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Louisville Will Pay $12 Million to Settle Lawsuit by Breonna Taylor's Family

The agreement also includes several reforms aimed at preventing reckless drug raids based on dubious evidence.


The city of Louisville, Kentucky, has reached a $12 million settlement with the family of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT who was killed during a dubious, reckless, and fruitless drug raid that has figured prominently in nationwide protests against police brutality. It is by the largest settlement in the city's history based on allegations of police abuse. The family's lawyer, Benjamin Crump, said it is also one of the largest payouts in U.S. history for a police killing of a black woman.

Taylor's mother, Tamika Palmer, filed the lawsuit in Jefferson County Circuit Court last April, a month after plainclothes officers invaded Taylor's apartment in the middle of the night. Taylor's boyfriend, who called 911 to report a break-in, grabbed a gun and fired a single shot, which struck one of the officers in the leg. The cops responded with a barrage of more than 20 bullets, several of which struck Taylor, who was unarmed. Acting Police Chief Robert Schroeder later said Det. Brett Hankison "displayed an extreme indifference to the value of human life" when he "wantonly and blindly fired 10 rounds" into Taylor's apartment.

The no-knock warrant for the raid was based entirely on guilt by association. Since Taylor was still in touch with a former boyfriend suspected of drug dealing, who sometimes received packages at her apartment, police alleged that she was involved in his criminal activity. But the packages reportedly contained shoes and clothing, and no evidence has emerged to implicate Taylor in drug dealing. Furthermore, although the warrant authorized police to enter without knocking and announcing themselves, the affidavit presented no evidence specific to Taylor that would have justified dispensing with the usual rule.

In addition to the $12 million payout, the settlement commits Louisville to several reforms, including high-level approval of search warrant applications and SWAT operational plans. The city had already responded to Taylor's death by firing Hankison and banning no-knock warrants. A Jefferson County grand jury is soon expected to hear evidence that could lead to indictments of Hankison and other officers involved in the raid. The FBI is conducting its own investigation of the incident.

Another reform included in the agreement is a warning system that will look for "red flags" suggesting police misconduct. Hankison and at least four other officers who participated in the investigation that led to Taylor's death were also involved in a 2018 SWAT raid that terrorized a family wrongly suspected of growing marijuana. In both cases, police broke into people's homes based on dubious evidence, and the residents initially thought they were being robbed.

"Justice for Breonna means that we will continue to save lives in her honor," Palmer said. "No amount of money accomplishes that, but the police reform measures that we were able to get passed as a part of this settlement mean so much more to my family, our community, and to Breonna's legacy."

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  1. The asshole Crump- lawyer for the Taylor family- used this press conference to shill for Kamala Harris.

    I don’t know what is more disgusting- for that huckster ambulance chaser to suggest that Harris is any sort of friend to civil rights, or to baldly assert that she was ” the first national elected official to discuss Taylor’s death on national television.” What fucking bullshit.

    1. Harris would’ve have put Taylor’s ex boyfriend in prison for a decade if given the chance.

      Which, in an odd way, would’ve prevented her death. If he was still locked up, he wouldn’t have visited her and made her guilty by association, so no need to search her place.

      Kamala’s draconian drug sentences are actually for these minorities’ own good.

      1. Kamala would have also locked up the kid AFTER the raid, so she doesn’t really get any credit.

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  2. So, the taxpayers of Louisville, Kentucky are paying through the nose for what amounts to policy mistakes?

    I don’t know what the solution to racism is in a society that has chucked the idea that other people are valuable because Jesus died for them and abandons their children to the mercy of teachers’ unions and bureaucrats for education–except maybe to teach people the fear of Jesus and to insist that they educate their own damn children.

    I know that anything bad that happens in a no-knock raid in the prosecution of the drug war is a self-inflicted wound, and I know that if the taxpayers of Louisville, Kentucky don’t use their votes to elect local politicians who will change whatever needs to be changed, then they deserve to pay out $12 million for something that could have been avoided.

