William Barr

Meet the Press Mangles a William Barr Quote to Make Him Look Awful, and It Backfires

There are a lot of reasons to critique the attorney general. Find one that doesn’t require misleading your audience.


It takes a lot of work to make Attorney General William Barr look like a victim, but Meet the Press host Chuck Todd is up to the task.

Last week the Department of Justice made the surprising decision to recommend dropping charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI. Many critics of President Donald Trump saw this as further evidence of corruption in the executive branch.

On Thursday, CBS reporter Catherine Herridge sat down with Attorney General William Barr to get his explanation of his decision. The interview isn't terribly long. Barr says that Flynn's lie to the FBI was not "material" under the law because the investigation of Flynn did not have a valid justification, and he argues that Flynn's conversations with a Russian ambassador were legitimate work as a representative of Trump's transition team. These facts, he suggests, justify dropping the charges.

Reasonable people can agree or disagree. (I think Barr's actually right here, though I wish he'd apply this standard to other people the FBI catches in a lie.) But on Meet the Press, Todd focused on another part of the interview, which he selectively edited to attack Barr. Toward the end of the interview, Herridge asks Barr, "When history looks back on this decision, how do you think it will be written? What will it say about your decision making?"

Here is Barr's full response:

Well, history is written by the winner. So it largely depends on who's writing the history. But I think a fair history would say that it was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law. It helped, it upheld the standards of the Department of Justice, and it undid what was an injustice.

But when Todd got his hands on it for Meet the Press and presented it for discussion, the quote cut off after the second sentence. Todd then told guest Peggy Noonan that he was "struck by the cynicism of the answer. It's a correct answer, but he's the attorney general. He didn't make the case that he was upholding the rule of law. He was almost admitting that, 'Yeah, that this was a political job.'"

Todd's description is the exact opposite of what actually happened in the interview. As much criticism Barr deserves for his authoritarian view of the law, his support for harsh sentencing, and his broad interpretations of the power of the president, he spends much of this interview (not just this one answer) attempting to make the case that he is, in fact, upholding the law.

A spokesperson with the Department of Justice tweeted out her objection to the show's selective editing. The Twitter account for the show subsequently tweeted an apology: "Earlier today, we inadvertently and inaccurately cut short a video clip of an interview with AG Barr before offering commentary and analysis. The remaining clip included important remarks from the attorney general that we missed, and we regret the error."

But that's only part of the trouble, assuming the clip was indeed "inadvertently and inaccurately cut short." The bigger problem is that either Todd was oblivious to the interview's content aside from than those two sentences (meaning he didn't actually watch the interview before discussing it on his show) or was deliberately attempting to mislead the audience. I don't know which possibility is worse.

Either way, he has fueled further distrust in the media, which Trump has been happy to use for his own purposes.

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  1. The Press lying to support Fake DNC talking points?

    That’s unpossible!

    1. I know, right? Whoulda thunk it.

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    2. Meanwhile CBS and 60 Minutes says “hold my beer!” and pulls the same bullshit on Secretary of the Treasury Pompeo. Pompeo misspoke but then corrected himself, and 60 Minutes runs with the misspoken part carefully omitting the correction seconds later.

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    3. You don’t know which is worse? Okay, let me help you with that. LYING is worse than incompetence. Always. Got it?

    4. This makes Chuck Todd look as bad as Dan Rather. He purposely edited the Barr interview clip to eliminate the explanation and thereby draw an unfavorable comment from Peggy Noonan. If that’s not true then he is just a mouthpiece who knows nothing about what is prepared for his show and just lazily goes out and says what he is told to say. Why does anyone pretend he is anything but an empty suit? As Norman Mailer allegedly said to Dick Cavett once, “Why don’t you just read another one of your stupid questions off that card?”

  2. inadvertently and inaccurately

    I mean, really, if these disingenuous fucks were all thrown in a woodchipper, would it honestly be a detriment to society?

