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Glenn Greenwald Resigns from The Intercept, Citing 'Pathologies, Illiberalism, Repressive Mentality' of Pro-Biden Newsroom

The progressive outlet's co-founder claims he was prevented from publishing an article because it was critical of Joe Biden.


Award-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, known for his civil libertarian writings on free speech and national security issues, announced on Thursday his resignation from The Intercept, the progressive news website he co-founded in 2014.

In his resignation letter, Greenwald—a recipient of Reason's Lanny Friedlander Prize for helping to bring to light Edward Snowden's documentation of the National Security Agency's illegal surveillance of Americans—said the last straw was Intercept editors' stipulation that he must remove "all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden" from an article he sought to publish.

"Not content to simply prevent publication of this article at the media outlet I co-founded, these Intercept editors also demanded that I refrain from exercising a separate contractual right to publish this article with any other publication," writes Greenwald, adding that Biden is "the candidate vehemently supported by all New-York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression."

The Intercept released a statement accusing Greenwald of "distortions and inaccuracies—all of them designed to make him appear as a victim, rather than a grown person throwing a tantrum." Editors said they would release a full accounting of what happened with his article in due time, and that "it is Glenn who has strayed from his original journalistic roots, not The Intercept." On Twitter, former colleagues have taken various positions.

Greenwald has yet to publish the article on his own—he has recently joined Substack—so it's not yet possible to say whether editors' concerns were reasonable, or even accurately described. The Intercept has certainly not been shy about criticizing Biden in the past, though its anti-Biden slant was stronger back when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), a progressive more in line with the publication's outlook, was still a viable contender for the nomination.

Greenwald has a number of other concerns about The Intercept's trajectory, and these will be familiar to readers who have followed the woke takeover (for lack of a better term) of various newsrooms, including The New York Times and The Atlantic. From Greenwald's resignation post:

The pathologies, illiberalism, and repressive mentality that led to the bizarre spectacle of my being censored by my own media outlet are ones that are by no means unique to The Intercept. These are the viruses that have contaminated virtually every mainstream center-left political organization, academic institution, and newsroom. I began writing about politics fifteen years ago with the goal of combatting media propaganda and repression, and—regardless of the risks involved—simply cannot accept any situation, no matter how secure or lucrative, that forces me to submit my journalism and right of free expression to its suffocating constraints and dogmatic dictates….

Courage is required to step out of line, to question and poke at those pieties most sacred in one's own milieu, but fear of alienating the guardians of liberal orthodoxy, especially on Twitter, is the predominant attribute of The Intercept's New-York based editorial leadership team. As a result, The Intercept has all but abandoned its core mission of challenging and poking at, rather than appeasing and comforting, the institutions and guardians most powerful in its cultural and political circles.

Greenwald cites The Intercept's mistreatment of staff reporter Lee Fang, who was denounced as a racist for spotlighting a black man who expressed disagreement with violent protest tactics. Whether Greenwald has endured a similar thing is not quite knowable, but it certainly was true in Fang's case—where the drama unfolded in public—that a willingness to question progressive orthodoxies got him in trouble.

Greenwald and Fang belong to a group of left-leaning writers who find themselves out of step with the modern progressive movement's emphasis on elite cultural issues and trendy activism and who often agree with libertarian-leaning critics of performative social justice excess. Greenwald has also carved out a niche for himself as a leftist skeptic of the liberal mainstream's reporting on Russian election influence, and he frequently appears on Fox News to deride other networks' handling of these issues.

It should go without saying that this is not a First Amendment issue. Legally speaking, whether The Intercept is required to publish Greenwald's article with minimally invasive editing is at best a contractual dispute. In any case, people will still be able to read Greenwald's frequently excellent work.

But the broader issue raised in Greenwald's resignation letter is one that should provoke plenty of concern—especially as Biden's victory in the 2020 election looks likely. A mainstream press that looks at anti-Biden stories with suspicion, staffed by young progressives who think dissenting viewpoints should be squelched for fears of offending their own ranks, would be a danger to investigative journalism. And if The New York Post's Hunter Biden expose was an experiment in how such a thing will be handled by mainstream outlets and social media companies in the future, we are in for a rough four years.

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  1. Left-wing journalistic autophagy is fun to watch.

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  2. Totalitarian left comes for Glenn Greenwald. Censorship ends democracy.

    1. Yes, this! From the article above…

      “It should go without saying that this is not a First Amendment issue.”

      JesseSPAZ will be here any moment now, to announce that he has found violations of invisible contract-clauses here, whereby Democrats in Government Almighty are practicing CENSORSHIP at The Intercept!

      The ONLY solution if a permanent invocation of the OTHER invisible clauses (in the USA Constitution) that says, if The Intercept practices CENSORSHIP, then the permanent reign of the Trumptatorshit MUST begin IMMEDIATELY! To protect democracy!

      1. Yes, you are a complete moron who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “totalitarian” as it applies to ideology rather than a system of government. Hihn, you are a hopeless idiot who lies for some of the worst people on earth.

        1. Is John finding imputed violations of invisible contract-clauses here as well? This is MORE proof that Section 230 needs to be torn DOWN, right, John? We must make way, to allow the punishment of “Party A” for the sins and writings of “Party B”, right, John? Fundamental justice somehow REQUIRES the punishments of SOME people for the doings of OTHER people, right, John?

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              2. More incoherent rambling from the shit-eater-in-chief.

          2. The irony here is that Glen Greenwald himself brought up the contracts issue.

            “The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New-York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression,” Greenwald wrote in a column on Substack. “The censored article, based on recently revealed emails and witness testimony, raised critical questions about Biden’s conduct.”

            So not only is Sqrsly his usual ignorant self, he face plants too.

            1. From the always-there top-intro to the comments at

              “We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time.”

              Yet JesseSPAZ (and other enemies of freedom of speech, and enemies of Section 230) will find invisible or implied contractual rights! After JesseSPAZ reads (or can read if JesseSPAZ will bother to do so) this “contract”, for JesseSPAZ’s right to post comments FOR FREE, JesseSPAZ will go and run crying to Government Almighty to tear down Section 230, and invent and insert NEW clauses, infringing on the property rights of! If JesseSPAZ (or others, to include “false flag” leftists) post SO MUCH deeply offensive racist CRAP, for example, that advertisers will stop buying advertisements on Or buyers of Reason Magazine BOYCOTT the magazine? JesseSPAZ will STILL want to go running and crying to Government Almighty to FORCE to post the crap-writings of JesseSPAZ!!!

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              2. The quote from Jesse doesn’t have shit to do with Reason comments section or section 230. You’re almost as obsessed with this as you are with eating shit.

                1. Lol. Holy shit youre fucking retarded. You tried to pre call put a context argument on THIS story. The problem is that Glenn Greenwald actually made that argument himself. You’re so fucking retarded you didn’t know.

                  Lol. You are literally shit brained.

                  Fucking hilarious.

                  1. So JesseSPAZ… WHEN are you going to explain the details, about how tearing down Section 230 will fix it all? It has something to do with punishments for SOME people for the doings of OTHER people, right?

                    Would YOU like to be punished for what I write? Now THAT would help, right?

                    1. Would YOU like to be punished for what I write?

                      Your shitposting is already punishment.

          3. Is John finding imputed violations of invisible contract-clauses here as well?

            There is nothing “invisible” about these clauses; The Intercept clearly violated their contract with Greenwald. It remains to be seen whether he wants to sue them over it.

            This is MORE proof that Section 230 needs to be torn DOWN, right, John?

            Section 230 is crony capitalism and regulatory capture; that’s why it should be “torn down”.

        2. Hihn, you are a hopeless idiot who lies for some of the worst people on earth.

          Hihn died, dude.

          1. How about a link to the funeral home obituary. I’d like to see if anyone will miss him.

            1. Hihn is deceased!

              I think it may have been Zeb who posted it. Thanks, Zeb!

              (Zeb isn’t an asshole like too many of the folks who post here, and Zeb has some humility in Zeb’s posts. Zeb doesn’t pretend to know everything. Humility is good!).

              1. I felt a little sad reading that!
                He was a totally unstable loon much of the time he wrote here from what I observed, but the odd time he had some things to say that didnt require capitalized copy-pasta and could make the odd good point.
                An unstable mind, or one that can be easily prodded into instability, is a curse and cant be easy to live with. It was nice to be reminded by the couple of well wishes left on that site that he could also relate on a human level with people.
                If that truly is the Hihn from these Reason comment wars, RIP.

                1. “I felt a little sad reading that!”

                  THANK YOU for displaying some decency on these pages! It is entirely too rare to see (read) that!

                2. I feel the urge to have a VERY small ceremony to honor the memory and passage of Hihn, in which I say…

                  “Left minus Right = ZERO”! RIP! If only the self-righteous, smug hell-hounds of these pages will allow him to RIP!

      2. “JesseSPAZ will be here any moment now, to announce that he has found violations of invisible contract-clauses here,”

        Jesse is Greenwald?

        “Not content to simply prevent publication of this article at the media outlet I co-founded, these Intercept editors also demanded that I refrain from exercising a separate contractual right to publish this article with any other publication,” writes Greenwald

        Oh wait no you’re a shit-eating retard

        1. And also a racist.

        2. Oh, but wait, JesseSPAZ isn’t here yet! JesseSPAZ will explain to you, how tearing down Section 230 will fix it all, by punishments for SOME people for the doings of OTHER people!

          1. So he got to you because you’re a shit eating racist got it.

            1. Jesse is laughing at how obsessed the creepy weirdo SQLRSY is.

              1. I’m actually a bit creeped out.

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                      Try reading this!

                      M. Scott Peck, The People of The Lie,

                    4. Is that your biography?

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                  If only he had an IRL friend, then he could ask them “Does this sound retarded?”

                  1. Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to .

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                    3. Looks like the shit-muncher went back to his full NPC copypasta.

                    4. Is this your CV, Sqrls?

              2. That’s a lot of words when “I eat poop” would have sufficed.

          3. Get a life.

      3. But it’s certainly a free speech issue. Suddenly the left has decided that free speech is solely about the 1st amendment and has forgotten that free speech is a universal human right and the basis for all free debate. And yes, what the Intercept is practicing is exactly censorship. And yes, Democrats is government, especially e.g. Elizabeth Warren *are* trying to impose censorship on opinions that they disagree with.

        1. And I’ll repeat, since Sqrsly always discusses things from a base of ignorance… Glenn Greenwald himself said them refusing to publish the article was a direct violation of the contractual terms of his contract with the company.

          “The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New-York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression,” Greenwald wrote in a column on Substack. “The censored article, based on recently revealed emails and witness testimony, raised critical questions about Biden’s conduct.”

