The Politics of Guns Are Changing. Politicians Need To Catch Up.

Millions of new firearm owners who have lost faith in cops and government will be a tough audience for shopworn gun control schemes.


Amidst lots of the empty, emotive posturing you get at political conventions, last week's Democratic gathering featured triumphalist cheerleading for gun restrictions. Sensing ballot-box victory within their grasp, the party's officials pulled out the stops on threadbare proposals to dismiss self-defense rights and disarm civilians. It was as if the convention had beamed in from 2019, skipping over months of pandemic-driven uncertainty, growing skepticism toward the competency and decency of police, and social unrest that has driven millions of Americans to purchase firearms.

Oblivious to a changing world, political figures are pushing policies for which the moment has passed.

Far from the seats of political power, guns are very popular right now. FBI records of background checks, an indicator of gun sales from licensed dealers, hit an all-time high of 3.9 million in June, up from 2.3 million a year earlier and 1.9 million in June of 2018. The numbers remained high in July, at 3.6 million background checks.

More importantly, industry surveys say that many of those background checks and subsequent purchases involve new gun owners, not just established firearms fanciers adding to personal collections.

"Retailers reported an increased number of first-time gun buyers, estimating that 40 percent of their sales were to this group," the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) announced in early June.  "This is an increase of 67 percent over the annual average of 24-percent first-time gun buyers that retailers have reported in the past."

"All this equates to more than 2.5 million new gun owners in a very short period of time," the NSSF adds.

There's no mystery about the reasons for the surge in sales.

The year opened with widespread fears that the country's divisive politics would lead to violence in an election year. "Nearly six in ten Americans agree that there will be protests or rioting in the United States over the next year in response to how the country is being run," Ipsos reported in January. "Research suggests that many Americans are particularly concerned about the 2020 election cycle."

That was before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the U.S, resulting in panic-buying that stripped store shelves and lockdown orders that crippled the economy. The Ipsos poll also predated high-profile police violence against civilians—especially the killing of George Floyd and, more recently, the shooting of Jacob Blake—that brought Black Lives Matter protesters and then rioters into the streets in many cities.

Along the way, many Americans lost faith in the government's ability to make intelligent judgments and keep the peace, and the fairness and decency of law enforcement officers.

As a result, Americans are purchasing firearms in record numbers. And many of those buyers are from outside the ranks of traditional firearms fans.

In recent years, gun ownership has come to have a distinct partisan and demographic flavor. Republicans are more than twice as likely as Democrats to say that they own a gun. "White men are especially likely to be gun owners: About half (48%) say they own a gun, compared with about a quarter of white women and nonwhite men (24% each) and 16% of nonwhite women," notes Pew Research.

That has made restrictions on the means for self-defense an easy sell for Democratic officeholders. Gun laws have been convenient weapons for targeting political enemies without offending supporters.

But the world is changing. According to the NSSF, "40 percent of first-time gun buyers in the first four months of 2020 were female. The main purchase driver among the group was personal protection, followed by target shooting and hunting."

African-Americans, who are often unfairly targeted by law-enforcement and have vocally protested such treatment, are stocking on up on tools to defend themselves, too.

"The highest overall firearm sales increase comes from Black men and women who show a 58.2 percent increase in purchases during the first six months of 2020 versus the same period last year," the NSSF noted in July.

Black Americans have armed themselves to push back against police, to put racists on notice, and to protect their homes and businesses.

"The arrival of militia members and armed private citizens is to be expected in cities where there is intense fallout from fatal use-of-force incidents," Reason's Zuri Davis wrote in May. "Black activists, some inspired by the likes of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, are using their guns to remind the public that they, too, have a voice."

To this growing constituency for owning firearms, gun-controllers have a clunky, tone-deaf message: Vote for us and we'll pass laws that make it harder for you to protect your families! Even better, those laws will give the cops you're protesting more excuses to hassle you!

Obsessed with winning control over the federal government and punishing their hated political opponents, mostly Democratic gun control advocates failed to notice that the policies they favor were crafted for a world in which much of the population generally trusts government and its enforcers. That world was always largely imaginary; trust in government has sunk for years, and large majorities of African-Americans have long harbored doubts about law enforcement. But whatever was real about that image of the world has been swept away by recent events.

The world of 2020 is one in which gun ownership is losing its status as a partisan marker and becoming an expression of reliance in self and community across the population. Politicians still peddling schemes for restricting firearms ownership are asking the public to put their lives in the hands of a government they don't trust, with those laws to be enforced by police in whom there's record low confidence. If implemented, those laws won't hurt just political enemies; they'll also harm growing ranks of new gun owners among groups that were once assumed to be reliable supporters of restrictions.

