A Teenager Posted About Her COVID-19 Infection on Instagram. A Deputy Threatened To Arrest Her If She Didn't Delete It.

Now the family is suing.


A family in Oxford, Wisconsin, is suing the local sheriff's department after a patrol sergeant threatened to arrest a teenage girl for disorderly conduct for posting on Instagram about being infected with COVID-19.

Amyiah Cohoon, 16, is a student at Westfield Area High School in Westfield, Wisconsin. According to this lawsuit, she and schoolmates went to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida for a spring break trip in early March, right as the coronavirus was beginning to spread and businesses began to shut down. She and her classmates canceled the trip early and returned home.

Once home, Cohoon began developing symptoms associated with COVID-19. She sought medical assistance, but at the time they were unable to test her to see if she was infected. She was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection with "symptoms consistent with COVID-19," according to the lawsuit.

Cohoon went home and posted on Instagram letting people know that she had COVID-19 and was in self-quarantine. Her condition worsened and she was brought to the hospital for treatment. She posted again about the experience on Instagram. Finally, they were able to test her, but the test came back negative. According to the lawsuit, doctors told her it was likely she missed the window for testing positive, but she probably did have COVID-19, despite the test results. (False negative results have been an ongoing issue in accurately diagnosing infections.)

After she returned home from this visit, she posted again on Instagram and included a picture of herself at the hospital wearing an oxygen mask.

The very next day, Patrol Sergeant Cameron Klump from Marquette County Sheriff's Department showed up on the family's doorstep. He was there under orders from Sheriff Joseph Konrath to demand that Amyiah and her father, Richard Cohoon, remove Amyiah's Instagram posts. If they refused, Klump said the family faced charges for disorderly conduct and Klump told them he would "start taking people to jail," according to the suit.

Konrath's justification was that there had been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the county. He found out about the Instagram post from Amyiah's high school. The Cohoon family had contacted the school to let them know about Amyiah's infection, but nobody ever contacted them back to get more information. It appears that instead the school contacted the police. Under the threat of arrest, Cohoon complied and deleted the allegedly illegal Instagram post.

That evening the family would discover that a school administrator sent out an alert to families accusing Cohoon of making it up and assuring families that any information of infection was just a rumor. "Let me assure you there is NO truth to this," the message read. "This was a foolish means to get attention and the source of the rumor has been addressed. This rumor had caught the attention of our Public Health Department and she was involved in putting a stop to this nonsense."

The family then connected with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, and the Institute sent a letter to Konrath warning him that he had violated Cohoon's First Amendment rights and demanded both an apology and the promise that there would be no further threats of criminal charges against the family for Amyiah's post.

Konrath refused, and now the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty is suing Konrath and Klump in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin for violating Cohoon's First and 14th Amendment rights. Her Instagram posts are protected speech, the Institute argues, and there was nothing about her posts that violated the county's disorderly conduct law, and even if they did, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has held that disorderly conduct statutes in the state cannot be applied to speech protected by the First Amendment.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty is asking the court to rule that Cohoon's  posts were protected speech and order that the sheriff's department may not threaten or cite Cohoon or her family for these posts, plus paying "nominal damages."

The sheriff's department is not backing down or even acknowledging an overreaction. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, their position remains that the one negative test means that she did not have COVID-19, which simply isn't how it works. The Sentinel reports:

Sam Hall, an attorney for the sheriff, said the teenager "caused distress and panic" among other parents by claiming she had contracted the coronavirus despite getting a negative test result.

"This case is nothing more than a 2020 version of screaming fire in a crowded theater," he said, referring to speech that is not protected by the First Amendment.

That the sheriff's lawyer is misusing the much-maligned "fire in a crowded theater" argument from Schenck v. United States is a huge tell that these guys don't have a leg to stand on. It's a bad argument, a bad precedent (it was about censoring anti-war activism), and the Supreme Court has subsequently weakened that decision and broadened our free speech protections.

And even if that ruling remained relevant, Amyiah Cohoon was not engaging in the equivalent of "shouting fire in a crowded theater." Because of the significant number of false negative test results, it's appropriate for health staff to treat her as though she likely has COVID-19 based on her symptoms. It's also appropriate for the Cohoon family to attempt to warn families of the students who went with her to Florida that they might have been exposed, too.

It's the school officials and the police who behaved irresponsibly, not Amyiah or her family.

Read the complaint here.

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231 responses to “A Teenager Posted About Her COVID-19 Infection on Instagram. A Deputy Threatened To Arrest Her If She Didn't Delete It.

  1. This was a foolish means to get attention

    Why presume innocence and both forgive and ask for forgiveness for a misunderstanding or communication when you can baselessly lie and slander?

    1. Why not?

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    2. Burqas will protect women from their own vanity and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is at least worth a try to save a few lives.

      1. I will answer to the name Emilio Bourgas. I think that's close enough. Bring me the women, please, chosen using the criteria recommended the great Dr. Stranglove.

      2. Words of wisdom, Rabbi.

      3. I hope that your statement is ironic, but just in case it is not, maybe the good Rabbi should wear a burka too, protecting the face that should be hidden in shame... and it will help protect others from covid 19 - accusing people you do not know of vanity is surely not recommended in Judaism. Oh yeah, most of the masks that are worn by the general public do not protect the wearer so much - after all the wearer's eyes are exposed. As I understand it, the purpose of the mask is to protect others from your coughing, sneezing, and nasal drip - just in case you are infected.

    3. So -- how is everyone enjoying the martial law brought on by the fake coronavirus “pandemic”?

      Wake up, people -- the coronavirus “pandemic” is a fraud, an invisible, all-purpose enemy to which the government can attribute any dangers it wants to frighten and control us.

      The international corporate elite that runs things behind the scenes has turned an illness no more dangerous than the common flu into a pretext for an enormous expansion of government power and an enormous transfer of resources -- literally, trillions of dollars -- from the citizens to the corporate elite.

      We are being lied to every step of the way -- just look at all of the videos of empty hospitals in the alleged “epicenters” of the pandemic. . .

      There is no legitimacy to any of this. The masks, the “social distancing”, the “self-isolation”, the shutdowns, the lockdowns, the restrictions on assemblies and groups -- none of that is to keep us safe, but all of it is to condition us to accept mandatory vaccination, more government control, more regimentation, and more handouts to the corporate elite.

      The coronavirus charade is no different from previous virus panics -- SARS, MERS, Zika, Swine Flu -- only now the people at the top of the pyramid of power think we are divided enough, stupid enough, and weak enough to go along with a massive acceleration of the ongoing transfer of power and wealth to those people at the top. Sadly, they appear to be right.

