Food Freedom

Andrew Cuomo to Chicken Wings: You're Not Real Food

The New York governor requires bars to sell "substantive" offerings if they'd like to stay open.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a lot on his plate. He's governing a state of more than 19 million people. He's trying to contain a COVID-19 outbreak. He's classifying which foods are substantial enough for a meal.

The Democratic governor insists the three are related. As the state emerges from coronavirus-related closures, which decimated many a business, Cuomo is enacting new regulations on what bars must serve if they want to be open after months of being shuttered.

It can't just be alcohol, and it can't just be finger food. "To be a bar, you had to have food available—soups, sandwiches, etc.," he said in a press conference yesterday. "More than just hors d'oeuvres, chicken wings, you had to have some substantive food. The lowest level of substantive food were sandwiches."

Many establishments initially tried to circumvent the rules with offerings like $1.00 Cuomo Chips or, as another bar put it, "a few chips off your shoulder." The Lafayette, located in Buffalo, epitomized the trend with a makeshift menu whose offering included a "handful o' croutons" and "the smallest piece of cheesecake you'll ever see," as well as one sliver of charcuterie, which could be substituted for a piece of cheese.

No more. The intent of the food mandate, Cuomo says, is to encourage patrons to stay in their seats, so "substantive" selections must be the norm. One wonders what impact, if any, that rule will have on COVID-19 transmissions. (If he wants patrons to be seated, wouldn't it be easier to require that patrons, well, stay seated? Sorry—I don't want to give him any ideas.)

Many bars didn't offer food prior to the pandemic. To fulfill Cuomo's requirements, they must now pour extra money into food supplies and manpower in a time when few people have any extra money to speak of.

"We have one lady who comes in who has high food allergies," Anne Muldoon, the owner of Lowery Bar & Kitchen, told NY1. "She never eats out, but has a couple glasses of wine and it's a little freedom—and now we have to tell her she has to order food. So she walks out our doors."

Cuomo has also zeroed in on outdoor drinking, which he wants everyone to know is not allowed. That mandate is especially devastating to any bar or restaurant in New York City, where indoor dining is still prohibited.

"The state will suspend liquor licenses for businesses in violation of health orders," he said in a subsequent tweet. "Local governments must also enforce these rules. We need compliance to stop the spread and keep New Yorkers safe." He has since made good on that promise.

But who exactly he is keeping safe isn't quite clear, unless we soon find out that one is more likely to contract COVID-19 while intoxicated. COVID-19 transmission is less likely, not more, in an outdoor setting.

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently hailed Cuomo as the one who "did it correctly," with "it" being Cuomo's response to COVID-19. There's room for a healthy debate over whether that's true, considering the state's stratospheric death toll—32,000 fatalities—and the many factors which contributed to it, some of which can be laid at Cuomo's door. Thankfully the state's deaths have dropped off dramatically.

But instead of litigating the past, how about the present? If Cuomo's arbitrary distinction between chicken wings and sandwiches is any indication, he is not, in fact, "doing it correctly."

NEXT: Where’s Republican Federalism During Trump’s Urban Invasions?

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  1. Just tell the government tyrants to FUCK OFF.

    1. “Just tell the government tyrants Fredo to FUCK OFF.”

      1. I always thought of Andrew as Sonny and Chris as Fredo.

        1. I just call them both dicks.

          1. w as Sonny and Chris as ssfdfsd

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      2. and Chris as Fredo.zzz

    2. Easy for you to say with no liquor license at risk.

        1. Neither are liquor licenses. In fact they’re very expensive and very hard to get if you’re not politically connected in some places. And I would assume New York is one of them.

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    4. Who is he to say what food is or not is. If it has calories and nutritional value. “Nutrients
      On a positive note, chicken wings contain some nutrients that you want to add into your diet. One wing has 20 percent daily value of protein. In terms of micronutrients, a wing contains 13 percent DV niacin, 7 percent DV vitamin B6, 6 percent DV phosphorus and small amounts of a number of other vitamins and minerals. The FDA considers less than 5 percent low and over 20 percent high when calculating nutrients you want at a high level in your diet, such as vitamins and minerals.”

      Put that in your Hookah pipe and do some Turkish Delight or Afghani Black Mr Know it All don Cuomo.

      1. Weren’t chicken wings, like ribs, considered scrap meat, and thus given to slaves, who turned it into something wonderful? How dare Cuomo crap all over that achievement from the worst of times.

  2. The intent of the food mandate, Cuomo says, is to encourage patrons to stay in their seats, so “substantive” selections must be the norm.


    I can’t imagine why New York piled up the bodies.

    1. He’s obviously never seen most bar patrons eat chicken wings.

  3. Tell a patron of any bar food joint in Buffalo that chicken wings are not a “substantive” meal. What a jackass.

    1. The countdown until Pritzker tells Illini “Deep dish isn’t pizza” begins immediately followed by the countdown until his assassination.

