George Floyd

Trump Says He'll Use Military Force To Restore Order in the States

Law enforcement, on his orders, violently dispersed nearby peaceful protesters.


President Donald Trump spoke briefly in the Rose Garden this evening, promising to use military and national guard troops to restore order. At the same time, just yards away, federal law enforcement in riot gear used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse what had been up until then a peaceful protest.

"All Americans were rightly sickened and revolted by the killing of George Floyd," Trump said early in his speech. But he said that due to "domestic terrorists" infiltrating protests (he called out antifa by name), he would be taking actions to bring about the "ending [of] the riots and lawlessness that are spreading around the country."

At the time Trump was preparing to come out to speak in the Rose Garden, protesters had gathered peacefully just north of the White House in Lafayette Square. Moments before he came out to speak, law enforcement advanced quickly on the crowd and began firing tear gas, scattering them. Trump took credit for this response, stating that he was sending "thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel, and law enforcement officers" to keep the peace in Washington, D.C., and enforce a 7 p.m. curfew.

"I am your president of law and order and an ally of all peaceful protesters," Trump said as federal forces advanced on those peaceful protesters. After the speech was over, it became clear that police cleared protesters so that Trump could visit St. John's Episcopal Church across the street for a photo opp:

Trump detailed several outrageous incidences of violent attacks by looters and others he referred to as "domestic terrorists." He left out any reference to the many cases where cops and members of the National Guard aggressively assaulted citizens protesting peacefully and used force against the journalists covering them.

He called for governors to use the National Guard to bring out enough troops to "dominate the streets" and called for mayors and governors to establish an "overwhelming presence" on the streets to counteract rioting and looting.

He said that if mayors and governors did not do so, he would deploy military troops to do so. Media outlets reported today that Trump is considering invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807, which would permit the president to send military troops to respond to protests in American cities. It was last invoked in 1992 in Los Angeles in response to the Rodney King riots.

NEXT: Violent Enforcement of Curfews Will Perpetuate the Cycle of Police Violence

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  1. “After the speech was over, it became clear that police cleared protesters so that Trump could visit St. John’s Episcopal Church across the street for a photo opp”

    Oh fuck off, Shackford. What are you trying to even pull?
    How stupid do you think we are?

    1. I won’t stand silent while Trump stomps on our freedom of speech! It was always said that fascism would come to America holding the Bible and wrapped in the American flag. I will NOT stand silent while Trump shreds the Constitution. I WILL #RESIST45!

      1. You can speak all you want, riot which involves taking other peoples property is evil and should be illegal. This is not about BLM or a single man it is the start of a revolution. These useful idiots think more government via Socialism is the answer. Note the red hammer and sickle on their flags.

        Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King had the right idea, revolutionaries that go to war with innocent people and their properties should be shot. This attack on private citizens is terrorism. When we revolted from Britain we did not randomly burn our neighbors properties we went after the tyrants, that is after decades of petitioning the King.

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        1. Rioters continuing to riot tends to put a damper on the ability to protest peacefully.

          Blame where blame is due.

          And, fuck you Shackford.

        2. The Rabbi is a parody account, right?

          1. he’s basically bizarro-Crusty Juggler, if that’s even possible.

          2. The working class is not a parody! #RESIST45

            1. Some of them are.

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        3. The people in Lafayette Square were being peaceful.

        4. Two things:
          1)”Revolutionaries that go to war with innocent people and their properties should be shot.” Isn’t this what Trump and his administration planning to possibly do with imminent domain at the southern border to satisfy a vanity obsession complex!
          2) “That is after decades of petitioning the King.” Isn’t that exactly what the black community has done for decades with no significant change!

          1. Eminent

          2. Thanks for confirming that there’s literally nothing that can be accomplished to satiate the situation peacefully. Better hope your skinny ass can get a ticket to Canada, because you’re going to end up getting swept up in the chaos if it comes to a real, actual race war.

          3. I was unaware the black community elected officials regularly attempted to remove qualified immunity and police unions. Do tell.

          4. No, it is not.

            The Black Community in places like Minneapolis are a large portion, perhaps even the majority of the voters. They VOTED for the people mistreating them. They are NOT in the position of “Taxation without Representation”.

            The Democrat machine in Minneapolis has been in control for decades and the Black population still votes for them in mass.

            So no, the ‘they petition for redress” line is horseshit. Protesting the people you elected, then reelecting them means you ARE the people oppressing you!

            1. Progtards are never accountable for anything they do.

            2. Yeah, MJB, that is a big issue.

              “The system is corrupt”

              “But you voted FOR the system for fucking decades. When do you blame your choices?”


          5. “Isn’t that exactly what the black community has done for decades with no significant change!”


        5. These folks have been trying to get the revolution going for years. Every time, they just destroy parts of cities. The problem for them arises if they ever try to take it outside of the city. That is why these progressives are trying to destroy our right to bear arms, so they can have an easier way to push that revolution.

        6. The protesters dispersed by Trump were NOT violent rioters. He claimed he supported peaceful protest, then used force to break up such protests, and urged governors to do the same. How can anyone support such action and claim to be in any way libertarian? (Or do you claim it, ozzy?) Protesters in Florida last night had the right idea, a group of peaceful protesters stopped would-be looters from breaking into a CVS store. But of course, that doesn’t fit President Trump’s narrative, so he will ignore it.

          1. Today it was reported that your peaceful protestors attacked cops just before they were dispersed. Same story different day, the media only reporting the narrative they want.

    2. I mean, that sounds plausible to me. Trump likes that kind of thing.

      That said, do the local DC police work for Trump or for the mayor of DC?

      1. DC is a Territory of the United States. All government officials in DC ultimately serve the President.

        1. DC is a district under Article I Section 8 not a territory under Article IV Section 3. DC is under direct control of Congress which has granted limited autonomy through the Home Rule Act.

    3. Fuck the police.

      And fuck Pres’nit Stumpy.

      1. ahahah cry more!

    4. All eyewitness reports say the same. Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas in Lafayette Square at peaceful protestors.

      That clearly crosses a line. If Trump ordered it done, and you support him, there is no two ways about it. You are the modern equivalent of a good German supporting Hitler.

      No hyperbole. Just simple truth.

      1. I’ll never understand continued support for this malevolent imbecile as long as I live.

        1. of course not, you’re an imbecile

        2. Mike Drop isn’t THAT dumb.

      2. 1000%. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, most people who call themselves libertarians in Reason’s comments section are just racist white trash authoritarians.

        1. Oh, I figured it out. They’ve found a place where they can all hang out with each other with no moderation from Reason.

          1. why are you talking to yourself?

          2. Fuck off Tony, your not fooling anyone.

          3. Correction. Mike Drop IS that dumb. As you were.

        2. You getting some extra credit from your shitty social studies teacher for posting here or something?

      3. Have you watched recent video of the Lafayette Park / White House protestors?

        1. Your article describes things that happened on Sunday. Those protesters weren’t being violent yesterday when they got tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets.

      4. You forgot to mention the protestors (and wannbe rioters) were violating the curfew in place called by the DC Mayor. TFB.

        1. No, this happened at roughly 6:30pm ET. The curfew didn’t take effect until 7:00pm ET.

      5. Bullshit. and more bullshit.

        The Secret Service evacuated the President to the secure bunker to protect him from those “peaceful protesters”.

        Fuck off asshole

      6. “All eyewitness reports say the same.”

        they would never lie about committing crimes

  2. This is it! The beginning of the end of our American democracy. Will you stand up against Trump and his Russian backed attempts to subvert and destroy our democracy? How many more days until people are being herded onto trains destined for the death camps?

    1. I do not like Trump but he has been proven innocent of Russian collusion. Nice leftist talking point that has been proven wrong.

      Government stopping the riots is the opposite of herding people into trains, currently state police are only protecting the states resources stopping the riots protects blacks, asian, hispanic, whites and every other race.

      1. He hasn’t been “proven innocent” … rather he was not proven guilty. There’s an actual difference in those concepts if you want to see it.

        1. Right, because in America it is guilty until proven innocent. Don’t you have some simp rally to attend and some Freedom Fires to light?

        2. Meanwhile, the previous administration has been proven through their own documentation and testimony to have created a conspiracy to get Trump impeached even though they lacked any actual evidence of Russian collusion.

        3. “He hasn’t been “proven innocent” … rather he was not proven guilty. There’s an actual difference in those concepts if you want to see it.”

          Not in the US, no. The assumption at the start is he is innocent. Prosecution has to prove otherwise. If they cannot, he is still innocent.

    2. Trump detailed several outrageous incidences of violent attacks by looters and others he referred to as “domestic terrorists.”

      Even a broken analog clock is right twice a day. While there might be a fuzzy line between constitutionally protected redress to government, protest, and criminal acts, most people would place arson, looting, and assault by the ‘protestors’ as unmistakably criminal.

    3. How many more days until people are being herded onto trains destined for the death camps?

      Fucking finally! I was beginning to think we were going to have to elect him a second time before we broke out the cattle cars.

      1. Death camps already exist in the Southwest for undocumented Americans yearning for a better future. When Biden is elected President in January 2021, Trump will be in shackles before a United Nations court for crimes against humanity.

        1. Can we lock you in one?

        2. Yeah, this has got to be a parody account.

  3. Well, the demonstrations by these mostly-peaceful protesters are against *police* violence, not against *soldier* violence, so I suppose they wouldn’t object to soldiers taking over from the cops for a few days.

    1. The problem is with qualified immunity for government officials. Short of murder they can do what they want to us. So are the rioters with no enforcement of laws.

      No Libertarian should be for any crimes with victims which both the cops and the rioters are doing at this point. Peaceful protest can have civil disobedience but as soon as they become violent or against innocents then that does call for the state to enforce the laws, even lethally.