    1. Inaccurately? Agreed. Inadvertently? I have pretty serious doubts.

      1. I don’t see what there is to doubt – when you’re throwing them in the woodchipper, you want to do it both deliberately and accurately. You get sloppy with the job and you could damage the woodchipper.

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    2. It is always an accident. Yet, somehow the accidents always make Republicans look worse and Democrats look better. It is never the other way around.

      1. Partisan politics aside, lie and apologize so many times and, eventually, everybody’s going to piece together that the apology is a lie. At this point it’s like they saw Printer’s Devil or some other similar episode of The Twilight Zone and decided that’s how news media should operate.

      2. Oh I dunno. I mean, look at global warming.
        The consensus is “warming is occurring”, but how much and how serious the problem is requires mathematical models. It’s a tough problem and some inaccuracy should be expected.

        In this case, of the first 143 models run predicting future warming that has since been measured, 140 of them OVERESTIMATED the amount of warming. All those predictions, wrong in the same direction, and THAT’S coincidence, I am told. By SCIENTISTS no less. (As relayed by “science journalists”, who are themselves models of integrity. I am told.)

        So sure, editing errors, misstatments, leaving out facts, adding incorrect information, slanted bannings, unequal application of “rules”, etc., *could* all go in one direction by sheer chance. But if they are NOT “sheer chance” than the mendacious people doing these questionable things are certainly people who would lie about it and claim it was “inadvertent. again. lol.”

    3. We’re including Scott’s stasi

      1. Ass too, right?

    4. Well, their poisoned carcasses might decimate wherever they get dumped, so you’d have to be careful there.

    5. Yes, as they would probably pollute a stream somewhere.

  3. Like Chuck Todd admitted, ‘Yeah, that this was a political job.’

    What? I’m quoting his exact words? If I got them out of context, it was totally an innocent mistake anyone could have made!

  4. It was deliberate. This has happened far too many times since the dawn of the Age of the Orange Man to presume it was inadvertent. Pure propaganda. Fucking scum.

    1. What Todd did was a hit job by a political opponent.

      What Shackford is doing is propaganda.

      1. To be sure, he has learned his “To be sure…”s well, at the feet of the Master.

  5. The one where he deliberately obfuscates the quote is worse. The other is bad prep work and lazy producing.

    But completely expected from the far left Democrat media machine. Oh and I wonder what was Peggy’s response? She has major TDS so probably a lot of head nodding.

  6. You know, I would read the transcript of that interview. It is fascinating.

    One thing is for sure. AG Barr is not done yet. Not by a long shot.

    Hope Comey, Brennan, and Clapper are looking for good lawyers. I think they will need legal representation. I won’t be satisfied until each is in prison. What they did was sedition.

    1. Yes. And even if they eventually walk, the process will be the punishment.

      Just like they did to so many.

    2. After all, that’s what some fat wombat-haired ex-gym coach or a former Miss Alabama said on TV.

      1. So you’re trying to “neg” Miss Alabama into going out with you?

        1. I can’t imagine we’d have any of the same interests. Except dick.

          1. Thank you for the set-up.

            So why do you assume Miss Alabama has to be a woman?

            It’s every man’s right to be Miss Alabama if he wants to be.

          2. Wow Tony, and here I always thought you were a trans ally.

    3. You can keep hoping for something to happen to Comey, Brennan, and Clapper, but it’ll never happen. The genteel political class, no matter how opposed they are to each other and how egregious the offense, never punishes each other. The only one I can remember who served time was Scooter Libby, for allegedly “outing” Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. Ironically, Richard Armitage of the State Department confessed to having made the disclosure. So basically they never get anything right.

      1. Unfortunately I have to agree. My only hope is that a series of these stories will start to come out in the late summer, leading up to the election, pounding home the point that a) Biden is corrupt and was part of a corrupt administration, or b) Trump really isn’t corrupt, Russia! and Ukraine! etc were all bullshit.

      2. They knew the source of the leak before they even talked to Libby.

        He was Michael Flynn before Michael Flynn. Except we’ve never heard any of the back story as to why they picked his scalp to go get.