The politics of guns are changing in a year that has demolished old arguments for gun control. Politicians need to catch up with the new reality.

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  1. With Democrats embracing the Koch / Reason libertarian position on immigration, it’s only fair that we should move toward the Democratic position on common sense gun safety. Besides, according to longtime libertarian activist Michael Hihn, comprehensive gun laws are in fact pro-liberty. Because they protect the freedom to not get shot.


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    2. Poor OBL. All he attracts now are spam responses. Time for a new gig.

    3. “…comprehensive gun laws are in fact pro-liberty.”

      How can restricting rights and freedoms be pro-liberty?


      1. Less choice is always more freedom.

        1. War is Peace
          Freedom is Slavery
          Ignorance is Strength

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          Shot in the back by a 44.
          No Les.
          No More.

      2. He didn’t say WHOSE liberty . . .

    4. Looky kids, another looter clown working online to counter the equally inept ordure-flinging of the other desperate socialist martyrs. Their desperation is our gain in spoiler votes.

      1. There are freight train cars full of spoiled votes just waiting to be deployed.

    5. Say, where the fuck IS Hihn? That old bastard dead yet?

      1. Shhh! That’s like saying Bloody Mary three times in the mirror!

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    9. A popular bumper sticker after the Chinamen square massacre says it all people “ China has gun control”

  2. Politicians need to catch up with the new reality.

    That might be tough for a 50-year DC politician who barely knows his own name.

    1. C’est impossible!

    2. When you consider the party is pushing a political and economic system from 1918, a gun control policy from 2019 sounds positively Jetson.

    3. The politicians who favor ever-bigger, more centralized, more intrusive, more expensive government at all levels are unlikely to abandon attempts to restrict private ownership of firearms. Both in theory and in practice, an individual right to keep and bear arms limits the power of government, and limits are what those politicians don’t want.

      1. They are just as unlikely to “defund” or significantly restrict police. As usual, all the “we’ll fix this” promises will evaporate November 4.

        Democratic city councils (and city councils run city police departments) have been promising to reform law enforcement since the hot summer of 1968, with no results. They aren’t starting now.

        1. No, they probably will, because they’re shifting their reliance from police to Red Guard, and you don’t want the police getting in the way of the Red Guard.

  3. I read this as reason championing blm and antifa gun owners. As we’ve already seen that is extremely dangerous.

    I propose gun confiscation if you are democrat or any kind of left winger who doesn’t vote or plans to vote for Biden or any leftie third party. If you associate with blm antifa or any far left group.

    Sounds fair to me.

    1. Oh, I get it, you are troll. Well done. To be fair, the positions of the Trump cultists are so ridiculous that it is pretty hard to distinguish them from a parody.

      1. Such a eunuch

      2. Can you tell looting, rioting, vandalism, arson and mob rule from parody? I thought so. I expect most voters will be able to as well and will vote accordingly. Too bad for the Democrats, eh?

  4. “The Politics of Guns Are Changing. Politicians Need To Catch Up.”

    The Politics of Guns Are Changing. Politicians Need To Give Up.

    ” . . . shall not be infringed . . . ‘ means exactly what it says. Any politician who fears an armed populace is a scoundrel.

  5. A government that can’t be trusted to protect you, can’t be trusted to disarm you.

  6. The only gun reform we need is better staffing for the background check office. I’ve bought a few guns over the last few months and I had to wait 3 days for the background check to clear on all of those, I’d never waited more than 30 minutes before.

    I’m glad so many of my fellow Americans are observing their 2A rights, but that wait was awfully inconvenient.

    1. Buy peer to peer. Skip the background check.

      1. Sadly illegal where I live. I’m not likely to get caught, but the risk/reward just isn’t there.

        I used to live in VA and bought several guns where the only paperwork involved was cash, which is how it should work.

        1. Are “antique” firearms still exempt from background checks? I bought one years ago in California with cash, no background check and no wait.

    2. And more ammo production

      1. There is no such thing as “ammo”. Those are “freedom seeds”.

        1. Either way, we need a lot more of them

          1. Agreed. Now is the time to build a reloading bench.

            1. Now is the time to find primers… Jeez.

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            2. 2 years ago was time to build a reloading bench.

            3. Nope. It doesn’t matter. I haven’t been able to find small rifle or small pistol primers from ANY manufacturer for at least 6 weeks.

              The most important components are being diverted to produce factory assembled ammo.

