Portland Protests

Judge Orders Federal Officers in Portland To Stop Harassing and Assaulting Journalists and Legal Observers

U.S. District Judge Michael Simon reminds the feds that they are bound by the First Amendment.


A federal judge in Oregon yesterday issued a temporary restraining order that bars the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Marshals Service from "arresting, threatening to arrest, or using physical force" against journalists or legal observers at the ongoing Portland protests against police brutality. Responding to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon, U.S. District Judge Michael Simon, who on July 2 issued a similar order against Portland police, also said federal agents may not order journalists and legal observers to disperse or confiscate their press passes, cameras, or audio recorders.

"Open government has been a hallmark of our democracy since our nation's founding," Simon writes, quoting a 2012 decision in which the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit upheld the "well-established" First Amendment right to observe government activities. "When wrongdoing is underway, officials have great incentive to blindfold the watchful eyes of the Fourth Estate….The free press is the guardian of the public interest, and the independent judiciary is the guardian of the free press." The ACLU lawsuit, Simon adds, "tests whether these principles are merely hollow words."

The ACLU's complaint, filed on behalf of the Portland Mercury, eight journalists, and two observers working with the ACLU, alleges that federal agents stationed at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse have joined local police in violating those principles. On July 12, for instance, federal officers shot photographer Mathieu Lewis-Rolland 10 times with "impact munitions" that left "severe lacerations, welts, and bruises all over his upper body." According to the Geneva Guidelines on Less-Lethal Weapons and Related Equipment in Law Enforcement, such projectiles "should generally only be used in direct fire against the lower body of a violent individual when a substantial risk exists of immediate serious injury to either a law enforcement official or a member of the public."

The complaint alleges many similar abuses by Portland police, including the gratuitous use of tear gas and rubber bullets, unprovoked beatings, unlawful arrests, and other interference with activities protected by the First Amendment. The ACLU says the plaintiffs who have suffered such abuse were clearly identified as journalists or legal observers.

The lawsuit also complains that Portland police have routinely violated Simon's June 9 order barring them from using tear gas at the protests except when "the lives or safety of the public or the police are at risk." Simon said tear gas should not be used simply "to disperse crowds where there is no or little risk of injury." Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is also the police commissioner, got a taste of his own medicine on Wednesday night, when he was gassed by federal officers while vainly trying to show protesters that he was united with them in opposing the Trump administration's response to the demonstrations.

The protests in Portland have been happening every day since May 28, three days after a Minneapolis police officer suffocated George Floyd. The federal officers, who according to an internal memo have not been trained in controlling riots or mass demonstrations, were deployed by the Trump administration this month, ostensibly to protect the courthouse and other federal property. But as Nancy Rommelmann notes, the federal presence seems to have inflamed the situation, provoking the vandalism and assaults on the courthouse that the administration now cites to justify its involvement.

"Plaintiffs fear for their safety from federal agents' violence," the ACLU says. "Since President Trump ordered federal agents to go to Portland to quell protests, federal agents have been working together with Portland police to violently disperse demonstrators and neutrals."

In addition to shooting Lewis-Rolland, federal officers have been accused of firing tear gas at peaceful protesters, illegally grabbing protesters off the streets and detaining them without charge, and repeatedly hitting Christopher David, a middle-aged Navy veteran, with a baton, breaking his finger and fracturing his hand. David, who was also assaulted with pepper spray, told USA Today he decided to attend the protests last Saturday because he was disturbed by the reports of unlawful arrests by camouflage-clad federal officers, which last week prompted a federal lawsuit by Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.

"What they were doing was unconstitutional," David said. "Sometimes I worry that people take the oath of office or the oath to the Constitution, and it's just a set of words that mean nothing. They really don't feel in their heart the weight of those words."

Judge Simon's order aims to remind federal officers of that oath, at least as it pertains to the First Amendment rights of journalists and legal observers. "The public streets, sidewalks, and parks historically have been open to the press and general public," he writes, "and public observation of law enforcement activities in these public fora plays a significant positive role in ensuring conduct remains consistent with the Constitution."

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    1. True. But if journalists become perpetrators then they are not journalists they are criminals.

      1. Most ‘journalists’ in this country are Marxist traitors.

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  2. ""Plaintiffs fear for their safety from federal agents' violence," the ACLU says. "Since President Trump ordered federal agents to go to Portland to quell protests, federal agents have been working together with Portland police to violently disperse demonstrators and neutrals.""

