Herman Cain

Herman Cain, Former Presidential Candidate, Dies From Coronavirus Complications

His political claim to fame was his "9-9-9" tax plan.


Herman Cain, the pizza magnate who ran for president as a Republican in 2012, has died from COVID-19 complications, according to his official Twitter account and website. Cain was 74:

Cain had been in the hospital since earlier in July after testing positive for COVID-19. While it's not certain where Cain was infected, he was a notable attendee at a rally for President Donald Trump's re-election in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in late June and was photographed there not wearing a mask. Several Trump advance staffers there also tested positive for the coronavirus.

Cain was well known as a candidate for his "9-9-9" income tax proposal, a flat tax that replaced all current federal taxes with a 9 percent income, sales, and corporate tax. He was also a businessman, running Godfather's Pizza, then later serving on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Read here how Reason summarized Cain's platform and positions in 2011, such as they were. In a way, Cain was a precursor to Trump: a businessman with populist conservative views who attempted to use his lack of experience in politics as an advantage rather than a liability, and who spoke with almost comedic bluntness even when it resulted in people mocking him.

For about two weeks in October and November of 2011, Cain was actually the frontrunner for the Republican Party's nomination. The volatile nomination process back then saw nearly every candidate briefly take the lead in the primary race to challenge President Barack Obama's second term. Republican voters ultimately settled on Mitt Romney.

Trump had considered nominating Cain to a vacant seat on the Federal Reserve Board in 2019. But after it became clear that Cain did not have enough support to secure the nomination, he withdrew his name, claiming he didn't want to have to give up his business interests in order to serve.

Cain is survived by his wife, Gloria; two children; and several grandchildren.

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  1. Cue “I’m glad he is dead” from compassionate liberals.

    1. Well, “it was his fault”.

      1. ” and was photographed there not wearing a mask. ”
        FFS, wearing a mask would not have protected him. It provides some protection to other people if he were infected. Is it so hard to understand that? Point out infected people near him who weren’t wearing masks if you want to play that game.

        1. * unless you have one of those N95 masks

          1. Which as a rich man recovering from cancer, he should have had. I liked Herman Cain, and wished that the media hadn’t crucified him, but then again, I think he was foolish to go to such an event, even if Covid wasn’t around. Being around a lot of other people spreads diseases, and a cancer survivor has a much weakened immune system.

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          1. Spend some time educating yourself, tzx4. It’s not that hard.

            1. The Lone Ranger is noted for wearing a mask. He is not known to have contracted coronavirus disease.

              Who was that masked man? I never got a chance to thank him.

          2. He’s correct. You’re just ignorant.

    2. It took essentially than 30 minutes for the first reporter to tweet about it.

    3. I’m not going to miss him. That’ll have to be close enough for you.

      1. It’s surreal. Trump set us up for this shit. People can mostly get away with all kinds of stupid that is especially true when you’re rich and doubly so when you’re powerful like a President but every now and then the stupid drowns you in the tide.

        1. You progressives really are tiresome trash. This country would be a much better place to live without your kind in it.

          1. Even without progressives we’d still be dealing with Trump’s idiocy. It might not be pointed out as frequently onTV, but the effects would continue to shake the foundation of the republic.

          2. ” This country would be a much better place to live without your kind in it.”

            Funnily enough, I feel the same way towards you shitheads! In a totally unrelated note, I’m off to target practice.

    4. I am pretty sure most reasonable people, liberals included, are emphasizing the fact that it is sad that he died. Of course you will find callous people taking joy in his demise, and other callous people on the other side taking joy in callous people taking joy in his demise, to reinforce their beliefs that the other side is full of demonic sub-humans. And yeah, he probably should not have gone to that rally without a mask.

      1. If only someone had told him to avoid other people who might have a virus that kills old people!

      2. Eunuch, so stupid

    5. “Cue ‘I’m glad he is dead’ from compassionate liberals.”

      So far, the only one who said that is you. Are you a compassionate liberal?

      1. I don’t think anyone is glad he is dead. You’re confusing Schadenfreude with something more sinister. It would be cruel to be happy about someone else’s death, but the self-satisfied “I told you so” is certainly justified.

  2. Former Cain staffer Ellen Carmichael tweeted Thursday morning: “I’m very saddened to learn of the passing of my former boss, Herman Cain. I’m bracing for the cruelty online about how he deserved to get COVID and die because of his politics. We’re living in a dark time. But, they didn’t know him. I did.”

    How soon will we hear the hate comments right here?

    1. Funny how THEY brought that up first huh? Why not just say your piece and leave politics out of it to begin with?

      It’s almost as if they WANT that, just like Chipper alluded to.