      Many of us still believe -- despite so much historical and contemporary evidence to the contrary -- that the government and the corporate media do not lie, especially about the big things. In reality, the government and the corporate media lie about everything -- especially about the big things.

      1. Somebody’s off their meds again.

        1. I would like to think so, but the Political Class of this country is racking up an impressive record of civil rights violations on the pretext that the 'pandemic' justifies them. The only reason I am classifying this as incipient fascism plus overreaction instead of deliberate conspiracy is that I don't think they are actually clever enough to pull off such a plot.

          1. C.S.P.: Step back and look at the big picture -- at how the world really works. The government is the enforcement division of the international corporate elite, and the corporate media is the propaganda division. The government can create any fictional story it wants, and the corporate media will back it up completely.

            1. The world absolutely does not work that way. The "international corporate elite" does not run the US government. And the media would like nothing more than to make President Trump look bad. If the threat of chinese virus wasn't real, the media would ridicule Trump for promoting a hoax.

              I do, however, agree that we have overreacted to this. Especially in Michigan.

          2. That's usually my come back when people bring up conspiracies- most people in public office are not smart enough to carry them out. What really happens is they stumble into something that benefits them at the expense of ther people and/or liberty and then they figure out a way to milk it.

            1. This.
              Accusing a bureaucracy of competence would leave me with no hope whatsoever.

          3. Well said. People are in the grip of fear, and jimmy crack corn (i don't care). Fear is never a good excuse for acting stupidly, and bullies need to be attacked. Pleasant evening :D.

        2. Do you realize how boring and uneducated you sound when you make insipid comments?

        3. Maybe you need to get back on yours?

      2. Put your money where your mouth is. I suggest you go to a New York City hospital and walk around without a mask or any type of personal protection. Better yet, why just walk around, while you are there, do something constructive and volunteer your services. And if you don't catch the virus, offer yourself for examination to the scientists see if you have an antibody that can be used to save others. I do agree, governments do lie, most specifically, Trump the chump. However, Dr. Fauce tells it like it is. Trump would love to fire him, but he has developed too much of a public persona and firing him would show what a really narcissistic, clueless, vindictive, silver spoon fed, draft dodging moron Trump really is. He is not lying, he's a little rich kid who had it is way all his life, he's just a moron who thinks everything that comes out of his mouth is right if even if he makes it up...he can't help himself.

        1. @Victor Whisky Awww poor baby it looks like your pussy is hurting you little bitch. Fuck off. Fauci is friends with your hag fuck face goddess Hitlery and the nutjob control freak, Bill Gates, if people are smart they'll question a deep state piece of shit like Fauci. You people are hilarious, your still butthurt because your chosen hag got her ugly, wrinkly cunt kicked all over the country. Nobody wanted her because they knew she was a lying sack of shit and a hypocrite. "Narcissistic, clueless, vindictive, silver spoon fed, draft dodging moron" your actually talking about yourself I bet in this comment. Go drink some Draino, dumb shit.

          1. Your comments have betrayed your intelligence and identity. You are the one species scientists have been looking for centuries, the missing link, the humanoid species who were thought to be the connection between man and ape. I suggest you make your existence know to the scientific community. You can make millions capitalizing on your lack of human intelligence...but yet a slight level above that of an ape.

          2. You are a fucking wacka doodle

          3. I couldn't get past the first line you wrote, man. You are literal cancer. Remember that.

        2. You chose Trump as an example of a gov't lie? I choose Obama: I lost my policy (got a more expensive, less good one now), my doctor (unless I pay out of pocket), and my premium (supposed to go down) is up 483% with a huuuuuuuge deductible. I personally don't listen to Trump; I ignore all boors.
          So this more expensive health care system kills 200,000 Americans each year by preventable medical errors, about ten times the number that are murdered by guns. Ain't nobody screaming about it but me and a few others.

          1. They are all stooges and court jesters in the palace of the Wall Street oligarchs. You believe there exists a difference between Republicans and Democrats. They work for the same man, the man on Wall Street. Trump, who hates socialism, is giving billions of free tax payer moneys to corporations who hide their profits in offshore accounts so as not to pay taxes and to the cruise line industry who register their boats in foreign countries so as not to pay US taxes. Isn't socialism wonderful, free tax payer moneys, when you have to bail out the rich but evil when you give it to the poor. Anything most politicians do, republican or democrat is for the benefit of the 1%. So it should be surprise any type of healthcare or insurance plan becomes worthless and expensive. The perveyors of opioids were killing 60,000 Americans a year, three just died here within a few weeks. Used up and neglected veterans commit suicide on an average rate of 22 a day. Did Trump the chump do anything about it when he came to office? He chose to pour billions to build a stupid useless partial wall. How many Americans did illegals kill compared to the makers and perveyors of opioids this year? They all lie, that is the only thruth of American politics. However Americans feel more comfortable living in a world of make belief rather than face reality.

            1. So sad, but so true. Democrats and Republicans -- and Conservatives and Laborites, and on and on -- all play for the same team and are paid by the same people. Everything else is just theater to distract us.

        3. I would do it. My metabolic health is good across all 5 metrics and I have no other comorbidities. As such, this disease is no more of a threat to me than any other flu virus. The reason we have so many hospitalizations and deaths in the U.S. is because only 12% of American adults are considered metabolically healthy. For Americans over 60, it's only 2%. And that's why all these damn shelter in place policies are in place. We don't have enough healthy people in this country to avoid large numbers of deaths.

          1. Sensible post. The south and midwest is also full of obese young adults and middle-aged adults who are diabetic or pre-diabetic and don't know it. If they keep up the attitude, they will see more fatalities then they expect.

        4. I agree. I wonder how much Putin is paying all these Trump apologists/Commie trolls. Don't they realize that it ain't going to work this go around?
          If anybody should eat a gun, it would be supporters of Trump and his Commie administration. Fuck y'all! Fuck Putin! Fuck fascist Trump!

          1. Excuse me you fucking Mr. Prickings moron?!!? If ANYONE is a fascist it is Hillary, Odumba and the like. Before looking even MORE stupid than you already are, try looking up the meaning of communist. I know you won't as you are too god damn dumb to even use a dictionary.

          2. Ding! Ding! Ding! New winner of the dumb fuck post of the day. Give the man a kewpie doll!

            I hate Trump, but this Putin meme is really getting worn, especially as it is 100% evidence-free.

