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House Antitrust Report Hits Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google

Plus: Tech companies respond, proposed H-1B visa changes, and more...


If wishes were antitrust law… Surprising absolutely no one, U.S. lawmakers—who have been tossing whatever claims of bad deeds they can at Big Tech for a good while—are now angling for antitrust law changes that they say are necessary to rein in Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives antitrust committee put out a 450-page report on the subject, suggesting that all four companies were too big for their britches and if the law didn't currently ban their business practices, it should.

The report is the result of a 16-month-long investigation from the House Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law. As part of it, representatives barraged the CEOs of all four companies with inane and irrelevant questions in a public hearing. The investigation also included seven other hearings and the obtaining of "1,287,997 documents and communications; testimony from 38 witnesses; a hearing record that spans more than 1,800 pages; 38 submissions from 60 antitrust experts from across the political spectrum; and interviews with more than 240 market participants, former employees of the investigated platforms, and other individuals," as well as discussions "with industry and government witnesses," it states.

Whether we're talking a smoking gun or a needle in a haystack, that should've been sufficient to find it. Instead, representatives seem to have given up on pretending that the investigation makes sense on traditional antitrust grounds.

There's scant evidence of elements historically necessary for an antitrust violation. Rather, lawmakers are pushing a major overhaul of antitrust action, using these companies as a test case. The new House antitrust report calls for "for sweeping changes to federal laws so that government regulators can bring Silicon Valley back in check," The Washington Post puts it. More:

The report recommends a significant overhaul of the federal government's antitrust powers, including making it illegal for a company like Amazon or Google to give greater weight to their own products in their online marketplaces. Other suggested changes would empower consumers to bring lawsuits and give new legal tools to the Justice Department or FTC [Federal Trade Commission] to block future tech mergers.

The whole thing has followed the bipartisan playbook previously in use with Backpage and Craigslist, except applied to competitive practices instead of content moderation. That is: Pick the biggest examples of a tech company or phenomenon that the government wants to curb or stop, subpoena a bazillion internal documents under some trumped-up pretense of criminal activity, and go fishing for something that can be spun into a call for congressional action—action that won't involve just (if at all) going after scapegoated companies for the originally alleged violation but changing the underpinnings of internet and business and speech law in a way more friendly to federal control.

(You can read the whole antitrust report here.)

Essentially, it faults Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook for making products that people want to use, improving those products based on market trends and consumer research, and engaging in very normal business practices (such as Amazon prioritizing the display of its own products, or Apple being a little choosy about what it allows in its app store), all of which it portrays as unconscionably nefarious. A lot of weight is given to what rival businesses have to say.

Ultimately, the subcommittee concludes that "Facebook has monopoly power in the market for social networking," "Google has a monopoly in the markets for general online search and search advertising," "Amazon has significant and durable market power in the U.S. online retail market," and "Apple has significant and durable market power in the mobile operating system market."

In response, it recommends an array of policy changes that would give the federal government unprecedented input in tech business practices and decisions, as well as new power to punish these companies and a relaxing of rules that allow them to push back. The report recommends, among other things:

• Structural separations and prohibitions of certain dominant platforms from operating in adjacent lines of business;

• Nondiscrimination requirements, prohibiting dominant platforms from engaging in self-preferencing, and requiring them to offer equal terms for equal products and services;

• Presumptive prohibition against future mergers and acquisitions by the dominant platforms;

• Taking additional measures to strengthen overall enforcement, including through overriding problematic precedents in the case law

• Restoring the federal antitrust agencies to full strength, by triggering civil penalties and other relief for "unfair methods of competition"rules, requiring the Federal Trade Commission to engage in regular data collection on concentration, enhancing public transparency and accountability of the agencies, requiring regular merger retrospectives, codifying stricter prohibitions on the revolving door, and increasing the budgets of the FTC and the Antitrust Division; and

• Strengthening private enforcement, through eliminating obstacles such as forced arbitration clauses, limits on class action formation, judicially created standards constraining what constitutes anantitrust injury, and unduly high pleading standards.

Tech Companies Respond

"All large organizations attract the attention of regulators, and we welcome that scrutiny," Amazon responded in a blog post decrying the "fallacies…at the core of regulatory spit-balling on antitrust."

"Large companies are not dominant by definition, and the presumption that success can only be the result of anti-competitive behavior is simply wrong," Amazon continued:

The flawed thinking would have the primary effect of forcing millions of independent retailers out of online stores, thereby depriving these small businesses of one of the fastest and most profitable ways available to reach customers," the company continued. "For consumers, the result would be less choice and higher prices. Far from enhancing competition, these uninformed notions would instead reduce it.

Apple and Google also issued public responses.

"Americans simply don't want Congress to break Google's products or harm the free services they use every day," stated Google. "Google's free products like Search, Maps and Gmail help millions of Americans and we've invested billions of dollars in research and development to build and improve them. We compete fairly in a fast-moving and highly competitive industry. We disagree with today's reports, which feature outdated and inaccurate allegations from commercial rivals about Search and other services."

Antitrust law is meant "to protect consumers, not help commercial rivals," it added. Yet "many of the proposals bandied about in today's reports—whether breaking up companies or undercutting Section 230—would cause real harm to consumers, America's technology leadership and the U.S. economy—all for no clear gain."

Apple responded that it "does not have a dominant market share in any category where we do business" and says that its app store—which features "close to two million apps today"—has "enabled new markets, new services and new products," with app developers being the primary beneficiaries.

"Last year in the United States alone, the App Store facilitated $138 billion in commerce with over 85% of that amount accruing solely to third-party developers," Apple stated, adding that its "commission rates are firmly in the mainstream of those charged by other app stores and gaming marketplaces."

In other tech policy fiascos…

Trump is once again calling for the repeal of Section 230 of federal communications law, which protects internet companies and their users from certain legal liabilities. Here's Justin Amash with some Section 230 truths:

(See Reason's video guide to Section 230 here.)


President Donald Trump's administration is once again trying to make it harder for high-skilled immigrant workers to come here (and once again laying waste to the notion that they're only interested in stopping illegal immigration). The latest Republican plan to revise the H-1B visa program "will require employers to pay H-1B workers significantly higher wages, narrow the types of degrees that could qualify an applicant and shorten the length of visas for certain contract workers," The Wall Street Journal reports:

Ken Cuccinelli, the No. 2 official at DHS, said on a news conference call Tuesday that he expects about one-third of H-1B visa applications would be rejected under the new set of rules. […]

The policy changes have been expected since 2017, when the administration first announced intentions to revamp the H-1B visa program. Even before these formal changes were announced, however, the Trump administration tightened issuance of H-1B visas, rejecting 15.1% of applications in 2019 compared with 6.1% in 2016, according to figures from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


Trump won't accept the Democrats' latest stimulus package (known as the HEROES Act), per his tweets yesterday. "Nancy Pelosi is asking for $2.4 Trillion Dollars […] We made a very generous offer of $1.6 Trillion Dollars and, as usual, she is not negotiating in good faith," Trump tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

"I have instructed my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election when, immediately after I win, we will pass a major Stimulus Bill that focuses on hardworking Americans and Small Business," Trump continued. (See Eric Boehm for more.) Trump does, however, think that it's urgent that a new Supreme Court justice is confirmed and that the government give airlines more money:

Yesterday evening, he also tweeted that he wants to send $1,200 stimulus checks to people immediately:


• Trump adviser Stephen Miller announced yesterday that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

• In total, around 20 people who work at the White House complex have contracted COVID-19 since August. A viral tweet that announced 123 cases is counting everyone infected at the White House since the start of the pandemic.

