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A Vote for Joe Biden Is a Vote for a National Mask Mandate, Says Biden

Plus: Emoji law, food trucks, and more...


The Democratic convention wraps up. Former Vice President Joe Biden formally accepted the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential nomination last night with an address from the virtual Democratic National Convention. Biden's message, like the messages from other convention speakers talking about him, boiled down to I am a normal human being with normal levels of human empathy and a normal family, I won't be embarrassing on the national stage or in front of your children, and I won't put my own needs before the country's.

It was light on actual policy prescriptions, but strategically speaking it was probably what the moment called for, and Biden delivered it well. (Watch the whole thing here.) He did mention one highly specific policy prescription, though: Biden casually dropped a call for a national mask mandate.

Biden has been mentioning this since at least last week. But saying it during his acceptance speech solidifies it as a serious priority—and Biden was very clear that it would be.

"If I'm your president, on day one we'll have a national mask mandate," Biden told Americans last night, calling it part of "a patriotic duty to protect one another."

Generally speaking, mask wearing is good and mask mandates from the government are not. And if they do happen, it's much better that they occur at the local level, where leaders can respond to the varying needs and issues of their own communities.

Biden didn't say what exactly his national mask mandate would entail. (Withholding federal funds from states that don't enforce mandates seems the likely route.) But any national approach to when and where people across the whole country should wear face coverings is unlikely to be politically popular or as effective for public health.

The biggest problem with a federal mask mandate is that it requires enforcement.

That means either turning federal agents to the task of monitoring mask wearing or giving more funds to state and local police departments so they can do so. No matter how it's accomplished, there's no way that doesn't lead to more spending on law enforcement, more government surveillance, and more contact between cops and communities that are already overpoliced—all at a moment when millions of Americans are demanding just the opposite of that.


Another First Amendment case considers the emoji:


Baltimore's anti-competitive food truck rule has been upheld by the Maryland's highest court. The case, brought by food trucks Pizza di Joey and Madame BBQ against the city, challenged the city's "300-foot rule," which says food trucks and other mobile vendors aren't allowed to set up within 300 feet of a competing restaurant.

Pizza di Joey and Madame BBQ "seek to operate in Baltimore City, but contend that they are unable to do so due to a provision in Baltimore's street vending ordinance that restricts a food truck from parking within 300 feet of a brick-and-mortar restaurant that primarily sells the same type of food," says the opinion from the Court of Appeals of Maryland. The judges decided the 300-foot rule is OK and declared that Baltimore has a "legitimate interest in promoting the vibrancy of its commercial districts."


• "Biden's acceptance speech tonight did not even mention the words 'trade' or 'tariffs' a single time," notes Eric Boehm.

Deregulate the suburbs!

• More news on California's AB5, which prompted both Uber and Lyft to say they would stop doing business in California. "A state Court of Appeal on Thursday granted rideshare companies a temporary reprieve on an order to convert contract drivers to employees just hours after Lyft announced it would shut down in California at midnight," the Times of San Diego reports.

• A look back at Kamala Harris' dishonest campaign to destroy Backpage.

• America's "shadow immigration system."

• Judges are now having to rule on whether individual wedding receptions can proceed.

• Civil asset forfeiture is an opportune place to start for criminal justice reform, writes Isaac Schorr at National Review.

• Conor Friedersdorf tackles the divide over "anti-racism."

• The Democratic Party platform "spends several pages on criminal justice reform, and the discussion isn't bad," writes Scott Schackford. But "qualified immunity doesn't need to be 'reined in.' It needs to be eliminated."

• More police in schools doesn't equate to safer schools, it just leads to harsher discipline, finds a new study.

NEXT: Brickbat: Who Was That Masked Man?

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289 responses to “A Vote for Joe Biden Is a Vote for a National Mask Mandate, Says Biden

  1. Block Yomomma is scared.

    Of course he’s scared! His Spygate lieutenants are finally starting to get indicted, and his candidate is a sad, senile old man that nobody really likes (not even his own party). In other words, a tailor-made likely loser.

    1. Hello.

      I swear. The urge to pinch someone whenever I see politicians in masks. Can they be anymore cynically retarded?

      Anyway. Help me here. Two-card Short Biden wants a national mask mandate. By the time he takes power and do anything it’ll be February of 2021.

      Are they expecting to live life in this way indefinitely or something? What’s the end game here? People really start to ask questions now. Especially the idiots who buy into this pseudo-science.

      I was reading comments in a Bloomberg article all these clowns were bragging about how they’re not ‘belligerent’ and that wearing a mask outside alone is fine. One 60 year-old said he wears one while riding his bike.

      These people are certifiably ignorant.

      And we gotta dragged into their loony bin.

      Meanwhile, there’s ONE voice of reason and his name is Dr. Tegnell who said masks are ‘very dangerous’ and that the evidence is very weak. You think?

      1. The only place where I will put a mask on is if I want or need to go to into a place of business where it is strictly required. Businesses get a lot of leeway in settings the rules on their private property.

        But other than that, I refuse, and so should everyone else with any sense. And anyone who tries to make me is going to get beat the fuck up!

        1. Remember. This is the same science that saw a 100 fold increase in peanut allergies, especially the deathly kind, based on their policy recommendations.

          RealClearScience had a great article about how Fauci has been 100% wrong on his advice this pandemic, especially with HCQ. Showed how other countries with better rates chose to fight Covid at early stages, not late stage. Fauci told people to home quarantine and oy began treatments when they required hospitalization. This is contrary to almost every other country who started patients on some sort of prophylactic regimen, many hcq based, and had less total patients end up hospitalized.

          1. And the fucker and other experts is still talking about lockdowns and vaccines. I wonder how by what amount stopping the use of HCQ contributed to rising cases/deaths.

            I think at this point they act like they’re determined to not be Sweden to stick it to them.

            Talk about not adjusting. The word lockdown should NEVER be used again.

        2. I tend to agree with you. While I would argue that some masks are more “useful” than others, and some are less than useless, I wear a mask in every business I enter — they have the right to control their environment. Also, I nearly always oppose “mandates,” whether they involve masks or helmet laws, or the military draft. I believe “shaming” is the better way to accomplish most social goals.

          If Biden wants me to wear a mask, I guess he’d better get used to me wearing a handgun on my belt, which is also perfectly legal where I live.

          1. Shaming is just as bad as mandates.

            Both are rooted in voodoo science and arrogant stupidity.

            1. Agreed I though it was bad to bully; or is it ok if it virtuous?

              1. I’ve seen this in comments even in places like Bloomberg where people are saying shaming is a legit form of ‘stopping the spread’. Faux-Righteous shitheads who’d snitch on their own damn mothers.

                1. While I would prefer shaming and shunning to mandates, in this case I will opt for neither. Masks are not effective, and I already see people accusing others of “obviously not wearing a mask (properly)” if they get sick. My kids were at a day camp all summer, and they did not wear masks until the last few weeks to prepare for school. There was no outbreak.

                  You get an outbreak because someone came to school infected- not because you did or didn’t wear a mask. And the side effect of Shunning is that it leads people to treat children- CHILDREN!!!- as unclean and sinful if they happen to get infected. It is obnoxious and evil.

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              2. “Shaming” is not “bullying.” Well, it might be in some cases. Perhaps “shunning” is a better word. I don’t want to see racist or other speech, controlled by law, but I might not invite said speakers to my BBQ.

                1. Persuading. If that fails and no common ground can be reached, then dissociating.

                  I try to go about my business with a pretty simple principle: don’t be a dick. (not implying that you’re one fwiw)

                  1. “Persuading. If that fails and no common ground can be reached, then dissociating.”

                    That being said, I haven’t had to “disassociate” from anyone since I was a teenager. And I certainly have some friends with “zany” ideas on wide-ranging subjects.

                    1. Yeah I hear ya. Keeps things interesting to maintain varied company.

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                2. Shaming is absolutely bullying, and it’s a form as old as civilization

                3. What?? Shunning is the CORE of bullying. It’s the reason for it, and the goal of it.

            2. “Shaming is just as bad as mandates.”

