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The Extremely Online Are Less Informed About Political News, More Informed About Conspiracy Theories

Plus: Congress moves forward on encryption backdoors, largest school districts aren't reopening, and more...


Is Facebook and Twitter drama crowding out political news? Spend even a small amount of time on social media and it may seem like no one shuts up about politics and current events. But all that chatter doesn't mean better-informed news consumers, reports the Pew Research Center.

Analyzing Pew polls conducted from October of last year through June 2020, the center found that "those who rely most on social media for political news stand apart from other news consumers in a number of ways. These U.S. adults, for instance, tend to be less likely than other news consumers to closely follow major news stories, such as the coronavirus outbreak and the 2020 presidential election. And, perhaps tied to that, this group also tends to be less knowledgeable about these topics."

The Pew analysis first looked at how people learn about political news these days, finding that TV is people's top source. This was followed closely by Internet sources—including news websites, apps, and social media—with radio trailing quite a bit behind and print news in last place.

More than 40 percent said their primary source is the internet, with 25 percent saying their most common source is news websites or apps and 18 percents saying social media. Slightly more—45 percent—said TV is their primary political news source. Of those, 16 percent each said their top news source was cable or local news, and 13 percent cited network TV. Eight percent cited radio and three percent print sources.

TV news viewers, unsurprisingly, were older, with social media news consumers skewing younger:

• People at ages 65 and up make up just three percent of those who cited social media as their top news source. It was the top choice for 48 percent of people aged 18 to 29, and for 40 percent of those aged 30 to 49.

• Age 65 and up made up the largest share of print news, network TV news, and cable TV consumers, while 50- to 64-year-olds made up the largest share of respondents who primarily get news through local TV.

• Thirty- and fortysomethings were mostly likely to use news websites or apps as their primary political news source and also most likely to get news from the radio.

More on the demographics of news consumers here.

Interestingly, the social-media-first group tended to pay the least attention to election news, coronavirus news, and other political goings-on. For instance:

As of early June this year, just 8% of U.S. adults who get most of their political news from social media say they are following news about the 2020 election "very closely," compared with roughly four times as many among those who turn most to cable TV (37%) and print (33%).

The only group with a level of engagement that is similarly low is U.S. adults who get their political news primarily from local television, 11% of whom are following election news very closely. This is a common thread throughout the analysis: The social media group and the local TV group are often comparable in their lower levels of engagement with and knowledge of the news.

It should come as no shock, then, that local TV and social media news consumers also did less well on Pew pollsters' questions about political positions and current events:

While at least four-in-ten individuals who turn mainly to news websites and apps (45%), radio (42%) and print (41%) for news fall into the high political knowledge category, the same is true of just 17% of those who turn most to social media. Only those in the local TV group scored lower, with 10% in the high political knowledge category.

But when it comes to conspiracy theories—such as those built on the notions that coronavirus is caused by 5G technology or that the results of the Iowa Democratic caucus were deliberately delayed —social-media-first news consumers were as aware or more aware than those whose primary news source was not social media.

And "in some cases, those who get news through social media are more likely to believe unproven claims," reports Pew. For instance, "in March, those who get most of their news through social media were more likely than other U.S. adults to say that the COVID-19 virus was developed intentionally in a laboratory, and less likely than most other groups to say that the virus came about naturally."


Congress moves forward on encryption backdoors. This is very bad:


"Of the 15 biggest school districts in the country, only one is offering schools the option of in-person instruction," reports CNN, "and 10 of them have opted to begin the school year with online learning only."

Areas where public school education will be strictly online include Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties in Florida; Clark County in Nevada; Fairfax County in Virginia; Gwinnett County in Georgia; Wake County in North Carolina; Montgomery County in Maryland; Houston; and Los Angeles.

Orange County, Florida—the country's ninth-largest public school district—"is offering a choice: in-person only or online only instruction. Parents or students must choose one," notes CNN.

Meanwhile, New York City, Chicago, and Hawaii public schools say they will be using a hybrid online/in-person model.

Hillsborough County, Florida—America's 8th-largest public school district—said it will announce its plans next week.


• From 2000 to 2016, Homeland Security agents seized more than $2 billion from travelers at U.S. airports.

• No, Trump can't delay the election.

• House lawmakers rejected a bill, proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.), that would have banned the U.S. military from recruiting on gaming apps.

• Barack Obama wants to expand the Voting Rights Act by "making sure every American is automatically registered to vote, including former inmates who have earned their second chance."

• Homeland Security is keeping tabs on protest media. The Washington Post reports:

The Department of Homeland Security has compiled "intelligence reports" about the work of American journalists covering protests in Portland, Ore., in what current and former officials called an alarming use of a government system meant to share information about suspected terrorists and violent actors.

• A trove of new documents related to the case against Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

• Rep. David Schweikert (R–Ariz.) has been found guilty of violating 11 House ethics rules.

RIP Herman Cain.

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  1. The Extremely Online Are Less Informed About Political News, More Informed About Conspiracy Theories

    Thanks, Putin.

    1. “The Extremely Online Are Less Informed About Political News, More Informed About Conspiracy Theories”

      Antifa is a myth. Peaceful protestors. Anything coming out of the mouths from psycho lefties.

      If you don’t follow the credentialed classes you follow fake noose.

      1. Nah, I’m not into NASCAR.

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      3. But it was noose.

        1. Is Noose and Squirrel!

      4. Russian collusion.

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  3. We cannot allow the tech industry to use encryption that blinds law enforcement.

    Life must be catered to the convenience of cops.

    1. At least the Right is consistent on one issue.

    2. The left using lasers is fine though.

      1. Bravo.

        +>5 Watt Chinese laser that leaks in near-IR.

  4. The Extremely Online Are Less Informed About Political News, More Informed About Conspiracy Theories

    Says the gatekeepers. HAHA. The days of hack reporters controlling the Narative are over

    1. You’re so right. Now, the people controlling the narrative are the people like your Uncle Fester who think that the moon landing was fake and who claims to have been visited by aliens.

      1. Then refute them, fucktard.

        There is verifiable proof that men have been on the moon. The Steele dossier, not so much.

        1. So much this ^

        2. +2…one for embarrassing Jeff. And another for calling him a fucktard. Perfect grammatical use of the term on a deserving subject.

          1. Lol. It’s funny because it’s true.

            1. I just came to applaud Chuck’s retort and dance and laugh a little at Jeff’s expense.

      2. “No, because strawman and deplorables” – t. Chemjeff

        Just phoning it in today, huh?

      3. You’re right… The Russian Collision was REEEEEEEEAL!
        Covid 19 cannot be passed person to person.
        Masks are useless and should only be used by professionals.
        Crowdstrike saw real evidence that Hillary was hacked by Russians.
        Trump is a xenophobe for blocking travel from China.
        The protests are peaceful.
        There was NO violence until the feds showed. Last but not least
        The nets told me all this.

  5. Remember the Senate GOP bill that would mandate encryption backdoors? A House Republican today introduced companion legislation in the lower chamber.

    Hopefully some day someone breaks the weak encryption on their correspondences and leaks how they all secretly voted Biden.

  6. Orange County, Florida—the country’s ninth-largest public school district—”is offering a choice: in-person only or online only instruction. Parents or students must choose one,” notes CNN.

    School choice!

    1. I wonder if they have a plan for everyone choosing in-person.

      1. Yes. Changing their minds and making everyone go online.

    2. Sweden’s policy of keeping primary schools open even at the height of the pandemic serves as an excellent counterpoint. With over 1 million children, Sweden did not have a single death of a school-aged child despite full attendance and no masks.

      1. Sweden can thank Greta Thunberg for all the children surviving.

        1. How dare you!

      2. Nobody is really worried about the children or their safety. It’s all about making sure teachers are safe.

        You see, they are especially susceptible to the Rona.

        1. Okay…

          Other data come from day care centers: In many countries, they stayed open for children of essential workers, and outbreaks appeared rare.”

          Early data from European countries suggest the risk to the wider community is small. At least when local infection rates are low, opening schools with some precautions does not seem to cause a significant jump in infections elsewhere.

          It’s hard to be sure, because in most places, schools reopened in concert with other aspects of public life. But in Denmark, nationwide case numbers continued to decline after day care centers and elementary schools opened on 15 April, and middle and high schools followed in May. In the Netherlands, new cases stayed flat and then dropped after elementary schools opened part-time on 11 May and high schools opened on 2 June. In Finland, Belgium, and Austria, too, officials say they found no evidence of increased spread of the novel coronavirus after schools reopened.

          1. I know this. Sorry, did the sarcasm not read through?

            1. I was doing with Jeff and sarcsmic so my faith in humanity was low when I replied. =)

              Sometimes I miss the sarcasm, especially when quite a few posters here post a dumb response and then claim sarcasm when called out.

        2. It’s not even about keeping the teachers “safe”. It’s about union negotiating leverage. Opportunities like this don’t come up very often.

          1. ^ This. Plus the major bonus of all those stupid lazy-ass teachers getting paid for staying home.

            Everything but “for the children”. They don’t count.

            1. Must be near impossible to be a Democrat who’s loyal to their constituents best interests when there’s all this ‘Union Money’ flooding their coffers.
              Easiest way to red pill, or at least anti blue pill, if you will, many folks is to discuss the issues with schools & cops and then point out that their local Democrat is funded by those same unions.
              Qualified Immunity? Tenure protection for poor performers? UNIONS
              Just one of many examples:

    3. This is interesting. “How many infected people would show up in the first week” in districts around the country, based on estimated prevalence rates of the virus in that area.

      This is higher than I was hoping and higher than I think many people would have guessed.

      If the schools themselves had been willing to create “pods,” or let their teaches act as tutors to children individually rather than always in groups, I think there are ways the exposure to each individual teacher can be reduced. But those old buildings with poorly circulating air and asymptomatic kids arriving, even one per week, it’ll be a mess in a lot of places.

      We have a pet leopard gecko. It only eats live bugs. The pet stores are having tremendous shortages of crickets and worms, and it is considered dangerous to catch bugs outdoors due to exposing the gecko to pesticide residue. We are looking at establishing our own cricket colony (I did not want to do this, but we may have to). I see the schools the same way; the kids are like geckos. Pandemics highlight the flaws in relying on large, interconnected systems for sustenance/learning. As stupid as it is to have a pet which relies on store-grown crickets (school learning), this is what we have done. It will get more disrupted before it gets better.

      It is a lab for discovering ways to create equitable access – but not through a top-down system. If there were more libertarians in education policy – never mind.

      1. Crickets make a ton of noise and smell like shit. They are really difficult to catch when they get loose. Look into a roach colony.

        1. First, ewww… second, they don’t smell bad!

          Third, you’ll never look at amaretto or anything almond flavored the same again…

  7. Federal unemployment benefits will expire tomorrow.

    Everybody’s not working for the weekend.

    1. clearly we need universal basic income, to fund the permanent protesting class

      1. too soon!

      2. Dump trucks and landfills are much cheaper.

  8. “The Extremely Online Are Less Informed About Political News, More Informed About Conspiracy Theories”

    …this subset is surpassed in political clueless only by faux-libertarian writers on Reason.

    1. And they are only surpassed by Trump apologists who habituate the comments section at Reason.

      1. LOL. So you’re saying you’ve become what you claimed you created the name to fight against. All you do is fight against windmills.

        1. Windmills and thee.

          1. Of course you fight Jesse. You’re a progressive.

        2. And the windmills seem to be beating him.

          1. In the minds of the windmills.

            1. You’re not really getting the concept behind “tilting at windmills”, huh.

              1. Get it. Just not taking the criticism seriously.

          2. He does remind me of a squawking bird.

            1. Yes. A Dodo.

              1. Dildo?

            2. If I’m annoying you and JesseAz I am doing something right.

              1. Caw caw!

              2. Here’s a hint… when you’re being laughed at you’re not annoying the person laughing at you.

                1. Oh, I clearly get under your skin. There’s no doubt about that.

                  1. Caw caw!

                    1. And yours.

                    2. Caw caw!

        3. “All you do is fight against windmills.”

          AND fight against windbags and gasbags as well!

          Gasbag Blowhard,
          Please listen!
          You don’t know,
          What you’re missing!
          Donald’s ass, don’t be kissin’!
          Trump won’t love you,
          He’ll push and shove you!
          He’ll take your vote,
          Then call you a goat!
          He’ll tax your money,
          Then steal your Honey!
          Your pussy, He will grab,
          Your back, He will stab!
          His-victims-routines, He’s iterating,
          Shit about YOU, He’ll be Twitterating!

          1. Ah and white knights intellectual equal appears.

            1. Meanwhile, JesseSPAZ regards theyself as a brilliant intellectual genius, right up there with “Stable Genius” the Orange-Haired!

              Stable Genius Junior keeps right on advocating more and more and MORE POWER to the Trumptatorshit, NEVER EVER being smart enough to realize that sooner or later, said new POTUS-powers will end up in the hands of the BidenFuhrer or other political enemy of the oh-so-smart JesseBahnFuhrer!

              So JesseBahnFuhrer… 1 or 2 days before the likely upcoming inauguration of the BidenFuhrer, next January, will you STILL be advocating more power for the Trumptatorshit? Just HOW arrogantly stupid and short-sighted ARE you, anyway?

            2. Readers, beware! Do not be deceived by JesseAZ! JesseAZ does NOT believe that LIES are bad in ANY way! Only ACTIONS matter, ethically or morally! See
              “Words are words dumbfuck. Actions are where morals and ethics lie.”, says JesseAZ. When confronted with offers of hush money, illegal commands (from a commanding military officer), offers of murder for hire, libel, slander, lies in court, yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, inciting riots, fighting words, forged signatures, threatening to kill elected officials, false representations concerning products or services for sale… these are all “merely” cases of “using words”. Just like the Evil One (AKA “Father of Lies”), Jesse says lies are all A-OK and utterly harmless! So do NOT believe ANYTHING that you hear from JesseAZ!

