Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Is a Cop Who Wants To Be (Vice) President

Joe Biden announced today that Harris will be his Democratic running mate.


The Democratic 2020 veepstakes are over, and Sen. Kamala Harris (D–Calif.) is the winner. Joe Biden announced Tuesday afternoon that he had picked Harris to be his running mate as he seeks to become the next president of the United States.

The good news is that it keeps Harris—who has a long and authoritarian history on criminal justice issues—far from the Department of Justice. There was some speculation that should Biden win, he would name Harris as attorney general. As American's top cop, Harris would have the potential to do much more damage than as vice president.

The bad news is that it puts Harris next in line for the presidency should anything happen to Biden and sets her up nicely for a future presidential run. In Harris, we would get a leader with President Donald Trump's penchant for unchecked executive power and modern Democrats' tendency to consider no issue outside the reach of government.

The pick is somewhat surprising. Rumor had it that Biden hadn't forgiven Harris' backhanded busing stunt during the Democratic candidate debates last summer, and that influential operatives were urging him not to choose her because of it.

In addition, Harris—who served as a district attorney in San Francisco and attorney general of California before becoming a senator in 2016—has a troubling history when it comes to law-and-order issues and is despised for it by many young left-of-center voters; she consistently chose to protect law enforcement prerogatives and to stonewall reform in California, beyond the minimum demands of her role as the state's top cop. That's a particular liability as Americans streets are still erupting with protests over police violence and calls for criminal justice reform.

For more details on Harris's past and a glimpse of why she'll be dangerous in the White House in any capacity, here's some of Reason's previous coverage:

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  1. Willie Brown’s chew toy advances to the finals.

    1. Thought he was her chew toy, or a certain part of him anyway

      1. Release the talking points!

        1. In other news, LP nominee Jo Jorgensen was bitten by a bat.

          1. How else do libertarians become bat-shit crazy?
            It’s part of the initiation into the club

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          2. Maybe she has the antibodies for CV now.

          3. Maybe she will transform into the new Batwoman. Since Ruby Rose quit the show.

          4. That will be the highpoint of her campaign.

    2. Heels Up Harris was soundly rejected by Team D for POTUS. Team D has to know that a vote for Brain-Damaged Biden is a vote to make Horizontal Harris POTUS.

      I just don’t see Team D getting very enthused about this Team D ticket.

      1. They only have to be enthused about throwing out Trump.

        1. When has “your not voting for our guys, you’re voting against the other guys” ever worked in a US Presidential election?

          If you want to win you have to give voters something to vote FOR, not just AGAINST.

          1. Turd Sandwich vs. Giant Douche? (AKA 2016?)

            1. No, Trump had a rabid base that would have crawled over broken glass to vote for him. No candidate is going to win with the “hold your nose” vote alone.

              What advantage does Kamala bring to the campaign?

              “Hah! California is in the bag now!”

              We’ve got the left-of-center educated professional coastal state women’s vote sewn up”

              “Yeah, how many Black men did Trump ever put in prison”?

              Harris is an unlikable loser…with Democrats.

          2. When has “you’re not voting for our guys, you’re voting against the other guys” ever worked in a US Presidential election?

            Personally, ever since 1988. A lot of people voted for Trump because he was the second-worst candidate.

            Unless I missed your [sarc] tag.

            1. Trump had a very enthusiastic base of around 38-40% or so. Biden/Harris have…?

              1. Did they wait in line for 5-10 hours, just to stand outside the auditorium where he was speaking, not even to get into the building, because they hated Hillary that much? Or because they’d heard of Trump before, and liked his message?

                1. Gray Jay, I’d say you’re both right. Yeah, Trump has a devoted fan base, which has expanded since 2016, but in 2016 what pushed him over the edge was that Clinton was seen as a worse candidate

          3. And they gave a centrist/centrist ticket to all the people who would have otherwise said, “Well, I really don’t want to vote for Trump, but…” “Not Trump” is a pretty strong selling point on the left these days.

            1. Biden is an unprincipled, corrupt opportunist who has adopted the Sanders political program.

              Harris is a disgusting left wing authoritarian who wants to turn the country into a police state.

              Neither Biden nor Harris are “centrist”.

          4. Trump has supported less government regulation, lower taxes, judges that rule based on the constitution. For Libertarians that is as good as it gets on the Presidential choices now. Gary Johnson was the best Libertarians have done. I’ve voted for him twice but the reality is we need more in congress and senate to push a more Libertarian agenda.
            Biden/Harris have nothing for Libertarians.

            1. ^this. I don’t agree with everything Trump’s done, but he’s trying to stop the endless wars and hasn’t gotten us in new ones. He’s tried to cut (with varying degrees of success) the overwhelming government red tape. He’s tried to do legit CRMJ reform rather than the feel-good bullshit most politicians have done. He isn’t perfect, but he’s a hell of a lot better for the average American and us libertarians than your traditional Republicans, and anything is better than the democrats.

          5. That 9voting against the other guys) describes damn near every election s in my lifetime, and I am nearing retirement age.

            Besides, Trump has delivered nearly nothing, especially on foreign policy, which is where my highest hopes were. But he has sucked neocon pecker since day one because he is too stupid and ignorant to push back against them. Hard for him to win an argument when you know literally nothing about anything.

            So now the dems are trying to back door a female AA into the presidency.

      2. Aside from blacks and coastal liberals, they aren’t. But, they don’t have to be. Their sheer unadulterated hate for Trump will be enough to get them to the polls.

      3. Commenter, would you please stop calling Kamala a slut? What do you want to do, make Biden change his mind (hehe) and throw her out on her well-worn ass?

        1. all politicians are whores and will do anything for money, Kamela’s just more open about it than most.

        2. It’s Joe and the Ho

    3. Fortunately, she drew a lucky lot and will compete against a pair of superstitious, obsolete bigots.

      1. The primaries are over. The bigot won and just picked her for VP. Jesus you really don’t read the news so you?

        1. Speaking of bigots, Harris is a Brahmin on her mom’s side, Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, emigrated from India in 1960 to pursue a doctorate in endocrinology at UC Berkeley.

          Finally, a candidate who’ll put uppity Dalits back in their place.

          1. Don’t think that ones going to play in Peoria.

            1. Shit, it may not play well in Fremont or Redmond. I thought lower caste Indians despised upper caste ones? I do know it works in reverse.

      2. you’d be more fun with a second trick.

        1. not sure if this is a trick ‘per se’ but Rev walking around a barn that stores rakes on the ground would be entertaining.

        2. Speaking of tricks, wonder if Joe will try to bang Roundheels Harris in the White House. Seems as if she would be at least amenable to the idea.

          1. bold of you to assume that he could get it up… or that he’s allowed to make any decisions.

            But in all seriousness, notice how he never sniffs any little brown/black kids. I think he has a preference, and it ain’t her.

        3. No he wouldn’t.

      3. It didn’t take you long to start licking those boots.

      4. Uhm, you know she’s taking the Vice President slot for Biden, right?

        So she’s only running against *one* superstitious, obsolete bigot.

        She’s running *with* the other one.

      5. Arty, you do understand YOUR candidate once felt so passionate about keeping little black boys and girls from going to school with little white boss and girls that he proposed a constitutional amendment to prevent it, right? In fact his new VP pick called him out for that.

        So your presidential candidate is a segregationist who also later was key in enacting legislation that puts tens of thousands of black men in prison for long periods of time. His VP pick also put thousands of black men in prison, and has now sold out to go on the ticket with the aforementioned segregationist.

        Do you see the irony here?

  2. Who announced to Biden who his pick is?

    1. I don’t know, but the idea of the nominee picking someone the voters have soundly rejected is insulting. The voters should be able to pick the VP, just like the LP does.

      [checks to see who the LP voters picked as the VP candidate]

      Ummm, nevermind.

      1. The federal government was more fun when the loser of the Presidential race got to be VP.

        1. We should go back to that.

          Can you imagine Joe winking and having to have Trump as his VP? Comedy ducking gold.

      2. You’d think he’d at least have picked the female candidate that the Democratic voters showed that they might have actually wanted – Gabbard.

        Instead he picks the one that was picked off early because no one likes her. Not the Progressive side of the party, not the mainstream Liberal side of the party. No one in California outside of the political elite like her. The rest of the country, as far as they’ve heard about her, hears about her as a corrupt cop-enabler.

        1. I hear Willie Brown likes her, likes her, likes, likes her, REALLY LIKES HER, then suddenly loses interest.

    2. Who announced to Biden who his pick is?

      Garnier Fructis?

    3. How do you know he’s been told?

      1. My son made the same joke.

  3. Biden/Harris: the carceral ticket.

    1. You misspelled “Carcosal.”

      1. you’re in Carcosa now

        1. When I first heard of the King in Yellow, i never thought it was referring to his Depends.

          1. Camilla: “You, sir, should unmask.”
            Stranger: “Indeed?”
            Cassilda: “Indeed it’s time. We have all laid aside disguise but you.”
            Stranger: “I wear no mask.”
            Camilla: (Terrified, aside to Cassilda.) “No mask? No mask!

      2. You misspelled “Carnival”

      3. You misspelled “caracal.”

    2. Watching this pair deal with the #DefundthePolice crowd is going to be interesting.

      1. This was done knowing full well that it’s a binary choice for that crowd. It’s literally Hitler or Colonel Klink.

        1. “It’s literally Hitler or Colonel Klink.”

          Or Option 3, pack another bowl, and see if enough Trumpbux are left on the card to order something tasty from Doordash.

        2. Even if they have no idea who Colonel Klink is. Which they don’t. Only old geezers like us know who that is.

      2. The Defund the Police people all live in Blue cities.

        Biden needs to win over people in the middle. And by and large, those people are responding well to Trump’s law and order schtick. If a bunch of blue voters who would vote for Biden anyways (or live in safe blue states) decide to scream about how Harris is too “Law and Order” then the Dem Strategists *think* that is a good thing.

        However, the problem they don’t understand is that voters aren’t just looking for a reason to vote for Biden. They aren’t merely standing by. They saw Biden and the Dems support Antifa and they have NO reason to trust Harris or Biden after both of them seemed to sell out Law and Order in the debates.

        1. Biden needs to win over people in the middle.

          Yeah – I wrote this before reading what Ken & Paul posted below. It’s actually a pretty smart assumption that you’re not going to send the #DefundthePolice crowd into Trump’s arms, but you can assuage “Middle America’s” concerns by distancing yourself from them and presenting yourself as the “Rational Center.”

          And I think Ken is right that Kamala is mostly about appealing to suburban white women.

          1. Kamala is the only possible choice he could have made.

            She’s black. That she’s a woman also helps, but not as much as being black. At this cuntural moment, that’s what matters.

            1. Nice typo, but should be cultural.

              1. Almost worthy of John!

              2. You must learn to embrace the power of “both”

              3. shhhh, just pretend you meant to do it.

            2. She’s black.

              She’s passing. Like Obama. That’s as far as white Dems are willing to go. An actual Black candidate would still scare them.

              1. “She’s black.”

                Yeah, but is she really black? Kamala is an offensive pick as she is probably less than 1/2 black and she is light skinned, as in rape colored skin, at that. Another example of the house negro getting the better treatment from whitey. This is pitting light skinned blacks against dark skinned blacks. It’s an attempt at 0bama 2.0 and the thrill is gone.

                When will razist American Demoncats be willing to entertain a candidate that looks really black instead of the mocha. Shameful half hearted pandering when the stakes are this high.

              2. Her dad apparently admitted at one point the family owned slaves way back in the day. That’s sure to play over well with the SJW woke reparations crowd.

        2. Biden himself has a 3 decade long career as a ‘lawn order’ type of Democrat. He’s a ‘rule with an iron fist, throw them all in the camps’ type. IMO, he’d have been better off taking a hardline and then picking Gabbard as a ‘centrist’ (which, for a Democrat, she is) to both support him and reign him in from his authoritarian excesses.

          Then the Democrats could pretend that Biden will crack down on the now no longer popular riots with Gabbard preventing ‘unnecessary’ excesses because she’s ‘reasonable’.

        3. The slice of people who are for law and order while at the same time considering Biden or Harris acceptable is probably small.

      3. The whole election is going to happen in a vacuum, with no debates. Why debate when you’re just there to wave a team flag?

        1. You’re still thinking the election is going to happen?

  4. Middle America loves a cop and the coasts are voting D no matter what. Only people paying attention have pause.

    1. Sadly you’re probably right.

    2. Middle America just loves insiders from California. You called it dude.

    3. This, unfortunately.

    4. Middle America loves their local cops in their own peaceful little neighborhoods where nothing ever happens.

      Middle America doesn’t love the union infested, crime-ridden police state Harris created in California.

  5. She is the worst of the worst. I’ll bet she thinks Biden will expire in office and she will have the power. She’s an idiot and will show it over the course of the next few months.

    1. No need to kill poor ol’ Joe.
      Why do you think we have the 25th amendment?

    2. I would love to see her debate Pence.

      1. Except for the possibilities of pure comic gold from the Trump/Biden debate, the VP debate would be the more interesting, and maybe even the one that convinces some of the fence-sitters (who are busy trying to figure out which ticket is the lesser of two evils).

  6. She was my first choice for President, but this puts her in the ideal position for 2024 or 2028. (Biden might actually serve two full terms because his physical and mental health are excellent, despite the lies of right-wing smear artists.)

    While Biden is creating a more Koch-friendly economy by opening the borders, I hope Harris takes the lead in designing a nationwide race-based busing policy for school integration.


    1. Biden serving out two full terms would actually be pretty hilarious. Just imagine a time lapse of Kamala’s face over that 8 year period.

      1. Collecting all her quotes, tracking them for signs of impatience …. gold!

      2. There won’t be an America if that happens. Is anyone here still pretending that the democrats are anything other than a socialist party, growing more Marxist by the day?

        This country is at the dawn of a civil war started by the progressives after the murder of George Floyd. We have ACTIVE INSURRECTIONS in several US cities. Allowed by treasonous mayors and governors.

        It’s only going to get worse, no matter who wins. And if Biden is installed, the civil war will rapidly escalate.

        1. Beans, bandaids and bulllets. Get them while you can. The last in that list is already almost stocked out,

        2. George Floyd wasn’t murdered. Read the ME’s toxicology report.

      3. I’m pretty sure that time lapse would be one long wince, with nothing changing but the clothes she’s wearing.

    2. This post is a joke, right?

      1. Yes. All posts by OBL are.

    3. Lul

  7. Defund the police and replace with Kamala’s secret army of robot lawyers!

  8. Biden fucked up. Had he picked Tulsi Gabbard, I would have voted for him.

    1. I was just thinking that this morning. That was his one hail Mary that may have moved independents. I don’t understand who this appeals to. Now he can say that he’s law and order too?

      1. She appeals to the people who want to check the “black woman” box.

        1. Which is the exact same demographic that would rather watch their mother raped and murdered before their eyes than vote for team red. Even half of democrats agree that Biden is unlikely to make it through an entire term, so this VP pick is the sale to independent voters. I don’t know an independent that thinks highly of her. Again, who does this appeal to?

          1. To be fair, 75% of voters already made up their mind. 4 or 5% will have an opinion of Harris based on the last few years. The remaining 20% know nothing about her, and are waiting for the evening news to tell them about her. This will all be about Trump/Pence’s ability to obliterate them in the debates. If they can’t, the News will explain patiently to the Indies how harris is a competent, boot-strapping, strong woman who was fair but firm in her salvation of California’s justice system.

          2. People who love everything about Jeff Sessions except his elderly whiteness.

            1. Ah, a black, female Jeff Sessions. What an image. How I keep being stunned every presidential election that the candidates are even worse, on both sides, than those of the previous election. (I suppose that I’m forgetting unprepared Sarah Palin.)

              1. Be very glad Giuliani’s prostate flamed out when it did. There’s a certain mentality of person who takes an AG job, and they should be nowhere near the top seat of power.

                This is an awful pick by Biden’s team. Which is great. Tulsi Gabbard gutted her in 45 seconds in front of a national audience. Harris’ll be prepared for that question again, but I don’t fancy her chances against others. She’s just not very likable. So she can’t just aw shucks her way through a bad set of questions the way that, say. Bill Clinton could. Or blowhard her way past them like Trump. She’s going to have to answer them, whatever they’ll be. I don’t know that she can.

                As for the law and order types wanting a cop, Demings was a cop. Harris a prosecutor. There’s a big difference. Especially considering the move to decriminalization in California over the last few years.

