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Supreme Court Won't Intervene (Yet) To Stop Abortion Pills From Being Prescribed Remotely

Plus: Trump says he plans to hold rallies despite lack of negative COVID-19 test, Biden won't answer question on court-packing, and more...


The U.S. Supreme Court won't intervene to stop abortion drugs from being remotely prescribed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, abortion-inducing medications must be prescribed and dispensed in person and by a physician, per the rules of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But in July, a federal district court temporarily suspended that requirement.

The Trump administration then challenged the decision, which had been written by Judge Theodore Chuang of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland. Chuang argued that requiring the (medically unnecessary) in-person visit during a pandemic and lockdown was likely unconstitutional, as it would "place a substantial obstacle in the path of women seeking a medication abortion."

In an October 8 response, the Supreme Court said it would not give its "views on the merits of the District Court's order or injunction," but it asked the District Court "to promptly consider a motion by the Government to dissolve, modify, or stay the injunction, including on the ground that relevant circumstances have changed." It gave the district court 40 days to do so.

The Court's response in the case (FDA v. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) "was unusual in that it neither granted nor denied the government's request," notes Reuters.

Justices Samuel Alito dissented, with Clarence Thomas joining him.

For more on what it all means, see Josh Blackman at The Volokh Conspiracy ("Making Sense of FDA v. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists") and Amy Howe at SCOTUSblog ("Justices delay action on FDA request to reinstate abortion-pill restrictions").


Trump says he plans to hold rallies despite lack of a negative COVID-19 test. On Thursday, President Donald Trump told Fox's Sean Hannity he had not been tested to see if he was negative for the coronavirus since his positive diagnosis, saying "probably the test will be tomorrow." He also announced plans to hold an in-person rally Saturday night in Florida, and perhaps one in Pennsylvania on Sunday. For the sake of everyone's health (including the president's), let's hope this is just the illness talking.

Trump went on to suggest to Hannity that Joe Biden wanted to demolish U.S. buildings and replace them with "new buildings with tiny windows," said California is in the midst of a water shortage because they were trying to conserve a "certain little tiny fish," and accused the governor of Virginia of saying "we will execute the baby after the baby is born." At several points in the interview, his voice gave out.

Trump—who was supposed to debate Biden on Saturday night, but would not agree for the event to be virtual—also told White House reporters on Thursday that he was still on steroid medication, contradicting his doctor's claim that he had completed his course of treatment.

Biden will now do a solo televised town hall on Saturday.


• Trump-branded Medicare drug cards might be coming soon.

• Biden told reporters yesterday that he would answer about court-packing after the election:

• Some European countries are seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases that now tops the U.S.:

• The police tactics that caused Breonna Taylor's death should infuriate Second Amendment advocates, writes Steven Greenhut.

• Robby Soave examines the plot to kidnap Michigan's governor.

• This is getting interesting:

• What could go wrong? (A lot, obviously.)

NEXT: Gretchen Whitmer Blames Trump's Rhetoric for the Plot To Kidnap Her, but There's No Evidence It Played a Role

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    Government-granted monopoly is a condition either by omission or commission wherein the sole right of a particular resource, good, or service, is vested with a private individual or enterprise.

    That entity is bound by the Constitution, constrained as if they are government.
    Quote Tweet

    Ethical Skeptic ☀
    · Oct 7
    Your future.

    When every company is the only one providing the service it offers – yet they are a ‘private platform’, so they can oppress you as they please.

    Then they are not just the government, they are royalty.


      China censored Pence’s comments on China during the debate, signal returned when Harris began talking again.

      1. It’s very hard for outside entrants to come in and disrupt our business simply because we’re so regulated. We hear people in our industry talk about the regulation, and they talk about it with a sigh about the burdensome of regulation. But in fact in some cases the burdensome regulation acts as a bit of a moat around our business.

        — Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs

        1. Yes, if you really want to crush Facebook, Twitter, Google, and the like, deregulate. They are massively protected by the capital acquisition controls that were put in place after the Dot Com, Enron, Worldcom failures in 2000 – 2001.

          Notice that after those years, the number of IPOs shrank. The Tech Giants no longer had to compete with startups. They just absorbed them. And even if those companies aren’t outright purchased by the big companies, if you look deep into their financials you find that their initial funders (and therefor part owners) consist of one or more of these big companies.

          The answer is not to regulate the content of their websites- it is to destroy the laws that protect them from competition.

          1. This may be the first time I’ve seen a solution to the big tech oligopoly that isn’t repealing section 230 or just PRIVATE COMPANY THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT.

            How do those capital acquisition controls prevent startups from making an IPO? I’ve never heard of this, so please explain if you can.

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            2. Perhaps you have heard of Sarbanes Oxley. It legislates a set of rules that ultimately require a public company’s officers to attest, under threat of imprisonment, that their financials are correct. In order to do this, you have to go through a lengthy process of auditing not just your books, but the technical systems in your Order to Cash value chain to ensure that at no point along that chain could data be falsified or corrupted.

              In the start-up world this is a fucking nightmare. Hell, in the two large tech companies where I implemented these controls, it was a fucking nightmare. But those two companies could at least throw 10- 20 governance employees at the problem, and afford a Big 3 auditor. And the sad thing is that part of the Enron, et al meltdowns was caused by their collusion with their 3rd Party auditors. This just increased the power of those companies like E&Y and PWC more.

              That is just one piece, but the SEC also issued many more rulings that made it harder for companies to go public, or to raise investment funding. And so that increased the power of big companies to just buy them out.

              1. Why isn’t there stock software that’ll do that for you?

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                2. I’m sure that for your standard ecommerce website there is something that will largely do this for you. But now let’s talk about a company living on the bleeding edge. You created a system that allows advertisers to bid on placement on a website realtime. Literally, as a user loads, and the advertisement is loaded to your browser, a call goes out to thousands of companies auctioning that space. How can you assure that the winning auction was really the high bidder? How can you confirm that the market was “fair”? What about your systems? This isn’t some windows desktop- you need to be performant, so you’ve got your RTB system running in a K8s container connected to a caching layer that holds all these bid instructions in memory.