              1. Primers has been something that has worried me for some time: The anti-gunners may not have the numbers, but they have a lot of money to burn, and there are only a couple primer manufacturers in the country, they’re the weak link in the entire firearms industrial ecology. If Bloomberg bought them both, you could suddenly find it impossible to buy primers or ammunition in the civilian market.

    3. The only gun reform we need is honoring “shall not be infringed”. Lesser reforms are always welcome, but never as the “only” reform.

      1. I suppose abolishing all gun laws could be classified as “reform”, in which case you are absolutely correct. That would be excellent reform.

        1. Not to mention completely constitutional

          1. My bank account would be so sad but I would be so happy. 😀

            1. I’m still looking for the Drug Prohibition Amendment. End Joe Biden’s racist Drug War.

  7. How to stop police violence against Blacks:

    Leftist: “Don’t let Blacks own guns!”

    1. Leftists see no difference between self defense and vigilante justice. That’s why they want everyone disarmed. To them defending yourself in the moment and hunting down an old grudge are the exact same thing.

      1. To be fair, liberals struggle seeing the world through their race-status goggles. To them, individual or mob use of violence can’t be judged by the concepts of consequences for prior actions or property rights (concepts they also struggle with), but only by the color of the instigator or victim.

    2. If you own a gun, you ain’t black!

    3. Maybe stop telling blacks they’re are being hunted and to be hostile and uncooperative in every encounter.
      Just a thought

  8. Really as libritarian we need to refocus the debate on what’s important.
    We already know that gun ownership is a moral right so we need to move the debate to 7.62 or 5.56?
    Make people argue about what to own as opposed to if people should own.

    For the record the correct answer is
    And 7.62×25

    1. Those caliber selections only give more credence to the idea that we’re all Russian assets.

    2. 30.06. It beat the Nazis, and it can beat the Marxists.

      1. Technically the various 7.62s also beat the Nazis, while being wielded by the Marxists (insofar as the average Red Army conscript was a Marxist)

    3. 7.62 X 51 I think you meant. So you a .30 cal guy.

      It all depends; .308 is a bitch to conceal carry.

      1. Nah, he definitely meant 7.62x54R, which is actually even harder to conceal carry (with bayonet my Mosin is taller than I am lol)

      2. No. He’s talking about Soviet guns, which will be super useful if it pops off in 2020’s USA.

      3. 460 Magnum is easier to conceal had has about the same KE in the projectile. It’s rougher on your hands to shoot it, but it’ll take down an elk with a decently placed shot.

    4. Y U No 6.5 master race, Rev?

      1. I think that the best guns and ammo have been stored buried under some polish/urkranians farmhouse for 75years before being uncovered

        1. So long as they work. Lots of dead Germans (and Russians too) who could attest to the effectiveness of the PPSh, the Moisin, and the Degartyev.

      2. Grendel, Creedmoor, Swedish?

        1. Grendel if you’re committed to the -15 platform and size. Creed for availability and better performance. -’06/.264 WinMag (I know they’re different.) if someone else is paying for barrels. I have a relative with a 6.5 Swedish. I’ll have to ask him how he likes it.

          I used to have a 6.5 bolt based off an Arisaka that was rechambered to .257 Roberts. I guess it was easier to get and reload Roberts brass than Berdan-primed 6.5 Arisaka. More accurate than I was. Surprisingly handy, albeit the barrel had been considerably shortened in the process.

          It’s hard to argue with the BCs you can get in that caliber, provided your barrel can spin them enough.

          1. The better caliber for AR platform is the 6mm ARC. Barret makes a great AR for it and, while the Grendel is a great cartridge the ARC is better beyond 300 yards. So, it is more useful for hunting.

    5. For personal protection, 12GA is a far more flexible platform. 7.62 is great for dealing with threats at 200 yards, but how many people have the time to develop that kind of marksmanship?

      1. Non-concur. Recoil is a concern, especially for smaller statured people/women. Plus follow up shots, and it loses pattern cohesion at range, though Flite-Control buck addresses that a little.

        Damned if it doesn’t make the grass grow when it connects though.

        1. There’s more to life than just 00 buck.

          If you want a bit more range there are all manner of slugs (although if you’re looking to really reach out, that’s a job for 7.62), if you need to prevent over-penetration indoors #4 buck will get it done and if you can’t handle heavy recoil there are mini-shells that pack a bit less punch but will still get it done at defensive ranges. The root of the practicality of the 12GA platform lies in the wide variety of what can be run through it. If I had to pick just one gun that had to “do it all”, I’d have to go with my Moss 590, but even in a “bug out” scenario I’d like to take that and at least 2 sidearms to still have some options and redundancy.