          Stop face planting so hard sqrsly

      4. You’re that desperate to make an idiotic point that you bring up arguments nobody has even made. Kudos to you sir. You found a third passion aside from racism and unique foodie appetites.

      5. Ben didn’t mention the First Amendment you mendacious fuck.

        Jesus Christ, you do know that censorship is not the sole jurisdiction of the government right?

  3. And he joins the ranks of Patrick Moore founder of greenpeace

    1. And Matt Taibbi

  4. “rather than a grown person throwing a tantrum.”

    Editor, correct thyself

    1. Some insight into what Greenwald was dealing with perhaps.

      1. Yeah that statement just affirms his claims. Millennial bots are his editors.

  5. You next Robby?

  6. especially as Biden’s victory in the 2020 election looks likely

    It is funny how people seem to be watching two different movies as Scott Adams says. I would call this election a toss up or maybe an easy Trump win. I wouldn’t guarantee a result for either side but I think you really have to be seeing a totally different set of facts than I am to think Biden winning is “likey”. Possible or even money, sure. But likely? Only if you believe completely flawed national horse race polls.

    1. One of the main rules of drama is: show, don’t tell.
      The left – through media/press, politicians, commercials/money – is TELLING us that Biden will win easily.
      But everything we see around us, all inherent evidence, SHOWS a Trump landslide coming.
      Believe professional liars, or your own eyes?

      1. I have found over the last ten years or so pretty much everything the major media says is the exact opposite of the truth.

        1. John, the direction of the aggregated polls at RCP do not paint a good picture for POTUS Trump. You’d think that the pollsters would have learned a thing or two since 2016. And the constant ‘Orange Man Bad’ from mass media has an impact. So looking just at this, it sure looks likely.

          Now, the enthusiasm gap is off the charts in favor of POTUS Trump. I have seen things now that I have never seen in 40+ years. The rallies are incredible, drawing tens of thousands. There are spontaneous ‘Trump road rallies’, and ‘Trump boating rallies’ in the People’s Republic of NJ if you can believe that. I see Youtube clips of Trump rallies in freakin’ Beverly Hills. And it is happening now.

          My gut tells me it is incredibly close. With all of the mail ballots, who knows, really. I sense it will come down to PA, and that has already been in the news for election law litigation. Even Sleepy Joe goes to PA. I have a feeling it is going to be a real mess, too. Lots of challenged votes, changed rules…it will be bad.

          If there really is mass suppression polling, we are about to find out how effective it actually is. Because I think no matter what, people who are supporting POTUS Trump will show up and vote.

          1. PS: Joe Biden is corrupt AF!

          2. Many of the polls have a higher makeup of dems over r than 2016 polls had. They did not learn anything at all.

            1. Right. It’s not that they didn’t learn anything, it’s that they are producing the results they’re getting paid to produce. Even if that means massively oversampling Ds.

              1. The polls are a tactic of psychological warfare, as an attempt at voter suppression through discouragement, and are attempting to lay the groundwork for the massive fraud they will commit.
                If we allow the left to successfully steal power w/o violent opposition, liberty is lost and the path to world totalitarianism will be locked in.

          3. You’d think that the pollsters would have learned a thing or two since 2016.

            You’d think pollsters would have learned a thing or two since Dewey beat Truman and, yet, you refer to 2016 as the obvious failure to successfully call a(n upset) Presidential race.

      2. tri-daily concert-size crowds v. six-car rallies shows the truth

          1. 2016 matters.

    2. I don’t know what to make of it. I’m thinking it’s probably a lot closer that many polls are saying in places like PA.
      “Watching two different movies” is a great metaphor for a lot of things going on at the moment.

      1. I don’t know is a perfectly reasonable response to the question of who will win. I don’t think “Biden is likely” is.

    3. “It is funny how people seem to be watching two different movies ”

      Well these are the same people who saw the flu and thought “yeah 2.5 million dead sounds plausible”

      1. So you are finally admitting Democrats are morons who don’t see reality as it is.

        Wow Tony, there may be hope for you yet. I am stunned. I really am.

        1. I think it’s a different Tony. I stumbled on a well argued, perfectly reasoned comment under “Tony” the other day and bad to do a double take.

          1. Tony occasionally comes off as reasonable. But not on this topic, so I think you are probably right.

      2. We haven’t even gotten up to half of that worldwide, and it’s now been over a year since the virus kicked off in Wuhan.

        1. It’s a bizarre dynamic at work. Leftists actually want the WuFlu to be much worse than it actually is. For example, three months in (around June), when it became clear that the mortality rate was much lower than the “experts” predicted, Tony began crowing about the “permanent” damage done to some who had the WuFlu and miraculously survived, even though at that point no one in this country had dealt with the aftermath of it for more than those three months.

    4. I think Biden is likely our next president. The facts I see indicate that Trump has a spectacular following of loyal supporters- enough to get him around 40% of the vote. But independents have been breaking against him heavily.

      I admit I may be wrong- especially if the latest Hunter revelations really hit home with independents(which is why Greenwald’s accusations are so relevant). But I don’t think those people are watching the news that is reporting on this stuff.

      On the other hand, maybe I am just keeping my own expectations low. I am already prepared for the worst case, and the alternative is a happy surprise on Nov 4.

      1. Biden called it for campaigning then changed his mind.

        That means he’s scared.

        1. Or someone reminded him of Gore.

        2. That he is campaigning in “safe” territory like Minnesota and not in states he could swap like Texas is pretty telling.

      2. Mitt Romney won independents by 15 points in 2012. No kidding. He still lost and lost badly. Why? Independents don’t generally show up to vote. What matters is who get’s their base to turn out in the highest numbers. Obama won in 12 because his base showed and the R base didn’t show up for Romney.

        Make of that what you will regarding this year. But if Biden wins it won’t be because he won independents. It will be because the D base showed up in larger numbers than the R base. And I don’t see that as likely to happen.

        Also, Hillary showed that Democrats can’t recreate the Obama coalition without big turnout numbers from blacks. I don’t know what Biden’s chances of getting Obama’s level of black turnout but I wouldn’t put them as likely.

        Lastly, whatever the result, if you think Trump is only getting 40%? You are just trolling here. That is an absurd prediction.

        1. What matters is who get’s their base to turn out in the highest numbers. Obama won in 12 because his base showed and the R base didn’t show up for Romney.

          Nominating Romney was a huge boner, but honestly, was there ANY potential Republican candidate at the time that could have gotten the base excited enough to show up? The thing that works the most in Trump’s favor is that the Republican base absolutely loves the guy and would walk over broken glass to vote for him. I wouldn’t dismiss the numbers from Independents, only because Republicans don’t have as many registered voters as Democrats, so the nominee has to work a weird game where he doesn’t piss off the base too much, but not so much that Independents completely abandon him.

          The one thing I’d caution with these polls is that their methodology appears to be assuming that Biden will get Obama-like turnout numbers. There’s been a lot of early voting, but it remains to be seen if that holds through Election Day, and who knows how many ballots are going to be rejected anyway because of people too stupid to fill them out properly.

          1. There are trump rallies at the closest “major” intersection at least twice a week.

            I’ve lived here 20 years and never seen anything like it.

            But I don’t live in a swing state.

            I do know that I don’t answer polls. I also know lots of people who had Covid and were not included in the health department counts, because of which tests the county accepts as valid.

            So, hell if I know what’s going to happen.

            1. I’m in a swing state and the rallies are here, too.

            2. Just outside Cook County which was the most lopsidedly blue county in 2016. I noted the other day that I see more Trump yard signs in 2020 than I did in 2016 and relatively fewer Biden than Hillary signs.

              I must say, I think the issue seems much more existential when sitting in a Blue State under a lockdown governor.

          2. Multiple classical liberals like Tim Pool and other prominent left of center folks have all publicly claimed they are voting for Trump. The walk away movement from the demo is real. You can find dozens and dozens of YouTube interviews about it. Saying independents are in the bag for biden is insane.

        2. “Lastly, whatever the result, if you think Trump is only getting 40%”

          No I think Trump’s Base is enough to get him to 40%. Remember that Trump won with 45% of the electorate.

          The remainder will come from independents. They split 43/42 for Trump in 2016 and split in the right states to deliver him the win. If he can get that to happen again, then good on him.

          1. Republicans and independent voters aren’t the only ones voting for Trump. Some Democrats and new registered voters (NPAs) are, too.

            1. Trump rallies are consistently getting 20-25% of the crowd as independents

        3. Latest polling has trump with 20-30% of the black vote. That is in multiple polls.

          1. 30?! Biden’s fucked if that’s true.

          2. WTF? What poll is that and what is their methodology? Someone had to have fucked up there.

              1. Don’t forget a number of polls, especially in swing states, has him approaching 40% or better of Hispanic votes. One of the main answers Hispanics gave when asked why Hispanics would vote for trump: he created jobs and we are tired of the Democrats thinking the only important issue to Hispanics is immigration.

            1. And just now…

              Lil Wayne WEEZY F
              Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done.

          3. That is huge if true. That means the Democrats get crushed.

        4. I think you are correct but the conventional wisdom of the punditry (especially directed at the GOP) is that independents are the key to winning the presidency and trying to increase your base turn out is crazy talk.

      3. “But independents have been breaking against him heavily.”

        Based on…?

        1. Biden has a Mitt Romney like lead among independents if you believe the polls. But as the Romney example proves, independents don’t vote in large enough numbers to make up for even small changes in base turnout.

        2. Based on the polls I have seen.

          Now, let me qualify that:

          1) I do not subscribe to the belief that ALL the polls are wrong, and the detailed state polls I have seen show independents not breaking for him as they did the previous year. I don’t believe the 8+ point leads, but I do believe there is a reason he is leading so fully.

          2) One of the biggest problems with the polls in 2016 was that measuring independents is really hard. They didn’t realize that your average white independent would vote very differently if they had a degree (Clinton) or not (Trump), and so they weren’t controlling for that in their polls- leading the upsets in states like Michigan. It is not clear that they have appropriately modeled their polls today.

          1. Overt check out the new polls from USC. They are, and have been, using a different polling method. They are asking people not who they voted or will vote for, but who they believe the majority of their social circle voted for. This has been, per USC and Trafalgar (similar results), the most accurate representation of actual in all states. It removes the trump voter stigma.


            1. One flaw with the poll, and some observations. It is one mode, only (online panel). Probablistic panels generally don’t have a good track record of prediction. Mixed mode collection (online, phone, F2F) is significantly more expensive, but more representative and predictive.

              Very few polling firms have that kind of mixed mode expertise, IMO.

              1. They, if I remember, started this style of polling in 2015. And it has more accurately predicted state level trends the last few elections. It is still in its infancy, but it contradicts the polling they also do asking who someone voted for. That is the main takeaway.