• Another "child sex trafficking bust" that wasn't:

• Reminder:

• Facebook says it's banning groups dedicated to the conspiracy theory QAnon.

• A grand jury in Texas has indicted Netflix for the publicity of Cuties, a French drama critical of the over-sexualization of tween and teen girls that has been demonized by many prominent conservatives (though many admit they have not seen the film). Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas) and others have argued—largely based on a Netflix poster for the film—that Cuties does the opposite of what it actually does. Now, Netflix is being accused of promoting "lewd visual material."

• Check out Reason's new history of cypherpunks:

NEXT: Federal Regulations Have Forced Lower-Skilled Workers Out of Banking Jobs

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  1. President Donald Trump’s administration is once again trying to make it harder for high-skilled immigrant workers to come here…

    Still not best or bright enough. Keep trying, world!

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    2. I hear a cbs producer furiously cribbing this comment into the next hit contest show.

  2. Amazon bullies partners and vendors, says antitrust subcommittee

    HAHA. Silicon Valley sided with Commies in the Democrat party and it backfired.

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    1. Twitter Warns Users Trying To Retweet Federalist Article On Declassified Russiagate Documents

      Twatter already cracking under Anti-trust threats from US Senate.

      1. This actually doesn’t sound like such a dumb thing as long as it is occurring to all news websites. If this is any way targeted, its bullshit.

        1. You don’t really think this is happening to everybody that retweets headlines without reading the article do you? Cuz I got a bridge.

    2. Until Joe Biden says thats been debunked, now move along

  3. If I am sent a Stand Alone Bill for Stimulus Checks ($1,200), they will go out to our great people IMMEDIATELY. I am ready to sign right now. Are you listening Nancy?

    If Americans want a standalone bill just for them, they should have a better lobby.

    1. True, their elected officials are just there to speak down to the ‘little people’ and collect a salary that is more than most of their constituents make in seven years.

    2. Well, the circuses are no longer being televised, so need to start mailing out the bread pretty soon.

  4. @ABC confirms a military aide responsible for carrying the ‘nuclear football’ tested positive over the weekend…

    There you have it. Nuclear radiation causes the Rona.

    1. Attack of the 50 Foot Trump!

      1. If you’ve seen some of the coverage from CNN and MSNBC of Trump returning to the White House from Walter Reid, you’d realize the reality is more ridiculous than the parody.

        1. I’m just surprised that when they have him on screen, they haven’t added the Darth Vader theme song with breathing effects.

          1. I’m surprised they haven’t inserted a swastika flag behind him. But we should probably stop giving them ideas.

          2. Didn’t they already do that with Cheney?

            Not that progs are above reusing tired old cliches in their narratives, but……

            1. I missed that. Cite?

              1. I quit working at shoprite and now I make $65-85 per/h. How? I’m working online! My work didn’t exactly make me happy so I decided to take a chance on something new…YRg after 4 years it was so hard to quit my day job but now I couldn’t be happier.

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  5. Trump adviser Stephen Miller announced yesterday that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

    Are we going to let these fakers get away with it?

    1. *cue up “the joker”
      Cause he’s a cougher
      He’s a sneezer
      He’s a wheezer
      And he’s a sweeter
      He’s wearing a mask in the sun

      Wait witch Steve Miller?

      1. Stephen should have jumped on a big ol’ jet airliner and flown like an eagle as far away as possible.

        1. He makes his living off other people’s taxes…

          1. Best, worst line to make it rhyme ever…

            Running a close second from Elenore:
            I really think you’re groovy
            Let’s go out to a movie

        2. Bingo Jed had a light on.

  6. don’t judge a book by its cover, but definitely judge a movie by its poster

    1. “I know it when it makes everyone cringe.”

  7. Hundreds protest outside L.A. Times over coverage of Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

    Too local for unreason to cover.

    unreason doesn’t want a bunch of brown people saying how MSM are distorting facts to fit Lefty Narratives.

    1. I’m not even going to open the article to know that it’s Armenians, butthurt over the US’s lack of concern over their plight. Glendale, CA would be something like the second largest city in Armenia, if every Armenian was counted as such.

      Frankly, the US is likely backing the Azeris, if they had to pick.

    2. Don’t we have enough to worry about? There’s all kind of shit going on all over the world. Is one news outlet supposed to cover an infinite number of shitstorms?

  8. “The latest Republican plan to revise the H-1B visa program “will require employers to pay H-1B workers significantly higher wages, narrow the types of degrees that could qualify an applicant and shorten the length of visas for certain contract workers,” The Wall Street Journal reports:”

    If they’re high tech and needed…what is the issue? Forcing companies to pay fair wages to people with no ability to argue for them seems to be humanitarian at the least.

    1. Ummm, forcing. How’s ’bout I force you to pay my mortgage and for my car? I think that’s only fair. Others would agree. Let’s take a vote.

  9. A viral tweet that announced 123 cases is counting everyone infected at the White House since the start of the pandemic.

    Viral tweets during a pandemic are inevitable.

    1. Too bad there isn’t a vaccine.

  10. After Democrats Refuse To Negotiate, Trump Cuts Off Bailout Talks Until After Election

    I’m sure unreason will say how Trump is just like Democrats in the sending area.

  11. “• Facebook says it’s banning groups dedicated to the conspiracy theory QAnon.”

    But Russian collusion hoax is still peachy keen.

    1. Nothing will dissuade people of the notion that there is a cabal of the rich elite that are trying to control the world faster than the government and all major social networks colluding to ban and silence people who espouse such a theory. Good thinking!

      1. “There’s no such thing as a powerful, unaccountable Brahmin caste working overtime to silence you and keep you in line. If you don’t stop saying there is, we’ll make sure to shut you up so you can’t make those claims.”

        1. If you don’t like it you can always start your own Brahmin caste.

      2. Isn’t it ironic?

  12. Mike Pence: Americans deserve 4 more years of a president who keeps his promises

    Plus, Mike Pence doesnt want plexiglass barriers at VP debate?

    unreason hardest hit.

    1. I’m pretty sure his wife will require him to be socially distant enough from Kamala not to worry about the ‘rona.

    2. Kamala knows she needs the barrier to keep her from throwing a shoe at Pence.

      1. She’s Jamaican and Indian, not Central American. Doubt she knows the power of the chancla.

        My mom didn’t eithe, being a big wooden spoon proponent instead.

        1. Kamala never takes such a direct role in punishing people, she likes to issue edicts and have the hired goons do the dirty work.

    3. The Harris campaign was running an ad that said “Stand with Kamala against Mike Pence”. If she’s safely in a plastic box Pence wont have to leave the door open.