          I’ve not shot 308/7.62 myself yet, but comparing my experiences with 556 and various 12GA loads, I’d imagine anyone who can’t handle a low recoil shotgun load would have a hard time with a bigger bore rifle as well

    6. +1 Mosin-Nagant 1891 Infantry

    7. 12.7x99mm thank you very much.

    8. For most people a PCC would be best. Keltec 2000 is a good choice. Easier on the new shooter with less recoil and cheaper ammo.

    9. .308 or .300aac
      .357 sig
      When on rooftop duty .338LM or .300WM

      5.56 is spray and prey; 7.62×54 is just a poor mans flamethrower

  9. For a group of people that claim to hate guns so much, the Dems sure are incredible at making them fly right off the shelves.

    1. They are better gun salesmen than anyone at the NRA ever has been.

  10. What’s up, Peanuts?

    Turns out the shooter that killed two protestors in Kenosha last night was another far right nutjob named Kyle Rittenhouse.

    Protestors -or rioters if you prefer – either is accurate.

    1. The guy who was attacked multiple times while trying to run away from you antifa pedophiles?
      Your friends got what they deserved.
      And you’ll join them soon

    2. “Turns out the shooter that killed two protestors in Kenosha last night was another far right nutjob named Kyle Rittenhouse.”

      He’s a 17 year kid who has more balls than you’ll ever have you cuck faggot. He and his ar 15 fended off a group of violent men who were trying to kill him. One of the bastards he killed was one of those Antifa betas who go around smashing peoples heads in with their skate boards. The “Oh shit!” look on his face as he was clutching his ventilated chest right before he collapsed was priceless. You can even see his skate board skittering in front of him in his failed braining attempt. I have a feeling Rittenhouse won’t be picked on at school.

      1. Eat shit you little fairy.

        He drove into the area from another state seeking out a confrontation. He got what he wanted.

        Grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

        1. “ Grow up and take responsibility for your actions.”

          Cry some more you bitch. If only your Peaceful Protesters followed your advice instead of destroying property and causing mayhem they might be alive.

          1. “Protestors -or rioters if you prefer – either is accurate.”

            1. Accurate Reporting of Events:

              Violent Rioter who asked to be shot gets his wish granted after trying to set someone alight with Molotov Cocktails.

              Violent Rioter who tried to kick a man while he was down gets shot and learns the valuable lesson – never kick a man when he’s down (and armed with an AR-15).

              Violent Rioter who brought a skateboard to a gun-fight shot and killed. Darwin Award bestowed posthumously.

              Violent Rioter who drew a pistol on a man pointing a rifle at him found out that only works in the movies. I guess he watched “A Fistful Of Dollars” too many times but, honestly, Hollywood loves the “He who has the weakest weapon wins the fight” trope.

              Well-trained and restrained shooter calls 911 after first shooting, then attempts to have himself taken into custody but is ignored by police on the scene. Police later arrest shooter at another location but, the charges are likely to be dropped given the ample evidence of his restraint and skill in defending himself from violent rioters intent on harming him.

              It’s a pity Reason is too gutless to ever tell the truth about it.

        2. For a guy seeking confrontation, he was running in the opposite direction awfully well.

  11. The kid who killed two people last night in Kenosha was apparently charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide. I haven’t even tried to sort through all the information yet because I generally like to wait until the initial impressions have cooled off, and there’s more information compiled, before trying to sort out things like this.

    But I find shit like this the very issue of police-he’s very quickly facing the severest charge he could face, while the officer who shot Blake has yet to be charged with anything. The officer gets a massive bureaucracy protecting him from blame while a citizen is being fed to the fire.

    1. Going straight to 1st degree is awfully risky from the prosecution. Maybe Wisconsin law is different, but 1st degree usually means premeditation. They have to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he set out that night to kill people. Any claim that he was just there to counter protest and shit just got outta hand immediately provides reasonable doubt unless he’s got written plans or posted something stupid on social media before he went out.

      Can they decide at trial time to convict of a lesser charge? I know that’s a thing in some states, not sure about Wisconsin. If they can the prosecution makes sense, if not it seems they’re making an awfully big gamble and that guy could walk free if they can’t prove 1st degree.

      1. He twice tried to flee conflict, and only pulled the trigger when cornered or tackled.
        Shouldn’t even come close to going to trial

        1. How many counts is he charged with? As I understand it he shot 3 people, killing 2 of them. The 2nd and 3rd shots seem clear cut self defense, but the first one the only video I’ve seen seems to start right at the shot, showing nothing of the circumstances leading up to it.

