidence about Hunter Biden’s biz, via laptop and Bobulinski.

  38. Ya know, I’m fine with crushing the Fortune 500 now.

    Walmart removes guns and ammunition from store floors amid civil unrest
    The retailer said that the decision was prompted by protests and looting in Philadelphia sparked by the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr., a Black man with mental health issues who approached them while carrying a knife. While guns and ammunition won’t be stocked on shelves, they will still be available for sale.

    1. Have looters mostly peaceful protesters targeted gun stores yet?
      I imagine that the staff might be a little to dangerous to peacefully protest against, so maybe peacefully protesting the Walmart gun aisles might be more lucrative.

      1. They did in South Philly last summer. It didn’t end well for them. That dude in the picture doesn’t look like the kind of guy you want to try to rob.

        1. Gun store owner killed one robber and possibly wounded another in the shoulder. Someone showed up at an area hospital with a bullet wound to the shoulder.

          1. And the police and mayor had the gall to criticize him for it. They called it “vigilante justice”.

            It can’t be said enough, fuck Philadelphia.

      2. Most gun shops are hardened targets.

      3. During my first enlistment I was chosen to take a train the trainer base defense course at Ft. Lewis. The biggest take away was you can’t defend every area but what you want to do is project am image of strength so that they enemy chooses somewhere else to attack. This was in 1998.
        In 2003 when we were deploying we all had to take another base defense training. The message was the same. Projection of an image of strength was the main objective in base defense. Or and channeling attackers into an area you can concentrate fire.

        1. One Armed gate guard with one other guard in overwatch isn’t meant to stop an attack but meant to tell any attackers that assaulting the gate will be costly.

          1. Paired with concrete barriers and vehicle interdiction devices, this tells an attacker that they can’t simply blow through the gates but will have to fight through them.

    2. Is this virtue signaling, or just concern that looters might get their hands on weapons? I suppose if it is happening at all their stores, the former is likely part of it.

      1. Yeah that’s what I thought. In certain locations it could be a legitimate concern. I’ll have to check the Walmart in a small city near me, that has zero chance of riots, on Monday when I’m there.

      2. I still think it’s the latter since they say they’ll still be available for sale, just not on the shelf. Maybe they have a locked cage in the warehouse or something.

        Shouldn’t be shopping for guns and ammo at WalMart anyways. They’ve caved to anti-gun groups several times, your money is better spent at stores with a spine.

        1. Yes. My business goes to people and companies who don’t compromise with the gun grabbers.

        2. In this case, it’s more for protection. The paperwork on stolen guns for these guys is a bitch to fill out, and no Walmart employee is going to get in the way of looters looking to grab weaponry.

          1. My mother worked for Walmart, ad did my wife, on Black Friday they were instructed if someone is witnesses stealing something don’t stop them. This was company policy. Loss protection may intervene if it was a really big ticket item, but even that wasn’t guaranteed. More likely they would just take a picture with security cameras and turn it over to the local police. With everyone wearing a mask (well compliance is about 50% in my area) this strategy seems like it will lead to less danger for thieves and more reward.

      3. Can’t make business sense in my area. It is hunting season. Also, coming into Christmas and giving your child a gun for Christmas (a .22 when they are younger, a deer rifle or shotgun when they are old enough to hunt) is fairly common. A lot of people stopped buying sporting goods altogether from Walmart after their decision on selling “assault rifles” and ammunition for “assault rifles” (.223 and .308, both popular around here for hunting coyotes and deer, respectively) and pistols.
        Buying a gun is interactive. I’ve rarely met anyone who buys a gun without first handling it and seeing how it feels. I suspect Walmart will lose even more sales to dedicated sporting goods stores and local stores. And it isn’t just gun sales. It is all the add ons, slings, scopes, cases etc you buy, as well as if I am buying ammunition around hunting season, I may also be shopping for boots, socks, knives, hunting jackets, flashlights, camelbacks, day packs etc. If it is to much trouble to buy a gun at Walmart, and I decide to buy it at sportsman’s warehouse across town, I am not going to go through the trouble of driving through traffic to purchase these other things. Sportsman’s Warehouse will get my business (and it is on the side of Williston closest to were I live anyhow, and right next to Menard’s). I also am less likely to buy any cleaning or tools or anything at Walmart because I can go one block down from Sportsman’s Warehouse and get those at Menards (which has comparable prices, and aisles are larger and the staff friendlier).

        1. As a bonus, there is a reason big box stores like Walmart put sporting goods in the back of the store, it is so you have to travel through all the other departments to get there. It is the same theory as putting dairy in the back of the store. If you travel through those other departments to get what you are shopping for you are more likely to pick up other stuff you need or want from their store. Sportsman Warehouse and Cabela’s and Bass Pro does the same with fishing and guns, either at the back of the store or on the far side of the store. Impulse items at the front of the store, clothing next and camping next.

          1. Optics right next to gun aisle.

  39. “Meanwhile, Politico reported that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) is seeking to become Biden’s Treasury secretary if he prevails.”

    Cripes! Bite the pillow America.

