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Trump May Tank TikTok Deal With Oracle Because Government Doesn't Get a Cut

Plus: Bill Barr has lost his mind, Salt Lake City officer who ordered dog to bite black man charged, and more...


It's looking more and more like a TikTok deal won't be reached before President Donald Trump's executive order against the app's parent company, ByteDance, takes effect next week.

For a moment, it looked like at least a compromise on TikTok might be had. But Trump is upset that the U.S. government wouldn't get a cut for brokering a deal between TikTok parent company ByteDance and potential U.S. buyer Oracle. (And by brokering, we mean banning a foreign product unless the owner sells it to a U.S. company.) Trump also had concerns that it's not an outright acquisition but a loosely defined "partner" situation between ByteDance and Oracle.

From the Associated Press:

President Donald Trump said he expects to get a report Thursday about Oracle's bid for the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok and admitted there is no legal path to letting the U.S. Treasury get a cut of the deal—a proposition experts had criticized as unprecedented and possibly illegal.

"I'm not prepared to sign off on anything. I have to see the deal," Trump told White House reporters Wednesday evening about Oracle's interest in TikTok.

The president seems to have lost enthusiasm for the deal, in part, after realizing there was no cut for the federal government. "Amazingly, I find that you're not allowed to do that," Trump said. "If they're willing to make big payments to the government they're not allowed because … there's no legal path to doing that. … How foolish can we [the United States] be?"

Very foolish, it seems, and heading down a dangerous path.

"The Trump administration's decision to force the sale of TikTok to a U.S. buyer is, to many, the latest sign the global internet is splintering into national and regional blocs," suggests University of Washington professor Huatong Sun.

"This has been a concern for several years now, as authoritarian countries such as Russia, China and Iran erect walls around their cyberspace, and democracies like the U.S., India and the European Union cite national security when blocking specific foreign companies like ByteDance's TikTok and Tencent's WeChat."

The administration did assure U.S.-based TikTok employees (in response to a recent lawsuit) that they won't be in trouble for continuing to be paid by the company.

On Monday evening, "the Department of Justice filed court papers stating that the Department of Commerce will not enforce the Executive Order to prohibit the payment of wages, salaries, or benefits to TikTok employees, or bring any civil or criminal actions against such employees simply for doing their jobs," announced the Blackstone Law Group.

The Justice Department also said in a court filing this week that the Commerce Department "does not intend to take actions that would target persons or groups whose only connection with WeChat is their use or downloading of the app to convey personal or business information between users."

The WeChat clarification comes after a nonprofit group called the U.S. WeChat Users Alliance "and several people who say they rely on the app for work, worship, and staying in touch with relatives in China sued to stop the ban in federal court in California," CNBC reports:

The suit says the ban violates its U.S. users' freedom of speech, free exercise of religion, and other constitutional rights.

The WeChat users, who say they are not affiliated with WeChat or its parent company, Tencent, are seeking an injunction against the order, and a hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

All of this makes Trump's order concerning TikTok and WeChat less bad, but still quite bad.


  • The proposed response to D.C. protesters in Lafayette Square this June turns out to be more insane than it appeared at first:

  • U.S. District Court Judge Allison Nathan is ordering all federal prosecutors in New York's Southern District "to read a ruling she issued Wednesday that blasts prosecutors for their handling of evidence in a criminal case involving alleged violations of sanctions against Iran" and questions the "completeness of the government's account of why prosecutors failed to turn over one key piece of evidence to the defense until the middle of trial." More here from Politico.
  • "While past elections suggest that Asian Americans have moved significantly toward the Democratic Party, this year's results show that some groups are moving to the right," notes NBC News.

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  1. Leftist Reason writers head to Twitter (of course) for some cope.

    1. People who think they are smart are very annoying to those of us who are.

      1. Lol, from the replies:
        "When you're referring to Reason Magazine nowadays, you're supposed to put the "libertarian" bit in quotes"

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      They’re still waiting, 6+ years on, for
      & I to “admit” we’re just at Reason to try and get left-leaning media jobs ????

      "I'm too terrible to get hired by even the worst A,B, and C list publications! Suck it haters!"

      1. Why did she bother bringing Robby Goodhair into it? The only thing he really gets dinged for by the commenters is his "to be sure" tic that seems to filter into most of his articles. But he's got as many defenders as detractors, and even the latter will admit that he's done a lot of good work.

        1. Why did she bother bringing Robby Goodhair

          Credibility. Sort of a Motte and Bailey

        2. Yeah, odd choice.

    5. Was this due to the response to his whinging article yesterday about violent rioters being threatened with sedition charges?

      1. Not sure about sedition...but they surely could indict those ham sandwiches for something.

      2. When a mob of people tries to burn down a city, including police stations and federal courthouses, for 100 days in row, and the local mayor joins the protesters, and the local DA refuses to prosecute the vandals, arsonists, and rebels, sedition seems like an appropriate charge.

        1. No, it does not. The rioters who were actually caught engaging in arson should be charged with arson.

          The voters can vote out the incompetent mayor and D.A., if they feel they are not doing a good job.

          1. You lied about this "the Pentagon has refused to deploy because they thought it is too cruel"

            and when asked for a cite you posted on that didn't say that.

            1. Not true, but an understandable oversight on your part, considering I was asked about it in more than one place on this page:


              1. yeah we already addressed that that does not support your claim and that is in fact why you're a liar so you're going to need to come up with an actual citation because that isn't one

              2. Says nothing about pentagon not using the weapon dummy.

                1. "The military has spent millions on the weapon hoping it could become a less-lethal crowd control option. Yet, other than tests on luckless journalists and military volunteers, the devices have never been used."

            2. By the way, “you didn’t respond to my comment” arguments are kind of silly. Conversations here in the commentariat aren’t like real conversations. People pop in and out during the day, and miss seeing things other commenters have said. (And also get lost in following the little vertical lines.)

              1. I don't care what you think is silly you're a liar and you post the same way the same article that didn't prove your point meaning you know you're a liar you got caught lying and you're continuing to lie even after you've been caught

                1. Of course, I, Tulpa am pretty silly. And I lie a lot.

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    7. Thank you all for participating in our morning Two-Minute Hate against the Reason staff.

      1. No one made them whine like you.


      3. Did you even read the utter nonsense above?

        1. The nonsense where Old Engineer said Reason writers all just aspire to get hired by liberal media? And then the Reason writers laughed at how nonsensical what Old Engineer’s comment is.

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            1. Who is Dee, by the way?

              Also, by the way, this is better than, “Quack quack”, or whatever it is you used to write.

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          2. yes we are mocking the reason writers and you for being completely out of touch, yes

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    10. Jim Kramer
      Replying to

      I like how this is so smug it overlooks the fact that unlike some of your other colleague you don’t have the chops to get called up to the big leagues. Lol the Atlantic isn’t gonna hire your rapidly aging ass.

      1. Harsh, but fair.

        I could see Robby getting a call up, depending on how butthurt TPTB are still about his Rolling Stone debunking.

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  2. (And by brokering, we mean banning a foreign product unless the owner sells it to a U.S. company.)

    HE BROUGHT ALL THE PARTIES TO THE TABLE! That's Nobel material work right there.

  3. I feel sick, violated. I don't know it makes me sick.

    1. You are sick.

      1. Right, he is sick, not the guy who sexually assaults women, by his own admission, by grabbing them by the pussy.

        1. "WHAT ABOUT TRUMP!"

          1. Still trailing Clinton and JFK for BJs in the Oval Office.

            1. We don't know that for sure.

              1. Shut the fuck up Dee.

          2. I was told by the media and left after Tara Reade that we should no longer be concerned about this.

            Just following orders.

            1. So, you don’t have your own standards for how men should behave. Got it.

              1. they shouldn't claim the pentagon did something for a reason then when asked to cite it utterly fail and then pretend they were only talking about the action and that they werent actually talking about the reason they couldn't cite

        2. "the guy who sexually assaults women, by his own admission"


          1. You are joking, right? You are unaware that Trump said this?

            1. so no cite?

            2. Dee doesn’t know what “let” means.

        3. " his own admission, by grabbing them by the pussy."

          By your admission, you are full of shit.

          1. I know you are too smart to be unaware of Trump’s statement about grabbing women by the pussy. You are smart enough to know you have no leg to stand on here in saying I am “full of shit”.

            1. you're completely full of shit

              1. Dee doesn’t know what “let” means.

        4. "the guy who sexually assaults women, by his own admission, by grabbing them by the pussy"

          This is where, yet again, TWK exposes the fact that he's here to shill for the left, and abandons his shtick that he provides a voice of temperance and moderation.

          Trump said that if you're famous women LET you grab them by the pussy. Trump explicitly stated consent is given. Everyone knows this, the line is famous.
          But here's TWK lying about it and implying assault.

          You're such a dishonest piece of shit, TWK.

          1. Wow, what an apologist. My criticism of Trump and the right in no way makes me a supporter of the left.

            1. Right but you're a proven liar

            2. He didnt say that dummy. He said you weren't neutral.

              You accuse anyone who doesn't orange man bad after every word, tweet or sneeze as to being a trump cultist.

            3. You didn't "criticize" anything. You deliberately lied about something he said.
              That's what demagoguery is, not criticism.

              Quit pretending you're not what you obviously are.

              1. He’s a bird named Dee.

        5. >> sexually assaults women, by his own admission

          "they LET YOU grab them by the pussy." goddam dude.

          1. Full quote: "I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything."

            Note Trump says: (a) "I just start kissing them."; (b) "I don't even wait." The full quote gives the context that (a) he is saying he is talking about something he actually does, not something he could hypothetically do; (b) he doesn't ask for their consent.

  4. CNN has obtained documents reported by NPR that show D.C. National Guard was asked by military officer whether his unit had a "heat ray" that could be used on protesters at Lafayette Square on June 1, when Trump held Bible outside church...

    That military officer? Scott Summers.

    1. Also known as a flame thrower.

      1. It's a simple radar system. Well not simple, but only uses RF waves.

      2. No, not a flame thrower.

        Active Denial System

        The Active Denial System (ADS), is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military,[2] designed for area denial, perimeter security and crowd control.[3] Informally, the weapon is also called the heat ray[4] since it works by heating the surface of targets, such as the skin of targeted human beings.