    Now I am really confused. Tucille just told me that the leaders in Portland don't want Federales there...but now you are saying they are working with the police? How is this happening?

    1. You think the cops give a shit about what their "leaders" say? They do what they want. What are you going to do, call the cops?

      1. So you missed the reporting from Rommelman saying that PPD was completely absent?

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    2. “You”, in this case, being an ACLU spokesperson, as it plainly says above.

      The Portland police claim they aren’t coordinating with the Federal agents.

    3. The Democrats don't want to risk losing votes so they ask the Feds to help and then deny it. The Protesters are rioting and protesting against the Democrat leaders in the Democrat cities and their policies even thought they voted for them and will no doubt vote for them again. These lefty useful idiots think it is a video game they get to actually be in and then cry and whine when they get hit or gassed. If the mayor would have put an end to it in the first week this would not be going on. The people that have to put up with the mess daily are fed up and are asking for help. Instead of being nice they need to bring in the National Guard and put a complete stop to it with what ever force is needed. Enough is enough and it was more then enough after the first week.

      1. The Democrats asked the Feds for help?

    4. Progressives SHOULD live in fear. Look what’s happened now that they think they should have a say in anything.

  3. honest question at what point is a mob no longer considered a mostly peaceful protest?

    1. the level of gaslighting about these protests in general has been amazing. Especially when reason has a source on the ground in Rommelman whose showcasing just how mostly peaceful these people are.

      1. To be fair though, why are police shooting members of the Press. I have seen footage from the start of the protests, and there were clear examples of press off to the side, away from the protests, with clear labling, and they just get shot at by the cops. Is that what is happening here, or are we talking about "press" who just happen to be throwing frozen water bottles at the police.

        Frankly, I don't believe either side any more.

        1. I have plenty of room in my heart for a healthy disdain of both idiot protest-rioters and violent-asshole police. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if many police see journalists trying to record what they do as "interfering".

          1. I have a dearth of room in my heart for rioters and cops. Does that mean the same thing?

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                3. Yes, I’m sure his name makes you salivate.

        2. "there were clear examples of press off to the side, away from the protests, with clear labling, and they just get shot at by the cops."

          Target practice? After all, what is the press going to do, call the cops? Cops do what they want because fuck you that's why.

        3. Is it even the police shooting at members of the press? Considering the situation, real journalists (including leftist journalists from mainstream outlets) are at far more risk from Antifa than they are from the police.

          Aside from that, there are also issues of journalists being thoroughly mixed in with rioters, or even taking part in the riots (or conversely, rioters disguised as journalists), and whether a single press badge somewhere in a rioting crowd should completely halt any police effort to disperse a riot in progress.

          1. http://twitter.com/mtracey/status/1286546287752486914?s=19

            "Portland activists snatched my phone out of my hands as I was livestreaming, and only would give it back to me if I recited the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” which I did. They then threatened a physical attack and chased me away; one whipped some kind of beverage at me. Fun times"

            Check out the thread. Plenty of chemjeffs and white knights excusing and/or cheering on assault

            1. >>which I did


            2. I haven't once cheered on or excused assault.

              I have called out, over and over, use of guilt by association in several comments.

              1. "How dare you call that guy a rapist - he just guarded the door while another guy raped the girl!"

                1. Sure, the guy who was shot in the face deserved it because he was — oh, wait, he was just standing there, near nobody else, holding a speaker.

                  1. You're not very bright

        4. Hey, if officers with clear labeling of police and department insignias are unmarked provocateurs... why are press with a commonly typed "press" on plain papers clearly marked?

        5. Thank you! 100% Agree.

          I have serious doubts that police and DHS (95% of them) are doing anything intentional to the press, but there are always that 3-5% who need to have their badges removed and jammed in their eyeball sockets.

          Regardless, let's see the proof. If they were the press, then wouldn't they have pictures or video of the actions?

        6. Probably because they are tired of the press lying to make them into criminals and paint rioters as peaceful?

      2. “mostly peaceful” is kind of meaningless, other than conveying that there is a mix of peaceful and non peaceful.

    2. When they're no longer useful to the left.

      For example, protests against coronavirus lockdowns were violent white supremacists and right-wing terrorists. Likewise, if the far left ever does take control of this country the first thing they'll do is label these current "protesters" as counter-revolutionary insurgents and very peacefully dispose of them.