      The claim that whites are racist only make things worse, 78% of the unarmed Americans killed by cops are White, Asian and Hispanic.

      1. The good thing is, they’ve managed to make it 100% about racism… so once again nobody will be addressing the issue. Instead we’ll be talking about rampant racism in Trump’s America.

        I suppose the conclusion we are to draw is that only with a black democrat in control can we have an end to police violence? Seems kinda far-fetched. I mean, the last time we tried that #BLM was created and managed to kill legal system reforms that were gaining momentum thanks to folks like Radley Balko and the Innocence Project (among a long list of others).

        But sure… let’s go back to saying the root cause of police violence is racism. Because this time it will be different! We’ll have a real solution… to racism. Because that’s possible.

        1. Yep.

          That commenters must point this out is simply another nail in the coffin of libertarianism at Reason.

          1. Yep. Just pandering to the vestiges of the Ron Paul newsletter mailing list.

            1. keep trying you’ll get that off the ground eventually

            2. As opposed to what? Your Vox and Salon crowd?

        2. Racism in America today…

          Trump waves a Bible in the air, and expects to make it all go away!

          1. Yes Squirrelly, that’s exactly what he did. Except it was a magical libram, or legendary quality, and has the ability, on use, to dispel progtards, radius: nationwide. This ability has a one hour CD, and does not work on boss level progtard monsters.

            1. I forgot to mention that the Bible is bind on equip, and confers a +3 charisma score modifier to all in Trump’s presence if they are not of an evil alignment, or Chaotic Stupid, like Squirrelly.

        3. Why do you refuse to admit that you have white privilege? African-Americans will have to continue voting Democrat until we can unify the country and heal the scars of racism.

          1. my god screech you are so bad at this

          2. Like the scars of racism perpetrated by the Democrat party?

            History is a funny thing, while the Democrat party like to pretend that they are so accepting they gloss over their racist history. In my opinion the Democrat party appears to be trying to keep minorities in their place with lip service and promises. Joe Biden’s “you ain’t black” comments were illustrative of the true nature of the man and his party.

            Now I don’t pretend that the Republicans are much better. Historically the Republicans party contained an anti-slavery movement. By today’s standard they may have been lacking, but there were quite outspoken for the time. Later on an influx of southern Democrats joined the Republican party.

            We are in a point of time where neither the Democrats or the Republicans can claim the high ground. If the Black Community wanted to make a point to both the Democrats and Republicans should consider voting for the Libertarian Candidates for President.

            The reality is that the Democratic party takes the black vote for granted and has the audacity to believe the that black voters don’t have a mind of their own. To me this is an indication of the systemic racism of the Democrat party.

            The Republican party largely believes the lie and fails to even try and court black voters. To me this is an indication of the systemic racism of the Republican party. I must say however and even though I dislike Trump, he has reached out to the black community more that most.

            Consider the impact of a protest movement to vote for the Libertarian candidate for President to be able to make a serious run for the presidency. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have failed the country and it’s time that we introduce a viable third party.

        4. I do gotta love all the assholes i’m connected to on facebook acting like “this is Trump’s America!”. Naw son, this is Obama’s America doing a reunion tour.

        5. I was on board with Ferguson when the complaint seemed to be the over-militarization of the police. That is a problem.

          But then it became “Whites is racist” and you can happily go fuck yourself with that bullshit.

      2. I was called a racist saying Tony Timpa died in Dallas under the same circumstances as Floyd.

        1. But it is an uninformed counterpoint. Like saying a snowy day means climate change doesn’t exist.

          1. No, it is a point that it is about police brutality not racism. Period. Solve the first problem, the second is less dangerous.

      3. Qualified immunity only protects from civil liability, not criminal liability, so it’s hard to see how that is the root of the problem. Sure if cities had to pay more to indemnify officers that may cause enough pain for some reforms.

        But the bigger issue is police unions protecting rogue cops from consequences of their actions. Not only do the make very difficult to fire rogue cops, the keep other forms of discipline from being effective then they negotiate privacy rules to cover wrongdoing and make it harder to track the bad cops.

        Police unions should be limited to collective bargaining and work rules, they should have no role in protecting cops from misconduct. If an officer gets crosswise with his superiors for not writing enough tickets that is a workable issue, not misconduct. If he drags someone out of a car and arrests them for flipping him off, that’s misconduct and the union should have no role in determining discipline for the officer.

  4. Looting is not a protected protest.

    If weak politicians won’t stop it because the looters are black, playing the race card to get away with crime, Trump will and he will come out on top because of it.

    1. Are you the same “Rob Misek” who denies the Holocaust?

      1. He is one and the same. He likely thinks that the Jooooosssss are behind it all.

    2. Akshually he’ll probably buy Ivanka a pony and have some rappers in for a photo op.

    3. Rob Misek = NAZI!!! All beware! Misek = Holocaust denier!

      Sane people with a grip on reality don’t deny history, as history is defined by a vast, vast majority of historians, with (in cases like this) boat-loads of evidence. No, historians and history aren’t perfect… Nothing (or hardly anything) is. But your denial of overwhelming consensus history shows some pretty severe paranoia… Everyone is out to “get you” and to trick you, right?

      I am doing a service to readers who aren’t familiar with your paranoia… Let all new (or newer) readers beware, much of what Rob Misek has to say, needs to be examined carefully!

      The Earth is actually flat, and the center of the Universe.
      A secret cabal of Jewish bankers is diabolically manipulating the world towards world-wide communism.
      Space aliens secretly comprise 10% of Earthings, and are twisting us and them towards the day when they will enslave and eat us all!
      The Earth is hollow, with a vast array of large, powerful beings living underneath us.

      Being part of a TINY-TINY elite of humans who know the “secret truth” is the other element of your serious whack… Paranoia, and “special elite knowledge”… The later is evidence of mania, of egomania… Some serious self-examination on your part, would be in order!

      You can show Rob Misek an endless parade of well-documented history books about the holocaust, interviews with a few survivors, and video of walking tours of holocaust museums and preserved genocide sites (gas chambers etc), photos of starved corpses stacked cordwood-style…

      And Rob Misek will “summarize” for you, saving,
      “OK, sure, I’ve heard that before! Ha!…
      ‘Mustache Man Bad’ hyped propaganda!”

      1. The sad thing is, you’re not any better

        1. Worse in fact.

          1. At least Misek isn’t endlessly annoying. Spamming nonsensical garbage ad nauseam.

            Dammit Squirrelly, you’re such a piece of shit that I’m actually defending Misek in comparison to you. More proof you need to commit suicide right away.

            1. Shitsy Shitler, drinking Shitsy Kool-Aid in a spiraling vortex of darkness, cannot or will not see the Light… It’s a VERY sad song! Kinda like this…

              He’s a real Kool-Aid Man,
              Sitting in his Kool-Aid Land,
              Playing with his Kool-Aid Gland,
              Has no thoughts that help the people,
              He wants to turn them all to sheeple!
              On the sheeple, his Master would feast,
              Master? A disaster! Just the nastiest Beast!
              Kool-Aid man, please listen,
              You don’t know, what you’re missin’,
              Kool-Aid man, better thoughts are at hand,
              The Beast, to LEAVE, you must COMMAND!

              A helpful book is to be found here: M. Scott Peck, Glimpses of the Devil

              Hey Shitsy Shitler…
              If EVERYONE who makes you look bad, by being smarter and better-looking than you, killed themselves, per your wishes, then there would be NO ONE left!
              Who would feed you? Who’s tits would you suck at, to make a living? WHO would change your perpetually-smelly DIAPERS?!!?
              You’d better come up with a better plan!

    4. This guy is an anti-Semite. Ignore him and move along!

      1. Thats the first thing you’ve said that makes a lick of sense.

    5. Look at the pathetic scaredy bigot trolls who showed up for another ass kicking, too afraid to consider the evidence that refutes your cherished bogeyman narrative. Advocating censorship and bigotry.

      The truth isn’t going anywhere. You’ll be brainwashed terrified fools until you let go of your bigotry and consider the counter evidence regardless of the issue.

      What you completely fail to recognize is that justice can’t exist in a environment of censorship of evidence whether by self (scaredy bigot) or by the state (every nation where the evidence exists, propaganda).

      All rational argument, logic and science depend on this overriding principle.

      What is your rationale for disregarding this principle in regards to the false holocaust narrative? Fear? How easily you disregard justice.

      1. Heh, just look at you go.
        Now tell me about how the Joos are reptilian overlords who control the British Royalty.

    6. You want to argue in favour of your holocaust narrative but you refuse to review and consider for yourself the evidence that refutes it.

      That makes you the bigot by definition. You’re afraid to, scaredy-bigot.

      Read the book,
      Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality.

      Your ass has been kicked.

      1. Ahahahah you mad!

      2. Yeah, I’m going to go out and read some obscure book written by someone who is likely a bigger kook bigot than you on your say so. Which somehow is definitive ‘proof’ that the Holocaust never happened. Despite mountains and mountains of evidence from a variety of sources that it did. Including the eyewitness testimony of people I’ve personally known who were reliable.

        This is like that awful vegan propaganda video one of my ex’s insisted I watch that ‘proved’ eating meat is evil and ancient humans never really ate meat. And any claims otherwise are meat industry propaganda.

        At least she was hot and had sex with me.

      3. “Read this pamphlet!” – t. L.Ron Hubbard Rob Misek

      4. Sorry, I’ve visited Dachau. It happened, stop being an imbecile.

        1. Hey dipshit Dachau isn’t even recognized in the propaganda as a death camp. It was just a prison camp.

          But you had your cherished bogeyman narrative, as did the others on your tour, so guides didn’t disappoint.

          You’re a gullible fool.