  13. Not enough honkies catchin’ the ‘rona:

    “Four Bay Area counties fall short of state’s new coronavirus equity metrics, which are needed to advance reopening”
    “Under the metric, each county must ensure that positive test rates in its most disadvantaged neighborhoods do not significantly lag behind the county’s overall positive rate. For a county to advance to a less-restrictive tier, the disadvantaged neighborhoods — measured by a variety of social, health and economic factors — must come within 5% of the overall positive test rate required for that tier….”

    1. Time to force some ‘rona parties in the suburbs.

    2. So, stop testing in the poor sections?

      1. Or stop the testing in the poor sections once their quota is met

    3. maybe if they hadn’t been out protesting?

      1. Shhh. Those have been debunked as Superspreader events…

    4. Maybe that’s what Trump and his team have been up to this week. Hiking up the whitey count to get things back open. A team player, for sure.

  14. This is a blistering story about how that story about “39 children rescued from sex traffickers” that was just a great big LIE and it did NOT happen.

    Fine, but let’s remember how many child victims the feds saved when they shut down the FBI’s Playpen servers.

    1. How is he gonna win those counties if 80% of people over 60 vote for Biden?

      1. Rona has killed off millions of people over 60 years old.

        1. I heard 200 million.

          1. Add to that the 150 million killed by guns since 2007.

            1. No wonder traffic has been so light.

      2. Haven’t you heard? Math is racist.

  15. There is no bigger bullshit moral panic in America than the sex trafficking moral panic.

    Plastic straws say hello.

    1. Yes, but writing about hooking is ENB’s raison d’etre, so for her it’s worse.

    2. Fortunately sex offenders won’t be singled out during Halloween this year.

    1. CNN morning host John Berman, when a producer ran B-roll of the Trump balcony appearance, complained: “Take it off, please, don’t even put it on the screen! Please take it off, because that’s gonna kill people.”

      Balcony’s kill, but packs of bloodthirsty rioters are super.

      1. The rest of the irresponsible and untruthful opinion pieces presented as reporting from CNN, nothing to be concerned with, that single clip of orangemanbad removing his mask, lethal.

        1. Like nobody else takes off their mask when they get home.

          1. Hey, at least he kept his hair on.

            1. And his pants!

  16. Facebook says it’s banning groups dedicated to the conspiracy theory QAnon.

    Looking less and less like paranoia.

    1. Lots of talk about Qanon but never seen by anyone outside of the media. I think MSM is trying to make QAnon bigger than Antifa for a political foil.

      1. 4chan is really good at this kind of thing. The same thing happened with Pepe the frog, it was just a 4chan meme until they realized the MSM would make a big deal out of a cartoon frog so they trolled them into thinking a cartoon frog was racist.

        Same deal with the “OK” symbol, only that one was created as a trolling campaign rather than falling ass-backwards into it.

        Since everyone involved in the MSM is older than dirt they never learned to not feed the trolls.

      2. Them and the Proud Boys. Antifa? Pure Fantasy. Proud Boys and QAnon? Why they’re ever so real. Millions of monstrous, dangerous gun-toting Fascists. Apparently, they’re about to take over the country, put half of us in prison and kill the rest.

  17. Justin Amash – “The false claim that an entity is exclusively a “publisher” or a “platform” under Section 230 (with different liability depending on the *type* of entity)—and that some “publishers” get away with being considered “platforms”—continues to drive most of the confusion on this issue.”

    Section 230(c)(1) No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

    1. 230 was a mistake. Internet services should have either functioned as publishers or utilities.

      Instead they got to have their cake:
      “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker”

      And eat it too:
      “(230) provides “Good Samaritan” protection from civil liability for operators of interactive computer services in the removal or moderation of third-party material they deem obscene or offensive, even of constitutionally protected speech”

      1. Amash said uh uh, so there.

      2. No thanks. Let’s keep an internet where people are allowed to make products that users can freely post content to. The government has ruined enough things already.

        1. Imagine how useless this site would be without a comment section.

        2. You can have that if you remove 230’s “Good Samaritan” protection clause that allows operators to remove constitutionally protected speech if they deem it offensive, and leave in the platform protection.
          Right now you can’t “freely post content”.

          1. Reason should be allowed to delete the work from home bot posts, as well as any spam or trolling or literally anything at all that they don’t want posted on their website. Inviting the government to dictate how we moderate our own websites would be absolutely crazy.

            1. if only they would

      3. 230 was a mistake. Internet services should have either functioned as publishers or utilities.

        I disagree. For example, is a publisher of articles from their staff, but they are a platform for commenters like us. They should be liable for the stuff that ENB wrote above, but not for this comment.

    2. “There’s a reason establishment politicians from both old parties want to repeal Section 230: Repealing it would lead to increased censorship, stifle speech that challenges their authority, and give political elites more influence and control over public discourse.”- Amash

      • Facebook says it’s banning groups dedicated to the conspiracy theory QAnon. at the bequest of the government and political elites.

    3. Robby wrote an article just yesterday saying that 230 protects Trump.from being censored. In the headline.
      You cant even make reality-based arguments here

  18. A grand jury in Texas has indicted Netflix for the publicity of Cuties, a French drama critical of the over-sexualization of….

    Wait, that’s French? Who are we to judge their culture?

    1. Fuck this. I’m having Freedom fires, Freedom bread, and Freedom dressing for lunch.

      1. Freedom fires are only acceptable if they’re started by a Molotov through the window of a random business. Don’t even think about having one in a firepit in your backyard without the proper permitting.

        1. “Freedom Fires”

          Awesome. Totally gonna start using that.

          1. Just make sure if you use it on buildings, you do it mostly peacefully.

      2. No freedom toast? That’s the best thing that the Freedomians ever gave us.

  19. “Americans simply don’t want Congress to break Google’s products or harm the free services they use every day,” stated Google. “Google’s free products like …”

    Keep working that word ‘free’ into every sentence you write, Google.
    Everybody wants free stuff and will oppose anyone trying to take free stuff away. Nevermind that there is a cost being paid for those ‘free’ services

  20. “Kaepernick company plans series of abolition, policing and prisons essays”
    “Colin Kaepernick’s publishing company is putting out a collection of 30 essays over the next four weeks about abolition, policing and prisons.
    The former 49ers quarterback envisioned and curated this collection following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor…”

    I don’t know about you, but when I want to read thoughtful essays on those subjects, I immediately turn to a washed-up, has-been, NFL QB impersonator.

    1. I’m waiting for the opinion of a TE, MLB or FS.

      1. The poor lonely kicker.

        1. Highest scoring player gets no respect.

          1. It’s probably because most kickers are whi…I mean skinny.

            1. Georgia Tech currently has a fat, black punter.
              It’s the most entertaining thing about their team.

              1. (Adjusts glasses). Aktually, the kicker and the punter are different positions.

                But yeah, fat punters are the best.

              2. Finally a punter that can take down a returner.

    2. Wait, I thought it was ‘defund the police’. Now it is abolition of police and prisons? Well, for criminals, anyway. They will repurpose the prisons for re-education.

      Marxists gotta oppress.