    This will happen again if they don’t hold their politicians accountable at the polls. No politician has ever learned a thing from shelling out the taxpayers’ money. They learn from seeing other politicians lose their seats.

    1. The solution to the violence problem between cops and blacks is to end drug prohibition.

      1. I’m not saying that, but if that house hadn’t been the subject of a drug raid, there wouldn’t have been a shooting.

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      2. I’m sure chronic unemployment and broken families has nothing to do with the issue of crime in the black community. If only black men were allowed to sell marijuana to white high school and college students, then the United States would be at peace.

        1. Has the fact that this happened during a drug raid completely escaped you?

          “The primary targets of the LMPD investigation were Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker, who were suspected of selling controlled substances from a drug house more than 10 miles away.[7][8] According to a Taylor family attorney, Glover had dated Taylor two years before and continued to have a “passive friendship”.[8] The search warrant included Taylor’s residence because it was suspected that Glover received packages containing drugs at Taylor’s apartment and because a car registered to Taylor had been seen parked on several occasions in front of Glover’s house.[8][9] No drugs were found in the apartment.[1]

      3. It sounds you’re saying that sarcastically, IceTrey.

        While ending drug prohibition won’t be the whole solution to copy violence, it will be a big part. Much of the militarization of the police culture can be laid at the feet of our self-destructive “war” on drugs.

      4. It’s certainly part of the problem. But there are a lot of other factors that people are even more reluctant to speak of, let alone address.

    2. The family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, said it is also one of the largest payouts in U.S. history for a police killing of a black woman.

      Seriously, WTF does this have to do with anything? ‘Fuck you’ to Crump, ‘fuck you’ to Sullum and ‘fuck you’ to anyone else who can’t quit crying racism for 2 seconds to acknowledge that this can happen to anyone. I am way past done giving a shit about anyone’s skin pigment when they have a bad police interaction.

      Or were Tuttle and Nicholas too white and Goines too black to matter?

      1. Because the rioters say it’s about Breonna Taylor certainly doesn’t mean it’s about Breonna Taylor. I maintain that the overriding cause of the unrest we’ve seen over recent months is the pandemic, the lockdowns, and their impact on the economy.

        1. It certainly isn’t about Breonna. The protesters proved that went after Rand Paul shouting, ‘Say her name!’

        2. So it has nothing to do with the last 300 hundred or so years?
          Even if you disagree with the argument, there are groups in the US that feel that history has been and continues to be unfair to them based, at least in part, on the color of their skin.
          At some points, the anger blows over.

          1. There have Breonna Taylor cases every month for years. Why didn’t they cause riots in the past?

            The correct answer is because they didn’t happen against the backdrop of pandemic and lockdown caused recession.

            30 million people lost their jobs over a period of six weeks. Never have so many Americans lost their jobs over such a short period of time. If there weren’t any social unrest under those circumstances, that would have been a miracle.

            If it hadn’t been Breonna Taylor and George Floyd it would have been something else. Most people don’t sit around and think about the reasons they do things–especially not when they’re scared and unemployed. They do things and then they rationalize them afterwards.

            “I burned this building down because of George Floyd and because I’m against racism” feels better than, “I’m burning this building down because I’m suddenly unemployed, out of school, and living in my parents’ basement–so now I’m taking it out on this store”.

            Because people rationalize the horrible things they did in terms that make the horrible things they did seem acceptable doesn’t mean we should believe their rationalizations. And there isn’t anything novel about this. Angry mobs have been rationalizing their horrible behavior after the fact for thousands of years.

            1. They’re not scared and unemployed.

              They’re restless and bored, looking for excitement and opportunity.

              They’re not decent people looking to right an injustice.

              They’re scum taking advantage of a situation.

      2. this can happen to anyone.

        They CAN, but they DON’T.

          1. Michael Bell

          2. Kelly Thomas

          3. Andrew Finch

          4. Randy Weaver

          5. Spartacus

            1. I am Spartacus

        1. Yes it does Jeff. It happens to all races.

          Would help if we stick with facts.