    7. I’ve demonstrated that you’re bigots and that you don’t value the most basic fundamentals of rational argument, logic or science.

      In a comment section, that’s kicking your ass.

  5. pEaCfUL pRoTeStS

    My ass.
    Suck it up buttercups, you looted, pillaged and used violence against innocent individuals.
    You reap what you sow.

    1. Trump detailed several outrageous incidences of violent attacks by looters and others he referred to as “domestic terrorists.”
      Protestors and their liberal handlers are going to be shocked when they realize that they helped re-elect Trump.

      1. Yup. They may well regret it this November.
        They weren’t satisfied with having a normal protest, nooo they kept pushing day in and day out. Enough is enough.

  6. So Scott was at the protest and, which was attacked for no reason, and didn’t bother to record any of it? Is that what we’re supposed to believe?

  7. Ok… what the heck was that?

    Who understood the bit where he stands in front of the church and holds up a bible? I didn’t get it at all.

    1. “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

      A signal to the Wahhabi Christians.

      1. Too late. Fascism came to America in a wheelchair and carrying a cigarette holder.

      2. Hahahahahahahahaha.

        Fascism made it to these shores in 1933.

        1. It just returned to its roots after being inspired by Wilson

          1. That’s more like it. Wilson even had a neighbor snitching scheme going among other things.

      3. Buttplug’s ilk claims fascism is always threatening to fall on white, working-class Americans, but somehow it’s always the progs and Dems that end up in the jackboots, stomping on the proles faces.

    2. Wake up! Christian fascism is on the march in America. It has already started with the destruction of black owned businesses in Minneapolis by alt-right white supremacist terrorists.

      1. When Dubya admitted that a “higher father” told him to invade and occupy Iraq we became a Christo-fascist nation for 6-8 years. He even called it a “crusade”.

        Luckily the current occupant of the White House doesn’t have those particular delusions.

        1. Think of the ego required to think God speaks through you. Then think of the ego required to think God is such a loser. Low ratings.

          1. ahahahah cry more!

        2. “When Dubya admitted that a “higher father” told him to invade and occupy Iraq”
          Except that he didn’t.

          Woodward, of the WaPo, asked if he had ever consulted the former president, Bush replied that “he is the wrong father to appeal to in terms of strength; there is a higher father that I appeal to.” Meaning he prays.

          Your lot are the ones that decided to pretend that meant “God told him to invade Iraq”, in order to manufacture anecdotes to nurse your anti-Christian hate.

          You liars can’t be honest about anything.

      2. I’m confused why those alt-right white supremacists are being bailed out by progressives.

        1. Shhh, Tony and Nuttplug think they finally have a narrative going here.

    3. This is pathetic.

      The only response is a bunch of trolls talking to the voices in their heads?

      Nice job, Reason. This used to be a place where libertarians of all stripes discussed ideas and policy, argued about edge cases and joked with fake handles.

      Now it is just a sea of sock puppet trolls. Most arent even bothering to be up on today’s issues. They just repeat old insults. Not exactly entertaining or informative.

  8. Given the violence, destruction and looting over the last few days in over 100 American cities, I’ve lost all sympathy for the ‘protestors’. And frankly, I haven’t seen Reason taking a particularly strong stance in favor of private property rights in the last week. It seems that they’ll give rioters at worst a tsk, tsk.

    1. Agree.
      Reason really is inconsistent with their freedom philosophy. The movement lost my support when I seen the senseless destroying of private property and the violence.

      1. “Reason really is inconsistent with their freedom philosophy.”

        Wrong. Reason is in fact perfectly consistent in its defense of the most fundamental freedom of all: the right of anyone on the planet to immigrate to the US at any time.


        1. I can’t wait to see an America with straight white Christians at the bottom of the totem pole, where they belong.

          1. Maybe not all the way at the bottom.

            1. why are you talkong to yourself?

    2. Someone needs to do a deep dive on where the funding and organization for the violence is coming from. There seems to be a fairly credible and growing bit of evidence that at least some of the property damage is being pushed by people associated with Antifa and other primarily white, outside groups. There was even one video of people handing out bricks from a car getting called out by a black lady who impressively didn’t throw the brick through the car window when she returned it.

      Much of the grafiti on looted and burned buildings is Antifa related.

      But CNN is telling me that the violence is from white supremacists and not from peaceful protesters like Antifa.

      I dunno…. but it seems like there is a story here.

      1. I seen disturbing videos of masked antifa spraying a Starbucks, some of the protesters were asking them to stop, kept right on.

        1. Dunkin’ Donuts serves coffee for the working class!

          1. god you are so bad at this screech you sad fucking pedophile

      2. There is definitely something there, I agree. Could be blac bloc types, could be white supremacists, could even be homeland security or FBI, but there does seem to be an outside element using the protests and mobs for their own operation.

        1. Of course. That’s how it works literally every time ever in the history of the human race.

        2. “Could be white supremacists…….”

          Haha. Wow. Just wow.

          1. I mean, I guess you could make the argument it’s white supremacists… but only if you accept the fact that Antifa and other hardcore democrats are mainly white, doesn’t give a shit about blacks or any other minority group, and are willing to use and abuse them for political power. But that would mean accepting that Democrats are the racist ones, and as we all know oNlY rEpUbLiCaNs ArE rAcIsT

      3. Is “Antifa” actually an organized group? I haven’t seen any evidence of that. They seem to be more of a fashion statement and an affinity group, with “members” who self-identify rather than “joining” as “members”. It looks kind of like “The Klan”. There hasn’t been a unified “Klan” with official national leadership for decades—just small, scattered white separatist groups with as little as a single “member”, who might or might not have “Klan” in their name.

        1. “Is “Antifa” actually an organized group? I haven’t seen any evidence of that”

          then you should do some basic fucking research

          1. I have, and haven’t seen any evidence that there’s a formal organizational structure.

    3. And frankly, I haven’t seen Reason taking a particularly strong stance in favor of private property rights in the last week.

      Dude, Reason doesn’t stand in defense of business when there aren’t people outside with torches trying to light them on fire, what makes you think they’d suddenly jump to it now that there are?

    4. The protestors are not a monolith. Trump and Control benefit when we treat them as one.

      They consist of at least 3 mostly non-overlapping groups :

      1) People who are peacefully protesting about George Floyd (these people might be baited into a fight with police, but are generally peaceful)
      2) Anarchist dickheads (these people are there to scrap with the police and to smash shit, but not especially to loot)
      3) Looters (these people are almost entirely there to loot, and do not give a fuck about the politics of the situation)

      In the urban area in which I live, it’s very clear that they’re different groups because the (racial, economic) demographics are significantly different. The protestors are mostly white and middle class. The looters are mostly poor and non-white, and probably do not even live in the city I live near, because there are few blacks left here.

      1. Numbers 2 & 3 should be shot.

      2. “there are few blacks left here.”


    5. same. At this point if you’re out and about, especially at night, you know what you’re apart of. And with the exception of cities where they haven’t hadn’t riots at, peaceful protests aren’t it.

  9. Anyone rioting or looting should be shot on sight.

    Anyone peacefully, i.e., no destruction of property or attacking of innocent people, no matter how agitated they may be, should be left to exercise their constitutional right to do so.

    Easy distinction.

    1. What about that colored television I’m carrying officer? Anyway, we prefer the term african-American television instead.

    2. Summary execution for petty theft. I got all kinds of libertarian fuzzies tonight.

      1. How ’bout this: looters should be shot by the property owners.

      2. yeah Tony, we know you’re a prog and love laws until they come down on you

    3. problem with that (and part of the reason you see cops beating on “peaceful” protestors) is that the Antifa playbook is to have the first few frontlines be full of “peaceful” Antifa members doing nothing, while the lines behind them chuck bricks, fireworks and other shit at the cops. Cops respond, the cameras zoom in, and make it look like the cops are beating on people who didn’t do anything. It’s propaganda.

  10. I heard he was actually holding up the Koran that Obama took the oath with.

    1. That literally would have made as much sense as what I saw. I’m baffled.

  11. As St. John’s Episcopal Church boasts on its own Web site, it’s not only right by the white house but every President has attended a service there, and some Presidents were parishioners.

    “Thus, St. John’s is known as ‘the Church of the Presidents’ and is registered as a National Historic Landmark. Pew 54 is the President’s Pew, and is reserved for the President’s use when in attendance at the church.”

    Some arsonists just burned it.

    Even the most oblivious President would see the need to make a supportive gesture – for a celebrity President, it’s the only possible choice.

    It also means that the media, in the course of denouncing the President’s gesture, will have to acknowledge that, yes, an historic structure within easy walking distance of the White House just got burned in the riots the President is denouncing.

    1. Wait… I didn’t hear that…

      Arsonist burned that church? Obviously not completely….

      Where was the fire? How bad?

      1. Jaysus, use Google.

        Local coverage

      2. I don’t know how bad it is, but I’m sure they have insurance.


        1. ““I could see no other real damage besides that one room, and quite a bit of graffiti and debris around the exterior of the church. Protestors easily could have done a lot worse to our buildings, but they chose not to do that,” Rev. Rob Fisher, the rector of St. John’s, said in an email to the church’s congregation Monday morning.”

          Rector? Darn near killed her.

          Alternate joke: Thank you, sir, may I have another?

          1. The Reichstag right before WW2 probably didn’t burn down completely… that wasn’t the point.

    2. It also means that the media, in the course of denouncing the President’s gesture, will have to acknowledge that, yes, an historic structure within easy walking distance of the White House just got burned in the riots the President is denouncing.

      Notice that it wasn’t mentioned in this story, sorry ‘blog post’, then guess how many other outlets will mention it. In journalism, a lie of omission is how you make news.