    3. at what point is a mob no longer considered a mostly peaceful protest?

      When they're coming after the judge or the mayor.

    4. not yet.

    5. At CHAZ, it required several murders. Specifically of non police officers. I would imagine murder of police officers wouldn't really count. According to reason and most other media outlets, that would probably just be a passionate and mostly not murdery anti police protest.

  4. What criteria do you need to meet to get a "press pass"? Who issues said "press pass"?

    1. I like how these people think they are a protected class subject to different rules than the rest of us.

      1. Journalists are part of the Second Estate and their views are sacrosanct unless undermined by members of the First Estate, government officials.

      2. Yeah, if legislators want to add special legal protections for journalists, fine. But the first amendment does not say that journalists are a special class with extra rights. It just says that government can't stop anyone from participating in journalism and publishing what they want.

        1. I would not be fine with that at all.

          1. Yeah me neither. WTF Zeb?

            1. "fine" more in the "whatever, do what you're going to do" sense.

          2. That's beside the point. I only mean that it is within the powers of the legislature.

          3. Actually, why not have special legal protections for journalists?
            Not saying I necessarily agree with it, but it's an idea worth considering.

            There are special legal protections for doctors. They get to cut you open without being charged with assault.

            There are special legal protections for lawyers. They get to do certain things in court that ordinary individuals don't get to.

            These special protections also come with special obligations, such as malpractice insurance, formalized codes of ethics, and the risk of disbarment/revocation of licenses for truly terrible practitioners out there.

            Why not the same for journalists?

            1. I missed the Amendment that protects the right to cut people open.

              1. Okay? There isn't one. Doctors have special legal privileges, that is all I said. If you are in an accident, unconscious, and rushed to a hospital, and later you learned that a doctor had to perform emergency surgery on you in order to save your life, you don't get to later sue the doctor for assault because you weren't conscious to consent to the surgery. That is my point.

                1. So, if I’m unconscious in a hospital bed, and someone reads a news story out loud and it causes me to slip into a coma, whoever wrote the story wouldn’t be liable?

                  1. No. How about this: Journalists get to cover important events without getting shot at. If I were to come up with a "special legal privilege" for journalists, it would probably start with that. Doesn't sound too terrible.

                    1. And who decides who are journalists?

                    2. Same way we decide who are doctors, or who are lawyers

                    3. Chemjeff for cabals how predictable

                    4. Pedo Jeffy, you really should commit suicide.

                    5. Jeff: ever a progressive

                    6. He’s also a child rape enthusiast.

        2. EXACTLY!!

    2. Press passes are used to gain access to controlled/private areas and are issued by whoever controls that area. At a concert it would be the venue. At the white house, it's probably the secret service. Etc. The pass just identifies you as someone who has gone through their vetting procedures, whatever they may be.

      I think there are national/international organizations that issue press credentials as well, but I doubt anyone is obligated to care.

      In the US, though, the first amendment means that in a public venue there is no difference between a random person and a "member of the press". We're all journalists.

      1. Not according to this judge. Asinine.

  5. "Peaceful protesters are not members of our tribe, so it's okay to shoot them with rubber bullets"

    "One act of graffiti turns all protesters into violent protesters, even if they were nowhere near the grafitti, so it's okay for DHS to round them up without a warrant or probable cause."

    "Reporters and legal observers become protesters, and thus violent protesters, the moment the report on anything that makes Baby Trump sad, therefore it's okay to shoot them point blank with teargas grenades."

    "You got hit with a rubber bullet, therefore you are guilty of something, because no Federal law enforcement officer would ever shoot a rubber bullet at an innocent person."

    1. To play Devil's advocate, maybe the offending officer was blinded by a powerful green laser pointer? Do laser pointers violate the non-aggression principle?

    2. Those are some mighty fine strawman arguments you set up.

      1. Bravo Zulu! An excellent debunking of said strawman arguments!

        1. Lol. You think strawman arguments need to be debunked. Holy fucking hell what a stupid comment.

          And I thought sarcasmic had a bad day.

    3. You see, if there are 1000 protestors doing \nothing but chanting and waving signs, but one person tosses a piece of litter on the courthouse steps, then the entire protest is a "violent mob" and unnamed cops are totally justified in shooting rubber bullets and tossing everyone into unmarked vans to deposit them wherever they wish.