                  There are many controls that are formulaic- how do we control access to the system, or make sure that the person developing the code can’t change it in flight, and that major changes are approved by the line of command? But much of the other bits, like how you judge a “fair” auction require auditors and technical experts hashing out the controls in a conference room, then implementing them in the application layer. Simply put, this close to the bleeding edge, there is no software solution.

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          2. Unfortunately, if the left seizes power here, that will never come to pass.
            But it’s a compelling argument.

      2. What a surprise. A communist dictatorship only allows communist propaganda to be broadcast.

        1. So, “To Server Mankind” is a cookbook?

    2. Is there a context to this post where there is a government-granted monopoly that is oppressing people?

      1. Zuckerberg himself has stated if he had to work under current regulations he could never have started Facebook. It should be noted that he helped lobby for those regulations.
        My wife worked as an executive administrative assistant and paralegal for a startup social media site. For three years they tried to get through the regulatory hoops before they ran out of money.
        Yes they are alternatives to Facebook et al, but they won’t ever become competitive because of the regulatory capture that Silicon Valley has helped bring into existence.

        1. Successfully dealing with regulatory capture is a different thing from literally being granted a monopoly by the government.

          The solution would be to get rid of the excessive regulations, not to get rid of Section 230, which is a perfect example of a well-designed, lightweight regulatory framework that benefits an entire industry, regardless of the size of the player.

          For high-tech, patent reform is also sorely needed.

          1. I didn’t say get rid of 230 but the argument that the alternative is “start your own company” is disingenuous. And regulatory capture is an informal government created monopoly. The government aided in creating these monopolies and continues to protect them from competition. Yes less regulations is definitely the best answer but also possibly the least likely to actually happen. Because “we have to regulate corporations to protect the little guy” even though regulations hurt the little guy the most.

            1. I acknowledge that you didn’t say to get rid of 230. But several commenters here have been making that argument, and Ra’s seemed to be implying it with his post (although I acknowledge he didn’t explicitly say that).

              1. “But several commenters here”

                Then reply to THEM dumbass.

                1. I did. And then soldiermedic jumped in and replied to a question I asked of someone else.

          2. By benefit you mean favored. So youre not free market.

            1. Can always count on you to distort what I said. It’s like clockwork.

              I strongly support free markets. It is solidly in the classical liberal tradition to believe that good government should provide lightweight, fair, level-playing-ground regulatory frameworks for free markets.

          3. “Successfully dealing with regulatory capture is a different thing from literally being granted a monopoly by the government.”

            Is it? You end up in the same place after having done the same things.

        2. What if you go public on a foreign exchange? Since these businesses operate in cyberspace, it seems they could “locate” anywhere and be subject to whatever jurisdiction they chose. Does every other country have worse than Sarb-Ox?

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  2. The U.S. Supreme Court won’t intervene to stop abortion drugs from being remotely prescribed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    But only in the case where the pregnancy was the result of cybersex.

  3. Photo shows Portland mayoral candidate wearing Communist-themed skirt

  4. No, Trump Didn’t Blame Gold Star Families for His COVID-19 Infection

    “It is a very important question for our country because now the president is saying that he probably got this from the Gold Star families,” Pelosi said in response to Trump’s comments. “Can you believe that he would say such a thing?”

    Except he didn’t.

    Here’s what happened. Trump had told Maria Bartiromo that he “figured there would be a chance” he’d catch the virus because he’s often in close contact with people.

    “Sometimes, I’d be in groups of, for instance, Gold Star families. I met with Gold Star families. I didn’t want to cancel that,” Trump explained. “But they all came in, and they all talk about their son and daughter and father. And, you know, they all came up to me, and they tell me a story.”

    “I can’t say, ‘Back up, stand 10 feet,’ you know? I just can’t do it,” Trump added. “They want to hug me, and they want to kiss me. And they do. And, frankly, I’m not telling them to back up. I’m not doing it.”

    Jenna Ellis, a senior legal adviser to the Trump campaign, is disgusted by this latest smear against Trump. “The story saying President Trump blames Gold Star families is false and a grotesque attack,” she told PJ Media. “Listen to the interview for yourself. He said he knew there was a chance he could at some point catch the virus because he is not at all times six feet away from people.”

    1. In ‘Russian Bounty’ Story, Evidence-Free Claims From Nameless Spies Became Fact Overnight

      Despite the fact that the anonymous accusations were far from proven, and that both the Post and Journal included categorical denials from all those involved, including the White House, the Taliban and Moscow, much of corporate media treated the story as an established fact from the outset. “This is jaw-dropping,” fumed MSNBC host Rachel Maddow (6/26/20) about the “sickening” news. She throws in an “if this Times report is correct” before going on to treat is as “confirmed” information:


    The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), therefore, shares the same election preference as the Chinese Communist Party: a victory for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

    NEJM and the Chinese government, however, have considerably more in common.

    NEJM launched a Chinese publication, app, and website in late 2016.

    NEJM also partnered with Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House, a subsidiary of government-approved Shanghai Century Publishing Co.

    Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House boasts on its mission page how it belongs to “the first batch of “National Excellent Publishing Houses named” by the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Propaganda Department and has received a host of awards from the government.

    Furthermore, the group describes itself as “under the guidance of the party and the government’s publishing policies.”

    The publishing house routinely holds meetings to entrench employees’ adherence to the goals of the Chinese Communist Party, including trips to Chinese government buildings, meetings with high-level Chinese Communist Party officials, study sessions on Xi Jinping’s speeches, and taking the Chinese Communist Party oath.

