No Stimulus Before the Election, Trump Says, but Expect More Spending No Matter Who Wins

It is an abrupt reversal for Trump, who as recently as Saturday had voiced his support for another stimulus package.


President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he was cutting off negotiations with Congress on a new coronavirus stimulus bill until after November's election—but you can expect the federal government to hike spending once more after the election, no matter who wins.

It's an abrupt reversal for Trump, who as recently as Saturday had voiced his support for another stimulus package. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) have spent the past few weeks negotiating the specifics of the proposed package, which follows more than $3.7 trillion in emergency spending approved since March.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday afternoon, Trump said he was asking his negotiators to stand down. Removing the stimulus bill from Congress' preelection agenda will clear the deck for the Senate to focus on confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, something Trump urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) to do.

But Trump's gambit regarding the stimulus bill is an interesting one. On one hand, he's absolutely correct to object to a federal bailout of states. Most states are facing smaller coronavirus-related budget holes than previously expected, and every state should be responsible for its own fiscal condition. It doesn't make sense for the deeply indebted federal government to take on any additional borrowing to help states.

On the other hand, Trump's announcement does not seem to be motivated by a desire for fiscal restraint. Promising a major stimulus after the election—while simultaneously arguing that "the economy is doing very well" sends mixed messages, to say the least.

It also commits the administration to supporting at least $1.6 trillion in new coronavirus spending. If Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins the presidential race and Democrats take the Senate, expect that number to be significantly higher.

Like so much else about the intersection of COVID-19 and the election, Trump's hands are tied by mistakes that were made months ago. Congress passed, and Trump signed, the largest stimulus package in U.S. history just a few months ago.

If that money had been spent more wisely—and The Washington Post has a useful infographic showing how much of it wasn't—perhaps things would be different now. If the economic lockdowns had been handled differently, or if Trump hadn't helped politicize basic public health measures like mask-wearing, maybe the virus would no longer be wreaking as much havoc on the economy. If Republicans hadn't spent four years completely abandoning any interest in fiscal restraint, perhaps the country would be in a better position to take on the debt necessary to confront this mess.

As it stands, however, Democrats are on the front foot when it comes to both the election and the question of how much money to spend. Their answer is "more" and Trump's delay tactics won't do much to prevent the inevitable.

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  1. You predict deficits no matter who wins? Wow never saw that coming.

    1. To be fair, that’s a pretty safe prediction over the last 60 years.

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    2. Predictions? PREDICTIONS?!? I got your predictions right here!

      (OK it is a re-run, but here it is anyway).

      Unlike the rest of you poor slobs, I have a reliable crystal ball! So here goes…

      Late 2020: National debt = 120% of GNP. Donald Trump easily wins re-election by promising a large budget for a new Department of Disputing Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Ancestry, and for Making the Liberals Cry.

      2024: National debt = 130% of GNP. Elizabeth Warren is elected POTUS; She promised a large budget for a new Department for Making the GOP-tards Cry. Elon Musk’s projects are fabulously successful, and Americans are emigrating en masse to Mars. Given the choice of either continuing to pay hideously large fees to the USA IRS, or renouncing America citizenship, the Martians pay $15,000 each to renounce America citizenship, but even the millions of Martian-American exit fees are like micro-farts in a hurricane… They make no difference in the national debt!

      2028: National debt = 150% of GNP. New POTUS Bernie Sanders wins by promising free health care and PhD educations for everyone who can spell the word “free”, plus, a free pony for everyone under 15 years of age. Some USA states are getting ready to split off of the USA, and renounce their “fair” share of the USA debt. Hispanic illegal humans are scrambling for the exits back south, as most employable Americans seek black-market low-wage jobs to escape exorbitant taxes.

      2032: National debt = 230% of GNP. All states have split off of the USA, leaving behind only Washington, DC, with the entire national debt. DC promptly declares bankruptcy. All states with nuclear-weapons bases, having very well learned from Ukraine having given up its share of USSR nukes, and getting invaded by Russia later on, have kept their own nukes.

      2036: Montana and Wyoming unite, feeling a patriotic urge to restore the united USA towards its former fully Glory Days. In a quest for military glory, they have a full-scale nuclear exchange with California. The USA’s needs have now been met: Both the liberals AND the conservatives are forced to cry!

      1. And despite all that the LP still can’t pull more than 4% of the vote and still has no elected members of Congress.

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  2. I don’t know, if one was worried about COVID but then you came down with the illness and you don’t actually get terribly sick or die would your opinion on the ’emergency’ change?