      1. “repurpose the prisons for re-education”
        reduce – reuse – recycle, it’s a very green policy of them to do that

    3. Their Italian edition includes “Uncle Tom’s Carabinieri”.

  21. If you want to object to the tech firms being subjected to antitrust you either need to argue against the existence of antitrust law in general or make the technical case that the tech firms are not guilty of violating antitrust law such that even investigating them is not warranted.

    I have never seen reason make any kind of principled argument why antitrust laws should be repealed. And none of the staff has the technical knowledge necessary to judge whether the tech firms are in violation of the law (though the Volkh Conspiracy would) and having brought anyone in to make that argument anyway. Reason’s position seems to be some variation of “how dare you investigate the tech companies!!”

    1. These Lefties thought they could use a public corporation to further their Fascist goals since Socialism is not taking absolute hold in American politics.

      They forgot to read the fine print that public corporations are creations of the states with benefits and responsibilities.

      Google is free to buy back all stock and end their public charter becoming a partnership.

      1. Actually they aren’t. They got so big they were being regulated almost as much as a public company without the benefits.

    2. Ron Bailey doesn’t have the knowledge, but he makes up for it by thinking he does

    3. you either need to argue against the existence of antitrust law in general

      As a libertarian this is my default position.

  22. You can always tell when somebody gets butt-hurt. Looks like the Big Tech companies are crying the blues because they don’t have a government subsidized labor gravy train anymore. One sympathizes.

    Guess Big Tech will have to struggle along by hiring American. One weeps. NOT!

    1. These companies already have offices all over the world. They don’t have to hire American.

      1. Then losing H1-B won’t be a problem, will it?

        1. Pushing jobs outside the US does have consequences.

  23. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives antitrust committee put out a 450-page report on the subject, suggesting that all four companies were too big for their britches and if the law didn’t currently ban their business practices, it should.

    It’s a sad commentary on the state of the Trump economy when Silicon Valley doesn’t have the lobby dollars to shut Congress up.

    1. Money only buys so much. The tech companies have pissed of pretty much the entire country. And Congress doesn’t know much but it generally knows which way the wind blows.

      The tech companies seem to think they can get special protection under the law and be exempt from anti trust law but at the same time tell most of the country to go fuck themselves. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that.

      1. The tech companies have pissed of pretty much the entire country.

        This is false. Maybe true for the political class, but normal Americans use their products in ever increasing numbers.

      2. Get out of your bubble John. The vast majority of people want to keep buying cheap shit on Amazon and have gigabytes of free email storage and free maps without the government ruining it like they’ve ruined everything else. They don’t give a shit about your stupid culture wars.

        1. It’s not like they won’t pay these politicians off like Microsoft did. Too bad small businesses don’t have global megacorps millions to get that kind of special treatment.

          1. This is the biggest problem. Any additional regulations will have been blessed by the current big tech players and will surely be nothing more than regulatory capture.

            It’s amazing to me that the very same people who claim government can’t do much of anything right would be for government action against private companies. What makes anybody think they’ll get it right this time?

            1. Yeah the the sullution is to keep the current system that puts them above the law entirely. Yeah. That makes sense

        2. The vast majority of Americans probably wouldn’t mind the post office offering email services, money transfer services or the government providing it’s own subsidized internet access.


    Adam Silver says social justice messaging will be “left off the court” next year. You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at this.

    1. I would say, in terms of the messages you see on the court and our jerseys, this was an extraordinary moment in time when we began these discussions with the players and what we all lived through this summer. My sense is there’ll be somewhat a return to normalcy, that those messages will largely be left to be delivered off the floor.
      You gave in. It will be a challenge to get it back. Emergency “powers” last beyond the emergency.

    2. I love basketball. I prefer college, but since there wasn’t any tournaments this spring, I intended to hold my nose, ignore the sjw bs and watch the NBA playoffs. I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t just some gestures at the beginning of the game and half time, with some words on the court and jerseys. During many time outs, they showed clips of interviews about it, unless they went to commercial, which were nearly all sjw shit. During deadballs, and even at times while the game was going on, the announcers would talk about it.

      It became like the joke about hockey: I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. I turned on a Black Lives Matter rally and a basketball game broke out.

      1. I love basketball too and like some of the young players in the NBA a lot. But, the politics are so phony and loathsome. They managed to ruin a great thing.

        1. There’s a joke about property values in the suburbs some where in there.

          1. You racist!

      2. I can’t imagine the misery of a life when you have to be offended by every political message you don’t agree with to the point of not being able to enjoy something that you otherwise would. I can both enjoy a NASCAR race with confederate flags waving in the background AND a basketball game with #BLM written on the court and barely even notice or care about those things.

        1. That is probably because they never have messages you have much disagreement with. If the day ever comes some sports league starts wearing MAGA hats, get back to us with your opinion.

          1. I included confederate flags at NASCAR. And I don’t agree with the group BLM insomuch as they support Marxism. The statement, I’m ok with.

            I’m not a leftist no matter what you think about me. I agree with the Libertarian Party platform on at least 95% of the issues.

          2. By the way, this is pretty much the definition of the word snowflake:
            I can’t imagine the misery of a life when you have to be offended by every political message you don’t agree with to the point of not being able to enjoy something that you otherwise would..

          3. What would the reaction be if I wore a blm shirt, maga hat and carried a confederate flag while walking down the street smoking while wearing a rainbow mask?

            1. I wouldn’t care. But I wouldn’t buy anything from you either.

        2. NASCAR put Confederate flags on tracks? Did they give them out at the gate? There is a big difference between what fans of a sport do and what the sport does.

          1. Why is that different? Neither affects the gameplay on the court/field/track. That was my overall point.

            1. One is an endorsement by the sport and is being pushed on viewers.

          2. You’d have to take the analogy even farther: The announcers of a NASCAR race would have to spend part of the time during the race espousing the virtues of segregation, secession, or slavery.

            1. I honestly don’t care what the announcers say. It might be shocking to you, but I’m capable of watching an event without having to agree with everything that everybody says. If it got to the point of bothering me, I’d probably just turn it off and go on with my life. I’m not entitled to watching basketball and not being offended.

              Just so we’re clear here… Are you equating calls for police reform with respect to treatment of black people with segregation and slavery? Surely not, right?

              1. “I’d probably just turn it off and go on with my life.”

                Then why the fuck have you been arguing about this the whole time?

                1. The need for everyone to go onto every platform that accepts them and complain about politics in sports.

                  1. Except I haven’t done that, I responded to John’s post about the NBA changing it’s policy next season by indicating I’m one of the viewers they lost because of it. Along with millions of others.

                    Then you felt the need to ignore half of my post explaining why I’m not watching, called me a snowflake, continued to miss the point that I, and several other commentators were trying to make with follow up comments, then ended with saying you do t watch the NBA, and if you don’t like a product you also stop watching it.

                    Are you autistic?

              2. Just so we’re clear here… Are you equating calls for police reform with respect to treatment of black people with segregation and slavery? Surely not, right?