    1. She know heap big wampam.

    2. yeah, put the Stalinist with the 5 year plans in charge of the Treasury. What could possibly go wrong?

  40. Tariffs are the stupidest thing ever. That both Democrats and Republicans think they will make ‘Murica Grate Again is just sad.

    Tariffs are taxes. As such they need to originate in the House, voted on by Senate, and signed by the President. And morally they need to be low and uniform, if they exist at all.

    Trump made them the central to his programs, but the Democrats love them too. They are an abomination fueled by economic ignorance.

    1. But, but, but four dimensional chess! Trump wants free trade! Trump’s protecting American jobs! He can do it all!!!!

      1. More shitty strawman huh? Stick to your socks.

      2. Remember yesterday when you posted a study and thought the sample size was the result?

        We all had a good laugh at you!

    2. If all costs to a business are taxes then so is corporate theft. So are security costs. Shit you fail to recognize.

      1. So tariffs are not taxes then?

        1. I am confused. How did we get from “tariffs” to “all corporate costs” to “corporate theft”.

          I think we skipped a few too many steps and this thought train took a left turn somewhere, leaving me behind.

          1. JesseAz is an economic genius, dude. Just like Trump.

            1. As opposed to you, someone so stupid that you thought the sample size of a study was the result.


              1. Yeah, I’m the only person in the world who has ever made a mistake.

                1. No but you are the only person in the word that spent two hours shooting off your idiot dicksucker on here about how right you were after making a mistake.

                  Stellar Job!

                  1. The funniest part about that exchange (until today) was sarc slinking away like a cowed bitch.

                    Now it’s sarc begging for mercy for umpteenth time because everyone makes mistakes, somehow though he makes them all the time.

                    1. Missed that, which story was that?

            2. HI SQRLSY!

          2. Because the tariffs are retaliatory, not done on impulse. They are retaliation to the things listed. This isn’t difficult.

            The first step in analysis is to recognize reality.

        2. The Constitution lists them separately.

  41. Enabling his meth and crack addicted son by using him as his bagman for millions of dollars. Father of the year.
    If Joe Biden was willing to sacrifice his own son in order in lining his pockets, what do you think he’ll do to us?

    1. That is the question I have been asking as well. You really have to wonder about Brain-Dead Biden…what kind of dickhead uses his drug-addicted kid to negotiate deals?

      1. Meh. If my kid had a drug habit that made him unemployable, but I still trusted him, I’d put him in the family business.

    2. I always imagined their relationship to be like Wormwood and his Uncle Screwtape. One of mutual exploitation where either would slice the others throat if they felt there was genuine profit in it.

      “My dear, my very dear, Wormwood Hunter, my poppet, my pigsnie,
      How mistakenly now that your laptop is lost you come whimpering to ask me whether the terms of affection in which I address you meant nothing from the beginning.

      Far from it!

      Rest assured, my love for you and your love for me are as like as two peas. I have always loved you, as you (pitiful fool) loved me.
      The difference is that I am the stronger. Love you? Why, yes. As dainty a morsel as ever I grew fat on.

      Your increasingly and ravenously affectionate Father, Joe.”


    THREAT: ‘Shut Down DC’ Releases Target Maps to ‘Confront’ Trump’s Campaign Officials and Supporters at Home

    “It is clear that Shut Down DC will not allow the election to be ‘won’ until the victor is Joe Biden.”

    1. The people behind that organization should be easy enough to find.

      Sure you guys want to open that door, Antifa?

      1. These Lefties just do not realize that once the Constitution is suspended, there is no law to protect them from Americans.

        KGB Connections Documentary

        Excellent Documentary on KGB and Cuban DGI intel services. I describes how the Commies flipped idiot elites in America to spy on their own nation. It was real nearly impossible to flip blue collar Americans.

        KGB and DGI infiltrated Lefty groups in the USA, like weather underground, and provided training and money for them to bomb , kill Americans, and gets riots going.

        It also interviews defectors who explained how the US State Dept was almost completely compromised and how Canada was used to infiltrate into the USA.

        I bet similar Chinese Commie intel services are funding some of these Lefty groups or still convincing them of the Socialist Utopia bullshit.

        1. The Chinese are funding a lot of the activism.
          They’re also pouring money into Biden’s campaign.

    2. Well that’s too bad they plan to resort to violence and intimidation. They have a great name for an organization and a cause.


    Oh, we were totally off in 2016 but we totally get Trump voters now and can poll them accurately.

    Oh, we’ve been doing everything we can to make sure you don’t here at thing about the evidence showing Hoover Biden was auctioning off, intros to Pappy for a of couple hookers and a baggie of crank, but we’re going to be totally honest about our Democrat +15 weighted polls.

    Trust us – we’re the press!

    Then they hint that if you vote it won’t count because they’ll just steal the final score. All this talk about election fraud – they want it! They want you scared of fraud. They want you to think, “Why bother, since dead people’s ballots will swamp mine.” The simple fact is that the GOP is on the job this time. We’re winning the vast majority of election court cases and we’re going to be there on the ground watching the counts. Remember, you can only steal a very close election – think of the logistics of filling out 10,000 ballots, and the red flags that would go up from Republican observers if someone backs up his Chevy to a count room with 3,000 Biden ballots he just happened to “find” in his trunk. Election theft is possible, but it’s hard when everyone’s looking and impossible when it isn’t razor close. Your vote will count – but only if you cast it.