            2. I don’t get it- the poll still has Biden winning with over 50% of the vote. Note: Clinton got only 48%.

              If Biden gets over 50% he wins handedly, no matter what the state breakdown is.

              1. No. I thought about that one too. How does Quid Pro Joe win 50%-52% of the vote, and lose the election.

                Roughly 860/3150 counties will vote blue. That is mainly where the major cities are, and population centers. See the electoral map by county for 2016 and you’ll see what I mean. Quid Pro Joe can run up huge tallies in a couple hundred counties, and not have the breadth of voting across the country he would need to win the Electoral College.

                1. A breakdown by state, and not just a national poll, would be really helpful here. I didn’t see one at their webpage.

      4. Independents may not matter. I know a lot of Democrats voting for Trump because of lock downs in MI. Folks that have never voted GOP before. Dems may burn themselves in sacrificing the livelihoods of Americans to win an election.

      5. On the other hand, I have been voting Democratic since Ithe past 22 years I have been voting but this year I voted 3rd party.

    5. My perception is skewed living in NY, and I think Biden has the edge but no result would surprise me. I’ve voted L or write-in for 2/3 of the presidential elections I’ve voted in.

      My gf is a CA democrat who moved to NY, and while she’s starting to question the flavor of the Kool-Aid, is convinced Trump will win. So among her circle of friends who are all far on the progressive side of the spectrum there is the belief that Trump has the quiet voters in his corner. There is no enthusiasm for Biden; just a progressive requirement to vote for the Democrat even if they are a garbage ticket.

      1. Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!

    6. Winner.

  7. The entire national media refusing to cover or event talk about conclusive evidence of gross corruption on the part of a major party Presidential nominee may not be a First Amendment Issue but is every bit the threat to a free republic as any government restriction on speech. The national media is effectively a state run media whenever Democrats are in power. They refuse to talk about his story just like they refuse to talk about the Obama’s FBI spying on Trump, and his misuse of the IRS and all the rest of his sins.

    The first amendment keeps the government from creating a state run media. I don’t know what you do when the entire media decides to voluntarily enslave itself to the state.

    1. State media comes before State censorship. Totalitarians don’t dictate speech codes then go about finding media that will function as an outlet for their propaganda, they create the media first and use it to impose conformity on the masses. It is then that they pass censorship laws, to codify what is already being done and to discourage any dissenting voices that may arise, prior to providing justification to crush them.

      The libertarian approach on this issue misses the forest for the trees (as it so often does) – the threat to liberty arises prior to State laws on expression, which are simply the finishing touch on what has already been accomplished.

      1. The other thing is that journalists generally crave being part of a state run media. In totalitarian societies, journalists are important people. They have secure jobs and are treated as important people to the functioning of the state. In free societies journalists are people who talk about important people. Journalism has always been at best a middle class job and usually just a job for actual writers to pay the bills.

        Journalists hate that. So, they are always the first people to jump on the totalitarian bandwagon. The last thing journalists believe in is free speech or the press. Their claims to do so are all self serving lies.

        1. Correct.
          In general, journalism/media draws people who crave status.
          State Media gives them that status.

    2. Maybe journalists would not be considered fake if they actually asked some probing questions of Biden instead of queries like, “Mr. Vice-President, what flavor is your ice-cream cone.”

      1. Yeah but that would require telling the truth and that is not what the national media does.

      2. If it isn’t in his cone, it ain’t chocolate

    3. Michal Malice put forward an interesting hypothesis.

      He noted that many people suggest the press is an arm of the DNC. He suggests the opposite, the DNC is an arm of the Press.

      1. It’s a mutually parasitic relationship.

        1. It’s a human centipede of corruption, but the last guy in line is also sewn to the first…see, it’s an ouroboros of coprophagy

          1. “It’s a human centipede of corruption, but the last guy in line is also sewn to the first…see, it’s an ouroboros of coprophagy”

            I will be using this regularly in conversation. Thank you.

    4. “I don’t know what you do when the entire media decides to voluntarily enslave itself to the state.”

      Very bad things happen. In this case especially because they aren’t voluntarily enslaving themselves to the state; they’re enslaving themselves to one side of that state. Given the abysmal state of American education regarding civics, and American History, the other half of the state that’s getting frozen out may no longer respect the necessity of a free, unbridled Press. They may start seeing those members of the Press as seditious, maybe even traitorous.

      1. They will see the media that way because they are

        1. The press is as responsible as anybody for the tens of millions of lives destroyed using covid as the excuse.
          They are legitimate targets.

      2. I wouldn’t even say they are enslaving themselves to the state; they’re openly arm-in-arm now with a single political party. There’s absolutely no reason to trust anything they have to say now, ever. It’s all in the service of advancing the agenda of the DNC.

      3. “May start?”

        …ya…it’s just beginning…

        1. May start actually doing something about it. Besides talk.

          1. THAT would be something new…or old, American’s used to LITERALLY tar and feather people for doing what the Media Cathedral has been doing.

            1. not sure why I made Americans possessive…

    5. John, I have never seen such blatant dishonesty and lack of integrity as I see now in the press. I can scarcely believe my eyes (and ears). These media people literally sound like Pravda and Isvestia broadcasters of old. I am not kidding. Read the transcripts side by side and it is eerie. Rachael Maddow perfectly demonstrates.

      This Presidency has been a real eye-opener. POTUS Trump has exposed the depths of depravity these people (media, government, big tech) have descended to.

      1. Well the Smithsonian did run an article on line on how not to be a racist that sounded like it hand been plagarised from a 1950 KKK pamphlet supporting segregation.

      2. The Maddows of the world do not surprise, nor bother me.

        It is all the rest, like most everyone who appears here at this publication, who have quite obviously chosen to remain silent and stare at their shoes, who disgust me.

        The stain will not go away no matter who wins the election.

  8. ROBBY SOAVE is reporting WHAT?!?!

    “The progressive outlet’s co-founder claims he was prevented from publishing an article because it was critical of Joe Biden.”

    This PROVES that the wise and unbiased conservative commenters have been saying all along, here!!! “Reason” is an uber-coven of Democrat conspirators and anti-free-speech, mind-controlled authoritarians!!! Man the barricades!

    1. It proves you are a delusional idiot who needs to take his meds. Please God take the meds before you harm yourself or others.

    2. You’re coming across as worse than Shrike.

      1. I thought he was Shrike?

        1. Yeah…

          Our resident trolls always seem to have the same manner of provocative speech.

          I’ve always assumed it has been the same person over the years who changes his screen name.

          Or it’s one of the duties of a Reason intern to post troll comments and is given a template full of trollish phrases as a guideline.

    3. Why are you so desperate for attention? I hope that you will be able to work out your issues with your dad.

      1. Our Uber-Daddy of ALL of us is Government Almighty, ye heathen! Do NOT challenge my FAITH!

        Scienfoology Song… GAWD = Government Almighty’s Wrath Delivers

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        For the Government tells me so,
        Little ones to GAWD belong,
        We are weak, but GAWD is strong!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        My Nannies tell me so!

        GAWD does love me, yes indeed,
        Keeps me safe, and gives me feed,
        Shelters me from bad drugs and weed,
        And gives me all that I might need!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        My Nannies tell me so!

        DEA, CIA, KGB,
        Our protectors, they will be,
        FBI, TSA, and FDA,
        With us, astride us, in every way!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        Yes, Guv-Mint loves me!
        My Nannies tell me so!

    4. You do a good sarcasmic impression.

      1. Now that he’s broken, has sarc started eating shit too?

        1. Usually the 2nd sign of being broken.

  9. IF IF IF Trump loses, there are a lot of people who will suddenly realize that dissent isn’t tolerated on the left. Just because they like your anti-Trump narrative certainly doesn’t mean they like you. Take away the fig leaf of criticizing Trump once Trump is gone, and they’ll see the naked truth–that there is nothing so intolerant of dissent as a progressive audience. I doubt anyone wants to write pro-Biden articles. I doubt anyone is genuinely pro-Biden. But the Bernie/Warren/AOC side of the left won’t tolerate dissent, and if Biden wins this election, there soon won’t be much else but Biden to write about. And where will they all go? Where is there an honest place for honest journalism on the left anymore?

    1. You can see that now. The hard left has spent the entire summer attacking and burning down Democratic cities. They are not showing up at any Republican mayors’ homes. They are showing up at Democratic mayor’s homes. This entire thing is about the far left purging the moderate left. Greenwald is a moderate leftist who has some integrity such that there is a limit to how much he will lie for the cause. He has to go. The other moderate leftists will soon follow him.

      It is the way of the left. The moderates always think they can control the crazies and being a loyal party member will save them. They never can and it never does.

      1. Same thing happened with Matt Taibbi. This dude is no right-winger; he’s a Hunter S. Thompson wannabe that operates off of very specific principles of how a liberal should act. He was the darling of the left when he was reporting on the bank collapse for Rolling Stone and dunking on Republicans. He now has to operate as an independent journalist because he did actual journalism and pointed out that the “MUH RUSSHA” narrative and everything that followed it was based on nothing but hot air.

        Again, this is what happens in a political realignment. The left, having taken over the pillars of mass media, mass entertainment, corporate boardrooms, and education, are evolving into a party of authoritarian internationalists. Once they gain full political power, war is inevitable, because the type of violent imposition of values they support eventually results in a violent response.

        Greenwald and Taibbi, hell, even the hard-left Trotskyites at Counterpunch, are not those type of liberals–their personalities are hard-wired towards anti-authoritarianism and anti-Puritanism. That type of ideology was tailor-made for the 1980s-2000s when the Republicans were led by the neocons and Religious Right, but it’s ill-suited to maintaining prestige in a world dominated by neoliberal corporatists employing anarcho-communist foot soldiers in order to impose their will on society.

        1. Same Marxist playbook, divide and pit each half against the other then divide again and repeat.

      2. I never thought I’d see the day that FEINSTEIN was targeted as too moderate.

        1. Or that Pelosi “moved right”.

        2. In the context of Bay Area politics, Feinstein, Pelosi and Newsom have always been “right wingers.”

    2. I disagree. We had a press that went to sleep for 8 years of Obama. They can do it again for a Biden term.

      1. Except for one minor thing:

        I’m intrigued by Victor Davis Hanson’s hypothesis that if Biden is elected, there will be a whisper campaign started by people within the Biden administration that Biden is unfit to continue his term. A Biden presidency will be a very interesting trainwreck.

        1. No way he survives past the midterms in 2022.

        2. Biden’s basically already told us that himself. He views himself as a “transitional president”.

        3. Biden will be found in bed two weeks after inauguration – dead from natural causes with a pillow over his face.

      2. They can do it again for a Biden term.

        But I’ll bet they don’t. With Obama they were terrified of being called racist. Now they’re seeing a need to control the perception that they’re just a wing of the Party.