                1. There won’t be any debates.

                  1. We’ll see. You might be right.

                2. “”There’s a certain mentality of person who takes an AG job, and they should be nowhere near the top seat of power.””


          3. She’s a pragmatic moderate. Pragmatic. Moderate.

            1. You’ve seen her already scrubbed wiki page I take it.

        2. but she is NOT black.
          Nor is she eligible per the US COnstitution to stand for this office.Same requirements for President also appy to Vice President, as VP is on deck for next president during the natural term of President.

          She is NOT a “natural born citizen” doesn’t matter how long she’s been a naturalised citizen, she was not born HERE of TWO US Citizen parents.

          The First Move of presidential candidate Biden in his path to trashing the COnstitution

          1. She was born in Oakland, according to Wikipedia. Where do you think she was born?

            1. Kenya.

            2. There’s no law or federal court case that defines who is an nbC.

            3. Volokh has the legal discussion on Natural Born Citizen. One branch thinks it requires both parents to be citizens.

              1. Don’t be daft. There’s an entire set of very specific laws about who is a citizen by birth. Born in America. Born to two citizens who have ever lived in America. Born to one citizen parent who has lived X years in America after age 15.

                This isn’t a debate. The law’s extremely specific and detailed. We went over this during the Obama administration.

                1. But they believe “natural born citizen” has a different meaning than citizen at birth.

                2. My understanding is that neither of her parents was a citizen at the time.

            4. Since when has the Bay Area been part of the US?

          2. Like all movie sequels, birther conspiracies get dumber and more boring.

            1. How about this? There is no law or federal court case that defines the phrase natural born citizen therefore no one alive knows what it means.

              1. You mean other than, say, Perkins v. Elg?

            2. Explain Godfather 2 then.

          3. We know, she can’t be American as she is black. For you the same was true with Obama.

            1. She’s not Black. The same was true with Obama.

            2. The first question of citizenship that was brought up in 2008 was actually in regards to McCain, as he was born in Panama. Pretty sure McCain was a white dude. Yes, the natural born citizen thing is stupid but has nothing to do with race, as the Democrats first questioned McCains eligibility, as did several Republicans in 2007 and 2008. Actually, to be really honest the first time this was really discussed was when Romney’s father ran in 1964, as he had been born in Mexico to two US citizens. Romney was a white dude and Mormon and Republican. So once again those leveling the racism charge just ignore history.

          4. she was not born HERE of TWO US Citizen parents.

            Unfortunately for you, that’s not actually a requirement for ‘birthright’ citizenship.

            She was born in Oakland, CA. She could be the daughter of Chairman Mao and Winnie Mandela but if she’s born in the US she is a ‘natural born’ US citizen.

            And she would be a ‘natural born American’ if born outside the US as long as one parent was a US citizen.


          5. Well, she’s half black. The one drop rule is still in effect for progressives, so it counts for the people to whom that matters.

            And her parents are immigrants, but I’m pretty sure she was born in the US.

        3. She appeals to the people who want to check the “black woman” box.

          And who don’t really care whether her experience or background actually align with the communities who will supposedly benefit from her being there to represent them.

          1. Not sure her tough on crime stance as a DA and AG can be offset with her ethnicity under the current schadenfreude. I mean black cops aren’t treated as black but as cops.

            1. And what ethnicity would that even be? She is neither “black” nor “Black”.

        4. By what measure is Harris actually “black”? She doesn’t have African American ancestry. She came from an enormously privileged background: two US academics and a Brahmin caste Indian mother. She doesn’t even look black; she could be Italian or Spanish.

          1. Her father is Jamaican and black isn’t he? People who are half black are generally considered black. I think it’s kind of dumb, Obama, for example, is just as much white as he is black, but that’s how people talk about things.
            It’s also interesting how few people have commented that the first black president and potentially the first black vice president are the children of immigrants and not really African American in the sense of people descended from people who were slaves in North America.

      2. That was his one hail Mary that may have moved independents. I don’t understand who this appeals to.

        The DNC and establishment media.

      3. On CNN’s front page:

        ‘The California senator is the first Black and South Asian American woman on a major US party’s ticket.’

        And that is of primary importance! Talk about racism…

        1. Well, you are citing CNN – – – – – – – –

        2. Why doesn’t she throw in Hispanic and Lesbian too? Anyone who tried to show she isn’t would just be denounced as a kook.

          1. I’m sure she lezzed out for Willie Brown at least a few times to accommodate desires he might have had for a threesome. She worked hard for that senate seat.

    2. >>Had he picked Tulsi Gabbard, I would have voted for him.

      everything you write now in question.

      1. I like Tulsi. Maybe not her politics but she’s a helluva woman.

        1. yeah I meant Paul being serious about voting Biden. Tulsi fine.

          1. Gabbard’s if anything, even more anti-gun than Harris or O’Rourke. Something like an F- from the NRA.

            Hard not to be, as a pol from Hawaii, but I still wouldn’t vote for her.

            1. Nor would I. But I would give her a sound spanking.

              1. I’d roger her roundly.

    3. Had he picked Gabbard, he might have lost. Or, far more likely, made it uncomfortably close. He is too smart and experienced to make such a foolish mistake.

      1. “…He is too smart and experienced to make such a foolish mistake.”

        Who are you and what did you do with OBL?

        1. It’s hard to believe he isn’t a parody account, isn’t it?

          1. more and more i think this, or that it exists just to elicit replies by any and all means.

    4. Biden had nothing to do with this choice. Look at the circumstances, and tell me the DNC would let him pick a running mate. The DNC’s shitting bricks right now over what if Biden dies before the nomination, and how they can deny it to Sanders — which they must and for sure will. They’ve probably decided Harris is the stand-in, since that’s the only way they’d give her the VP nomination under these circumstances.

    5. Tulsi was the only sane candidate on the stage and I’m so surprised she didn’t get any traction. Although I can’t stand Biden I would have considered voting for him if Tulsi has been on the ticket. I’m sticking with Jo. I love the way Reason has skipped over the absolute melee in Chicago last night … the dems narrative has moved so far beyond police reform its
      Not funny. If only Tim Scott was on the top of
      The GOP ticket.

    6. Oh, you think Biden chose her?

      I think the DNC picked her to be the scapegoat for the loss, like McCain did to Palin.


  9. Biden wants us to denounce Kamala Harris for being apologist for the cops and the police state.

    That’s because the press and the Democrats have gone so far overboard in favor of criminals and rioters that Biden needs to distance himself from the progressives and the news media in order to win.

    Biden is trolling us with this pick.

    Harris does nothing to help Biden win in California because Biden would already have won in California without her.

    Harris’ primary appeal is her bootlicking.

    And Biden doesn’t have to publicly say anything to show that he’s not as stupid as the social justice warriors and the idiot progressives that want to defund the police. He just said everything he needs to say without saying a word by selecting Harris.

    Biden is pulling a Trump.

    Trump wants people to denounce him for extending unemployment benefits over the objections of the Democrats, and Biden wants the social justice warriors in the Democratic party to denounce him for being pro-cop. He needs that in order to win. If the social justice warriors denounce him for being pro-cop, swing voters in swing states are thinking, then he can’t be all bad!

    Biden made a smart move.

    1. So be absolutely clear–denouncing Biden for picking a cop lover is carrying water for the Biden campaign.

      Now, let’s talk about what Biden’s economic plans will do to the job market. Let’s see, he’s planning to 1) introduce the Green New Deal to strip the economy of fossil fuels and 2) increase corporate taxes 33%.

      How does that translate into more jobs, Mr. Biden?

      1. Her problem isn’t that she is law and order. Her problem isn’t that she is overly harsh with criminals.

        Her problem is that she is overly harsh with INNOCENT people. And she willfully hides evidence of their innocence.

        So, I think the key isn’t to say she’ll be mean to BLM. The is to show normal people why they should fear her.

        I don’t think they will persuaded by her preposterous prosecution of Exxon.

      2. “How does that translate into more jobs, Mr. Biden?”

        It must translate into shovel ready jobs but I’m not bi-lingual so what do I know.

      3. Biden has always advertised himself as the non-Woke candidate, andd counted among his coal;iotion disaffected, so-called “racially resentful” Democrats who defected to Trump. And he has been criticized by SJWs during the primaries. Additional criticism would help little at this point were it not for the fact that a significant chunk of voters have an attention span barely more than that of a toddler’s.

        There was no way any of his handlers would let him pick a Woke running mate.

    2. “Harris’ primary appeal is her bootlicking.”

      Interesting choice of words. From what I hear, it’s not boots….

      1. If we’re talking about her sexuality, there are questions to be answered about her relationship with Willie Brown.

        Willie Brown is like California’s kingmaker. He’s probably been more powerful in his own way than anyone else in California over the last . . . . 25 years?

        “Former S.F. Mayor Willie Brown writes about dating Kamala Harris, appointing her to posts”


        I’m not saying she slept her way to the top. That would be rude.

        1. You didn’t need to. Willie said it for you.

          1. And thank goodness we don’t have to say it.

            I would never say Harris slept her way to the top because that would be wrong.

            I would never say she slept her way to the top because that would be rude.

            I would never say she slept her way to the top because that would be presumptuous.

            There are a million reasons why I would never say that Kamala Harris slept her way to the top, and before this election is over, I may exhaust the list.

            1. I would never say she slept her way to the top because that might offend her and she won’t sleep with me.

              1. That’s another good reason to never say that she slept her way to the top!

                There are so many reasons to choose from, and all of them seem to work well!

                1. I would never say she slept her way to the top because she’s past her prime

            2. But would you never not say it because it was true?

              1. “But would you never not say it because it was true?”

                What do you mean by “it”?

                Are you saying that it’s true that she slept her way to the top? Because I would never say that.

                1. I think one of the golden moments of American campaign history was when the Democrats charged that Mitt Romney once strapped the family dog to the roof of his car and rode like that half way across the country.

                  The Republicans responded with evidence that when Barack Obama was in Indonesia, he ate dog.

                  In this manner, our presidents are chosen.

                  1. We’re entering that territory now.

        2. Willie Brown dated her brains out.

          1. Well that was short!

          2. He dated her hard, bro. Maximum force dating.

            1. Balls in dating.

        3. “When they met, she was 29 and Brown was 60.”

          —-USA Today

          Nothing odd about that. Especially in “sex work”.

          1. You’re not saying she slept her way to the top, are you?

            1. I would never say that.

          2. “Hey baby, what can Brown do for you?”
            *one Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board posting later*

        4. “He’s probably been more powerful in his own way than anyone else in California over the last . . . . 25 years?”

          Longer, if anything. He was a force in Sacramento when I was in California, and that’s pushing 30 years ago now.

          I don’t think Harris getting ahead by screwing Willie Brown, will bother any of the likely Democratic voters. They fell in behind Bill Clinton, they’ve got the Antichrist currently in the White House, it was a bunch of years ago. Hold their nose and pull the trigger for Harris, is how I think that issue will turn out.

          1. “I don’t think Harris getting ahead by screwing Willie Brown, will bother any of the likely Democratic voters.”

            It’s still fun to never say that she slept her way to the top.

        5. She just had to finally get around to blowing Jim Clyburn.

        6. Harris didn’t sleep her way to the top; she slept her way to the bottom rung of the ladder. After that, she got worse.

        7. No, sleeping had nothing to do with it.

          She banged Willie for a pretty hefty payout at taxpayer expense. I don’t object to prostitution per se, but when it’s MY money buying the hookers and blow for politicians, it pisses me off, big time.


    3. Biden is pulling a Trump.

      I agree. See my post below. There’s some polling data that isn’t playing well with a wide cross-section of voters on how BLM/ANTIFA have been commanding the stage.

      It’s as if a million keyboards started clacking away to write off the current narrative, and start a new one. The media’s take on this is going to be absolutely precious.

      1. The social justice warrior may well start protesting against Biden–which is what Biden wants.

        Biden needs to be denounced by the social justice warriors in order to win, but he can’t say anything obvious that would take away from his support among liberal women, for instance, in places like Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

        This is exactly like that time Bill Clinton executed a guy that might as well have been retarded–just to prove that he was tough on crime. Bill Clinton wanted to be denounced for being tough on crime. He needed to be denounced for being tough on crime by liberals–or he might not have won.

        That’s what Biden is doing. He’s hoping that the news media will denounce him for being pro-cop.

        What’s interesting is that the social justice warriors will be completely oblivious to their role in this. They still believe their own bullshit. They see themselves on CNN and think that means they’re popular. They’re delusional. They don’t know that Biden wants to be denounced by them because social justice warriors are so profoundly unpopular everywhere outside of news media.

        1. That’s complete bullshit. If we were to measure it I bet we would discover that’s it is actually you who is the most obsessed with “social justice”. I don’t know how many fucking times those words “social justice” have come out of your mouth but it’s alot. In fact, it’s practically all your propagandist masters on Fox News ever talk about. Every time there’s an election useless rightwing cunts like you suddenly can’t keep “Chicago” or it’s variation “Portland” out of your mouths. You mfers are so obsessed with it. Most people have opinons about it sure but they don’t obsess about it day after day after like you Ken. And here you are true to form once again talking about the protests as if the world revolved around them.

          1. You’re a fucking idiot.

            1. You’re delusional. And sometimes it can seem convincing because there are powerful forces feeding you this bullshit day after day and you puke it back day after day until it seems real but it’s in your head.

              1. You are way out of you league arguing with Ken.

                1. Ken didn’t even argue. He said “you’re an idiot” and then carried on proving my point that he’s the most obsessed with the SJW drama.

                  1. Because you’re not worth arguing with.

                    1. Why would you argue with someone who is so transparently confessing?

                  2. He said “you’re an idiot”
                    And he was right.

                2. He would be out of his league arguing with a wet, 1-ply paper lunch bag.

              2. Ken is actually one of the most thoughtful and reasonable posters here. Even when I disagree with him he at least puts a lot of independent thought into his ideas and positions.

                Whereas you are jut a blind partisan team blue drone, and a hack.

            2. He’s just mad at you for saying Harris slept her way to the top.

              1. He would never!

              2. I would never say that!

          2. I just did a search in my company’s slack for references to “Social Justice” and “Racial Justice”. 46 official references in our public (moderated by HR/Management) channels in the last 2 months. Including calls for Social Justice and anti racism from my BU head, CTO and CIO. A scan through all of them shows all of them as advocacy posts.

            I don’t know where you live or work, but this shit is real. The SJWs have infiltrated Forbes 100 companies and it is not some obsession.

            1. I was actually sent an assigned reading list on how to be an ally. From HR.

            2. Trying to use facts to counter narrative – 5 yard penalty, replay first down.

          3. “Every time there’s an election useless rightwing cunts like you suddenly can’t keep “Chicago” or it’s variation “Portland” out of your mouths.”

            Case in point, ladies and germs. We’re going to see the most rapid memory holing of the protests, the themes and their participants.

          4. Holy shit, you got Ken to cuss at you.

            You must be fucking stupid.

        2. Disagree.

          Biden May need SJW to denounce him to win, but he also needs their votes, which I don’t think he’ll get, just like Shrillary didn’t get it. Not in big enough numbers. Even centrists agree that police reform is needed, even if they can’t rightly be described as anti-police, and there’s no fucking way that this duo can sell reform to the American people. They’re the fucking poster children for those responsible for where we’re at.

          They needed someone who would appeal to their entire voting bloc, centrists and leftists. Fortunately for all of us, there isn’t really anyone besides perhaps Sanders that fits that role, but he doesn’t have the right genitalia, so he was never even considered.

          The left is fracturing. Democrats cannot reasonably appeal to both centrists and the younger generation of college educated marxists. One might hope that after this election the left will fully implode, finishing the job that was started with Trump beating Hillary.

          1. It doesn’t matter if Biden wins California and New York by 20% or 10%.

            It matters if he wins Pennsylvania by 1% or loses by 1%.

            You see that, right?

            1. How did Clinton lose PA, FL, and the Rust Belt in 2016? Does bringing on Harris, who is suspected will have to actually be President quite soon, help bring those voters back to the Democrats?

              I don’t know that it does.

              1. A lot of Clinton’s problems were legacy corruption shit that had accumulated over the course of more than a decade.

                When she came across as an elitist, referring to Trump voters as “deplorables”, etc. that didn’t help either.

                Trump also won the rust belt, specifically, by promising to renegotiate NAFTA, fight against immigrants taking their jobs, and start a trade war with China.

                If it weren’t for the virus and the economy deteriorating so rapidly, he’d probably be cruising to a reelection victory right now on the strength of the swing state rust belt and the strength of his record–from their perspective.