                1. FFS you can’t be this dense.

                2. The equation is the symbol, confederate flag/BLM logo coupled with a then barrage of messaging that goes along with the symbol. The confederacy stood for the segregation, slavery and secession. Would you enjoy the Nascar experience as much when presented with the message of the confederacy in announcements, commercials etc? Likely not. You could turn off the sound, but then you are losing half of the experience because the politics have invaded the entertainment. The NBA experience when coupled with the BLM political organizations message at every juncture makes the experience less enjoyable, and for many viewers, like myself, not worth the effort to watch. Not because I am offended or a snowflake, but because I don’t like political messaging brandished within my entertainment. So I choose to not watch. Simple.

        3. “It wasn’t just some gestures at the beginning of the game and half time, with some words on the court and jerseys.”

          You should consider reading my entire post before commenting on it.

          1. Ok, so they showed interviews or commercials you didn’t like. I still can’t imagine a life when I couldn’t watch a basketball game because I was so offended by interviews and commercials.

            My point is none of this has anything to do with the game. Maybe you should consider that you’re too emotionally invested in politics if stuff like this bothers you that much.

            1. You may be too invested in sports to see what’s really happening.

            2. You’re really going out of your way to misinterpret what I wrote.

              1. I intended to hold my nose, ignore the sjw bs and watch the NBA playoffs. I couldn’t do it.

                It’s hard to not interpret that as you being so affected by politics that you can’t enjoy something you otherwise would.

                Hopefully you have a safespace that you can hide in when the evil interviews and commercials offend you so much.

                1. So that’s a yes. Got it.

            3. And his point is that the basketball game has become secondary to the messaging. That the game is the vehicle for the message. When the floor is filled with BLM messaging, jerseys covered with BLM patches, announcers talking BLM throughout every game, and commercials hammering in how friendly they are to minorities as opposed to trying to sell you the best solution to a problem, it’s no longer about the game.

              1. In your mind maybe. But you sound like you’re watching a basketball game because of the politics. My suggestion is to give politics a rest sometimes and just enjoy the things you would otherwise enjoy.

                Either that or stop watching and move on with your life. Nobody cares that you’ll no longer watch whatever sport happens to offend you, Karen.

                1. The lowest ratings in 40 years and the 180 by the commissioner indicates otherwise.

                  But you clearly had your opinion on my post before you ever read it, and nothing is going to change it.

                2. Basketball would be a break from politics if there weren’t a bunch of millionaires telling you how oppressed and morally superior they are to you while you’re watching.
                  You think you have a “gotcha” here, leo, but you don’t.

                3. Is there any political message you wouldn’t object to? If the NBA were waving Nazi flags you would still watch?

                  And the NBA ran training camps and made money in the areas where China is currently wiping out the entire Uigher population. So, the the NBA is not far from that.

                  1. Unless he responds to my comment above, I’m assuming he’d be ok with Nascar announcers espousing slavery, so probably. Or he’s just ignoring the parts of the discussion that make him look extra stupid.

                  2. Well I don’t watch the NBA. I don’t like that style of basketball with a very short shot clock and no zone defense. I prefer college and high school basketball.

                    If they were cheering Nazism, I wouldn’t watch. If they were cheering specifically for the riots and looting going on in major cities, I wouldn’t watch. I don’t see how players making the statement that black lives matter is equal to either of those scenarios.

                    But that said, I’d probably just not watch and move on. I wouldn’t find the need to announce my exit as if I were somehow entitled to watch their product free of hearing their message.

                    1. You realize all I did was respond in a comment section about the subject right? Yeah, I’m going back to my observation that you had an opinion established before you read my post, and now that you’ve been made to look like a fool, you’re just trying to weasel out of the conversation.

                    2. “Well I don’t watch the NBA.”

                      Then shut the fuck up about it.

                    3. Not at all. You’ve made the comment at least twice that I’m mischaracterizing what you said. Please explain how.

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            4. I still can’t imagine a life when I couldn’t watch a basketball game because I was so offended by interviews and commercials.

              Uh, isn’t that the whole point of deciding whether to consoooooooome a product or not?

              Why exactly should people continue to watch bouncy-ball if the players and the league make it clear that they’re going to shove their political agenda down your throat, if that’s not what you want to watch? The numbers are so bad that Mark Cuban even had to do the Spinal Tap excuse where he claimed that the NBA’s audience wasn’t getting smaller, just more selective, and that those were the fans the league “actually wanted.” I guess he forgot how TV contracts work, because advertisers and networks are going to be a lot more reluctant to thrown millions of dollars at a league that’s bleeding viewers, on top of the fact that they can’t even bring fans into the stadiums and arenas to spend money on game days to make up for that loss of revenue.

        4. For me, it was not so much the offense as the barrage of the message. There is nothing background about it. R MAC put it succinctly, ‘Attending a BLM rally and a game broke out.’
          I love basketball, used to enjoy watching it. Not a fan of this brand, its building of super teams and the flopping and whining that has progressed into the match-ups. Add a layer of pontificating and lecturing about how I should think and my interest dries up completely. I watch very few hollywood movies these days for the same reason.

          1. Yeah, the condescending attitude is definitely part of it as well. But apparently Leo likes to give his business to companies that are trying to insult him.

            1. I don’t see someone’s dissenting political view as an insult. I guess that’s just me though.

              1. You can’t stop intentionally mischaracterizing what I’m saying.

                1. Please clarify specifically what you’re saying. I’m honestly reading your words as written and don’t understand how it’s mischaracterizing anything. Here is your chance to clarify.

                  1. Nah, you’ve shown your just full of shit and have no interest in understanding my point.

                    Now fuck off.

                    1. Have a good day.

        5. says the dipshit that gets offended and posts here all the time

          1. When have I ever said I was offended. Go ahead and find it.

      3. I was watching pretty regularly up until LeBron staged his “strike”.
        Haven’t seen any of the semis or finals

    3. Does it have anything to do with ratings being, what? 1/3 of last year’s?

      Fuck that rigged, WWE with a ball.

    4. In any normal year, LA-Miami would have been a ratings monster due to the various LeBron-related storylines. The biggest danger to these leagues during these shutdowns was the realization by their fanbases that they didn’t really miss the games all that much, and deciding to use that time they’d normally be watching on other pursuits going forward.

      The games themselves were already pretty sad, but that little stunt where they boycotted all of two games in support of Jacob Blake, before realizing they weren’t going to get paid for sitting out the rest of the season, was probably the straw that broke the fandom’s back.

      Their audience decided they didn’t really need to watch subliterate millionaires stan for a rapist and domestic abuser who beat his girlfriend and attempted a kidnapping before he got plugged.

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    It is very likely that Russian intelligence agencies — through signal and human intel sources at Walter Reed, etc — have more information about the President’s condition than we do.”

    Kayyem, a senior lecturer in international security at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, speculated that Russian intelligence had infiltrated Walter Reed and had more information about the president’s condition than the American public.

    Harvard is too small to be a country but I think it just might still be small enough to be declared an insane asylum.

    1. The Russians care more about Trump than the public does.

    2. Said it before, but it might be time to let the Land Grant kids take a shot at running things, versus the Ivies. And I say this knowing that Trump went to Wharton.

    3. Well no shit. The American public has to rely on “journalists” to relay the information, while Russia (according to this professor) gets it straight from the source.