        5. Wow! Another Lefties with a serious case of TDS. Don't fret, maybe soon they'll develop a cure for that as well as COVID- 19.
          Tell us knuckle-dagger, tell us of all the lies you claim Trump has told.......don't forget the links. Without the links, it's just mouth-breather, hearsay, b.s.
          "Draft dodging moron Trump". You're confused, it was your fair-haired sleeve bag Bill Clinton that dodged the draft........he fled to England, remember?
          Trump showed up to the office every time he was ordered to throughout the entire time he was subject to the draft. But, since you are a stupid, used ass-rag that not only doesn't understand facts, doesn't bother to research the facts for themselves. It's clear you have no idea how the military draft and medical works.......just parrot what you are told by your Democrat sheep masters.
          Let me, a GOPer give you a free education about military medical and draft. Civilian males at certain ages are sent a letter telling them they are eligible to be drafted for war. Included is a draft number, a card, and instructions of what to do if they recieve another letter, along with exclusions to being drafted.....full time student, medical issues, religious issues, etc.
          Trump applied for student status and was granted, (very, very common then), student status. When he graduated, his school and he notified the local draft office of his graduation, as required by law, (this is where Bill Clinton hauled ass to England). Trump was having foot trouble and went to a civilian doctor for examination, that's when his bones spurs were found.
          It wasn't up to Trump if he served or not, it was the militay's choice. If the military had accepted him with the bone spurs, they would take responsibility, for life for that condition, good or bad. They would have to perform surgery before OCS, then place him on bed rest, then months of physical therapy........all in a pay status. If the surgery didn't go well for what ever reason, the military would be on the hook for the rest of Trump's life for disability payments or a lump payment. Or, if they took him without treatment, and his foot got worse, the military and the VA would be paying him the rest of his life.
          So your term of "draft dodger" is pretty stupid.......even for a bed-wetting Liberal. Turn off CNN and MSNBC, do your own research, learn for yourself.

        6. So far, Fauci appears to have failed in almost every respect - on January 21, 2020 of saying that the virus would have little affect on the US (the day after the CCP confirmed that person to person transmission was possible, that his department was woefully unprepared for a pandemic, then his insistence the the government develop the test for covid 19 - surely a test designed by a committee - dismal in its absolute failure, and on arguing that chloroquine was not helpful when the testimony of doctors on the line of fire (which he was not) insisted that it was (surely he could have played the villain in the story of Louie Pasteur insisting, based on his experience, in doctors actually being scrubbed to deliver babies), and in sticking with a model that overestimated the spread of the virus, and the list goes on day by day.

      3. Enjoy your COVID when you get it, bud

        1. He likely already got it and is way over it now.

      4. As long as I get my PPP stash... hey, hands off my stash!

    4. Their mistake was in removing the post. Repost it now and let the sheriff arrest him or her and then it’s false arrest and a big, big settlement....

      1. Great idea Killerasteroid! As I've said more than once, cops are basically bully boys for pols, and reduce the crime rate very little, but they are very good at harassing law-abiding citizens.

    5. Boy you are dumb. At worst this young lady was foolish, and cops are crooked and lust for power which is why all of this happened. Also, lying about having COVID-19 is NOT a crime. It is well known that the best situation for fascists (police and politicians) to gain more power illegally and wickedly is a just such an even like C-19. The COPS are the ones who ought to be jailed for what they did to this young woman. Cops do NOT reduce crime or making our world more safe, but instead they are just bully-boys for politicians.

    6. Says the person who hides their identity after saying something so foolish.
      Whether the teen was ill with COVID-19 or not, and the article says her doctor believes she was, there is nothing wrong about posting about her experience. All the other people on the trip and in her community deserve to know if she was potentially infected.
      Get off your high horse and read the First Amendment.

  2. This was a foolish means to get attention
    I thought that’s what social media was made for.

    1. Is your handle a reference to the film ‘Bad Words’?

  3. Look, I think the Sheriff has a pretty airtight case here. We know that KungFlu has a fatality rate approaching 100%. TEENAGERS ARE NO EXCEPTION! She didn't die, ergo it is almost certain that she did not have KungFlu.

    1. "A fatality rate approaching 100%" LMFAO

      1. Yeah. Me, too.

    2. Its not even close to 100%. More like 20%. Not even 100% in Wuhan, where it all started. You can easily find this information, but here it is. Worldwide:
      Confirmed 2,240,191

      Most people who get Covid will survive and experience mild symptoms. The very, very few young people who have died had underlying health conditions. Maybe people should calm down and get the facts before running off in an angry mob with pitchforks.

      1. Are you serious LucyBalle? If you had actually known better you would know the Chinese numbers are fudged and that the true fatality rate is more like 103%, approaching 100% from the right side. The kungflu causes unrelenting panic and need to create satire shortly before death. WAKE UP SHEEPLE.

        1. Yes. For every person that gets it, 1.03 die, sometimes more. It's a sad thing.

      2. You missed his Sacr/ font, didn't you Miss Lucy? 100% of people who get cornoa virus die... eventually. LIfe is fatal, honey. Ain't NOBODDY gittin outta here still breathin.......

        1. If 20% of the population get covid then 500% of the people who get it die.

    3. Read it all again...and again...and again. Maybe then you will understand. Maybe not.

    4. Must be a Democrat to be that ignorant of the facts. I bet you think the Comfort and Mercy are just packed full of patients. What a shame to be such a sheep when liberty and freedom are so precious.

      1. Nice try Russian Commie Troll! How much is Putin paying you to suck his dick? We aren't going to let you divide us this time around. Stick to your own shithole country of Russia.

        1. Hey, are you really OBL? Because that was pretty good.

    5. In 100 years, the fatality rate of those high school students will approach 100%, and most of them will have antigens for COVID-SARS-47

      They also will have eaten carrots, so we must destroy all carrot seeds and make distribution of carrots a Class A felony. You cannot be too safe.

  4. Meanwhile, in Florida...

    A pastor was arrested for holding Sunday service while a "low-level" offender was released from jail and went out and murdered someone.

    1. Before too long all of the regular people will be in prison, nice and safe from the criminals on the outside, who can continue killing and raping each other. It'll all work out!

    2. Small price to pay as long as it furthers Democrats' shot at electing Gropin' Joe in November...

    3. Sounds good. The pastor was killing people and the low-level offender did something low level and not anything near murder.

      Low IQ conservatives always amaze me.

      1. With their higher intelligence than you?

      2. You know it is the flu? And Bill Gates via the Pirbright Institute owns the patent and many other patents on various strains of Corona virus. Patent No: U.S. 10,130,701 B2 Date: Nov. 20, 2018 Applicant Pirbright Institute. And guess who is going to own the patent on the vaccine? Poor, pathetic , clueless sheep will be the first to the planned slaughter.

      3. @RobertWorth is somebody mad because their boyfriend isn't fucking them in the ass? Come on, bitch don't take it out on everybody else, use your big black dildo, shit head. Low IQ leftards always amaze me, now go drive your car full speed into a brick wall without a seat belt, that is if you can even drive.