              “Shaming” and “shunning” is what communities did for centuries, or longer, before they had police or other law-enforcement. Which would you rather see re masks? Be denied entrance to a business, and find another one which didn’t demand you wear a mask, or be arrested or fined?

            3. How far from shaming to informing?

              1. There will ALWAYS be “informants.” Always have been. I think they are being called “Karens” lately. A pox on the lot.

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      2. The CDC agreed with Dr. Tegnell until virtue signing and panic became the new science in April of this year.

      3. 2020 – the Democratic candidate for POTUS calls for all women to cover their faces in public as a patriotic duty.

        I am done trying to educate these dipshits. ‘Fuck off, slaver’ is now my automatic response. I am not going to help these progtards fulfill their Handmaid’s Tale fantasy they so obviously crave.

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      5. But many people (sheeple?) LIKE the mask, and really do believe it makes life safer. IMO at least some politicians know full well that masks are far from a panacea, but cannot resist the killer-combo of pandering and the best virtue signal ever invented.

        Humans, and human society, may not get dumber with time (debatable), but they sure get pussier.

        1. The worst is the people who put pictures of themselves in masks on their social media accounts. Am I going to get the dreaded virus from their picture? It is virtue signaling at it’s most pure.

          1. The mask is 99.9% signaling, and it’s (to quote the would be tyrant puppet) a big fucking deal

            1. That’s been my view since March. There really seems to be a direct correlation between the strident mask proponents and their view of Trump. Scratch someone driving alone in their car wearing a mask and I’m certain that they’re anti-Trump.

              I’ll wear one in a store because I have to. I won’t wear one when I’m shooting baskets in the driveway with my sons.

              I have neighbors who regularly wear their masks while doing yard work or while taking walks in the neighborhood. I can only shake my head in disgust because people like these will be the reason that this b.s. will continue to persist well beyond its sell-by date.

              Despite being in Michigan – this level of adherence is not required – yet.

      6. If wearing masks is good, raising children in bubbles would be ideal. Healthy young people should be living normally – without masks. We are finished with the curve flattening effort. Now the extension of the event is occurring with much success.

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  2. Biden’s message, like the messages from other convention speakers talking about him, boiled down to…


    1. Will he wear a pants suit?

      1. At this point, I doubt he remembers to wear pants.

  3. A Vote for Joe Biden Is a Vote for a National Mask Mandate, Says Biden

    Heh. That’s not much of an incentive. What else has he got? A National Tapioca Pudding Mandate?

    1. Yeah, I really don’t think that’s going to be quite the vote-getter the Dem strategists think. They might be conflating the loudest constituency with the majority constituency.

      1. Might?

        Even many solid blue Democrats I know are against the fucking mask mandates.

        1. If Gavin Newsom were up for reelection this year, he would lose.

        2. Hey, maybe I’m selling them short and it’s actually a principled stance they’re taking, regardless of the majority opinion…

          They believe you should be forced to do what they deem is in your best interest, always and as a matter of principle.

    2. #StayAtHomeSoWeCanHideJoeAndKeepHimQuiet

    3. Why worry? When Biden wins, he will announce on Nov. 4th that the pandemic is subsiding and he fully expects that after Inauguration Day, Harris won’t have to call for a national mask mandate that, due to her keen legal mind, determined would have been unconstitutional.

    4. Also, what the fuck?

      He is not president until fucking January 20, 2021.

      Is he really, really arguing that starting in January of next year we will go full time mask wearing? Forever?

      Go look at ANY god damn picture of people out there. Every sit com. Every advertisement. How can anyone contemplate the idea of a change so drastic- that the faces of every person you work with, or meet in public will be hidden behind a mask starting in January of next year.

      I get mask requirements- I don’t agree with them, but I get it. But the idea that 8 months after this pandemic peaked, and a year after it started- we need the federal government to mandate masks? This isn’t even a serious policy proposal.

      1. Fauci has already stated publicly he wants masks through Flu season as a test run for mask forever policies.

        1. This crazy. Who in their right mind, other than the most fearful people, would go for that?

          1. You answered your own question. Democrats. Fearful people who like authority.

            1. Which also describes Republicans.

              1. Some sure. But far worse on the left. This isn’t a both sides comparison. Look at Green New Deal as just a blatant example.

                1. Agreed. Only one party is dedicated to pandering, and encouraging helplessness and dependency.

          2. Do you want to self-identify as The Resistance to the new Federal Police Agency Biden will create to quell the street violence he has helped inspire and Dem pols everywhere have allowed to continue unhindered? Wear a mask.

            1. At my age, I’ll just go ahead and end my life rather than live in that world.

      2. with universal basic income (or just extra unemployment and rent moratoriums, same thing) and mask mandates, the Dems can have a permanent mostly peaceful protestor army to terrorize cities indefinitely.

    5. Pizza mandate?

      (too soon?)

      1. Fragrant shampoo mandate

  4. Washington Court Says First Amendment Protects Teen’s Emoji-Laden Rant About Her Mother

    Founders in a time machine say what?

    1. “Founders In A Time Machine” would be a good name for a band.

    2. Founders in a time machine just might return home, say “Fuck it”, and re-embrace the monarchy.

      1. But what if they hear what a shitshow Britain has become?

        1. Washington possibly wouldn’t have turned down his officers offer to make him a monarch?

      2. What, and become a wretched cesspool of tyranny like Canada?

  5. Biden’s acceptance speech tonight did not even mention the words ‘trade’ or ‘tariffs’ a single time…

    Common ground, the basis for healing.

    1. You expect a Democrat to speak out against a tax?

  6. “A Vote for Joe Biden Is a Vote for a National Mask Mandate, Says Biden”

    Good. As a left-libertarian, here’s how I want the government to handle the #TrumpVirus:

    (1) Open the borders.
    (2) Lock down the interior.
    (3) Force everyone to wear a mask.


    1. #StayAtHomeSoWeCanHideJoeAndKeepHimQuiet

    2. #PeePadsAndKneePads2020

  7. A state Court of Appeal on Thursday granted rideshare companies a temporary reprieve on an order to convert contract drivers to employees just hours after Lyft announced it would shut down in California at midnight…

    Judges hate taking cabs.

  8. Judges are now having to rule on whether individual wedding receptions can proceed.


    1. Once the National Equity Board is in place, the Bureau of Household Relationships will be assigning spouses, and redistributing children. All in the name of fairness. Or something.

      1. the Bureau of Household Relationships will be assigning spouses, and redistributing children.

        Bill Clinton: About fucking time!

        1. LOL. Thanks.

    2. Somehow, “I told you so.” just doesn’t quite seem to cut it.

  9. mask wearing is good


    leaders can respond


  10. Civil asset forfeiture is an opportune place to start for criminal justice reform, writes Isaac Schorr at National Review.

    How far the NR has fallen.

  11. The Democratic Party platform “spends several pages on criminal justice reform, and the discussion isn’t bad,” writes Scott Schackford.

    LOfuckingL. With Biden and Harris helming the party, I don’t see any of that coming to pass.

  12. And if they do happen, it’s much better that they occur at the local level, where leaders can respond to the varying needs and issues of their own communities.

    Actually this is backward. If a unilateral mandate comes from a presidential executive order, it’s much more easily ignored, especially if the local cops, “authorities”, and “leaders” don’t care to enforce it.

    1. But once Biden mandates something by executive order, the next president that tried to reverse it will get struck down in court for not using the double super special order reversing processes.

      1. That’s pretty much it. “Only Democratic President executive orders are impermeable and unchangeable; all Republican ones are subject to review.”

        The double standard calls for woodchippers.

  13. Go ahead and try to force me to wear a mask and see what happens to you, leftscums!

  14. The judges decided the 300-foot rule is OK and declared that Baltimore has a “legitimate interest in promoting the vibrancy of its commercial districts.”

    Individual liberty, ladies and gentlemen.

    1. You’re not from around here, are you?

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  15. Democrats are getting scared. The spread is not as high as they hoped and there will be no convention bounce. Unemployment is down, stock market is up, kids heading back to school, there will be football this fall. National mask mandate by police force and abuse is the only idea Slow Joe has. I’m getting back to where I was a while ago. Trump will clear 300 electoral votes.