        Although, just to take that to its worst conclusion, I wouldn’t be totally shocked by Biden being chased out of office in a plague of scandals that the media says “look, see, we don’t ignore that stuff!” followed President Harris, whom they will be even more terrified to criticize than they were Obama.

        1. That’s the whisper campaign I was referring to. But not scandals, but questions about his mental fitness. It’s a sad day, but the only choice we have is to hand the reins over to Harris.

          1. That’s the whisper campaign I was referring to. But not scandals, but questions about his mental fitness.

            I also wouldn’t be surprised to hear of some such plan in the works, but this laptop scandal seems like a gift from heaven, of sorts, in that as long as it can be kept out of the headlines for a few more days, Biden comes in under a cloud of scandal that’s going to be hard to shake (setting aside, of course, the question of whether the polls are BS or not), especially when all this talk of how even having a conversation with a Ukrainian is Literally Treason is still relatively fresh in everyone’s minds.

            I think a lot of people are going to do the math pretty quickly on “haven’t I heard a lot of these names before? Oh yeah . . . this is the story they tried to impeach Trump for looking into.”

            This scandal is going to be very hard to bury for long, but it sure provides a whopping great excuse to get rid of Biden in a great public showing of “We don’t tolerate corruption in Democrats, either, thank you very much.”

  10. When your defense is an argument for the clearly bogus Hunter Biden story that was not picked up because it’s literally a crap propaganda attempt, you know you’re failing.

    It wasn’t disregarded because it was hurtful- it was disregarded because it was unfounded. Same reason the media doesn’t report on every story coming from the braindead idiots who follow Qanon and all that bullshit.

    1. You’re a fucking idiot.

      1. Why insult idiots comparing them to…that poster?

      2. He is not an idiot. Hihn is an idiot. That is just a Soros/Chinese paid troll pasting talking points. They are all over right now.

        1. It’s just a complete denial of reality.
          Psychotic really isn’t even a strong enough word here.

    2. LOL–no, NPC, the only reason it hasn’t been covered is because the mainstream news media and Big Tech are desperate to get a fellow Democrat elected, and are acting as in-kind propaganda outlets to do so, to the point of active and blatant censorship of anything that would make him look bad.

      The only solution to that kind of power-mongering is to burn those institutions to the ground and salt the earth.

    3. It wasn’t disregarded because it was hurtful- it was disregarded because it was unfounded.

      Most people understand you have to investigate to see if something is unfounded, and this comes before the conclusion. By refusing to investigate – even claiming email cannot be authenticated – reveals the decision has nothing to do with whether the assertions are true.

      But the greatness of being a left winger is that you need only consider whether a story helps your political preferences before concluding whether it true or false. Much easier.

      1. Some progs actually think that circumlocution and tautology carries the day.

    4. Biden suffers from corrupt grifter syndrome, a common affliction lifetime politicians. Obama knew it, that’s why he brought him on board as number two, someone who could be controlled and rubber stamp and excuse every act of the Obama/Biden warmongering surveillance social-control regime.

      Biden’s stupidity and arrogance was getting a little bit too greedy when he reached a position of power when he was in the executive branch and had some influence in foreign affairs – instead of waiting until his term was up when he could do it unnoticed. He placed too much trust in his unstable crackhead deadbeat-dad-of-a-son and it came out into the open. Now the powerful DNC and their media whores are doing their best to put a lid on it.

      Smart people like Obama know it’s true. Hillary knows. Kamala knows. Schiff knows. Trump knows Smart media bigwigs know it’s true. Greenwald and Tiabbi know the score and are among the few to talk about it.

      It seems that only naive apologists think Biden is clean.

      1. Both Greenwald and Tiabbi are not at all Pro-Trumpsters, so the ax they are grinding is not a MAGA ax.

        1. Don’t tell the leftitarian population here that. If you’ve ever agreed with trump youre a cultist.

    5. Get up off of your damn knees.

    6. “…the clearly bogus Hunter Biden story…”

      So bogus that neither Joe the ho nor Hunter the pimp will deny them.
      That bogus.
      Instead, they rely of packs of brain-dead lefty shits to run interference for them.
      How’s it feel to be a useful idiot, you lying pile of lefty shit?

    7. It wasn’t disregarded because it was hurtful- it was disregarded because it was unfounded.

      No, it was disregarded because it was well founded. Had it been unfounded, they’d be yelling and waving the contra evidence from the rooftops and laughing about how silly the whole thing is, like they do about Qanon. I hear more out of the media bout Qanon than I do about the Biden emails.

      That tells me about everything I need to know.

    8. Remember, when something really ugly comes out about your preferred candidate or narrative, and you have no countrvailing evidence, you simply ignore it or don’t talk about it.

    9. Joe Biden is a crook..

    10. it was disregarded because it was unfounded

      In just the same way that the story about Trump getting peed on by Russian hookers wasn’t covered because it was unfounded.

    11. So tell us ignorant ones how the Hunter story is bogus. Eagerly awaiting your reply.

    12. “It wasn’t disregarded because it was hurtful- it was disregarded because it was unfounded.”
      And yet no one in the Biden camp has disputed the authenticity of the Hunter hard drives. Nor has the FBI who have copies.

    13. No one has said that the emails are untrue or fraudulent. Most especially the Biden campaign. Their silence has been deafening.

  11. “But the broader issue raised in Greenwald’s resignation letter is one that should provoke plenty of concern—especially as Biden’s victory in the 2020 election looks likely. A mainstream press that looks at anti-Biden stories with suspicion, staffed by young progressives who think dissenting viewpoints should be squelched for fears of offending their own ranks, would be a danger to investigative journalism. And if The New York Post’s Hunter Biden expose was an experiment in how such a thing will be handled by mainstream outlets and social media companies in the future, we are in for a rough four years.”

    We had EIGHT years of this before Trump.

    This insane belief that journalism has any semblance of honor is comically misplaced.

    1. Hey damikesc! How is your authoritarian Master Plan, to MAKE people buy Reason Magazines coming along? To bypass boycotts resulting from your OTHER authoritarian Master Plan?

      Free speech (freedom from “Cancel Culture”) comes from Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok, and Google, right? THAT is why we need to pass laws to prohibit these DANGEROUS companies (which, ugh!, the BASTARDS, put profits above people!)!!! We must pass new laws to retract “Section 230” and FORCE the evil corporations to provide us all (EXCEPT for my political enemies, of course!) with a “UBIFS”, a Universal Basic Income of Free Speech!

      So leftist “false flag” commenters will inundate Reason-dot-com with shitloads of PROTECTED racist comments, and then pissed-off readers and advertisers and buyers (of Reason magazine) will all BOYCOTT Reason! And right-wing idiots like Damikesc will then FORCE people to support Reason, so as to nullify the attempts at boycotts! THAT is your ultimate authoritarian “fix” here!!!

      “Now, to “protect” Reason from this meddling here, are we going to REQUIRE readers and advertisers to support Reason, to protect Reason from boycotts?”
      Yup. Basically. Sounds rough. (Quote damikesc)

      1. “pets head”

        Aren’t you a good little boy, begging for attention?

        Now stop humping my leg please and go play in traffic.


        1. Your monstrously humongous UBER-EGO prevents you from EVER taking back utterly stupid things that you say, right? Are you and JesseSPAZ good bed-buddies?

          How many people are you willing to send to the gulag, or shoot in the head, to force them to buy Reason Magazines, by the way?

          1. Wow, Sqrls is much more Sqrls than usual. He must have hidden his meds under his tongue again.

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              Reason! SQRLSY One has HURT MEEE, Deeply! SQRLSY One has offered to sing ME some stupid, hurtful sing-along, ding-a-dong song, and to bring ME a warmed-up ba-ba, but it is NOT enough to make even the TINIEST dent in MY DEEPLY Hurt Feelings!

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              1. The shit-muncher must have put acid in his shit sandwich today.

                1. Wow, what clever wit! Did your mommy help you write that?

                  1. If your dad doesn’t love you by now, he most likely never will. You have my sympathy.

                  2. No, I splashed it on your mommy’s stomach, shit-muncher.

                    1. Well, my mom has been moldering in her grave for roughly a decade now, but it is no surprise to me, that Dead-Rocks-for-Brains would get it on with a moldering corpse! Dead-Rocks-for-Brains hasn’t the social skills required to get anywhere near living “heart throbs”, so Dead-Rocks-for-Brains is a necrophiliac!

                      But then again, so is Der TrumpfenFuhrer! He wrote a “mash letter” to Leona, who has been dead for quite some time now! Here it is!

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                    2. Well, my mom has been moldering in her grave for roughly a decade now

                      Yeah, she died of embarrassment.

                    3. Yep, of his meds.

                2. don’t blame the acid

            2. He has been beaten down so much and laughed at so much that he broke worse than sarc.

    2. I think journalism has contracted far enough that there are plenty of true believers to fill the slots.

  12. Hey look Reason writers — it’s possible to have ethics.

    1. This is an example of ‘tegridy.

  13. As a result, The Intercept has all but abandoned its core mission of challenging and poking at, rather than appeasing and comforting, the institutions and guardians most powerful in its cultural and political circles.

    This is a telling statement right here–it’s an explicit admission that left-wing ideologues are now running the institutions of power in this country, and are doing what they can to secure that power in order to steamroll their agenda.

    1. It is a bout of national insanity. The best we can hope for is that they never get full control of the government and just destroy the institutions they have infected.

      1. It is a bout of national insanity. The best we can hope for is that they never get full control of the government and just destroy the institutions they have infected.

        We are perpetually one election away from that and thus doomed.

        1. sad but quite possibly true…

      2. The rot has already set in, it’s just a question of when the crash takes place.

        The Collapse of Complex Societies is an interesting study of this phenomenon in action.

        1. All societies collapse eventually. Nothing lasts forever. But if you really read history you find that they don’t just usually collapse. They have a bunch of close calls and returns before they are finally done in. My guess is that this is just another close call and things will come back.

          I don’t see the left’s crazy behavior as a sign of strength. I see it as a sign of weakness. They feel things slipping away from them and see this as their last chance not as their best chance.

          But I am an optimist. So, time will tell.

          1. Civilization ends when people stop acting civilized. Which was sometime earlier this summer.

          2. Joe Biden’s handlers are Sulla not Caesar?

      3. Unfortunately the government has gotten so all-powerful that those of us with day jobs will never be able to prevent its deliverance into the statists’ hands.