                He did what he said he’d do.

                1. Agreed.

                  But I don’t see how bringing on Harris causes old D voters, who voted for Trump, to defect back to the Dems. And I don’t see how old D voters who sat out 2016, won’t be induced to also sit out 2020, just because it’s Biden and Harris running.

                  I really don’t see how she brings those people in. If we’re restricted to black women, I see how Oprah might’ve brought them in. I can see Michelle Obama bringing them in. Sort of a Barack’s Third Term deal. And I could see how a former chief of police could do it. Especially an older black woman who didn’t give off the Abrams-ratchet vibe.

                  But I don’t see how Harris (or a bad policy wonk like Susan Rice) does it.

                  1. And I meant not also sit out 2020. Oh well. Back to this saison.

                  2. Harris is very unlikable, and I don’t see a general election battle as the D VP pick doing anything to improve her image.

                  3. Harris does not (yet) repelold D voters. Sure, the Trump campaign and their allies are preparing attack ads to change that, but at the moment, she is not keeping them from “coming home”.

          2. he also needs their votes,

            No, I don’t believe he does. The SJWs swing way above their weight, because the press is maggoty with them and exaggerates their numbers. When it comes to actual numbers in the voting booth, they weren’t able to give the commie rat bastard even a single primary win, were they?


        3. “”This is exactly like that time Bill Clinton executed a guy that might as well have been retarded–just to prove that he was tough on crime.””

          Clinton was the AG of AR for two terms. Prosecutors need not pretend to like prosecuting.

    4. This is what it’s about. Defund the police doesn’t poll well with middle America, and the riots are polling especially bad with regular Americans. It’s a cynical attempt to appeal to the middle.

      It’s an even more cynical attempt to lock in the black vote. But how well does Harris do with black voters? Do they even like her? And do they like her ENOUGH to pull the numbers Biden needs to pull from the black vote? Black voters aren’t stupid and I don’t think they’re going to reflexively vote for a black person just because she is black, if she doesn’t represent their interests.

      1. The black vote doesn’t matter as much in the general election as it does in the Democratic primaries. What really matters is white suburban women–the kind who are suddenly buying guns en masse because they’re scared to death of the riots, the violent crime wave, and the defunding of the police.

        Kamala Harris may be more popular among suburban swing voting women than she is with urban African-Americans.

        1. Kamala Harris may be more popular among suburban swing voting women than she is with urban African-Americans.

          I think you probably hit the nail on the head.

        2. What really matters is white suburban women–the kind who are suddenly buying guns en masse because they’re scared to death of the riots, the violent crime wave, and the defunding of the police.

          Stood shoulder-to-shoulder with any of them Ken?

          I’ve talked with a couple and I’m having trouble rectifying the “I need to own a gun.” sentiment with the “I should vote Democrat because of Kamala ‘California Gun Control’ Harris.” sentiment.

          You’re reaching.

          1. “I’ve talked with a couple and I’m having trouble rectifying the “I need to own a gun.” sentiment with the “I should vote Democrat because of Kamala ‘California Gun Control’ Harris.” sentiment.”

            Again, you seem to be looking for contradictions where there aren’t any so hard you see ones that aren’t there.

            I’ve been posting for weeks about the explosion in gun sales–the FBI database shows that background checks are about double what they should be and the industry is reporting that a huge chunk of those new gun sales are to first time buyers. The first time buyers appears to be women, especially, and they’re buying them up in places like California and New York state. Meanwhile, the sales aren’t of AR-15s but the kinds of guns that women and others would buy for home protections.

            Point being that first time gun buying women are probably the tip of the iceberg in terms of where suburban women are on the riots, looting, arson, defunding the police, etc. IF IF IF that demographic is distraught enough over the events of recent weeks to get past their earlier aversion to buying guns–and winning that demographic is an absolute necessity to winning the election–then you don’t want to associate yourself with anti-fa, defunding the police, etc. in those voters’ minds. In fact, to insulate yourself from charges of being anti-cop, you need to execute a retard put a bootlicker on your ticket. Hopefully, enough of the social justice warriors will denounce you for it (just like a certain number of liberals denounced Clinton for executing a retard), and that’s all to your benefit with that demographic.

            If Biden could reliably pay arsonists, looters, and defund the police social justice warriors to denounce him in front of the cameras where suburban white women could see it, he probably would. But you can’t buy that kind of advertising, and by choosing a bootlicking cop apologist as his running mate, Biden doesn’t have to say anything controversial. Just pick Harris and the Trump campaign’s criticism against Biden is largely defused.

            Have you seen any Trump ads? They were already associating Biden with anti-fa and BLM. That criticism doesn’t bite anymore–not like it used to a few hours ago.

            1. I’ve been posting for weeks about the explosion in gun sales–

              We all have, Ken, you aren’t special.

              IF IF IF

              Not big enough and not nearly enough of them. Some… counterfactuals… that your narrative just “ifs” away:
              -Surging gun sales suddenly bode well for a democrat.
              -Women breaking all kinds of political taboos will behave otherwise predictably as voters.
              -Newly-converted first time gun owners in CA and NY somehow duly represent the actual tip of any icebergs elsewhere.

              For all you know, a significant portion of these women are buying guns in name only and on behalf of their spouses and any political implications are aliased accordingly.

              Have you seen any Trump ads? They were already associating Biden with anti-fa and BLM. That criticism doesn’t bite anymore–not like it used to a few hours ago.

              Disagree. Until they come out and denounce BLM and Antifa’s stance, they are subject to the question in open debate and are still hard-pressed to answer it relative to Trump’s response, the opinions of first-time-female-gun-buyers-in-CA-and-NY-as-representatives-of-all-suburban-women notwidthstanding.

              1. Speaker Pelosi and House Majhority Whip Clyburn accused federal agents of being stormtroopers and Gestapo, merely for protecting a federal courthouse.

                they are not merely random Democratic officials, they have national leadership positions and represent the brand.

            2. That’s going to be a tough sell, with the narrative being that all white people are inherently racist.

              It’s going to be tough to vote for someone who’s actively claiming that whites are inherently racist. There will definitely be suburban White women who will vote D out of self-flagellation, but I don’t think they’re more apt to vote for a Biden/Harris ticket than they were for Hillary, and White women took the brunt of the hit for Trump being elected.

              1. “It’s going to be tough to vote for someone who’s actively claiming that whites are inherently racist. There will definitely be suburban White women who will vote D out of self-flagellation,”

                All of this. I don’t think electing a hardcore gun banner like Harris is going to appeal to these new gun owners, recently afraid of crime. Electing a Florida cop like Demings, might have. Electing Michelle Obama, and then promise of bringing back the Obama Years, might’ve.

                A woman that’s been gleeful at throwing gunowners into jail because their metal box on their guns was a bit too long? Or because Californians had the audacity to smoke a plant she didn’t like? I don’t see it.

                1. Demmings would’ve been the smart pick

                  1. Among eligible choices within the set parameters

                2. Or because Californians had the audacity to smoke a plant she didn’t like?

                  And then turned around and claimed she’s been getting high since college.

                  Do not be surprised when she suddenly has no memory of her opposition to gun ownership.

                  1. I’m expecting it. “What?! Who isn’t for sensible, safe gun regulation? Do you want criminals to have assault weapons?” And so on.

                    Then again, most new gun owners can be spectacularly ignorant of just how tangled the web of various federal, state, city and county regulations for guns can be, as evidenced by people slapping vertical forgeries on their new AR pistol, and the like.
                    “Whaddya mean I can’t take this with me on a road trip?!”

        3. Sure. I haven’t really seen much on how she polls with white, suburban women. I think she’s got some issues there too, though, including her gun grabbing tendencies. And she’s not really likeable or trustwothy. I think it will be really easy to turn her into Hillary lite.

          Also, I think the black vote could be important, if they break 10-12% for Trump, especially if they realize that they’ve been abandoned by the Dems in favor of white ladies from the burbs-again.

          I understand the play, but I’m not sure this is going to put Biden over the top.

          1. I’m not sure even her father will vote for her. This is what he had to say after a TV appearance by Harris:

            “My dear departed grandmothers (whose extraordinary legacy I described in a recent essay on this website), as well as my deceased parents, must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics,” he wrote, according to Politico.

            Added Donald Harris: “Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty.”

        4. “Kamala Harris may be more popular among suburban swing voting women than she is with urban African-Americans.”

          Possibly, but that’s not necessarily super popular.
          Suburban women with kids, specifically sons, are going to have to be prevented from remembering the Kavanaugh fiasco

        5. True. I personally know a number of people that have never showed any inclination of ever buying a gun now looking at buying one, or several.

        6. Kamala Harris may be more popular among suburban swing voting women

          I think that reminding those women that she has a penchant for fucking married men would negate her appeal to the Oprah fanbase.


    5. If the social justice warriors denounce him for being pro-cop, swing voters in swing states are thinking, then he can’t be all bad!

      So, the swing state voters that saw through the ‘mostly peaceful’ ruse won’t see that Kamala Harris is an AG from California? The same AG from California that they all cheered when Tulsi Gabbard metaphorically body slammed in the debates?

      Sorry Ken, not buying it.

      1. Clearly you’re not adept at 14D chess.

        1. Maybe less 14D chess, more Ken thought up a theory that really piqued him and now it’s the only possible truth in the world

      2. The same guilty white demographic who voted for Obama because it was a black man’s turn.

        1. But then turned around and voted for Trump

          1. Because they believed a liar.

            1. Because they didn’t believe a liar.

            2. Liar? Trump has done, or at least attempted just about everything he promised to do in his 2016 campaign. Please explain in detail where he lied.

              1. He lied about putting Hillary behind bars. I think he’s letting her walk because he doesn’t want anyone looking too hard at what he got for all the money he gave Hillary and Bubba over the years.


          2. Over a White woman, no less.

            1. It was her turn.

      3. “If the social justice warriors denounce him for being pro-cop, swing voters in swing states are thinking, then he can’t be all bad!

        Bold added.

        That statement was about Joe Biden.

        Joe Biden wants to be denounced by social justice warriors for being pro-cop like Bill Clinton wanted to be denounced by liberals for being too tough on crime for executing a functional retard.

        1. He won’t be denounced by the SJWs.

          1. Enough of them will denounce him.

            The SJWs vs. Biden will be something like “The Squad” vs. Nancy Pelosi.

            This is like the Republican establishment vs. the Tea Party, only it’s the Democrat establishment vs. the SJW progressives.

            The Democrat establishment is still heavily under the control and sway of the police, especially in heavily Democrat places like New York, Chicago, and elsewhere.

            We’ve been arguing that the news media and the social justice warriors have been living in a dreamworld where dissing the national anthem and getting rid of the police is popular, and this is Biden, not changing the narrative so much as dealing with reality.

            The fact is that Biden was vulnerable for associating himself with BLM, defunding the police, arsonists and looters, etc.–in the real world where real people really vote. He had to assert reality eventually, and this is that happening. I think the SJWs will push back against him for this, and IF IF IF they don’t, then I think Biden will be disappointed. Why should Trump be the only one who gets the benefit of being denounced by people who are looting, burning down our cities, and calling for the end of the police?

            It shouldn’t be surprising that reality asserted itself eventually.

        2. That statement was about Joe Biden.

          And my statement was about the independents hanging their hat on anything Antifa, BLM, or SJWs say one way or the other. I don’t think there’s a contingent of voters out there saying, “If Elizabeth Warren, AOC, Omar (pick your SJW idol) disapproves of Joe Biden, I might vote for him.”

          Joe Biden wants to be denounced by social justice warriors for being pro-cop like Bill Clinton wanted to be denounced by liberals for being too tough on crime for executing a functional retard.

          Did you just equate Joe Biden and Bill Clinton? Joe Biden couldn’t muster an Arsenio Hall moment to save his life.

          1. “And my statement was about the independents hanging their hat on anything Antifa, BLM, or SJWs say one way or the other.

            You remember the Wille Horton ad that a lot of people claim helped Bush Sr. defeat Dukakis?


            These are the kinds of ads I’m seeing the Trump campaign level against Biden. One especially effective one is of a female minority holding up signs in succession saying she’s too scared to speak it out loud, but she’s scared of what will happen if Biden is elected, and she associates Biden with BLM, I can’t find it, but I’ll link a similar ad below.

            Trump is hammering Biden on this because that’s where he was vulnerable.

            Because of this pick, Biden isn’t as vulnerable to that charge anymore. Clinton executed the retard so that Bush Sr. couldn’t run a Willie Horton ad against him, and Biden is picking Harris–not because he needs her help to win in California–but because it insulates him from attack by the Trump campaign. And if he can get the SJWs to denounce him for it, then his pick of Harris will have been a home run.

            He’s not running for the Democrat nomination anymore. That’s over.

            He’s playing for swing voters–people who might vote Republican. He’s moving to the center. That’s what they usually do.

            1. I guess YouTube doesn’t like Trump’s ads. Who’d a thunk it?

              I can only find one, and it’s a news piece that shows it early in the clip, presumably to denounce it.


              It shows an old woman trying to call the police as someone is breaking through her back door, while the TV is playing in the background talking about how Joe Biden is all about defunding the police.

              As the burglar breaks through the door, the message on the phone says that there are no police available to take her call.

              Then it cuts to the slogan, “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America”.

              The reason the Trump campaign is running Willie Horton style ads like that to swing voters is because Biden is soooooooo vulnerable to that argument.

              . . . or he was. Not so much anymore.

            2. “He’s not running for the Democrat nomination anymore. That’s over.

              He’s playing for swing voters–people who might vote Republican. He’s moving to the center. That’s what they usually do.”

              At this point in Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, he was running on the slogan, “Marriage is between a man and a woman”.


              1. So he gets criticized by the SJWs… meanwhile, Trump and the right continue hammering him for being in bed with BLM-antifa and talking about defunding the police.
                Kamala Harris has been the conventional pick for months, but she doesn’t really move the needle

            3. I think Dukakis did a hell of a lot more damage to himself with the silly tank ride photo-op than Bush did to him with the Willie Horton ad.

              Nobody took Dukakis seriously. He was a featherweight against a lightweight.


        3. That works only if people vote for Biden on the basis of his becoming president for a substantial amount of time. How many voters actually think that?

          The DNC doesn’t care about Biden. They care about this election. They’re not trying to make Biden look good. This is about who they’re effectively nominating for president.

        4. No, dont buy it, Denouncing blm, antifa, and the riots will supress the critical 18-30 demo for biden. It pretty much cements him as an old white dude. Gaining a higher percentage of suburban security moms is not gping to offset alienating the millenials.

      4. “The same AG from California that they all cheered when Tulsi Gabbard metaphorically body slammed in the debates?”

        What you don’t understand is that the swing voters weren’t watching the debates. They know nothing about Harris. 8 months ago, they were hearing 30 second stories about some lady Harris in the debates at the same time they were hearing about some virus in Wuhan. Then they went on with their lives.

        This will all be about the ability for Trump/Pence to bust through the smoke screen that the Press puts up. Can they convince the public that she was a tyrant who sent parents to jail for their kids missing school? And will that resonate among people who see a bunch of teens out on the streets burning down locks?

        I personally think the public no longer trusts the Dems on law and order. But I could be wrong. In 3 months we’ll be discussing whether Harris was whitewashed or swift boated.

        1. What you don’t understand is that the swing voters weren’t watching the debates. They know nothing about Harris. 8 months ago, they were hearing 30 second stories about some lady Harris in the debates at the same time they were hearing about some virus in Wuhan.

          I wasn’t watching the debates either. The *only* thing I remember from them is Tulsi Gabbard dressing Harris down. The debates were pretty solidly 3 interchangeable white guys before anybody knew what COVID was. Maybe you should have a mental function test too?

          This will all be about the ability for Trump/Pence to bust through the smoke screen that the Press puts up.

          This, I agree with. As I mentioned above, this was the case when it was 3 interchangeable white guys.

          1. The fact that you post regularly on this site shows that you have probably paid more attention to politics this year than every single one of these 3 Million mushy middle indies, combined (I jest of course, but only mostly).

            I have family who is like this. It is absurd how back and forth they are on every issue. I legitimately do not know who they will vote for until I see the news cycle the day before they vote.

            1. Got any examples of their back-and-forth on issues?

              1. I love my [relative] unconditionally. He raised me and taught me about the hard work necessary to live life as a decent man.