    1. Football?

    2. Based on polls yesterday, trump got the 4% convention bump.

    3. Come on.

      I am so sure Biden was able to connect to working clasd voters with his nomination speech.

  16. If I’m your president, on day one we’ll have a national mask mandate…

    Phone and a pen. Where did he learn that?

    1. A literal tyrannical nazi.

    2. If I’m your president, on day one we’ll have a national mask mandate…

      I remember another Dem candidate who told us all we were going to have to do more for the common good in his nomination speech.

      Mr. Reagan will raise taxes, and so will I. He won’t tell you. I just did.

      Didn’t turn out so well for him.

      Note to Joe: stick to promising free shit.

  17. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $56.5 billion

    This is not the time to nitpick Biden’s speech for its lack of details about tariffs. I guarantee his administration will promote more Koch-friendly economic policies than Drumpf has.


    1. His running mate is cock friendly…

      1. But does she like coke; I’d venture yes since she is Jamaican after all.

  18. Baltimore has a “legitimate interest in promoting the vibrancy of its commercial districts.”

    Ah, yes, Baltimore. The epitome of a shining city on a hill, and certainly one of the best role models for economic vitality.

    1. I see you’ve never ventured to our open air drug markets. Economic vitality by the ton!

      1. Got that WMD!

  19. ‘Just trying to do our jobs’: Award winning journo surrounded and threatened by Seattle mob

    The disturbing clip showed Jussero sitting in his car as BLM and Antifa extremists threatened to come to his home, threatened to break his car window, chanted “f–k you,” waved their middle finger at him and tried to cover up his car windows.

    Later in the clip, he could be seen fiddling with his equipment in the vehicle’s trunk as the extremists surrounded him and “continued to terrorize” him.

    “Mob would not allow me to do my job today when trying to videotape KC Jail in Seattle. I tried to leave but they surrounded my car put items on windows & continued to terrorize me. One man threaten[ed] to break my vehicle windows & come to my home. We are just trying to do our jobs,” he wrote as a caption for his video tweet.

    1. What a weasley little fuck that journalist is.

      It seems that he’s perfectly fine with these fucksticks fucking up other people’s day, but when it comes to HIS job, now he has a problem.

      Fuck him.

      1. I always like to be optimistic and think that they simply didn’t understand what it was like until it happens to them, but now that it has, they can adjust their own beliefs and values accordingly.

        There’s three kinds of people in the world. Smart people can learn from others’ mistakes while regular people can only learn from their own, and stupid people can’t learn at all. I like to think that most people are at least normal, so would be able to learn from their own experience if not not someone else’s.

    2. And the thugs’ affiliation with Black Lives Matter was in evidence, how?

      1. Caw, caw!

      2. Lulz.

        You’re so predictable.

        1. Yep.

          It’s like you could set a stopwatch to it.

      3. I mean.. you could fucking read the article which has tweets from BLM supporters showing this is defended actions by the “protesters.”

        Did you ever watch the Chappelle show R Kelly trial skit? Thats you. And you only take that course because you want to defend leftist violence.

        1. I understand what he thinks he is doing, separating individual actors from the group actors when the group didn’t sponsor the action. But there are multiple problems with this:

          1) the actions labeled as BLM protests are inspired by the movement even when not directly sponsored by the movement

          2) The BLM leaders have expressed support for or refused to denounce almost all of these actions when asked about them after the fact

          3) He doesn’t bother to read anything and implies that the duty to supply evidence to support an argument applies to a post in a comments section like we are all fucking journalists

          1. Yes, wasn’t one of the BLM directors just defending looting on Chicago as a form of reperations?

      4. how was it not?

      5. You could see their membership cards sticking out of their pockets.

      6. I was there personally. They all had laminated blm Id cards fully notarized.

    3. If they cover my car windows, I still know where the gas pedal is.


      “Given the threats that I personally receive, given the threats to my home and my family, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that they are protected, and I make no apologies whatsoever for that,” she said.

      1. But fuck everybody else, right?

        1. Is she up for election? November is gonna be so much fun.

      2. Ain’t no looting on my hood!


    A new study from Stauffer and several Denver Health colleagues offers the first clue to the answer in Colorado. Looking at data on ambulance calls in Denver, they found that, while overall calls for service went down during the stay-at-home period, the number of people dying from cardiac arrests at home shot up.

    Stauffer’s team found that cardiac arrests at home in Denver more than doubled in the two weeks after the statewide stay-at-home order was issued compared with historical averages. Even compared with more recent data, the weekly average of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests jumped to 46 during those two weeks, versus 26 or 27 in the three months prior.

    Stauffer and his colleagues found that the number of people in Denver who died of cardiac arrests at home in the two weeks following the statewide stay-at-home order was greater than the total number of people who died of COVID-19 in the city during that time.

    …But he doesn’t think that’s the predominant explanation. Instead, he said it’s more likely that people who were having heart attacks tried to brush them off to avoid going to the hospital. Without treatment, that would lead to damage in their hearts that would cause a cardiac arrest.

    1. Those stay-at-home heart attacks were certainly COVID deaths, right?

      1. Fear of COVID and COVID policy will kill far more than the virus, but that fact will not survive the information purges that have already started.

        1. Many oncologist are already stating that many people avoided necessary cancer screenings and or were denied surgeries that may have prolonged their lives.

        2. you only get to count lives saved by the lockdowns (and lives saved = 2 million predicted deaths minus the actual number of deaths), not lives cost by the lockdowns, even if it is greater.

    2. I have to give it to the Colorado Sun, they seem to be the only rag in the Denver area right now that seems interested in examining issues with any kind of nuance. Everyone else is basically a shill for the state and national DNC.

    3. Still covid-related! Count it!

  21. ‘Government, media … they are NOT your friends’: Must-read thread explains how America likely already has COVID herd immunity

    …in the chart above, you can see the clear US seasonality. the northeast spiked in april, the south in july. this is generally in line with hope-simpson predictions.

    but louisiana bucked the trend.

    as you can see here, their covid curve looks like the northeast, not the south.

    this was mardis gras. 1.5 million people descended upon a state of 4.7mm for about a week around feb 25th which was right at the start of peak contagion. this appears to have pulled louisiana into the northeast biome.

    you can see how little it looked like the south….

    …to the extent that you had a big, out of season spike in april, you did not get one when seasonally predicted in july.

    but then look at rapides, calcasieu, and ouachita. no april spike, so they got the seasonal one.

    this lines up well and seems to indicate herd immunity is created by one significant spike

    this never had anything at all to do with “opening” it’s just seasonality unless something massive disrupted it

    1. there was no spike when Georgia reopened, no spike when Florida reopened, and no spike when Texas reopened. There was no spike after Memorial Day. There was a spike in cases nationwide two weeks after the mass protest super-spreader events, and a spike in deaths two weeks after that. Now it’s tapering off again.

      1. And from the numbers, if they’re even honest, New York didn’t actually “flatten the curve”–what happened was they had the huge spike that we see in those stupid propaganda charts, followed by a massive drop, with no flattening and very few new cases due to herd immunity being achieved in conjunction with the mass spread in April.

        1. All true. But Cuomo is still strutting around like anything that he did actually helped.

          But by the time this is over we’ll all know he actually made the whole thing worse.


    They elected Donald once and they will try to again. He is scornful and vicious. He despises openly. He snarls and barks. He will make a pig’s breakfast of everything he touches, but here’s the thing everyone misses: educated elites will feel the hardship he causes more acutely than the millions of workers who have already adapted to pittance wages, dead-end careers, and chronic disrespect. They’ve endured two decades of it; they can cope. They’re betting that liberal snowflakes like me can’t.

    Trump will not be defeated by educating voters, by exposing his many foibles and inadequacies. Highlighting what’s wrong with him is futile; his supporters didn’t elect him because they mistook him for a competent administrator or a decent man. They’re angry, not stupid. Trump is an agent of disruption — indeed, of revenge. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has positioned him as a tragic force-multiplier on a scale that few could have predicted.