  7. Either way, he has fueled further distrust in the media, which Trump has been happy to use for his own purposes.

    It is not like Unreason is any paragon of virtue here, Mr. Shackleford.

    1. It is not like Commenter_XY is any paragon of virtue here, Mr. Commenter_XY.

      Shoot the message, not the messenger. Otherwise it’s just virtue signalling.

      1. Virtue signal harder shit eater.

      2. Shoot the message, not the messenger.

        “If the message is ‘Trayvon Martin’, I say blast away.” – Á àß äẞç ãþÇđ âÞ¢Đæ ǎB€Ðëf ảhf

      3. Meh, shoot both, alephbet. Ask questions later. 😉

    2. Well, apparently to Mr. Shackleford, the very WORST THING Todd and CBS did was to possibly give Trump some ammunition to use. Other than THAT…pretty good journalism there, Mr. Shackleford?

      Does the MSM really require resumes anymore when you do good work like this, or is it just cocktail party conversations. “Have your people call our people, Scott. I think you’ll like our team at the Grey Lady. Very diverse. Oh, you’ve heard that? Of course you have.”

  8. Todd should never have been given this job in the first place His wife is a DNC operative and he probably takes his marching orders from her. Fire His Ass.

    1. I agree, just because his daddy did it for years is not good enough reason to give him the job.

      1. My bad, was confusing this show with another one, belay my last.

  9. Supposedly careless editing like this has been going on for decades. It is why the media is generally distrusted by a large percentage of the public. Yet his sort of thing keeps happening, and the media has the nerve to complain that it is not good that they are held in contempt rather than trying to build trust back.

    1. The problem with these shows is they live and broadcast from DC, they never get out, meet other people and realize that what they are saying is not accepted outside their group. If all you do is hang out with and meet and work with are people who think the way you do than things like this become acceptable. They also don’t realize that half the audience already watched the full interview and know what you are doing, while half of the other half know but don’t care. Same problem with political sketches on SNL, the way they portray anyone that is not a democrat is as bad and as funny as old racist sitting around and making jokes about other races, only funny to them and insulting or idiotic to everyone else.

      1. Bigotry and prejudice???

        Never! They are the sainted MEDIA.

      2. All of that is very true. The other thing is that if they ever did step out of line and start thinking for themselves and being honest about things, it would be the end of their career and most of their social life. If some guy like Stetler started telling the truth, they would fire him from CNN and he would become a social outcast. Don’t underestimate the amount of social and professional pressure there is to conform. Not that that excuses these people or makes them anything other than the whores they are, but it does explain a lot.

        1. Ask Stossel. I wonder how many of his old friends he still has after he left the lib-pro plantation?

  10. I don’t know which possibility is worse.

    The third possibility is that Todd and the show’s producers fixated on the glib start to the answer and zoned out on the larger point that Barr was making. The first part of the answer fit their narrative and everything else to them was noise.

    1. There was no substance to the second part. The big scandal is that NBC viewers weren’t treated to the idea that Bill Barr thought Bill Barr did the right thing?

      1. Keep shoveling, sooner or later you will dig yourself out of that hole.

        1. Did Barr justify his claim or was Chuck Todd being 100% accurate in his assessment that he did not?

          1. There was a whole interview where Barr gave his justification. This was a single quote in which he summarized his stance. So yes he did. It’s called context.

            1. Too late. Tony never watched the interview and just came out swinging for Todd no matter what. So he just had to go away after humiliating himself… again.

          2. This question is either a troll or you are painfully ignorant of the subject of which you are discussing.

            1. Embrace the healing power of “and”.

      2. Fuck, Tony. You’re reaching the “This is *my* truth.” stage already? Your “side” does something 100% wrong, that my kids could have easily identified as wrong at age 5. And your response is lower than whataboutism? Wow. Just take the L, man.

        Look out TONY!!! Yaaaah!!
        Oh wait. I thought I saw a principle right behind you. But there’s not one. Anywhere near you.

        *phew! Close call, huh?