    Then they threaten you.

    If you patriots dare stand up for your rights and exercise your sovereignty by appointing a justice who has read the Constitution, we’ll get revenge!

    If you reelect Trump, we’ll take to the streets.

    Conform or else!

    Bring it, sissies.

    1. Pennsylvania AG and Philadelphia DA warn Trump campaign of consequences if he has poll watchers present, Wisconsin Governor contemplates sending the National Guard to polling places.

      1. Also Minnesota governor limits the size of Pro Trump rallies and Nevada’s governor tickets Trump’s campaign because of the size of his rally, forcing them to cancel future rallies in Nevada. But Republicans are the fascists, don’t you know.


    If the “second wave” is going to be worst than the first, what was the point in the first lockdown?

    Prof Carl Heneghan: “People calling for lockdown need to realise that it is a blunt tool that will just kick the can down road.”

    1. If the second wave is worse than the first, then the lockdowns didn’t work and there is no point in trying them again.

      At this point these people are just drunk with power. They are never going to voluntarily give up the power the COVID panic has given them.

      1. Or, it means that the lockdowns did work, in the sense that they kept more people from gaining immunity, making a second wave worse.
        But I don’t think there is really a second wave at all. What we are seeing now is normal seasonal cold/flu behavior. The curves for deaths (“cases”/positive tests are meaningless at this point) are not increasing nearly vertically as they did in March. The are slowly growing and are nearly flat. Just like it always is for respiratory infections this time of year.

        1. I think you are right that this isn’t a second wave. Moreover, the virus is like all viruses mutating to become less deadly. That combined with doctors figuring out how to treat it is making any “second wave” a much smaller problem than it was last spring.

          That is the other thing that is being totally ignored; the number of people infected is much larger today than it was last spring. Yet, the total daily deaths even by the “count everything remotely possible” standards are running about half what they were in the spring. The virus is less deadly now even for people that suffer symptoms than it was. Doctors have had six months of trial and error figuring out how to treat it. It is now no more deadly than the regular flu. It is just more contagious.

          Good luck trying to explain that, however. The media has lied so much that they have a ton of people convinced that the virus is much deadlier than it ever was much less what it is now.

          1. I am just shocked and dismayed that people have remained so ignorant for so long. The media propaganda campaign for the covid policies has been absolutely reprehensible. It makes me sick. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now. I might be able to get through to a few people, but the supposed “leaders” seem determined to never admit how badly they fucked up and how much damage they have caused.

          2. Not even sure it is more contagious. More people are getting tested for it than get tested for flu. Most hospitals and clinics discourage people from seeking flu tests. Most folks infected by the flu realize they have the flu (or suspect it) but because it is a known variable they don’t seem diagnosis. During years when the media get breathless about “a strong flu”, more people seek testing than in years of “normal flu”.

            1. If it wasn’t for the testing, no one would think it was still a problem and this would look like a normal start of a flu season.

              1. Yeah but reason assures me we need all the testing possible. Because that will end the virus. If collecting data to show the true nature of the virus was impassionately reported I would agree.

    2. the point of the first lockdown was to prevent the hospitals from being overrun and to give them time to prepare. The first lockdown should have ended after 3 weeks, then protect the elderly and at-risk while letting everyone else get back to work and school to build up population immunity before cold and flu season returned in the fall.

      Instead they flattened the curve all the way to November, so the second wave will have more open targets.


    Incredible traffic jam in Paris as people try to leave the city before 9 pm curfew and before confinement begins at midnight. Traffic is barely moving in every direction as far as the eye can see. Lots of honking and frustrated drivers.

    1. Recreating the Exodus of 1940.

      1. I do think what’s happening in Paris (and more importantly, what might happen next) is a story not getting near enough coverage. If history is a guide, shits about to get medieval.

        1. I’m not sure those kind of French exist anymore, which is unfortunate.

          1. I don’t know. There were those “yellow jacket” people not too long ago.

        2. I won’t be too surprised if Europe sees some riots that make what’s been going on here look like nothing.
          The fucking pandemic is over. We can’t live like this forever. It needs to stop. And I fear that it won’t without some more major civil unrest.

          1. They pre-empted riots as the appropriate response they’d be with the George Floyd bs

        3. sort of like the yellow vest protests against environmental whacko overreach. it was reported for a few weeks but went on for months.

    2. The Franks stopped the Muslim takeover of western Europe under Charles Martel. Today their descendants flee the city to escape Muslim violence. SMH.


    Welcome to London.

    Families buy groceries completely unphased by the man stabbed to death just outside of the glass.

    Everyday life.


      The Catholic woman beheaded while she attended Mass this morning in Nice, France was in her 70s.

      The terrorist shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before beheading her and another Catholic, before then stabbing another Catholic to death.