    1. A few observations:

      Moore’s Law was always going to change the shape of the world, but there was no reason it had to involve outsourcing so much of America’s manufacturing to China.
      Outrageous union contracts that turned companies into giant pension and medical-providers that incidentally made crappy cars and which made American products noncompetitive on the international market were always going to have to be renegotiated. Tariffs were not going to change the fact that Detroit was making garbage in the 1970s while Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen were turning out high quality affordable cars.
      No mention of coal, oil and gas, and fracking save a passing mention of “green” energy. All high paying blue collar jobs that Democrats want to destroy.
      Also missing from the piece: Any mention of an unchecked stream of illegal aliens undermining the wages for blue collar jobs. Roofing and landscaping used to be respectable jobs Americans took that are now filled overwhelmingly by illegal aliens. That was not inevitable either, but the result of government, big business and Democrats refusing to enforce border controls.
      All that said, he’s right about the overwhelming contempt the Democratic establishment has shown toward the very people who used to make up their base. In the 1950s, Democrats aimed their political pitch at blue collar guys who brought a lunch pail to work every day. In 2020, they seem to be aiming their political pitch at woke liberal arts majors screaming obscenities into cops’ faces.

      1. There is more to manufacturing than cars. And American manufacturing including car manufacturing did adjust and improve as a result of foreign competition. The other thing that never gets mentioned is that Reagan’s tariffs against foreign made cars did more to save the American auto industry than anything else. In response to these tariffs, the Japanese and Germans built plants in America to get around the tariffs. It didn’t save Detroit because no one in their right mind would build an auto plant today or then in Detroit. They built them in civilized places like Indiana and South Carolina. As a result of this, America still is the third leading producer of automobiles in the world. Had it not been for Reagan’s tariffs, those BMW and Honda and Toyota plants would have never been built.

        1. Pretty much all of the auto manufacturing plants built in the last 30 years have been in low-tax states. Kia has one in Alabama, if I recall, and the Toyota Tundra is built in San Antonio. Tesla was the exception, but that’s because Musk is a tech dork who realized his primary market was going to be climate doomer Californians.

          1. Low tax and right to work. I don’t think any foreign car plant is unionized.

            1. And if I recall correctly, workers at the VW plant rejected unionization, despite mild encouragement from management.


    Labour treated Keith – and the millions like him – like a fool, Jess, like your property, to be told what to think and how to speak and how to vote. How to feel shame for his instinct for Leave. He saw your Twitterfeed, and Hugh’s, and Richard Osman’s, and that of every smug ex-footballer with a gig pushing junk food to children, so he understands that you think he’s either ignorant, or wicked, for not being Labour.

    The result? Keith hates your party, Jess, at a much more visceral (and therefore irrevocable) level than the intellectual dislike I feel for socialism in general. You – and all those sleb out-riders – might feel better for the constant display of Tory-hatred you share on social media. One of the many mistakes you make about men like Keith is to confuse the fact that he’d never dream of mentioning his feelings about the Labour Party in public, with the idea that somehow those feelings don’t exist, that they can’t have consequences.

    …Unlike Keith with Labour, I can’t say that I hate the Democrats, and I certainly don’t love the Republicans. But I know that the kind of people running movement liberalism really do think people like me are a problem to be solved. Don’t tell me it’s not true. I read their papers and magazines. I listen to their newscasts. I hear every day, in my e-mail and on this blog, from people who are having to live with their oppressive spitefulness in the workplace, or who are scared to death for their kids because of the gender ideology revolution in their schools.

    1. That’s about where I’m at as well.

      I don’t hate Democrats, and don’t particularly love Team Red, but only one of them wants me silenced, and it isn’t Team Red. There are no Republicans floating the idea of a morality pill to help with CV. There are no Republicans advocating that wrongspeech should be a crime. There are no Republicans threatening to force me to wear a mask.

      That’s all Team Blue.

      1. You may not hate the Democrats but it is pretty clear they hate you.

    1. I have a very hard time believing New York hasn’t managed to flatten the curve. After you’ve killed all the people that are easy to kill it gets harder and harder to keep that death rate up. It has to drop eventually, doesn’t it?

      1. Yes but that’s not flattening the curve. That’s being the steep curve, which they did really well.

      2. That’s not flattening the curve, that’s just the curve.


    Very stupid people I keep repeating are in charge. Peter Principle/Dunning-Kruger effect abounds.), if we’re really, really, really, intelligent and have courage we realize kids are potentially the perfect vector to get us to herd immunity and speed up the virus’s burn out. It sounds like they’re largely safe from the virus and are asymptomatic silent spreaders and there’s not a single thing we can do about that unless we quarantine them indefinitely in cages.

    Interestingly, influenza is the opposite dilemma and is far more dangerous to them. Buckle up buckaroos shit’s about to get fun. We have to stay the course and ride through it. No closures, no shut downs.

    Get on with it.

    If the left are against something do the opposite.


    What have the Democrats done to solve ANYTHING? Help the poor? No. Help black & brown people? No. Stop police brutality? No. Help single mothers? No. Help children? No. You have achieved nothing. NOTHING. Why did people vote Trump? Because of you motherfuckers.


      Working Class: Help Us Please

      Republicans: No
      Democrats: No ❤Rainbow flag#blm

    2. Yeah, but let’s remember Trump was running against the GOP establishment just as much as the Dems, you could ask the GOP the same question: After 40 fucking years of running on a platform of lower taxes, smaller government, more liberty, what exactly have they managed to accomplish? People weren’t voting for Trump just to oppose the Dems, it was to oppose the uniparty and the same old shit sandwich we’ve been forced to eat, they were desperate for anybody that promised some sort of change.

      1. I’ll give the modern GOP credit and a half for two things–lowering taxes, and a half-credit for more or less holding the line on gun rights, particularly since Dubya took office.

        A bunch of sad-sacks and mentally-ill defectives shooting up schools during the Obama years and early in the Trump era normally would have resulted in an outright ban on anything that wasn’t a five-shot revolver or single shot rifle in 22 LR. It won’t go anywhere now, because the dirtbag left is buying their boomsticks for the first time and thus there won’t be any appetite to enact further bans anytime soon, unless some militia types decide to open up on the Soy Brigade when they try to do a BLM protest in the exurbs.

  26. After Lori Lightfoot gets little push back for using police to stop riots off her street, other democrat “public servants ” also use police to protect their homes only.

  27. Apparently the CDC or FDA (I forget) are preventing plasma transfusions which were effective. citing there’s no empirical evidence and more research is needed.

    Hm. Sounds like they played this racket with HCQ (until they realized the evidence did show it works and the WHO restarted trials). Needs more evidence. Meanwhile, the former technique has been used since the Spanish flu and the latter for over 60 years. Both work.

    BUT, they don’t need empirical evidence for mandatory mass mask usage. That apparently comes with no potential consequences.

    Something is rotten in Denmark.

    1. the CDC or FDA (I forget)

      Normally, I would say it was the FDA without even looking. Normally…


    Tucker Carlson Calling Out Netflix Film “Cuties” Sexualizing 11-Year-Old

    “It helps shape the course of their lives in a really bad direction and yet we don’t even know the names of the people who are pushing this crap. Why don’t the rest of us say something about it?”

    1. There has been renewed push by some, mostly on the left, and still a fringe group but becoming more mainstream, to normalize pedophilia.

      1. I mean, at this point some of the puritanistic right wingers who fought against gay rights back at the turn of the century can say “I told you so”.

      2. Normalizing sex with children is the logical result of embracing transgenderism. If, as the transgender activists claim, a child as young as five is competent to choose their gender, how are they also not competent to meaningfully consent to sex? The idea that a child could be “transgendered” inherently sexualizes them.

        1. Had not thought about it that way. You are right. How utterly revolting and frightening.

  29. Hey, I know voter fraud absolutely totally sortof almost never happens, but a town in New Jersey now has a do-over for their last election because of mail-in voter fraud. Local news, though.


    “Wake up, mother f—ker wake up!” chant BLM in Portland tonight as they go through residential areas and shut down the streets.

    1. Black Lives Matter typically organizes rallies in the middle of the night rather than, say, in a public plaza or park? Where has it been established this noisy protest has anything to do with BLM?