      1. Or maybe because they have seen that exact thing when any major conservative figure has died during the last decade or so. You know the once bitten twice shy. Or are you suggesting that they just ignore history and pretend that shit never happened?

        1. Since when do you people value decorum? Give me a goddamn break.

    2. Ellen apparently has never read a Reason, Fox, Breitbart, YouTube or frankly any online comment thread. Nothing matches the vileness of rightwing commentary. It’s not even close.

      1. Really? Go read what was said by the left when Scalia died or when Rush announced he had cancer. Read what theRev posts on here every day.

        1. Rev and I can be dicks but it’s child’s play compared to what you get from Nardz and Lovecon1984. Rev says stuff like “you’re losers” and “smarter people are will replace you” whereas Nardz says shit like “We’re going to kill you and/or deport”.

          1. Nope.
            But I do remind you that thinking you can throw punches without others eventually hitting back is wrong, and that it’s past time to hit back.

            And note that pod here was dancing on Cain’s grave in the roundup less than an hour after the news came out, joined by other leftists before anyone mentioned their predictable reaction

            1. “But I do remind you that thinking you can throw punches without others eventually hitting back is wrong, and that it’s past time to hit back.”

              So long as you know thatonce you do, someone is going to throw punches right back at you.

              1. Yes, unlike passive aggressive leftists such as yourself, we know that

                1. I’m about as leftist as you are.

            2. “Nope.
              But I do remind you that thinking you can throw punches without others eventually hitting back is wrong, and that it’s past time to hit back.”

              Ya, and you constantly bitch about the progs putting people up against the wall or sending them to the gulag, then you support your cult leader asking if the election should be off and then supporting that with “we can settle it with arms if you’d like”. But ya, thats just counter punching, def nothing like those progs…

              Just a reminder that you are trash, you are just the other side of the prog coin (which is also trash), and you will likely enjoy the same fate as they will.

              Make sure you dont turn your back or put down your weapon, the soy boys will have your teeth on the curb based on how much of a puss you seem to be.

            3. Their reaction was predictable long before he died. They were looking at the way people were jammed together in Tulsa to appear like a denser crowd (which, apparently, they were) and predicting this thing the night of the rally. And then it came to pass. It’s like telling people the sun will come up in the morning, being laughingly dismissed for saying that, and then watching it rise as predicted. You have to expect some well earned Schadenfreude.

        2. Read what the commenters say on any random Drudge link about AOC. Go on, see if you have any faith in humanity left after that.

          Your blindness to your own people’s horribleness is just not convincing.

          1. It’s just sad that not all Black Lives Matter, Tony.

            1. I believe the Republican-approved response to this is
              ALL lives matter.

        3. Or when Rand Paul was assaulted and hospitalized by his neighbor over lawn trimmings.

  3. Somehow, criticizing black people isn’t racist if they’re Republicans. Going after a black Democrat would definitely be considered racist in this context.

    1. criticizing black people isn’t racist if they’re Republicans

      If they’re republicans, then they ain’t black!

      1. Race is mostly a construct so yeah.

        1. I doubt if Trump had said that, rather than Biden, you would be so blase about it. God I hate partisan hacks who try to claim to be non-partisan.

          1. I think we talk past each other alot.

    2. Clarence Thomas is the best Justice on the Supreme Court. He should be celebrated by right and left, and people of all races.

      1. Clarence Thomas is the quietest Justice on the Supreme Court, the jump from there to “best” is wider than you think.

        1. He is the most consistently libertarian, although Gorsuch may take his crown.

    3. “Somehow, criticizing black people isn’t racist if they’re Republicans”

      If you say so.
      Meanwhile… Criticizing black people isn’t racist unless you’re criticizing them for being black.

  4. shame he wasn’t the first black president … in comparison anyway

  5. Good pizza chain, not so good tax plan.
    Rest in peace.

    1. The tax plan was 1000x better than our existing system.

      1. Yeah, but his tax plan would destroy a multi-billion dollar tax-preparation industry. Can’t POSSIBLY allow that to happen!

        1. While I’m sure the tax-preparation industry feels that way, they’re likely alone on that.

          The wealthy fellow pitched a tax plan widely advantageous to wealthy fellows, and the fact that most of us are not wealthy worked against it. A real Republican would have made his blatantly-biased-for-the-wealthy tax plan look less biased toward the wealthy by throwing in a $9 check for every taxpayer.

          1. How do equal tax rates favor the rich?

            It’s skewed “progressive” tax rates that punish the rich and are inherently unequal in their treatment of people.