        The former Prime Minister of Malaysia reacted to a series of Islamic terror attacks in France by tweeting, “Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past.”

        1. Funny how it never occurs to these idiots that these massacres might happen again. People like that guy are just begging the world to commit genocide against their Muslim populations.

          1. Funnier how they never mention a good majority of those massacres were the result of stopping Muslim invasions or recapturing lands the Muslims invaded in the first place.
            It is like how they claim the Crusades were not the direct result of Muslims invading the Christian Byzantine Empire and were aimed at recapturing lands that had belonged to Christianity since the fall of the Roman Empire or the three centuries of muslim invasions of Christian Europe and Christian Kingdoms in the Mediterranean before the first crusade.

          2. or at least rethink their “open arms” immigration policies, and replace the political leaders who enacted them.

        2. Between the peaceful protesters and the religion of peace there’s a lot of peace being committed.

          1. It’s peaceful death and destruction all the way down.

        3. Jack let that tweet slide?

          1. Yes. And he said he would continue to during the hearing. That’s one of the things missed in Reason’s “Nothing to see hear” story about the hearing.

        4. Isn’t identity politics great? Your ancestors killed mine, so people who look like me get to kill people who look like you.

      2. We will never know why that guy did that. It is just a mystery. One of those things. Having someone get beheaded once in a while or even every day is just the price we all pay for having a civilization.

        1. Borders are just lines on a map.

        2. some people did some things…

      3. Meanwhile at churches in Texas, violent gunman gets 1 victim before getting domed.

        1. And that was an armed killer. If the killer only had a knife, he wouldn’t have killed anyone before being shot dead.

          1. He might’ve stabbed someone before getting ventilated, but he certainly wouldn’t have had time to decapitate someone before a meeting with God was arranged.

            1. Is God great? Because you’re about to find out.

  47. “Trump officials end gray wolf protections across most of US”
    “Former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service director Dan Ashe agreed that wolves were recovered and said it’s time for the agency to “move on” to help other imperiled wildlife. But he questioned the announcement coming so close to the election…”

    The wolves are fine, but TRUMP!!!!!!!!

    1. Huh. I’d have guessed it was the Dems figuring out a way to get deer to vote.


    Wanted: assessment of why Bush-era war criminals are suddenly the darlings of the Rachel Maddow #Resistance-and-smart glasses set, and are being welcomed as thought leaders in the modern Democratic Party. They share more than just a dislike of Donald Trump.


    Two US Capitol Police (responsible for Congress) told me that Washington DC
    has instructed the DC metropolitan police to “slow walk” any responses to distress calls from Senator Mitch McConnell’s house on Capitol Hill.

    1. Mitch will probably be staying at another safe house again while his neighbors will pay dearly for it.

  50. “Quit accepting SAT and ACT test scores, court tells University of California”
    “The University of California, which has stopped requiring applicants to take the SAT or the ACT, cannot allow prospective students to submit their scores on the standardized tests, a state appeals court said Thursday in a victory for students with disabilities…”

    Some ‘victory’; now your degree is worth every bit as much as some kid’s GED.

    1. PS: Joe’s a ho and Hunter’s a pimp.

      1. Isn’t that the other way around, Sevo? Quid Pro Joe is the pimp and Hunter is the Ho? 🙂


    CNN’s Don Lemon says he had to get rid of a lot of friends of his that are Trump supporters:

    “I just had to get rid of a lot of people in my life because sometimes you have to let them go. I think they have to hit rock bottom like an addict.”

    1. I will bet they dumped him long ago. Or they were imaginary. Or just rent boys he picked up.

      1. He probably made them wear MAGA hats and shout hillbilly-like neologisms as they penetrated him.

        1. Why do I hear Dueling Banjos?

          1. yesterday’s story by LiberalsArePeopleToo still ringing in your ears.

    2. lol nobody believes Don Limon has friends.

    3. How can you doubt Trump has this in the bag if even “a lot” of Don Lemon’s friends are voting for him? I can’t imagine Don Lemon has even a single friend that’s a Republican.

      1. That’s because this never happened. Don Lemon doesn’t have friends, and if he did they’d never vote Republican.

        He says stuff like this because if you’re a lefty and you have a platform you have to virtue signal periodically or the rest of the leftists will think you’re a racist or a Russian asset.

      2. I wonder how many people who work at CNN even know any Republicans, let alone Trump supporters.

    4. Said one of Don Lemon’s ex friends:

      “I should have thought of this years ago”.

    5. What is funniest is Lemon bragging about how he is so fragile he can’t have friends who disagree with him and is complete happy creating a group think bubble to inhabit.

  52. “I’ve heard about a lot of other people in media buying cars. But nobody talks about their new cars on Twitter, because it feels tacky.”

    This says a lot more about the media than Mr. Barro realizes.

  53. A federal appeals court has ruled that Minnesota can’t accept absentee ballots that arrive after Election Day—even the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed, for now, post-election collection of mail-in ballots in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

    It’s almost as if Minnesota, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are completely different states with different state laws and the Supreme Court is not allowing judges to unilaterally re-write the election laws at the last minute.