      1. It’s casserole

        1. Don’t come crying to me when Cuomo has put NY-style pizza in the ‘unsubstantive’ column years before Pritzker even puts his fork down.

          1. There’s a Chinese take out place my me which advertises itself as “New York-style Chinese Food”, by which they apparently mean mushy, flavoreless food.

      2. Or hot dogs Chicago style.

      3. That would be wonderful!

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  4. There are emergency measures, and then there are petty tyrants. New York needed emergency measures. But those measures needed to come along with checks and balances. Legislative and judicial reviews, in other words. The governor can’t just make shit up as he goes along. We allow some short circuiting of the rules in times of emergency, but those short circuits are not carte blanche.

    It’s not just Cuomo, it’s a lot of other governors and local county and cities leaders who decided that the pandemic meant they could do what they wanted without any oversight whatsoever. Rule by capricious whim. Must wear a mask when outdoors walking your dog, can’t visit your vacation home out of state, the selling of shoes banned, etc.

    But this is the modern United States, where questioning the actions of elected leaders is a social faux pax. We have become Europe. Both European style “don’t question your betters” and European style “papers please” mentalities. Both of whom should be foreign to these shores.

    1. This all has been a real eye opener as to how pathetic Americans have become. Making it hard to maintain my usual optimism about most people being OK.

      1. I think most people are still OK, but only outside areas related to politics. Get any politics involved, especially partisan politics, and most people become drooling idiots.

        But the world has always been that way. Our current problem is that we now think politics is everything whereas it only used to be a part of our lives. Part of the blame can be laid at the modern university system which seems more interested in a particular set of ideologies than in education, and at the feet of media who actively encourage political division. And of course at the feet of social media which gives everyone their own bubble to ferment in.

        1. The wife and I were talking about this last night. We were watching this Netflix show, “Street Food: Latin America” and they were talking about this shop owner in Colombia. They were telling her story and how she was cooking for students, and then one day the government came and evicted all the shop owners to do renovations. And that was all you heard about it.

          In today’s “Everything is Political” that would have been the main point of the story- linking it to some national “Rejuvenation” policy or some corrupt leader, or whatever.

          But in “Street Food” it was just a side note. Because the real story was this woman and how she ended up revitalizing an entire market with the food she was making. This is what news needs to be again.

          We don’t get that any more, because Media is dominated by what is happening in Washington DC and New York. And if the news isn’t happening there, then it is viewed by the lens of the politics in Washington DC. When they talk about the COVID surge in California, all they talk about is who is wearing masks, and how Newsence and Trump disagree about schools. A major problem is that there is a huge city on the other side of the border that has an outbreak. Nobody talks about this unless it is to beat the immigration drum- But it has nothing to do with immigration. It is American citizens who live on the other side of the fence, work in the US and who are overflowing across the border now that Mexicali’s hospitals are overrun.

          1. Ran across a recent article where the author moved to Switzerland (I think) from Latin America, and the first thing he asked was “who’s the president?” No one knew because in Switzerland no one cared. It didn’t matter. But in both the US and most of Latin America, knowing who your ruler is turns out to be quite important.

            In my vision of libertopia, no one knows who the president is, or their senator or congressman. Because it’s not all that terribly important. I voted for my local city council, but I never bothered to find out who actually won. I dream of a world that where I can say that for every level of government.

            1. I’m too lazy to google it, but I suspect that in Switzerland’s parliamentary process, you don’t actually vote for the president, you vote for the party and the majority party nominates the prime minister.

              1. Basically, Parliament elects the Cabinet, and elects one of them as President, but that doesn’t mean much.

                (From Wikipedia) “The Federal Council constitutes the federal government, directs the federal administration and serves as collective Head of State. It is a collegial body of seven members, elected for a four-year mandate by the Federal Assembly [parliament] which also exercises oversight over the Council. The President of the Confederation is elected by the Assembly from among the seven members, traditionally in rotation and for a one-year term; the President chairs the government and assumes representative functions. However, the president is a primus inter pares with no additional powers, and remains the head of a department within the administration.”

              2. Also, it’s officially the Swiss Confederation. IF that’s anything but meaningless words, there would be less power for the central government, including the President, Council, and Assembly, and more power for the Cantons – but I don’t know the reality in modern Switzerland.

            2. I dream of a world that where I can say that for every level of government.

              You dream of being a soccer mom?

          2. “The wife and I were talking about this last night.”

            My advice is to avoid street food or any place where the vendor/preparer doesn’t have the means to conveniently wash his/her hands.

            My other advice is when in China, try to eat at Muslim restaurants (look for the Arabic signs.) They will usually have better hygiene standards than other restaurants and you can be certain at least that your food won’t be fried in rancid lard.

            Please pass this along to your wife when it’s convenient.

      2. I already had a pretty low opinion of most people before the lockdown and that’s only gotten worse since March. Collective hysteria tends to bring the worst of out people.