        I spent a good half hour arguing with one of my employees the other day. He is a Millennial and could not understand WHY I would volunteer with a local organization doing work around the community. He insisted that my time would be far better spent volunteering for an organization that got government to give help to the communities.

        The funny thing is that he was right.

        Those NGOs are working 24×7, 365 days a year to bend the government to their will. Even on the right, we’ve got the neo-con war mongerers and other grifters.

        The government is so large that it is a perpetual target, and I am too tired to stop its capitulation to cronies, ideologues and activists.

        1. “an organization that got government to give help to the communities.”

          Define “help”.

          NGOs are good at moving money around. Do they actually “do” anything?

          At some point, someone has to do the actual WORK. Money/electrons aren’t WORK.

          1. they move the money around, take their cut, and hope for the best

          2. Define “help”.

            The nine scariest words in the language . . .

          3. “Define “help”.”

            One organizes volunteers to bring STEM programs to our district. Another one directs money directly to teachers in that district. Still another helps direct money to local food banks.

            “NGOs are good at moving money around. Do they actually “do” anything?”

            I agree. I have no problem with an NGO that spends money in its community. Unfortunately too many NGOs spend all their money getting the government to pass laws. NoKidHungry is a perfect example- they get millions of dollars from celebrities and the like, and they spend it lobbying the government for school lunch. Feeding America, on the other hand, spends their money on local food banks and shelters.

            1. This summer I head part of a professional development book club at work. My group was assigned the book “Compton Cowboys” (was surprised it was a decent “read” I got it on audible so I could listen to it in the office). During the discussion group, our group leader told the story of a filtration and pumping station for a Norwegian NGO had built in a Mayan village in Central America
              He had visited the village several years after the well was completed. Before that the pumping station villagers had to trek daily to a communal open air well and lug all their water back to their huts in buckets. When he visited he noted the fancy, state of the art pumping house, was not being used. When he asked the villagers, they answered that the pump had stopped working several months after the NGO left. No one in the village had been trained in how to maintain it. So they had pooled their money together, most contributing nearly the annual income to hire someone to come from the city to look at it. It was a mechanical problem, a broken part. And would have to be ordered because there was no parts available in the country and it would have to come from overseas (Sweden if I remember right, or possibly Denmark). The part would cost more to purchase than the villages annual combined income. Also, they would have to hire a technician (also none in the country) to do the actual repair as the person they had hired didn’t have the training or technical skills to fix it and no one in the country that they could find had the skills either. So five years later the villagers we’re back to tracking to their well and hauling water in a bucket.

              * I don’t remember all the details, but I think I got most of the pertinent points correct. He may have been relaying the story from another in our department who was a former peace Corp volunteer.

              1. This is the kind of story that needs to shared more often, because this is the sort of thing that keeps NGO’s working for eternity without actually enacting real change.

              2. I have seen this. On the other hand, I saw a similar story about an NGO in Africa fighting a similar problem. This group of doctors went down to a hospital there and saw a bunch of infant incubators sitting in a corner unused. Asking why this happened, they got basically the same story- they get these incubators donated by rich countries, they last for awhile and then break down and cost too much to fix.

                During their visit to the region, those doctors looked around and saw that this was pretty much endemic- machines all over the place were abandoned because they couldn’t be repaired. Machines EXCEPT for off road vehicles. It turns out, there was a huge market for sourcing parts for Toyota 4-Runners to keep them running in the region.

                And so, they created an incubator made from 4-Runner parts:

                Yes, some NGOs do stupid shit, and many more do “Seemed like a good idea at the time” shit. But I would rather a system where people fund NGOs according to risk and their predictions of success, than people fund NGOs that just lobby the government to tax and spend. Businesses fail ALL the time, because their business plan was shit. And NGOs should succeed or fail based on their successes and failures, not their ability to cement some grift from the government.

                1. The scenarios you guys are describing here really show the cargo-cult mentality inherent in a lot of activist NGOs. “We’re helping these people by giving them high-functioning equipment!” Which sounds great, except they just drop the shit in the jungle and walk out as if it’s going to work forever. There’s no understanding of how a complex society operates.

                  Technological and social advancement has to be built up over time, so that people can learn and grow into it so that it can be maintained through experience. Human society is just not capable of making quantum leaps in change without severe social dislocation taking place, and there’s no guarantee that when it happens, what comes out on the other end is going to be better than what came before it. More advanced societies work the same way–just throwing a bunch of money at a problem is not going to provide a long-term fix if the people spending it don’t have an innate understanding of future-time orientation and long-term planning that will make their effort sustainable.

                  That’s one of the biggest problems I have with progressivism–the assumption that change is inherently good because it will always advance society. They haven’t read or understood history enough to know that change for the sake of change is, more often than not, a recipe for social degradation and even collapse.

                2. A similar story:
                  Ingenuity solving a problem that most people wouldn’t even think of.

                  These things give me some hope for the future.

        2. Even just getting a decent picture of what is actually happening in the country or world is a full time job. I certainly can’t figure it out, and I probably spend more time than most people trying.

        3. Sounds like he could stand to learn Friedman’s 2X2 matrix about who pays for something combined with who gets to use that thing.

          Or, as P.J. O’Rourke put it awhile ago, you get the maximum value and maximum utility from goods you buy yourself. You’re motivated to get the best price and the most enjoyment out of the item. This is how old guys haggle when they’re buying a Porsche. And so on.

        4. NGOs are arms of the government.

          1. Yes, I prefer the term “so-called NGOs.”

  14. Let’s establish the facts once again.

    A repair-shop order from April 2019 contains Hunter’s name and what appears to be his signature. The shop owner supplied a subpoena showing the computer and hard drive were seized by the FBI in December 2019. And the Biden campaign hasn’t said the emails are phony.

    . . . .

    According to the emails, both Bidens were in line in 2017 to benefit from a deal with CEFC. One email appears to identify Hunter Biden as “Chair/Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC.” It also refers to financial payments in terms of “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?”

    Fox News says it has confirmed the veracity of the email with one of its recipients and that sources say the “big guy” is Joe Biden. An August 2017 email from “Robert Biden” (Hunter’s legal first name) crows that the original deal was for $10 million a year in fees, but that it had since become “much more interesting to me and my family” because it included a share of “the equity and profits.”

    —-Wall Street Journal

    There are only two questions that matter.

    1) Do the Bidens deny the authenticity of the emails?

    2) Do the BIdens deny that the emails read as reported?

    Neither the Bidens nor the Biden campaign has denied the authenticity of the emails or their contents.

    Without a denial from the Bidens or the Biden campaign, it is reasonable to conclude that the emails are authentic and that their contents are as reported.

    P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    1. Joe is a crook. If he wasn’t or the emails didn’t show it, the media would be talking about them.

      I don’t think the media is doing Biden or themselves any favors here. They are not suppressing this information. If anything they are bringing more attention to it. If they were smart, they would be covering it but spinning it to do less damage to Biden. Ignoring it and trying to suppress it is the worst thing they can do. That just causes people to assume the worst about it.

      As usual, the media is done in by their own arrogance and complete lack of self awareness. The national media actually believe that the public sees them as nonpartisan and thus will think their unwillingness to print the story means it isn’t true. In reality, everyone knows they are partisan hacks for the Democratic party and their unwillingness to print the story means it must be devastating to Joe Biden.

      1. The guy who went on Tucker’s show did it because ShiffForBrains called him a Russian agent, and that pissed him off.

        1. This is what Ra’s al Gore is talking about:

          “Mr. Bobulinski says he was spurred to come forward to clear his family name after House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff claimed his emails were “Russian disinformation.” He says he privately communicated to a Biden representative his desire that the Biden family set the record straight about the authenticity of the emails and texts—so that he didn’t have to go public. Instead, Mr. Biden—who Mr. Bobulinski said sat with him “face-to-face” and knows he “traveled around the world with his son and his brother”—also played the Russia card.”

          Adam Schiff is an idiot who can’t keep his stupid mouth shut. If he’d kept his stupid mouth shut, this guy wouldn’t have come forward to clear himself of being either a Russian agent or a dupe.

          1. Can anyone cite a true public statement from Adam Schiff in the last 10 years?

            1. “I am Adam Schiff’
              That is all I can think off, and I am not completely convinced he is not lying when he claims that.

              1. “…including “and” and “the”…
                Ms. McCarthy.

    2. the censorship of these obvious truths is freaky. America isn’t supposed to operate like this.

      1. When we accused them of Trump Derangement Syndrome, we were giving them the benefit of the doubt.

        They’re not leading us astray because of their lack of objectivity. They’re trying to shut us up and keep us uninformed.

      2. Back in the day the media and government had an unspoken gentlemen’s agreement to not expose too much, especially if it might cause unpredictable disruption. That’s why no one heard about JFK’s affairs or his illness and why no one published newspaper stories about LBJ pulling an in-person Toobin to intimidate people.

        1. They didn’t report the weirdo personal shit but they sure as hell reported bribery and corruption like this.

          1. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. It would have been easier to cover up in the past so that it was just lost to history. The vast majority of events, transactions & conversations have no record.

        2. yeah I guess Duranty’s lies got a bunch of Russians killed too.

          there’s just SO MUCH media now and they’re mostly all blanketed … Twilight Zone.

        3. They wouldn’t talk about sexual stuff for the most part.

          1. Juice has selective memory. Yes, extramarital affairs were (maybe) overlooked because of a “gentlemen’s agreement”, but business/loans to adult family members were most certainly fair play. See “Billygate”.

  15. Great to see. Hopefully it will be out of business soon so those who destroyed it will suffer the consequences personally.

  16. Here i thought the news organizations weren’t publishing many articles critical of Biden because there was too many important stories to cover, like one of the Kardashians getting COVID-19 after going on vacation and the NYT hard hitting piece on Trump vs Biden voter refrigerators.

  17. >>Greenwald and Fang belong to a group of left-leaning writers who find themselves out of step with the modern progressive movement’s emphasis on elite cultural issues and trendy activism and who often agree with libertarian-leaning critics of performative social justice excess.

    that’s a lotta words. Greenwald and Fang are adults.

    “group of” is likely laughable.

    1. Greenwald and Fang sounds like a 1930’s vaudeville act.

      1. queue “Kitty from Kansas City”

        1. Or Harry Roy and His Orchestra’s My Girl’s Pussy

          1. …”but it’s the best I’ve ever seen …” lol love it.

          2. Thought I’d heard em all. Thanks for that.

    2. Greenwald is a liberal who believes in free speech and the media as a government watch dog. As opposed to enforcing uniformity of thought and being a government lap dog.

      1. saying the same thing you just did it better.

  18. Greenwald has discovered what happens when political ideology becomes political religion. Viewpoints can be questioned; orthodoxy cannot. In the past (and maybe in the future) they would have “persuaded” him to recant.