    1. And that the states not the feds run even federal elections. ENB is a walking, talking example of the wages of schools no longer teaching civics.


    The fear, of course, comes from what officials think will happen next. We’re told that the Prime Minister fears a second wave larger than the first, but we’re not really told why. Decisions are made to tighten restrictions on the basis of figures, scenarios and documents that are not shared with the public. Perhaps the biggest question is how long this new phase will last. If we’re hunkering down in fear of what happens if we don’t, when might it all end? And have we already settled down to a very long winter?

    Many of the answers lie with the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, its name perhaps chosen so it could produce the acronym Sage. It is fed by modellers, called SPI-M, who produce what’s known as a ‘reasonable worst-case’ scenario, or RWC. In the UK system, government plans around this worst-case basis. But if the country ends up being run around this scenario, then we enter problems. There is little scrutiny of the Sage assumptions, because so many of them are unpublished. Some of its papers are released sporadically. But some of its major planning is kept secret even from senior members of the government.

    The secrecy is odd. In classic pandemic theory, governments are supposed to keep the public informed at every stage about what they know and don’t know. The risk is that a lack of transparency erodes confidence in ministers, and creates space for misinformation. The other risk is that if government is relying on modelling, much depends on the accuracy of the modelling. If it’s not scrutinised, mistakes are more likely to go uncorrected. More fundamentally, if people are being deprived of their liberty, they deserve to know why.

    That’s why The Spectator is publishing a document which the government has not until now acknowledged the existence of: the ‘reasonable worst-case scenario’ for this coming winter. The document is on our website and makes for grim reading: 85,000 dead from a new Covid wave, about a third more than have died so far. It envisages 356,000 heading for hospital. Deaths are expected to peak at a lower rate than the first wave — but what is very different, this time, is the duration. The second wave is expected to get steadily worse until March.

    The Sage document starts with an important caveat: it’s a hypothesis, not a prediction. The clue is in the name: a ‘worst-case planning scenario’ is not the most likely outcome. But as it says, under the UK system, this is the basis on which plans are being made. The document, published on 30 July, explains why lockdown measures were never properly relaxed. It also explains why ministers are so worried. If its forecasts are even half-right, we’re not remotely close to the end of the Covid story. While Swedes regard Covid as a near-exhausted enemy, the Brits see a monster ready to strike even harder as soon as normal life resumes. Which is why there’s no rush to resume normal life.

  55. The election heads for the home stretch, and businesses in Democrat-led cities board up their windows, just in case Trump wins.

    1. Wal-Mart says they’re pulling guns & ammo displays for fears of civil unrest.

      1. To be clear, Wal-Mart is pulling guns and ammo off the floor because they fear looters will target Wal-Mart to steal guns and ammo, not because they fear backlash for selling guns and ammo.

      2. I saw that they changed their minds about that.

    2. Democrats burn their own cities cause that’ll show ’em.

      1. Nothing like throwing a temper tantrum to prove you’re the adult in the room.

      2. no better way to fight systemic racism than to discourage businesses from opening up in your neighborhood next time


    The place: Penn State.
    The day: Saturday.
    The crime: Tailgating.

    No worries,
    is ON IT.

    They need your help to identify the perps, though.

    I wish I were making this up.

    (And you thought the Penn State defense was the real crime.)


    If only that amount of effort was put into Jerry Sandusky.


      pretends to tell us exactly what will happen with the ro months from now – and politicians demand we make major societal changes in response.

      Consider this: The election is IN FIVE DAYS. It’s a simple binary choice. AND WE DON’T KNOW WHO WILL WIN…

  57. >>in the (meaningless) national polls

    except for the voter suppression. shame, scaring grandma out of voting like that.

  58. “…Biden has run a low-key campaign in contrast to the president’s high-profile public rallies…”

    Well, that’s one way to spin it.
    In the dentist waiting room a couple of days back, I noticed he wasn’t even making TV appearances; they’ve got his wife shilling for him.


    According to a study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, delayed and cancelled breast cancer treatments will cause between 281 and 344 additional deaths. For colorectal cancer, there were an extra 1,445 to 1,563 deaths, lung cancer an additional 1,235 to 1372 deaths and 330 to 342 more oesophagal cancer deaths.

    A University of Leeds study estimated that there have already been an extra 2,085 deaths from heart disease and stroke as a result of people not accessing timely medical help. A study by the University Hospital of Northern Tees reveals that the number of endoscopies — used to investigate and diagnose bowel cancer — fell to just 12 per cent of their normal level between 24 March and 31 May

    The National Blood and Transplant Service looked at the period between 23 March and 10 May and found that, compared with the same period in 2019, the number of organ donors fell by 66 per cent and the number of transplants fell by 68 per cent. This year, 87 people died while waiting for an organ transplant, compared with 47 last year.

    According to the ONS, an extra 25,472 people have died at home than would otherwise be expected from the average past five years — some of them, no doubt, would have died even if they had reached hospital, but not all. Meanwhile, the NSPCC has reported that calls to its helpline averaged 8,287 in May compared with 5,593 in early March, as children were shut away at home with their abusers.