      3. “””There was no substance to the second part.””

        The second part is where he said exactly what Todd claimed he didn’t say.

  11. Meet the Press Mangles Intentionally misrepresents a William Barr Quote to Make Him Look Awful, and It Backfires


  12. To add one more layer… it’s amazing that they didn’t think they’d get caught. Maybe they knew they’d get caught and didn’t care because they know their audience doesn’t care.

    1. Or because it doesn’t matter any more if they ‘get caught’.
      Tomorrow it will all be over, and a new disgrace will take over for 15 minutes.

    2. Getting caught doesn’t matter. Sensationalize the lie with a headline story. Set a narrative. When caught, quietly release a correction that few will notice. It’s SOP.

      1. Hands up, don’t shoot.

        People still think that is real.

        1. I recently heard “Trump had money invested in a chloroquine manufactory! Profiting off the deaths of Americans…”

          From fucking college grads. Mid-level state employees. And when I told them what the situation was, they seemed to accept it. “Yeah, the media’s pretty bad all around. Where’d you get the real story?” And he really wanted to know. But when I said “Let’s see…Fox News, Dave Rubin, Reason…”, I could see the relief. They were back on the flow chart, knowing all was right with the world and they could dismiss the rebuttal of the ridiculous story that “Trump’s gonna let a million people die for the chance to become a thousandaire!” Because they have been programmed (by TV news! I’m pretty sure this is all from MSM) that certain sources must be dismissed by rote.

          They’re just lost. They have not been rebellious enough in their lives, they’ve never developed that automatic “Who says?” reaction that helps defend you against “argumentam ad vericundiam”. They’re good, smart people and I just don’t know how I can socialize with them. It’s sad.

      2. Short of a handful of outlets, virtually none will ever talk about it when one of them pulls this shit and gets caught. Dan Rather had to at least acknowledge it and was forced to step down in disgrace. Now it’s just a matter of issuing a tweet at most and then it’s time to move on. And do it again. This is media covering politics. Ironically, few realize that the primary purpose behind a Constitutional free press was that the press will never hold office and will in turn be the 3rd party that holds the other two accountable. The FF failed to realize that a nation such as we have now could boil down to a handful of owners whose entire purpose could be to align with one party in large numbers, acting as a department of propaganda rather than a political antagonist.

  13. The cut-off part was boilerplate “I did the right thing because I say so.” Todd wanted to focus on the actual interesting part of the comment, which is not dissimilar to other nihilistic things Barr has said as he wobbles his way into infamy by being a toady for Trump instead of a quasi-independent AG like we’re used to.

    It’s all of a piece with the rest of the party of Jesus H. Christ. Win at all costs. Liberty, prosperity, family values–every one a cynical lie meant to paper over their naked, aimless power and wealth grab.

    1. Quasi-independent AG? I see you haven’t used your time away to get any smarter.

      Holder needed a tongue transplant after licking Obama’s boots for so long.

      1. “BOOTS”???

        1. Let the man have his euphemisms.

      2. I’m very impressed with your rhetorical power, Tony., It seems to work like:

        “It’s all of a piece with the rest of the Democratic party. Win at all costs. Liberty, prosperity, diversity–every one a cynical lie meant to paper over their naked, aimless power and wealth grab.”

        Like that? There must be more tricks I’m missing there though.
        Because everybody knows the Dems are the good guys, right?

        Obama said he never did anything wrong, and who could doubt? I mean…a corrupt politician from Chicago? It is to laugh.

        And the Clintons didn’t do more wrong things than Obama even! They kept on saying “Nah. We didn’t do nothin’ wrong.” to the perfectly above board FBI and Justice Department “investigators”, which pretty much solved every case. I’m suspect they started supplying the answers at the start of each investigation, on little stickers so the “investigators” could just stick ’em on! Win/win, case closed amirite?

        Anyway, keep it up and I’ll try to follow along. So…do you deny reality in toto first and then fill in with the narrative, or is it more on an “as needed” basis? And is half the skepticism removed surgically or chemically? Do they do it at the same time the cynicism is half-removed?