        1. Ok Russian troll. Putin cocksucker. You're a Commie! How do I know? Real Americans don't politicize a health crisis with calling somebody Dems litter libtards and Repub all that bullshit. Fuck off and stick to your own country or we will find you and disembowel you once we get the Trump clown fascist klan out of Washington. Be forewarned.

      4. Look, another Russian lackey! Yes I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Too fun!!

    4. Ahh, the old "anecdote as data" ploy so popular these days...

    5. that kind of twisted polarities have been increasing a lot... jackboot fascist creeping in.

    6. Look, another Russian lackey! Yes I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Too fun!!

  5. The "shouting 'fire' in a crowded theater" needs to be understood in the context of the times. Back in 1919, movie film was made out of explosive nitrocellulose which had a bad habit of exploding into flames - either from the heat of the projection lamp or merely dropping a roll onto the floor. Worse, it would literally burn underwater, which meant that water -- all the had to extinguish fires with back then -- wouldn't put it out.

    Nitrocellulose was also known as "gun cotton" -- a slightly different formulation was used as a form of gun powder and as a low-order explosive. It burned and exploded -- the 1929 fire and explosions at the Cleveland Clinic that killed 123 people were caused by nitrocellulose X-ray film.

    Nonexplosive "Safety Film" would be introduced decades later, and that's the film that was used for pictures, movies, and X-rays in the recent pre-digital age. But back in 1919, they were using something only slightly more stable than nitroglycerine and fire was a fear in dimensions that we can't imagine today....

    1. It was also in a case where someone was criminally punished for speaking in opposition to the draft. An absolutely awful decision that should never be spoken of favorably by anyone.

      1. So, there is no example of prohibitable free speech that is not libel nor slander..?

    2. Great post!! I did not know all that. Thanks. I love learning stuff like that. I store that in my Trivia knowledge base. Im always amazing people with my useless knowledge. I'm often asked...."how do you know that? or..."why do you know that". .....ok then, good talk.

    3. It also needs to be understood in the context that it was replaced by the "imminent lawless action" standard in Brandenburg v Ohio, and it was a TERRIBLE decision in the first place.

    4. Still perfectly legal to shout fire in a theater, if there is one. Yes some will die but other might make it out.

  6. Of course we have to point out that the ruling incorrectly referred to was about FALSELY yelling fire in a theater.
    (We are probably REQUIRED to truthfully yell fire in a theater, crowded or not.)

    1. No, 101 years later, we have fire alarms with strobe lights....

      1. which are well known for commencing their screaming FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATRE and angrily flashing their lights.. falsely.

    2. People are all too apt to forget the origin and historical context of a saying and just repeat it as though it were an established truth.

      With today's flow of information, a new ruling upholding that one under the same circumstances and allowing someone to be imprisoned for voicing opposition to a draft would go viral and lead to major protests if not riots. Yet we still hear people quoting that majority opinion as though it were the gold standard of proof that "free speech isn't absolute."

    3. Im hearing you. Great point. intellectually there.

  7. So, my question is, did she COVID-19 or not? Because if this article is a reflection of how we are going about diagnosing a viral infection, there is no way any of the numbers being thrown us on a daily basis are reliable.

    Upper respiratory symptoms without any testing? "Gotta be COVID." Tested negative for COVID? "Gotta be COVID."

    What the fuck?

    1. Never been diagnosed on symptoms alone?

      1. Of course I have.

        But, when you are talking about attempting to contain a particular viral strain that results in rather ubiquitous set of symptoms, diagnosing based on symptoms alone is rather …. speculative, to be honest.

        Maybe she had the flu? Or a bad cold? Or a bacterial infection?

        And then she actually tested negative for the coronavirus, but doctors were still convinced she had it.

        So, what gives?

        1. They weren't convinced she had it -- it was high on the differential diagnosis. They told her she "probably" had it, which is an explicit admission they weren't certain of the etiology.

          1. ::face palm::

            Eh, just fudge the numbers.

            1. They won't frankly ever know for sure unless they develop a reliable antibody test to COVID-19. Even then it will only tell you she has been exposed and developed an immune response, but not when the exposure took place. It is commonplace during an outbreak to use case definitions for in lieu of laboratory confirmations when making a diagnosis. I don't see anything wrong with the medical decision making. The school administrator and sheriff are morons.

            2. We don't know one way or another. Official results says she didn't, so it's not like she's padding statistics. Doctors, the patient, and the patient's family believe she did.

              In this case, what's the harm in one more person saying they had caught the disease? With almost every industry completely shut down it's not as if she's going to cause panic that changes behavior.

              1. "...In this case, what’s the harm in one more person saying they had caught the disease?..."

                The PANIC!!! lobby's been adding thousands!

        2. uhhh.. the corona virus DOES have a fairly unique set of symptoms. Apparently she had them all. I recently suffered a broken rib, I had self-diagnosed, went to a walk in clinic they X rayed, the guy who read the pics only mentioned a possible old fracture at a different area, otherwise normal, no current fracture. When I got to the doc, she read the report and said I don't have a broken rib.. THEN she started running the texts I'd run on myself.. crefully reread the films, and sure enough.. number eleven busted right where I said it was. Imagine that.

          A negative reading several weeks after initial onset and hospital treatment is not unusual.
          In ANY case, this head copper and his flunk underling are both out to lunch. They threatened her on a false premise, and had no grounds for ordering her to take down her posts. DIdn't this virus get "out of the bottle" in China because they were too lax in their response? If a doc said she most likely had it, he is right, she SHOULD be telling her friends and schoolmates about it so THEY can be on the alert for their own symptoms. This is nothing but more outta control control freak panic, and from those who are supposed to be keeping their heads about them.

        3. Politics is what gives. Drs are in general gullible to liberal tropes.

      2. Sure. Did you shut down your life without further tests?

      3. Vs. flu? Good luck separating cases based on symptoms.

    2. A Massachusetts sewerage test indicated FIVE TIMES as many people had the Wuhan Virus as the official figures indicated.

      1. So...Wuhan Poo?

      2. oh them PESKY MASSholes!!!

    3. So what? This is outrageous in any case.

    4. The article clearly explains that she likely did have it. That could likely be confirmed with an antibody least one that works.

    5. Article yesterday about NY saying they added 3,000 additional Covid deaths from days past. Article said that even though the people had not been tested for the virus at any time, that they THOUGHT they died of Covid so they added the 3,000 deaths.....

      But as for this article she was sick and doctors thought she had it and it didn’t register positive on the test because she had already gotten over it when she was tested. Point is a person can post what they want. If it were me I’d tell them to pound sand and if they’re thinking about arresting me I’d tell them they going to need to bring the swat team and a lot of body bags....