      1. You keep working that rep as the dumbest motherfucker in town Jeff, you earned it.

        1. He’s become a caricature of himself.

      2. Well according to you all white people are evil and responsible for all the ills in the world.

        1. Whatever, "Rabbi"

          1. Whatever, “individualist”

            1. Ooo! What a zinger!

              1. You’re the reason it’s funny.

                1. Mac with the 1, 2!

      3. I have yet to see that. I have seen many, many videos of people threatening and screaming at officers, with sporadic items coming from the crowds and the police do nothing.

        I am glad we live in the days of camera video because I want both sides to be prosecuted when they overstep their bounds.

        Btw, peaceful protesters are not peaceful when they are breaking the law. If they are illegally occupying streets or preventing others from enjoying their rights, then they are law breakers. When we ticket them for jay-walking and every single other infraction as well as higher misdemeanors and felonies, then demonstrations will become much more peaceful.

      4. Funny how the scenario you described has never existed and in n way represents what is happening.

    4. “Reporters and legal observers become protesters, and thus violent protesters, the moment the report on anything that makes Baby Trump sad, therefore it’s okay to shoot them point blank with teargas grenades.”

      No, but when police decide that the situation has deteriorated enough that they need to disperse a crowd (which they can do!), those orders apply to everyone. There is no "I'm a member of the press so I don't need to listen to this police officer giving me instructions" pass. They can be wherever *the public* is allowed. "The Press" is nothing more than citizens who document their experiences for others to watch and/or read. If they ignore an order to disburse, the fact that they are members of the press isn't some magic shield.

      There is not some special press class of citizenry.

  6. Were they shot because they were journalists and observers or because they were mixed in with the crowd whose status as peaceful protectors or violent rioters is controversial, at best?

    As I do not see how a journalist being in the middle of a violent mob law enforcement is trying to disperse can get any special protections, just as a practical matter.

    1. It's not controversial at all, it is clear

    2. 100% agree

  7. This ruling makes it sound like "the press" are a specific, credentialed and certified class of people.

    1. Well,I may agree about the certifiable part - - - - - -

    2. Well I'm sure the judge carved out an exemption for Andy Ngo.

  8. Reason has staked out a position and they are going to hold that position until just before they are shut down by the left wing mob who needs another enemy. We’ve already seen the intent of the left to attack anyone who doesn’t completely agree with them. And they despise libertarians.

  9. The "press" deserve no special treatments.
    This is supposed to be a nation of equal treatment under the law.
    Block a cop while spewing obscenities, or block a cop while holding up what may or may not be a cell phone or camera; either way, if the cops are clearing an area, you get walked over.

  10. The headlines about this largely claim the injunction was a full barrring of federal police officers.

    Why, ask yourself, would the press still need to lie about a ruling that was favorable to them?

    1. Well, if I wanted to be incredibly cynical, it's possible that they want some rioters to dress up as press or legal observers thinking it's a get out of jail free card, so they can get inflammatory footage of cops beating up "press" or "observers" without taking a baton themselves.

  11. I'd like to see the video of the preceding 5 minutes of the police (and the reporters) before jumping to a conclusion. We have seen examples of press members being, how shall I say, obstreperous to law enforcement. I won't say they got what was coming, but I will say that giving lip to a cop (or worse) in a crisis situation is about as stupid and ignorant as it gets.

    The guy in the picture? The placement makes me wonder if he was running away. And if he was running away...why was he running away? Maybe the question to ask is what he was doing?

    1. You can't draw any conclusions from that picture. If I'm kneeling in a corner filming cops and rioters and someone starts shooting rubber bullets my way, I'm going to immediately turn my back to them as a simple matter of self preservation.

      1. I agree...but Sullum evidently has made some conclusions. That is why I am calling it out.

  12. So everything was great in Portland before the feds showed up and starting attacking peaceful protesters and journalists?

    If nothing else they've certainly provided a propaganda source for everyone there.

  13. >>The free press is the guardian of the public interest

    supposed to be. isn't. lol

  14. I've always wanted American conservatives to wind up in a situation that they couldn't spin their way out of.

    Remember kiddos, after all the twisting, fudging and blatant hypocrisy on display after the last 12 years, you own this.

    And, when Trump goes down, he's taking as many of you fuckers with him as possible. When has he not left someone else holding the bag (and the bill) for his fuck-ups?

    1. Was that supposed to make sense?

      1. Should I write it in crayon for you?

        1. I don't get it either, dude. But I'm the dumbest person here with my college degree and professional job. Maybe one of the wise dishwashers get it.