    2. “boilerplate”?? We can dismiss it because it was “boilerplate”?? HAAAAHHHAHAHAHA!!

      Upwards of 90% of everything every Democrat ever says is boilerplate… a word salad of virtue signalling, coded hate speech and soaring, cumulus-level pandering. Hell, “boilerplate” is being generous.

      So…no. No excuses, no “Get out of being a lying asshole pretending to be doing journalism free” Card.

  14. The funniest thing is how willing Reason and Shackford are to whore themselves out to team DNC.
    At some point, those metaphorical bullets they’re jumping in front of are going to become real.
    What then, enemies of the people?

  15. Which is to say, this article got it wrong. Todd said Barr “didn’t make the case” that the outcome was just. He thus acknowledges that Barr said it was just, but he didn’t make the case. Which he didn’t. He just said it was.

    And since he prefaced this unjustified claim with the cynical claim that facts don’t matter anyway, you might understand Todd’s curiosity.

    1. “…but he didn’t make the case.” You just asked up-thread if he had, now you’re definitively stating that he didn’t. You never get tired of making shit up, do you?

      1. Dishonest pieces of shit like to be dishonest.

    2. Do you find that straight up lying is an effective debate tactic?

      1. He’s not here to debate or discuss. He’s here to be a flaming ass lying troll.

  16. How did it backfire? They smeared him on national broadcast television and admitted to an “error” on Twitter. They got what they set out to accomplish.

    1. Old lawyer trick – the jury can’t unhear it just because the judge tells them to not consider it. Half of them aren’t even listening to the instructions anymore.

  17. Tony – “It’s fine for the media is dishonest if it’s dishonest in a way that’s unfavorable to people I don’t like”.

    You complain that he didn’t try to make the case but he had done that in the rest of the interview.

    Dishonest president. Dishonest press. At some point those of us out here in the bleachers might as well go home because we ain’t going to get informed about anything. You don’t care because your mind was made up 3 years ago.

    1. It is universally acknowledged outside the FOX News bubble that Barr is taking a wrecking ball to the justice department and turning into a Trump favor machine.

      He dropped the Flynn charges so that Trump wouldn’t have to pardon him in an election year. Does that sound like justice to you?

      1. Flynn was the subject of a felonious legal assault. His accusers should be held accountable.

        1. He was a Russian stooge who committed federal crimes and is lucky he didn’t get charged with treason.

          1. Just because you’ve convinced yourself of bullshit doesn’t mean repeating it over and over is going to convince anyone else, you dishonest piece of shit.

            1. Pled guilty too.

              1. I envision you saying that like a 6-year-old girl, fists on your hips and defiantly sticking your tongue out. Brave, brave Toni.

                And the people in your echo chamber, or in your dollhouse…do *they* also believe a plea of “guilty” means you’ve thereby pled guilty to every fucking thing any psychopathic cuntwaffle wants to accuse you of?

                You’ve conflated “inconsistencies in the answers to thousands of immaterial questions during a contrived, politically motivated witch hunt with “being a Russian stooge who committed “Federal” crimes” (Oh my!). You’ve basically said you’re too stupid to tell the difference, or worse, don’t care. That makes you look like a buffoon.

          2. This kind of thinking is what happens when marijuana was legalized.

            1. Pretty sure his stuff comes in bottles with screw caps.

      2. It is universally acknowledged outside of your skull that you’re full of shit.


        Poor, poor Tony.

  18. My God conservatards are whiny little bitches.

    I watched Judge Janine for 20 minutes explain that Barack Obama was instigating a bloodless coup against Trump. Explain that, not explain how. Evidence? That’s for nerds. The Republican party has a 24/7 lie machine ginning up the most absurd conspiracy theories they can get away with, and that’s a lot, because you people are fucking morons.

    Meanwhile Chuck Todd quotes Barr accurately, characterizes the quote accurately, and you guys still whine like little fucking bitches because wah wah wah who the fuck knows.