          2. Ahhh! The fourth “9”! That would have done it.

      2. It would be better for the rich, since it lowers their taxes and raises taxes on the poor.

        1. True. But such a plan would never pass unless it incorporated an income “cut off” for the poor. A family making less than about $40,000 per year, right now, in essence, generally pays no income tax. I have no problem with that. It is also true that such a plan would also lower the prices of goods and services commensurate with the savings the providers of those goods and services saved by not having to pay professional tax payers. It would not be a huge reduction, but eliminating the ten billion or so dollars spent by taxpayers (directly or indirectly), cannot hurt.

          1. ” It is also true that such a plan would also lower the prices of goods and services commensurate with the savings the providers of those goods and services saved by not having to pay professional tax payers.”

            WTF are you trying to say? Employers don’t pay income taxes for their employees, so cutting the employees’ income tax does nothing for the employee.

            1. D’oh! for the employER.

        2. I don’t mind: apparently I am rich.

        3. allowing a national sales tax in the door is never a good idea, because you can never ask it to leave.

          and the 9 percent income tax rate will never stay that low.

      3. It would institute a national sales tax where none existed before. Nein-Nein-Nein!

        1. Having spent most of my life in a state with no sales tax, I would double your opposition to a national sales tax.
          From the libertarian point of view, a sales tax ropes every merchant into becoming an agent of the state for tax collections… no thanks…
          Taxing me when I want to spend money bothers me more as I start to run low on reserves. Taxing me as i have it coming in bothers me not as much.

      4. you mean 999x better?

    2. It was perhaps the very best tax plan ever devised

  6. National Review’s takedown of the 9-9-9 tax plan was basically the point where I removed The Corner from my bookmarks, and made Hit N Run my daily fix. It was so unfair and inaccurate that it became plainly obvious that no establishment republican was ever going to support anyone other than Romney.

    1. mine was when Goldberg trashed Newt Gingrich.

  7. I didn’t even know he rode a motorcycls.

    1. I laughed although you are horrible, fyi

      1. (And so am I)

      2. ya funny.

    2. How can you make such a sick joke? How can I laugh so much at this? But I hope you liked him as much as I did, he was a great guy and his talk radio show was always worth a listen. And he would have made a great first African-American president.

  8. The real news is that Mr. Cain is tweeting from beyond the grave.

  9. RIP you crazy diamond.

  10. Perhaps having a bunch of elderly people attend a large public event in the middle of a pandemic that mostly kills elderly people wasn’t the best idea. Perhaps.

    1. Nobody had them attend. They chose to attend.

      1. Yeah, Herman Cain knew he was high-risk. He decided to continue actually living his life instead of hiding out just technically being alive.

        To die on your feet is better than to live on your knees, that sort of thing.

        Or maybe he just understood that if the virus was going to get him, it was going to get him sooner or later and he’d leave it up to God.

        1. “To die on your feet is better than to live on your knees, that sort of thing.”

          Then he got a good outcome. Congratulations, Mr. Cain on your successful battle with Coronavirus.

          1. Obviously we can’t ask him about it, but his actions before his death certainly suggest that he was perfectly fine with this outcome. In America you get to make your own decisions about how you live your life.

            1. Nice of Trump to make sure he signed that waiver at that rally.

            2. Cool! so he got what he wanted and everybody should be happy that he’s dead of coronavirus?

              1. He didn’t get what he wanted. He accepted the risk, dumb fuck.

        2. Yeah so people do spread the disease to other people who then die. That’s how diseases work. So… you know… NAP. That was a thing like yesterday I swear.

      2. “I wasn’t invited to the party. I chose to party.” See how dumb that sounds? It’s a false dichotomy.

    2. If only he’d been rioting instead!

  11. Black conservative lives don’t matter /compassionate liberals


    1. Will they interrupt The Price is Right for his funeral like John Lewis? Bet not.

      1. Hope not!

    2. The way to avoid coronavirus is known, and choosing to engage in behavior that doesn’t avoid coronavirus invites contracting coronavirus, much like choosing to use fentanyl invites overdosing on fentanyl.

      How compassionate are you for someone who dies of a fentanyl overdose?

  12. Your lord works in mysterious ways.

    1. I’m sure your lord is the most transparent in history, right?

      1. Just think about what you’re saying. You think there’s a “King” and if you “worship” this King he rewards you with “everlasting life” but you have to sacrifice this life in various ways for that everlasting life. And if you don’t grovel before this “King” he tortures for eternity. Religion is just so stupid and obviously created by people to control people. I feel sorry for you people. By the way if by some chance that God is real. Fuck him because he’s fucking evil. I’ll take my chances. I trust my senses.