          1. Okay it does happen to all races. But not equally and not proportionately. They shouldn’t happen at all.

            1. I don’t disagree. It happens to Blacks disproportionately because Blacks commit crime disproportionately. At least that’s a good part of the explanation.

              It happens to whites more numerically.

              The Tuttle raid in Houston where two whites were killed in a raid lead by a black cop. Are we assuming that was racism too? Or is that assumption a one way street?

              At any rate, let’s drop the hyperbole and discuss actual facts.

              1. It is a one way street.

                It is like you don’t even intersectional.

        2. “They CAN, but they DON’T.”

          You claim not to be a troll but then post something so mendacious that it can be disproved by a quick search.

          …The Times’s investigation, which relied on dozens of open-record requests and thousands of pages from police and court files, found that at least 81 civilians and 13 law enforcement officers died in such raids from 2010 through 2016. Scores of others were maimed or wounded. …Of the 81 civilian deaths tallied by The Times, half were members of minority groups [meaning half were white].

          1. Okay, yes they do happen to all races, but not proportionately. I should have been clearer in that.

            1. or maybe just not trolling

            2. Proportionate to population numbers is useless. Look at it in proportion to crime statistics.

              1. But the crime statistics are also connected to race. Because the crime statistics depend on where the cops choose to spend their time.

                If you had a hypothetical 100% racist police department, then all of the crime statistics would point to Blacks committing 100% of the crimes. It doesn’t mean that they are more violent, only that that’s all the crimes that were recorded in the official statistics.

                But if you had a hypothetical 0% racist police department, then all of the crime statistics would depend on variables other than race, that correlate with crime (such as poverty level, income, education level, family status, etc.)

                1. it’s like we didn’t just discuss this
                  earlier today and dozens of times in the past

                2. Blacks muder at twice the rate of whites because of racism!

                  1. We don’t actually know what the precise murder rate is for any race. Because there are lots of unsolved murders out there. All we actually know is what the murder rate is for the murderers that were brought to justice. Which is part of my point here. The crime statistics only reflect what was officially recorded by the justice system. And these statistics only reflect where the police were to solve the crimes and arrest the perpetrators. And that doesn’t even get into the likelihood of a murderer, guilty or not, to be convicted in the justice system based on race, income, etc.

                    1. We don’t actually know what the precise murder rate is for any race

                      Which of course doesn’t matter at all! But it won’t stop you from distracting from the rate we do know which is double using the same criteria!

                      All we actually know is what the murder rate is for the murderers that were brought to justice

                      We actually know far more than that but I’ll let you be wrong!

                      . The crime statistics only reflect what was officially recorded by the justice system. And these statistics only reflect where the police were to solve the crimes and arrest the perpetrators. And that doesn’t even get into the likelihood of a murderer, guilty or not, to be convicted in the justice system based on race, income, etc.

                      None of which applies to murderers but rather than try to understand why you just keep repeating yourself!

                      And even after correcting all your errors it’s still double
                      because racism!

                    2. Yeah, that’s silly.

                      Unsolved murders are not enough of a sample to bias what is left, even if every single one was done by white, male, heterosexual racist republicans.

                      There may be “institutional racism” reasons (broadly constructed) for that contrast. But you can’t deny that it exists.

                      There are also strong cultural differences on education by race in the US. How those differences got there is one thing.. but you can’t claim that the resulting differences in educational attainment are due to racial discrimination. Asians and Jews value education more than White and Black citizens do. Black immigrants value education more than native born Black citizens do. The results mirror these attitudes. Indian PhD and MD degree holders are common. Irish coal country MD degree holders are not. That ain’t because they are discriminated against.