              Also according to the same source, JesseAZ is TOTALLY on board with dictatorship (presumably so long as it is an “R” dictator that we are talking of).
              With reference to Trump, JesseAZ says…
              “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

              I say again, this is important…
              “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
              We need a BRILLIANTLY persuasive new movie from JesseAZ to “Wake Up, America!”, to flesh out the concept that “The Triumph of The Will of The Trump, Trumps All”! Including the USA Constitution. In fact, USA military personnel should start swearing allegiance to Trump, NOT to some stupid, moldering old piece of paper!
              Previous Powerful People have blazed a path for us to follow here, slackers!!!

              1. Have you even CONSIDERED committing suicide? You should try it and see what all the fuss is about.

                1. You assume SQRLSY is a mortal. Not sure a mere mortal can rant like that.

                2. By the way, how’s it hangin’, Tulpa?

                  Reason IT still hasn’t fixed the handle spoofing hole.

              2. Just. Shut. Up.

                With Hihn gone to the great Libertarian insurance commissioner paradise in the sky, this place’s pretty nice these days. Until you show up.

                1. But don’t you miss all those CAPITAL LETTERS?

      2. I don’t think you know what the word ‘only’ means.

      3. It’s possible to disagree with the writers and be saddened that they don’t seem to posit very libertarian positions on a lot of things and NOT be a Trump apologists you know.

        1. Not for White Knight who 9nlybthinks in false dichotomies.

          1. This is true of Jeff, WK (sarcasmic), Tony, Brandy, Chipper, and all the other leftists who claim they aren’t leftists and never fight for any team, although they seem to only fight team red against their self declared sanctimony.

            It’s quite amusing at this point.

            1. Which team is currently occupying the White House?

              1. Right, because that is the only center of power and influence in our country.

                I’m sure you were all up Obama’s grille

            2. You don’t seem very amused, when every day I point out the flaws and equivocations in your comments.

              1. Nor do you daily when your flaws and disingenuous nature of your posts are pointed out.

              2. The difference between you and Jesse is he doesn’t play at bring unpartisan.

              3. You haven’t pointed out a single flaw today lol. You’ve resorted to strawman or non sequitur for every response lol.

                Here is the sanctimonious act I mentioned.

                1. You expected more of him?

                2. Right, trying to pass off a list of 16 states that delayed their primaries as proof of the left has been demanding election delays, even when the list is about 50/50 Republican and Democrat states.

                  1. When I referenced the clinger remarks I was referring to Obama’s statements that started that term. You didn’t even understand my point. Thanks for proving my point once again, that your outrage is selective.

                    1. Squirrels this was meant for your reply down thread.

        2. Sure, then what I said doesn’t apply to you.

      4. Orange Man Bad!

        1. Orange Man bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He Make America Great Again!

          We KNOW He can Make America Great Again, because, as a bad-ass businessman, He Made Himself and His Family Great Again! He Pussy Grabber in Chief!

          See The Atlantic article by using the below search-string in quotes:
          “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” or this one…

          He pussy-grab His creditors in 7 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me realty schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

          All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

          Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

          Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

          We CAN grab all the pussy, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER grab our pussies right back!

          These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can pussy-grab all of the people some of the time, and you can pussy-grab some of the people all of the time, but you cannot pussy-grab all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will pussy-grab you right back!

          1. This schtick is as tired as OBL and his Koch wealth thing.

            1. It’s worse cuz it shits up the whole page. Speaking of shit, did you know squirrel eats it?

              1. Speaking of Der TrumpfenFuhrer’s maggot-laden, yeast-infected twat juice, did you know that R Mac bathes in it, AND drinks it?

                Trumpty Dumpty, He’s quite off-the-wall,
                Trumpty Dumpty won’t stay in His toilet stall
                He just goes ahead and takes His shits,
                Totally regardless of whereever He sits
                Whenever He simply, no way, can sleep,
                He Twits us His thoughts, they’re all SOOO deep!
                He simply must, He MUST, Twit us His bird,
                No matter the words, however absurd!
                He sits and snorts His coke with a spoon,
                Then He brazenly shoots us His moon!
                They say He’ll be impeached by June,
                Man, oh man, June cannot come too soon!
                So He sits and jiggles His balls,
                Then He Twitters upon the walls
                “Some come here to sit and think,
                Some come here to shit and stink
                But I come here to scratch my balls,
                And read the writings on the walls
                Here I sit, My cheeks a-flexin’
                Giving birth to another Texan!
                Here I sit, on the pooper,
                Giving birth to another state trooper!
                He who writes these lines of wit,
                Wraps His Trump in little balls,
                He who reads these lines of wit,
                Eats those loser’s balls of shit!”

                1. I envision Squirrely gobbling up his own shit while mindlessly chanting that.

            2. Yes, but is it as old and tired and boring, as nitwit and empty-headed as … “Orange Man Bad!”?!?!

              Not as stale as “orange man bad”!
              (With the implied idea being that “anyone who says bad things about Orange Man, no matter HOW long and well-documented the list of Trump evils may be, such bad-things-sayer must be a stupid moron”).

              Albert Einstein delivers a long lecture with 553 equations and tons of evidence. Conservative moron will say that Einstein said “stuff and stuff is relative”, and walk smugly away, thinking that they have “summarized” Einstein!

              Conservative moron will briefly ATTEMPT TO START to tour Holocaust museums and “summarize” by saying “Mustache Man Bad”!

              Fucking stupid, smart-ass moronic conservatives STOP smugly posting “Orange Man Bad”, and I will stop posting my reply!

              1. What do you need to finally commit suicide?

                1. A different flavor shit to eat.

  9. “Of the 15 biggest school districts in the country, only one is offering schools the option of in-person instruction,”

    So much for “science” driving our politically determined medical decisions.

    1. You may have confused science with The Science.

    2. Teachers have decided they aren’t essential. Remember this at your next vote on increased funding.

      1. Bingo. I want my tax money back. If we can do without schools, and according to teachers we can, then why do we have them at all?

        1. Urban Democratic candidate funding?

        2. Jobs program for people too dumb for a STEM degree?

          1. Jobs program for the black working lower classes and middle class. Along with the Post Office, and federal government work in general.

        3. Our district offered the choice of going back or learning online. When they discovered that between a myriad of factors motivated by Unions, personal reasons, COVID mandates they wouldn’t even come close to meeting the in-person staffing demands, they went to online only. At this point, it makes no sense to stay in the district for schooling. The teachers aren’t as experienced with online instruction, the program is oriented around an in-person social structure (i.e. 6 hours of daily zoom meetings), the link between high and low performers is *absolutely* arbitrary… I am and have been a fan public schooling (while fully regarding taxation as theft), but even I wouldn’t pretend that the in-person social skill development core benefit and getting rid of that renders the education system worthless.

          You’re effectively paying administrators to administer one-room schooling in the digital age, might as well be subsidizing buggy-whip drivers.

          1. Please remember that public schooling (as in publicly funded) does NOT have to mean schooling by government employees, in particular government employees who are union members.

      2. I never vote to increase their finding. They always want more. And I’m so tired of the propaganda about how fucking precious they are.

  10. From 2000 to 2016, Homeland Security agents seized more than $2 billion from travelers at U.S. airports.

    All that guilty money off the streets.

    1. Imagine what it could have done if it hooked up with some guns.

    2. Brigands with badges. I’d rather that asset forfeiture be repealed before ending the War on Some Drugs.

  11. No, Trump can’t delay the election.

    But, yes, he can bait the media.

    1. I was told yesterday that him asking a question was a huge deal that deserved all the ire of every American.

      1. I saw that it is grounds for impeachment.

        1. they need some new charges for when his second term starts

      2. Yes, you were very vocal about how you don’t care about what the President of the United States tweeted because it ended in THREE question marks.

        1. That’s not what I said at all dummy.

          I said he was asking a question. He was not usurping or even threatening an action.

          You read into a tweet information that wasn’t there.

          You’re the one with poor reading comprehension.

          You are really bad at logic sarcasmic.

          1. Well, actually, if you go back and look through all my comments from yesterday, I never said that Trump said that he was going to personally delay the election.

            Boehm implied that in his article, which was a minor thing for all the Trump apologists to focus on instead of the heart of the matter.

            1. Then why the fuck are you crying about it today?

              1. Tears of impotent rage are all he’s got.

                1. That describes pretty much all the regulars here.

                  1. Once again proving that you think in false dichotomies. Anyone who doesn’t agree with you or point out the flaws in your argument is automatically a right winger in your opinion. Thanks for playing.

                  2. Thanks for exposing yourself with this comment as the partisan weve all know you are.

                    You and tony are both so dumb you don’t even realize when you out yourselves lol.

              2. I’m not crying about anything.

                I am disgusted by Trump’s divisiveness and baiting. He’s the President and should step up and act like it.

                1. Like calling half the country bitter clingers? What is acting presidential in your opinion?:

                  1. Hmm, interesting lack of a response. It’s almost like he’s just completely full of shit!

                  2. I’ve been working. I have never used the term, clingers. I know there is some other commenters here who does, although I cannot remember who.

                    1. He was talking about Obama dumb ass. Did you forget the discussion was about the president being divisive?

                    2. No because he is revealing that he is a narcissist who is delusional enough to believe he isn’t and he is not a partisan hack.

            2. We’re not apologists for Trump, because he has nothing to apologize for.

              Not like you.

          2. That you call me sarcasmic and that you ascribe viewpoints you me that I never expressed is just another example of how you do not debate in good faith.

            1. You literally posted this right after you stated I said something I didn’t. Just hilarious.

              I’m gonna tell you something you may also not know…. Not everyone who is called a Karen is named Karen. (That’s a big hint).

              It honestly doesn’t matter if you’re sarcasmic, because you both argue the exact same talking point and use the same argumentative structure.

              I do like someone hiding behind a sock they created as calling others dishonest. Quite amusing.

              1. Is Jesse Az your real name? If not, we are both using handles.

                You are as much as a sock and anonymous as I am.

                1. I said hiding behind a sock. Ie you have multiple accounts that you refuse to link.

                  Do you not know what a sock is dummy?

                  1. A dishonest diversion on your part. I am not sarcasmic, nor chemjeff, or anyone else you accuse me of being a sock of.

      3. There’s an element of “How does he not already know that he can’t delay the election?”
        Either he really doesn’t know, and presidents should be required to take civics classes after inauguration – or he does know, and then what’s his point? Is it more casting doubt on the future outcome? “That election couldn’t be fair,” etc.
        Yes, he asked a question, and asking questions is good, but why did he ask twitter instead of the presumably knowledgeable staffers he is surrounded with? Oh, god, never mind, who knows what he was doing when he typed it.

        1. To be pedantic (note I think the tweet was stupid and said so yesterday) he asked if we should delay the election, not if he should. And there is a mechanism in the Constitution for states to decide to do this, as Boehm explained in his slanted article.

          1. To be pedantic about it is to miss the main point. He was being divisive and partisan, and building up a narrative he has been trying to create.

            I’m not sure if the goal of the narrative is to be able to challenge election results, or make himself not look as bad if he loses the election, or just get his base to see Democrats as even more evil than they already do.

            1. To be pedantic is to be accurate. By your own admissions you can’t assign a notice but automatically assume it is evil. The statements motives are ambiguous. They may be as you proscribe or they could not be either.

              1. It calls for facts not in evidenced.

              2. Sure, right. Trump has exhibited a consistent pattern of behavior of baiting, whining, and divisiveness for years, but I am to ignore clear motives.

                More gaslighting from Trump apologists.

                1. Such a Trump apologist I have states multiple times it was a stupid fucking tweet? And how is pointing out that you can’t know his motives, beyond a reasonable doubt, gaslighting? Once again you prove my point about anyone who disagrees with you you automatically label a Trump supporter. In fact in this very thread I said it was a stupid tweet. It was the very comment of mine you first responded to. I have also stated multiple times I didn’t vote for Trump and won’t be voting for him this year either. And yesterday I wrote a very scathing comment on how stupid a tweet this was. But don’t let facts get in the way of your false dichotomy.

            2. No he wasn’t. Those who misread his tweet and immediately implied ulterior motives are being divisive. But you’re too dumb to understand this. Lol.

              1. The media WANTS to cover him honestly and bring everyone together, but Trump forces them to be dishonest and divisive!

                1. Trump and many in the media are divisive. As well as you.

                  Why does my talking about Trump’s divisiveness translate into your mind into my having said ONLY Trump is divisive.

                  Every true believer in Team Blue or Red is helping to destroy this country with their partisanship.

                  1. Caw caw!

            3. Divisive? We’re not divided enough in this country. If being united means signing off on any portion of the democrat agenda, then we should be as divided as possible.

    2. And those pigfuckers fall for it all too easily.

      1. But it does generate clicks and dollars, including for Democratic candidates.

        Now, who is the fool?

        1. ENB….always ENB

          1. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me thrice, ENB.

  12. I observe that the news tab on the Facebook app defaults to a lot of clickbait shit. You can block these publishers one at a time but you can’t proactively set up a list of legitimate news sources.

    I read Trump’s tweet as suggestion “we” consider delaying the election. That isn’t the same as announcing we would or could do it. It’s a dumb tweet but also an effective distraction. And consistent with lefty demands earlier in the year for other elections.

    1. It is not a dumb tweet at all. The Democrats are trying to delay everything because of this bullshit. By their logic the election is no different. Of course Democrats would never agree to delay the election. Bringing up the possibility forces the Democrats to confront their hypocrisy and explain why everything else should be delayed but not the election

      1. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      2. Delaying “everything else” is stirring civil unrest. That creates an opportunity to gain in the election. Though I’m sure they’d say they can’t delay the election because voting is a “basic right,” like the free college and housing and blowjobs that they promise to give if they get elected.

        1. What kind of blow jobs?

          1. Ones given by a trans hooker whose real name is Carl.

            1. Ehhh a blow job is a blowjib, as long as Carl takes out his/her dentures…

          2. #makeamericablumpkinagain

            I prefer the blumpkin. If you don’t know what a blumpkin is your mind hasn’t been rotted enough like mine.

        2. The democrats are stirring civil unrest. Their operatives send out laid agitators that start riots. This happened in Spokane in June. I know people who were actual protestors and they said that after a bunch of outsiders mixed in and started ginning things up that the riots started.

          Funny thing is, Spokane has never had a riot before.