  26. “Trump does, however, think that it’s urgent that a new Supreme Court justice is confirmed and that the government give airlines more money”

    WTF does filling a Supreme Court vacancy have to do with passing trillions of dollars in spending?

    1. Senate can’t multitask

  27. Still not gonna cover the Russia hoax now that it hurts Dems and the IC instead of Trump, huh? It’s going to get more and more embarrassing for Reason.

    1. ENB said over a year ago. Its all about the clicks.

      unreason’s integrity went out the window years ago.

      1. Except I’m pretty sure an article about everything that’s come out about the corruption involved the last several months would get plenty of clicks, and get hundreds of comments.

        No, this is an instance of Reason being a propagandist, not an economic decision.

        1. ENB is a liar, so yeah clicks pay for the propaganda unreason wants to print.

  28. All these companies seriously violate your privacy, track your every move, and allow your information to leak out. ENB would have you believe they are just poor lil brer rabbits and please don throw us in that thar briar patch.

    1. Are giant corporations which achieve market dominance using government regulations and corporatism, the libertarian free-market ideal?

      1. Amazon fought the interstate sales tax until their market dominance would put the hurt their competitors more.

  29. Old Soviet joke. Three guys in the Gulag. They ask why the first guy was there. He says, “I sold watches and they were too expensive. So I got convicted of price gouging.”. They ask the second guy and he says, “I sold watches too cheaply, so I got convicted of trying to corner the market.” Finally the ask the third guy who says, “I sold watches at the same prices as everyone else, so they convicted me of collusion.”

    Replace “Soviet” with “Congress” and it’s not much different today. None of those companies meet the definition of monopoly. Every one of them have many significant competitors, including themselves. They’re being called up to Congress for a different reason: they’re well known household names, and will serve as adequate scapegoats.

    1. They are not so much a monopoly but a cartel. The various companies act in concert to ensure that smaller companies that could compete are either bought out or unable to find a hosting platform sufficient to break through and compete.

      These are some of the largest and richest companies in the world. The concerns over the process being the punishment really don’t exist here. If they are so clean, let DOJ look. In fact, if I were them I would welcome an anti trust investigation because when it resulted in nothing, it would disarm a lot of their critics in Congress.

      1. Altria took a cue from them with their juul acquisition. I don’t condemn juul for taking 5bil (or whatever), to have their company ran intentionally into the ground. But it’s some seriously shady shit.

      2. You’re an attorney, John, and I’m sure you’ve ridden herd on more than a few RFPs in your work. Do you really think a DoJ comb through these guys’ email archives won’t find anything? Especially, if DoJ is slightly tech-savvy, and harvests messages from phone apps that ostensibly don’t preserve a record of the conversation?

        I think they would. I think they’d find a lot. Granted, combing through Google/Alphabet’s decisionmaking caste’s emails would be a gargantuan job, and would take forever, but I think it’d make for interesting reading.

        Aside, I remember when Reason was strongly against antitrust laws, and would have guest authors like Skip Oliva advocating such.

        1. OF course they will. The tech companies are dirty as hell. God knows what kind of illegal anti competitive things they have done. But people like Brandybuck think they are above reproach and only an authoritarian would want DOJ to see if it is otherwise.

          So, I was just taking his assumption and going with it.

          1. You shouldn’t care if the feds comb through your personal papers either then? I mean if you aren’t guilty, what do you have to hide?


            1. If the feds have probable cause, they will do just that. But you as always think the tech companies are above the law as it applies to everyone else. Is there any law or standard you think that should apply to tech companies? Murder maybe?

              1. Is there any law or standard you think that should apply to tech companies? Murder maybe?

                Nice strawman.

                The feds can get probable cause on the proverbial ham sandwich and you know that. Why you would cheer for that is beyond me, other than you seem to have a beef with their politics. Gee, can you think of any other times recently when federal investigators were weaponized over politics?

                1. The feds can and do investigate industries and firms for anti trust all of the time. All that is except tech because people like you consider them above the law

  30. House Antitrust Report Hits Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google

    Somebody remind me why Willie Sutton robbed banks?

    1. Sounds pretty sciencey to me!

    2. one of the replies to that tweet:
      “Increasing the number of times you touch your face, constantly removing mask each time you take a bite? Any calculations done on how many “bites” each individual takes in a meal and therefore how many hand-to-face contacts that will mean? Presume that has been risk-assessed?”

      Party of Science indeed

      1. Followed by a clown emoji. Now I understand why the clown panic from a few years back needed to be taken seriously

    3. Day 91 of a 30 day mark mandate in KY.

      Not happy with the performance of his subjects: “For our businesses, we cannot check out people who aren’t wearing a mask,” said Gov. Beshear. “No shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service. You can blame me for it; it’ll make it a lot easier, but please, we need to take this step so that your business is not impacted on a more difficult level.”

      Nice business you have there….

      This guy deserves a public hanging. It’s not the mask mandates that have failed the people of Kentucky, the people of Kentucky have failed the governor.

      Fuck him with a rusty chainsaw.

      1. the people of Kentucky have failed the governor
        You aren’t alone. Virginians failed to protect Governor Blackface from the ‘rona.

        1. Apparently, shoe polish isn’t an effective antiseptic.

  31. Am I the only one thinking the Dems don’t want to pack the courts to allow Socialism, but to make Socialism a “constitutional right” and thus mandated? Who cares who wins elections if the left has their wish list embedded in the Constitution?

    I favor gay marriage, but this sort of thing makes me think the left doesn’t want to make opposing beliefs illegal, that would be authoritarian, they just to allow any elected official who acts on the ‘wrong’ beliefs to be jailed for contempt of court and sued personally afterward. Its totally compatible with Democracy to jail officials who violate human rights, isn’t it?
    The court turned aside a case from Kim Davis, the former Rowan County clerk who was sued after she said her religious convictions kept her from recognizing same-sex marriages, even after the Supreme Court found a constitutional right to those unions in Obergefell v. Hodges. She was briefly jailed over the matter, and her case had attracted national attention.

    Kentucky clerk ordered to jail for refusing to issue same-sex marriage license

    Davis was defeated for reelection, and sued by two same-sex couples for refusing to issue marriage certificates. Her claim of qualified immunity was rejected by a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit.

    1. Kentucky clerk ordered to jail for refusing to issue same-sex marriage license do her fucking job.

      1. You are making my point for me.

        United States Senator ordered to jail for refusing to fund single payer healthcare do her fucking job.

      2. Now do Whitmer.

        1. I might after a lot of beers

    2. She should have just faked a warrant and shot the gay couple in the resulting no knock raid. Then her qualified immunity claim would have been air tight.

  32. In case you missed it:

    Joe Biden didn’t just compromise with segregationists. He fought for their cause in schools, experts say.

    Biden’s role in fighting student busing more than four decades ago has received renewed attention after the 76-year-old presidential candidate touted his ability to compromise with segregationists during his long Senate career. Biden said he disagreed strongly with these Southerners’ views but needed to work with them to get things done. Biden’s comments set off a firestorm among his political rivals and some political analysts, who described his language as offensive and anachronistic.