                He went to Vietnam and hates every hippy that spit on him when he came home. But he also tells his grandkids to never join the army, because they will send them to get killed. One day he is telling me how wrong it is that the unions are being busted, and then he’ll complain about that lazy SOB at the post office who the unions protected.

                He loved Obama because he understood how hard it is for an older man to pay medical bills, but he loves Trump for dealing with “those” immigrants. And- I am not shitting you, he lives in a rural part of CO with lots of migrant labor- he will talk all day about how the immigrants in his town know how to fix a car, or cook some good food. He hates chinese puting people out of work, but loves walmart prices and knows nothing about slave labor.

                In many ways he reminds me of Clint Eastwood in El Torino. I think deep down, he has principles but he never cared to learn logic. He is living life and gives fuckall about the messages media tries to send him. He spends his morning reading the front page and sports, and skips every article with a Washington, DC byline. I love my [relative] dearly but will never predict who he is voting for.

            2. My father was back & forth on politics depending how his stock portfolio was doing.

    6. Harris called ICE the KKK. She is not a clean cut pro law person.

      She is best known in law circles for jailing a poor mother for her kids truancy, 2000 pot convictions while laughing about smoking pot, and hiding and trying to keep convictions of such things as fabricated evidence.

      Her record is fucking corrupt as shit.

      She also jailed Deadelin for daring to be against PP. She even took money from and coordinated with PP to convict someone utilizing free speech.

      1. I’m not saying you should vote for her or Biden.

        I’m saying that Biden has insulated himself from some serious criticism to which he was highly vulnerable. The charge of being anti-cop isn’t as effective as it might have been if he’d chosen someone else, and that’s why he chose her.

        It was a good move on Biden’s part.

        Now let’s start hammering him on taxes, jobs, and the Green New Deal.

        1. The problem is that narrative is easily blown up using her own words on video.

          1. But the insulation doesn’t happen because of the validity of the narrative. The insulation happens because of the conflicting narratives that both have supporting evidence.

            To moderates who think the anti-cop thing has gone to far, the complaints from the far left of Biden being pro-cop will serve to blunt attacks from the Republicans of him being anti-cop. There are enough instances of Harris *being* pro-cop to give credibility to the pro-cop narrative in the eyes of law-and-order moderates. Any Trump attacks on Biden for being anti-cop will also carry some weight, but not nearly as much as it would if he had picked someone who doesn’t have any previous pro-cop to balance out their current anti-cop.

        2. How effective were these anti-cop charges before, when he was merely known as the cnadidate who authored the 1994 crime bill?

    7. Harris isn’t “pro-cop”. She isn’t even an effective prosecutor. She’s simply a power-hungry authoritarian.

  10. Remember: you can’t make fun of her without being a racist.

    1. And a sexist

      1. And an AntiHindutarian.

        1. Shit, I have to stand in line behind the Hindus to get a chance to make fun of her. From what I can gather she’s not every well loved by either the Black or the Indian communities. She’s the darling of the bleached white Karens.

    2. Is Kamala Jamaican for Karen?

      1. It’s not Jamaican, but Arabic-via-Urdu, meaning “Perfect.” So . . . yeah.

  11. Reason spent much time denigrating the current president as they believe they will for the next. But I have a depressing idea that If Biden is elected and Harris gets in there she may be in office longer than you think. I am not expecting critical voices to be critical of one party rule for long.

  12. Two words. Tone. Deaf.

  13. The good news is that it keeps Harris—who has a long and authoritarian history on criminal justice issues—far from the Department of Justice.

    Yeah – I guess that’s a silver lining.

    As American’s top cop, Harris would have the potential to do much more damage than as vice president.

    Sure, but is she going to stay vice president?

    1. Fun conspiracy theory time:

      Shortly after election, the Biden administration, with the tacit agreement of Biden himself, will declare Biden unfit for the presidency as his cognitive decline becomes too obvious for CNN and MSNBC to run cover for…

      1. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. My mind is already to “I wonder if she’ll try to poison him?”

        I can’t decide whether Biden really wants this, just wants it out of sheer habit at this point, or whether he made some sort of agreement a la what you’re talking about – “I’m too old, I can’t actually do this, but I’ll help us win if I get to sit in the chair for a few weeks before my ‘stroke.'”

        1. My mind is already to “I wonder if she’ll try to poison him?”

          No need to poison him. There’s probably been a run on 25A legal experts in the last couple months.

          1. Oh, I know – I just feel like she’s the kind of person who would think that way. Maybe he’s even secured his future by promising to step aside peacefully . . .

        2. Biden already said himself that he views himself as just a placeholder.

      2. Fun conspiracy theory time continues:
        Kamala Harris, in a display of party unity nominates Hillary as her VP.
        And when Kamala didn’t kill herself Hillary becomes president.
        The Clinton Global Initiative fires up all rockets and Bill sets up operations on
        Lolita Island. Robert Reich is hired to announce “Ze plane! Ze plane!”

        1. Reich as Tattoo is an image that will be difficult to forget.

          1. Yeah – that was a master-stroke.

  14. A cop, who has never worn a badge?

    1. OK, she’s a pig. Happy?

  15. Kamela Harris is a cop who will be Vice President, then President.

    1. Harris isn’t a cop, she’s a prosecutor.

      1. You misspelled “persecutor”.


      2. People don’t respond to job titles, they respond to archetypes.

  16. Defund the police is going to be the LULZ topic of the next few months.

    FYI, interesting article in the NYT about the CHAZ in Seattle. Article wasn’t so much interesting for what it said, but for the fact that the NYT reported it… AND the timing.

    I thought the analysis from The Duran (news/foreign policy podcast) was interesting. Given that the NYT waited until now to print what everyone already knew is somewhat telling. The British half of The Duran noted that he thinks there’s probably some polling data that shows that CHAZ didn’t actually play well with the public, and that there’s an embryonic split beginning to take place between BLM and Antifa. The Media are going to start working to separate BLM from Antifa in the narrative going forward, and this article looks like a prime example of that.

    1. Why would BLM need to seperate from a unicorn? How many times must Brian Stelter tell you, Antifa is a myth!

      1. The NYT on Antifa. One imagines the following two paragraphs took dozens of meetings to work out on how to word it.

        Many of the business owners on Capitol Hill agreed: Much of the violence they saw and the intimidation of their patrons came from a group these business owners identified as antifa, which they distinguished from the Black Lives Matter movement. “The idea of taking up the Black movement and turning it into a white occupation, it’s white privilege in its finest definition,” Mr. Khan said. “And that’s what they did.”

        Antifa, which stands for anti-fascist, is a radical, leaderless leftist political movement that uses armed, violent protest as a method to create what supporters say is a more just and equitable country. They have a strong presence in the Pacific Northwest, including the current protests in Portland.

        The New York Times just declared that a group that doesn’t exist has a strong presence in the Pacific Northwest.

        1. Yeah, Antifa is the perfect reincarnation of the SA. And we all know what happened to the SA once it’s political violence outlived it’s usefulnes.

          1. They’ve had their modern day Kyrstalnacht and now prepare for the new and improved “Night of the Long Knives”.

          2. It’s not a recreation of the SA. It’s literally just still what the Stalinist KPD came up with to fight the SA in the 30’s. Same name, same symbol. No need to suggest they’re evil by associating them with Nazis. They’re evil enough being just what they have always been.

            1. I see lots of similarities to the SA. In their actions and in their politics. Their preferred form of socialism is fairly Italian Fascism. They will allow some private ownership of companies but control every aspect of private commerce

      2. Content aside, the timing of this article (Aug 7) is what’s of equal curiosity to me. This article could have easily been done a month ago, but they waited until the story went cold before reporting this. They could have been talking to these residents and business owners while the CHAZ was in full force, but they didn’t. In fact, they seemed to be making herculean efforts to avoid it. But NOW they do an in-depth article?

        I mean, read this:

        SEATTLE — Faizel Khan was being told by the news media and his own mayor that the protests in his hometown were peaceful, with “a block party atmosphere.

        But that was not what he saw through the windows of his Seattle coffee shop. He saw encampments overtaking the sidewalks. He saw roving bands of masked protesters smashing windows and looting.

        Young white men wielding guns would harangue customers as well as Mr. Khan, a gay man of Middle Eastern descent who moved here from Texas so he could more comfortably be out.

        1. “I am shocked, shocked, I tell you, to find there was a cover-up of this violence!”

  17. My experience battling the K-Hive on twitter is that the core of her support is from liberal white lawyers who want to launch wars on weapons and free speech, including against smart young black conservatives who are often their targets. She will introduce a new era of Jim Crowe. Thus she will actually alienate the black community. (In fact she was never embraced by them to begin with, and for good reason. She was educated in Canada where they’re taught we’re uncivilized and she secretly despises us.) It was a terrible pick, but Biden had no good options.

    1. > Biden had no good options.

      He had no good options, but at least a dozen other opponents he shared a debate stage with that are light years better than Harris.

      What’s Tulsi Gabbard, chopped liver?

      1. What’s Tulsi Gabbard, chopped liver?

        Not black.

      2. What’s Tulsi Gabbard, chopped liver?

        No, but she’s not ethnic enough.

        1. She also criticizes the foreign policy establishment, which One Does Not Do.

          1. This is the answer.

          2. Yep. She’s a charismatic, young, multi-ethnic, ex-vet, tough, no-nonsense, progressive woman. She’s a hundred times more likable with a hundredth the baggage of Harris. She is everything that the democratic claims to want. Except she won’t sign off on endless war sold under false pretenses so the entire media apparatus simultaneously (yet without coordination) said that she was a Russian agent without offering the slightest shred of evidence. But there’s no such thing as the deep state.

    2. ” Thus she will actually alienate the black community.”

      I don’t see this happening. The fact is, Democrats learned long ago that if they put a few Blacks in places of respect, they can continue getting away with all the policies that Harris and Biden have been peddling for decades.

      There is a white supremacist right that wants blacks driven away from this country or killed, in order to secure a “Whites Only” country. They are evil. But they are also a small minority. The entire Democrat party has been invested in keeping Blacks on a plantation for as long as possible. They merely “innovated” in their evil cause by finding other Blacks to join them as spokespersons.

  18. Rumor had it that Biden hadn’t forgiven Harris’ backhanded busing stunt during the Democratic candidate debates last summer


    1. Are you trying to say that Biden picking his VP was like Memento and that’s why it took so long?

      1. Biden has post-its stuffed up his sleeve. Imagine a shirtless Biden, covered in tattoos with the names of his wife and kids.

        1. Imagine a shirtless Biden, covered in tattoos with the names of his wife and kids.

          Great. Now I have that image in my head. I’m at least going to imagine him covered in blood and grinning like an idiot.

        2. He must have lost the polaroid of Kamala with the “DON”T BELIEVE HER LIES” written on it.

          1. Someone needs to get this idea over to Heaton and Bragg ASAP.

        3. With all the sagging and stretching over the years, he’d still get the names wrong.

          1. Oh, you just made it so much worse.

    2. To be fair, Biden didn’t recognize the face but the smell was familiar.

      1. Actually I was thinking maybe she changed her shampoo to throw him off her scent, so to speak.

      2. Based on what I’ve heard about the side effects of his second aneurysm surgery, I don’t think he has much sense of smell left.

      3. Well, to be fair, it’s pretty hard to recognize her after the botox spree she just went on.


    3. This particular thread is another reason why i believe reason comments are superior! … chuckling the whole time I’m reading them.

  19. Everyone talks about this RACE problem and says that this RACE problem will be over when the third-world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into WHITE countries.

    Everyone says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” that is, intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    They’re pushing White Genocide!

    They claim they are “anti-racist”, what they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White.

    1. Oh goodie, the crazies are out.

      I married a non white. I didn’t participate in “white-genocide”. I didn’t participate in it because there was no fucking genocide. Nobody died. In fact beautiful, wonderful children were born from it.

      And to the extent that it means the end of some “white pure race”, you already missed the fucking boat. Even if you could get 10 white supremacist assholes like yourself to agree on what white purity is, I can pretty much guarantee you that that race was intermarried away 200 years ago or more.

      Further, to the extent that you could agree that there is some “white race” that exists today- if maybe you stomped your feet and insisted “This is my white race that I and us whites belong to”- what the fuck reason would I have to want it preserved? If it means preserving the type of thinking like yours whose identity is so absolutely wrapped up in the color of peoples’ skin, no thank you.

      I have sympathy for people who are seeing their cultural and traditional institutions overrun by other cultures. But then, I also have great fondness for the Vietnamese community I grew up near, living in a military town. I love my wife’s hispanic culture. I love the ethiopian community down the street. I love little italy and china town. There seems to be plenty of room to preserve culture and traditions, if you would just stop looking at peoples’ skin color and focus on what in your culture you want to preserve. (And maybe while you are at it, seek to jettison the whole “wearing white sheets to meetings” thing).

      1. Very good response. There are some out there who only want white bread, I want bagels, tortillas, pitas, roti, injera, and more.

      2. Well said.

      3. My DNA profile said 100% British and Scandinavian. Can I be the king of the goobers?

        1. I’m sorry, but your kind is supposed to listen, not talk.

          I, on the other hand, am even more Cherokee than Elizabeth Warren.

          1. So are my cats. It’s a low bar.

            1. So’s my Jeep.

              1. I used to have a Jeep. And in the time I had it, I’m sure more Cherokee rubbed off on my backside than Warren has in her whole body.

      4. Whites are mutts, as Europe is where immigration funnels.
        But his error is one of focusing on skin color rather than culture, because there very much is an attempt at destroying western/enlightenment culture.

        1. To the extent that Europe and the US are being flooded by others, this is not a historical aberration but as it always was. These have long been the busiest targets of invasion/immigration.
          That the west is a desirable destination to much of the rest of the world isn’t a problem.
          What IS a problem is the vilification of any resistance westerners

          1. While I agree that there is something special about Western culture, there is also something amazing about the American melting pot.

            And this isn’t about the assimilation into a solely western culture. Little Italy, the Irish Cops, Greek Town, Little Tokyo, K-Town, China Town- these are enclaves where people expressly did NOT assimilate. Manhattan Clam Chowder? A Portuguese soup. San Francisco Ciopino? A seafood stew created by Italian fishermen. Fajitas? A creation of Tejanos- mexicans remaining in Texas after their joining the US- where they married the Texas ranching with mexican techniques.

            Again, I sympathize with the people who see their small town changing. But they should recognize that much of that is their kids leaving the rural town for the cities to pursue the “American Dream” while no one is left to grow the crops except migrants. And I also recognize that many people are facing price pressure in their jobs as they see a 25 year old from Mexico willing to do the job of a father of 3 while they live in an apartment with 3 other Mexicans.

            Our culture is changing, and to be honest, it has changed substantially every year for the past 250 years. This tension between the newcomers and the entrenched is nothing new. Whether it was the people hating on the Irish in the 1800s or the people hating on Mexicans today- this is nothing new.

            1. True.
              But the outright marxism and hatred for all things American is rather new.
              Melting pot is good.
              Multiculturalism is segregation/balkanization imported and by another name

      5. I have started to suspect that some of the new trolls on the boards that are starting to write some of this white nationalist garbage are actually progressives trying to write what they think we think to draw out and “expose” racism among libertarians. It just doesn’t read as sincere to me. It seems too composed and frankly there aren’t enough grammar and spelling errors to be believable.

        Whether this is sincere or not, go pedal your collectivist bullshit somewhere it might actually sell. I could give a shit about your skin pigmentation, I all I care about is whether you believe in maximizing liberty, freedom of association, property rights and the NAP.

        If you’re a socialist of any stripe, be it “democratic” or “national”, you’re a totalitarian and we have ourselves a problem.

        1. Or they could be LaRouchies, or any other kind of nutjob scum. The Libertarian movement has had the occasional infestation of this kind of asshole as far back as I can remember. We do tend to spot them and tell them to fuck off pretty rapidly, though.


    2. I appreciate a man who doesn’t dog whistle.

      1. Explains your support of “You ain’t black and unlike blacks Hispanics are diverse” Biden.

        1. Nobody is ever going to believe the Democrats are the party of the racists.

          1. A growing number of people already believe that.

          2. Unless they watch any of the news, movies, music or TV shows produced by self professed Democrats.

          3. The Democrats are the party that demands racial discrimination as a sacrosanct public policy, you mendacious sack of shit. Go tell any Asian-American kid applying for college that the Democrats aren’t racists. He’ll slap the stupid right off your smug, lying face.


            1. Why don’t you go ask the nearest Asian whether they appreciate being trotted out like a cheap whore in service of some asshole white grievance zinger?