      3. You guys give Trump a lot of credit for being thoughtful when he’s just being random.

        1. No, I understand what words mean. You assume he is being random because you are an idiot who doesn’t. It is not about giving Trump credit. It is about reading comprehension which has long been established as something you lack.

        2. This is hilarious. This is the second post you attack others for taking a tweet at face value instead of reading insidious motivations into it… while you have imparted insidious motivations to the tweet… yet you accuse others of arguing in bad faith non stop.

          1. You don’t get it. It doesn’t matter that it was “just a question”. It was intentional baiting and more of Trump’s putting partisanship and divisiveness above leadership.

            1. And? Not like his opponents aren’t doing the same. Getting bent out of shape over Trump’s baiting while not getting equally bent out of shape by the scaremongering of the left is just overreaction, hypocrisy and partisan.

              1. Which party is currently in the White House? Which party has a little echo chamber club of apologists who spend all day in the Reason comments section complaint about leftists and Reason itself.

                1. Both have their echo chamber. See you and ChrmJeff and the Rev and DoL and often Sarcasmic and the lists go on. I would buy your argument more if not for the fact that much of the shit you complain about Trump Obama did as well but you never mention that and dismiss it whenever it is pointed out.

                  1. I used to, here in the commentariat. Obama hasn’t been the President for several years.

                    1. For someone who used to criticize Obama’s divisiveness you spend an awful lot of time stating Trump’s is somehow unique.

                2. The overall point is that Trump is not that different in this regard than his predecessors. To claim he is a unique threat is dishonest.

                  1. Disagree. He is uniquely cretinous and moronic.

                    1. Orange Man Bad!

                    2. I know you disagree because whenever someone points out he really isn’t that unique you scream whataboutism, or retreat to a questionable defense that your criticism is because he is the president. And when that fails you call them a Trumpbot and accuse them of gaslighting.

                    3. The saddest thing about you and ChrmJeff is I actually do believe your own delusion that you are equally critical of both sides and are being introspective rather than reactive.

            2. So again, you are imagining a motive that is not provided by the tweet itself. You are arguing in bad faith. Full stop.

              1. “You are arguing in bad faith.”

                JesseSPAZ is an EXPERT on the matter of arguing in bad faith!


                JesseSPAZ comment: “He can fire political appointees for any fucking reason he wants.”
                Jesse’s over-archingly lusting after the super-powers of the Trumptatorship YET AGAIN!!!
                Trump can fire them for not assigning their entire paychecks to Trump… For not licking Trump’s balls as much as JesseSPAZ does… For turning down Trump’s requests for then to perform personal murder-for-hire… For having fucked Stormy Daniels out of turn, when it was Trump’s turn… For Air Force Captain-Sir-Dude-Sir-Pilot-Sir refusing orders to go and bomb Nancy Pelosi’s house…

                Just when I was rooting for JesseSPAZ to turn from his evil ways, he doubles down on Trumptatorship-worship AGAIN!

                1. ???? Are you posessed by the spirit of Hihn, do we need to call an excorcist?

                  1. The spirit of the Hinhister One CAN be cast out!

                    See M. Scott Peck,

                    Glimpses of the Devil: A Psychiatrist’s Personal Accounts of Possession, Paperback – March 25, 2009

                    BEWARE of THIS, though… If you do NOT pay your bills to the exorcist, you MIGHT be repossessed!

            3. This is what it looks like when a fish is about to take the bait he doesn’t realize is FOR HIM.

              His tweets are only divisive to stooges like you because you take the bait. Every. Single. Time.

              I on the other hand look at tweets like weather reports. I dont care whether trump thinks it will rain on Monday. I’ll wait until Monday morning and see if it actually happens. That’s a distinction your brain can’t make. You act like twitter = the U.S. Code. I act like twitter = …twitter.

              1. So, it’s cool that the President of the United States is a troll?

                1. Caw caw!

            4. If Trump inhales or exhales, that will ‘bait’ you progressives.

              So just stop with your bullshit.

      4. “Bringing up the possibility forces the Democrats to confront their hypocrisy and explain why everything else should be delayed but not the election”

        This is a real stretch.

        Trump didn’t say “Hey if we have to delay everything else for covid, should we also delay the elections?”

        And of course he doesn’t, because the whole reason why mail-in voting is a thing is because the Democrats are using COVID as an excuse. They are being completely consistent, not hypocritical. They are saying “COVID means we cannot go to school, so we need to do online, and we cannot go to the polls, so let’s vote by mail”.

        1. People literally died for the right to go to the polls, I think if this is really “the most important election evar!!!!” these motherfuckers should be happy to mask up and “risk the Rona” to go to the polls.

        2. A key difference between vote by mail and absentee ballots is that for an absentee ballot you have to submit an affirmative request for a ballot. With vote by mail, they send out millions of ballots with no chain of custody.

          It’s the difference between two factor authentication and using “password”.

          1. Hey I am not justifying their decisions. I am saying that people who say Trump is playing some mind game here are really stretching credibility. The democrat position is consistent (and unneeded, and wrong).

            And as much as I prefer Trump to a Biden presidency, I think this was a stupid thing to tweet. He could have argued against mail-in voting. He could have argued to leave it to the states to decide, and promised to veto a congressional bill mandating it. But it was stupid to suggest delaying the elections.

            1. It was undoubtedly stupid. He be in much less trouble if he stopped tweeting. Not that the media and the left (redundant in most cases) would not try and create controversy all the same but his tweets just give them ammunition and he even admitted as much in an interview with Chris Wallace and then goes and tweets this stupidity.

            2. I’m with you. It was a very stupid tweet and a major tactical blunder. It’s not the sort of thing that’s going to swing an election by itself but it’s going to be costly for him.

    2. When has the Left asked for delays in other elections this year?

      1. Wisconsin for one. Even had a lawsuit.

        1. That’s pretty much the one example.

            1. I can’t see the Times article, so I looked up the list of 16 elsewhere. Gosh, are Montana, Wyoming, Kentucky, etc. leftist states?

              1. Presidential primaries aren’t quite the same thing. They are intra-party contests and delays don’t provide partisan advantage.

                Wisconsin was contentious because of the court race.

              2. Bullock (D), Tester (D), Daines (R) – yeah i’d say so .

              3. Montana has a Democrat Governor and AG.

                1. My mistake the AG is actually a Republican as is the Secretary of State. Bullock on the other hand…

              4. This is your statement: That’s pretty much the one example.

                You were wrong. I never made the claim all 16 states were leftist dummy.

                1. By the way, yet another example of WK’s (sarcasmic’s) honest argumentation…. LOL.

                  1. Another example of your lazy thinking. The list of 16 clearly shows that primary delays were about equally Republican and Democrat. But you are trying to make primary delays part of an anti-Democrat taking point.

                    1. This would be a more cutting remark if you didn’t just accuse me of being a Trump supporter after I criticized Trump buy pointed out his tweet wasn’t as bad as you were making it out. And also right after I accused you multiple times of labeling anyone who disagrees with you, even partially, as a Trump supporter, and you just keep proving how correct my assertion was. BTW, Jesse is actually a Trump supporter but you thinking is in no way less lazy (and to often more,) than his.b


    Liberals show their usual trailer park level of class with the death of Herman Cain. White media liberals may be no class garbage who never miss a chance to disparage the dead, but they make up for it by being racists.

    1. Well… he left the plantation. He deserves condemnation.

    2. John, we all know exactly what your reaction will be when Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama dies.

      1. Poor Jeff still doesn’t understand the difference between think and know.

        1. Maybe he’s a Post-Modernist.

        2. Lying Jeffy likes to make up shit.

          1. Lying R Mac likes to eat shit-turds from under the rabbit hutch! He-she-it-they call them “smart pills”! (Sad to say, they STILL aren’t working!)

      2. Nice things or nothing at all. Just because you are no class garbage doesn’t give you the right to project that onto other people. It is so typical that you would think I would be like these people. Everything you do is about slandering other people to rationalize your own faults. Get a fucking shrink.

        1. We’ll see, John.

      3. Yes, Herman Cain’s political impact on the country for the last generation far exceeded anything Hillary or Obama ever accomplished.

        I’ll be sad when Obama passes. Hillary, like Ginsberg, will outlive us all due to the baby’s blood infusions.

      4. Yes, the death of a good man like Cain is the same thing as the deaths of a vicious political monster and murder, and the man who helped push the Middle East into a nuclear war.

    3. Meh, I remember thinking and saying good riddance when John McCain died.

  14. Police give up fighting sex-mad monkeys which overran city eating themselves to death

    1. More bad news out of Seattle.

      1. LOL. Thanks.

  15. House lawmakers rejected a bill, proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.), that would have banned the U.S. military from recruiting on gaming apps.

    Who does she think will be the most equipped to protect this nation from the Zombie Apocalypse?

  16. This from the editor who uses Twitter as her main source of information.

    1. She doesn’t understand irony.

      1. I believe that comes with the self awareness upgrade.

        1. when her ‘Manhattanite’ parents special ordered her from the clinic they must have forgotten the self awareness upgrade as the ‘White Privilege’ option was at the forefront of their minds

  17. Barack Obama wants-

    Stop right there.

    1. Remember how the media castigated trump for his lack of etiquette and over turning norms… norms like not actively bashing ones presidential successor…

      1. It’s Trump’s fault. He forced Obama to abandon the norm.


    Every single business owner in every state and town should open the their business at full capacity tomorrow.

    Do it. And dare these people to stop you.

    It’s time.


      There is a shockwave coming from the American people over the heartbreaking side effects of the government’s lockdowns, says

      How are funerals cancelled for everyone EXCEPT the political class?

      “There is a bubbling anger underneath the surface over crap like this!

      1. Washington, DC has a mandatory two-week quarantine in effect for travelers from certain states. Georgia – the site of John Lewis’ funeral – is one of those states. Any bets on whether or not the pols who attended John Lewis’ funeral are self-quarantining right now? I saw the pictures of the funeral – they sure as hell weren’t social distancing at that funeral.

        1. DC mayor evidently is advocating calling the cops on people not wearing masks and not quarantining.

          Turn the Commie rat-network back on these traitors.

        2. It’s all just democrat bullshit.

    2. Large scale collective disobedience is the only solution to tyranny.

      1. Georgia has been open for months.

        The Lefties fought back by convincing some national corporations to require masks inside their stores.

        I go shopping without a mask and anyone who says anything, I just ignore them. Lefty lunatics are not brave enough here to try some violence for those not wearing masks. We carry guns here.

        Plus, It would be fun to bash a Lefty woman’s teeth in for slapping me or spitting on me for not wearing a mask.

        1. I usually go to Florida to the beach this time of year. But Florida is full of this sort of lunacy. Maybe I should go to Georgia.

          1. Savannah is great.

          2. It’s not too bad here in Northern Florida.
            Southern Florida is a bit different.
            Though we apparently have a hurricane on the way

        2. The Sheriff here has said he won’t be issuing citations or arresting anyone for violating the mask mandate. Most people are still complying, but plenty of people aren’t and I’ve yet to see any confrontations.

          That could just be this part of Colorado though. It’s certainly not coastal, most people here understand that starting a fight over a mask is a good way to get your ass beat or get shot.

        3. Progressives have no souls. So anything you do to them is ok.

      2. Yup.

        The second Fauci went off about goggles even the most remedial of mid-wits has to question all this now.

        A big FUCK OFF is in order.

        1. And gloves! Yes, everyone should wear gloves, too! And hairnets! Jesus Christ, are your ankles exposed?!?!?!?

          1. Even the CDC said not to wear gloves (cuz you’re not wearing them right).

    3. Georgia has been open for months.

      3,500 deaths while infected.

      The numbers dont support the Lefty Narrative to nuke the economy, if you can believe that. The MSM are liars and that has not changed since March 2020.

      1. They are no New York which is the model we should all emulate.

      2. and cases didn’t spike when Florida and Georgia reopened.
        They did spike after the mass protest super-spreader event though.

      3. Nuke the lefties instead.


    S: When you say you asked him why is Bill Clinton here, where was here?

    V: On the island.

    JS: When you were present with Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton on the island, who else was there?

    V: Ghislaine, Emmy, and there was 2 young girls that I could identify. I never really knew them well anyways. It was just 2 girls from New York.

    JS: And were all of you staying at Jeffrey’s house on the island including Bill Clinton?

    V: That’s correct. He had about 4 or 5 different villas on his island separate from the main house, and we all stayed in the villas.

    JS: Were sexual orgies a regular occurrence on the island at Jeffrey’s house?

    V: Yes.

    I am sure Bill didn’t participate or anything. He is so known as a man of great self control when it comes to sex.


    1. Did you catch the part about Trump, where the witness said he was uninvolved?

      1. Trump once caught a plane ride to Florida from Epstein and attended some of the same large public gatherings. This whole thing is about Trump. Our resident leftist lying pieces of shit assure me of this.

    2. He didn’t…inhale…he just COULDN’T!

  20. In a counterintuitive attempt to kickstart President Trump’s reelection campaign, the NBA’s players, coaches, and referees kicked off the beginning of the season by disrespecting the national anthem.

    . . . at least, that’s the explanation that seems to make the most sense from an objectives standpoint this close to the election. The alternative explanation is that they’re actually trying to discredit BLM in the eyes of average Americans by disrespecting our sense of patriotism, but that’s even more counterintuitive.

    1. The same group that ran youth basketball camps in the middle of a genocide in Western China. They care so much about human rights.

      The NBA should just get it over with and re-locate all of it’s franchises to mainland China. At least they would be honest about the product they were offering.

      1. The reason they’re so concerned about the Chinese market is because there are more people watching the NBA in China than there are people in the United States. Disrespecting the U.S. national anthem probably plays well in China–especially with the Chinese government. They’re arresting pro-democracy activists over there for protesting while carrying American flags. Seeing NBA players disrespect our national anthem probably plays as support for Emperor Xi’s crackdown in Hong Kong–regardless of whether the NBA intends it that way.

        1. It absolutely does. It is used as propaganda in China to discredit western democracies and give legitimacy to Chinese tyranny. The NBA is doing the bidding of one of the most evil regimes in history.