    1. Scientific American endorsed Biden/Harris too — the first time in 175 years they backed a candidate. They figured it was only fitting, since he’s been around as long as the magazine.

  6. He also announced plans to hold an in-person rally Saturday night in Florida, and perhaps one in Pennsylvania on Sunday.

    Everyone in PA (thanks to Trump) and everyone in Florida (thanks to DeSantis) already have the Rona.

    1. Herd immunity.

    2. *golf clap*


    3. But then so unfair that the deplorables have immunity and the righteous stay at home sheeple are still susceptible!

      More massive lockdowns are the only way to support equality!

      1. Equality is a patriarchal white supremacist systemic racism concept.
        Equity is woke.


    Prosecutors in Portland, Oregon, have dismissed charges on 90 percent of the protesters arrested during Antifa and anti-police riots in September. One had also been charged with attempted murder, assault, and arson. Of the 213 arrested that month, only cases for 19 are pending.

    In addition to dropping 9 out of every 10 cases in September, authorities dismissed more than 70 percent of the almost 1,000 arrests since May, a case tracker kept by the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office revealed. The figure is worsened by reports from The Oregonian that more cases have been dismissed than those shown on the tracker.

    Joseph Sipe, 23, is currently wanted in connection with a Molotov cocktail attack on police officers. Authorities initially arrested Sipe on attempted murder, attempted assault, arson, possession of a destructive device, and rioting on September 23, however, he was released after posting a $1,000 bond, KOIN reported. The charges of attempted murder, attempted assault, and arson were later dismissed. Sipe is currently a fugitive after missing a court hearing.

    The majority of the other defendants had their charges dismissed due to a policy implemented by Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, where his office would not prosecute crimes related to protests. According to KOIN, the dismissed charges include interfering with a peace officer, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, escaping from authorities, harassment, and rioting.

    1. A $1000 bond requires $100 cash from a bondsman. So strange these people are still out rioting, in this case. /sarc

      1. A $1000 bond requires $100 cash TO the bondsman. The bondsman fronts the entire $1000.

    2. Protests provide immunity to COVID also.

  8. “You’ll know my opinion on court-packing when the election is over.”

    That’s when his memory meds are expected to be at full strength.

    1. We have to elect it to see what’s in it.

    2. Interesting to see if the media drops that question now that he has answered it.

    3. His handlers haven’t told him what his stance on court packing is yet.

  9. This Won’t End Well: Rioters in Wisconsin Invade the Suburbs

    How long are people going to live like this, “sheltering in place” and shaking in fear while mobs tear up their neighborhoods? My guess is, not much longer, especially when the police make it clear they’re not coming to help and advising residents to just stay away from the windows.

    1. I bet the police show up toot suite once a homeowner uses a firearm to defend his property against molotov cocktail throwers. Or is this not Portlandia?

      1. Or if they get elected mayor.

    2. You misunderstand, most of the people who live in that particular neighborhood are Democrats.

      Look at Portland–these people aren’t going to do shit. They’ve been thoroughly emasculated by the educational-media complex and think they have it coming for their sin of being born white, like that lunatic NGO worker who was raped in Haiti.

  10. Some European countries are seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases that now tops the U.S…

    Slow and steady wins the race.

    1. We shouldn’t allow those foreigners to get ahead of us like that.

      1. We must not allow a Covid gap.

  11. The police tactics that caused Breonna Taylor’s death should infuriate Second Amendment advocates…

    So the NRA is the one single organization that is expected to be consistent?


    So much of the most impactful Trump-era “reporting” has been proven fraudulent — Cambridge Analytica, Alfa Bank & the Steele Dossier are just the latest — but media outlets don’t want to know because they profited greatly, sold books, & showered themselves with Pulitzers for it.

    …Distrust of security state agencies & their corrupt partnership with US news outlets was once a major concern for the liberal-left. That’s largely gone (hence the neocon union).

    CIA, FBI & NSA & their media partners became useful to Dems. The abuse of power was beneficial.

    1. For some reason, that made me think of a Nazi rape fantasy.

  13. Yeah, I think we all know what the deal is when it comes to Brain-Damaged Biden and Heels Up Harris and the Judiciary. They will immediately move to end the filibuster and pack the judiciary. For this alone, they must be vigorously opposed.

    1. Does “vigorously opposed” mean we have to vote for the Republicans?

        1. Then what?

          1. You vote for someone other than Joe Jill Biden and Horizontal Harris. TWK will never vote Team R. Ok, fine. Just don’t vote Team D is the alternative.

            1. I’m voting for Jo.

        2. Then I’m in, because I’m never going to vote for a Republican or Democrat. But, then, what do you have in mind for vigorous opposition?

          1. Great question….volunteer for Jo Jorgensen. Write your local newspaper editor. Go to the town hall rallies in your area.

            Most important…vote for anyone other than Jill Biden and Horizontal Harris.

            1. Sounds good!

  14. Greeley nursing home residents protest pandemic lockdown: “I’d rather die of COVID than loneliness”

    1. During these lockdowns I have seen very little of asking people in nursing homes if they want to be locked down.

      1. During these lockdowns I have seen very little of asking people if they want to be locked down.


        1. Well, that too.

      2. At our hospital/nursing home we had five people die with COVID last weekend (it’s a 20 bed facility). They’ve been lockdowned, no outside visitors since March. They died alone for their protection (of course they still got the virus despite the lockdown). No family or friends allowed to see them. It is absolutely disgusting. They wouldn’t even allow the clergy to come in and provide any spiritual rights. Most are Catholic and Lutheran, they haven’t been allowed to take Communion since March. This is simply inhumane at this point.

        1. Agreed. I can’t imagine that every person in a nursing home across the country wants to be under such severe lockdown.

          1. What pisses me off the most is until a couple weeks ago there was no COVID related deaths in our county, and all deaths at the nursing home (quite a few) were related to other health conditions but they still died alone.