    1. The Intercept didn’t start out like that, but it devolved over the years into a cultish post-modernism…

      The rational Greenwald was increasingly out of step with the publication.

  19. No, it is not a First Amendment issue.

    It is an issue of journalistic integrity and ethics, which The Intercept editorial staff has apparently abandoned all claim to.

  20. The information in these emails has been corroborated by someone who was, apparently, a party to the emails themselves.

    Mr. Bobulinski, a Navy veteran and financier, was recruited by Hunter and associates to serve as CEO, and the interview shed more light on hundreds of emails and documents he recently made public.

    Mr. Bobulinski said that in 2017 he twice met with former Vice President Joe Biden, as part of a Biden family effort at “wining and dining” him to “take on the CEO role.” He pointed to documents in which Hunter and others refer to Joe’s involvement in the deal, including an email from Hunter partner James Gilliar that proposed the “big guy” get 10% of the company equity, held in Hunter’s name. Mr. Bobulinski says “the big guy” is Joe. He also related a conversation in which he said Jim Biden said the answer to questions about Biden family involvement with foreign entities was “plausible deniability.”

    P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    1. Bonus, he says that he only came forward because Biden and his surrogates implied that he was some sort of Russian agent.

      It seems that guys who served in the military don’t take kindly to that sort of talk.

      1. And they’ve seen other people get railroaded with the same insinuations!

        Is that a Biden dog whistle to the FBI to go after his political opponents like the FBI went after Trump’s campaign people in 2016?

        If Mike Flynn taught us anything, it’s that being innocent doesn’t mean the FBI can’t pressure you into pleading guilty to something to save your kids and your family from an FBI witch hunt.

        The reason Monica Lewinsky kept her stained dress was because she wasn’t stupid.

        1. In the Flynn Case…

          Judge Sullivan ordered the DOJ to validate all of their evidence, under penalty of perjury. This, in a hearing to dismiss that is unopposed and should be perfunctory.

          Helpfully, he also ordered them to produce transcripts of any handwritten notes.

          So now it is easier to read the notes that show that BOTH President Obama and VP Joe Biden were directly involved in ordering the FBI to interview Flynn with the expressed intention to get someone that the FBI just reported “had no derogatory information” after months of investigating – including tapping his phone calls – to lie…. in an unrecorded interview – where the agents involved have testified that they did not believe he did in fact lie. Two separate people write in their notes that Biden personally directs them to look into charging Flynn under the Logan Act (because he is fulfilling his role as incoming national security advisor). One writes that Obama asks questions about not cooperating with the incoming administration.

          They are corrupt as hell. And it is caught in writing. Their own handwriting. And the media does not even mention it.

          1. But the MSM will willfully forge documents about Bush when they have no legitimate information. It’s sad to me that anybody trust the MSM at this point.

            1. It’s freaking depressing how ignorant your average Democrat is. For many of them, the only reason that they are Democrats is because that is what their family has always been. Decent people, but totally ignorant.

              1. I was reading a story about how bad court packing would be yesterday on RCP. The author specifically stated that the court has had 9 members since the 1860s. It was depressing how many commenters claimed that Trump added seats to tilt it or that the Republicans had expanded the courts in the 1970s (despite the fact that in the late 1970s the Democrats controlled the house l, Senate and preaidency and the author of the article specifically stating it’s been 9 since the late 1860s). One even claimed Trump added states to keep control of the Senate as President.

                1. Oh and somehow Mcconnell broke the constitution by not voting on Garland and or not approving him.

          2. Whatever else happens in the Flynn case, justice will not be served until Flynn gets to beat Sullivan into a coma.


  21. Emails With Intercept Editors Showing Censorship of My Joe and Hunter Biden Article

    There’s no reason for anyone to have to decide who to believe. Feel free to see for yourselves what really happened:

    1. Holy shit those guys write emails that go on for hours. How do they get ANYTHING done there? Each email is like 5 pages long. I’d shoot myself it every interacting with my colleagues included those walls of text.

    2. Anyone else notice the same exact talking points used by the intercept editors are the ones chipper, wk, and other leftitarians here repeat?

  22. Here’s the article that I wrote about Joe Biden’s conduct in Ukraine & China, based on Hunter’s emails and other witness testimony, along with a critique of media lies designed to protect the Democratic candidate, which The Intercept refused to publish:

    1. This article is a must-read.

      Greenwald lays it all out. He leaves the media laid bare, naked and shivering on the ground.

      He details everything that we have been talking about here and that the media has been ignoring, with the level of detail and perspective that we have come to expect from greenwald. Apparently we have one and a half real journalists left. We have Glenn greenwald. And Robbie “don’t call me fruit sushi” Soave.

      Matt taibi may have found his sack as well.

      1. The responses to his tweet or horrifying. Those people are just zombies. They will literally say and worse believe whatever the cause tells them.

        1. Realclearpolitics had a link to his resignation story. Reading the comments a number of right, left and libertarians were applauding him. Then some idiot got on and said my reporting on Biden’s misdeeds or anything that makes the left look bad (and it wasn’t a parody, I don’t think, poe’s law.?) is just furthering white supremacists and insuring that we become a fascist state.

          1. Not my reporting supposed to be any reporting.

            1. Even if it was true, reporting on it was evil and furthering white supremacists.

    2. In addition to what I wrote below about how nuts Biden’s defenders are to make claims about the authenticity of the emails–claims that the Bidens themselves aren’t even making–we should add the new wrinkle, I guess, which is that Glenn Greenwald resigned for no good reason. Is there some other way for Biden apologists to explain this away?

  23. …these will be familiar to readers who have followed the woke takeover (for lack of a better term) of various newsrooms, including The New York Times and The Atlantic.

    The term is accurate.

  24. The interesting thing about the people who are jumping to defend the Bidens on this is that they’re making claims that the Bidens themselves aren’t willing to make.

    The reason the Bidens haven’t denied the authenticity of the emails is because they’re authentic.

    The reason the Bidens haven’t denied the contents of the emails is because the contents are as reported.

    But that isn’t good enough for Biden’s defenders. They claim that the emails either aren’t authentic or claim they don’t say what they say–despite the fact that the Bidens aren’t willing to do that.

    What do they know that the Bidens don’t know?

    The correct answer is nothing. The Bidens’ defenders are mostly ignorant, stupid, or dishonest people. Some of them don’t know anything about the fact. Others don’t care whether it’s true or not, and they can’t be persuaded by evidence. Isn’t that the definition of ignorant, stupid, or dishonest?

    If you want to say you’re planning to vote for Biden in spite of him being a crook, go ahead and say so. All the evidence points in one direction–and the text and authenticity of the emails has been corroborated by one its recipients. If you’re planning to vote for Biden in spite of his crooked dealings with the Chinese government, have the courage to say so. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if knowledgeable, honest, and smart people call you out for being ignorant, dishonest, or stupid.

    P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    1. Biden and Obama make Nixon look like a rank amateur.

      No… that’s not hyperbole.

      And they are caught 11 ways from Sunday.

      I still cannot fathom the fact that nobody seems to care at all about this. IF it was only the Flynn case, that would be enough to string the lot of them up. And that is the tiniest little aside, paling in comparison to the whole thing.

      1. +100000000000000

      2. It is horrifying.

      3. Nixon tried to get the IRS to go after his political opponents and they refused. Obama asked, and they complied.


  25. I think the larger problem is that the media and political parties are becoming the same thing. You have people going from working in politics to the media and vice-versa

    While it’s true of both parties, it’s far more widespread for Democratic, since basically all the media save Fox News is Democrat aligned.

    1. Maybe the problem is that there isn’t much difference between campaigning for the Democratic party and being a journalist anymore.

      Trust in the media has deteriorated–for good reason.

      Here’s the Gallup survey of Americans’ trust in the media from September 30, 2020

      Americans’ trust in the media fell to a new low in the weeks before the election in 2016, but it’s terrible in 2020, too. In some ways, it’s even worse.

      89% of self-identified Republicans had either not very much trust in the media or none at all.

      Think about that.

      Think about how slanted that means the news seems to a huge chunk of Americans.

      64% of Independents had either not very much trust in the media or none at all. Even self-described Independents aren’t buying it.

      Like I said, maybe the problem isn’t that you have politicians working in the news and reporters working with politicians. Maybe the problem is that there isn’t much difference between campaigning for the Democratic party and being a journalist anymore.

      1. I need to get my hands on that list of people who have “much trust in the media”. I could sell that to loads of direct marketing companies. It is probably worth billions.

      2. I wonder which group of useful idiots are buying the MSM lies?

      3. Meanwhile the same poll reports that 100% of Democrats say the Kool-aid tastes great!

    2. People now become journalists for the political element. That didn’t used to be true. But since that’s what our education system focuses on that’s what many students come to value.

      That’s the change.

  26. Editors said they would release a full accounting of what happened with his article in due time

    Due time – After the election is over and nobody cares anymore.

  27. “investigative journalism”
    The oxymoron of the 2020 campaign.

    1. Oxymoron of current MSM! The only investigating they do is reading Twitter and other articles by the MSM.

      That’s the real issue here with the Biden crime family story. If it were false, then investigate and let the chips fall where they lay. Instead, there is an obvious and blatant campaign by MSM, Twitter and Facebook to censor this story. Honestly, that alone proves it to me!

      1. PS – Biden is a crook.

  28. Hitch knew all about this sort of mendacity.

  29. Once you flag all the unperson-SQRLSY posts and hit refresh, the thread is much more readable.

    1. What’s up-Chuck?!?! Ya gonna EAT that, up-Chuck, or can I bury it in my back yard? I’m a-lookin’ fer some fart-a-lizer!

      How much up-Chuck, could an up-Chuck, chuck up,
      If an up-Chuck could chuck up up-Chuck?

    2. Was he always like this or was there a trigger?

      1. His hero Dumbfuck Hihnsano finally shuffled off the mortal coil, so he’s taken up the Incoherent Shitposter mantle.

        1. Hihn at least had entertainment value. His ‘Reason thugs’ list is priceless.

          1. moar BOLD!

          2. Holy shit. You can smell the paranoid sweat and tinfoil through the webpage.

            Jesus. What a way to live.

            1. I’m pretty sure he had a complete nervous breakdown there during the last year or so of his life. I’ve read some of his older postings on other sites, plus the stuff on his main page, and it was actually quite interesting. There’s very little, if any, of the posting flopsweat we’d see on here.

              It’s likely the social and political changes that came about the last ten years or so finally just completely demoralized him and he went off the deep end as a result. 20 years ago when he had his collection of Web 1.0 postings, he shows a pretty strong optimism that libertarianism was going to be the next big political movement, one that he’d be at the forefront of. Instead, he ended up a ranting mess at some shithole apartment in Boise.