          Apparently he was trying to defend a business from vandals, but that doesn’t automatically justify it

          1. I was initially unsure about the first one too, but there’s video of it


            Clearly self defense

      2. “Going straight to 1st degree is awfully risky from the prosecution.”
        . . .assuming that you believe they actually want a conviction.
        The paycheck is the same if he gets acquitted. They will have done their job, and the honest citizens of Kenosha will decide that the kid who came to help defend their town didn’t do so with the intent of killing anyone.

      3. Premeditation doesn’t mean he planned it out earlier that day. It can be premeditated in a few seconds. But both killings seem like a case can be made for self-defense. If he shot someone prior to that, as some have reported, he may be up for assault with a deadly weapon charges. But the news media seem not to mention a third victim.

    2. The officer gets a massive bureaucracy protecting him from blame while a citizen is being fed to the fire.

      It of course helps that the police officers did nothing wrong. Jacob Blake was a violent felon, with an outstanding felony arrest warrant for sexual assault, who resisted arrest and fought with police, who shrugged off their non-lethal attempts to restrain him, who got shot as he was going for a weapon.

      The police did exactly what they were supposed to do and there should be no charges against them.


    Another militia group, called the boogaloo, also attended all three nights of protests, according to Justin Mishler, a self-proclaimed member who lives Belvidere, Illinois.

    About a dozen armed boogaloo members were at the Kenosha protests Sunday, about two dozen Monday and more Tuesday, he said. Their purpose was providing security and protection for businesses, he said.

    Mishler said the Kenosha Guard is not affiliated with boogaloo.

    Boogaloo boys stirring that civil war up.

    1. Clearly anyone who doesn’t want property vandalized or destroyed, or normal citizens to be beaten in the streets by roving mobs of BLM and Antifa are “trying to stir up a civil war.”

      1. Have we gotten to Bleeding Kansas yet? Is that what people want?

  13. Earlier in the day, the Kenosha Guard created a Facebook event called “Armed Citizens to Protect our Lives and Property.” The invite was picked up by the far-right website Infowars.

    same link

    1. Good work, Mr. Buttplug. Keep emphasizing that Antifa and BLM are peaceful groups, and that all personal injury and property destruction are the fault of right-wing infiltrators.


      1. You do good work, OBL. All is forgiven.

    2. Protecting lives and property is so Nazi. That’s what the brown shirts did, right?

  14. I’m concerned all the anti-gun Democrats who have already won their primaries are aware of the changing tide, and will try to ram something through quickly a-la the NY SAFE Act in the middle of the night immediately after taking power in January

    1. You can count on it. If the Dems get Congress/Senate/WH, there will be a massive gun control bill pushed right through and into law. This happened in Virginia, expect it to happen at the federal level.

      1. This. LOL at 2Chilly thinking the gun sales were going to retard that dynamic in any way.

    2. It will just be another law, no more meaningful than the second amendment.
      If they can ignore one, we can ignore the other.
      Think of all the Medicare money saved when the old farts stand up to confiscation and go down swinging.

  15. I live in Kenosha County. By Tuesday morning it was clear that – except for government buildings – the authorities were NOT going to stop any damage or violence by the rioters. They weren’t enforcing the curfew and they arrested just a few people out of crowds estimated at several thousand. Having ZERO National Guard on Sunday night and 125 on Monday night was a joke. The Kenosha city police and county sheriff’s department combined is only a few hundred officers.

    By Tuesday afternoon, the National Guard was increased to 250 and local media (NOT “right-wing” media) was calling that number a joke. This got the vigilante crowd into action. A sporting goods store near me sold out of ammunition and nearly sold out of guns. I stayed far away from the mess but I know people who patrolled local businesses and schools. I think it’s miraculous that there was only one gun battle resulting in two deaths and one injury.

    Local people are blaming the major, county exec, and governor: all Democrats. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in November.

    1. Why not blame the murderer?

      1. Because he’s not a murderer

        1. He is charged with murder.

          We’ll know in a year or two.

          1. We’ll know far sooner when the idiotic charges are dropped.

            Only question is whether you’ll be allowed to survive even that long

          2. From the video, we already know he isn’t a murderer. He ran away for a long time, and only fired when he was pushed to ground and attacked by a murderer. That’s self-defense.

      2. There was no murder. But you could blame the looters, vandals, and arsonists.

      3. Blame the shooter for millions of dollars of riot damage? Or are you referring just to the two deaths?

        I know that the shooter is being charged but news coverage makes it sound like it might not stick. If people have a right to defend their homes and businesses, then do they have the right to invite others to help them with the defense? If so, any trial will hinge on the shooter being defensive.