    But political experts and education policy researchers say Biden, a supporter of civil rights in other arenas, did not simply compromise with segregationists — he also led the charge on an issue that kept black students away from the classrooms of white students. His legislative work against school integration advanced a more palatable version of the “separate but equal” doctrine and undermined the nation’s short-lived effort at educational equality, legislative and education history experts say.

    1. They should be stocking shelves at the grocery store, and not be in school.

  33. Get woke go broke
    “NBA commissioner Adam Silver casually let drop the bombshell news that the NBA will remove the name of the Marxist revolutionary organization Black Lives Matter from its basketball courts and player jerseys next season.”


    Objectivity & perfectionism are apparently synonymous with “racism”. Ironically, this type of “anti-racism” indoctrination is alarmingly racist & ignorant.

  35. Scapegoating the Jews when a bunch of people die? Which party is more literally Nazi?
    “Rounding up the Jews” is an optic that I would never have expected to see in my American lifetime. DeBlasio is a criminal. No wonder he changed his name from Wilhelm. He is an anti-Semite thug piece of shit.


      Outrageous government hosted
      bigotry. When Orthodox Jews are publicly targeted, this is the result.


        After hundreds of left-wing riots this year — in 48 out of 50 major American cities — we have finally found a conservative one.

        Unfortunately for the media, they’re not white supremacists.
        Quote Tweet

        SV News Police cars revolving light
        · 10h
        HAPPENING NOW: Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, New York, set fire to a pile of face masks in protest of lockdown restrictions by @NYGovCuomo

      2. This is incredibly fucked up. I’m not sure how anyone can look in on this and actually think targeting Jews based on their religion somehow makes them the good guys.

        1. But echospinner says it’s not a problem because Orthodox Jews don’t need synagogues!

    2. They always come for the Jews first. It never fails.

      1. It never stops with us, though. Sad that they have never learned that lesson.

    3. they won’t stop BLM but let a Jew have a camp fire and roll out the police


    Out of 70,000+ positive reported COVID-19 cases on Universities:

    3 hospitalizations
    0 deaths

    The killing fields of Cambodia, were just people choking on a few fish bones.

    1. I’ve been there. Bones still percolate up from the ground in the rainy season.

  38. Broke: foreign meddling in US elections invalidates them

    Woke: America May Need International Intervention
    Even Democrats may find it hard to imagine, but the “leader of the free world” would benefit from United Nations oversight.

    1. Make your party the party of UN and foreign oversight. That sounds like a real election winner.

      1. Doesn’t matter. We’re one election from communism and they’re bound to win one eventually, even if it isn’t this year. The masks are off and all the chips are in the center of the table. They aren’t hiding anything, they are just using yelling and fear to keep people worked up.

        It was a good run.

        1. They will eventually. I am however am skeptical their communist dreams will come true. I have more faith in the resiliency of this country than that and less faith in their competence to accomplish anything than that.

          1. They don’t have to be competent to destroy. Look at the people running Venezuela.

            1. When communism rose in other locations, it typically appealed to agrarian and manufacturing types. Men who were used to hard work and sacrifice. Even untrained, those traits make a solid base for a soldier.

              Our commies are useless little cunts who have never experienced any hardship, they’ve never really had to work or sacrifice for anything. They’ve lived entitled, cushy lives. They’ll be useless as soldiers.

              1. Unless they are backed by DAs that allow them to be violent, while prosecuting anyone that tries to defend themselves through 2A.

                Which is so far isolated to certain jurisdictions, but I’m sure Soros has plans for other ones.

              2. No, I think communism always appealed to upper and upper middle class dilettantes. They don’t want to get their hands dirty but love directing the lower classes how to think, eat, what to buy and to stay within their own groups.
                In his book “From Bauhaus to Our House” described how the working class rejected all those “working man” housing projects and were quite happy with individual home ownership and 22 foot Buicks.

                1. It’s driven by the upper middle class trust-fund types, but that machine never ran without a solid blue-collar support base in agriculture and manufacturing. It’s almost always been that way with radical left-wing revolutions. The participation of sailors returning from the War was critical to the Bolsheviks being able to take over the Russian government (this was prior to Kronstadt Rebellion, when that same group conducted an uprising), and Che flat-out said that any communist revolution wouldn’t be able to sustain itself without the support of the hinterlands.

                  This Color Revolution is unique in the fact that the hinterlands don’t support these activities at all. It’s all being conducted by a collusion of largely white upper-middle class professionals in various NGOs and a large number of government offices, mass media corporations, and global megacorps. It’s hardly a “people’s” rebellion.

          2. I did until the lockdowns and mask mandates.

            1. That has shaken my faith in this country more than anything else in my lifetime. That said, there are large areas of the country that are going back to normal regardless of what the government says. And that gives me hope.

        2. Too many guns , too many willing to use them.
          I hope.

          1. See my comment above to Drug Habit.

  39. Re: 1619 project. Like I keep saying, will Maoist struggle sessions make employees more willing or less willing to stand up for their rights against their employer? Will employees be helped or hurt by “you aren’t standing up for your rights; you are protecting privilege”?
    Comcast corporation (NBC), the Pultizer center, Shell Oil, the New York Times, the leading newspaper in the country — at some point you have to recognize that you are telling the narrative the powerful people in America want to hear.

    It could be that you aren’t the only power center, you don’t have complete control of everything, but you’re not an upstart rebel if the most prominent newspaper in the country has you on payroll and is afraid to fact check you, and corporations are lining up to sponsor you.


    NBC Features ‘Undecided’ Voters at Biden Town Hall — After They Appear on MSNBC as Anti-Trump Voters

    1. Ted Koppel used to do this every four years on Nightline. Always had Life Long Republicans swearing that the new R candidate was so extreme they were switching parties. That ended when the internet made fact checking, particularly political donations, easily available. Also user comments boards everywhere. Nowadays the press doesn’t care if they lie to your face with easily disputed factoids. And Big Tech will ban you if you try.


    Oct 5: Biden assures voters worried about socialism that he took on Sanders and defeated him.

    Oct 6: Biden has Bernie Sanders campaign for him.

    Seems like there might be a question or 2 in there.

  42. What is it about the online generation that makes them especially retarded about the basics of property ownership and market economics? Is it the way online material can seem “free”, at least compared to the centuries before 1990 when we had to pay in person for much of our information and entertainment? Is it the upside-down investor strategy that throws money at companies that do not generate actual profits?

    1. That, and participation trophies.

      1. And living at home while mums and daddums pay the freight.

    2. Yet they never seem to criticize their bastions of Democracy, NYT and WaPo hiding behind paywalls? Almost like they are being spoonfed their talking points.

    3. And the progressive march through education.

    4. The 16-20 years of leftist indoctrination with less exposure to the real world than any previous generation may have played a role.

  43. Current frontrunner for mayor of Portland is wearing Mao and other commies on her clothing

    1. Che Guevara shot a 12 year-old boy in front of his father when the father refused to kneel for his own execution. Mao oversaw the collectivization effort that killed at least 40 million people.

      At least if she gets what she wants, she will probably get what she deserves. A bullet in the face. Marxism has never been been kind to stupid cunts who don’t know when to shut up.