      1. Funny thing is, when we start counting deaths of those who died of all the symptoms it's OK, since, due to the virulence and identifying characteristics, it's pretty much a given. But when China does the same thing we assume they were lying all along.

    6. Doesn't matter whether she did or not. The Sheriff's department is absolutely in the wrong. Case closed. How do these dipshits get into these office positions without having a clue as to what the USConstitution is? This should be a mandatory requirement for all elected officials in the USA.

    7. It doesn't matter whether she had it or not. Even if she had made the whole thing up it would still be protected speech.

    8. Dear Marquette County Sheriff,

      I just posted to social media that I have Coronavirus. I lied, though... I'm 100% healthy. I've never even been to a doctor in my life but I felt like pretending and I'm going to keep doing it. Wait, what's that? You want to do something about it? Well, tough shit. Assholes.

  8. What in the actual fuck. This sounds like something out of the UK. It's dickwad cops like this that give moral law-abiding citizens everywhere a healthy distrust of law enforcement and government. The lack of recourse seals the deal.
    Good that the family is suing, but doubtful if they receive anything resembling justice.

    1. Actually, she will -- the school will be afraid of her and that alone is going to be justice.

    2. That's the happy ending to every headline, and one we should see more often. "Now the family is suing."

    3. That’s why you always force them to arrest you because it’s then false imprisonments and more $$$$.

  9. The Sheriff is the hammer, the school douchebags are the ones wielding it. Why aren't they named in the suit?

    1. Let's hope that will be a different lawsuit.

  10. >>Under the threat of arrest, Cohoon complied

    aw ... take it to the limit.

  11. Shotgun blast to the face. Piggies gotta be taught.

    1. No! Don't kill him. If you kill him, he won't learn nothin'.

      1. Yeah, but his buddies...
        Nah, I just remembered the average IQ of cops. Look it up if you want some shocking amusement.

  12. When are people going to stop being afraid of the cops? They should have insisted on being charged and then sued the shit out of the sheriff and take his house because there's no qualified immunity for violating the 1st amendment.

    1. When they are no longer allowed to brutalize innocent people with impunity

      1. Yeah, you win the 1A case, get to run yourself into debt fighting the police union, and spend the rest of your days potentially looking over your shoulder... and that's if you're lucky to come out of the arrest without being crippled.

        1. Shotgun blasts save everyone the long term worries.

    2. That's bad advice to insist on being charged and arrested and taken to jail in the middle of a pandemic.

    3. When are people going to stop being afraid of the cops?

      When they don't have guns, one might presume.

  13. Sgt. Klump? Really?

    1. With a name like Klump, it was either clown school or police academy. And he doesn't sound like a funny sort of guy.

      1. I love the internet. No, we're not stupid or genetically mutated, thankyouverymuch. You people don't know a goddamn thing.
        I grew up in that town. We had just over 300 people when I lived there. By the time my family moved away, there were just over 500. Four different towns made up the Westfield School District. Now, I haven't a CLUE who this family is. They weren't there when I was. But I know the officers involved, and I know them Well. I've known the Sherrif since my own father was Sherrif nearly 30 years ago. And I've known the Deputy since his mother was pregnant with him. BOTH are upstanding individuals who put the community and their citizens first. They're people who chose to be Officers to help and keep us safe. (The Deputy is also one of the dedicated Fireman on Oxford's Department.)
        I've read this story across different media outlets and keep seeing the same crap; that all this is on the Sheriff's Department. But from not only what I read, and my own experience, maybe you people should focus instead on the school district. They were the ones who initially brought it up.
        I'm going to stop here. I know this posted comment won't do any good, since you can't change the mind of the internet, but hopefully it'll make some of you more intelligent individuals rethink things. These Officers are Not to Blame.

        1. Update: my mom just told me that it's this girl's father who is suing. The girl is fostered by an AMAZING couple from Oxford that I've had the pleasure of knowing most of my entire life.

        2. I, for one, agree with you; the officers are NOT to blame for responding to a call, (even while I question the severity of their Constitution-crippling ultimatum.) I would offer, though, that had the girl tested positive without having posted it online, those same officers would have been at her door for endangering the public.

  14. Let's suppose a slightly different case.

    Girl has symptoms resembling those of COVID-19. She doesn't mention it on her Instagram account while she instead posts...whatever it is that kids post when they're not saying they're sick.

    Then she tests positive - "OMG she endangered the public health by not letting people know about her symptoms when she should have!"

    1. Totalitarianism and arbitrary enforcement go hand in hand. You cannot logic your way out of it, because it is designed to be illogical.

      Have you ever read Solzhenitsyn? If not, I highly suggest it. The entire point is to grind people into submission with unrelenting absurdity.

      1. Capricious enforcement is a feature, but a bug. Authoritarianism flourishes when so much is illegal that the state has cause to arrest anyone at any time of they want to. That's why anti "fake news" laws are so dangerous.

        Regardless, the courts will side with her, I think. The precedent that incitement must be immenant is well-established. Enough so they might even deny QI, though I expect a settlement instead. The family doesn't seem to want to play hardball, since they deleted the posts.

    2. Then she tests positive – “OMG she endangered the public health by not letting people know about her symptoms when she should have!”

      Serves her right for supporting Trump like that.

    3. WTF does it matter? She's free to put anything she wants on her Instagram account. The dumbass sheriff and school officials are gonna lose this one big.

  15. Hmmm...Wisconsin has specific laws against harassing people over the computer - 947.0125.

    The county and state disorderly-conduct statutes seem to have to to with behavior in physical proximity to other persons, at least the way it's quoted in the lawsuit.

    I'm not saying the girl engaged in computer harassment, my point is that *if* she did there were specific laws for such misbehavior, not disorderly-conduct laws.

    1. How do you harass someone who's following you?

      1. I'm saying that *if* she did any computer-based harassment, this would be the law to look to. In any case, I would love to be educated about Wisconsin's disorderly conduct law and whether it's *ever* been applied by the courts to computer-based misconduct.

        1. I’d post it and make them arrest me, that way there are real damages. Right now their best outcome is for the court to tell the Sheriff he can’t do that.

          Here’s the long term strategy and bottom line: You have to make people think about their actions in future events. Forcing them to arrest you NOW and then getting sued for millions will put a halt to ALL other such future events....

  16. In my experience, there are no government employees who are more arbitrary, unreasonable, and incompetent than upper-level public school bureaucrats.

    Their whole careers have been based on bossing around 9 year-olds, so naturally they act the same way when it comes to dealing with adults.