          1. It’s apparently being used as propaganda to discredit pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

            And it’s discrediting BLM in the United States. There are plenty of people who won’t support BLM if they can’t support BLM without also disrespecting the national anthem and the flag.

            1. BLM is a Marxist organization who wants to destroy and remake this country into something else. So, it is just truth in advertising.

              1. Therefore, all of BLM’s legitimate criticism against police brutality and the unequal treatment of minorities at the hands of law enforcement should be completely dismissed because “Marxism”.

                Yelling about how BLM is “Marxist” doesn’t solve any problems.

                1. It solves the problem of people supporting Marxists.

                  I’m all about police reform, most cops are shit. The problem with BLM being Marxist is now you’re forcing me to choose between the lesser of two evils, and the cops are the lesser of two evils in this circumstance.

                  1. Or, you know, you could not fall for the false dichotomy.

                    There is nothing wrong with saying “I fully agree with BLM’s legitimate criticism of police brutality and the disparate treatment of minority groups at the hands of law enforcement, while not supporting some of their more extreme economic ideas”.

                    But BOTH Team Red and Team Blue WANT you to fall for the false dichotomy. Team Blue WANTS you to accept the entire BLM package because “otherwise you support racist cops killing black men”. Team Red WANTS you to support the entire law enforcement package because “otherwise you support the Marxist destruction of America”. Don’t fall for their demagogic nonsense and be unafraid to choose what is right.

                    1. Right, but I can’t march or donate money or support them in any meaningful way if I think that support will be used to further Marxist causes.

                      If they had been a single issue organization this wouldn’t be a problem. They CHOSE to make it about both police reform and Marxist revolution, and they lost a lot of support by doing it.

                    2. It’s not even really about police reform.
                      Not once have they called for fewer laws or reducing the power of the (systemically racist) government.
                      Indeed they’ve not only called for redistribution of government power, but granting it more.
                      For justice

                    3. Right, but I can’t march or donate money or support them in any meaningful way if I think that support will be used to further Marxist causes.

                      Sure you can. Go to a protest for your own reasons, not for the reasons that others assign to you. Give money to groups that you approve of, and not necessarily to groups that you are told to give money to. If you are afraid of being lumped in with people you don’t like, then that fear rests entirely within you, and not on others.

                    4. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with saying;
                      “I fully agree with legitimate criticism of police brutality and the disparate treatment of minority groups at the hands of law enforcement, but BLM is a slimy group of Marxist extremists who have hijacked legitimate protest, and should be viewed with as much opprobrium as Brownshirts.

                2. Therefore, all of BLM’s legitimate criticism against police brutality and the unequal treatment of minorities at the hands of law enforcement should be completely dismissed because “Marxism”

                  No. I have been greatly critical of police brutality on here. Bad people can have good points. In fact, they always do. Taking legitimate grievances and perverting them for their own purposes is what Marxist and their sister fascist groups do. So, it should surprise no one that BLM is seeking to hijack legitimate grievances to further an illegitimate cause.

                  1. Then what is stopping you, John, from saying something like “I fully agree with BLM’s legitimate criticism of police brutality and the disparate treatment of minority groups at the hands of law enforcement, while not supporting some of their more extreme economic ideas”?

                    1. The same thing that stops you from criticizing the left while always criticizing the right. You even admitted you do this because you agree with the left more than the right. Once again hung on your own petards.

                    2. I do criticize the left when they’re wrong. I don’t consider myself to be some sort of hall monitor between The Left and The Right. I’m not constrained to give equal time to my criticism of both sides. I find lots more to criticize in The Right, so I do that.

                      But thanks for admitting that this is really more of a gotcha issue for you than one about police brutality or law enforcement reform.

                    3. “I do criticize the left when they’re wrong”
                      The hell you do.

                    4. When and how did I say it was a gotcha issue and I wasn’t concerned about police reform? Fucking straw man argument on your part once again. You create a false dichotomy either you support BLM or you oppose police reforms. I’ve advocated for police reforms for quite a long time, and have a history of posting about reforms I like. But it was something of a gotcha because I was pointing out you are as guilty of the same behavior as you accuse John of. I didn’t even mention BLM or police reform so your assertions I’m not concerned is just pure bullshit. As usual. Keep it up Jeffy.

                    5. You don’t criticize the left much because you’re a progressive.

                3. Nobody said that Jeff.

                4. Just because the Tsar’s regime was brutal doesn’t mean Lenin and Trotsky should have been allowed to take over the country.

          2. Useful idiots!

          3. This shit is why we need McCarthyism back.

        2. The irony is China allows open racism and allows restaurants and stores to refuse service to black people. Yet NBA is silent on those matters.

          1. imagine if ONE journo would question a few Muslim players, shoot just ONE player about the video of the Uhgyurs being shaved and loaded onto trains headed to concentration camps.
            Ask them how it feels to be supporting that kind of a government
            J u s t 1 journo with the balls to do it

    2. P.S. It’s still not too late to decide not to subscribe to the NBA Channel or to register to vote in the upcoming election.

      1. Just don’t watch, buy any merchandise or gamble on the NBA. The NBA channel is a loss leader anyway.

        1. Cool, I’ve been doing this for about 25 years already.

        2. If I didn’t watch movies because I disagreed politically with the actors, I wouldn’t have anything to watch.

          No sports for 4 months and I’m watching hoops, even if they go full Kaepernick level stupid.

          1. What has the political propaganda theatre called the NBA got to do with sports?

          2. Imagine if everyone did that with porn.

        3. way ahead of ya

    3. If New Orleans beats Utah do they get to take their old name back?

      1. If you grew up halfway between Baltimore and Washington DC, I don’t know why you wouldn’t hate the NFL by now or trust that any team you root for will still be called that in the future.

        P.S. “Jazz” in Utah isn’t as strange as “Lakers” in Los Angeles.

        When I was growing up in Maryland, we had three racetracks in my hometown, and some of my elementary school classmates’ parents’ were horse trainers. I shudder to think what the old neighborhood in Maryland horse country looks like now that they’re covered it with suburban housing for federal bureaucrats, and I don’t understand why anyone outside of Maryland would want to call their team the Colts. Regardless, Idahoans and Montanans who are worried about being overrun by Californians have nothing on me. I think I have a bit of an idea of what it must have been like for people with red skin to be overrun by palefaces from elsewhere.

        1. There are still horse farms all over Maryland. The suburbs didn’t grow that much. And there are still multiple racetracks.

          1. Glad to hear it!

            1. The main 2 race tracks are dumps but MD legislators have a plan to spend 350 mil in taxpayer money to fix them. There is still horse farms but much less. I grew up watching fox hunts run down our street and that ended in early 90s with more Suburbanization.

              1. I know some of the tracks are dumps–for spectators. There was a lot of participation. Granddaddy was a harness racer going back to when he was a kid, I think. He was around in the days of horse and buggy. It seemed to me that harness racing for him was like drag racing for kids in the 1950s, where getting the best horse you can afford was like finding an old ’32 coupe, training your horse was like tuning the engine and souping it up, and taking on other people at the local track was like revving your engine at a stop light. My uncle had an old colonial with a really long drive way. Amish kids used to park on it as like a lover’s lane on weekend nights. I never saw them racing their buggies, but I bet they did! Anyway, if those tracks aren’t gone yet, I’m glad to hear it. I’d love to think there’s something left of where I grew up, but I’d hate to see it if wasn’t the way I remembered it–and it’s almost certainly not the way I remember it.

          2. Hasn’t been the same since Bowie closed in ’85

        2. I grew up in in New Orleans and was into Pistol Pete back then. Now I don’t give the slightest fuck about basketball.

          1. pops took me to Jazz games ’77-’78 @Superdome. also got to see the ’77 Superbowl and Ali/Spinks … and a lot of bad Saints games

        3. I’ve been to the Laurel racetrack.

          1. I’ve passed Laurel Park. There is a flag stop on the MARC Camden Line. The train never stopped there.

      2. I hear the Redskins name is now available.

    4. This was the first year on a while I started watching the NBA again, catching most Suns games. I’m already back out

      1. I’ve been playing basketball my whole life. Used to be 5 days a week for hours at a time.
        I have a few friends who played pro in Europe, Australia, Korea, and another friend who’s a producer at NBA TV – played (online) poker with him last night.
        Totally forgot it was (re)opening night

    5. My decisions to stop giving a shit about the NBA 8 years ago is looking better and better by the day.

    6. They get to stay in the most expensive places in Disney World, visit the parks, and bring their families at the end of this “season”.

      Fuck those entitled twats.

      1. AND they are complaining about the quality of the $500/night rooms, and the food that is delivered to their rooms.
        Not to mention a couple of cop cars parked outside the fence on 192 to either keep the fans out, or the players in. I assume that the mouse is picking up the tab for that one.

  21. Homeland Security is keeping tabs on protest media.

    I’m going to have to dig deeper into who is defining what as protest media.

    1. “Protest Media” is dumbasses filming themselves committed federal felonies and broadcasting it to the world via social media.

      1. But when Biden is elected, it will be any non-approved leftist news source.

        1. And a few leftist sources that aren’t leftist enough – – – – –

      2. A lot of the streams on Woke media ended up getting shut down after that article came out which showed the marshals were monitoring rioter activity on them. The rioters are now threatening anyone who shows them rioting.

    2. Collecting news sources is hardly spying. And fairly common intelligence tactic. Making this out like it’s some form of Gestapo tactics is a huge overreaction or purposely dishonest or both.

      1. And also how are the monitoring them? Is it something as simple as liking/following them? If it is open source or shared, what is the real problem? It sounds creepy, but I doubt it is anything new. Pretty sure the DoJ was monitoring TEA party newsfeeds also under Obama.


    John Lewis’s funeral was in Georgia. Dozens of Members of Congress were there.

    Georgia is on Washington DC Mayor Bowser’s list of states that require 2 week mandatory quarantine for 14 days

    Are these politicians going into quarantine, or are rules just for the little people?

    1. Still the greatest name in punditry.

      1. Any last name goes well with “Buck”>

      2. what is Ben Dover, chopped liver?

    2. The mayor specifically exempted politicians and lobbyists. Because of course she did. The law only applies to ordinary citizens after all.

  23. A trove of new documents related to the case against Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

    As long as none of them include more prints of Bill Clinton in the blue dress.

    1. *shudder*

  24. Black conservative journalist stabbed in Portland says Americans ‘need to wake up,’ ‘start exposing Antifa’

    HAHA. When Democrats cannot keep the Black Americans on board with the Narrative, they are in trouble.

    Tell us, unreason, about how these unpeaceful assemblies are protected by the 1st Amendment again?

    1. A black Trump supporter was killed last week at a BLM/Antifa rally and Reason barely mentioned it.

      1. Just like how they’ve been mum on the Uighur genocide.

  25. Rep. David Schweikert (R–Ariz.) has been found guilty of violating 11 House ethics rules.

    Yes! They nailed the one congressman violating campaign finance.

  26. RIP Herman Cain.


  27. Government Teachers’ Unions Unveil New COVID-19 Demand: Pay Us For Doing Nothing

    As the Wuhan virus pandemic persists and wild rhetoric along with it, teachers unions are threatening to strike if schools reopen, but they’re also pushing to limit online teaching

    1. Don’t we pay them for doing nothing already?

      1. If they would only do nothing, it would be an improvement over active indoctrination.

  28. AG Barr is pleased

    But everyone told me he was super smart.

    1. First day of Covid lockdowns – what does Barr do?
      Calls for indefinite detention during the pandemic.
      He’s worse than the BLM.

      1. No he didn’t.

        “Bottom line: The proposed legislative text confers powers upon judges. It does not confer new powers upon the executive branch,” said a statement posted by DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec early Monday morning. “These provisions are designed to empower the courts to ensure the fair and effective administration of justice.”

        According to Kupec, this concern is unfounded. She said the proposed measures, which include suspending certain time limits in criminal cases, were the result of consulting with both the judiciary and Congress in order “to help federal judges more consistently manage the cases within their districts and to protect the interests of justice during this national emergency.”

        So it was a discussion with the Legislative and Judicial branches on how to respond to delays due to Covid…

        Yes, you’re one of the people mentioned in the Pew Survey.

  29. So Wisconsin’s Gov. Evers decided to test the waters yesterday after getting his dick slapped by the state Supreme Court in May. At that time, the court had basically said that the Governor could not perpetually declare a state of emergency and had to get approval from the legislature after a defined period of time to continue any “emergency orders” coming from the executive branch. That has put and end to any state-level mandates since then (given the Republican legislature), including masks- until yesterday. The Gov. decided it was time to try declaring a new state of emergency in implement a mask mandate, since it was clearly killing him to watch all other other Democrat governors get to play with this new toy while he had to sit on his hands. It is supposed to take effect 8/1; coincidentally (right…), that is also when one of the conservative justices on the court is replaced with a liberal. So it is POSSIBLE that a court challenge, should it get to that point, will not be foregone conclusion. However, the legislature is calling for a special session today, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they can find some solid legal ground to overturn or block the order without the court’s involvement.

    Predictably, sheriffs from around the state, particularly rural counties, immediately began announcing that they would not be enforcing the order. One of the better ones, from the sheriff of a neighboring county and posted on Facebook, was:

    Wear a mask if you want, if don’t want to, that is fine also. The Sheriff’s office is not the mask police. We will be out looking for real criminals.

    Laws without the consent of the governed are useless.

    1. I was in rural Kansas and Oklahoma last week. No one gives a flying fuck about masks. That is a strictly blue state city thing.

      1. That’s the frustrating part- the dumbass Democrat-leaning cities, and the surrounding counties with the agoraphobic suburban Karens, have already been making their own mask rules. Plus, we all know that most big retailers already have them in place, so this changes nothing in Walmart, Menards, many bigger grocery stores, etc. no matter where they are located. So 90+% of the places where people might want them and may actually care enough to follow them, already have them. You are going to get very little additional effective mask wearing with this. The ONLY reason to issue this order is to a) simply do it because you are jealous that every other Democrat governor has gotten to, and b) stick a finger in the eye of the areas of the state that don’t like you and don’t vote for you out of spite.

        1. It is all about spite. Liberals are utterly hateful and broken people. They have no ideas or programs beyond harming people they see as some “other”.