              1. Well, there it is: Tony is just fine with racial discrimination if it’s being done by his faction of the Ruling Party.

                You’re a racist pig, Tony. Of course, racial discrimination has been a constant in left-wing ideology all the way back to Marx itself, so you’re nothing special.


  20. She is the focus group candidate (woman of color-gets the wannabe woke vote), pro-police (gets the middle America vote). The dem party could really care less what the BLM groups think about Harris’ past positions. They’re like “here’s your Black woman candidate, now shut up and vote for her”. I was actually hoping he would pick Condaleeza Rice

    1. Harris is not black.

      She ishalf Jamaican indian,and half India indian, as in dot not feather. NO African blood in her. Nor is she constituionally eliglble to run for Vice President. Not born HERE of TWO parents who a were US Citizens AT THE TIME OF HER BIRTH.

      Sleazzy Warren is more Indian than Harris is black/africna-american.

      1. Harris and her sycophants claim she is Black. She’s half Jamaican, which means her father was at least partly of African descent, and from his pics probably mostly. But Jamaicans don’t normally consider themselves “Black”. And her mother was fully Indian last I checked.

        Why is she ashamed of her heritage?

        1. But Jamaicans don’t normally consider themselves “Black”.

          To be fair, Africans don’t think of American black people as ‘black’.

      2. She was born in Oakland. Where were you born?

      3. Never heard of an ‘anchor baby’ have you?

        1. Do her parents need to be citizens at the time of her birth, no matter where she was born, for her to be eligible for the Presidency? I read the Article 2 text differently than many of the commentators I’ve read. The clause is:

          No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.

          I read that as either natural born citizens or citizens of the United States are eligible. Most commentators limit ‘citizens of the US’ to those who were citizens at the time of Constitutional Adoption.

          I doubt the clause is going to trip her up. Feel free to try and enjoin her appointment as the Vice Presidential candidate though.

      4. That birther thing, a real success story for Republicans.

        1. And Hilary.

          1. I know, I’ve heard it here a LOT lately: Republicans have absolutely no agency of their own and can’t be held accountable for anything. The Democrats made them do it.

            Ladies and gentlemen the party of personal responsibility.

    2. I was actually hoping he would pick Condaleeza Rice


  21. Kamala Harris; she’s not AOC!

    1. AOC should be jealous. Her neck smells good too.

      1. Better this too. I base that on her college video where she dances around in that t shirt.

        1. I don’t know, aoc’s flat dick shaped nose and donkey chompers are a deal breaker for me.

          1. What turns me off is her egregious idiocy, but you do you.


  22. Huh. After all the 2020 weirdness I thought Biden would be a shoe-in. But with Harris as his running mate, I think we’re going to get another four years of Trump.

    UNLESS the voters are the mindless drones some say they are. That they will vote for the Chief Incarcerator of Black People just because the DNC tells them to. That they will believe the media narrative that she would be the first Black Womyn (vice) President, even though she is only half Jamaican. That no one will care about her abysmal record. That 2020 could possibly get any worse.

    Oh gawd, why is there no whiskey coursing down my gullet as I type…

    1. Yep, reminds me a lot of 2004 when everyone thought W was done for. Then the dems nominated a “war hero” who turned out to be a fraud. Joe Biden is the real deal of frauds and if it weren’t for Covid messing things up, he would not have any chance.

      1. World in 2003: “The Democrats cannot lose in 2004!”

        DNC in 2003: “Hold my beer . . . “

    2. Just not enough half-educated bigots left in America to position Trump for another Electoral College trick shot.

      Biden is the favorite. Harris helps him.

      Right-wing bigots hardest hit.

      1. Hey, asshole! Sorry to see you back.
        You been missing for a while; I was hoping you’d died of the rona.

        1. Alas, the NPC mortality rate has been low.

          1. “Alas, the NPC mortality rate has been low.”

            Kiddie games have their place too.

            Oh shit, now I’ve gone and gotten the Buttplug all excited…

            1. So does the current Nick Jr. prime time line up.

        2. Open wider, Sevo. You will spend the remainder of your life — until replacement — swallowing even more progress at the hands of your betters.

          Now be nice, or the winners may start positioning that progress sideways before shoving.

          Either way, your obsequious compliance with the preferences of the liberal-libertarian mainstream is, as always, appreciated.

          1. It’s funny how stupid you are.

      2. sorry, she easily pushes away the upper midwesten voter…cute one liners, though

      3. “”Right-wing bigots hardest hit.””

        Is an author of the 1994 crime bill, and a State prosecutor. What do they both have in common? They helped put a lot of black people in jail.

        Doesn’t sound like the bigots being hit.

    3. My god the Democrats have by far the better policies on policing with a couple exceptions mainly guns but there’s a 2nd Amendment for that.. Yeah it’s not where it needs to be but in case you haven’t noticed the worst cops out there fucking love Trump and the Republicans. How are you missing that?

      1. So if D’s are so awesome on policing, why are cities and states that have been under democrat stranglehold’s for decades have so many problems with their police policies? And why do they need the republicans and Trump to fix this for them, when they can just unilaterally do whatever they want?

    4. So Democrats better let Trump win or else we’re mindless drones.

      1. No, you’re pretty much mindless drones rather or not Trump wins.

        1. You beat me to it.

  23. Is it Pamela or Karen?

    1. Madame Vice President.

      Get used to it, clingers.

      Or not. At this point what you think or do doesn’t much matter.

      1. If Trump wins, will you announce your suicide here before you kL yourself? I promise I won’t try and stop you.

        Just want to know if I need to pop the cork on another bottle of champagne post election.

  24. >>There was some speculation that should Biden win

    dustbin of “speculation should Biden win” will be very large. Ferraro had appeal as a human being.

  25. I am shocked I tell you…Shocked!!!!

  26. Remember how Obama single-handedly destroyed the anti-war movement? If Biden gets elected, you’re going to see Soymalia get nuked so fast it’ll make your eyes water.

    1. This is the Democrats claiming not to own soymalia. I don’t think they are going to take that very well.

      And suburban liberal white women love Harris. They don’t even care that she is a whore. But they were voting for Biden anyway.

      1. That whore talk is weak shit especially coming from a Republican.

        1. Because whores vote Republican? That doesn’t even make any sense. Just how much glue did you sniff as a child?

          1. Trump bragged about being a whore, and there could be hard proof he fucked some of Epstein’s girls and you’d still vote for him.

            1. Except that the evidence so far points to the exact opposite. Clinton on the other hand, the evidence just keeps getting more damning by the minute.

              1. We elected Clinton before we knew that.

                1. There were plenty of allegations during the primaries, you chose to ignore them, as did the media.

            2. There ‘could be’ proof? Well sit Tony, there ‘could be’ proof that you rape little boys and peddle kiddie porn to Buttplug.

              See how that works?

              1. I realize it doesn’t have quite the evidentiary substantiation that Hillary’s sex slave pizza chain does.

                1. It doesn’t no. And I didn’t believe that one either

      2. Keep talking, John. Perhaps your whining will provide some comfort as you get stomped some more in the culture war by your betters.

        You can whimper as much as you want. But you will comply.

        1. The guy who lives in his mothers basement and has never had a job is lecturing me about how the world is against me. That is funny shit.

  27. There is no greater indictment of the bankruptcy of the two party system than the way both parties continue to promote absolutely horrible candidates while the voters sheepishly continue to vote for them. America truly gets the government it deserves, good and hard.

  28. Great choice, Joe! finally has someone who can deliver California to the Democrats.

    1. And then the coastal left can deliver California to the Mexicans.

      1. I thought they were going to deliver California to the Chinese (after they secede if Trump gets re-elected).

        1. It’s a big state. Besides, after these famines in China, the Chinese will only be coming to supervise the Mexicans.

          They need the food more than they need outright ownership.

    2. It was touch and go until this bombshell!

  29. It wasn’t Biden who picked Harris. It was either his inner circle or the dem leadership.

    Let’s face it, no one in the left seriously believes in Joe Biden. He has the default lefty support, but unlike either Trump or Obama, he has no dedicated followers who feel any connection to him of any kind. He looks and talks like Methuselah. Half the democrat party is willing him to stay lucid or survive, not unlike Ginsberg.

    The guy locked himself in the basement and repeating info and talking point his operatives feed him. The contact must not be all that frequent because he’s using that “virus can’t tell if you’re Chinese” line that was popular back in April.

    He’s the worst dem candidate in modern history and only got the nom because wealthy / somewhat sane white liberals couldn’t stomach Sanders and Warrens eat the rich agenda. The GOP will take the house and senate in two years. But by then parts of America might be a ghost town, so it won’t matter.

    1. He’s the worst dem candidate in modern history

      Now that’s a tall claim. Keep in mind that he’s in the company of Walter Mondale, Mike Dukakis, and John Kerry. Not saying you’re necessarily wrong, but I’d have to sit down and do some weighing.

      1. And fucking Al Gore. So bad I drove him out of my mind entirely.

        1. Poor Al Gore, no one ever takes him serial, even when tried to save the world from Manbearpig.

          1. It’s funny how looking back I thought at the time that Bush v. Gore was the saddest, most pathetic election of my lifetime.

            1. George McGovern, Hillary Clinton, 1980 Jimmy Carter…

              There’s a lot of competition.

            2. It wasn’t great.
              But will be damn tough to top Obama vs McCain

        2. The entire plan is for Biden to resign for “health reasons.” Harris picks The Hag for VP. Two years in Harris steps down for “personal reasons.” Boom.

          It sounds utterly insane, but it seems so plausible.

          1. Insane and implausible at once, why not?

          2. Harris could just as easily say she signed up for VP, and only Hillary has the experience to be president…..

    2. Voters didn’t pick Biden either, before Super Tuesday everyone was told to drop out.
      Joe didn’t even secure enough delegates until June 6th. If they hadn’t dropped out it would have been a brokered convention. The PTB should have waited but they panicked about losing Wall $treet.

      1. Yep. We have to remember that they CHEATED to select Biden. They learned from the 2016 GOP that the establishment has to get behind one person or an outsider could win. They were NOT going to let Bernie walk away with the nomination.

    3. It was the dnc, and she was chosen weeks ago, if not months.

    4. It wasn’t Biden who picked Harris.

      Probably not, but for all we know, she dug her knee pads out of storage and hosed Willie Brown’s jizz off of them to go make her pitch.


  30. Biden’s lack of strategic thinking is really on display here. Harris gets him nothing. Her SF CA grating personality will not fly with midwestern voters, she’s not really a leftist to get that base all riled up, she is not really part of the historic African American experience in this country, so her pick as the “first female black american” doesn’t quite resonate with that segment of the Dem party either either…Biden just guaranteed his own defeat

    1. “Biden just guaranteed his own defeat”

      You’re letting others think for you. Biden is able to attack Trump on the right for his failure to keep peace in the streets. Democrats will vote for Biden with their noses closed just because it’s his turn. Law and order Republicans might be swayed by a tough law and order alternative.

      1. Really, Law and Order Republicans will vote against Trump l, who sent in federal law enforcement when Democratic mayors refused to police their own streets? That is a pretty sorry fucking take. I am sorry Republican voters blame the violence in Democratically controlled cities, in mainly Democratically controlled states on Democrats and Harris isn’t going to change that.

        1. Trump’s idea of a law and order prosecutor is the swine who arranged the sweetheart deal with Jeffery Epstein and was subsequently rewarded with cabinet post by Trump. And sending in federal forces only to withdraw them without having accomplished their goals is less than impressive.

          “controlled cities”

          The cities are increasingly out of control, moron. Pretending otherwise is not going to win Trump any support other than a coterie of stooges.

          1. Yes they are out of control, because Democratic mayors let them get out of control. No matter how you deflect, this is what people see. And they also saw Trump denounced for sending in federal officers, and blamed for the violence. So he withdrew them and told the Governor and mayor (both Democrats) “it’s on you” and what was the result, attempted murder of 20 people and more violence. Trump was an idiot to send in federal officers, but Republicans saw him try but get no support from the local Democratic politicians, and they saw him leave, as asked for by the local Democratic politicians. And what was the result? Increased violence. No, you’re smoking something if you think people like my Uncles are going to say “hey, this is Trump’s fault let’s vote for the same party that turned these cities into wastelands of violence and lawlessness”. Right now those types are looking at Harris, who vowed to take their guns away, even if the Constitiuton forbids it, who locks up parents for not sending their kids to public schools, who supports planned Parenthood and threw a protestor in jail on dubious grounds because she dared to speak against planned Parenthood and they are saying to themselves “not only is she a liberal but she is a tyrant who wants to destroy the 1st and 2nd amendment. Fuck her.” I live and work with these Republicans you don’t seem to understand, and trust me they don’t blame Trump for Portland, Seattle, Austin, Minneapolis, Chicago and New York City, they blame the Democrats. And Harris won’t change this one bit. They are already posting with glee on Facebook about how stupid this pick was.

            1. “because Democratic mayors let them get out of control”

              You’re mistaken. The protestors, rioters, and other activists didn’t seek or receive permission from Democratic mayors. The unrest was sparked by virus and police brutality frustration and anger.

              “And they also saw Trump denounced for sending in federal officers,”

              Trump was denounced because the locals never asked to have feds sent in. And Trump looks irresolute for withdrawing them without having achieved what they were sent to do in the first place.

              “I live and work with these Republicans you don’t seem to understand”

              How do they feel about the sweetheart deals surrounding the Epstein case? You didn’t respond to that. Epstein was praised by Trump and he hired the prosecutor who ensured kid glove treatment to Epstein while his victims were treated like garbage.

              1. The Democratic mayors ordered their cops to stand down. The Democratic mayors embraced Defund the police for the most part. The Democratic DAs chose not to press criminal charges against rioters. Keep trying to gaslight whose fault this is. No one is buying it.

                1. “The Democratic mayors ordered their cops to stand down.”

                  So did Trump with the feds he sent in. There were no Kent State type incidents. Not choosing to escalate the violence of the situation is often the best choice to defuse the anger and frustration that causes such unrest in the first place. Escalating violence might work well with your cows, but people are a whole different kettle of fish.

                  You still haven’t answered what republicans think about Trump’s hiring that sleazy prosecutor who went the extra mile for Epstein. It seems to me, the most positive thing you could say about the affair is that Trump values moral pliancy above law and order. Has Harris done anything to top Trump’s Epstein guy?

    2. Always remember. The shit is chess, it ain’t checkers.

      I think Harris is a very interesting pick, and might have surprising results.

      My early prediction is that he presence will shut down the BLM/ANTIFA wing of the left.

      1. Why?

        My prediction, as they’ve made it pretty fucking obvious, is that Ds aren’t counting on winning votes.
        They have other plans

        1. For the same reasons the Obama candidacy castrated the anti-war movement in 2008.

      2. The shit is chess, it ain’t checkers.

        Nah. On the Democrat side, it’s a game of candyland. They haven’t had a competent politician in a senior role since Bubba the Rapist, and he was thwarted by a Republican congress that made him look like a genius by refusing to let him spend as much as he wanted to.


  31. Why are people pretending Biden made this choice?

    1. Metonymy, like when we refer to the President as “the White House.”

      1. No, they’re really talking like it was his personal choice. Which they know is not true, but apparently want somebody to think.

        1. Yeah – I was being sarcastic. I mean it is metonymy, but we’re nevertheless sincerely pretending Joe himself went and interviewed all these people and researched them and thought long and hard about his strategy, which . . . yeah – we all know that’s not what happened.

  32. “In Harris, we would get a leader with President Donald Trump’s penchant for unchecked executive power and modern Democrats’ tendency to consider no issue outside the reach of government.”

    Aided by a cheerleading media whose motto will go from “Democracy dies in darkness!” to “We’ll leave the lights off for you!” so fast it will make your head spin.

    1. Harris is the kind of firm hand on the tiller the power bottoms at reason secretly desire.

      1. Ha! So true.

  33. There are all kinds of politicians. She’s the predator type. She has no real focus other than what will get her to the next level. If you told her the system was bad, she would play the part of concerned politician, but there would be no mental activity going on while she said it and emotionally it wouldn’t register one single bit.

    Can’t believe I’m saying this, but if Biden is going to win this thing, please let him stay healthy.

    1. She’s the predator type. She has no real focus other than what will get her to the next level.


      Can’t believe I’m saying this, but if Biden is going to win this thing, please let him stay healthy.


      1. You have been saying Biden is going to win for months.

        1. I haven’t been here for months. You’re thinking of someone else.

    2. “That boy Paul Ryan is really going places!”