            1. Oh, that’s bad. That sucks.

        2. They wouldn’t even allow the clergy to come in and provide any spiritual rights.

          That’s absolutely fucking cruel, especially with all the strident arguments about how the Magical Mask Talisman will prevent the spread of BatCoof.

        3. When my elderly family member died from covid, she was in a nursing home. It was horrible. Fortunately, the home let us in at the very end. In some ways, I wish I had not seen her. It is a particularly cruel way to die. You slowly asphyxiate. You literally breathe like a fish out of water. It is awful. I have shed many tears thinking of it.

          I could not observe formal mourning rituals because our tyrannical governor, Phailing Phil Murphy, closed down synagogues. I could not say Mourners Kaddish, could not observe shiva, could not hear Torah read, could not have a proper funeral. All of the tools of my faith to cope with her death were denied to me by that asshole Murphy.

          For this, I absolutely loathe Phailing Phil Murphy. In a just world, he will suffer blow for blow, lash for lash, life for life. It is not for me to directly administer justice to him, and I would never do such a thing, but I would derive much satisfaction from seeing justice done.

        4. That is just terrible soldiermedic. No excuses for that.

    2. I’d be curious to find out how many of these nursing home residents died due to second-order effects like depression from not being able to see their families.

      If you’ve ever had a relative in one of these places, even the staff and residents in the good ones aren’t a sufficient substitute for your own family.

  15. Robby Soave examines the plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor.

    Elementary, my dear Binion.

  16. Debate moderator Steve Scully raises eyebrows with tweet asking Scaramucci ‘should I respond to Trump’
    Scully’s role as a former intern for Joe Biden sparked backlash

    Presidential debate moderator Steve Scully raised eyebrows on Thursday night with a tweet that is having critics question his objectivity ahead of the second matchup between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

    Scully, who is best known as the political editor of C-SPAN and host of “Washington Journal,” sent a cryptic message that caused quite a stir on social media.

    “@Scaramucci should I respond to trump,” according to a tweet from his account.

    That message appeared to be directed at former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who was once a supporter of President Trump but has since joined the #Resistance and has been outspoken in favor of Biden’s candidacy.

    Scully, who was set to moderate a town hall debate on Oct. 15 –­­ now crumbling after President Trump withdrew from the now-virtual event –­­ sparked confusion and fury among critics, with many concluding that the moderator meant to send such a message to Trump’s foe privately.

    1. They are saying that this was a hack. If it was a hack, it was masterful. It is ambiguous- not exactly a slam dunk like “How should we take down Trump”.

      The bizarre thing: Why Scaramucci? Why would these two be communicating at all?

    2. objectivity lol

    3. Scully is now claiming he was hacked. Lol.

      1. As if it wasn’t already confirmed after 2016 that the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) collude to put their finger on the electoral scale.

  17. BuzzFeed is seeking access to the *entire* Mueller report based on Trump’s declassification order via tweet.

    Buzzfeed has yet to pledge a peaceful transfer of power in the 2016 election.

  18. Chuang argued that requiring the (medically unnecessary) in-person visit during a pandemic and lockdown was likely unconstitutional, as it would “place a substantial obstacle in the path of women seeking a medication abortion.”

    What do you know, we finally discovered how to get Marxists and libertarians (redundant, of course) to oppose Chevron.

    1. Abortion is the only human activity the progressives are against regulating in any fashion.

      Don’t expect them on your side anywhere else.

      1. True, unfortunately, and the legal reasoning is so strained, bordering on ridiculous, that it’s hard to accept they’re arguing in good faith.

      2. What about birth control and gender pronouns?

        1. Birth control is only okay as long as it’s government enforced and blessed by a Dr’s visit.

        2. They were very opposed to otc birth control

  19. Now, when a business gains attention for reports of racist conduct, Yelp will place a new Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert on their Yelp page to inform users, along with a link to a news article where they can learn more.

    I give Cancel Culture five stars.

    1. How Yelp destroyed itself.

      Off to accuse every business that ever pissed me off of racism.

      1. Planned parenthood overwhelmingly kills black babies. Seems racist.

        1. Interesting that those black lives seem not to matter.

          1. That’s different.

            1. As are the Black lives taken by civilians.

          2. Black Lives Matter only when there’s a pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow.

      2. Wondering how Yelp will handle the inevitable lawsuits.

        I mean, if they accused restaurants of getting consumers sick, they’d have to have some proof or they’d be sued. Not sure why this would be different.

        Our public discourse is run by fucking morons.

    2. Businesses that cater to progressive sensibilities hardest hit.

    3. Yelp, where a restaurant will get one star because the delivery guy didn’t genuflect and check the stapled shut bag for an appropriate number of hot sauce packets, wants to make sure you disregard its reviews.

    4. Yeah, I can’t see this being abused at all.

  20. An Epidemic of Bad Epidemiology
    Getting Risk Right is a potent antidote to the toxic misinformation peddled by activist scaremongers
    RONALD BAILEY | 12.23.2016 1:30 PM

    When it comes to separating the wheat of good public health research from the chaff of studies that are mediocre or just plain bad, Albert Einstein College of Medicine epidemiologist Geoffrey Kabat is a national treasure. “Most research findings are false or exaggerated, and the more dramatic the result, the less likely it is to be true,” he declares in his excellent new book Getting Risk Right. Kabat’s earlier book, the superb Hyping Health Risks, thoroughly dismantled the prevalent medical myths that man-made chemicals, electromagnetic fields, radon, and passive smoking were significant causes of such illnesses as cancer and heart disease. His new book shows how scientific research, particularly epidemiology, so often goes wrong—and, importantly, how hard it is for it to go right.

    1. Lol. It’s like reading his pre-conversion man made extreme global climate warming change pieces.

    2. But testing will solve all our problems.

      1. More antibody testing, and infection testing without gatekeepers , would be a huge boon. Why is it taking so long for antibody testing to be widely available?