    Also, you’re libertarians allegedly. What do you want, a Ministry of Truth? Execute all journalists who don’t sufficiently butter the assholes of our dear Republican leaders? Oh look, some asshole called for just that upthread.

    My God, you suck at this.

    1. Rumor has it you had Da Woohan.

      But you still have Covid of the brain. Welcome back Tony!

      1. I suppose that working from home means I can do other things besides sitting in front of my computer commenting at Reason and pretending it’s work.

        Alas, no, I did not catch the ching-chong ding-dong mmm flied lice small penis violin prodigy virus.

        1. You project too much.

          1. Look, can Trump fix shit, or is he just gonna keep saying he is powerless, practically castrated of agency, because of the chinamen, and the Mexicans before them?

            1. Are you Democrat dumbfucks going to stop intentionally keeping Americans out of work at the behest of your Chinese masters?

        2. Tony, for the millionth time, jerking off into your own feces isn’t “working at home”.

    2. The evidence is in a big box with Schiff’s impeachment evidence. Hard, cold, obvious, “in plain sight” evidence.

      If the Repubs are worse at underhanded amoral power grabs and coup attempts that should result in some hangings…well that’s a judgement they can probably live with.

    3. “”Meanwhile Chuck Todd quotes Barr accurately, characterizes the quote accurately, and you guys still whine like little fucking bitches because wah wah wah who the fuck knows.””

      Here’s the show’s apology.
      “”Earlier today, we inadvertently and inaccurately cut short a video clip of an interview with AG Barr before offering commentary and analysis. The remaining clip included important remarks from the attorney general that we missed, and we regret the error.”

      One would have to be a pretty big idiot to think the show apologized for no reason. And we have one.

  19. In her latest “Amicus” podcast for Slate, host Dahlia Lithwick makes the same misleading characterization of Attorney General Barr’s remark as Chuck Todd.

    1. MORE coincidence. We have the best coincidence! Perfect coincidence, it was a miraculous coincidence, the best coincidence we’ve ever had.

  20. >>He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law.

    Chuck Todd sucks so hard at this game.

    1. He was counting on the fact that 95% of his viewers had not seen the actual interview and wouldn’t know the difference, and the other 5% would just go along with the con because whoever creates the most bullshit will at least leave a shit stain, worst case scenario. And he wasn’t wrong.

  21. “ Either way, he has fueled further distrust in the media, which Trump has been happy to use for his own purposes.”
    What is it with Reason commentators who always feel compelled to remind everybody that, no matter what, they don’t like Trump? Enough. We get it.
    Why would Trump NOT be happy to use this for his own purpose? After all these years of constant lies and fake conspiracy theories, after all the revelations about how Russian collusion was a lie and various Trump team members were railroaded and after all the evidence that there really was a conspiracy by a group at the top to destroy this administration, after all this, the concern is that Trump will use yet one more blatant example for his own purposes? Get your heads out of your asses and recognize what’s been going on.

    1. TDS is real. And it exposes more and more people as the dishonest pieces of shit that they are.

      1. Your comments always make it seem that you’re either crying uncontrollably or turning red and pointing aggressively at whatever firearm you’ve decided to make into a sounding board.

        1. Only to you. You’re not very observant of what’s going on. That’s you you alway sound like a piece of shit.

      2. That was pretty cool. 11 minutes after “…it exposes more and more people as the dishonest pieces of shit that they are.”, Tony appears.

        Too bad you didn’t also post
        “Our “real life” example will be along shortly.”

        Also, note he’s using technique similar to Todd: Takes what you said, a brief post making a couple of calm assertions; and tells people it’s a nuclear blast of rage. So, Opposite Day.

        Or maybe it’s just a magically good gift for strawmanning.

        1. “Too bad you didn’t also post
          “Our “real life” example will be along shortly.””

          It’s a given that a lefty piece of shit will be along shortly to prove this point around here.

  22. You don’t need to do anything but point precisely to his actions to make Barr look bad. He’s a cowardly fuck that’s determined to subvert the rule of law.