        1. Imagine for a moment if the one who gave you life (that you never earned in the first place), the Life-Giver, required you to stay in close relationship with him in order to stay alive (as he is the Life-Giver, and life doesn’t exist without him). Imagine that he warns you that existence without his life is really, really terrible.

          And then imagine that most people still categorically refuse to stay in close relationship with him. And then they complain that they can’t live without him.

          That’s how I see most of these kind of conversations. It’s quite surreal.

          1. I tell my parents that I love them all the time. Snark aside, again think about what you’re saying. Let’s say there is such a “lifegiver” for argument’s sake and let’s give “Him” human characteristics and needs. Who decides what that “God” wants from us? That’s the devil in the detail. It just happens that bronze age dudes filled in those details and so those details reflect the demands of a bronze age dudes. God should have been more clear about his demnds if he expectss my allegiance. Whatever did give me life also gave me a brain and I’ll be dammed if I don’t use it. Expecting me to accept things of this consequence on faith is a recipe for fraud.

            1. Oh, I didn’t know your parents brought themselves into existence!

              The Life-Giver doesn’t have human characteristics. Humans have (broken) characteristics of the Life-Giver.

              “Who decides what that “God” wants from us?”

              He does.

              “God should have been more clear about his demnds if he expectss my allegiance.”

              He’s crystal clear:
              Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

              Now, “love” doesn’t mean Eros or the Hippie, happy thoughts type of “love” we think of today. It means faith and obedience. Like the Dad who puts the child up on the slide and promises to catch him, the child believes his dad, regardless of what he fears and sees, and obeys.

              “Expecting me to accept things of this consequence on faith is a recipe for fraud.”

              Your understanding of the term “faith” is either from idiotic “religious” people or obfuscating atheists. The term means “having become fully convinced” of something. It doesn’t mean believing in something without evidence. It means accepting the evidence that is there, and being humble enough to realize that you don’t know everything. The biggest obstacle to faith in God is Pride, in this case thinking we know everything, can’t be wrong, and can only conceive of God as a “better human”. God is so very much better and different from us. Humans make up a stronger, more powerful concept of God, and make something like Zeus, very powerful and has sex with whomever he wants. Ask a dog to make up a “god”, and it would conceive of a really Alpha dog that could run 100 miles and hour and mate with any female!

              Whereas, God shows you how very much different he is than what we would conceive, by sending Jesus to us. The suffering servant, who gave up his own life to save us! That’s what God is like, utterly and completely different than what we’d imagine. It takes intellectual humility to recognize that God doesn’t act like we do, because we don’t know 1% of what would be required to be God!

              And he still offers to save you, even while you rail against him! Now THAT is love!

              1. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

                Hence there is no rational reason to believe in god.

          2. “Imagine for a moment if the one who gave you life (that you never earned in the first place), the Life-Giver, required you to stay in close relationship with him in order to stay alive (as he is the Life-Giver, and life doesn’t exist without him). Imagine that he warns you that existence without his life is really, really terrible.”

            According to a story, when His people asked for freedom from Pharaoh, He hardended Pharaoh’s heart so He’d have an excuse to punish Pharaoh and drown Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea.
            If He wanted me to be any different from what I am, He would say so. So far, nothing has been said to me by any divine method. From this, I find that I’m working in accordance with what He wants of me.

            1. “He hardended Pharaoh’s heart…”

              Yeah, our hearts are all naturally hard (Jeremiah 16:12, 18:12, Matthew 13:15, Romans 2:5). It’s another way of saying “he didn’t soften Pharaoh’s heart”.

              “If He wanted me to be any different from what I am, He would say so.”

              Romans 6:23 (as well as many, many others).

              “So far, nothing has been said to me by any divine method.”

              Funny, you don’t require divine methods to show you literally anything else. Do you believe the sun will come up tomorrow? But no divine method told you that!

              God chose to speak to those he chose, and I’m well aware I’m too ignorant to tell him he’s incorrect (Isaiah 40:13). He’s proven his truth in Daniel, predicting kingdoms that wouldn’t exist for hundreds of years. He proved his Old Testament in the new, for the odds of Jesus fulfilling just 8 of the prophecies in the OT would be 1 in 10^17!

              But, by all means, keep telling God he’s wrong, and you know better. It’s like watching an ant argue with Stephen Hawking about quantum physics!

        2. What an opinionated, arrogant douche you are. You are also morbidly bigoted. And just how do you know what i think? You don’t. And you are the one calling yourself lord. What a conceited little troll you are. It must truly suck to be you.