  3. Right, so Trump single-handedly and successfully killed a $3.5 trillion stimulus package–and replaced it with a libertarian nothing–and all you have to say is that he was once open to one?

    Weak sauce.

    President Trump’s primary objection to the stimulus was the bailout of the states–he decided that if there couldn’t be stimulus without a bailout of the states, then there would be no stimulus.

    Good for him!

    And if Trump is reelected, there won’t be a bailout of the states–and California’s, Illinois’, and New York’s outrageous and non-coronavirus related pension obligations.

    If Biden is elected, the rest of the country probably will be bailing out the states.

    That screaming you here as state employees are laid off by the millions is the sound of the government getting smaller. It should be music to every libertarian capitalists’ ear.

    1. Ya mon!

    2. This is a Yeah-But article. As was the previous one.

      Libertarians: Trump just prevented states from bailing out those terrible pensions you have been complaining about.
      Eric: Yeah, but I don’t like Trump so I am going to complain about something else.

      Libertarians: Trump is putting enormous pressure on the government to get out of the way of Vaccine production.
      Bailey: Yeah, but because this could help Trump, it makes Democrat fear mongering seem believable!

      The issue is what it is, but because they hate Trump, they won’t give him credit for it.

      1. Now let’s talk about giving President Trump credit for getting us out of Afghanistan entirely.

        Yeah but . . .

        1. That’s one where I am not giving him credit until he is out. Our peace deal doesn’t even get us out until next year when the next war monger can reverse things.

          As near as I can tell, there are between 8000 and 5000 troops still in Afghanistan. It is noteworthy that we were at 8400 back in 2014. And the US Command has said they are targeting 5000 by the end of November. So despite all his cheerleading, Trump still hasn’t gotten us out of that useless war.

          1. Pretty good incentive to vote Trump then

          2. So despite all his cheerleading, Trump still hasn’t gotten us out of that useless war.

            Now let’s talk about how on July 1, 2020, the Dem-controlled Armed Services Committee overwhelmingly voted in favor of a National Defense Authorization Act amendment to restrict President Trump’s ability to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

            1. I’m pretty sure the position of Commander in Chief trumps (hah!) that. Can Congress actually *force* the President to go to war? I mean, I suppose they can declare one, but I don’t think that means the President has to actually command the troops into the theater.

              Fucking warmonger Democrats.

              1. They did it in response to the peace deal he negotiated with the Taliban and his pulling troops out in accordance with that deal.

                Yes, all the warmongers hate President Trump. They have from day one. They hated him for not going to war in Syria, and they hate him for doing his best to end the war in Afghanistan.

              2. I’m pretty sure the position of Commander in Chief trumps (hah!) that.

                Technically, he can order out all the troops now–the problem is transporting them and all the materiel costs money. Money that has to be allocated by Congress.

                Liz Cheney and that rat-fuck piece of shit Jason Crow–who’s the rep of my old district and actually moved into the Stapleton neighborhood specifically so he could run there–put in the amendment to deny any funding for withdrawal.

                This is why bipartisanship is overrated.

    3. Word.

    4. The fact that Donald Trump is advocating for no stimulus before the Election is rather disgusting, imho. He’s a devious person who pulls rank whenever the hell he can, which is pretty damned often.

      1. “The fact that Donald Trump is advocating for no stimulus before the Election is rather disgusting”

        I guess you’ll just have to find a job where you can be useful to other people–instead of sucking blood out of their backs like a parasite.

    5. Please. Trump doesn’t care about any of that. His primary objection was he didn’t think it was helping his campaign, period.

      As for “If Biden is elected, the rest of the country probably will be bailing out the states.” – please. Wealthy states (mostly Democratic ones) have been bailing out the poorer ones for the last century. That’s part of being in The “United” States.

      1. “Please. Trump doesn’t care about any of that. His primary objection was he didn’t think it was helping his campaign, period.”

        Trump has been refusing to sign off on Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion stimulus for months now–specifically because it bails out the pension systems of California, Illinois, and New York, and I’ve been writing about it here in comments every step of the way.

        And he referenced again in his tweet announcing that he was giving up on negotiations–and why.

        “Nancy Pelosi is asking for $2.4 Trillion Dollars to bailout poorly run, high crime, Democrat States, money that is in no way related to COVID-19.”

        —-President Trump on Twitter

        And the idea that it will help his campaign to not spend $2.4 trillion is ridiculous. I’d love to live in your strange universe where refusing to spend money in the middle of a recession with a pandemic as an excuse and four weeks before an election could help your campaign with swing voters, but that’s never been the case. The way to get reelected has been to spend more and more money since the days of the Roman republic.