    1. They are doing all of those things here and have been since the first few months.

      The Lancet article is a projection based on 12 months.

      Some people are postponing testing because of their own concerns. I don’t know if there is anything to do about that.

  60. “Twitter said it added one million daily users from the previous quarter to 187 million, the smallest increase since late 2017, the earliest period that Twitter has provided such data. Analysts polled by FactSet had expected the user count to rise to 196 million.”


    Twitter was down as much as 20% on that news.

    I maintain that Twitter is not a part of civil society. It’s an infection in the lower bowels of civil society, and we can only hope this means that Twitter, like a disease, will stop spreading. I don’t think I’m being too optimistic in thinking that there must be a maximum number of people who are attracted to platform designed to optimize shit posting and hatred. Here’s to hoping we live to see them become the forgotten MySpace of tomorrow.

    1. It’s useful for anything that can be reported objectively in 140 characters, like “Antonio Brown signs with the Bucs”.

      It’s intentionally bad at everything else and only serves to get people mad at each other, which has been great for their numbers. People do love yelling at other people on the internet, but you do eventually reach the maximum number of people who are willing to spend all their time yelling at strangers on the internet. Twitter may have found that number.

      1. Yes, the point of Twitter is to create Twitter mobs–screaming at whomever for whatever they’re saying.

        The platform doesn’t allow for nuance or rational debate. It actively discourages all of those things.

        Welcome to Twitter. Do you like a, b, and c, or do you just want people to die? That’s Twitter. Hope you enjoy your stay!

        It shouldn’t be surprising that they have only a fraction of the users Facebook does, and if they’re already maxing out the number of potential users who want to create content and subject themselves to that shit, thank Goodness.

        Here’s to hoping the whole platform dies. About the only thing that might rescue them at this point is government regulation.

  61. SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “If the media narrative were real and this race was a potential Dem blowout, Uncle Joe would be in Texas. If it were a straight tossup, he’d be in Pennsylvania. But he’s going to MINNESOTA. And that absolutely SCREAMS that he’s on defense, and knows it. On defense so much that he can’t even worry about obviously LOOKING like he’s on defense.”

    1. As I mentioned above, if he can manage to take Minnesota, he is sure to at least equal Mondale’s result.

      1. He’ll likely beat Mondale even without Minnesota. Trump probably won’t get enough blacks and Hispanics yet to flip California or any of the New England states.

        1. If and when that happens, it will be a major setback for the progressives. We may be seeing a political realignment but are early in the process. However, based upon us history, we are due a political realignment. They tend to happen fairly predictably. If libertarians were smart they would use this as an opportunity to pull one party or there other in a more libertarian direction. I still think the Republicans would be their best bet. The Tea Party movement and even Trump’s populism seem more likely to indicate a fertile field for libertarian ideas than the Democrat’s progressive lurch.


    Biden: The line that really got us was this one: “Spending! We’re gonna roost. And we are gonna reduce prescription drug crisis experts acknowledge.”

    1. Maybe he’s a Mentat.

      1. His thoughts attain speed, but only right before a debate.


    “People are not even thinking about the NBA as a sport anymore,’’ said Ben Leff, CEO of Reality Check Insights. “They’re literally evaluating it as an overt political thing.’’

    The NBA has a problem. It made a big mistake, not in supporting social justice messaging but rather in how it presented itself. That was, in part, why the NBA Finals had record-low television ratings despite holding the golden ticket of James and the Los Angeles Lakers winning a championship.

    The NBA has tried to disconnect its social justice stances from its bad ratings. And it’s true that most other sports are suffering ratings drops too, including record lows for the World Series. The pandemic has thrown off everyone’s calendar, and that left the NBA to compete with the NFL and baseball playoffs. Still, these were record lows while having the superstar power of James.

    And the NBA, more than other sports, pushed social justice messaging loudly. So NBA commissioner Adam Silver has said that the league plans to reduce the messaging, at least, next season.

    “That might not even matter at this point,’’ Leff said. “One option for them is to say `We’re going to lean into this like we’ve been doing, and it’s totally fine if we don’t have a white Republican audience.’ I think they’re still trying to make this claim that they can be this sports league that appeals to everybody. I don’t think that’s sustainable.’’

    1. In some ways backing off after the election will make things even worse. Republicans will see the backing off as an admission that the whole thing was a stunt to campaign for Joe Biden and influence the election, which is even more infuriating than them honestly saying they are social justice warriors. Trying to drop the politics will likely be seen as the NBA insulting people and asking for their money after spitting on them during the election. I seriously doubt it will be seen as any kind of an apology or admission that they made a mistake. And without it being seen as that, leaving the politics out will just alienate the portion of the fan base that likes the politics without winning back any of the fans who walked away because of the politics.

      Basically, the NBA is screwed. I don’t see it coming back to what it was at least until this generation of players has retired and a new generation has the opportunity to appeal to fans without the political baggage. And LeBron James’ brand is completely screwed. He will forever be associated with the NBA going SJW and for the resulting loss in ratings, revenue, and most importantly player salaries. He will be the first NBA star in history who will leave the league in worse shape than when entered it. Hell a job Bron.