        The ADS works by firing a high-powered (100 kW output power)[13] beam of 95 GHz waves at a target, which corresponds to a wavelength of 3.2 mm.[14] The ADS millimeter wave energy works on a similar principle as a microwave oven, exciting the water and fat molecules in the skin, and instantly heating them via dielectric heating. One significant difference is that a microwave oven uses the much lower frequency (and longer wavelength) of 2.45 GHz. The short millimeter waves used in ADS only penetrate the top layers of skin, with most of the energy being absorbed within 0.4 mm (​1⁄64 inch),[15] whereas microwaves will penetrate into human tissue about 17 mm (0.67 inch).[16]

        1. Come November, and the "protestors" not close enough to the peacefully burning buildings will wish for some heat ray treatment.

    2. CNN has obtained documents reported by NPR

      If they have the documents, why is it significant that it was reported by NPR? Why write in a purposefully convoluted way like this other than they have something they are trying to obfuscate?

      1. Probably because they have something they are trying to obfuscate.

      2. backup for when it blows up

    3. Imagine this: Reading an Acosta tweet that spouts of this X-men fan fiction as something pertinent to your readership.

      Then posting it. What am I supposed to glean from this?

      1. That ENB will post anything, no matter how untenable, as long as it's orangemanbad.

        1. OrangeManbad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He Make America Great Again!

          We KNOW He can Make America Great Again, because, as a bad-ass businessman, He Made Himself and His Family Great Again! He Pussy Grabber in Chief!

          See The Atlantic article by using the below search-string in quotes:
          “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” or this one…

          He pussy-grab His creditors in 7 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me realty schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

          All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

          Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

          Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

          We CAN grab all the pussy, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER grab our pussies right back!

          These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can pussy-grab all of the people some of the time, and you can pussy-grab some of the people all of the time, but you cannot pussy-grab all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will pussy-grab you right back!

          1. SQRLSY One
            July.2.2020 at 5:11 pm
            Port-a-potties ARE buffets


            1. You're the only one laughing at your stupid jokes, LOL-head! Any idiot can quote shit out of context! And only YOU are actually an expert at EATING the shit that you spout! LOL indeed!

              1. SQRLSY One
                August.11.2020 at 9:26 pm
                Yes I eat feces

              2. no I laugh

                1. Simple, stupid things amuse simple, stupid minds! Who knew?!?!

                  (I was talking about adults here.)

                  1. SQRLSY One
                    July.2.2020 at 5:11 pm
                    Port-a-potties ARE buffets


                    1. Lol. It’s funny because you eat poop.

                  2. Speaking of non-adults, here's Tulpoopy! Goo-goo-gah-gah, Tulpoopy need diaper changed?

                    1. "SQRLSY One
                      July.2.2020 at 5:11 pm
                      Port-a-potties ARE buffets"


                    2. You offering to change his diaper so you can eat the poop out of it?


  5. U.S. District Court Judge Allison Nathan is ordering all federal prosecutors in New York's Southern District "to read a ruling she issued Wednesday that blasts prosecutors..."

    Writ of Copious Henpecking.

    1. This is great now apply the hen pecking at all procecuters that falsify and with hold evidence. *cough kamala *cough.
      But in reality he pecking is all the judge can do, I mean it's not like there is a law against procecuters lying, commiting fraud, blackmailing, and doctoring evidence.

  6. Did reason become extra stupid over the last couple of years? No.. serious question...

    Because our nice little summary thinks asking the national guard if they have a "heat ray" for crowd control is insane.

    How could you possibly not know about the microwave heat ray crowd control devices? We have covered them here more than once, for crying out loud. The idea is that they transmit microwave energy that heats up the surface layers of the skin, causing discomfort and making people leave an area. The army bought them for protecting bases and embassies and such. Asking if they had those would not be crazy... particularly if you are trying to avoid messy and telegenic "clear the rioting crowd" tactics like tear gas.

    1. That crowd wasn't rioting when they attacked and set upon for a political photo op. God damn man.

      1. That's just a complete non-sequitur.

        Asking about crowd control capabilities, the decision of when to deploy them, and how they were in fact deployed are all separate things.

        Pretending that "because photo op" is the only factor involved is just straw manning the whole thing. There was actual, no-shit arson just a few feet from that location only hours earlier. It would not be unreasonable or even overtly fascist to ask "what tools do we have available to disperse these crowds" if they get out of control.

        Among those tools would also be a stockpile of M18 machine guns. Now, that would be a crappy tool for the job, but it would indeed clear the square. So would M1-A1 tanks. A half-battalion of infantry with bayonets fixed would do the job pretty quickly. But all of those options were quickly dismissed.

        There is absolutely nothing unreasonable about asking about crowd control tools when you have a potential for a crowd to get out of control.

        You can argue about whether you should deploy them when crowds are merely throwing bottles of water at authorities, but pretending that asking about the availability of tools that are less lethal than the m-16 being held by the guard at the white house gate is somehow a sign of great evil is just plain mendacious.

        1. Jesus dude, all I said was the crowd wasn't rioting. I didn't even mention the heat ray thing. You're just desperate to argue your point about it's no big deal to ask if the heat ray was handy.

          1. So you are too stupid to even read the post you are replying to... twice?

            Ok then.

            1. Ok I've reread it and I you didn't actually say the crowd was rioting. You referred to a theoretical rioting crowd. My mistake.

          2. A heat ray the Pentagon has refused to deploy because they thought it is too cruel.

              1. Yeah, I have not seen anything to that effect.

                They even use it on the top brass in the promotional video I linked below.

                They in fact did deploy it to the middle east, but apparently have not used it, if the wiki is to be believed. No reason given for that.

                1. I read your cite and the only critic of it that comes close to calling it cruel is a private researcher for an anti torture advicacy group

                  "Others contended it would inevitably be used as a torture device.

                  “It seems fundamentally a weapon that’s designed to create a great deal of pain and fear,” Douglas A. Johnson, then the executive director of the Center for Victims of Torture, told the Sacramento Bee in 2004."

                  Not one mention that it IS cruel, just sepculation about possible uses, and nothing from the Pentagon.

                  Find a cite that says whay you claim or admit you lied.

                  1. “Cruel” is my own wording.

                    1. so you were lying

                2. I rwad your link.

                  It doesn't appear to me to aupport your assertions about what the Pentagon said.

                  Normally you quote the section that contains the relevant info.

                  This time you didn't.

                  I'm sure that was just an oversight.

                  1. The hilarious thing is that it is just a anti torture group complaining it could be used for torture. So can knives and fire. The pentagon uses both of those. It isn't even tangentially a defense of his claim.

                    1. The VERY hilarious thing is that Mike knows he is caught, it's why he went silent.

                    2. He'll be back later tonight, after the thread's dead, to get the last word in without as much fear of being called out.
                      It's his SOP

                    3. It says right in the article that the military has never actually used the device, except on test subjects. You didn’t read it.

                    4. lol you said they didnt use it because its cruel and now that you got caught lying you move the goalpasts we totally caught you

            1. Sorry, no. Deployed in Afghanistan and other hotspots (sorry, couldn't resist the pun) since 2010. It is no more cruel than a water cannon.

              1. Cite?

                1. you first, the link you provided doesnt support yiur claim

                2. Even the Wikipedia article (that's already been linked to repeatedly in this thread) notes that it was deployed to Afghanistan. If you're not willing to read the cites already made available to you, why should we think that more will change your mind?

                  1. The very same Wikipedia article says it was never used in Afghanistan. That is what I meant by “deployed”, but, yes, it was deployed as in shipped over there (but was never actually used).

              2. They've also used it in many test events with various troops.

                1. Yes, it has been tested on test subjects. It has never actually been used for crowd control or against any enemy. Only tested n volunteers.

                  1. But not because it is cruel dummy.

                    1. "The dozens who signed up all came away with a similar conclusion: The weapon, officially called an Active Denial System, is brutally painful."

            2. "A heat ray the Pentagon has refused to deploy because they thought it is too cruel."

              By your own admission, you are full of shit.

              1. See cite above.

                1. Your cite above doesn't contain that claim liar.

                2. I did. It doesn't say what you said.

                  1. He only read the google search term and saw WaPo and just guessed it claimed what he googled. It's his typical behavior.

                    1. The thing is, he's usually verbose to a fault, and this time, suspiciously, he threw up a link and ghosted.

                      I'd say he knows he doesn't have it.

                    2. He doesn't have it because it is an active pentagon program.

                    3. D-Pizzle, it's called working.

            3. Well this is just ignorant and dumb.

      2. "It's not fair for my enemies to be prepared for the attacks of my allies!"

        1. Nice.

          I appreciate succinct.

      3. They were throwing iced water bottles at police at the time of the occurrence. Per park police.

        1. So, they just wanted to use the heat ray to defrost the ice.

          1. They would use the ADS to disperse the crowd, it creates a regional field to get people to leave an area. Why are you so dumb about things?

            Mind if I chuck a bottle of ice at you?

            1. Preferably at 3200 ft/s

        2. And if you still are in the "that's BS, they are totally Nazis!" camp, just ask yourself this...

          Let's say you are at the local high school football game Friday night. You decide to just chuck a bottle of water at the cop standing by the gate to the field. You hit the cop in the chest with the bottle of water.

          What happens?

          Does he just stand there?

          Or do you get arrested, counting yourself lucky that you didn't get a beat-down to go with your arrest?

          Put that same interaction at the local mall. Chuck a bottle at the cop as he walks past Hot Topic. Think you just walk away?

          1. I say just declare them outlaws, and say nobody will be arrested or prosecuted for dealing with them as anybody may see fit.

            1. I am actually a little worried that we are headed to a place where a police department somewhere declares that they will not protect the mayor or local prosecutors.

              In some cities the mayor and the prosecutor's office have pretty much declared war on the police, giving them completely un-achievable missions like "go stand outside and protect city hall, but don't use any crowd control tools and don't touch anyone", then releasing anyone who they do happen to arrest for assaulting an officer, then prosecuting officers for doing things that are clearly legal and within their job description.... Pretty soon something is going to break.

              Surrounding communities around Portland already told the governor where to stick it when he "requested" that they help police Portland. They said they would not put their officers in harm's way only to have anyone they arrest immediately released to come back and attack them again.