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        3. It absolutely does, and failure to acknowledge that has created a very unhelpful narrative. Some people really seem to believe that this is only a problem for blacks, when that isn’t true at all. Yes, it happens disproportionately to blacks, but not by orders of magnitude. Yet we only really hear about blacks being killed by police in national media. There have been several cases of white people being killed under questionable conditions in the past several months, but you get nothing from national media. But any black person shot by police is in the news for days, even when it’s not at all clear that the police were in the wrong.
          I have no problem with people wanting to talk about and address the particular plight of black Americans, but spinning a misleading narrative about this stuff is not helpful.

      3. this can happen to anyone

        Like, oh, what’s his name? Oh yeah. Duncan Lemp.

      4. “Fuck you” Sullum? You do realize he has written copious amounts about the Tuttle and Nicholas case right?

        Outside of that, I largely agree with you. Its getting a little old of this always being positioned as a “black problem”. The Tuttle & Nicholas case is one of the most egregious fucking cases I think I have ever read about. And outside of Sullum, I haven’t seen much of anything written by anyone else about it. That’s why I find it hard to take the activists/protestors/etc. seriously. For them it doesn’t seem to actually be about police policy/behaviors that get people killed. If it was, there would be outrage over Kelly Thomas, James Boyd, Tuttle/Nicholas, Lemp, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. in addition to all the other cases that fit the race narrative.

        1. You do realize he has written copious amounts about the Tuttle and Nicholas case

          Sure. And he could have compared that case here, what with it being nearly identical circumstances. Yet, instead, he includes a race-baiting quote from Crump that does nothing to further the real story.

          What happened to Taylor was horrible. Conflating it with racism doesn’t somehow make it worse. It does allow people to dismiss the entire story as propaganda.

      5. Yeah, it’s a stretch to say that Taylor was killed because she was black. The cops never even saw her, they just blasted into the house.

      6. Kind of reminds me of the convoluted stats that baseball announcers come up with during games. “This would be the first time anyone has hit a tripple in this field with three balls and one strike and down two runs with the wind from the north-east”. Wow.

    3. “No politician has ever learned a thing from shelling out the taxpayers’ money”

      And this is yet another time to point out that Qualified Immunity reform is no panacea. You can guarantee that if cops are more easily sued for their actions, that the unions will put tax payers on the hook. They will get the city to pay for the settlements, or for insurance.

      The hope is that at least in these cases, some localities can drive changes in their relationship with the Unions.

      1. Municipal bankruptcy is certainly one way to defund the police.

      2. True, QI reform is no panacea, but it changes incentives for LEO behavior. Combined with police union reform, some bad actors may finally feel the sting of their bad actions, and may even be incentivized to avoid them.

        1. Much of the protection people are concerned about is buried in the union contracts these city councils sign off on, and the city council forking over the tax payer’s money won’t lead to Qualified Immunity reform or changing the clauses in those union contracts. Change comes by way of the voters holding city council members accountable at the polls for failing to renegotiate those union contracts. If the voters fail to hold their elected representatives on the city council responsible for the contracts they negotiate, there is no remedy for that in a democracy.

          1. Why don’t these (predominantly Democrat) city councils change the rules of engagement? If they banned these no knock raids except in the case of violent criminals and crimes it would cut the number of casualties way down. I’ve yet to see any talking head anywhere bring this up, either pro or anti cop.

      3. But why should the cops pay in this case?
        Their job was to serve a warrant and search that house.
        Did they vote on knock vs no knock? Or did individuals within a chain of command make that decision?
        And cops, in the process of serving that warrant (doing their job) come under fire for whatever reason, do you expect them to not return fire?
        This is where the QI thing is a red herring.
        You’re just letting the people most responsible, unless it was coincidentally the shooter, like the judge and deciders of police procedure off the hook and displacing the consequences of their actions onto a scapegoat.

        If QI wasn’t even a concept, how do you think this event goes down? How should it?

        1. At what point is “just doing my job” not a valid excuse for the actions of an agent of the state? There has to be some line, right?

          I tend to take a pretty hard line on individual responsibility. Acting on behalf of some organization or collective never excuses an individual’s immoral behavior in my view. Each individual needs to consider whether his own actions are moral as individual actions.