      1. Oh, and just for the record that type of incident might set some context for what Trump was doing and why. That is why it’s left out.

        Leaving it out paints Trump as a man who does things for no reason other than personal vanity, even though he was standing in front of a church that was just damaged by arsonist ‘protesters’ the day before.

        If Obama did that, the church would be heavily featured along with the damage and he would be called compassionate and brave.

        The articles write themselves.

      2. Well really who gives a fuck what the media says or doesn’t say. The church in question is St John’s Episcopal and it is very obvious that the property owner in question is not calling for or accepting or tolerating property damage there being used as an excuse to minimize the protests by demonizing them into rioters/looters in order to crack heads.

        1. Well really who gives a fuck what the media says or doesn’t say.

          Pretty much anyone that gives a fuck about having accurate information to base opinions on, but since you shit the bed out of pure panic at the drop of a hat maybe you should just stop reading any news of any kind.

          Apparently, you’d happily read Pravda.

          1. having accurate information to base opinions on,

            you seem to prefer to ignore the actual property owners – who are directly quoted in what I linked to. Which is no surprise since that is what the Episcopal News Service is – a PR outlet for the Episcopal Church if/when the regular media doesn’t quote them.

            Course you ignore that because you Randians and R’s are the vanguard of the propertariat. And if some of those propes are really just lumpenpropes, well then it is incumbent upon you to be their community organizer and act on their behalf before those lumpens undermine the entire class.

            1. “…Course you ignore that because you Randians and R’s are the vanguard of the propertariat….”

              From the vanguard of the cowardly lefty ignoratii…

            2. So, in essence, yes you would be fine with reading Pravda?

              I guess that isn’t surprising to, well, anyone. You can’t even stay on point for more than five minutes, let alone keep the same ethos for a week.

              1. The Episcopal News Service = Pravda?

                Ok – whatever. Stupid fuck

                1. Did your mommy tell you the boogy man wasn’t chasing your tonight, you cowardly piece of lefty shit?

                2. ahahah YOU MAD!

                  YOOOOOOU MAAAAAAD!

            3. Oh, and:

        2. JFree
          June.1.2020 at 9:16 pm
          “Well really who gives a fuck what the media says or doesn’t say…”

          Did your mommy say it was safe for you to crawl out of your hole, you cowardly piece of lefty shit?
          Aren’t you worried about the boogy man? He’s out to GET you! BOO!

      3. or perhaps “shape” the news
        Like how it was said sculptors create – by removing the parts of stone that werent the intended object

    3. Eddy, the voice of reason on reason.

      They did the same thing in Atlanta the other night. Set a curfew at 9 pm and around 8:57 protesters were throwing water bottles and debris at the officers. The tear gas was sent shortly before 9 pm. A majority of the people were peaceful. I do not see stories about Mayor Bottoms firing on innocent protesters. This country is going to shit. When the president stands up for law and order and visits a historical church that was nearly burned down…the media still condemns him.
      Did Trump direct the officers to shoot rubber bullets and tear gas?
      Where the protesters throwing stuff at the officers near curfew time.
      Was the police officer that shot the first tear gas have his watch a little off?
      Did the protesters know of a curfew? If so, we so many still outside during curfew time?

      These are things to reason….reason

      1. One article I saw said the gas in DC went out about an hour before curfew, but like Reason most news sources aren’t showing times, so I can’t confirm it and I wouldn’t put past these seditious journalists to lie

        1. The press, also, cannot differentiate between smoke and tear gas.

          Vastly different things.

    4. “Even the most oblivious President would see the need to make a supportive gesture – for a celebrity President, it’s the only possible choice.”

      And they CRITICIZED him for it.

      So, next time…let it fucking burn.

  12. This just in….

    “grass roots organizer” directing property destruction.

    1. That’s called a “community organizer”

      1. It’s called RICO opening

  13. Trump is letting his fascist flag fly. Militaristic and racist he is – a wanna-be strong-armed thug turning the army on citizens. He is just missing the swastika. Putin taught him well.

    1. Ok. Never mind the mindless acts of looting occurring. Perhaps if these leftist run metropolises took care of the issue sooner the Feds wouldn’t need to step in.

      1. I hadn’t noticed much difference between a blue state governor and Georgia where I live and we have a GOP governor.

        1. “I hadn’t noticed much difference between a blue state governor and Georgia where I live and we have a GOP governor.”

          That’s because you’re a fucking ignoramus, turd.

          1. Shut up, you bitter old fag. Brian Kemp is not on Peachtree St swatting rioters away like some comic book hero. He is pretty much doing as little as the blue state govs. Only in your fevered partisan mind are GOP govs acting like gangsters.

            1. “Shut up, you bitter old fag…”

              Nobody here cares about your sexual fantasies, turd. Check with your daddy; maybe he’s interested.

              1. Brian Kemp is not on Peachtree St swatting rioters away like some comic book hero. He is pretty much doing as little as the blue state govs. Only in your fevered partisan mind are GOP govs acting like gangsters.

                1. “Only in your fevered partisan mind are GOP govs acting like gangsters.”

                  Only in your coke-driven fantasies did I post what you are claiming. Please do not seek help; perhaps this splurge will prove fatal.

        2. Huh? Blue state governor Andrew Cuomo has had by far the best #TrumpVirus performance. Your Republican governor — who by the way stole the election from Stacey Abrams — has literally conducted an Experiment in Human Sacrifice.


          1. Haha. I’m not gonna click on the link, but if you’re on your game today OBL, it’s about Cuomo.


        3. So, no difference between Georgia and New York.

          I do believe you that you haven’t noticed things though, you’re exceptionally unaware.

          1. So, no difference between Georgia and New York.

            Last time I was in New York I didn’t notice much difference from Georgia … except the weather, of course.

            But I was in Buffalo. 😉

            1. This made me laugh, thanks!

            2. how many sockpuppets do you have?

        4. “I hadn’t noticed much difference between a blue state governor and Georgia where I live and we have a GOP governor.”

          Mayors traditionally handle police issues. Last Republican mayor of Atlanta left office in the 19th Century.

      2. Mindless acts?

        Uh… I don’t think there’s anything mindless about what they are doing. There seems to be a lot of planning and coordination going on.

    2. “Putin taught him well.”

      Indeed. As Robert Mueller’s investigation proved, Putin’s Puppet has been a Russian intelligence asset since 1987. Even a dumb guy like Drumpf would learn some lessons in 3 decades.


      1. All Russians and Russian-Americans living in the United States could be potential saboteurs or spies. The government needs to mandate that all people of ethnic Russian heritage be forced to wear a red star arm band so patriotic Americans can know who can’t be trusted! Our democracy is at stake!

        1. omfg you are so bad at this screech

    3. Does coke cause that idiocy, or were you that stupid before you had the habit, turd?

    4. I never thought I would live to see a second Shoah. We all need to be prepared now that it looks like Donald Trump is going to declare martial law so he doesn’t have to try and fake another election.

      1. why are you talking to yourself?

    5. Wanna give me your address so I can come burn down your house? I’ll be chanting “hands up don’t shoot” the whole time so it’ll just be a protest.

      (I would not actually burn down his house).

      1. aw man

        *kicks a rock*

    6. “racist”

      bro YOU’RE a racist

      it was what people dinged you with before you revealed that you fuck children

  14. Cool. Looks like the propertarian wing of the fascist caucus of the R’s is out in force today.

    1. Hey, here’s the cowardly piece of lefty shit!
      Got your PANIC!!! flag with you? Stuff it up your ass, stick first, and sit on it, scumbag.

      1. Funny you mention flag burning. To be officially hereby declared by king president trump illegal.

        1. An oft repeated mantra of Republican politicians that none of them ever really mean. Kind of like how Democrats are always promising to fix immigration, but never get around to it.

          It’s pure placebo, and to my recollection more than a few Democratic Presidential nominee’s have used the exactly same pablum.

        2. “Funny you mention flag burning…”

          Not funny you can’t read.

        3. Funny how you can’t even tell the truth about a flag pole comment. Because you’re a dishonest piece of shit that likes to lie.

        4. “…To be officially hereby declared by king president trump illegal.”

          Wanna know if someone is a TDS victim? Don’t worry; like a vegan or an evangelist, they’ll tell you at the first opportunity, regardless of what is being discussed.
          Case in point: I observe that JFree is a cowardly piece of lefty shit who needs to jam something dangerous up his butt, and asshole, here, pops up with !!!DID YOU HEAR WHAT TRUMP HAS DONE????!!!
          DOL? stuff your TDS up your ass so your head has some company.

        5. Where did he say anything about burning it?

          Damn, you’re dumb.

          1. He’s a true sociopath. He can lie about what someone wrote directly below where they wrote it, so everyone can see both posts at the same time, and feel no shame for the lie. If you were to bring up this lie tomorrow, he would be unable to even acknowledge it happened, being caught lying will have vanished from his mind.

            1. Did I stumble into Pedantry Corner? Because Trump has many times advocating re-banning the burning of flags. It was on his platform when you voted for him. So what’s the nit you’re picking? He says it again like four times in this story.

              1. I didn’t vote for him. You’re just making up shit again. Seems all you can do.

                And Lying Jeffy said “Funny you mentioned flag burning” when no one mentioned flag burning. So are you being dumb or dishonest here?

              2. This is Tony in a nutshell

        6. “Funny you mention flag burning. ”


      2. “Hey, here’s the cowardly piece of lefty shit!”

        Sevo logic and facts-based arguments as usual!

        All readers beware: Sevo is on the rag again today!

        Sevo STILL hasn’t taken a constructive suggestion, which is: It would be more efficient for us all, Sevo and readers alike, for Sevo to let us know, when is Sevo ***NOT*** on the rag!