              1. “There, but for the grace of God…”

                Reminds me of JsubD, but for obviously different reasons. People need real people around them to interact with, to be challenged and comforted by. Make all of your meaningful contacts virtual ones, and ending up like Hihn, or dying in an indigent ward, just off the street, can be the result.

          3. Glad someone thought to archive that before it got nuked.

            1. Two different entries and 21 total mentions for me. That’s how it’s done, bitches.

          4. I predict Squirrels will be posting his soon.

            1. P.s. I am dad’s I never made Hihn’s list.

              1. P.s. I am sad’s I never made Hihn’s list.

                1. Starts list.
                  Adds soldiermedic76 to it.
                  Goes off to write bizarre rant full of non-sequiturs and obscure references to post somewhere on internet.

            2. “I predict Squirrels will be posting his soon.”

              For a second, I thought you meant his obituary, and my tired flagging finger perked up. Then I realized you just meant his pathetic little enemies list, and it settled back under its ice pack.

              Why does he pick this site, of all places, to go nuts on? No banhammer?

      2. The SQRLSY syntax has always been like this but only in the 9 months or so has he (Sarcasmic) used SQRLSY exclusively to attack other commenters and shit up the threads.

        1. According to ConservaTards, ALL persons expressing doubts about the Trumptatorshit, and ALL persons expressing admiration for actual INDIVIDUAL, PERSONAL FREEDOM, must ALL be one and the same! That they are actually different people? Unpossible! To accept such an idea, that there are MULTIPLE libertarians out there? That could mean that Der TrumpfenFuhrer will NOT triumph, and TrumpfenFuhrer bootlickers will NOT share in the spoils! They might not ever get “sloppy seconds” from Stormy Daniels!

          So many of us fantasize that our support of those who we think is (or will be) the “winner” will earn us the support of the “winners” and their spoils.

          See “the night of the long knives” at… Ernst Röhm (head brownshirt, street brawler, for Hitler) thought his support of Hitler would leave him sitting pretty. So sorry, Ernst Röhm, Hitler had another thing coming for you…
          Right here on comments, we see the same thing. The “brownshirts” of the commentary (Shitsy, Nards) try to brownshirt their enemies off of the comments board, tell their enemies to commit suicide, and other “street fighting”. They, I suspect, expect payback (war spoils) from “winning” Orange Hitler, just as Ernst Röhm did from “winning” Hitler.

          They and their ilk, too, have another thing coming… Orange Hitler will throw them under the bus, the VERY first instant that Orange Hitler finds it to be convenient to Him… Just as Shitler-Hitler threw Ernst Röhm under the bus!

          1. Just so you know, it takes way too much effort for me to read the optical migraines you post here. Unless you can distill this into something much shorter and cut out all the nonsense, I’m not even going to try dude.

            1. my favorite is the Monty Python one.

              1. Yeah it makes absolutely no sense. It is one of my favorite movies and I can never see the connection he is trying to draw whenever he posts it.

            2. Unless you can distill this into something much shorter and cut out all the nonsense

              Dumbfuck HihnSQRLSo would have to cut it down to two words.

        2. Hmmm, how does that time line match up with when sarcasmic was broken?

      3. I think all his generic “just as good as patent” meds are now coming from Communist China instead of India.

  30. Yeah this will be hard for the left to ignore. Greenwald is no chump and if he’s pissed there will be others who won’t let their editors and management steam roll them.

    Biden is a crook and now everyone knows it.

    1. “”Yeah this will be hard for the left to ignore.””

      It would be as easy as ignoring Hillary calling someone who was a leader in the KKK a mentor. While pretending to be anti-racist.

  31. The Intercept doesn’t have to publish Greenwald’s article no matter how factually sound it is, and the federal government doesn’t have to admit endless amount of immigrants or enact open borders.

    Well there it is everyone, game over. Move along. I’m sure Shikha doesn’t have to write about immigration any more.

    Reason’s muted response to media and social media lockout on the Biden story is telling. Not that long ago they drubbed the media for spreading rape hoaxes and gun myths. And now, they remain silent. They erupt in moral outrage on anything that has to do with drugs and immigration, but when a Howard Hughes looking Dorsey says he locked out NYP despite admitting that it wasn’t disinformation, they whine about section 203. Yes, let’s have NO ONE sue these social media sites under any circumstances.

    Why don’t we just get rid of opinion sections in newspapers? They’re not obligated to carry them, right? If Reason won’t publish Jacob Sullum’s articles because “there’s too many gun stories” then our reaction should not be moral outrage but a passive “Oh well it’s not a first amendment issue”, right?

    Be better. Read your content from the early 2000s and early 2010s.

    1. “Read your content from the early 2000s”

      When they all supported the Iraq War, except Sheldon Richman?

      1. Cathy Young? Old Tom Woods is an evil guy…right Cathy? find neocon should leave old world grudges in the old world and not be yammering for American young men and women to die for your globalist ambitions….oh yes the old days at reason.

  32. Alternate headline:

    Reporter who broke Snowden Story isn’t being allowed to break Biden Story.

    1. Except he doesn’t even break the story. He just points out that the story has been laying around in public for anyone to see, and the media isn’t just averting their eyes, they are waving shiny objects and shouting “look over here! Don’t look that way, look over here!!”

  33. Thanks Robby for having the courage to post this article. Shall we expect an actual Reason article on the Biden crime family any time soon? Or will Reason continue to be part of the MSM censor/cover-up campaign to help Biden?

    1. At this point, I’ll take reporting on the lack of reporting. Because I think it’s all we’re going to get.

      On the other hand, I’m still on the fence on what would happen even if the media reported on this. It’s another financial scandal and shady dealings of a national career politician. Throw it on the heap. There is a part of me that still beleives the bigger scadal here, is the national media’s deliberate attempt to un-story this story.

    2. LOL

      The same writers who thought Facebook memes were “election interference”, because they were butt hurt that the Democratic nominee lost (you know, like normal “libertarians”) all of a sudden think that social media sites censoring the NY Post is somehow not election interference. Reason writers don’t even admit how humiliatingly wrong every one of them were on the Russia conspiracy, why would they be consistent on this point? You’ll have to wait for the NYT editorial board to care to get Reason writers to care.

      1. Even funnier, we now have CIA director Brennan telling Obama all the way back in the beginning of the summer of 2016 that the Russia thing was a Clinton disinformation plan to discredit Trump.

        They were not wrong. Many of them were in on it.

        And now they know that Clinton was working with a Russian asset via intermediaries to carry out a disinformation campaign against Trump.

        You know how people keep saying “it is always projection with these people”?


        1. You know how people keep saying “it is always projection with these people”?

          It goes well beyond projection. Projection is a psychological defense mechanism.

          It’s become pretty freaking clear that when it was perceived that the Biden shit was about to be uncovered in Ukraine, the Democrat machine turned around and packaged Trump’s investigation into the corruption as the corruption itself, not just accusing Trump of doing exactly what Biden did in fact do, but impeaching him over it.

          That’s not projection – it’s something far darker.

      2. But you desperately want someone to peddle this horseshit Biden stuff you can’t even explain for the express purpose of affecting the election.

        1. If that is your take from his post you obviously have the reading comprehension of a second grader.

        2. For those who don’t follow this stuff, as a part of the discovery in the Flynn prosecution, the notes of several senior Obama administration officials were produced. Among these was a note from Brennan stating that he briefed Obama on a plan that Hillary Clinton was hatching to create a fake story that Trump was colluding with the Russians. Yes, the CIA director told Obama the whole thing was a hoax… and then shortly after that the FBI began spying on Trump campaign personnel… with the aid of CIA operatives. And they claimed that it was because they had “high level intelligence” that the Russians were trying to infiltrate Trump’s campaign.

          You’ll note that you see even less coverage of this in the mainstream media.

          1. I am sure you had zero expectation of the stinking pile of lefty shit Tony wandering anywhere close to what adults find as fact.
            As a steaming pile of lefty shit, Tony finds a ‘fact’ only by error.
            Shitstain? Sit on a running, rusty chainsaw.

          2. “ For those who don’t follow this stuff, as a part of the discovery in the Flynn prosecution, the notes of several senior Obama administration officials were produced.”

            I’d love to see the link.

        3. I know you desperately want to believe that Hunter Biden got all that money for some reason other than acting as his father’s bag man, but wishing doesn’t make it so.

          Joe’s a crook, Hunter’s a crook, grow the fuck up and cope.


    3. Greenwald was apparently on Tucker Carlson tonight to talk about what happened. What kind of fucking timeline am I living in here?

    4. maybe they are waiting to determine which way the political winds will blow after the election….
      the benefactors of this site still have to do business after the election

  34. “Minimally invasive editing” means cleaning up typos and taking out unnecessary fluff. It doesn’t mean taking out the parts the editor doesn’t like.

    1. But if you leave out absolutely everything that might give your “narrative” a problem and throw in any old rubbish that might support it, and you don’t even care that one bit of that rubbish flatly contradicts the next bit, and you give no chance to those who might differ, then you have betrayed your craft. If you flatter and fawn upon your potential audience, I might add, you are patronizing them and insulting them. By the same token, if I write an article and I quote somebody and for space reasons put in an ellipsis like this (…), I swear on my children that I am not leaving out anything that, if quoted in full, would alter the original meaning or its significance. Those who violate this pact with readers or viewers are to be despised.

      — Christopher Hitchens.

  35. The worst part about this is that Glenn is a thousand times better than 98% of the writers at Reason. You could replace all of the writers at Reason with just Glenn Greenwald articles and there would be no insane Russia Fever Dreaming and FBI fellatio articles, but instead actual things that concern libertarians like endless wars and surveillance. You’d just need someone to balance out Greenwald’s economic illiteracy, but still you would have a far more credible “independent perspective” than the NYT regurgitation that you get from nearly every other writer here.

    Unbelievable loss. I guess the Obama years are back. Back to sleep for 90% of the writers here and 100% of the journalists in the country.

    1. A+. Happy that GG is branching out so I can support him directly. This is where journalism needs to go.

      1. At his new digs you must be a paid subscriber to comment. There are over 500 comments on his resignation article. I doubt they are all unique hits, but if they were that would mean that he already has a pledged support of $25,000 this year… on his first day up.

        Not too shabby.

        1. Would be VERY interested to see the subscriber numbers in a week or so. Hopefully they get published.

  36. Thanks for this one Robbie. Gay leftist Glen Greenwald may be the last honest man in the “journalism” business. I’m no gay leftist but I was of fan of this guy long before he showed up on Fox News. I was also a fan of gay leftist Justin Raimondo another honest man. Too bad Reason doesn’t remember him.