        The fact is that Nancy Pelosi was offering him an opportunity to send voters another round of $1,000+ checks if Trump would sign off on bailing out the states, and President chose to walk away and do nothing instead. From a libertarian capitalist perspective, that’s exactly what we wanted him to do, and if we want to make sure the states aren’t bailed out in the name of “stimulus”, then we better hope that President Trump is reelected.

        1. Ken, you’re replying to a leftist.
          The latter part of his comment gives it away.

        2. So how does this pan out compared to Presidents Obama and Bush before him, in terms of total trillions added to national debt per prez term?

  4. In all fairness, I probably couldn’t get too much stimulus from Pelosi either.

    1. You haven’t fully lived until you’ve been sucked dry by gums softened by years of dentures cackling in glee.

      1. She’ll suck your soul out of you.

        1. got those ridiculously large things on the front of her which I’ve heard some people enjoy idkwtf

          1. Say what you will about Nancy Pelosi; that woman has a great rack.

            1. Word


              Father Time is undefeated. The above image is her with JFK at some formal something or other. Pretty enough.

              Odds that JFK found out more about her rack than that picture showed?

  5. Looks like Nancy ‘Like my hair’ Pelosi lost all her leverage. See Boehm the Buffoon trying to defend her. Pathetic.

    1. I don’t know about that. Now it looks like Trump owns “no stimulus.” All Pelosi has to say is that she tried to get you a stimulus check, but mean old Trump shut it down. When no stimulus bill passes, it’s now on Trump. Looks like he’s the one with no leverage here.

      1. if he’s going to lose anyway, then he took one for the team.

  6. It seems like things keep getting worse and worse.

    Now Eddie Van Halen is dead.

    : (

    1. Oh my.

    2. RIP, Eddie 🙁

      1. To be clear… NOT caused by decades of chain smoking, but a metal guitar pick he held in his mouth while on stage.

        1. And years of exposure to that human cartoon, David Lee Roth.

        2. Yeah, unless the pick was made from cadmium, you can’t get cancer from a metal pick. I am gonna guess it was probably a combination of smoking, drinking, and eating out questionable groupies.

          1. But what a way to get cancer. Didn’t Michael Douglas claim his throat cancer was because he loved oral sex?

            1. Uh – oh!

    3. Yeah, that one hurts. My first VH album: Women & Children First.

      1. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, IIRC.

      2. I had the first, self titled album.

    4. Van Halen @The Spectrum March 1984

      Van Hagar several times but who cared … Eddie Fucking Van Halen!

      sad face.

        1. I was super in love with my math teacher in 1984 too…

            1. Just listening to that on Amazon Prime music.

            2. go that way really fast. if something gets in your way, turn.

              1. It’s a damn shame when folks go throwing a way a perfectly good white boy.

                1. (Cosell voice) “a study … in mopishness …”

                  1. I want my 2 dollars!

                    1. God haven’t seen that movie in ages. My deceased brother was a huge John Cusack fan.

                    2. Well, on one of the few plus sides they didn’t live to see what a jackass Cusack became. Not much of a plus side, I suppose.

                    3. He died 9 years ago, so…

      1. My garage band. The one song we could nail was Ain’t Talkin Bout Love.

        1. I been to the edge
          And there I stood and looked down
          You know I lost a lot of friends there, baby
          I got no time to mess around

          1. Straight rock back beat on drums. Rolling fills. Put some energy into it.

            Loved it. Someone just reminded me of his garage band song Ice Cream Man. Kicking up a blues riff to a whole new level.

    5. Terrible music

      1. Don’t fuck with us Gen Xers, I just read on Wikipedia we are cynical, so we’ll get you.
        BTW I am not fucking cynical, except about politics, the economy, market forces, market prices, foreign policy, kids ability to learn, the average person’s ability to grasp simple subjects, etc. But other than that I am not fucking cynical.
        And the only thing worse you can do besides make fun of Eddie is to bad mouth John Hughes or Steven Spielberg. You’ve been warned.

        1. Oh and just for the record, Courtney killed or hired the killing of Kurt.

          1. In some ways, Eddie Van Halen and Kurt Cobain were total opposites. Eddie was one of the virtuoso guitar giants (along with Randy Rhoads, Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen, etc.) that ushered in the hair metal era of the 80s and made the guitar solo an essential part of each song. Cobain wasn’t a very good guitar player and didn’t do solos. With Nirvana’s rising popularity, the guitar solo went the way of the Dodo. So what Eddie started, Cobain sort of killed off.