              Atlanta lost their police chief over the reaction to the arrest and shooting of a drunk driver who assaulted an officer and took his weapon. They almost had an open revolt on the force. It probably would only take one more push to take them over the edge.

              I'm assuming that 90% of this is down to election year political positioning, and thus it will disappear after the election. But if it doesn't... .look out.

              1. Open declaration, when it's their specific job to protect those officials? No. Connivance to make sure that the targets are in a particular location, and the guards for Door 3 into that location suffer the same amnesia that Epstein's guards suffered? Maybe.

                Far better for the city officials in question to be arrested and charged with conspiracy to supporting riots within their city. That would be legal. Get the evidence they did so out in the public eye.

              2. It should've already happened

      4. The crowd tried to burn down a church, charged the gates at the White House, defaces several monuments, and tried to tear down the Jackson statue and vandalized businesses all over downtown Washington. But other than that it was “mostly peaceful “

        The crowd was composed entirely of Antifa and BLM thugs and people there to act as human shields for them. Stop lying

        1. Lying is what he does. It's what his socks and fellow trolls do.

    2. I followed all this stuff relatively regularly and I've never heard of a heat ray. It sounds futuristic and hilarious.

      1. Read the Wikipedia article I linked. It is incomplete, but you can use it to find the fantastical "the future is now" articles that were written at the time.

        Of course, civil libertarians reacted as we always do ... with circumspect suspicion that it would immediately be misused. Apparently it was not useful for some reason or other, because although deployed, it was never used, per the wiki.

        The idea of the tech is pretty cool. High frequency microwaves that cannot penetrate beyond the top layer of the skin cause heating and pain, so you run away. Works through clothes.

        So if you had a US embassy that was being overrun, Tehran style, you could just point that thing at the crowd and they would back off. No need to decide whether to open fire or get taken hostage or maybe even murdered.

        1. So basically, a non-lethal form of crowd control like tear gas, so the Secret Service and the Marines don't have to go full "Rules of Engagement" on Soros's Color Revolution foot soldiers?

          1. Theoretically better and less harmful than teargas (which could be dangerous for certain sensitive individuals ... like me).

            But there must be something about it that is not as advertised... because although a bunch of entities bought them, nobody seems to be using them.

            If that is the case, it wouldn't be the first time that a weapons system was sold under false pretenses.

            (The plot of Remo Williams was based on exactly that premise)

            1. "Hey, we got a bunch of money, let's buy this device, it could help us!"

              Several months later:
              "Welp, this doesn't work like we thought it would, and now we're stuck with it."

            2. In and out, like a duck mating

            3. I have to assume that it's the eyes. No way microwaving your eyes won't result in some serious damage.

              1. They show it being used on a variety of volunteers. It doesn't seem to cause any harm.

                But the argument against tasers was not their intended use, but malicious use as a torture device by bad cops.

                I wonder if they ran into similar problems.

                Alternately, a taser that does not activate a major muscle group is just painful. A motivated person can just keep fighting despite the pain.

                Perhaps that is the problem with this tool. In the real world, angry rioters don't run and hid, they get pissed and attack with greater fervor. There's a chance that it would not work against a motivated enemy.

                1. Alternately, a taser that does not activate a major muscle group is just painful. A motivated person can just keep fighting despite the pain.

                  Perhaps that is the problem with this tool. In the real world, angry rioters don’t run and hid, they get pissed and attack with greater fervor. There’s a chance that it would not work against a motivated enemy.

                  I suspect it's probably this. Just not as effective as they thought it would be.

                  1. I believe the issues is the aimpoint control and the size of the area being denied.

                    1. Oh, and power requirements for something not plugged into a wall.

                  2. They still have the sonic weapons that can cause anything from disorientation to loss of bowel control.

                    Of course, emptying their bowels may only give Antifa more ammunition to hurl at the pigs

            4. It's been around for at least a decade.
              My guess is that it's just not that effective.

            5. 1. A prepared adversary can protect him/herself from the effects with a screen similar to the one built into your home microwave's door window. In other words, it's expensive to build but cheap to block.
              2. Even an unprepared adversary can continue rioting for minutes as the irritating sensation builds up and potentially even at full strength just by willpower, high pain tolerance or certain drugs.
              3. They are real power hogs - which means they can only be vehicle-mounted. Not small vehicles, either. That and the delayed effect make them hard to deploy in a rapidly changing environment.
              4. Anything new is fodder for rumor, innuendo and conspiracy theories. And people are largely ignorant about basic science. Spread a few rumors that it's "radiation, that it's intended to sterilize men or will harm pregnant women and even when the rumors are wildly untrue, the device's use will inflame a populace more than it can possibly deter them from rioting.

              1. Plus if they bring their lunches with them, they don't need to take a break from rioting to cook them.

        2. It seems one of the advantages of such a device is that it only affects someone while they are in its target range. That is, you can "make it stop" by turning around and getting TF out of there (granted, this may be easier said than done in a crowd, but the same applies, probably more so, with any other method in such a situation). Unlike teargas which, once deployed, would seem to make it difficult to know what was going on, which way to go to escape the cloud, and even once you are away from the source of the "pain," you are continue to be affected.

      2. There are youtube videos. Look up Active Denial System.

      3. I first heard about the prototype ~10 years ago or so.

        1. Yea, I saw it on some military channel show

    3. asking the national guard if they have a “heat ray” for crowd control is insane

      It goes a long way if you are trying to establish Trump as a Bond villain bent on world domination.

  7. You know what's really insane? Panicking about things that never happened.

    1. How about the variation of making shit up, so that your frightened citizens can panic about stuff THEY think is real?

      1. What shit was made up here?

        1. Your screen name?

          1. And yours.

          2. And the screen names used by about 99% of commenters here.

            1. I would use a screen name and if my real name wasn’t so cool.

              1. Lol. BTW, white Knight is a bird named Dee.

          3. Oh he white knights alright.

            He probably intended for the name to be seen as ironic or be used to deflect criticism, but it embodies 90% of his posts.

            1. ENB will definitely let him crawl over and sniff her boot if he can keep up the goal tending.

        2. "What shit was made up here?"

          About 3/4 of your posts.

    2. You know what’s really insane? Overlooking worrisome trends in the government because you’ve bought into cheering for one of the teams in the Red vs. Blue partisan wars, and your team happens to be currently occupying the White House.

      1. That's silly.

        The "worrisome trend" is unwarranted crackdowns on peaceful protesters? What the hell have you been watching? That is certainly not the "trend" anywhere in the US.

        1. I work with a guy who said that trump was too busy “cracking skulls in Portland” to do anything about the fires.

          No shit.

      2. And what is even more insane (or just plain stupid) is casting anyone who disagrees with you as one of them deplorables, and then projecting all your favorite evils onto them.

      3. Your outrage over the intel community trying to perform a coup in he USA is duly noted.

        1. Huh? Where did that completely off-topic segue come from?

          1. "You know what’s really insane? Overlooking worrisome trends in the government because you’ve bought into cheering for one of the teams in the Red vs. Blue partisan wars, and your team happens to be currently occupying the White House."

            So, you don't read your own posts, eh?

      4. See: The Media Industrial Complex.

      5. Most expensive riots in US history. But being a leftist you cheered it on and now lie to defend it

        1. The protest in Lafayette Square was expensive?

          I’m not a leftist, I’m a libertarian. This is a libertarian website, you know.

  8. Attorney General Bill Barr wants to charge protesters in the U.S. with sedition.

    It's the rioters he should be charging with something.

    1. there you go again... spinning conspiracy theories.

      Pbbt. Rioters. Everyone knows there are no riots. Only mostly peaceful protests.

      1. Over 95% of the protests have been peaceful and most of the murder level violence was committed by rightwing idiots.

        1. "over 95% of your time was rape free"

        2. Literally everything in that statement is untrue.

          1. It's Buttplug's sock what do you expect.

        3. Too facile. D-

        4. First, the number is 93 per the terrible paper.

          second, would you go to a family diner that had a 7% chance of breaking out into assault and arson?

          1. I mean... you're the side that is crying over a death rate at 0.3%.

            1. More like 0.01% for anyone not lingering in the lobby outside Death's door.

          2. would you go to a family diner that had a 7% chance of breaking out into assault and arson?

            Yes, but I have a fairly volatile family, so I'm probably not a good example.

        5. Over 95% of Lee Harvey Oswald's interactions with JFK were peaceful.

        6. Over 95% of the protests have been peaceful and most of the murder level violence was committed by rightwing idiots.

          We'll see if this quirky parlor game pans out in November.

        7. Most expensive riots in US history

          No 95% of the “protests” were Soros funded criminals there to terrorize the public.

          Fuck you you lying piece of garbage

        8. On January 12, 1944, over 95% of the Jews in Auschwitz survived until January 13.

        9. Antifa and BLM have killed more innocent unarmed black people in 3 months than every law enforcement agency in every jurisdiction in the entire country has combined in 12

    2. Plenty of rioters are being charged with crimes like arson.

      1. Government Oppression!!!

      2. With all due respect fuck you. Arson kills people indiscriminately and requires firefighters to endager themselves all because you can't play nice. Fuck you.

        1. What? Did I say somewhere that rioters who engaged in arson shouldn't be charged with arson?

          1. Did I say you said that dickhead?

      3. No, they're not. Nearly 100% of every arrest in Portland resulted in immediate release without charge. Hell, Reinoehl was arrested for a weapons violation before he killed the [ultra-right-wing nationalist nazi] guy walking down the street. He was mysteriously released without charge. Last I read, officials were 'looking into why'.

        1. The local prosecutors in these areas have made public statements on the topic. They will not be charging "protesters'.

          They have also made public statements about other groups who are not aligned with the protesters. They will be "protecting the rights of peaceful protest" by prosecuting people who run afoul of the protesters.

          This is why you see people attacking passing motorists, breaking windows and vandalizing cars without worry. And you see people responding to these assaults getting charged with crimes (sometimes).

          You see people threatening people in their homes with impunity, and you see people charged for resisting these threats.