        1. Spaz? Go get in an argument with, oh, turd; you, he and a random rock are intellectual equals.

        2. You’re really the last person to criticize someone for not taking any suggestions about how to post. I point out your dumb posts and you respond with more dumb posts, every single time.


    2. Odd that you don’t decry all these people not wearing masks, it could spread the Death-Flu to the whole world!

      Oh, sorry, are you not shitting the bed over the kung-flu anymore?

      Also, even while I know you don’t understand why it’s funny, I like that you put propertarian and facist together. That’s hilarious, and you out yourself as a anarchist which is probably why you’re so limp dick about these ‘protests’.

      What it doesn’t explain is your hard-on for government power when you thought your life was in danger. You’re pure comedy gold, JFree.

      1. What it doesn’t explain is your hard-on for government power when you thought your life was in danger.

        Link to where I advocated that. All I projected was the number of deaths. It’s YOU who didn’t seem to like that number. As far as i remember, the only federal action I applauded was when Trump finally declared a state of emergency – and jeezushkeerist – once again my posts on that thread prove as always that you asswipes just simply lie 100% of the time – 100% of the time – about what you think I’ve said. Your entire political party is just like you too – dishonest to your fucking bones.

        1. Really? You can’t find the part of that thread where you’re praising various governments for centralized control during the initial outbreak?

          It’s in just about every post you made, so I’m surprised. My guess is your head really is that far up your own ass.

          You still don’t get it, even after having (checks the dates) two and a half weeks to think about it.

          And I suppose you’ll have to wait longer for us ‘dingleberry munchers’ to change our tune and agree with you, as well. Maybe you’ll get lucky and we’ll all die before then, so you won’t have to live with being incredibly wrong.

          1. He just pretends he didn’t or points to a later post and tries to memory hole what he was saying back in January through March. He changed his tune in April and hopes everyone forgets what he said. And he gets really mad when you point out his gaslighting and scientific illiteracy, mathmetical illiteracy and historical illiteracy.

            1. To be fair, that is piling on, any one of his illiteracies is sufficient to impeach him

        2. “…All I projected was the number of deaths…”
          No, you cowardly piece of lefty shit, you supported every effort to lock people up, since YOU, YOU COWARDLY PIECE OF LEFTY SHIT was terrified of catching a cold.
          No, I’m not going to waste time researching your lies; no one here believes them.
          Stick a running, rusty chainsaw up your ass, you cowardly piece if lefty shit

    3. looks like…YOU MAD AHAHAHAHAH!!!

    4. “Looks like the propertarian wing”

      Libertarians don’t care about property?

      Then what is the POINT of libertarianism?

  15. Truck Fump

      1. ahahah you are so bad at this screech


    Just had a conversation with a progressive Democrat in Colorado. Major fundraiser.

    “The protestors got a few blocks from my house. And I don’t know anybody who owns a gun.”

    He’s buying one today.

    The left is losing their base, folks.

    People choose order over anarchy.

    1. “Order over anarchy.”

      Ladies and gentlemen, the theme of this years libertarian national convention.

      1. Libertarian does not equal anarchy idiot. You’ve been told that multiple times. Someday you may actually understand the difference.

        1. Boy, when you let the state in, you don’t just crack the door open, do you?

          1. “Boy, when you let the state in, you don’t just crack the door open, do you?”

            This is the shitbag who informs us that slavery is OK, since the law supported it, and is now claiming (in spite of his/her ignorance of doing so) that s/he should have been jailed for being gay until the government said is was OK.
            Shitbag, do they sell Asshole-Hypocrite-Get-Out-Of-Jail tickets where you live?

            1. What’s OK is subjective and depends on a reference context. Thomas Jefferson was OK enough with slavery to actually own slaves. How do you feel about that?

              And for example, in the context of a libertarian ethos, the state unlawfully aggressing collectively against peaceful protestors because of the crimes of a few is categorically not OK. Or one would think.

              1. “the state unlawfully aggressing collectively against peaceful protestors because of the crimes of a few is categorically not OK”

                Man, that is just a horribly written sentence.

                1. Sorry, I’m currently protesting against the war on adverbs.

                  1. it doesn’t help that youre stupid

          2. Tony we’ve known for years that you don’t actually understand libertarianism it really isn’t necessary for you to keep proving it

  17. So many of You are so busy sucking Trumps dick that you can’t smell the coffee. You think curfews are a good thing? And now the President is threatening to use some 1800 s law to invoke the military against civilians? Do any of you really think this is going to end well?

    Name a major metropolitan region and I bet it has a curfew. All of Riverside County, where I live, has a 6pm curfew. Fact not fake news. This is not a good look for the USA, the formerly land of the free. And the protestors, no they are not actors. Get real. There are a lot of angry people.

    Are there looters and opportunists in the mix? Duh. I recall the first LA riots, and there was a lot of looting. What about the term “riot” do you not understand? Almost 30 years later, nothing has really changed. When people try to protest this crap by taking a knee at a football game, they get maligned and called anti American. So, is this an improvement?

    You weenies see some black people protesting and you piss your pants. Yes, there have been some riots. And looting, So does it follow that we must call out the Army to keep the masses in line? And shoot them, as necessary? How can you be a libertarian and think this is OK?

    1. Cthulunotmyfriend
      June.1.2020 at 9:36 pm
      “So many of You are so busy sucking Trumps dick that you can’t smell the coffee…”

      Nobody here gives a shit about your sexual fantasies, and your obviously advanced case of TDS is, well, just plain boring.
      Make your family proud and the world a better place: Fuck off and die.

      1. Sevo’s on the rag again today! What a surprise!

        1. Spaz is trying, TRYING, to put together a coherent sentence!

          1. And failing as usual. I wonder if there are mushrooms growing in the shit he eats?

    2. If I may add to that – our little Hit&Run Trump sucking weenies don’t seem to care that the riots are because a state sanctioned badge wearing thug murdered a man in cold blood.

      1. I’ll never understand why you’re so against gay people that you demonize their life style at every turn.

        1. Self-hating gays are a thing.

        2. And yet he loves watching videos of little boys being sodomized.

          1. So, yes, a self-hating gay pedophile. It fits. (Yes, pun intended.)

      2. “If I may add to that – our little Hit&Run Trump sucking weenies don’t seem to care that the riots are because a state sanctioned badge wearing thug murdered a man in cold blood.”

        Why riots in Columbia and Charleston, SC for the actions of a cop in MN? Are you arguing that somebody, me, who has never set foot in MN is responsible for that?

    3. You weenies see some black people protesting and you piss your pants.

      LOL, yeah, because that’s an accurate description of what’s happening.

      Riddle me this: why are Black Protests so much more violent than any other kind of ‘protest’ outside maybe Union ‘protests’ that involved bombs?

      I’ll give you the answer: because they aren’t protests they are riots nimrod. There are tons of peaceful black protests every damn day but then you have LA, Ferguson, and now…what…the whole United States?

      By calling these ‘protests’ you’re selling the idea that black people are violent by nature. Ironic, really.

    4. “You weenies see some black people protesting and you piss your pants.”

      I’ve seen a lot of people, white and black, committing crimes on camera during the protests.

      Sure, I’m reassured when I observe that a guy smashing windows or setting fires is white – “oh, thank God, he’s one of ours!”

      /sarc /sarc /sarc

    5. “You weenies see some black people protesting and you piss your pants.”

      “As of Monday, at least 283 businesses across the Twin Cities had been vandalized, looted or had doors and windows smashed. Some have been reduced to rubble, destroyed completely by fire. Others have reported extensive water damage or severe fire damage.”

      —-Star Tribune

      And that’s just Minneapolis, St. Paul

        1. Two wrongs make a right? No one is supporting either forms of violence.

          1. Reason and Killjoy are. There sure are a lot of people with short skirts asking for it these days.

        2. Explain what those business owners had to do with the police. Go on, we’ll wait. Just because no one ever stopped indulging your tantrums doesn’t make them right.

    6. A curfew imposed by a democrat, btw.

    7. Remember, when someone tells you that you should wear a mask and limit close contact with other people, it’s “tyranny”… but when journalists are being pepper-sprayed and peaceful protesters are being shot and tear-gassed because some idiot 5 blocks away broke a window… that’s “law and order”.

      1. Guess the hand of the state isn’t too awesome when it’s going against you, is it? Maybe stop licking its boots when it serves your purposes, and you won’t get the “what goes around comes around” treatment.

      2. well yeah, fires actually kill people

    8. The peaceful protestors have killed several people already. Peaceful equals killing people in your world?

      1. Collective guilt, now?

        1. Stupid still?

        2. hey you put yourself in the middle of a stampede don’t cry when you get trucked

        3. Killjoy, your argument is that a killing in MN justifies ALL of this.

          Sit this one out.

        4. No, I am pointing out they have gone well past the point of peaceful protests. End the riots and go back to peaceful protesting. But no, here you are crying about the protestors who have been coopted by more militant actors. Well, I wish it wasn’t so, but this is where we are. I support the protestors not the rioters. But you aren’t drawing a distinction, you are trying to paint them all as protestors despite the evidence of rampant and increasing violence.

    9. Trump imposed a curfew?

    10. “Name a major metropolitan region and I bet it has a curfew.”

      And I’ll bet all of them are run by Democrats and have been for a good, long while.

      “So does it follow that we must call out the Army to keep the masses in line?”

      Why should MY house or business be forfeited to rioters based on the actions of a cop in a city run by Democrats for about 40 years and where the “oppressed” keep voting for Democrats.

      Know who’s innocent in all of this bullshit? Me. I am.

  18. “Media outlets reported today that Trump is considering invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807, which would permit the president to send military troops to respond to protests in American cities. It was last invoked in 1992 in Los Angeles in response to the Rodney King riots.”