      1. The next evolution of the NBA is going to be weird because of the pandemic. There’s going to be about 1-2 years of potential players not staying sharp on their skills due to condensed seasons and cancelled games. The foreign players often did overseas tournaments as well; those have been shut down or shortened.

        Because the league morphed into a political organization this summer, they’re now toxic to a large white audience that will be reluctant to tune in just to be hectored with the NBA’s anti-racist propaganda. LeBron can’t carry the league forever, and none of the other stars have his stroke with the media nor his determination to run the NBA as a players’ league.

        I’d agree that the NBA is going to go through a rough period. It probably won’t be as bad as the 1970s when the finals were on tape delay, because of the multi-million TV deals and the networks’ willingness to simp for them. But their ratings are going to be shit until they get a Larry/Magic type of situation again to get more than 16% of the population excited to watch.

        1. Other than OJ Simpson, I can’t think of another celebrity sports star of any stature (and by that I mean legitimately great players not bench warmers looking for attention like Kapernik) who is as widely loathed and polarizing as James. James was supposed to be a generational super star who picked up the mantle from Jordan and became an even bigger star to an even wider audience. He never achieved that and it wasn’t fair to expect him to achieve it. Jordan is a once in a century athlete on the same level as Babe Ruth. But for a few years he made a decent run at it. Now that is all over. The fans who walked away from the NBA see James as a symbol of everything that is wrong with the league. I can’t imagine anyone trying to sell their product to a large section of the general public paying James to endorse it right now.

          James has become an albatross around the league’s neck. Ironically, the first step towards the league recovering is for James to retire and disassociate himself from the league. The NBA is facing the situation where the guy who should be their most marketable star and lead their recovery is the first guy who needs to go for that recovery to happen. That is not a good position to be in.

          1. James might even play ball for the Chinese Communist, and make even more money trashing the US.

            1. I doubt it but even if he did, that won’t help the NBA.

          2. LeBron James is the greatest player in the history of the NBA. He’s going to own the NBA record book for all the career stats in another year or two. He’s already been to the Finals 4 more times than Jordan did. He seems like a good teammate and a good father, and has never been in any kind of trouble. I’m not sure why he is so loathed.

            But yeah, he miscalculated the financial effects on the league for becoming overtly political. He can feel good about himself for campaigning for what he believes in, and he has plenty of money to weather the drop in league revenues, but hundreds of lesser players might not be so happy when the salary cap drops 30 or 40 percent. It’s never a good idea to alienate half your potential customers.

            1. LeBron is not better than Jordan was.
              He’s soft.

      2. Not just going SJW, but also acting less rationally, and—dare I say it—manly than a pack of 12 year old girls. Moses Malone, Magic, Bird, Jordan: all may have bitched and sniped at each other, but they didn’t run to a microphone to do it. Nor did they whine about getting to buddy up with their friends on a team. And while the NBA has always been corruptly officiated, one side effect of the 24/7 news cycle and social media is that we now see just how prevalent their sticking a thumb on the scale really is.

        Fuck that league. Go play in China, for all I fucking care.

    2. The Left has demanded that everything must be political and now they’re finding out they might not like it when everything has become political. Wait until white people start getting behind the “racial solidarity” thing – you really ain’t gonna like that one.

      1. They really do hate it when cancel culture works both ways.

        Boycotting Chick-Fil-A because the owner is a Christian and doesn’t support gay marriage was righteous and just using the free market system as intended.

        Boycotting the NBA is horribly racist and we’ve gotta find a bunch of reasons why our own behavior didn’t cause us to get canceled.

        1. You’re one of those nuts who think having your shoe deal manufactured by Uighur slaves is somehow much worse than being keen on Jesus.
          Chicken sandwiches are literally the Handmaids Tale, fascist.

          1. If liking Chick-Fil-A is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

            Guess I need to brush up on my German, maybe go get some new boots.

        2. As an aside, trying to cancel Chick-Fil-A resulted in hour long waits, probably the best business they’ve done in years.

          Boycotting the NBA caused them to do the worst business in years, and it wasn’t even an organized boycott. Lots of people just individually realized the NBA is hot garbage and gave up on it at the same time.

          The right is better at canceling without even trying.

          1. The NFL is hardly in any better situation. Expanding the playoffs, Thursday night games, etc isn’t going to draw back viewers. Anthem kneeling, and SJW messaging on uniforms and endzones, COVID Bakuki theater, no fans or limited fans, regional marketed games with bad divisions and resisting streaming to bolster network broadcasting (also if you are going to force Thursday night games why black out the first half of the season games unless people pay for your network?) and failure to address deficient officiating (as well as new rules every year “to protect players” that end up in hurt defensive players), mediocre play and increased injuries because of no training camps. None of these decisions are designed to attract back viewers. Who the fuck thought extending Goodell’s contract was a good idea?

            1. Yeah, lots of Goodell’s previous snafus could at least be characterized as him protecting the owners, who are the ones who actually pay him so I can’t fault him for that. “Protecting the players” is really “protecting the owners/league from future CTE lawsuits”. I don’t like the rules either, but I understand why they’re doing it.