          These prosecutors really are playing with fire. The Kenosha situation was absolutely a direct result of the decisions of the police and prosecutors to allow "protesters" to burn local businesses. One local business man had 2 of his 3 businesses burned out. He asked locals to help protect his third business. That's where the shooting occurred.

          I really don't see how you could call that an unreasonable response. When calling the police results in a "sorry, we won't help you", you can either protect yourself, or think of mother england and try to enjoy it. I think most here would support the "protect yourself" angle.


          “So far, the federal government so far charged 200 people with violent offenses, including gun charges, related to recent protests.“

          1. The question is if I'm willing to go through the threads looking to see the posts where you complained of feds being involved....

            1. There aren't any.

              There are a few comments I made when Federal agents with no identification on their uniform were picking up people up off the streets of Portland in unmarked vehicles. That is not the same as objection to the Federal government, say, charging someone who committed arson with arson.

  9. "Trump is reportedly upset that the U.S. government wouldn't get a cut for brokering a deal between TikTok parent company ByteDance and potential U.S. buyer Oracle."

    Mafia Don wants his cut.

    1. Trump is reportedly upset that the U.S. government wouldn’t get a cut

      1. I don't know which is worse?

        1. We can at least be thankful he wasn't wearing a tan colored suit when made the insanely dumb comment.

        2. Yes you do.

          1. Gun to my head; I'd much prefer the money go into Donald Trump's personal accounts;. That way I know the money won't go to something completely useless like the USDA or EPA; pay-offs to hookers is preferable to them, at least the hookers did some work for the money.

    2. You're supposed to be happy with the two Aborto-Freak justices and put up with the Big Gov antics. It is very "libertarian" these days.

      1. why are you talking to yourself

        1. This post is great but reality is..READ MORE

      2. Don’t forget the normalization deals with Israel, where the signees happen to be getting rewarded with the latest U.S. fighter jets for signing.

        1. opposed to shipping millions in cash to Iranian mullahs. THAT is some good diplomacy there...

          1. Billions, damikesc. About a billion and a half, on pallets. Even if it was all Franklins, at roughly 1 gram to the bill, it would weigh roughly 15 metric tons, exclusive of packing materials.

            A significant percentage of the world's extant paper currency,

            He needs to be in irons, in front of a judge, facing charges of corruption and treason. And it will never happen.

          2. That would be a great retort if I were a supporter of Obama. Which I am not.

        2. A country's allies are getting military hardware as an incentive to sign a cooperation deal? That's never happened in the entire history of humanity! Unprecedented!

        3. "Don’t forget the normalization deals with Israel, where the signees happen to be getting rewarded with the latest U.S. fighter jets for signing."

          Hold on just a minute. Is this really what you are arguing? That it is wrong for the US to give a country something in return for peace? Do you understand how negotiating works?

          Go read about what the US did to get normalized relations with Egypt.

          1. Are you kidding? You expect that troll to actually consider that his posts are bullshit?

          2. "Go read about what the US did to get normalized relations with Egypt."

            About a billion or so to both sides, every year, since the Camp David Accords. A lot to most of it plowed right back into purchases of US military hardware and related services.

        4. So Trump is bad for allowing US allies to buy US fighter jets in return for making peace with Israel okay now do Obama giving $200 billion dollars in cash to Iran in return for virtually nothing.

          1. They were already at peace with Israel.

            1. do you even have a base understanding of international relations and what normalized relations means and does?

      3. "the two Aborto-Freak justices

        Breyer and RBG prefer the name "pro-choice".

    3. He can’t help it. The art of the deal is in his blood.

    4. TikTok owes it to him after the Chinese government used mind control to make all those TikTok users sabotage his Arizona rally.

      1. gave up on that "not trolling" thing didja?

      2. So you're saying that the Chinese Government doesn't use phone apps like Zoom and TikTok to access data on high value targets phones.
        Is that right?

        1. If you are a “high value target” why would you have anything but a secured phone?

          1. Go ask them.
            And while you're at it ask Hillary why, as Secretary of State, she was using a private email server for official public communications rather than using official State Department email accounts maintained on secure federal servers.

            Anyway, even a DoD or State Department peon's private phone holds useful information.

      3. Your neutrality visage is breaking.

  10. The president said he lost enthusiasm for the deal, in part, after realizing there was no cut for the federal government.

    Thug Trump wants his mafia vig.

    1. Your other sock already posted that

      1. Millions of people have noted that the Con Man is more mafia boss than a Constitutionally limited POTUS.

        1. Which makes you posting it twice with your socks unnecessary and stupid but you did it anyway

        2. And a million ain't what it use to be.

    2. Hey, if we can fund government with consulting, broker, and user fees, we can eliminate taxes on individuals, right?

  11. Salt Lake City cop Nickolas Pearce is facing a felony assault charge "after video showed him ordering a K-9 to attack a Black man in his own yard" in April.

    Train an animal to attack that's what it's going to do.

    1. What was the black man doing in the dog's yard?

      1. Assuming an attack dog is male?!?

        1. Sorry. We should ask the dog for its preferred pronouns. And then use the proper words to direct it to rip the arm off somebody.

          1. "Sic zim, xyrs"

      2. I wanna know how that dog survived so long being in such close proximity to a cop.

        1. They try not to shoot their own. Doesn't always work, but they do try.

          I read the quoted blurb, and I wonder what the rest of the story is. In this climate, felony charges filed on the officer aren't as dispositive as they used to be.

    2. I am stunned. They almost never even reprimand an officer for using an attack dog, even if it is against a handcuffed and non-resisting arestee.

      1. He's the property owner, and property owners must still have some pull as a voting bloc.

  12. While past elections suggest that Asian Americans have moved significantly toward the Democratic Party, this year's results show that some groups are moving to the right...

    We're all Rooftop Koreans now.

    1. Some of them are probably realizing that "hate whitey" solidarity only goes so far when you make more money and are more successful than the other non-white ethnic groups.

      1. Maybe some Asian Americans have realized they are now cast as white (or even extra-white) since they are not down-trodden and oppressed enough.

        1. Not getting affirmative action scholarship and admission gibs might be waking them up to that, too.

          1. Getting their stores and other businesses peacefully looted and burned might underscore the point.

    2. Asian American culture may have reservations about bringing down a meritocratic system.

  13. Pulled forward from the Brickbat that nobody reads, something interesting for your rotation:

    Cop turned lawyer NateTheLawyer breaks down police use of force rules in shooting cases. This is from a couple of weeks ago immediately after the Jacob Blake shooting. He breaks down the federal law on use of force from the old “fleeing felon” rule to today’s controlling law, and then presents example cases for you to decide – legal, or illegal.

    It makes something very stark that I’ve been saying for quite a while – there’s a big difference between “never should have happened” and “Illegal”. That is a chasm that our society just is not prepared to deal with. Sometimes police can act well within their training – or even in a manner that is perfectly reasonable given what they know at the time – and still shoot someone who poses no real threat.

    1. But children, intellectual retards, and statists cannot separate the concept of "should/should not happen" and "legal/illegal". Why wish for a nanny state if Nanny cannot directly control reality?

      1. Watch the video. He chooses some pretty powerful cases to teach the concept of federal use of force case law.

        The situation of "potentially violent person taking a knife into proximity of other people" is an especially sticky one. We followed a couple of cases of people with a knife who posed no threat getting shot... one where a deaf guy was carving wood while he was walking and police shot him because he "refused to drop the knife" and one where a guy with headphones in was shot for the same reason.

        Edge cases are always difficult, no matter how binary people like to be about their world view.

      2. I tell people all the time to not conflate legality with morality. I work with alot of people that think if it's against the law it's immoral (except abortion if that becomes illegal then abortion becomes super moral)

    2. Blake was just driving by with his children in the back of his car, and being a good citizen, stopped to break up a street fight.

      Verdict: Unjustified.

  14. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am literally shaking because of Spotify's promotion of anti-science bigotry.

    At a Spotify town hall today, company CEO Daniel Ek defended keeping Joe Rogan -- and transphobic content from his catalog -- on the platform.

    Transphobia has no place in modern society. It's 2020!


    1. Here's another celebrity who deserves to be canceled.

      J.K. Rowling book burning videos are spreading like wildfire across TikTok

      This one is especially hurtful to people my age. Probably ninety percent of my progressive friends used to base their entire worldview on Harry Potter. Then they found out those books were written by a hateful science-denying bigot. It's just devastating.


      1. One of the weirder things about living in this era is going to the "alt-teen" mall shops. They stock loads of Harry Potter clothes for teen/college kids. Apparently it is very popular to wear a "hottie hogwarts girl" outfit.

        I thought it odd that something as mainstream as Harry Potter would be popular in the alt-culture. I really can't imagine 90's goth kids wearing merchandise from Willow, Labyrinth or Goonies.

        1. That makes sense to me. The non-conformist kids before them wouldn't, so now the non-conformist after, have too, otherwise they open themselves to charges of conforming with the non-conformist before them making them conformist. Or more simply put, don't bother trying to figure out teen trends; they don't understand them either.

        2. This was all shit they grew up reading, so the companies are trying to take advantage of it by selling fashion outfits for nostalgia.

        3. Well Tolkien was popular with '60s counterculture despite being thoroughly British Imperial and Catholic in worldview himself.

          1. +1 Frodo Lives graffiti.

            1. -1 finger salute

          2. + Led Zeppelin II.

        4. In the 90s the Hot Topic carried some pop culture stuff and it was made fun of by the "real goth kids". The same thing probably goes on now because many teens still have nothing better to do than judge each other for not being authentic enough.

          1. I believe that's where the vamps stocked up, so the goth kids burned it down

        5. Harry Potter is similar to Johnny Cash. I got ripped on all the time for listening to cash, then he released American IV and everyone loved him. The goths, jocks, cool kids, nerds... Everyone. I didn't quite know why seeing as a couple of months before that I was the weird kid who liked it

        6. I is one of those nerd cool things I think. Like comic books. Harry Potter is cool because he is not cool.

      2. I'm more surprised to find out that Rowling's actually a TERF after all the progressive ret-conning she's done to her creation.

        1. Her main disagreement with them is that biological sex is a meaningful condition, not much of anything else, but that is intolerable to the alphabet activists.