    1. Sadly, that is exactly who Wisconsin elected as governor. Evers was a career school administrator and state school superintendent prior to being elected. And he lives up to every fucking stereotype of a weak, pantywaist, divorced from reality, never-done-a-day-of-work-in-his-life, authoritarian public school bureaucrat, as evidenced by his handling of KungFlu.

    2. You've obviously never dealt with a Colonel's wife.

    3. I dunno... the police seem to be giving them a run for their money in this town.

  17. "According to the lawsuit, doctors told her it was likely the missed the window for testing positive, but she probably did have COVID-19, despite the test results."

    We are just accepting this bullshit as fact? Respiratory infections existed before covid. This I'd why I cant believe the fucking numbers anymore.

    1. "We are just accepting this bullshit as fact?"

      Apparently we are threatening to arrest people who accept it as fact and post about it. Which, among other problems, can lead to deaths if it does indeed turn out to be fact.

      1. It turns out when government issues authoritarian lockdown orders and citizens are compliant, other members of government will say to hold their beer.

        And we also have Eric Boehm 2 articles after this decrying Trump asking states to ease lockdown orders.

    2. Exactly what I was saying.

      How many deaths "due to COVID-19" have been recorded in the panic tally based on these shoddy diagnostic practices?

      1. The flu was on a good pace to be a less than mild flu season. The increases slowed way down once that 20% premium on covid deaths hit hospitals.

        1. I think you mean worse than mild..?

    3. Doesn’t matter if she had it or not. She was sick and doctors said she probably did have it. The point is she can post whatever she wants and the authorities can’t make her take it down under threat of arrest.

    4. You don't have to, but you can't arrest her if she did.

  18. This isn't yelling fire. It's more like yelling smoke...a heads-up to be cautious...
    How the hell did this country slip into such fascism??

    1. One degree at a time.

    2. Not even yelling smoke. More like, "Did I smell smoke?" spoken to people surrounding you.

    3. The Republican death cult has been pushing this since the late 1980s. It will get worse before it gets better.

      1. Slavers come in many stripes.

  19. I will be getting my shipment of 25 Covid-19 antibody test kits mid-week next week. They're available for $25/each from PeopleG2 but you have to buy a case at a time. I did, for myself, my neighbors and my friends. It tells you whether:
    1) You have it.
    2) You have it and are getting over it.
    3) You had it earlier but no longer have it and, by necessity
    4) You've never had it.

    I think I'll send one to her, and let her attorneys decide how they want to proceed.


    1. I have a bridge to sell. You look like you might be an interested buyer....

    2. It’s a moot point. The case is about if the Sheriff can make you take down a post that says you were sick and quoting that your doctors thought you had the virus. The 1st Amendment trumps the Sheriffs position.

  20. If that kid had coughed in the deputy's face when he threatened to arrest her you know damn well he would have arrested her for assault. Assuming he didn't "fear for his life" by shooting her, her mother, the dog, two of the neighbors, both of his feet and the patrol car 10 or twelve times.

    1. That would make for a hilarious cross-examination.

      "So, officer, is it correct that you went to this young woman's house on the premise that she falsely claimed to have COVID-19, all the while knowing full well that she did not have it?"
      "And is it also correct to assume that by the act of threatening her arrest for this that you also were of the opinion that she did not have it?"
      "... Yes."
      "Are you aware that the assault charges you are bringing against her for coughing presupposes your fear that she, in fact, DOES have the disease, and to be an actual crime requires that she, too, must at that moment have honestly thought herself to have had it? In other words, before we waste the court's time, which of these two cases would you like to pursue?"

  21. Pigs gotta oink

  22. This story makes me glad that I deleted my social media accounts and left the midwest.

  23. Slow day at the Oxford PD I see. Couldn't think of something more productive to do with your time than violate some constitutional rights of children who aren't even making mischief but simply happen to be using a computer to communicate normal sorts of things that people they talk to might want to know about? This guy is combat-roll-at-the-noisy-birthday-party level.

    1. They make Reno 911 look like Sherlock Holmes.

  24. The dude's facebook name is cameron.klump, if anyone wants to reach out to him and ask if why he did what he did.

  25. It's the school officials and the police who behaved irresponsibly, not Amyiah or her family.

    Absolutely yes. And since the NAME of that school administrator is a matter of public record, in the linked complaint, under factual item #47, I reprint it here:

    Westfield District Administrator Bob Meicher

    Forget the cop. Send this dude a love note. Because shitheads like this need to be CALLED OUT INDIVIDUALLY AND PUBLICLY, not referred to obsequiously as "the administration".

  26. The last time I looked, the US Constitution gives her and all of us the freedom to say or write what we wish! It is interesting that the sheriff's accusation that she is causing fear and spreading rumors are EXACTLY the same words used by the Chinese Xi Jinping regime before they arrest their people who write and post their words they do not approve of. The Sheriff needs to go after criminals and not law abiding Americans who are exercising their rights of free speech. Otherwise, it is this out of control law enforcement officer and his force who must be declared as criminals!

    1. The 2nd Amendment is there to back up the 1st. Law enforcement should know that.

  27. This school administration and sheriff department seem way too comfortable justifying authoritarianism. Reminds me of the Stanford prison experiment. Interesting lesson in how easy it is for people to justify removing civil liberties.

    It would be wonderful if the school administration and sheriff could reflect on the value of civil liberty; however, given their response to date, I doubt they have the intellectual capacity.

    1. "Reminds me of the Stanford prison experiment."

      Been debunked:
      "One of Psychology's Most Famous Experiments Was Deeply Flawed"
      "The participants in the experiment, who were male college students, didn't just organically become abusive guards, reporter Ben Blum wrote in Medium. Rather, Philip Zimbardo, who led the experiment and is now a professor emeritus of psychology at Stanford University, encouraged the guards to act "tough," according to newfound audio from the Stanford archive...."

      There's more in the article; Stanford should be ashamed.

      1. Seriously? Feel free to criticize the scientific method of a psychological/sociological experiment on authoritarianism all you’d like. That’s not my point.

        My point is simply that it easy for people in perceived positions of power (school administrator, sheriff) to justify authoritarian actions. History has shown this. Psychological experiments (even flawed ones) have shown this. The entire reason we have a Constitution with a Bill fo Rights, enumerated powers, and separation of powers is because wise men knew this. In times of crisis it is really easy to forget or ignore this.

        1. A flawed experiment can't show anything.

  28. Man, it's gonna take some real push-back to get government thugs back out of our lives.

    1. 2nd Amendment....

  29. I respect those who serve ... honorably ... that sheriff can stay out of Texas, because I can tell by his dishonorable actions he's a Democrat that disrespects his uniform. Illegally harassing a kid and family because your virus can't hold its own numbers without the CDC reallocating pneumonia and influenza statistics is the exact reason Democrats will be irrelevant after November. And yes, check the CDC site about the frozen flu numbers added to COVID-19, it's true.