    2. Too true. I used to wonder how Hitler happened.
      Now I know.

    3. The Republican Indiana governor has now ordered masks everywhere and all the time. The local country club, probably against their will, has issued the following:

      “Masks are required to check into the fitness center and while exercising and using the facility.”

      My kids’ school says parents are to wear a mask while inside their cars when dropping off and picking up their kids.

      The idea of trying to be perfectly perfect in avoiding this virus is strange. Perhaps all forms of ground travel should be capped at 25 mph, or sugar should be banned, or a helmet should be worn when going for a walk in your own quiet neighborhood.

      Anyone else feel like they are living inside the Twilight Zone?

      1. The idea of trying to be perfectly perfect in avoiding this virus is strange.

        I might almost cut it some slack if it all weren’t the largest sack of baloney. Masks do nothing if you aren’t coughing and aren’t in the immediate vicinity of people who are coughing. Social distancing is absolutely 100% useless. It is a set of magical talismans and rituals to ward off disease. I don’t know how we’ve fallen to this level. Do the majority of people in America really think that a bandana is going to block whatever is floating about in the air they breathe? Do people really believe that there are invisible six food auras around every person that, if you get within you will magically become sick?

        1. Yes…in this nation of idiots and libtards a resounding yes!

        2. They need to believe in masks and social distancing because they can’t handle the truth that the concept of total safety is a myth wealthy nations have foisted upon the masses to convince them that allowing their freedoms and rights to be slowly, but surely eroded is in their best interest. If governments were really honest about the limits of their capabilities and resources, most people would quickly realize they are better off managing their own risks in life without heavy-handed government intervention.

      2. Personally, I imagine Rod Serling handed the year 2020 as a script, and he gets to about early June, and says “That’s just too much, I’m out.”

      3. The idea of trying to be perfectly perfect in avoiding this virus is strange.

        My favorite is the selective perfection. 6 ft. barriers at all times and no direct physical contact, but indirect contact of pretty much anything is a-OK.

        Masks and 6 ft. of separation at all times, but if I lay cash on the counter and you take it, place something from behind the counter on the counter, count out the change, lay it on the counter, and I take it, nobody bats an eye. There were even protracted discussions about how robust the virus was outside the body and how summer might not lead to a decline because UV doesn’t effectively kill it.

        You could wipe your ass with your mask and put it on clean side in and no one would say a word because you were wearing a mask.

        1. “My favorite is the selective perfection. 6 ft. barriers at all times and no direct physical contact, but indirect contact of pretty much anything is a-OK.”

          That’s nothing. In Canada, government run places like airports call for 2 meter distances. Private places like malls etc call for 6 feet distances. They are two completely different distances!

          1. Unless you walk around with a tape measure the difference of 6.75″, which is less than 10%, isn’t likely to be noticed by anyone.

      4. Caffeine isn’t good for people. Better ban it.

        (I know, I shouldn’t give them ideas.)

    4. The emergency ended in April in New York. In most other states there never was an emergency.

      1. Cuomo created the crisis he was trying to avoid.

  5. “To be a bar, you had to have food available—soups, sandwiches, etc.,” Dumb ass democrat.

    “A business licensed to sell alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises, or the premises themselves; public house.” The real world.

  6. Hey, he doesn’t eat chicken wings… he’s doing this for US.

  7. This is why you’re fat, America.

  8. Throw a slice of bread on the plate with the wings. There you go, sandwich.

    But how fucking ridiculous can you be? I can’t believe people think Cuomo is doing a great job.

    1. No one actually thinks that.

      1. He has like an 80% approval rating!

        This is the problem with our world- people don’t care about results. They care about a strong and capable sounding leader. I see this in the corporate world all the time. There will be idiots who never produce a damn thing on time, or as expected. But because they get into a meeting and stroke their beard, taking everyone off on tangents and arguing everyone into silence, they are seen as important voices at the company.

        1. You still trust approval ratings?

        2. He has like an 80% approval rating!

          He is an anti-trump champion.

      2. I’ve talked to several people who thought he was doing a great job. Had no idea how he made things much, much worse by making nursing homes take in infected people.

        1. Nothing spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S during a disease outbreak like a state with 6% of the population being responsible for 23% of the deaths from that disease.

        2. Yes. It’s funny how many people I’ve talked to in NY think everywhere but NY is a disaster because of Cuomo, but they didn’t even know the stats in their own state or the number of elderly in nursing homes killed by Fredo. He’s on TV everyday for months indoctrinating the public with tales of personal heroism, and hardly any media challenge to his version of the great job that he has done to save NY from COVID-19. And the masses eat it up like cake.

    2. Tuna sandwich, hold the bread.

      1. He wanted toast, but it was after breakfast

    3. He’s a Democrat and opposed to Trump. Therefore to 33% of the populace think he can literally do no wrong. He’s a Democrat and opposed to Trump. Therefore to 25% of the people he is incapable of doing good. For the vast 42% of people in this country, everyone in office is a retarded fool regardless of party affiliation.