          1. Re-education camps?

        2. There was little justification for it in the first place.

          One person tried to tell me that mandating masks posed little threat and more upside while asserting HCQ posed a threat.

          I say it’s the opposite. Masks can have all kinds of bad outcomes.

          Ontario is now mandating them for Grade 4 and up and even pushing for younger kids to have them. 89 cases in a population of 14 million and in a country with 4 deaths. They’re micro-managing our lives to the point it’s malice in my view.

          Doug Ford is a fat pumpkin head authoritarian. Bill 195 gives him expanded emergency powers for TWO years and look at the result.

          Despite the science and paediatricians urging not to do it.

          He’s a piece of shit. Him and education minister Lecce passed this without the input of teachers.

          A couple of fake conservative clowns.

          We’re run by incompetent idiots. But it’s ok. It’s all fake news apparently.

        3. another reason why the Left doesn’t care about bankrupting small businesses — large companies can be bullied more easily on Twitter into being woke.

          1. There’s mutual benefit for Corporate America in going with the Left’s wokeism

      2. No. It’s a soccer mom thing. My blue burb is all masked up.

        Except for the cajuns. They’re all infected.

        1. fck. red burb. I don’t even know where I live.

      3. Pretty much a blue person thing too.

    2. According to the media, Biden is leading Trump in Wisconsin by major points.

      As Clinton found out, states that have Republican Legislatures are more likely to go Trump.

      1. Yeah, according to the media Biden is leading Trump about everywhere by major points. I just don’t get that. I’m not a big conspiracy nut, I don’t believe that they are falsifying polls, and in general I think polling done correctly should give a reasonably accurate picture- at least it has in the past (prior to the last election). But something may have changed- is the increased polarization and distrust of the media and political class causing conservatives and/or Trump voters to refuse to participate in polls? Or lie? I’m not sure, but I just can’t see much of a significant shift to Biden by voters who chose Trump over Hillary. Maybe some old people who are scared of the Rona, I guess.

        1. It is shunned by all to like trump. You literally can’t admit it anywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if trump voters lie out of sheer social conformity. Then secretly vote trump and pretend they didn’t.
          It’s kind of hard to vote Biden, he doesn’t even try. He’s offered less than Hillary – why would anyone vote Biden? He has no agenda. I’ve never heard him take a stand on anything that didn’t come back to embarrass him. What is he for and against? Trump? And that’s it? Who the fuck thinks that is a presidential candidate?

          No one. I’m suspicious now because it’s obvious they all want us to vote trump.

        2. Recent polls showed that a whopping 60% of Americans are afraid to express political views.

          Presidential polls are absolutely and utterly useless when 60% of the potential respondents will most likely not respond to some random pollster.

          And of course that 60% is for the average American….conservatives skew significantly higher in concerns about expressive political views.

          1. Recent polls showed that a whopping 60% of Americans are afraid to express political views.

            Is that 60% of Americans that won’t express their views to a pollster? Or 60% of Americans who won’t discuss politics in “mixed company”? Because you know, it’s long been considered taboo to discuss politics or religion when in the company of strangers. That’s not a left/right thing, that is a cultural thing.

            1. Nearly two-thirds—62%—of Americans say the political climate these days prevents them from saying things they believe because others might find them offensive.

              1. I don’t see how that is so problematic or terrible. That is how polite conversation has been since forever. Don’t talk about politics or religion in mixed company because you might upset or offend someone. Frankly I am surprised that evidently 38% of Americans are comfortable sharing their political views in mixed company without fear of offending people.

                1. Because, the polling shows that it is creating an echo chamber, as conservatives and even libertarians tend to hedge their political views the most, whereas Progressives are far less likely to. But I can see why you think groupthink isn’t a bad thing.

                  1. Also, unencumbered civil political debate is necessary for a Constitutional Republic and a libertarian society. One more thing you don’t seem to understand about libertainism.

                2. You mean don’t express non progressive points of view. Which is laughable, since progressives are the ones who need to go.

            2. The same poll shows that conservatives feel the least safe while progressives feel the most safe, expressing their political values. So yes it is a left right thing. Also, consider most polling is either done by lobbyists, political campaigns or media sources, all of which have doxxed people in the past, especially conservatives and the fact that to contact you they have your personal information it is not a huge leap to be weary of voicing your opinion to an supposed anonymous pollster.

            3. There are numerous bias flaws in surveys, generally, that are presumably pronounced quite a bit in this political climate.
              The key ones here would be:
              The desirability bias, where respondents align in what is currently the socially acceptable response.
              And less obvious, the non-response bias where only those with strong opinion respond at all.

              This is taught in every social research class, yet this year is the first year I’ve ever heard it referred to (indirectly), due to the cancel culture. And it’s only floated as a possible theory, at that.

              IMO, I don’t think there is any question this is what is driving these poll results. It’s what drove the poll results in the last election and that’s when someone was only laughed at for being a Trump supporter.

              1. Jeffy will now accuse you of using the fake news defense and tell you to go back to Fox News. You used to many big words and concepts for him.

        3. People who value their privacy don’t answer random phone calls.

          1. I just hang up as soon as I realize it’s any polling or lobbyists group.

    3. I thought everyone in Wisconsin was supposed to be dead by now, since they all hit the bars after the state supreme court tossed out the illegal shutdown order on a technicality?

      1. We were supposed to be dead cause we didn’t delay the April election.

  30. Seattle residents are pushing back on the defund the police movement.

    That turned quickly. Keep supporting the “peaceful” protestors.

    1. Nothing says come join us like taking a severed pig’s head, putting it on an American flag, and then setting it all on fire.

      Great campaign ad.

      1. When I was 17 or 18 I put a pound of bacon on the local corrupt cop’s police car when I saw him walk into a restaurant. Went to the store and bought bacon and then went back and baconed his pig car all over. That was funny. This Portland shit is flagrant. It’s no wonder everyone kills themselves over there. It’s the least they can do.

    2. Defund the police by 50% — taxpayers should get in front of the council, and declare that they will pay 50% of their taxes. This handy plan also might work for school closures, considering that at least on the FL property tax bill, school taxes are clearly defined.

      1. My property tax bill is itemized like that. I can’t believe I pay about $1400 a year for a fucking kids playground a mile away that I never visit because it’s tiny, surrounded by an iron fence, and entirely for kids. Nothing there is for adults so I would look like a perv if I was hanging out there for any time at all, which I wouldn’t do anyway because it’s just a kids playground. And it was closed for 4 months this year because of the virus.

  31. “making sure every American is automatically registered to vote”

    But then they would still have to do the work of getting up and walking like 10 feet to the mailbox to get the ballot. Could we just automatically mail in their votes too?

    1. Duh. The end game will be voting for others–in their best interests, of course.

    2. I think Facebook and twitter are working on an algorithm to just announce the results as the polls close; no need to touch those germy ballots or anything.

  32. Democrats in the Senate are doing what’s right for the next Stimulus bill, making sure rich people in blue states get those damn SALT deductions.

  33. Because online media isn’t ONLY established coordinated propaganda. Yet.

    It’s about time that websites be required to post a disclaimer page before access. For example.


    How would this affect the income of Facebook and Twitter? Especially when new communication websites have this disclaimer.


    I know which sites bigoted cancel culture dipshits would prefer and the rest of us wouldn’t have to suffer them.

    1. The problem is not that social media companies are viciously partisan and cancel people in pursuit of that partisanship. The problem is they are allowed to lie to the public and pretend they value free exchange of ideas. They are committing fraud on a massive scale but somehow that is okay because owning something means it is okay to use it as a means of fraud and deceit or something.

      1. The tweet from yesterday’s Roundup:

        A very good and concise summary of Section 230:

        You, not the place where you write online, are responsible for what you write online.

        — Matthew Feeney (@M_feeney) July 29, 2020

        Utter horseshit. Try writing something Twitter or Facebook or whoever disapproves of, see how fast they become responsible for making sure you’re not allowed to say that online.

        1. If they want to control what goes on their platform, and they clearly do, they should be responsible for what is on there. With freedom comes responsibility.

        2. Which makes me think: We’re usually grateful that Reason is an open forum and they allow posters to say whatever sort of shit they want to say no matter how stupid or vile – yet suppose Reason were blocking certain posters or certain expressions, how would you know?

          1. You would see their posts appear and disappear the way Shreek’s child porn links or various doxing attempts do.

          2. Because people would log in under a pseudonym and announce it.

        3. There’s plenty of conservatives posting conservative views all over Twitter. What are you talking about?

          1. Go ask some anti trans feminists about their viewpoints on Twitter. Oh wait you can’t.

            1. So Twitter has banned anti-trans feminists? For doing what precisely?

              1. Saying men can’t be women.

              1. Oh the irony of you thinking this is about me and not about you.

                Are you really unaware of a certain Canadian feminist?

                1. I’m sure there are many Canadian feminists. Which one?

            2. Oh right you’re referring to what J.K. Rowling wrote on Twitter.
              Frankly I didn’t follow that controversy. Sounds more like grade school nonsense.

              Did she write something mean and hateful against trans individuals?

              1. No he is talking about this, you dishonest piece of shit


                In a letter to Twitter director Martha Lane Fox, Fair Play for Women says the company is allowing “a concerted attack on women’s free speech”.

                But trans activist Ashleigh Talbot said the group’s letter seeks to “whip up” hatred against trans people.

                Twitter said its rules are enforced equally for every user, regardless of the commentary they engage in.

                Fair Play for Women describes itself as a group of “ordinary women” who argue that “in the rush to reform transgender laws” women’s voices will not be listened to.

                It says Twitter users have been banned for stating “basic, incontrovertible biological facts” such as saying men are not women.

                Transsexual writer Miranda Yardley said she was banned from Twitter for stating that Green Party LGBT spokesperson Aimee Challenor, a trans woman, is a man.

                Writing on her blog she said: “According to the rules of Twitter it is now hateful conduct to call someone who is a man, a man.

                “The implication of this is that the concept of proscribed speech, things we are now not allowed to say, now extends to the truth. This is fundamentally illiberal.”

                Fair Play for Women also said women receive abuse for talking “about their biology” – including being threatened with violence and referred to as Terfs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists).

                There are tons of other examples. Google is your friend. But you know this. You are a stupid and ignorant person, but you are not that ignorant. You are just lying as usual.

                1. I frankly don’t follow this type of juvenile nonsense like Twitter spats. I have better things to do with my time than that.

                  But from reading your little article, I get the impression that there is more to the story than what is presented. It reminds me of claims often made by some conservatives that “I was banned for being a conservative on Twitter!” when really the ban was about that particular individual acting like a complete asshole. So I would need more information before coming to the conclusion that Twitter bans people for doing nothing more than stating something like “male mammals produce sperm”. Not saying you’re wrong, just saying that I’m not yet convinced that you’re right.

                  1. There is one than just one little article. Beyond that, I just gave you proof what this is about and you dismiss it because you don’t like what it says. “There must be more to this”. No there isn’t. But if you think there is, then go look and try not to be ignorant for once.

                    I don’t follow Twitter spats because you don’t follow anything Jeff. You are totally ignorant about every subject. Ignorance is your move right after dishonesty.

                  2. I frankly don’t follow this type of juvenile nonsense aka I don’t follow facts before inserting an opinion.

                    But from reading your little article, I get the impression that there is more to the story

                    Based on nothing because you already admitted you refuse to educate yourself before inserting your opinion.

                    1. The evidence presented to me is not persuasive enough. It’s your job to prove your claim, not my job to do your homework for you. As I said I have better things to do with my time than to follow Twitter spats.

                    2. Shorter chemtard: ” This gets in the way of my biases so I don’t like it.”

                  3. “…..acting like a complete asshole.”

                    Apparently voicing some opinions, (like men are not women) falls into that category. Seems like you’re making johns point for him.

              2. I have been following the JK Rowling story. Many accuse her of being anti-trans when i would say she’s being quite thoughtful.

                Anyway, she’s still on Twitter. Has not been banned.

                1. Is that because of her famous status, or because her tweets were genuinely inoffensive?

                  1. Some people were very offended by her questions about whether the medical/psychiatric establishment is too quick to transition young people with dysphoria [sp?].

                    I can’t remember what was on Twitter, what was on her website, and what was in interviews and other sources.

                    She wrote an essay explaining her good intentions, but is still getting a lot of grief.

                    She’s hard to cancel, though.

                2. Yes, we know you’re ignorant. There are dozens of cases. The first big one is Meagan Murphy. Instead of value signaling and thinking you’re the true honest person here, how about educating yourself instead?

                  1. So, I’ve figured out by now that when you claim to know all about some current events topic, you actually only know what you’ve been getting at right-wing sites.

                    1. And this is different from ChemJeff who does the same but with left leaning media, how? Yet you constantly criticize Jesse but always defend ChemJeff.

                  2. I just read about Meghan Murphy to get the basic story.

                    I don’t agree with Twitter’s policy on talking about trans people, but at the end of the day it is their website.

              3. No I wasn’t. I was referring to Meghan Murphy. But there are in fact multiple choices I could have chosen from.

        4. missing from that tweet…twitter agreed to be an open platform with limited rules. Content creators were given access where Twitter receives ad revenue and a person can gain a following. Twitter then arbitrarily changed their rules where they still get ad revenue but you can lose your followers.

          1. When did Twitter agree to this?

            1. I can’t honestly tell if you’re an idiot or just play one on this sock. Wait, no. You’re an idiot.

              1. So, you have no answer.

                1. He did give an answer, did you read his second sentence?

      2. The disclaimer would neuter the lie.

        People would know that either the dialogue is biased and bigoted or that it represents the content of everyone who wishes to participate.

  34. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $53.6 billion

    Recall that half a year ago our benefactor was stagnating around $60 billion — and even that figure was completely unacceptable. I can only imagine how painful it must be for him to see his hard-earned fortune collapse to barely above $50 billion.


    1. You need new material.

  35. Epstein’s Private Jet’s Flight Manifests
    The flight manifests for Epstein’s private jet was used as evidence in a trial against him, and is as such a public document. His plane was dubbed the “Lolita Express” as young girls often traveled on the plane to and from Epstein’s private island and other locations.