        2. Rewrite it with whatever stylus you'd like, but try to put the words into an order which makes some sense.

      2. one curse, one decree, and one portend.

    2. Crayon, engraved, bold face type, it still doesn't make sense.

    3. Do you mean the national debt?

      Since Reagan it's become tradition for presidents to double it. Regardless of party affiliation. And I don't see how that takes anyone down unless you mean the dollar collapsing, and that's not going to happen.

      Seriously dude. Explain. Or take your meds.

    4. What Esmerelda here may be referring to, is that we are witnessing one of the plainest examples of federal government tyranny that we have seen in a long time - these federal officers are doing more than just "protecting property" - and the right-wing response, after 12 years of bitching about Obama's tyranny, has been to find reasons to justify it. Largely because the targets of this tyranny is against people they hate.

      It just goes to show that much of the fervent pro-gun crowd who go around declaring that an armed populace is the last defense against tyrannical government, really only mean that as applied to *themselves*. When the tyranny is applied to others, then it's a big meh.

      1. Obama sent tax inspectors and OSHA inspectors after people who were actually peacefully protesting.

        You are crying because hundreds of people violating the rights of business owners and citizens are being arrested for those crimes.

        You're a fucking idiot.

        1. And when Obama did that, did you find reasons to try to justify it? Or did you denounce it, as you should?

          You are crying because hundreds of people violating the rights of business owners and citizens are being arrested for those crimes.

          How do you know what the hell they are being arrested for by the federal authorities? The people being thrown into vans, are they being charged with crimes? Are they read their rights? How the hell do you know? You are simply ASSuming that the state is acting in good faith in this manner, as I said. You are finding ways to justify tyranny that is way worse than sending OSHA inspectors after protestors.

          1. Why do you assume that they are not?

            Do you even read Ethics Alarms?

            1. Pure psychosis

      2. Not to even fucking mention his warrants on journalists.

        1. As I said before:

          If unnamed camo-wearing agents of the state were detaining people off the street for no discernible reason and throwing them into unmarked vans for detention for an unspecified period of time, if this were occurring in some third-world country, you would call that country an authoritarian shithole.

          1. Assumptions - never a long suit.

            1. Well, maybe some of our resident fascists around here would call a nation like that "an enlightened dictatorship". But Jesse is not one of those fascists, he is just overly saturated in right-wing media.

              1. I don't think you know the how and why of these "detentions."

                1. Do you?

      3. I'm also pointing out that the fallout from this will be sticking to conservatives for years afterwards.

        And not just for the secret police activity, but the Coronoavirus. Millions of people will be stuck with epic medical bills after this. Does anyone around here seriously believe that no one is going to push for further health care socialization after this?

        1. Why millions?

    5. If he does things right, he will take the progs down. Progressives are destroying America.

  15. Thanks for reminding us you are determined to mis-read the Portland situation. I live in Oregon - wouldn't touch Portland with a stick. :-0

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  20. I have a dearth of room in my heart for rioters and cops. Does that mean the same thing?

  21. "Police were shocked to discover that every one of the hundreds of people on the street during the arson and looting were journalists or observers and therefore couldn't be dispersed. 'That's what they all said.' reported one surprised officer."

    The war goes on: "The Willful Blindness of Reactionary Liberalism"
    at newrepublic.com from July 6.

  22. The war goes on: “The Willful Blindness of Reactionary Liberalism”
    at newrepublic.com from July 6.

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  23. So how do you identify a member of the press in a horde of protestors? Shouldn't they have to wear some sort of identification? Maybe a Day-Glo orange shirt that has "PRESS" in large letters on both sides, their name, and a copy of their press credentials. Otherwise, how do you know?

    1. It’s a valid question. However there have been multiple incidents in the past few weeks where the police knew someone was a journalist and assaulted them, anyway.

  24. "What they were doing was unconstitutional, ... Sometimes I worry that people take the oath of office or the oath to the Constitution, and it's just a set of words that mean nothing. They really don't feel in their heart the weight of those words."

    The government goons and those ordering them into this oppression are anti-American agents of tyranny and deserve, at minimum, ouster for violating their oaths and, likely, far worse punishment.

    “I must own, I know not what Treason is, if sapping and betraying the liberties of a people be not treason, in the eternal and original Nature of Things.”
    ~ Cato

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