    4. What does Cuomo have against people with celiac disease?

  9. Before that it was Bloomberg telling them what size soda they can buy, even wanted to dictate how much salt on food at restaurants. NY voters have elected these people clearly they don’t think they can decide what to eat and drink on their own. Next will be an approval process before every meal.

  10. Governor Kafka doesn’t stoop to eating peasant food like chicken wings. Now, if they serve caviar with the drinks, he’s cool with that.

    1. A friend of mine was a fisherperson in the seas off Alaska. He told me that his colleagues would grab hold of a female salmon and suck the roe directly from her vagina. They were as working class as they come, not the callous New York sophisticates you imagine.

    2. Yes…clearly not food to be eaten by nobles.

  11. I think the big support for the Democrats is free money with out work. That could be one reason why they think Cuomo doing such a great job or CNN is just telling every one that.

    1. CNN=Cuomo News Network.

    2. You understand the real agenda.

      Our grandparents and great-grandparents must be rolling over in their graves. The thought of spending a lifetime sitting at home collecting checks to do absolutely nothing would have been repulsive to most of them. Now America’s public school teachers are aiming to make it their permanent arrangement.

      1. This 1000%. Just the other day I said I was glad my grandmother was not alive now. She would be appalled and outraged. It’s amazing to me how many allegedly educated people believe they can just sit at home and collect a check until COVID-19 is eradicated or there is a vaccine. We know eradication is not possible. So when asked about the possibility of moving forward and learning to live with the virus without a vaccine, they really cannot comprehend the concept. They struggle to even consider that they might have to work and support themselves in a world that isn’t totally safe and free from risk. Did so many people really believe they were so much safer before COVID-19?

  12. He’s just another statist asshole who thinks he’s in control. Fuck all Democrat governors and mayors to hell.

  13. He’s governing a state of more than 19 million people

    ,and steadily falling.

    1. Especially after he loaded the nursing homes with infected people.

      Nothing says “crisis management” like managing to build a crisis into a disaster.

      1. Gotta get rid of the Republican voters somehow…

  14. What is the reason for the ban against outdoor drinking?

    1. Because enjoying yourself gives you the ‘Rona. It’s science.

    2. What is the reason behind any regulation of when and where you can buy or consume alcohol? What Juice said.

  15. Cali is doing the same even saying a salad is not a meal but i often have a salad for a meal and in the summer I eat far less than in the winter and often I need to eat period but not an entire meal and these are the same a holes who worry about food waste.

    1. What he really wants is to shut down the bars and restaurants entirely, but he figures he can’t get away with it, so he gets as close as he can.

  16. hilarious watching a man too stupid to know how stupid he is

    1. if your chicken wings are insubstantial you need to get out more

      1. i didnt mean to reply to you but I wholeheartedly agree

  17. Oh crap, guys. This is just now occurring to me, and I hesitate to say it, but…Andrew Cuomo might just be a raging asshole.

    1. There is also a faint possibility that the sun may rise in the east tomorrow.

    2. Yes, I would also hesitate to say “might” . . .

  18. I fucking hate Cuomo.

  19. Remember this when some argue there is no slippery slope to worry about.

    1. first they say you can have that much soda now they say you have to eat more. i wish they would make up their mind

    2. “It’s the grease from those fucking *wings*!”

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  21. Surely there are creative ways around this. Gauleiter Cuomo said “available” he didn’t say every patron “must” order food. So have a can of Campbells soup on the counter and one of those Oscar Mayer instant lunchable sandwiches. That’s our “available” hearty soup and sandwich. You can order it or not along with your drink.

    1. Surely there are creative ways around this.

      And some may be itching to implement them. 8-(

    2. I’m sure people are already there. I’ve been to several bars that keep a hotdog machine, or some microwavable meal things on hand so they can say they serve food.

    3. This is part of his crack down on the creative ways to get around the initial order that had been developed.

    4. microwavable chicken strips & 2 slices of bread seems to be a sandwich to me.

      1. Get a 5 gallon bucket of peanut butter and some bread.

  22. “The lowest level of substantive food were sandwiches.”

    Q: “Why will you never go hungry on the beach?”

    A: “Because of the sand which is there.”

    Also: Oh, FFS!

  23. This is an Seinfeld episode. Is he going to decide what constitutes a soup next?

    1. “No re-election for YOU!!”

      1. Did he just yada-yada chicken wings?

  24. Buffalo wings are probably New York’s greatest contribution to humanity, how dare Cuomo belittle them like that!

  25. Here’s my recipe.

    Mix up some soy sauce and a bit of sesame oil. Toss wings in mixture. Cook at 425 for 45 minutes. Serve with sweet Thai chili sauce.


    1. I might add some chopped shallots or finely minced garlic to that mix. Also a warning – a little sesame oil goes a long way. I learned that the hard way learning how to make fried rice.

      Also good on the grill.