      Criticizing ambition in politics, always sexist.

      1. The right turned on Ryan pretty quickly. Do you progressives have anything but induendos of racism and sexism?

        1. Do you not want us to notice the sexism or what?

          1. Sexism, that is all you’ve got. False cries of sexism and racism. I mean they literally sent out these talking points a week ago to the media. They actually sent memos to the media to emphasize any criticism of the Dem VP (whoever it was, because no one knew at the time) was going to be rooted in racism and sexism. It doesn’t become anymore crystal clear than that, that these charges are coordinated talking points, no matter what the criticism.

    3. Agreed. Textbook narcissist. Basically Hillary with a slightly contrasting coat of paint.


  34. Are we really living In a reality where Donald Trump is An incumbent president running on a record of having passed criminal Justice reforms that roll back the excesses of Joe Biden’s nineties era crime bill? And biden is running with a vice president that has a record on the use of prosecutorial power that is somewhere to the right of Adolf Hitler?

    And we have a massive protest movement in the streets against the excesses of police in Democrat run cities that is out in force pushing for the election of Biden and now Harris?

    this cannot be reality. This has to be some sort of comical farce.

    I started calling for Allen funt to come out from behind the potted plant when trump was elected. But this is too far for even Allen funt.

    1. But this is too far for even Allen funt.

      We’re going full Vonnegut.

    2. I believe we are around 2 months away from the BSOD of the simulation. Use your time wisely before the reboot.

      I sure hope it restarts in the 80s. THey were fun.

      1. I liked the 80s too. Who knew we’d miss the Soviets? They did make life more predictable.

    3. “And biden is running with a vice president that has a record on the use of prosecutorial power that is somewhere to the right of Adolf Hitler?”

      I think you meant to the left of Joseph Stalin.

    4. So I was talking to a black colleague of mine today about the incident in Seattle where a mob of white people attacked the home of the black woman chief of police in the name of “racial justice”. We both agreed that this is strong proof that at some point in the last year humanity fell into a matrix being controlled by Dave Chappelle. Only Dave Chappelle could think of something as absurd as white people attacking a black police chief in the name of racial justice. That is a Chappelle skit if there ever was one. The fact that it actually happened, must mean Dave is running things.

      1. It’s cute how you suddenly see racism.

        1. Are you filling in for The White Bitch?

          1. I have opinions. You have opinions. Here we are.

            1. But your opinions are stupid and the result of your poor reasoning skills and ignorance

            2. Yours are idiotic. Ours aren’t. We’re also against racism. You’re for it. You just favor a slightly different race of it than the KKK.

        2. Your stupidity isn’t cute. It is just boring and kind of sad.

        3. You strike me as the anti-racist white kid calling a black man who disagrees with you an “uncle Tom”.

        4. If you’d stepped out of your bubble at all, you’d have seen that the right has been lobbying that the true racists are white progressives for about two decades now. As has a number of Libertarians (actually this group probably longer).

      2. Only Dave Chappelle could think of something as absurd as white people attacking a black police chief in the name of racial justice.

        In Seattle. After Blazing Saddles any two-bit comedic hack could depict backwater hicks running a black sheriff out of town against their better judgement. The fact that they did it in Seattle is what really bears the ‘Dave Chappelle’ signature.

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      4. Black people are capable of seeing past color and get to the issue, even if you aren’t.

        1. You know, I remember seeing an utterly distraught gay white man in San Francisco spewing a blue streak of racial epithets that would embarrass George Wallace when he found out that the Prop 8 vote didn’t go his way in California because black voters were mostly against it. Was that you?


          1. You must have been the guy with the red handkerchief in his trousers.

      5. The Dave Chappelle thing is genius.

    5. The best part is how all these libertarians are pretending like the election and threat from the left is no big deal, same old same old.

      Totalitarianism totes won’t happen. Anyway, both sides!

      Yea, no biggie – the left has just used the intelligence operatives to try to coup the elected president by pretending the only nation that poses a nuclear threat to us committed an act of war. Then when that didn’t work, drove the population into a fearful frenzy of mild-flu hysteria, shutting down the economy and forcing people to where virtue signaling articles of clothing. Psyops and destroyed businesses, whatevs. Oh, then they try to start a race war and set out a bunch of communists to terrify people who can neither count on police protection or their right to self defense.

      The left is completely psychotic and burning the country down to satisfy their suicidal lust to either seize totalitarian power or take everyone out in a blaze of spite.

      Totes not horrifying.
      Business as usual.

      1. Big Tech, marxist professors, and deep state bureaucrats will dictate your life down to the smallest details.
        I’m sure they’ll have good intentions and not be at all driven by sadistic resentment.

      2. Well said. But it’s likely that big L libertarians support the bloodbath. I noticed the shift leftward in the 90s, and once the LP platform sounded more and more like the Oprah Winfrey Show, I tore up my card and have been voting Independent or Republican ever since. I get more lectures about hateful speech from big L libertatian dickheads than the post-menopausal moms in my cul de sac.

      3. Totalitarianism totes won’t happen.

        They can try, but a hell of a lot of Americans are armed.


      4. All this power and we let Trump be president?

        1. No, Progressives power is limited to about two dozen urban centers, with little support outside these enclaves.

  35. Saw this one coming a long time ago. So, now it’s “Harris/Biden 2020”. Yeah, I know that’s the wrong order, but really, it isn’t…

  36. I wish I could see the conniption that Hillary is probably having at this very moment.

  37. Trump just has to run the clip of Gabbard pointing out how Harris worked to keep innocent people in prison on a loop. Harris has no answer to that. And she is an unpleasant nasty person who is unable to downplay or really do anything in response but look like the vicious climber she is.

    I don’t see her appealing to the middle. Maybe in a normal year the kind of logic Ken Shultz explains would work. The problem is this is the year of the pandemic. And Harris is exactly the kind of politician the middle associates with the lockdowns which everyone wants to end. Harris is like some kind of mutant Karen with the power to throw people in prison. She is going to be so easy to vilify. No one likes the woman.

    1. That is how they are threading the eye of the needle.

      Harris is an establishment politician. She plays by the rules of the establishment. The correct people are rewarded. The correct people are punished.

      She could not get even a modest amount of support in the Democrat primary. So this is how they Will get atound

      1. I am not following. The woman has no natural base or charisma in

      2. Gah. Mobile device

        This is how they will get around their problem. Install biden. Biden either serves 1 term or leaves, she runs as incumbent.

        They can play race card and sex card.

        They already started yesterday with NBC “reporting” that the veep candidates had already had more negative campaign research dumped on them than any candidates in history, followed by Susan Rice saying that they were being described in terms that would NEVER be used to describe a man.

        The establishment is all in.

        They have their team.

        Now, let us see if any of the BLM people actually mean a single word they say.

        1. Yes the establishment is all in. But the establishment can’t seem to understand everyone on both sides hate them. Saying she is establishment is not a reason for optimism I don’t think

        2. Why would they even bother with real elections anymore?
          It’s not like the “international community” is going to give a shit about representative government and democratic principles if the Global Socialist party members are the ones in charge.

          Regime change failed in Egypt and Syria.
          They couldn’t get rid of Putin.
          They failed to take Crimea, thus fucked up in Ukraine.
          They lost Brexit.
          Trump beat their queen.
          Then the economy didn’t collapse.

          They are all in.
          If they oust Trump, what do they have left to worry about?

          1. Mao took over China.
            Sure, Stalin got Russia, but it’s always been pretty backwards.
            Totalitarianism could never happen in an advanced western nation!
            Hitler was ancient history. Almost a full 100 years ago.
            C’mon man!

            Totalitarianism totes can’t happen to us.

    2. “She is going to be so easy to vilify.”

      Since when have Americans shied away from throwing people in jail? It’s the country with the highest incarceration rate in the world.

      “but look like the vicious climber she is. ”

      According to my guide of Political Animals of North America, she is certainly a member of the vicious climber species. The White house is their natural habitat.

    3. I don’t know if you know this, John, but the people actually concerned about criminal justice reform are voting Democrat. You know politics better than this. The people fighting tooth and nail with every hysterical FOX News harpy they can slap in front of camera to demonize criminal justice reform are your team. You’re one of the screechers.

      At some point someone’s going to notice your team’s insane sexism too. Unpleasant nasty climber. I guess the reason you like Trump is his lack of ambition.

      1. Criminal justice reform just got handed its hat… by the democrats.

      2. And the only politician that has actually accomplished anything resembling criminal justice reform while President is the guy you hate, and now you are supporting full throated someone who made a career out of throwing people in jail for smoking a little Mary Jane, protected bad cops and threw parents in jail because their kids skipped school. oh and she sued to keep innocent people jailed.

        1. And your side has the balls to call Trump supporters cultist. Yeah, if you are excited by Harris while claiming to be for criminal justice reform, you are just as big a cultist.

          1. I do not get “excited.”

            1. They make pills that they’ll ship to your door in discreet packaging for that. No one has to know. Although, we all already assumed.

              1. I just have them sent to your mom’s dumpster apartment.

                1. I guess I still don’t get it. She says all you ever want to do is get pegged and then weep for hours. Are you saying if your penis worked that wouldn’t happen?

      3. That is an interesting take.

        Joe Biden is the author of the Crime Bill that created a big chunk of the incarceration problem. Kamala Harris is the personification of the worst of selective prosecution, prosecutorial abuses, defending police abuse, all of it.

        And #BLM is going to march on their behalf against Trump, who pushed for and passed reforms that roll back the excesses of Biden’s Crime Bill……

        The world is truly insane.

      4. Why do republicans have strong women who got where they are on their own merit, like Palin, Haley, McMorris-Rodgers, etc., while Democrats have female leaders like HRC, and Harris who either rode their husband’s coat tails, or fucked their way onto their position.

        Republican women are the real feminists.

        1. Palin was plucked from obscurity because of her gender and no other reason. Are Republicans trying to make affirmative action look bad?

          1. Obscurity? The Governor of the largest state is obscure? Only to Progressives who rarely ever leave their bubbles.

            1. Her obscurity turned out to be the most attractive thing about her. If it take a bubble to keep her separate from me, bubble me.

    4. Yeah, Tulsi really gutted the whore, and that’s why Tulsi should bail out of the Democratic party. They’ll never forgive her for it.


  38. I for one am looking forward to seeing a lot more Maya Rudolph on SNL.

    1. Tina Fey in blackface.

  39. Blue lives matter!

  40. Isn’t it ironic that the dems cannot win with a woman at the top of the ticket but feel this time a woman on the bottom is surefire like 1984 all over again.

    The difference this time is skin color, race, more leftists, more illegals, Trump is not Reagan, the media gave up the pretense of impartiality, and a so called pandemic. Follow that up with mail in voting and it might work and she may just yet be president.

    Still you never know how the electorate will feel by voting time.

    1. You let slip their secret. Voting time is not November this year. Votng time is now. They are pushing ballots out the door as quickly as they can all across the country.

      1. “Votng time is now.”

        It’s vote counting time that matters. And that may stretch into this time next year, or even never end.

      2. They’re racing against an administration that is actively destroying the post office as we speak specifically to fuck up the election.

        But you’re voting for trump because he’s not an authoritarian like Biden.

        1. The post office has been destroyed for 30 years. Email did it in.

          1. Actually Republican politicians did it.

            1. You say a lot of stupid things. This may be near the top of the dumb list.

              The post office is a plot to disenfranchise democrat voters… that’s really, really special. That makes Art Bell sound reasonable.

            2. Are. You. Serious? This has nothing to do with demand falling through the floor for decades due to technology providing far better options for communication? This has nothing to do with a postal union that refuses to downsize in the face of plummeting demand? This has nothing to do with decades of building a reputation as an unreliable service provider who’s only guaranteed delivery is a middle finger when asked for accountability? This has nothing to do with the fact that they get their asses handed to them by UPS, Fedex and now Amazon in shipping despite the fact that they have the government printing press to subsidize their losses?

              Nope. Republicans. Sometimes you’re actually fun to argue with and sometimes you say shit like this. Good god man.

              1. They have no losses despite being required to fund 75 years of retirement payments for employees not even born yet. If you don’t know that Republicans have been trying to sabotage and then privatize the postal service for years, I would ask why you’re so ignorant of the policy aims of the party you are investing so much effort in defending.

                1. Google USPS + Losses

                  “USPS closure looms as service faces $22 billion in losses over 18 months, compounded by decade-long financial instability .”

                  Dumb and lazy.

                  1. Trying to defend the USPS as solvent = not a good hill to die on. I can’t even count the number of hills that should have Tony’s tombstone at this point.

                2. As for privatizing the postal service it worked for 150 years of this countries history. Longer if you count the time we were a British colony.

    2. “Still you never know how the electorate will feel by voting time.”

      They’re going to be pissed off, moron. Take my word for it.

  41. So the socialist picks a fascist.

    At least now Joe can be sure of California.

    1. Joe’s not so much a socialist as a narcissist. As Larry Corriea would put it, his moral compass is a wind sock.


  42. Joe Biden just cost Jo Jo a vote. Sorry, Libertarians, but keeping Harris away from power is THAT important.

    1. The good news is that she will only be vice president for a very short time if they should win.

      1. That’s the bad news. She’ll be president nearly immediately, if not day one.

        1. You ruined the joke….. good news, bad news.

          The good news was that she’d only be Veep for a short time. The bad news was the bit about ascending to president.

          1. Sorry these days it’s hard to tell who’s being serious. Re-reading it I should have known.

        2. She’ll be president nearly immediately, if not day one.

          No, Joe will ride the desk just so history will report that he attained the seat (and got the lifetime – theirs) perks for his fam. He will also remember to pardon everyone and anyone involved in the DNC’s Coup d’etat. THEN, he will announce he is retiring to spend time with the fam.

    2. So just to understand, you are voting for Trump because you are against politicians acting too authoritarian?

      1. That’s what is so bizarre about the propaganda from the left. Trump is a dictator? Really?

        He tweets a lot of flame-bait stuff… but what does he actually do?

        criminal justice reform.
        Tax cut.
        Modification of trade deals with Mexico and Canada.
        Pulls out of climate change deal that handcuffed US more than others (whether you liked it or not, that is a true assessment)
        Tariff war with China
        Attempt to roll back unconstitutional and unlawful executive order by Obama that allows illegal immigrants to live in the US but not become citizens, opening them to exploitation by employers who are not legally allowed to employ them unless they get illegally granted work permits.

        Did I miss anything else? Actual government actions, not imputed motives by the press or twitter denizens.

        Does not seem very authoritarian to me.

        Let’s go look at his predecessor… how many wars? Prosecuting people who are doing business under state MJ laws – then bragging about how they are going to do it less… maybe, unless you are making too much money… kill list… spying on political opponents… issuing orders to separate immigrant families that the left likes to blame Trump for… Stealing tens of billions of dollars from GM creditors and giving it to the UAW. Diverting the TARP money that was for real estate securities to buying 2 of the big 3 – wiping out shareholders of GM, plus their creditors and giving the company to the union, selling Chrysler off to foreign competitors… running for most of his term without a budget at all… spying on journalists….

        Remember, Biden was in the room for all of that. And that is just a small sample that I could rattle off the top of my head. Which is only a part of what is publicly known. Which is only a part of what they actually did.

        But sure, Trump.

        Between Trump and Biden/Harris, the “authoritarian” ticket is clear, and it ain’t Trump.

        You have lots of arguments for “not Trump”. But “Trump is the authoritarian in the room” sure as hell ain’t one of them.

        Biden should be disqualified from ever holding office again just on the relatively minor and inconsequential Flynn case. And Harris should be forever disqualified from office just on the relatively minor and inconsequential Backpage.com case.

        Trump has his own truckload of baggage, but if you are going “authoritarian”, he’s got nothing on these two.

        1. I was thinking about him locking up undesirables in cages and trying to destroy democracy. Two real things!

          1. Hey Cyto, you forgot locking up undesirables in cages FIRST and keeping the program open to be inherited by an “authoritarian.”

            Trying to destroy democracy? You’re going to need to be a little more specific. Is that by trying to claim an election was illegitimate because some Facebook ads exist and then spending 4 years cheering on both a civil war between civilians and a war with a nuclear power over it? Maybe throw in a few round the clock accusations made up out of whole cloth about how a duly elected president was an agent of said nuclear power and insist that there’s evidence to back it up on every news channel and in every print and online publication 10,000 times a week for 3 straight years only to come up empty-handed, but continue to gaslight the public into thinking was something there all along? Would that be the kind of thing that he did that might “destroy democracy?”