            1. But Courtney still killed Kurt. Suicide my ass.

            2. I would believe Epstein killed himself before I believe Kurt did.

          2. There was no heroin found in Cobain’s body, the killer sucked most of it out but had to take a restroom break.

        2. As a fellow GenX, I do have to say that Goonies gets a little slow on a rewatch. The copious swearing makes it worth it though.

          1. How dare you? Just for that you have to do the Truffle Shuffle.

            1. As an aside I had forgotten that Martha Plimpton was in that movie.

              1. The brain will often spare itself from traumatic stimuli…

                Whatever happened to her career, anyway?

                1. Dwindled away after Raising Hope went off the air.

          2. You speak ill of the Goonies again and I will……be sad.

          3. The goonies sucked

            1. I would expect something that stupid to come from your alter ego but not from you.

      2. it’s okay. not everyone was once an American teenage boy.

      3. And duck you should. Oh did a drum stick slip out of my hand and strike you somewhere?

        Is this a traditional battle of the bands? Traditional right? OK let’s see your candidate. Coldplay perhaps.

        Lol. No harm intended.

        1. Nickelback?

        2. Pink Floyd

          1. careful with that axe, Eugene

    6. Fuck. Eddie too? Paco de Lucia, Paul Barrere . Who’s next Billy Gibbons? All of my guitar heroes dropping like flies. I wasn’t even entirely over Jimi yet.

      1. Jimi, hell I am still trying to get over Buddy and Ritchie and they augered in 17 years before I was born.

      2. If you miss Paco, you might enjoy Rodrigo y Gabriela. This set includes a killer cover of Orion. I always thought metal and flamenco have much in common (besides the Phrygian mode) and this duo showcases that nicely.

        1. That is so awesome. Damn.

  7. Art of the Deal.
    Always be prepared to walk away.

    1. Even if swarms of voters are hoping you don’t. No, wait.

    2. Yup

  8. Remember Van’s? Remember the Van’s checkered french legion hat? The 80s were the best decade to grow up in, and anybody who says different is just a hater.

    1. Or grew up with good music.

      1. You don’t know good music unless you slowed dance at your junior high dance to a monster guitar ballad. And copped a feel of her ass while the chaperones heads were turned.

        1. Best guitar ballads to slow dance to?
          I’ll start: Love Hurt’s, Heaven, and my favorite (not really a romantic song) Home Sweet Home.

          1. And of course, especially today “why can’t this be love?”.

            1. Or better yet Love Walks In

              1. Sexiest guitar part of all time is in Wicked Game by Chris Issak.

                1. Played by this guy, also deceased.

                2. Good song.

            2. “Only time will tell if we stand the test of time.” Ugh.

              I guess the guitar was so good that the lyrics didn’t matter.

        2. I love ya, SoldierMedic, but rock ballads are an unholy chimera- a poor, mutated thing that lives in misery. The long hair glam rock ballads were the bad part of the eighties, and I prefer to never hear any of it again. Ever. And I also don’t want to ever have to listen to “hello from the other side” ever again.

          1. They were great for copping a feel at junior high dances. And hair bands were great. Sorry have to disagree with you on that. And I mostly listen to shit kicking country western and 90s alternative, which is also almost country. I mean hell Sheryl Crow and Darrius Rucker have both gone almost straight country (although there is a rumor Hootie might be doing a reunion tour). Hell even Rob Thomas has recorded a country song and Gwen Stefani’s latest hits have only been because of duets she’s done with Blake. And modern country is barely country, outside a few isolated cases.

            1. Gwen Stefani’s latest hits have only been because of duets she’s done with Blake.

              I have to admit, she’s done a hell of a job maintaining that “cool older college sister” style of hers for years, despite the fact that she’s now on the wrong side of 50.

              1. Fuck, there is very few modern younger singers who could match how sexy she was in the Don’t Speak video.

              2. “I have to admit, she’s done a hell of a job maintaining that “cool older college sister” style of hers for years, despite the fact that she’s now on the wrong side of 50.”
                Yeah, back off- I saw her first.

                1. I hear Blake is a big time hunter and owns many guns and bows, he may have a word or two to say about who gets first dibs.

                  1. And also a really large ranch in Oklahoma to hide the bodies.

            2. I waited for “Night Moves” by Bob Seager to make my move. Also “you got that loving feeling”, etc. I don’t need crossdressers to set the mood.

              1. If we are going to go with the Top Gun soundtrack, Take my Breath Away.

                1. And BTW Kelly McGillis did not age at all well, whereas Tom Cruise bathes in the blood of virgins and that is why he never appears to age (another Scientology secret). This is also how he ended up marrying Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes despite being a demented leprechaun.