      Sweet Thai chili sauce is one of the greatest gift to humanity. A little Thai Chili paste handy at the table to adjust the heat is also a good thing.

      1. That’s why I say “a bit of sesame oil.”

        I really like the recipe for its simplicity and it’s just fucking good. The soy adds salt with a tang, and if you do the sesame right (just a bit) it adds a delicious nuttiness. I don’t use any shallots or garlic because it will burn. Thanks for the thoughts though. I’m always open to creative criticism.

        1. Not really criticism… just more delicious variety.

          We have a restaurant down here that does their wings either fried or grilled. And they have a sweet asian BBQ style, a buffalo style or a loaded garlic style. Or…. this is the one….. all three. Hooo, boy. Grilled with all three sauces, loaded with fresh chopped garlic… delicious.

          But then wings are delicious simply grilled with butter and salt. Drag through any sauce you like…. or eat them just as they are.
          They have a wonderful fatty skin to meat ratio that makes them hard to screw up.

          1. “They have a wonderful fatty skin to meat ratio that makes them hard to screw up.”

            I’ve noticed a great variance in the fat on wings from the store.

            I’m just saying that at 425 for minutes, garlic and shallots will burn. I’ve tried. I’m sure it would work if cooked in a different manner.

            1. for 45 minutes. Funny how numbers don’t show up when Num Lock is off.

            2. Yeah, the garlic or shallot is for the marinade. Let it sit to soak up the flavor goodness. None of it really stays on the wing.

              Although garlic lovers will pile fresh minced garlic right on top of their wings. Not my favorite, but someone who sleeps in my bedroom loves them that way, breath consequences be damned.

              1. Sounds good.

              2. The marinade, not the breath.

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    2. Deep fry at 375 until crisp.
      Toss with Frank’s RedHot [cut with melted butter to taste].
      Serve with celery and blue cheese dressing.
      Throw celery away, dip & eat wings.

      1. If I want that I’ll go to a restaurant. If I’m cooking at home I’m gonna do something different.

      2. All right… you bring up Fried with Franks RedHot… so I gotta share my accidental discovery.

        When we were young we used to meet up for football and wings, often at each other’s houses. Dudes being dudes, how hot the wings are became a thing. Did it make your nose run? No? Definitely not hot enough…

        So I had nothing in the fridge one night. I mixed up 50% Texas Pete and 50% Kraft BBQ sauce. Yup, the most generic of generic store bought BBQ with a mild hot sauce. Somehow it is hotter than either alone.

        But it didn’t appease the fellows. So next time I grabbed some habanero peppers. Having never used them before, I put a handful in the blender, making a nice green watery paste, seeds and all. I added about 10% green paste to my sauce mix.

        Ok… mistake. Way, way, way too hot.

        So when the fellows came over, I mixed that with my hot sauce – about 75/25, for a 2.5% mix. Really hot. And wonderful. A little butter made it into true buffalo for those who preferred that.

        But then the smack talk began. Not hot enough (they said with runny noses).


        I brought out the green stuff.

        Here, spice it up, boys!

        A couple of idiots tried it straight. Idiots. One even claimed it wasn’t that hot… as his eyes were watering.

        Anyway, a dash of habanero puree to your buffalo sauce makes a wonderful nutty flavor with a lot of heat, but not so much that it is all heat, no flavor.

        Long way to go for that one tidbit, but there you are….

        1. That’s a great way to add heat. I’m not a big fan of the flavor of habeneros, so they’re not my first choice. I like those small, thin, red ones. But that’s a great idea. I’ve made my own hot sauces, but usually from dried chilis. Rarely fresh.

          I bet if you used some salt/vinegar/sugar combination with your chilis, maybe some potassium sorbate for good measure, you could make your own dragon drops to drip into your next delight.

        2. I’m hung like a mule so that kind of pathetic dick measuring is superfluous. However, if you’re crying uncle over pureed habaneros you’re a bitch.

          1. Now masturbating with pureed habaneros… that’ll wake you up.

        3. That reminds me of a back-of-the-house salsa the Mexicans used to make at this place I used to work at.

          They’d take jalapenos, tomatillios, and onion, and roast it all in a hot oven. Then into the food processor with salt, lime and cilantro. It was a spicy green salsa that would burn on the way out as well as the way in. We used to fill shot glasses and down them on dares. Good times. Though my asshole doesn’t miss it much. Ouch. Burning shits are no fun.

    3. Lots of things go great on wings.
      Worcestershire sauce alone is probably as simple as you can get.
      Honey + soy sauce
      Honey + Old Bay (Honey is nice because it gives best glaze imaginable)
      I mean, wings are really hard to mess up. Put something sweet and/or savory on there and you’re probably going to enjoy it.

  26. As per usual, I’m not going to blame the politicians for being idiots. That kind of goes with the territory.

    Where is the competent press on this? Why is there nobody capable of asking an intelligent question at any of these briefings and press conferences?