    2. Stop independent thoughts before they happen!

    3. Calling it "transphobia" is like saying people who prefer strawberry over vanilla are "vanillaphobic"

      1. True. We will only achieve Social Justice when the progressive state will assign your gender and choose your mate(s).

        1. "Hmm, you put down that you're into nubile blondes, but our algorithms are saying that you should be being buggered by this old, hairy hobo."

      2. Yeah, but nobody prefers strawberry over vanilla.

        1. There's a reason they no longer allow strawberry icecream on naval vessels.

          1. Captain Queeg?

        2. ...

          I don't know how to respond to someone who prefers vanilla over anything.

          It'll be ok. One say you'll die and your horror will finally be over.

          1. Vanilla is the only true flavor.

            1. Nope. Vanilla Bean is the only true flavor. Normal "vanilla" is just frozen milk flavored.

          2. Missionary position is the best position.

  15. New York City's new school year is not off to a good start.

    If they can't even provide their usual minimal level of daycare...

    1. Did the NYC school system ever start (or end) in the "good" category?

  16. Oh dear. Fox News nixes any disparagement of Nazi collaborator Soros.

    1. One hundred years from now he'll be mentioned in the same breath as Hitler, Stalin and Mao for what he is creating.

  17. Forensic analysis conducted by The Amistad Project in cooperation with Take Back Our Republic reveals that 4.7 million of the 9.7 million ActBlue donors are reported to be unemployed. That’s a whopping 48.4% of all ActBlue donors in 2019-2020.

    In comparison, analysis of the Republican counterpart to ActBlue, WinRed, reports that 4.1% of its donors were unemployed, a figure that roughly matches the national unemployment rate during that time period.

    Many of these donations are made with gift cards that previously would not be processed by banks to political campaigns. Congress just a few short years started to create a law against this practice.

    1. The organization has leveraged its powerhouse presence to negotiate a special relationship with banks so that it does not have to reveal donor names when processing its gift cards, as is normally required for virtually all online transactions.
      They are protecting them from retaliation.

      1. The organization in your quote is Act Blue, just want to be clear.

        1. They need protection from the right-wing extremists that are terrorizing cities.

  18. 'The WeChat clarification comes after a nonprofit group called the U.S. WeChat Users Alliance "and several people who say they rely on the app for work, worship, and staying in touch with relatives in China sued to stop the ban in federal court in California," CNBC reports'

    I missed the part where they sued in China for unrestricted access to Google, Facebook, and all the other social media crap.

    1. So, we want America to become more like China?

      1. Gee, you’re dumb.

  19. Washington Post implores, and is granted, Twitter to shut down a youth digital campaign (common across campaigns of all parties) by comparing them to Russian trolls.

    1. Yes, we need the press desperately to "speak truth to power" and to "protect our freedoms".

      Only good reporter of WaPo is a dead one.

      1. "Only good reporter of WaPo is a dead one."

        Damn. Nardz, is that you?

        Though I'm the guy who's mentioned here before that someone will soon domestically recreate the Charlie Hebdo killings, thinking them a bit of needed media criticism. It's just surprising to see such plain sentiments towards the 4th Estate, spreading as widely as they are.

        1. Fuck the lot of them. Attacking innocent people and suppressing their speech is deplorable and their necessity to humanity is nil.

          1. The left is full psychotic, totalitarian, their main tactic is terrorism, and their only goal is to enslave or eliminate the rest of us.
            They will not be reasoned with, and will accept nothing less than absolute power.
            It's kill or be killed

            1. Just look at it honestly - in what ways were the early Nazis and Soviets worse than the MAINSTREAM left now?
              But what's worse is that they have far more power now than either of those progressive ancestors mentioned before seizing total control.
              We are one election from total defeat.
              Normality bias has allowed them to get this far, and threatens to cost us everything before we accept that totalitarian tyranny can happen to us.
              What exactly stands between us and concentration camps/gulags?

              1. Just listen to what they, their public leadership, says.

                We’re going to get this virus under control and get your life back on track.

                "WE'RE going to get this virus under CONTROL and get YOUR life back ON TRACK."

    2. One tweet claimed coronavirus numbers were intentionally inflated, adding, “It’s hard to know what to believe.” Another warned, “Don’t trust Dr. Fauci.”

      Two statements which, by themselves are 100% reasonable. And the Washington Post has a problem with this? What the fuck is going on with Journalisming?

      A Facebook comment argued that mail-in ballots “will lead to fraud for this election,” while an Instagram comment amplified the erroneous claim that 28 million ballots went missing in the past four elections.

      The fist statement is 100% reasonable-- perhaps will turn out to not be true (unless Trump wins), and the second statement probably is false, but it's a fucking INSTAGRAM COMMENT you goddamned WaPo retards.

      1. Always nice to see the "media" calling for the silencing of people. Makes anytime a reporter is abused by police all the more amusing.

        1. We need a free press to silence the citizens.

      2. That Instagram comment has as much journalistic integrity as 99% of the drivel WaPo posts, they don't like the competition.

      3. They really dislike the plebs having the temerity and ability to question the Narrative publicly.

  20. "CNN has obtained documents reported by NPR"


    1. Where's the Russia connection?!?

    2. Reason has obtained tweets by NPR* should go in half of ENBs roundups.

      1. Whoops. tweets by Vox*

        1. That's OK. NPR is for people who wish Vox gave out tote bags.

    1. That's OK.

      Both Biden and Harris have referred to a "Harris administration" in recent days.

      So screwing up the Veep slot is kind of going around.

      1. How about screwing the Veep candidate?

        1. I don't think anybody is lining up for private time with Pence.

          1. Especially when he insists on keeping that door open. Freak.

    2. a dry run to prep the lawyers contesting the ballots?

    3. Funny how all those errors always go one way.

    1. As someone who has owned a few snakes, turtles and lizards, it's still kind of gross. And knowing the propensity for snakes to piss on you when they're scared.... pass.

  21. CNN has obtained documents reported by NPR that show D.C. National Guard was asked by military officer whether his unit had a “heat ray” that could be used on protesters at Lafayette Square on June 1,

    Fear from the ignorant. This is a non lethal form of crowd control that has been in developed for over a decade. It is meant for crowd dispersal. It is safer than rubber bullets and bean bags. It does not cause orbital fractures or ruptured scrotum.

    What the fuck is the issue?

    1. "They don't want to give us space to destroy!"

    2. Mighty fine scrotum you got there. Would be a shame if it got ruptured.

      1. Fuck doing basic prep like wearing a cup, we have buildings to burn and businesses to loot!

        1. Cups are a symbol of toxic white male privilege!!!

          1. Women care wear cups.

    3. If it is so safe, why has the military declined to use it because they felt it was too cruel?

      1. Not having one is a reason.

      2. Umm... They haven't.

      3. so now that you admitted you were lying about this upthread, we can mock you hard for it

    4. Honestly I had been wondering what happened to all those devices they developed in the late 90s. The History Channel did a Modern Marvels on the subject but they don’t seem to be using them today. The Heat ray was just one of them, there was also the high frequency device that I have seen used by ships to ward off pirates and Green Peace. My favorite was the really really smelly balls, they could be using them instead of pepper balls.

  22. Once again, what authority does the president have to ban software? What is the legal justification for that authority?

    I don't mean the rationale of the decision, but rather the legal reasoning that concludes the president has the authority to ban software.

    1. MAGA, that's why.

      1. Basically.

        This is like a libertarian's exhibit A in why you don't have a swollen government (or executive.) The fact that this might only be derailed because the president can't shake down some private companies is absurd.

        1. Wow you busted out a third sock Shriek

        2. Ditto. A shake down is the correct term here. The president is going to move to block a legal sale of a firm because he's not going to get a cut?

          How does this mesh with the conservative ideals that government is best that governs the least? The ideals that government needs to be kept small and reigned in? The ideals of decentralized power? The ideals that government should not be managing businesses? Are there any conservatives left? We all know libertarians have all be shipped off overseas to reeducation camps, but are there really no conservatives left? Was Reagan just a speedbump on the road to total authority?

          1. There are no conservatives left. Just a cult of personality.

            1. Oh get real--the neocons did that exact thing with Reagan's political career, and kept it going all the way up until Romney choked what should have been a winnable election.

              Conservative voters aren't going to stay on board with a political philosophy that doesn't actually conserve anything other than forever wars and tax cuts, especially when the other side is blatantly operating as a bad-faith actor to obtain perpetual political power.

              1. So what does it conserve, then? If we're going to throw away private property and small government, what is the point?

                1. So what does it conserve, then? If we’re going to throw away private property and small government, what is the point?

                  Am I the only one here that doesn't seem to realize that we're in a low-grade civil war right now?

                  1. *seems to realize*

                    What's the point of a "conservative" political philosophy if the practitioners don't actually conserve anything?

                    There's more to a society than militarization and tax cuts.

                    1. I honestly think that half the people here think the election is no big deal. That life will just go back to "normal" after it's over. That the deep state espionage, coup attempts, lockdowns, and widespread coordinated political violence are just blips on the radar, no biggie, aberrations that have no long term significance.

                      I ask: what does life look like in 5 years if the left prevails?

              2. especially when the other side is blatantly operating as a bad-faith actor to obtain perpetual political power.

                And Trump isn't?

                1. Oh god you actually drank the kool aid

                2. I he isn’t. What is Trump doing in bad faith? You don’t agree with his policies. But doesn’t mean bad faith. You are just butt hurt

                  1. Fuck off Tulpa.

                    1. I'm John too?

                    2. So no answer, turd?

                    3. sarc is broken

                  2. I'm butt hurt? Really? The only butt hurt I see are the Trump supporters who have emotional reactions to anything that could possibly disparage the leader of their cult of personality.

                    1. You sound extremely butt hurt.

                    2. Sarcs bum is so hurt he could barely hold on to the giant stick he keeps up his ass.

                    3. You are saying Trump is acting in bad faith but can’t explain why. You are just emoting bullshit because you are angry. That is being butt hurt.

                3. I think that was the point of him getting nominated. They couldn't win with a Republican anymore, and the party was stubbornly trying to nominate another sure loser in Jeb, so the rank-and-file rebelled and nominated a 1980s Democrat instead.