    I’ll never forget what a relief it was when the military reestablished order in Los Angeles.

    1. This is a ‘pissing in your own mess-kit’ condition also.
      The Walmarts, Targets, Apples will have coverage or simply enough financial stability to weather this; Mom and Pop’s Hardware Emporium is already on life support courtesy of cowardly shits like JFree, and aren’t likely to survive, which means tough shit for their five employees. Three of which may be ‘protesting’ as we speak.

      1. The large retailers were already getting their asses kicked by Amazon. Then you shut them all down for months. Then you loot them?

        Calling in the military to stop the riots at this point is like calling the police about an armed robbery. It’s certainly not a betrayal of libertarian principles.

        1. ” It’s certainly not a betrayal of libertarian principles.”

          Of course it is. Why should my income and property be taxed to pay the police to protect your property? If you need your neighbor’s help in protecting your property, have the decency to ask them directly. Let them decide how much help, if any, they are willing to give you.

          1. So you’re okay with property owners just shooting the rioters instead?

            1. I think he’s an anarcho-capitalist. That means that when he’s threatened by an angry mob, we should laugh and mock him as they burn down his house and ask him why he didn’t just set up one of those infallible mutual defense forces like Murray Rothbard recommended…because that totally would have worked.

            2. “So you’re okay with property owners just shooting the rioters instead?”

              As long as rioters shoot property owners, I’m OK. I’m for equal opportunity shooting.

              1. So you don’t have an argument. Glad we cleared that up. So we can’t have a police force and we can’t protect our property, that isn’t libertarianism, that is anarcho-comnunism you are describing, not libertarianism.

                1. Guess Reason has already found their next intern.

                2. I really don’t give a shit what you call it.

          2. By god, you’re right!

            I’ve decided that I’m sick of paying property taxes so that my neighbors can send their kids to shitty schools. If you need your neighbors help in indoctrinating your brats, have the decency to ask them.

            1. ” I’m sick of paying property taxes ”

              But you continue to pay them anyway, right?

              1. Why should my income and property be taxed to pay the police to protect your property? If you need your neighbor’s help in protecting your property, have the decency to ask them directly. Let them decide how much help, if any, they are willing to give you.

                But you continue to pay them anyway, right?

        2. The large retailers were already getting their asses kicked by Amazon. Then you shut them all down for months. Then you loot them?

          Yeah, which also had the effect of driving all their business to Amazon. Ha ha, right?

      2. “Mom and Pop’s Hardware Emporium is already on life support ”

        You’ll be able to buy them up for pennies on the dollar soon enough if you are nimble.

        1. ah and you’re a corpsefucker how appropriate

          1. Let me stress this: Only consensual corpsefucking is appropriate.

      3. If things get worse, the Guard/Military might wind up protecting civilian supply lines so that Amazon can keep Chinese goods flowing.

        1. Even worse, if the military are ordered to fire on their fellow Americans, they may turn and fire on their officers instead. Or just ignore them. Happened in Vietnam.

          1. Soldiers were ordered to shoot Americans in Vietnam? I don’t remember that happening. Or are you referring to the myth of rampant fragging (there is little historical evidence that much if any fragging actually happened) and even in the rare case it might have actually happened, it was because the soldiers saw the officers as incompetent in combat. So, not at all like what you are describing. And Vietnam was a less well trained Army then we have today.

            1. All mtrueman knows about the military is what he learned from watching “Apocalypse Now”.

              1. Ask scumbag truman for a cite.
                He posts here for one reason: He has a blog, linked to his handle, and if someone makes the mistake of clicking on that, his click count doubles for the week!

            2. “Soldiers were ordered to shoot Americans in Vietnam? ”

              Worse still, they were ordered to shoot Vietnamese.

              1. Oh good rejoinder. Your example was historically inaccurate and a poor analogy so now you try and get cute. It wasn’t like the Vietnamese weren’t shooting us or our allies, who also happened to be Vietnamese. They were in fact shooting our allies to force their government on them. The Vietnam War was wrong, but your rejoinder was completely sophomoric.

                1. “It wasn’t like the Vietnamese weren’t shooting us or our allies, who also happened to be Vietnamese.”

                  Your attempts to make light of a tragedy leave me cold.

          2. If the military are ordered to fire on fellow Americans, they will fire.

            1. Ask Anwar al-Awlaki.

              The military just needs a good reason first.

            2. It depends on the situation, but yeah in most cases, especially to protect other Americans, they will.

    2. Too bad they did not stay to maintain order.

  19. Trump is being played like a Stradivarius (valued violin). Trump’s enemies have learned a thing or two since the impeachment debacle.

    1. Because soccer moms and suburban whites are so supportive of a week of rioting and looting?

    2. Trump knows that if he lets the riots go unchecked and waits for the Democrats to take charge, the country will be in danger of collapse and he’ll lose in November.

      He’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to…using the legitimate authority of his office to lead and restore law and order.

      1. “the country will be in danger of collapse and he’ll lose in November.”

        I think that ship has already sailed, comrade.

        1. Mainly because of asshats like you, who are cheering it on.

          1. I can’t take credit for this. It’s more a collective suicide impulse. Thank the lemmings for showing us the way. With any luck illegal aliens will eventually fill the vaccuum. In the meantime:

            Bring me my Bow of burning gold:
            Bring me my Arrows of desire:
            Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold:
            Bring me my Chariot of fire!

            I will not cease from Mental Fight,
            Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
            Till we have built Jerusalem,
            In Americas green & pleasant Land.

    3. mtrueman
      June.1.2020 at 10:09 pm
      “Trump is being played like a Stradivarius (valued violin). Trump’s enemies have learned a thing or two since the impeachment debacle.”

      And you, you pathetic piece of shit, dance to his tune! How…….

    4. Stradivarius (valued violin)

      You literally don’t know how to not sound like a condescending smug elitist prick. It’s honestly cringeworthy.
      In terms you might understand: you are the douchebag that walks out on a Messiaen piece that he can’t wrap his head around and complains that the orchestra isn’t playing enough Brahms that season.

      1. ” the orchestra isn’t playing enough Brahms”

        I have no problem with the amount of Brahms they are playing. They are just playing it too slow.

        1. wooooooooooooosh

          1. The sound of chickens coming home to wooosht.

            1. Honest question, do you think you sound clever to anyone but yourself?

              1. Yes. The world is a big place.

                1. Not that big.

                  1. I’ve told you before. Get yourself a passport, learn yourself another language. The world is bigger and has more to offer than you imagine.

    5. ahahaha Yes go with that!!!

  20. Trends according to Marie Claire

    Out: normal people paying kickstarters to help business owners facing fines or jail for trying to work

    In: celebs paying bail for jailed “protesters”

    1. Hardly surprising. Back in the 60’s Leonard Bernstein held fund raising parties for the Black Panthers.

      When Guy Burgess (KGB double agent) was about to be transferred to the British Embassy in Washington, a senior colleague at MI5 pulled him aside and quietly warned him with Americans it was best to go easy on communism, homosexuality and race relations. Burgess quipped ‘i’ll have to have an affair with Paul Robeson.’

      1. Fuck off, scumbag.

  21. Reading comments, watching some self-proclaimed “liberatrians” cheer for the police departments randomly attacking peaceful protesters, curfews, people protecting their businesses and homes, and journalists under the guise of “suppressing riots”… watching them pump their fists over threats of martial law.

    Many of the same were just a few days ago calling face masks and standing six feet apart to slow the spread of disease “tyranny”.


    1. “Reading comments, watching some self-proclaimed “liberatrians” cheer for the police departments randomly attacking peaceful protesters”

      You’re fucking stupid.

      1. Ken gets one right.

    2. Well, you must have seen some posts I didn’t.

      Also, “martial law” has a technical meaning –

      – and I haven’t heard anyone here advocate for it in that sense. Nor am I aware that the President is declaring it.

      1. Sorry to not use the narrow meaning… threatening to send in the military to quash peaceful protests under the guise of stopping the idiots engaged in looting and arson is close enough, IMO.

        1. Peaceful protests are not in danger, it’s the rioters that are trying to be stopped. But that seems to be to hard a concept for the plethora of leftie riot apologists that have been on today.

          1. They’re too busy pretending that the left is really just misguided and innocently mistaken about the downsides of their philosophy.

            Of course it never occurred to them that leftists know exactly what they’re doing and don’t care, because they’re evil people.

            1. The only people to do any significant political killing in America in a generation have been right-wing nut jobs.

              1. Ahahahaha aborted fetuses say…


          2. So you read Reason, but you haven’t seen any of the articles about people who aren’t rioters, aren’t looters, aren’t arsonists, being randomly attacked by police?

            You haven’t seen the stories about journalists being tackled, pepper sprayed, shot at, arrested, etc, by police who know damn well that they’re journalists, not rioters?

            You haven’t seen the stories about people defending their own businesses, or sitting on their own porches, have teargas and rubber bullets and “beanbag” rounds fired at them?


            1. And that justifies the riots, right? That justifies beating a woman in a wheelchair. That justifies burning down a retired fireman’s bar in Minneapolis. That justifies shooting (potentially fatally) a cop in Las Vegas. That justifies attacking a man on the streets of Seattle peacefully holding an American flag. That justifies beating a woman with a board in NY because she dared to try to protect a business.

              You aren’t human garbage, you’re just garbage.

            2. No, I can draw a distinction unlike you. To make it simple, peaceful protests are good and should be encouraged. Once they cross over into riots you have to end the riots to protect everyone, including the protestors. The rioters are using the protestors as cover, unfortunately. Do we allow the rioters to continue to hurt and even kill people, because they are mixing with the protestors?

              1. Riots are the language our elites understand best. Unless you have access to palettes of cash. That also gets their attention.