        1. When will I get my flying car?

          1. Apparently, sooner than we will get widely available antibody testing.

            1. Probably because neither will be very useful.

      2. 6 months ago, I was fully on the testing wagon. I thought “if widespread testing, especially antibody testing, becomes available, if we start having tens or hundreds of thousands of people find out they have/had it and didn’t die or get hospitalization-level sick, if we can show that the actual fatality rate is a fraction of a percent, then certainly even the most panic-stricken Karen will have no choice but to realize there isn’t anything to worry about and this will all go away.”

        It seems I underestimated the ability of a weak, effeminate, Trump-deranged populace to delude themselves.

        You can argue about whether “widespread” testing is available yet, but there is certainly enough data to show conclusively that for most people, the risk of death or serious complications is a tiny fraction of a percent but… here we still are.

    3. Why is a school of medicine named after a physicist?

      1. Here’s what wikipedia says:

        Samuel Belkin, then-president of Yeshiva University, began planning a new medical school as early as 1945. Six years later, Belkin and New York City Mayor Vincent Impellitteri entered into an agreement to begin its construction with funding from Henry H. Minskoff[4] and Phillip Stollman.[5] Around the same time, world-renowned physicist and humanitarian Albert Einstein sent a letter to Belkin. He remarked that such an endeavor would be “unique” in that the school would “welcome students of all creeds and races”.[6] Two years later, on his 74th birthday, March 14, 1953, Albert Einstein agreed to have his name attached to the medical school.

  21. According to Yelp reviews our companies already Racist! That is all it says so I can’t explain more and it shocked certain employees who have been treated fairly for decades that secretly the company was Racist for all those years. Also a negative review of a tradesman because of his views on global warming, evidently we should be screening applicants not based on their knowledge of the job at hand but for their geo-politics. What could go wrong?

    1. Well we can’t directly copy the Chinese social score system, now can we?

    2. Fucktards.

      I challenge them all to accept the mob choice for airline pilot or brain surgeon based on political purity.

  22. But I thought they had national healthcare:

    Poorest areas of England four times as likely to face lockdown as richest

  23. POTUS Trump should definitely get out there and hold rallies. He is trailing in the polls and needs to close the gap. If he feels up to it, and is not infectious, why not?

    If it makes ENB feel better, she can call it a peaceful protest.

    1. How does a rally increase poll numbers?

      1. Getting his message out, unfiltered by the MSM, will surely help. He is behind Brain-Damaged Biden. How much? We don’t know. But he has to get his ass out on the campaign trail and get to work.

        POTUS Trump can live without a Team R House. But he must have the Senate. He needs to help there. Bigly.

  24. Three guesses on who appointed Judge Theodore Chuang. 🙂

  25. Abortion: the one area of “medical” practice in which progressive federal judges presume any regulatory requirement whatsoever is an unconstitutional undue burden.

  26. Trump-branded Medicare drug cards might be coming soon.


    1. ROGULSKI: Why are you here?

      WOMAN #1: To get some money.

      ROGULSKI: What kind of money?

      WOMAN #1: Obama money.

      ROGULSKI: Where’s it coming from?

      WOMAN #1: Obama.

      ROGULSKI: And where did Obama get it?

      WOMAN #1: I don’t know, his stash. I don’t know. (laughter) I don’t know where he got it from, but he givin’ it to us, to help us.

      1. And Obama care and Obama phones.

        1. keep Obama in president, y’know?

      2. Praise Chocolate Jesus!

    2. Don’t hate the player, baby.

  27. “We should have the small remaining number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas . . . . We’re down to 4,000 troops in Afghanistan. I’ll have them home by the end of the year. They’re coming home, you know, as we speak. Nineteen years is enough. They’re acting as policemen, OK? They’re not acting as troops.

    —-President Donald Trump

    They weren’t scheduled to come home until the end of April. President Trump is effectively telling us that he’ll withdraw them all from Afghanistan before the end of this term–regardless of whether he wins reelection.

    Will no one stop this warmonger?!

    1. WW3!!!!!!!

      1. I believe Trump has already withdrawn troops below 8,000 in spite of that (and it isn’t clear to me that this amendment was actually integrated into a spending bill and passed or just cleared committee).

        Regardless, the President doesn’t have the constitutional authority to declare war, but as the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces, he has the power to order a retreat or a withdrawal.

        If the Democrats want to sue President Trump for withdrawing from Afghanistan, I would encourage them to do so. I suspect President Trump might be hoping that they sue him for that before the election, too.

        1. Regardless, the President doesn’t have the constitutional authority to declare war, but as the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces, he has the power to order a retreat or a withdrawal.

          He can certainly do that, but it still costs money to move all those personnel and their materiel out of there. That’s why Cheney and Jason Crow put in that amendment, specifically to not provide that funding.

      2. Trump just needs to run some psy-ops to rebrand our military misadventure as racist oppression, and the Social Justice Party will demand that we defund the army.

        Turban Lives Matter!

  28. Federal budget deficit hit record $3.1 trillion in just-ended fiscal 2020, CBO says

    Source: Marketwatch

    The U.S. budget deficit hit a record $3.1 trillion in the recently concluded 2020 budget year, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected Thursday. “Relative to the size of the economy, the deficit—at an estimated 15.2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP)—was the largest since 1945, and 2020 was the fifth consecutive year in which the deficit increased as a percentage of GDP,” the CBO said in its monthly forecast.

    Obama final deficit = $480 billion.

    Trump SIX TIMES worse!

    1. Bush final deficit: $400 billion

      Obama FOUR TIMES worse!

      1. Idiot Liar. Bush left a $1.2 trillion deficit.

        CBO projects that the deficit this year will total $1.2 trillion

        1. Fy09 was passed by Nancy and Harry and signed by Obama dipshit.

    2. Time and time again Buttplug tries to blame Trump for the Democrat’s Covid budgets, and time and time again he gets taught.