          I’m curious where others would draw this line.

    4. The city had already responded to Taylor’s death by firing Hankison and banning no-knock warrants.

      Perhaps you missed this part, which was hard-won, moving through a first offer of moratorium and eventually pressured to be codified into law.

      So exactly what else could have been gained by electing a new crop of politicians?

      Further, I’m sure you can point to other metros that have already had such laws on the books by electing the right politicians.

      Or, as it seems, the vast majority of reforms have come from riots.

  3. “In addition to the $12 million payout, the settlement commits Louisville to several reforms, including high-level approval of search warrant applications and SWAT operational plans.”

    Better yet, actually solve the problem by ending the war on drugs!

    1. Careful, you might get outed as a libertarian for that opinion.

      1. Wait until you hear my opinion on prostitution!

        1. Oh my!

    2. The cops have already figured that out. Why do you think that the past several years have seen an uptick in “Human Trafficking” (aka busting Hookers and Johns) enforcement? As MJ has fallen away as an fineable offense, the police have been transitioning to prostitution.

      Coming Soon: No knock raids on whore houses.

      1. Where do I sign up?

  4. Judges who sign off on these warrants need to be punished. Letting them keep doing this erases the 4th Amendment and due process rights.

    1. The judges are only there to scrutinize the facts as presented in the warrant. They do zero investigation. Its the police that have to swear to the facts presented.

      1. Judges who act like a rubber stamp are violating their oath to the constitution. Police who lie on warrant applications are criminal, and if prosecutors won’t prosecute them then judges need to hold them in contempt and punish them themselves.

  5. The silver lining is that by highlighting these ridiculous SWAT raids on blacks folks, the reforms will help stop the ridiculous SWAT raids on white folks too. Most reforms that will be enacted will help curb police abuse against everyone.

    1. Curious use of the term “silver lining.”

      1. See Sometimes Bad comment below. By “silver lining” meant that even though police outrages against whites aren’t being highlighted, those outrages will be addressed (one hopes) by broad police reforms stemming from concern about outrages against colored persons.

    2. No they won’t.

      At least, not if history is a guide.

      We have been here before. More than once.

      Every time the race-baiting politicos have shown up to derail the conversation. You may have missed it, but there was near universal agreement after the Floyd incident. Everyone was on board, even the police unions.

      But what happened?

      The professional race-baiters came in and said it was about “systemic racism”, not police tactics and accountability. They said we needed to confront our white fragility. They said we needed to shut up and listen. No, not just listen. Because just listening is racist too. We need to actively support them and be anti-racist.

      They pushed and pushed and pushed until they got some opposition. They did not have the slightest interest in reforming policing or accountability. In fact, their minions on capital hill blocked efforts at passing legislation.

      They want some white people somewhere to resist them. That way they can have racial animus to motivate their base.

      That is what is happening. That is what happens every time.

      This is not my first rodeo. I’ve seen this over, and over, and over.

      1. No shit, they could have banned no knock raids after many stupid bloodbaths in the past (thinking about the crib kid that got the flashbang a few years ago), but how many places have?

        Now that the race pimps are going wild the original issues of cop tactics will be ignored in the grievance cavalcade. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  6. Haven’t seen any signs about Dennis Tuttle anywhere. Nobody says “say her name” about Rhogena Nicholas.

    Skin color matters to the blmantifa freaks. They are racist as fuck.

    1. Relax clown boy.
      Being concerned about a race doesn’t mean a lack of concern for others that don’t fall into that catagory.
      Its like saying American Cancer Society doesn’t give a shit about Heart Attacks.

      1. “Being concerned about a race doesn’t mean a lack of concern for others that don’t fall into that catagory”

        Yeah that’s just a coincidence!

      2. Spoken by someone who has clearly never interacted with the ACS or AHA.

        In all likelihood your local hospital’s CV leadership doesn’t give half a rat’s ass about chemo volumes and the ONC leadership likewise doesn’t care about cath lab volume.