        That said, if the authorities had protected the community the previous two nights, then this 17 year old knucklehead wouldn’t have been there last night. So “blaming the shooter” for the entire mess really doesn’t make sense.

        1. Just the two deaths.

          1. Damn, you’re tedious. No, he means the people that attacked a man who was prone on the ground and outnumbered. Seems like the criminals chose…poorly.

            1. Ignoring for a moment whether the shooting was justified or not, I’m not quite sure what those rioters expected to happen when they attacked a guy openly carrying a rifle. I guess they thought he wouldn’t be able to shoot them in that situation, but you gotta think he’s gonna try.

              “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight” is solid advice, but bringing a knife is better than bringing nothing at all. Those guys get Darwin awards.

              1. I understand one had a skateboard, and the other had a Glock. Sounds even more justified to me.

                1. Darwin Awards for all the violent rioters who were shot does seem justified but, I think they are only awarded posthumously. So, only two of the violent rioters are eligible.

        2. Governor Evers looks real bad right now, especially for turning down national guard help offered earlier that day

    2. Trump wins Wisconsin in a land slide now.

      1. Which is likely why our kiddie-porn aficionado is mad enough to keep filling this thread with his shit.

        Good. I hope the dead were friends of the Plug, as unlikely as that is.

    3. The sheriff seemed most concerned about the vigilantes.

  16. Encouraging; I hope JD is right on this. But to further the story of clueless politicians, let me leave you with a quote I cam across just this morning:

    “And I believe we can do better in terms of limiting access to firearms to law abiding Americans of sound mind.” Houston Chief of Police Art Acevado

    You can read this two ways, but maybe that ‘s the point.

    1. Good god.

    2. From the available evidence, that standard would appear to exclude much of the Houston PD, specificially including Acevado.

      1. +2 dead law-abiding homeowners.

  17. I sometimes fantasize about truly honoring “shall not be infringed”, no QI, lots and lots of blacks carrying, and cops just a little bit more leery of being racist thugs.

    1. I sometimes fantasize


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  19. The Politics of Guns Are Changing


  20. many Americans lost faith in… the fairness and decency of law enforcement officers.

    I actually think we put police in the impossible situation of protecting us from looters (or enforcing tyrannical COVID restrictions). Because it’s really more like a war and you don’t send in the police to fight a war. You send in your bravest soldiers. And in that case it’s the ‘well regulated militias’ that the founders allocated for us in the Constitution. The looting actually vindicates the second Amendment and we shouldn’t decry the absence of police we should rejoice that we’re the only country in the world that can actually protect ourselves – if we so choose.

  21. “we should rejoice that we’re the only country in the world that can actually protect ourselves – if we so choose”

    Lots of gun restrictions in Somalia and Afghanistan?

    1. Yeah, actually there are. Local warlords tend to frown on subjects who can defend themselves. The restrictions are more practical than regulatory but they are equally effective at disarming most everyone but the warlord’s thugs.

  22. The usual shitpots either desperately trying to excuse a rightwing terrorist murdering protestors while insisting that Antifa is the real threat, with a nice dose of fascist neckbeards getting baby boners over getting a couple corpses for the cause.

    What are they even protesting about? Derp.

    1. There’s tons of videos that show exactly what happened, Tony.
      Pick your battles, man

      1. Okay I choose to care more about rightwing terrorists killing people than some kid getting made fun of by CNN one day.

        1. Yeah, but you’re really fucking stupid too. So there is that.

    2. You mean, a kid who shot some of your pals as you were protesting the cops shooting a thug who beats women and rapes children. Or, rather who USED to beat women and rape children.

    3. You mean the “right-wing terrorist” who was RUNNING AWAY in both shooting incidents?:

      The first in which a man is trying to burn him to death with a Molotov cocktail (while the “terrorist” retreats)?

      The second of which he falls to the ground and one man tries to bludgeon him with a skateboard while another points his gun at him?

      THAT “right-wing terrorist”? Or the one you just made up in your mind?

    4. Video of another one of Tony’s “right-wing terrorists.”

    5. “Antifa” are the rioters, you fucking lefturd dolt. They’re killing people, looting, and burning buildings down.


  23. Black Rifles Matter

  24. Wether or not the police are capable of providing for the individuals safety, the courts have long since ruled that they owe no particular duty to the individual, protection or anything else, that they are to “protect society”, whatever that might mean. The current surge in gun purchases, much of this from that segment of the population that previously showed no interest in gun ownership or were opposed thereto might well show that the public has come to recognize this fact, it being about time in my view. By the way, I do not note the foregoing to criticize the police, merely to recognize and state the facts.