      1. A troll says what?

      2. Are you functionally retarded? Do you see the two black women leading the chant? The ones standing on the car. They are organizers for BLM that can be seen in other protest videos. Andy has been following this shit for months. He knows who the people are.

        God damn ignorant piece of shit.

      3. I mean do you even have the capability to rationalize? You think this shit is random organically formed mobs? These groups and protests are formed over social media and through group chats. They aren’t fucking random. Many of these independent reporters have access to the organization threads.

        Try fucking common sense for once. This information isn’t hidden. But you are literally pleading ignorance out of your own preferred blindness. You want 80 page dissertations with cross checked facts for any story that dares to challenge your preferred narratives. Instead of being intellectually curious you are ignorantly steadfast.

        1. It is a no kidding literal “no true Scotsman fallacy” offered without any sense of self awareness. This is why it is impossible to troll these days. How do you troll something this absurd?

      4. Change in plans, dumbass. Try to keep up.

      5. good grief give it a rest. no one is fooled by this.

        I’m a supporter of much of the BLM movement but these fuckers are also part of it and you know it. Stop embarrassing yourself.


    First, when has NYC been through worse?

    Even in the 1970s, and through the ’80s, when NYC was going bankrupt, even when it was the crime capital of the U.S. or close to it, it was still the capital of the business world (meaning, it was the primary place young people would go to build wealth and find opportunity). It was culturally on top of its game — home to artists, theater, media, advertising, publishing. And it was probably the food capital of the U.S.

    …Now a third wave of people is leaving. But they might be too late. Prices are down 30–50% on both rentals and sales no matter what real estate people tell you. And rentals are soaring in the second- and third-tier cities.

    I’m temporarily, although maybe permanently, in South Florida now. I also got my place sight unseen.

    Robyn was looking at listings around Miami and then she saw an area we had never been to before. We found three houses we liked.

    She called the real estate agent. Place No. 1: Just rented that morning 50% higher than the asking price. Place No. 2: Also rented (by other New Yorkers. The agent said they came from New York for three hours, saw the place, got it, and went back to pack). Place No. 3: Available.

    “We’ll take it!” The first time we physically saw it was when we flew down and moved in.

    1. Mayor de Blasio dismisses rich New Yorkers who fled the city as ‘fairweather friends’ and says their taxes should be raised – days after Gov. Cuomo begged the city’s top 1% to return to prop up its ailing finances

      New York City’s wealthiest neighborhoods have been rocked by a spike in violent crimes in the last month, with Manhattan’s Upper East Side recording an alarming 286 percent increase in robberies compared to the same period last year.

      Robberies on the Upper East Side have also increased by more than 200 percent.

      NYPD data for the city also revealed murders are up 50 percent in the last month compared to the same time last year, shootings are up 201 percent and burglaries up 29 percent.

      NYPD Police Commissioner Dermot Shea this week described the current crime crisis as ‘challenging’ but De Blasio, who cut $1 billion from the NYPD’s budget in June, insisted the city is bringing it under control and that this will not deter people from returning to the city in the long term.

      …’A single per cent of New York’s population pays half of the state’s taxes and they’re the most mobile people on the globe,’ he said.

      1. Mayor de Blasio dismisses rich New Yorkers who fled the city as ‘fairweather friends’

        In march he paraded through China town telling everyone the wuhan virus was nothing to worry about. Two weeks later the whole state was shut down. It’s literally the most wrong a person could have been about the situation. But it’s the Florida and Georgia governors who are dangerous idiots apparently.

    2. Without the cultural things that New York has like Broadway and the Met and such, New York has literally nothing to offer that could bring people back to the city. Things like museums and theaters are going to die and not come back until the COVID madness ends. Even when it does, there is no guarantee that they will come back in the same place and in the same form as before. There is nothing that says Broadway has to be the center of American theater other than it became such and has been since. If the theaters there die, they could very well come back somewhere else. The same is true of museums and the philharmonic and such. The reason why the Metropolitan Opera is one of the best operas in the world is because the best performers all want to perform there. There is nothing that says that will be true when it finally re-opens and DiBlasio forces even the singers to wear masks. Why perform there when you can perform somewhere that is more normal?

      COVID is the one thing that really can and will kill New York.

      1. Rogan stated this was one of his big reasons for leaving California: they won’t let him work. He’s wealthy enough that he doesn’t have to, but he wants to perform and will go where he’s allowed to do that.

        Now imagine you’re a performer who isn’t as wealthy as Rogan. You are not wealthy enough to just sit tight in New York or California until they pull their heads out of their asses. If other states actually let you earn a living, you’re going to go to one of them not only because you need the money but because you need the practice and the exposure. Before you can be at Rogan’s level, you need to perform in shitty bars for 50 people. Those shitty bars aren’t open in New York or California.

        1. There’s already been a huge migration of Californians to Texas because of the tech boom, but I suspect it’s going to get really, really bad the next 20 years because it’s the only big state left with large urban areas that resemble Cali’s concrete jungles.

          1. Yeah, the tech thing has been happening for a while. The arts might be moving too because the only places you can perform are in Texas and places like it. Austin has always been a great place for small musicians, as has Nashville, and you may see more southern cities develop that reputation as artists flee the states where they aren’t welcome anymore.

            I hope Texans have better luck preserving their state than most of the places the coastal types have fled to recently.

    3. They might actually be going to a worse place. Miami’s a filthy, caste-ridden, expensive shithole full of rude, nasty people. It’s nowhere near the paradise that it was in the 1960s.

  32. So if Biden will have a national mark wearing mandate on day one that presumes

    1. The President has the authority to dictate such a decree.

    2. Federal agents will be policin localities to enforce it. Which under other circumstances the Democrats have been against.

    3. Or it means local law enforcement will be enforcing this diktat, despite Democrats suing to prevent localities from enforcing federal laws, such as immigration.

    4. Or it is entirely virtue signaling and the whole talking point is an empty gesture at best.

    1. I think it’s virtue signaling. But I think this one will ultimately backfire.

    2. Federal police protecting Federal courthouse? Bad.

      Federal police forcing people to wear masks at gunpoint? Good.

      1. It is almost as if talking points are made without any thought given to the implications on their other talking points.

    3. So Biden’s campaign platform leads with a presidential mandate for a power he doesn’t have, to enforce something people are tired of. I guess Trump will get reelected after all.

  33. techdirt
    Washington Court Says First Amendment Protects Teen’s Emoji-Laden Rant About Her Mother

    This is a terrible take on the actual case. It had to do with if a private conversation constitutes a public threat. Really nothing to do with 1a at all. Vox sites are terrible at analysis.

    1. Vox sites are terrible/.

  34. Audio From Goodyear Training Session Leaks:
    Leftwing Messaging Is Okay, Because Leftwing Political Agitation Isn’t Political

    “Some people may wish to express their views on social justice or inequity or equity issues such as black lives matter or LGBTQ pride on their face coverings, shirts or wristbands. That will be deemed approved because it applies with a zero-tolerance stance,” the speaker on the recording said during the meeting. “However if any associate wears all, blue, white lives matter shirts or face coverings, that will be not appropriate.”

    1. They are scared of saying no to the Leftist political activists and not scared enough of the lawsuits that may come of such a double standard rule.

      1. Trump suggested a boycott for his followers and Goodyear overturned this policy and apologized.

        1. Kinda. They made an exception for support of law enforcement, but no other “political” expression.

    2. Isn’t “all lives” more inclusive than “black lives” by definition?

      1. Not according to Leftist because some people supposedly use all lives matter snidely to counter black lives matter.

  35. ……heavily-armed Federal Health Patrols trained to take down violators of the Biden Mask Edict.

    1. No knock raids at 3 AM will be implemted to see if you are wearing your masks.

  36. “Trump on California wildfires: ‘You got to get rid of the leaves’”
    “President Trump renewed his criticism of California’s forestry practices Thursday as wildfires burned up and down the state, saying “many years of leaves and broken trees” are contributing to the disasters.
    “I see again, the forest fires are starting. They’re starting again in California,” Trump said at a campaign event in Old Forge, Pa. “And I said, you’ve got to clean your floors. You’ve got to clean your forests.”…”

    Well, CA has done a very good job of chasing out the logging companies and then maintaining those forests in a “pristine” state, jam-packed with windfall and dead undergrowth (AKA “kindling”)!