              The mistakes he’s made this year though seem to be really bad for ownership. I can’t imagine they’re pleased with how this season has gone.

              1. Especially considering how little benefit cities with new stadiums are getting from this season, it will likely make their black mailing cities into building new stadiums harder in the future. Las Vegas taxpayers I am sure how happy with the Raiders moved, since they can’t even attend the games. And Los Angeles brand new stadium that the commentators promise us are simply beautiful but no fans have seen them yet.

            2. The NFL has a few advantages other leagues don’t:
              – weekly schedule makes it more of a ritual
              – shield over face. Teams drive the league, not stars/players. Next man up is a fundamental law
              – gambling/fantasy. And they really need to take this aspect seriously, since I’d say at least 20-25% of their viewership is solely due to fantasy
              – Redzone channel is awesome, though it hurts their network viewership

    3. It’s not sustainable because when you actually look at who’s sitting courtside — it’s overwhelmingly rich white people.

    1. This is the kind of shit that got that one guy shoved onto the NYC subway tracks. Mind your own fucking business, assholes.

  64. “New Yorkers remembering that the reason we have cars is because we love freedom and the car is the greatest symbol of freedom imaginable is the most New Yorker thing I can imagine.”

    The most New Yorker thing I can imagine would be pizza rat drowning in a puddle of urine outside of his 10 sq ft high rise cardboard box loft apartment while Gov Cuomo almost trips over him and yells, “hey I’m stomping human faces over here!”

    1. Needs more nursing home murders.

  65. At the end of 2016, there were 189,200 federal prisoners in this country of which 37.7% or 71,513 were black. Today there are a similar percentage 38.8% of the federal prison population who are black but since the total population has declined there are currently 59,477 black federal inmates.

    That is a drop of 17%. Trump is the first President maybe ever to end a term in office with significantly fewer people in federal prison and black people especially than were there when he took office.

    And reason gives him zero credit for this. It is not that they don’t support reducing incarceration rates, it is that reason really doesn’t care very much about it. Maintaining access to cheap crap from China and ensuring no immigrant anywhere is ever deported are what matter to reason. Reducing mass incarceration, not so much.

    1. Mass incarceration of nonwhite US citizens if fine. It’s incarceration of nonwhite non US citizens while we figure out deportation that is a war crime.

      Maybe African Americans should apply for passports from African nations to get themselves released from jail.

    2. What part of Orange Man Bad aren’t you getting, John?

    3. Wow. As the population grew, too. What’s the reason for the drop? Lower enforcement of dope laws? Letting states take dope cases instead?

    4. Trump is the first President maybe ever to end a term in office with significantly fewer people in federal prison and black people especially than were there when he took office.

      Orange Hitler is the worst hitler ever. He’s just terrible at it.

      It so hard to distract from Biden and Harris’s legislative and prosecutorial records when the tangerine authoritarian keeps freeing everyone from jail.

    5. What percentage were locked up by Harris? Or locked up under Biden’s crime bill?

  66. “The Presidential Campaign Mercifully Heads Into the Homestretch”

    Does that mean Reason will stop campaigning against and demonizing Trump in order to get corrupt anti libertarian Biden elected?

    1. Not a chance. Unreason is a zombie publication.

  67. At the request of Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Trump reportedly squashed a Justice Department investigation into a Turkish bank.

    “Reportedly”? Does this mean it’s unsubstantiated?

    1. Yes, and it’ll conveniently stay that way until after the election when they finally find no evidence for the accusation.

    2. I wonder if the media is still doing thorough validation of sources before reporting on these things or if that was only cool last week.

      1. no, now it’s “big, if true”

    3. Turkey is not our friend.

      BTW I just saw a report that we agreed to sell the F-22 Raptor to Israel. That’l show ‘em.

      Israel will be the only other country besides the US with that plane.

      Those fancy Russian air defenses the Turks bought which knocked them out of the F-35 program are going to be worthless. Israel Air Force has already shown in Syria they can fly right past them.

      Erdogon is such a putz.

  68. The Presidential Campaign Mercifully Heads Into the Homestretch

    The oh-so-sophisticated cocktail party intellectuals at Reason are getting tired of the serfs and peasants of the country involving themselves in politics. Reason authors would very much prefer for politics to be left to professionals like themselves; they know what the country needs after all!

  69. Maga 2020

  70. I’ll just be glad to stop getting all of these damn robocalls.

    1. Hello, this is so and so from the Such and Such Party and our candidate is the best for jobs, children, and a bright and shiny future.

  71. Choice between a candidate who has recently honored a Grand Cyclops of the KKK and one who has honored Rosa Parks and Mohammad Ali.

    Choice between a candidate who has supported and vowed to continue foreign interventionism, perpetual warfare, and the ensuing domestic police-state agendas of the warmongering Bush/Clinton/Obama regimes – and one who has made some lukewarm efforts to break the cycle.

    Holding one’s nose and voting for the known warmonger doesn’t pass the smell test.

  72. Single Mom With 4 Kids Lost Her Job and …READ MORE

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