      Isn’t this the definition of insanity or something?

      1. A Budget? We haven’t passed a budget in 20 years. And every single spending bill passed during his admin carries Trumps signature. He has broken his promise never to sign another omnibus bill after the first.

        1. What were the vote percentages sweetie?

          1. Does that matter, Trump signed them breaking his promise. But I’ll play, what does does below prove? What’s your point, sweetie?

            H.R.1865 – Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020

            House Dems 218 yeas, 7 Nay, 7 No Votes
            House Repubs 79 yeas, 112 Nay, 6 No Votes
            House Ind, 1 Nay

            Senate Dems 39 yeas, 2 Nay, 4 No Votes
            Senate Repubs 31 yeas, 21 Nay, 1 No Vote
            Senate Ind 1 yea, 1 No vote

        2. And every single spending bill passed during his admin carries Trumps signature.

          Now answer this, Sweetie. Can Trump veto a budget?

          1. Yes, honey tits he can.

    3. Pssst. Taken in isolation, deficits don’t matter when the government running them is a sovereign currency issuer.

      1. So you’re an MMT guy like Dick Cheney and Bernie Sanders. Got it. Deficits don’t matter so spend all you want.

        1. I accept certain descriptive elements of MMT, not the post-Keynesian economic prescriptions, and not the crudely oversimplified, “We can spend however much we want on anything!” moronic version promoted by the likes of AOC.

          1. So just the parts about unicorn farts and fairy dust then?

            1. I’m sure you’re just feigning ignorance and really know all about MMT, chartalism, and the credit theory of money.

              1. I’m aware of the dangers of running an economy off of a fiat currency that an unaccountable federal reserve has the sole power to debase as much as it sees fit to satisfy the whims of politicians and their cronies. MMT isn’t so much a theory as a convenient excuse for corrupt politicians to have a bottomless piggy bank to pay for unlimited war, incarceration and other evils. You’re not going to find a whole lot of support around here for the idea that government should have a monopoly on creation and valuation currency.

                1. I said I accept descriptive elements of MM–their analysis, not their prescriptions. I’m a Georgist libertarian, not a big government progressive.

                  1. MMT* Damn the lack of an edit button around here.

                    1. The lack of an edit button sucks. To be fair I’ve not seriously engaged with MMT all that much. I’m much more familiar with Austrian and Keynesian theories. What little I’ve heard about it usually strikes me as ludicrous on it’s face. You sound like you’ve looked into it. Can you point me towards a good primer that you think actually makes some good arguments and addresses the descriptive elements you agree with?

                    2. Sure. There’s one YouTube channel called Volitional Science Network (odd name, but whatever) that is both radically libertarian and qualifiedly pro-MMT. I believe he’s a market anarchist even. Warren Mosler and Bob Murphy debated MMT few years back, and the video is available. Mosler’s name comes up a lot when you search for it.

                      I was first exposed to the theory through Georgist circles, where it seems to have garnered a lot of adherents (many of whom are as anti-Fed as any Austrian), and I conjoin those two systems in my own thought. Georgism is a particularly radical strain of classical liberalism, halfway between laissez-faire capitalism and Proudhonian mutualism.

                      There are plenty of academic resources on MMT. If you can keep an open mind and dissociate their views on the nature of money and taxation from their concrete policy recommendations, I think you’ll find at least consistent with libertarian ideals, if not convincing. Most theorists do come from a Keynesian background and maintain their irritating obsession with full employment, but it isn’t a necessary corollary.

                    3. I’ll look into this. Thanks. Even if I end up disagreeing, I always try to seek out the best version of my opponent’s arguments. I’ll try to let you know what I think when I get a chance to dive into some of this.

      2. Like Germany in the early 30’s?

        1. No, not like Weimar Germany, in the wake of the Great Depression, suffocating from enormous war debts denominated in foreign currencies, industry grinding to a halt due in large part to French occupation. The United States is in no danger of the hyperinflationary doom and gloom that Austrian school apocalypticists have been preaching for decades is just around the corner. They suck at financial predictions.

    4. So, what would the number be under President Pelosi?

  29. “Some European countries are seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases that now tops the U.S.:”

    “Cases” don’t mean shit. How long are you fuckheads going to participate in the Covid hysteria bullshit?

    1. We need more cases to achieve herd immunity anyway.

    2. For as long as it benefits Marxism.

    3. Socialized health care failure.

    4. How is swedens case load doing…

    1. Plug said they were right wing!

      1. If you’re right wing you have to be pro-Trump. It’s in the rule book.

        1. Maybe they’re so pro-Trump they’re anti-Trump. Kind of a horseshoe situation.

          1. Schrodinger’s Right-Wing Militia

        2. If you’re anti-democrat you must be pro-Trump.

          The idea that anarchists exist and would really hate any kind of government-mandated lockdown never occurred to them. Must be those Trumpistas!

          1. Face it, most politically eager Americans cannot fathom the concept that people can reject both D and R ideologies–and even reject government as moral leader.

  30. “place a substantial obstacle in the path of women seeking a medication abortion.”

    So if I have a right to do something, the government can’t create a substantial obstacle in my path to seeking that something? And, visiting an office is a substantial obstacle? Very interesting. I would guess that paying thousands of dollars in fees, filling out reams of paperwork, and waiting for some bureaucrat to do inspections would be even more substantial obstacles than visiting an office. Or, maybe the courts don’t recognize the right to start a business. They certainly don’t care about substantial obstacles to keeping and bearing arms.

    1. Some rights are more sacrosanct than others.

    2. “Healthcare is a right. Regulate the industry to death. The more government involvement and bureaucratic oversight, the better!”

      “Abortion is a right, and abortion is basic healthcare. It must be free of all conditions, restrictions, and regulatory requirements!”