    1. Do you think Trump has ever been in a forest?

      1. He’s not wrong, modern logging and controlled burns drastically reduces fuel loads, are beneficial to soils and plant life, are beneficial to wildlife and result in fewer, less devastating fires. Modern forest fires in unmanaged, overcrowded and often diseased forests (trees do a decent job of fighting of insects and disease if they are not stressed) result in fires that burn far hotter, faster and destroy more wildlife. They also sterilize the soil making recovery very difficult.

      2. “Do you think Trump has ever been in a forest?”

        If you’ve never had cancer, can you speak about it?

  37. “Biden’s acceptance speech tonight did not even mention the words ‘trade’ or ‘tariffs’ a single time,” notes Eric Boehm.

    Nor did it mention IP theft, corporate espionage, and market manipulation by China. Neither does Boehm.

    1. I don’t know why Beohm thinks the Democrats would go after Trump for that. What are they gonna say? “This was effectively a tax raise on everyone in America and the Democrats won’t stand for it!”

      Historically the Democrats have been extremely protectionist and they’ve never seen anything in their lives they didn’t think needed to be taxed more heavily. The only problem they have with Trump’s tariffs is that they didn’t come up with the idea first.

  38. Coronavirus hospital admissions inflated at height of pandemic

    Analysis for Sage concludes people were being counted as Covid-19 admissions if they had ever had the disease

    An investigation for the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) found that people were being counted as Covid hospital admissions if they had ever had the virus, and were added to those being admitted directly due to it.

    Government figures show that, at the peak of the pandemic in early April, nearly 20,000 people a week were being admitted to hospital with coronavirus (see graph below), but the true figure is unknown because of the problem with over-counting.

    1. Shocked face. In fact many of us here questioned the numbers at the time.

  39. Emperor Newsom wants to express his gratitude to all you US taxpayers for making sure he’s not held responsible for his brain-dead decrees!

    “California has applied for federal funds to provide extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits”

    1. If the feds bail out California Illinois and New Jersey I give up.


    GREAT news on Texas COVID hospitalizations – spread the word.

    Today: 5,635, down nearly *half* since July peak. Down 22% since 7/11, when “experts” thought TX was “in trouble,” needed to “act now” to “turn things around.”

    EVERY major metro shows BIG declines. #Rationalground

    1. They’ll just find the next number to chase and get everyone to freak out over.

      Deaths didn’t work because if you’re not in a nursing home, you’re almost certainly going to be just fine in the very unlikely event you do catch it.

      Total positives numbers worked for a while, but since they’re in decline everywhere they won’t for much longer, if the effect hasn’t already worn off.

      Any bets on the next metric that’ll be used to “prove” the big bad virus is what they want me to believe it is?

      1. If they follow the precedent set by the transition from reporting “hunger” as “food insecurity” as actual numbers of people who did not get food declined, then we will soon start hearing about pandemic health insecurity. This could be something objective, like the percent of people complying with mandates, or just emotional responses from people. But nothing to do with actual deaths, hospitalizations, or cases.

    2. I don’t think Corona is over, but if we could get away from the unnecessary alarmism and politicization for 5 minutes, then the strategy for moving forward is pretty clear – if states eased whatever restrictions are in place about once every 4-6 weeks the curve would stay flat and we’d have resources to handle it. Keeping restrictions in place until everything dies back down just causes people to panic all over again the minute numbers start to rise again.

      1. the strategy for moving forward has always been clear:
        reopen everything
        warn the elderly and sick to take extra precautions
        avoid large indoor crowds (or wear a mask)

        1. “reopen everything”

    3. It’s almost as if it works just like every other flu like disease anyone has ever seen. Who could have predicted that?

  41. “If I’m your president, on day one we’ll (?or should that be I-WILL?) have a National Monopoly on Tyrant Dictatorship,” Biden told Americans last night, calling it part of “a patriotic duty to IGNORE the U.S. Constitution, the check and balances and division of powers in a Republic.”

    Sell your soul to the [WE] foundation; because you don’t own you – [WE] own you… Oh, wait – it’s not even a [WE] foundation anymore it’s your soul IS the property of the president.

    1. ^One of the many many reasons I’ll be voting for Trump. He has a decent record (historically but not impressively) of pushing to keep the federal governments BIG FAT NOSE out of local affairs. More than any Democrat anyways who thinks the federal government is the only government and that >National< socialism (Nazism) is what we are.

  42. “Generally speaking, mask wearing is good”

    FFS. Do you know what “generally speaking” means?

    1. Social engineering based on generalities.

      What can go wrong?

      And will someone WRING Fauci’s neck already?

      1. There are more justifiable ways to deal with Fauci and his ilk.

        Let’s see if we can get ‘Woodchippers are the new guillotine’ to trend.

        1. Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt!

    2. Obviously whoever said mask are good must hate Trump! If you support Trump then you are superior to the sniveling weaklings who wear face diapers! Trump supporters are strong and don’t need pansy-ass face coverings! MAGA 2020!

      Did I get that right?

      1. No.

        And it makes me sad. I thought you were an imp, not a troll.

        1. He broke a while back.

          1. I’m not broke. It’s you and Nardz and others who are broken. Specifically you sense of humor, sarcasm and hyperbole detectors. Your life must be miserable being so serious all the time. I truly pity your family and coworkers.

            1. yea that was some tight sarcasm bro. specifically it was very humorous.

              1. My sarcasm detector just went *ding*

  43. Sadly I believe these masks and social distancing are here to stay. It’s great for governments. Got everyone treating everyone like a threat and pretty much eliminates legal peaceful assembly.

    Kind of related, anyone else mused about this coming cold and flu season? It will be interesting to see what happens.

    1. I’m gonna buck the trend and be positive. No way on the masks. Nope.

      I refuse to believe that. There’s a helluva lot of politics pushing this crap.

      Eventually truth and science will prevail.

      1. I hope you’re right, but the Precautionary Principle seems to have become the mantra over the last decade or two. Especially since 9/11. No safety measure is too inconvenient if it can save one life and all that.

    2. Since the majority of deaths have occurred in the demographics most at risk from the flu, it’ll be interesting to see what happens this year. Will there be fewer deaths from the flu, because all the elderly high-risk patients who WOULD have died from the flu this year, already died from the Wu Flu?
      I’m interested in seeing what comes of this “excess death” metric as well, at the end of the year. Sure, they’re excess deaths for THIS PERIOD in time, bit how much higher will this year’s death rate actually be, over a full 12 month period? Are they really “excess” or have the death rates just been shifted to a different period during the year?

  44. Considering the pandemic will be essentially over come January 20th, who cares?

    1. The pandemic may end but the “precautions” won’t. You think governments are going to give up this power and control?

    2. Only the state of the “pandemic” on a certain Tuesday in November counts.

    3. Considering the this pandemic will be essentially over come January 20th, who cares? a new one will be invented to take its place.

    4. Dang it! I accidentally flagged a comment while trying to x-out that stupid video.

    5. So you’re betting Biden is going to win? Because if Trump wins, the pandemic is going to be worse than ever come January.

    6. The pandemic will never be over. This is the perfect pretext for petty tyrants to invent authorities to exercise over the peasants, why would those same petty tyrants give it up?

      1. 9/11 created a permanent terrorist emergency. This pandemic emergency will be equally permanent.

        1. and if COVID-19 fades away as expected, they will just re-invoke those powers for the new viral strain, just to be safe

          1. Or they’ll make and release new viral strains to be sure.

  45. If everyone that bitched about masks just dedicated their time and energy to something worthwhile, the US would be a better place.

    What a bunch of babies.

    1. Never heard of the camel nose in the tent?

    2. Oh look.

      Bah-Bah retard speaks.

    3. Babies don’t have to wear masks, fuckstick.

      And why not?