        2. Oh, good! The lefty sock now claiming to be “killjoy” has again showed up to prove what a fucking lefty ignoramus s/he is!
          Fuck off and die.

          1. So… no actual response, just rabid flailing insults? OK.

            1. So… you can’t read?
              No surprise.
              Fuck off and die.

              1. So “fuck off and die…”, yet, “…scumbags!!“

                Who calls people scumbags? Someone in a movie getting his “shitheads!” dubbed over for basic cable?

                Just say cum dumpster or something. Update your shit.

                1. Sevo calling you scumbag seems to have bothered you

                2. Say #RUSSIA again.

        3. “Sorry to not use the narrow meaning”

          If you were sorry you wouldnt have repeated the same mistake right there in that statement

  22. Fiddlesticks! People concerned about Trump’s authoritarian allies and beliefs have Trump Derangement Syndrome! Just kidding. FUCK YOU NICK GILLESPIE FUCK YOU MATT WELCH AND FUCK YOU REASON

  23. This is all a balm for the many times proven coward Trump’s brittle ego. It leaked that Trump ran and cowered in his bunker sucking his thumb from the protests near the White House. The very tarnished toy soldier is desperately flailing to polish his cowardice.

    Do not, though, discount the risk. Contrary to historically illiterate opinion, the worst tyrants are not bold geniuses; but incompetent cowards like Trump. If they were, truly, bold geniuses; they’d be persuasive libertarians not tyrants. Tyranny is the cowards bunker.

  24. Without going too deep into the comments, I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that the issue of the president deploying troops to enforce domestic law/assault peaceful demonstrators has everyone conflicted here at the “God made my morality, and there’s no gray area about government being evil!” libertarian intellectual headquarters.

    1. So you’re gonna lie and make shit up? Well then there really is no reason to read anything.

      1. Turns out there’s even more Trump dick gobbling and state worship than I thought. Libertarians never fail to disappoint. Hey, that should be your slogan if “order over anarchy” doesn’t get past the focus group.

        1. Sadly, there’s a segment of those who call themselves “libetarian” who are just using the word as a way to make their kneejerk tribal partisanship sound respectable — watch for the ones who’ve eagerly latched on to the Trumpian cult of personality.

          1. Sadly, there’s a segment of lefty fucking ignoramuses who claim to have some semblance of intelligence.
            Neither you, nor your lefty ignoramus bud Tony have any demonstrable claim of such.
            Make your family proud and the world a better place: Fuck off and die.

          2. “Sadly, there’s a segment of those who call themselves “libetarian” who are just using the word as a way to make their kneejerk tribal partisanship sound respectable”

            This is pod’s confession

          3. why are you talking to yourself?

        2. So your gonna keep making shit up. Got it.

  25. he would be taking actions to bring about the “ending [of] the riots and lawlessness that are spreading around the country.”

    Well, good. Let us hope he starts by disbanding the Milwaukee PD, the Chicago PD, the NYPD, the Baltimore PD, the LAPD, the Houston PD ….. but that’s probably not the sort of lawlessness he’s talking about. No, if the government behaves lawlessly, all you can do is ask them politely to stop violating the laws and the Constitution and the foundational principles of America but you have no right to actually resist or disobey or declare that if the laws don’t apply to everybody then they don’t apply to anybody. Sure, let’s shoot rioters and looters in defense of our lives and our property, but don’t even think that you might be able to shoot cops or government officials in defense of your life, your liberty, or your property. No, it’s only government that can freely ignore the law, not the peasantry.

    The least he could do is undo that shithead Jeff Sessions’ repeal of the DoJ’s project of stepping in when local police departments were obviously so corrupt and lawless that they were effectively a criminal organization. At some point you have to figure out that the problem isn’t that one bad apple cop committed a bad apple cop offense or that these few other bad apple cops stood by and did nothing or that a great many bad apple cops defend the one bad apple cop – it’s that the whole system top-to-bottom is rotten. Ask the cops who beat Rodney King and Kelly Thomas, choked Eric Gardner, shot Dennis Tuttle and his wife, and now this guy – what made you think you could get away with this shit? Well, duh, because in most cases of abuse, they can and they do. They get away with it over and over and over. Asking them politely to please stop violating the law doesn’t seem to be working very well – maybe you have to do something to get their attention.

    And speaking of getting away with abuse, when’s Trump going to get around to locking up Hillary? Some time after Mexico pays for that big beautiful wall he’s building?

    1. How about expecting the people protesting to actually do something and STOP VOTING FOR THE PEOPLE “OPPRESSING” THEM?

      At a certain point. empathy for your plight is limited when you keep re-upping for the mistreatment.

  26. We’ve all seen the “peaceful protesters” looting stores, assaulting people and setting buildings on fire for the last week.

    Shackford’s one of those sheltered liberals who thinks he’s being high-minded by supporting them, and because he thinks there’s zero chance he’ll end up on the wrong side of the angry mob. I’m sure a lot of liberals in the cities where there are ongoing riots have learned the hard way that’s not how it works. Maybe Shackford should take a lesson from them.

    1. No serious participant in this discussion advocates in favor of looting and vandalism. About half of you, however, do advocate the unlawful deployment of armed troops on US soil, which, on the anti-government wishlist, is presumably second only to getting actually jizzed on in the face by Trump.

      1. Please keep the details of your fetish’s to yourself.

        1. Hey I understand ironic fetishes such as libertarians and their state rape. It would be like me fantasizing about a fat chick.

          1. Pretty sure your ‘understanding’ is maxed out at zero and your claims of such are hypocritical and nothing other. You are either not capable of understanding your own imbecility or stupid enough to hope others won’t notice.
            You’ve pretty much staked out the claim that if the government didn’t ‘grant’ a particular liberty, it didn’t exist.
            Which leaves you defending slavery and the rest of us wondering why you didn’t surrender yourself when that (oh, so benevolent) government made being a fag illegal.
            Care to explain that, shitbag?

            1. I’ll let your Intro to Philosophy for Future Beauticians professor explain the difference between “is” and “ought.”

              1. Sevo callong you a scumbag has really pissed you off I see

      2. “No serious participant”

        no one cares what you think

      3. You do. You’ve justified every single thing the looters have done. You just wave a magic wand and call it “peaceful.”

  27. As I’m driving through the District of Columbia tonight (don’t text while driving, boys and girls}, an odd little thought is running through my head: I wonder if his latest wave of riding and looting will catalyze a change in the face of storefront real estate. I wonder if we’ll start seeing a trend toward retail buildings that feature shops whose entrances all face an internal corridor, much like hotels are built these days, such that none of the stores offer direct access from the street. Getting rid of sidewalk entrances and street-facing display windows will render retail districts a far less attractive and inviting, but it will harden the targets a bit and make them less vulnerable to passersby wielding hammers, hatchets, and Molotov cocktails. It will also make these facilities much easier to defend, since property owners will only have to stage guards at one or two main entrances.

    The unfortunate side effect of this might be a proliferation of metal detectors, wands, and other intrusive security measures, which would render the retail experience all the more unpleasant for honest, law-abiding customers and could drive them away altogether. But given that most insurance policies don’t cover damage sustained during riots, I have to think small businesses are going to be searching for ways to mitigate their risk during periods of social unrest, especially if these so-called “peaceful protests” become a regular feature of our political and social landscape. It’s either that, or these downtown districts are going to start resembling abandoned strip malls.

    The more likely outcome, I suspect, is that small businesses and boutique shops will simply flee to white suburbia, as we see a return of the urban flight that devastated our major cities in the 1970s.

    Either way, it’s the people who can’t get out who are fucked.

    1. Or the cops could stop murdering black people.

      1. Can we start with the presumption that two wrongs don’t make a right? We don’t want overzealous police to kill people, we do want police held accountable for violating rights, and we also don’t think it’s right for people to start looting Target and liquor stores based on any provocation.

        1. Nobody thinks it’s right to loot and destroy property! Anyone on the side of the actual mission of the protests is especially against it because of the bad PR. So start comparing real things.

          1. Aw, isn’t that precious that the shitbag Tony hopes to straddle the fence?
            Forget it, shitbag, your rep is secure.

            1. I’m on the side of the fence that says “There’s still a global pandemic. Maybe this isn’t the best time.”

              1. “I’m on the side of the fence that says “There’s still a global pandemic”

                I suppose you being immunocompromised from AIDS makes it a real worry for you

              2. Guess we’ll find out in about a month how bad Corona-chan actually is if she gives all the protesters a big, sloppy kiss.

          2. “Nobody thinks it’s right to loot and destroy property!”




          3. You do. You have justified everything they’ve done. Because in the end you support grabbing power by any means. If a few have to die, well, progressives have never had a problem with casualties.

    2. this latest wave of rioting and looting

      Even my autocorrect thinks “rioting” is a racist word.


    Let’s say you have 200,000 Antifa that are 100 ft away from the front door of the WH. They move [collectively, of course] at 2 ft/sec and are repelled by an overtaxed Secret Service administration at a rate of 10 people/sec. Question: how long before Dear Leader and his prostitute wife are intercepted by this crowd and hung from a lamp post at a local gas station?

      Identify commie-kid’s ability to add 1+1 while paying his mortgage. Answer: Zero.
      Fuck off, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

    2. 200,000 savages against a cohort of trained troops? You may want to take a look at the outcome of Boudica v. Suetonius.

      1. Or the Duke of Burgundy v. the Papal Swiss Guards for that matter.

    3. Hi screech

  29. Good.

    the military’s purpose is to protect us.

    1. From “them,” of course.

      1. If by them you mean rioters who have turned peaceful protests into cover to attack, destroy and kill people then you are correct.