    This one order raises several obvious questions that nobody even bothers asking:

    1. Why bars? What evidence is there that bars are specially prone to transmission of the virus? Do we have any real world epidemiological evidence of this? Or is this just an informed guess? (the same questions should be asked about any such edict – gyms, whatever)

    2. Why food? What possible difference does that make? If I get a burger at the bar, I’m still at the bar.

    3. Where do you get the authority to make these seemingly arbitrary distinctions? Please cite a statute, and then reporters should probe for limits on this power. Is there no test for arbitrariness?

    4. How is this order not unconstitutional for vagueness? How is a reasonable owner supposed to delineate between “real food” and “not real food”?

    And that’s just off the top of my head on this one stupid order. We have not even touched on the real, serious questions that have never been answered about New York’s response to the virus.

    This goes for the press at all levels. The questions that Trump fielded at his last press conference were insipid. They were mostly stupid games of gotcha, trying to trap him with wordplay like “have you stopped beating your wife yet”. There are thousands of serious questions that need answering. Questions about the science. About how we know that we are taking the correct actions. Questions about how things have worked out where the government did not take the recommended actions (places like Sweden and New York). But because our press is so entirely subsumed by their passion for being a propaganda machine, and because there really are no people who are even minimally scientifically literate in the press, none of the salient questions are being asked… and if they are not asked, we are not going to get the answers.

    1. The corporate press is a giant malignant tumor on our society. Even so the level of insipid retarded depravity we are witnessing is unreal.

    2. “competent press”

      What mean ye by these strange utterings?

    3. Where is the competent press on this?

      Stop it, yer killin’ me!

      1. “Why, our news team won last year’s wing-eating contest!”

    4. “Where is the competent press on this? ”

      You misspelled “compliant”.

      Look, the press is just like the rest of the American Public. There is nothing they love more than a leader who “Tells them the hard truth.” Obama used that, “Now let me be perfectly clear…” opening over and over again because it works. And Cuomo does the same thing. Look at his briefings, and he says things like “I’m going to give you a dose of reality here.” and “I am going to go over the facts, because facts are the most important.” And of course, he follows it up with cherry picked facts that make him look good.

      It is basically the same as the people who say, “I’m not going to mince words here-” and then go on to mince words. (“I’m just going to be straight with you, Cuomo may be thinking about some other political office some time in the future”)

      1. That is a good point.

        Any time someone says “I’m not trying to trick you”, they are trying to trick you. Any time they say “let me be clear”, they are being anything but clear. These are excellent rules of thumb.

    5. they needed to blame bars because no one wants to go on record admitting the mass protests were a super-spreader event.

      there was no spike in cases after Memorial Day beach parties, and no spike when the Southern states started to reopen. But there’s been a big spike after the riots.

      1. And back to my point about the incompetence, stupidity and malice complicity of the media – why has nobody asked these people that question directly. Not just dropping in some backhanded attack like “Trump irresponsibly alleges that protests spread the virus, how do you respond?”, but actually asking probing questions:

        How do we know that these protests have not dramatically increased the spread of the virus? What evidence is there on this? Which epidemiologists are studying this?

        Also, do you think that after months of following strict confinement rules, having major politicians participate in and support continual mass protests despite their own orders mandating that no groups larger than 10 people be allowed might have caused young people to feel that they now have full permission to socialize as normal? We certainly saw people begin informal social events coincident with these protests, and well before any “opening” orders were issued. How do you square the increase in the curve – which matches the protest timeline and not the re-opening timeline – with your claims that the democrat politicians actions related to the protests did not have an effect on the spread but republican politicians later actions did?

        The list of unasked questions is endless.

    6. To me, the most important question that no one is asking is “What criteria was used to develop these recommendations?”

      It’s always wishy-washy rhetoric about saving as many lives as possible (how many and at what cost per life?) or slowing the spread of the virus (to what level and for how long?)

      I mean, what is their end game (assuming they aren’t just cynically grabbing at power)? I only see three options:

      1. Save lives until a vaccine has been developed, mass produced and administered. Again, we have to ask how much are we willing to pay for each life saved, though. How many young, healthy lives are we willing to ruin to keep an elderly person alive for a few more months?
      2. Prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed with covid patients. This was the original goal, but we accelerated through that finish line and never looked back.
      3. Eliminate the disease entirely without a vaccine. This one is impossible, of course, so a good follow up would be to ask how long the speaker expects this to take.

      1. Exactly. I have written screeds on that point here many times over the last few months.

        They started with “flatten the curve” and very quickly morphed that to “lock everything down so that nobody catches it!” The latter is a completely untenable goal.

    7. Why is there nobody capable of asking an intelligent question at any of these briefings and press conferences?

      0. How does anyone enforce a mandatory mask rule while observing the 6′ rule? Are police being issued mask application sticks? Are they being properly trained how to avoid killing themselves and others with them?

  27. Where does he get this authority? Seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    1. “I know unsubstantive food when I see it.”