    The manifests are particularly disturbing, as the passenger entries confirm that several VIPs, including president Bill Clinton, who is logged together with passengers just recorded as “females”.

    Some pages are skipped because they did not contain parseable data. See the original PDF file to understand why.

    Note that the search is probably not very good due to bad text parsing. See the structured data and search through that for better results.

    1. After reading excerpts of the various Jane Does, Dershowitz looks like he got dropped neck deep in shit.

      Though, wake me when they start naming Hollywood names, or politicians with actual power. Bill Clinton, at this point, I don’t think counts. Maybe I’m wrong.

      Weird that Epstein/Maxwell didn’t also traffic boys, if the purpose of the island was for blackmail.

  36. Define “Conspiracy theory”.

    1. Things you’re not supposed to know about. Now shut up.

    2. Noticing that all blue check people on twitter seem to tead from the same secret talking points

  37. I can’t tell you how shocked I am to find out that people who don’t pay any attention to propaganda are ill-informed about the latest propaganda. Why the fuck should people be paying attention to political news? If politics are important enough to pay attention to, it’s time to prune the government so it goes back to being of minor interest to the average person’s day-to-day life. Which means we’re about 75 years overdue for a pruning.

  38. Just a reminder…

    Before you run out and buy cover proof goggles and ask for continued economic destruction…

    California never reopened but is enjoying the same sun belt increases as the states that reopened.

    It is almost like the measures being taken are just for show. And for those who clicked on the charts I posted w days ago, cover in the sun belt is showing the same seasonal deployment as the flu, a transition from Northern states to Southern.

    1. >>It is almost like the measures being taken are just for show.

      also like the figures being cited are just for show

    2. Californians have been wearing masks all along, and mostly working from home.
      We still had a spike in cases following the mass protests like everyone else.

  39. As the 2020 Russia is hoping trump narrative takes off new facts emerge about when the US actually did coordinate with Russia… when Clinton and Obama sent IS technology to Russia through the Skolkovo agreement. Technology now used in Russias weapons program.

  40. The other day we were talking about one progressive-minded prosecutor in St. Louis City using her position in an unethically partisan manner.

    Yesterday afternoon, her counterpart in the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office, Wesley Bell, demonstrated that you can be reform-minded without being an idiot.

    After a five month review of the case, he came out yesterday and announced that there would still not be any charges against Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown case. He couldn’t support the case moving forward based on the evidence.

    Local activists are *pissed*. They wanted pre-determined results, not evidence!

    1. Why do you think Bell picked now, of all occasions, to make this announcement? Keeping in mind there is no requirement to make an announcement that a DA’s office won’t be charging someone. Might it be to get the rioters pissed off at something else police-related? Since St. Louis doesn’t appear to be shooting any black folks lately.

      And distract a tad from the debacle of the McCluskey’s prosecution?

      1. Maybe to demonstrate the difference between him and the city prosecutor, Kim Gardner, who is possibly going to be primaried out of office on Tuesday.

        Both of them were elected after the Ferguson debacle, and both of them ran on reform-oriented platforms. Bell seems to be much more reasonable and level-headed than Gardner. I actually voted for him – our previous county prosecutor was far too chummy with the police.

        1. Although he did go out of his way to declare this doesn’t exonerate the officer (despite three different investigations and the autopsy coming to the same conclusion) and that he believes the officer handled it wrong and could have handled it without killing Brown. But didn’t specify how.

  41. Everyone must enjoy this modern rice.

  42. “those who rely most on social media for political news stand apart from other news consumers in a number of ways. These U.S. adults, for instance, tend to be less likely than other news consumers to closely follow major news stories, such as the coronavirus outbreak and the 2020 presidential election. And, perhaps tied to that, this group also tends to be less knowledgeable about these topics.”

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you to learn that people who spend almost all their time in a social media bubble are ill-informed morons.

    1. They would be shocked too, but their Twitter echo chamber has assured them that this is Fake News.

  43. Analyzing Pew polls conducted from October of last year through June 2020, the center found that “those who rely most on social media for political news stand apart from other news consumers in a number of ways. These U.S. adults, for instance, tend to be less likely than other news consumers to closely follow major news stories, such as the coronavirus outbreak and the 2020 presidential election. And, perhaps tied to that, this group also tends to be less knowledgeable about these topics.”

    Hmm. Does this correlate with reasons reliance on twitter..

  44. Here’s another example of what I’m talking about when I say that recessions are like time machines–they accelerate existing trends in such a way that the future arrives sooner than it would have otherwise:

    “AMC Theatres has struck a historic agreement with Universal that will allow the studio’s movies to be made available on premium video-on-demand after just 17 days of play in cinemas.”

    Presently, the theater is protected from having to compete with home rentals for 75 days.

    Now, we don’t have to wait two and a half months to see a film at home or sit in a disgusting, overpriced theater with a bunch of blabbering mall rats.

    Yeah, this is the way things were headed already, but AMC being closed down by the virus, new film production being delayed by the virus, etc. put more leverage behind the studios.

    In related news, Comcast, owner of NBCUniversal and Xfinity cable announced that they lost another 477,000 cable TV subscribers to streaming last quarter. One of the few draws of cable television is the inclusion of live sports channels, but with none of that going on lately, people have had even less reason than usual to pay through the nose for cable. This is also presumably hurting their news operations sine the streaming options often don’t make you pay for cable news unless you specifically order it.

    1. >>recessions are like time machines

      i saw this reiterated on tv this morning and thought of your theory

  45. Skill at “twister” new requirement for PC headline writers:

    “Some educators of color resist push for police-free schools”


    You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science

    “Research both sides and make up your own mind.” It’s simple, straightforward, common sense advice. And when it comes to issues like vaccinations, climate change, and the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, it can be dangerous, destructive, and even deadly. The techniques that most of us use to navigate most of our decisions in life — gathering information, evaluating it based on what we know, and choosing a course of action — can lead to spectacular failures when it comes to a scientific matter.

    The reason is simple: most of us, even those of us who are scientists ourselves, lack the relevant scientific expertise needed to adequately evaluate that research on our own. In our own fields, we are aware of the full suite of data, of how those puzzle pieces fit together, and what the frontiers of our knowledge is. When laypersons espouse opinions on those matters, it’s immediately clear to us where the gaps in their understanding are and where they’ve misled themselves in their reasoning. When they take up the arguments of a contrarian scientist, we recognize what they’re overlooking, misinterpreting, or omitting. Unless we start valuing the actual expertise that legitimate experts have spent lifetimes developing, “doing our own research” could lead to immeasurable, unnecessary suffering.

    1. The reason is simple: most of us, even those of us who are scientists ourselves, lack the relevant scientific expertise needed to adequately evaluate that research on our own.

      Trust the experts? Who is an expert, if we’re too dumb to know if a so called ‘expert’ is knowledgeable or full of shit?

      1. Well let’s see. How do you know that the mechanic to whom you take your car to get repaired won’t turn your car into a flaming death machine?

        1. Liability, fucktard. Mechanics have liability for what they do to your car. Likewise, ‘professionals’ who give legal, financial and health advice have liability. Public ‘experts’ have none.

          Ask Fauci if he has malpractice insurance.

          1. Liability is part of it, sure.
            But it is also demonstrated expertise by the individual, and it is also the reputation of the individual which are determining factors.

            Some individuals will choose unlicensed mechanics with no liability insurance to fix their cars for them (i.e., friends and associates) because they value demonstrated expertise and reputation more than the protection of liability insurance.

            I don’t know if Dr. Fauci has liability insurance or not, but he does have a reputation and some demonstrated expertise in the area of public health. I would say that places Dr. Fauci’s opinion to have greater weight than, say, your Uncle Fester’s opinion who once talked to some nurse at a hospital who said that coronavirus was a hoax.

            The larger point here though is that “experts” shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand because they pompously call themselves experts and they have the right credentials. Experts like everyone should be evaluated based on their expertise.

            1. One of Fauci’s more memorable demonstrations.


              I should also point out that Fauci was largely responsible for the Peanut guidance that led to an explosion of peanut allergy cases that was only reversed the last few years.

              1. Umm, what exactly was Dr. Fauci’s connection with the story that you linked?

                I should also point out that Fauci was largely responsible for the Peanut guidance that led to an explosion of peanut allergy cases that was only reversed the last few years.


                You mean, Dr. Fauci offered a recommendation based on the current best evidence, then changed his recommendation upon the review of additional evidence? That is called the scientific method.

                1. No, it really isn’t. When he issued those guidelines there simply wasn’t enough information available. The number of studies was very limited. However, federal law doesn’t require food guidelines to include the more scientifically accurate statement ” there simply isn’t enough solid evidence at this point to issue a scientifically sound guideline”. He didn’t follow the scientific method so much as the poorly worded federal laws on food safety guidelines. This is also how we have ended up with the idea eggs and bacon cause heart disease and that salt is bad for you. Those guidelines were created with very little supportive data and subsequent research have pretty much disproved them, yet they remain because every attempt to update them is met with outcry from certain lobbying groups.

            2. The larger point here though is that “experts” shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand because they pompously call themselves experts and they have the right credentials.

              Yes, they should be dismissed when there are no consequences for their words and actions. The lack of risk creates perverse incentives. A host is not obligated to bow down to its parasites. Some are necessary for the body to function properly, but still should be treated like the shit-eaters they are.

              1. Yes, they should be dismissed when there are no consequences for their words and actions.

                If you say so, but I find it hard to believe that you have never asked an uninsured friend or associate to perform some favor for you that might have incurred some liability on your friend’s part should the task have gone awry.

                1. Goal post moved. Fuck, I can’t even see it. Comparing ‘experts’ who have been involved in deceptions and public policies leading directly to thousands of deaths facing no consequences to my buddy breaking a lamp while helping me move.

                  I guess you have a point. I still bought my buddy pizza instead of taking him out back and shooting him in the head.

            3. He doesn’t need liability insurance because he doesn’t have a medical practice. He’s a government employee with qualified immunity and no patients.

              I’d be surprised if he’s actually licensed to practice in any state, because he doesn’t need to be for what he does, but I don’t know that he isn’t. Unlike Engineer or Architect or other professional titles, Doctor is an honorific. You get to keep that one forever once you graduate with a doctorate degree.

            4. No. The “larger point here is” that non experts should just shut up, cuz it’s dangerous. Listen to your betters without question, for their motives are true and they have no agenda. Or, apparently, the “relevant scientific expertise needed…..”

              Can’t question that. Haha.

    2. Unfortunately, I have no way of determining if this person has any relevant expertise in the field of telling us what we should pay attention to and what we should ignore.

      1. We need experts on telling us which experts to blindly follow! Conveniently, this seems to be the role that the media has determined only they can fill.

    3. Yes, you can “believe in Science” but science takes some actual thinking.

    4. Wow, way to fail to understand the basic concept of scientific method. Welcome to the Dark Ages, o Oracle of Forbes.

      Thing is, basic scientific method is just common sense. I am told a citronella candle will keep my deck free of mosquitoes, I try it, I end up a total ball of bugbites. Next time, I spray on some Cutter, I am stinky but bite-free. Do I go on believing that citronella candles work, because some expert who knows way more than me about insect behavior, tells me so?

      Public schools, when you think about it, really have done an incredible job of beating this basic, almost innate feel for scientific method out of students. Sad.

      Do the experiment, show your results in math, or shut up. You know nothing, John Forbes!

      1. Public schools, when you think about it, really have done an incredible job of beating this basic, almost innate feel for scientific method out of students. Sad.

        I agree, and part of it, I think, is due to the fetish for standardized testing. So instead of teachers letting students explore the scientific method with creative projects, teachers have to beat knowledge into the heads of their students so that they can pass the standardized tests and therefore the school can keep its funding from the state (and the teacher keeps his/her job). In the end students are left with a view of science that it is full of dry boring facts and they hate it.

        1. I agree, and part of it, I think, is due to the fetish for standardized testing.

          Is there a single democratic narrative you don’t believe?

          The issue is that schools are dumbing down education. Common Core, as an example, pushed back the year one should start algebra a full grade later. Kids are no longer learning proven methods like Saxon math principles that require both understanding and rote memorization of tables. Standards are being lowered left and right for various favored groups. Grade inflation is real. Kids are not held back. Discipline has basically been eliminated in many schools. Mainlining now slows down education in many classes.

          But you go ahead and blame the tests.

          1. I said PART OF IT. Can you not read? I agree that the entire issue of the state of education today is rather complicated. You bring up some good points. But of course instead of acknowledging the complexity of the issue, your go-to all-purpose reason is “IT’S OBAMA’S COMMON CORE”. You really are predictable.

            1. Common Core was implemented under Bush, so implying he is stating it’s ‘Obama’s common core’, when he didn’t even mention Obama is just a straw man. Keep it up Jeffy.

              1. Ohh, “lying Jeffy”! I get it now. I’m new, but catching on.

                1. Have you gotten to the point yet where you see he always claim to be a libertarian but spends most of his time defending leftist and aiming all his ire at Republicans.

                  1. Pfff. You’re shitting me. No, had I ever seen him claim any libertarian affiliation, the dishonest label would’ve been more obvious.

                    I just noticed there’s not much consistency to his viewpoints, as if he’s making this shit up as he goes.

                    1. That dude is as un radical an individualist as you’re ever gonna see. Groupthink to the core.

      2. Forbes used to be a rock of business journalism; the absolute best. But 15-20 years ago it turned to complete mush. This is a perfect example.

        Those without critical thinking skills are doomed, and always have been.

        Advising them on who to trust is like trying to counsel your tomato plants.

    5. Ignorance is Strength

    6. I prefer thinking of the Animal House line, when I’m asked to trust the experts.

      Jesus Christ, could these people be any more Soviet in their thinking and actions? Even they had the much older proverb, “Trust, but verify.”