    Now should “the balloon go up” in front of the average street cop, they might act to defend the individual citizen or citizens. It has gone both ways, as we should recognize, and there is no telling how it might go in a particular situation, with particular people. It remains however, as above noted, that the courts have previously ruled, and their rulings do not favor the individual.

    So as was noted by a another poster, in this country, unlike most others, the individual has a choice. The difference is important, and should be noted. It should also be maintained, at least till the courts, in their august wisdom, recognize the error of their ways, and correct past rulings, there being no sign of any such movement by the courts.

  25. Literally millions of new gun owners are unlikely to vote to have their new toys taken away.
    If even a quarter of them keep voting Democrat, it’s still millions of new anti-gun control voters.
    It seems to me that gun control is dead for the next 10 to 20 years

    1. Don’t be so sure. There are a lot of people who have a “well, I got MINE” attitude. Once the lefties have their power/guns, they do everything they can to keep OTHER people from having the same, it happens in EVERY left-ish country.

    2. “It seems to me that gun control is dead for the next 10 to 20 years”

      Gun control is dead! Long live people control! Careful what you wish for.

  26. After having the local PDs in leftist enclaves like Santa Monica, CA and Seattle, WA issuing announcements essentially telling citizens “you’re on your own, do what you have to” in a crisis, maybe some of the “base” voters will change their thinking a little bit faster.

  27. Tuccille’s conclusions work on a larger scale. For over half a century the looter kleptocracy has vacillated between standpatters for George Wallace collectivism and infiltrators for a Soviet Amerika. A third alternative is gaining votes by 80% a year but is blanked away by desperate reality control. Even with Nixon subsidies paying the media to smear/ignore the LP, we’re still here–with hockey stick vote growth. Yet the deep state kleptocracy gapes in bovine incomprehension while ordering its cops to shoot more unarmed people in the back over plant leaves and set fires. With adversaries like these, who needs allies?

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  29. Term limits will insure that officeholders are in tune with the times.
    A new spoils system might help clear out stubborn bureaucracies, too.

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  31. Guns can give you a feeling of safety and security, no doubt about that. But they are useless against hurricanes, firestorms, crumbling roads and bridges, slow and expensive Internet connections, pandemics, mass unemployment, civil unrest, global warming, Chinese hoaxes, grant grubbing scientists, transgender toilets and unorthodox pronouns, and all these other serious problems we fret about on a daily basis.

    If the right wing’s solution to today’s troubles is more guns and ammo in the hands of more people, it’s naive and inadequate. It seems that the young socialists are offering solutions with a more positive and hopeful outlook.

    1. No, the young socialists are lying, just like every other socialist does.

      Giving more power to the government isn’t a solution (hopeful, yes; positive, no). The most powerful governments are the ones that end up murdering the most people (see the history of socialism for evidence of this truth).

      1. “Giving more power to the government isn’t a solution”

        I agree. Socialists will have to offer solutions that empower the people if they want to attract a wider following. As the article points out, Americans seem to be losing faith in their government. The hopeful youth and others who don’t fear the future will have a chance to offer something positive. Rest assured, more guns are going to prevent Internet surveillance, they are not going to stop heat waves or wildfires or repair a broken transportation network. For that you need the collective action socialists are stressing.

        1. Socialists will have to offer solutions that empower the people

          That will be a first.


          1. It goes back to Marx and before that to the radical Parliamentarians of the English civil war. The idea of social leveling is empowering people. Not bourgeois people but they are together with the moneyed, the monarchists and the militarists. They don’t need any more empowerment than they have now.

            1. Did that pile of bullshit sound clever to you before you typed it?


              1. It’s not a first by a long shot. Who told you it will be a first?

    2. Based on history, we know socialism doesn’t last long and soon devolves into strongman totalitarianism. Any socialist solution is suspect automatically.

      1. “Based on history, we know socialism doesn’t last long and soon devolves into strongman totalitarianism.”

        Courageous and confident Americans will have to take that chance. I don’t see much in the way of alternatives.

      2. socialism doesn’t last long and soon devolves into strongman totalitarianism.

        Socialism IS strongman totalitarianism. All that egalitarian bullshit the lefturds spew is nothing but the sales pitch.


        1. “Socialism IS strongman totalitarianism.”

          Untrue Canada has socialized medicine and a functioning parliament for over 50 years now.

          US has socialized Interstate and public school systems. State owned post office. All this I think was covered by the Communist Manifesto.

          1. The Canadian government kills people by making them wait for medical care that is available immediately in the United States. Candians’ right to self defense is violated by their rulers. Their current leader hasn’t been removed from office despite overwhelming evidence of his corruption. The Canadian government is gradually ramping up their routine violations of Candadian’s right to free speech.