            1. I think he did an excellent job of demonstrating that there is no Trump is particularly authoritarian argument and that he has no intention of placing any import on “authoritarian’ as an important factor in evaluating candidates.

              Also.. Brian Steltzer has clearly documented that there is an entire news organization dedicated to destroying Biden – and there are no such organizations on the left. So there is that…

            2. No it’s his deliberate sowing of mass distrust in the democratic process of the country he is president of (anyone here guilty of perpetuating this by chance?). It’s his refusal to say whether he’ll leave office if he loses. It’s his overt, plain as saying sabotage of mail-in voting just when it’s needed most. It’s his refusal to say whether he’ll turn away Russian help. And his refusal to sanction Russia at all for the help it already provided. This is all documented, it unfortunately I can’t place documents in front of your face and shove their contents into your eye holes. Try reading stuff like a normal goddamn person and stop relying exclusively on rightwing blogs for all of your information about the world.

              Almost everything his administration has achieved was done by executive order, most of them on ludicrous legal grounds. But you never criticized a president for using his pen and phone to make policy, I take it.

              And then there’s the general white nationalist tenor of his entire existence and fan base. And my god the propaganda. He has you people believing almost in no truths whatsoever. So you even believe that white nationalists who openly disdain democracy are capable of tyranny, or is it only trans rights activists on college campuses and poor black people?

              1. Again, I’m a little confused about who’s “sowing of mass distrust in the democratic process of the country” and refusing to accept the results of an election. It seems to me that is currently the stock and trade of CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT and those are just the “trustworthy” sources. I’ve told you many times before, I don’t like Trump, but I can do my best to view the world objectively and all those organizations are far, far worse about doing the things that they claim he’s doing. It’s as if they see the fact that he’s incapable of telling the truth as an excuse to swing for the fences when it comes to distortion of reality in the face of all available evidence.

                The idea that the only democratic results that should be trusted and honored are the ones we like has been pedaled by your media pals more than Trump.

              2. Let’s break that down.

                sowing mistrust in the democratic process

                Ok, that’s “Russian interference”, Diebold, “disenfranchisement”… wait… those are all conspiracy theories cooked up by the left. We even spent almost 3 years and 30 million dollars on the Russia hoax. We now know to an absolute certainty that there was never any reason to believe any of it – and they all knew they were concocting an excuse. Big outlets like CNN and the NYT even had come-to-Jesus meetings where they discussed the fact that their plan to use Russian collusion to get rid of Trump had failed. It isn’t even a secret – everyone openly acknowledges it when they are not busy spinning. The NYT editors even promised their staff that they were working on a new strategy for “getting Trump” to replace the Russia story.

                Refusal to say if he would leave office if he loses

                Replaying 2016, huh? Remember how huge it was that he would not forswear contesting the election – something that only a democrat had done in modern times? And then remember how Clinton refused to concede – how her staff came out of overnight meetings and promised impeachment the next morning? Notice how the Obama administration interfered with the orderly transfer of power? How they took their spying operation on the Trump campaign to the next level and strategically placed classified information around the government with the intention that it would be leaked after the inauguration, specifically to sabotage Trump and act as an excuse for an independent counsel and impeachment hearings? They were so proud of these actions that they bragged about it in the NYT on March 3, 2017.

                almost everything his government has achieved has been by executive order

                Uh… “I have a pen and a phone”? That wasn’t Trump. And look at the list I posted. Deregulation is executive action (but not EO). Tax cuts and criminal justice reform were legislation. Trade stuff is all executive branch stuff. Rolling back Obama’s illegal DACA executive order failed. And then there’s “the wall”, which I didn’t mention because there really isn’t an accomplishment there – but that was executive order.

                So there’s one EO on the list, but I didn’t include it in “accomplishments”. The list of major changes done by EO by Obama dwarfs this list. And that dude even went to war and overthrew a foreign government solely by his pen. Trump received more criticism for not blowing up an Iranian base and not going to war in Syria.

                white nationalists and propaganda

                Someone has been drinking the propaganda cool-aide.

                First, I double-dog dare you to go find me enough white nationalists to fill a professional football stadium. They are a figment of the propaganda machine’s imagination.

                And propaganda? Are you serious? Even before Trump was elected, journalism schools were writing papers about how news coverage was the most slanted it has been in history. During the campaign, coverage of Trump in the media was way over 90% negative. No campaign in history had ever even come close to this. Even Nixon was nowhere close to this level of negative coverage during Watergate. I’m sure that number has been eclipsed in the intervening years too. (coverage Clinton was overwhelmingly positive, despite running a lackluster campaign, having high negatives with voters and having loads of baggage from a long political career)

                So ….

                Projection much?

                I mean, really… it has become a meme with you guys, but what gives? Why is every evil committed by your team immediately transferred onto someone else? You trolls are the living embodiment of “Nuh-uh! You are!!”

              3. “”It’s his refusal to say whether he’ll leave office if he loses.””

                This is stupid gaslighting. Remember when they pulled that stupid crap in the 2016 debates. He won’t honor the outcome of the election. Then Hillary writes a book calling out all the reasons she lost but the real one, and people formed #notmypresident, cried and protested. Then Hillary and some other dems say no civility until dems elected.

                We already know who has a problem with election outcomes.

                1. The ones who get cheated tend to have more of a problem with the way the game was played. People having feelings doesn’t change any facts on the ground.

                  (A fact is a thing that is true whether it strokes your endless Republican boner or not.)

                  I’d ask whether you’ll change your tune if Trump does in fact refuse to leave office, but at best you’ll just pretend you never said what you said, and you’ll probably just be here defending his actions.

  43. Well, this makes the Republican campaign strategy clear; keep running ads of clips from the Democrat’s primary debates.

    1. “keep running ads of clips from the Democrat’s primary debates.”

      Because that footage is so much more relevant to voters than scenes of civil unrest in the streets.

      1. Which the polling and the realty, shows most Americans blame on the Democrats. No one believes your gaslighting that riots in Democratically controlled areas are the fault of Republicans except leftist cultist like you.

        1. “shows most Americans blame ”

          Doesn’t matter what most Americans do. On election day, you can come in second place and still walk home with the prize. It happened in 2016.

          “riots in Democratically controlled areas ”

          Again, I don’t think they have as much control as you seem willing to believe. Riots break out. Not because of a lack of control of either party. They occur in these times over virus and police brutality, and the anger and frustration, and now summer heat, that can set people off.

          The idea that there’s civil unrest because the democrats are making it happen or letting it happen sounds like some right wing parrot you must have seen on TV.

          1. “”On election day, you can come in second place and still walk home with the prize. It happened in 2016.””

            If you believe that, you don’t understand the rules of the contest.

            1. “you don’t understand the rules of the contest.”

              If you claim to understand these rules, you know perfectly well that the opinion of ‘most Americans’ is not what counts.

    2. Oh no, the bloody carnage that was the democratic debates.

  44. A classic move. Harris sets up perfectly attacking Trump from the right. His failure to maintain law and order in the streets. If our Russian friends can come through with pictures of a few GIs being dragged down Syrian streets, Biden might also attack Trump from the left for failure to pull out of Syria as promised.

    1. her supposed law and order narrative does nothing for Biden, sorry

      1. It only has to detract from Trump. That’s the point. The more Biden stays out the picture, the better for him. This will be a popularity contest for Trump.

      2. It neutralizes some of their attempt to paint him as a puppet of scary black heathens in the streets like they wanted to do.

    2. Failure to maintain law and order? The people who are supporting and enabling criminals are now going to be law and order. My fucking God are you stupid. Please tell me you haven’t had children

      1. “The people who are supporting and enabling criminals are now going to be law and order. ”

        Precisely. Trump made a point of being for ‘prison reform,’ by freeing those who are undoubtedly now celebrating their new freedom by rioting in our streets. Republicans who want law and order will soon tire of Trump’s shtick once they get a load of california’s cop candidate.

        1. The Russians are so much better at American politics than the Trump campaign by itself.

        2. Excuse me, but there are no riots.


          1. The campaign isn’t over yet. You’d be surprised what you can buy with a billion dollars.

            1. Please, not with that tired old nothingburger.


              1. A billion bucks is not nothing. Wasn’t there a Robert Redford movie where he got to sleep with an actress for a billion dollars? And Trump did it in real life but didn’t pay as much as Redford did.

                1. A million bucks is nothing to Bloomberg. What did it buy him? Humiliation?

                  1. I think the idea we normal people have of humiliation is not the same as that of a politician. Even a failed politician. At least Bloomberg didn’t have to undergo the humiliation of fund raising. He could unhumiliatingly pay his own way.

      2. Yes, Biden is actually running ads online right now showing footage of Riots in the streets saying “we have seen what Trump’s divisive policies have done to our nation. Only Biden can restore order to our streets and bring healing to our nation”.

    3. The problem with your theory is that Harris now has to run like crazy from her record in order to appease the woke BLM crowd which has taken the Democratic party over. The last thing she would ever do at this point is take anything even remotely resembling law and order. “Attack from the right?” What are you smoking?

      1. ““Attack from the right?”

        Trump is vulnerable from attacks on his right flank. His opposition will naturally exploit this weakness. Depend on it.

        1. Democratic leaders like Pelosu and Clyburn attacked Trump for sending “stormtroopers” and “Gestapo” to protect a federal courthouse.

          1. Neither Pelosi nor Clyburn are running for VP, you imbecile.

            1. I believe his point is that both of them are shrewd enough to know how the political winds are blowing, not to mention that they are both, especially Pelosi, strong voices in progressive circles. With a few exceptions, such as painting Trump as insufficiently authoritarian in his response to Wuhan SARS, attacking Trump from the right in the current environment simply won’t have much ROI relative to other tacks. I’m not saying they won’t throw some resources that way, but it won’t be very much overall. He’s not an imbecile – I would say he has a better understanding of the political game than you do.

              1. Yeah.

                As I pointed out, Pelosi and Clyburn are national leaders, so what they say influences public perception of the Democratic brand far more than some local official.

                1. Biden and Harris have something like a billion dollars to shape the message they want to put out between now and November. Depend on it.

              2. “such as painting Trump as insufficiently authoritarian in his response to Wuhan SARS”

                It won’t be insufficiently authoritarian, but incompetence and hamfistedness in Trump’s response to the virus and civil unrest and other issues that are bound to arise between now and November, such as military set backs, assassinations, and other political murders. Given Harris’s record as a prosecutor and Biden’s as a corporate stooge, attacks from the right are inevitable, and won’t cost Biden any more support on the left than his choice of Harris has already had.

  45. “In addition, Harris—who served as a district attorney in San Francisco and attorney general of California before becoming a senator in 2016—has a troubling history when it comes to law-and-order issues and is despised for it by many young left-of-center voters”‘
    So troubling that she was re-elected SF DA without opposition; and Cal DA by 57% to 42%. Such ‘troubles’ every pol wishes devoutly for.

    1. “Such ‘troubles’ every pol wishes devoutly for.”

      Trump must be overjoyed at all the civil unrest in the streets and all the positive things it does for his image as the opponent to the law and order cop candidate.

      1. Yes all the sad tears that he didn’t pick some fire-breathing BLM caricature, I’m sure.

    2. Right, and that’s why she won the primary…oh, wait…

  46. There’s two things you’re forgetting : 1) That most people are only going to know about Kamala Harris what the MSM tells them about Kamala Harris and 2) that despite what Joe Biden may or may not do, there are two people in this race and nobody steps on his own dick like Donald Trump.

    1. Exactly. Despite the pandemic, Trump should be walking away with this. But his big, fat mouth and even bigger ego have done, and will do far more damage to his reelection prospects than this turd burger of a duo could ever do.

      1. Trumps’s an unfiltered blowhard, sure. Even Johnny Cochran couldn’t muster a cogent defense against that charge.

        However, Biden is eventually going to have to present himself before the general public without his wife and handlers propping him up. Compare the mental acuity of Joe Biden now with the Joe Biden of just half a year ago. He used to be a sharp guy, but he has lost it, and it seems to generally be trending worse. He can still point a bicycle in the right direction, but that’s not a high bar for cognition. He shows signs of the irritability and confusion common with Alzheimer’s and similar conditions. For even a casual observer, this situation with Biden has become “mokita”, a marvelous Melanesian-derived New Guinea pidgin word which means “the truth everybody knows but nobody discusses”.

        Essentially, Biden’s handlers have three choices: convince him to drop out before any debate or major public appearance, almost certainly making a D win nearly impossible; hide him from the public using every available excuse, which we have already seen with certain prominent left voices urging him to eschew debating Trump, but it would also hurt the D’s odds, even with Trump’s penchant for verbal diarrhea; or let him showcase his mental decline such that nobody could reasonably deny it (not even a 1960s French Marxism apologist, who were absolute standouts in terms of capacity for denial), and all but guaranteeing a D loss.

        I’m pretty sure the Ds won’t choose the third option, which would be campaign suicide. I think the middle option is the most viable for them, while letting Kamala front the in-person public face of the campaign. I think they’ll only choose the first option if the pace of Biden’s decline, or some medical event such as an aneurysm, forces it. If the Ds win, Joe will be out within six months.

      2. Only to weak minds

    2. Democrat voters know Kamala Harris and they didn’t vote for her in the primary. Half the Dems don’t think Biden makes it through one term so the VP pick is very important and his handlers blew it.

      1. his handlers blew it.

        Not if the purpose is to increase the street violence and turn the silent Coup into an outright civil war.

    3. Yes, he’s such a dummy. Making enough money to be famous most of his life, name on top of big buildings all over the world, banging an unbroken string of hot women in his penthouse, and beating the most qualified candidate ever on the first go round. What a dope.

  47. Terrible, terrible choice Biden. The Democratic Socialist party now have a team that together are responsible for a lot of the criminal justice injustices. Not that I want the Crony Capitalist Trump to win either.

    Only one choice, Jo Jorgensen for President!

    1. Jo Jorgenson will use her federal powers to lockup those 18 y/o husbands of 17 y/o brides for RAPE no matter what the state’s laws are on age-of-consent and marriage.

  48. Biden just lost the election

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  50. I would say she’ll probably try to sleep her way all the way to the top (it’s worked quite well for her so far), but I don’t think there’s enough Viagra on the planet to wake up Sleepy Joe’s somnolent little member.

    1. As VP, she will be above all that trashy behavior.
      Now all she will have to do is type up a brief little amendment 25 statement (“Joe is officially batshit crazy”) and get the Cabinet to sign off, and she can go back to arresting everyone in sight.

  51. Another member of the criminal BAR Association… What a shock.

  52. This is the one person Biden should NOT have picked (with Duckworth coming in a close second). Harris is a mental lightweight who slept her way to the top and is nothing but a Dem attack dog. She’s Black Hillary. If he wanted to pick a black woman (guess picking the best-qualified candidate has been killed on the altar of appeasing the BLM crowd), he should have picked Rice. She has an impressive background (far more impressive and substantive than Harris) without any of the polarizing pitbulling that marred the other women (Bottoms, Duckworth) mentioned. She’s not a unifier and given Biden’s seriously questionable health, this pick is more important than any other VP pick before. Trump’s campaign is probably dancing in the streets over this boneheaded choice.

    1. Trump’s campaign shouldn’t be dancing, they should be running as if Trump is 10 points behind. The voting process will be a shitshow so Trump had better step on the gas and win by more than a couple thousand votes in swing states or this election will be in courts for two years.

    2. The reason that they were never going to pick Rice is her role in spying on Trump. Way too deep in that one.. makes the questions keep coming up even with a protective media.

      She was the logical choice though – definitely a machine politician like Harris. But had not paid dues and didn’t have donor support. Harris is plugged in out in Silicon Valley. Helps with cash, which I don’t think Rice does at all.

  53. Best place for her. Get a progressive in at Justice, let Kamala be a generalist with a telegenic face and a good stump speech for, you know, reasons…

    1. Tony wins the gaslighting award, after two full months of complaining about over policing and bad prosecutors Tony comes out in full support of a former DA who had a history of seeking the harshest penalties possible and covering for police misconduct.

      1. im still pondering the telegenic part…

      2. That’s why I said she’s better as VP than AG, which is also what this article said.

        I’m a big tent guy. I’m not throwing Kamala Harris out of the party over this. I expect the Biden administration to do something about criminal justice, and I expect Harris to continue doing all the other things necessary to become a credible president rather than the usual VP role of butt monkey. Understand I’m talking about a fantasy West Wing type world where presidents are supposed to have credibility.