        It’s like the old joke about the Navy admiral educating his staff on who’s the real enemy: the Air Force.

      3. Yes it does.

        Kelly Thomas was 1,000 times worse than any of these cases. And it was on video. He’s screaming for his father to help him and yelling “they’re killing me, Daddy!” as 6 cops beat him to death.
        None of these people have the slightest idea who that is. Everyone here does.

        George Floyd probably died of an overdose as a cop with a long history of bad acts “restrained” him by holding him down with a knee to the neck. He at least called an ambulance before sitting there indifferently as Floyd’s life slipped away.

        Police in the Daniel Shaver death were much more active. They taunted him as he cried and begged them not to kill him. He was unarmed, not accused of any crime, and crawling on a hotel hallway floor as instructed by police when he was shot 5 times in the back (with an assault rifle!). Do they know his name?

        How about Jose Guereno? 5 cops emptied their weapons at him in his own home under another off-hours raid. They restrained medical personnel for 2 hours as his wife begged for help on the 911 line. He bled to death as an ambulance that could have saved him sat nearby for that 2 hours.

        We all know Corey Maye. We know Kathryn Johnson.

        These people are the useful idiots. They’ve been fed a teaspoon of information, carefully curated to create a specific reaction. They believe “hands up, don’t shoot” really happened. But they don’t believe that white people get shot by the police. That is not because they are evil or blind. That is by design. The stories they are told are chosen to elicit the response we see. It is an intentional strategy.

    2. If you don’t want to go to a black people party, don’t go. You weren’t invited anyway. Nobody’s stopping you from being an activist for whatever your cause is.

      Why does the very mention of race set you people off so much?

      1. Because they are not racist and are opposed to racism, racist tactics and race baiting?

      2. Because by making it all about race and “systemic racism”, a real opportunity for reform has been mostly squandered.
        And I do believe that there is some racial bias in policing. But I don’t think it is the main factor behind there being proportionally more deadly police encounters with black people.

  7. Given that we have all been under house arrest for six months without trial, “to save the children”, why can’t we just give up on serving warrants at night, with or without “knocking”
    Have uniformed cops drive up in daylight, in a marked patrol car, get out, knock on the door, and wait for a response.
    If a few drugs get flushed, well, it might save one kid. Or one man. Or one woman. Or even one dog.
    Granted, some “reporters” might have to actually cover certain economic miracles, or certain unprecedented peace treaties, even if the bad man did them, but we all have to sacrifice.

    1. I think all political proposals from here on out should begin with “now that we all agree that saving one life is worth giving up everything else…”

      1. About 150 people die from nut allergies every year in the USA.

        It is high time we banned all nuts and enacted common sense nut controls at the borders.

    2. It seems like that pretty simple solution might just work. Though both sides see their goring ox go poof that way.

  8. every one says about this post but i ask…READ MORE

  9. I do remember a day when the cops getting fucked for once would be by itself reason enough to celebrate here at this allegedly libertarian place.

    I’m sure that everyone pissing their panties in outrage over the very mention of race for any reason whatsoever has nothing to do with them being fucking racist Trumptard cop sucking authoritarian cunts instead of libertarians who hate government and especially drug laws and cops murdering people over them.

    1. Breaking with my no profanity tradition….

      Fuck off, Tulpa!

      1. This must be a new version of Toejam. When did the last one hand his handle over to this new version?

  10. “Louisville Will Pay $12 Million to Settle Lawsuit by Breonna Taylor’s Family”
    But who in Louisville will be paying that $12 million settlment money?
    The mayor? No
    The city council? No
    The Head of the Police and Fire commission? No
    The Chief of Police? No
    The Judge that gave the “no knock” warrant? no
    The offending police officers? No
    The taxpayers of Louisville? YES!
    So why do you expect change?

  11. Please, the TAXPAYERS will pay the $12 million (or whatever). Isn’t voting for many a vote for their power and their wealth and jobs for their relatives?

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