    2. Look, I feel for the few normal people left in Portland, but at some point you have to think that they’re getting what they deserve. Why not just wall them off and let them live out their fantasy for a couple of months?

      1. Isn’t there a dam upriver that can be bombed?
        The one good thing about commies in charge, they usually kill as many other commies as they can.

        1. Better: a Dr. Evil type plot to set off Mount Hood. Which will erupt again naturally, but I don’t want to wait that long.

          And we can have similar hopes for SFC and LA. NY and Boston are harder, unless Greta is right about 100 ft of sea level rise by next year.


    Biden raises eyebrows after telling ‘these beautiful young ladies’ he wants to ‘see them dancing when they’re four years older’

    1. At least he didn’t say he wishes he could have seen them dancing four years ago.


    NYT piece on the decline of the venezuelan oil industry & the fall of VZ from being well off to being abjectly poor to the point of starving.

    they never once mention socialism.

    it’s like doing a piece on orbital mechanics and never mentioning gravity.


      Deep down, this is how the radical left views the world. The GDR was one of the WORST Communist regimes and terrorized its population, but for today’s Jacobins that is a price worth paying to establish what is impossible, dangerous, and immoral: i.e., absolute equality.

      1. “Pay no attention to the communist murderers behind the Iron Curtain!”

    Less than 11% of people with federal student debt are repaying their loans during Covid-19
    “During the break from her $500 monthly student loan bill, Morgan Hopkins, the director of political strategies at a national nonprofit, has paid off more than $12,000 in credit card debt and has started saving for a down payment on a house in Philadelphia.
    These months without student loan bills have served as a social experiment, she said: “We’re seeing what’s possible for our generation.”

    Skipping $500/month in student loan payments since March resulted in paying off $12,000 in credit card debt?
    Now I see where 2 + 2 = 5 comes from

    1. Skipping 3k in payments PLUS not being able to go to bars, restaurants, and concerts—nor drive anywhere to do the same—probably had a bit to do with it.

      1. Yeah, it’s pretty incredible how much money they have when they aren’t consooooooooooming non-stop.

  47. How about we interrupt the latest episode of Orange Man Bad and talk about how there are a lot of people out there who want to use COVID as an excuse to turn the country into a nightmare dystopia. This ought to scare the shit out of anyone regardless of politics.

    1. a lot of people out there who want to use COVID as an excuse to turn the country into a nightmare dystopia

      What? You speak as if this has not already happened.


    NY/NJ vs. AZ/FL/GA/TX/Los Angeles County COVID Deaths: 10/3/20

    Data labels shown at:
    – Individual peaks for each entity
    – June 11 waypoint
    – 3 weeks ago
    – 2 weeks ago
    – 1 week ago

    ***Note: NY does not publish Date of Death. By Date of Report, NY is up to 0.64 as of today


      And here is the bigger picture with [Sweden, ] UK, France, and Spain.

      And yes… other Nordic countries did better than the Swedes, but that is not proof lockdowns work. It may just be proof the Swedes should have protected their nursing homes better.


        Sweden: An Update

        This must be getting awkward for Spain, France, and the UK locking down again. Sweden is enjoying open schools, open businesses, and no masks.

        Current daily death rates compared to Sweden:

        Spain 25x
        France 10x
        United Kingdom 7x


          14,542 new UK positives today (06-Oct). Shown here by the specimen date the test was taken, against an arbitrary example scenario of figures doubling every 7 days from 15-Sep. Average line changed to centred following feedback.


    – The burning of the Portland police building was justified

    – I expect to make past $250,000 this year



    Truly remarkable. And most of us don’t give it a second thought.

    You crap in water that someone would literally kill for in other parts of the world.

    Problems? If you’re arguing about pronouns and things that “offend” you, then you don’t have real problems.

  51. A grand jury in Texas has indicted Netflix for the publicity of Cuties, a French drama critical of the over-sexualization of tween and teen girls

    Yeah, we had to destroy the village in order to criticize destroying it.

  52. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives antitrust committee put out a 450-page report on the subject, suggesting that all four companies were too big for their britches and if the law didn’t currently ban their business practices, it should.

    If only those spineless shitweasel Republicans running the House of Representatives had the balls to stand up to Trump, this never would have happened.

  53. schadenfreude for Harris getting exposed on like 17 channels tonight

  54. So four companies that compete tooth and nail for mostly the same market are apparently a monopoly.


    1. When those four companies collude to ensure no other competition arises, yes it is a monopoly. It is no different than what the big three automobile companies did in the 50s to the US market. Sadly, there is no Japanese google waiting out there to kick their asses.

      1. quadropoly? also how about the big3 networks lying to everyone for 80 years

  55. “If I am sent a Stand Alone Bill for Stimulus Checks ($1,200), they will go out to our great people IMMEDIATELY. I am ready to sign right now. Are you listening Nancy?”

    —-President Trump

    He’s refusing to send out checks–four weeks before an election and in the middle of a recession–if it also requires him to bail out the pension programs of California, Illinois, and New York.

    We will probably never see a president do this again in our lifetimes. To see a president in trouble at the polls refuse an opportunity to try to buy the swing voters off with checks is amazing.

    And the payoff could hardly be more libertarian–some 10% of the state workforce has been laid off in this country already, and that, folks, is what it looks like when the government gets smaller.

    If President Trump is reelected, California, Illinois, and New York may never get a bailout. They’ll have to keep cutting spending.

    1. If reason actually believed in anything they said, they would be falling all over themselves to praise Trump for this. The fact that they are not and are just making sad partisan jabs about Trump messing up the stimulus shows what phonies they actually are.

      1. And they won’t hardly mention Trump getting us out of Afghanistan!

      2. Trump is not a libertarian capitalist, but he’s the most libertarian capitalist president we’ve ever had.

        And we haven’t even started talking about his opposition to the Green New Deal–and Biden’s support for it.

        There’s more to being a libertarian capitalist than just international trade and immigration–and outside of those two issues, Trump is slugging home runs left and right for libertarian capitalism.

        1. This.

          Trump is no libertarian, but he arrives at some pretty libertarian decisions. Whether that happens because he spends a lot of time reflecting on libertarian principles or it happens because he shakes his magic 8 ball doesn’t particularly matter.

          I’d prefer someone with principles, but that hasn’t happened in my lifetime and I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

          1. I’d prefer someone with principles,

            It’s stated intentions vs. revealed preferences. At this point, I’d rather have someone revealed as an OK social liberal/fiscal (not) conservative or whatever as opposed to someone who professes to be a libertarian.

    2. I hope its successful. Bailing out California is not a popular platform, and successfully decoupling it in voters minds from a check with cash to them, means it won’t go anywhere.

  56. Still nothing on the smear concocted by the Hillary team to distract from her own illegality which morphed into a coup.

    1. Too local.

    2. nobody wants the Seth Rich treatment

  57. The report is the result of a 16-month-long investigation from the House Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law.

    To rehash a discussion that SQRLSY brought up yesterday; the criminal trial of OJ simpson took 11 mos. to fail to find him guilty. The civil case took 4 to find the exact opposite.

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