        3. Yes, we all know you follow Beelzebub

        4. I thought he was talking about Trump. But I guess much of the same irrational rationale is used to justify both

        5. We Jewish people do not believe that the creator of the universe tortures his creations for eternity.
          That is a Christian doctrine.

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  13. What’s the status of The Rent’s Too Damned High guy?

    1. his rent is still to damned high.

    2. Sad beard shaved his beard.

  14. This is a good reminder that God/Nature (which ever you prefer) does not discriminate on the basis of race, wealth, or position. Wear a mask, wash you hands, and keep your distance.

    1. If only someone had offered that advice three months ago!

    2. And lick door knobs

    3. The irony is that Cain considered the COVID virus a hoax and in the end he was wrong (yet again).

    4. “…Wear a mask, wash you hands, and keep your distance…”

      Fuck you, stuff it up your ass, and fuck off and die.

      1. He should have said ‘Please!’

  15. He rocked us like a Herman Cain.

    1. Holy shit how was that not his campaign motto?

  16. The Washington Post, in an uncharacteristic show of good taste, isn’t allowing comments on the article about Mr. Cain’s death. They know how bad it would get.

    1. They know their readers and don’t want to be embarrassed yet again.

  17. Has Reverend Al had anything to say about his brother yet? Say what you want about Herman Cain, I think the guy was authentic. Too damn few of those in politics, and now one fewer. RIP.

    1. ” I think the guy was authentic.”

      I think he slept through the briefing, but sure, he did it authentically.

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  19. Damn! I’m shocked and saddened to hear this news. Like most of his compatriots at WSB, I disagreed with Herman more often than not, but he was a fellow Atlantan and a genuinely likable person. RIP.

  20. You see Corona virus does kill people…Yes, I never argued that it didn’t. I’m vulnerable. I protect myself. By the way, NYC with a population which was inundated with the virus and failed miserably to protect the vulnerable has fantastic looking stats right now…proving that we should have treated the virus like the flu and not like ebola in the general population.

    1. Sorry, we have a flu vaccine each year, so how could we treat this like the flu?

      1. The flu vaccine is like rolling the dice and fewer than half get it.

        So for this the goal is to do better. I do read the published literature. I do not know however things are not rosy rainbows. This is a tough bug.

        The world has changed. The normal we had is no longer and future is not predictable.

      2. By not requiring healthy young people to “isolate” and mask up.

        1. But they spread the disease to the unhealthy. Also contrary to what seems to be increasingly received wisdom around here, they do actually get sick and die too. I hope for their sake they know that when they are deciding whether it’s safe to go out. You’re certainly not helping are you?

  21. Herman “Flava” Cain. He daed!

    Novelty candidate, pizza executive, radio personality 1944-2020.


    1. turd:
      Pedo, lefty piece of shit; wish he were dead.

  22. I liked him. Solid guy who just seemed honest and someone you could trust.


  23. Fact: Trump killed Cain. Without that idiot “rally” Cain would still be lusting after white wimmens.

    1. Fact you’re a faggot piece of bottom ass gutter trash.

  24. Shucky ducky in peace, Herman

  25. “…Dies From Coronavirus Complications”

    OK, he was on his way to buy a mask and got run over by a truck? Those sort of ‘complications’, adding to the YUGE death toll?

    1. Is that the best you have? What about saying you think he would have died of the flu by now anyway even if coronavirus was not a thing because of course coronavirus is just like the flu…? I was really surprised that argument didn’t come up.

      1. “…I was really surprised that argument didn’t come up…”

        Ignoramuses are easily surprised.
        Is that the best you have?

      2. Well I think his death would have been far more tragic if the disease were serious. Fortunately, the disease is not at all serious so the death is not at all related to what can’t be serious at all. It may not even be a death. More like a hoax

  26. Cain had underlying health issues, and should have been more careful. If everyone at the Tulsa rally had worn masks he might still have caught the bug. Who knows?

    Trump should be learning the lesson by now. I’d like to hear him ASK everyone to wash hands, stay apart, and wear a mask in public. He would be smart to have rallies where they take temperatures on the way in, distribute masks, and have sanitizer available. And maybe hand out noisemakers so people don’t have to shout, which amplifies the spread.

    Cain was a fine, self-made man. We used to admire such people; libertarians still do.

    RIP Herman.

    1. Underlying health issues? You mean stage 4 cancer.

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  28. He also had stage 4 cancer.

  29. I’ll really miss him. May God bless him, his family, friends, etc.

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