            Try again.


            1. “The Canadian government kills people by making them wait for medical care that is available immediately in the United States.”

              Untrue. Who told you this? Canadians are free to travel to other countries if they want. Most choose to stay in Canada and avail themselves of socialized medicine and have been continuing to do so for over 50 years over conservative and liberal governments who have promised again and again to maintain socialized medicine.

              US also has many socialized aspects that politicians of all stripes wouldn’t dream of changing. The transportation system is one example. Americans have absolutely no qualms about using the socialized Interstate system, often on a daily basis.

              Your ideas on the issue are shrill, cowardly and baseless.

  32. I remember when the LA riots provided us with the example of the roof koreans to demonstrate why mag restrictions are bullshit. Current events however, give us a far better response to any future lefturds demanding to violate the second amendment, e.g.:

    “Why do you need a gun?”

    “So that I can shoot you when you come to loot and burn down my home or business, you commie piece of shit. Go fuck yourself, by right to self-defense is not negotiable. Go work out your daddy issues somewhere else.”


    1. “So that I can shoot you when you come to loot and burn down my home or business”

      Maybe the looters have guns too. And are more skillful at killing people with them.

      1. Maybe they do, in which case it’s all the more important that I can shoot back.

        The lefturd fantasy of disarming everyone, if it were possible, discards the natural advantage that ensues from good people outnumbering perps.


        1. “Maybe they do, in which case it’s all the more important that I can shoot back.”

          Talk about fantasy. I hope you have the sense to save the last bullets for yourself, your loved ones, and your property.

          1. Let me heartily invite you to go fuck yourself. If there’s one thing made obvious from recent events, it’s that “just do what the bad man says” is a piss-poor survival strategy.


            1. “Let me heartily invite you to go fuck yourself. ”

              Not possible. Not even if you pointed one of your guns at me. You put too much faith in them and their power to solve your problems. Like I said, guns aren’t going to be any use at all in solving the problems Americans are facing in these troubled times.

              1. I sincerely hope that if you’re ever in a life-or-death situation, a more responsible person than you is on hand to protect you. Clearly, you’ll be helpless on your own.


                1. “Clearly, you’ll be helpless on your own.”

                  I’ve been on my own in some very remote places, for extended periods of time. With people, sure but not friends, family, work etc. I’m not risk averse. I never felt the need to arm myself with anything but a lock blade knife which I almost never had on me.

                  1. Then by all means, take a stroll through a Democrat-ruled city in the midst of a riot, and signal your virtue. Come on back and tell us how it worked out for you.


                    1. “Then by all means, take a stroll through a Democrat-ruled city in the midst of a riot”

                      Why not take the stroll together and see who chickens out first? My bet is that you shit yourself the first black man you see. What a shrill coward you’ve become!

              2. First we round up the complainers.

      2. OK. Looters with guns. Now what? What if they loot too much and business goes out of business? You eventually run out of OPM and have to do something else. That is the beginning of the really fun part. Purges. Looters will be purged for offenses against the people. The vanguard is always the first element put to death.No one with experience overthrowing a government lives.

  33. Ordinarily I would welcome the newfound respect for the Second Amendment by the Left. Even the Ninth Circuit Court seems to acknowledge its existence. But I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s just to provide cover to make sure the Marxist revolutionary militias are adequately armed.

  34. “Black Americans have armed themselves to push back against police, to put racists on notice, and to protect their homes and businesses.”

    Funny, the Black couple that I was assisting at the range last Saturday said that they bought their guns to protect their children and home from rioting bu BLM and Antifa.

    1. “Funny,,,”

      It’s not funny. All BLM and Antifa members have been told by their leaders to say exactly that so as to lull the enemy into a false sense of security.

      1. Actually when pressed to say the opposite they did things to disperse the notion. Whether with aggravation or comity. Watch your parking meters.

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  36. Older gun enthusiasts have had what they need for a longtime now. If you’ve been around the last 20 years you’ve already had plenty of reasons to go shopping if you hadn’t already.

  37. “In recent years, gun ownership has come to have a distinct partisan and demographic flavor. Republicans are more than twice as likely as Democrats to say that they own a gun.”

    makes me curious. there are many unregistered guns owned by people of color in DC. likely those for self-defense far outnumber those for criminal purposes. folks in DC know damn well that the cops aren’t going to protect them, especially in certain areas. and not a single one of those people will admit to gun ownership. how prevalent is that across the country – folks who own a gun but don’t admit it??

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