                  When your opponents are blatantly pursuing power in the guise of being a victim, the only thing "losing honorably" does is make you a loser. Why do you think these people sucked up to McCain for so long, until he got to a point where he could have gotten real, actual power? That dumbfuck was controlled opposition his entire career. That's what they want, not anyone who might actually treat their sinecures like a real threat.

    2. He has signed an Executive Order of questionable legitimacy. What will follow is a huge lawsuit by ByteDance. And probably an injunction against the order while the trial is pending.

  23. More bad economic news.

    Elon Musk has accumulated more wealth this year ($79.1 billion) than Charles Koch has in his entire life ($56.7 billion).

    Koch / Reason libertarianism will not tolerate this kind of economic inequality. Financial prosperity is not something that should be enjoyed just by a lucky few billionaires — it should be enjoyed by all billionaires. Especially the one who funds


    1. Have you started a GoFundMe campaign yet?

      1. The best way to help Charles Koch is to vote for Joe Biden. Only a Democratic President will open the borders and give Mr. Koch an unlimited supply of his preferred labor force: immigrants.

    1. How to spot Palin's Buttplug

      "Lord of Strazele"

    2. Nice vlog about fact checking in one particular case and how it impacts what you are allowed to see.

    3. Liberals sure do love talking about QAnon. Almost protesting too much at this point.

      1. In other news, the left passionately endorses softcore child porn

        1. There's got to be a hell of a scandal out there that they are gearing up for, if they're willing to publicly downplay kiddieporn this close to the election.
          Ghislaine Maxwell is spooking a lot of powerful people.

      2. I've seen nothing form Qanon anywhere but i've seen a lot buildings burning by the non existing Antifa. the left is really trying to change the subject from Antifa to Qanon

        1. Wouldn't you, Ron, if you were them?

          Burning people's shit down has thrown a couple of ostensible swing states to Trump. And I wouldn't be all that surprised to see Oregon pull the lever for him after all of this mess.

          "Vote for me, or my friends will keep burning you out," is a horrific message, and one from which most Americans will recoil. I hope.

    4. Any thoughts that studies indicate that the group most familiar with QAnon is...the far left?

      1. Cite?

        1. Democrats’ awareness of the QAnon conspiracy theories somewhat outpaces that of Republicans (55% and 39%, respectfully), and there are larger party differences when it comes to their views about QAnon.

          1. He was asking for a something not related to your statement like his cite above. Stop going above and beyond.

            1. Well, actually, JesseAz, I can speak for myself. Thank you for providing the cite, damikesc.

      2. I honestly don't even know what the QAnon stuff says. I've never seen mention on conservative websites.
        I tried googling it but Google is gaming the results and only showing debunking site links. And even those debunking sites only make vague allegations.
        Nobody repeats what QAnon actually says.

        I'm starting to suspect that the left is just gaslighting their acolytes again.

  24. What gives the office of the president the power to block the legal acquisition of firms? What gives the office of the president the power to dictate which otherwise authorized firms can or cannot do business within the US? What gives the office of the president the apparent power to approve or disapprove of ever single business transaction in this country?

    And once identified, how do we get rid of that power?

    1. A start would be voting Trump out of office.

      1. A start would be voting Trump out of office.

        "Because only we should be able to use that power, not our opponents."

      2. That would likely not be a good start. His immediate predecessor was much worse on this topic, and Trump's opponent was a part of that administration... so unlikely to steer us in a different direction.

      3. he'll leave on his own January 2025

      4. I have been in favor of voting out EVERY office holder ever.

    2. Yeah... this particular case is small potatoes next to using TARP to take over GM and steal $30 billion from secured creditors and give the company to the union...

      But what the hell? Since when does the US government get to decide which companies get to own which other companies?

      Oh, well I guess other than the last two banking bailouts. I forgot about that. Regulators went in and just forced the fire sale of huge banks. The last round cost me a stack of cash as they shut down one of my banks over the weekend by serially devaluing assets they had no intention of selling.

      But this case doesn't even seem to fit in to those terrible categories.

      And nobody seems to even think it is a big deal?

      1. There is one actual avenue that I agree with in terms of blocking foreign entities from various ITAR related materials.

        Didn't we all say letting Clinton give NK nuclear technology was bad?

      2. So your argument is that since Obama did it then it's okay for Trump to do it too? A pox on both their houses!

        1. No, he said it was small potatoes in comparison. He gave no indication that it was good this time.

      3. Now do Insurance Zcompanies.

        Ooh, now do bank mergers in the 90s and the CRA

    3. Congress.

      Vote the democrats out.

      1. Great analysis! You have a gift!

    4. The power has been around for a while. It was used under Obama.

      But I'd ask for a first principle on how government can force a user to even purchase a good from a company first.

      1. Supreme Court justice Kagan would be happy to explain it to you.

      1. The return of Hihn; citing himself as the source!

    5. Assuming you want an answer - National Security. It's pretty obvious. Same reason Russia or China can't acquire Raytheon or Boeing.

      If indeed TikTok is just fun spyware, or worse, a backdoor thru devices into secured networks, then at the very least he has the power to ban it.

  25. Maine 'superspreader' wedding linked to 170 Covid cases and seven deaths

    More than 100 people gathered for August event in Millinocket

    1. "None of those who died actually attended the wedding and reception. The first of the deaths was reported in Millinocket, where no one has tested positive for several weeks, the town manager said on Wednesday.

      Six other deaths were residents of Maplecrest rehabilitation and living center in Madison."

    2. We need to end every institution related to the nuclear family and replace them with masked sex with strangers in public restrooms using glory holes.

      Lets stop pretending it's just a coincidence that we only want to ban the gatherings related to things the Marxists hate

      1. You just described Tony's idea of heaven.

    3. All the cases and deaths also linked to Kevin Bacon.

      1. then every case can be linked to kevin Bacon, arrest that man

        1. History's worst monster

    1. 404'd

      1. That's how you do invisible...

    2. Weird. The article is there, and that is the URL.

      Can get to it by googling: World Capital Payroll Giuliani

      1. ""

        Do you have a real source?

        1. WK will cite himself.

        2. But can you imagine how much he'd scream if someone had linked to Even though it's the same fucking thing.

    3. Now out of your self proclaimed neutrality, I expect you to do the same for any democratic backer that received money... say Planned Parenthood. Or you could have actually linked to a neutral organization as such:

    4. But only if Trump get a cut from the contractor who's doing the draining!

  26. We going to get an article about the historic peace deal yet and how it's really not good because orange man didn't go about it the right way or something.

    1. No.

      Peace deal? What peace deal?

      3 inside a month and you'd stand a better chance of finding people who know Cardi B's cup size than finding people who know about those peace deals.

      The second Israel-Arab deal never made it to the landing page at the NYT. That's pretty impressive for a New York based paper.

      1. The Left is now claiming there is no peace deal because there was no war. Seriously.

        1. I saw that take. That was astonishing.

        2. Laursen made the same point

          "The White Knight
          September.17.2020 at 11:29 am
          The nations were already at peace with each other'

          If you needed to know where he gets his talking points from

          1. What a piece of shit.

        3. they are also claiming its a distraction from that Covid thing

    2. Not too late for a Hawaiian judge to put the kabosh on it.

    3. The nations were already at peace with each other. The deals normalize relations, and also give the signatories access to purchasing advanced U.S. fighter jets. (Except Israel, which already has access.)

      1. "The nations were already at peace with each other"

        Peace deals ALSO deal with remaining that way.

      2. And the US was at peace with the Soviet Union before 1988 too. You think a peace deal between the US and the Soviet Union in 1985 would not have been newsworthy?

        Plus, these states are sort of client states of the Saudi regime. They certainly did not do this without Saudi consent.

        It is a bigger deal than it even looks like at first blush. Hopefully it keeps moving forward. I'm tired of spending US blood and treasure over that armpit of a region.

        1. Good points all.

          The biggest takeaway is the stunning rebuke of Obama/Kerry/Clinton Policy by the Sunnis. Kerry is such a buffoon he stated this would never be possible. Of course, he also committed Treason and actually violated the spirit and the terms of the Logan Act by negotiating against our duly elected government with the Iranians

          1. Kerry failed to see that an arrangement was not strongly linked to the Palestinians. Kerry, Obama and everyone else thought the key to everything was them.

            This gave the Palestinians the power to keep holding out for more instead of compromise. I think it is too late for them now. Gaza is ruled by maniacs. Life on the West Bank is not so terrible. They lost the support of most of the Arab world.

            Eventually some sort of quasi autonomy which more or less happens now will probably stabilize.

        2. Where did I say it wasn't newsworthy or not an accomplishment? But let's not treat it as more than it really is.

      3. It is significant for Israel to have formal diplomatic relations with them that is a victory. Add that to Egypt and Jordon and there are not many holdouts. Israel also has under the table cooperation with the Saudis already.

        The F-35 deal may be even more important. Policy has been to up arm and maintain friendly relations with gulf states. China and Russia would love to step in as they did in Syria.

        This is a counter weight against Iran. The F-35 is a potential game changer. Israel has already used it over Syria with great success. There was a rumor they flew some undetected over Iran but I don’t know how true that is.

        It is also highly sensitive technology which needs to be protected. You need to have a reliable partner for that. The Emirates and Bahrain fit the bill as judged by the admin. Apparently Netanyahu is OK with it as well.

        Turkey is an example of what not to do. They were included and deeply involved in the F-35. The Turkish government proved not to be a reliable partner and the order was cancelled as it should be.

        1. I've little doubt the Israelis will make part or all of the F-35 available to China. It's what they do. It doesn't matter much, because---unlike the F-22---the important part of the program isn't the airplane. (Though the engine would be a significant improvement to anything the Chinese have built, assuming they could reverse engineer its manufacturing know how)

          It's the networking. It's the onboard computer suite. Copying that, and how it works together with other sensors, other platforms, and other weapons, is going to be much more difficult.

          Besides, the Pentagon admitted the other day their next generation fighter is already at the flying prototype stage. No, it supposedly does not look like a tic-tac.

      4. "The nations were already at peace with each other"

        You're so fucking dishonest, I can't even...

    4. The one with Canada?

  27. "Amazingly, I find that you're not allowed to do that," Trump said.