    7. Part of the problem is the popular-science descriptions of scientific results. The “does MSG cause headaches?” thing is a perfect example. Nonscientists who have read popular journalism will say no, MSG does not cause headaches, and there are studies. If you try to google the studies, you can get meta-studies that claim to have evaluated all the other studies and found “no evidence.” Then if you drill down and read the damn studies, you find that under some conditions, MSG can cause headaches, but the conditions under which it happens haven’t been clarified enough. If you are someone who does get headaches from MSG, none of it is reassuring. Which scientists are able to do studies about what, when, is a social and political choice, related to funding and reputation in addition to curiousity. For MSG, I have the choice to just limit my diet and choose to have MSG or not by being aware of the ingredients in food and only eat it when I’m prepared for the side effects. Also MSG is not carried in aerosols.
      For coronavirus, there are so few choices that we have when confronted with an invisible threat, it brings out all the worst responses. However, people absolutely have to evaluate medical and health information based on their personal situations. If the health professionals have the urge to call people stupid and uninformed, maybe they could look into the information pathways connecting people to *their own science* and evaluate where the problems are.
      Most of the US never thought corona would get this bad. I think the people who closed the economy did not think the first lockdown would fail; neither did the school systems. But it did fail and it is something else we were unprepared for.

      1. “For coronavirus, there are so few choices that we have when confronted with an invisible threat, it brings out all the worst responses.”

        Hence the masks – a way to make the imaginary threat real from a sensory perspective

      2. Is corona THAT bad?
        What are we comparing it to?
        Did the lockdowns really fail? That would require a goal. The goal we were sold was to keep hospitals from being overrun, and they weren’t.

        What would happen if covid19 was just another, regular flu – and the left destroyed the country because of it?

    8. So don’t study and issue before you start being an activist for it?
      Believe that science works by democracy, rather than by contrarians disproving consensus theories?

  47. The Extremely Online Are Less Informed About Political News, More Informed About Conspiracy Theories

    Please note that this is coming from the woman who spent months scouring the internet for information on some mysterious Russian woman in the hopes that she could somehow prove that the bullshit the “Steele Dossier” was actually true.

  48. “…The Pew analysis first looked at how people learn about political news these days, finding that TV is people’s top source…”

    So most people ‘learn’ about political ‘news’ from sources such as CNN and FOX?
    That explains a LOT.

  49. Fuck Barr
    Fuck Wagner
    Fuck Schumer
    Fuck Pelosi
    Fuck AOC
    Fuck Trump
    Fuck Biden
    Fuck Bernie
    Fuck Hawley
    Fucker Nadler

    Who did I forget?

    1. Zuckerberg?

    2. Fauci

    3. Obama, and his automatic voter re-registration idea?

    4. >>Fuck AOC

      i’d be in on a tag-team.

      1. An AOC/Jenny McCarthy tag team?

        That could get wacky.

    5. Karen?

  50. CNN
    Individuals with a cervix are now recommended to start cervical cancers screening at 25 and continue through age 65, with HPV testing every five years as the preferred method of testing, according to a new guideline released by the American Cancer Society

    Think they mean women.

    1. What if I *identify* as having a cervix?

    2. Well, they definitely don’t mean “individuals”.

  51. “It should come as no shock, then, that local TV and social media news consumers also did less well on Pew pollsters’ questions about political positions and current events”


    Sometimes I get the feeling from staff around here that they’re completely oblivious to what’s happening in the markets or in current events.

    I’ll see staff call Trump a warmonger even as he’s putting pressure on the government in Kabul to release their Taliban prisoners as part of his peace agreement with the Taliban or worry about inflation when business news everywhere is wondering whether we’re effectively already flirting with negative interest rates.

    It’s like they’re affected by the same virus that warped ChemJeff and makes him tell us about his feelings as if they were facts. They feel like Trump is a warmonger and they feel like we should be worried about inflation–and that’s what social media is all about, people telling each other about their likes and feelings.

    Yeah, it comes “as no shock” that people on social media form opinions based on their feelings that have no grounding in actual facts. Even here at Reason, it seems that “free minds and free markets” has given way to minds that are free from market data.

    1. See also their shilling for Antifa and fawning profile they did this week on the dumb ass Antifa thug in Austin who got himself shot. They feel that Antifa are the good guys fighting oppression. That is what they want to believe. So that is what they do believe regardless of the obvious facts that Antifa is a fascist, terrorist organization and and completely opposed to everything reason claims to value.

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    2. Oh fuck you Ken. You present yourself as some sort of Vulcan-esque emotion-free robot but you yourself are motivated by emotion just as much as anyone else. In particular you are allowing yourself to let fear drive your vote for Trump despite professing to be a libertarian because you are scared of the scary bogeyman known as “The Left”. You yourself are proving to all that Trump’s demagoguery works, and it works so well that it has persuaded you to internalize it to such a degree that you think it is the rational approach when it is just yet more fearmongering that we have all observed for decades now.

      You can either affirmatively vote for an agenda that you positively support, or you can let your emotional fears run wild and vote for Daddy Trump to save you from the big bad evil Left. You are the one who is cowering in fear, not me.

      1. I just don’t get it. Any libertarian who pays attention can clearly see that both major parties are disasters and unworthy of our support.

        But several commenters here have built The Left into somehow being the bigger bogeyman.

        1. I believe it is based on the social media bubble that conservatives build for themselves, that is referenced in the above article. Conservatives by and large have rejected mainstream media sources and so only get their news from right-wing sources. They never hear the left-wing perspective honestly and fairly presented, all they get is Tucker Carlson’s and Sean Hannity’s and Ben Shapiro’s warped presentation of it. So OF COURSE, if all you know about “the Left” is what Tucker Carlson tells you about it, of course you’re going to be terrified and more willing to run to Daddy Trump to save you from the monstrous terror of The Left throwing Republicans into gulag death camps. But that is not reality.

          1. Maybe there’s something to that.

            I used to be impressed that commenters like JesseAz seem to be up on all the latest current events, but then I started realizing they are really only up on what the conservative media has been saying about current events.

            1. Jesse is a right-wing narrative machine.

              1. You accuse anyone who disagrees with you, as does White Knight and DoL, of being a right wing narrative machine so don’t be surprised that very few people agree with your assessment.

                1. I’m not posting comments to get the mean girls to like me and accept me into their club.

                  1. No, you are posting comments that almost universally supports one narrative over the other while calling anyone who disagrees with you a right wing we, Trumpbot, mean girl. All the while you make a false pretense at being a non tribalist Libertarian. But for the most part you don’t voice libertarian ideals so much as defend leftist ones.

                    1. You are filling that in in your own mind. Lately, most of my activity is almost all poking holes in the narratives of Trump apologists.

                      If you are referring to me expressing my disdain for Trump as a leftist talking point, sorry the guy is reprehensible. Even to a non-partisan libertarian.

                      I express disapproval of the Democrats now and then, but they aren’t in power right now.

                    2. You labeled me above a Trump supporter right after I stated he was stupid but the meaning and motive of his last tweet is ambiguous and we shouldn’t have overreact to it. What after I have stated his tweets and his off the cuff remarks are some of his worst qualities. So yes what I describe is exactly what you do. You just keep proving it time and time again. As for not being in power, if you only count the Executive branch and discount all the city councils, the governorships, and the House of Representatives, as well as most of the media establishment as being out of power.

                    3. And I should clarify I am not implying the have control of all the governorships, or city councils, just that you have to discount these entities to make the statement that they are out of power.

          2. Probably because the left wing perspective is never honestly put forth by leftists, except antifa

            1. Oh, baloney. The typical Democrat (I know many, as I also know many Republicans) is genuinely concerned with making sure people are taken care of, and nobody is treated as an underclass.

              They also typically don’t think very deeply about economics and where prosperity comes from, and are smug.

              But they are not backing some nefarious plan to turn the country into a socialist paradise where their antifa brown shirts hunt down conservatives.

              1. Other than the ones who do. Right?

              2. “…..are genuinely concerned with making sure people are taken care of….” With other people’s money.

                That’s why they suck.

      2. Are those your feelings you have confused with fact?
        You eat paste, John Snow.

        1. The people around here who pretend to be perfectly rational beings are just lying to themselves and everyone else. At least I am honest about who I am and what I stand for. Ken is the liar who pretends to be some Vulcan-esque logical being while he cowers in fear and runs to hide under the skirts of Daddy Trump to save him from the Evil Left Bogeyman.

          1. Rational – from the root “ratio”

            Rationally, the left is a far greater threat than anything else right now

          2. Yeah, sorry, I don’t get it, Jeff. I mean, I get that both sides have been two sides of the same coin when it comes to the growth of government and spending, but this will be the first time in my life that I won’t “waste” my vote on the libertarian candidate because the difference this time is that appreciable, and yeah, scary AF.

            And I really hate the left now for putting me in this position, but even setting aside the gaslighting and endorsement of anarchy, the spending they plan on is absolutely fucking insane and I honestly don’t give a fuck about the presidents indecent, petulant, and narc ways in comparison to that. The boogey man is, and always will be, whoever threatens our way if life in the most expedient and violent way possible, and leftist have shown they mean to set a new record this time around.

            I only see one group who wants to “transform” me. Yeah, no thanks.

            So I’m honestly asking you; other than hurting someone’s feelings and suffer the embarrassment of having him as our spokesman, WTF ill effect has this guy had on your life? Most people’s lives, for that matter?!

      3. “Trumps demagoguery works……”

        Or that the lefts demagoguery doesn’t. Nah, couldn’t be that.

    3. In the coddled (Lukianoff and Haidt) minds of modern Americans, feelings ARE the same as facts. We even have academic “research” to prove that. And examples, like Jeffy.

      1. In other words, humans are not Vulcans? That much is true.

        We are ALL motivated by both emotion and reason. I would argue that most of us here who genuinely value liberty do so both because it is a rationally superior method for organizing society, but ALSO because the idea of oppressive governments trampling upon basic liberties offends us on an emotional level. I get angry when I see the oppressive Chinese government quashing protests in Hong Kong. Don’t you? Shouldn’t you? If you don’t, what is wrong with you?

        1. But you seem far less upset that the left is pushing many of the same policies favored by China and even state you think their better at personal liberties than the right and when pressed to back up this assertion you revert to an appeal to authority.

        2. “……a superior method for organizing society….”

          Seriously dude, how did come up with that screen name? Irony? Parody?

    4. Where did anyone at Reason call Trump a warmonger?

      1. Quite a few times and often. Like around the beginning of the year and even when he announced his peace plan with the Taliban because it wasn’t fast enough for them.

      2. You weren’t around when he popped Soleimani, I see.

      3. Here’s the latest Reason article on Trump’s foreign military policy. It certainly doesn’t paint him as a warmonger, although it sorta paints the rest of D.C. as warmongers opposing him:

        I would say Trump has a mixed, inconsistent, erratic record, and Reason has portrayed him that way.

        1. We’re those goal posts heavy you went from never seeing it to it’s a mixed bag.

          1. Yeah, he really is a shoot first, research later kinda a guy, isn’t he?

  52. “Areas where public school education will be strictly online include Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties in Florida; Clark County in Nevada; Fairfax County in Virginia; Gwinnett County in Georgia; Wake County in North Carolina; Montgomery County in Maryland; Houston; and Los Angeles.”

    Big deal. Those kids are already slated to be in the bottom third, so delaying and degrading their education should not affect GDP.

    1. There’s a bigger picture here.

      Regardless of whether they should, public schools act as daycare to an awful lot of people. That means that plenty of people, unemployed people, too, won’t start looking for work until schools reopen.

      This is why President Trump and the Republicans are pushing so hard for the schools to reopen with regard to the economy. The Democrats are pushing hard to keep the schools closed in no small part because they’re in the pockets of the teachers’ unions.

      1. But those people who actually need to leave home to work (or pretend to work) are not the elite, urban class. And the elites will either promise to provide for the rabble in perpetuity, or dismiss them as redneck deplorables unworthy of existence.

        1. I think Trump and the Republicans are looking at the real world implications here.

          Plenty of people will choose not to go back to work if their “free” daycare center is open for business. That’s also why they’re fighting to cut the $600 benefit down to $200, so fewer people make more money on unemployment than they did when they were working–hence discouraging them from going back to work.

          It’s not about what the Democrats say or don’t say as much as it’s about what makes people go back to work. The economy improves in all sorts of ways when people go back to work.

          1. If they cut off unemployment, Democratic governors would be forced to open the economy. They only get away with their tyranny because so many people would lose money going back to work.

            1. They’re keeping working mothers, disproportionately, away from their jobs by keeping them at home to watch the kids since the schools aren’t open, that’s for sure. They can accomplish much of the same thing by keeping the schools closed as they can by keeping businesses closed. They’re turning those women into stay at home moms whether they want to be stay at home moms or not by keeping the schools closed. Working women who don’t absolutely need a paycheck to keep a roof over their heads aren’t leaving their second and third graders at home by themselves all day every day.

            2. Democratic governors would be forced to open the economy

              But they wouldn’t.

    2. Gwinnett has some decent public schools, or at least it did when I was there 20 years ago

      1. Gwinnett schools are better than some schools but generation Z is fucked because their education is even more lacking than millennials received.

        On the flip side, a young cashier in Georgia mentioned how Californians are acting like communists and I smiled because at least the young person knew about how bad Communism is.

  53. Not Orwellian at all.

    The Department of Homeland Security has compiled “intelligence reports” about the work of American journalists covering protests in Portland, Ore., in what current and former officials called an alarming use of a government system meant to share information about suspected terrorists and violent actors.

    1. There are not any protests in Portland. There are riots and terrorism. And news reports are publicly available. The government reading the newspaper is not Orwellian. You are correct in that.

    2. No one needs to compile an intelligence report anymore. People post their own on Facebook — political beliefs, known associates, supported organizations, favorite vacation spots, etc.

    3. They are collecting publicly available information. So what? Obama’s DoJ did the same thing with TEA party newsfeeds. Every President for decades gets a daily briefing every morning that includes multiple news articles collected from different media sources, including the US press. Your freaking out over something that is pretty innocuous. And their collecting is probably as simple as following a news site or liking it.


    Interesting article. The author writes it from an anti-Trump point of view but I think many of the points are valid regardless of which team is in charge.

    1. The Morning Jeffy Links don’t seem to be conversation starters.

      1. That must make you happy, doesn’t it? That the one millionth article publlished by the Daily Wire saying “OMG THE LEFT HAS GONE CRAZY” gets more attention than some thoughtful piece which actually has a point? Yeah, you sure showed me. Now let’s go talk about the latest Breitbart article about an illegal immigrant raping some blonde Real Murican coed.