      1. *Swigs from coffee mug*

    2. By the time it gets through the courts this will have all blown over, Cuomo will have gotten his kudos for being a “strong leader during difficult times” and he’ll be campaigning for higher office.

  28. Quote:
    Dr. Anthony Fauci recently hailed Cuomo as the one who “did it correctly,” with “it”

    Really, Dr. Fauci? if all state governors gave executive orders to admit COVID patients in elderly nursing homes, we would have had crossed a million deaths by now.

  29. Dr. Anthony Fauci recently hailed Cuomo as the one who “did it correctly,” with “it” being Cuomo’s response to COVID-19.

    Like I’m going to trust a guy who throws a ball like a noodle armed choir boy.

    1. Second highest deaths per capita in the nation in New York, at around 170 per 100,000.

      It’s got to be the magic (D).

      1. Newsom worked hard to be the state with most deaths. Give him the credit he is due the competition is tough. Tough on its citizens

  30. “Andrew Cuomo’s Coronavirus Response Has Been a Failure”

    And still is.

  31. New York State is racing New Jersey for highest coronavirus deaths per capita in the country (around 170 per 100,000. That’s 6.5 times as high as Florida) yet people still listen to this fool?

  32. I’m trying to figure out how a bar can operate under the combined city and state law. Does it mean you have to be served food and drink inside, drink the drink inside, and eat the food outside?

    1. Just try something reasonable out and see if your license gets revoked. Then apply for a new license. Wait for it be approved. Once approved, repeat the process.

  33. The only explanation is that New Yorkers don’t want to think for themselves and want Daddy Cuomo to tell them every move to make.

    1. Not “daddy”, but Il Duce, Cuomolini.

      1. “Il Douche”

        1. Stealing this.

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  35. I know this is politically incorrect to say, but how am I supposed to give a damn about some chicken wings when there’s a person sitting in the US Congress whose ancestors might have been direct descendants of the Spanish people who settled Puerto Rico, a.k.a. Conquistadors?

    That likely descendant of Spanish Conquistadors, without a doubt, owes her current position of power to European colonization and white privilege. We’re looking at you, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    1. The notion that hispanics are the descendants of European colonialists is way, way too nuanced for these people.

  36. to misquote Henry II, will no one rid me of this meddlesome politician?

  37. “Nanny State” Bloomberg tried to limit the size of a soft drink because he personally didn’t want to drink that much and therefore nobody should be able to.

    Now “Nanny State” Cuomo as a personal animus towards snack food probably because he is too high and mighty to be a patron at a local bar and prefers the Hoity Toity establishments.

    Who give the government the power to determine what is and what is not essential?

    If a person pays for their food and shelter with their earnings from a job, then their job is essential to them. If we flip the argument on what is essential or not on these government tyrants, we would find that most of government is not essential to most people.

    1. Well, here in my area we shut down a lot of government offices – including the schools, libraries and various administration offices. But nobody was laid off or furloughed. They all kept cashing those paychecks.

  38. Are there any outstanding court cases where businesses are being sued for spreading COVID or having their insurance policies revoked?

    What we really need is a section 230*, the 1A of the internet, for private businesses and COVID so that businesses can’t be held accountable for their customers’ behavior.

    That way, as long as they have the ‘wear a mask and stay 6 ft. apart’ signs on the door, they can’t be held liable and if someone walks in without a mask on, no one can get within 6 ft. of the person to do anything and the problem solves itself.

    *Remember when we all lied to each other about wanting to keep businesses open against an onslaught of trolls? Good times.

  39. Cuomo to Senior Citizens: ” You aren’t real people”

  40. Memo from chicken wings to Governor Cuomo: At least we aren’t chickenshit!

  41. Jesus Christ.

    Stalin decrees.

    I wish the worst on this guy.

  42. I suspect that any bar that serves more or more complex food actually adds risk of transmission…. More people involved in touching and prepping food and washing dishes in the cramped back of a restaurant.

    That said, I personally am comfortable eating and drinking and working at bars and restaurants and do so about 10 times a week

  43. There really are few bigger assholes around than Cuomo.

  44. This scumbag’s every act is the definition of arbitrary & capricious and rooted in nothing but oppressive tyranny. You’re going to swing for treason before this is done Cuomo. And you’re deranged little brother too.

  45. You can have my chicken wings when you pry them from my cold, dead, greasy, blue cheese-covered hands.

    1. FUNNY!

  46. Isn’t it interesting how these freaks always have such an unnatural tan for someone that supposedly spends their days in an office?

    1. Amazing that the exact same people who spend countless hours on facebook liking memes of Trump having a fake tan are simultaneously swooning of Cuomo, calling him dreamy and adoring his every move.

  47. Hang the little douche.

    Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law

    Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.

    The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term, or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.

    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  48. Not much different from Bloomberg telling people how much soda they could drink.