    Now, is this something Trump said, or is this something Trump "said"? Because if he actually said it and we have the tapes, it's butt-level retarded. No, Donald, you can't just steal shit and sell it. Certainly you can invoke national security and ban the app from the United States, but you can't just fucking seize shit that belongs to a foreign country and you sure as shit can't seize it and then sell it. The fact that you don't know this only makes you look just as retarded as the MSM claims you to be. Fuck! You ever heard that saying, "better to remain silent and be thought a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt"? Yeah, you need to learn how to shut your fat fucking stupid mouth once in a while. I know you think you're the smartest man in the world and you know everything there is to know and you can't help constantly bragging about how goddamn smart you are all the time, but, Jesus, give it a fucking rest!

    1. Trump is retarded. What is far more frightening is how frequently he runs laps around our betters and seemingly exposes them to be just as tarded or worse.

      1. Trump is retarded, especially in what he produces in idle speculation, as represented by his extemporaneous comments. But he is precisely no more retarded than common people in this way, including fans of both political parties.

        1. I wouldn't limit that to just common people. He's really pulled the curtain back and revealed that there isn't actually a wizard or even a clothed wizened old man. It's actually a naked crackhead with clown makeup pulling the levers of power.

  28. The TikTok deal may be in jeopardy because Bytedance would retain majority ownership in the deal as it's presently constituted. Regardless, the real value of the TikTok deal is revealed when people like ENB start working for the Trump campaign without pay by writing headlines about how Trump might not approve of the TikTok deal--because the American people aren't getting a cut. Do people really have no idea how well that headline plays to swing voters in the rust belt?

    The election will be won by the candidate who convinces swing voters in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin that he can create jobs for them--and if you're taking on the Chinese, that gets you extra credit. Trying to persuade those voters that it's wrong for President Trump to insist that American taxpayers get a cut for forcing a Chinese company to sell itself to American billionaires isn't about to discourage them from voting for President Trump in November.

    1. You see.. I read that and I think "why can't I get the president to force some billionaire to pay a couple billion for a piece of software that I wrote?"

      If you are listening Kamala, call me when you are president. I'll totally give you a huge cut.

      1. What are you bringing up Netflix net neutrality and obamas 60 mil deal?

    2. Orangeman is a uniquly corrupt and terrible individual who seeks to profit from the whitehouse not to mention he's unfit mentally. This is why we must elect a guy whose battling dementia, and who used his office to leverage multimillion dollar deals to enrich his family and friends to the office.

      1. oh and also Trumps losing money from being president shows just how stupid and corrupt he is.

      2. In all seriousness, this is bad. There isn't anything libertarian or capitalist about what Trump is doing here.

        But let's be clear about why he's doing it.

        This whole thing was manufactured by Trump (deadlines of reaching an agreement by September 15th and a full sale by November 12th included) to play well for his campaign.

        Trump was elected in 2016--without hardly spending any money--by trolling the media to accuse him of things he wants to be accused of because it plays well with particular voting blocs. And four years later, the media hasn't learned a thing!

        I would compare this to Trump's condemnation of the NFL for letting players disrespect the national anthem. Trump did that because he wants the news media to condemn him for being patriotic and defending patriotism--and they did it!

        You couldn't get this kind of result by accident. At some point, somebody in a Trump campaign meeting must have said, "How do we get the media to condemn President Trump for sticking it to China?" And someone else said, "I know how we can get them to do that AND condemn him for insisting that Americans get a cut!"

        Trump tells journalists to jump, and they ask, "How high?" He could make them condemn him for practically anything he wants.

        1. right now he's making them condemn peace deals and football. It's fucking amazing.

          1. Dude is taking credit for Big 10 football in the swing states starting up again, it's a fucking layup win.

            1. He should take credit for the Big 10--even if he had nothing to do with it.

              Those Big 10 universities are in the rust belt swing states he needs to win--and the fans of those football teams are across the board politically, including swing voters.

              To the extent that voters Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin associate seeing the game with Trump and empty stadiums with Biden, he will benefit--and they'll only be playing each other during the pandemic. If Wolverines fans, Buckeyes fans, Nittany Lions fans, and Bucky Badger all start to perceive Trump as the reason they can watch in October and Biden with the reason they can't be there, then Biden is in big trouble in those oh so important swing states.

              Buying advertising during those games should be a top priority for the Trump campaign.

          2. And Law and Order and Self Defense. And going to work. And School.

            But he is retarded.

      3. If you take out the word uniquely in the first sentence, you are spot on. But I get that it's scarcasm


    The coronavirus cases on lower Broadway may have been so low that the mayor’s office and the Metro Health Department decided to keep it secret.

    Emails between the mayor’s senior advisor and the health department reveal only a partial picture. But what they reveal is disturbing.

    The discussion involves the low number of coronavirus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and how to handle that.

    And most disturbingly, how to keep it from the public.

    Prison isn't good enough for these people.

    1. I'd say it's ironic if, instead of Trump downplaying the pandemic, the real scandal were progressives claiming that the pandemic was worse than it really was, but "ironic" can imply "unexpected, and there isn't anything unexpected about the truth being the opposite of whatever the progressives are saying.

      1. I don't know why this enrages me more than fighting a pointless war in the mideast killing and impovershing hundreds of thousands, I guess it's because while I understand the greed involved in conquering and caving to the military industrial complex this has lowered my estimation of just how malevolent and disgusting the ruling class really is. I now view my rationale of us gov not being capable of false flagging 9-11 because of how monstrous it is to fathom doing to their own people as painfully naive. Now I don't actually think it was an inside job but now everything is on the table in my estimation.

        1. Part of it is the relevance of what's happening now and what we can do about it.

          We're not in imminent danger of invading another foreign country at the moment, but the pandemic is ongoing and so are the lockdowns.

          The vaccine probably won't be available to the masses until next summer, and the lockdowns are likely to be an issue until then.

          There's also the question of the victims mostly being people in foreign countries in the case of another military adventure--but the victims of the lockdowns being not just us but people we care about.

          1. I don't think the lockdowns can be an issue for that long because at that point there won't be any business's left to even enforce a lockdown on.

            1. There will still be stuff in California, and I think lockdowns have become part of the resistance.

              1. Are high schools in California going to cancel football season too?
                That's gonna suck for quite a few kids counting on it for college...

                1. Yes, California canceled football. In fact, a top quarterback recruit moved to Georgia to play, and to meet Georgia standards of not moving just for football his parents are divorcing to claim that is the reason for the move.

                  1. Holy shit that is crazy.

    2. Money quote:

      "We raised taxes 34 percent and put hundreds literally thousands of people out of work that are now worried about losing their homes, their apartments...and we did it on bogus data. That should be illegal," Glover said.

      Yeah, it should be, so what are the people of Nashville going to do about it? If you're not putting these politicians up for recall immediately after straight up destroying your livelihood just because they could, then quite frankly you deserve to continue suffering.

      1. Fuck that. Don't wait for an election, get the sheriff to remove the guy from office and allow a dog to be mayor for the rest of the term.

  30. News headline: "Attorney General Bill Barr wants to charge protesters in the U.S. with sedition."

    Actual article headline: "Attorney General Bill Barr Encourages Federal Prosecutors To Charge Violent Protesters With Sedition"

    In other news, armed federal agents gunned down popular actor John Wilkes Booth. See how leaving out the context sometimes changes the flavor of the story?

    1. The see it. And know exactly what they are doing. All they know how to do is lie.

      1. According to you and others there are no peaceful protesters. Only antifa rioters. Are you going back on that? Can't have it both ways.

        1. "According to you and others there are no peaceful protesters. Only antifa rioters"


          1. Oh come on. How many times have these comments been nothing but hate towards Reason for calling them protesters instead of rioters?

            1. When your “protests” are the most expensive riots in history, they are riots and the people at them are rioters.

              1. Then how is changing the title a lie?

            2. Because it's tiresome at this point. It's lame. There is a clear difference between someone protesting and someone looting and destroying a business. In many of these cases the people in the protests are facilitating this behavior other times they are not but we should be clear what's going on and charge the people wrecking shit to the fullest extent possible. Its been 4 months of this bullshit enough's enough.

              1. I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just questioning how changing the title about Barr is a lie if every protester is a violent looter (according to John).

                1. "according to John"


                2. I think Reason's coverage of the protest's and riots has been abysmal and I think we all understand why. It's fine they have been very slow to call this out along with just how horrible and liberty crushing the lockdowns are. This is quite possibly the hardest the gov has stomped on the american working class and SBO of this country since FDR and the fact they aren't howling at the moon about it is insane to me.

                  1. I see Reason doing very little reporting other than picking up on stories from other news sources and trying to put a libertarian spin on them. They're getting lazy.

                    1. The Andrew Heaton podcast (political orphanage) on UFOs touches how meida has canned their investigative reporters and just grab headlines from each other now. And yes it is because it's easier and cheaper

                  2. You know whose articles have been the most revealing? Rommellman's. That's because she actually has boots on the ground and is talking to these speds face to face.

                  3. The Attorney General, of all people, says the lockdowns are the greatest violation of American civil liberties since slavery...

        2. Most expensive riots in US history

          But I am sure the 10 or 12 people who didn’t riot make it all okay. The protests where peaceful. They just caused that damage by accident

          Go lie to someone dumb enough to believe you

          1. I'm pointing out your logical inconsistency.

            You say Reason is lying because they left out the word "violent" while also saying that there are no non-violent protesters. Seems to me like they're agreeing with you.

            1. "while also saying that there are no non-violent protesters'


            2. Reason lied about what was going on. I have the most expensive riots in history that says the protests were violent. Your claim that maybe somebody at them wasn’t violent while probably true is meaningless. The destoyed billions of dollars in property and murdered over two dozen people. And your response is not outrage but to say “but not everyone rioted”. That is just pathetic and you know it. You don’t give a fuck about the damage they did and just want to lie and try and pretend the protests and BLM are not violent awful things. Fuck you

              1. No John, fuck you. I haven't claimed a damn thing here. I simply questioned how changing the title about Barr is a lie when you claim that every single protester is a violent, antifa rioter. That's it. Your emotional reactions are childish and tiresome. God I can't wait for this election to be over so you and others can stop being retarded.