  30. I see Reason has fixed the spacing issue, but now has decided to save money by plugging in the server once every ten minutes or so.

  31. Deputy Fife and his entire chain of command belong behind bars for this shit.


  32. Part of the legal settlement will be that the city change it's name to Cohoon City.

  33. Let's just hope that when (if) the case actually gets to court, the presiding judge will rule that the public officials cannot use public monies to defend themselves.

    (I'm hoping that they can't, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

    If the sheriff, the deputy, their attorney and the school administrator are smart (which we know they aren't), they'll be asking the Cohoon's how many zeroes they want to follow the one on the check they'll be writing and publicly admit they FUBAR'd. If not, they deserve to lose EVERYTHING they own.

    1. Damages not that high. Fine will not be huge.

  34. The problem here is that idiot sheriffs are only hinting at action. They haven't actually done anything yet. The thing to do is thumb your nose at them and double your number of Instagram posts. Hell, ask for volunteers and have help help you post to every possible social media platform. Get a GoFundme started, place ads in the local newspaper, place ads in Police Chief magazine, put up some billboards in Ebbing. If they actually follow through with any concrete actions then sue them.

    1. Yes you gotta follow through and make them commit and arrest you.., Then and only then do you have actual damages to show....

      1. Nominal damages is the trick. You dont need actual monetary of physical damages.

        Violations of your constitutional rights have an implied injury, so claim nominal damages.

      2. If you can prove that they threatened to arrest you, it would be enough to sue, though an actual arrest would be big money. The issue here is that the police are claiming they never threatened to arrest. I don't buy that, since why else is the lawyer also pulling Schenck v US quotes out of his bunghole, but that'll be the battle in court. Without a threat of arrest, the government will classify everything as "voluntary" like having cops show up on your doorstep isn't innately suppressive.

  35. Why does this make me think of Chinese doctors . . ?

  36. The media and the states can incite a panic over this ridiculous fiction and none of them get arrested.

    Fire 50%+ of all cops in police and sheriff departments. They are obviously overstaffed.

  37. People will suffer evils while evils are sufferable.

  38. Anyone still using the 'screaming in a theater' trope is Lionel Hutz.

  39. Christ what assholes.

  40. Why do we have so many stupid people in charge of this country?

  41. she should take an antibody test to see if she did have the virus. that should settle it.

    1. It wouldn't settle anything, because whether she had it is irrelevant. Even if she'd made the whole thing up her speech would still have been protected.

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  43. They will win, Either it will be settled and swept under a rug or 2 to 5 years later a win in court.

  44. The "law" is such a beautiful justification for busybodies to initiate violence.
    "The whole good cop/bad cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone's anecdote about his Uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop. We need only consider the following: (1) a cop's job is to enforce the laws, all of them; (2) many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked; (3) therefore every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked. There are no good cops." ~Robert Higgs

    1. A friend of mine is a police officer. He is fond of recollecting that at his police academy, the instructors stressed that the "letter of the law" must always be tempered by "common sense and good judgment".

      There ARE some good police officers out there. Those good police officers are A) honest; B) do not engage in excessive force; and C) discreetly -- and sometimes not so discreetly -- refuse to enforce laws that are unjust, inappropriate, or inapplicable.

      Unfortunately, such officers are in the minority and seldom promoted. . .

    2. The issue with this, of course, is that since liberty-minded people cannot become cops in good conscience, police tend to be a group devoid of liberty-minded individuals. There is, of course, some wiggle room in officer discretion, but it's not enough. That, in turn, reduces the likelihood that police will refuse to enforce unjust laws as a group.

  45. Marquette County has 15,000 residents in rural Wisconsin. That's barely enough people to constitute a decent borough, or township. Backwater population, backwater schools, backwater public officials, backwater police.

    No additional explanation required.

    1. Reworked in Kirkgibberish:

      I hope they all get Da Wuhan. That'll learn 'em for not fucking loving science.

    2. Arty, you should stop commenting and focus on your suicide.

  46. Good to know that the Marquette County Sheriff's Department and the school district can apply what they learned at the CCP Wuhan information control seminar.

  47. Life has a much higher mortality rate than the Covid virus. 100% to be exact.
    C O V I D is actually an acronym that will have a new meaning when the ruling elite exercises their unconstitutional power and force vaccines on us. The new definition will be the Certification Of Vaccination IDentification. No certification, no work, no school, no public participation.

  48. It is amazing to me how many people are willing to give up their rights over COVID. They can if they want to, I suppose. What is scary is when they justify trying to take everyone else’s rights too. In this case, it was freedom of speech. Bans on gatherings is a violation of the right to assemble peacefully (also the First Amendment). Stay at home orders are a violation of the Fifth Amendment since they deprive you of your liberty without due process. A mayor’s or governor’s executive order is NOT a law and is not legally enforceable on the citizenry.

    1. Thank the school system for browbeating any and all tendencies to question authority or voice opinions that go against the opinions of those in authority. What happens to kids when they DARE question teachers' methods or classroom policies? They're punished for "insubordination" and "disrespect".

      1. Thank the school system for browbeating any and all tendencies to question authority or voice opinions that go against the opinions of those in authority out of kids. What happens to kids when they DARE question teachers’ methods or classroom policies? They’re punished for “insubordination” and “disrespect”.

    2. They've been taught well by the school system. Think back to your school days and remember! What happened to the kids with enough spunk to question their teachers' methods or classroom policies openly? They were swiftly punished for "disrespect" and "insubordinate behavior". The schools are still actively quashing any questioning of the teachers' or schools' policies by students. They have to run to mom and dad to fight their battles. Otherwise, they're bullied and punished into silence.

    3. Thank you for providing the viewpoint of the extreme right-wing dipshits.

  49. Lawsuit. Tax payers will be on the hook. The Sheriff should be removed from office and the deputies should be fired.

    1. And the superintendent of schools should be thrown out of office post-haste.

  50. This is the first I have heard of a window for testing positive for the Wuhan Virus.

    1. It's COVID-19. Only extreme right-wing dipshits who use regional names to refer to contagions. That's been true for what, a century now?

      1. Guess that explains Ebola, Zika, Marburg, hantavirus, and West Nile, you retard.

      2. More spoofing? No one is this stupid.

  51. I hope her family sues everyone involved for everything they ever thought they could own.

  52. So, if the government refuses to acknowledge that she has the virus, despite the medical professionals' diagnosis, does that mean that the government will now stop counting deaths as the virus when there is no test administered and it's just the opinion of the medical professionals?