  49. I need:
    1. A rail
    2. Some tar
    3. A few feather pillows

    1. Put it on Pay-Per-View. Give the profits to the families of the people Cuomo murdered with his nursing home dictats.

      1. Well, to be fair to Cuomo, those nursing home residents were probably staying in their seats while eating meals that consisted of more than hot wings, so…

    2. This unrest is the pitchforks and torches we keep claiming are needed.

  50. Now I want some hot wings.

  51. okay, i’ll say it, he’s a dick. a pencil thin veiny crusty cankery dick. a dripping twisted phallus of a man. but that’s just my opinion. all i know is what i read about him every day and what he says in his own words

    1. You were too kind.

  52. I find it extremely distressing the governments of Canada and the United States are issuing decrees like emperors without calling in their respective legislatures.

    What the hell does this dick move by this uber-dick have to do with the pandemic? It’s abuse of power for its own sake. Only undisciplined sociopaths would behave in this manner.

    There HAS to be hell to pay.

  53. I think one’s chances of catching anything–COVID, herpes, HIV, the French disease, a phish, a stalker, a shot to the chops, a false rape accusation, etc–is probably correlated with one’s level of intoxication.

    However, yes. The obvious workaround would be to require guests to remain seated unless entering, leaving or on their way to or from the restroom.

  54. I’m wondering how even THIS idiot thinks that the virus can be transmitted in the cloud of alcohol-laden vapor that people at a bar are exhaling.

  55. So wings are not enough in New York but 16 oz of soda is too much. Welcome to the New Food Nazi’s.
    I have little sympathy for NYC residents as they’re the ones who elected and keep electing these fools.
    They probably have abandonment issues which is why they want the government to be their new Mommy & Daddy.

  56. Just have mostly peaceful protests in and around the bar. Tag a few buildings and cars and the governor will protect their right to air their grievances.

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  59. nice post

  60. The governor’s conclusion about “chicken wings” is likely the only thing he and I would agree on. Is that a start, who knows, who cares, as I departed NYC, my one time home town in 1967.

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  62. Chicken wings are fairly insubstantial when it comes to chicken things. Necks are even more insubstantial, and I’d avoid any restaurant which tried to palm me off with a ‘meal’ of chicken necks. Chicken feet are also right up near the top of insubstantial chicken parts. Though in Taiwan chicken feet are a popular snack for theater goers, just as popcorn is for normal parts of the world.

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  65. “Just tell the government tyrants Fredo to **** OFF.”


  66. great articles . This is great article and give good knowledge about this topic satta king

  67. The year I spent at Kandahar AF, the US DFAC served chicken wings a couple of times a week. That was my go-to dinner whenever it was available. Imagine my shock to discover that it wasn’t a “substantial” meal.

    Thank you, Gov Cuomo. I don’t know what I’d do without your “wisdom.” Dick.

  68. I meant to comment about his punk face.

    That’s the smile of a psychopath loving every second of abusing his power. This little shit sent people to their deaths and his putzing around pretending he knows what’s good for people to eat.


  69. Florida has multiple types of Liquor Licenses, a with Class A license for bars and liquor stores. The number of licenses available at the county level are based on county population. They do not require food to be sold.

    All other liquor licenses are restaurant based and require 50% of the income to be derived from food. They are not limited by population.

    So all Florida had to do was tell those operating on Class A licenses to shut down. They could apply for one of the other types if they wanted but it would immediately come with a 50% income from food requirement.

    Nothing about it was subjected to the definition of “what is food” by the governor of Florida but I recognize Cuomo has Godly powers no other governor possesses.

  70. I literally had an order of chicken wings for my dinner last night, AT A BAR THAT WAS OPEN!! Of course we live in a ‘flyover’ state that has not suffered temporary insanity. Or should we call it temporary Sorosity?

  71. The intent of the food mandate, Cuomo says, is to encourage patrons to stay in their seats, so “substantive” selections must be the norm.
    SCIENCE.I can’t imagine why New York piled up the bodies.

  72. He seems to be developing the same crazy eyes as AOC. I wonder whether it is a result of the ideology?

  73. Govern my nutrition? You pompous ass. But, talk of a chicken back sandwich might be racist?

  74. 25 years ago in OR we were late arriving to our hotel. Stopped, called and asked if there was going to be food when we arrived. “No, the kitchen will be closed” what about the bar? “Oh, yes they have cold cut sandwiches”.
    Arrived. Checked in and asked For directions to where the food was.” There’s no food, sorry ! The kitchen is closed.” But you told us on the phone that the bar could make sandwiches. “Oh sure. There are Cold cuts, roast beef and ham sandwiches.”
    Conclusion! Sandwiches aren’t food in Oregon. Cuomo is out of touch.

  75. Just slap some ham and cheese between two slices of bread, charge 50 cent for it and be done with it.

    Or stop voting for a man whose policy led to 32 thousand deaths.

    1. Not to mention wholesale deaths of economies, ethics, and liberty.

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  77. Andy is dumb just like Fredo.

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