    3. Those things aren’t written into the Constitution like abortion.

  31. “This is getting interesting:”

    But not interesting enough to assign a writer to the biggest political scandal of the last 100 years?

    REASON is a POS.

  32. Check out the screenshot.

    Steve Scully was the person that the presidential debate commission chose to be an unbiased moderator. He’s a former Joe Biden intern who’s now on social media trolling the President and helping the president’s enemies to get press for a new attack they’ll wage against him.

  33. The U.S. Supreme Court won’t intervene to stop abortion drugs from being remotely prescribed during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Congress and the Courts don’t have the will or the balls to do this, but they need to determine if a fetus is a person, and if not, when and how a fetus becomes a person.

    1. Stop worrying about what other people are doing.

      1. Killing people?


    “They are oppressing you for a paycheck. If you’re still supporting law enforcement, you are supporting the people who are enforcing slavery on everyone else.”

    This is Brandon Caserta, a man who was arrested for a plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer. He’s a police hating anarchist.


      Wow! This is big. Brandon Caserta, one of the ringleaders of the group of men arrested for a plot where the group planned to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, hated President Trump too!

      “Trump is not your friend dude”

      He says Trump is “a tyrant” & calls President Trump an “enemy”.

      1. Of course Robby already has an article dedicated to the premise that these are actually MAGA, and Plug and Jeff are there, crowing about it.

  35. Poll: Le Pen would beat Macron in first round of French elections

    1. Literally beat him?

      1. What, like with a cloth or something?

  36. Typically, abortion-inducing medications must be prescribed and dispensed in person and by a physician, per the rules of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But in July, a federal district court temporarily suspended that requirement.

    And where did this judge get the authority to overwrite FDA rules? Is this the secret “Covid-19, Fuck yeah!” codicil to the Constitution? Or is this just more of the proof that the Rule of Law is dead and everybody is free to grab as much power as they can hang on to?

    1. For more proof that the Rule of Law is dead and everybody is free to grab as much power as they can hang on to, see the CDC claiming they have the power to suspend rent payments.

      1. The Deep State is an idea, not an organization

    2. Here’s the memorandum on the decision:

      It is very lengthy, but it does lay out a case based on constitutional protections. Specifically, the heart of the argument for the injunction seems to be that the FDA has not put limitations on telemedicine prescriptions for other drugs, so it is a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

      One can disagree with the injunction, but the argument for it was based on appeal to higher law (i.e. the Constitution).

  37. The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition BY MANISHA SINHA YALE

    Abolitionism is the primordial reform movement of American history, creeping into view with the creation of the republic. It spawned other movements, most notably feminism. Whatever their cause, today’s activists look back to abolitionism for inspiration, tactics, and moral authority. No respectable historian today disputes the injustice of slavery. And yet the movement to abolish it remains highly controversial.

    1. No respectable historian today disputes the injustice of slavery.

      Just as no respectable scientist today disputes that the climate is changing. But beyond that, how much it’s changing, in which direction it’s changing, whether or not Man is responsible for the change, and – most importantly – what we can or should do about it is very much in dispute. And science is very bad at giving policy prescriptions, it’s not their area of expertise. So “slavery was bad” gives us no indication as to what we’re supposed to do about it.

      Which is also why Joe Biden’s admonishment to “listen to the scientists” is stupid as hell. Science can tell you that committing suicide is a sure-fire way to avoid getting cancer, it can’t tell you of what use to make of that information. There’s no doubt that wearing a mask correctly can help control the spread of the coronavirus, but does that mean that the government should mandate the wearing of masks? Do we even want to stop the spread of the coronavirus among the otherwise healthy population? Does mask-wearing control the spread to a significant degree? Is controlling the spread of the coronavirus by wearing a mask correctly offset by the number of respiratory diseases caused by wearing a mask or the increased spread of the coronavirus by wearing a mask incorrectly? What are the trade-offs? That’s a value judgement, and science can’t answer that.

      It’s like the scientists working on the Manhattan Project who had to wrestle with the moral question of what they were doing. We can show you how to split the atom, what you choose to do with that knowledge is up to you. And it’s not like choosing not to develop the knowledge of how to split the atom meant that that knowledge would forever remain a secret – somebody was going to be the first to split the atom and it was just a question of whether it would be the United States or Nazi Germany or somebody else.

      Scientists can tell you how to do something, they can’t tell you whether doing that thing is a good idea or not. If you get a scientist arguing whether that something is a good or bad idea, know that you are dealing with somebody who is not speaking as a scientist and is due no more respect than any other advocate. And that goes for “experts” on public health, nuclear energy, or racial grievance studies.

      1. But when Science becomes the religion of the otherwise proudly atheists, the scientists assume the roles of priests. And priests by definition must offer needed moral guidance to the flock.

        Old fashioned science did indeed constrain itself to the realm of objective reason and reality. New age Science starts with moral posturing and ends with righteous superiority.

        1. Damn well said! Sums up how I feel to a T.

    2. The Civil War was protective tariff nullification 2.0. That was what the war was about. Lord Dunmore write a similar emancipation proclamation when Americans resisted Britixh Rule, yet no historian says the Revolutionary War was fought for anything other than for Yankees to become the mercantilist monopole writing the tariff acts.


    Often it is difficult to offer solutions, but it is straightforward in this case: interventions that have been in use since early in the pandemic, most crucially physical distancing and hand hygiene, must continue indefinitely. The benefits of these simple measures will have far-reaching implications as shown in a news story in this issue by Paul Adepoju, which describes how work to control neglected tropical diseases has benefitted from the drive for improved hygiene in response to the pandemic. It might be that the vaccines that ultimately become available are more like those described under scenario 2: slowing transmission in addition to limiting illness and death. This scenario will be more welcome than scenario 3 but will not change the need to maintain earlier interventions in place. It is time to forcefully impress on people that basic measures to limit the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 are here to stay. This is the new normal.