    I’m sure though that the trumpflakes will come in to say how that’s wrong, etc.

  23. Cmon, if the profit motive based entertainment media can’t mislead to suit its own ends, what good is it?

  24. Tony is an angry little guy, isn’t he? He writes several words without any cohesive thought.

    1. You called me little! You’re my new best friend. I have lost weight since I gave up drinking in favor of flavored fizzy water and such, and my arms and legs are a little Holocaust-y. I feel there’s work to do on my core and head, but one shouldn’t look to freshman year in college as the goal physical attainment to match. Not when we’re pushing 40.

      1. Yes, there probably is a little work to do on your head. I concur.

  25. inadvertant my ass. one needn’t be a partisan to see the fumes rising off this turd and call then what they are…a common hatchet job. flynn got hosed. his home, his career, his reputation…all for the creepy self aggrandizement of a few partisan hacks who are, regrettably, not going to get what’s coming to them.

    chuck todd, you are a mendacious asshole

  26. Shackford or whoever wrote the headline, go back to school on what “mangled” means. Shrub mangled, “‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.” Biden mangled, “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created, by the, you know, you know the thing.” Selectively editing a quote is not mangling, it’s propaganda.

    1. ” or whoever wrote the headline”

      It is Shackford in the byline. So long as the headline stands, then it is Shackford’s to own.

  27. “There are a lot of reasons to critique the attorney general. Find one that doesn’t require misleading your audience.”

    Maybe if they’re deliberately misleading their audience, it’s because there actually AREN’T a lot of reasons to critique the attorney general.

    1. Are you smoking crack? Barr’s first move after the lockdown was to call for indefinite detention. Barr is part of the problem. The progs are either sacrificing him, or they are both playing along to the same ruse.

      Either way, you lick boot.

  28. Chuck Todd is a Democrat propagandist, plain and simple. This article is bullshit, because Shackford knows this to be true, but pretends he doesn’t.

    1. Shackford does the same exact thing and has been repeatedly called out on it regarding Barr and Trump. The man is not self-aware

  29. “Last week the Department of Justice made the surprising decision to recommend dropping charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI.”

    Suprising to who? Those of us who follow the real news knew this was coming. I really do not see why it was suprising to anyone.

  30. Apparently, the Reason writers don’t even try to criticize the Washington Post anymore, as they have a dozen stories a day taking quotes out of context or just making stuff up about Trump, Barr, etc.

    Guess they figure that the DNC Newsletter isn’t worth criticizing anymore.

  31. There is a serious typographical error. The man’s name is Chuck Toad.

    1. I prefer Chunk.

  32. Arrogance and stupidity.
    Arrogant because NBC News believes they can do what they want.
    Stupid because they’ve been caught doing the same thing in the past.

  33. You “distrust” someone if you don’t have evidence of their wrongdoing.

    In the case of corporate media, it’s not a question of trust, it’s plainly obvious that they are dishonest and manipulative.


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  36. Lying? OUR fake news media? Giddaddaheah!

  37. We all know how the game works. The networks broadcast lies on purpose, people believe the first thing they hear and never see or hear the correction. Damage done, that’s what happens when you watch filth like MSNPC and CPCNN.

  38. It’s almost impossible to stoop to Barrs level. A man who has turned the justice department into a banana republic dictators wet dream. But it seems in this case the media did. That sucks because it makes a venal lying sack of shit look legitimate.

    1. Did you get paid for that comment? Cuz they didn’t get their money’s worth if you did.

  39. Either way, he has fueled further distrust in the media
    Skepticism is good, Shackford. Even when it’s the industry you work in getting examined. Thank God for the internet; I’d hate to think home commonly the Story was manipulated and gamed before everything was digital, in the cloud, and impossible to vanish.

    1. how commonly*

  40. But all those unedited Project Veritas videos of whacky abortion doctors and genocide-happy Bernie staffers were “out of context”.

  41. “Find one that doesn’t require misleading your audience.”

    Why did the scorpion sting the frog?

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