                  1. And talked Kidman into nearly destroying her career by making a boring as hell soft core porn movie.

                  2. Tom Cruise is the best movie star of all time.
                    Dude is awesome. He’s Michael Jordan.
                    Yes, completely nuts – but that’s what it takes, and I respect it.
                    Kelly McGillis was never hot. Doable in Top Gun, but not hot.

    2. i still wear vans.

    3. Vans, Op shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, a coral necklace, and the Surf Punks.

      1. Underneath the Hawaiian button up should be “Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax” t-shirt.

        1. “That was my skull!”

          1. There should be a surf poncho at the ready.

            I hate Corona.

            I hate crappy beer anyway, but by handing out those Corona surf ponchos with the logo on them like they AOL CDs, they ruined the surf poncho forever.

            You go look for a surf poncho these days, and it’s like they don’t even know what that is anymore.

            I don’t know WTF this is supposed to be:


            . . . but is sure as hell isn’t a surf poncho.

            1. Yeah..,no. I don’t know what the hell that is.

              We wore ponchos as warmups when getting ready to play futbol in high school. Or when getting ready to get back on the bus. It needs to be scratchy, patchwork looking, and bought at the local Mexican flea market. Looked like tents on the 5’5″ indios I played with; like a smock on my 6 foot fat ass.

              I’ve never seen the Corona ones you were talking about. Must be a SoCal thing.

    4. It wasn’t all that. Actually it sucked ass.

      1. Is anyone else surprised that Juice didn’t like the 80s?

        1. This, right here, what you see before you, is, in fact, my shocked face :-0

          1. I know, right?

  9. Many states cut their own necks when they shut everything down to placate the masters who created a fake pandemic. Are millions dying? Not even close as so many deaths labeled Covid-19 were not actually directly related to the thing. The Democrats want big bucks to bail out their poorly run and over promised pension funds and all kinds of other goodies to support more Marxism and another shut down of states.

  10. So Trump saved us another 2.4 trillion (for now at least). Pretty soon Reason might have to point out that Biden is the bigger threat on spending.

    1. You don’t understand how this works:

      Commentariate: Trump?
      Reason: Godawful on Spending! He’s terrible,

      Commentariate: Biden wants to spend us into the ground.
      Reason: They are both pretty bad.

    2. No one cares. Deficits don’t matter.

      1. What’s a “deficit”?

  11. “No Stimulus Before the Election”

    Of course not, a blue pill works just as well…oh, wait, you said *election,* never mind.

    1. What did you think this was, Japan?

    2. Cialis is better, it works up to 24 hrs, so allows more spontaneouity. Just saying, not that I’ve ever needed them. Heard it from a friend, I swear. My little soldier never has failed to stand at attention when called on… Really, I swear.

  12. FREAK-EN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100+ new bonus points for President Trump!! Holy cow; when the last time any president stood up to runaway spending… Trump is so awesome!

    1. He’s not standing up to runaway spending. He said he’ll sign it after the election.

      This is the guy that wanted to spend a $92,000,000 on a tank parade. He doesn’t care about spending.

      It’s not his money. He spent his whole life borrowing and spending and borrowing more, what else is new?

      1. Brian doesn’t have friends.

        1. You spent the whole day looking up my comments just to respond to them. Who doesn’t have friends, now?

  13. It’s easy to be generous with other people’s money. These fools are literally enslaving their children, grand children, great grand children, etc.

    1. (Boomer) Fuck it, we’ll be dead. (/Boomer)

      1. The COVID will kill us all!

    2. No they’re not. Deficits don’t matter.

      1. I think you are right about this.

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  15. He knows that every unemployed person out there, and many employed people, need the stimulus desperately. And they all know that if he loses there’ll be no stimulus at all until January 2021, because he’s a petty bitch.

    He’s basically bribing the American people, offering to pay for votes.

    1. Talk to your governor, bitch.

      1. I talked to your mom instead, she gave me the stimulus I needed.

  16. Since Schumer, Pelosi and company have gone all in to halt/delay Senate approval of Barrett’s confirmation until after the election (and longer), Trump is wise to halt negotiations with them on the virus relief legislation (that Dems insist upon including billions of bailout dollars for Democrat states) until after the election.

    This also further increases the likelihood that Barrett will be confirmed by the Senate before the election.

    1. You have terrible priorities.

  17. It absolutely seems that this is the drugs talking. Roid Trump has already walked this back after the stock market crashed and Democratic politicians spent the day on TV barely containing their glee over the political gift he gave them.

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