    1. Too bad Reason doesn’t remember him.

      Wait, what? They published an obituary article for Raimondo after he passed.

      1. Where? All I saw was ENB noting that he died at the bottom of some links page.

        1. I could have sworn I saw one by Gillespie; maybe it was on a different site.

    2. “I was also a fan of gay leftist Justin Raimondo another honest man. Too bad Reason doesn’t remember him.”

      Raimondo was no Leftist. But, I often do think of him when I read Greenwald. I think that’s because both of them were more “anti-war” than anything.

    3. They remember him alright.

      He used to be active in comments here. I had several exchanges with him right here in comments.

      He was excruciatingly critical of Reason staff–outright denunciation.

      1. Say what you will about Raimondo being a dick, but he was right when Reason writers were wrong.

      2. He used to be active in comments here.

        No shit?

        He was excruciatingly critical of Reason staff–outright denunciation.

        That might explain the lack of an obit article.

        1. He was a former writer at Reason back when this publication could credibly be considered tangentially related to liberty. There was no obit, because he mocked the shit stains who write for this publication. He turned out to be absolutely right on all points. He even predicted to Greenwald would be fired from the Intercept, because of its new owners a few years back. The guy was prophetic and consistently antiwar and that’s the real reason why no one wrote an obit here.

          The last person to write here who was consistently antiwar was Sheldon Richman who was replaced by self-described “neocon libertarian” Cathy Young who is a particularly dumb person.

          Consider this, CouterPunch (a left-wing publication) wrote an obituary for him; The American Spectator (right-wing publication) wrote a long obituary for him; The American Conservative (right-wing antiwar publication) wrote at least two obituaries for him; Libertarian Institute (non-Koch funded libertarian outlet) wrote an obituary for him; Mises Institute (non-Koch funded libertarian outlet) wrote an obituary for him; Liberty Magazine (non-Koch funded libertarian outlet) wrote an obituary for him; (Raimondo’s own publication) obviously wrote an obituary for him; fucking National Review (the same publication that published a David Frum screed declaring Raimondo, along with others, of being antisemites for not supporting the Iraq War) wrote an obituary for him. Meanwhile, Reason wrote multiple articles bemoaning the decline of the Weekly Standard, but wrote exactly zero obituaries for Raimondo. Make of that what you will.

          1. So much institutional experience and wisdom in this branch of the comments. Thank you for remembering.

  37. Facts are irrelevant to the new media whores….it is about the narrative…see the entire BLM movement…statistically unarmed black versus white shootings by police are pretty close to the % in the population but this quickly became about pushing a cultural marxist narrative with NO descent. And Reason was guilty of this as well. I see this all the time with the tribal movement the left has been pushing for decades…people define how they are treated with a chip on their shoulder…everyting is the tribe…

    Can’t wait to watch these folks eat themselves on who is the most pure…can’t wait for Reason to support the Intercept editors..who by the way are probably the least diverse group of folks you will find…betting mostly ivy league NYC types who probably are not Catholic or Italian or Irish or German backgrounds..

    1. The entire BLM thing was about jinning up the black vote. We watched the strategy develop in real time. The New York times publicly wrang their hands over their failure to successfully use the Russia hoax to remove Trump from office. They promised to come up with another angle. From that came the 1619 project in a concerted effort across multiple Democrat associated groups to push the racism narrative back to the front.

      That is the genesis of all of this. That is why the media focused on any race angle they could find for the last year. It is a strategy being run out of Washington think tanks and New York cocktail parties designed to get the little people to come out and vote for them.

      1. And, IMO, that stems from the fact that Trump was getting LARGE chunks of support from minorities.

      2. I wonder which Democrat has that info on their hard drive? Would the shit hit the fan if it ever came out (and got reported on).

  38. If Trump can’t even articulate what the fucking scandal is, I don’t know why you ridiculous fucks expect liberal media to do his campaign work for him.

    Greenwald is a whiny little bitch. “Censored.” Drama queen. Everything is a ten alarm fire except when a Republican kills hundreds of thousands of people. He used to be the opposite until he got so offended that someone dare suggest Russia has bad intentions.

    1. I’m going to guess that your summary doesn’t do full justice to the situation.

    2. Obviously the story you haven’t read must be in accurate.

    3. Yeah, this is all over nothing, and Glenn Greenwald resigned for no reason.

      That’s ingenious.

    4. We have evidence that Hunter was Joe Biden’s bag man.

      This calls for a special investigator and a full report to congress on this matter. I see impeachment proceedings in the future.

      At this point in the story, Trump’s guilt was almost assured, so I think we have to proceed the same way here with Joe.

    5. Who gave this idiot the Tony handle? It is always a dumb troll, but this?

    6. 0ooooh, tonee is reverting to homophobic slurs when he hears something that disturbs his image of Biden the Beautiful.

      Listen, Biden is a known corrupt elected official. It’s not a secret. He foolishly amped up his corrupt activities when he got foreign policy influence as a member of the executive branch and he got caught. Live with it. Besides, decades upon decades of history shows that being utterly corrupt is not a disqualification for office (hello Hillary), as long as you can cover it up.

      Those that knew include, Biden himself, Obama (who not only knew, but turned a blind eye, believing his cabal would be in power forever), Hillary, all the DNC insiders, RNC insiders, Media Big Wigs, and most journalists, even the ones that dedicate their career to obfuscation to push a political agenda.

      Then there are internet trolls that either naively think Biden is a clean candidate, or those that know he’s a dirty dog (a typical lifelong politician) and criticize the messengers rather than the message.

    7. Guys, he won’t see your responses. He ran out of the room crying.

    8. Greenwald is more of a journalist than EVERYONE at WSJ, NYT, WaPo, Fox, NBC, CNN, and PBS combined.

      The only whiney little bitch around here is named Tony.

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    1. ^A bot with class?

      1. Are you coming on to her?

        That would be statue-tory rape.

      2. That’s shown up recently. Not about to click on a bot link, so I’m left wondering how it makes a living.
        BTW, just started “1491” (took forever to get through Tolands “Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire”; he lies)
        Good so far and in return, I’ll recommend “Comanche Empire”, also recommended by someone here and a wonderful perspective on the SW US Amerindian culture as the US spread west.

        1. Oops!
          Toland’s book is “Rising Sun”; stated above is the sub-title.

          1. Thanks on the Commanche Empire I was trying to remember the name of it when I just finished rereading 1493 (I did 1491 again too, but on audible, listened to it while feeding livestock and fencing).

            1. I see the author also wrote one on the Lakota.

              1. If your referring to the author of The Comanche Empire, I hadn’t seen the one on the Lakota.
                Too lazy this evening to even do a web search, but I think the author is scandahovian is therefore immune to attacks as a ‘westener’ (the lefty is strange to say the least)
                If you have interest in, and read “Rising Sun”, keep note of the number of times Toland cites direct quotes in a discussion between two people who did not survive the war.

  40. Looks like GG gets all the money I was going to give to Reason this year. (And then some)


  41. Every real Libertarian will hold their nose and vote for President Trump on November 3rd. Don’t waste your vote on Jorgenson this year. The Left MUST be stopped.

    1. Jo’s gonna cut the oil “subsidies” for our own good. No word on whether she’ll cut fuel taxes like an actual libertarian would. I’m sure she’s got a great libertarian plan for that $15B she’s won’t be giving back.

  42. And here’s the Washington Post’s apologia for the editors of The Intercept.

    1. Greenwald has emerged in recent years as a harsh critic of the mainstream media, and has become a regular guest on the Fox News Channel, especially on Tucker Carlson’s nightly show.

      AHA! AHAA! Credibility gone. Microphone drop. Game, set and match.

  43. The proper response to anyone who deems themself part of the media is to point and laugh.

    Trump caught the Wu Flu and media people were talking about him being medically unfit for office.

    Meanwhile this goes uncommented.

  44. From “”
    Greenwald writes,
    “4) Finally, I have to note what I find to be the incredible irony that The Intercept — which has published more articles than I can count that contain factually dubious claims if not outright falsehoods that are designed to undermine Trump’s candidacy or protect Joe Biden — is now telling me, someone who has never had an article retracted or even seriously corrected in 15 years, that my journalism doesn’t meet the editorial requirements to be published at the Intercept.”

    There’s so much BS flying everywhere.
    In this case I don’t know if it’s protecting Joe Biden so much as it is trying not to feed the various panics. So much of the media has been so irresponsible for so long, they don’t trust each other either. I think they are getting fed propaganda from several directions and different outlets bite on different hooks.

    Greenwald does try though and has been trying. The editors probably knew exactly what they were asking him to do; they sent him a bunch of fake objections. If he had agreed with them, next week it would be something else. If you read those editor emails it’s basically “Glenn, we no longer want you here.”

    I got a very curious text message a few hours ago; it said coronovirus is spiking in my state and to have “NO” out of household contacts and stay home on Halloween. I guess Halloween is the new name of Election Day.

    The authoritarians are cooperating across the aisles.

    I wish Greenwald well at Substack. Hey Reason…

  45. Greenwald is decidedly NOT pro-Trump, but the Intercept has gone to shit, following the establishment money.

    1. Greenwald’s ‘resignation’ monograph was an embarassment. He was the founder of the Intercept, the top editor, etc. Yet he moans on and on about what it has become. So what exactly did he do to prevent this? Did he ever raise these concerns publicly? Crickets.

      AFAIK the only serious journalistic endeavour Greenwald was part of was the Snowden story and that largely because Snowden gave him the documents and interviews. But at least Greenwald took the time to figure out what they meant, if they were real and the credibility of the person giving them to him.

      1. So what exactly did he do to prevent this? Did he ever raise these concerns publicly? Crickets.

        You obviously didn’t read his letter or you would have found all of that clearly detailed.

        You’re just grabbing talking points from a Media Matters email on the issue, and pasting them here. Aren’t you Jeff, you piece of shit fifty-center.

        How you can look in the mirror without killing yourself is beyond me.

  46. Its always the same assholes….”journalist” activists who have a background at some democratic or far left breeding ground…usually their spouse, lover, ex is an elected politican or was one or worked for one in some six figure political appointment gig. These folks re pure evil..they are modern vampires who need a figurative wooden stake driven in their heart…they are responsible for the rise of cultural marxism and the one part states of NY and CA…expanding the public sector which operates on pure corruption and the destruction of our natural rights….name the names….name the names…

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  48. Its always the same assholes….”journalist” activists who have a background at some democratic or far left breeding ground…usually their spouse, lover, ex is an elected politican

  49. What happened at The Intercept reminds me SO MUCH of what has happened at Wikipedia (remember Jimmy Wales?)
    You CAN’T bottle the stuff.

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