        1. No you are just a blind partisan tribalist, the same as the Trump supporters you mock. But keep trying to gaslight and assuage what little conscious you have left. If you want true police reform, Jorgenson is by far the best, but you only see the world in blue and red.

          1. Okay so Trump accomplished something, and I’m still not gonna vote for him because of all the apocalyptic horror. I intend to pay attention to what Biden does or doesn’t do, and right now I see no appetite for him to ignore the most pressing interest being put forward on the left. Do you?

            1. We know two things that Biden did as Veep.

              1. pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor. His son had a sweetheart deal with a Ukrainian energy company that supposedly had some legal troubles.

              2. Was closely involved in spying on Trump campaign – but the particular bit that we really know about is that he was in the meeting where they ordered the FBI to go after Flynn and set him up for prosecution. He personally suggested a bizarre legal strategy to go after him – this in a meeting where it was made clear that after months of investigation, the FBI had “no derogatory information about Flynn”.

              That’s it. Two things Biden did as Veep that we know about.

              And then in the Senate he did the Crime Bill that is a big source of the complaints that are behind #BLM.

              Are you sure you intend to “pay attention to what Biden does or doesn’t do”?

              1. Sad to see a good mind go to shit.

                1. Ok… name something else he did as veep.

                  those are the only things I can think of off the top of my head. The source on item 1 is Joe Biden. The source on item 2 is the Obama administration itself. The source on Item 3 is Joe Biden.

                  So you might want to discredit the sources…. but it does introduce a problem.

                  So really the only avenue is to introduce a couple of other examples that blunt the blow. I mean, you are the one claiming to watch what Biden does and does not do. Did you fail to watch those 3 things? Or is there some other thing that you watched him do?

                  1. Neither I nor most Americans give a warm crap what Joe Biden did or did not do with his career as long as his name isn’t Donald Trump.

                    1. You personally said ” I intend to pay attention to what Biden does or doesn’t do”

                      I mean, it is just a few inches up the screen there.

                      So, what Biden did or didn’t do is irrelevant to you. And what Trump did or didn’t do is irrelevant to you. Your opinion is set in stone and not based on either candidate’s record.

                      Therefore, your opinion is baseless and should be ignored.

                    2. I’m paying as much attention to Biden’s past as you are Trump’s.

                    3. In response to a literal list of Trump’s highlights. In list form, no less. It ain’t FDR or Washington, but it ain’t Hitler or Stalin either.

  54. I called it this morning, couching couch for the win….

  55. Bad choice. Four more years will be the result.

    The response of a California liberal, female hispanic that I work with: No way I vote for Biden now. She is awful.

    1. and think how moderate swing voters in the upper midwest will embrace her!..not!

    2. I think they don’t care about the hispanic vote, or rather, that they think they have enough of it captured to weather this choice. Kamala should give them a significant chunk of the female vote, especially “white guilt” female vote, and Trump is vulnerable with the female (white or not) block.

  56. This is a good pick. It would not be my first choice but it will add enthusiasm to a ticket that is already winning. The combination of throw the bum out combined with give this woman a chance will be hard to beat. This is going to be a hard election. The condition for the election will be tough and President Trump will do nothing to make it easier. I have no doubt that people will stand in line as long as it takes to get Biden/Harris elected.

    1. Biden just gave away the election…her grating personality gets him nothing in the upper midwest…probably hurts him…she really is not a big figure in the Left’s Left…so does nothing there… and really is not african american so will not drive the vote there…idiotJoe found the one vp choice which gets him nothing

      1. I smell ass on this post. Sorry no, that’s fear. And ass.

        1. no fear champ….I easily read implicit wishful thinking in yours…cute true, bro

        2. but do try to offer a counter argument to any of my points….(this will be fun, lol)….

          1. You have a good point there with the American people being quite sexist.

            1. non sequitur, said no such thing…made no such claim…try again, intellectual dilettante

              1. It’s their new talking points. They got them in the mail today. Biden’s loss must be because of racism and sexism. The same shit they’ve played for 30 years.

            2. (she will not get the vote out of african american women in any meaningful degree above historic norms)

            3. This tony idiot thinks he matters. No one is taking orders from that moron or his koolaid drinking comrades.

      2. Your point about the upper Midwest is taken, but Biden already leads in MI and WI. The enthusiasm Harris bring could likely put southern state that are close into play. As to grating personality, how many comments here suggest Tulsi Gabbard should have been the pick, a women with an equally no nonsense attitude. I don’t think personality will come into it for any who has not already made up their mind.

        1. he barely leads in the upper midwest and those leads have been slowly dropping…add her grating personality and her SF CA cultural attitudes forget it, he will now win WI and MI again….like i said Biden just gave away the election….

        2. and she has no tie to southern african american culture…zero…not her world whatsoever

  57. I see a lot of crude comments about Harris regarding the fact that she, a single adult, once dated Willie Brown, a single adult. What a scandal!
    The headline is all time stupid. Harris was the Attorney General (not a cop but a prosecutor) of the largest state and then a US Senator. How does that stack up against Trump’s qualifications as a corrupt reality tv celebrity in hock to Russian lenders with zero government experience and now 3 years of catastrophic rule?

    Harris was chosen because she is a ferocious fighter……you wouldn’t want to go up against her, guaranteed. Smart choice by Biden, choosing someone who went after him fiercely in the debates to now go after Pence and Trump. Her performance as a Senator in interrogating Trump stooges showed her abilities to make even the most innured Trump stooges to squirm.

    1. She is good at rehearsed lines/speeches (as in the Kav hearings), she is not at all good on her feet…there has grown a massive bubble surrounding her verbal abilities…for goodness sakes Tulsi tied her up in a knot and she had no reply, (twice)…what’s the catastrophic part?…an act of god derails the world economy?….he has done very well with the Federal Courts, a good job on the regulatory state…what are you talking about?

      1. Stop trying to make Tulsi happen. Even the Russians gave up.

        1. actually Kamala did by being defeated by Tulsi in the debates

        2. Russia.. racism… Sexism…. No new material Tony, the same tired shit your party has been giving us for four years and decades in respect to the three charges you keep lobbing. Good little cultist, just the same as Trump supporters, without the nifty head gear.

          1. Russia is trying again to interfere with the election, and your inability to put down YOUR partisan blinders long enough to understand facts that are happening kinda makes you both willfully uninformed and maybe just a little traitorous.

            Americans are sexist. Story at She reminds me of my math teacher.

            1. Says the partisan who basically admitted that Harris is the antithesis of the current Progressives schadenfreude but will still vote for her anyhow?

            2. And there is proof the Chinese are also trying to interfere to help Biden.

              1. Indeed. Suddenly you care about such things, I gather?

        3. “Stop trying to make Tulsi happen. Even the Russians gave up.”

          If that’s not a joke, then you are astoundingly delusional.

          1. That’s just what a Russian would say.

            1. How would you know?

        4. Et tu Tony? Is there anything you won’t believe those pesky Ruskies can do?

          1. They only win Trump his elections for him if we allow ourselves to be made stupid enough to do so.

            1. So we’re still sticking with the Ruskies $150k of Facebook ads > more than $2 billion by the world’s most sophisticated democratic campaign and media machine. I suppose you’re also sticking with the idea that you’re the smart one….

              1. All you have to do is read the Mueller report and journalism on the matter. How about Wikipedia? That’s easy enough. Facts aren’t things you put on like a shade of lipstick.

                1. Could you send me your signed and annotated copy of the Mueller report when you get a chance? I’m sure I would love to read your many, many notes that you added. I can’t imagine that you would smuggly tell people “All you have to do is read the Mueller report and journalism on the matter” had you not thoroughly digested the material yourself. If you don’t want to send me your copy, could you at least tell me which highlighted passages I should skip ahead to. Which part is it that made the democrats decide that there wouldn’t be any prosecutions directly associated with it despite assuring the American public for years on end that it would be the silver bullet to take down the scary orange werewolf?

    2. Less delegates than Tulsi and Kamala had the establishment and the media behind her. She’s an unlikable loser…with Democrats.

    3. Cry some more. This is an awful pick by Biden’s handlers. “Ferocious fighter. Interrogating Trump stooges…” LOL OK, if you say so.

      Please, replay clips from the Kavanaugh hearings in her campaign ads. Remind the voters what a total breakdown of the Senate’s traditional dignity and civility, what a complete shitshow those Senate hearings were. Go throw Brer Rabbit into that briar patch.

      I couldn’t be more delighted, unless he picked Hillary again.

    4. Willie Brown was not a single adult. He was married, and 30 years her senior. And one of the most powerful political forces in the state. A political force who helped start her career.

    5. She is also an anti-Catholic bigot specifically and anti-religious in general. She wants to ban everything that offends her sensibilities, like straws and fracking.

      1. And guns.

  58. She’s lucky there was a scholarship for VP this time.

  59. How sadly ironic that on a website named Reason, that the first reaction by libertarians is to throw mud at Harris for having once dated the major of San Francisco. OMG! The horror! Let’s make crude misogynistic insinuations with a sexual undertone!

    She will be attacked because she is a powerful, charismatic leader. Once you have seen her in action (such as her attack on Biden!) or her making Republican Trumpites squirm under her ferocious interrogation, you will never forget her. She was chosen because she is a fierce fighter, feared by anyone who gets in her headlights. She is also quick to smile, both tough and warm…a winning combination. Trump will be hard put to find a way to attack her and make it stick. Tuli Gabbard laid her low in one debate but for exactly the reasons (being a tough prosecutor) that Trump claims to approve.
    And poor Pence! He will wither into his frozen statue pose when she unloads on him. He will be calling for mommy.

    1. What Kamala have you been watching?..lol she is so far from being a good ,quick hitter ..light on her feet debater its ridiculous…she gets tight and snarky as soon as she is on the defensive..once her rehearsed, one liners are initially shot, she is mediocre….you are buying into the Kamala as Clarence Darrow bubble

      1. A newbie Rep, who’d rather have been surfing, handed Kamala Harris her head in a bag in 45 seconds on national television, and Harris couldn’t do a damned thing about it. Tell me some more about how quick witted Harris is. How seasoned by courtroom fights she was.

        Her selection is a perfect cap to Joseph Biden’s morally vacant, corrupt, venal, corporatist, harsh on minority and drug crime, political career.

      2. I like the charismatic part. What did she end the primaries with, 2% of the vote and couldn’t even win the black vote in any primary. I’m not sure he knows what charisma is. Obama had Charisma, as did Clinton. She has about as much charisma as Kerry. All we need now is a stated picture of her “goose hunting” to complete the picture. Maybe they can go full Dukakis and get a picture of her riding in an Abrams?

        1. I mean Biden is already the Democratic version of Bob File, so they decide to nominate someone with less charisma than John Kerry.

          1. Fuck, this is seriously McCain nominating Palin, without Palin’s folksy behavior, level of political theater.
            I’ve just realized as I typed the above paragraph this really is the Democrats version of the Republicans 1996 campaign. Old, doddering senator, whose finally earned the right for the nomination but they don’t really expect him to win. And they added the John McCain Palin pick for flavor, without the pure surprise aspect of Palin (they’ve been talking about Harris for months now as a VP pick).

    2. Pretty sure the first response was she is a totalitarian asshat who sued to keep innocent people locked up, protected bad cops and jailed thousands for smoking Mary Jane. The same as it was last year when she first announced. Fuck you guys are bigger cultist then Trump supporters.

    3. Nobody first attacked her for being ‘the other woman’ for Brown – although it is probably fair to throw some shade in her direction for that affair.

      Aside from her record in the prosecutor’s office, which is horrific, what did she do in the Senate? Well, the Kavanaugh hearings come to mind. And that person does not belong anywhere near the levers of power either.

  60. So far the memes are incredibly lame. Hair sniffing? A woman lady had the sex once? Do better, sheeple!

    1. your posts especially speak to the overall lameness

    2. Do you think Biden will get her name right for the entire campaign?

      1. FOX News sure seemed to have a difficult fucking time with it today, and they’re “journalists.”

        1. I’ll be surprised if Biden doesn’t call her “Susan Rice” before this is all over.

  61. Calling her a cop is like calling the person that takes your blood a doctor. It’s like calling a flight attendant a pilot. She is a lawyer and as district attorney received investigations from cops. She didn’t drive a police car. She didn’t attend a police academy. She didn’t work with a field training officer, she didn’t complete a probationary period, she was never a peace officer. When 911 is called by someone she heard about it when the cop wrote a report. I have nothing against her, just against the statement she was a cop. I wrote a book report in the 6th grade, that doesn’t make me a journalist.

    1. She isn’t a cop but she sure protected a lot of bad cops as DA and AG. She sure locked up innocent people and then sued to keep them locked up even after the evidence showed their innocence. She sure locked up thousands for years for smoking Mary Jane. She sure locked up a right wing protestor for protesting Planned Parenthood. But yeah, she isn’t a cop, just another totalitarian asshat, who gets off on abusing her power.

      1. She and her ilk are what has lead to bad policing. She protected bad cops so that good cops felt “why even bother”? This pick, from the party of “justice reform” is the height of political hypocrisy.

        1. Protecting bad cops and ruthlessly locking up as many people (of color) as possible for as many frivolous reasons as possible. If that’s not BLM’s indictment of the criminal justice system in a nutshell, I don’t know what is.

  62. We are about to see a remarkable amount of scrubbing in the media. Remember August 2019 when Harris said she believed Biden’s accusers?

    I doooooooooo.

  63. If Biden had his wits about him he would have gone with Fauxcahontus. 3rd place finisher, polished, adept and agile on the campaign trail, such a skilled prevaricating liar she could get the far left AND Wall Street vote. Not TOO scary for the Trump hating centrists…

    1. Or Tulsi – if he wasn’t afraid of the establishment. She at least has likability. And she ticks off the ‘minority’ box, which apparently was also a requirement.

      Hell, AOC might have been a better pick. She’d be a lightning rod for idiotic criticisms that they actually could spin as misogynistic. Plus, she’s an expert fundraiser at this point. I thought age might be a problem, but she’ll be 35 in time for the 2024 inauguration, so she could actually run for re-election. Not sure, but I don’t think you have to be 35 to be veep, just pres.

    2. Except that her lying got to be SO far off the wall and implausible that she destroyed most of her credibility. In the span of about 4 to 6 months she went from being arguably the far left’s co-favorite along with Bernie to a complete and total non-factor. Her general personality is also as off-putting as Hillary‘s.

      When it comes to bring everything to everyone and saying whatever it is someone wants to hear depending on who she’s talking to, she had nowhere near the skills of a Slick Willie or an Obama.

  64. I’m disappointed that there are no jokes about Kamala passing the smell test yet.

    Excellent choice on the Biden campaign’s part. Her prosecutorial record should be repellent to far leftists (though many of them will fall in line with the ‘war on East Asia’ narrative quickly enough), and her unapologetic far leftism will be repellent to any moderates that were considering voting for Biden to get the bad orange man out of office. She’s a compromise that pleases no one except she’s not much of a compromise in any way.

  65. She’s not a liability because everyone on the left is going to vote for Biden no matter what.

    On the flip side, adding a tough on crime person might help with moderates scared to death of the riots going on.

    Still, she might be the worst president, in terms of despicable actions prior to being elected, since Andrew Jackson.

  66. I was hoping he would pick the fake Indian…er, Native American… Lizzy Warren. That way the entertainment value of Biden’s dementia could be offset by flashbacks to knuckle shots delivered with a wooden ruler by my 1st Grade teacher…

  67. Kamala Harris Is a “NUT JOB” Who Wants To Be (Vice) President

    1. Given Biden’s clear health/mental issues, I figure she expects to be President before too long if they win.

  68. “Americans streets are still erupting with protests over police violence and calls for criminal justice reform.”

    Oh, is that why the streets are errupting. Thanks for clarifying.

  69. Liberals are taking us to Hell – Why – when you lie ‘my town is not burning when it is, your going to Hell. I will never ever vote DIMS

  70. Urban Democrat Establishment Politician Lives Matter!

  71. Harris is not a cop and never was. She’s a LAWYER and a POLITICIAN. Got her start through who she knew and her relationship with Brown. High paying jobs for someone who hadn’t put in the time. Biden picked her because she looks African-American even though she isn’t, for the Democrats it’s all about appearances. Harris is dishonest about her record as a prosecutor, trying to re-write her personal history to craft a specific image. We don’t need another LAWYER anywhere near the White House.

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