      Current CDC guidance is:

      Babies never cry or scream or shit or piss when other people are present or, for instance, in the cabin of a plane, and so cannot possibly spread the deadly supervirus that is COVID-19. But babies can obviously get the virus and get very very very sick and most likely will die if they do, so if you don’t wear your mask, you are a sick fucking baby murderer (not to be confused with abortion doctors who are definitely not baby murderers, but are righteous defenders of science).

      Oh, and please go fuck yourself with a rusty cheese grater. For Science!

    4. Hopefully Biden will take your advice to heart.

    5. “What a bunch of babies.”

      This from a cowardly piece of lefty shit.
      Scared? Crawl in a hole and stay there; your health is YOUR concern, not mine, and in your case the world would be a better place if you were dead.

    6. Yes, bitching at people to wear masks serves no purpose.

    7. I’ve been going to the shooting range.
      Still gonna point out that masks are a totalitarian psyop though

    Mostly peaceful protests convince companies to abandon Portland.

    1. Send this to that piece of low life bark Obama.

      ‘Peaceful protests’ my fricken ass.

  47. More police in schools doesn’t equate to safer schools, it just leads to harsher discipline, finds a new study.

    Straight from the department of obvious studies.

  48. The Friedersdorf article on anti racism is comic tragic. He goes through paragraph after paragraph explaining the pure lunacy of the “anti-racists” in the New York City schools. There are too many examples of Stalinist lunacy to list in this forum. The article is one story after another of some well meaning upper west side liberal saying something completely sensible only to be told they are “rejecting the existence of people of color” or some other sort of lunacy.

    Yet, Friedersdorf is completely unable to condemn any of this or even take sides. He concludes by saying

    ’d offer one rule of thumb: Anti-racism is a contested concept that well-meaning people define and practice differently. Folks who have different ideas about how to combat racism should engage one another. They might even attempt a reciprocal book exchange, in which everyone works to understand how others see the world. A more inclusive anti-racist canon would include Bayard Rustin, Albert Murray, Henry Louis Gates, Zadie Smith, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Danielle Allen, Randall Kennedy, Stephen Carter, John McWhorter, Glenn Loury, Barbara and Karen Fields, Thomas Chatterton Williams, Adolph Reed, Kmele Foster, Coleman Hughes, and others.

    As long as sharp disagreements persist about what causes racial inequality and how best to remedy it, deliberations rooted in the specific costs and benefits of discrete policies will provide a better foundation for actual progress than meta-arguments about what “anti-racism” demands.

    The people running around saying things like that they shouldn’t have to explain why something is racist, your denying it just denies their existence, and claiming that even re-education isn’t enough but something more drastic is needed (like murder perhaps?)for people who deny any claim of racism anywhere are just “well meaning”. There is nothing wrong with anti-racism. It is just that arguing about meta things doesn’t help.

    I would love to ask Friedersdorf what it is like to be that pathetic of a human being. These people are vicious and completely irrational. And going after not some deplorable but Friedersdorf’s own tribe. And he is so pathetic he still can’t bring himself to say it is wrong.

    1. For the Atlantic, I was happily surprised at how it did directly attack and document the excesses of anti-racists.

      1. But it really didn’t. It just said “oh come on guys we are all on the same team here”. Ah no, we are not. The far left is coming to destroy center left people like Friedersdorf. And Friedersdorf and his ilk are so stupid and so cowardly they are going to allow them to do it.

        1. For the Atlantic this is attacking the left.

    2. They might even attempt a reciprocal book exchange

      That would require both sides be willing to talk. Lawrence Fox, a British actor who’s become a bit of a folk hero as of late because he has taken a pretty firm stand against the wokeltarian mob, and has refused to apologize to mobs– actually attempted the above.
      Exactly the above. He met with someone who had come after him on twitter, went for a walk an had a reasonable discussion. At the end of the walk, the person Fox had met suggested he read a book. Fox agreed. Then Fox proposed a book for his interlocutor, he immediately rejected it without further discussion.

      1. The woke left is a cult. There is no reasoning with them. I would love to think there is some way that you could talk sense into them, but all of the evidence indicates that is impossible. These people reject the concepts of objective truth and rationality. You can’t talk to someone or compromise with someone who refuses to accept any truth contrary to their own feelings or back down from any position no matter how self evidently irrational.

        At this point, I don’t think there is anything that can be done beyond ruthless kick every member of this cult out of polite society and certainly an position of authority. You are never going to change their opinions or make them any more reasonable. And allowing them into your social group or business or institution just allows them to subvert it and destroy it and everyone who won’t conform to their insane ideology. I really have no idea what dark future awaits these people. Maybe they will some day come to their senses. But, that day if it happens won’t be any time soon. In the mean time, the rest of us face the choice of either kicking them out of society or seeing them kick us out.

  49. Generally speaking, mask wearing is good and mask mandates from the government are not. And if they do happen, it’s much better that they occur at the local level, where leaders can respond to the varying needs and issues of their own communities.

    So, you’re just making shit up then?

    1. Generally speaking, mask wearing is absurd virtue signaling and an assault of rationality and civilization itself.

      1. breathing your own exhaust isn’t healthy, and most of the masks won’t prevent you from catching the virus.

        they will reduce the chances you spread it to someone else though.

        1. Perhaps, but it is unclear that reduces that chance enough to make a difference. The fact is that this virus seems to spread indoors. So, we are telling everyone to wear a mask in public places. Okay. But no one will or could wear a mask all of the time, especially at home or in places where they are alone. So, I get the virus and then give it to the people who live in my home. They then go to someone else’s home and give it to them or someone comes in my home and so forth. The virus continues to spread regardless of how many people at Wall Mart are wearing their masks. Indeed, it is hard to see how it would spread anymore if they were not. All wearing the mask does is keep me from shedding the virus on a surface. Unless I sneeze in your face, you are not getting it directly from me. You are getting it off a surface that I leave it on after I sneeze or wipe my nose or whatever on it. Given that fact, it seems to me rather than masks, people should be wearing disposable gloves when they go in stores and such and then throwing them away when they leave. Do that and take some care not to touch your face, and how are you going to contract the virus from any surfaces it might be on?

  50. “If I’m your president, on day one we’ll have a national mask mandate,”

    So is this where Trump’s CV19 policy has failed, that I hear so much about? Is this the thing I can finally put my finger on when some Democrat screeches about Trump’s bungled handling of “the crisis”?

    1. this is also confusing to me. He bungled it how? What was he supposed to do? What did he do that was wrong? (Besides leaving Fauci in place which I really don’t think is their reason)

      1. Even if Biden had an answer to that, I wouldn’t consider it as any better than 20/20 hindsight, at best. He didn’t offer diddly-squat for solutions back when it mattered.

      2. I don’t know. I’d be willing to entertain the possibility that he did. But all I hear is “he bungled it” without any specific set of policies pointed out or enumerated.

        Every policy I’m currently living under came from my mayor or my governor. So… whatever was ‘bungled’ seems to have come from them.

        1. I am willing to listen to that as well. If he “Bungled it”, it was because the CDC didn’t have it’s act together and lied about the usefulness of masks and complete screwed the pooch when it came to manufacturing and distributing tests for the virus. I think Trump as President deserves some blame for that. But, the reasons for the CDC’s failure go way deeper and began long before anything Trump ever did.

          If the people making the charge that Trump failed were willing to both list reasons and have an honest discussion of the failings of the CDC and the federal government in general, I would take them seriously. As it is, the same people who claim Trump bungled it, claim Faluci, the guy who works for Trump and is in charge of the actual federal response, is some kind of a hero. Those two positions are mutually exclusive. You can’t say Trump screwed it up but then claim the guy who works for Trump and who is responsible for 99% of the things the federal government did or did not do is a hero. Yet, people do. Partisan hackery knows no rational bounds I guess.

    2. Which state has had the most stringent mask mandates and the most compliance with those mandates? California

      Which state has had the most COVID-19 cases? California

      1. I ask the pro-mask mandate people to explain South Dakota and Sweden. They usually just change the subject.

  51. It was light on actual policy prescriptions…

    Are you fucking kidding me? There is ‘light’ and ‘non-existent’. Brain-Damaged Biden offered zip. A mask mandate. The only thing I can say is that Slow Joe read the teleprompter better than his old boss…somewhat. And for this, he is lionized? Fucking pathetic.