        1. Why, yes, things that makes you miserable and less willing to clog up the comments with your brain diarrhea makes me giggle.

          But not because I am a Trump fan. I have never read a Breitbart article on purpose. I dislike you because of your progtard beliefs. I gave up a while back on the hope that you would learn something from the many people that post here who understand the relationship between history and current events. I decided to go with derision and scorn.

          1. Sure, my “progtard beliefs” like “I think all schools should be privatized” or “I think the drug war should be ended”? Like those?

            Good heavens. The only reason you call me names is because I don’t despise the left as much as you do. That’s it. For that I’m called a “progressive”. Go shove it up your ass.

            1. No, because you feel the need to defend the left and focus all your ire on the right.

              1. See, I am not alone in my assessment of you, Jeffy. If you ever learned anything from anyone, I have not seen the slightest bit of evidence. You are the one in the echo-chamber.

                Me, I still learn stuff every day and adjust my opinions accordingly. If you review my writing, you would see it is not support of Trump, the right, or conservatism, it is defense of natural rights and a categorical rejection of central planning and Marxism, the most murderous philosophy in human history.

                1. Hell, even Brandy buck pretty much called him out for this in the comment section on the story about Police Reform and the lack of it today.

                2. ChemJeff and White Knight are some of the biggest sufferers of confirmation bias I’ve ever seen.

                3. Cyto did too today. Even people who once defended Jeff (which disturbs me because my name Jeffrey and Everytime I see someone criticizing him it takes me a second to realize who they are meaning) are now calling him out on his delusions.

    2. Amazing that one could write an article with a title like that and mention absolutely nothing about the government/media manufactured economic shutdown that just led to perhaps the worst economic quarter in American history.

      1. Jeff’s sorta hoping you’ll forget that, since he’s all for it.

      2. As I said, I think the article has valid points to make regardless of who is in charge. The larger point is that there is a large disparity between the “ruling class” and everyone else, so Trump can get away with not wearing a mask and never have to suffer any ill effects from it because he is surrounded by people who will make sure he doesn’t get sick, while everyone else, who might follow his example, don’t have such protections. It is the same with governors who issue “lockdown orders”, they can do so because they will never lose their jobs because of it, while others suffer because of it. In fact I think John has made similar points in the past.

        1. “…because he is surrounded by people who will make sure he doesn’t get sick…”

          Yeah, those people have magic wands and stuff, right Jeff?

          1. Because those people have testing available to them 24/7, unlike the hoi polloi.

            1. To clarify the testing doesn’t really offer much protection as there is a gap between when you can become contagious and when you can test positive. Frequent testing may reduce but it doesn’t eliminate the chance of being infected. Also there are some percentage of false negatives.

              1. This was pointed out every time Bailey would go off on his testing is the key to ending COVID.

            2. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

        2. Even when you might have a good point, you just can’t help but reveal that you have sick and twisted reasons for having it.

          By your own admission, the mask is to protect others. If the president isn’t sick (and I would guess he is tested regularly), he can’t get anyone else sick. Why should he wear a mask? Not letting the guy with The Button get sick really is in the best interest of everyone else.

          If I wasn’t pretty sure you were huddled in basement somewhere hiding until your hoped for Post-election Miracle, when COVID is suddenly no longer a danger to everyone who voted against the Cheeto Demon-God, I would dare you to walk into your boss’s office and cough on him just to see if there is a difference between what you and the boss can get away with.

  55. “…”Of the 15 biggest school districts in the country, only one is offering schools the option of in-person instruction,” reports CNN, “and 10 of them have opted to begin the school year with online learning only.”…”

    Willie Brown, in a Chron column, bemoans this as adding to the divide between what black kids and white kids get out of school and proposes using libraries and the like as places where kids can get together with a ‘mentor’ to help them with the on-line instruction.
    Gee, you might call that a ‘school’ with classes lead by a ‘teacher’, except in this case, the kids might learn something.

  56. “The Extremely Online Are Less Informed About Political News, More Informed About Conspiracy Theories”

    Unless you’re on Reason. They have great coverage of the peaceful protests.

  57. >>Federal unemployment benefits will expire tomorrow.

    party at my house.

  58. Well, if they can’t stay in business with no revenue, they deserve to go out of business, said every brain-damaged lefty always:

    “A month after launching takeout, SF’s oldest restaurant shuts down all operations”

    Thanks, Newsom, JFree and every other fucking cowardly piece of lefty shit!

    1. Lefties don’t go around advocating laissez faire. If anything San Francisco liberals would be organizing a committee to preserve a historical business like Tadich because it is important to the feel of their neighborhoods.

      1. Which ignores Newsom’s edicts.

  59. My life got much better and significantly less stressful when I stopped watching the news on TV. Most of it doesn’t affect me at all, and I can scan the headlines on Google News to see if something might.

    I also automatically turn the channel whenever a president or one of his lackeys starts speaking, for the past several presidents. None of it matters enough to endure watching.

    1. Ditto on all counts. If it claims to be news, I won’t watch it and I won’t listen to it. If I can’t read it, I’ll do without, thank you very much.

      1. If it claims to be news, I won’t watch it and I won’t listen to it.

        Agreed on the OJ Trial and 9-12-01 to today, but I feel like the phrase, “No thanks, I’d rather read about the moon landing.” diminishes all of human existence.

        1. “No thanks, I’d rather read about the moon landing.” diminishes all of human existence.

          Yes. Some things in the “live event” category certainly have to be watched to be appreciated.

    2. agreed. mostly everything doesn’t affect me so …

      1. Not just unwatchable, unbearable. Sit in an airport terminal with CNN on and no headphones. Even if the volume is turned down, you have to put up with idiots who can’t pack a suitcase or work an iPhone voicing their opinions to themselves and each other about whatever news is on the crawler.

    3. You rarely ever learn anything because they are so scripted anyhow. As much as I dislike Trump, he does go off script a lot and actually does say something new (and generally something to his detriment) quite frequently. This is much better than scripted press briefings.

  60. “Barack Obama wants to expand the Voting Rights Act by ‘making sure every American is automatically registered to vote, including former inmates who have earned their second chance.'”

    Because nothing improves a decision-making process more than bringing the least informed people into the loop.

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  62. The Pew analysis first looked at how people learn about political news these days, finding that TV is people’s top source.

    Ok boomer.

  63. “We cannot allow the tech industry to use encryption that blinds law enforcement.”

    someone needs to write a letter to these republicans explaining to them, carefully, why this is a bad idea. Perhaps one might mention Tik Tok and Chinese Huawei phones or something

  64. Congress moves forward on encryption backdoors.

    Who are they to determine what constitutes good faith communication on the internet? If only there were some primary law that says Congress shouldn’t fuck with people’s communications one way or the other… but, ultimately, we can’t blame Congress and certainly not the FF, it’s really the idiots that think any latest and greatest incremental change in technology is enough of a reason to declare the old laws as no longer applicable and insist that we need new ones who are to blame.

    We’ve pretty much completed the move from SSLv3 to TLSv1+, the 1A may apply to speech, but it clearly doesn’t apply to encryption as a service. We shouldn’t put Congress in charge of encryption, that would be stupid. However, they totally should offer special protection to encryption companies who are just participating in good faith encryption. How else is Congress going to secure our free speech rights for us? Without Congress’ protection, waves of encryption lawsuits will flood our court system and bring down the internet as we know it.


    1. They’re essentially saying “some kinds of math are now illegal”.

      Good luck with that one. There will always be encryption available that doesn’t have the US backdoor in it, and people who need to secure their information will use it.

      This will only affect honest people who choose to follow the law. I suppose that’s the point; honest people are becoming a problem for those in charge.

      1. ^ This x 6.02e23

  65. “in March, those who get most of their news through social media were more likely than other U.S. adults to say that the COVID-19 virus was developed intentionally in a laboratory, and less likely than most other groups to say that the virus came about naturally.”

    Is that a conspiracy theory or something that’s still under investigation?

    1. I mean, here’s the Washington Post:

      However, in recent months, skepticism of the accident theory has increased in the scientific community because the genetic sequences of isolates from the bat coronaviruses known to be under research at the lab do not match those of covid-19.

      So while I agree, this means they haven’t found the evidence, but this isn’t a crazy pants idea like the Steele Dossier which TV news pushed for two years. It’s possible that they just don’t have a known lab sequence.

      For the record, I don’t believe it was created in a lab and accidentally released, but if new evidence was revealed (preferably not from Rachel Maddow) I’d be open to the possibility.

      As for the source link, admittedly that came from the WaPo online, not the TV version.

      Speaking more to online news conspiracy theories and specifically the WaPo, we’ll just not mention that whole WaPo article about Russians haxxing into the power grid thing because we’re all friends here, kay Pew?

      1. Assume everything the MSM says is a lie and all the propaganda by NPR, wapo, NBC, CNN is designed to destroy America as a free nation…. and it all makes sense.

    2. The theory that this is something that escaped from a laboratory isn’t a wild conspiracy theory. My understanding is that there was a laboratory in Wuhan, where the breakout started, that lab had had issues in the past, and that there are risks associated with infection control in any lab. Nothing wild or crazy about the idea that the infection in question started with an experimental lab.

      The crazy conspiracy shit is the idea when people take those observations and use them to suggest that the Chinese purposely inflicted this on themselves and the rest of the world because they’re smart, conspiratorial, and generally conform to the stereotype of Asian evil genius a la Fu Manchu.

      To assume that China wanted to inflict this on themselves and the world on purpose is to assume that the Chinese are far dumber than the average world leader. Remember that part in The Big Lebowski, where he says, “It’s like Lenin says, you look for the person who benefits the most, . . .”. I suspect that every conspiracy theory based on that formulation is fundamentally stupid, and yet that’s smarter than the idea that China would intentionally do something to shut their own economy down and that of the markets where they export. If they did this on purpose, it was stupid.

      1. From the same article:

        It also says that scientists in the lab were allowed to study SARS-like coronaviruses isolated from bats but were precluded from studying human-disease-causing SARS coronaviruses in their lab unless given explicit permission from a designated commission.

        So yea, this is a thousand miles from a wild conspiracy theory. They actually WERE messing with coronaviruses, but they pinky-promise they weren’t allowed to study the ones that affected humans without a hall pass.

        1. The same group studying bat CoV in Wuhan. were collaborating with other groups, on gain of function research involving bat CoV in North Carolina , among other places, until Congress, then NIH, had a shit fit about it in 2015. The Wuhan lab was still getting NIH grants after that. Money is fungible, after all. And odd that final construction on the Level IV lab in Wuhan started about then…

          Many of the same US experts screaming, “Naturally Occurring!,” have their names all over joint papers with this Li Shi principal investigator in Wuhan.

          They built the thing in Wuhan—either through recombinant genetic manipulation, or forced evolution in test animals—and then through typically Chinese Communist chabuduo, let the thing out by accident. I don’t get why that’s so hard to believe, though I understand why leaders aren’t saying it to Beijing’s face. Hell, those geniuses have already had a breakout or two from the original SARS CoV in and around Beijing, since 2004.

          And then went full retard on domestic containment, while still allowing foreign air travel, and all of the time lying their asses off to WHO and everyone else about what they knew.

      2. It also doesn’t help when you have renowned virologists claiming Coronavirus was created in a lab.

        I believe Luc Montagnier [virologist who discovered HIV] is wrong about Coronavirus, but being wrong doesn’t make you a conspiracy theorist. You’re just wrong.

        1. Like I said, the issue is when people go from saying it was created in a lab to saying that it was released intentionally.

          I remember when the alleged origin of AIDS was said to have come from it crossing from monkeys to humans.

          It’s a sexually transmitted disease.
          It passed from monkeys to humans.
          So, it started by people having sex with monkeys.

          This was a common belief back in the day.

          We’re at war with Saddam Hussein
          We were attacked with anthrax.
          So, Saddam Hussein attacked us with anthrax.

          So many people believed this.

          It’s not the premises themselves that are nuts. It’s the way people add them together. And if people are saying that the Chinese did this to themselves and the world on purpose because it was created in a lab, what they’re saying is speculative fiction.

          1. We’re at war with Saddam Hussein
            We were attacked with anthrax.
            So, Saddam Hussein attacked us with anthrax.

            No, exactly:

            We were at war with Russia
            Donald Trump won the Election
            Putin hacked the powergrid

    3. Is that a conspiracy theory or something that’s still under investigation?

      What’s the distinction between a conspiracy theory and a credible accusation?

  66. No, Trump can’t delay the election.

    BTW, If I know my news media, give it three months and we’ll be getting thoughtful navel-gazers from the New York Times and WaPo, suggesting delaying the election is a good idea.

    1. haha! exactly this

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  68. Nice propaganda that subtly pushes the old ‘establishment media’ as the only safe option to avoid falling for conspiracies…
    this from an Alt media site, let that sink in……..
    Reason is not just compromised they’re literally propaganda repackaged to slowly move you to the left and get you to ‘fall back in line’.
    The author ignores that the entire Mainstream media pushed a conspiracy of Russian Collusion for 4 years and not only was it all a lie, and they knew it was, turns out Biden and Obama were all part of it….
    sure is lucky Floyd got choked out that same day cause everyone just forgot about another ‘right wing’ conspiracy theory that turned out to be correct.
    Reason look at the comments, you are FAILING YOUR READERS and your original ‘mission’.

    1. unreason is well aware of how readers feel. unreason switched from a donation style revenue stream to popups that nobody watches for revenue because a shitload of paying commenters fled this Lefty propagandist outlet.

      Just goes to show that the koch bros are pieces of shit who lie about being being libertarians. I would never allow a business that I own to be Lefty sympathetic.

  69. Lefties are so predictable.

    Georgia has been open for months with 3,500 deaths while infected with kungflu.

    So the Propagandists latch onto a story of kids at Georgia sleep away camp where kids got infected. Nevermind that the under 18 death rate is magnitudes lower than the death rate for under 65 adults which is already under 1%.

    Ah for the older folks…remember the days of parents purposely exposing us to chicken pox?

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  72. But they did try to weaponize bats in WWII.

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