  30. You cretinous morons, do you not see these “peaceful protesters” are basically a walking mob that can be turned into an army of looters in a flick of a wrist? It doesn’t phucking matter that thousands of people “peacefully” broke curfew. Once one guy cracks open a store window, sets places on fire, or assault police officers, the rest will either follow or can’t do much to stop them. That’s why curfews are enforced in the first place.

    What drug are you on that makes you think this is a revolution staged by ordinary citizens? A week before this protest 90% of the urban youth looting stores were streaming hours of Netflix and playing endless amount of video games. They weren’t suffocated by a repressive society waiting for their chance to break out.

    What form of stupidity is preventing people from seeing that this is not just a violent protest, but an nationwide insurrection by criminals? And that they are a growing legion that poses unprecedented threat to social order? If the thousands of KKK were burning crosses peacefully on the streets but 10% of them burned down cities, you would characterize that as peaceful? Sure, let’s have these guys park near the WH while the president speaks.

    What would you say if thousands of these people streamed endlessly near your home every day. “Oh god, what did I do to deserve this indescribably beautiful act of peace, peace is all over me”. Sigh.

    1. The rightwingers did break first re: cabin fever. And then they took AR-15s into state capitol buildings. Because you know the world’s greatest injustice of being asked not to get your spittle on other people during a global pandemic. TBF you idiots spittle a lot.

      1. Taking an AR-15 into the Michigan State Capitol – legal.
        Breaking windows, firebombing, looting, assault – illegal.

        1. Would it be legal if it were BLM supporters carrying them?

          1. Yes.

          2. The Black Panthers were a second amendment group. You know, history BT. (Before Twitter)

          3. Surprise surprise you made up shit again and it was wrong. Do you own stock in a straw man company? Cuz I swear half the stupid shit you post is just straw men.

            1. Straw men are easier to carry around, so…

            2. So if hooded black protesters came into the Capitol armed to the teeth, they’d be treated exactly the same. We‘ll just have to wait around for one to take the risk I guess.

              1. ah yes now you’re doing that thing you do where you were very wrong and need to distract from it

                1. By making up more bullshit.

          4. I would whole heatedly support their 1 and 2A right to do so. Also, did the guys in Michigan cause any violence, hurt anyone? So false dichotomy there.

  31. Same president who said, about Colin Kaepernick and his supporters, ““Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out. He’s fired. He’s fired!” That was fall of 2017, Trump’s first year in office. Now he has his storm troopers fire tear gas canisters at people who have done nothing wrong. He threatens all fifty states with use of the United States military. Trump thinks he can stop a civil war, when in fact he wants to start one.

    1. Uh, there are certain rules regarding logical progressions when presenting an argument; you clearly do not know them.
      And defending that talentless lefty piece of shit who should be in jail for impersonating an NFL QB only makes you look more like a lefty ignoramus.

    2. your meds are in the bathroom, bro

  32. thank you Mr President for protecting property

    1. And establishing that property matters more than black lives. Just like they’ve been saying the whole time.

      1. If even one of the protestors was burning down the mayor of the city’s house you might have a point, but destroying the property of innocent third parties just make you the asshole.

        1. Exactly. Once you go there, it’s just nihilism.

          It’s destruction for its own sake and has nothing to do with Floyd.

          So this thing ‘oh but the poor peaceful protestors’ is weak sauce now. It’s out of control and people will die.

          And then the retard media and its retard readers (seriously, who the fuck reads that crap anymore?) will then babble about Orange Man Bad as they feed each pablum.

          What a bunch of degenerates the media are. I’m serious. I watch those pressers and their fricken loaded questions. They’re not seeking the truth, they’re just looking for their ‘gotcha’ moment because a) they have low IQs and b) that’s how they were taught.

          ‘What authority does the President have to declare Antifa a terrorists organization?’ Are they for real?

          And they look like complete idiots in those stupid masks.

      2. I saw no property attack any protester…go pound sand, lightweight

      3. What about the people they have killed and harmed, physically?

      4. “And establishing that property matters more than black lives.”

        My stuff means far more to me than, for example, you.

        Sorry. If I had a choice of protecting my house or saving your life, you might have problems.

  33. Jenny Durkan has already deployed military force to restore order. fuck off.

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  35. Amazing Decision by Donald Trump

  36. This is what happens when you don’t deal with violent groups like Antifa. These pricks aren’t fighting ‘fascism.’ THEY ARE fascists.

    Not sure what you expect here. What about PEACEFUL people who are seeing their businesses and other properties destroyed? What about Churches?

    They’re committing all sorts of destruction to the point people were worried they were heading to the suburbs with their thuggery. The cops aren’t defending people and those who do are getting arrested.

    It’s pure madness this nihilism.

    In any event, statistically, whites get killed more by cops than blacks. There. I said.

    Now go clean that shit up.

  37. The majority of decent minded protestors do so during the day and get the hell out of there at night because there is a huge element of criminals out there that want to do harm. Is it any wonder that the majority of these riots happen in democratic cities? These are the same places that have been opening the jails and prisons for COVID. Do you honestly think they are walking around with signs saying “No Justice No Peace”, “I Can’t Breathe” and “George Floyd?” Doubtful. They are what I like to call opportunist criminals. These people every day would like to rob and steal their way out of their situation. They don’t because of law and order but when that evaporates here comes opportunity. Big screen tv’s, gucci handbags, Air Jordan’s.

    And we get to watch amateur hour politicians that don’t want to upset their voting block so they don’t use the police and national guard to it’s most effective use because God forbid they are called RACIST. Non-nonsensical curfews that don’t start until 11pm when tons of damage has been done just goes to show you they have no intention of stopping this. Cuomo even laughed at the thought of using the National Guard. I paraphrase here but he basically said these are just young idealistic people that are enthusiastic about a cause. There is no need for the National Guard. Hey governor, Times Square, Macy’s and other high end NYC stores are getting looted and burning. Don’t bitch to Trump about Federal bailouts when you are laughing on tv with Fredo.

    To the people saying Trump is stepping on their rights. “The First Amendment does not provide the right to conduct an assembly at which there is a clear and present danger of riot, disorder, or interference with traffic on public streets, or other immediate threat to public safety or order.[13] Statutes that prohibit people from assembling and using force or violence to accomplish unlawful purposes are permissible under the First Amendment.[14]”

    If Trump needs to order the military to the streets under the Insurrection Act of 1807 (which the last time I checked is still a law), how is he trampling on your rights by using a law to invoke his rights?

    1. Because Orange Man Bad, that’s why.

  38. Law enforcement, on his orders, violently dispersed nearby peaceful protesters.

    Stop lying. Law enforcement tried to clear a safe path for him to walk over to the church. If there was any violence, it was because protesters blocked his staff and refused to get out of the way.

    The 1A does not give you a right to interfere in the movement of other people; once you do, you are not a “peaceful protester” anymore.

  39. Reason now supports the destruction of property, assault, and even murder.

    And it has the gall to claim it’s libertarian. Disgusting.

  40. “Peaceful” Protests:

    Those cops were obviously attacking peaceful protesters with their invisible mind beams. The officer that got run over sure had a short skirt on.

    This is what you support. You own this violence.

  41. This is what happens when you seed power to central authority, true federalism breaks down and you get some orange-headed nutjob threatening to violate states rights to repress citizens.

    1. This is what happens when you justify violence against innocent shop owners and citizens because you don’t like what cops in blue cities do (and yet you vote them in over and over again).

  42. It becomes more and more apparent that our growing numbers of Libertarians are actually righties and/or lefties that lost their religion and can not refer to themselves as members of their former opposition party (Glen Beck).

    This article would have been far more suited, intellectually, for CNN or Fox News.

    Mr Shackford, if we are not secure in our property and our ability to prosper from our property (and hard work), then how can we actually have a freedom to speak? Picking and choosing which of our “inalienables” you will defend based on your personal feelings towards the President, or anyone else for that matter, is slightly left of stupid and, frankly, quite boring. I have to think CNN needs news readers, sir.

    1. #BothSides


      This is actually quite cut and dried no matter how much you try to obfuscate. Police need to be held accountable by the courts just like rioters must be controlled and property protected by the police or failing that the National Guard/Army.

      Your rage doesn’t get to convict Chauvin, only a court of law following procedures and presenting evidence dispassionately of transgression of laws can do that. And until he is convicted he is presumed innocent.

      Protest all you want. It’s your right as long as you don’t hurt anyone or anything. But once you do, now you have committed the crime. Your anger doesn’t excuse it. If we are to have a civilization you must be held to account for that.

      None of what I said goes against bedrock libertarian principles. You’re right that CNN fails to get this, but you’re wrong to lump Fox into the same category on this one. #BothSides is a cop out.

  43. Yeah I’m sure trump told the military to violently disrupt the peaceful protesters. It’s all a fucking lie.

  44. Trump’s Tienanmen!

    “Law enforcement, on his orders, violently dispersed nearby peaceful protesters.”

    Trump has a long and well documented fawning admiration and envy of ChiCom oppression and brutality, including specifically the Tienanmen Massacre. His assault on St. John’s Church was cosplay for tyrant fanboy Trump.

    1. Keep wishing real, real hard.
      You’ll get that pony one day!
      (Shh – let him keep believing)

  45. Invoking the Insurrection Act and putting federal troops where they are not requested by the states would be a bad move politically for Trump. It may sound like a nice macho sound bite for his MAGA crowd, but it would backfire.

  46. “Peaceful” protests ALWAYS have the risk that violence might erupt on either side. I was at Berkeley in the 60s, and that was obvious. When you join a protest, you’re joining a mob. You have no control over what the other members of the mob will do, and no control over how those “enforcing” the law will react, or overreact. Someone who joins a protest, expecting that nothing untoward will occur because it’s “peaceful,” is a half-wit.

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