    Team D should be slaughtered in the upcoming election.

    1. technically he far exceeded expectations. set up for big fall.

  52. In the good news dept., it was heartwarming to see that a federal prosecutor has finally gotten around to charging the Clinton Foundation with money laundering, lining pockets of staff, luxury spending, sale of influence, and other crimes and misdemeanors.

    1. Someone was saying yesterday that indicting Bannon is just Trump setting the liberals up for when he applies the same standard to every other non profit in the country and indicts a ton of prominent liberals on the same charges. Sadly, I doubt that is true. More likely, this is just another example of a Democrat prosecutor criminalizing political disagreement by selective enforcement of the law. No way in hell will any Democrat ever be held to such a standard, assuming the standard they are trying to hold Bannon to is even the actual law, which is a big assumption.

  53. Dang they look evil with those black masks.

  54. If, after the convention, the Democrats’ primary arguments on the economy are the Green New Deal and forced mask-wearing on a national basis, the it seems to me that the Democrats have left themselves vulnerable to the argument that President Trump is better suited to getting the economy righted again and getting people back to work.

    Trump can run on his record on that.

    I don’t like his record on international trade. I opposed the trade war with China, and I oppose it now. But if you want to persuade swing voters that you’re the one get them their jobs back, a record of fighting against Chinese imports to preserve American jobs is the kind of record you want. There’s a huge hole in the Democrats’ armor there for President Trump to exploit.

    1. The fact is Trump had the best economy since the 1980s before the pandemic. In addition, real wages for the middle class were rising for the first time in decades. Any objection to his policies on trade have to square themselves with the results he achieved. Sure, it is possible that the results were in spite of an in now way because of his trade policies. But, that claim cannot be taken without a fair amount of explanation and proof. The results of his economic policies as a whole speak for themselves. If you want to single out his trade policies as bad, you are going to have to come up with some kind of explanation for why that is and proof supporting that explanation. Moreover, you need to at least honestly consider the possibility that your view of international trade is wrong. The fact is that the economy’s performance during Trump’s trade policy and despite the free trader’s predictions of gloom and doom, is pretty good, although not conclusive, evidence that the free traders assumptions about international trade are wrong and need to be revised.

      1. “Sure, it is possible that the results were in spite of an in now way because of his trade policies. But, that claim cannot be taken without a fair amount of explanation and proof.”

        The important part of this from a strategic reelection perspective is that the Democrats can’t differentiate themselves from President Trump on China and international trade.

        He fought the Chinese in a trade war over their objections.

        1. P.S. This is why they focus on differentiating themselves from Trump’s character rather than the issues.

        2. HE did. And they can’t continue to object because Trump’s position was popular and their’s is not. The Democrats are not mentioning trade and the evil Trump tariffs because doing so is a dead loser issue for them. That doesn’t mean that Trump’s position is right. Lots of popular positions are wrong. But, it is very conclusive evidence that right or wrong, the public is no longer willing to support free trade at any price they way they were in the past, assuming they ever did support it.

    2. you left out low income housing for the suburbs, the Democrats third platform plank (after the mask edict and the Green Raw Deal).

      1. Incidentally, the numbers just came out for existing home sales, and they were up 24.7% in July from the previous month–as people who can afford to escape urban progressive paradises for the suburbs.

        Building low income housing in the suburbs is not likely to be popular with swing voters already living in the suburbs, including women. Call ’em up on the phone, and they may say they want to be more inclusive, but the reason they moved to suburbs and stay there is because they don’t want to live in a progressive paradise.

      2. at least one Democrat is warning Biden and the Party that kissing up to mostly peaceful urban mobs might not help in the election. Michigan Rep Debbie Dingell:

        “Although most polls show Biden with a comfortable lead in Michigan right now — with some giving him as much as a 16-point lead — Dingell said she doesn’t believe them and sees worrisome trends in recent weeks. In light of a spike in violence in Detroit, she said that she is being invited to an increasing number of “support law enforcement events” in her district, which surrounds the city, and she worries the national party isn’t taking the threat seriously enough.”

        1. “Now, she said, violence and lawlessness could play the same role this year as trade did in 2016 if the Biden-Harris campaign and the Democratic Party as a whole doesn’t make a stand for public safety. It’s a message she says she has delivered to the Biden campaign, but worries that Democrats will find it too “uncomfortable” a subject to talk about.”

          “Dingell said that despite Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s popularity and the polls showing Biden ahead, Democrats should not assume Michigan will go their way in the presidential election. Among other things, Dingell said, many swing voters in Michigan are upset with Whitmer for her stay-at-home order, issued at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.”

          I think Whitmer’s “popularity” came from a poll of a bunch of Karens.

          1. I am very suspicious of any poll that says Whittmer is popular. And there is no way the Biden is ahead by 16 points in Michigan. I am not saying he won’t win the state. The state is clearly in play for the election. But, there is no way Biden or Trump is ahead by 16 points. If your polls are telling you that people like Wittmer and Biden is ahead by 16 points, you need new polls.

            It says very bad things about the Biden campaign that Dingle is having to tell them this. And the fact that she is having to say it means they are unlikely to listen to her. If they were smart enough to listen to her, they wouldn’t need her to tell them in the first place.

        2. she worries the national party isn’t taking the threat seriously enough.”

          hahah! Of course they’re not. Just like last time.

          “You dirty midwestern bluecollars are gonna swallow this Woke shit and like it!” “What, omg Trump won? How?”

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    1. it only seems like 4 years for me

  56. Forcing people to wear masks: that’s violence.

    1. As the saying goes, “your right to swing your fist ends at my nose.” Ordering me to wear a mask is putting your hand on my face.

  57. Generally speaking, mask wearing is good

    You’re ignoring the science.

  58. Biden / Harris is the perfect 1992 campaign. Probably wouldn’t even need Perot to steal it from Bush.

    1. I don’t think so. Bill Clinton ran as an old time Southern moderate. It was only after he was in office that he decided he really wanted Hillary to socialize the healthcare system and pass a BTU tax and all that. Then, after the Republicans took Congress in 1994, he suddenly found religion again and worked with Newt Gingrich to pass welfare reform and cut the capital gains tax and damn near reform entitlements.

      I can’t see Harris and Biden in their current form doing any of that. If anything, they are like and even worse version of what all of Clinton’s most paranoid Republican critics said his administration would end up being.

      1. “tough on crime” was huge and those two could likely emphasize “Bush is a Wimp and Quayle is a Moron” better … were my angles.

        1. The Democrats claiming to be “tough on crime” while Democratic mayors preside over chaos, looting and rioting out of a Batman Film in their cities is more proof that irony is no longer possible. The world is gone past it.

  59. legally impossible.

  60. “A Vote for Joe Biden Is a Vote for a National Mask Mandate, Says Biden”

    But what if I can’t afford a mask since Uber and Lyft left California and took my driver job with them?

  61. “boiled down to ‘I am a normal human being with normal levels of human empathy and a normal family, I won’t be embarrassing on the national stage or in front of your children, and I won’t put my own needs before the country’s'”.

    that they see that as a winning message against Mr. Trump is a terrifying indictment of Mr. Trump. that it is the best that they can say about Mr. Biden is a disturbing indictment of our entire party system.

    1. It isn’t an indictment against Trump unless it really is a winning message, which likely isn’t.

  62. Barn door. Horse.

    Hard to tell who is dumber: politicians or voters.

  63. ❤????????CHRISTrumPence and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers US2020Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen????????❤

  64. CHRISTrumPence and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers US2020Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen

  65. Even if he wins, Joe Biden would not be president for at least another six months or so. By that time Covid may have died down to negligible levels, or there might be a vaccine, or there may be dozens of other reasons why masks would not be necessary at that time.

    So why then would he be so explicit about mandating masks six months into an uncertain future? Here’s a thought: maybe it’s because people have come to see masks as a sign of allegiance to centralized authority, in addition to whatever effect they might have on spreading diseases. So even if the disease-prevention purpose goes away, we can still use them as a handy way to spot people who are less than vigorous in their support of the ruling party.

    Kind of like nazi arm-bands.

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