  53. Let's analyze this whole situation: First let's discuss all these scared minions who are willingly giving up their basic rights simply because they're scared and who vilify others who refuse to let their rights be trampled.

    1st: Where did all these people get their first taste of government-based authority? IN SCHOOL.
    2nd: What happened when children had the spunk to speak up and openly question a teacher's methods or classroom rules? What happened to kids who would openly question or criticize classroom or school policies? WERE THEY NOT SWIFTLY PUNISHED FOR "INSUBORDINATION" OR "DISRESPECT"? Was there any attempt to explain or discuss the matter? NOPE! THEY WOULD NOT TOLERATE ANY QUESTIONING OF THEIR AUTHORITY. AS THE SCHOOL STAFF SAW IT, THAT AUTHORITY WAS ABSOLUTE AND NOT OPEN TO SECOND-GUESSING BY THE STUDENTS.


    Now do you get it why people are so eager to give up their rights? They fear punishment and retaliation for one thing and don't have the mental constructs to understand those who are not intimidated like they are.

  54. I'm just guessing here, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd be willing to bet the Nazi school administrator and the Sherif are registered Democrats.

    1. Seriously? You never see Democrats doing this bullshit. It's Republicans who target women and the vulnerable communities for this sort of abuse. What planet have YOU been living on???

      1. Definitely spoof. Or congenital microbrain.

  55. It's very sad more cases like this don't end up with a dead "law" enforcer.

    If someone who was not wearing a Halloween costume tried to rape you, you'd feel perfectly right shooting them dead. But when someone with an "official" Halloween costume comes to "have their way" with you, you cower in fear. Make no mistake: a pig telling you what to do at gunpoint is exercising unilateral power over you, as the feminists have defined rape ("it's not about sex").

  56. Yep. This isn't the only place in the US or the world where law enforcers have started to become arrogant and bullying. I've seen a few vids of people getting harassed and arrested for going on about their business. At least in the US, we have this thing called the Bill of Rights, part of our Con'n. There is NO provision for ANY reason in our Con'n giving the gov't the power to suspend the basic rights and liberties of the people, incl. the right to congregate and assemble, protest, etc. None. Certainly nothing gives the gov't the power to curb the first amendment except against unreasonable misuses of it (at least according to SCOTUS, the "'fire!' in a crowded theater" exception). This was far and away not anything like yelling "fire!" in a crowded theater. Juste yesterday I read how a German lawyer was nastily arrested (pushed to the ground, etc.) merely for publicly disagreeing with the measures being put in place in Germany to stop the spread, on Con'l grounds. Need I remind anyone that curbing of speech and redress was not long ago practiced in Germany as a matter of course and what that led to?

    The sheriff's office in this case is wildly in the wrong. If they had brains they'd just apologize and that would have been that. Now they're getting their pants sued off and the taxpayers ultimately will be the ones to pay for it.

    Given that taxpayers are on the hook for police misconduct, I do wonder why every police dept. isn't *required* to have a civilian oversight panel examining the behavior and backgrounds of each and every officer on a force to make sure thugs/bullies don't get into through the system and when they do, said oversight cmte should have the power to de-badge and officer and take him off the street. That'd be a change for the better.

  57. Whenever a government school is involved in abuse of government power, it's always worth considering how a private school would have made the situation different. It seems for 3 days the government employee did nothing about notifying other band members and their family they may have been exposed. Then when the test came back negative, they look irresponsible. Then to cover their butts, they're telling the victim to shut up and that she made it up to get attention. I think a private school would have handled it quite differently, and certainly wouldn't have involved government force.

  58. The Republican death cult only supports "free speech" when it promotes their agenda of lies, hatred, and death.

    1. You misspelled ‘democrat’.

  59. Police are totally out of control. It is way past time that they are sued and sued again until they remember that they are supposed to serve us and not the other way around. Too many jack-booted thugs masquerading as police. Visions of power and arrogance need to be pounded from the tiny brain cells between their ears.

    1. They get sued all the time. Almost nothing ever happens because they have qualified immunity and the courts and prosecutors' offices are on the same side of the blue line as the pigs. Justice is a game to them, and they're all playing for the same team.

  60. Simply. She tested negative and claimed positive. She was disingenuous but sheriff actions were overkill.

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  62. What is it about people in the Midwest? Are they just naturally stupid or did some genetic mutation happen? Why in the hell would these sheriffs even begin to think that they have the right and authority to tell someone to take something down from their social media account? Unless it is a hate crime, they have absolutely NO capacity to enforce such stupidity. Inbred lot.

    1. Yeah, you don't see cops on the west coast dragging paddle boarders out of the ocean, or cops on the east coast shutting down rallies because they're non-essential activities or dragging people off buses for not wearing masks or arresting people for listening to sermons in their cars. Cops are thugs only in the midwest.

  63. It's ok to show the complaint but why their address not blacked out so every nut job TRUMPTARD can find theses people. You all have done a terrible disservice here....

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  65. An antibody test will reveal whether or not the teen had COVID, but regardless - the doctor informed her family that she most likely had the virus and that false negatives happen. Informing other students and parents was the right course of action.

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  67. "Patrol Sergeant Cameron Klump from Marquette County Sheriff's Department showed up on the family's doorstep. He was there under orders from Sheriff Joseph Konrath..."

    Law enforcement thugs must refuse to act on such immoral and Unconstitutional orders from their law enforcement scum "superiors", judges, and elected "officials" or they are scum themselves!

    Wake up people. Recall, repeal, separate, and secede NOW!

    "Fear is the language of slaves!" (Anti-federalist papers)

  68. A prudent, science-based reaction should have been for the health department to do contact tracing for the people who were on the trip to Disney World, not the entire student body.

    If there was not a cluster of students with his highly infectious virus, we can conclude there was no danger to the rest of the students.

    On the other hand, if they discover that a significant number of students have a similar issue, then the authorities need to contact everyone on the airplane that they flew in for contact tracing.

    Only about 5% of people being nasal swab tested for COVID-19 come back positive. If guidelines are being followed , the test is not even given unless all the other criteria have been met. We are likely chasing type A and type B influenza cases, which infected around 40 million Americans this year and killed around 40,000.

    The fact that every year around 30,000 people die from the flu is rarely on the news and certainly not used to shut down the entire economy. The 2009 H1N1 pandemic caused an estimated 15,000 deaths during the first year of the Obama administration. Why is 2020 so much different?

    1. Uhh, cause it killed 50000 in a month, not a year?
      After social distancing?

  69. It should be noted that the whole incident possibly could have been avoided if the family did not open the door to the cop. The sheriff would have to obtain the warrant, and chances are, he wouldn't.

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