                1. "when you claim that every single protester is a violent, antifa rioter"


                2. No one is claiming that dickhead. They are pointing out that it doesn’t matter. The protests themselves were incredibly violent and destructive. And your response to that is worry that maybe not everyone there was violent and not give a shit about the violence. Or in other word lie and try to change the subject and excuse the violence.

                  1. I never excused the violence, and calling everyone who disagrees with you a liar is just a cheap way to avoid any actual discussion. Here’s a clue for you buddy: not everyone who criticizes you or disagrees with you is a liar. Here’s another clue: not everyone who criticizes or disagrees with you is a leftist. Final clue: people who criticize and disagree with you aren’t all in agreement with each other.

                    Now grow the fuck up and start being honest yourself instead of shouting “Leftist! Liar!” whenever you read something you don’t like. You’re better than that.

                3. You should be screaming that at a mirror, not John.
                  He's been more tolerant towards you than you deserve.

                  1. When I want your opinion I’ll go take a shit.

                    1. If I wanted a comeback I'd make you cough.

        3. I have literally seen noone anywhere say there aren't peaceful protesters. I also don't think you can claim your just peacefully protesting when people are using the mob you are in to launch rocks and objects at police and are destroying private property. if you are a part of that you are condoning it and should leave immediately. There is nuance here but I have no patience for the people setting fire to business's and fucking shit up because they are having a temper tantrum. It's not hard. Protest that's fine don't harrass people going about their business and don't destroy property during the course of your protest. It's really simple. It's pretty clear this is way out of hand Sarcasmic.

          1. I have literally seen noone anywhere say there aren’t peaceful protesters.

            Just look at John's emotional reactions to my comment.

            1. ok it doesnt say that

              now what?

            2. It doesn’t say that. But what difference does it make? You just cannot condemn the protests no matter how many people they kill and much damage they do. Fuck you. Everyone reading this sees what you are doing

              1. I have to openly condemn them and if I don’t then I support them? That’s retarded logic dude. Totally fucking retarded.

        4. The peaceful protesters are sitting at home. The people attending the riots are violent seditious thugs and useful idiots

          1. And if anyone is to blame for average people losing sympathy for "protesters", surely it's the news media and their unwillingness to differentiate between looters and arsonists, on the one hand, and "protesters" on the other. If they insist on referring to arsonists and looters as "protesters", then it shouldn't be surprising to see people lose their sympathy for protesters.

            1. The protesters who kept going out to create the conditions needed for riots are responsible as well

  31. I'm not sure why CNN (or the author) thinks the "heat ray" is any more insane than the rest of the protest. Microwave-based non-lethal crowd dispersal technology has been available since 2010. It works by creating an uncomfortable "burning" sensation but it's no more dangerous than dispersing a crowd with a water cannon. (Not that that means it's "safe", just that it's less-bad than bullets.)

    1. Probably a lot safer than a water cannon. Those are powerful enough to cause an uncontrolled fall and serious head injury on landing. The heat ray thing would just make you run away.

    2. Protesting means burning buildings to the ground and murdering people. Any effort to stop that is a violation of the first amendment

      This is what Reason and its leftist fans actually believe

      1. You've gone full retard.

        1. Says the person who calls riots peaceful demonstrations

          1. Except I never said that. But whatever.

      1. Stop lying.

        I read your cite and the only critic of it that comes close to calling it cruel is a private researcher for an anti torture advicacy group

        “Others contended it would inevitably be used as a torture device.

        “It seems fundamentally a weapon that’s designed to create a great deal of pain and fear,” Douglas A. Johnson, then the executive director of the Center for Victims of Torture, told the Sacramento Bee in 2004.”

        Not one mention that it IS cruel, just sepculation about possible uses, and nothing from the Pentagon.

        Find a cite that says whay you claim or admit you lied.

        1. Oh look. Another law student practicing being in court. Well here's a clue, dood. We're not in court.

          1. Man pointing out a lie really made you mad

            1. Keep pounding the table.

              1. Your plans for the day are your business, guy.

                1. It's a lot better than combing through the comments and typing "cite" whenever you see something that wouldn't be counted as a fact in a court of law. Do you get extra credit for this?

                  1. Hey you're a man of your word, your table is taking a beating. Probably like your wife right?

                  2. I suppose if you don't have any cites then getting super pissed about being asked for them would get you pissy.

                    1. The only super-pissed people I see are the Trumpers who have a conniption whenever someone disparages Dear Leader.

                    2. I guess that means you don't own a mirror.

        2. I mean, isn't anything designed to disperse crowds designed to cause "pain and fear" and could be used as a torture device? I would suspect that being locked in a room with a teargas bomb or restrained and pelted with rubber bullets or beanbags would be similarly uncomfortable to being strapped to a chair and having the "heat ray" aimed at you.

          1. But enough about Kenny g albums, let's stay focused on the pain ray

        3. >>weapon that’s designed to create a great deal of pain and fear

          ones designed to create cake and puppies more popular

  32. Florida is on the brink of all-out war over the covid response.

    The south Florida counties (heavily democrat) were set to go back to school this fall, with some accommodations. All of the private schools opened and have strategies for dealing with Covid.

    But the teacher’s unions revolted. They insisted on staying closed.

    So the school boards and superintendents changed their plans and remained closed.

    My county – Broward – kept moving the date for even meeting about opening back up. It felt an awful lot like election politics was impacting their choices. They went from having a whole range of plans for opening to “we’ll meet later to start talking about making a plan”.

    Then the governor got involved. He said “open back up”. They didn’t. So he said “Only students actually attending a school on Oct 5 will count toward funding numbers”. In other words, keep schools shuttered and you’ll be costing yourselves millions of dollars.

    Guess what? Broward is opening schools on October 5.

    But they are making it pretty onerous. It is almost as if they are intentionally making it miserable so that people will be mad. They are not having “real” school. The kids will be seated at their desks in their class… but the teachers will be teaching over the computer just like they were when they were at home. So the teacher is in the class, teaching over the computer. That way, kids whose parents decided to keep home will get the same instruction and work.

    It really, really feels like the teachers unions have been given a nudge from on high that the DNC wants as much disruption this fall as possible. The teachers who are involved heavily in the union are really, really mad about this. They are saying they will not go back to the classroom. The district says they have to take unpaid leave if they don’t.

    It should be interesting.

    1. Wayback Machine yourself this article:

      "Nearly half of manufacturers said child-care constraints made it difficult to recall furloughed workers or hire new ones in August, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia survey of companies in its region. The number of open manufacturing jobs in July rose back to pre-pandemic levels, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said last week.

      "Factory Workers Stay Home to Watch Their Children"

      It isn't just factory workers staying to watch the kids, and is there any reason to doubt that this is impacting working moms the hardest?

      If suburban women is the demographic Trump needs the most help with, there's his issue. He's fought hard to get the schools back open over the objections of teachers' unions, and he should capitalize on that. Keeping the schools closed means trapping millions of women at home.

    2. It is (or should be) plainly and self-evidently obvious that deliberately inflicting as much pain and misery on the country as possible has been their despicable strategy from the beginning of the year.

      Here’s hoping it backfires on them in the biggest way imaginable.

    3. feels like the teachers unions have been given a nudge from on high that the DNC wants as much disruption this fall as possible

      You give the unions way too much credit for assuming they are not fully on board and offering this giant distraction to the DNC as a gift. Just look at LA and the list of demands the union made. The unions are Marxist to the hilt. Disrupting the lives of the working class using their own children as agents is straight out of the playbook.

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  34. Biden won't need no heat ray. Global warming will make the mostly peaceful protesters disperse.

  35. “Attorney General Bill Barr wants to charge protesters in the U.S. with sedition.”

    Probably in response to Progressive local DA’s catch and release policy regarding “protestors” assaulting police officers, committing arson, and vandalizing government and private property.

    1. Yeah they should be held without bail! It's not like there's an ongoing pandemic and they haven't been convicted yet. Bail is not necessary in most cases.

  36. Just for the record, I was hoping that the Microsoft/Walmart consortium would win out for TikTok's assets, primarily because that would give both a company like Google's YouTube operation some serious competition and also because it would give Amazon further competition, too. Amazon's vertical integration of everything from advertising to webservices to retail might be subject to competition from an integrated partnership between Microsoft and Walmart. In fact, that may be one of the only combinations that could offer up some serious competition to Amazon.

    Oracle and TikTok's preexisting investors probably doesn't offer that same level of competition to Amazon.

    I'm just sayin'.

    1. Latest rumor has it that Walmart is joining Oracle's venture, bringing a majority of the new company into American hands, and the CEO of Walmart would get a seat on the new company's board.

      That is not the worst possible outcome, but it isn't over until it's over.

  37. CNN shows how to CNN

    But on social media there were some gripes that Underwood shouldn't have had to share the award and that it was misogynistic.
    "You couldn't stand to give it to a female just one freaking year, so you make her share it and award the male as well?!" one person tweeted in response to the Academy's tweet announcing the win.

    It was her 3rd win. Tying Taylor Swift for the most wins.

    Nice job cnn. Just reporting the facts. No agenda in that.

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  40. " upset that the U.S. government wouldn't get a cut for brokering a deal"

    The house always gets its vig.

    1. yas..against the community guiadline..READ MORE

  41. How much you wanna bet the SLC cop is Mormon. Goddamn they're so stupid and evil. The way to know if someone from Utah is Mormon is if they say something like " what makes you think I'm Mormon? I might not be. There's not many Mormons in Salt Lake City. It's only like 47 percent ofthe city is Mormon." If someone's not Mormon they will say no empathetically. Momon always downplay how many they're in Utah. It's because they're trying to take over and not have people notice. I always point out how goddamn dumb they're because any other major city has like 1 percent mormons. SLC is the Worst city in the country. Lots of cool outdoor stuff outside the city, but SLC is a goddamn boring shithole. Hopefully it won't be long until we can round up those evil, dumb bastards and put them in a confined space with some Zyklon B.

    1. Donnie Osmond seems like a nice guy.

      1. It's an act. Just like all Mormons. The only act nice. Deep down they're evil, manipulative assholes who belong in gas chambers.

        1. Did you know all of Donnie Osmond’s internal organs are mirror images? It’s totally true!

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  43. Yeah, it will now be handled under oracle company. Hope, some company also pay attention to other underrated social media apps like Fouad WhatsApp.

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