  39. Did anyone else notice Paul Krugman’s column yesterday:

    Trump Is Killing the Economy Out of Spite

    Yup, Don the Con is the evil force deliberately trying to crush the US economy, and purely to satisfy his own selfish ego–not for a righteous reason like a presidential election.

    1. It is clear from the way he continually issues federal edicts to shut down blue states where the governors try vainly to open up the economy and schools to free their citizens.

    2. How is Krugman claiming that Trump is doing this? Not spending 10 trillion dollars for every month there’s a lockdown in place somewhere?

    3. So both parties are exactly alike except for girl bullying and shooting kids over plant leaves.

  40. Graphs of infections with timeline of mask policy shows they didn’t help.

    1. Nothing was helping.

      1. In controlling the virus or controlling the narrative?

  41. Trump—who was supposed to debate Biden on Saturday night, but would not agree for the event to be virtual—also told White House reporters on Thursday that he was still on steroid medication, contradicting his doctor’s claim that he had completed his course of treatment.

    I don’t know why Trump is lying about still taking steroids when it’s such a transparent lie, but then again I don’t pretend to know why Trump says so much of the crazy shit he says. But I do know he doesn’t need a coronavirus test to prove that he is coronavirus-free, his doctor has said he’s completed his course of treatment, which, if Trump still had the coronavirus, wouldn’t be true. I mean, the whole point of the treatment is to get rid of the coronavirus and the treatment continues until the coronavirus is gone, so since the treatment is complete, the coronavirus is gone, right?

    1. Of he takes Flonase he wouldn’t be lying.

      1. Sigh, once again showing you are not interesting in genuine, serious discussion or debate of any political topic. Obviously the context of the question of whether Trump is taking steroids or not is whether he is taking steroids as a treatment for COVID-19 infection.

  42. Next debate moderator:
    When you boomer so hard that you mistakenly tweet a DM and then can’t figure out how to delete the tweet you so just nuke your whole account

  43. Biden, to reporters, in Arizona: “You’ll know my opinion on court-packing when the election is over.”

    Well there you have it. Biden is totally on-board with the leftist lunatics. We had such a nice country too…

    1. When will the garage sale be held?

    2. Doesn’t matter what Biden’s position on court stacking is. He’s going to lose.

  44. Everyone knows the story about how the coronavirus first appeared in California around March 4–when they had ten infections. Turns out that whole narrative is bullshit. The virus was spreading in California for a month before that.

    The first cases appear to have been in Ohio–two months before the first cases were reported.

    “Retrospective testing in Ohio found that five women and a man who had developed Covid-like symptoms in early January had antibodies for the virus, qualifying as “probable” infections.”


    “Coronavirus Hit the U.S. Long Before We Knew”

    “Months before travel bans and lockdowns, Americans were transmitting the virus across the country”

    When the Democrats were screaming bloody murder about President Trump’s travel ban, the virus was already spreading across the country. There wasn’t anything President Trump could have done to stop the virus from coming into this country, and anyone who votes for Biden because Trump should have done things different is voting for Biden for stupid reasons.

    1. …and anyone who votes for Biden because Trump should have done things different is voting for Biden for stupid reasons.

    2. I thought it was confirmed a while back that the virus has been in the US since December?

      1. I’m just going by the info. I read there.

        If they’re saying the real first cases, they found in Ohio, showed antibodies in early January and if that blood wasn’t drawn until they were in the hospital, then that might place their initial infections in December.

        1. That makes sense.

    3. All of that happened during the lead up to the impeachment horseshit.

      1. The walls have been closing in for four years now.

        We can only hope he’ll be around for them to keep closing in for another four years.

    4. But then Trumps travel restrictions were purely racist, right?

  45. Biden’s opinion on court-packing won’t matter after the election.

    1. I know of a religion you can join for a small fee, and they will give you a money back guarantee!

      If find yourself at the gates of hell after you die, they will refund 100% of your money–no questions asked.

      1. funny. sorry about the Pads. I love Myers and Hosmer and Mitchy-2-Bags

        1. Give us a year or two–and we still have the second highest rated farm system in the league.

  46. Correct headline:
    “Biden continues to refuse to refute court packing plans”


    A photo made of Kamala of all the people she’s prosecuted for non Violent drug offenses….

  48. “Biden will now do a solo televised town hall on Saturday.”

    you need to be clear about what this is. this is a campaign event, equivalent to Trump’s planned rally. if there is not a neutral and independent moderator to select and present the questions, the campaign will cherry pick and manipulate to present only the positives and without reflecting any competing points of view.

    1. I don’t think Biden’s campaign is trying to characterize it as anything but a Biden campaign event.

      1. I don’t think forty-seven people will show up to it regardless of what it’s called

  49. So now anyone can call a business “racist” and destroy their reputation. I guess it’s better than burning it down or having the governor shut it down, at least the building remains intact when someone is dumb enough to try to reopen it.

    1. And, thankfully, most people don’t consult Yelp.

      It’s worth noting, that this is not user-provided content, it is content provided by Yelp itself, which means under Section 230 Yelp can be sued for defamation.

  50. HERE► Even Brendan is a transphobe, radfem kind: see his focus on “M2F are a threat to women, they’re potential rapists like all the men” while totally ignoring the existence of F2M (actually the majority among the younger transitions). He also doesn’t care about children transitions issue: he prefer to talk much more about the alleged plights of adult lesbians.
    And if you do not agree he spout “misogyny!” to silence you. Click here.

  51. The Dems copied much of our drugs plank, after daubing it with some drool. God’s Own Prohibitionists had their chance to do the same, just as they had that chance in 1932 with the Liberal Party repeal plank. Does anyone here know what happened in 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944, and 1948?
    (Let’s not always see the same hands…)

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